Vox Veritas Gazette: King Newsom sends 3 Magi Kings guidelines

Dateline SacraDEMento  Volume 21, Issue 1.6

King Newsom, in preparation for pilgrim travel over the holidays, has sent guidelines to all groups planning on visiting his creche in Blessed SacraDEMento for Christmas. “Only 3 households can gather as one.  Prepared food on single use paper or plastic and you must be outside, rain or shine.  6 feet separation while eating. IF you must use the toilet, go inside and sanitize.

We Three Kings from Orient R, preparing for travel to King Herod II Newsom’s kingdom

  Traveling from Bethlehem, Magi World Pilgrimages were somewhat concerned about their plans with King Newsom’s daily gatherings rule changes.  Assembling their camel caravans loading on three Boeing Jumbos in the Middle East, King Bithisarea, King Melichior, and King Gathaspa, commonly heard as BalthasarMelchior, and Gaspar or Casper, were confused.

In an MidEast~West Zoom call with King Herod Newsom, these 3 famous Kings explained their astronomers were following the science; having seen this huge orange star moving over SacraDEMento in the Far West during the day; the Wise ones pooh poohed it being wildfire related. 

Visibly alarmed, Newsom-Herod asked:

“Hey, Kings, you sure a new King is coming to SacraDEMento?  I just took the throne two years ago and thought it was for life.  OR until made Emperor of the States United?”

Balthasar: “King Herod, yes, Good News is coming your way. Our astronomers are not politically correct following childish global warnings and spotted the bright sign above your Capitol on the Blessed Sacramento River.  It was NOT a digital billboard, for sure.”

King Herod Newsom: “Really. My viziers to my left didn’t warn err alert me of a new King.  I thought I had until 2100 when my Aunt Nantoinette was ascending to her “Do as I say not as I HAIRDO” heavenly salon above.  Melchior, could you text me the new king’s location when you land at Fairfield?”

Melchior: “Of course, New Herod.  As soon as we see the Savior in your kingdom; we are sure the star will settle in place.  I’ll message you.  However, we were told there are not three wise men nor a virgin to be found in your castle.”

New Herod: “Thank you, we are so humbled He is coming back in our region.   I sooo want to worship Him and give Him REPAYrations for how He was treated in your regions a couple millennia ago. Don’t call me AntiSemitic, but the Jews Blood-Libel MUST be repaid in gold and frankencense; you kings have any to spare?  Yes, I know no slave masters like my distant ancestor Herod I OR the Jews with bloodied hands are still alive.  Yet, we will deMyrrh what the rebellious Israelites will get as punishment.   Don’t be a ghost, Casper; make sure you tell me.

Casper:” Not sure when Jesus is returning to earth in your Western kingdom but will do, Herod II! 

As to your royal plague of Xi decrees, all will be masked, including our camel transports.  We WILL meet outside! And our meals tents will be cleaned, the prepared food served on single use palm branches.  Uh, your excellency New Herod, what’s a toilet?  Whatever it is, we will sanitize after each use per your royal right to require.”

New Herod: “Please stay 6 yards apart, the Social Distance for other races visiting my land.  To ease the royal CovidCops concerns, we must assign three colors to your respective groups; of course no GREEN since my serfs will remain under house arrest forever. 

King Balt, your kingdom’s color is yellow… King Mel red and Casper the Friendly Host, please blue all your caravanees.  I have been very stubborn reopening the Tragic Kingdom; DismaLand and hope you only bring a few of your respective royal families. I get the hives worrying also your people will sing not hum; all those Plaguelets in the air.

3 Kings of Orient R.  “Will do, O great Herod. See you soon” 

The Wise MagiMen, with their 300 people entourages each (limited for overseas visits), enjoyed their pilgrimage.  The New King’s family appreciated the Divine gifts and their visitors’ trip went without any hitches.  Camels don’t need tethers or hitches, running on sun and low polluting fossil fuels and photosynthesis.

But King Newsom, when he found out the 3 Wise Kings left without informing him, he threw his most toddler toddler tantrum ever; other than destroying PumpedUP Jack wine bottles (only vineyard still solvent in his kingdom),King NewHerod stomped on and broke all four of his Crayolas.

Being petty and tyrannical, the Impotent as a Jeffrey Toobin ZooMeet teeny king immediately closed the borders (imagine that) of his Taxifornia kingdom. 

Using the usual “for the children” Plague of Xi the Merciless, Newsom’s mentor, as his excuse, the Toddler King jumped up and down on the coloring sticks and book in his castle playroom for an hour.   Needless to say, screaming ‘Auntie Nantoinette, I need access’ he also shouted “I need my mani-pedi and hair made perfect for the cams.  ALL counties are not Locked down.”   Editor’s note: Just the borders for an undisclosed time.

Shouting “There will be NO GREEN for Go! for Covid until I find this King called Saviour.  And no, former Catholic Xavier ‘NOT MY SAVIOR’ Becerra, will not miss out on arresting his nemesis, the Son of God.  Neither will I”  So King Gavin Herod II Newsom sent his CovidCops searching every sanctuary city he could to find the Returning King from the City of Peace.  Nada…just like his namesake.

 An investigative reporter contributor to the Vox Veritas, contacted the Kings via ZoomDreams to NOT return to King Herod II’s castle.  “IF you do return for an audience with Herod II, his grand general, former Catholic NOT MY Savior Xavier Becerra will seek out and destroy the new King to protect his boss, High Priestess Aunt Nantoinette Pelosi’s nephew on the throne.

Xavier has been the ultimate disappointment.  Newsom is just following his Auntie’s satanic witchey ways in his own Diablo Lamborghini racing to the local coven tavern.”


Vox Veritas Gazette reporter Gabriel Angel followed up in January 2021 with the 3 caravans at Fairfield in the SacraDEMento area before they headed home.  Before loading on the 3 JumboJets, Gabriel said “Thank you Wise Men for not returning to the Capitol Castle to text and inform Herod where the NEW King was staying with His Royal Family.  He’s just a sad little boy that never grew up.  He will recall his failings when God removes him from his power lust.  The writing IS on the wall.”





Rerum Vitae: an Encircular of a loyal lay Catholic Christian

Have you seen this natural beauty before?

All is not as it seems in our world today. 

It’s time to reassess the facts of life; we need a Revolution of Truth to counteract systemic fabrigation, degradation and incivility now a part of our blessed land and infecting our blessed Church.

This author is 68 years a native Californian and American citizen, 37 years the dad of 11, 35 years a domicilic pedagogist,  35 years a lay minister including DRE & YM, and 32 years a real estate broker; ask the actuaries, at best, my life is just decades from ending.

Please understand: I feel blessed, yet this is:

Rerum Vitae #1: God’s Gift of each other:  “Life is precious, we only get ONE!”  When our time is up, it’s up.

We certainly can define ourselves by race but not like the race pimps do; in the real world, the facts and things of life that matter, we MUST realize there is scientifically only this: ONE HUMAN RACE.  ONLY one.  

Not 1619 different ones.  Note bene: any division from there, from God’s created humans, and/or how to separate the 9 billion on the planet, is man made. 

All the excuses, the victim pleas and whining can be summed up by an illiterate single mom’s comment: “She never made excuses, and she never accepted an excuse from us.” Any excuse was met with Mrs. Carson’s “Do you have a brain?” She told Ben and his brother, you could have thought your way out of any problem. What John or Mary did or said to you doesn’t matter.  What did Ben Carson do by loving books and NOT watching endless TV, he because a pioneering pediatric neurosurgeon who separated twins AT the brain.

Genetically, God installed 23 chromosomes each in the two distinct gender/sexes that become parents; they can be found in blacks, whites, short, tall, African, European, Antartican even AntiFAstan humans.  Good or bad, evil or honest.

‘Critical Race Theory’ like ‘Systemic Racism’ believes if you are white, you are a white supremacist.  White is evil.  This nonsense, as Dr Carol Swaim and Candance Owens, to name a few, peg it: it violates the “equal protection clause” of the 14th amendment, whether you are white, black or some other superficial difference.

