Virus Hunter’s Covid Chronicles: GIGO Data

Some of you may never have heard of GIGO.  No, it’s not the talking reptile selling insurance though he is probably related.

It stems from the early days of mini-computers prior to the PCs and smart phone era. Translating the anagram you get: Garbage IN Garbage OUT.  The point was we are only as good as the integrity of the assumptions in science and the veracity of the data.  This is a troubling problem in the Plague of Xi.  All along the data was wildly inconsistent and corrupt; worse, is the things done on purpose, ignorantly or accidentally, contributed to a poor data pool and resultant conclusions.

If we matched the progress of computer development to the real world, incredibly more blessings would accrue.  Before I opened my real estate firm, which i still feed my kids with today, I bought computer devices, called peripherals for MAI Basic Four in Irvine. Peripherals were monitors, tape drives, disk packs, input output devices NOT built into the computer but hanging on the “periphery”: thus the name, peripherals.  I know, kids, I’m a bit of a computer dinosaur.  But, I have kept up: your smart phone is a sophisticated computer more complex than a room sized machine 50 years ago.

Fascinating at MAI Basic Four, I negotiated for the first hard disc drives built INTO computers from Priam: it was 33 megabytes and in Dec 1980, I paid $2445.

My boss was pleased at the price we got at the time!  But, the cost of computer memory keeps going down.  If we paid what I paid in 1980 for the same amount of memory today, the bill would be a bit steep: $73,350,000 for a terabyte that you can get on a thumb drive in your pocket. If the same 14″ wide (CD) discs, you would need 30,000!   Sadly, this phenomenal success  in computer engineering doesn’t infect other parts of our world. Health science integrity for example in the Plague of Xi era.  Not to mention climate science.

In some ways, as the Plague developed in the US, we ignored the data along the way; in others, human error contributed to both immense life savings as well as thousands more dead than necessary. 

The basic scientific method, something I have taught in decades of homeschooling and coop science fairs at our home hosting 30 other families in similar pursuit, has been all but ignored.  In favor of politics, stolen power and agendas.  You would be surprised who is responsible for the most mayhem

Actually, we’ve been robbed with this scientific deceit. 

Best data for 43% of the US Covideaths was actually the first “epicenter” (NOT NYCity.) 

It was in Kirkwood, WA, the Life Care Center, where eventually 37 at least 125 elderly died when the nursing home had a family visitor or staffer bring the first super spreading Covid into the home. 

If we analyzed this, three things jump out at you: it effects the old more than the young. If you are sick with other health issues, you are more vulnerable.  And CLOSE CONFINES helps increase the “viral load” in people.  

As to saving thousands of American lives.  Whether you hate him or love him, Trump BANNED Sino-Covid Air flights on January 31st, when talking heads, Dr Fauci and other “experts” said Trump’s an idiot to shut down China flights. 

He followed his gut and saved thousands of lives, because at that time so little was known of the Covid19 disease’s genome, symptoms and patterns of transmission.  Plus, unlike FDR who quarantined due to ancestry and slanted eyes, Trump put 62,000 returning Americans into 14 day quarantine to make sure they couldn’t pass the Xi Plague on American soil.  Again, called racist, xenophobic, orange.  You name it.

The governors?  Depends on who you are talking about.  Florida death stat is 2346 (May 29) today; Govs DeSantis examined the data from multiple sources including Italy with thousands of Chinese cheap labor imported to North Italy) with his health department.

The fact the FIRST epicenter on US soil, a concentrated epidemic, was a nursing home. 

He acted swiftly and the numbers bear out his “success” in curbing the spread: the whole state of Florida has 10% of the deaths of the CITY of NY.

Not to mention, Florida has more elderly than most states.  DeSantis valued his elderly kept alive. Cuomo couldn’t lose losing elderly with the 10%city death tax.

  Here’s is a link to a NYTimes article; funny, the same paper has said little about their governor Andrew upstate from their NYC buildings.

Why do i mention Gov Cuomo in this GIGO data piece? He demanded NYC nursing homes allow INFECTED Covid patients to be housed in nursing homes, despite epicenter #1 and ravaged elder housing. 

This memo dated March 25th, was exec ordered in NY by Cuomo long after we knew so much more about the virus. What complicates things for Cuomo is the millions nursing home execs paid into Cuomo’s campaign coffins.  err coffers.  Speaking of coffins, nursing home execs were immunized from liability quid pro quo.

And, King Newsom the Red I like to call him, ignores the same common sense and wants to house infected with vulnerable old?  Has Newsom’s silver spoon leached into his brain?  His LAPubHealth Dr Barbara reported 40% of deaths in elder care facilities in LA County.   What animates King Newsom, those Orange Countians packed shoulder to shoulder when he was pranked by a fake photo of beach sand density.

It’s Keystone Kops all over the place.  Our prostiticians miss the forest for the trees and worse, like leemings, keep chirping “its the science”, “Follow the science”.   They couldn’t spell SCIENCE even if pointed out to them in a dictionary.  Everything is litmus tested first for political opportunity.  Did you know the exec order wasn’t rescinded until May 10th; by that time, with 4500 viral “bullets” sent into the homes, the damage was irreparably done.

Newsom is more of a silver spooned candidate for Prez2024; though, with the data he should know better. What was Cuomo’s excuse, with almost empty and free hospitals built for NYC, the Javitz Center’s 3000 beds?  Or a FREE staffed Navy ship; even Franklin Graham’s Samaritan Purse field hospital that the NYC council despised because he was a man of faith.  There IS a Great Reveal with this plague, what some call “The Great Exposure”.  Our true natures are hard to hide always.  Bright lights make the rats scurry and peoples’ motives are being laid bare. 

Conjecture: Did Cuomo salivate over the additional  Fed bucks from the  Treasury, you and me, paid out for Covid deaths in his state’s hospitals.  Recall, Cuomo tantrums got the president and Franklin Graham to build many hospitals( and staffed for free).  Cuomo would get zero for a Covid death logged at these free facilities.  Yes, he got the death tax money for the accelerated dead elderly, but not the $13000-$39000 Covid checked spot on the death certs.  Yup the profit motive, to help the out of control public pension deficit.

Corrupted data? Did you know the same Washington health department was caught reporting gunshot deaths as Covid because they contracted the virus in the hospital as they died from lead poison pumped into their bodies: At least 5.   Their killers must have shouted “Covid” as they pegged them with bullets.

What else are coroners hiding? James O’Keefe &  Project Veritas went under cover in NY and found out some bizarre things, where if a patient heard or saw “Covid” on TV, they called the death Covid19.  This is scientific fraud and further GIGOs the data.  

The lure of “free” Fed dollars for desperate hospitals that were required to give up their lifeline, elective and necessary surgeries, for the presumption hospital beds would be out the door and doubled up, is too tempting.

The reality is thousands of hospital workers were laid off because of unwise “federal” or gubernatorial/state control of health facilities decisions; some hospitals may never recover.

EVEN THOUGH, most quickly it became obvious that NYC and nursing homes were 1) the extraordinary epicenters of a two type/front US epidemic NOT a universal pandemic and 2) you need to mitigate wisely those two “areas”. 

But NOT make it a “one size fits all” solution. Too late.

As usual, local decisions, local control are the best.  Same reason, federal rights and rules, just as governor and state legislator’s power, must be carefully meted out.  7 governors pushed infected patients INTO vulnerable nursing home residents.   Look to DeSantis of Florida (he PROTECTED the elderly as if they deserved to live), Abbott of Texas and a few others.

As it turns out, we didn’t need to have 40 million jobs killed off and push for these real unintended consequences of increased suicides, abuse, depression, family bankruptcies, lost life savings and killed small businesses.

Sadly, power IS an elixir that too many fall prey to.  This Great Reveal plague has brought the very best out in those helping others selflessly; as well as the very worst, especially in so many governors who play a god and ignore their legislative oversighted restraint.  Lord Acton IS right.  Dan Bongino listed 7 egregious abuses:

1) Texas hairstylist jailed for remaining open and refusing to apologize to the government

2) Man dragged off a bus in Philly for not wearing a mask

3) Mom arrested For letting her kids play on a playground

4) Police hassling lady because she let her children go next door

5) Going to the gym was treated as a crime: In New Jersey

6) Protesting is a non-essential activity

7) Police taking license plate numbers in a church parking lot

For the rest of the stories, go to:

Think bad models and data caused this?  Power in the wrong hands is dangerous.

Think this is wrong?  Riddle me this: we knew early in 2020 that nursing homes are decimated with the virus.  And NYC, #3 in the WORLD for deaths, is an anomaly NOT a model for shutting down a $23 trillion economy humming at its best over 50 years. 

I call them the pseudo-scientific “misery loves company” necromantic crowd. 

No decent scientist or statistician would use NYC as an assumption OR model for action.  If anything, a model for spanking a 3 year old mayor in a 5 year old’s state

NYC as the model for action makes as much sense as thinking Hiroshima’s atom bomb drop should cause us to shut down nuclear power generation.  It is a “non sequiter”.  NYC’s leadership were dismal failures despite billions of infused hospitals and PPE.  They panicked and ignored the DATA.  The nursing home in Washington has $600,000 in fines. Cuomo is still making public appearances.  A tragic black man dies at the knee of a bad cop and the protest to looting to arson crowd shows up from across the country.

Look at what models said:  2,000,000 Americans would die; 500K in the UK.   Oh, my.  Lock everyone inside for a year!  Can’t have 2 million dead. 

Did the modeler face any punishment for prompting a $23 trillion shutdown?  Of course not, they did if “for science”.  Scientists & Prostiticians RARELY pay for their mistakes.

Like don’t walk on dry sand only wet sand.  Problem is, King Newsom, you need to WALK ACROSS dry hot Covid killing sand to get to the water that you said “Don’t go in!”  Can’t blame Pelosi’s Nephew the King: salt water would wash the virus off the swimmer.  Idiota!

  AS it turns out, and we can still mitigate better and open the darn economy 99.9%, that the hot spots are highly concentrated sardine can with closed confines issue.  NOT EVERY American will get it.  Only two REAL epicenters: Elder care, like nursing homes, good for 43% of the dead.  And the Rotting Apple, long in need of repair, with 52% of the US deaths. 21,000+ so far.  

It is natural for facts to keep changing as more is discovered; data changes sometimes hourly.  The reason for the lockdown, ie house arrest, of 340 million American citizens, was to “flatten the curve”.  The reason to flatten the curve was to make sure we had adequate hospital beds and ventilators.  And where $10 billion worth of PPE and  hospitals were built and staffed for free, NYC, they were abandoned by the smart prostiticians like Hurricuomo Andrew and Mayor Warren Wilhelm at the helm.  Too busy in front of the cameras to do what DeSantis type governors did: fixed the problem, found the solutions.

Once it became obvious, this wasn’t a virus that magically attached to every person: it was person to person contact.  Originally masks were said to be verboten, possibly to counter a run on PPE when medical professionals and service staff needed them.   Now they are required.  Next they must be colored blue; in reality, doctors wear masks to protect the surgical patient from infection and to protect the nurses & doctors from the germs that inhabit hospitals like permanent residents.  The inmates are running the insane asylum south of Albany

Once, we were told, to turn your home and surfaces into a class 100 clean room; then, the CDC said it wasn’t transmitted that easily like surface to air viral missiles.

Sadly, too many are deceiving the very many for different, sometimes nefarious, motives.  Again, the data was there but ignored…or worst, lied about and changed.


More coming to the story…






Bishop Vann shutting down the Holy Ghost? No way!

UPDATE May 22nd:  Thank you California bishops for opening the OCounty churches for public worship on June 14th the feast of Corpus Christi and flag day!

Here’s a historical treat: you can look over the buy & sell orders from planned parenthood and UTexas Galveston. Abortionist “Doctor” Theiler is a double “agent”, both she kills the little girls and then sells them to herself at the University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston.  Unbelievable!

Bishops!  Your favorite pro life president just said our churches are just as important as liquor stores, strip joints and abortion kill mills.  He executively said so!  In California, now the state run religion, former Catholic Pelosi’s planned parenthood’s church of satan has competition. Jesus’ Church.

I do admit: I have prayed often outside the state church on Tustin at 22 freeway.  Huh?  Not what you are thinking!

Asking God stop their satanist surgeons from shoving sharp currette knives up mom’s vaginas, slicing out little girls like a sloppy Aztec priest and carefully scalpelling out the heart, liver and hair for resale.  Negotiated over salad and wine by Dr Nucola and Gatter, getting Daleiden a million dollar bill from the evil Judge Orrick in the Septic City.  But our churches are closed.   Soon to be opened, not on Pentecost, but on the second month of Fatima, June 13 and Corpus Christi Sunday.

Appropriately, it is Flag Day.

Bishops: you MUST know All this is true.  Your excellencies, I consulted with a Houston lawyer after the FOIA release got more of David (Daleiden’s) excellent video work.  I pointed out when planned parenthood writes FOB Destination on a purchase order, it proves they lie:  They charge FOR the parts and shipping, like Amazon Prime, is Free ON Board for the customer, the destination.  This helped with now Senator Marshburn’s Infant Lives subcommitte in the House.  Keeping our worship buildings locked makes no sense unless you bow to the Modulator, His Royal Highness King Newsom the Red.

One of you bishops allow the Catholic fraud Pelosi to donate or extort money for planned parenthoodlums then receive Jesus on her tongue or in her botoxed hands.

For your pre Pentecost edification, in Houston, where a great family I know lives, and the Holy Ghost church shut again temporarily, Dr Theiler worked planned parent’s altar of girl sacrifice in the morning. Then she bought her handiwork at the UTexas med branch at Galveston in the afternoon.  Proof needed to get serious about opening NON satan churches? Look at this invoice: $25 for each part and $150 on another.  Consents is satan’s surgeons code words for “hearts”  or livers or other USDA choice girl meat.


Bishop Vann, I want to thank you for being our shepherd, especially at this Plague of Xi.  Question: have you every played the game “Risk” as a teen or young adult? It’s a question I heard asked by fellow Catholic Hugh Hewitt early this morning of Facebook founder Zuckerberg and senators alike. 

Some of us are risk averse, fearing like good agoraphobics stepping out the front door into the ‘marketplace’ for any reason. Content to hide at home.  Fearful of anything that moves; more fearful of what they cannot see.  Somewhat like those 7 days between Ascension Sunday and Pentecost.

Others are risk takers, sometimes smart, sometimes not, but willing to risk doing something for a greater good.  The game Risk played for hours is something somewhat indicative of one’s mindset. But wisdom and God’s plan for our lives must not be ignored.

I love you as my bishop, Bishop Vann and wish you the best as you wade through the turbulent waters of the Plague of Xi.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus has shaken the world but more, it has brought out the best and too often the worst in people.  Tremendous and heroic work from the health care givers; simple but lifesaving, the teens who help the abandoned and alone elderly in their neighborhoods.   So many great stories of charitable works of mercy, both spiritual and corporal, honoring our Great commissioning as Catholics.

Compounding the clouded picture is alternate therapies’ stake holders giving false information about a 65 year old medicine,  tried and true (you were a medical technologist prior to priesthood) Hydrochloroquine; terribly unscientific data about deaths, recoveries (never mentioned it seems) and co-morbidities.  Lots of confusion in the states about what to do and what not.

The shifting sands of truth about this dual epidemic; nursing homes seeing 40% of the deaths.  NYC 52% of the deaths in the US.  Yes, it is a PAN because it crossed China’s borders via numerous Sino-Covid Transport Air flights to Italy, Spain, NYC, US etc. to spread the misery before any one other than the mass murdering Xi Jinglepingle knew what was happening.

Bishop Vann, you recently retweeted the Houston church tweet about it’s recent shutting down the Holy Ghost Catholic Church of Houston, where my #1 daughter Amanda lives with her transplanted husband Brian (Brian former OC youth minister works in the diocesan office in Houston/Galveston). 

Houston.  Same town where abortionist Dr Theiler kills the kids whole at PPGulf Coast in the morning and then buys her own handiwork at UTexas Medical Branch Galveston in the afternoon in hearts and parts. I’m sure you’ve seen the purchase orders if you follow the Daleiden trials.   But I digress though Briscoe Cain and David Daleiden are missionaries of truth in a world of “Catholic in name only” Pelosis who prefer the Calif State Religion (satan’s church, PParenthood sect) continuing to perform ritual little human sacrifices for Moloch’s greater good.

Honestly, I first thought it was 3 parishioners tested positive until I dug deep and discovered it was three Redemptorists, amazing priests who caught the Covid, now in quarantine. 

Asymptomatic meaning no one knew until they were tested. No priests; no Mass.  Even today, there is no proven case where an asymptomatic “carrier” passes it on to another…still conjecture.

