LIFE brought to you by Pfizer and St. Anthony Pfauci

Dedicated to Stephen Atchley, a great man who arguably was one of the earliest Covid19 California victims on Feb 16, 2020         Revision J-15-1  MLKday Jan 17

Patrick Madrid of the Patrick Madrid Experience recently fielded a series of calls regarding the Covid19 (thru Covid23) and the various CoVax (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J etc.) positions in America.

There is no one in the world, conceivably, who has not been affected by this emergent virus & disease from Mao Tse-Xi’s bio weapons lab in Wuhan.  OK, hide your eyes and ears and call it the results of a bat or rat or spoiled Chinese take out: it really doesn’t change things: it still is something evil. Also, the actions of the godless dictator for life, offspring of Mao Tse Tung, show he cares little for life and less for Uighers and other humans.   Zounds of the Gruesome Newsom Twosome, Gavin and Jen, Schumer, Pelosi and Biden who hate letting little girls be born to live 80 years or so.

Similarly, my favorite newshound and investigative reporter, Susan Shelley, wrote about the Twitter Trove inconvenient truths regarding the disease (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or SARS) and related manufactured virus (Corona Virus 19).  And friends, Truth is what we need.

Asking questions is at the HEART, myocarditis infected or healthy, of TRUE science and NOT assuming everything the verdant soul of inquiry.  As a scientist,  father of 11 and grandfather of #23 this month, like Patrick and other parents, I have a fully vested interest in the truth.

It is simple and something the Democrat plank is diametrically opposed to: keeping little kids alive.  By helping to protect my NextGens…and yours.. especially from drugs and potions forced on most of the civilized world as wunderpharma: miracle chems.

Not just for my blood relatives but for those God continues to send to earth via his First Couple, male and female. The Creator, in the middle of eternity, used one male and one female to populate our species, homo sapiens sapiens.  NOT 60 cross-dressed and mutilated beings, but a dad and mom.

We call this the prebirthing process, and the results, necessary for the very survival of the only human being inhabited planet in this 553 sextillion mile wide universe.  Some of us call it home or earth; the misery merchants call it green and ready for the plucking.  I prefer the other group, those “promoting joy”.

Not that a small cadre of bizarro billionaires subscribe to saving the planet’s main occupants, you and me.  Depopulation seems to be the fascination of so many non aborts who already ARE here.

Reagan pegged it decades ago:

“I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.

I wonder if Bill Gates or Susie Buffett has ever read this one?

Corona’s history: important to consider

Two decades ago, about 2002, SARS1 or CoVid1 emerged as a virus. Short version: a “vaccine” program was begun and after 50 deaths were linked to it, it was abandoned and CoVid2002 or Covid1 mysteriously disappeared.

Fifty!!  50 deaths was enough to shuttle the first attempt.  Today, 50,000 deaths and 5 million bad side effects is NOT enough to even mobilize required systematized medical review, testing, studies and correlational analysis to see IF the Pfizer shot sequence helps or harms humans.

Fast forward.  Early on, this dad started the Covid Chronicles to track what was happening.  An acquaintance, Stephen Atchley was, I believe misdiagnosed as the flu when he passed away, just 17 days after President Trump shut down Chinese air travel on Jan 31st.  Mr Atchley was a professor who taught Chinese students, many from Wuhan.  I understand he actually spent time in the 11 million resident working class city that housed a famous bioLab.  The picture of Dr Pfauci, lab techs, Obama and others in the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s labs cannot be unseen.  If it walks like a bioweapon, spreads like a bioweapon, kills like a ….

Fast forward to “….brought to you by Pfizer!”

This author feels blessed; three decades at three parishes in youth ministry related roles; 33 years helping others with real estate needs.  Coming up on four decades raising 11 kids and awaiting #23 grandkiddo from my Angel Rose, lots of courses college and post college, I realize we are in a massive full court advertising press.  In 1975, I finished my Master’s in Business, Marketing emphasis, and two things I know:

  1. The greatest marketing campaign ever is for death cards, debt or better known as credit (hat tip Dave Ramsey)cards; the push is to enslave families accelerates as the Fed bumps credit rates into the stratosphere.

2nd greatest marketing push is to legitimize, not by science, but by government bullying and constant “…brought to you by Pfizer” advertising the CoVax lies.  At the forefront, someone Robert F Kennedy Jr calls out, is St. Anthony Pfaucinstein.  There always is a spokesmodel for movements like this; which I call and you should agree is:

The GREATEST systemic medical science malpractice of ALL time is the Covid>CoVax fraud.  No doubt.

Read Ms. Shelley’s words: ObamaJoe Biden’s WHouse digital media director Rob Flaherty bullied a Facebookie exec on March 14, 2021 per Twitter:

“We (ole Flaherty uses the communal we) are gravely concerned that your service is one of the top drivers of vaccine hesitancy–period”  He continued with “This would all be a lot easier if you would just be straight with us”

ANOTHER DNC invented phrase.  Those regressive Leftists create manipulative word salads on cue.  Talk about hired government bueauRat pummeling; smacks of ObamaNations’s (yes, Barack & Sally are in their 4th term) continued blatant tyranny pushing a private company among many to toe THEIR despotic quasi governmental line.

Reread Dr. Flaherty’s words: vaccine hesitancy and parse: people have been hesitant since two-face Dr Pfauci turned to the dark side and treats American adults as dumb schoolkids, going back to 2005 and longer.  Vaccine hesitancy is simply practicing the scientific method with people’s lives.  Like the title above, LIFE brought to you by Pfizer.  MBA hat on: $80 billion in sales, half being the Pfizer shots.  NOT a vaccine: a series of shots with different names including “selling narratives” built in.  Here’s Ms Shelley’s better line:

“Allow me to remind Americans who have forgotten, after 3 years of relentless government bullying, that the US Constitution is in force ALL the TIME and does not take a sick day.”

Truth be told, I’ve been hesitant from the beginning because no actual 100% proven vaccine is done in 10 months, especially with the loss of a good man named Stephen; Trump helped to streamline the development but the fault lies, not with a successful president with 315 wins under his belt.

It belongs square with the totalitarian EUA, emergency use authorization “team”, implementers who suspended basic science, medical and epidemiological processes, to push the government~pfharma Pfizer~CDC-FDA-NIH-NIAID bullet train to nowhere.  Trillions of dollars later, 50,000 attributable deaths and millions of bad side effects like Bell’s Palsy, myocarditis, periocarditis, blood clots, sudden death etc., and we STILL see academia and the ABCNNBCBS APost-Times Democrat owned media pushing false narratives like they are gospel.  If anything the DeMedia is the ANTI-Gospel, especially since they mock all good God things~~and poo poo His existence.

And we Californian adult citizens know about the bullet train of another toddler totalitarian couple, the Gruesome Newsom Twosome, Jen&Gavin.  Based on the ridiculous idea God can’t control His weather, and that CO2 is demonic pollution, NOT a gift that feeds the world, we are spending billions for an unnecessary slow train to Clarksville.  Whenever the American left, Democrat division or other, talks about their “ideas”, grab your wallet or purse and double lock it inside a safe inside a bigger safe.  But the CoVax fraud is not just expensive: it’s deadly.

The EUA pathway has led to unnecessary ills and deaths

The only way Pfizer & Big Pharma could push their trillion $$ “vaccine plan”, would be to suppress ANY competition from successful alternative therapies, of which we know there are many. “Emergency” implies gotta have it NOW. “Use” means gotta get it inside the needy; “authorization” means a government body, ie the CDCNiHNIAIDFDA, a little known conglomerate, dictates OK to proceed.  The biggest threat to Big Pfizer was the availability of solutions; and the only way to suppress the threat is to quelch both doctors and being proven treatment plans.

Dr Simone Gold, a real doctor involved in ER, was one of the first signs the Pfizer Pfauci war room would not tolerate dissent; licensed legitimate doctors became their pawns. Dr Robert Malone, who pioneered the novel system mRNA, said it did not belong used for Pfizer shots.  Dr. Gold’s sins?  When this Frontline Doctor (by necessity) founder checked her patients post emergency room, AND treated them, she was warned and then fired.   Fired for honoring her oath and helping patience practicing real medicine.

Just 5 decades ago, doctors owned their practices and had more than a computer relationship; technology is great when it doesn’t sacrifice the human element.  Then doctors, once known as physicians, became “health care providers” despite 12 years of rigorous training, including interning, residency and their chosen specialty.

HMOs or health maintenance operations took over and decertified (well, until MD rebellion with concierge practices etc.) independent medical thought.   The misery merchant misdirection continues with less doctor and more “health care workers” applied to them.

Dr. Cuomo violated the basic rule of medicine going back to lepers being separated from the healthy in Biblical times: he put infected Covid carriers with the healthy.  35,000 elderly died in NYC because of this ignorant “$$ per dead Covider” plan.    Once the Pfizer shots (a vaccine it is not) were here, often you’d hear “Grandma will die if she doesn’t get her Pfizer or Moderna”.  Just part of the Pfauci Pfizer suppression efforts.

Successful alternatives:

HCQ or Hydroxychloroquine.  Strombectol/Ivermectin.   Quercetin.  Three zinc ionophores that force zinc into infected cells to kill off the virus.   I doubt these words would ever dribble out of Dr Pfaucinstein’s mouth because he does NOT get paid when someone or something interferes with the veterinary CEO Boorla Express at Pfizer.  Similar to a hospital NOT getting paid for Covid ($39,000 per death) unless the box was checked as primary or secondary cause.

I practice what I preach:  My medical plan for three years instead of the Pfizer Pfauci shots push, involves the three listed above, with NAC, vitamins C & D3, Zinc, Quercetin daily, HCQ once a week.  Ivermectin in reserve.  This is just one of many prophylactic menus to stay healthy out there.  Monoclonals work, so many others are successful.  I’d go to the Frontline Doctors (FLCCC) site to see them.  One is featured here  xxxxx

Questions…that demand adult answers.

Why is there NO ingredients sheet in every Pfizer shot package?  Every other chemical/drug by law has an ingredient sheet, why not this one?

Why doesn’t the cash flush CDC, FDA, NIH, NIAID have clinical research underway to truly know the truths about both Covid19-23 and CoVax shots?  We are relying on foreign lands, like Israel and India for effective studies.  I don’t know if we can trust our governmental employees in the health field (HHS etc) to do the right thing; even if, as the Constitution promises, we the people ARE the government.

Honest CoVax studies are critical going forward…too much anecdotals and opinions by the vested Pfizer Pfauci types.

Here in SoCal, we have a good, though not perfect, clinical time study of high school seniors who were given the Pfizer shots and those who refuse out of principle and wisdom NOT to get the shots sequence.

The Granada Hills Class of 2022 already has both the study and control groups.  1030 students were “allowed” to graduate in their open air stadium (the ‘vaxxed’) but 70 who refused to be governmental guinea pigs (no Pfizer shots) were penalized no grad night at Disney, or prom and forced off campus because they were not “vaxxed”.  Illa est, they were not infected either.

This example of governmental tyranny, even in the largest charter high, still smells putrid.  The newly elected 27th district Representative Mike Garcia fought to allow the “lepers” to graduate with their classmates, but was unsuccessful in getting irrational adults in the teachers’ unions to be reasonable.  But the good news is a 5 year/10 year tracking study would be invaluable to see if and how many of the known (and unknown) side effects come into play as these young people move into their 20s.

The largest sample would be the sheep compliant 1030 who got the full regimen, initial shots and boosters as required by the principal.  It they didn’t, they would not have been allowed to go to their senior prom and not graduate with their classmates, some having spent a decade together.

The 70 wise students who refused based on principle, not the words of a tyrannical principal, that the unproven, untested use of drugs rushed to market for those with little or no risk, was unsound public health.  Parents, obviously, had the input ALL parents should have: no drugs nor risky medical procedures like abortion without their permission.

Time will tell if the school’s Congressional representative and a team of parents can put this together; expectations of the school’s administration to cooperate?  None.


Speaking of anecdotals loaded with truths:

The doctor who could not cry”.  A young cardiologist said he would NOT cry at funerals for the “unvaxxed”.  Ironically, this doctor died after his 3rd booster just 2 weeks later.  No one should relish another’s death, including this heart specialist.

“The sepsis patient”   A woman emailed Pat about her husband’s experience in the hospital.  She claimed after her husband died, the death certificate stated “sepsis” as a result of Covid were the cause.  The distraught wife whose hubby died in hospital believes the fraud was perpetrated by the hospital admin to get $39,000 (the bounty for a covid death)


We are in the midst of the greatest systemic medical malpractice in world history.

The only one getting immunization results is the companies making the drugs: Pfizer, J&J, Moderna.  Granted, the operation lightspeed would not have moved as quickly without being immune from lawsuits, both legitimate and ambulance chasers.  But, the power of greed and plenty dollars caused Big Pharma to ignore so many safeguards, even today, and promote drugs as vaccines which by any stretch, are not.   “One and done” works for measles and mumps, but not for this baby.

My MBA marketing hat back on!  We know misery merchants and left leaners at Democrat Etymology Dept central love to use false word phrases to smooth their corrupt rails. Telling the truth is their plague and there seems to be no antidote, let alone a one and done vaccine for false witnessing and lies.  Examples:

Inflation reduction act.  You can’t spend trillion$ of dollars that don’t exist and not fuel massive inflation.  Yet the Democrat Wordfakers named it this way.  The Inflation Increase Act and more money for Dem cronies Act made more sense.

In the Pfizer Pharma realm, ever hear of “breakthrough” applied when you get Covid AFTER 3 Pfizers and 3 boosts?  Now the annual boosts…  BreakTHROUGHS apply to scientific and technological advancements, something good happening, often a quantum leap of discovery, maybe a cure for something.  But the misery merchants at Pfizer Truth Control and Dr Pfaucinstein’s spin team came up with this blatant, medically irresponsible, promotion of basic medical science falsehoods. I can’t be the only adult to chafe at their use of this term to depict pfailure!?!

Recall “rebound” mentioned after PaxloVoid (a Biden malapproprism) seems to enhance the disease’s expression.  Again, a rebound is a positive event in basketball, and a good event in life.  Yet, the misery merchants mouth a lie, claiming it is good that the symptoms go ballistic after the drug.

Names, appropriate.

Lisa Presley died of cardiac arrest at age 54.  Was she Pfizered?  No autopsy

Damar Hamlin, age 24, almost died of cardiac arrhythmia in front of hundreds of millions.  He was Pfizered and by God’s good grace and quick rescuers, he is alive.


Pfizer, flush with $80 billion in sales half from Covid shots, is on a relentless advertising campaign, sponsoring every left leaning, and the ocassional truth leaning, shows.  You may have heard the clip of the ” xx is brought to you by Pfizer”.  This is on top of endless government sponsored Pfizer pushing HHS and CDC drug promos for Pfizer, ModeRNA etc.

Our medical world has some serious issues.  Note that in the state of disarray, California, we have the Gruesome Newsom Twosome pushing their teen sex trafficking business out in the open with $200 million of our tax dollars.  The gist is to lure conflicted, troubled teen moms to the Golden State from the 49 other states.  The promise, seeded on seven states of the Newsom AborTourism, Inc. billboards, is for free baby kills without telling mom or dad.

Chew on that, adults reading this.  Suzy from Idaho or Sally from Indiana are trafficked, slicker than a busy MexiCartel, back to the land of promise.  Planned Parenthood does their worst, shoving steely knives up the 14 year old’s vagina, through the birth canal, cutting out her living child and then harvesting her little girl’s profitable organs for resale.  Speaking of sordid marketing, there is a huge worldwide market for organs.  But with abortion, the human gives NO permission to donate and preferred to live70 or 80 years before her heart or liver went to a needy patient.

This is evil, pure and simple.  Compound it with Gov Hairgel and his sidekick First Partner Hairbrush Jen pushing teen mutilation sanctuaries as the demon doctors chainsaw off supple teen breasts (the female) and CircumSeize teen penises (the male) for transgenderized (the dysphoric confused) mutilated humans stuck for life by a decision groomed with sick “gender affirming surgeons” or GAS, the ONLY gas the left tolerates.

Any wise person knows the truth.  Abortion, transgenderized surgeries are NOT health care.  They are aberrant, bizarre excuses for the Hippocratic Oath formerly taken by doctors; back when we HAD independent doctors.  Just like Pfizerized humans, CoVax has solutions but NOT from Pfizer.

Science involves wins and losses; in the medical field, when a chemical substance is found to fail, this IS a success because the scientific method works.

With drugs, natural or manufactured, humans take a chance putting them in their bodies; we rely on the three lettered agencies, like FDA, CDC, NIH and Dr Pfaucinstein’s cave, the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases” group, one of the 27 making up the National Institutes of Health.”

You may know Edison discovered, not failed, in finding 117 ways not to make an incandescent filament to deliver light.

50 deaths led to the abandoning of CoVid 2002 “vaccine”; somewhere in the time between Pfizer’s announcement and today, the thresh hold was hit showing the Pfizer shots are not doing the job.  In fact, one would think, the CDC or NIH would have had all hands on deck verifying in flight what it does to humans.

They didn’t: too much money in the balance, I hate to say.   Greed is one of the seven deadliest sins and it led to the deaths of thousands, preventable.



“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”










Live FREE or D.I.E.

To “Live FREE or D.I.E.”!

Much ado is being had about Diversity Inclusion and Equity.  You might recognize it, from sea to medicine to the airline industry to sLive Free or Die | Flag Works over Americahining sea, as DEI, a bit out of the order I believe makes more sense in the mature adult world beyond snowflakeland..

The misery merchants’ spelling, “DEI”, translates to “of God” from the Latin, probably a fact the godless care little about.  Transposing the last two initials is the smart move, leading to the truth of a bankrupt progressive point of view now rearing its ugly head across the fruited plain.

And, D.I.E. is about as self-defining as any of the progressive radical left’s latest concoctions from the pretenders convention on Belmont Ave in George Washington, D.C.

The Sultan of Socialism, Bernie Sanders, recently interviewed, who reveled with his newlywed among the spires of Moscow and the drudgery of communism, did not know the difference.  That is, between equality (the American ideal of all Americans should have equal opportunity) and equity, that not so new term promoted by the death&misery merchants among us promoting “getalongism”, participation ribbons and mediocrity on a national scale.

The interviewer finally coaxed him to agree “equity” means “equal outcomes” or “equal results”, the heart and soul of the socialist/communist world view.  As deceptive as it is in practice.

D.I.E. is the latest deception opposed to the greatness of our land, of  striving for the best, hard work, thrifiness, industry and excellence.   Seeking a tempered dark glass ceiling over individual achievement and great results, the modern American communist (a socialist who denies God’s existence) in America pretends to want EVERYONE to have it all or equal portions, whichever is LESS.  Thus a sickness more dangerous than CoVid23 plus or the latest mRNA offering of the government’s fave Pfizer shot sequence.

Power has its privileges.  But unfortunately, D.I.E., if allowed to matastesize, DOES cause unnecessary deaths. During the recent Oct 2019 release of the world’s worse bioweapon from that giant petry dish called Wuhan, it set the stage soon after for the worst medical systemic malpractice in human history.  Many professionals, like those military aviators who refused the Dr Pfaucinstein shots sequence, were relieved of duty.  Their skills, whether flying infected Wuhanians to work in CCP owned businesses in Spain, or tourists to Turin to see the Holy Shroud, were needed because they had the training, instincts and skills to land their precious cargo of travelers on the tarmacs of the world.

Not so much anymore; as the FAA and airlines relax the critical qualifications to fly first or second chair at American or Southwest, because so many pilots were banished due to attrition and the insane CoVax 19 demands, is leading to near misses and soon a deadly air crash.  It’s only a matter of time.  An organic warning came in the body of a less than qualified pilot recently who proved his incompetence.

