Amy Coney Barrett Confirmed 10/30/2020 to SCOTUS!

Writing this BEFORE her nomination is a risky business. 

ACB after RBG is an important transition for the real America, which believes in the Constitution and those old fashioned ideals of law&order, honesty, integrity, thriftiness and self-reliance.  After all, like many of us that don’t walk the latest 1854 Democrat slave party planks, she is guilty of believing in God, following Christ, being oldest of 7, having 7 kids including two Haitian orphans, achieving much, settling for nothing but the best and loving America.

Not to mention, teaching her munchkins you don’t riot, steal, loot, burn or murder like the AntiFastan BLM Inc RePayRations/steal/burn/kill crowd beholden to Soros & Gates, living life to the fullest, Amy is her guy as a girl, a true lady of repute.  Yes she suffers as one of the binary genderSexes, femaleness, not the 158 self describes recreated notions of gender ideology.

As the oldest of 11 and having 11 kids who my beloved sister Cath says is white privileged and lucky my NY German dad snagged a Polish Chicago Cath mom, I feel Amy’s pain and gain.

Well, truthfully, I could banter with the OBDelivery doc and nurses while another mother Donna, like Amy, did the heavy lifting. 

But, never mentioned by the destroy AmeriKa hate all faiths and God coalition, is self-less actual charitable Christian service, like my Muslim, Jewish Protestant friends embrace, is a CAtholic good for the USA.  More hospitals, more relief, more help has emanated from Catholics and other people of faith, as part of the America that continues to be first at most worldwide cataclysms, Amy Coney Barrett, is the embodiment of what C people do and believe.  C as in Catholic.  Yes, we have our failings and faults, and Catholic criminals, but I don’t blame Hunter Biden nor Nantoinette “Do as I say not as I HAIRDO” for all their demonic utterances and actions.  satan the father of lies gets a little credit for the CINO sect.

Dogma Dianne Feinstein, who was chauffeured for 20 years with a Xi Spy from the Red mainland, worries Amy might follow God’s rules, not the Dem rules of anarchy, rioting, looting and other tenets of the misery merchants.  Oh my, one less Macy’s robbed in twilight.  One less of the currently 15 dead cops since triFenatyl high Floyd became the flashpoint for Soros sponsored anarchist deaths and $2 billion in people’s life savings and business the last two seasons.

For these “sins”, Feinstein will insult her faith (Catholicism), Harris Administration’s 47th prez candidate Kamala will chide her for achieving the boring way: hard word.
Of course, violating the sanctity of the marriage bed, Kamala, who’s slogan is the “Brown Bedroom to the Lincoln Bedroom in 27 years”, as a candidate is proud for choosing to use her body and the world’s oldest profession to get her first $167,000 in payola government jobs.  That’s a woman’s choice as it is a man’s.  But, Kamala suffers the disease of reedism, drifting and grifting in the wind with the latest power acquisition strategy.  No matter how many more of the 20 million dead black kids among 63 million dead American kids must die for this new plantation.


Yes, the Dems still haven’t forgiven Lincoln for freeing the blacks in the 1860s.  Meanwhile, instead of harvesting crops for NO pay, tiny black kids are HARVESTED at Petty Tyrant

These 1860s blacks harvested artichoke hearts & lettuce heads. Today’s blacks one third of the time ARE the harvested heads and hearts on Dem PP plantation

Newsom’s only open churches in California: the planned parenthood sect of satan’s temples of dooms, where instead of fracked up black gold from mother earth, satan’s surgeons hack up black girls extracted from mother wombs.  Baby hearts, like batteries for toys, and parts sold separately of course.  You don’t get $715 for a Yale med black head or $125 for a baby heart at Amy’s Catholic parish nor WalMart.  At least at WalMart you can buy those essential sex drugs known as steroidal pills for $8 a month.   Page 42 of the Democrat platform outlines the Plantation of Death and Harvested Blacks.  
God bless America. Pray that Nantoinette Pelosi will comply with Psalms 109:8 before Allergan runs out of botulismic juice. 
But our Dem leader friends should add one more plank in their evil platform titled:

“Arrogance: Do as I say, NOT as I HairDO!”   Keeping so many under house arrest for so long.

Funny thing.  Despite government institutionalized public schools led by leftist Hippie Throwback Thursday tenured Harvard professors who hate homeschooling, and the other misery merchants of “meriKa”, we have a joy filled thriving country.  STILL the place people climb walls to get into.  Millions of families, even with petty tyrants destroying more private sector businesses than mass murderer Xi could ever have envisioned unleashing his Plague of Xi, love our free land and just want our elected employees to stick to safe, law&order security roles.  NOT play Stalin or Marx sonatas to their father of lies, the devil.
Amy will be a fine justice, irrespective of whether Norma McCorvey’s landmark RoeVWade ruling is overturned.  Someday, just maybe, the Hillary Hunter Biden crowd, who never met a human they couldn’t con (but conservative critical thinkers?) nor kill, will actually FOLLOW THE SCIENCE!

Simple proof that God feeds us well and CO2 is NOT evil like the misery merchants and Algorean Heretics continue to spew from Tennessee, Paris and elsewhere

Think beyond the indoctrination maze for a moment.
Fascinating is how easily the Godless anarchist misery merchants are misled about the science.  God feeds the world with photosynthesized food from water, sun and yes CARBON DIOXIDE.  Yet it is only ONE molecule in 2500, a trace gas barely coming in as #4 behind Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon. As I mentioned to Pat Madrid on his national radio show on Relevant Radio, CO2 like so called fossil fuels, is a gift from the Creative God.  Amy is a fine example of this True Science.
After He made billions of stars, planets, plants and animals, thousands of biochemical processes, the Creator moved to trillions of insects (yes cockroaches and ants too), and then tapped the brakes. 
God left His next acts, promised to the Angels, of only ONE man. No billions of humans on the earth at the same time.
As any good scientist will tell you, God went from the simple to the most complex in his Creation engineering plans.  After that mere man Adam, God put His all into making the most amazing, intricate and infinitely complex, last act of general creation, woman.  Who else can nurture a single cell into a thinking, squirming, thumbsucking 50 trillion celled human but an Eve?   The same fully human beings sold as chattel in parts to med labs around the world.  But that’s not Eve’s fault what we do today to other humans, preborn or post.  It’s a correctable sickness, this RoWad73 virus.

Another Eve who honors the Second Eve, Mary of Nazareth, Amy, will soon to be the #9 spot, filling the seat Ruth Bader Ginsburg freed up as she met her Judge.  Hopefully, it was a good meeting, but only she and God know the truth.  Maybe her longtime friend, Justice Scalia, yes one of those C word faithers, had an influence on who God is.  
But, as of 9/26/2020, Clarence Thomas is the longest serving Judge on SCOTUS at 10,556 days (28 years plus); maybe RGB’s replacement, ACB will live long and prosper even longer.  Time will tell. But, fellow Americans, it is up to US, the true government of, by and for the people, it is up to us to do our part.  Not just vote, but BKind   4Give  B4Given and most importantly, like the faith Kamalala and Biden and Dianne seem to despise:
Help1Some1~2day.  And many more if you are able. 
God bless the Barrett family.  God bless Amy AND America.  Pray for her, the amazing Child of God that Amy is, and the covenant land of liberty, that she will renew her goodness and stand much longer that twin towers gone one score minus one years ago this month.  “It’s a REpublic, IF we can keep it” said the Key man, Ben Franklin.  Let’s mutually promise to work for her betterment. Amy will be a part of this renewal
Len is a real estate practitioner, dad of 11, GP to 14,  homeschooler in year 31, spent 30 years as youth minister/DRE/FF at three parishes in Newsom’s orange colored Orange County diocese, scientist and Mark Twain type satirist.  Blessed beyond measure


The “Mazing Mayhem of the Misery Merchants

Live on the joy-filled opportunity laden blessed plains of America, not the chameleon plantations of the misery merchants always ready to ruin your world.

The Southern Democrats still haven’t forgiven the Northern Republicans for freeing their slaves..  In a way, you really can’t blame them.  Free labor is free labor.

  Blacks were a perfectly rich source of this cheap labor, actually other than room, board and meals (oh and getting raped and used like a slab of meat): basically NO labor costs, ie FREE. 

The Greek Revival mansions housed southern slave masters’ corporate balance sheet was strong certainly due to the minimal labor costs contributing to Democrats’ profitability.  The labor of the mainly Democrat southern economy had cheaper labor than the Middle Kingdom where the Plague of Xi originated.  Talk about FREE enterprise!

  Ever heard it put this way?  Probably not.

The Democrats current operational platform remains the same: the plantation.  The slave party of 1854 is just never happy; they’ve remained the carrion call, the misery merchants of a nation so blessed people are STILL trying to break into.  Well, other than NYC, where people are escaping in droves.

It took 600,000 dead young mainly men to create universal HR, human resources, for those black Americans. But, note, their former employers still were nor are, happy.  Jim Crow laws, carpetbaggers, secession gave way to segregation and continued belief that blacks and whites are from DIFFERENT races.  What a foolish notion: more than the ONE great race?

Yet, Juneteeth celebrates this freedom to be free, belatedly, but so did July 4th, 1776 and Sept 17th, Constitution day.  Inalienable rights of “Life, Liberty and Property.  Err, I mean, you know, it woulda been “property” secured by the freedoms to live free…except for the southern Dems of repute.  Pursuit of happiness was a weak but nonetheless, a useful and important right.  But, the blacks would not remain property forever, though those dastarly Dem leaders will never give up.

Did you realize you do NOT have to accept the misery merchants’ product? 

Yes, the mainly FLR Dem led peaceful riots in Covid19 spring and summer: like all good Atilla’s when they don’t get their way, they burn it down.   Law and order, security and safety, the responsibility of mayors and governors, fell by the wayside as we battled the world’s greatest mass murdering Xi JP of CCP Red China.  We all know this, just too many refuse to see the truth.

A statue not to their liking? Ask any Far Left tenured leftist Harvard prof: lie about  history and try and tear history down.  Or at least revise it THEIR way. Your great great great …great grandmother was a house slave or GGGGP harvesting in the fields, you owe me beaucoup bucks.  RePAYrations is an interesting concept.  Should LA Jews demand billions from Pharaohs’ descendants for their 400 years of slavery?

Blacks, after all, had come over from another continent (altho white, brown etc slavery happened as well going back to the Israelites under the Middle Eastern state of Egypt) on terrible slave ships.  Ask William Wilberforce about the lower cabins’ condition on these African cruises.  Today, that well known Marxist, anti-family (oops BLM Inc. is quietly changing that mantra) BLM Inc., with their useful idiot AntiFa mainly white boys and girls and other brainwashed by $200,000/yr leftist tenured professors indoctrination techniques.  Oppression and humanity’s inhumanity to humans just change time zones and colors, sadly, it seems.

Dead Floyd, black peace officer David Dorn and Loot Macy’s were turning point pinnacles of the anarchist misery merchants march to hell: like Nero and Hannibal, we have the BLM~AntiFa.  And why in heaven’s name did Portland’s Dem leadership go 100+ days and counting allowing is people to be bullied, oppressed

Oh, and the 15 dead cops the down payment on the Warren Wilhelm Diblasio destruction of the Rotting Apple.  Defund the police? Insanity. Tell free hospitalier Franklin Graham’s Covid relief field hospital to get outta GCentral Park while manslaughter is reeked by Cuomo the Conqueror, killing 6500 elderly with 4500 Covid infected germ transports, instead of the gifted virus safe zones.  Equipped with docs and nurses.

The agrarian plantation of the 18th & 19th century becomes the plantation of anarchy, misery merchants selling their lawless, disorderly batch of death cookies. 

Don’t buy what they are selling, free born American citizens!  You don’t need to ride the Misery Merchant Express, people.  Get above the wildfire haze, outside the Dem controlled and destroyed metros, you can see blue skies,opportunity and joy is out there. WE need the officers alive and on the job.  We DON’T need the petty tyrants like Crayon pretty boy Newsom, first name Recall, Wilmers, Cuomo etc.   People of God, people of America: we LIVE in a great land.  It is OK to be happy, working hard and smart, in or out of the current “house arrest” fear of a virus,

BKind  4Give  B4Given   Help1Some1~2day.  Or more if you can.

Look at the Democrats current plantation, sometimes called platform, on  page 42: 

“Like the majority of Americans, Democrats believe every woman should be able to access
high-quality reproductive health care services, including safe and legal abortion. We oppose and
will fight to overturn federal and state laws that create barriers to women’s reproductive health
and rights, including by repealing the Hyde Amendment and protecting and codifying the right to
reproductive freedom. “

“The plantation of dead babies cut up for profit”   We SEE inside the womb clearly.  Too bad they ignore medical science.