  So much we don’t know but good news, we are gaining on, and I believe, we have beaten down our hegemonic Xi’s hope for world domination.  Problem today is the well meaning petty tyrants with governor nametags.   Banning people from killing the virus in salt water, hot sands, sunshine, vitamin D and onshore breezes is well, stupid.  Like Newport Beach locked down by nanny King Newsom the Red.

My first question was to be “did they take the parishioners temp by infrared as they walked in?”  I could lend them my remote thermometer I bought for my daughter Briana and Gavin Hager (he has a brother in priest training at the abbey) upcoming June 12th wedding.

Did they contact trace to make sure the 3 who contracted happened at the Holy Ghost mass they attended? 

Was adequate physical separation (social distancing is the province of dads with their daughters’ suitors on first courtship/date) aided along? 

Like in the OC, Houston has plenty of wise adults who can implement grandma’s directives over infectious diseases with suitable enhancements.  The story is as old as salvation history AD: No priests, no Mass.

Today’s clarion call for more vocations ANSWERED, so needed.  OF COURSE, we must protect our priests from the disease with innovative means.  It would look odd compared to the Last Supper, but each Jesus host in a small Sparkletts size paper throwaway cup?  Elbow bumps for the Sign of Peace? Six foot xx’s in the pews.  We CAN do this people!

Not every diocese is like Orange, where the good unintended consequence of the Vietnam war was so many Vietnamese moms committing to God, like modern Hannahs, their “Samuels” to be priests if they survive the waters of the South China Sea.  Staying alive after escaping the Communist Vietcong supported by the ChiComs, led to New Covenant 1Samuel1:27 “returning young men to God” on American shores; Little Saigon.

Having started at St. Callistus in 1980, just 5 years after the fall, I met so many awesome refugee families.   This is a story about Orange County rarely repeated but impacting us for generations.  Bishop Vann, you know of what i write; Covid doesnt hold a candle to the hell these families experienced, from the same godless Asian source.

We are blessed to have a very low .0026% mortality rate for Xi’s virus.  NYC should reopen in 2035 per CoocooCuomo and Mayor Warren Wilhelm at the helm.

Then I noticed in the CBSHouston feed, the priests had to self isolate leaving no one to say Mass.  Ironically, the faithfully leftist Jesuit Fr Martin almost gleefully tweeted out: HOLY GHOST IS SHUT DOWN AGAIN.  What is with that guy?

Bishop Vann, this is your diocese; I’ve only been here 62 years. It is a great diocese; you are an excellent bishop.  Your music/religious mask that Mary the MaskmaKeer made for you typifies two of your loves: the priesthood and the piano.  We are not that unalike, your excellency, with my first guitar use at Mass in 1968.

Technically, I am a practiced infectious disease specialist, not because my #11 sister Mary has a PhD in molecular biology.  No, because with 11 kids, it took 5 months once to cycle thru the flu. 

Being a homeschooling Catholic family for 30 years, this was just part of our lifestyle.  But, I will always be an exhorter, an encourager, whose mantra for decades, whether at WYD Rome/Kolon/Toronto was “It’s a great day to be ALIVE” and the BKind  4Give  B4Given movement.  Doesn’t sound like it, but being a positive realist is important in these zany days.

By now, you might have heard I am campaigning for THIS Pentecost to NOT be like the first back in 33AD: Doors LOCKED shut because we need not fear the virus and we can do what’s necessary to be safe. I realize the chances are two, slim and none, but it is my responsibility to try.

founder of the church of satan. Only church open in Calif.

I originally wondered if you tweeted the Houston story to help fuel the fear fires that it was too soon to reopen;  not edify the Holy Spirit flames. But, Bishop Vann, that is not you.

If I walked in a bishop’s shoes today, I know there is a chorus of Job’s counselors dogging ALL our bishops, not to mention the demonic community, who prefer Catholicism being, like Latin, a dead religion.  Certainly Margaret Sanger hated Catholics almost as much as black “useless eaters.”

  I stand apart from those necromancers who love death.  Sadly, Models can be soooo deceiving though.

Minnesota bishops are standing up for their sheep.  Here’s the link.  They are opening on May 26th no matter who their petty tyrant says.

Another important issue

Just as I stand apart from my beloved Pope Francis on his dogged belief man is controlling the climate, even though there is only ONE life giving CO2 molecules per 2500; believing this 1:2500 Algorean heresy melts the earths and raises the water level 21,000 feet is pseudo science.  Ever hear of photosynthesis; most school kids these days have no clue.

False prophets of climate change have been outed: the sun is cooling down. Huh?

Evidence is spotty at worst as the sunspots have disappeared in recent years.  We begin this decade with the once every couple century solar cool down (which causes global cool down 93 million miles away) called the Maunder Minimum and Dalton Minimum in recent centuries. Maybe it will be named the Valentina Minimum.  Or the Algorean Pound Sand Minimum

Who knows.


Here is the most recent article on the coming massive decrease in radiated heat from the star of the solar system:

Easy read, and Google will help with the science.

Bishop Vann, you are a man of science who can help spread the dimming but necessary news as the globe goes cold with minimum sunspots/heat sending activity; as the Church of Charity and helping others, we need to help the 3rd world learn how to deal with much shorter growing seasons and less arable land. It is in our commission of hope.  A new slant to Laudate Si, possibly?  Most important, you can rein in the interfaith environmental SJWarrior committees to stop believing a lie, EVEN if it is politically incorrect.  Jesus was certain politically incorrect; not a bad mentor.

No, I’m no Paul Ehrlich on the cover of Time. Believe it or not, he’s still around making mischief.. But I have tracked this sad scam phenomena known as the Algorean Theorem for decades. You might ask: What has this to do with the Plague? 

Global cooling in Time


Good data is critical, as is Preparation.

So-called “models” spread unnecessary fear and lead to wasteful wealth confiscation, including church donations….

Whether 2 million Covid deaths coming to America or the “earth is melting and will be destroyed by 1980 1990 2011 2030 is the goal post moving strategy of Regressive People America Hating Leftists like AOC and lime Green movement.  Better called the Bowel Movement of the loonies.  I am a conservationist who recycles everything on our little Beckman “ranch”, but pollution is NOT CO2.  Pollution can be mitigated without destroying families, lives, businesses.  Even churches.

We spend trillion$ on the Plague of Xi, as well as billion$ on the misguided  Algorean Heresy that androgenic climate heating up is real; climate has always changed.  It is not puny man’s ability to alter the atmosphere and i can/will prove it to help my Church be the leaders not the followers. 

Bishop Vann, you might think i am a wacky fanatic or disgruntled ex-employee, though I am neither.  We are blessed, I am positive.  You are skeptical as you should be. 

But the world needs to abandon its fixation with Marxist ‘control the production’ excuses for shutting down super low methane natural gas essential to build up 3rd world economies. As well as better sort out the truth about this Xi gift to the West he hates so.

Especially with the sun energy component diminishing this decade.  We have been warned, by Dr Valentina and other solar physicists.  And that cute Algorean like the early Church disinformation Collyridianism or Adoptionism heresies, keeps moving the goal posts: from global warming to manmade global warming morphing to androgenic CO2 and to the unassailable truth filled climate changes.  Like sun shines and wind blows and lies repeated become cultural truth.  Of course the climate changes.  But puny man is not the God who created a 553 sextillion mile wide universe.

So many unintended consequences. So little time until Pentecost 2020. Thousands of Confirmation teens are not confirmandi, another victim of the Plague of Xi. This will be remedied, but…

But my bishop, I don’t think you need an excuse to lock down the Church in OC; you were sharing with us that it is difficult to know when to RE-exercise the right to exercise the Catholic faith in public in the OC.   That is your responsibility to figure out with good counsel.  YOU have it in your power to lead the culture back to sanity, not follow with our collective Catholic tails between our legs.

Look at the truth:  Only 88 (though precious lives) Orange Countians out of 3 million died from the Covid scare over 6 months.  A mortality rate less than walking in a crosswalk: .0029%. 


A man of vision would realize, done safely, the 3000 Churches opening on Pentecost should include Catholic worship centers we call parishes. 

Not just the NON Catholic and NON Christian.  We Catholics stand up for the poor illegal alien. For the needy, the elderly.  For the bullied Christians in the Middle and Far East, including the pastor finally released (hat tip Jay Sekulow at ACLJ) by India, where they hate Christianity these days.  It is fashionable.

But our churches remain empty sarcophagi, with multiple dead faithful in cold storage, like the first souls of the Resurrection before Pentecost AD33, waiting for their celebrations of life to be scheduled after the GREAT lock down of 2020.

I don’t hate anyone  My next door neighbor is a practicing hindu whose temple is locked, too  As is a great Muslim couple with three adorable kids Islamic Center of Irvine 4 doors down.  King Newsom is an equal opportunity first amendment and CalConstitution Art 1 sec 4 violator of the worst kind: promoting one over another. the church of satan demonicized 

3000 IS an ironic number for another reason.

  In AD33, 10 days after that first Ascension Thursday, the doors of the upper room opened wide and St Peter I, spoke with the Holy Ghost’s mighty inspiration.  3000 became Catholics that day.  3000 NON Catholic churches will open again on Pentecost, the day we should be celebrating our 1987th birthday, give or take a year, INSIDE that beautiful building you love, pictured above with the clouds of heaven overlooking worship.  And that covid death number, 46K, dwarfs to the 10.8 MILLION dead from the most persistent virus, RoWad73 still plaguing the world.

SARS-Cov-2 the virus, Covid19 the disease is #11 on the list.  In the OC, the mortality rate is .0026% with all 80+ deaths tragedies.  But, next year, will we track the deaths of cold, flu, pneumonia, etc as reasons to again: CLOSE COMPLETELY THE DOORS TO CHRIST.  Yes, good things have happened in our Domestic Churches.  But common, safe, secure worship is not one of them.  You look good live streaming Bishop Vann (and all you other bishops and priests reading this), but the Holy Spirit inspires us to LIFE stream, among the preventable risks, and be the Living Sacrifice for the Kingdom.   Bishop Vann, we are better than this.  We can be more compliant to the hygiene shamers in all our 60+ parishes, than the local Home Depot, Staters or weed shops.

The time is now.  You are the boss, the ordinary, for this diocese that I grew up in, raised 11 kids, served 40 years on staff and volunteer in.  But, it is time. 

Pentecost, ACTS 2:41 aside, deserves to be known as the day YOU and your apostolic successors: REOPENED WIDE the DOORS of CHRIST. 

Will we huddle in our Jerusalem and OC homes, like Joe’s Upper Room in the City of Peace, watching PenteLive Streaming after the latest episode of the Mentalist or Lord of the Rings?

Will the beautiful Christ Cathedral be a tourist trap, great spot for selfies or maybe will 10,660 windows allow the sun to shine down on today’s Pentecost descendants receiving Spiritual Communion via fully consecrated unleavened bread?

Questions only the ordinary of Orange can answer.  As usual, I will pray for you Bishop Vann. 

Dwell on this: the ONLY church allowed open, though there are Constitutional prescriptions in the DC & Blessed Sacramento archives, even going back to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo signed March 16, 1848 (which began “in the name of Almighty God”) for the “free EXERCISE of one’s religion.”  Something until March 21st was operative in this state.

This i know.  My #8 daughter Brian has planned for years to marry Gavin Hager.  This dad of 11 is the first born of eleven as well.  Both Briana and Gavin have 10+ siblings, 15 with inlaws, 30 nieces and nephews, 10 attendents, the abbott, 75 pews at St Norberts.  I will submit a plan but right now they have canceled their honeymoon and postponed their reception to October.

They will, even if the Diocese, Dr Faschisti, ex Catholic high priestess of the planned parenthoodlum’ satanist’s orthodox church Pelosi, says only the bride and groom, two witnesses and the abbott can stand in a building holding 400, they will be married at St Norberts on June 12, 2020.   They have good priorities, valuing the sacrament over the superficialities.

Even if it is only 5 found acceptable to stand in the empty Friday afternoon church building.

They are actual Catholics, not like the numerous pseudo Catholics surrounding His Royalness, with the Modulator voice, at  the Blessed Sacramento castle, so the celebration of the marriage, the blessed sacrament of matrimony, “of the mother”, takes place.

Like you, great bishop, this young couple believe in Jesus, His mother, the Church and are faithful: Gavin has been part of the music in the locked up St Thomas More (someone who knew the adulterous fake Catholic Henry VIII a few centuries ago) live stream Masses these last weeks that feel like centuries. 

Briana the same at St Noberts when not LOCKED OUT.

10 people.  10 humans.   According to the Church’s California acting Cardinal, King Newsom the Red, who nailed his Augsburg confession document as chief Covid scientist to the doors of EVERY church in Alta California.  Closed until further notice by the governing authorities of the state of Taxifornia.  Maybe, if you behave yourselves, you plebes and OC surfs, we might let 10 of you in at a time.  Though there are 20 cars most days at the church of satan.  If you misbehave, we will shut you down again, like that Holy Ghost church in Houston.

We’ve started to pare down the list.  Jesus, of course, is #1 but King Newsom wouldn’t know God from his Ice Queen Aunt Nancy, so we can sneak Him in. 

After all He is the reason for the season of life, weddings, funerals and the bloodless sacrifice of the Mass.  Amanda & Brian and their three will stay in Houston and not celebrate in the People’s Republic of Newsom.  Even the home of the 1st epicenter, Washington is allowing 50 people at a July Catholic wedding.

Fear not, as your excellent blog quotes: “Do not be afraid: Open Wide the Doors for Christ” from the 100th birthday man’s Oct 22, 1978 installation. PStJPtheGreat.

All this will be summarized in the required plan submittal.

The infrared temp sensor is owned and ready.  Sanitizing crews lined up; 400 gloves. Masks at the ready for those who don’t bring them.  All 10 of them.  As it is, Mary the Maskmakeer has made and donated 250 to Catholic charity needs like nurses, hospitals, even our beloved bishops.  Parking lot spaces limited to every other one to maintain 6 feet differentials between the 90 inch wide vehicle spots.  Does this sound insane?  I’m not a petty tyrant so not sure what will please our totalitarian Blessed Sacramento royals.  We flattened the curve, your excellency, in fact, your diocese has a flat line FOR a curve. What exactly is the purpose of Constitutional rights if the Church we are born into, that we obediently follow, doesn’t exercise them for fear of violating the royals for 501c3 reasons, or not upsetting the behemoth, letting the King obsessed with red light cameras rolling for his prez2024

Illinois, your homeland, isn’t much better .  But, We not the King are the government.  And there is legal and extent precedent: King Newsom the Red is kindly allowing the Aztec remake Moloch church of satan planned parenthood, at the 4 corners of Tustin AVe, the 22 freeway, and where heaven meets hell’s worst, to kill those that the Covid19 disease spares: the Next Generation of Catholics, resident in mothers’ wombs, ready to live.   As the shepherd, YOUR sheep need to know you know this:  many people, unwarranted, are scared to death because of the hyper generalizations and fraudulent “models”.  Jobs, livelihoods, homes…things that the shutdown is destroying will NOT come back unless a wise adult speaks up.  Silver spooned King Newsom is not that man.  YOU are, Bishop Vann; your rudderless people need to hear from you with encouraging words, not more Johns Hopkins CV website fear mongering data.

As the bishop of Orange,  you can ECHO the words of the great Polish pope:


Meanwhile, there is real impact of deserted holy buildings while the sheep are restless for their bold shepherds to act righteously and courageously.  And this last is the most important.  Who runs the Church of the first Pentecost?  I can’t answer that question. 

Only the ordinary can, the one i love and pray for, who is the first name at the RCBO website. The Most Reverend Kevin W. Vann, JCD, DD

God bless your every work.  Enjoy your Pentecost.  I will be watching one of your priests at one of the churches somewhere in the Orange County area with most of my 11 7 days after Ascension Sunday.  After all, living symbols and technology, not Jesus, apparently is the saving grace in a totalitarian state.

Virus Hunter’s Covid Chronicles: Pentecost AD2020 RE-Open

My Beloved Bishops! Thank you for reopening Orange County on Corpus Christi & Flag Day June 14th

AND Your president has spoken: YOU are essential again.

The Sheep are restless. Pentecost AD2020 ReOpen? Why not?

Looks like 3000 other churches are getting ready to come May31st?! June 14th is better than zip

Amid the Plague of Xi , now even King Newsom the Red is feeling the pressure of 3000 churches demanding he treat their faith as “essential” as if he is a god and king; the silver spoon is tarnished and he’s getting nervous. 

He is more concerned (about his prez2024 run) about how he looks on camera.  He has his aunt’s fave church, pparenthoodlum church of satan WIDE open doing ritual little human sacrifices for $150 per baby heart.  But not MY Church, my beloved Catholic church.

How would the 100th birthday boy, Pope St John Paul the Great look at our cowardice?  Not locked IN the upper room like in Joe’s Upper Room in East Jerusalem.  Locked OUT from going inside these beautiful edifices.