Diversity means ‘from many sources of humanity’ and ‘inclusion’ that we give all a chance to succeed. But now we have one of those running America, Susan rice (an Obama operative) the CEO of Equity. However, this latest co-opted term “equity” means we settle not demand excellence, tolerating the less than best.   Inexperienced foreign 737Max pilots caused two crashes within a month and cost lives and Boeing billions; some accidental pilots have experienced strokes due to CoVax (but not acknowledged).  Others cause near misses that but for the grace of God would be further proof settling for inexperienced jet operators is a fool’s errant brought on by the D.I.E. crowd and those Woke to idiocy.    OR…

Take your everyday pediatric neurosurgeon like Dr Ben Carson, arguably the smartest HUD secretary we ever had.  His mother DEMANDED the best from him and his brother: less or no TV, lots of disciplined study on Dr Ben’s pathway to the worlds BEST UNjoiner of conjoined twins at the brain level.

My 22nd grandchild was born predawn on the 50th anniversary of incompetent surgeries, the RoeWade infamy; Wes required 25 days of NICU care due to low oxygen levels and is alive today.  NOT because of SAT or ACT less standardized tests in high school, or heavy study in college and excellent training in med school, but precisely BECAUSE the best were in the neonatal wards at KP and Rady’s Children’s hospital.  I don’t give a damn what color the doctors or nurses’ skin was: just grateful they were excellent practitioners of real infantile medicine.

When did America give up on the Ben Carson gifts of human excellence?

Google or  DuckDuckGo “DEI Medical term”:  “Beyond medical education, the AAMC is committed to DEI across all its services, programs, and projects. A complete list of the AAMC’s DEI initiatives, including those focused on fostering anti-racism in practice, can be found on the Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Initiatives webpage.”

Yes, Ben IS black and as the grandfather of five beautifully black grandkids, I can enjoy that accident of birth.  But race has nothing to do with whether the next button a United pilot pushes or surgeon’s scalpel moved during delicate microsurgery on a 3 year old twin’s cerebellum has on the life of the ones desperately hopeful their doctor or jet cockpit occupant knows what he or she is doing…

Live FREE or D.I.E.  Those are the only choices over time.  What a weekend at Bernie’s three socialist eastern mansion means may not mean much to someone seated in 17E or on the table at Rady’s Children’s Hospital in San Diego under glaring lights.  The fact foggy brained Bernie is clueless at the latest ruminations of the death&misery merchants’ storehouse of lunacy will not impact the patients or passengers directly, but over time it is extremely dangerous for human survival.

Practicing D.I.E. only benefits the ruling government power class; certainly not in the critical professions of the modern world where science is more fictional than real to too many. I love giant electric cars like Tesla even though to save weight they DON’T carry a spare tire for the predictable flat.  Ask my sister Margaret how her 70 mile ride in the desert of Arizona went, riding in the zero emission Tesla on the back of a tow truck because a new tire was NOT next door.

We really need to stop pretending. We pretend men can become women and head the CDC or become an admiral surgeon general.  We pretend Teslas emit zero emissions as their excess weight erode roadways and the coal or natural gas generated electric charge overnight doesn’t count in the perpetual motion zero emission advertisements.

Yes, for 70 miles Margaret sat in a zero emitting giant Lithium Ion driver’s seat with her new puppy…but only if you don’t count the gas guzzling F350 truck she sat above for 90 minutes.

The Pretenders WILL get us killed. The next airliner that goes down because we settled for third best, living down to the self-fulfilling prophecy of the D.I.E. bowels movement plaguing our land. Or are you content your next heart surgeon skipped the SATs in high school, graduated 39th out of 40 in his or her (male or female) cardio-pulmonary class at Texas or Yale med?

I say, it is smarter to LIVE FREE! Allow competition, hard work, smart study, proficiency in staff selection come back in vogue.  The death&misery merchants need to stick to pushing bureauRat paperwork for the DMV or underwater basket weaving studies and leave the critical professions TO excellence.

Equity, after all, is a great term for acquired value in real estate…but has no place in the human condition nor in grown up modern America.  Equality of blandness is DEATH for those who believe it is preferable for airliners to come down at the same rate they ascended hours earlier; accepting mediocrity is NOT the BEST and ONLY course.

After all, no one really cares what level of melatonin is  in the cockpit or operating theater: just that their brains and skills match the need for excellence under fire.  And for the gruel record, we are NOT in a democracy but a constitutional republic that CAN strive to elect the best and foster the even better in our society’s critical professions.

Our mentor is the Creator.  The Trinity designed this 553sextillion mile wide universe to be the best most excellent ever.  Think about it. He designed the ear to funnel sound into our inner hearing channel, transform the sterophonic sound into nerve signals our brains can interpret.  Our eyes are basically organic photovoltaic biochemical marvels that take light and images in via our stereoscopic receptors that can detect life.

God took the time in eternity to give us the very best.  He planted a time device with 3 million 20-70ton stones 4500 years ago that pointed directly 270miles away to the city of His Son’s kingly birth in Bethlehem.  He chose to give us each talents to excel, to be and do our very best and to follow that Son all the way to the cross one Friday the 13th in the month of Abib on the Hebrew calendar.

The WORLD needs our covenant country to lead.  Our blessings are amazing, despite these two years proving that incompetence CAN supersede for a time.

BE the BEST.  Demand the better.  Seek justice, law enforcement not criminal encouragement… God is a merciful and generous God.  Serve Him well so you can enjoy your forever even more.



len beckman


Fear not, FBI! We will protect you from those supremacist Catholic Church ladies

Dedicated to the fine personnel at the Richmond, VA FBI

RE: “Interest of Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists in Radical Traditionalist Catholic Ideology Almost Certainly Presents New Mitigation Opportunities”

Thank you to our law enforcement officials who daily put their lives on the line to serve and protect.  When I got word that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) had sounded the alarm that those crazy supremacist Church Ladies were at it again, I KNEW I had to weigh in.   Yet, as Pope Saint John Paul the Great and Padre Pio said it:

Do NOT be afraid; do NOT worry.  Just pray.

Great words for all to live by, Mr. Wray and your FBI team;  not to mention, Catholics, Jews etc.

Fear not, hard working FBI agents, Chris Wray and AG Leftenant DeMerit Garland, we will protect you.

You stand up for ultimate truth and total justice.  We NEED you!  At least, when you realize we parents are NOT your enemy nor the Church Ladies weaponizing their lethal tool: the rosary to do harm.

Truth is, it IS a weapon against evil and honoring the mother of your Savior, Jesus the Christ.  But not the typical Race card from the AlinskyDemocrat 52 Bicycles: the one labeled “White Supremacy”.  It IS a bit worn and overused but as the memo puts it…need ‘mitigation opportunities’ because apparently the premiere law enforcement agency worldwide gets bored and suspects the KMart Blue class for Isisians.

After all, SPLC always tells the truth (ask Mark Levin, that calm and cheerful American Marxist outer).  Ok, maybe not so much, since the SPLC leans farther left than the Tower of Piza after a 7.8 quake in Italy.

And you know how those 95 year old rosary toting usually supremacist white (veiled) Church Ladies have been radicalized for years hearing Lingua Latinam as they receive Jesus in the Eucharist.  And songs like “Regina Coeli”, honoring Mary the Queen of Heaven.  (Latin again!)

You can’t miss them; sometimes their rosaries are not just little plastic ones, but the more violent weaponized ones are made of glass, steel, even super blessed holy beads.

Who knows, maybe in their secret meetings, they practice swinging the 65 beaded chain over their heads, hoping to practice their white veiled supremacist moves on some poor hapless BLMer or Auntie FA lady in the pew NOT praying the right prayers.  Or on the streets as the misfit criminals of society steal $949.99 cents merch or tearing down those old patriarchical white bastards like Abraham Lincoln or George of the Potomac.

Then I realized: FIND the national ringleader and demand answers. My memory did NOT fail me: it’s gotta be the notorious Church Lady out of New York City!!

Immediately, I wanted to make sure the church lady that SPLC had discovered, wasn’t the most notorious Church Lady of all time, Enid Strict.

If the Richmond FBI digs in and has access to the interweb, you could check out this Church Lady Strict’s “Church Chats” and look for evidence of sedition, unbridled terrorism like parents seem to do questioning school boarders across America.

The shade of white known as “supremacist” like Navaho or swiss coffee white.  Maybe i can help.  At the FBI, your role is to investigate all enemies foreign and domestic; maybe you know the basics, that Jesus is the Reason for the Season most winters.  As the memo intimates, we are looking for the Reason for the Treason.

However, as a lifelong Catholic dad of 11 with the 22nd grandkiddo newly born predawn on the 50th anniversary of RoeWade still in NICU battling some issues, I can do tutorials to separate fact from fiction, give a healthy backgrounder on Catholicism after admitting my sins.  Just maybe ObamaJoe Biden has not evangelized the 3 letter exec agencies with real Cath tradition.

Sin#1: I DID serve Mass in the early 60s at what was called the Traditional Latin Mass, similar I believe to the new MOST wanted posters of Church Ladies hitting the airwaves.

Here’s the scoop on the suspect, Enid.  WickedPedia states that:  “The Church Lady is a mature woman named Enid Strict who is the uptight, smug, and pious host of her talk show Church Chat”.  Sounds like the memo was spot on: what’s more dangerous than speaking freely, like the first amendment, about truth and justice?  Something the most prestigious investigative agency in the world is all about.

Is this a good lead to the conspiracy?  Unfortunately, it turns out he once was a man who became a church lady (ie woman as Jumanji Jackson Brown, the newest Supreme, could not define) like Admiral Dr Rachel Levine of HHS or DR. Rochelle P. Walensky, MD, MPH, the Director of the CDC.

There might be a role for Enid!  Maybe she could be President Biden’s Secretary of Transpiritual genderologies (adding TSP to the LBTQxyz anagram and rising Secretariats).

Problem is, as how Percy Faith famously doesn’t sing it: “when a man becomes a woman…” he/she Dana Carvey needed Confirmation (after Baptism and First Holy Communion) by the Senate Transformative Committee on all Executive Appointments.  Didn’t happen.

So, the SNL church lady is out!  Sorry, Dana, you are off the hook. Back to Saturday Nights!

SIN#2:  I might as well get it out there:

I am TransParent, and was a man trapped inside a woman’s body.

No lie.  Well, I was trapped up until the moment my mother gave birth to my sorry self.  But that was decades ago.

Still, FBI, fear not…we are still looking to protect you from the blue light special crowd.

Maybe I need to step in.  Church Ladies, like most Catholics, understand the Church was founded, NOT by the Democrat or Republican parties, but by the Son of God that God the Father inserted into HIS created world two millennia ago.

History, after all, is His Story.  Jesus IS the center of all time, the world, the old and new testaments.

The FBI even, for years, used AD and BC in their view of the world. BC meaning Before Christ and AD meaning the NEW contract, the new covenant via the Latin, Anno Domini (fear not, my use of Latin should not scare you, it is still in use by real doctors still allowed by Dr Pfauci (some call him “Pfaucinstein” affectionately) to write drug prescriptions.)

Anno Domini means “In the Year of the Lord”…2023 for example.  Jesus REMAINS the center of all time on earth as we are actually in the exact middle of eternity, going back and looking forward.

Mr. FBI agent and fellow readers, ALL of us, fallen away Catholics, Catholics in name only ObamaJoe Biden and non CAtholics WILL ALWAYS EXIST.  We die first but we LIVE forever.  And you are making decisions this MOMENT affecting where you will be for that forever. Primer time: the potent Rosary has mysterious mysteries tied to each group of 10 Hail Marys (the prayer not the Super Bowl pass).  Broken up into Sorrowful, JOYful, Glorious and the newer Luminous mysteries.

The TLC (traditional Latin Catholics?) use the Glorious on Sundays and Wednesdays; Sorrowful on Tuesdays and Fridays, the Joyful on Saturday and Monday and bringing up the rear, the Luminous mysteries on Thursday.

In fact, Mary gave the rosary form to use, we understand, through St Dominic.  Later on, by the first part of the 15th century the Hail Mary consisted of: “Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.” The third part, known as the petition (“Pray for us Holy Mother of God…”) is traced back to the Council of Ephesus in 431. At that council, Church leaders officially defined Mary as not only the Mother of Jesus but as Theotokos (God-bearer, the Mother of God).

Primer time: yes, worry not, our friends at the FBI and skeptics of the Deep State of Disarray: Mary IS important in Creation and eternity.  A good way to understand Regina Coeli and Jesus’ mother is that Mary:

“…is endowed with the high office and dignity of the Mother of the Son of God, and therefore she is also the beloved daughter of the Father and the temple/spouse of the Holy Spirit” (Pope St. John Paul the Great in ‘Lumen gentium’,n. 53).

Mr Wray and AGarland, she IS the Eve who said “Yes” to God’s call.  But remember, you decide where you are going…

No, great FBI agents, there are no Monday morning status meetings once you die (we pray for every alive as well as fallen law enforcement human).  Either heaven, the preferred new address or hell.  Yes, hell IS a place.

Of course, I will NOT toss a stone, from the Scriptures “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. I certainly am not sinless.

But Jesus’ words, great ones to live by as you investigate the Church Ladies who, by one FBI agent’s belief, are racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists in Radical Traditionalist Catholic Ideology (RTCI ?)

Yes, I know, these Church Ladies may appear to be ancient, but they are powerful prayer warriors against the dominion of the father of lies, the devil, who it is running out of control around America and the world deceiving good people.  Good people including the FBI.  The Scriptures, ie the Bible, remain relevant and great truths buried inside those big books many use as door stops today.

Tutorial continues.  Contrary to Mr Garland’s very sad view of the real America, the land where parents actually have rights and own one right to educate their children, feed clothe and love them…who are NOT domestic terrorists when they tell these usurping public school boards we don’t want our children, without permission, to have their breasts chainsawed off or the penises of their young boys castrated by the demons of the Minor Gender Demolition Service hiding behind their plastic surgery gender affirming ID cards.  Yes, our death culture IS screwed up by the misery merchants, but who in their sane right mind thinks wacking off barely pubescent pee pees is a rational, human, adult thing to do?

Frankly I stand apart from the depopulationist billionaires of Huxley fame that Susan Buffet, Priscilla Zuckerberg etc practice.

Confession:   I have 11 kids and just had #22 grandchild, hoping for more, to fill in the giant hole some billionaires don’t understand: when you kill 64 million prebirth almost born babies over five decades, there IS impact!

Think about protecting AMerica from within!  You create a HUGE black hole that sucks the life out of the greatest country on God’s green earth nestled in the midst of His 553 sextillion mile wide universe when you destroy 20% of the prebirthers.

64 million and counting; I know more abortions are coming, because one billionaire couple after three NON reproductive righteous miscarriages and three beautiful girls, pre-purchased 3,000,000 future abortions to keep the blood and seized hearts and livers coming.  You know them as Mark and Priscilla and yes I have proof they took out 3 million contract kills for only God and devil know why.

FBI, I know you work closely with them at FaceBot Central; but I would fear Priscilla and Mark Zuckerberg more than the Supremacist White Veiled church ladies; the Zucks, with their allies at AborTourism Inc. (Gavin and Jen Seibert Newsom) and sanctuary breast mutilations, kill innocent children as if they are property and living organ donors.

It’s bad enough mother Zucker got her 3 before their assault on blacks and Mexican inner city populations.  Mr Wray and FBIers: do you realize your favored abortion industry has killed off 19.4% of the 330 million future Americans?  Blacks are 9 times the rate but no race card pops out of the race deck for some reason.

Add in the 3 million kids marked for Death by Zuck via satanic surgeons in Gavin&Jen Newsom’s favorite kill mills, and you have a dying country that 30 million illegal vacationers now call home…and CAN’T replace, even if Susan Rice, Barack and Michelle and grifter JoBama Biden allow 30 million in, helping Fentanyl and cartel coyotes’ free reign in the USa.

Susan Buffett, Priscilla Zuckerberg and their boys made their money, which i am NOT jealous of, on the mutilated bodies of our next generation.

Since money is always followed, when they are capitalized, that 64 million kids would have generated AT LEAST $128 TRILLION in economic activity over 75 years.  Four times the current $31 trillion printed national debt my grandkids’ kids will be paying for.

I know, in Mr. Obama’s fourth term at ObamaNation HQ on Belmont 2 miles north of the Oval Office, trillions are like billions like millions were just decades ago, no way we can spend this much of the future.  someone please don’t tell the Obamanation HQ “quadrillion” is the “…illion” in the chain of poverty.

As the man you protect from all enemies, truth and justice, Mr Obama Biden has spent another 1.7 TRILLION of printed cash so that you can chase parents, church ladies and keep 1000 good Americans locked in the Gulag DC Dungeons because they visited our (not your capital) one Epiphany morning in 2021.

We all know Paul Pelosi’s wife locked out 10,000 National Guard troops so her backdrop for her daughter’s nancy brag documentary was surrealistic.  Her protection racket led to the FBI’s Instigator bureau (Ray Epps and others) give Allstate’s “Mayhem” the run of the Capitol.

FBI, fear NOT the Church Ladies.  Better, you should FEAR the God who decides where YOU will spend eternity after a meager 85 years on earth.

Your agency is marked with the awesome responsibility to investigate, not adjudicate: so why are so many innocents held in Stasi Gulag DC jails?  Does it make you feel better, oppressing the weak and freedom to speak types?

God’s timing is perfect. The light of the sun shines directly on the altar on the feast of St Michael, an angel many know battles Biden’s busy demons

Sin#3.  Speaking of marked, I realize I am on your screen for future intimidation and unjust arrest.

I love protecting women, what with 7 in my family, and work diligently to provide informed choice facts to the most vulnerable among us; the Gruesome Newsom Twosome don’t give a damn how many pregnant teens they destroy from these 49 United States.

I am not rich, but then wealth is not the issue.

I attend a few times a month a Latin Mass at the beautiful church of the Assumption (Mary’s passing into heaven feast, the 4th GLORIOUS mystery of the aforementioned rosary).

It is NOT the traditional Latin Mass you and your Catholic hating SPLF and agents fear most.

Primer time. A quick tutorial to save you the embarrassment and stop these bizarre false witness distractions taking you away from investigating 200 foot Mao Tse-Xi’s Chinese Lunar New Year balloons and cartels and perps stealing $950+ in merchandize without response.

You know, the traditional arrest, incarcerate (big word for jail), bring to trial timely like one of the amendments promise and then a trial by peers.  But, NOT grandmas wallowing in DC’s form of Gitmo because they exchanged recipes on the mall lawn.

As your former agent Seraphin, a federal whistleblower, wrote that the author of the Richmond VA memo defines radical traditionalist Catholics as those who are “typically characterized by the rejection of the Second Vatican Council.” Vatican II, which concluded in 1965, revised the Latin Mass with the Mass of Paul VI.”  Nothing could be further from the truth and the real world.

Are we back to “backward masking” the Beatles’ White Album and Number Nine and “turn me on dead man?” planted lyrics.  I had a belted turntable back then and did a quick twist to hear the secret wordings.

By the way: Glossary Central. The Church is divided into three groupings.  Why do you fear the Church Militant?  It’s a long standing reference to the Church ON EARTH serving the needs of others and preaching the gospel to all nations.  The other two groups are the Church Triumphant (those in heaven already like my wife Donna and mother of 11 great kids); and Church Suffering (those accounting for actual sin in purgatory who are heaven bound…I bet a lot of the corrupt DC, one hopes, makes it to here at least, such as Obamanation’s Joe B, Aunt Nancy and the prodigal son Gavin.  And frankly, why does Leftenant AGarland shiver in his boots over the militant (Latin derivation is ‘service”) while dum de dum dumming over 574 riots featuring murderers, looters and arsonists during the “peaceful” burn down anything reprobate BLManTIFa’s Summer of Love and Peace.

Scripture has it: “fear God who has the power to put both body and soul into Gehenna (no, not a form of Indian tatooing) ie HELL.

MORE Glossarizationing.  Novus Order means the “New Order” that began about 1965.

Not the world wide reset globalization of the New World Order; no, the Vatican II changes practiced today.