With most things attributed to the FLARs (far left anarchist radicals) you need to parse their code words.  they don’t really care about the $8 a month WalMart birth control pills. It’s the choice for moms to walk into a planned parenthood carrying a 7 pound girl and having the selective surgeons hack and extract her out, slice up for parts (hearts and parts sold separately of course).

Talk about a plantation and the new form of slavery: ‘reproductive health care’ is ’empty the womb’, sometimes maim or kill the mom, like Tia, or Holly or…the untold list is long.  Tia is the poster girl for hell’s hospital on earth planned parenthood and affiliates.

Her tragic story is one of abject universal health scare failure.   Tia’s known baby was aborted; but Abort Inc.’s substandard medical professionals did not do their due diligence and didn’t see Tia’s OTHER pregnancy in her fallopian tubes.  When the Ectopic child caused the rupture, the third dead girl for one $300 abortion invoice died.  Where was Hillary, or Kamala, holding her hand as their fave satanists abandoned her?

Tia’s great…grandmother escaped the slave plantation only to see from heaven her GGGGGDaughter die on the Sanger plantation of ritual human sacrifice. 

Three girls died that day on ONE abortion invoice

Ladies, don’t be snookered, conned.  Why are you dying to lose it all by substandard misery merchant owned satanic surgeons of hell?

In California, Crayon Boy Newsom plays with his wax Crayolas playing doctor, keeping all churches closed EXCEPT one: his and his aunt (Do as I say not as I hairdo)’s favorite state religion, planned parenthood’s satan temple of doom.  They continued open through the Covid Chronicles seasons doing “essential elective surgeries” while hospitals and churches were locked down.

Today, women are house slaves to the Democrat favorite campaign donors, Abortion Inc.  Ask the lady who’s motto is “From the Brown Bedroom at 29 to the Lincoln Bedroom 27 years later”.  Kamala got $82,000 from NorCal’s abortion establishment; this year, God only knows how much satan’s sellers gave the Senator.  

Ruth, ie RBG has already met her Judge; we pray it went well.  But, the 4-4 tie needs a tie breaker.  NOW.  We elected Trump to be president for 4 years, NOT just until the Schumer Schitty Show says “wait for the next president”.  Sure.

How about a mother of 7 who is the oldest of 7?  It’s time to confirm judge Amy Coney Barrett.   Passed over for the epic Brett battles, yes, there are other possibles, but the misery merchants need help.  Some are totally evil, but most are influenced by evil and can be redeemed from dispensing misery wholesale.  Do you know a misery merchant in your blessed life?  Yes, we all have obstacles and stumbling blocks, but with Jesus’ help we CAN overcome.

Amy Coney Barrett

Jen is right: What matters most is what unites us. We need to follow the science that babies are better alive, then divided and sold to med labs

BunkerBiden, the master of misery, needs assisted nursing not more exposure; his family, enriched by Joe’s real estate and Chinese conquests, should be ashamed to parade him out there as president Kamala’s slave on her quest to be #47 taking out #45 using a soon to be dumped #46. Via the 25th amendment.

Don Lemon says to “blow up the entire system”.  “Kill the electoral college”.  “Pack the courts”.  What a classy millionaire talking head of the ABCNNBCBS Dem owned disinformation crowd.

We say the best antidote to the disease of misery merchants is nominate Amy, confirm Amy and have a 5-4 court for the coming anarchist election.  The slave party of 1854 is just, as usual, morphing the plantation to lawless disorder and mayhem.  We need to level that plantation of anarchy.

Misery merchants freely steal your soul.  Don’t let them.  See the real America: we are thriving, despite the petty tyrants.  We are recovering, despite 64 million, yes million dead kids over 47 years from the RoeWade, or RoWad73, the world’s most deadly virus.  Mr Biden spent the same years, the 47, enriching his family and accomplishing less than nothing.  But, as Kamala puts it in her campaign theme: 

“I prefer hacked up black girls extracted from oppressed mother wombs, instead of fracked up black gold extracted from benevolent mother earth.  I am Kamala Harris, your 47th president”.

She hates energy out of the ground.  Loves black baby girls harvested and sold. 

A kamala administration. What a nightmare THAT would be.  Vote. Pray. Do.  They say the “devil is always in the details”.  Why not ask the lady herself.

YOU have the freedom to choose: LIVE on the joy-filled opportunity laden blessed plains of America, not the chameleon plantations of the misery merchants always ready to ruin your world.  Choose wisely


Climate Change and Fires Gone Wild!

Pat, we ALL are interested in clean energy.  But, Mr. Madrid, you pegged it: the climate change in California isn’t all lightning: It includes graduates from the Soros Anarchist Arsonist School of Destruction.  Such as Oregon’s Bakula  and whether it’s a “boy or girl” gender reveal.  Thank God there weren’t 158 gender non-reveals via pyrotechnics, too.  JP Sears was a good listen.

But just when you think loony leftists can’t dig a deeper hole:  stay tuned: Governor Newsom again demonstrates incredible ignorance.  As our 47th presidential candidate, Kamala, whose mottos include “From the Brown bedroom to the Lincoln Bedroom in 27 years” does as well!  But, this is to be expected from good prostiticians.  Don’t miss Kamala the Pirates campaign slogan at the bottom.  Anyways: isn’t it…

 Fascinating how everyone is an expert on everything. “Follow the science!” shout the prostiticians,  as if most people have a clue what is fact or fiction…especially college kids who were indoctrinated in the fake left gospel.  Most of us refuse to jump off the top story of a building because we respect the law of gravity, but too many of us are sheep “following” the experts about so much that intuitively makes no sense.

What is a wildfire?

 Seems obvious, but there are many definitions, but it simply means a fire that has gone wild, beyond its manageable and controllable confines. Fires will always happen, but it is up to smart people to minimize their damage. 

Over 2 million acres needlessly lost in Gov ‘Recall’ Newsom’s “Green means BURN!” forest management policies are this season’s wild fire results.  You can demonstrate the principle of “the environmental case of ignoring fire’s ability” for a dubious cause: take a bag of crumpled paper, dry Christmas tree pine needles and wood chips and dump it on your 5 burner gas stove top.

Turn on the gas, listen to the self igniters kick in and run.  Or get the fire extinquisher.   But the mental cases of the environment have waaay too much power, make too much money and don’t follow true science.

Best choice: REMOVE the detritus, dead wood from the stove top before your morning oatmeal.  Do the same with our forest floors and dead tall matchsticks.  We CAN! with the proper leadership.

We are blessed with millions of beautiful forested acres but each year we listen to the Sierra Clubber anarchists, the less acreage of trees we will have and arable available for farming.  More dead residents and firefighters, like the just announced ElDorado fire victim.  IT IS AAALLLLLL PREVENTABLE.

As a conservationist conservative scientist, i am all about protecting our “environment”.  Our family recycles, we use grey and reverse osmosis runoff water to water plants, grow our own vegetables, minimal waste into the city sewer, no garbage disposal for foodstuffs, the list goes on.

  But, we need the truth not propaganda.  You JUST can’t trust prostiticians whose priorities are their campaign donors not the citizenry.

What is Carbon Dioxide (CO2)?

Carbon dioxide is a small, trace atmospheric gas that does incredible things.  Combined with water and sunlight (not heat), it FEEDS the WORLD!!  Remember 4th grade science? Look at the graphic: we were taught “photosynthesis”, explaining how on one side of the equation are the three common items, H2O, sun and CO2.  On the right side is yielded C6H1206 (sugars, ie “food”) and oxygen.  it CREATES oxygen and food from CO2.  Yet, people demonize and hate carbon dioxide as if it is strychnine or CO (carbon monoxide). Why? Because they can control the debate about production, economic success and more since CO2 is at the heart of progress?  Why would they do that?  Ask the leftist “professor” tenured indoctrinators at Harvard, Yale etc.

Proof? In nature, when I take a random sample of your home’s air (actually anywhere on earth), you only get ONE yes one CO2 molecule out of 2500 molecules of the major gases, nitrogen, oxygen and argon.  Look at the air composition chart again.  Like any music composition, you have different notes in different quantities.  In the atmosphere, science helps us “quantify” too.

1:2500.  One CO2 to every 2499 other air molecules.  So, why do Algoreans say CO2 kills?

The concentration is critical to analyze to establish the validity of their claim God’s excellent food processor, photosynthesis; especially when you take Al Gore and the Paris Accordians player’s statement that the 3% of CO2 is destroying the planet.  The misery merchants just can’t be helped.

Ok, amateur scientists: do the calculations.  The trace atmospheric gas CO2 is 400 parts per million.  3% manmade (androgenic) means ONLY 12 man made CO2 molecules for every ONE MILLION!  12:1,000,000.  You STILL believe that our making cars or growing corn is melting the earth, killing the polar bears (there are five times as many furry whites in last 4 decades, NOT the left’s and Algorean propaganda line)??

Climate has always “evolved”, changed.  Jet streams move, hurricanes land in different places and even though less intense and in number, the Irenes, KaTrinas etc get the headlines.  “If it bleeds it leads” the maxim.  But, leveler heads must look at the truth, not narratives to push one’s biases and agendas.

Newsom even admitted the truth when 45 arrived in California to survey the hell on earth: “The president, meanwhile, has repeatedly blamed the state for poor forest management. He’s called on Newsom to “clean” or rake the forest floors of debris while suggesting the state implement controlled burns.

The president reiterated on Monday that California needs to do better forest management – a remark that Newsom acknowledged.

“We have not done justice to our forest management,” Newsom said. 

So, what’s slowing you up, Mr Governor?   Signing a get out of jail free sodomy bill?  Watching your aunt pelosi shout “Do as i say, NOT as i HAIRDO!”


What is climate change?  is Global warming related?

 Also, many definitions.  Weather, often interchanged with “climate”, changes all the time.  When the global warmologists, Algorean heretics and those that want mankind to go back to the cave era, use it they mean: man can change the weather, the climate and must stop making things that release CO2.  Simple way to put it.  As Lomborg lays it out:

“Climate change is real, but it’s not an apocalyptic threat, as we’ve been told.  The science shows that, for instance, landfalling hurricanes in the US are not more frequent than in the past.  Droughts here have become shorter, less frequent and cover a smaller area.

Seventeen times more people currently die from cold than heat~~and these people will (would have) benefit(ed) from moderate warming.  In fact, global climate telated deaths are at an all-time low.” 

 Think about that; kids are taught, from kinder to college, that the earth is melting; even though there is no glass ceiling, ie greenhouse over the atmosphere. God designed our atmosphere to be radiative, with natural vents NOT glass panels like Christ Cathedral: based on complex processes He set into motion, able to allow heat into space when we hit variant temps.  We have an open system: IF we were a closed system, the earth WOULD burn up in minutes.

  Yet, a global ice age would be much more dangerous than a global warming era.  Reasons are explainable: warmer means more arable, ie workable, crop lands.  Longer growing seasons.  More food in 3rd world countries, especially with America and the 1st world sharing good agrarian technologies and techniques.  You won’t hear this at Harvard.

But these prostiticians are acting as ignorant scientists, not looking at the assumptions that undergird blind belief man has the power to change the weather via CO2.  But, as it is, CO2 emissions have DECREASED over time with more reliance on no polluting natural gas used to generate electricity.

CO2? Per the Kielly Curve, CO2 goes down every summer in the northern hemisphere.   Jane Fonda and the China Syndrome scared us out of nuclear generation; meanwhile the anarchist ecoterrorists want to take $10 trillion out of the economy by ending fossil fuels, all of them.  So, if we can’t use oil, gas, natural gas, coal and nuclear, that leaves three ways:  hydroelectric, solar and wind.  These three will not replace the 4 gigawatt deficit in Calfornia resulting from Gov Recall Newsom’s 8 gigawatt no pollution natural gas generation kill.  He pleased the Sierra Clubbers and screwed us taxpayers and families.  I wonder if petty tyrant pretty boy Newsom thinks.  period.

Our single party legislature ignoring chief exec has no clue.  He’s already killing us with less electricity by banning super low emissions (natural gas) sources; also, end fossil fuels and that immediately takes 6000 petro-related (many many essential) products. 6000 products!   

We are letting the toddlers throw their tenured leftist professor fueled tantrums and it is killing America.


NOAA does great work; but in the private sector you get fired if you are wrong.  You can’t know the future but you can know the “before”. Joe Bestardi is a seasoned climatologist. Hurricane  Flora in 1962 put 100 inches of rain on Cuba, with Castro blaming JFkennedy for stalling the hurricane!  Harvey in Houston, Katrina and Irene etc.  Climate changes hurricanes happen.  Always have.

How are they related?  Androgenic Climate change and Wild CaliFires?

They aren’t.  Manmade climate change on the scale of major worldwide disruptions is total fantasy (androgenic means caused by man).  Wild CaliFires are caused by bureaucratic ignorance, malfeasance and loony leftists who prefer ancient oaks destroyed instead of thinned or “disturbed”:   Kind of like disturbing the the super fast burning forest floor material.  I will be making a few movie shorts to demonstrate this.