   Heard in heaven: “Happy birthday pontiff!  Oh, by the way, the Vatican is open on your birthday but the American church is closed, and Blessed Sacramento demands we stay shuttered, locked on OUR birthday this Pentecost.  Yes, we were locked on Pentecost once before.

AND…When was the last time the Church was locked up on Pentecost?

Christ Cathedral buildings having a discussion

I’ll save you the time to look it up. 

50 days after the Shroud of Turin was created with billions of joules of light energy and the Rock rolled open, the Apostles and other adherents of Christ Crucified were huddled in the upper room, door locked tight, out of unfounded fear & dread.  It wasn’t the designer Plague of Xi, the godless tyrant who hates the West.  At that time, they feared the locals.  The followers of the Son who recently went to heaven.

1987 years or so, later, we are approaching May 31st: Pentecost, in the year of the Lord 2020.  Okay, secularists, for you if we must, 2020 ‘in the ‘common era’ .  Never mind BC (Before Christ) and AD (in the year of the Lord ___) most accurate

joseph of arimathea

Joseph of Arimathea

We all know Jesus is the Center of History, in fact History IS His Story; as it is, that upper room of Joseph of Arimathea was the ONLY Catholic Church at that time.  They were “sheltered in place” with appropriate social distancing from the people of Jerusalem.

In California, King Newsom the Red is still interfering in the state and federal Constitutional protections regarding the “free exercise” of religion. Ironically, he is discriminating for the state religion over all others.  Karol Wotyla had to get trained for the priesthood in secret during WWII; Poland was ransacked by Hilter; people were transported to Auschwitz-Berkinau for a cyanide shower.  We can’t even get into our buildings.

 Frankly, we can’t completely blame King Newsom; although the Church has been the womb of many scientific advances over time, especially by ordained priests.  Ask Bishop Barron of the City of the Angels.  King Newsom the Red is like a reed, swayed to and fro with the latest experts. Always fixed on the Red LED on the ABCNNBCBS news cameras. And smelling the political winds. Which are now telling the faith insurrection is coming May 31st.

What was King Gavin’s biased action to date?  He has kept open the church of satan to continue their ritual human sacrifice for salable parts; not the Levayan sect, founded in San Francisco,  but the planned parenthoodlum sect founded in NY by Margaret Sanger and running rampant with unjust judges like Orrick of Septic City, once known as St. Francis of Assisi’s city by the bay.  You know the case: lady killers negotiating over salad & wine for strategies on auctioning off little hearts, livers & hair follicles.

My beloved Bishops, you may know of this bizarre connection.   One of your parishioners! Converted to Catholicism, former satanist high wizard Josh King practiced the former Catholic Queen Aunt Pelosi supported black arts at planned parenthood kill mills for 146 abortions. Without a medical license,though they are worthless in the hands of satanist surgeons shoving knives up mother’s private parts.

Routinely, after he assisted at the little girls or boys removal, he would toss each of their remains to his coven of hungry witches for consumption (documented) as part of their diabolic cannibalism.  I guess when you can’t steal the Eucharist because the doors are locked, you go after God’s next best: His beloved little ones. Holy Ones, do you think it’s time to ReOpen the buildings, as satan’s temple demons run rampant across America?

Holy ones, you may have guessed I am a bit focused on stopping the slaughter of innocents, old and young, having 11 kiddoes and involved in saving lives for 4 decades.

As any decent Catholic is.  David Daleiden, a living saint, for example, is more important and precious than even a $57 million worship center at Chapman & Lewis in Garden Grove.  Though I love Christ Cathedral, someday it too will be gone.  But souls, even Pelosi and Newsom, last forever and need redeeming.

For the record, I am NOT ordained; as a dad of 11, 62 years in Orange County, we have Catholic homeschooled our offsptings for 30+ years. 

12 college degrees so far for the kids (only one Thomas Aquinas College, Archbishop Gomez’ first speaking engagement when first arrived in LA) and uninterrupted home schooling though inconvenienced by Xi’s Plague, Covid19 the disease.  SARS-CoV-2, the virus. 

Not that important that I have been involved in Church ministries for 4 decades, in many lay and staff roles.  Still run real estate ads in three bulletins to help the cause. 

As to transitioning to forced home based education, as our Catholic schools and the public ed empire have, if you have questions for your parish based Catholic schools, how to deal with distance “teaching”, email, text or call. 

We are all in this storm together, although in many different boats.

Time to Re-Open the Churches and the states.  How about Pentecost 2020. At least in the Diocese of Orange.


1)The Plague of Xi is under control.  Your parishioners are adults, smart and capable. We can physically separate.  Wash with soap.  Wear masks as needed (my wife, Mary the MaskmaKeer, has made 250 donated to various Church orgs, nurses and even our excellent and beloved bishops in the OC. 

AS more comes out about how defective the data collection, understanding and origins implications, we easily can now agree, via hindsight, it should never have been a 50 state plug pulling.  Reported deaths just went DOWN (no Resurrections involved) in Colorado. 80 total in Bishop Vann, Freyer and Thomas’ domain TOTAL.  Irony, Jon Dunn in the OPEN church on Tustin at the 22, kill 80 little girls and boys most days.  More on Saturdays, with vasectomies on occasional Sundays after dawn.

For comparison, though it seems no one but Covid elderly deaths matter,  480,000 die annually from smoking, 300K from obesity, 1.3 million from car crashes, 500,000 from cancers, 51,000 per month from heart failure.  None of these have locked down the Doors of Christ.  Why Covid?  One size fits all is a onesy for a 1 year old: NOT good policy to destroy a country’s economy to ramp up suicides and despair.  Oops, left out 240,000 a year from medical malpractice.

The “patient”, the humming American economy with millions of interactive actions per second, was healthy in 98% of the country before March.

The  most robust US economy ever.  But, we will, with God’s help, work toward a new Renaissance from this latest Chinese virus, the Dark Age of Xi. 

Although, not sure, with the governors’ help UNLESS we press them, in areas less affected, to end this unconstitutional deprivation of rights under color of royal authority. 

Sadly, NYC will be the Rotting Apple for years, with Mayor Warren Wilhelm at the helm and his sidekick Andrew, supposedly a Catholic, Cuomo, who sees dead elderly an unavoidable consequence of purposeful mixing of infected with the vulnerable elderly.

Only kings and dictators can pull this off for this long.  Elected state executives, drunk with power, they do silly and treat us like 2 year olds but the facts coming out are much less than two million dead Americans.  The goal posts keep moving and football hasn’t even started yet.

Most of these governors have never worked in the private sector, signed the front of paychecks for workers, or have a clue what to do.  Bishops, you can subject yourself to “authorities” all you want, but God graced each of His ordained with brains.  Governance by the people is different than godless CCP & Plague of Xi’s Xi.

We the families losing jobs, life savings, missing needed but considered elective surgeries, and tending toward opiates and alcohol, even suicide, because Americans were not designed to be oppressed by Stalinist Alinsky style rulers. 

As Bishops, you know this to be true IF you consult with your parishioners.

Maybe I can help.  My aka as the Virus Hunter has me chasing facts and truths, sometimes at the same time.

The numbers speak for themselves and they are disturbing more for the unintended consequences of reactive, not common sense leadership actions.

Arresting a dad playing with his daughter in an empty park is more an example of tyrannical petty tyrants, then sound “public health” policy.

Contact tracing for a disease where not ONE confirmed transmission from an asymptomatic recovered has been proven.   These graphics come from the more reliable Johns Hopkins Corona Research Site:

In US, there are really just two epicenters:  #1, is New York City. Early on, the only hotspot was in Washington, the Kirkwood “Life Care Center” nursing home. It topped out at 75 dead of 150 when the vulnerable elderly were infected by a staffer or family member early on. 

Sadly, instead of basic scientific processes, politics took over and clouded the obvious: the disease affected the elderly quickly.  And sardine can, tightly closed confines helps the super spreader spread.  LIke NYC.

As of noon today, NYC is #3 in the world in Covid deaths and 38% of TOTAL US fatalities. 27,000 dead so far in this graphic.  Orange County has had 80 deaths over 6 months.  Think back to the onesy: OC and NYC are NOT the same.  In fact, NYC is not the same as ANY other state, country or city.

  OC’s Mortality rate of .0024% for 3 million residents.  You tell me if we should destroy OC for King Gavin the Red’s political aspirations.

Holy ones, do you realize the combined NYC/NJ metro area had more deaths than EVERY OTHER country. North of 38,000.  Sardine can syndrome.  NOT 98% of America.

NYC is the MOST constricted city in the country.  And #1…well, except the Hidden Kingdom, Xi dynasty. China. I don’t blame the Wuhanians Xi used to incubate and infect the world.  I blame Xi who wanted to share his misery as he continues his hegemonic conquests.

Xi has lied more than Adam Schiff since late October 2019, when the CCP shut down the streets around the WuHan Institute of Virology after an “occurrence”.  It could be 500,000 even rumored 5 million Chinese died due to abrupt cell phone usage ceasing. We may never know. This we do know:

   Sino-Covid Airlines, or Plague Air, self-incubated Wuhanians and transported them to Italy, Spain, US etc.  If you follow the stats.

Francis Xavier tried and accomplished much in China and the Asian theater.  But, when you are Xi Jinglepingle, a godless mass murdering hegemonic despot, it was easy to put 2+2 together and like Rahm Emanuel says it: “never let a crisis go to waste”.

Xi Jinglepingle’s dad was Mao’s propaganda disinformationist. He hates the West; and the godless Plague doesn’t ask your religion before going after you. 

Even though NYC is #1 in the world, any 10th grade stats classmate can tell you it is NOT a template for a US pandemic.  Not even close.  And being over half the deaths…

The other epicenter is nursing homes. Most today agree that since grandmas no longer live with families, nursing homes too often are where abandoned elderly often go to die. 

But not with accelerated delivery to heaven, with the Cuomo mixer push, sending Covid positives in to kill off half the residents in uninfected elder facilities with the worlds largest Javitts Center and floating Navy hospitals more than 3/4 empty.   NYC was a disaster; it is a different COUNTRY, more like Venezuela.

AS usual, follow the money: more bucks for Covid on the death certs.  Look up Project Veritas; Cuomo has blood stains on his clueless brainless power mad hands. 

Which is happening in LA county is identical to the first epicenter, Kirkwood WA “Life Care Center” where 75 of 150 died. 45% of deaths per Dr Barbara in nursing homes. 

You’d think the health pros would figure this out. By now.  The only thing Pandemic about this Panicdemic is the two epicenters and letting bureauRats take over.

I call it sardine can syndrome.  Mayor Warren Wilhelm cut the number of subway cars in half to save money, making them MORE packed and easy for the Xi Plague to proliferate and infect. You can’t make this stupidity up!  Unless you do NOT value life at both ends.

The results, as they say, are history.  Over packed subways, buses and 100 story elevators.  Meanwhile no herd immunity for the younger, as we closed the schools and locked them up with mom and dad.  Great times, yes for building faith and family, but…..  Even Murphy’s Law took a raincheck with the cancelled St Paddy NYC parade this year.

2) The Catholic elder care homes in our bishops’ purview can be protected.  You may have changed up the game already to protect the vulnerable. 

If not, call Gov DeSantis (translates “Of the Saints”) for details. It’s bad enuf California’s state religion, planned parenthood, kills off the very young; we in the Church need protect ALL life, including the frail old.

DeSantis targeted the Florida elderly for life with simple but effective protocols. Quarantining the sick helps keep them alive.

Tyranny is how we terrorize the majority with unnecessary paralysis of the healthy.

This whole Plague of Xi from WuHan has been handled bureaucratically, not using wisdom and science.  Some successes, but we now know there were shortcomings.  Xi is the main culprit and he is smiling at how easily he got his way.

Cuomo demanded, like all good toddlers, everything he could scream and get for free.

His president built four hospitals, secured respirators, vents PPE, pretty much everything he had done zero prep for.  He’s still complaining today.  The unintended consequences, like a tsunami following an epic quake, are hospitals like Provident, St Joseph’s of Orange etc are laying off health care folks because the King Gavin demanded no elective surgeries based on the insanely flawed NYC model.  And the 2 million model for US deaths.  Off a bit.

3) Continuing the artificial shutdown is killing the Church’s treasury.  This should get your attention and I am willing to help.People get Netflix for free; same with Livestreamed Masses.  Why pay for our local parishes if they are closed?  I don’t subscribe to this idea, plus I do pay for real estate ads in 3 Orange County parishes, but church revenues are half what they normally are.

Christ Cathedral at night. Empty. Locked up for how long??

4)  33 million jobs gone so far.  Every day the country is shutdown, costs roughly $580 billion (daily!) in lost economic activity.

You might say, ‘but the Church is above the fray’, there is separation of Church and State.  Really? Separation of church and state is Jefferson’s letter not a founding document notwithstanding. If we don’t act soon. 

For example, wiill Archbishop Gomez will have to consider which of the 350 parishes, or Bishop Vann might be forced to shutter some of the 65 parishes.  Or shut down the renovation of the new cathedral.  Hard choices already will only get worse IF the Church doesn’t set the example for the seculars.  satan is happy; time for us to get real.

Christ Cathedral’s was a $57 million bargain but locked up, little in the way of coin coming in; some parishes have mystery benefactors but we are bleeding red.

Spare me this Plague of Xi was an act of God.  If it was, He is in control and it is His will.  I doubt it; it may be a god, but not one I and you worship.

5) Catholics are NOT known for tithing like their protestant brethren; the sooner we reopen the better,

  Misnomer is the public sector creates wealth: it absorbs it.  Private sector produces.  The wasteful governors of mainly blue states: they will NOT stop their extortion for more billions to cover public sector pensions and wasteful spending UNLESS the bishops weigh in for “your people’s sake”.   I don’t mean to bag on the party of slavery, but the only wooden plank that matters is the one guaranteeing a mother’s right to kill her kid at will.  Or in Virginia’s Gov Ralph “WrecKid” Northam, kill the kid AFTER she’s out.

Melania Trump and Mary, Jesus’ mom. What a blessing

Michigan’s Witless, Cuomo, King Gavin the Red of Calif. are destroying families, jobs, small businesses daily, 33 million jobs are gone no matter how well Trump got the economy humming (ok if you hate the most prolife president married to an excellent Catholic Melania, scream now…then keep reading)  BISHOPS YOU HAVE THE RIGHT, THE RESPONSIBILITY AND POWER TO SET THE EXAMPLE.  Doors locked up for decades is FEAR: False Expectations Appearing Real.  

6) There are NO universal vaccines.  Didn’t know this? Flu changes yearly, SARS vacc development was stopped when it disappear, the politically protected HIV is a therapy not cure.  Point is, don’t get snowed, holy ones.  If we wait 18 months for the vaccine to do a Grand ReOpening, there will be little left to open for.  This is an imperial edict, unconstitutional, violation of canon law AND state/federal guidelines

But cast out all fear!  Good news are upon us. Therapies are happening, including one in Archbishop Gomez’s front yard.  Dr Daniel Wallace has 2000 Lupus patients, and has used a regimen of Hydroxychloroquine+Azithromycin and zinc on his patients for years with no side effects.  It works well early on (and as a prophylactic) before the virus morphs to auto immune, which is treated separately.  It costs 69 cent a dose, attractive to a Church that champions health care for the poor, which soon will be all of us with the Demonrat Guvnor’s dalliance.   Resvetc costs $1000 a dose.  Which will Big Pharma support?  Don’t forget convalescent plasma and the hundreds of therapies underway.  And Project Warp Speed to find a vaccine.

7 Liars figure and figures lie.  Models have no place in solid science, especially those based on baseless conjecture.  The US death models started at 2 million and now, taking out NYC, the US had more traffic deaths than Covid fatalities. 

PLUS, the Co-morbidity game: hospitals are playing, they get more $$ if the patient died from Covid, even if he did not die from Covid. Project Veritas keeps finding evidence of this fraud.  IE sandbagging death certs before the body bag or coffin. 

Bishops, as a Church, we too easily divorce science from faith; well maybe not a blind Jesuit physicist name Fr Spitzer.  Don’t rely on the ignorant to set your timetable. Like ST AOC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,  here getting an atmospheric refill from Dementia Joe.

As a scientist, I have battled another fake modeling effort for God’s greatest gift to humanity that FEEDS the WORLD. 

You know it as Photosynthesis, where a trace gas, water and sun energy are mixed; aerobic respiration, the equalizing formula, uses the food.  Point is carbon dioxide, via the Algorean Heresy, is NOT an evil monster melting the earth.  It numbers ONE CO2 molecule for every 2500 of the majority (nitrogen, oxygen & argon)  1:2500. 

Yet your cute interfaith environmental justice groupings are heretical to truth and banning fracked low polluting inexpensive natural gas, essential to the poor raising themselves up in the 3rd world. AOC is crazy; if she gets her way, the 6000 products from fossil fuel oil will go away, too. 