Today, the Mass is spoken and celebrated worldwide in 160 different languages in different forms. We worship God, fear not, FBI, not men like Kamala or Joe or even the best president in recent times, Donald Trump.

More Catholic facts:  After God created the angels, He set about creating these 50 trillion celled beings called humans, starting with a man with an external sex and urination tool; you may have heard of him: Adam (NOOO, not that lying, leaking, deceitful Schiff from Maryland with his 1 bedroom Burbank abandoned.)  God produced billions of stars, planets, plants and animals on this third rock from the sun.

But two sexes or genders, not 60,  were in His plans: He finished general creation with the greatest design and feat in history.

Billions of stars was nothing compared to His Design and Creation of woman, with her internal ability to reproduce another fully functioning sentient male or female or both or eight babies.

Woman, who used to be respected by all and treated with love and care until the woke generation gained prominence.

Why do you, Mr Garland, hate babies so?  Why does the Democrat party of enslavement rabidly force little girls to have their breasts chainsawed when chest bindery doesn’t suffice? Pump her or he full of puberty chemical blockers, which leads to the highest suicide rate in decades, among the confused abused by supposed “adults and doctors” of the gender affirming world. EVIL

Or worse, kill blacks and Mexicans first, whites second, locating Jill&Will Kill Mills in inner cities; nothing racist about abortion, EVERY human is the target of death doctors.  Cute name that the Zuckerbergs love so much, pre purchasing 3 million abortions (in English even the FBI informants can understand “killing little prebirth babies for parts”) via $966 million donation to planned barrenhood, where satanic Sanger soldiers march to Hell’s cadence.

Yet there’s MORE innovation!  Before the abortionist was the perpetrator, doing the evil to the mother and child; now, twenty something pregnant ladies can SEE in their own toilets what a baby looks like if not carried to a full term birth taking FetalKyl Pills.  Talk about Biology 401 where the specimen and speciwomen aren’t frogs pinned on lab boards but REAL human children, fully formed, diving into toilets across this fruited plain.  Albuquerque used to have Southwest Women’s Options (SWO) give phase one inducing the mother to expel the large baby, then house them at the Plaza Inn nearby; finally, mom’s little girl dropped into the porcelain throne, and drained to the Great River (Rio Grande) where we import the illegal alien replacements.

Now, young lady!  All she needs to do is buy an over the counter infanticyanide pill at the Walgreen Little Girl Killing centers. Planned Parenthood no longer has its monopoly!

FBI, add this to my Most Wanted poster. I have 11 kids, more than the Chinese “One kid per family” rule.

In addition to five years of Latin at Servite and CSUF, a few times a month I take a dozen roses to the Orange County Kill Central HQ, planned parenthood on Tustin at the 22.

Mr Dunn’s place of business does Covid shots, gives prenatals, pregnancy tests and kills human organ donors while alive.  Yes, selling organs from dead people is illegal; selling organs from recently murdered babies should be illegal as well in practice.

DA Rackaukas outed Dunn’s den with a $7 million suit affixed to DaVinci Biosystems in Yorba Linda (once owned by Hillary’s colleagues the Isias brothers), but no one in DC cares about saving infant lives.

Except a few like Senator Saint Marsha Blackburn and former VP Pence.

FBI, I am NOT a church lady.  And I am careful not to do anything illegal, immoral or fattening.

Like Mr Houck (Leftenant AGarland could explain), I stand legally on the sidewalk. 

When a car exits (never holding up traffic as cars enter off Tustin), I hold a red or yellow rose up and if the driver or passenger stops and acknowledges me, i legally give them the rose.  You know, the kind of flower that most American ladies love to get from their men, husbands, boyfriends, dads.

Women LOVE roses; I also give a small information sheet so the pregnant (aborted or not) woman can exercise choice from five places that will give her free prenatals, followup exams and not threaten her life with knives shoved up her vagina and suction machines to suck the remains of their satanic rituals practiced intra uterine.

All of 17 seconds.  Yes, EVERY woman risks her own life, whether by chemicals or knives, when she enters driving OVER the sidewalk.  If you think I am lying, tell that to 18 year old Holly Patterson or 22 year old Tonya REaves.

They don’t have birthdays anymore because these moms are dead at the hands of an abortionist.  The list IS long for the twofers, where mom dies soon after her little girl is knifed to death for parts.  But, hey, what’s a few oops killing both in America, the land of opportunity and dreams.

Mr Wray, as they drive out, it’s easy to see the newly abortive mom.

Like recently, a woman in pain in her passenger seat back horizontal and flat, was holding her stomach, moaning and in distress with her man not even looking to take a rose for his lass. Zombie driver.  Mom now suffering for a lifetime of various levels of pain, emotional, spiritual, physical etc.

Not a pretty sight repeated for the 64 millionth time in our dying country. Oh the games the Dems and too many Republicans play… inventing words and phrases daily to distract from the blessings of our great nation via diversion.  Propaganda, whether Pravda or in the King’s language, is evil.  Like Diversity. Inclusion. Equity.  DIE for short.

You have my address: i know. I prefer to not deal with injustice applied to me and my family.  I am NOT a Church Lady but I do follow Christ and hope to live happily forever with all my 11 kids God willing.  I sincerely pray for you and your souls.  You have a tough job, what with the Obamanation possessing DC and beholden to them and not to Lady Justice.

God created the Universe for mankind (yes the two genders man) and womenkind.  Not the reverse!  Humans are the reason for the seasons of life, while Jesus IS the Reason for the Christmas season.  The angels (tutorial continues) chose to worship their Creator or to defy Him.

Dead Giveaway?  Maybe this whistleblower Seraphin has higher aspirations: Seraphin is very close to SeraphiM, the six-winged “fiery” angels who surround God as He sits upon His exalted throne and who worship God continually (Isaiah 6).

Maybe a coincidence the highest level of angelology has such a close etymological proximity to Mr Seraphin.

Back to tutorial and creation.  Thank you FBI for your service!!  But you need to brush up on your purported terrorist groups who have American citizenship…and are good, normal American folks.

God “marked” the earth with a huge object that later became a Home Depot source for Arabian peoples in the middle east after an earthquake.

But before 600 years ago, it shown brilliantly with its 144,000 polished hard limestone mirror capstoles and served as God’s pillar of fire (its name means “fire in the middle”), a compass, a mathematical repository etc.  But it also pointed to God’s plan of salvation history.

The object is the “Fire in the middle” building translated as Giza Pyramid.  It sits at the exact center of the world, east-west and north-south. Don’t just believe me: Google earth it and it will fill your rectangular screen perfectly, because it IS a compass more true (less than 3 degrees of arc) to the four cardinal directions of North, East, West South.  Even more accurate than new observatories after 5 millennia.

As to being a pillar of fire, it is at its most brightest at high noon on the Spring Equinox, the first day of rebirth, resurrection and rejuvenation, as the northern planetary hemisphere, drags itself out of the cold and death of winter into the new life of spring.  High noon on the same day historically, Jesus was conceived and died.  Explanation another day, FBI folks.

God, I believe, used this structure made of 3 million blocks of 2070 ton stones perfectly aligned, to help focus us on His Son, Jesus later in time.  Possibly the seal of approval planted 2623 BC (Before Christ not BCE) and energize 2141 BC.

Once covered with 144,000 super bright mirror stones, it could be seen from the moon. It maintains the world’s average temp inside (68 degrees); it houses the world’s average land height. It actually is an 8 (Jesus’ number) sided geometric pyramidal structure seen four times a year: at dawn and dusk on the Solstices of Summer and Winter).

couple more: Giza is concaved to match the curvature of the earth not discovered until the 40s.  In fact, it is a square circle.

Measure the 9131 inch base side times four you get 36524, the exact solar year of 365.24 days. Divided by its Apex, you get 3.1415, Pi to five significant digits.  Yes, the Church Ladies won’t baton you with their St Simon Stock St Dominic rosaries nor force you to see the truth.

Maybe Patrick Madrid, dad of 11, will take up this investigation if the Fed Bureau is busy with Church Ladies and Suppressing parents. It’s worthy of a look.  God knew what He was and IS doing.

So many facts such as Newton qualified his scientific laws with information in the Giza Pyramid.  Most important, someday it will be recognized as a Catholic icon for its pointing to our Founder Jesus the Christ who in Greek and Hebrew is numbered as 888 (His name) and 8, the number scripturally of rebirth (8th day of the week, renewal of the music scale 8th note etc).  Maybe with all its resources, the FBI could investigate this marvelous miracle instead of arresting prolife dads of 7 OR 11.  BTW, heard that 100 women’s health centers, once known as free clinics, have been arsoned and graffitied by the demoniacs at real terrorist orgs like the New BLM and Auntie FA.   Nuttin’ to see here?  Kind of like the peaceful 574 riotous protests.

Before I lose you and you arrest me for speaking truth: note that built inside the former perfect building now a pile of rubble is the Christ Angle.

The entrance is 17 (biblical number of “victory”…see 153 reference by Jesus)  steps up.  The “entrance” passageway creates an angle of 26 degrees, 18 minutes, 9.63 seconds protracted to the ground.  When extended as a vector from its base, the line travels 270 miles over the Exodus pillars of Solomon and the city of Jesus’ birth, Beth’ lehem, the House of Bread.  As the FBI must now now, Jesus is the Bread of Life born to die that we might live.

270 miles vector from Giza to Bethlehem along the 26 degree 18 ‘ 9.63 ” Christ angle built into Giza

In case the FBI has a filtered interweb, pictured here is the 26 degrees 18 minute 9.63 second angled line overlaying a map of Egypt and Israel.  THIS is the Catholic aspect unmentioned that even the ABCNNBCBS APost~Times Democrat Media should journalize.  Some day when the urinalists graduate from journalism school, Pulitzer U.

They should NOT lie about white supremacists and killing democracy (we are NOT a democracy but a Federated Republic of elected leadership employees of We the People governance).

Sadly, Mr Wray, the misery merchants (Dems, Swamp creatures etc) worry more about killing democracy than killing little girls inside younger moms.

Beloved FBI and CDC Compliance Agents: It’s NOT easy being a cop these days, certainly not part of the most incredible investigative agency worldwide now tainted. But realize we don’t have law and order when we reward the lawless (574 Summer of Auntie FA BLM Love riots) for their disorder!!  Could it be, you are looking for job securing “mitigation opportunities in all the wrong places.

Yes it fits in well with your radicalized Left American Marxist mindset shared by way too many.  But there IS hope.

Mr FBI agent, many of you have children and understand discipline, like “don’t steal, cheat, lie or kill”; you know that “what gets rewarded gets repeated”.  We did not reject the Commandments but follow them.

Take the list: Steal.  Cheap.  Lie.  Kill.  Each has its patron demon in the party of slavery and the favored criminals of Sorosian fame.

The Catholic Church is 2000 years old; founded on 12 apostles, the original governing body like the 12 Israel tribes of ancient times, it survives BECAUSE it is the mystical (miraculous) body and bride of Christ.  Mary is not revered by all Christian faiths, although Muslims revere Mary only second to Muhammad’s daughter, Fatima. Protestants are a bit skeptical of her importance.

Again in case your internet is down, FBI, investigate the truths of the Church, refute the lies of the mainly Democrat God haters brought to you by the lies of so many.  For example, here lies….Joe Biden and Adam Schiffty Schiff, who only lie when their lips move. But please, as Nicholas Cage said in “National Treasure”, “I really don’t want to go to jail”.

Please spare me jailtime like Mr Houck experienced; I am 70 years old and still working full time. But our battles are not other Americans, FBI, nor the law enforcers we love, the peaceful among us; our true war is against the “principalities and powers of darkness” mentioned in the Bible.  Yes, Catholics use the Bible more than door stops.

Like Paul of the jails of old, I speak truth without deception, wish peace on everyone, do not hate anyone though not a fan of killing or mutilating kids for profit or ideology.  We have a great country and over time a Renaissance will return.  It HAS to.

Save yourselves the trouble: the Church Ladies are only dangerous to hell and its followers. 

And therein lies the problem: President Joe sadly is at least demonically influenced if not oppressed, obsessed or possessed.

The dead giveaway is NOT just his beady black pupils or red background sets, but he believes like too many billionaires and far left crowdsourcers that shoving a knife up a woman’s vagina to cut up a living 30 trillion celled little girl makes America better.  It doesn’t.

The feeble baby hearts and infantile livers bring money to the engorged Abortion Inc. but at what cost? The souls of American and those engaged in kid kills and mutilations for profit.

I personally know just how fragile preborners are, how innocent and vulnerable both mother and child are.  When our 22nd grandchild was born predawn on the 50th anniversary of the evil RoeWade disaster, Wesley was immediately put into NICU, the intensive care unit for little girls and boys.  Jan 22nd, 2023 to today, STILL in focused care.

You see, the real America does not follow the death and misery merchants, we VALUE life and work so hard to protect it, from conception through natural death.  Wesley was given much more care than the little healthy girl mutilated and hacked up by the sleazy kill mill industry, who are dead in 5 minutes.  The chemical FetalKyl abortion pill takes longer and the mom is less a victim but emotionally believes she is a primary killer when her girl shows up in the porcelain low flow toilet altar.

Leave the Church ladies alone to be prayer warriors. Fear not, Mr Wray or AGarland, they will not strangle you with their 59 not 65 beaded prayer tool.   Got you!  You need to study the real currency of life, the Catholic faith before you write off people who pray for you and yours.

By the way, Mr Wray and AGarland, can you help the California Cavalry?  Cavalry Chapel was surveilled as parishioners entered during the government lockdown; how dare these free American citizens go into a church when the DC swamp trackers say Suzie Sweet or Holy Harry are illicitly worshiping a God other than Government, whether our three branches or that of the ObamaNation of Desolators?   Someone videoed, their cells monitored, all targeted for Covid emforcement.  Even though not one Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome infected Christian was discoverable.  When you are done imprisoning those dangerous Mama Bears and involved dads asking why the school board is mutilating our boys via castration and chainsawing our young ladies, could you look into this.  Yes, it is the GNT (Gruesome Newsom Twosome’s) backyard.

I am happy to oblige…

But the government, though less powerful it seems than a few square miles near the Potomac, is the people!

You are our hirelings, our employees.  Unfortunately we have devolved into two nations. One Real free Americans, filled with hard working parents, kids and families, that Sarah Huckabee Sanders spoke of one State of the Union Tuesday

…and (2) the ObamaNation of Barack and Susan Rice who puppet Mr Biden into destroying our great land with lies and pilfered trillion$.  You’ve seen the new godfather of the swamp.  The movie “Godfather IV”, produced by the Obamanation Film division, is underway. Pictured here is the trailer.

Reigning not so covertly, good old Joe, the current 1600 Penn Ave resident is a mere emanating penumbra of a statesman.

Susan Rice and the ObamaNation rules the swamp two miles north of Penn Ave’s largest House of White. Emanations from penumbras? The dictionary says that a penumbra is “the partially shaded outer region of the shadow cast by an opaque object.”

The permanent administrative state, like all our souls, is in need of a Savior, of reform.

Help the vigilant FBI dealing with this latest cache of white haired supremacist Church Lady terrorists.

It was bad enough, as AGarland discovered, there are thousands, maybe millions of domestic terrorist parents running rampant in little cells called “families” targeting the keeper of our children, pubic school boards and teech unions,  across this great country.

Now, probably hiding for years, wielding their walkers and canes disguised as walking canes and walkers, in the very pews of the beloved Catholic Church are the Church Ladies on the prowl.

As we are reminded often, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are Catholics and obviously watching carefully at daily Mass for these nonagenarian miscreants donning the pews.

Last thing these fearless leaders want is for some rosary totin’ bible carrying 90 year old making her veiled threat: “Repent of your sins, Catholic ones, turn back to God, stop killing little girls and become true statespersons to lead our land.”  But sadly Hitler was once a Catholic, even an altar boy.  Unfortunately, before he rose to power, he joined the occult and became demonically influenced.  Yes, rumor has it he sold his soul the devil and his reward was shooting Eva Braun, his dog and then himself in that Berlin bunker after 12 million human kills over 12 years in 10 countries.

But before you condemn (ye without sin stone throwing time) this evil, evil man, recall the Chancellor of the Democrat Socialist Party only took out 12 million while we took out 64 million.

Are Democrats and far left just more efficient than 80 years ago removing perfectly fine humans?

FIVE times as many humans though 5 times as long to do it.  Whether in Germany & Poland, or these 50 united states, both are incredible tragedies.

WE are NOT the enemy, Mr Wray or AGarland.  We want to help.

So real Americans reading this, please send a thank you or report a church lady to:

Richmond Virginia FBI Office

5101 Randall Avenue

Phone 800-333-4636

~~Len Beckman  Dad of 11  Grandfather of 22.  The 22nd grandchild Westley was born predawn on the 50th anniversary of RoeWade, marking with New Life the Death of an Evil Law.

Copy list underway: `cc  Jay Sekulow    Sr John Ellen   Bishops  sean hannity   patrick madrid  fr rocky  drew mariani

We marked the 50th RoeWade anniversary with New Life!

A new life arrived before dawn on January 22, 2023 named WC.

Fifty years previous, some time on Monday, Jan 22, 1973, the most outrageous decision about preborn children came down from SCOTUS.  WC’s 4am PST marked the ignoble day with a joyous, though challenging, birth.

Chief Justice Blackmum and his emanating penumbras, the lied-to Norma McCorvey, almost fifty years leading up to the June 24, 2022 overturning Roe with Dobbs vs Jackson Women’s Health.

Followed and adjacent to SCOTUS leaks and unhinged demoniacs protesting peacefully while burning and torturing 70 “for LIFE” women’s health centers across America. Of course, ignored by the evil Leftenant DemoHack DeMerritt AGarland, who persecutes anyone standing UP for  life and protecting their own like the dad of 7 kids, Mark Houck.

If too many kids is bad for America, why are all nine smiling here?

Praise report, despite the evil Garland’s deceit, the federal jury verdict was “NOT guilty” January 30th.  Bishop Strickland and so many others are celebrating turning back Leftenant DeMeritt AGarland who hates families and has sold out to evil.  God only knows what is in the Obamanation Biden attorney general’s heart.

One wonders if tickets are available for Garland’s future face2face with God on his personal judgement day.  Remember to pray for all your close friends and family, and closer enemies like Garland.  Hell is full enough already though the devils savor more.

If death is involved and it is linked to the Democrat slave party founded in 1854, it is ignored by the DC ruling class. But we got great news in the midst of these miseries.

7 months later, the 50th anniversary date, will be seared in our family’s memories with the beautiful birth of our 22nd grand kiddoo WC.

No better mom and dad to have happened to, K and R; one amazing couple from the extended Beckman family. Mary and this author got the news of the predawn birth on this infamous day in a text, as we left the Assumption church at St Michael’s Abbey on a crisp Sunday morn.  Jan 22, 2032.

Juxtapose this awesome event to the 64 million young girls and boys who gave their lives over these last 50 years.  Why? Possibly to please the demons of the misery merchant world: planned parenthood is anything but planning for future parents; they like the DePop Billionaires (susan buffet, priscilla zucherberg etc.) plan barrenhood as far as the eye can see.

It is the billionaires from hell who want less humans on earth NOT God, as if they understand God’s ability to provide for His children,  which they don’t.

Lie after lie about the environment, the BS fraud “danger” of CO2, the supposed scarcity of natural resources and the climate change fraud permeate our permanent DC govt, the tarnished ivory towers and institutions of lower indoctrinated learning: K-12.

The universal lie that hell dispenses is: “have it your way, ladies!”  Kill your kid if you want to be free.  No problem, no impact to your free life, no emotional, physical, social and spiritual scars for you post abortion.  Well, maybe when Holly Patterson and Tonya Reaves, 18 and 22 aged respectively, died alongside their dead preborn child, a bit of pain. But the demonrats don’t care and the misery merchants celebrate.