Truth: global cooling is on the way and the beginnings are UNDERway.  A Grand Solar Minimum


New Conjecture is metastasizing:  The Maunder Minimum, now known as the Dalton Minimum, is already here!  Unfortunately, the “climate deniers are primitive nuts” is repeated often enough

Global cooling in Time

and it drowns out sensible scientific inquiry.

Solar Minimums involve the three primary solar cycles converging in this decade with the sunspot numbers dwindling and thus actual solar heat (not light) sent 93 million miles to earth declining severely.  Sunspots indicate how much heat is coming our way: lots of sunspots, more solar heat.  Less or MINIMUM, ie none, means solar energy is dwindling.

I believe this centurian cyclical solar shutdown is possibly partly responsible for the variance in weather patterns we are seeing.  Instead of listening to the tired Algorean heresy that man is destroying the planet by making CO2, it’s time to wake up, people, and consider these four decades of global warming BS is NOT Biologic Science.  It is time to prepare for mitigation for LESS heat, less food production, shorter agrarian seasons and less arable land.  For further detail, look up Dr Valentina Zharkova, an excellent solar physicist who works in this area.  It is an uphill battle, since most scientists are NOT physicists, let alone solar physicists. But it is worth the push

Google “solar physicist dr valentina Zharkova” for more information.  I harvested 300 pounds of tomatoes three years ago; the last two, not so much.  This is anecdotal but informative: food is a gift from our Creator.  We take so much for granted.  should this grand solar minimum go global more than it already is showing signs of, we will need to help 3rd worlders more and more.  Let alone in our world.  I have been prepping my family and indirectly other homeschooling families about basic gardening techniques for this very purpose.  Some day I will tell them, looking back to this blog.


WE are missing the warnings and will pay the price if we don’t adjust our irrational fears with the truth..>>>>>

We can’t rely on these misery merchants who don’t give a darn about us families: just power and absolute corrupted power absolutely.

What is a ‘climate change denier?’

Someone falsely accused by the bullies in the money grubbing man is evil and killing the planet crowd.  No one denies climate changes.  But, too many academicians and scientists get paid, or get grants, by toeing the party letist line.

What is Algorean heresy?   the idea that man can change the climate significantly and is by using the gifts called “fossil fuel”.  Solar and Wind are intermittent and lack the high energy coefficients for their respective usages like natural gas and gasoline.  Add in 6000 products suddenly killed off and we come to realize we have two year old toddlers driving the cars and economy.


Kamala has an uncanny resemblance to the babies she has killed for parts for campaign dollars

Who is Chief Calif scientist Gov Recall Newsom and his beliefs. What is Kamala?

Kamala, who at age 29 made the Brown Bedroom her home when Brown’s wife Blanche wasn’t in the room; 27 years later, she is chasing the Lincoln Bedroom on the East Coast.  Both she and Pelosi’s nephew, Gavin Newsom blame man’s making of carbon dioxide NOT the bureaucracy melded with radical environmental cases for lousy management of tinder box forests.  And changing climate which has always happened.

Newsom praised Harris’ remarks on climate change. “Climate change is real. If you don’t believe in science, come to California and observe it with your own eyes. You cannot be in denial about this reality.

Parse carefully what the governor just said and did: Climate change is real.  We all agree, one day it is hot, next day it is cool. Monsoons to light drizzle. In fact, global warming sets in locally every dawn and gets warmer; global cooling sets in locally every night.  But then Newsom “links” climate change to “science”:  “If you don’t believe in science, come to California and observe“. Nice try Pretty Boy!

This is how the left demonizes actual scientists who want the facts and NOT rely on baseless or dubious assumptions.  Like a toddler, Newsom plays “nah nah nah” with you and saying if you question a scientific assumption, you are stupid and worst ignorant of “settled climate science”.  No more bizarre or false words can come: science is never settled.

Gov Recall Newsom bans gas powered vehicles by 2035.  I hope he has a really large assortment of extension cords. Wind & solar are unreliable.

Our toddler tyrant governor shows his scientific ignorance yet again.  Einstein said you can’t create energy; and there are no commercially available zero emission vehicles, including the Tezzzlas. 

Electricity for Elon’s batteries has gotta be generated somewhere. 

Here’s the quote: “California Governor Gavin Newsom announced Wednesday that the state will ban sales of gas-powered vehicles, effective in 2035. Newsom said that the “audacious” goal was necessary to achieve the state’s goal of 100% renewable energy by 2045. Newsom said that his new executive order would “eliminate” the sales of “internal combustion engines” and move to electric vehicles — a move that he said would create jobs and allow California to “dominate” the market, and address climate change. Those who currently own gas-powered vehicles would still be allowed to operate them and to sell them on the used market.”

Oh, thank you oh gracious Emperor Petty Tyrant Gavin.  You couldn’t spell “science” if it was on your fetology textbook explaining humans come in small packages,  in front of your arrogant, indulgent face.  Stick to your crayons, Gavin: refined oil, gasoline still has the highest energy coefficient and dependability for mass moved over distances on 4-18 wheels.  Better still, if that ignorant fool would learn a bit, natural gas generated electricity is the most economical and DEPENDABLE sources of residential power.  Yet, green in the gills Sierra Club prostitician cut out 8 gigawatts of methane created electricity forcing black and brown outs when and as the wildfires raged.

The 4 gigawatt deficit will not be made up by windmills and Mojave Desert magnifying glass sun powered boilers.  Meanwhile, Xavier the Little Cow Becerra keeps heaping more charges on David Daleiden for his investigative journalist exposure of the baby killers Dr Nucotela, Gatters and Jon Dunn.   Xavier is auditioning for his stay in hell.  Like the Hotel California, he can check out but never leave.

On top of this misery, rarely shown is the total rape of the California family consumer.  Our gas sales tax RATE hovers ove 65%, yes 65%.  The paper we use to wipe our behinds is about a 9% sales tax.  The essential energy, is seven times as much.  Fire all the bastards and start over.

The scientific method involves assumptions, hypotheses, theories and testing to draw conclusions. 

“Observations” is part of the process but not the decider.  We “observe” orange skies and Newsom and Harris blame man made CO2, morphed to androgenic climate change, to go Marxist and stop making stuff that makes for a healthy interactive free market economy.  Creating wealth provides the funds for private sector families to help OTHER PEOPLE and not force them, when the chips are down, to depend on government.

See how dangerous false assumptions and biased conclusions are?  Newsom says: “You cannot be in denial about this reality”  What reality? The Democrat AOC New Green Deal propaganda?

  The skies are orange? That California’s policies are destroying the state via terrible preventable wildfires; remove the dead weeds and twigs, branches and trees, you mitigate the destruction of Smokey the Bear’s wilderness~~AND our cities caught in the way.  Banning creating firebreaks and controlled burns to LIMIT fires has led to this insanity.  Meanwhile pretty boy blames climate change and carbon dioxide generation.  Total bull shit.

As all good prostiticians who would sell their bodies for $167,000 in gov job payola or their grandmothers for a vote, Harris and Newsom blame the innocent and ignore their complicity. 

Harris gets money from baby killers and Newsom from the rad enviro lobby like Sierra Club…this taints their prostitician mindset to ignore the hard truth: stoves covered with paper, tinder, wood and kindling will go wild once the first gas igniter kicks in.  Blame the gender reveal or the arsonist, but neither could cause 11 square miles of barren desert once forested that easily if our incompetent public sector (some not all) who don’t do their jobs.

With all the petty tyrannical ignoramuses running states and cities in Dem controlled Left America, it might take a Federal executive order to end this insanity.  Enrads who worship Al Gore want ZERO fuel clearance, even if millions of acres and people burn.  This is sick.


Sadly, true statesmen and women don’t wet their middle fingers and hold it to the wind; prostiticians like Brown’s babe, Biden and Newsom, who’d sell their Aunt Nancys for a vote, cannot be trusted to be scientists.  Their “experts, are typically “yesmen/women” since they choose those that meet their biased presuppositions.


Of the 2500 marbles in this vase, only ONE would be carbon dioxide. So who’s the fool about CO2? The fool or the ones who follow the fools

California is dying.  It’s bloated debt dwarfs what the private sector can create; the criminally large and generous public pensions are killing the most resource rich state in the union.  Criminals are the coddled citizens, no bail quick release the law: not the law and order abiding innocent families.  We need a peaceful revolution not more “peaceful protests” with bombers, looters and rioters.

Truth is out there.  And things are correctable IF we wake up and smell the brisk pine needles in a forest not succumbing to CaliFires’ best friend: Recall Newsom.  NEVER trust a prostitician; it’s tough enough trusting the veracity of our scientists.

Next time someone asks you “Got CO2?”, tell them one out of 2500 molecules.  Truth is the best liberator.

Seek the Truth in all things.  Question authority.  Don’t lust for power but use wisdom.

Always remember, knowledge is NOT power.  Knowledge married to wisdom is.

Would someone just take that petty toddler Newsom’s crayon box away.  We adults know how to wash our hands, not lick doorknobs, stay away a reasonable distance, wear a mask when close to another human and other common sense sanitary protocols

We don’t need a nanny ninny nor his hypocritical “Do as I say, NOT as I HAIRDO” Gavel Granny and our petty tyrant governor’s aunt Pelosi.  After all, as the fires are gone wild, and the Sierra Clubbers beat their drum incessantly, the 47th prez who will dump #46 using the 25th amendment to replace Impeach45 by July 4th, 2021.

“I prefer hacked up black girls extracted from mother wombs much more than fracked up black gold extracted from mother earth.  After all, kids sliced into baby hearts and parts can be sold separately and do not pollute like fracked natural gas.  I am Kamala Harris and I approve this demonic message.”    Kamala, natural gas is the lowest polluting energy alternative to move America.


Homeschooling Grandpa Len project MegaPumpkins the EZ way

We celebrated All Saints Day one year at Donna’s last resting place on earth. She’s going gangbusters in heaven as you read this

Want an easy and big thing for your kidlings.  Whether homeschooling or institutional schooling in buildings, if you have a home with a yard, this is a great project.

What you need: 2 foot by 2 foot area for the giant pumpkins; home depot has the large Atlantic or other pumpkin seeds.  But Burpee or some other national seed company is the best source for the maximum sized ginormous gourds.

Dig out and backfill (use planting mix mixed with soil) the 2 foot square area; you ONLY WATER this area, keeping it soaked.  The kids can do this and chart the growth

Plant three seeds hoping to get two good seedlings; if you read this and want a free one, first to text me at 714 267 1413 early September, you can have my last three seedlings.

Keep watering.  If you can, once you have a promising pumpkin from one of the female flowers, take a picture from the same spot every second day.  Let the kids put it together as a paperless (or printed) project including the photos.

Have your students research on the web with your oversight.  Here’s a great site at Burpee, the seed kings:

How to Fertilize Pumpkin Plants

Pumpkin plants have two kinds of flowers, male and female, which appear in early July. The male flowers show up first, followed by the females. Look out for the first female flowers. Look for vines to be strong and well-established before letting a female flower set fruit. It might help to break off the first female on each vine and wait for the second or third, when the vines are at least ten feet long. A female is easy to recognize: she has a baby pumpkin at the base of each flower.

You need a big vine to produce a big pumpkin, so in a sense you’re choosing the vine before the pumpkin. When you find a vine that’s strong enough and a female flower on the verge of opening, put a bag of cheesecloth over it for the night to keep the insects out. The next morning pick a fresh male bloom, trim off the corolla or outer petals, and rub the pollen-laden stamen in around the center of the newly opened female bloom.

There are options for fertilizing: using Miracle Gro Performance or standard is one way.

Another is to follow a pattern.  Fertilizers have three numbers on them 10-15-19 for example.  First number is nitrogen, then phosphorus and the last potassium, each doing specific things. Read on: Pumpkins are heavy feeders and will eat up whatever you give them. Different nutrients promote different kinds of growth, however, so when fertilizing pumpkins, it’s important to pay attention to what stage of growth your pumpkin is in and feed it accordingly. Commercial fertilizers come with three numbers on their packaging. These numbers represent nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, always in that order. When feeding pumpkin plants, apply three successive fertilizers, each heavy in one of those numbers, in that same order. Nitrogen promotes green growth, making for plenty of vines and leaves. Apply a weekly nitrogen-heavy fertilizer early in the growing season to produce a healthy plant. Once the flowers start to form, switch to a phosphorus-heavy fertilizer for plentiful blossoms. When the actual pumpkins appear, use a potassium-rich fertilizer for healthy fruit.

However if you have five or eight kids and are too busy to monitor: Apply your fertilizer in moderation and wait to see what results a little gets you before adding a lot. If you’re new to growing pumpkins, a very basic and balanced 5-10-5 fertilizer applied moderately all through the growing season is much less intensive and should still yield good results.