Just today, I saw the article in the NYPost about something i have been ranting about, that we ignore: the Maunder Minimum, where sun spots and solar activity is minimizing this decade.  Dr Valentira Sharpova, the solar physicist known for her work, should be smiling today

Here’s the link; after you ok starting the Grand REopening like the first Pentecost, give it a quick read.  I’d be happy to address your next interfaith enviro confab with your pet climate change ambassador.  I do love Pope Francis but on this i stand apart.  The globe is moving to a serious cooling season and all this Algorean heresy, the androgenic global warming is destroying God’s planet earth in the middle of His 553 sextillion mile wide universe,is a fraud.  What a terrible waste.  We MUST get about teaching the less fortunate how to farm in less arable conditions NOW.

This is NO idle comment; planetary cooling is MUCH more dangerous than warming.  We have the fossilized energy sources in the ground, if only we could repurpose the indoctrinated climate change ambassadors like Jerry Brown and other Catholics to LEARN the truth. 

As the sun’s energy lessens this decade, we will NEED, not unreliable solar or wind, but gobs of low polluting methane and 6000 products petroleum, both of which are NOT evil.  Looking for evil? REgressive leftist Marxists are. 

And 3rd world countries will be hit the most the earliest as growing seasons shorten, arable land shrinks and people starve to death more than due to the Plague of Xi. 

Bishops, you ARE the shepherds.  Global cooling, Dalton Minimum details in this short article:

But I digress.



 Priests Faithful Laypeople, Jews, Muslims, Atheists & Satanists. AND Governors: This message is for you as well.

Gavin & Briana get their marriage license at the Honda Center


Thank you, from this tired, long time Catholic.  I am just tired of my shepherds being herded and not taking the lead. You ARE the Apostles incarnate

Yes, I am selfishly biased: these two faithful Catholic kids, my #8 Briana is marrying Gavin Hager on June 12th. 

Do the numbers: I have 11 kids.  The current illogical, idiotic rules of King Gavin the Red (light camera obssessed) is a max of 10 in a church that handles 400. Petty tyrants do what they do because no one pushes back.  New guidelines: only one person per acre or on a city street?

   So, maybe Steve and I, the fathers of the future newlyweds, can sit in our cars at St. Norberts for the duration. We both have a lot of kids and there will be a next one someday.  At least the wives, Regina and Mary, can watch the sacrament of marriage happen at Mass.  Didn’t Bishop Barron just promo his latest on the Sacraments.  Where exactly are they to occur?  On Zoom, or GoToMeeting?

If you need the free exercise of religious liberties citations, happy to provide them.  King George, like King Henry VIII, are long dead. The Modulator (Aunt Pelosi’s nephew Newsom voice changed when the plague hit the Golden state.  It modulates as if he is running for president in 2024.  IF we still have a viable country)

Dad of 11. Faithful Catholic.  Ticked off at the ruling elite in Blessed Sacramento in the Blessed Sacramento castle on the Blessed Sacramento River; in the most blessed country on earth. Bishops, you know it.  I know it.  We ARE better than this.

But, bishops, pope, priests and faithful, i will pray we come to our senses.  Open Wide the DOORS of Christ.  I can’t speak for Him, but i can’t see Him not wishing worship would commence for the wandering and restless sheep.  After all, you ARE the shepherds. And OC is NOT NYC; nor is Wyoming or Texas, etc.

Len Beckman 714 267 1413

Holy ones and faithful, priests and rabbis, what say you?  Appreciate a comment or two.

The Virus Hunter’s Covid Chronicles: The Miracle Wedding at Cana

Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, 103rd anniversary of Mary’s first visit to Portugal       (Updated 5/14)

Governor Newsom:

May I call you King Gavin the Red or your call sign The Modulator?

Honestly, I don’t ask for much.

My German dad and Polish mom bore me in the 1950s, and ten others.  All of us Native Californian American Catholics, blessed to receive 12 years times 11 kids worth of Catholic education at St. Anthony Claret.

It’s been my privilege to spend 62 years in the Diocese of Orange, starting before it became such and through Bishop Johnson and other excellent prelates. 

King Gavin the Red, it was my honor to start in the 60s in music ministry, then 30+ years on staff as youth minister, DRE, DFF, RCIA and other roles at Sts Callistus, Anthony Claret and Holy Family Cathedral.  We still volunteer at St Norbert’s, the place my daughter Briana marries a most excellent son of the Hager clan, Gavin.  King Gavin, you must know that name: Gavin.

  We have ads in three parish bulletins for our real estate business to help as well keep our parishes afloat.  I have provided my curriculum vitae in brief, to show I am not trying, like many guests of the state’s penal system, to catch Covid by breathing in a cup at Alcatraz or other fine correctional facility.

My longtime themes include “It IS a great day to be alive!” and BKind 4Give B4Given.

Over the years, Donna bore 11 great kids as we took the road less traveled: King Gavin, have you heard of ACTUAL home based education, better known as homeschooling?

Both petitioners for unlocking the Church’s doors, which have been unlocked since Jerusalem Pentecost 33 or 34 ad, were homeschooled.

Of course, locked church doors are common, past & present, in totalitarian states like China, East Germany and Russia.  King Gavin the Red, you probably studied about those petty tyrants who don’t believe in the freedom to practice one’s religion.

We are in our fourth decade as Catholic home educators, raising them to be contributing members of the Church and the community. Briana, #8 of the kiddoes, graduated summa cum laude from Cal state University at Fullerton.  Gavin, as well from that fine institution

Although Donna got an early call to heaven, surrounded by miracles, we carry on, evidence that homeschooling is an excellent choice, wherever adults and parents are allowed to choose their children’s educational paths. 12 college degrees so far. If you King Gavin the Red, were not the indentured servant of the public teachers unions and institutionalized education realm, you could be a proponent of actual home based education, not this forced halfway house bound process leaving a bitter taste in whole families.  After all, King Gavin, mothers’ choice is a keystone of your aunt Nancy’s world.

My ‘lege, please allow me to plead the case of love and hope, of the ancient faith you grew up with and your aunt still claims to be a part of. 

Also, as a compensating factor as we make these desperate pleas, we have saved your California Dept of Ed about $2 million in unused ed dollars though spent a tidy sum on property and other taxes. A drop in the $3 trillion your auntie, the well known Ice Queen Aunt Pelosi, is seeking to rob from Peter to pay her Pauls, an allusion to the two well known apostles circa 33 Anno Domini (Latin for “In the year of the Lord”).

Actual, not forced homeschooling for 30+ years, is an excellent family choice, and as we continue to save the state boatloads of $$$, please spend on your other acute & responsible projects. The Beckman and Hager families promise not to get our portion of the teachers pension, though both could show a hefty tax payments history.

All of my 11 have been involved in Church ministry; my oldest Amanda married Brian, a youth minister at Fr Jerome’s SVDP parish before getting called to Texas to serve in the Houston/Galveston diocese. A short bonafides. 

Why so much detail?  To remind the king and his Blessed Sacramento court on the Blessed Sacramento River, we are flesh and blood Native Americans, with hopes & dreams, families who want to work to feed ourselves, have extra wealth to help those who can’t, some to put away for the next Plague of Xi excuse to lock down the private sector…while the public sector continues to draw their royal tax paid salaries.

My pleas for my bishop and the California state king.

O mighty King Gavin the Red, patriarch of four princes/princesses, holder of all power in the land of Alta California, that benefited from the treaty of Guadalupe Hildago on February 2, 1848, and the duly ratified California constitution:

Please give my Bishop Vann permission to open wide the doors of Christ on Pentecost, the weekend of May 30th-31st. 

I realize you and your local regent, the mayor of Newport Beach, have not seen eye to eye about the health benefits of open sandy spaces, onshore wind to dilute any viral load floating over from Wuhan, sunlight, high heat and UVa on SARS-Cov-2 virus;  it’s not easy assuming the role that King Nebuchadnezzar, the head of Gold in Daniel’s interpretation, was the best at, of all time.  You might recall that Mr Schwarzenegger, that Austrian actor who was the 38th, was known as The Governator.  Should you be elected president on November 5, 2024, you might make Mr. Schifty (Eve’s Adam) your first Proctologist General, expert in looking up every asset he can with his kiddie kolonoscope for marketable obstructions. 

He is known as The Fabricator, because he lies deeper than a green shag rug drenched in the selflessly shed blood of patriots, and can’t spell Truth, let alone speak it.

  O great King Gavin the Red, your call sign is The Modulator: many notice how your voice takes a serious modulated roller coaster ride as you make the latest edict on the Plague of Xi.

But, O Royal One, our beautiful little part of your kingdom, Orange County, has only lost 76 precious elderly to the Plague of Xi averaging less than one loss every other day since ground zero. 

This Sino-Viral bioweapon project may have started late October when the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s surrounding streets were tamped down. Or the usual quoted, Dec 1st, 165 days ago.  Either way, 76 is blessedly low. Don’t wait for a virtue signal from your aunt or Cuomo: they are clueless about the real devastation your inaction is causing.

EVERY California life is precious, unique and never repeated.  One life to live corresponds to one life to give.  76 is too many, but in 2017, we had 261 car accident deaths. Happy to supply stats: spending 6 trillion to save the elderly, something we knew when the very first epicentered hot spot occurred in Kirkwood, Washington, when 150 vulnerable NON covid19ers was infected by a family member or staffer.  After that, 75 of 150 died BEFORE NYC got past Cuomo’s eat, drink and be merry because we are New Yorkers and have the best health care system.  Or your auntie Pelosi wandering Septic City’s ChinaTown for the Looney New year. Where was Faschi or Birx?  Any 10th grade stat student could figure out what Gov DeSantis did: you protect directly the elderly with updated protocols, upgraded shielding, masks, do passive medicating like the health care people have with HCQ+Z, etc.  YOU DON’T DUMP THE INFECTED CONTAGIOUS COVID19 POSITIVES into the overflowing nursing homes.  NOR cut the available subway cars in half, packing density doubling…

To justify giving the Peter’s Keys of the Kingdom back to my Bishop to unlock the doors on Pentecost, do you realize this “One Size Fits All” approach to risk and panic is a petty tyrant’s candy store? Look at the actual mortality rate of OC:

As of 3am this May 13th for the OC was .0023%, significantly less than traffic accidents, not to mention the flu. Which is rarely mentioned, especially since figures lie and liars figure: we can’t trust the stats, what with co-morbidty reasons for death are ignored: the hospitals, though laying off nurses etc because the silly banning of most elective ops, get a lot more money if Covid19 appears on the death certs.  Truth and diagnosis is optional.

I believe you believe, King Gavin the Red, every life is precious though your aunt Pelosi is a bit suspect on her feelings about life. Every vote counts and harvested ballots count more. 

 As the virus hunter, i have been helping to stem the panic, misinformation, and useful disinformation about the Covid19 disease.  Tracking daily, and my lovely wife, Mary the MaskMaKeer, has made over 250 cloth masks donated to California nurses and others to “do our part” in this NYC pandemic, that is NOT an epidemic in the OC. 

Or even California.  261 traffic deaths is an epidemic for 3,100,000+ residents. 

O Great & Mighty King Gavin the Red, you are actively trying to accomplish much. 

But, since your March 21st required door jammed shut of all Religious Institutions in the state, except with one notable exception, we have had to settle for 40 days of probation and testing through Lent.

Plus Palm/Passion Sunday, Passover, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Divine Mercy Sunday and so many other Catholic celebrations you might remember growing up with beloved Ice Queen Mother Aunt Pelosi.  All electronically, live streaming but the doors of our worship centers closed.  Soon we will celebrate Ascension Thursday on Sunday, May 24th and then the day of days, Pentecost starting at sundown May 30th.

Imagine if the country had a real statesman leading, against your aunt’s pandering wave, from a blue state?   Your presidential fortunes would rise. 

Of course, as Gavin the Red, you are known for your love of the little red signal light on Bone church kostnice sedlecthe front of the Big Four ABCNNBCBS live video cameras but we adults believe we can be careful, do the things mom taught us, like wash with soap, isolate when sick and worship together. 

Ever seen photos of the Czech’s City of Silver’s bone church? Officially known as the Sedlec Ossuary, the Bone Church is a Roman Catholic chapel located in Kutná Hora, a few miles outside of Prague in the Czech Republic. The chapel contains over 40,000 bones displayed in various piles and arrangements throughout the small chapel. Sedlec Ossuary has a long history, beginning in the 13th century when the Abbot of the Sedlec Monastery (Abbot Henry) brought a handful of earth back from a journey to the Grave of the Lord in Jerusalem. He scattered this “holy soil” across the Sedlec cemetery, securing its place as one of the most desired burial sites where over 30,000 skeletons were buried.  Including many from the black death of 1420.  It originated in Asia (as did the Plague of Xi).  If was the second plague pandemic recorded, after the Plague of Justinian (542–546).[10] The plague created religious, social, and economic upheavals, with profound effects on the course of European history.  King Gavin the Red, just as the Plague of Xi is doing since late 2019.

Every hundred years, it seems, we experience a terrible disease on the 20’scovid every 100 yrs

Not to mention, the Bubonic/Black plague of 1420

Yes, we are an unusual group, we Catholics, because we respect the human body and do not appreciate when it is desecrated by evil. 

In fact, the Sedlec Ossuary continues as an active Catholic worship center today.  Last October,”Sedlec will be banning photographs of its macabre displays. Chapel director Radka Krejci told the Czech news agency CTK that people are taking inappropriate photos and desecrating the sanctity of the human remains on display.”  King Gavin the Red, time to read the Mene writing on the wall.

It IS time to reopen OUR state IF you want to run for president some day. 

We are NOT designed to be a socialist or even progressive (whatever loony thing a progressive is) society; millions of individual transactions in a free market capitalist Federated Republic has worked for 244 years, King Gavin.

Look up the book of Daniel; not Dr Daniel Wallace, the Cedar Sinai expert on Hydroxychloroquine therapy with his 2000 Lupus patients who in 30 years has had ZERO serious side effects, no dead patients, and success. 

No, the bible’s prophetic dream interpreting Daniel in King Neb’s court.

You are, like all kings since King Neb of Babylon, are a lesser king.  You mean well, but destroying the Golden state by totalitarian tyranny will NOT get you into the Oval Office but as a visitor. In fact, legally, you stand on sandy beachy grounds.

works of mercyUnder all three operative founding documents of California, we have been guaranteed the freedom to worship.  King Gavin the Red.  It IS time to release the captives, as your aunt Pelosi misinterpreted scripture recently.   King Gavin, I don’t mean to be a noig, but the High priestess Pelosi was clueless, just as in her support of the well known California state religion.  #6 corporal work of Catholic mercy is to VISIT the imprisoned, as specified in Matthew 25:35.  NOT release the unrehabilitated murderers and rapists to murder and rape again.  Another epic fail of this manufactured Covid19 extension.

We the citizens of a great state, 40 million citizens, legal residents and illegal aliens, need to be released from captivity. 1 in 5 is out of a job; many are turning to booze and drugs, much like what is supplied to the mentally ill homeless after they are given four star hotel rooms for free.  The MOST depressed, seeing no hope, are committing suicide your excellent royalness.  It’s bad enough, a UHaul truck heading to Nevada or Texas costs thousands because as the Elon Musk Teslas head east with their jobs and residents, Taxifornia loses.  Is this extortion of the executive branch worth the co-morbid suicidal deaths?  Gavin the Red, just as you use the scientifically fraudulent androgenic CO2 models to gouge us with a 70% gas sales tax RATE, further draining families, the 2 million model was toro caca from the get go.  We’ve been fleeced enough, my ‘lege.

Just as this Plague of Xi was mismanaged, incarcerating the whole country, instead of pulling a Gov DeSantis and protecting the Xi’s Plague most vulnerable, in the nursing homes etc.  is unprecedented since another lesser King, King George III of England, fleeced the Colonials via tea taxes.  You might remember a movement called the Tea Party?  Well, as the Renaissance of America gets underway, you will see more.  Question is, do you want to be a hero, and save a few of the daily millions losing their fortunes, jobs and too many their very lives, due primarily to the petty tyrants like Queen Witless, Clueless Cuomo, Mayor Warren Wilhelm and so may more Regressive Leftist buffoons.

You are much better than this, but your silver spoon is tarnishing more each day.

Proposal: Open wide the doors of the state’s OTHER churches May 30-31st, the Feast of Pentecost.  Let me explain:

Pente, Greek for 50, ie Pentecost is the 7th Sunday after Easter, due this year on May 31st.  In our faith tradition, the date 10 days past the Ascension is known as the Church’s official birthday,  In the Israel that you love, they still look back to their Pentecost, the Festival of First Fruits.  Ironically, we are approaching that time in 2020 with doors locked tighter than an AOC’s take on reality.