Yet every woman, whether 15 or 35 who aborts, who allows satanist surgeons access to her private parts, also allow these demoniacs to shove their sharp knives up their birth canal, will deal with physical and emotional, let alone, spiritual anguish for her natural life.

Worse, IF she goes to the new and improved Walgreen War on Kids baby pill kill mills, the latest place in time where they dispense poisonous pills of death, she ALONE is the perpetrator of death for the next generation she was carrying.

This is a critical point that will impact the 50% of women who take FetalKyl (NOT Fentanyl) ie the Abortion Kill Pill:

NO external perpetrator is involved in taking the pill, just mom.  Unlike on the table in those diabolic rooms reserved for death, dismemberment and organ harvesting at Jon Dunn’s Dungeon of Death.

Moms, think about this.  IF you take the abortion pill, you WILL see your little girl when she comes out in a day or two. But certainly NOT alive.  One little girl I know personally who survived saline abortion, Gianna Jessen, is a start witness to the evil that hell dishes out millions of times a year.

It’s bad enough the man in your life is not like my son-in-law who welcomed life, sacrifices for their newbie child, giving hope for the future.  He loves my daughter and newest grandchild soooo much. Truth be told, I love K very much.

But at-risk mom, IF your man is NOT like my son-in-law, welcoming life no matter the condition and loving you enough to support you when you are most vulnerable, why the heaven are you sharing a bed with him.

Why in God’s good Name, why are you unmarried and hanging with him, now that you know he is just a sperm donor and looking for the benefits of the “kitchen” without the responsibilities and joy true covenant marital love brings.

If you are married, and trying to thin the “herd” by killing your number 2 or 7, why not get help from the community and aDoPt her out, instead of aBoRting her into the trash can or organ harvest room at planned parenthoodlums central.

One thing PP is right about: EVERY child a wanted child.  In their world, they want YOUR child for her parts, usable hearts and livers.   It is better called by the evil Warren and Susan Buffet, or Mark or Mother Zucker Priscilla (who pre-purchased 3 million future abortions):

EVERY child a HUNTED child.

The occult is no longer hidden, people.  Choose death and the misery merchants who use satanists like Zack King was, to participate in hell’s coven celebration of aborted child provided to witches for lunch or dinner.  Of course, Jon Dunn prefers just extracting the heart parts after extracting the whole living baby, because YaleMed or UTex Med Branch pay better for human organ parts.  Obviously, in his organs smuggling, Dunn gets so much less from satanist extraction ceremonies because you can’t sell a baby that was a meal for hell’s minion worshippers.  Yes, this happens…Zack can tell you the details.

Moms!  Do the smart, joyful, live essential thing that my beloved daughter and son-in-law just experienced before the 50th anniversary of Norma McCorvey’s betrayal as Roe versus Wade the paper standup for 600 months of evil child killing.  Roe is dead but Dobbs,  the June 24 miracle overturn, is just the beginning of the relentless battle for human souls, war between the best heaven has to offer at the sidewalk of what hell dishes out.  Sidewalk? 700 N Tustin at the 22 fwy in Orange, CA, the HQ of all that is evil and miserable and deadly. Someday, 40% of the OCSupervisors Board will wake up and see that what the Democrat American Marxist Nation (DAMNation for short) or Obamanation is selling American women in crisis is pure evil.  Hopefully BEFORE, like Pelosi and ObamaJoe, they face their one on one exit interview with the God of the Universe.

WC and Fr Louis for baptism picture

WC ended up needing extra care at a SoCal children’s hospital; Fr. Louis came and baptized WC just in case; side note, Fr Louis was born a priest the day AFTER RoeWade died last June 24th; what a gift this newly ordained young man is to the community.  And to our family.

Welcome, WC!  You are in a large, and growing larger, family who loves you.  All children ARE wanted children; ALWAYS wanted by someone or some few IF given half a chance at life.

Moms, do NOT buy the lies of the Pelosis, Kamalalas, Zuckerbergers, Newsoms, Bidens and so many other followers of the devil.  Followers of the devil?   Anyone who applauds killing preborn children is NOT following Christ, but following the worst hell has to offer to dominate even possess their lives.  And yes, life is not always fair nor easy: but you will be much more healthy bringing your child into our zany world than allowing it to die at the hands of hell.

WC is in good hands as you read this, just as his mom and dad are waiting to take him home.  If only PP posted a sign that says “Good things come in small packages” as they lie and lie to vulnerable moms.

The Truth is, they do.

And any real neonatal or good doctor will tell you: there is NEVER a good medical reason to kill a preborn child.


Unless you are part of hell’s chorus, the leadership of the party of death and slavery; we call them by various names such as the ObamaNation of Desolators, Damnocrats, Misery Merchants.

Go figure: between that Monday, Jan 22nd in 1973 when the gods on the DC Supreme Court decided preborn babies don’t deserve protection and the predawn birth of WC 18,262 days later on Sunday, Jan 22, 2023 in Southern California, 64 million young girls and boys were exterminated for being in the right place at the wrong time.

Reagan was absolutely right!  He mused how all those pushing abortions were already born.  As to WC, the family is pushing hard with prayers and hope that he will improve enough to go home.  Thank you for those messages to the heavenlies.

One favor: no one need die!  Please pray for the cold dead souls and deceived hearts of those mentioned above, the Pelosis, Kamalalas, Clintons, Zuckerbergers, Newsoms, Bidens and so many other followers of the devil.

A trillion years from now will be just like the amount of time it took to read this post: just the start. Look in the mirror, friends.

After all, we ARE in the middle of infinity with each of us living forever and ever.  As to what real estate location you will spend during the rest of eternity, two possibilities:  either the best God has to offer (heaven) or the worst that the followers of the devil have to offer: Hell.

That duality defines the sidewalk as you enter 700 N Tustin in the beautiful city of Orange.  Planned Parenthood is just west of the sidewalk, busy killing little prebirth girls and carving her up for resale.

Hope IS the sidewalk that a woman could avoid, deciding she will not allow her child to be tortured, removed and sold. Even Jon Dunn need not live in hell, despite killing kids for parts. His choice.

For our part, we appreciate Kaiser and Rady children’s for the incredible work to keep WC alive as he starts the 10th month of his life, born to mark Roe is dead, God’s life gifts are worthy of protection, and the end of the evil past SCOTUS decision.

Nine of those months WC was inside mom R., growing and thriving.  All of us are SOOOOOO grateful that God interceded with WC.  How? By the skills that some of the real (NOT abortive) baby doctors and nurses, etc. practice and practiced on WC shortly after birth.  Thank you.  Thank you to Fr. Louis of the Norbertine St. Michael’s Abbey driving to perform a baptism on a struggling 7pound child…I suspect this is the youngest this fine young priest has had to baptize.

Be the solution, people!  NOT the Misery Merchants selling death and despair

Help pregnant teens who are steered by the Gruesome Twosome, Jen & Gavin Newsom, luring girls like outrageous sick hairgelled human traffickers from 49 states defying parents’ wishes. The Newsoms, NOT the parents, are the true domestic terrorists in our blessed land.  There is NO reason to kill a little girl prebirth.  NONE.

God bless WC.  God bless America!

Len Beckman

The first climate change story of 2023

I am very hopeful for 2023 despite some of the predictions; yes, we know evil and good is battling away.  Yet, the most amazing thing is just how ignorant we Americans can be about science, the atmosphere and life.  We’ve been lied and lied to constantly, in politics, in medicine and in the very composition of the atmosphere, something God created aeons ago for our healthy lives.  Living the dream before we live forever WITHOUT climate change in heaven, where CO2 doesn’t matter no’ more..

But the deceiving misery merchants NEVER quit being miserable and causing misery.  It’s not easy spreading Joy and Truth these days.  But try it; I guarantee you will LIKE it and help a dying world.

Planned Parenthood Nativity Christmas Day 2022 Every child a hunted child

On Epiphany, celebrated Jan 8th this year (most years Christmas is celebrated on the 25th), I was privileged talking after Mass with a great family, the Smiths, while they waited for their 8th grader.

A great family! Electrical engineer dad; his Chapman college Comp Science senior, his UCLA sophomore environmental science major; also graduating, high school senior daughter at Rosary Academy; as we were standing by the outdoor Nativity Scene waiting on the 8th grader selling tickets for the upcoming school open house.

Dad remarked the manger’s Baby Jesus was much bigger than mom Mary and stepdad Joseph… he WAS right! Picture at the end…

Preborn or in daylight, only age and size separate us in the matter in life or death sentences; so does nutrition. Those are the three things (age, size, nutrition) that happen in a mother’s womb from conception until birth…or met by a satanic surgeon who has killed 64 million American prebirth kiddoes via abortion that end a squirming, thumbsucker brilliant life waay too early.

Why, in a tech advanced world even one dies is NOT explainable.

Speaking of nutrition, all our planetary nutrition comes from two biochem atmospheric processes called photosynthetic (and aerobic respiration) that use and manufacture basic sugars/food from CO2, water and sunlight.  We DIE without CO2.

Something a good 4th grade life science kid should know.

So next, I gave the young people my hand written Christmas Catholic quiz, on a lighter note, and they reasoned it out.  It read:


There was an arrow pointing between the K and the M (highlighted in red above).  They looked and talked it out.  Finally, one noticed there was no letter L where the arrow was.  Then one of the girls had the “aha” light bulb go off, seeing NO L or Noel after she sounded it out.  I said look closer, and they saw it was the first of two no letter L lines.

Finally all three “got it”, saying The First Noel, a song they just sang 20 minutes before.  What the Smith kids experienced, human discovery and “education”, drawing from within them, collaborating with each other to “get” the clue, figure out the solution.  This is what discovery is all about: thinking, using the gift God gave you mounted on your neck: your brain and intellect.

The UCLA lass said she was studying Environmental Science; I asked her what she planned to do in two years after grad. She mentioned she wanted to get a job advising companies how to deal with the environment responsibly.

So, I commended all of them for working hard and asked a purposed question:

“Suppose I take a jar and gather in an air sample, at Chapman or Rosary or even UCLA, then count out all the molecules, including the carbon dioxide.  The total comes out to 2500 molecules.” Hint: it’s the same worldwide and California.   Simple question few know: 


They looked at each other; the computer science guy, thinking Nitrogen is big, and he first said 300; the enviro science lady still mused, the Rosary coed said 200. Computer guy laughed and said “If you said 301, I’d have to change my answer”…  Our enviro science major, 48 months into UCLA’s program, guessed 350.

Envelope please: the winner is!!

So I handed the $1 to the high schooler: the answer, believe it or not, anywhere in the world is ONE.  The amount of CO2 in the air is 1 CO2 molecule among EVERY 2500 (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon etc) air.  1:2500

Most people guess 10%, some 20%, others almost all (which would kill us!).

I told the enviro student, you must learn and speak the truth because there is ignorance out there; but speaking and knowing the truth isn’t always safe.  I next mentioned those pushing global warming/ climate change talk about 3% of CO2 IS man (or woman) made.  Calculators out reader: 3% of 400 per each million means the “Gore Kerry” pseudoscience faction believe 12 androgenic ie man made CO2 out of each million is destroying the planet. 12:million.

Their eyes did light up, since this provides dissonance to a generation being indoctrinated with pseudo facts, not educated to think critically about the facts to arrive at scientific truth.

A sad contributor to a nation in peril, where its kids are two years, maybe a generation behind from the greatest industry worldwide medical malpractice event (Pfizer CoVax after CoVid) that closed schools, forces face diapers on developing minds and killed private businesses for years.  Some never to return while trillions wasted.

Gore Kerry, people:  12:1,000,000 does NOT change the climate. 

I asked it they knew about the former Crystal now Christ Cathedral. They all did.

I told them it is the largest greenhouse on earth, a perfect model for the greenhouse gassed set with 10,660 windows, transparent to light and a useful model.

My query was next:

“Have you ever noticed any Elon Musk Falcon Heavy rockets hitting the atmosphere’s glass ceiling, with broken glass falling to earth… or breaking through the upper greenhouse “region” before plummeting to earth? 

None of the smart kids said they had.

Actually, the genius Musk’s SpaceX engineers recycle their boosters (though the Pfizer boosters should be trashed) landing them on barges after their jobs are done.

The salient Point is a simple one: there is no worldwide greenhouse trapping heat on earth. None.  Yet another pseudosophisticated science con job.  They asked about the Cathedral. I said “if you move all the CO2 in the whole structure, you would only have 4 windows of CO2 and 10,656 windows of the other air components.”

Sound bizarre? No more bizarre than believing mankind can control the weather on a macro level.

This next bit was a tough to digest moment.

I said, per the Gore Kerry theories, the actual manmade CO2 would be one small envelope of androgenic CO2.  The 12:1,000,000 ratio applied means just one tiny rectangle of androgenic CO2.  Like the 3 card monte, it’s all misdirection and lies climate change is engineered by man. It’s a “physics’ cal impossibility, we change.  Notice the California rains deluging the Golden State or the atmospheric rivers and polar “bombs’ driving record lows across America.  Is God laughing at His beloved American children at their ignorance and denial of HIS power.  No Gore>Kerry around when the Creator made this 553 sextillion mile wide universe.  ONLY the Trinity.

Why aren’t PhD professors of atmospheric science blasting this from their rooftop college buildings?  Sadly, no money in bucking the fraud science has become.  No “toeing the line”, no grant money.  They become self hating prostitutes for their Johns at the NIH or Nat’l Academy of Science.  There is hope we can fix things but it will take time.  One second, one day, one molecule at a time.

Scientific law #1:  Climate changes continuously, second by second.

Corollary #1. Globe warms locally at dawn, as the sun rises, and then cools locally as the sunset thru the night.  The seasons alter each year what this climate change is, locally.

Corollary #2: humanity does NOTHING to alter the weather even when Gore>Kerry lie with their Algorean Heresies

Global cooling: the former Maunder Minimum now Dalton Solar Minimum sees LESS sun heat hitting earth this decade.  A true global cooling scenario.  Global warming is a farce.


My Servite chemistry teacher was chair ridden and would reason thru his lessons, scratching on the chalk board.  I miss that guy. He was not a robot, nor should we be, spouting facts for facts sake.

But environmental science truth is being suppressed.  I asked the kids if they heard of Dr Valentina Sharkhova, an eminent atmospheric physics brainiac.  She discusses the fact we are in the decade of the Dalton Solar Minimum.  Basically, sunspots are going away, in this overlay of the 11 year solar cycle, much less heat is sent to the earth by the sun, we are cooling as a planet.  NOT warming, as the grant getters push.  And no, Gore>Kerry, Alex Ocasional Cortex user AOC etc., global warming is dead and the earth is NOT dying in 10 years unless we destroy human productivity and grounding fossil fuels.  Sorry liars: you are fools.

SADDEST part: it just doesn’t matter to them.  When the Gore Kerry robots moved us from androgenic CO2 to man made global warming, they knew their gig was up once it is shown there is NONE.

Climate changes hourly, weather is variable but our radiative atmosphere returns heat sans the fake greenhouse back to space.  We aren’t melting; we are cooling.

So Gore>Kerry now preach climate change is killing the planet, in which a big lie is hidden behind the basic truth.  Who can argue with climate change? Like sun shines or winds blow, they are basic observable events.

The father of lies never quits either.  Now the DC swamp Democrat $$ machine steals trillion$$ for their silly, outrageous faux projects while families suffer worldwide.  Church, did you realize God GAVE us fossil fuels to help us and help us help other cultures?  But, the Obamanation Media lies for them. And of course, the Obamanation’s JoBama continues to bankrupt us with stupid and we sit idly by; worst:

Lying has consequences.  Why are suicide rates up, even for young kids?

Kids are droned in pubic school with “the world ends in 10 years” mantra from the AOCian climate change, fueling suicides rates waaay up!  Innocent minds are beating down with depressing bullshit.   The indoctrination is relentless; the damage all too permanent UNLESS we parents, called domestic terrorists, take charge again.  And our Bishops take charge of these environmental coffee clatch interfaith committees hell bent on destroying the blessings God gave us from the beginning.

Now is the time. One family at a time.  What I did in front of the oversized Jesus Nativity, EVERYONE can do.  It took 10 minutes.  Maybe, our UCLA girl, brilliant and in love with life, will ask more questions over the next 2 years. Just maybe, the truth will seep in as she ponders her life’s work.

Will she become a Dr Valentina or more of the Gore>Kerry misfit snake oil industry?  Just maybe, she will help 3rd world countries adopt innovative agricultural methods to combat the global cooling fueled shortening growing seasons, and changing weather patters NOT man made but a part of the natural solar systemic processes.

Would TedTalks welcome me to guest lecture? Maybe.  OR The Calif Air Resource Board witch Mary Nichols environmental sci dept, probably not, because I have been vocal about her role in killing by fraud my brother Bill.  She used a fraudulent diesel particulate study a decade ago to shut down brand new diesel engines.

My short videos need updating and I will NEVER give up pushing God’s (the Ultimate Scientist) Truth to a dying world.

They’ve heard it before from Grandpa Len.  Sorry kids and grandkids, someone’s gotta preach the gospel of climate fraud exposure.

Despite the misery merchants incessant lies, there IS good news in the truth.  Natural gas is seen again as the best fossil fuel, muli tasking pollution free to generate electricity, cook food, heat homes, DRIVE cars…it IS a gift that keeps on giving outside of the bastards at Sierra Club DeGrowth abortion tree huggers land.

Think of a world without plastics, for example.  Oil is needed for 6000 essential consumer and life saving products; only half goes to cars. And by govmint artificially subsidizing electric cars, ALL products become more expensive.  Worse, you STILL need to generate the electricity a Tesla in Irvine or Iowa is plugged into at night.

Nuclear is excellent; even clean coal is demonized.  But NOT as much as CO2, which is demonized as the fall guy for NON problems milked for trillions.  Wasted trillions my great grandkids will be paying for, forever.  Thank you Joe and executive order 13990.

But, the truth MUST be shared.  SCIENCE, if you FOLLOW the science, demands it.  Jeff might hock apartments while preaching the world is end; but Goldblum as Dr Ian Malcolm of the Jurassic series of Crichton fame misses the point: we are BLESSED with natural resources for our use now that we have ‘advanced’ technologically.  And natural brain abilities to help others less fortunate.'Jurassic Park': Where are they now? - Business Insider

At the end of our science session at the Nativity, Dad, a really smart guy, asked if the concentration is the same in China, Beijing.  I said Yes, whether China, Africa, at Chapman. Doesn’t matter; atmospheric gases are consistent and disperse.  No where on earth is the CO2 concentration above .044% EXCEPT at a Dr Pepper carbon dioxide concentrator where they extract CO2 from the air for soft drinks, pellet gun tubes etc.

Don’t worry, NOAA measured the average CO2 concentration at 414.72 parts per million (NOAA’s Global Monitoring Lab).  This means 414 molecules of CO2 and 999,586 air molecules that are NOT CO2.  Nitrogen makes up.

One of Jeff/Dr. Ian’s most interesting quotes: “Don’t you see the danger, John, inherent in what you’re doing here? Genetic power is the most awesome force the planet’s ever seen, but you wield it like a kid that’s found his dad’s gun.”  Replace “John” with St Anthony Fauci.



Do you have your CO2 scale?  Scientists estimate there is 1.85 billion billion tons of carbon on earth (1.85 quintillion tons); the release and capture of CO2 amounts to 100 billion tons naturally each year (photosynthesis, combining water, CO2 & sun AND aerobic respiration).

The total amount proves the Democrat misery merchant Luddite lies?  You bet.

Composition of Earth's atmosphere by volume

Composition of air: nitrogen, oxygen, argon the top. CO2 barely registers

Nitrogen is around 78%, Oxygen 21%, Argon is #3 at .9%  NO WAY CO2 changes the planet, nor the piddly little humans supposedly “make”.

CO2 doesn’t even register in the big 3.  The real problem is the misdirection the Gore>Kerry frauds get away with, calling the trace gas that God feeds the world with, CO2, pollution.  China, building one a day dirty coal plants creates pollution; not God or us in the USofA.  We’ve worked decades to mitigate and reduce it..I retired my smog knife years ago living in the LA basin since birth 70 years ago.