BLM Inc., for example, is a Marxist anarchist organization extorting tribute from feckless corporations and allied with AntiFAstan militants; they, like Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground, exist to infuse FEAR not progress.   And the NYTimes “journalist” claims his 1619 is fiction, not history; even though many public schools are adopting its guts for their kids.  Actually, for the parents’ kids they have access to.  Proving yet again, choice is more than a woman’s with her squirming baby inside: we need SCHOOL CHOICE to escape the enslavement of the petrified public indoctrination establishment.  You can’t graduate 78% of the kids with 35% math & English proficiency, and claim success at LAUSD.  Especially since each public “ed” classroom gets $720,000 PER 180 day YEAR, Zoom or Live.  This is criminal, a whole generation abandoned to developmentally disabled status.

And IF you don’t know what the 14th amendment is, it’s a part of God’s inspired founding documents called the Constitution and the 20 something amendments and bill of rights. 

Law and order, like natural law, is essential for a society to exist; California, whether the early Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo on, needs to return to God’s design that killing, stealing, lying and the seven deadly sins are evils to be avoided. 

Return the sanctuary to celebrating the bloodless sacrifice of the Eucharist, not coddling criminals of all types.  We can help the immigrant, but giving a Monopoly “Stay out of Jail forever” Card to murderers and rapists defies God’s design.  How did we get to this place where cops are evil while 700 black mainly young are killed by mainly black young in Chicago in 2019.  While complaining 9 blacks were killed by multi-color cops last year: 7 WITH weapons like knives, cars and bats.  

Voluntary associations are good things, when we associate into countries, or parishes, into neighborhoods, or the prime building block of life.  Deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA, is the primary essence scientifically of human life, God’s Design; but His prime foundation remains what religious call the “Domestic Church”: the human family.  We need intact families now more than ever to thrive as a nation and do great things for God, the Church and the least and lost among us.

Expect the best from each other. Don’t settle for 2nd best.

 Man was designed to be FREE, to enjoy a secure life, liberty and property/pursuit of happiness.

This reflects how God designed and built His universe.  In fact, 600,000 people died to free the physically enslaved blacks on Southern Democrat plantations, only to have the Dem slave party of 1854 swap for new plantations over time.   The most current plantation enslaves & harvests (63 million so far dead kids) preborn and JUST born black & white kids; parts, like hearts and livers, sold separately of course.

Incredibly, today, we have black college “separatists” coddle ‘easily offended’ to black only dorms.  Now, Thomas Aquinas College has the right idea, separating the sexes for healthy, morally good reasons, but not to feed the black supremacy movement. 

Whatever color supremacist you are, you are wrong.  Equality of opportunity does NOT guarantee equality of results.    Candace Owen’s book “Blackout” is a must read on this.

Think about how God filled his 553 sextillion mile wide universe: He made trillions of insects, including cockroaches and ants; billions of stars, planets, plants and animals.  AFTER billions of angels, not visible to the unaided human eye.

Yet, in His omniscience (His ALL knowing Science), God elected to make His great creation, human beings, one at a time. And rely on US, not the Godhead, to populate this amazing gift of earth. 

Adam and Eve (it’s ok, smart person, they did exist; if you don’t like the name, do the Dr Louis Leakey and call them the first couple from Mesopotamia) WAS the 1st couple:  we did NOT have 12 or 1619 first “couples” to populate separate human races. )

Nope! Rerum Vitae readers, we have the family histories and geneology trees to prove these facts of life.  The first humans lived almost a millennium, up to 969 years old, and quickly we grew to a large number, though dispersed with the Babylonian Tower diaspora.

Yes, sadly we were pruned down to eight at the ReCreative “flood” during Noah’s time, but at 9 billion, we have caught up.  But throughout time and on all continents, the family building block, not the village, is the most important and God ordained.  And families, since the removal of the water vapor canopy (first rains first rainbow after 120 year Noah & Sons yacht building project), our life spans decreased from 700-900 years to around 100 years following the introduction of direct solar and cosmic rays.  But, at 80-100,there’s plenty of time to raise and educate great kids and do great things in Christian Service.  And say what you want, the optimum remains man and wife, husband and lady: not 158 other “preferred sexual and non sexual” gender ideologies.  Yes, we are considerate of other peoples’ choices (unless choice involves killing like the preborn at PParenthoodlum Central); but when 160 genders are used as weapons for illicit gain, we need to draw the line of truth. For THEIR sake.  Sexual relativity, like moral relativity, is evil.  NOT a good way to live.  But it takes people of courage to speak the truth in love.  And our bishops as well to challenge the usurpation of God’s inalienable rights and American citizen duties.

Rerum Vitae #2  “God’s gift of fossil fuels” are just that: gifts. 

Dear Bishops & Enviro Justice Leaguers:  We WON the CO2 battle: it’s levels and concentration are DOWN. Former Catholic Xavier & Newsom can FREE Californians from evil carbon taxes.  Did Anyone notice?

Yet, the misery merchants (as I call them) are mocking God in so many ways.  But, unpack this: in California and the US, the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) is going DOWN quickly because the mix has changed: we can choose fracked natural gas instead of burning wood (except in Newsom’s Calif.) as fuel for heat like the caveman did.  Why do so many in the evolved Democrat slave party demand fracking stop?  Because it HELPS American families thrive.  They HATE America almost as much as they LOVE black girls hacked up for parts.

Choice works in the energy world well:   We choose WHICH fossil fuels (as the godless call them) to use. Let’s say the Novum Green Dealers take power as in take over American governance; they are clueless that:

Fossil fuel crude OIL leads to 6000 necessary products like plastics used throughout the civilized world. 6000 consumer products… AND

Fracked fossil fuel natural gas is extremely low polluting, high energy coefficient for heating homes, powering cars and in its best use, generating electricity, it REDUCES CO2 in the atmosphere. 

You won’t hear this from the anarchists like Algorean Heretics or Biden Bernie AOC’s $93 trillion anarchistic greenprint to blueprint the return to the Stone Ages.

Think critically rerum vitae readers: with technological super advancement, ZooMeets in the Covid19 days for example, we keep discovering amazing things but the misery merchants hate progress.  ANY progress.  And they lie to protect their Luddism.  They claim CO2 is poison gas, even though by the way it is in every fire extinguisher to extinguish fires!

How will blowing winds or shining sun replace plastic saline bags on hospital stands, plastic face shields and thousands of other products that make efficient use of God’s gift of oil to mankind? What idiots these Luddites are, who want to bring back horse pooper scoopers.

For the first time ever, America is energy independent. Which means FAMILIES can be independent from POVERTY.

No more OPEC 1970s gas lines because we are enslaved to the Middle East.  And CHEAP ENERGY is Godly because it helps families thrive: we can serve each other BETTER without the GMan taking more of the family’s income, taking his 50% cut for governance and then giving crumbs to the truly needy.

Bishops and lay alike: Christian service, helping others and succeeding as a family is dependent on LOW energy costs and available Food, decent jobs, the things Trump had going.  Meanwhile, the godless Newsom, Gov of California, is using the Algorean Heresy as justification to steal more and more of the family budget, read our private sector income, for his frivolous programs. 

Using this persistent lie that fossil fuels are evil, Newsom and former Catholic Xavier Becerra have us paying a 67% gasoline sales tax rate.  Yes, 67%! today.  Easy proof is standing at the California/Arizona border on the 10 (highway) and seeing a mile away gas prices $1.20 less than in San Bernardino county. Same air, same world, dotted state border between you and cheaper fuel.

Sadly, there is NO green in Toddler Newsom’s Covid Crayon Box. He will never lift the house arrest.

Until Covid19, Bishops didn’t have to worry as much about shuttering parishes to make up the massive artificial donation deficit, like many of us private citizen business owners are facing.  Minor fact of life: parishioners and church goers, when church doors are locked like on Pentecost AD33, the donations plummet.

We all know this unmentioned truth.  While mainly Democrat governors continue to keep us under house arrest: notice in toddler tyrant Gavey Newsom’s four color covid Crayon box…

…there is NO GREEN Crayola! Illa est: FREEDOM for CaliFamilies once again to thrive.