V22 of Exodus 34: 22 “Celebrate the Festival of Weeks (7×7=49 days plus one)  with the firstfruits of the wheat harvest”  In Deuteronomy’s reflections on Pentecost, King Gavin the Red, these words may touch your heart as you rule the people with justice and wisdom like King Solomon did years ago:  

“19 Do not pervert justice or show partiality. Do not accept a bribe, for a bribe blinds the eyes of the wise and twists the words of the innocent. 
20 Follow justice and justice alone, so that you may live and possess the land the LORD your God is giving you.”
Finally, the Pentecost of the faith tradition you grew up in, is outlined in the second chapter of the Acts of the Apostles:
When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. 
2 Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. 
3 They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them. 
4 All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.
King Gavin the Red, please see the Mene Mene Tekel, known as “the writing on the wall. “
As you strong arm the national treasury for another trillion, note the daily cost.  You, though you consult your aunt on everything, have your future in your hands… and the destruction of millions more than the 1 in 5 out of work already. 
We surfs need to work to feed our families outside the Blessed Sacramento castle…you tax us relentlessly and can live off our dead carcasses for years.
Due to the slow walk reopening,  in case you don’t know just happened, 50% of billions of dollar$$ in ad buys by the majors are being cancelled as of May 1st.  There is no hope for the 3rd quarter since people are watching Netflix and Amazon Prime but not buying commodities.  This is extremely detrimental for your friends in Hollywood and your presidential aspirations’ moneybags in what is left of NYC. 

On average, $8.5 billion daily Californian economy loss is not chump change.  Is it worth it?

We can blame the initial godless destructive Plague of Xi on Xi; but it has been mitigated in the OC and many other areas of your regal domain. 
Maybe LA needs to stay locked down though Garcetti and Dr Gloom want it shuttered for another 3 months.  Your city of birth, known today as the Septic City, what with the compassionate placement of mentally challenged homeless in four star hotels, fed booze, weed and drugs, to help keep that local epidemic not spreading throughout the City of St Francis of Assisi.  Yes, less poop on the sidewalks outside businesses, but then leftist cities don’t mind keeping business shut down forever.  Except presidential candidates for 2024.

covid quarantine and tyrannyKing Gavin the Red, you must know you are funded by the private sector and the public sector creates nothing.  Hopefully, the billion dollar Chinese masks buy won’t derail your campaign completely.  Just work on your modulated voice; it is so noticeable like a new pimple in the middle of your forehead.  Free advice.

The current GDP stats indicated each day you keep our state closed, it costs our state economy: $8,571,038,000 (8.5 billion dollars in lost economic activity).  The thousands of churches, including the Catholic, are also losing much in the way of donations. 

Misery really doesn’t love company.  Few are ignorant this is all about money, getting as much as you can from the public treasury to replace malfeasance and wastrel spending.  Any responsible scientist realizes, at least in OC, it is foolish to continue to use totalitarian power to interfere in the free exercise of religion, especially since it appears a bias toward the state favored religion.  As well as free exercise of the right of assembly, as well as work a job so the Franchise Tax Board and IRS via the 16th amendment get more tax dollars to shore up a dying nation.

More data: Note that you are NOT Governor Cuomo, except in your campaign for one trillion more dollars to bail out the out of control public pensions in this great western state. Resulting from waste, fraud, abuse and crony political payoffs to the unions.

Look at today’s stats from the Johns Hopkins trusy CV site.

In case, you have been busy with other affairs, the Plague of Xi is particularly dangerous in mainly TWO epicenters, both involving close confines over extended periods of time, due to exposure to higher viral load.


Epicenter #1  52% of the Covid US deaths are IN New York City. NOT CA

1) The country of New York City, for example, is a sardine can of clearly unwise urban planners with packed subway cars (doubled with Mayor Wilhelm cutting them in half to save transit dollars) that double as homeless enclaves;  buses and 100 floor elevators runs.

NYC just passed Spain and France, making it  #3 in deaths WORLDWIDE as a country. 

NYC is NOT America nor California: stop comparing my state to the Rotting Apple. 

Cuomo makes a great whining toddler, but despite the polls, has failed his state miserably.  Don’t follow in his footsteps, Gavin the Red

Multiple factors, many failures of governance, has made this irrelevant to stopping the re-opening California.  Your highest city mortality is 1500+ in LA; less than 5% of the sad NYC tally and more people to boot.


Oh highest of all regal Californians, let me save you from a terrible mistake Gov Cuomo made on March 25th:  If you value keeping the seasoned citizens alive at elder care facilities, like nursing homes, assisted living and more, PLEASE do not infect them by shipping SARS-Cov-2 positive patients among them. 

Of course, as the ruler, if you desire to kill off the useless eating old people like Pelosi’s hero, Margaret Sanger, knock yourself out and  commence to follow Cuomo’s sad lead.

Part of the problem is how we treat the wise old folks. A generation ago, grandma lived within the family, not institutionalized like cattle in institutions.  As it is, nursing homes are where the abandoned old go to die.

  Yes, I understand, the only open church in the state, our state religion, values life as much as your idea to help get the 85 year olds off the earth by infecting them, does.

My final plea is for adults in leadership, both at the state level and Diocese of Orange, to help my #8 Briana still marry another Gavin, from the Hager clan, on June 12th.  This year.

Briana grew up waaay too fast

My totally selfish, unashamedly self serving hope is my baby girl can be married as planned.

King Gavin the Red, you told us originally it was reopen once we knew the hospital beds would not be 150% occupied; as it is, in NYC, the four gifted hospitals were never filled. 

You’ve been busy: did you know your hospitals are emptying out of WORKERS as well as more empty beds.  There IS NO crisis, my ‘lege.

In the OC, Hoag just laid off 300 nurses and health carers, due directly from your directive not to do elective surgeries except at the state church, which your aunt loves dearly. 

Personally I have prayed there often but the planned parenthood on Tustin at 22 in Orange, the church of satan (non Laveyan ) is the OFFICIAL state religion since it has NOT closed or repurposed by removing the killing tables and add Covid beds..

King Gavin: you must realize that planned parenthood continues to perform elective surgery on children, apparently since Covid does notmarie antoinette kill the very young, just the very old. 

Is there something self-destructive about the levels of botox your aunt has ingested?  She still claims to be a Catholic behind her locked gates while eating Ben&Jerry from her $24,000 freezers.  Do you realize just how ridiculous your aunt is seen with her “Let them eat ice cream” Lina Lamont moment?  Marie Antoinette has an 80 year old clone.

But Gavin the Red, you have the controls.  Your continued  over reaction to the Xi Plague continues to cascade into more destruction of the economy.  As it is, 40% of the 33 million lost jobs may never return. California is not a boy toy, but once was a $3 trillion economy.  YOU yes YOU will be outside looking in if you don’t take your jackboot off California’s productive neck.  When you tell Tesla to go pound sand (not on a beach of course) you look stupider than Alexandria Occasional Cortex Using AOC telling Bezos to take his 30,000 Covid proof jobs and go to hell.

Oh great King, we know you want to be King and president in 2024, but at what cost? Our home state, destroyed?  The goal posts keep moving but if you honor Pentecost, a better chance my Bishop Vann can give us permission to marry on June 12th with more than 10 people. Your lege, I have ELEVEN kids…simple math says 10 people leaves little room for just the 10 siblings on Briana’s side and on Gavin’s similar numbers.

I realize it is our fault we have more than the 10 human maximum: we have had these kids, honoring God by having more than 2.1 children, and not imported them from other countries.  It is our hope they help to replace the population killed off by viruses and eugenics freaks hell bent on adding to the 2.2 BILLION kids killed worldwide in the last five decades.  Like your pathetic Pelosian marriage to hell’s worst evil empire.

Miracles do happen; many are even associated with this Plague of Xi’s Covid nightmare. 

You might remember that first miracle of Jesus happened at a three day wedding celebration in Cana; no physical distancing prevented its happening and the 180 gallons or so of wine, bested even the best Napa vintage.  Mom Mary got her way and the rest is as Paul Harvey might say, salvation history.  His Story.  The best wine was saved for last. 

As it is, this plan summary is written on the 103rd anniversary of the first Marian appearance at Fatima, Portugal.  And 30 days to Briana and Gavin the Great’s wedding day.  You coming? You were invited officially.  You, too, could be Gavin the Great, IF you break free of the chains of regressive anti-American fake green socialism.

The Wedding Plan and Preparations:

Though the doors were tightly locked up, I was able to take some photos of St Norbert’s for your edification.

  1.  WE will space the 75 pews according to the public health recommended one wavelength at 185 Hertz, over 6 feet.  Leaving a pew vacant between and keeping family groups at least 6 feet apart will aid the physical separation requirements of Dr. Fasci, the Orange County Public Health and state organizations.  As of this moment, we have not been able to secure a surveillance drone to guarantee this separation, but the ushers will be equipped with megaphones should anyone drift within the 6 ft perimeters.  The ushers will have full body transparent plastic if necessary.
  2. We have ordered a thermal forehead thermometer to instantaneously search for one symptom of the SARS-Cov-2 virus; it will be here by Pentecost.
  3. Each participant will be given a mask in case they forget theirs: we have 250 surgical masks and my wife, Mary the MaskMaKeer, has been sewing cloth reversibly according to the CDC guidelines and we will supply as necessary.  Those utilized at the reception will have a feeding slot for ease of consumption.
  4. A specially designed facial mask, made from the bride’s custom wedding dress will be provided for the bride.  This should aid protection for both the bride and groom, since they will be placed in parallel for most of the Mass.
  5.  The parking lot has adequate parking places for use to do auto immune distancing protocols.  Each parking space is 90 inches wide, so leaving every other one vacant will prevent any automobile contracting the Covid disease, as well as driver and occupants.
  6. Face shields will be provided the priest and abbott.
  7. The respective attendants will be separated by the two primary genders, male and female and put on each side of the marrying couple; apparently, men lack the chromosomal makeup (the XX vs XY) as females to reduce the risk of contraction. However, we will not discriminate against any of the other 158 identified gender ideologies, since all Catholic Masses typically are open to all per Code of Canon Law.  King Newsom, you could consult your former Catholic Aunt Nancy on this, but we are reviewing the treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo, the state and federal constitutions as well as the Code of Canon Law for precedent and infractions.  The current Code dates from 1983, and it contains 1752 canons and binding on the Latin Church.  Feel free to email your questions below.
  8.  The rings will be sanitized with soap and water.  AS you know, regal one, hand sanitizers is the means of last resort since the chemicals seep into the skin upon application.  Of course, the priest will be washing his hands at the altar, though with your permission, sir, we will dispense with soap just at that time.
  9. The 6 rule will be honored for the first marital kiss; the couple has been certified, according to the Guttmacher/SEICUS guide for interpersonal relations to be chaste virgins but we do admit to the Blessed Sacramento royal court they have kissed previously.   A small opening in the bride and groom face shields will allow for a 6 second kiss prior to the rotation and exiting the church. Mouth sanitizers for lip hygiene will be provided if required by the state bureaucracy overseeing the grand reopening protocols.
  10. At the reception, additional safeguards are being implemented for the guests
  11. The bouquet tossing event has been planned as well: a grid of 6 foot blue taped (blue state, blue tape) boxes, much like cow chip bingo, will be allotted only one unmarried female.  To protect against any EEOC, OSHA and other discriminatory practices, the custom face shield created by the famous Mary the MaskMaKeer will be expandable and cover the bride’s eyes.
  12. Refreshing your memory, King Newsom, the preamble to the Treaty goes like this: “In the name of Almighty God (which we cite as existent and overseeing the wedding) and Article I: “There shall be a firm and universal peace between the US and the Mexican republic” to honor that peace, we will feature the Macarena, with the hand motions useful for circulating air and a sign of solidarity with the reality there is only ONE human race but amazing array of cultures, countries and motivations.  If you are able to attend with your lovely Jennifer and four children (per our scheduling request to your office) we would hope you join us for this dance and possibly the Chicken dance as well.
  13.  Additional preparations will be forwarded to the office of surf enforcement  for review.

Please advise at your earliest convenience if we have your permission.  If you need me to grovel, since you are so much higher in intelligence than any of us adults outside the Blessed Sacramento moat, I would be happy to.  This would be similar to that hero Lt Gen Flynn having to do whatever he could to protect his innocent son

King Gavin the Red, let this 68 year old dad of 11 give you some unsolicited advice: a true statesman works FOR the people, not AGAINST their best interests.

And ALWAYS think critically, beyond your nose, and the red signal light. ALL human actions, whether prince or pauper has both intended and unintended consequences. Wise formed conscience filled adults understand this and think things through before taking action.

Suicides.  It is reported unintended side effects may include 150,000 despairing suicides. 

People want to work; it’s built into our American nature.  It has become obvious to serious adults, the Covid scare is over, as long as people do MOM’s bidding: wash with soap, use hand sanitizers when soap is not available (NOT MENTIONED: the wash as soon as you can, since chemical residue remains), sanitize surfaces, isolate when sick and quarantine when exposed.  Masks when near people; 6 feet of physical separation for safety reasons.

King Gavin, so much exists already to help patients: #1 is evident from the first epicenter hotspot, the Kirkwood WA nursing home, Life Care Center where 75 of 150 died when a worker or visitor brought the virus.  DO NOT MIX SICK COVIDIANS WITH VULNERABLE ELDERLY IN ELDER CARE INSTITUTIONS unless you want to catch up to Mayor Warren Wilhelm of NYC.

American and Israeli ingenuity (and other researchers) has led quickly to convalescent plasma, globulin, immune based therapies, antibody treatments.  Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc+ Zpack are very successful but their inexpensive 69 cents per dose is not attractive to Big Pharma and Dr Fasci when the Unproven Resvetc. costs $1000 a dose. 

Research has shown the virus early on turns into an auto immune problem in the second week and can be dealt with IF that researcher and clinician can be heard above the ABCNNBCBS lemmings shouting “me, me, me” at these circus pressers in the WHouse.

 King Gavin, you have plenty of beds and vents too.  Universal vaccines do not exist: the flu shots, HIV therapies, SARS 1, do not have universal vaccines but excellent therapies are underway.  Your royalness, unless your true motive is to play politics with people’s lives, don’t reopen until 2024 just in time for your presidential run.

In case, you need citations from the Constitution for precedent to justify the re-opening of the Church Jesus founded on Pentecost:

Article I  “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.  Currently, King Gavin, you are in violation of this clause.  You have instructed my bishop to lock down over 60 parishes in Orange County.  Based on 76 deaths over 5 months.

  NYC is NOT California nor the USA. We are not a sardine can with half the Subway cars running to save city money that increased the superspread.  Not to mention, the March 25 foolish helping Xi’s Wuhanian virus plan succeed by mixing the infected with the vulnerabl.

The mortality rate for the Big Apple, the sardine can city is 1100+/per million, vs 25 per million in the county where i am pleading my daughter’s case.  Also, 40% of deaths happen in close confinement over time, nursing homes; 52% of the US deaths are NYC.  All evidence it is long past time, with proper protections, to open California.  Yes, the Plague of Xi panned the oceans, but when you discard the statistically irrelevant (but use the data to formulate plans). this is LESS virulent than the flu.  ESPECIALLY NOTING THE COVID NUMBERS ARE SIGNIFICANTLY INFLATED.  Death certs do not have a Co-Morbidity box; any patient who passed a Covid Freeway sign on the way to the hospital becomes a Covid case.  Even the beach handling is counterintuitive to the systemology of the vector.

In the California Constitution, Article I, section I: “All people by nature are free and independent and have inalienable rights. Among these are enjoying  and defending life and liberty…and property.  In section 4, “Free exercise and enjoyment of religion without discrimination or preference are guaranteed…” and “The Legislature shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.

King Gavin the Red, this point is troubling.  Maybe a little history will help.

Your aunt Nancy continues to demand the public treasury support the California state religion by extracting Covid relief dollars for her friends at the satanic temple of planned parenthood..  The only religion you have kept open by royal decree despite many calls to close it down. 

I do honor the Ice Queen Aunt Pelosi by praying at her favorite place of worship often.

Usually, at the Southern California temple of Moloch at the Tustin at 22fwy worship center, as mentioned above, but as the governor, you have no right to discriminate against all faiths but the one your high priestess aunt favors. 

For clarification, I pray AT the sidewalk while the kids are butchered inside.

Should you scoff at the comparison, high wizard Jon Dunn runs the Planned Parenthood Headquarters for Orange and San Bernardino counties.

His priestess’ use ritual knives called currettes to slice out the living baby from the vulnerable mother.  Of course, as a silver spooned life long Democrat with killing in the planks, you don’t give a damn. 

