Open Letter to Mark and Priscilla Facebook Zuckerberg

Mark & Priscilla:  Congratulations are in order for your third little girl, soon to make daylight unless you abort her.

I understand you lost three children via miscarriage over time and for this I am truly sorry. And I hope you don’t have your #3 killed, please!!  Are you mad at God about losing the 1st three?  Just curious

Please think of it this way:  you have three beautiful children awaiting you in heaven should you make the heaven-hell cut after you die and get there someday.

And Priscilla, having been at all eleven of our children’s births, the heartfelt pain of carrying them for a short period of time and then voila they vanished can be excruciating.  It is just too bad you hate other people’s birth opportunities and pay for their futures contract kills.

As to your three in heaven, know that God, like the coding Mark’s team works so hard on to keep Facebook afloat, has the organic deoxyribonucleic acid data imprints for all three.  As well as your three daughters on earth.  Oh, and both of your genomic details as well.  You should feel so blessed, what with Mark’s success a la Facebook (which banned me today for posting Dr Pfaucinstein’s ‘Chloroquine success against Corona virus’ article back in 2005. HIS words got me banned and you STILL are pushing for me to buy more ads.  Total sicko, what with your CensoRoaches scurrying around decent people.

Each, precious, unique, 50 trillion cells all laid out in 10 systems, four types of tissues, 217 bones, multiple organs…LIFE!  And your prebirth certificate recorded forever in God’s omniscient and omnipotent Mind.  Tell me why you and Mark have paid for 3,000,000 little girl killings after getting “yours”?  Zounds of hypercrite arrogance.

As the dad of 11, six daughters and five sons, and 23 grandkids, I will pray for your future good decisions.  Among the grandkids, Priscilla, we have some we record as grandkids but were also miscarried, as the term goes.  God took them home early…even though we really wanted them to have life.  Just as for you.  Priscilla, of all mothers on earth, how can you stomach spending millions to kill millions when you’ve been graced with million$ and 3 girls?

Might I ask a simple question: why did you two buy three million kid kills, abortions?  37 MILLION FB shares converted to kill pills and kill mill sliceouts!

Priscilla, you know the pain you went through losing your prebirth children; you CAN’T ignore your instincts as a parent; and mother Priscilla must have been NOT to think of them as products of conception or a blob of tissue…after all, their hearts were beating at 5 weeks.  Yes, their HUMAN HEARTS were beating that soon at 5 weeks.  Dead kids’ hearts DON’T beat!

Yes, the $992 million bucks you sent to the most racist, anti human, black, Mexican, handicapped, Jew hating organization ever, planned parenthoodlums, kill little girls and sell their organs for more money. Yes, we know, you used a middle man.

It’s ALL about the $$ and you two got suckered in trying to “get along”. And you can’t get those 37 million shares of stock back.

Yes, you are getting a huge “bang” for your bucks, but not using .22 or 30 ought 6 ammo: you are using Poison Fetalkyl pills or currettes, those sharp curved knives Islamist satanist surgeons slide up mom vaginas, thru the birth canal, into the womb and jab like a shiv into the mothers’ unsuspecting, squirming living, yes living little Max’s, killing them dead for the harvest.

Ironically, Mark paid $400 million more for ballot harvesting, taking over elections in key states in 2020.  Just as your lust for death leads you to harvest valuable organs for med labs around the world.

You may have heard of girls in slavery, human trafficking.

Ever hear of the #1 killer of 18-35 young people?  It’s called Fentanyl

But the disease of Fetalkyl takes out millions worldwide every year.

Next time, Mark and Priscilla, together, you look into the darkened girls’ rooms, see your beautiful offsprings gently sleeping, think of the millions you have killed by proxy.  Adults DON’T do this: spoiled rick kids do.

I hope, when your third child’s bag of waters breaks, and she is eased down the birth canal to the waiting arms of that unique human Priscilla (your wife, Mark), you think of the million little girls you’ve killed for each LIVE Zuckerberger birth.

A new modern use of the the term “One (live Zucker) for a million (dead black, Mexican and other depopulation targets) odds.

You have less than a 100 years to live, Mark & Priscilla. And I, mysteriously, continues to be banned by one of your CensoRoaches crawling around in the dark, for what?  Posting Dr Pfaucinstein’s NIH (he’s the director remember) OWN article touting “Chloroquines” as a successful treatment for Corona viruses.  Since you are above science, this means Pfizer Pfauci has known there are successful therapies that stop Covid19, Covid20…Covid23 in its tracks, but the megamaniacal bureauRat killed off successful real doctors, and the therapies, including HCQ, Stombectol, monoclonals, Zinc, D3 for the deadly Remdesivir, and failed pseudovaccines of Pfizer, Moderna and the other immune Pharmas.

Of course, since you are ok killing off three million more little girls, what’s a few 35,000 and climbing deaths by failed drugs? Not to mention, million+ of terrible lifetime side effects “rebound” and “Breakthrough” terms are the party of Chaos’ euphemisms of the day like “woman’s right to choose…” and “12 man made CO2 molecules per million air is killing the planet”, etc.

When you have a moment, look into my account at Facebook; you have ultimate power and this dad of 11 was not raised by the indoctrinatioNation of the left’s pubic education but we are in year 39 of home-based education to focus on science, Math, English and real histories.

I pray when God calls YOU home, Mark and/or Priscilla, as YOU have taken the lives with donated stock of 3 million innocent, vulnerable babies home by death, you will have reconciled with Jesus your Savior.  Do the math: your 82 years on earth are nothing compared to foreverandeverandeverandever and beyond.

Dad of 11  Praying for you.  Hope you wake up while on earth; no do overs.  BTW, answer me why your CensoRoaches banned me for publicizing Dr Pfauci OWN article stating there were SUCCESSFUL COVID THERAPIES long before his Pfailed Pfauci Pfizer Pfixes came along.  I know, because two people are alive today because i encouraged them to get a 2nd opinion, HCQ, Ivermectin, D3, Zinc etc resulted and they live:  a FULL YEAR BEFORE the pfailed breakthrough rebounding “vaxxes”.

Greatest medical malpractice of all time, as you will see following Dr paul and other hearings after Jan 3 2023