But the America haters are loud and organized; they’ve been at it for decades. The godless teach sex perversion to 3rd graders, claim there are 60 genders, not just the two as at Creation. some call it “woke”; I call it “wack”.

Misery merchants love to fake science because we in the Church don’t challenge the silliness. Too often, being social beings, we want to just get along and not challenge lies.  Ever hear of climate change ambassadors from our Church enviro groupings? God’s climate is doing just well; we need more “heart change” ambassadors, preaching concisely and creatively why there AREN’T more than two biologic sexes and that a living thumbsucking prebirth child is NOT dead (why I NEVER use UNborn but preBORN) getting magic wand descending the mom’s birth canal.

What’s more silly than claiming women can change the climate of a radiative atmospheric biosphere engineered to use the heat delivered 93 million miles away for aeons.  The global is NOT warming; it is cooling…ask a real weather girl, Dr Valentina and others about the Dalton Solar Minimum.

The ObamaNation has no right to their Schiffty Adamic lies.

Science? BECAUSE our kids for decades have been indoctrinated with fake science and not educated to research and think critically, we have what we have: scientific ignoramuses dressed as statesmen and women, smart scientists turned prostitutes begging for the next grant handout.

Church and people:  It is long past TIME to turn up the heat parents and people.  Stop believing the silly and do the right thing.  Take Back America.  Take back American and world science, starting at the school level.  Not every family can homeschool, to weed out the corrupt curricula like we have for 39 years, but EVERYONE can fight for truth.

And TIME is all we have to beat back evil lies and replanting the TRUTH






No room at Orange County’s planned parenthood HQ Inn for the Holy Family

Have you seen Jesus?  He’s been abducted!! What heartless soul did this?

rev 12.27.22  Feast of St John the Apostle Day 3<>  Revision 12.28.22  Holy Innocents feast Christmas day 4 <> 


Baby Jesus and family stolen sometime after 10am Christmas eve 2022

Patty was targeted by a crazed black car driver who yelled inexplicably “You are a liar!” as he raced by.

===========Merry Christmas all!  Day 4==Holy Innocents========

A beloved Nativity scene featuring the 2nd Eve, the Virgin Mary, a righteous and Godly husband and foster father, Joseph and of course, Emanuel coming as Jesus the Christ was placed at the foot of Planned Parenthood’s flag ship institution at 700 N Tustin near the 22 fwy off ramp.

It was a mercy mission! Poor dark planned parenthood palace, having NO Christmas lights, trimmed trees, even reindeers and Santa Claus, with one day to go until the Christ Child returns for His birthday. Just NOT fair!

After all, this is supposedly a compassionate woman’s health clinic in our Christian country and Orange county.

This particular Nativity had been in its host family’s possession for possibly two decades, but since the poverty of no celebratory lights, Christmas trees or ornaments made PP HQ look like a vacuous sepulcher of emptiness during this joyous time of repentance, reconciliation and renewal, good ole plastic Jesus, Mary and Joseph were ‘loaned’ at 7am Christmas Eve to brighten up the day of days.

We know, Margaret Sanger, PP’s founder and mentor of the National Socialist Party of Germany’s Racial Laws, would not be happy with the idea a Savior was born.

But, this is AMERICA, the land of the free because of the brave..NO place should be missing out on Eternal Joy!

Good news:

We just found out Jesus and His mom and dad were there 10AM Sat Christmas eve with a beautiful soul Patty; unlike the Newsom Twosome who rhyme with gruesome and run a human trafficking biz in competition with the MexiCartels. the governor and his Second Lady, scamming to entice with candy, a cookie and free air fare, he lures frightened pregnant girls from 49 states to come to California for a free baby kill at his Jill&Will Kill Mill in SacraDEMento.

Patty experienced typical violence that AGarland will NEVER admit as he calls parents, the true stewards of EVERY beautiful prebirth and born child, “domestic terrorists”.

Our beloved Leftenant Merritless AGarland LOVES, as ObamaNation’s lapdog, to arrest dads of 7 kids for defending his son at an Ohio abortion mill.

No crime was committed nor enforced by the locals.  Mr Houck was free to raise his family.  UNTIL Biden O’ Bama’s enforcer found out and sent his robotic federales to roust the father from his castle.

Dateline 10am Dec 24 700 block of North Tustin.  Here was Patty’s experience while peacefully praying at PP HQ:

“There was a black car with tinted windows that almost drove onto the sidewalk. A man yelled “YOU ARE A LIAR” at me and then he sped off. The devil is fuming mad and calling us a liar when it is the devil himself that is the father of lies.”

How right she is!  IF anyone witnessed this evil violent act by a coward, calling a peaceful woman a liar.  Evil abounds but as those who follow Christ know, GRACE abounds more.  The demons hate pushback, just like Pelosi, or Biden or the whole alternate anti-USA ObamaNation.  But the irony of Patty’s treatment is palpable.

A few years ago, this author recorded a short clip: Patty told the world she was a rape survivor.  She personally was not raped by a scumbag, but her birth mom was.  Something Newsom or Kamala (she still has David Daleiden’s personal property she took as AG from him using 11 of her AGoons butt bumped in his tiny apartment robbing him of his intellectual stuff) would NEVER do is give wise counsel.  Whether Gov Hairgel’s national AborTours or VPAK47 Kamala, both would say this to Patty’s distraught victimized mom:

“You should have your kid killed; it will always remind you of the rapist!  You should take the life of your daughter for the sins of her scumbag father so you’d feel much better”  What asinine advice.

Irony Patty IS a testament to God’s goodness: she is alive to show just how bankrupt the loony left viewpoints are today.  The black road raging car calling Patty a liar for praying for women victimized day in day out by PP is nuts!  Lifesite news ran the video and it’s still on YouTube. Patty is a hero not a liar, but HillaryObama’s Alinsky imitation is consistent: Accuse your “enemy” of the evil that you yourself is doing.

I have no enemies that I know of; just people uncomfortable with the truth SO MUCH they bully and shut down discourse and dialogue.

But what a corrupt couple, Gavin and Jen, have become; pray for their darkened souls!  For THEIR sake and that of the babies they kill, the girls they extort love and life from, dragging them emotionally from EVERY other 49 states defying their parents. A 15 year old killing her prebirth daughter is NOT healed but set up for a life of misery.

In fact, Jennifer Siebel Newsom just accused Harvey WineGuy of rape and sexual impropriety; why doesn’t she see she is aiding the sexualization of young girls, setting them up for hell on earth brainwashing and dragging them when pregnant like a common MexiCartel mule for more abuse by the Sex by MiddleSchool indocrination pubic ed leaders and Abort Inc.

Don’t teen girls, already in crisis when they find out they are pregnant, need an adult or two, not these miscreant baby killers who want to be in the White House in 2024?!?  They could do SO MUCH good, yet newsoms advertises in seven states for conflicted girls to run away from home, not tell her parents and come to Gavin’s brothel of trafficked sex victims.

All the putative Demoncrat govnor needs is one of these teens to DIE on the table, like 18 yr old Holly Patterson or age 22 mom twice Tonya Reaves did, and the dead teen’s parents to sue the bastard’s ass off for kidnapping their 15 year old daughter.

Someone in the Pelosi~Getty~Newsom first NorCal families gotta have some wisdom and needs to talk some sense into the hairgel king before someone dies at Planned Parenthoodlum Central.  Maybe the fine actress, who dated George Clooney in the 2000s, Jennifer can wake up and change her “Legend in his own mind” hubby’s mind.

Maybe not even former Catholics Joe, Nancy or Maxine will help find the abducted Jesus,  because seeing a Nativity at their revered planned parenthood, might cause cognitive dissonance between images of killing children.. and Jesus’ birth scene.

But despite the evil run of the Obamanation of Deplorable Wicked happenings,  this IS America, where we have the freedom of diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity (the D.I.E. movement) to grace our hallowed halls.

The abducted Nativity Scene, to honor the governmental ruminations of the last 50 years, did NOT touch any of PP’s private property that we support with our hard earned tax $$. 

It was set carefully in a safe spot that even our newest abortion entrepreneur, the Newsoms, could not complain about.  Any of their human trafficked pregnant teens could easily make their way up the sidewalk or driveway, no matter which of the 49 states they were coaxed to come from.

True to the integrity of Gavin & Jen, our notorious governor and First Partner: Mommy and Daddy, of course, would not be informed that their pubescent 15 year old daughter left the state, with a free AborTours plane ticket and a 3 day stay at the Hell Hilton somewhere in the OC.  But, hey, the dead kid’s grandparents will find out soon enough when little Suzie ends up at the real healthcare entity, an Iowa hospital ER, dying from a perforated uterus or some other common complication created by the government intrusion up their daughter’s vagina.

You know, my Body my Choice and all.  Knives, the most violent and deadly tool in the Radical Left’s toolkit to lower the superlow birth rate even more.  64 million dead little girls and boys isn’t enough for the Billionaire Bloodletting Boys?

Plenty of unimpeded access to the mill, on the PUBLIC sidewalk, with plenty of room for those passers by, journeying south to north or north to south along Tustin Avenue in the holy city of Orange, CA.  People could still gain access for a Covered California Pfauci Pfix “vax” shot or booster (the CoVax depop Pfizer Jabs with 5 million VAERS bad side effects and at least 50,000 dead), results of Mao Tse Xi’s Wuhan Plague.  OR, also on the kill mill’s service menu, the removal of a living human to honor the Newsom Twosome’s latest business, AborTours, LLC.

MexiCartels hate the competition but you know, Gavin&Jen’s latest trafficking in distraught teen pregnant girls arriving from any of the 49 states across the USA for free…especially the seven states already featuring those slick Newsom ’24 prez campaign billboards enticing confused young ladies with child to the OC or SacraDEMento, like every good successful sex trafficking couple who Covid Sup at a foreign country’s Laundry.

Forget not the pubescent external parts removal sanctuary state of idiocy, where Gavin and Jen’s company sidebars in chainsawing teen breasts mutilated for the fast paced saintly world of genderchoice called “gender affirming surgery” or GAS (politically correct fossil fuel, one guesses?).  I know, BIG BUCK$$ for Vanderbilt hospital directors and TransGender Health Inc., but what about increasing the suicide rate 20 times for a teen that needs wisdom, wise ADULT counsel, NOT breast or penis wipe out?

Not to mention, NAMBLA boys grooming service is pissed because they want their boys having intact penises to grab for personal pleasure.  You remember the tune of the National Man Boy Love Association that is now going mainstream:

“Sex before eight or it’s too late”?  

It is passe, because hell has unleashed its hypersexualizing ALL minors demons via the radical Teachers Unions and other anti-family destroyers of adolescent innocence.

Come on folks! CircumSeizing the whole healthy penises (or peni?) of groom able, confused dysphoric castrated young teen boys, on the sad path to regret (the decision) and suicide.

A modified Newsom billboard from one of his 7 states sporting his early 2024 run’s propaganda. Wait until the first dead out of state girl’s parents file a wrongful death suit.

This happens when forming minds are indoctrinated AGAINST basic natural God created processes and organs necessary for continuing the human species. Illa est, when no common sense adult is present in their lives to teach them wisdom when the parents are artificially shut out of their children’s lives.  Like when a scared MidWest pregnant girl answers the Newsom FREE Abortion Coupon for a flight to the West Coast leaving her little girl behind for Newsom’s Organ Harvest service to sell to the highest bidder.  A disembodied head (based on FOIA release) went for $715 sold to YaleMed.  But there’s more coming.

child Jesus, a heart shaped candy cane symbolic of His suffering and purity and trash the delivery boy picked up near the sidewalk

Newsom and their ilk, like Doug Chaffey and other planned parenthood supporters and donation recips, give a whole new meaning to the Cheech&Chong female (one of two genders/sexes; the other is ‘male’) judge skit where the jurist adjudicates “Bailiff, whack off his peepee” to a rapist, possibly a male since transgendered didn’t trend back in the 60s.  Today, it happens in those sanitized modern gender affirmation Hippocratic hypocritic chop shops supposedly healthy.

Now we have government sanctioned, FDA, AMA, CDC approved and the Obamanation’s JoBama pushed mental, emotional and physical “rape” of a teen boy or girl that SURVIVED abortion: one of the 2/3rds of America NOT killed prepubescent and prebirth at PP.

Every good survivor deserves their reproductive rite breast and penis whacked off by a corrupt aftermarket mutilator?


The temp gift to the public sidewalk of the Holy Family was not that ostentatious: it IS made of plastic, a couple feet high with Jesus resting in His plastic manger: only three images of humans from the past.

Tiny by modern Nativity standards, no one could be offended on Christmas eve by the symbols of hope from millennial past: a woman who said “Yes!” to her God to be the Mother of His Son who came to be called Jesus.

Yes, fossil fuel was used in the making of the Nativity.  Now the sheep and donkey are lonely (they were not stolen)

A mom betrothed to a gracious man of integrity, a humble carpenter named Joseph; she is known by a ton of names like the 2nd Eve and various “Our Lady” suffixes like Our Lady of Guadalupe, or Lourdes or Fatima, reflecting her frequent visits over the centuries in Mexico, France and Portugal.  Thankfully, planned parenthood did NOT have a Bethlehem franchise at the turn of the Old to New Testament.

The plastic Jesus, mom and dad were not using excess fossil fuels, like low polluting formerly cheap Natural Gas, or the 6000 products yielding crude oil.  Was the PP volunteer who may have removed it fearful it was warming the globe as CO2 touched it?  We forgive him or her and ask the PP mill’s director NOT to dock his or her pay for not recognizing the gift was purposefully OFF PPHQ property.

Certainly, God’s great gift of carbon dioxide, numbering so scant one molecule (CO2) among each 2500 air molecules, was not greenhousing as it glanced off the reflective plastic; fact is: combining this scant demonized Godly beneficial gas gift CO2 with water and His provisional sunlight to photosynthesize and FEED the WORLD.

Funny how prostiticians from the Gore Kerry climate change con consortium never see how the population of Gaia would end should we end CO2 on earth (maybe that’s the depopulators purpose).   But then the advocates of Diversity Inclusion Equity (the D.I.E. crowd) hate so much and even a little three piece set of historical proportions offends their tender hearts hell bent on destroying the planet.

And what better proof of global warming but a whole country deep freezing covered in snow as Dr Valentina Zharkova’s Dalton Solar Minimum continues this decade.  You remember the phrase “global warming” drowned out by the universal money grabbing “climate change” with its Church and Societal climate change ambassadors fleecing billions of $$ from billions of the ONE human race.

Reagan put it well: “Ironic how those supporting abortion are already here…”  He must be talking about the billionaires who want to reign in hell after they try and take their billions with them in a UHaul tethered to their 24 Karat hearses.  Do not get me wrong, wealth IS a gift and not evil.  What is good or evil is how it is acquired and how it is spent and invested.

AS it is, the Nativity was solar lit from 7am Dec 24, 2022, evidenced by the pictures until its removal, without permission, by some fine member of our nation, in less than 24 hours.  I hope the persons who procured the Holy Family from the sidewalk of life have need of the threesome.

The loss was discovered at 7am Christmas Day so it was stolen, under the watchful eyes of the PP spy cameras, within that mere 24 hour period.  A police report will be made, and since planned parenthood is the paragon of truth and justice, they should release the video image of the sidewalk pirates who stole Jesus and His family from the concrete.

Maybe, Jon had no Nativity at his home and needed it!

Jon Dunn, as president of PP OC&SB, let this serve as notice to “preserve” the recordings of the installation by a tax payer who contributes unwillingly to your budget, AND the thief who committed the crime of taking something that did not belong to him, her, they, cis etc. or whatever the poor soul goes by.

I honestly hope it wasn’t a PP employee that acted like a 4 year old pilfering an heirloom art display on temp loan, NOT just to PP, but the city of Orange and others to amplify the Reason for the season.  IF, yes that makes it an allegation and provable fact by PP recently upgraded security system, it was stolen by a volunteer or employee so incensed by three plastic pieces on the public sidewalk, they will be forgiven upon its return. Huh?

Even the painfully biased AGarland knows the truth: people who stand for life are NOT violent, unlike the knife wielding GAS bags or satan sanctioned surgeons Jon hires to empty wombs of infinitely valuable, never repeatable, unique human cargo.

Colorfully dressed Clinic escort watches as Mr Houck wields his potent weapon of choice, the Virgin Mary Rosary

Unlike the father of 7 who defended his 12 year old son from a gregarious 72 year old clinic “escort” (some escorts get arrested for practicing the time honored profession) spitting profanities, arrested by AGarland’s long arm of the FBI outreach. NOT at Planned Parenthood or another Abort Inc. kill mill, but at his home.

You know the one, where they scared the living heaven out of young kids taking dad into custody for being a protective father cleared by the local gendarmes of any criminal intent.

Not much criminality, like murders, rapists, robbers, Summer of Love’s 547 riots’ rioters out there for the Keystone Kops on the 7th floor.

America used to be a place where men could be men, dads could be dads.  Yet, NOTHING  misses the evil eye of Merritt “Domestic Terrorist  Parents” Garland. Richard Houck maybe come to mind?  Yes, that’s him holding the Rosary, the only weapon the pro life adults and families carry to pray for the dying moms and their prebirth kiddoes.

It WAS a public display of the nativity, protected by the first amendment under freedom of expression. 

No one was injured in the placing of the Nativity of hope.  Maybe a heart or two seeing its placement will realize that freedom to chews is NOT free.

EVERY freedom, to buy a car, drive across 49 states to California with child within a teen mom for its killing in Newsomland, has a true cost.

Aren’t you tired of the duplicity of the ObamaNation and state of Calif. insanity?   OR do you hold to the sham reporting of the ABCNNBCBS APost-Times folks pretending to be fair and honest journalists while suppressing the truth?

The constant refrain of “A woman’s right to chews (or is it choose?)” NEVER has an ending, in listening to former SOTH Nancy, or Chucky Schemer or a long list of abbreived leaders who can’t get past the five five words of the DNC plank.

Ever seen a reproductive in town?  Me neither.  How can an inanimate word phrase have a right, like “reproductive right”?

Do they fear the truth?  Like our beloved Chairman of the OC Board of Supes Doug Chaffee who received two grand $$ from PP, comingled with planned parenthood dollars and our tax receipts, for his 2018 election.

Could Doug or any of these mainly Democrat folks stand in front of a mirror and say the WHOLE thing;  it seems the speakers of the phrase aren’t adult enough to say the whole ball of wax.

Today, since only the  first five, like the government sponsored education program (First Five) for the kids surviving abortion, words makes it sound as if they are talking about ladies deciding on Juicyfruit, Big Red, Wrigley’s or tobacco, a kind of “Woman’s right to chews” gum. Interesting.

NOT wholesale killing of 64 million healthy babies prebirth, the cumulative tally of the recent Dobbs decision going back to 1973’s penumbras and emanations by Blackmum in McCorveyVSAbortion lobby (RoeVwade) fueled by Susie Cano and friends.

Even Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is confused; she thought Row versus Wade was a choice regarding crossing the open Rio Grand border in a boat or swimming.  With 30 million illegal aliens in America so far, it’s hard to fault her ignorance of the preferred method of entrance by party crashers from 75 countries worldwide.

“A woman’s right to choose…” becomes:

“A mom’s right to choose to have her little girl killed prebirth by practitioners of the black arts of human sacrifice, baby parts selling to improve the PP profit margins, etc.”

I don’t think Doug or Katrina Foley or even Gavin’s best friend’s wife, Jen could say the longer version looking at their mirroed selves, without some flicker of realization in their dying souls’ and stone cold hearts of life.  A DEAD human prebirth child is a real loss.