Read more at Gardening Know How: Pumpkin Fertilizer Requirements: Guide To Feeding Pumpkin Plants



How to Grow Pumpkins

Giant pumpkinsThis is just the beginning of a summer of long but rewarding work. What you have started is actually a pumpkin-producing factory. Remember that there are 100 or more leaves to each vine and if you are trying to grow a 300-pound pumpkin, each leaf is responsible for up to four pounds of weight in your pumpkin. Every leaf, every stem, every hair roots is now receiving sunlight, absorbing water, and blending nutrients. All are traveling down the all-important stem to your prize pumpkin.

Giant pumpkins balloon out from the vine and if precautions are not taken, they will tear away and lose touch with their all-important stem. Since vines put out roots at every leaf, tear out the roots of the vine where it is close to the pumpkin. This will give it free room to grow without damage to the vine. Gently train vines away from the pumpkin to prevent it from crushing them, try giving them a nudge in the right direction every day.

When two or three fruits on each plant reach the size of softballs, remove all but the most promising one and start to prune the pumpkin plants. After the primary vine has reached 20 feet, pinch off the tips and the side shoots so the vines won’t divert resource from the fruit. Break off all the other female flowers A potential prizewinner is forming. The work of the plant now must go entirely toward nurturing this fruit alone.

It is important to remember that the only thing that will increase the size of the fruit comes out of the vines and the vines must get support from the natural root. For growing really big pumpkins, the most important things to remember are seeds, soil, sunshine, and water.

By mid-August the plants are pulling in water and nutrients at a great rate. Nighttime is when pumpkins do their growing, most expand two inches in circumference every night.

If it’s a dry season, give each plant 15 to 20 gallons of water twice a week. Water in the evening, and water only the base of the plant to keep the leaves dry, which reduces the risk of disease.   One tablespoon of epsom salts (with magnesium) per gallon can be sprayed on leaves showing dificiencies

Some of those links we promised.


Dads, have fun with this.  Pls comment back and even email or text your pictures; I love to do contests with groups like homeschoolers, formally known as domicilic pedagogists.

For example, your suggestions on how to make this project more kid friendly and educational.  After all, together we are…

Homeschooling Grandpa Len


God bless you and always remember:  it IS a great day to be alive!!



9-11 Never Again & Let’s Roll Citizen Heroes

The World cannot afford to lose what America represents and is.  Never Again are words we must embed in our hearts if we are to thrive.

40 passengers of a downed airliner embody the spirit of America. When Todd Beamer, after consulting with an unknown number of fellow passengers on Flight 93, mouthed the determined words, “Let’s Roll!”, these selfless citizen heroes saved possibly hundreds of lives, whether up to 535 in the Capitol or a large sum in the White House.  The beneficiary number isn’t as important as the cause Beamer’s Brigade fought for: doing the right thing.

They had discovered two tall towers had been hit, and the Pentagon as well; Todd and the men and women figured it out, their jetliner was no longer a passenger plane but a cruising missile looking for a pre-determined target on a flight plan that died with the pilot terrorist.

56 new Americans did the same 235 years prior, in affixing their John Hancocks to a piece of parchment we call the Declaration of Independence.  What is rarely mentioned, all the signers lost their lives, fortunes and some families for a noble cause that we have inherited today.

Do we see the blessings we have?  Are we too self-absorbed to realize the whole world does not revolve around the guy or lass in the mirror?  We too must become citizen heroes IF we believe America is worth saving, both from enemies abroad and from within.  I firmly believe there are Todd Beamers in all of us; that with patience we can see that anarchy and Marxism, divide and conquer using color or religion or XXX NEVER works.

AOC said “Some people did something” as 18 Saudi flight students killed 3000 and practiced Kamikaze on capitalism, military strength and legislative bodies.  Or maybe Beamer’s Brigade interrupted the flight into 1600 Penn Ave in DC and not the houses of Congress.   Whatever the real target, they ended up in a hallowed field in Pennsylvania, forever adorned with a statue and a monument.  Well, until the college educated anarchists get wind of their latest childish idiocies.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortes, like her BFF Ilhan Omar, sadly, does not see the blessings in the land she has benefited from; the indoctrination fluid levels in their systems prevents them from smelling the beautiful roses of a great land. I just can’t give this ignorant leftist too much rope, despite she was 11 or 12 when the Towers came down.  

It’s perfectly ok to disagree with each other, to dialogue with varied opinions, but no one has a right to change the truth and actual facts; IF you are a mature adult.  Truth IS!  We constantly hear, “Follow the Science!” but WHOSE science?  We all have only one life to live and give;  and written into that founding document are the important words “Life, Liberty & Property”.  Actually, “property” became “pursuit of happiness”, which too is a noble goal.  Reason was simple: the Southern Democrat slave owners did not want their human cargo, the slaves, to go free. So, they demanded the word “Property” be stricken from the last draft: thus, ‘pursuit of happiness’ became an unalienable right.

The Betsy Ross flag

We were sooo united in purpose 19 years ago after this trillion $ tragedy that killed over 300 Firefighters and 30 cops, 3000 human beings who just were in the wrong place on terrorist time.

Look around America at many of the big cities under leftist control.  How did we get to this point where “Hate America” adorns T-Shirts and the misery merchants are given ‘above the fold’ treatment on ABCNNBCBS, the big four of electronic media, NYTimes and WashPost?

The Declaration of Independence is considered America’s “birth certificate.” It is the first attempt in history for a group of common, ordinary people to design and implement a new nation based on self-government and the natural, unalienable rights of its citizens. (hat tip Amer Heritage)  The natural unalienable rights were listed serially in importance.

The Right to Life. 

There is only one race within the human race.  God bestowed us with His privilege and love; there is NO black race, Chinese race, Polish race, the Jewish “Never Again” race etc.

When God designed His world after the angels were in place, God created billions of stars, planets, plants and animals.  Trillions of insects some of whom we probably can do without like ants and roaches. But God in his omniscience and omnipotence, created just one human, the male.  His last act of general creation was the most beautiful, more complex and most capable physiologically: woman.

Only woman can take a created single cell and nurture it into a 35 trillion celled fellow human girl or boy. My sons Josh, Matt, Brian, Nathan and Kieran did something that has occurred, thankfully, for aeons: they joined together in marriage to a woman; Maryann, Emily, Amanda, Jen and Rosie are all precious beautiful human females who grew to womanhood. 

Debate all you want, but Adam married Eve and we today have 9 billion humans on the planet ship Earth.  God put the responsibility to continue His plans for happy humans IN the hands of His created ones who dwell 93 million miles from His created star.

Think about that next time you vote for an abortion lover like Kamala; the right to life is critical BEFORE any other right can even be discussed.  63 million American voters died before birth and were disenfranchised from LIFE, not to mention bringing their birth cert, driver’s license and electric bill to a future polling place.

The Right to Liberty: 

Without Life (being ALIVE!), you can’t be free.  Buried six feet down makes it difficult to be free to transact some of the billions of voluntary interactions we Americans enjoy. And, remember I said serially, without Life and Liberty BOTH guaranteed, you can’t own property and pursue happiness.

Todd et al, at 27,000 feet sacrificed like Ben Franklin, John Hancock, and so many other predecessors between the Pacific and the Atlantic, for others.  God instilled in His ONE HUMAN RACE the spiritual desire to return to heaven, and a penchant for selflessness IF it is nurtured and taught.

Just as there are “NO atheists in foxholes”, FDNY and NYC police gave their all running INTO the NYC buildings as the terrorized occupants streamed out.  Some jumped from upper floor windows, fearing the fires would consume them; their eternal fate is between them and God.  But, in this time of heightened racial focus, there were NO SIGNS at the bottom of towers one or two that said”:

If you are a NYC black cop or fireperson, do not enter this building because it is 51% white.  Or 13% black.  25% Muslim. or 47% Irish and Catholic.  The FIRST responders did not check genetics or the amount of melanin: they just selflessly streamed in to save anyone and everyone they can.  They died honoring Jesus’ call to “lay down one’s life for another”.

Nor where there signs that IF you are a certain culture, you are not welcome to help the screamers and bleeders in this building.

  No Jim Crow laws for emergency aid appeared; same at Sandy Hook, in the wake of Nik Cruz’s Valentine’s Day massacre; any place where good rescuers meet hell’s best terrorists.

If we really followed the science, we would realize God designed a trace gas that numbers 1 molecule per 2500 air molecules (CO2) that mixes with water and sunlight and HE not me or thee FEED the WORLD. 

And God is also a big fan of NOT killing babies as they enter the atmosphere:  political candidates NOT slicing up His children lent to us for a time so planned parenthood can sell them in parts to med labs for campaign dollars. We are stewards of an incredible world and life IF ONLY we looked beyond the race pimps, misery merchants, loony indoctrinators and saw the forest for the trees. Smelled the roses.  Served each other by, such as, BKind 4Give B4Given  HELP1Some1~2day (or more).

 But IF you don’t believe that ALL lives matter, you will get conned into believing only certain BLACK lives matter more that others.  Did you know PParenthood founder  and master racist Margaret Sanger exported her human hate for certain minorities, “useless eaters” she called them, to Germany?  The Nuremberg Racial Laws of 1935 and Kristallnacht were the results, in part, of her influence of renowned Jew hater and exterminator Adolf Hitler.

  In her own words, abortionist Dr Nucotela discussed baby part prices over salad and wine.  Mirroring, in her own words, Sanger discussed how to exterminate the Negro population using feckless compliant ‘black ministers’ (like Jessie jackson, Al Sharpton etc) to help herd them up.  But our right to own property and pursue happiness does not include babies and black slaves; or hijacking the dialogue a free people can engage in.  Certainly NOT preach lies as truth.

Maybe this could be looked at the next time we meet for the Racism Book Club: there is NO systemic racism in America in institutions (tho we have some racists) EXCEPT in the Democrat party leadership planks where black baby killing is a plus. 

You think Len is bizarre is your right as a citizen; but I have proof people have pricetags when sold in parts. These purchase orders and invoices prove that SOME black lives are worth more to slave masters disguised as choice lovers.  Note that Dr Theiler is both an abortionist and a medical director of University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.

It may sound sick, but she buys the black and white baby parts she kills in the morning at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast and has them shipped for free to herself in the afternoon, so to speak.  READ THE DOCUMENTS.  Wise up people!  This misdirection to believe the whole country is racist since 1619 is BS.  Of course, the 1854 party of slavery leadership still is.  Genocidal Marxist BLM Inc. is supported by too many for God knows what reason: they what YOUR land destroyed, pure and simple.  Ever read the BLM manifesto? or the Alinsky Rules of Radicals?  Marxist manifesto?  If not, it past time IF you don’t like living in a blessed country.

These three pictures are a rare peek into modern slavery operations.  As in most RICO operations, you try and disguise the paper trail to hide the corruption.  In general, UTMBG (University of Texas) is buying select human parts/organs from planned parenthood. The 3rd photo is a close up showing payment terms of “Net 30” from the college to supposed non profit PP. Please look close at the “Freight Terms”. FOB Dest. Frt Prepaid translates that the “destination’, ie UTMed, pays nothing for shipping and handling; PP does.  This is glaring proof that PP lies like a bloody rug: they continously claim they “donate” the parts to labs and charge for shipping.  If this was true, the terms would read “FOB Shipping point”:  planned parenthood’s gulf coast offices.

This is something i pointed out to Briscoe Cain, David Daleiden’s lawyer, after the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) yielded a small treasure trove of proof evil exists.  I believe it was included in Marsha Blackburn’s “Infant Lives” subcommittee hearings on just that: Infant lives.

Similar to laundered money and other criminal operations, they disguise the hearts and/or livers as “consents” or use other code words.  Since there are numbers like 12, ie quantities, “procured” to be delivered over time, it makes this a pick list for certain organs.  Like your everyday human organs trafficking org.  What has this to do with Todd or the founders?

It is an insult to a good and blessed America that we still accept and allow moms to incubate babies for parts departments at med labs around the world.  Yale paid $715 for a complete calvarium on one invoice/PO.  A calvarium is a baby’s head.

Apparently, black lives matter more harvested at 7 pounds 7 ounces just before birth, sliced into parts like hearts and baby livers.  600,000 died to free Negro slaves from southern plantations; too bad, new plantations were created over time to further enslave them.  Blacks are sliced up NINE times as often as whites at the kill mill parts shipping ops of PP Int’l.

Think about these things for a second when you read that we just hit day 100 of the anarchist anti life liberty and property riots happening in Portland.  Thanks to an incompetent governor and mayor NOT shutting down the toddlers disguised as BLM, Inc. and Antifa throwing tantrums, breaking windows, burning other people’s homes and property, killing cops and innocents. 

In the same country that was blessed with the likes of Todd Beamer and his plane mates, the 18th century founders and Peter Claver.  Claver?  The slave to the slaves who helped rescue dying black slaves on the misery merchant slave ships in the 17th century.  A service project for the RBClub maybe?