Green means GOOOO!, something Emperor Newsom will NEVER do: he is drunk with unelected illicit power to enslave (there’s that word again) us families.

Ironically, the tech revolution has surfaced and protected unnecessary public sector jobs (needing to be pared);  continue as the revolution in efficiency and productivity continues.  Every public sector job is paid is expensive; too expensive IF not eliminated when it’s time is up…paid for by the income of the private sector humans; but not EVERY government bureaucrat job is needed anymore.   WE need to reduce bloated fat government bureaucracies: we can’t afford them nor do we need them anymore.

But, we need police (sorry Antifa BLMers) and the military to fulfill the most important aspect of governance: protection from enemies foreign and domestic and to maintain a civil society civil with law and order.  But no longer buggy whip tanners. or pager manufacturers.  So much, with miniaturization and smart phone centralization of apps, has occurred to eliminate the need for various functions. 

The Plague of Xi the Merciless has shown this: NYC is emptying out, commercial property values plummeting, because companies now realize many functions like work, can happen in their employees’ homes.  But the outlandish, criminally large public pension levels for ex librarians and others no longer needed are STILL on the books.  Proof? Current $2 trillion demand by Newsom’s Auntie Nantoinette (“Do as I say NOT as I Hairdo”) for mismanaged states, mainly Democrat left led that have squandered their wealth.

It is the STATES’ responsibility to solve by cutting pensions not taxpayers.

Rerum Vitae #3  God’s gift of climate change is HIS, not ours to control.  Misunderstanding this rerum vitae is dangerous and expensive.

Hints for the 2500 air sample quiz

Bishops and laity: despite the Supreme Court calling it “pollution”, CO2 is our necessary friend, not demonic like planned parenthood.  Do the science before you follow it: 1:2500

There is ONE CO2 molecule for every 2500 other air (nitrogen, oxygen&argon) molecules. CO2 IS a trace air gas, not a heat sink destroying the 3rd rock from the sun.

Yet YOU believe man is miraculously changing the weather by somewhat manufacturing 12 CO2 molecules out of every million.  Why??

Certainly, you can sit back idly and watch us get ripped off further.  According to the Algorean Heresy (that man not God controls the weather), 3% of the carbon dioxide is man and woman made.  IF this is true, then the amount we can control by destroying our economies and ALL going poor, is 12 CO2 molecules for every ONE MILLION (3% of 400PPM). 

Look closely at this as you listen to misery merchants like King Emperor Newsom, with his REPayrations insanity, climate change and house arrest maxims, tell us NO gas powered cars by 2035. 

What an insolent miscreant petty tyrant; who the heaven does he think he is?

I know, i should write my real opinion of him.  He thinks he is Chief Scientist, Chief Parent, Chief of Private Commerce and Jobs…basically, God on the West coast below Oregon.  He is NOT!

12:1,000,000 CO2 (manmade) molecules are used to enslave us.  Slavemaster Newsom has moved us off harvesting cotton on the Southern Democrat plantations to the plantations of Taxifornia.

This scientific nonsense is codified in the Indoctrination Centers, formerly know as Public Education; it seeps into parochial unless checked at the border, the principal’s office and curriculum committees; and buttressed by the DeMedia (ABCNNBCBS, the big four networks of Democrat controlled media) and deviant academia.

China not California has smog issues.

Take Mr Newsom’s recent tantrum: climate change creates wildfires. 

Chew on it; just because he says it does not make it science.  Truth is out there: changing from 70 degrees to 71.5 degrees, or 100 to 101 degrees Farenheit, does not make fires go wild.  Paper burns at 451 degrees not 100.  AND, terrible forest management (leaving dead wood and brush on the forest floor, and standing deadwood matchsticks) is too much temptation for the fire bugs among us.  And lightning.  ALL wildfires are preventable, it we end the androgenic climate change BS.  Blame the tree huggers, the environmental cases for the loss of 4 million acres just this year.  Not the clear cutting loggers, or unused grid management tools available to adult leaders.  As a scientist, I abhor this kind of ignorance: there are good strategies for protecting the environment, starting with protecting preborn children; unfortunately the Sierra Clubbers have the toddler tyrant Newsom’s ear.

Yes the CLIMATE changes; in fact, if rain didn’t follow sunlight or winter follow fall, no crops, no food.  Without CO2 we die due to NO food.  Without climate change, we suffer.

Global warming happens locally at dawn and continues through most of the day, even in winter; but we don’t need the defrocked snake oil salesguy, Algore, to whine about it.  His and other climate change ambassadors’ lies have been proven false.  Polar bears, Algore’s famous infomercial, was a fraud photo op.  Polar bears endangered?  There are five times as many today.  Seas rising to ObamaNation’s Cap’n Hussein Barack’s claim Mt McKinley 21,000 foot level BS: there is NO systemic rise worldwide

Global cooling every night, sounds silly, but it’s true.  But, hand it to them, what the misery merchants have done is genius. 

When global warming didn’t materialize over three decades, instead of giving God credit for building a radiative atmospheric heat exchanger, just change the mantra.  Admitting the lie a non starter for the leftist Regressives.  Never satisfied until they have ultimate power.  Over you.  And me.

Instead of manmade global warming based on CO2 levels, call it ‘climate change’.  Have the Indoctrination Centers, Leonard Decraprio, ABCNNBCBS and conflicted paid off “scientists” harp and hawk the same message: man must stop making things ie destroy the economy to curb CO2.  As if MORE CO2 is a bad thing.  The atmospheric chemical that PROMOTES plant growth in REAL greenhouses, is evil IF man supposedly creates it from nothing.

What the misery sellers missed, is due to fracked natural gas changing the mix of energy, especially electrical generation (except in Calif where Newsom cut 8 gigawatts of methane generated to honor his guv predecessor, Brown outs), carbon dioxide is gone LESS, obsoleting the Paris “Screw developed nations” Accords forever.  The solution is not dark ages wood burning making a comeback, but Godly men and women standing up for truth, scientific integrity and ending the suppression of the scientific method: ANYONE can get these simple facts, but be prepared to be nah nahed as “climate deniers”.

What stupidity: no one denies climate, nor that it changes.  But unlike toddler Newsom who misdirects from the real problem, adults seek the truth.  Not political fiction.  As it is, bishops and laity, Dr Valentina Zharkova and other actual experts, solar physicists, are discussing the resurgence of the Maunder (now Dalton) Minimum where sun heat energy is decreasing precipitously this decade.   NOW there is a problem worth investigating and mitigating.  Maybe even time to reverse the 67% gasoline sales tax rates the oppressive enslaving SacraDEMento is doing to CaliFamilies.

Wonder why no temp increase over 20 years even tho the Algorean heretics lied to us about non-existent massive global average temperature increases?

Sunspot activity is reaching a three cycle super low; and from 6th grade, solar science, sunspots signal energy exported from the sun.  Story for another day.  Another rerum vitae.  But trillion$$ are being wasted on needless demonization of God’s energy gifts to us: yes, we control and must continue to reduce pollution but by shifting to less polluting sources.  NOT bring back the horse buggy whips, equine pooper scoopers and poverty, misery and death. 

Recall this when Gov Recall Newsom is gone in 2022…or before.  Instead of ZooMeets over what’s the best salad or over white privileged fragile supremacists are about.

…There are real coming issues.  We need to help 3rd worlders deal with shorter growing seasons and less arable land, NOT contemplate ivory tower environmental justice navels. Bishops, THIS is what honorable Christian service is about: not the band-aids but helping prevent actual food deficits worldwide as the earth actually cools. Cold not heat is the more dangerous conundrum of life.

Rerum Vitae #4  God’s Gift of Photosynthesis.  And Aerobic Respiration.

The circle of life isn’t just on Lion King

It is sad this must be written, but the trinity of God’s gifted chemicals and energy, is NOT pollution.  He mixes water, carbon dioxide and sun energy to FEED the WORLD.  Photosynthesis creates food; you learned this before the social environmental justice preachers took over and distorted the truth in 4th grade science. 