Try parsing it some time, if after clump of cells, became a blob of tissue and then, with computed Acuson (one of the earliest) ultrasonography, the truth of live prebirth human couldn’t be faked anymore so “right to choose maternal death (yes,moms like Holly Patterson or Tonya Reaves DO die at the hand of satanist PP surgeons, too)” or “woman’s right to choose….” with the ellipse became common left radical parlance.

There will be a reward for the safe return of the Holy Family. Please help!  Do you know Jesus?

No questions asked, since despite AGarland’s foolish pronouncements, people who are “FOR life” are not domestic terrorists, nor the Alinsky culprits, we do not kill babies OR follow FBInstigators into the Capitol because Nancy banned 20,000 National (Guard) Security with the blessing of Mitch “mumbles” ChinaConnell.  Fear not:

The plastic statues were NOT a trip hazard; unlike Lincoln or Madison or Elon, they were not despised by the woke wackjobbers.  NOR did it hurt any accessing moms seeking DeWombing of her precious chosen child.

Doug Chaffee, as Supes Chair, maybe you can help. 

After all, former DA Rackauckas got a $7 million settlement from DaVinci’s illegal procurement of planned parenthood Dunn’s HQ residual human organs (yes,Virginia, not only does Santa exist and is busy, but PP DID sell parts to med labs..  Probably still does of the bigger baby organs, not the vacuumed souls)

Just maybe, you could ask your buddies to bloodlessly return the Nativity; help retrieve the beloved Holy Family if planned parenthood has it inside their hallowed halls.  OR help offer a OCBoard o’ Supes’ sanctioned reward for information leading to the capture of the perps and prize.

I know: it would only be a felony if valued over $900 in prop 47/57 protected levels of smash and grab these days.

But WHO does the appraising or valuation?  Jesus, like you or Katrina or Donald on the board (thank you Lisa for your service) are ALL infinitely valuable.  Jesus because He is God, and YOU because you are valued as infinite BY Him.  Not to mention, He paid the price for your eternity if only you take the lead.

Also, infinitely precious are the mangled, mutilated, knifed up babies killed and dragged out in pieces for resale in the “Right2Chews” industry.

Doug, Planned Parenthood, AGarland:

America is MUCH better than this.  Your side, the defacto Obamanation, has got their trillions in crony cash.

Thanks to a white African American billionaire, we now know just HOW MUCH more evil and corruptions has gone on, how the grifter Biden family crime syndicate purloined millions from pretty much any country they visited.

The real USA, REAL America, the families struggling to buy luxuries like gas and groceries, know the truth and just want to be left alone..and you to go away soon.

Why must hell’s serving billionaires like Susan Buffet, or “at the Gates of Hell” William, or the most notorious mother Zuckers, demonically lust after killing human flesh?  The more you got, the more you want?

The world is NOT overpopulated, just misallocated, needing NOT socialism but pro life rated individual entreprenurial innovation to help 3rd worlders thrive and see the value of their childrens’ lives.  So much techno advancement wasted that could lift the lifeboats of 160 countries, from agricultural genius innovations to improved fossil fuels just like we have…WHEN we are allowed to drill baby drill.  Of course, executive order 13990 on Jan 20, 2021 at 2pm (right after the perjured oath of LGBrandon JoBama) took care of that, the opening salvo of destroy American families one at a time.  Amazing how Barack and friends are in their 4th term just 2 miles north of the Oval Office on Belmont Ave in DC.

What possesses, for example, Mark and Priscilla Zuckerberg to birth their 3 beautiful girls after 3 natural miscarriages, to buy the artificial miscarriage of just God’s little prebirth bundles of joy, to the tune of 3 MILLION prepurchased abortions?  Since money is fungible, Mr Chaffee got $2000, a tiny part from the $966 million “donated” blood money to PP Silicon Valley.  Actually, laundered south to the OC from PP Silicon Valley’s coffers err coffins.

Doug and all: think of the corrupt irony of 3 Million prepurchased kid kills while Mark and Priscilla kiss their three beautiful girls…

as they turn off the lights to their respective NorCal mansion bedrooms, their Big Pharma death division surgeons are destroying 3 million kids prekindergarten, preFacebooking, preMomming, no chance at life as THEY have it!

As a nation, some of us champion life.  Others, not so much.

At a recent board meeting where the common cold RSV and vax decrees were rescinded (thank you sir), the excellent DATodd Spitzer and the expert smart Sheriff Barnes (so knowledgeable in chemical/drug dangers) showed affinity for life for BORN teens at schools with the dispersal of Narcan at our schools.

But Narcan at planned parenthood? Naloxone hydrochloride blocks or reverses the effects of opioid medication, including extreme drowsiness, slowed breathing, or loss of consciousness.  Problem is, a nasal spray is useless when the prebirth kid is mangled and mutilated in a PP blender for the smaller babies and the near birth ones, the trafficked organs are MUCH more valuable.  TexasMed pays $125 for recycled hearts and YaleMed pays out $715 for a well preserved calvarium (Lingua Latinam for “human head”.)

Doug, Jon and all: do a little soul searching.  Are you part of the renewal of America or the cannibalization of all things good about our covenant land.  Killing kids, like kids dying to Fentanyl and other drugs, IS pure unadulterated 99 and 44/100 per cent pure EVIL.

The Holy Family outside of our county’s chief kill mill is, actually was, that sign of hope; yes, purloined for a time but it will possibly return.  Dunn’s death chambers will continue to reek of misery, stolen dreams, lives and childhoods, both of the Iowan mom here as Jen & Gavin’s guests and local customers.

Look in the mirror, repeat after me “A mom’s right to choose to kill her kid” three times, like the three Zuckerberger Babes, or 3 million future kills their donation will guarantee.  Think deeply, with all our wealth and tecKNOWhow, can’t we stand FOR  LIFE instead of sanctioning, with government overreach, DEATH. Dismemberment.  The D.I.E. approach?

It will take years, maybe a generation, to reverse the corrupt destruction of the Mao Tse Xi’s (pronounced “say cheese”) Plague influenced shutdowns, killed businesses, lost educational proficiency.

But, Doug, Jon and all, we can wake up, no finger pointing here, and together CHOOSE LIFE not death.  CHOOSE to help confused teens, talk them out of singing “When a man becomes a woman” like our CDC Director.

CHOOSE to counsel pregnant teens to keep their child until birth, then help decide to adopt, not abort.  CHOOSE LOVE.

IF I was Doug after the mirror experience, I would return the $2000 PP donation he got, to its rightful owners, the taxpayers.

Just as the billions that the esteemed Democrat megadonor (and Rep minor donees) need to be returned to the BK judge to pay for the Stanford Law professors’ looney Ponzi pupil son of Sam the Banker mega con.

If I was Todd Spitzer, to whom i write “Thanks” for his efforts, I would add probation as the verdict for the Holy Family thieves, whether planned parenthoodlums or just an opportunistic passers by, seeing the Holy Family as a free gift to steal.  Remember, for the record, those that advance life as precious don’t violently take it!  Look no farther than one of Jon Dunn’s death rooms, as Dr Scissorhand picks up his currettes (curved sharp knives), shoves the sharp end up the Iowan pregnant teens vagina, through her unused birth canal, into the bag of waters and the heart or head of the little girl waiting on 80 years of God ordained life and opportunity.  By the way, Doug, the kid dies and too often so does the mom.

WE still live in the greatest country, blessed by so much.  The philosophy that turns respectful teens into thieving adults, like the gloabally NON warmed Buffalo, NY WalMart under continuous looting, or Macy’s, can be corrected, reversing the indoctrination in this woke, crazy anti 10 commands culture.  Even kindergarteners know: if it isn’t yours, don’t touch it.  Don’t lie about your little brother stealing cookies from the jar of life.

Doug, Jon and ALL!  We used to believe “Thou” which means “You shall not steal, kill, lie about…” which was engraved in stone.  ON TWO tablets.  The first for God’s commands to us about the Trinity, though they only knew Him as God on Moses’ mountaintop experience.  The 2nd for OUR responsibilities to each other.

As to “thou shall not kill OR steal”, remember in front of the mirror or in our voluntary dealings with each other:

The babies God resides, inserts INSIDE moms, no matter WHERE  the sperm came from, belong TO God. He is the Author and Finisher of Life.  NOT Mark&Priscilla’s 3 million prebirth kills pretending their are the Omega gods.

Every one of those precious vulnerable defenseless prebirthers, like Patty Smith who is on record as being the result of rape,  deserve LIFE.  Despite billionaires’ wealth, NONE of them, like us less wealthy, will have a UHaul trailer (if any are left in Calif.) hitched behind the hearse carrying us to our LAST earthly destination. The cemetery or mausoleum.

EACH of us chooses our eternities.  The Guidebook is set, the parameters simple to follow.

EVERYONE WITH a fingerprint will individually answer to OUR Creator for what we do with our lives.  Martyred preborn.  Born good or evil ones.  Neither the DEVIL or Jon Dunn, won’t stand beside you as you tell the Father your story; it is, after all, the father of lies and the deceiving angel of death.  ONLY Jesus will substitute in and defend you IF you followed Him and avoided grave sin.

ONLY the Jesus depicted in the plastic manger, left as a gift for the sad souls of planned parenthoodland.

Information as to where the plastic beloved Nativity scene is today, can be left in the comments section or emailed anonymously to Lenbeckman@gmail.  Merry Christmas season, Happy Chanukah, Kwanzaa and all the other faith based or customized holydays.  Remember, YOU ARE loved.

Please, have you seen Jesus on Christmas eve last?  Please help, including near sightings.

No, the reward will NOT be six virgins in blue busy praying for Jon, his workers and the babies he is killing inside these vacuous rooms.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

So now we’ve narrowed down the Christnapping time to 10AM Christmas eve thru 7am Christmas day.  If you have ANY information, or spotted the culprits, please contact us. We are NOT like Newsom, or Aunt Nancy who stopped the National Guard on purpose so her shenanigan violence could stain the president.  We are PEACEFUL, NOT Alinskyites. We believe teen girls who are pregnant need loving women’s help health centers, not baby kill mills for their whole health and that of their growing prebirth child.

God will NOT be mocked.  Millstones for kill mill owners are already available when God calls an evil person home.  Pray for their souls and darkened hearts.  No one deserves hell IF they seek God’s favor and repentance.

Update tomorrow if NOT returned or found.  Jesus does not deserve to be kidnapped…


The DeGenderates

People, we’ve come a long way from the days of the Garden.  And, better phrased, how DID we get here a nation and compassionate people?

Listening to how much money the Vanderbilt Med med exec bragged about getting from altering nature was a eye-opener! The DeGenderates have a serious conflict of interest today, choosing from honoring the Hippocratic Oath of “Do No Harm”, doing what’s best for the patient.  And how many dollars slicing off a teen’s supple breasts or a young man’s circumSiezure of his penis yields for a “gender affirming surgery” (GAS) pimp and the surgeon.  Actually, this is NOT a new conflict for the sociopathic or morally compromised. They think ANYTHING they can do to shove a fist in God’s face is medically acceptable, necessary, even…AFFIRMING.

Like the Percy song rephrased “When a man becomes a woman” (Dr Rachel Levine’s fave), biologically the GASurgeon cannot alter the DNA of each of the Femen or ManGirl’s 50 trillion cells.

A man OR woman is much more than the externals that are altered, just as man AND woman are. My lifelong friend Tony Melendez is NO less a man because he came with no arms, or the hands that play guitars at the end of the wrist.  But he DOES play a mean guitar with his toes.  Hands do NOT make a man, friends.  But breasts and penises?

Puberty blockers are basically for the atheist “business as usual” but for the Christian and others that honor God’s perfect will and work, His Creation, they are a means to stop the NATURAL God designed growth process for the latest Dr Pfaucinstein monster ideas.  IF the Christian/CAtholic don’t compartmentalize their responsibilities as a parent OR a medical professional.  OR both.

Raising 11 kids and working over 3 decades with youth ministry teens, I know chopping off body parts is NEVER the solution. Puberty, teen years are years of discovery, growth, rebellion as one tries to assert one’s independence

Recently,in the midterm 2020,  $391 million was paid for abortion adverts by the Democrat push to kill prebirth biologically real little girls and boys.  It seems, too many Republicans said “Duck confronting prebirth killing; don’t say a word about it because you will offend the “woman’s right to chews…” crowd.  JDVance and others ignored the wuss spaghetti backboned spooners and confronted the radical ideas of the godless. And won.

Those that did NOT push back with the truth where trounced by repeated lies.  And $391 million buys a lot of pro baby killing deception.

What idiocy.  Should we parents do the same thing when we hear gender dysphorics (wanna be a different sex children) comprised 40% of the kids in a recent middle school classroom.  Digest that: 16 of the 40 students wanted to change from boy2girl or girl2boy because they “feel” they were “assigned” the wrong sex at birth.  I know we are decades past when feelings trump truth & logic.  OR: Never mind Genesis telling us “Male and female God made them” and “Let us make man(kind) in Our Image.

Parents WAKE UP: these are YOUR kids, not the misery merchants’, the diabolical miscreant science manipulating left’s indoctrinated.  And indoctrinators.  They won’t attend her funeral when your confused 16 year DEgendered daughter dies by suicide.

Throughout the CoVax response to Covid, the Pfaucinsteins kept blaring “Follow the Science!” as the greatest medical malpractice unfurled with a failed “vaccine”, where 6 shots and boosters still yielded the bioweapon lab instigated Covid contraction being called “breakthrough”.  When you cure cancer, that is a ‘breakthrough’; when your vaccine fails and there are 10 million bad side effects including 50,000 and rising CoVid deaths by blood clots, myocardia etc, that is a BreakDOWN.  Massive failure that was acted upon two decades ago with the retiring, cancelling of Covid1 shots after only 50 deaths. 50 too many!    If you don’t wear a Face Diaper you will DIE!  Come on, people, demand studies, double blind data analysis as to why a country of smart hard working people should believe ANYTHING coming from Dr Pfaucinstein, Crazy Hair Ferrer and the rest of the Bizarro World of the Obamanation!  The Obamanation being the power behind the puppet in the Oval Office, working from 2 miles away at Belmont ave in DC.

Yet think about the killing spree about prebirth children, where apparently “follow the science” does NOT apply. NOTHING is added after conception and implantation but nutrition, warmed in the womb, love of course and time to the PREborn.  NOTHING!

No GASurgeon reaches into the womb and slices off the developing tiny mammary cells; no Degenerate Doc does a 100% penis circumSeizure surgery, leaving vagina reconstruction to after birth for the latest organ trophy in the GAS’ baby parts display.    NONE!  Point is, kids don’t need boob wacking nor penis castration; the Degenderates are the ones who need frontal lobotomies to see how that makes them “feel”.

People, parents: FEELINGS are so easily manipulated, especially by a giant breasted wood pecker, a Canadian teacher not a bird who does wood shop with 344QuadDD fake breasts.  When God creates and engineers the well designed mammary glands for the woman and the reproductive sperm & urine delivery system for the man, He did NOT make mistakes. Yes, a very rare anomolies happen, but like breast cancer’s massive increase due to premature breast development interruptus by forced abortion, the exceptions do not rewrite the rule.  OR  laws.

We lost the freedom of privacy between our chosen doctors and patients during the Covid Response; numerous blackballing, like Dr Gold, McCollough, Dr Aaron Kheriaty, even the mRna developer himself, led to technocratic autocrats demanding universal Face Diapers, six feet of separation and jab after jab by the godless Pharmaholics who had to, usually just the Democrat party and DNC’s activity, invent MORE words to disguise the CoVax failure.

Hacking up young people used to result in the needle of progress for people like Jeffrey Dahmers, who excelled like Dr Kermit the Baby Killer is destroying young people’s future. Now the “gender affirming surgeons” excel in IGNORING the natural emotional changes that life sends our teens’ way, as they develop their individuality and question everything.

They don’t need the money grubbing monsters with MDegrees flashing their breast meat stainless steel knives.  WE just need PARENTS with wisdom who tell their school boards no more gender grooming in your 6th grade classrooms by wacky gender fluid indoctrinators with name tags who pay teacher union dues.  No more reRacing history, distorting the truth about where we have come from, substituting 1619 (a great time when we learned in 1621 capitalism works better than the 1620 socialism failures at the Plymouth Rock) for 1776.  Speaking of substituting, it can be dangerous when not based on truth, basic science or living in realities.

Allowing teens to redefine the  English language with anti-nouns that are silly and made up.  Like breakTHRU for the Mao Tse Xi’s Plague “vaccine”.   Or “Rebound” taking Biden’s Paxlovoid Pfizer Pill RePfills.

Notice as we close, i did NOT mention “Trans”.  Trans is an interesting word.  Google it and the first that comes up is:



  1. Transgender.
  2. Transgendertranssexual.
  3. Describing a double bond in which the greater radical on both ends is on the opposite side of the bond.

Trans used to mean the car part that converts power to the drive wheels through a series of gear shiftings, mixing power, speed and momentum as the vehicle increases and decreases its velocity.  #3 above is a molecular term.  But hey, our Church, Pope, fake Biden CAtholics, the Gore Kerry Climate frauds don’t see ONE CO2 molecule in EVERY 2500 other air molecules as insufficient to melt the  planet!  Especially since 12 androgenic CO2 molecules per MILLION have little power to pretend greenhouse with no glass pieces hold HEAT on earth.

Trans basically means “change”.  Becoming a drag king2queen, for example.  Or tatooed teacher who wants new anti-nouns to be addressed by.  But changing sex and gender they are not.  NOT in the least.  These, like homosexuality, lesbianism, bestiality and other men and “women’s right to choose…” are NOT pre-ordained and immutable in nature.

Otherwise, there would be no trans needed IF they were birthed states of humanity.

When a gender dysphoria “specialist” changes, by drugs, surgery, psychological indoctrinating counseling or grooming, what a vulnerable young person perceives about their “genderuality”, what God “assigned” them at birth, with all the joys and challenges endemic to being a real man or a real woman, the fundamentals do NOT change.  Just the perception, often leading the young person to a life of confusion, of heartache, even death by suicide.

TRANS do not transform their DNA…they have the same estimated 50 trillion cells and are the same male or female, even when they shout anti-pronouns like CIS, they, even “non-binary”.  This last one is a headscratcher: binary is ones and zeroes.  Base 2 numerics. And even though the white man, rich or poor, is under assault, I believe each man is a “1”, just as every female is a “1” also.  Saddest part is the Democrat Anarchist Lefty Lexicon creates words and phrases faster than you can say “Trump is a Nazi…”   Even with his 315 successes over 48 months and his title “Philosemite”, meaning he is beloved by Jews in Israel and all over.

I try not to promote violence; that is the modus operandi of the left, the Demonrats who destroy everything that gets in its path or way and use Alinsky therapy to blame others for their own evil actions.   But, these GAS bags with a sheepskin on the wall strip young people of their humanity and certainly do NOT affirm gender:

…they confirm a life of misery.  As the Gender Affirming Surgeons, GAS for short, get richer and pat each other on the back.

They don’t create, these DeGenderates destroy, as in a woman’s ability to enjoy nursing their first born child after the teen grows to late teen or early adult motherhood.

She grows up.  After she finds the right man to marry, bears a beautiful love sharing child that was once prebirth but survived the death merchants at Planned Parenthood.  And the first moment she attaches her nipples to the mouth of her hungry newborn, she experiences a gender euphoria NO man will ever experience.

That of a mother giving further life and bonding with her child, something the Satanic Billionaires like Bill Gates, Susan Buffett and MarkPriscilla MotherZucker hate with the passion of depopulating the world.  You know: in the tired old “a woman’s right to chews…” never completed with the hook:  killing her preborn child before kindergarten or birth, whichever comes first.

Not to mention the Gruesome Newsom Twosome who are building their decrepit business empire on AborTourism (luring like sex traffickers pregnant teens from Alaska to Florida even Hawaii) as well as a safe zone for pubescent girls to get Chainsaw Massacred Breast therapy for a few bucks, though AborTours Inc gives death to the mother’s child for free.