Hitler’s occultism led to 6 million Jews, Poles, Hungarians, the handicapped etc. dying in 10 countries over 12 years for the enduring lie:  there is a master race and all other “races” are inferior.

In 2000, i stood in Poland outside St Max Kolbe’s 100 sf cell which 90 people occupied before the Auschwitz cyanide showers were administered.  Then incinerated after harvesting hair and gold teeth. The harvested hair went to the tailors for vests and the gold to fuel the Nazi war machine.  But…

You don’t need to be an abortionist to harvest body parts and property; you can be a petty tyrant racist like the Nazi leaders any time you want to. 

BTW, the words “Never Again” are emblazoned on Auschwitz posters: never again should genocide occur.  But, unfortunately, until we believe a simple principal, they will.  Human inhumanity to fellow humans is evil.  Thank you Margaret Sanger for your guidance!  

Plantations of so many different names. We are created equal and have equal opportunity to pursue happiness, acquire property, increase personal wealth so we can help others.  Bezo’s billions are HIS problem, not mine.

WE ARE CREATED EQUAL, from conception to natural death.  Law and order trumps lawless behavior and disorderly conduct to destroy America every time, like statue pull downs, bricks to the head, frozen water bottle missiles, Molotov cocktails and other stupidities.  Peaceful protest (a la peaceful free to ‘assemble’) ends with the first frozen bottle or brick thrown.  The very first.

America is larger than ourselves; we want to matter and do great things.  The anarchist God hating left is NOT about good and Godly virtues: all about reckless power and hate.

America is a place but more important an idea: That ALL men and women are created equal. WE the citizens ARE the government and we self govern hiring via the election process the three aspects of God every two years: God as lawgiver (legislators), as life implementer (executive/priest) and of course judge (judiciary). Never heard this before?  Sad.

None of the 9-11 (and any true rescuers) heroes worried about white fragility. Certain privilege.  How rich or poor you were. Whether you had black skin or good character.  The fact you were a human being was all that mattered as they raced into harm’s way to save whomever they can.  Most dads and moms would do the same for their beloved bundles of joy.

Let’s Roll, future Citizen Heroes.  It’s not hard to understand so much of the perceived misery today is self inflicted and manufactured.  If you fear you are a racist, find a human to help today. EZ antidote to navel gazing.

It IS a great day to be alive and to serve another.  Whether they deserve it or not.  Thank you First Responders including Mr “Let’s Roll”.  You are loved.

And as you read this no matter how tall, how white, how black, how smart, how happy you are, realize you ARE precious and a fully enfranchised member of the ONE HUMAN race.  Don’t let the misery merchants divide up your mind into thinking otherwise.  NOR steal your life, the life of your preborn child, nor your elderly mother in a nursing home that a Gov Cuomo purposefully sends Covid19 infused patients to shorten your blessed life.

Find someone to help today, to honor the first responders and the victims of ultimate racism: killing other innocent humans for WHATEVER cause is intrinsic evil.  Thinking a human child or seasoned elderly grandparent are expendable, and better off dead is the mantra, not of heaven, but of hell’s worst demoniacs.

“America is freedom’s home and its defender…” GHWB

What happened while Donna was raising 11 kids until she headed to heaven 9 years ago.  Today, an amazing Mary is a great stepmom who loves the kids as if they are her own: because they are.  This version of “Heather has two mommies” has zero to do with gender proliferation.  Katy to the top have a mom and a stepmom.  And this nutty dad, sometimes considered the oldest of the kids as he practices real estate to feed the ranch dwelling kids.

In 2001, we valued our police and firemen. 

In 2020, fueled by Pelosi’s party of slavery, destruction, death and mayhem, that unity of purpose is not embraced by everyone.  Bricks and frozen bottles, fire and more, are the tools of the sick anarchists who are lawless and disorderly, and coddled by the Demonrats.  err Democrats.  List off the cities that have not gotten the memo that their citizens deserve safety and protect; put in policies of financial frugality and common sense: Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Baltimore, LA and others. The hit and run Kenoshas, where Soros’ soldiers of mayhem do their worst, then stay in four star hotels or bus/van to the next targets. What do they have in common: decades of Democrat rule.

This isn’t supposed to be a political piece, but WE are the government.  WE EMPLOY humans to work in governance, in the administration of the government.  But, we the people ARE where the buck stops.  And where the peaceful revolution, the reforming of good governance long overdue.

Step up, citizen heroes.  Step up. While you can.







Vox Veritas Gazette: Hairgate continues

Vox Veritas Gazette   

Vol 20  Issue 9.3

Hairgate UNCURLED! Hair expert Jen rates it a “6”

 Investigative reporters Brian “On the” Brink(ley) & Jen the Caped Nail Salon Sleuth Crusader have filed their pieces.  NOT their nails.


“Do as I say, not as I hair do!”


Nancy Pelosi, the most well coiffed Speaker in recent US history, was the victim of a professional set-up in the City of St Francis. Despite the hoopla of her royal highness, like her slightly older British counterpart, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Aunt Pelosi’s hair cut is rated only a “6” by the nationally syndicated Jennifer.   As to her Botox, Allergan has elected to recall any shipments of the toxic botulism to DC and San Fran out of mercy to the nation’s eyes.

Speaking of recall, her nephew, G. Recall Newsom, playing with his new set of 8 crayons from his Auntie Queen P, made nail and hair salons illegal.  Though they are incredibly safe and sanitary, Crayon Man claims, due to Plague of Xi, his desire to catch his octagenarian relative in a coup was successful.

Our esteemed reporters caught up with the petty tyrant at his kitchen table in the Getty/Pelosi/Newsom compound.  A glass of One Eye Jack wine at the ready, from the only open winery in Taxifornia.  And drawing INSIDE the lines about his new tyrannical private sector shutdown rating system.

It was discovered G Recall was upset, TY Brian On the Brink(ly), because his well botoxed 80 year old ancestor refused to get him the more useful (CrayonGate?) box of 64.  Jen carefully asked (his toddler inner self is undeniable) questions of the terribly dissatisfied artist:

Jen: “Mr. Newsom, what are you drawing?

GRNewsom: “Well, Jen, really cool colors to help me rule my state of disarray.  It’s not easy being the Modulator and king of 40 million subjects.  I was bored using phase and numbers; EVERYONE is tuned into color, especially in systemic shutdown race between us Dem state kings and queens.”

Jen: “your royalness G Recall, why must you shut down all private businesses.  They are getting desperate, including Erica at the center of the HairGate storm.  It’s kind of like you are cutting err biting the tax paying hands that feeds your public sector empire”

GRG: “Jen, we do it ‘for the children’.  As you know, I hope to be declared “emperor” soon.  Queen Auntie Nancy knew I wanted to make a very confusing misdirection come to life, to keep the surfs in Orange County so confused, Sheriff Barnes would HAVE to shut down sand and waves. 

Brian: “Crayon Man, you were quoted: “We don’t put up green because we don’t believe that there’s a green light that says just go back to the way things were or back to the pre-pandemic mindset,”  You sound like you are NEVER intending to release the captives.  No green?”

Newsom: “Brian, now you see why I really needed that new box of 64 Crayola colors for my coronation.  If you look at my spiffy confusing new chart, primary & secondary colors just won’t do. So, yes, I threw one of my petty tyrant tantrums.  He heh heh. 

And GREEN?  Come on, Brian, it’s the most overused color by my radical Dem competition.  Even Kamala, when she loses with Jill’s Senile Joe , will marry AOC in a civil ceremony and pledge allegiance to the Green god.  I love creating my own religions. And starting rumors.  Can you see the headlines: “Harris & Ocasio-Cortez-Harris tied the 161st gender ideology knot, the joining of left of Senate and far left of the House.”

Brian: “Uhh, no, Recall, I don’t see that wedding happening.  But your worshipfulness, you have kept all but the state’s church locked down, other than a few upstarts like John McArthur.

Even the bishops of Taxifornia have toed the line of “Yes, my ‘lege, we will stay locked down.  Your edict is greater that the proclamation of that ancient Savior (NOT Little Cow Xavier, your court jester) to “Preach the Gospel to all nations”.

GRG: “Brian, don’t get ahead of my fiendish plans. God is who I make Him. Boy, do I hate that miscreant Jay Sekulow and ACLJ quoting Psalms and singing.  And, I am only protecting pentecostols and other droplet spewers from themselves. 

Catholics are NOT allowed to sing until 2048, when my Humming edict takes effect.  Humming does not spread nasty germs; in fact, my “Edict against Voiceologists speaking in more than 3 voices per day” will soon be decreed.   Sorry, Brian, you got the Covid so you proved my decrees are needed.  No open private businesses until the flu and cold count is down below 1 per day statewide. I love this intoxicating power to be the best asshole of other Dem assholes screwing their people for leftist love.

Jen: “Colds, too?  But you set up your Auntie!  Isn’t that a bit extreme? After all, she hasn’t been in the House, her hair was stringy, her nails like Vulture talons, and gaining weight eating $100 a pound Ben&Jerry’s.”

KingNewsom: “I created the recession in California. and Auntie was getting in my way.  Her assistant called secretly to set up her hair raising appt., and since we bought Obama’s NSA spy equipment and monitor all communications, we caught her red err blue handed.  Her call set off my despicable plot.

As you reporters know, the only elective surgeries are allowed, and have happened, not at cutting salons but at planned parenthood’s elite kid cutting mills.  They practice safe distancing except of course when they are cutting out the kid like she is a ten inch bunched lock of hair donated to cancer victims. As it is, there is a real need for baby hearts, livers and yes hair follicles.  Baby parts sold separately, feed our campaigns…”

Jen:  “Yes, your kingship, you talk often about the state church, satans’ temples’ continuing to cut out black baby hearts and livers for campaign dollars for Kamala the Pirate, Queen Auntie and yourself.  Parts sold separately, of course.  But your OWN beloved Aunt?  Throwing her to the dogs”

GRecallNewsom: “Yeah, but she promised me 64.  64 levels, 64 colors to protect the Taxifornians from themselves.  And, heh heh heh, I’m getting them as ransom from Auntie.  I had my NSA retreads hack into her Amazon Prime account. “

Brian: “Ransom, your future emperorshipness?”

PettyTyrantRecall: “Yes, the additional recordings she would kill NOT to get out.  I gave her a private screening while she’s under house arrest for hair crimes”

Jen”I’ll bite: what could be so damning?

Newsom: “We caught her, while maskless and getting shampooed, Auntie P musing out loud

“I wish my hair was as nice as Trump’s.  I was going to dye it orange but my stylist told me I would be accused of colorful cultural appropriation of Orangeman and admitting he’s the best pro life president in history” 

 I just hate my Auntie raining on my toddler tyrant parade.  I’m getting the 64 today.”

Jen: “Good luck big boy with your big colors box.  But, look what you did to Erica the owner.

Let me read her quote, O King Recall: ‘”Hairstylists and other small business owners in San Francisco and elsewhere are doing what they need to do to survive,” said Kious. “The point of releasing this video was to show a woman in a high-risk age group who spends much of her time on TV warning about the dangers of COVID-19, feel safe and comfortable in a San Francisco salon, and can be responsible for being cautious and mindful. Why can’t the rest of San Francisco and the rest of America do that too?’ What say you?”

Newsom: “Great news. Another Taxifornia business is folded and gone: take that Trump.  It’s YOUR fault.  I just want billions for our public sector pensions and the more we kill off the private sector, the better for the truly productive, essential government employees.  As you now see, everything my Queen Aunt touches gets the anti-Midas Crap Touch.  Focused on hair, desserts and petty hate for Trump, she is destroying America one business at a time.”

Brian: “Your kingly one, it turns out all the salon employees are gone, eSalon is closed and done; but Republicans have raised $100,000 to help Erica relocate out of the City of St Francis.  Apparently, poop will be the last hallmark of that great city where you were mayor.”

Newsom:  “he he he! My dastardly plan is working.  Need to match up my new color chart.  Let’s see:  ‘Purple Mountain’s Majesty’  Uhh, “Scarlet”.  “Red Orange” and “Canary”.  No, last one is “Dandelion”.  Gotta go, peeps: important things to do, like how to piss off the bishops more and drive more businesses out of California.  Lex Luthor tried using Nukes to create more California coast land, I’m just emptying MY state out the old Dem way: lies, fabrication, deceit and setting up my well preserved Auntie.  Miss ‘do as i say not as i hair do’ ” has preached at me since my toddler days…”

Brian in Trump’s voice:  “toddler days as in last year?”


Stay tuned for more. Salon owner HairGate is replacing BLM and the Riots.  Which replaced Covid.  Which replaced the fake impeachment, when they all failed to kill off Trump.   All this kerfuffle for a measly “6” haircut.  Do as I say not as I hairdo.


Brian, the world’s most prolific vocal impersonator.