And that food is consumed by the companion equation of aerobic or cellular respiration.  But when misery merchants build on the little lie to create the BIG lie of Algorean Heresy, truth gets pummeled by the din of toddler noise.  Yes, toddlers who don’t listen to the facts or want your opinion.  This is why adults need to take over again.  The anarchists, the misery merchants have had their time.




Rerum Vitae #5  Vote for good not evil.  Understand that in the US, WE are the government & we hire public servants to serve the public.  NOT themselves.

  This Fact of Life speaks for itself.  We the people ARE the government, not the governed.  We HIRE by vote those we employ like Trump or Newsom, Pelosi or Whitmer, De Santis or Cuomo.  Some turn out good; others not so much.  Cuomo should be up on manslaughter charges for the unnecessary 9500 Covid Elderly deaths in his 593 NYC nursing homes.  He KILLED them with love: loving to keep the free hospitals, field and ship, empty while infecting the vulnerable with Covid+ patients.  But, if you want to vote for a con man president with a 4 month, not 4 year term, leading to President #47 Kamamalala the Knife, vote Dem. 

Trump proved he cares about God, His Church and the American people, but people don’t seem to embrace forgiveness for a president’s past. Even with 320 undeniable successes in so many areas.  Yeah, he gruff but he has a heart of gold; and charity is NOT to be broadcast, tho Catholic Charities, Food for the Poor do good work at times.

He’s married to a devout Catholic name Melania who has influenced him for good, and he became a true pro life advocate with his actions. Vote DJT then and avert the destruction of America as we know it.  America was NOT designed to be communist and run by an all powerful central Fed government and the ABCs of tyranny: Algore, Bidenfam & Clintonmob.  Tech and blessings are for good; not to end plane travel, fossil fuel use, waste trillions more and ignore the gifts right in front of our privileged, spoiled eyes and  lives.

Vote for whom you believe would be God’s choice, not the misery merchants.  FREE is the most common word out of the prostitician’s mouth.  Don’t buy the Algorean Elixir.  OR AOCs.  But vote once.  Not early, often or dead like our Dem friends prefer.

Rerum Vitae #6  Look with Christlike eyes: Search for the Truth.  Then STAND UP for it.

God created ONE human race, one human family.

Two sexes, male and female; not 160.  The alternate genders and sexualities are chosen not genetic.

Three Persons in ONE God, the ultimate family for eternity.  Learn to BKind  4Give B4Given   Help1Some1-2day and more if you are able…the real Charity of Catholics is one on one, personal.

The Family is the fundamental building block of America, not the state.  NOT AOC or the communist miscreants; not Marxist revolutionary BLM Inc nor Antifastan soldiers.  To prosper, follow God, go to Church IF and WHEN we tell Crayon Boy Newsom to pound sand, help others, do great things.  Practice life, liberty and property pursuit of happiness in a free land where there is room for EVERYONE to do well IF they are willing to work.  Sucking on your mother’s breast ends usually before age two; sucking on the government welfare breast should never become a habit beyond the same age.  God designed the family to accomplish His plan.  NOT Schumer’s or other prostitician’s dastardly deeds.

Notice that the misery merchants, yes a lot of Democrat leaders LOVE to rewrite words and use abbreviations.  There must be a leftist’s lexicon etymology convention weekly.

Woman’s right to choose has a suffix:  choose to kill her child for parts.

Climate change we discussed.  It’s suffix is Marx, Karl: “control the means of production (ie CO2) and you control the people”.  Even when success has occurred and CO2 is DOWN.

Racist.  Ignores the reality America is the most non racist country on earth.  But, the victocrats, the race pimps will have none of that.

Social Justice Warriors: moral absolutes no longer apply; what I see as injust makes it so.

Family…must be banned.  By Marx and by BLM, AntiFAstan and the corrupt.


Rerum Vitae #7  God’s gift of eternal joy.  Not everyone’s cup of tea… It IS free.

Your choice, not mine.  God gives you the true woman’s right to choose, not what to wear, but where you will be…forever.  And man too!

  Do you want to live forever in bliss and harmony or join the misery merchants with their high priest, the devil, in the hell.  Jesus talked of hell and money, as much as love.  We must learn to use money as a tool and NOT join lucifer’s leaders forever and ever in pain and yes misery.

This rerum Vitae, this Fact of Life, though is forever.  To INFINITY and beyond.  Don’t mess it up.  Jesus came that we might have LIFE…following Him is healthy, not impossible.

As we began this Encircular (Encyclicals are via bishops), I repeat WE need to be the adults and take over our world with a revolution of love; otherwise there will be no earth for my 15 grandkids and a civil society.  Like the first picture, hat tip to Pat Madrid, all that might seen to be beautiful may just be superficial.  Proof is this beautiful nature scene picture is really a closeup of the top of a rotting fence post.

True beauty, like scientific facts and the real world, is more than the superficial.  That, my bishops and laity, my fellow friends, is one necessary Rerum Vitae. 

God bless your day.  Len

Help1Some1-2day.  Don’t leave it to an anonymous or famous group; make a difference, YOUR difference.

Vox Veritas Gazette reports: TRUMP sign of the times aided by James Woods

Vox Veritas Gazette   Volume 20 Issue 10-9

field reporters Icon O’Clasty and Steven Greenhut’s avatar; contributing commentator James Woods

Dateline: HOLLYWOOD hills. 

 The TRUMP sign erected on private property was laid to rest due to increasing concerns it posed a fire hazard.

King Newsom the Lesser, in his daily Crayola 4 press conference, discussed the need to have Cal Trans take down the sign.

VVG: Your eminence, King Newsom, why did you have a full crew of CalTrans workers dismantle the privately owned TRUMP sign?

Newsom: “my venerable newsbusters, were you not aware of recent wild fires in California?  It posed an immense fire hazard!

VVG: “O great King, you mean it was a major distraction to 405 fwy drivers as they raced past the TRUMP election advertisement?

Newsom: “Come on VVG!  You know the average speed is between 5 and 12 mph.  If I used distraction as the hazard excuse err reason, you would lampoon me mercilessly.

VVG: “WE understand.  You have distanced yourself from Auntie Nantoinette Pelosi, the “Do as I say NOT as I Hairdo” hair to the throne.  Why fire?

Newsom: “If you must know, two reasons.  We felt God would strike the sign with His lightning; during the Covid19-29, we haven’t had non-satanic worship in California since we’ve kept little human sacrificing as essential operations to please the freedom of religion crowd.  Plus, you know the official Democrap party position, that “Do no harm to BLM~AntiFAstan peaceful protestors” when they wield their Molotovian cocktails, of fossil fuel and Trump flag strips wicks.  We saw evidence high profile members of the Hollywood BLM~AntiFAstan union would act.  But, as you know, I control the media, that is ABCNNBCBS.  Million$ of dollars of damage this week at LA Police HQ and by the usual stifling the truth in reporting, no one knew AntiFAstan immigrants rioted”

VVG:  “How is that, o King 4 Life.  meaning you will be Taxifornia’s king as long as you live.  NOT that you stand up for protecting life, like little black girls from being harvested and sold in parts.”

Deniro was found wandering Hollywood & Vine muttering “F@$@$^$k Trump” repeatedly. He was taken in for a 72 hour hold

Newsom: “Cute, VVG.  It was obvious, in wildfire season, we knew it was unremoved wildfire tinder; Madonna had her “F$%^&%^k America” sports bra, drenched in flammable vodka at the base of the T.  Nearby, stood former actor Robert DeNiro mumbling ‘F%^@%$&#^*k Trump’ carrying a Bunker Biden signature gas can.  Yes, it was full as he poured it on the “P”  You conservative conservationists keep complaining woman induced climate change is a hoax and when we clear the white alphabetic brush, you complain more.”

VVG: “uh, your worshipfullness, forest management is not tear down the largest Trump sign. Just like wildfires and black slaves reparation, you misdirect”

Newsom: “I’m the Magician.  Yeah, you despots call me The Modulator for the seriously fake way i say “Covid19 will be here until 2050; bummer how you caught on there is no GREEN in my Crayon Box of California citizenry house arrest.  GREEN means Go as in you are free to move about the cabin.”