Unlike the Aztecs which cut out the heart while alive, the satanist priestesses quickly slice out the heart, liver and hair follicles which are sent to customers.  IN the OC, DaVinci Biolabs was a customer of PPHQ and Jon Dunn, until the DA shut them down for selling baby parts. Why have you continued these barbaric elective surgeries, at this sect of the church of satan?  To please auntie Nancy?  King Gavin, where do you hang your big boy pants?  Hospitals, nonsensically were shut down at the state’s hospitals, and many have furloughed workers accordingly because you shut down their income sources: elective necessary surgeries.  In my real estate career, I handled the property disposition for the $100 million Cedar Sinai nonessential surgery mediCal fraud.

Like these surgeries involving 77 victims and 27 perpetrators, the Pelosi Planned Parenthood Palaces spew death and misery via unnecessary and sometimes elective kid kill mill kills.   

King Gavid, i am NOT God.  But someday your 80 year old aunt will stand before either God or something else.  As you will.  Like King Belshazzar, King Neb’s son, the words Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin may line your walls with Jesus holding you accountable for the millions of dead precious 63 million NOT killed by Covid19 but by your campaign donors.  Eternity, my friend, is a long spell.  Think about just how long tonight as you rest in bed next to your beautiful wife.  I wish you a long life but God controls the Alpha and Omega, unless the child is brutally raped with sharp, curved knives and her poor dead body is drawn and quartered, snuffed out for the sick Nancy Pelosi delusions.

 This ruse must end.  


OPEN WIDE THE DOORS OF CHRIST, THE CHURCHES THAT WORSHIP GOD.  Pentecost, a beautiful day to reignite and repopulate the dusty pews

You already have KEPT OPEN the doors to satan’s lair, the state’s dominant party’s only preferred church: planned parenthood


My cell number is 714 267 1413   My email is  I mean your aunt, nor you any insult.  Sometimes you need to hear the truth outside of the swamp in DC, your aunt’s gated estate near the poop piles of Septic City…or the Blessed Sacramento castle on the Blessed Sacramento River’s banks.


~~dad of 11 down on both knees with a  desperate plea for your royalness’ grace and gracious OK. Realtor by profession  AKA the Virus Hunter





Virus Hunter’s Covid Chronicles MOMs are ESSENTIAL


I am soo tired of this line: ESSENTIAL jobs only. ESSENTIAL people only. What total regressive leftist disinformation>>zounds of Stalin and Marx.

Everyone is essential just as jobs, from the septic system pumper to teachers to the CEOs, certainly are. God didn’t create just semi-essential humans.

beckman family

A 2011 wedding photo

Jobs produce income that feed families that fuel the most blessed nation on earth.  But there is only one that is the MOST essential: a mother.
Yet, EVERY MOM is ESSENTIAL not just on Mom’s Day May 10th 

From all eternity, God had in His Mind what He would create. He did NOT consult with Harvard or Yale or the National Gender Ideological Institute of Technology

God started with the angels; some great, some good, some not very good at all. 

Next, a 553 sextillion miles wide universe, what with all the billions of galaxies, stars and planets He made.  Not for Himself, since God was self-satisfied, omniscient, omnipotent, Latin rooted words for all powerful and all knowing.  He made it for us humans.

Moms, did you know God saved the best for last?

Think about it: billions of stars, planets, trillions it seems of insects, and plants, animals, rocks, trees and more.  Thousands of species in three kingdoms, the animal, vegetable and mineral.

But God only created ONE MOM!  His last act of general creation was NOT a thousand “first couples” but one woman who became the first mom. We all, no matter what country, color, culture, cute or whatever, have the exact same first parents.  Even those not Bible believing, like Dr Louis Leakey, think the first couple came from Mesopotamian area.

Sad truth:  Eve and her lifemate had NO belly buttons; take that, Lamarckians! 

Scientifically, there is only one human genome; not 12, though with genetic differentiation, countless variants.

One man; but the one woman who makes a man a dad and herself a mother. Yes, that awesome design, sex is involved, but in the end, mom delivers.  Dad gets his hand squeezed at “transition” amid increasing ‘centimeters’, but mom does the heavy lifting. 

‘Moms’ was the method God designed to populate this zany world; whether one, two or eight per pregnancy.  Nine billion didn’t happen over night, but we all came from a mom. Well…

This isn’t some religious mumbo jumbo; it’s reality.  After God formed Adam from the dirt, His last and most complex, more intricate creation was both woman and mother. 

Yeah, God snagged a rib from the man, but His majestic design was ALL woman. 

NO OTHER creature can do what a mom does.  She takes a single cell, and in about 280 days yields another sentient, thinking human being, vulnerable and innocent, ready to take on the world. Her nature is nurture and other than the planned parenthood covens in the church of satan, she protects her growing child with her very life.

But a mom is much more than a baby incubator.

She has feelings, she’s smart, beautiful, in need of care, needs a break, you get the picture.

I know a mom of 13; goes by the name Lora Lee. Another awesome couple, bracketed 8 boys w/ “bookend” awesome daughters.

Blessed to know tons of moms who work sooo hard for their kids and their man. 

Sometimes, thanks to FDR & terminal stupid ideas, the importance and existence of a dad/husband in the home, was devalued (creating single moms), forcing a mom to be both dad and herself.  God graces us with what we need if only we ask Him and others for the help we can all give.


I was married to a great mom, who bore 11 kids before her early release to the heavens 49 days short of 49.  Donna, like so many mothers, sacrificed in ways no one understands…until they become a mother.  Diaper changes, rug rats, curtain climbers, purse pullers…all the scientific names of children we come to know and love.  Momhood is NOT easy, but incredible rewards IF we see what is most important.

Real estate is my essential job, serving those who need my services and I love it; with it, I feed my family. So many parents are climbing the walls of these homes during this covid craziness.  I hear a few want to sell their kids NOT the home, but I’m not in that business.  As it is, we are all in the same storm, as the politicians say incessantly.  What they don’t tell you, we are all in different boats.  33 million job losses can be rebounded IF our fearless talk talk talk leaders at the state level “ALLOW” us to be free citizens again.

Yet, one of my clients, yes a mom of 5, Lisa actually called her new place the “quarantine” home.  She is an excellent mom and wrote this:

“Hey! Just want to thank you for selling us our “quarantine dream house”.  I know it was all part of God’s plan for us to be right here, right now!”  

I responded: “Great to hear that…I think?!? More room to survive lockdown?”

Lisa came back with: “Just lots to do.  Especially in the yard…kids are busy having fun…”

What Lisa was saying, you can hear it from her heart, how she loves her 5 and her hubby Jeremey, how the kids can roam but be safe, be kids. I wish people could afford bigger lots in California.  Time will tell.

Mothers adapt as they must, whether in a small apartment, condo or like this five kiddo family, with a large backyard to be family and kids.

We must, like in this epidemic in some areas called a pandemic, adapt and make the most of each situation. Give moms a break, help the elderly, wash with soap etc 

Moms are good at that. 

I grew up in a family of 11, and mom Irene would make the meals stretch, PB&J was our steak, dad worked two jobs but we thrived. Thanksgiving was seven minutes long, two servings and all the fork marks large families can get.

Funny thing, about victimhood: no one thinks they are poor until they are made ashamed about being so. There is no shame in having less.   Yes there is dirt poor and filty rich, but being content, working hard, thriving in the midst of adversity are hallmarks of our blessed nation.  EVERYone can have opportunity IF they seek it.

Dr Ben Carson’s mom worked multiple jobs and they were not rich. 

But he didn’t respond to poor because there was no sign that says “we are poor so whine and complain”. Mom was smart, she made sure the TV wasn’t the reason for being and his education was important.  Before HUD secretary, he would separate conjoined twins at the head, as the foremost pediatric neurosurgeon in the world. 

Moms do this: set the table for opportunity but it is us offspring, us kids, responsible to make the best and the most of who we are.


Our culture doesn’t value mothers as it should, and the misdirection is robbing so many moms of the accolades about the importance of what they do. 

Moms love being out in the workplace, sometimes, until they realize 80% of their take home pays the daycare center on the way to the job: it’s expensive in Taxifornia, but we make and must live by our choices.

Here is the First Lady with the Second Eve

Some choose to marry a future POTUS, like Melania did; she is a devoted Catholic, influencing her hubby which too many people don’t realize is what moms do.  DJT is a better man, solidly prolife, changed by circumstances and a beautiful First Lady. How we treat him says more about us than the first couple of the US

 Moms bring out the best in their husbands AND our kids.

Moms know how to be domestic engineers, amazing accountants who can budget & squeeze the last month out of the family’s money, chauffeurs, culinary chefs, etc that if charted should be $1000 an hour or so.  Some moms must work for income in and out of the home, by choice or need.

 Yet their best wage is the kiss from the 5 year old or the Focus on the Family’s Dr Dobson teen’s response six years later:

“The 13 year old girl goes to her mom and says ‘mom, you don’t know anything about what is important to teens, important for the real world’ and stomps off.

  At 19, she explains ‘Mom, I am so impressed how much you have learned the last 6 years!”

A mom’s pay envelope often doesn’t arrive for decades. Or sadly, not on earth. The Wisdom-about-fear-and-worryinginvincible teen testing parents’ patience, the 2 year old who thinks oatmeal is best tossed, etc. We dads need to be strong, and challenge love where fear may reside.  God’s Love casts out ALL fear.   We hubbies need to love our wives unconditionally and vice versa: three keys are tough but necessary:

BKind  4Give   B4Given

These three many a marriage can save. The BEST gift we give our children is to love their mother.  Unconditionally.  Kind of divorce insurance.

No child should have to divorce one of their parents, which is inevitable when the D word happens.  No one but the divorce lawyers win, especially the kids, when adults no longer want to follow their vows.  Abuse has no place in a family, but sometimes sadly it creeps in with financial pressures, etc. 

Moms, know that you are loved.  AND what you instill in your kids lasts a lifetime.  Though, they don’t always listen, their hearts hear perfectly

One consolation of rebellious kids is the scripture; Proverbs 22:6

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. ”

We all endure hopelessness at times and question our abilities, but note how St Monica prayed diligently for 30 years for her playboy son Augustine.  God heard her prayers and St Augustine became a doctor of the Catholic Church.

My privilege is being a homeschooling dad, not the life disrupting forced schooling at home with remote teachers remotely telling parents what remotely they must do for the teachers’ remote students.  No, up close and personal.  ACTUAL homeschooling is a mother’s choice, with her husband; it is NOT a crime. It starts in the home, but believe me, there is a lot of adventure, coops with other like-minded parents, so much more.

Institutions are great if you need them, like the mentally ill or the kids of parents who can’t homeschool past age 5, but not always optimum.   

Donna at her last Mass in July 2010

Kids NEED their moms and moms and dads need their kids.  They are not just another appointment, thing to do, project to finish: they ARE the reason God made only one of each to start this earthly experiment.

  This isn’t a commercial for homeschooling but it is a lifestyle, every parent should consider.  We have for 30 years.  But, moms are the cornerstone of this school choice option; although dads are essential as well.  It is a couple’s or family decision; often grandparents are involved too.  This isn’t Wally Cleaver days anymore.  What is important, character qualities, well formed minds, good critical thinking skills don’t happen by accident.  They are purposefully installed in our children.

But MOM, your job is the #1 ESSENTIAL job in America, actually the world: raising the next generation that will carry on when we are gone.  Those formative years few remember until an introspective moment in their 20s or older, they realize how much mom means to them and what they sacrificed for their betterment.

No matter what school option is chosen, Moms should not be going it alone.  It takes two to tangle, two in a good marriage, to raise great kids.  Kids ARE resilient, but the busy dad who invented the term “quality time” either couldn’t or chose not to spend “quantity time”.  I know from heaven Donna was bagging on me to eventually discover someone who would be a blessing to the kids and keep me sane.  This happened years later; her name is Mary.  Currently I call her the MaskmaKeer like the muskateers, making face coverings for nurses and needy, fam and friends.  She IS a blessing, never married before, a woman of faith who adopted 12 kids including this writer.  Married in a Marian church, Nativity on an anniversary date of Mary’s Immaculate Conception and birth.

God’s plans, moms, are far above ours. 

Speaking of Mary:

If God the Father has a favorite mom, it’s the mother of His Son, Mary of Nazareth.  Mary, the second Eve, is such a great role model.  She knew joy, sorrow, pain, happiness, suffering.  Her adventure began when she said YES! to the angel’s question.  She teaches moms today, visiting at various places around the world over the centuries,exhorting us to listen to her Son. 

Just as we must, both dads and moms, listen with two ears to our kids and dispense wisdom, discipline with temperance, using the one mouth.

God knows He is the Best Designer.  Marriage, like so much in life, works incredibly well if we weren’t soooo human.  But, always remember: 

That Maryson, Jesus, called the imperfect like Simon Peter, because He trusted we can fail, but also succeed and thrive over time.

Yes, Mary said YES!…Just as you ESSENTIAL moms said YES! to that Neanderthal on his knees, nervously offering you a ring for life. Women AND mothers are the most powerful, have the two letter closer, NO, in her quiver of tools and box of arrows.  Your Yes began your adventure.

Like this Mary pictured here: why in her sane right mind would she say “Yes!” to this Neanderthal with 11 kids.  She is a successful backstage theatre worker and union president, working amiably with all comers at the LA Opera, sometimes Ahmanson or Segerstrom  and all this writer was supposed to do was find her a parish or adult Catholic group to meet people and learn more about her faith.  Her YES got her her group, not all adults, the best 11 kids on God’s green earth. 

Not to mention the best grandkids, 10 or 14 or whatever the number is this week (Ava is the most recent).  The song still rings through, with a little edit: “Love the ones you are with because you are stuck with each other.”

And Beckman kids, when you read this, love your mom Donna in heaven as you love your stepmom, Mary…and GrandMAry for the Buena Park, Vista, Ohio and Texas next generation.

Yes, it isn’t always easy but God sees your heart; He knows the joys and the pains of parenthood in ways we cannot understand. So essential mom, never give up.  And when that burnt toast and half cooked eggs your 10 year old brings to your mother’s day morning, smile and thank him or her.

Happy Mother’s Day, essential ones.  You are a blessing and you are loved. Either soon to be out (pregnant women ARE moms), kid out one day, one year a mother or kids raised and gone, well done good and faithful servants.  IF you have a covid lonely locked in elderly widow in your ‘hood, reach out to her. 

NO MOTHER SHOULD BE ALONE ON MOM’S DAY UNLESS THAT IS HER CHOICE. Bring her flowers, let her know if she needs anything, she will appreciate you as if…you are her kid. 

God Bless and until next time 




Homeschooling Grandpa Len Project Sun Forest

Welcome to this free site, sharing ideas and projects for families to do, whether in public institutionalized and private schools, or doing home based education (homeschooling and/or hybrid coops etc)  Life is tooo short not to make the best of it for all!  School choice is a parent’s universal right. We choose flooring types, car colors, how much ice cream to eat and our life mates…why not schooling.  After all, EVERYONE homeschools their kids from birth on, until they choose a different path.  ~Grandpa Len 

We’d like to welcome the 55 million new homeschooling families thanks to the Plague of Xi: please don’t panic! Let us help.. These quick projects are excellent ways of expanding the teaching and learning you and your family engage in.  If you have been homeschooling your kids for 30 years, as we have with our 11, or just two weeks or a year into it, this I will tell you from experience:

It is the BEST decision you’ve ever made.  Or will make.  Bar none.  “Parents are the primary educators of their children”  WE have been for millennia.

Sun forest project:

Materials:  Giant/Mammoth Sunflower seeds, post holer, shovel or space. 

Part of the yard that gets sun!  Be creative in your designs but keep it simple.  Homeschooling is NOT a crime: it is a woman’s and hubby’s choice.  A lifestyle to maximize your time with your kids and give them the best education possible.

Purpose: a sun forest is a series of giant sunflowers in whatever configuration you want.  Ideas include doing a horseshoe, leaving room inside for the kids to have a picnic table or secret garden blanket on the ground.  We have pictures of one developing at the Beckman “Ranch” in 2020.  The middle area grass will be mowed and a small picnic table in the middle for the grandkids.

Life lessons to be learned include having the kids learn how to dig and plant a fast growing, seed bearing flower.  They will notice once the heads start to form that God designed some plants to be geotropic and in the case of sunflowers, phototropic: they ‘follow the sun’ during the day.   Did you know this? The way the sunflower was first designed, it gets maximum sun to the head.  Don’t tell the kids outright: let them discover this, maybe by taking picture three or four times the same day. Have them “research” ‘phototropic’ on the net.

Not much at night.  If you have never seen this phenomena, it will impress even the adults.  Main thing is for the kids to keep them watered: using a watering can works well, so the farming homeschooled munchkins experience DOING life.

Mammoths can get to 9-11 feet tall.  Impressive to a 6 or 7 year old.  The bigger the circle or horseshoe, more of their friends can enjoy the sun forest.