Jennifer, who sits opposite of the world’s most excellent voiceologist, Brian Whitman about 5.5 miles away, has been investigating the systemic shutdown of mani pedi locations in Taxifornia.  RACIST!  

The Secret lies with Charlotte(sVille)

There is that “aha” moment in the movie National Treasure when Nicholas Cage as Benjamin Franklin Gates tells his dad Patrick Henry Gates, played by Jon Voight, that the clue “The Secret lies with Charlotte” was solved.  The younger Gates tells his long suffering dad they found “The Charlotte”.  Jon Voight then realizes it’s not a person…but a ship…  which brings us to three years ago.

“Know the truth, and the Truth will set you Free!”

The Gates family for generations had been following clues trying to find the truth and treasure regarding our blessed country that was founded as much as an idea as a place.  

Similarly, today, the Secret still lies with CharlottesVille: learning the real truth, the whole truth and nothing but the Truth, so help me God.  Race focused Biden bleeds the lie.  Here are the facts

This singular event that occurred three years ago is pivotal to where we are going as a nation.  Our survival depends on people of good character looking for the truth, not sound and sight bites;  my grandkids and your families depend on we adults seeking and sharing the truth. 

The corruption and bearing false witness is at epic levels and must end; to do so we need a press that believes its role is telling the truth not advocating for lies and their favorites.  And we need adults with well formed consciences and critically thinking minds to speak up.  Respectfully of course, but speak up.  However the DeMedia arm ABCNNBCBS is wholly owned by the party of slavery so do your own research.

 It was at the August 15, 2017 press conference that Trump said that “you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides.” He was talking about the demonstrators for and against breaking up stone and pulling down history.  Not defending radicals.

August 20, 2020, in accepting the nomination for Democrat presidential candidate, Joe Biden said this:  “…Just a week ago yesterday was the third anniversary of the events in Charlottesville. Remember seeing those neo-Nazis and Klansmen and white supremacists coming out of the fields with lighted torches? Veins bulging? Spewing the same anti-Semitic bile heard across Europe in the ’30s? Remember the violent clash that ensued between those spreading hate and those with the courage to stand against it? Remember what the president said? There were quote, “very fine people on both sides.”  It was a wake-up call for us as a country. And for me, a call to action….”   

Too bad, Mr Biden knowingly lied; for at least the second time.  Just on this event.

Trump’s comment was regarding the demonstration for and against destroying the statue of Robert E Lee in the city square.  Not the racists hate mongers.  Why does Joe repeat the lie?  It was about the modern Iconoclasts and common sense Americans long BEFORE the Negro eliminators showed up.

Trump said there “were fine people on both sides” of the debate whether to tear down this historical statuary. He wasn’t defending New Nazis, people who believe that some members of the human race are not as valuable, should not be alive.  But, that does not matter to the “media” or the Biden campaign. 

If you want that, look to the master racist embraced by the party of slavery founded in 1854, Margaret Sanger who wanted Negros eliminated; no one can be more racist than that!

Her meme quotes tell the story NOT told by the hyperbiased ABCNNBCBS talking heads. But, the NYTimes, WAPost and others that work as the media arm of one party will never grow up and speak the truth.  Nor correct their errors except on page 150 of a 150 page newspaper. Or in 7 point type on their online edition.

Why is this important, my beloved kids, friends and readers?  Because Truth Matters.  It always does.  Look at the facts from 3 years ago briefly

(Politifact hat tip) On April 25, 2019, former Vice President Joe Biden declared his 2020 candidacy for the Democratic nomination and the presidency by recalling the events in Charlottesville and Trump’s comments. “With those words, the president of the United States assigned a moral equivalence between those spreading hate and those with the courage to stand against it,” Biden said.   A lie; he knew it was a lie.  His teleprompter loader knew the same. 

When will bearing political false witness be a capital offense?

The next day, Trump responded, saying “If you look at what I said, you will see that that question was answered perfectly. And I was talking about people that went because they felt very strongly about the monument to Robert E. Lee, a great general. Whether you like it or not, he was one of the great generals.” Trump also said he would defeat Biden “very easily.” 

Three years later, the campaign ensues.

Flashback• • •august 15, 2017

Reporter: “Let me ask you, Mr. President, why did you wait so long to blast neo-Nazis?”

Trump: “I didn’t wait long. I didn’t wait long.”

Reporter: “Forty-eight hours.”

Trump: “I wanted to make sure, unlike most politicians, that what I said was correct — not make a quick statement. The statement I made on Saturday, the first statement, was a fine statement. But you don’t make statements that direct unless you know the facts. It takes a little while to get the facts. You still don’t know the facts. And it’s a very, very important process to me, and it’s a very important statement.

“So I don’t want to go quickly and just make a statement for the sake of making a political statement. I want to know the facts. If you go back to —

Reporter: “So you had to (inaudible) white supremacists?”

Trump: “I brought it. I brought it. I brought it.”

Reporter: “Was it terrorism, in your opinion, what happened?”

Trump: “As I said on — remember, Saturday — we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence. It has no place in America. And then it went on from there. Now, here’s the thing –“

Reporter: (Inaudible)

Trump: “Excuse me. Excuse me. Take it nice and easy. Here’s the thing: When I make a statement, I like to be correct. I want the facts. This event just happened. In fact, a lot of the event didn’t even happen yet, as we were speaking. This event just happened.

“Before I make a statement, I need the facts. So I don’t want to rush into a statement. So making the statement when I made it was excellent. In fact, the young woman, who I hear was a fantastic young woman, and it was on NBC — her mother wrote me and said through, I guess, Twitter, social media, the nicest things. And I very much appreciated that. I hear she was a fine — really, actually, an incredible young woman. But her mother, on Twitter, thanked me for what I said.

“And honestly, if the press were not fake, and if it was honest, the press would have said what I said was very nice.  But unlike you, and unlike — excuse me, unlike you and unlike the media, before I make a statement, I like to know the facts.”

Reporter: “The CEO of Walmart said you missed a critical opportunity to help bring the country together. Did you?”

Trump: “Not at all. I think the country — look, you take a look. I’ve created over a million jobs since I’m President. The country is booming. The stock market is setting records. We have the highest employment numbers we’ve ever had in the history of our country. We’re doing record business. We have the highest levels of enthusiasm. So the head of Walmart, who I know — who’s a very nice guy — was making a political statement. I mean — I’d do it the same way. And you know why? Because I want to make sure, when I make a statement, that the statement is correct. And there was no way — there was no way of making a correct statement that early. I had to see the facts, unlike a lot of reporters. Unlike a lot of reporters —

Reporter: “Nazis were there.” “David Duke was there.”

Trump: “I didn’t know David Duke was there. I wanted to see the facts. And the facts, as they started coming out, were very well stated. In fact, everybody said, ‘His statement was beautiful. If he would have made it sooner, that would have been good.’ I couldn’t have made it sooner because I didn’t know all of the facts. Frankly, people still don’t know all of the facts.

“It was very important — excuse me, excuse me — it was very important to me to get the facts out and correctly. Because if I would have made a fast statement — and the first statement was made without knowing much, other than what we were seeing. The second statement was made after, with knowledge, with great knowledge. There are still things — excuse me — there are still things that people don’t know. I want to make a statement with knowledge. I wanted to know the facts.”  End quote.

Sorry about the length, but the Truth is NOT a sight bite.  

Trump was avoiding another “rush to judgement” that the political class and media savor over. Their permanent silent coup continues, looking for the John Wilkes Booth bullet, the lethal weapon to kill him off precisely when America needs him in a simple binary choice between a free market federal republic and a total Marxist socialist takeover of our great land.

  We don’t need the leftist tenured indoctrinated AntiFAstan domestic terrorists.  We need to value FAMILIES, LAW and ORDER yet again.  It is up to us!

Rush to Judgement and Lies are dangerous.

Look at the jingle that never happened “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”.  This supposedly was said by the sad bully Michael Brown’s buddy as he grabbed a cop’s gun and tried to hurt or kill him.

It didn’t happen…

and the “witness” eventually recanted but now “hands up don’t shoot” is lasered into the fragile urban history.

Brown was strong and huge: he should be playing college football, maybe make the NFL, but no one in his fatherless home told him and taught him you can’t bully your way to happiness.  You can’t rob a convenience store and confront a cop walking down the middle of the street.  Truth matters.

Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” is the playbook for the party of anarchy, led by Soros sponsored left radicals in so many roles today.  All of you are welcome to your opinion whether you love or dislike Biden and/or Trump.  But there is only ONE TRUTH

You were created not as a robot, but a sentient being to form your own conclusions and worldviews.   To save you reading Hillary Clinton’s thesis subject and AOC’s fave bible, here are the 13 maxims of this influential Marxist.  Joe Biden and the Democrat party are experts in accusing others of who they are and what they are doing:

Alinsky’s list of 13 “Rules for Radicals,” follow:

1. “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.” Power is derived from 2 main sources – money and people. “Have-Nots” must build power from flesh and blood.
2. “Never go outside the expertise of your people.” It results in confusion, fear and retreat. Feeling secure adds to the backbone of anyone.
3. “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy.” Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty.
4. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules.
5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.
6. “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.” They’ll keep doing it without urging and come back to do more. They’re doing their thing, and will even suggest better ones.
7. “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.” Don’t become old news.
8. “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.” Keep trying new things to keep the opposition off balance. As the opposition masters one approach, hit them from the flank with something new.
9. “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.” Imagination and ego can dream up many more consequences than any activist.
10. “The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.” It is this unceasing pressure that results in the reactions from the opposition that are essential for the success of the campaign.
11. “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.” Violence from the other side can win the public to your side because the public sympathizes with the underdog.
12. “The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.” Never let the enemy score points because you’re caught without a solution to the problem.
13. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

70 days from today, you will vote.  I will have my driver’s license, birth certificate and utility bill in hand at the polling place.  Do you?  You can go to Target and dine outside now; you can’t go to the polling place for your most sacred duty and privilege?

Just like Jon Voight seeing the light regarding his lifelong search, we need to do the same about knowing the truth about whom we align with.  As a Catholic constitutional conservative, I caucus most often with Republican candidates.  That’s me.  You can “caucus” with whomever you want.  But you ARE involved.  Passively or actively.

Despite his over 310 actual successes,  I have offspring, nieces and nephews who can’t stand Trump.  They use the NeverTrumper materials like the Lincoln Project foursome of Trump hating losers.  They never review his 310 successes but always look for that morsel Tweet or parrot what the deceiving media spew as truth.   Yeah, he’s not a politician and says things people don’t like.  But, he is the most pro life president in history who has changed his ways, no longer pro choice baby killing.  Read his words: i can’t do all the research for you.

Don’t live in ignorance.  Don’t be like the millionaire talking heads who sold their souls to the devil, literally and figuratively, long ago and get the daily Democrat party leadership talking points and like parrots, spew the lies so similarly you can’t miss the “plagiarism” of robotic repeats on ABC, CNN, MSNBC and CBS, what I shorten to “ABCNNBCBS”

Here are just two examples of the New Green Deal in action, Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other Marxist socialists.

  “Len, you can’t call AOC a Marxist?!”


Read her latest tweet above: she wants the petty tyrant Democrat governors to interfere in private sector businesses, basically go bankrupt thinking it will help her radical world win.  America’s private sector destroyed, hoping it will destroy Trump and usher in the radical Marxist leftist era; real facts:  she stopped Amazon bringing in 3000 jobs to her inner city district that desperately needs opportunity.  Because it would have help her district with billions in new economic activity and pull so many out of poverty.  Recall, her degree was from a university and in economics.  American lover?  By destroying thousands of NY families and singularly stopping job opportunities that would have helped her constituents.

Quote: “…a few business closures and job losses is a small price to pay to be free of (Trump)~AOC.  Parse this comment: she thinks she and her radical Alinsky leftist anarchists own you and your family, your business and your wealth.  This “few” is really thousands of business are being destroyed and millions left in the jobless state of depression.  What an evil woman.

Example #2: Gov Newsom took responsibility for the electricity generation shortfall of 4 gigawatts. 

He should. 

“REcall” Newsom is owned by the green lobb; in fact, incredibly as wildfires go viral and electricity goes scarce for no good reason, 9 gigawatts of cheap, pollution free natural gas generation have been eliminated the last decade.  Yes, 9 gigawatts. 

These ignorant AOCers want to destroy our families for their foolishness.  The brownouts will NOT stop in California.   That’s four nuclear generators worth of generation.

But solar and wind electrical generation is NOT 21st century but horse buggy stuff.  Soon Goodyear won’t need to do vulcanized rubber: it will be retooling for oxcart wooden wheels.  This stuff is insane and preventable.

This is why Gov Newsom, like many fine Democrats, changed his name to “Recall”.  He’s playing Powerpoint flipchart Covid savior while the state goes to the toilet…shut down churches and businesses, preventable wildfires.  Climate change he blames.  What lunacy. 