VVG: “You sure, your royalness, the actors weren’t just drunk or on the set of a movie? The fact it was on private property, no one gave you permission and on which you had no right to trespass on.  Bogus was the traffic hazard claim;  do you realize we have laws and order in this country!?”

Newsom:  “i AM the law in Taxifornia and don’t you forget it!!  Anyways, once we had the crew of 100 CalTrans workers on site working on it, the usual 3 workers and 97 supervisors, it was laid down and the actors taken away”

VVG: “So, no issues of suppression of political speech or trespass? What did you do with the actors?”

Cyrillic translation: “Schitty, represent Burbank not the DNC lies”

Newsom: “Actually, no; who’s going to believe you guys anyways in Demofornia; as to the actors, we had a virtual blast at a Hollywood Hills that Mayor Garchitty had commandeered via eminent domain for partying.  Masks parked at the door, of course.” 

VVG: “Zounds of your 25th amendment invoking Auntie Pelosi screaming “Do as I say, NOT as I HAIRDO!”

Newsom: “You pegged it; every 40 million serfs or surfs, you need a few hundred slave masters.  Been the same since 1854.  Once the letters were laid down, the Twin Liars Poker players Jessie Smollett and Adam SChitty Schiffty noticed the letters looked more like the Cyrillic alphabet!  Opportunity knocked….Russia! Russia! Russia! Adam immediately called your aunt Nancy at the hair salon and arranged a presser for later this afternoon. 

She was busy laying out the 25th amendment regarding the ‘Impeach and Beat 45. Dump 46. Bring in Prez Kamala #47’ strategy to equalize the separate powers.  After all, Trump STILL has NOT ascended to full power because Hillary’s snowflakes are still crying and wandering the Hollywood 101 Fwy since 11-9 in 2016.”

VVG: “Wow!  I can see why the Maryland mansion occupant Adam got the idea; the letters are identical to the Moscow~DC translation. I’m sure we will cover Adan and this in our Early Edition.   But a presser? For what purpose?”

Newsom: “I thought you were journalists!?!  Why, to open round 2 of Maximum Water on the Brain’s  Impeach45.  Adam was in town for the first time in years at his one bedroom 600 sf condo on First Street in Burbank; he could swear this was the smoking gun that his fake Bob Ukr phone call transcript didn’t hold a candle to.  The lettering appeared to be a message to alien Russkie UFO spacecraft signaling to Medeved on open skies, things will be easier for Putin as promised once President Biden is elected Nov 3rd and President Kamalalalala installed over Biden’s senile body on July 4th 2021.  Great way to celebrate the demise of 45 on the 145th birthday.”

VVG: “Ahh, the Brown Bedroom to the Lincoln Bedroom in 27 years candidate!  So, packing the Supremes wasn’t the issue then. What was it about innocent tall letters?”

Newsom: “That bastard James Woods.  He threatened to tear down the BIDEN BROWN BABE and BLM signage near the TRUMP lettering in REPAYrations for political suppression. 

This is why i signed in AB3161 to pay back any 165 year old Southern Democrat black slaves roaming our state. We have more $money$ waiting for them even as wildfires rage and public pensions groan. 

VVG: “But petty tyrant Crayon Boy Newsom!  The Southern Dem black slaves are all DEAD!?!

Newsom: “Some conservative paper you’all are.  Everyone knows we harvest ballots and many Democrats vote early (NOT Eric Early), often and the best way: Dead!  All their caretakers need to do is dig them up and prove they were slaves; since their bones probably aren’t intact, their families need to bring them to Sacramento to the Reparations tent outside my mansion.  No mail in applications will do: we want positive identification.  This is more important than voter ID which blacks are too poor to have or too dumb to know how to get.

VVG:  “RePAYrations too? Gives new meaning to the adage the slave party of 1854 votes early, often, harvested and dead.   Then how do they collect their $1619 REPAYment checks?”

Newsom: “We help the Republican freed black slaves vote Democrat for the first time; anyone can write an X in Harris/Biden slot”

VVG.  Ohhhh my!  By the way, what Biden or BLM signage?  All we saw was very tall TRUMP and ant-sized Cal Transients from our VVG chopper!”

Newsom: “My point exactly. BLM usually paints the NYC and DC towns’ streets in huge yellow NOT red; we didn’t see the signs Woods was talking about”

VVG:  “Neither did anyone else… It’s almost as if Biden isn’t even campaigning; where the hell is Hunter while all this spit polished Trump kids work hard.  No one notices any sign Biden is even alive!”

Newsom: “This presser is over.  Gotta get to the Hollywood Hills party hearty.  I heard Madonna and Hanna Cyrus Montana are doing a duet on “Screw the USA”.  Twerp city.


Such is life…the left will continue to be misery merchants, selling a new pile of doo doo daily

James Woods couldn’t be reached for comment.  He was too busy doing excellent Twitterverse work on HypocriSEE USA.

report filed by Icon O’Clasty 9 Oct 2020

Pat, what say you about the Algorean Heresy?

Mr. Madrid, my favorite dad of 12 kids, thank you for taking four minutes back in September to discuss two commonly joined words these days: climate change. 

I was listening to your Our Lady of the Rosary feast day pod cast, and you prompted memories back to reversing my belt driven turntable belt to listen to backward masking on Beatles White and a Led Zep song.  My first guitar contemporary mass I joined in was in Anaheim 1968 when a priest walked off refusing to do the mass because those “kids” were doing the music; thank God Fr Oubre, a Divine Word missionary priest, was in the rectory.  I must make a belated  confession: when i led the group in the 70s, i was so full of myself, and not a good liturgist, we practiced and played “My Sweet Lord” in the choir loft.  Without the Hare Krishnas but still….

Yes, though God did not strike us with lightning.

Its 1am and i couldn’t sleep so this is my take on where we are with God’s gifts of climate, weather and feeding us.

You mentioned climate does change; no truer statement could be made, since climate has always changed.  Unchanging climate we call the doldrums, which is terrible if your catamaran is only equipped with a sail.  The difficulty is too many people pretend to “Follow the Science”.  But, as Dennis Prager said it, they follow THEIR scientists, who are coincident with their worldview. Some true, way too many totally false.

Take abortion and that excellent homilist priest on the same show: any decent fetologist or OBGYN knows that thing squirming, thumbsucking on the ultrasound is not an UNdead junior, auditioning for the next horror flick but a preborn human being.  Fully functioning and the only difference, as Mark Harrington puts it, is age, location and size. 

This is why, in my prolific prolife work, i never us “unborn” anymore but preborn.  It was a child long before, but like your caller who brought up babies at 21 weeks can live or die, with the different labels like “foetus” or ‘living being’ does not change the essence of the little human. 

It already is alive; there is no magic dust sprinkled by the delivery doc in the mom’s birth canal giving it life. You and Nancy imitated Isaac and Ishmael: you had 12 kids just the last, very much alive, was taken home before daylight.

We multikid dads tend to have different jobs to feed them; after my MBA, i sold computer power supplies into Silicon Valley.  One company, Acuson, early 80s,had one of the first computed ultrasound devices, a game changer from the cloudy, murky analog pictures of kids looking like blobs of cells.  The window was much more clear: it IS a living moving human.  No longer did the ‘excuse’ blob of tissue remain useful for honest people.

This is the difficulty with the left and their overwhelming control of the English language: a woman’s right to choose…ends before the ellipse.  After the … is “right to choose to kill her kid”.

Humans who either are ignorant or lack integrity, try and force “science” into their worldview and force conformance with their pet theories. It is the same with the climate change realm.

In the course of time, after Al Gore’s southern charm and snake oil ways turned a new worldwide theory into his bread and butter, the need to change the terminology followed as each level of “weather patterns” or “climate” were debunked.  Over the 31 years of homeschooling, we did many science fairs in cooperation with other domicilic pedagogues; teaching the scientific method is paramount to teaching kids and adults to think critically, and reason righteously.  But, even when his professor disbanded his theory, Algore marched on to the gravy train.

Paul Ehrlich in the 70s cried “wolf” about global COOLING.  We survived.  As to global warming, the center piece of the Algorean Heresy, that went away.  The East Anglia Email frauds didn’t help the left’s push much.  So, time to change the left’s version of the truth again.