What possesses (maybe that’s it: demonic possession) a DeGenderate to destroy a perfectly operational penis that delivers the gift of life through a woman’s vagina, fertilizing her finite supply of eggs, that instantaneously gains humanity at this con- ception, new life, because of God not the Degenderates power?  In simple terms:

God CREATES…DeGenderates DEstroy

How else do you describe cutting away perfectly well engineered body parts?  Parents, stop these sex fiends, yes they are sex fiends not friends, of your children.

They are a poisonous industry that has grown up around mentally incapable and morally corrupt adult society.   Few if any of  them have a clue what real parents do, what the best family makeup is.  They DO know how much their money grubbing hands receive after severing breasts, penises and the hearts of these young people who need bonding, not mutilation; who need love, not lascivious demons from the deepest parts of hell.

Who will protect them, the young confused people?  Obamanation’s puppet Biden?  No way, he’s like Theoden from the Lord of the Rings series, who was demon possessed and out of his wits, like Sleepy Joe, until his denouement…Joe sadly needs prayer that he will reconcile with God before his follow step 80 years old completes his gait into hell, tethered by his “leap” footprint at its gates.

The Republicans?  If they do anything, it is erratically and impotently, at best.

This rush to degendering the masses IS evil, certainly NOT based on principles nor what God would consider “real”.  Multiple millions of dollars in the OmniBust shill bill, for example,for everything “trans”.  Just like the left’s love of wordsmithing confusion, they changed global warming to climate change because well did you see the subzero freeze across America as winter set in in 2022?  Now what God created as basic perfected male and female, with disparate abilities that include specific roles for species survival, they want to change fundamentally.  The created mocking the Creator.

No where did God give His created mankind the right to alter the two different and distinct sexes He created from the first pair. Certainly NOT 12 “racial” couples either, like AfricanAdam and EthiopiaEve, or Chinese 1st couple, Americanus nuevo couple etc.  Point is, not only are these DeGenderates fooling with mother nature, they are playing God.  Poorly, of course.  And as Lot found out while trying to deliver his virgin daughters to the homosexual community gathered outside his door, God is NOT a big fan of men sticking their penises in the anal orifices of other Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

Parents, YOU are the primary educators of your children in YOUR domestic governance (in your home). NOT the Democrat National Commietee. You are the building block of America not the GAS bags monetizing human misery with teens in their very prime,stripping them of their God-given functionality and sexuality.  Also, in your Domestic Church…you are the ones who can keep them safe…  another reason, hidden in between the lines, why homeschooling is exploding like a Renaissance after decades of decadent godless Devolution of Good and Evil, Law&Order and the functioning two parent, male and female, one parent works while the kids are NOT abandoned to Little Red’s wolf.

I heard the Glen Story Corner story about a 5 year old black boy on a bus, who went up to an elderly woman, took her by the hand.  He told her: “you need to have a seat” so he ushered her to a seat he found for her. He did another seasoned citizen…as if he was trained to be respectful, not clearing the Apple Store counters of displayed phones and then running out, with impotent “customers” watching crime without reaction.

On the bus, other people took notice and it began a conversation, at the core of human understanding and interaction.  Conversations, human interaction and relational, that are at best stunted recently since Mao’s protege, Mao Tse-Xi unleashed Pandora’s Boxed up virus that led to the CoVax failures and trillions stolen from your grandkids.  And mine.

The boy’s color had zero to do with it for the woman was old and white.  The little man with more maturity than half of America instinctively did the right thing.  Color, like breasts and penises, is an immutable part of the human anatomy.  What the little man did was what needs to happen since the Covid Self Immolation of face diapers, lockdowns and lockouts, the 574 Summer of ’20 riots with no discipline but 50 dead, billions more in property damage and lifelong dreams dashed… and much more.

Humanity NEEDS each other to exist; this is the way we were designed and created.  It’s in the natural AND God’s Lawbooks.  Currently, the misery merchants, miscreants who sell robotic dehumanizing, degendering of the reason this little 553 SEXtillion mile wide universe exists.  For the BETTERMENT of man and womankind.  The sex/genders were NOT accidents nor accidentally assigned at birth.  Whether you are a person of faith, Christian or Jew, Muslim or Protestant, Catholic or Cathayan, a man matches up well with a woman when they use the alternate reason for sexual intercourse: having fun, which in God’s eyes is relegated to covenant marriages, NOT teen jocks in the locker room showers with the cheerleaders…of either sex.  The morphology (look it up) of the human genome and design is undeniable as well as immutable, except in the hands of the Demonic Degenderates mutilating their latest monetized victim.

Humankind was initiated with Adam&Eve, not Adam&Steve, aeons ago or  5783 years ago per Chabad…  Man and woman, and the productive proliferation of the species, still IS the reason God created billions of stars, planets, million of animals/plants (trillions of bugs…why the cockroach or mosquito? no earthling knows) and only:

One Man   

One Woman

God built us with a universal spiritual hunger to live forever, not for idiota doctors who make $40,000 to degenderize and tenderize a hapless, emotionally unstable, gender dysphoric young MALE OR  FEMALE.

Len Beckman

Your comments are welcome whether you are a Man or Woman or  some facsimile thereof.  If you are TRANS, knock yourself out on debunking this: but know the truth.  I do not hate nor despise you.  I wish you the best!

CoVax Pfauci and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

VICP for short.   Did you know you have recourse?

Dr Pfaucinstein and Dr Obama observe Wuhan BioWeapons Lab progress on the enhanced CoVid terror tool

“The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program” is a federal program that was created to compensate people who may have been injured by certain vaccines.   Since Pfizer and ModeRNA have been immunized from injuries resulting from the so called ‘vaccines’, the McCarthy led House should FREEZE additional funds being expended for a Pfailed protocol and the money kept in reserve for the billions that will result from lawsuits.  Of course, what is required is the 3 letter agencies and the medical professionals BEGIN to do the required research on adverse effects, truth in ending of CoVax deaths and much more.

Good example would be a long term effects study of Pfizer vs NON vaxxed high school graduating seniors at Granada Hills charter High.  The study subjects number 1030 “vaccinated” verse 70 who suffered loss due to high school protocols for grad night, prom night and even graduating in an OUTDOOR stadium for objecting to getting the experimental, yet to be considered safe, Vax programs.  I will explain in a separate post.

As prez Joe calls it, PaxloVoid

But last I checked, the various CoVax attempts at legitimate one and done vaccine pfailed.  But Pfauci’s Pfav Pfizer has immunity it seems.  And, the VAERS laundry list has numerous adverse side effects like myocardia, pericardia, lethal blood clotting, Bell’s Palsy and so many others.

The tally so far is well over a million serious and deadly side effects; since experts claim maybe 1% of the sufferers know or act on notifying VAERS Central, that means 50 to 75 million people have had a CoVax adverse reaction.

And as to death, the ultimate BSE (bad side effect), 35,000 is the under limit since the whole medical reporting system by Big Pharma, CDC, NIH, NIAID and FDA is corrupt as far as a hospital can throw a Covid19 to Covid22 death bonus.

You can’t go an hour on national media and not see ten different water ambulance chasing lawyers pitching they are the best to get you Camp LeJeune water top dollar repayment if you drank H2O

Yet, the DC mainly Democrat spenders have trillions going to Pfizer ($56 billion so far profit) for a Putatively Pfailing vaccine program and working on a common cold vax for infants (RSV mRNA) and little guys (they already have FetalKyl to prevent prebirth baby growth).  STILL NO data, longitudinal studies, effective review of data on the mother vax, just corrupt biased pandemic pandemonium.

Got sick from CoVax? 

Here’s the website for Pharma Pfizer’s ill pill and jab achievements: or better yet, jam the phone lines:

1-800-338-2382 for questions answered and to file a claim!

NO ONE IS WATCHING THE TREASURY OR THE HEN COOP.  ONLY CORRUPT $$ SCAVENGERS WHO MAKE…  Mr. Fried-Bankman of FTX look like a benevolent philanthropist saving the world from his Bahamas compound.   Frauds come in all shapes and sizes.

If enough people claim the truth, maybe some of that $5 trillion that’s going to Biden’s Buddy Funds will be saved from the criminal mainly Obamanation carpet baggers; maybe Jim Jordan or Rand Paul, even Kevin McCarthy can FREEZE any more Covid spending by the spendaholic drug dealers in DC…or Germany a la Pfizer…. until the investigations commence.

Anyways be thankful for your health.  But the only way to stop this mRNA obsessed CoVax freight train, like the lucrative chainsaw massacred supple teen breasts and circumseized castration to make kids “feel good”, is to level medical malpractice, get an injunction on ANY more hospital death subsidies, like the suit free drug dealers Moderna, Pfizer etc… illa est: SHUT THE BASTARDS DOWN!

The Irony is Pfizer was given immunity to immunize the world from the Corona Virus, whether from Pfauci’s Pfavorite Wuhan bioweapons lab… or ?  And the only one left holding the bag is NOT the NYC Boorla Penthouse.  It’s you and me.

No wonder that hetero money bags Dr Pfaucinstein is resigning (he calls it “retiring”) with coverage by that clueless lesbian press secretary who thinks her role is to tell America and the legitimate media what questions to ask.

Biggest question is: can we stop the unprecedented and continuing Treasury drain while we still HAVE a country?

Mr. Smith STILL in Washington persecuting Trump and America

The Hack Jack’s Back! Watch out USA lovers!

Matthew Lawrence Perna

No, this is NOT Mr. Smith. It is Matt Lawrence Perna, the 2nd real death of the Jan 6 FBI~DoJ~Nancy Pelosi~Mayor Bowser collusion perped on America.

Just as Donald T announces without an escalator, his intentions, the Dem’s Leftenant AssGen Garland continues his unjust destruction of real America.

He will forever be known for his slimy labeling parents, who questioned what THEIR kids were being taught, as domestic terrorists while domestic terrorists from 574 fiery peaceful protests (billion$ in property damage, thousands of jobs and careers, 50 DEAD humans NOT prebirth inside moms) roam the land free.

Democrat Special Persecutor Jack Smith has proven how much he hates everyday Americans who drink 2010 tea at parties..but his main hate is conservatives and an president that arguably lost the White House because the FBI & Justice hid Hunter’s Joexpose for 2 years and knew the truth in Oct 2020 it was NOT more of Hillary the Horror’s Russia compramat.

Mr Smith’s Sept 2010 email floated the idea of how to kill off via tax torture the rebellious deplorables; he joined up with chief tax collector and microscope specialist Louis Lerner, and went after the populist revolt by ordinary Americans called the Tea Party in 2010.

If anything or anyone threatens the DCesspool and their job security, they have to be rooted out and destroyed.  Both by the Dems and the RINOS, the statists and administrative state that relies on the gynormous alt government breast, what I fittingly call the Obamanation.  The permanent leeches that suck the lifeblood out of our great country.

Peeps, in 2015 onward, Trump was spied upon. Last 2015 WHILE he and his administration did miracles, yes miracles with 300 plus successes (list is easy to find), the Dem owned ObamaNation swamp dwellers  started with Hillary’s madeup concoction of ‘Russia, Russia’, the Steel Dossier bought and paid by her law firm Perkins, Coie

2010 Anti Tea Party tossing the energized Americans seeking reform OFF the Boston Harbor ship of the peopleMr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939 poster).jpg

2015  Trump spied on relentlessly.  Hillary CREATED a dossier of lies with NO retribution or accountancy for her actions.  The list is very long.

2019 $35 million Mueller Persecution of all things Trump

2022   Invaded, for the first time, a president’s personal residence on the  pretext of “purloined documents”

2023  Parent hater Dem robot donkey general Garland brings back the biased hack Jack Smith to further torture the Trump and friends family.

There is no way you can expect justice; he’s  NOT an independent counsel but another Special Persecutor from the Obamanation owned executive branch.

ImageDid you know that Mrs Jack “Katy Chevigny” Smith donated lots of dollars to anti Semitic parasitic hate lady Tlaib? Oh, and that she produced Muchella Obama’s documentary. This ISN’T conflict of interest?

Of course not…or that Jack Sprat the Hack was overturned 9-0 by the Supremes for his massive overreach, ie persecution not prosecution of legal innocents.  Twice.

Meanwhile Hunter roams free as well, loaded with Ukraine, Iran, Chinese and Russia donations.

Funny how the losers list grows and grows: they, like their comrades in the Democrat Slave party leadership, just hate on Trump because in their little arrogant legends in their OWN minds’ bathroom mirrors,  success for America and its free families, is failure they can’t stomach.  They believe they, though classic losers and retreads, not Trump is needed while JoBama destroys American families day in and day out.

Speaking of losers…

Chris Christy called Trump the “Party of Me”; big fat loser.  He bragged about being the first candidate to leave candidacy and support Trump.   He played Hillary and Joe Biden in debate prep.

Sadly, Mike Pence.  Whiteboard Karl the Moon Rover. Mit Romney who wouldn’t even cheer on Mike Lee, his fellow Utah and Mormon Senator during 2022 Election. Jeb. Obama. Hillary. All the failures at the ObamaNation HQ.

All trying so hard to pass Charley Crist’s record as a Democrat, Republican and Independant.  Ultimate multi-party three time loser.

Speakerless Nancy interfered in protecting the Capitol with 10,000 preauthorized Nat’l Guard troops for her photo shoot on Jan 6th and mayhem resulted, fueled by FBI well trained infiltrators, informants and rabble rousers…she has blood on her 80 year old hands.   Time to go home to Paul and figure out who opened the door on the San Francisco SpeakerEasy Pelosi home.

BTW, J6 fans: The only two people that died FROM Jan 6th activities was a Trump supporting Air Force Vet Ashli Babbit, shot point black and murdered by a trigger happy BLM apologist Capitol Cop.

The 2nd death happened just months ago, after receiving Gitmo style torture by Leftenant Garland’s Goon squad for over a year.  Of course, the informed know that hundreds of people remain in solitary confinement illegally by the Democrat suppression apparatus.

Slow torture like slow smoked turkey for Thanksgiving finally pushed Matt over the edge as they escalated his pain better than the Stasis or Dr Mengele from Hitler’s Medical Twin Corp.

His name is Matt Perna, 37 year old lover of country, Pennsylvania and a good man; he died of a broken spirit and heart via suicide.  He just couldn’t take the Dept of InJustice any longer.  For sure, Garland doesn’t give a damn.

Two humans who should still be alive.  Mr. Smith is NOT new to Washington; recently going after War Criminals at the Hague.

Now, the most corrupt Dem owned AG in US history, Garland has crossed the proverbial line: creating MORE war crimes against the most successful president in the real (NOT the ObamaNation of anti american hacks) USA, Trump.

Just wondering, what is YOUR guess?  Who will be impeached first? Obama’s puppet, JoBama Biden? or his Leftenant Garland? Because we know Hunter passed through foreign dollars to PoPs; but Smith, like Hillary, is supposed to be unbiased, seeker of truth, applying the law evenly as a Prosecutor (which implies his victims should have counsel and their day in court) instead of Garland’s lapdog Special PERsecutor from Hell or lower.

If you want to see just what successes we are talking about, go to the White House site and/or get Jared Kushner’s book on the history of 45 and the Trump’s first administration.

We are NOT a democracy that is under threat; we are a federated Republic that needs justice to occur for the swamp party of slavery, overrun by bureauRats of propaganda, using Justice as their own muscle, trying to kill more than just the energy (EO 13990); economics; and millions of prebirth babies.

They want to kill off Donald J Trump before he can succeed yet again, to work for free from the People’s House.  NOT the House of KKK Robert Byrd, LBJ, FDR or other left and communist apparatchiks.  Not ObamaNation’s HQ on Belmont Ave DC in the Kalorama district, 2 miles north of the White House.

Mrs. Smith loves anti-Semitic Tlaib, sewing and baking bread.  Mr. Smith has come back to Washington as if he never left.  

In His Service, Len

The Democrat left leading ideologues have souls of stone and hearts deadened to what is just.   Here is the obituary of an ordinary, innocent American citizen tortured by traitorous acts of cess dwellers in the DCswamp.  One wonders if they will read it.

Obituary of Matthew Perna follows.

Matthew Lawrence Perna died on Feb. 25, 2022, of a broken heart. His community (which he loved), his country, and the justice system killed his spirit and his zest for life. Matt was an amazing man! In his 37 years, he experienced more than most people do their entire lives. He graduated from Sharpsville High School in 2002, then went on to graduate from Penn State University.
Matt loved to travel and lived in Thailand and South Korea during his life, teaching English to school children. He traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, South America, India, and the United States of America making lasting friendships everywhere he went. He went on a mission trip to Haiti, and also took many trips with his parents and brother Steve. Matt enjoyed conversing with all walks of life, especially the elderly. It was not unusual for him to strike up conversations with complete strangers, always eager to learn from others.
Matt enjoyed running long distance races and held medals from several states. He enjoyed reading every day and owned an extensive library of books. He loved music of all types and played piano and saxophone. He was an adventurer who loved trying different cuisines from all over the world and experiencing as many different cultures as he could.
Matt loved animals, especially dogs. But when a sickly kitten made her way onto Matt’s porch, he nurtured and cared for her and named her Hinoki. He loved her dearly and she was his roommate.

He attended the rally on Jan. 6, 2021, to peacefully stand up for his beliefs. After learning that the FBI was looking for him, he immediately turned himself in. He entered the Capitol through a previously opened door (he did not break in as was reported). He didn’t break, touch, or steal anything. He did not harm anyone, as he stayed within the velvet ropes taking pictures. For this act he has been persecuted by many members of his community, friends, relatives, and people who had never met him.

Many people were quietly supportive, and Matt was truly grateful for them. The constant delays in hearings, and postponements dragged out for over a year. Because of this, Matt’s heart broke and his spirit died. Matt did not have a hateful bone in his body. He embraced people of all races, income brackets, and beliefs, never once berating anyone for having different views.

Matt is survived by his loving Father, Lawrence (Sharpsville), his brother Steven (Nederland, CO), his Grandmother Rosie Garzoni (Hermitage), and several aunts, Uncles and cousins who will never stop missing him. He was preceded in death by his amazing Mother Roni, his Grandparents Henry and Millie Perna, as well as his Grandfather Frank J. Garzoni. Matt had a very special relationship with Frank J who he greatly admired and missed very much.

Matt attended Central Community Church in Transfer, PA. He was a Christian who read his Bible daily.
Matt’s family stood by him during this devastating ordeal and are extremely proud of his passion for life and his pursuit of many dreams. His actions last year are not looked down upon, instead his family is grateful and humbled by his courage. They say God never gives anyone more than they can handle. That statement is not Biblical, nor is it true. Rest Easy Matt, you are finally FREE!

Visitation: 4 to 7 p.m. Tuesday (3-1-22) and 10 a.m. until the time of service Wednesday (3-2-22) in JOHN FLYNN FUNERAL HOME AND CREMATORY, INC., 2630 E. State St., Hermitage.
Funeral service: 11 a.m. Wednesday (3-2-22) in the funeral home chapel, with pastors Nathan Pearson, Dan Dennis and Donald Campbell.
Friends may sign guest book at

Published on February 27, 2022

Thank you, Matt, for being a good American citizen.  Living in the real America, not the alt universe of the ObamaNation whose president NEVER left Washington.  Now Mr. Smith is back for more evil.

Jared Kushner’s  “Breaking History” › trump-administration-accomplishments

Breasts and penises

Got your attention?

Believe it or not, those two physical human attributes are in common parlance in our public ed curriculum these days, starting in early elementary grades; apparently comprehensive sexual perversion indoctrination supplants math, science and history.

But, watch as the latest Dr Mengeles, the human shape shifters licensed by state boards of medicine, rise and fall.

For the record, what teen organs are the major focus of the creepy far left loonies?  It certainly isn’t their brains, teaching them wisdom, or their hearts, mentoring them to adulthood to be happy and productive citizens of the greatest country on earth.

Breasts and penises.  It sure seems these two protruding organics have the attention of the death culture these days, preoccupied with destroying God’s incredibly precise and amazing design for the TWO genders, male and female.