When gas was $2, we paid 65.3% gas tax rate. Today, since more taxes have been levied, we still are in the atrocious 60-70% range of tax rates for gas

There is NOT widespread impacting androgenic atmospheric weather changes.  We are too puny, like a gnat hitting a tanker truck windshield at 65 mph, to have any effect.  553 sextillion wide universe.  6 sextillion ton earth. 

Follow the science (covered in another blog): 1 CO2 molecule for EVERY 2500, yes 2500 air molecules is the air concentration we are being conned: I just paid a 67% gas sales tax rate yesterday.  So did you if you pumped Calif gas.

I am blessed with great kids.  A country I love, A former sainted wife in heaven and a new beautiful wife who is an incredible stepmom to a beautiful family. I love practicing real estate and helping people attain their dreams.

America is NOT the anarchists. Not the America hating bitter billionaires, especially Soros. It is NOT Alinsky’s or Sanger’s baby killing soldiers.  It is not the “peaceful protesters” who maim, rape, pillage, riot and burn other people and OPProperty.  It is the land where we have rights AND responsibilities, the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of property ownership and happiness.  NOT Kamala, who believes black children are better killed for parts.  Her mantra should be “I prefer hacked up black girls extracted from vulnerable mother wombs to fracked up black gold extracted from Calif. mother earth”.   This isn’t hyperbolic: she believes parts sold separately is a good thing so she gets her $82,000 donation from hells helpers on earth, PP.

Don’t hate anyone, especially those you disagree with.  I hate no one…Yes, there are good Democrats, (Indies and Republicans too) but the leadership sadly has sold my first party affiliation to the devil.  Not just figuratively.  You can’t shoot fireworks over killing 63 million American babies over four decades and NOT be hell’s best arms and hands.  For the invisible satan, like Jesus in heaven, has no physical hands on earth.  Both our Savior, God’s Son Jesus and the highest of the angels at creation, Lucifer, have no physical appendages on earth.

We are either the hands of Christ or the hands of Lucifer, hell bound and more than a halloween costume.  Evil exists and abounds: but kids take note: Grace abounds more.  Much more.  We need to be the feet and hands of Christ to others.  Know the Truth, speak the Truth and it WILL set you free.

Think about that as you consider Kamala Harris, who took $82,000 from satan’s surgeons at planned parenthood in campaign $$.  Who, with her 11 goons, invaded a true investigative journalists 600 sq foot castle and stole his intellectual property and violated significantly his civil rights.  She defends candid camera work of animal rights activists; but bullies and lies about David and Sandra recording Dr Nucotela and Dr Mary Gatter discuss pricing for baby parts over salad and wine.  And the color of Mary’s Lamborghini.

Patrick Henry Gates’ namesake, Patrick said “Give me Liberty or give me death”.  He knew how important life, liberty and the pursuit of property & happiness is.

Also, Benjamin Franklin Gates (a la Nicholas Cage) namesake, Ben answered a query as to what kind of governance do we have in the 1780s.  His reply, like the Philadelphia Bell, rings so true:

“A republic, IF you can keep it.”  Let’s keep it.

The Gates family went on to find a world class treasure; but they knew as do you and I, the real treasure is the idea, the place and the beliefs of this covenant nation: “All are created equal” under God.  That is the true Secret of THE Charlotte and of Charlottesville: we have ONE human race.  All are created equal to pursue their dreams.  Just don’t follow the divide and conquer, racist behind every tree, 1854 slave party leadership.  The swamp public sector government welfare breast suckers hate the successful private sector leaders coming even within miles of DC.  Their scam has been discovered and the perpetual coup of seditionists cannot win more power.

Equal opportunity not equal outcomes.  

About the author–

Life and my kids are continuing to “homeschool grandpa Len”.  As a life long learner, and truth seeker, I welcome the privilege of being alive today.  After all, “it IS a great day to be alive!”  Live this day as if it is your last, with the same vigor and energy of your best.


Vox Veritas Gazette: New Covid Rectal Test showing end results

The Vox Veritas Gazette early edition    

Volume 20 8-17

Investigative Journalists Isaac P Frealy and Seymour Butts cover Burbank and DC beat

Breaking News!   New Covid Rectal Test showing excellent end results in early trials.

Called the “Planetary Vertical Uranus Rectal test for Worldwide Covid19 detection”, our Burbank reporter I. P. Frealy caught up with Dr Adam Schiffty, the Proctologist General of the House of Representatives and pubic health endocrinologist on the Covid Task Force.  He was celebrating a birthday with six family members at the one bedroom Burbank condo they own on First Street.

VVG: Your team calls you by the affectionate nickname, Schittie; how should I address you for this interview?

Schittie:  Thank you, IP, i prefer Dr Adam Schiff, Proctologist General and Pubic Health inspector.

VVG: OK.  Dr Schiffty, last time i interviewed you, you were involved in looking for Russian stool impactions in the nefarious Trump administration.  How is that going today?

Jessie & Adam doing a seminar on two story fabrication

Dr Schittie:  “I continue to use my pocket Kidde Kolonoscope to detect any significant obstructions in Republicans and independents stemming from the recent silent coup.  Regarding Covid19, we have made significant progress in immunizing a whole segment of the American population, the peaceful protesters in Portland, Seattle and Chicago.   In fact, the more protesters maim, loot and burn the cities, the less incidence of viral spread is seen, mainly in Democrat strongholds ruled for decades. 

I have a team of scientists looking into this; possibly a viral vaccine using protesters’ shed blood anti-bodies can solve our worldwide plague of Xi.

VVG: Fascinating how science has drawn that correlation of Gov Witless marching sans masks with burly BLM & Antifastan peaceful domestic terrorists.  Tell my readers about this new revolutionary test.

Dr. Schittie:  One of the major complaints from the controlled populace have been the giant Q-tips shoved up people’s sinus cavities and forehead, we have been looking to find a better less invasive protocol.  Good news, Fauci Farmacuticles has developed a test probe in an area I have spent my political and medical life excelling: the excretory system.  My mom still doesn’t understand why I love to look up anal orifices for obstructions, but the training is bearing fruit.  

VVG:  What do you call the new test, Dr Schittie?

Dr. Schittie:  Planetary Vertical Uranus Rectal Viral Detection.  #1, I P Frealy, that’s a mouthful.  So, #2, we abbreviated it to the simple:  “Up Uranus…the test for the end times we are in.

VVG: results good?

Dr Schittie: Yes, there have been some ripples, like finding enough test subjects open to the end test.  But, In the end, the most effective method to detect the presence of the Plague of Xi truly is  “Up Uranus.”

VVG: Why was test volunteers a problem?

Dr. Schittie: “Well, I.P., remember how we deep sixed that cheap, successful and lifesaving hydroxylchloroquine therapy?

VVG: We do

Dr Schittie: Well, we had scared so many people with HCQ stories, no one would join the randomized testing program for our new Covid detect.  Thankfully, only thousands died as we ramped the Fauci Farm’s fave Remdesivir up.   Of course, at $3100 per patient, it dwarfed the $20 for the HCQ Zinc & Azithro; what’s good for Big Farma is good for me errr America.

VVG:  What’s next, doctor?

Dr Schittie: Well, using ABS 1 inch test tubing prototype had it’s own drawbacks.  A bit large for most human excretory systems.  But, scare tactics do work.  We showed the volunteers pictures of HCQ users growing dorsal fins after the second 200 mg dose and they complied.  All’s fair in love and the pill wars.  The best news is our crack scientists had developed a home test the size of a Kidde Kolonoscope attachment.  Mass production has begun where the most anal orifices per capita exist: in DC.  Seymore Butts will report next month on progress.

VVG: Sounds most promising!  Your crack scientists do it again, under your able guidance.

Dr Schittie: Thank you, IP Frealy; speaking of crack science, I gotta get back to my 650 sf abode; my secret pal, Eric CIAramella, my daughter’s Eric, Eve and Adam Jr. won’t leave much of the legalized scientific beta cocaine for me to evaluate.

Remember, Up Uranus, the  test for the end times we face in these uncertain times.  Available in stores soon.  Or, order direct from Fauci Farmacuticles via Amazon Prime


The Vox Veritas Gazette: AOC calls God RACIST!

Vox Veritas Gazette.   “The Voice of Truth” for the Lingua Latinam challenged…


Vox Veritas Volume 20: 8-11 Edition  Investigative reporter: Justin Mucho Blanco filed

VVGazette: AOC calls God RACIST!


Former renowned bartending economist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has found proof that God is in fact racist. 

Born on the 62rd anniversary (Oct 13) of the SunDance festival in Fatima, Portugal witnessed by 70,000 people, Ms OC represents the 14th New York district in the House of Representatives.  One of her most famous successes was the BezoBashOff that prevented 3000 new employees and billion$ in just another invasive non-native business, an Amazon Fulfillment Center, moving into her district.

At her recent presser, AOC demanded justice for the historical documents emanating from the Ultimate Patriarchal Racist. Her term for God.

  In a Catholic news article portraying an Instagram post this August, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pointed to a statue of St Damien of Molokai as an example of “patriarchy and white supremacist culture”. She blames God’s mysogynistic portrayal as His racism run amok.

AOC argued that “when we select figures to tell the stories of colonized places, it is the colonizers and settlers whose stories are told — and virtually no one else.”

She then highlighted Hawaii’s memorial to Fr Damien at the U.S. Capitol’s National Statuary Hall Collection and, after suggesting Queen Lili’uokalani of Hawaii should have instead received the honor, she said the Catholic saint was an example of “who we are taught to deify in our nation’s Capitol: virtually all men, all white, and mostly both.”

“This is what patriarchy and white supremacist culture looks like,” she added. “It’s not radical or crazy to understand the influence white supremacist culture has historically had in our overall culture & how it impacts the present day.”

Our reporter caught up with AOC as she and her live-in lover left their Washington pad carrying the ripped out garbage disposal unit.

VVG: Ms AOC, we understand you believe St Damien is a white colonizer miscreant and that Catholics, Hawaiians and God have no right to honor him?  You saw Bishop Barron’s video?

AOC: I did.  Just another white guy with a collar.  Look at Damien; He is white from head to toe, terrible complexion any Valley girl or trip to Saffora would cure

-In fact, he’s more white than most whiteys.  His whiteness, i discovered, rubbed off and he caused other Hawaiians, known for darker skin, to become colonizing whiteys.  And obviously, he didn’t use Clearasil and take care of his pimples: look how big they got.

VVG: Ms AOC, you are aware St Damien had leprosy?  And he sacrificed his life to help the helpless, the hopeless and others no one would get within 6 feet of, with or without a mask?

AOC: That’s no excuse for him to put on white face; I saw a photo and he looks like Peter Faulk as Colombo, another whitey.  In fact, he took over the Leper colony on Molokai just to oppress the people. He pretended to help them learn how to live with their whiteness, instead of recommending they become black or like me, LatinaX.

Just like I said: just another patriarchal white supremacist colonizer.

VVG: Ms AOC, you ARE aware he is well loved in Hawaii? He asked his bishop for permission to help the Molokai colony; it was filled with those no one would come near to, so much he caught the incurable disease and died 16 years later?

AOC: “My point, exactly. He deserved to die. Whiteness IS an incurable disease that rubs off on others, with only one solution.  And since God has shown He prefers white supremacist saints instead of Black Lives that matter rioters, I think God should be banned from society as well.

VVG: Why is that, Ms AOC?

AOC: God obviously loves whiteys more than blackies or Mexicalis and other different races.  Otherwise, why would His Son be always pictured with White Face?

VVG: I’m no theologian, Alexandria, but God created just ONE human race.  Superficials like colors are accidents of genetics; there was only one set of parents and chances are they had olive skin in the Middle Eastern region.  God did not make one first white couple, one Negroid, one Asian, one New York Italian Cuomo couple.  Just one man and one woman who became nine billion.   

AOC: NO WAY!! God only made a male and female?  What about the other 158 genders?  My God, err my whatever, He’s a transphobe, homophobe, white supremacist for sure!

Her live in lover looked fatigued holding the heavy InSinkerator in his hands.  

VVG: Fancy that, AOC. God didn’t create 160 different human types, nor dozens of ‘first couples”.  God says He loves ALL human beings but He does have a few rules, suggestions and commandments.  Like don’t kill off the kids He sends to earth inside moms.

AOC: We gotta go.  I want to hock this useless noisemaker; still don’t know what a garbage disposal is. Never had one in NYC.

VVG: That’s because the sanitation unions wouldn’t allow them in the buildings.

AOC: Oh really?

VVG: One last question: you do know that science has discovered a cure via sulfa drugs for leprosy, so no one needs to die from the terrible disease anymore.

AOC: That is good news, IF…  It CURES whiteness?!  I’m gonna add sulfa to my green new deal bill.  I wonder if it eliminates orange presidents as well?