When the “climate” hit the doldrums with no temperature increase over two decades, global warming morphed to climate change by way of androgenic CO2.  Why? To cover the lies.

The supposed “inconvenient fact”, that man was causing the poles to melt, the glaciers to recede and the seas to rise didn’t hold water.   Your discussion on air on the Obamas and the rich and famous building their compounds on the seas’ edges on both coasts comes to mind: they don’t believe their snake oil sales pitch, otherwise they would live in Nevada.  They realize the lies they have been retelling.  But, the Alinsky in them causes them to lie on.  Look at Adam Schiffty, who still cries “Russia Trump”; yet, Adam lies deeper than a green shag rug drenched in patriots’ red blood continuously.  Integrity in politics, like integrity in popular science, is shot full of leftist holes today.

I have followed this fraudery for four decades; you may not remember but Obama stood on the Exit ice field (huge glacier) in Alaska and Dr O’Bama pronounced the seas would soon cover Denali. 

For the record, the last time the waters destroyed that much was in Noah’s 600th year.  The rainbow reminds us it won’t happen again; in fact, Denali is Mt McKinley at 23,000 foot level and the ark is purported to have landed on Mt Ararat in Turkey at the 14K foot level.  Ignorantly or not, Obama worried about a tsunami flooding his $10 million estate, he lied.

Being a scientist isn’t much protection either; my Phded atheist little sister scientist of molecular biology fame, for example, blindly believes man is destroying the earth via CO2.

Want truth?   Debater VP Pence just explained to Brown’s former mistress Kamala that our CO2 “pollution” levels are lowest in decades but the left hates the reason:  fracked up natural gas is now the majority and best electrical generation fuel.  No polluting issues and plenty of it discovered in the ground  Yet, the left, like Gov Newsom, hates diabolically God’s gift of “fossil fuels”, traced back to Noah’s time…and before.

We discussed this in our telecom last month.  Natural gas is God’s gift for so many reasons, just as the 6000 plastics and other products that come from oil disappear if AOC & Co. get their green OLD way.  These people, from Algore to today, are the misery merchants: refusing to see the blessings in the world God has created for mankind (He designed the universe FOR man, enabling him to live happily forever; not the vice versa.  Man is PUNY but loved.)

Fraud godless theories, have real consequences.  Why did brownouts happen in Taxifornia?  Executive order: Newsom took 8 gigawatts of methane generation out of commission; we have a net 4 gigawatts deficit, leading to rolling brown and blackouts.  Solar and wind did NOT make up the difference especially with nuclear San Onofre mothballed for no good reason.  We found that out the hard way.  115 degrees and no A/C for the elderly.

Same incredible BS with wildfires.  ALL fires, from a birthday candle to an arsonist’s molotov cocktail, are capable of going wild. CO2 does not fuel fires, oxygen and tinder dry wood and brush do.

Pat, decades of Sierra Clubbers’ blind suppression of forest floor cleanups, including detritus, dead matchstick called trees, no clear cutting, or grid based fire breaks has led to the record 4 million acres burned.   But DON’T clear the renewable ‘fuel’ from the forested floors of CA.

The purist ecoRAdical tree huggers are clueless because their “religion” is don’t touch the forest, don’t disturb the “primitive” nature of nature. 

This irrationality, not ‘climate change’ or CO2, is what is causing CaliFires gone wild, not carbon dioxide. 

CO2, recall our conversation, mixed as a trinity of water and sunlight FEEDS the WORLD! 

Another gift from God that yields oxygen when photosynthesized.  No one complains we have too much nitrogen, oxygen or argon, the three largest gases in the atmosphere.  Look at the convenient meme I made on this: nitrogen is 78%, oxygen 21%, ie the 99percenters%.  CO2 once, in ages past, was 4000 ppm.  Today it is only 400ppm, which is ONE yes ONE molecule of CO2 in every2500 of the other air gases.  1:2500

CO2 is no magic “heat sink” holding the heat for the rest of the atmosphere magically.  It is BS.  Pat, do you believe God can’t maintain the radiative nature of earth (no greenhouse glass ever shattered by SpaceX Falcon heavy rocket.   Also, recall God had 70,000 witnesses watch Him move the sun around on Oct 13, 1917; I wrote a piece on the 100th anniversary about this “phenomena”. 

God’s not capable of radiating heat into space through the NON existing greenhouse glass in the troposphere?  Algore heretics have duped us; worse part, our bishops even our pope buy into this drivel.  The Paris Accords are just a money grab using the worldwide carbon tax…we already met the CO2 target, as the Christian VP said it, via increased use of natural gas.

  Pat, do you realize, TODAY, I paid a 67% gas sales tax rate in Taxifornia for the twin frauds of carbon emissions and fossil fuel being the devil’s delight? 67%. A mile separates the last California gas station and Arizona’s first; $1.25+ difference in price which makes nooooo sense.

Why?  Same atmosphere, separated by an imaginary border line between states?  Pat, it’s because the Church no longer is strong in scientific inquiry and debate: we are the Church of These churchmen-scientists include Nicolaus CopernicusGregor MendelGeorges LemaîtreAlbertus MagnusRoger BaconPierre GassendiRoger Joseph BoscovichMarin MersenneBernard BolzanoFrancesco Maria GrimaldiNicole OresmeJean BuridanRobert GrossetesteChristopher ClaviusNicolas StenoAthanasius KircherGiovanni Battista RiccioliWilliam of Ockham, to name a few.  Bishop Barron’s take on science and Catholic priest-scientists comes to mind.  We have abrogated science to the godless fools; shame on us.

CO2 is a political hostage of the left’s hate for America and God’s beneficient creation.  It was even the SCOTUS target (Supremes claim CO2 is “pollution”; fancy that, God’s gift is pollution?) when the Marxists in our midst discovered CO2 happens when you manufacture things.  Karl said “control the means of production and you control the nation” paraphrased. We pay dearly in your former state due to the petty tyrant toddler King Newsom’s continuous royal decreeds.

For the record, the 93 trillion dollar green OLD deal of the brainless AOC is the next morph from androgenic (man made) CO2, to global warming to climate change. 

Who would claim the climate doesn’t change”?  no one.  That is the genius of the Left’s use of the term.  Sun today, rain tomorrow, that’s climate change.  So anyone who disputes man’s ability to melt glaciers and kill off polar bears (Algore’s first photo op lie) is called a fool, a “climate” denier. 

This isn’t how ‘Follow the Science’; but it is how Follow MY Leftist conflicted scienTIST works.  Money even buys scientists; try getting a grant if you are a denier.  Too bad when we went from “glob of tissue” to “clump of cells” to obvious baby via Acuson computed ultrasonography, the satanist surgeons at planned parenthoodlums didn’t own up.  AFTER 20 million dead black kids sliced up into parts and shipped to med labs worldwide for kamala campaign dollar$$, is the result of the many Follow the Science pseudoscientific frauds.

Pat, you may know this: there has been NO sea levels change; the one example tossed around was proved a fable.  Polar bears?  FIVE TIMES as many as Algore’s photo op mom and cub on an ice floe decades ago. The zany thing is polar mama and her cub simply jumped into the water to get food.  The claim the receding glacier was killing off the bears is such an easy low hanging fruit to dispute.  But the ABCNNBCBS, the big four media as an acronym, are wholly owned by the Democrat Left who, like Kamala, prefer black girls sold like slaves cut into salable parts.

The Antarctic is NOT losing ice year to year; just winter to summer EACH year. What an easily debunked shell game.  Notice how much snow you have at Relevant Radio HQ in the summer.  Is the snow “receding” in the Colorado mountains or North Dakota or just seasonally melted like a grilled cheese sandwich?

Honest scientists follow the method: observe assume test assumptions hypothesize  theorize before declaring a scientific law.

IF our Church really cared about the poor, we wouldn’t buy in to this dismal hoax.  Including our Jesuit pontiff.   Energy is the lifeblood of emerging economies…not Marxist fake socialist principles.