Suggestions:  take pictures with your kids standing with the plants, watering, weeding.  A fun thing is to take approximately the same spot every other day and make a flip chart motion picture short.  It’s not that hard to do it with any cell phone.  Great for the memories.  Blink and your 5 year old is getting married, like my Briana is doing with a great young man, Gavin (no, not the California King Newsom) this June 12th.  This is the untold beauty of homeschooling: as a lifestyle, you don’t have to get the ‘grets.  Grets and regrets because you had hired hands do 180 days from 8am-6pm.  Half the year.  Half their LIVES!

Once the heads are full of seeds and hang over (NO, not the kids, the sunflowers!), let them hang until the seeds are ripe.  Suggest you cut the heads off near the curved base, string a string or fishing line through a hole and hang upside down in the patio, garage, outside to dry.  Harvest the seeds and save some for next season.  

Warning: if you start them in small trays, don’t keep them there much past a couple inches.  Their roots grow super fast and are better in the ground. 4″ pots are good or those 72 starter trays. 

Whatever you do, they love water and sun energy.  2 of the 3 ingredients in photosynthesis; interestingly.

The third is actually bullied a lot by ignorant Algoreans.  This decades old heresy is about what WE call  carbon dioxide and together with the other two, God FEEDS the WORLD.  How can this critical for living, trace atmospheric gas be demonic?  ALWAYS watch what agenda driven people (especially the very sad Regressive Leftist gloomy doomies come up with.


Learning areas for “credit” (if you are keeping dailies for your home based education):  biology, horticulture, light processes, gardening.

Science facts:

Phototropism.  From the Biodictionary site, our life lesson follows…

Phototropism is the ability of a plant, or other photosynthesizing organism, to grow directionally in response to a light source.

Plants and other autotrophs need to manufacture their own food; they usually do this through photosynthesis. Through photosynthesis, organisms convert water, carbon dioxide (CO2) and light into sugars, which are used for energy and growth. (author’s note: God designed it this way, not as the Marxist’s tool for Alinksky desolation)

Plants are sessile, meaning they cannot move around to acquire what they need, so in order to maximize the amount of light that they receive through the leaves, they use phototropism.

Positive phototropism is the response of a plant toward a light source, while negative phototropism (also called “aphototropism”) causes growth in the opposite direction. Plant roots usually use negative phototropism although additionally they use “gravitropism”, which is the response to gravitational pull.  Again, a process God designed in long ago for His 553 sextillion mile wide universe.  Is that a real number?  LOOK IT UP!  553,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.  Yup it’s real.

How Does Phototropism Work?

The plants first sense the light using photoreceptors. Photoreceptors are special molecules consisting of a protein and a pigment that absorbs light called a chromophore. When light is absorbed by the chromophore, the protein changes shape, initiating a signaling pathway. Plants use signaling pathways to initiate processes such as gene expression, hormone production and growth. The specific photoreceptors which are responsible for detecting light during phototropism are called phototropins.

Plants contain a hormone called auxin, which coordinates many growth and behavioral processes throughout their life cycles. It is this auxin, which is responsible for the curvature of the stems, allowing plants to grow in a certain direction.

When the phototropins are activated by a light source, auxins are redistributed up the coleoptile and toward the side of the stem where the phototropins are less active – the shaded side.

The auxin activates proton pumps, which lowers the pH of the cells, making them more acidic. This acidification activates enzymes called expansins, which cause the cell walls to become more flexible by breaking the hydrogen bonds. When cell walls are less rigid, the cell walls are able to grow larger and faster than usual.

The larger size of the cells on the shaded size causes an asymmetry of cell size within the stem, and thus, the stem bends toward the light.

Phototropism diagram
Phototropism diagram

Alternate discussion with your kids/grandkids is Gravitropism (also known as geotropism).  It is a “coordinated process of differential growth by a plant or fungus in response to gravity pulling on it. Gravity can be either “artificial gravity” or natural gravity. It is a general feature of all higher and many lower plants as well as other organisms.”


Hey all, get going!  You are burning precious daylight and when the sun globally warms you locally, Carpe Diem: seize the day. 

It IS a great day to be ALIVE!  God’s handiwork SCREAMS it, not just in spring.

Pictured below is the beginnings of the 2020 attempt while under house arrest err sheltering in place.  But, we real estate guys are essential (shhh don’t tell our Calif King Newsom: EVERY JOB and EVERY PERSON IS ESSENTIAL) and I’m ready to help you. 

Questions 714 267 1413     Email:   

 If this is helpful, the information is free to share.  Enjoy your kids: you only have them for a season or two. 

They may not grow as fast as these mammoth sunflowers are (this is two weeks so far…), but you blink and they want your keys for the car.

Blink twice and they pick you up with their first child.  This is why it is SOOOO important to make the best of EVERY day.  Tomorrow never comes; yesterday is a distinct mem.  But the present is where God wants us to give our very best.  I happen to know a bunch of great families, many homeschooling, others taking different paths to raise their kiddoes.ALL are blessed with an opportunity each day to start over.




Example: putting a small table as they grow gives the kids perspective.  Make it their area to do school work or have a picnic.  Put objects, like hula hoops or other objects with holes in the middle over the seedlings so when they reach 11 feet another object lesson

sun forest wi table eg

Hat tip to the Chino Grand Ave Park Coop and other excellent homeschooling voluntary associations.  We NEVER stop learning, even on that first day in eternity above.

WE welcome your suggestions, feedback, success and failures (neo-homeschoolers or brick & mortar families: in case you haven’t heard it yet, but failures can be just important as successes in science, and the scientific method.   Great project if you need one for a science fair project or just the joy in watching your little ones have a good time learning.

flog with railroadThis is our patriotic display at the Beckman “Ranch”; some of you have been to the Anaheim location.  American flag at 25 feet; California, Ohio and Texas state flags for the states of this blessed land some of our married kids relocated to.  Oh well. I will practice California real estate as long as God keeps me on earth!

Up front is the Vatican flag as well showing where Jesus’ earthly seat is for the Catholics here before heaven.

As a life long learner, this I guarantee: I don’t know all the answers. And my sibs Cathy, Sam, Mary and Joe are quick to point out.

That’s why it’s obvious that those who follow this dad of 11 who feeds his kids practicing real estate, that we all are:

Homeschooling Grandpa Len

More projects coming; check out other projects you can do with your spouse or kids.  EVERYONE is life long learner, whether they know it or not.

The Virus Hunter Covid Chronicles Churches Shutdown but 1

5/6 Update:  Arizona sees fit to open the churches because they are ESSENTIAL.  Anyone seen the King Newsom?  5/8 Kentucky churches unshackled.  Covid is the excuse to keep California churches locked shut EXCEPT for one.  And the high wizard Jon Dunn of the California state satanic church is that one.  what ever happened to freedom of religion?

Fascinating how my Catholic Church, going back to the 1st century A.D, Lingua Latinam for “in the year of the Lord’ (CE is how our public institutionalized children are told His Story unfolded in the Current Era) has withstood storms and more, yet we have been shutout from our worship centers due to a virus, actually the Plague of Xi.

Well, all but the State sponsored church and religion favored by the Dem leadership, from Queen Mother Aunt Pelosi, her neph the King Newsom, NOT MY SAVIOR Xavier (former Catholic) and others.  You will recognize that state church in a moment.

When this was written on Good Shepherd Sunday, sadly they STILL are closed in California.   Why oh why must our fine bishops continue to shutter the doors that in 2000 were celebrated as “Open Wide the Doors TO Christ?”  At least with the Domestic Churches (our homes) receiving electronic church in our living rooms for the moment, we are making the best of tough times. 

Pastor Tim Thompson from Murrieta just spoke on Jennifer Horn & Don Dix’s AM870 The Answer about his arrest in Sacramento protesting unseemly closure.  He is proof we can fight for our equal protection under the law, and more specifically right to freely exercise our faith.   But, King Newsom, consultant to the devil, is unrelenting.

In California, only one church and religion IS protected! Unconstitutional! The Calstate satanic church; services at planned parenthood near you

where’s the Mayflower and Governor Bradford when you need ’em.  This country was founded on the need to be protected from religious oppression.  Leftist ideology is bad enough, but why does California have its own state religion, like King Henry VIII’s state church created because he liked to pull a Bill Clinton and marry wrong.

Is Tim like St Thomas More, telling the truth in spite of danger?  Where ARE our bishops?

I have a daughter Briana, #8 of 11 kids, working for years to be married on June 12th to an amazing Catholic young man, Gavin (no relation to the governor), and so much is dependant of our royal leadership, still dates uncertain.  Obviously, with his wet finger to the wind, weeks for OC beaches is now DAYS. But our churches, the true sanctuaries of truth?

King Newsom, please realize, no matter which religion you are biased toward, God’s ways are much higher than thine, and that of your Queen Mother Aunt Pelosi

God sees your/our hearts and judges HIS way. Even the conflicted heart of His former servant, Xavier, your court jester. Not human ways and understandings.

Great king, so many of your surfs, your subjects are facing bankruptcy because of your slow walk. 

Quick flashback:

An Orange bankruptcy irony: the builder of the Crystal, now Christ Cathedral, pioneered a drive in church at the old Orange Drive in, then televised church services the world over.  Wishing the best to Mr and Mrs Schuller for gifting a majestic 10,000 glass panes to their future church that fateful 11/17/11 Thursday in Fed Bankruptcy court.

On that date, I was in the courtroom that morning, still the youth director for the now proto cathedral, Holy Family. I recall before the verdict, whispering in Bishop Brown’s ear “I am praying for him and a successful verdict”. 

OCRegister : “…in a bankruptcy case that is turning into a bidding war for the iconic Crystal Cathedral, Chapman University has raised its offer to $59 million, topping a $57.5 million offer made Monday by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange.”  God’s ways… You may or may not know, the Schullers converted to Catholicism prior to their deaths. Imagine that: they took a lesser offer to fulfill their dreams to keep their lifelong work a religious site…for a Church they loved and a God they loved even more.  In human terms, this was a dumb choice.

For King Newsom’s edification, neither the Reformed nor the Catholic Church are the state religions of California.  He has chosen another…oddly.

The Plague of Xi is not the first one the Church has existed through.  I was privileged to visit the Sedlec Ossuary, Kutná Hora (picture here by Marcin Szala) in Europe as part of a WYD experience in 2005. 

Sometimes called a bone church, there are thousands of skulls arranged in this respectful Catholic chapel, remnants of the plague.  Look closely at the picture.

Today, we have elderly stacked in Uhaul trucks in NYC.  Back 6 centuries, the grieving families were similarly overwhelmed with death.  They would respectfully bring their dead relatives to the monasteries of Europe. 

Like the Jews and other faiths, there was a deep honoring of the remains of the faithful: the monks would clean the skulls and bury the bodies.  They did not have as advanced an understanding of bacterial and epidemiological issues, but this they did know: Faith in a God was very important, something it seems is missing in a large cross section of America. 

If you think this practice is macabre, dump Netfliz and Halloween 5 thru 20.  It is better to know that EACH child of God are beings put on earth in organic casings, bodies, for His purpose.  Not to be bought and sold like slaves.  the being that King Newsom serves was not happy when the angels had company coming.

That plague those middle ages years called ‘black death’ is not completely unlike the Plague of Xi. From the site: “The Black Death was a devastating global epidemic of bubonic plague that struck Europe and Asia in the mid-1300s. The plague arrived in Europe in October 1347, when 12 ships from the Black Sea docked at the Sicilian port of Messina.” We will look deeper in a later chapter of the Covid Chronicles.

One hopes our bishops will re-open the doors of Christ, dust off the pews and return to public worship. Soon.  But it isn’t only selfishly that we ask.

My next door neighbor, Amin and i were talking; he was tending his roses, which he uses for his Hindu temple. Also, a great family with little kids is of Muslim faith is two doors down from us.

  I offered Amin some of our petals, since our few rose bushes were overflowing.  He reminded me his temple, too, was closed due to Covid.  Face palm.  

This got me thinking, on Good Shepherd weekend, it wasn’t just the Catholic and Protestant churches dark, void of life, at this time.  Hindu, Muslim, synagogues were also lightless, doors locked.

It seems, under King Newsom the Red, ALL churches are locked shut, though no palatial guards stationed outside them.  Well, all but one.

California is the pioneer in many things; we have our very own state religion.  In fact, the state religion is the official state religion for many, who worship its existence, donate to its 501c3 protected funds, and practice many of the rituals that other faiths do: the church of satan. It is the choice of the elites, the powerful

Come on, Beckman, California doesn’t have a state religion, you are nuts.  Maybe I am a bit eccentric, but only one church has not shut down.

I visit it to pray from time to time. In the OC. It was founded in the 1930s by a forward thinking Margaret Sanger.  King Newsom the Red, Queen Mother Aunt Pelosi, their court jester, Xavier “little cow” Becerra and others avidly support it, and battle any one with a different view of God.  You can see it at its Orange parish, near the Tustin Ave onramp to the 22 freeway  PLANNED PARENTHOOD rituallistically facing north and east.  Plenty of parking, you can do drive through pharmacy pick up or use its ESSENTIAL services at the Wholly Sacrifice of the Mass number of volunteer sacrificial lambs.  It must be a church, since i and so many, including priests, bishops & people like Rita Ray, Ray Hernandez and David Daleiden, have prayed on its sidewalk.

Queen Aunt Pelosi, as we battled Covid and trillions were pumped into the US economy, demanded her favorite religion and church, receive millions because it is, in her eyes, the ONLY religion. Her favorite nephew, King Newsom, has decreed it remains ESSENTIAL and its ELECTIVE surgical procedures are health care and ESSENTIAL to the survival of the USA.  Meanwhile Hoag and other hospitals are laying off nurses and more, for the oddest of reasons.

Think this author off his keister? PP is very busy, not just on Sundays when PPHQ does ritual vasectomies for the male gender, doing elective deemed ESSENTIAL services on ANY day. 

Think Len’s off his rocker?  Well, the Taxifornia state religion is Pelosi sponsored and King Newsom the Red led planned parenthood. Their rituals include satanist priests who like Aztecs cut the living hearts out of living girls. In Aztec times, just as Planned Parenthood does, the hearts of living beings are extracted.

Wiki: “Heart-extraction was viewed as a means of liberating the Istli and reuniting it with the Sun: the victim’s transformed heart flies Sun-ward on a trail of blood.”

Contrarily, today, not as primitive as To Jon Dunn and other high priests of the Sanger religion, the heart is sliced out and then sold to bloodlusting companies

Riddle me this: why does King Newsom honor his Queen Mother Aunt Pelosi by keeping just the state sponsored religion open?

aztec temple ritual

It’s trained priests are the demon doctors of death, who make the Aztecs priests of old look like boy scouts teaching first aid for a cut. 

Aztec theology is summarized in: “Life is because of the gods; with their sacrifice, they gave us life. … They produce our sustenance … which nourishes life”  Primitive?

Pelosi and the Democrat diocese of America believes “Lifeless girls stay undead inside the mother until magic life dust is sprinkled on her as she descends the birth canal in the hospital.  Until then, the baby is the property of another human, the mother, and open to bearing her daughter or selling her child’s heart, ritually removed, to DaVinci or other biomed facilities.  There is gold in them thar mamas and Sanger’s satanist soldiers will march on to the kettle drums of hell.

Unlike the Catholic Church which honors Jesus as its founder, PP ordains women as well as men with minimal training, to perform its ritual sacrifices. 

PP has seven sacraments, as it emulates the 2000 year old Church. Holy orders occurs at most medical schools, where their male and female priests are taught how to ritualistically use its altar implements of currettes (sharp curved knives) that slice up the Wholly Child and forceps (like a platen) it receives the Wholly Child and places it on PP’s special killing tables. Catholics at Mass see Ciborium as the means to transfer the Precious Lord to the faithful; PP satanists see Petri dishes and UPS (United Partsell Service) the means to transfer the Precious Liver & heart to their customers.

This is their main sacrament, the ritual removal of living humans for consumption at a later time.  The Wholly Body of Child.

For years, their High Priests like Gatters and Nucola, would carefully slice out the heart from the Wholly Body of Child and put it in a separate consecrated vessel. This is what the faithful David Daleiden, Sandra Merritt, Troy Newman and others are guilty per the state church’s legal Code of Condom Law, executed by Judge Orrick


  The Aztecs School of Medicine, until Hernan Cortes arrived in the 16th century, would extract the beating heart from their involuntary victims, eat it or sent it to and burned the body in a simple ritual. 

planned-parenthood-the-genius-killers-iiSimilarly, the church of satan PP chapters are much more humane.




They kill the Wholly Child before they carefully remove her parts. Showing much more respect for the virginal sacrifices than those primitive Aztec priests using dirty knives.  Generally, outside of the local bishop of Philadelphia, Kermit “the Frog” Gosnell, the altar vessels are cleaned.  Ever hear of Covid?