And especially, with gender affirmation, chainsawing mammaries and other “treatments”, as well as Calif.’s Creepy Greasehead Newsom’s lurid fascination with luring pregnant teens from the 49 other states to kill their prebirth kids, we seem a bit off kilter.

But, the amazing Brandon Tate says it simply: there are two not sixty gender differentiations, male and female.  In fact, our modern woke world has taken sexuality to a whole new low.

Questionnaire: what do gender affirming doctors tell a “trans” teen’s parents?   “If you don’t let me shave the supple breasts off your developing 15 year old girl, she will commit suicide.  She told me she wants to be a man and is depressed.  Do you want this on your conscience, mom and dad?”   Wow!

Problem #1: these gender affirming surgeons are certified non plastic or phallo-assholes, pure and simple, sowing fear in parents and planting doubts in kids who are transitioning from childhood to teendom.

There should be a warm corner in hell for this whole lucrative teen abusing industry.  Expecting a young teen to make adult decisions that last a lifetime is pure malpractice, luring teens with supposedly “skilled” medical practitioners’ advice.  It’s really a knockoff of informed consent at planned parenthoodlum kill mills where pregnant women are blinded to ultrasound images soas not to give them the whole picture and keep their baby alive until birth.  And cost the Sanger surgery centers $$.

Ever hear of Chloe Cole?  She started on puberty blockers and testosterone at 13, underwent a double mastectomy at 15 and then detransitioned from male to female at 16.

Cole said recently on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that doctors pushed transitioning as the way to treat her gender dysphoria.

She was 12 when she told her parents she was “distressed” with her gender and wanted to transition from female to male.

“They were concerned, and they wanted what was best for me, but they weren’t really sure what to do with me, so they sought professional help, and from then on, I was basically referred [to] in my gender identity without any questioning from any medical professionals, and they pushed transitioning as the way to treat gender dysphoria,” she said.

(Len: whole lotta letdown, not of breast milk, but of the adults in her young life)

Cole told host Tucker Carlson she is “devastated” at the loss of her breasts and has trouble coping.

“As an adult, I will never be able to breast-feed whatever children I will have. I don’t even know if, because I was put on puberty blockers and testosterone at only 13 years old, I don’t know if I’ll be able to conceive a child naturally,” she said.

“I made an adult decision as a child.”

The Result: possibly osteoporosis.  “Endocrinologist Michael Laidlaw from Rocklin, Calif., noted that children in the study who took puberty blockers exhibited significantly less bone density than their peers. That causes stunted height and puts them at greater risk for osteoporosis and fractures in adulthood, he said.”

So, gender affirmation surgeons, you lie more than Adam Schiffty Schifft; there IS real side effects (similar to millions of VAERS from Pfauci Pfizer so-called CoVax jabs) from playing God with our precious, often confused, teens.  Increase your medical malpractice coverage, human shape shifters.

Chloe said she is suing the doctors who performed the “gender-affirming” surgery because she wants to end the practice. “I want to hold the adults that put me in harm’s way accountable because what happened to me is horrible, but it also didn’t only happen to me, that’s the worst part. It’s happening to children all over the U.S., all over the West, and it’s spreading all over the world,” she said.   (h/tip Tucker Carlson)

Chloe Cole IS correct; mutilating children and teens is big business!  Ask Creepy Gov Newsom about his plans for pandering.

Google “gender affirming surgeons and the list is long, from local plastic surgery centers to major university med schools like Boston Harvard and Ohio St., John Hopkins and TransHealthCare for every type of human mutilation.

“The goal is to give transgender individuals the physical appearance and functional abilities of the gender they know themselves to be.”  Sure, and these summa cum loudly top of their class surgeons do it for free?  ALWAYS Follow the Money.

Playing God is not for the meek and weak. During your dinner converse with your teens and family, do you get into phalloplasty?  “Phalloplasty is a complex gender-affirming surgery that uses tissue, blood vessels and nerves taken from another part of the body—usually the forearm, thigh or abdomen—to create a phallus that can have sensation and rigidity for sexual intercourse and provide the ability to stand to urinate.”   Chic dicks and we can’t even understand the human race!!

In fact, pull the Bible from holding open the door and read that the eternal Trinity happened to mention that “Let Us make man in our image”, that is create the means for an entirely different sentient race, ONE race by the way, to pro-create and go from two, one of each, to billions.

Of course, our godless race baiting revisionists, the unscientific environmental cases must believe there are 12 different “first couples” that emerged from the primordial soup or the coincident banging together of deoxyribonucleic acid particles to create Africanus, Chinese, American knees and more.  How silly can it get?

Sadly, instead of leaving the best and perfect alone, the misery merchants who hate God and love their mirror image, just love to play Dr Mengele:  They love to chainsaw supple teen breasts, for whatever reason; the Jolie preventative mammaries removal makes some sense, IF you are an adult and are so paranoid or have the genetic history of breast cancer.  But, God DOES heal!

But to change a woman into a man or a eunuch seems a bit of typical anti God’s well thought out design.  Of course, with EEO laws (equal extraction) in play, turning a man into a woman by teenage castration seems a bit evil, whether medieval or Mid Evil, since like woman, God’s design for man is, shall we say, eternal?

Console a trans near you when you tell them this: if you were born a boy, getting castrated and dressed up in cute ladies’ fashion, you now are a castrated boy who wears girl’s clothing and can’t pee as easily.


Your new theme song is “When a man becomes a woman….” with custom verses but the same chorus.  You will be twenty times as much prone to take your life.

Then there is Garland:  Harvard’s Boston Children’s Hospital reached out to that fine example of politicized law enforcement, Leftenant Merritless Garland, unelected AG of the Biden~ObamaNation, for protection from parents who question whether the government should be engaged in minor human sex trafficking!  I can imagine THAT conversation: “Mr. Garland, I fear some ticked off dad will come after me for taking his 17 year old daughter, laying her out naked on my table and slicing off her breasts. Should I be concerned? I didn’t even start on her vagina, pulling veins and tissue from her arm, to make a working dick.  Phalloplasty is not rocket science!”    Biden’s AG won’t say much, just arrest the dad for caring about his minor daughter.

Of course, like all good groomers of the young, behind the parents’ back and with little understanding of the human genome, pubescent and pre-pubescent physiological and psychological development, and basic COMMON SENSE.

A 15 year old girl doesn’t need a hysterectomy to fit in to her pubic school social scene.  Call luring mentally forming pubescent teens “gender affirming” or just basic creepy greasehead Newsomesque trawling for teen moms from 49 states, it’s the same: outrageous destruction of young lives who rely on adults to show wisdom not be scumbag perps lusting after squeezing young girls’ breasts, or dripping with degenerate lascivious wackery castrating a teen boy’s gonads.

The pregnant girls lured by an arrogant Newsom get a free ride to the Golden State’s governmental health carnage agency, planned parenthood.  Having worked with teens and young adults over three decades, plus raising 11 kids over 40, teens are NOT the wisest beings on earth when young, though they know it all, but they are ready for a great life IF guided by wise adults.  And informed older young people.  But, when perverts like the gender bender docs and our sick governor of ill repute get their grimy hands on innocent youth for their loony leftist demonics, there is one place for them: the sea with a neck ornament called a mill stone.

Our pubic schools don’t seen to teach writing, math, physics, actual history, American and World, or geography anymore. The left loon school boards love to be “cool”, and when their bizarre racial theories are outed, they just fall back to teaching 4th graders how to insert their penises in other boys’ penises to “comply” with governmental comprehensive sex indoctrination guidelines.  From heaven to hell in one generation, education no longer is the priority.

And especially in pubic school, the home of Instagram~TikTok~media generated ideas, peer pressure to fit in and adopt the latest silliness, as well as most dangerous, ideologies is pandemic, more than the Covid19 and CoVax fraud ever could be.

The idea I am NOT a woman when I have developing breasts at 16 means just another science denying anti-parent, life hater who just can’t stand it that God, not the misery merchants, knew what He was doing when He designed Creation and specifically, HOW He was going to populate the earth with His beloved race of humans.

I wonder if ObamaJoe is just tired of NOT answering Tara Reade’s rape claims and his incessant sniffing of teen and preteen girls’ hair.  The freak perv prez recently was caught (the lame street media, like an abused and battered wife, is blind, deaf, dumb and stupid about reporting on anything that makes the loon left look more loony) pressing a voter sticker on his grand-daughter’s breast before a frontal kiss.  But, I guess the young Biden offspring has no parents to object because well, Uncle Joe has made her family wealthy as part of the Biden Crime Syndicate’s international wealthy creation network over decades.  Maybe it wasn’t inappropriate touching but “incidental contact”, like ObamaJoe does any time a young lady is in his demented state of decline.

What is a breast?

In chicken, it is the white meat savored by many.  But when God (there’s that three letter agency of eternity again) had finished with the angels, and planned on His next phase in the middle of eternity, His most amazing work was woman.

He designed moms to be able to feed their young with mothers’ milk anywhere in the world. 99.999% of the time, it contains nutrients to help the incapable vulnerable infant stay alive., especially where poverty is rampant as growing families.

Africa, Europe, even in America, moms “lactate” and feed their young with much better nutrition than the Gerber Emfamil folks.  They try and emulate the nutrients but guess what, God is the Chief Chemist.  Not baby Gerber’s scientists.

Recall (ok maybe you weren’t there but work with me here) that God first created billions of stars; of course we humans did not know there were billions of stars until Abraham was told by God he would have descendants as numerous as the sands of the sea =  to the stars of the sky.  Up until that time, as recent as Tycho Brahe believed about a thousand stellar points in the heavens until Galileo told him there were orders of magnitude more via his improved telescope.

Back to Creation. He also made trillions of insects, innumerable plants, animals & planets. But when He got to His finest work, woman shortly after He had CREATED from nothing man, He elected to make ONLY TWO.

Hourly, we insult our God by claiming basically verifiable and totally unscientific ideas like we puny humans can change the climate with 12 “man made” CO2 molecules for every million other molecules, 12:1,000,000 somehow keeping the heat on earth for the other 999,988 molecules.  It’s the radiative atmosphere, stupid!  All going back to that critical moment when the most important process on earth, which FEEDS the World, photosynthesis was demonized as POLLUTION.  Evil never quits; currently 100 countries are trying to turn billion$$ into trillions of dollars stolen from struggling families for their climate change frauds at SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt.

Corrupt climate cultists from every corner of the earth, every religion and sect, every culture. ALL from the singular human RACE. UN Climatecon 2022

Want prove just how devious the godless earthy ruling class about science?  Recently, Dutch farmers were ostracized for putting nitrogen INTO the atmosphere, despite the easily verified by 4th graders, fact that there are 78 Nitrogen molecules out of every 100 air particles; worst than stupid, this move to kill food supplies is dangerous for such a silly scientific assumption: as usual, assume makes an ass of u and me and the corrupt climate cultists who want more dollars for their pet friends and projects…zero to do with scientific truth.  Never trust a Democrat, let alone a loony leftist chameleon environmental case to make wise decisions.  Proof is just beyond your eyes, with hyperinflated gas and food costs BECAUSE of $5 trillion in new GREEN deal printed $$.

The loony left misery merchants champion more idiocy: they, including their gender affirming and abortion doctors, pretend that squirming, thumbsucking, mom kicking entity inside her womb is DEAD.  Non-living.  They “strain the gnat” to claim it is a blob of tissue, a product of conception, clump of cells, all refuted by you guessed it, basic scientific observation.  And when technology caught up over the decades as it can do, they turn to a “woman’s right to choose…” misdirected from the actual living human being.  Even our creepy greasehead Nephew Newsom profits with his new interstate human trafficking business called AborTours Inc. and won’t refer to the growth as human nor BABY.

Any 5 year old touching her mom’s protruding stomach with her little brother inside calls him a “baby”.  What does the 5 year old have that the governor doesn’t: basic WISDOM.

Point is simple: God did NOT make 10 different matched first couples, from Mesopotamia, Nairobi, Alaska, France, China, to have 10 different human races: He created just ONE race, with multiple colors and cultures.  Again, SCIENCE wins.

He designed man with a penis, a device that both expels sterilized liquids from the male species AND provides sperm for his marriage partner, a female’s ovum to CO-create life.  Certainly, occasionally it is used in a woman when they are not married, or when she doesn’t want it anywhere near her, like in rape.  But always remember,  NOTHING happens on earth without God’s help.  Zip nada zero.  One Race, billions of descendants, many through Abraham and Sarah or Hagai, and all through Noah’s family.  Our Democrat friends love to pull the race card from their 54 card race deck, as well as invent whole crappy race theories to glean more $$ from the ignorant.

Why is this important?  Because, other than some aberrant births, men come equipped with penises, just as little girls are equipped with vaginas, a supply of eggs, and mammary glands that will develop at puberty.

The penis is useful for the intimacy of a covenant marriage, blessed by God.  But it also is mishandled by other males to suck sperm out, to shove in another male’s anal orifice and even through homosexual bath house holes for servicing like its a clogged fire hose.  Sorry to be crass, but this is the real and Godless world we live in.  And your 2nd graders are being prepped by “comprehensive” sex education from kinder thru practiced sex in the locker room or while mom and dad are at work.  Decades of teachers’ union guided degeneration via indoctrination will take a while to repair.  For immediate relief, homeschool your kids.  It worked during the last 3 years of covid hysteria, malpractice and silly shutdowns and pfailed Pfizer jabs.  Happy to explain since we only are in year 39 of our family’s homeschooling experience.

A Breast is a breast.  Because, throughout Scripture and common sense biology books, the breast is part of the attractive elements that draw men to women, with sometimes the size of the breast coming into play.

A woman is the most complex entity on earth and the most precious, no matter how the loons try to “recreate” her in their bizarre imagery.  Like that Percy song rewritten “When a man becomes a woman”, she then heads the CDC to engineer medical/public health fraud with a Communist Chinese designed virus.   Amazing how many former men are currently in positions of DC power.  Even the Admiral He2She.

Those who follow Christ, teach our young what God intended their penises be used for.  But if you reject Christ at His word, like Pelosi, Biden and Newsom, and other fine Catholics and non-Catholics, EVERYTHING GOES.

Which brings us to “off label” uses of breasts and penises, like the burgeoning and lucrative “gender affirmative” chainsawn breasts and castrated boys industry.

Fueling a part of this mutilation indoctrination is the Angelie Jolie effect.  Dr Joel Brin, the excellent epidemiologist has done studies that there is a direct link between high levels of  breast cancer and abortion. So, in the recent elections, abortion seems to get center stage as a “GOOD”.  How, increasing the chance you will get breast cancer is a positive is well above my sanity level.  It’s almost as if the medical division of hell is working overtime.

Say, Dr. Brin is right; logically and biologically, with developing breast cells rudely interrupted by external planned parenthoodlums hacking away on human trafficked teens from 49 other states.  The strategy of Creepy GreaseHead Newsom’s revolutionary $200 million CalTax dollars “AborTours, Inc.” paying for flight to Golden State kill mills for teen Jills.

If this is the case, then breast removal for genetics may be missing the realities of what happens when breast development is abruptly ended with the death of her child, especially by the millions via planned parenthoodlums harvesting little hearts and livers.   Don’t think PP and AbortInc. doesn’t sell heart parts and deliver livers to hungry med labs worldwide?  Emulating the Chinese doing live organs transplants out of living Ouighers in the Xi Dynasty.

If God’s original prime purpose of breasts was just to overfill bikinis in the 21st century, than this may not make sense.

But, the Chief & Eternal Reproductive Systems specialist, designed a mother’s breast to develop and fill with a unique liquid, in fact milk is called a “mammary gland suspended in liquid/aqueous solution”.

In case you were raised in a government indoctrination institution like NYC’s PS666, following birth, her milk is “let down” ie glands filled so that her child can suckle at her breast and basically survive; formula is NOT superior to mothers’ milk but it has its uses. Like God’s amazing gift of CO2 converted to FEEDING the WORLD via Photosynthesis, we let the environMENTAL CASES, and the climatecon extortionist firm of Gore Kerry (hmm) control our world.  And their chief target: our wealth.

God, not Harvard or Transgenderhealth, designed the whole system of mankind, from conception to natural death.

He didn’t consult with Harvard Boston teen sanity altering mutilations; He designed every level of human existence for our good.  Did you know He designed even the male to be protected when his penis is circumcised?  The Fibrinogen ie Vitamin K level maximizes at or near the eighth day; meanwhile, God’s chosen people were given the admonition in the Torah to remove the penis’ foreskin on the 8th day.  Why? God’s biosystemic design of the male blood system helps stem the blood flow, promoting coagulation when the foreskin is removed, whether for religious or medical reasons.  Never heard this, have you?

Trust me, the real purpose of penises was not so transport secretary  Pete and Chase could lay in a hospital bed holding newborn twins; they are pre-ordained for liquid waste removal and promulgation of the human race.

Breasts and penises both have their primary purposes; just as hearts deliver blood and liver filters it: the same two organs that abortionInc. lusts over for extra dollars.

Why were the eyes set apart? So the human could discern depth of field and the ears are NOT on the front of the face both delivering stereoscopic sound to the nerve endings.

It’s hard to talk to the godless deniers of His existence, so-called atheists, but no man or woman on earth can design a 50 trillion celled being with 10 systems, 217 bones, etc to match a human.  Nor fill the 553 sextillion mile wide universe with another billion stars.

This is the conundrum of puny mankind shaking his/her fist at the God who created them: like the gnat playing chicken with an 18 wheeler’s windshield at a mile per minute.  Trust physics: the gnat will splat and not even require glass repair.

Whether micro or macro, God’s infinitely precise talent palette is impossible to emulate by we puny mankind which includes the last created gender, womanhood.

But, if you aren’t convinced the plastics ObamaJo is trying to end with drilling shutdown of plastic precursers, oil and natural gas; here’s the smorgasbord of the redo human shape shifters:

The one referral I missed above is to AborTours and Creepy Chainsaw Massacred Breast makeovers, UnLtd.

It is owned by that Creepy Gov Greasehead Newsom who lures all those fearful and rebellious teens from across the US, who don’t want mom and dad to know, who want corrective surgery for free in California as well as killing their prebirth little girls first.

Gavin married his brest friend’s wife, Jen, who this week lambasted the scumbag Harry for groping her adult body while she sanctions the sex trafficking of minor teens by her nice, cute arrogant creepy sex fiend 2024 presidential candidate.

Breasts and penises. Common sense tells us they are better left intact ON teens and not IN Newsom’s trophy case seeking to pass Dr. Kermit and Jeff Dahmers for most human body specimens.  Oh, of course mammarian speciwomens lopped off ignorant teens made NOT of silicon but God’s uniquely designed child feeding systems fetch more interest at the French Laundry.  And in our perverted horny governor, best labeled a Creepy Corrupt Young Girl trafficker, luring conflicted and confused teen girls from across the country.  Free flight.  Free abortion.  Free puberty blockers.  Chainsaw Massacred Breasts for the ladies; Circumseized castration for the boys.  While our totalitarian Demonrat governor runs for the presidency starting yesterday, enticing 16 year olds away from their home and parents, to come to his Califr lair at 700 Tustin Ave at 22 Fwy.   Meanwhile, we knew it would happen.  The Emperor Panderer is now upside down by $25 billion and mounting for the coming budget.

But the Piper and Reaper is coming home: 

1 FTX  $50 billion BK    $40 billion to the Demonrat party leaders   30 Bahama Fraternity boys, with whores & gamer devices

2 Obamanation’s JoBama Biden    $5 trillion blow used for his Dem buddies while destroying America

3 G Lucipher Newsom, down $25 billion and spending $200 million OUR tax$$ for his sex trafficked 16 year old ladies

The Democrat honeymoon is over.  the Obamanation sabotaged energy, economy, America families for their treasonous desires.  Let the investigations begin, Mr Jordan and Rand Paul.  Please include hell’s new industry, gender affirming surgeries which bumps up suicides twenty fold