Cheap low polluting natural gas is available but the godless abortion loving Sierra Bully Clubbers hate it.  “There are 6,923 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of proven gas reserves in the world as of 2017. The world has proven reserves equivalent to 52.3 times its annual consumption. This means it has about 52 years of gas left (at current consumption levels and excluding unproven reserves).” Compressed natural gas and better gas is still the highest energy coefficient at the point of use (vehicles) and until hydrogen cells come along, it is a better bet.  Teslas still need electric generation to feed their monster batteries.  Actually, tell that petty tyrant Crayon Boy governor, so do we families.

Every year they discover more, especially with fracking.  Have you heard my take on Kamala Harris’ 47th presidency mantra: “I prefer hacked up black girls from mother wombs instead of fracked up black gold from mother earth.”

Main complaint about fracking is it produces MORE fossil fuels which the leftists hate with a passion.  Pat, think about that: the Kamalas and AOC despise God’s focused energy gifts because they hate America.  Cheap energy is what 3rd world economies NEED to thrive; not USAID condoms shipped with Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” for reading materials. 

Where the heaven is the Church?  The best way to help the poor is NOT a Catholic Charities hand out.  But a hand up. Why do we have climate change ambassadors running around or these interfaith social environmental justice groups who spew lies and Algorean Heresies non stop.  The world is NOT heating up, because of God’s infinitely sound design.  Excess heat radiates OUT into space.  But we have a bigger problem few are discussing today: the sun is putting out less heat and a real cooling trend is upon us.  This is suicide if we don’t prepare.  Instead, we are battling with the godless bankrupt ideologies that are designed by misery merchants to rob us blind.  Like in Paris or at the UN.

Fact is, our bishops should be preparing for the 2020s coming Dalton minimum, real global cooling like the Maunder Minimum in the 17th century.  The overlapping solar cycles is moving us this decade to super minimum sunspots and solar energy, read “heat”, sent out into space.  Cold is worse than hot; less arable land as you move away from the Equator, less crops etc.  We should be helping peoples around the world as a Church and nation, teaching them agriculture techniques, more improved technologies to help with this coming disaster that will make Covid look like the common cold.

Here is one of many articles on the Maunder/Dalton solar minimum heat energy coming our way.  https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/23328940.2020.1796243

There is STILL time.  The Church could take the lead..I know my favorite physicist blind Jesuit, Fr Spitzer is on it if nudged.  After all, Jesuits were the majority order in scientific advances in the past.

TV Weather girls are not the scientists we need; the leading solar physicist is a woman,  Dr Valentina could help. http://www.iceagefarmer.com/2018/11/08/dr-valentina-zharkova-warning-of-global-cooling-food-scarcity-in-grand-solar-minimum-2018/

I hate playing prophet but there is still time.

Meanwhile I go (before the age of the Plague of Xi the Merciless, Covid) to a climate change conference at Christ Cathedral and listen to a space cadet neo climate change ambassador sanctioned by the bishop a couple years ago.  The first exercise was an imaginary spiral; i drew ‘photosynthesis’ ironically.  I came in at 350 million years ago, just after human sexuality 10 millions years before.  I don’t care whether the universe is 6000 or 6000 million years old: God made it. It didn’t just happen.  As it is, our atheistic evolutionists know the lack of interspecies fossil caused them, like the man kills the earth with CO2 crowd, to postulate billions of years.  Of course, the fact that hyperevolution happened 12 times for you Pat, with Nancy nurturing a single cell into a fullydifferentiated, living 10 system, multi organ, 50-75 TRILLION celled baby is ignored.  PhotoBioelectric eyes, and optic nerves to the brain.  Functionally efficient four fingers and a posable thumb the perfect design we match in robotics.  217 bones in the skeleton.  Pat, this doesn’t happen when primordial biomass cells bang against each other for billions of years.  We’ve bought the lie that evolution happens between species, although genetic differentiation does occur within our genome called human being.

St Francis d Asis was passed over last Sunday, but he loved nature and all that he could survey of God’s great creation.  Too bad we limply give in to the intelligencia, like Dr Lizzie the Lightheaded Harvard prof who claims all homeschoolers are predatory child abusers.  IF WE DON’T CONFRONT THE LIES the lies become societal truth.  Didn’t we hear “Know the Truth and the Truth will set you free”?

Yes, this was our warm up exercise. After four decades of raising 11, being a DRE, DFaith Formation, youth minister, real estate broker and all around jack of many trades master of none, we have become so impotent in the sciences.  The left comes up with critical race theory, 160 new gender ideologies straight from hell, and we go along to get along.  God is NOT pleased with our false modesty and impotent compliance with satan’s scientists.  Need i repeat the only church open in California the last six months was satan’s temples of doom, the planned parenthood essential operations slicing up girls as ritual sacrifice to Moloch?  No, redundant.

Thank you Pat for being Pat.  But, you need to stop saying you aren’t a scientist and don’t understand this climate change thing.  God is in control; and it is sinful to ascribe that much importance to puny man’s ability to disrupt the atmospheric biochemical processes in this 553,000,000,000,000,000,000 (sextillion) mile wide major gift: the universe

God bless your ministry; i have to go to sleep.  It’s 2:20am.  Give Nancy a kiss, not for me, but because you married up.  Just as I did.  And my Donna went to heaven 9/9/11 49 days before she turned 49 years.  But God was not done with me quite yet: I was blessed with another wife, Mary, who became the stepmom the kids love on June 8th (8 isn’t only Jesus’ number but its the date of the Virgin Mary’s conception and birth dates) at Torrance’s Nativity church.







Vox Veritas Gazette reports: The NEW infrared racist detector is out!

Vox Veritas Gazette Reports: The NEW Infrared Racist Detector, the 1619 Equalizer, is almost here!

Early Edition Volume 21 Issue number 7-5   Investigative reporters and contributing include Jessie Smollett, Candace Owens and Lawrence Jones. The ObamaNation’s premiere racism detector Michelle was at her East Coast mansion, unavailable for comment.  Her white house digger was busy in the garden planting rainbows.

The recent two straight years of national peaceful protests have raised the need for a device that makes it easier for humans to better understand white fragility, why black lives matter but not white or brown lives.  Areas of deep concern for poor single mothers whose Negro hubbies were banned by LBJ, areas like white and black supremacy, and other levels of human differentiation.  the latest BLM/AntiFa poll points to “racism” the runaway top of the list of citizen concerns that include the destroyed Biden economy, hooded looters in the 200 largest US cities and other minor items.

In a nutshell, a product with a point and shoot capability to measure levels of racism.  It is critical to radical critical race theory, Kenti’s $20,000/hour Zoom chat with 11 year olds, and other difficulties with the obvious:

“How can we read each others minds to detect latent racism?” Biden, AntiFa, BLM’s racism cops and the ever present Michelle of the ObamaNation can’t be everywhere pointing fingers with their impressive racist psychic powers

Funded by the EEOC and a consortium of public/private companies, the 1619 Equalizer is ready for widespread distribution leading up to the midterm 2022 elections.

The randomized, controlled testing protocols have yielded promising results.   Every time the propotypes were tested, the targeted person was obviously racist.  With a 99.9999999% effectivity result, only one condemned racist out of 10 million will go undetected.  That’s 35 racists in America who obviously studied for the test, like polygraph beaters. 

Like Covid19, racism is highly contagious even prebirth.  All Americans have raceoclorians in their cells no matter which side of the Force you follow.  A raceoclorian vaccine is being developed to rid the world of everything racist.  After all, the only way to verify racism levels is thought devices not on the horizon.  Early scientist statements about the race vaccine believe it will be less lethal than the 50% result of the 1619 Race Exterminator; Dr Fauci believes, though no vaccine has ever worked in most areas of human health, the deadly side effect will only be 10%.  HCQ could have been helpful but it is too cheap for Big Race Pharma’s liking.

Main mentor to Nantoinette “Do as I say NOT as I hairDO!” Pelosi

Thanks to the Harris-Biden Administration’s anti-racism project, spawned by a previously unknown anti-racist book club centered in horse country, Norco Calif, a trillion dollar$ were immediately authorized (President Kamala issued her first executivette order on July 4, 2021, soon after swearing on Pelosi’s Nantoinette LeVay satanic bible on the same day Bunker Biden returned to his basement via the 25th amendment.)