VVG: I don’t think so, Alexandria.  So, you don’t subscribe to the science that we all come from the same first parents, and the color of our skin is not as important as the character of our hearts and minds?

AOC: Of course not!  We Democrats need to divide and conquer, not unite and arise.  Without the race card, we’d have to think and reason and make up stuff.

VVG: you mean, like tell the truth?

AOC: Now you get it.  But can we trust you won’t reveal that Kamala is NOT African-American.  Her mom is Asiatic Indian and her Stanford Prof dad brags about his Jamaican ancestors had the biggest slave plantation on the island.  How do you say “Howard Brown” with a straight face.  Kamala and diminishing Joe are putting the IDP in Identity politics as firmly as one thinks possible.

Once Biden is inaugurated, we can apply sulfa if needbe; but we want  to move Biden out of the Oval Office using Rod Rosenstein’s fave 25th amendment as quickly as possible.  He’ll be older on his first day than Reagan was on his last day in the White House.

  Then, finally get President #47  Kamala Harris, a black woman, to run things. Her mantra will be the goat (Greatest of All time), the bong though she did imprison potheads while toking away herself: 

“As your 47th president, I prefer black girls hacked up & extracted from mother wombs…instead of black gold fracked up, extracted from mother earth. “

~I am Dem VP candidate Kamala Harris the Anointed, and I approve this message.

VVG: Kamala never seems to finish any of her terms, whether as District Attorney, AG or senator. She’s always just waiting on her next gig.  Ms AOC, aren’t you concerned the enemy will pull out the sex and color cards?

AOC:  If they bring up sex, her age 29 adultery sessions with 60 yr old Slick Willie Brown will be seen as her crowning glory.  Oh you mean female.  Hmm.  As to being a woman of color, white has ALL the colors of the rainbow and black is the absence of all of them; i’ve never understood this color wheel mentality my party engages in.  So as silly this preoccupation with hues really is, we will confuse them more.  We will color of sex shame them into submission.  You know how whimped out Republicans get…

VVG.  Soooo….Maybe as president…

AOC: It’s about time you deplorables figured it out.  Meanwhile, maybe I can get BLM or Antifastan emigres to pull down St Damien and replace that diseased Whitey with my statue.  I certainly deserve one in the hall…if i can just pawn this weird food processor that was built into my kitchen DC sink, I can start a GoFundMe campaign for AOC the Magnificent.

VVG:  Good luck with that.  Any other priorities? 

AOC:  Since you asked, I’ll push to paint the people’s house a bright shade of black.  It’s been the White House for waaay too long…after all, color IS more important than character.  Ever hear of MLKing and his “I have a dream” speech?   Gotta go.


Virus Hunter finds GOOD in Xi’s Plague. Covid Chronicles

America has had plagues for as long as we have been one of the most blessed nations on earth.The Plague of Xi is little different;  if you look and listen long enough, you CAN see and hear the good amid the devastation. God does NOT abandon His people, though we might believe such.  Flu of 1918.  RoWad Virus of 1973.

Ten plagues were visited on the Eqyptians during the time of the Israelite captivity prior to the Exodus.  The 10th was particularly deadly, killing off probably just as many first born Egyptian sons as Covid19 has done in this plague.  Whereas the various strains of Covid19 have only killed 35 American children, the Plague of Paraoh focused on the oldest sons of every Egyptian family.  The Israelites were spared due to the innocent blood of unblemished lambs on their doorposts; it caused the angel of death to “Pass over” those homes so equipped.   Of course, this foreshadowed Christ’s substituting Himself, the Innocent Lamb of God, for each of us that professes Him and believes in His teachings.  John 3:16 is more than an endzone sign flashed after misquided millionaires take a knee and disrespect this covenant and free land.

19th Ordinary Sunday’s first story is about Elijah waiting on the all powerful God. “At the mountain of God, Horeb,
Elijah came to a cave where he took shelter. 
Then the LORD said to him,
“Go outside and stand on the mountain before the LORD;
the LORD will be passing by.” 
A strong and heavy WIND was rending the mountains
and crushing rocks before the LORD—
but the LORD was not in the wind. 
After the wind there was an EARTHquake—
but the LORD was not in the earthquake. 
After the earthquake there was FIRE
but the LORD was not in the fire. 
After the fire there was a tiny whispering sound. 

When he heard this,
Elijah hid his face in his cloak
and went and stood at the entrance of the cave.

It’s almost like a famous music group: Earth, wind and fire. The group started in 1969 and spanned all the musical genres.  Ironically, they have a tour coming up with Santana, who many of the older gen might remember had an album that three peated the number 6. 666 is popular with the satanist crowd and some of Santana’s faire involved the not so Godly.

God was not present in those elements (earth, wind and fire with Elijah) and events, though He having made a 553 sextillion mile wide universe could easily cloak himself from Elijah that way.  A tiny whispering sound.  Are we listening for God’s message during this tragedy.  Do we realize God is separating evil from good, the goats from the sheep, the lawless anarchists, the arrogant one worlder arsonists, the disorderly rioters….from the law and order loving true Americans and God believers.

Bishop Vann said ‘demonic activity” is up.  Ya think?!  Think about the facts and truth. Both good AND evil is no longer in the shadows.

Xi Jingping is an atheistic master racist mass murdering tyrant who used an evil virus, incubated it in his 11 million Wuhanians (whether designed or not doesn’t matter) and sent the plague by Sino Viral Airlines to all corners of the world, starting with Spain, Italy and the US.  Worldwide.  No doubt and undeniable.  Are the Chinese people guilty?  No other than a few who spit in PPE sold back to the US.  It was the CCP and PLA that hold the evil empire awards

Is there good in this? Thousands of selfless first responders giving their all, like 9-11.  People helping people constantly; like Mary the MaskmaKeer and others donating masks to the needy.

People doing Christlike charity for others: BKind  4Give B4Given  HELP1some1-2day and MORE if you are able.  So many NOT making excuses to help thy neighbor despite the petty tyrants insane dictats

How about MORE deadly flu cases for the young because of the three WsWell, 166 kids died from a very severe flu in 2019 (reported Jan 7); did God do good by “limiting” the SARS-Cov-2, like the innocent blood on the doorposts, demon of death from touching His most precious innocent little ones?  You tell me!  in fact, suppose MORE kids did not get or die from the flu because we washed hands, isolated, even wore masks and didn’t lick doorknobs.  Stopping flu in 2020 could be a good consequence of Covid preparations.

There’s another plague/virus known as RoWad73 that was incubated Jan 22, 1973 and since then is NOT under control.  It affects mainly the inner city minorities like Blacks and Hispanic poor; in fact, unlike WuHan, the virus is dispensed at kill mills with PP logos.  The average age is less than nine months (since conception); 22 million black kids have died so far, among 61 million American children.  It can be cured, though the retooled Marxist orgs Black Lives Matter and AntiFA are not interested in God’s children but prefer making billions using mayhem, anarchy and deceit.

61 million  is enough to replace EVERY human in our 31 least populated states.  One for one.  So God “allows” human “doctors” to slice up black babies, retrieve their organs and ship them postage paid to med labs everywhere.  I thought human organs were NOT for sale.  Apparently not: like “protesters” getting an immunity card, PP and satanist surgeons get a free pass to pass NOT for free baby hearts, livers and hair.

To me, this is pure demonic evil: But there are good things happening.  Like the many neighbors who are now getting to know each other better since MLB, NBA and NFL, the theaters and other entertainment venues are closed.   Yes, I miss movies and sports; you might miss Disney.  But, LOOK for the good, the blessings in this.

  No matter how hard Gov. Recall Newsom tries to shut down singing, close the Churches, lock out worship, God can STILL be heard in a tiny whispering sound.  Though suicide and depression, drug and alcohol abuse are up, the chaff and wheat, the good and the evil, goats and sheep are now most visible.  The evil ones MUST be held accountable, like the 6500 deaths of Gov Cuomo’s nursing home elderly.  You can’t put 4500 infected patients into the 593 NYC homes without impact.  Same with the other 7 gov or so who insanely and evilly followed Cuomo’s lead/

In the gospel, Jesus had just fed 5000 listeners ’til they were full, leaving 12 baskets of leftovers gathered.  He sent His Apostles on a boat tour across the water; meanwhile He dismissed the throngs and stayed on the mountain to pray.

At once Jesus spoke to them, “Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid.” 
Peter said to him in reply,

“Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water.” 
He said, “Come.” 
Peter got out of the boat and began to walk on the water toward Jesus. 

But when he saw how strong the wind was he became frightened;
and, beginning to sink, he cried out, “Lord, save me!” 
Immediately Jesus stretched out his hand and caught Peter,
and said to him, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” 

As St Pio puts it  “Pray.  Don’t Worry!”  Trust in God, amid this pandemic and the governmental employee missteps which is hurting our country.  Do the safe

Paul commiserated just how much his people, the Jews, had been gifted, entrusted from the time of Abram to the time of Christ; as the lightening struck apostle, he feared for them.  We must listen to Christ: “Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid”

Please, as you complain about the misery merchants, see the good in your kids, your spouse and others; yes, the regressive leftist anarchists like Soros and puppet Biden’s handlers want America destroyed.  Like the pharaohs of old, they want us all enslaved to their absolutely bizarre notions of governance, total socialism/dependence on their idea of a sovereign nation.  They can’t leave well enough alone and enjoy the good around them.  But pray that the man who shut down Chinese air flights Jan 31, 10 days after the first US Covid case identified, continues to battle for life (THE most prolife president in history) and against the swamp creatures who want to leech our land while we are wounded.  Evil is as evil does.  Even ignoring 300 successes by the president they hate and are willing to destroy a great country to keep their demonic power going.

Bishop Soto’s fave song “How can I keep from singing?” comes to mind. Through the tumult, hear the Lord.  Jesus has NOT abandoned those who call on Him.

Remember: Take courage, it is I says the Lord. “Do not be afraid” 

We are sooo spoiled as Americans; get our feelings hurt and our knees bruised, and we go ballistic.  Many of you value and pray the rosary.

In the WWII death camps like Auschwitz-Berkinau, food was terribly scarce. 

Bread more rare than the gold teeth the demonrats extracted from the gassed Jews and Poles.  Ever hear of a bread crumb rosary?  I have seen one preserved in Czechoslavakia.  The death rowers would save a little bread, form it into small balls and form a rosary on string.  These people didn’t worry about their next mani-pedi or when the hair salon was opening up; they valued and passed around these rosaries for use by all those destined for Nazi deaths.  Always remember, value is what others place on an object or even a life.  As a realtor, I know a home’s price is based on what a buyer will pay.  No buyers, price drops.  Gold some say has intrinsic value; try eating your gold chain if no food comes in a drought.

A human life? Guaranteed by our Constitution and God Himself but some lives matter more to others.  Prochoice abortion lovers (satanist rituals use abortion in their religious practices) value a kid dead more than alive.  Same with the bread crump rosaries: invaluable to the shared owners more than the scarce bread in their stomachs.  Get over yourself, folks.  We are in the same body of water, like the Apostles, just different boats.

FEAR is False Expectations Appearing Real. 

Erica was arrested for chalking the sidewalks with her message. Equal and fair justice?

Don’t let the white fragilists, the black lives matter more than other humans, the American way haters, the Sorosian anarchists, and especially the baby killing party of total slavery founded in 1854 STEAL your HEART.  Just like they steal the hearts of black and white kids in those kill mills strategically located in black and poor inner city neighborhoods.  Why does NYC have 41 abortion mills?  You tell me.  Certainly, they keep operating WHILE covid ravages the elderly.  But God HAS protected the young from Covid (at least, so far) while we, NOT the virus of Xi, kill off 3000 humans per day.  For no good reason at all. Student for Life Erica was arrested for using chalk to write “Black PREBORN lives matter”.  They sought permission, but DC mayor Bowser can paint giant yellow Black lives matter but how dare a prolife protester use chalk.  God is watching.,

Go ahead, and let the liars lie and steal your mind, money, heart and kids; don’t support the anarchists, sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, even in Norco.  Want a true blue white supremacist, AOC?  It’s not St Damien, though he turned white from helping the abandoned on Molokai,

Alexandria AOC; it is the one you serve, Margaret Sanger.

Looking for a MASTER racist? Look no farther

Sanger, the master racist who prefers the Negro population gone.  God created ONE HUMAN race, not 12; color doesn’t matter to Him: it shouldn’t matter to us.  Stop the silliness and focus on helping your neighbors, not talk talk talking day and night via Zoom about nutty winds of doctrines.

After all, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son…”  But, note that no endzone sign tells the whole story.  No matter how Covid19 turns out, it CANNOT kill your soul.  But YOU can.

For God so loved the world that he gave* his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life.k
17For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn* the world, but that the world might be saved through him.l
18Whoever believes in him will not be condemned, but whoever does not believe has already been condemned, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God.
Find the good; my partial list should just get you started
The Virus Hunter at your service.