  Next comes the liver and other useful child parts. 


aztec sacrificial knife

Aztec ritual knife.  PP uses a curved knife called a “Currette” for sacrificing girls

Odd one in particular are the hair follicles.  Most of the volunteer virginal ritual sacrificed do not have strands of protein called hair.  But the hair follicles also fetch a good price when sold post mortem.  In Orange County, we had Hillary’s buddies, the Isiah (good OT name) brothers who ran DaVinci BioMedical until shut down by DA Ruckaukas.  They bought parts for their thriving business from high priest Jon Dunn’s PPHQ Church on the Avenue.

Why hair follicles?  Some of the PP church of satan’s most devoted parishioners are child rapists, who certainly appreciate King Newsom keeping their local parishes open at these trying times. 

Child rapists prefer fresh meat, whether as part of human trafficking circles (or is it rings?) or just religious freelance young women abusers.  Since these fine men prefer not using condoms (readily available at the PP church religious goods stores), often their 13 year old victims would get pregnant. With the institutionalized public girls less available due to closed schools, it is important to remove the evidence of their indiscretions so they can continue to rape them with impunity. King Newsom doesn’t care, but the girls parents may, if they could find out.  

In the PP church of satan prayer book, these rapists are revered, because they help the PP collection basket stay full.  Especially with Covid protecting them from closing in good graces with Queen Mother Aunt P.  PP trains it’s special missionaries, usually young ignorant millennial ladies, who believe the lie that the PP church of satan is all about women’s rights, choice and good feelings, protecting the fairer sex from the patriarchal male. Feminists cheer, smurking scum males smurk.  Women REALLY believe this stuff.

Ask any smiling lecherous Sugar Daddy offering his services in UCI’s student newspaper, he will tell you he does it to help young women get an education. Of course, the occasional, once a day, sex acts repayment is the price of higher education these days.  PP has special plaques on their pews for these repeat customers.

PP’s main mission field is America.  Those missionary advocates, after semenal training, appear in the public institutionalized classrooms helping to recruit future PP faith adverants. Oddly, tho the children are on loan from parents for education, not temple virgins turned into B&D practitioners, tTeachers welcome these Sanger proponents to help explain how sex works and the 13 year olds are fascinated how stupid their parents are. 

These enlightened PP missionaries spread the great news that god is dead, girls, YOUR bodies are yours to use and abuse, and no one’s business but yours that you screw the QB in the locker room or at home as a latchkey afternooner.

I suspect some of these pedophilac rapist serial groomers are somewhat unemployed with stay at home orders closing brick and mortar schools and mom and dad are home making the afternoon sex trade on hold.  Homeschoolers exempt of course, since the teens are not subject to public sexual indoctrination and practice.

Parents have a tendency NOT to like 25 year old horny males going down on their 13 year old princesses.  What the pubescent girls & boys don’t know, the healthy lives sex ed is more than bananas and private parts. 

Teaching consensual use of bodies and sado-masochism is not just observational science.  It is training to replace “virgin” with “sexually active” in real life.  As a few public school parents were shocked to learn when they were discussing homeschooling their children the summer of 2019 at a hastily called forum in HBeach.

  Having Catholic homeschooled my 11 for 30 years, I had some good answers for them.  One dad of 8 had just pulled all his school aged kids out of HBeach elementary & high when he discovered how bad he and his wife had been played and lied to.

Forgot, the hair follicles: they are transplanted into balding males desperate for virility in their next fresh meat hunt.

Guttmacher, like Gutenberg, printed the first details of this anti-God religion.  And the PP church of satan has great teen websites to keep their gospel spreading faster than the Plague of Xi on ChinaCovid Airlines flights.  Why it is the ONLY religion allowed to practice while the rest are shut down is not that big a mystery.  PP’s high priestesses include names like Hillary, Dianne, AOC, Kamala, Barbara, Nancy P as well as DOCTORS Gatter (the Lamborghini fan) and Nucola who are cheering this weekend.  As is the former catholic father of three daughters, part of the pp church of satan’s legal beagles defending their faith from all comers.

The pp church of satan has long arms; another jurist and pp donor, did not recuse himself and presided over the $1.85 million judgement against a good Catholic, David Daleiden; Troy Newman and Sandra Merritt. 

One of PP’s fine advocates and satan worshipers, Judge Orrick certified the 15 count verdict against these Christian heretics (opposing the state religion) who dared to expose, in their death priests OWN words, what the hidden secrets of the church of satan’s purposes truly are.  High points include that Catholic apostate Xavier, dad of 3 girls, piling on with count 15, carrying on for his priestess predecessor Kamala’s fine work.  She (zounds of Roger and Mrs. Stone’s treatment), as AG, took 11 of her armed goons to Mr. Daleiden’s small apartment in that county King Newsom hates so well, Orange.  Inside the apartment, the 11 buttbumped grabbing thumb drives and computers, which today have not been returned.

Odd thing, it’s all OUT there.  Nucola over salad and wine, preaching we can negotiate for better baby parts pricing.  Virgin Mary Gatter musing about getting her Lamborghini Diablo from the spoils of her child killing.  The crime of the Allen Funt revisited Four is not the theft of property; in California, under $950 that’s a hand slap misdemeanor.  No, it was RECORDING THE TRUTH ABOUT JUST HOW DEMONIC THIS ONE WHOLLY CHILD STATE RELIGION truly is.  Move over secular humanism, which the Supreme Court called a legitimate religion.  We now have King Henry VIII’s progency: state sponsored church of satan, PP chapters.

Newsom never moved when it was suggested PP do the generous and humane thing: dumping the altar killing tables and staff up for Covid beds and treatments.  In NYC, while covid positive patients were inadvertent killing virus conduits to the vulnerable elderly, Comfort sat empty, Javitts half full and ALL 41 abortion clinics busy killing the very young.  Bishop Cuomo of the church of satan at the ready with the excuses.

“Len, you are an idiot comparing PP to satan’s church!!”   Hmm, really.   Hotel California aztec color human sacrificemay be about Anton Levay’s official state church of satan.  But, listen to former satanist Zack King about how they would celebrate their Wholly Body of Child mass rituals at PP and other abortion clinics.  Assisting like altar boys, he would take the extracted “living being” (disguised as foetus) and toss it to his coven of witches in the room for consumption.  This obviously, is a splinter variant off the main church.

Satanist ritual sacrifice Mr Zack King’s way is tooo wasteful. Who is Zack King?  He was a former high wizard who converted to Catholicism, due in part to a Miraculous Medal a customer gave him at his jewelry store.  It changed him.

“During his years in the cult, Zack assisted in 146 abortions. He also broke up churches from the inside. He rose from the ranks and became a high wizard, performing magic tricks for dignitaries.
“I was a high wizard now, doing all the sins I could possibly do…”

The rest of Zach’s story is long, but a short summary follows.

Again, Len must be doing a 420.  Nope, never smoke pop.  Got sick in college with the flu and my first whiff gagged me and i never felt the need.  No, this stuff is real.  Calif. has NO business elevating PP to the state sponsored religion and using the Covid crisis to lock down other faiths and promoting human ritual sacrifice.  Even if false Catholic Pelosi gives and gets money from them.

What the PP bigwigs discovered, instead of the hungry women eating the dead kid whole, you can make more money selling her in parts.  Check the FOIA stories.  TexasUMed paid $150 for baby hearts.  YaleUMed paid $715 for each black calvaria (English: head) delivered in good to excellent condition.  Like rating coins, more $$ for higher gradings.

King Newsom, it’s time to open up the other religions in the state.  Yes, your Queen Aunt can worship at the altar of Margaret Sanger.  That is the botoxed 80 year olds right, despite her misquoting scripture about “releasing mass murderers” instead of visiting and praying for prisoners.

Believe what you want, but the ONE, WHOLLY, satan church of planned parenthood is evil.  demonic.  hell smiles as you preside, King Newsom the Red.  I am praying for you, as we watch a live stream Mass in a minute from Orange County, at Thomas More CATHOLIC church.

For the record, only 55 precious souls, generally the very old with health conditions, have died in Orange County, King Newsom, from the Plague of Xi.  However, NOT MY SAVIOR Xavier’s church of satan, planned parenthood, kills 55 precious children, the very young, before lunch. Most weekdays.  That, my king, is a true tragedy of infinite proportions.


King Newsom, I AM praying for you, for wisdom for your decisions and for your soul, for eternity.  I honestly have zero animosity toward you, your aunt and your court jester.

All of you at one time have been Catholic. in case you were sheltered in place and the internet was not available to live stream, the Good Shepherd is the center of history.  It is NOT CE but BC & AD: it is His Story.  And in today’s liturgy, In the Good Shepherd gospel today we read:

“I am the gate…”  Not your golden calf god, satan or similar. planned parenthood or even your power position,  temporary until you run for president or die.  Same for auntie and the court jester.

“All  who came before Me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not listen to them”  Like your surfs in Orange County beach communities.

“I, Jesus, am the Gate. Whoever enters through Me will be saved, and will come in and go out and find pasture.  A thief comes only to steal and slaughter and destroy; I came so that they might have Life and have it more abundantly”

King Newsome, I pray that Nancy and Xavier will repent of their evil ways.

That Nancy will realize she is not a goddess and doesn’t own America and its citizens. That Xavier will become a real dad and mentor to his three girls, not worship in the church of satan any more.  The door to his catholic church will open soon.   Septic City will also open St Mary’s for the ICY Cream Queen herself.

Your state religion & planned parenthoodlum parishes are the “thief ( who comes) only to steal and slaughter and destroy…”  They steal the life blood living temporarily inside mom wombs; they slaughter, like Judas for 30 pieces of silver, and destroy both the child’s future and the mom’s bodies, physically, morally, socially and most importantly, spiritually.

Great king, power HAS turned you to the dark side.  The power of a small LED, red in color, on video recording devices that fill your heart with false hopes of leading a nation.  Sadly, as in Balshazzar’s time, Daniel had to be the bearer of bad news.

But you can save your soul.  NOT MY SAVIOR Xavier might listen to you and you can reconcile with your first love, God in His Son, Jesus.  Your aunt is 80 years and botox is NOT a preservative. It is botulism.  She does not have that long to live, maybe 15 years if the constitution of Queen Elizabeth; she needs your raison d’ etat, your reason for living to be following Christ…not satan.  Zack King physically helped remove large babies from mothers during satanist pseudo Mass rituals.  You do it remotely.  Dr Nucola, among many high priestess of the Dark religion, does it directly.  But, King Newsome, recall the words of your youth:

Mene, Mene, Upsharin.  The writing is on the wall, as you relent, not for statesmanship reasons, but for prostiticianal gain, to allow the masses to eat more than cake and ice cream.  To be free of totalitarian oppression you can’t blame on Trump or the plague of Xi’s incubating godless, mass murdering leader Xi.

The state religion, with its own personal virus, the RoWad73 discovered in Texas by Susan Cano in 1973, will not last. 

After reading this, you will reconsider for a moment.  “Tonight as you fall asleep, kiss your wive good night, dwell on just how long ETERNITY is.  It never ends.  This will haunt you.  Because it is in your royal hands to change the direction and destiny of not only yourself, wife and kids. But that of your infected aunt and 34 million.”  We all lose our way at times but the Catholic church doors will reopen soon for your return.

Your reign and your state religion will end someday, as will the lives of all you hold dear.  Will you be in heaven?  Or just a continuation of the hell you serve on earth worshiping at the church it’s leader loves? Sacrament of Wholly Child Bodies owned by Christ but stolen by thieves who have only temp power to destroy.

King Newsom, let my daughter go free of your clutches.  Let my baby girl, Briana after much preparation,  be married to the Gavin she loves on June 12th.  Though ironic, it is not fair, the only church open through this evil plague is yours, the state of hell’s active, practiced killing of the innocent and further enslavement of the moms who allow their children to become YOUR child sacrifices.  For 30 pieces of silver. to the Dr “high priestess”  Regan Thielers, who abort a girl at PP Gulf Coast, then sell and ship (FOB Destination) sell the remains to herself at her other job, the University of Texas Med Branch near Galveston for compartmentalization of organs.  Buying the handiwork with Texas tax $$.  What a sham scam. King Newsom, proof is FOIA the asking.

Mind reading Daniel of old, explained to your fellow King Belshazzar, the son of the greatest earthly king of all time, Nebuchadnessar, the writing on the wall:

“Now this is the inscription that was written out: ‘MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN.’ “This is the interpretation of the message: ‘MENE’—God has numbered your kingdom and put an end to it. “ ‘TEKEL’—you have been weighed on the scales and found deficient. ‘PERES’—your kingdom has been divided and given over to the Medes and Persians.

The state religion, the church of satan will not prevail against the Church of Jesus.  Gov Newsom, you were taught this as a child but have drifted away. 

As Daniel explained to your predecessor Gavin:  “Your gods are not real. but you have exalted yourself against the Lord of heaven; and they have brought the vessels of His house before you, and you and your nobles, your wives and your concubines have been drinking wine from them; and you have praised the gods of silver and gold, of bronze, iron, wood and stone, which do not see, hear or understand.

But the God in whose hand are your life-breath and all your ways, you have not glorified.“Then the hand was sent from Him and this inscription was written out.

King Newsom, I am just trying to keep you, your court jester and your aunt, all of you gifted to have heard the Truth in their infancy:  alive for eternity.  You have stolen the “vessels of God’s house”, which are the children you do NOT rule, the babies within the wombs of mothers and defiled them.  Ripped them from their homes. Allowed them to be hacked up after extraction and sold like the less precious symbols of earthly kingdoms down through the ages: gold, silver, bronze, iron, wood & stone.  Worse, your aunt Nancy is so drunk with power, you fears no man nor Constitution.  She tears up documents in full view destined for the national archives; she mocks God by financing the church of satan, her mind either dull from wine, or worse oppressed by REAL demonic entities filling her with delusions of grandeur.  Her fate might be worse than yours, when she meets God in His splendor and majesty.  But time is on your side, at least for now.

My Bishop Vann, or LA’s Barron or Gomez, have the training to give you hope. They would certainly take the time to reacquaint you with the Truth.  1800 years ago, similar to the defiled vessels of the Jerusalem temple of God, Valerian the emperor, like yourself a ruler of many, did not like the Catholic church.

King Newsom, you might take to heart what God believes is valuable, more than your party founded in 1854 as the Party of Slavery, or what your aunt tells you to believe:

“Emperor Valerian heard of the riches of the church and sent for St. Lawrence, and said to him, “You Christians often complain that we treat you with cruelty, but no tortures are here thought of; I only inquire mildly after what concerns you.  I am informed that your priests offer in gold, that the sacred blood is received in silver cups, and that in your nocturnal sacrifices you have wax tapers fixed in golden candlesticks.  Bring out these treasures; the emperor has need of them for the maintenance of his forces.”

St. Lawrence replied, without showing any concern, “The Church is indeed rich; nor hath the emperor any treasure equal to what it possesses.  I will show you a valuable part; but allow me a little time to set everything in order, and to make an inventory.”  Then Lawrence went all over the city and gathered the poor who were supported by the Church.  On the third day he gathered a large number of them, and placed them in rows, the decrepit, the blind, the lame, the maimed, the lepers, orphans, widows and maidens; then he went to the prefect and invited him to come and see the treasure of the Church.

The prefect saw all of this, and with threatening looks asked Lawrence what all this meant, and where the treasures were which he had promised to show him.  Lawrence replied, “What are you displeased at?  These are the treasure of the Church.”

The Prefect’s anger was doubled, and a rage he shouted, “You mock me!  The ensigns of the Roman power, are not to be insulted!  I know you desire to die, but you will not die immediately, but by inches!”  Then he had a gridiron made ready, and glowing coals put under it, that the martyr might be slowly burnt.  Lawrence was stripped and bound upon this iron bed over the slow fire, which roasted his flesh by little and little.  His face appeared to the Christians to be surrounded with a beautiful light, and his suffering body to give off a sweet smell.  Having suffered a long time, he turned to the judge and said with a cheerful smile, “Let my body be turned; one side is broiled enough.”  When the executioner had turned him he said,  “It is cooked enough, you may eat.”  Then having prayed for the conversion of the city of Rome that the faith of Christ might spread there and throughout the world, St. Lawrence gave up the spirit.

I promise, royally, I will pray for your heart to turn from stone back to flesh and blood.  You can ignore or even hate me and those I serve, and our God, but do not MOCK Him.


Let My people go…back to work, to try and salvage jobs, businesses, homes and private sector lives.  Your time as totalitarian tyrant of Taxifornia, at least in this phase is done.  Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsin.

Jesus had a millstone and rope for anyone who destroys His little ones.  I fear for you, have hope and prayers that you will reconsider, repent and return.  Life is too short and eternity, unendingly too long, NOT to follow the Good Shepherd. Even as King of Taxiforna.

Give my regards to your aunt in Septic City, formerly the great city of St. Francis d’ Assisi.  Have a Ben&Jerry Rocky Road on me.