President Harris negotiated hard to get the cost of prescription anti-racism devices down as low as possible.  The ex-Brown mistress, who successfully pulled off what the patriarchal male miscreants have done since the cave man era,  has authorized 100 million 1619 Equalizer (higher mortality 1619 Race Exterminator version) to be deployed for use in summer 2021.  Forever, the Harris Administration will be known as the woman who won the War on Race moments into her rule as #47.   Her mantra is emblazoned behind the Resolute Desk:  “From the Brown Bedroom at 29 to the Lincoln Bedroom 27 years later”; meanwhile, Joe remains in his basement bunker, oblivious to the fact he no longer is president.


Good news, thanks to President Kamala: the though disease systemic obviously White Racism will be exterminated by Labor Day 2021.  As to the Plague of Xi the Merciless… the CCP’s mass murderer is working on Covid20.  Stay tuned.




Max, Grandpa Steve C was right! Follow the science

“On the feast of St. Giovanni renamed Francis of Assisi, Oct 4”

The amazing Biblical number three (3).

Super Max, we are sooo proud of you! You now have a Catholic/Christian service bank and are ready to do great things. Read the directions at the bottom.

For the rest of us:

As to the quiz question to win your prize, Grandpa Steve was absolutely right: red, yellow and blue are the primary colors. After all, God LEADS the Science that we follow; you just have to be careful of the godless and ignorant who claim to know more than the Godhead Who created the universe. But both the number “3” and “13” have spiritual significance.

Max, you are loved by your family AND your God. Did you know EVERYTHING but God has been “made”. The angels, the stars; only God has ALWAYS been, long before He created trillions of cockroaches, spiders and icky stuff your sisters may not like too much, Max. The billions of stars and planets, plants and animals too were made by Him. By the billions…But…

But ONLY two humans were made, in the beginning, to populate the 3rd planet from the sun in this amazing 553,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles wide universe.

I will leave it to Grandpa Steve and Grandma Donna to explain the avian~honey connection that led to Kevin and Lisa, and then you. heh heh heh. Birds and the bees, yup.

As well as the massive expanse of the 553 sextillion mile wide universe. Made all for man to come to be with the Father. Sadly, too many today think we are the center of the universe; centuries ago, Galileo had to confront the idea that humans and earth were the center of the solar system. Turns out, he was right! The sun, NOT the earth, is the center. God designed and built it that way.

Most importantly, our loving God the Chief Scientist wants everyone to live happily forever. And to get us there, He has planted neat clues along the way. He uses substances like bread and wine; He uses numbers, colors, objects, to get us to focus on Him and Forever.

Some truths come by inspiring writers and prophets; the work of the Spirit, signified possibly by the yellow (balloon) color.

In fact, we know Father God (represented by the blue color balloon) planted over 600 clues throughout time pointing to His forever existent Son’s coming of age: being conceived, which we by tradition believe happened on March 25th, in the Gregorian calendar. The red color for:

He would shed His blood for all.

Or maybe the Son is the color of the Sun and the Spirit the color of red for the Confirmation and tongues of fire on Pentecost. Either way…

This is a heaven question to ask God, the THREE persons in the ONE Godhead. AS you grow up, Max, you will learn and someday teach YOUR kids and grandkids this and other Eternal Truths:

God is a Triune or 3 Persons in the ONE God. 3 in 1.

Some smart people (theologians) think Mother Mary frequently flew to Fatima, Portugal on the 13th of each month, six times in 1917 to remind us about both the Trinity (1 God in 3 persons) and/or the date of His Son Jesus’ death:

Friday the 13th in the Hebrew month of Nissan. As well as events that would happen in the future IF we did not follow His directions thru her…three secrets et al were revealed to us by Mary through Sister St Lucia of the city named by a Catholic prince to honor his Muslim bride.

After all, WE live HIS Story: History.

Back to the three, what Grandpa Steve called PRIMARY colors.

Throughout the writers/prophets/apostles/Gospel books, what we call the Bible, the number 3 like many other numbers, has particular SIGNificance, a sign to all us life long learners of Truth. It signifies “completeness”. For example, the Trinity is Complete by itself. Nothing needs to be added. “The Seven sacraments were instituted by God to give us GRACE”, words Max you will be able to teach Max II or Donna your daughter.

The Primary Persons, our loving God, existing forever and to never have been born is something we cannot understand; not exactly like why can grandpas and Gmas give you ice cream late in the day and your mon and dad don’t. The secret, Max, is we grandparents can give you back to your parental units sugared up. But things we don’t understand doesn’t mean they don’t exist or aren’t true.

As to how God has always been Three and God, we just can’t figure it out while on earth but will know and see forever after we leave the planet: it will be revealed and we will better understand.

As this is summarized to you, we are all praying for your great grandma Elaine, who has lived a very good and long life. God is in charge about how long we live on earth, how many summers. Grandma Elaine has spent over 90 Summers on earth. Noah of the Ark lived 600 years before he entered the Ark (taking 120 YEARS to build) and then Noah lived 350 MORE years. Total 950, ten times as much as your grandma so far.

Once she goes to heaven, she will see, like Fr John Bradley just discovered, or this writer’s wife and mom of 11 kids did 9 yrs ago, Who and What God is about. Great news: “Eye has not seen, ear has not heard…” Look this up.

Want to see a miracle?

When you mix all three colors together, you get white, the sign of purity, light. 3 become 1! People also use triangular glass, called a prism, to “break up” the colors IN white light. This picture is of sunlight through the window hitting the kitchen floor.

God is the pure white light, and often we hear of Christ the Light and other comparisons. Next, you take any 2 of the 3 PRIME colors and you get three more: Blue+Yellow becomes Green. Yellow+Red becomes Orange. Red+Blue becomes Violet/Purple. These are called “secondary colors” since they each involve two of the primary colors. Indigo is a fascinating read but always…

…..Remember, God designed His earth, His creation for man not man for creation; once the angels were in place, God set His sights on us.

ROYGBIV letters stand for Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo/Deep Blue and Violet, the colors of an object we see in the sky after a rain.

Max, you see these “prismatic” colors as part of another symbol God uses and some humans misuse, we call the Rainbow.  In History, is did NOT rain on the earth until the massive rains and pangean reformation of the world from below and above happened with 8 shipmates.

Noah and his three sons, and their wives, were the 8 who survived to continue the human race.  Some scientists posit the earth was covered by a huge water vapor “canopy” (NOT a greenhouse) that created a worldwide tropics.  Once the “heavens opened up”, with the first rains, humanity’s longevity began to decline from the 700-900 yr lifespans.  Part of the reason was exposure to cosmic and solar rays formerly protecting humans via the canopy before Noah’s time.  Even Noah’s lifespan demonstrates this.  A religio-scientific theory for a different post and day.

With the rainbow, a conundrum is the 7th color; the color Indigo is seen differently, at times, by Sir Isaac Newton and others. Below is the link you can wander through about that mystery seventh rainbow color. Since 7 IS also the number of completion, such as days in the week, number of whole notes, colors of the rainbow and so many more examples. But, Newton contends it is the 7th: 

“There is speculation that Newton only included indigo in his color spectrum in order to have seven colors. This is the result of an occult belief that you needed seven colors for them to be able to combine and create white. Other’s believe Newton only used indigo because he was following the age-old pattern of sevens: the seven days of the week, the seven main planets in our solar system, etc.

However, as Newton was a renowned scientist, many believe that he was correct in his findings. Theories that support Newton consider the wavelength of indigo. On the visible color spectrum, each of the seven colors has a specific range of wavelengths. Indigo’s rests around 425–445nm (nanometers). This is a typically smaller range than other colors. Red, for example, rests at around 625–740nm, and green rests at 520–565nm. While there are such colors with a larger range, however, not all are so large. Yellow rests at 565–590nm, which is only a 25nm span, and 5 off from the 20nm span of indigo. These details support the idea that Newton possibly noticed indigo had a large enough wavelength to be considered its own color.”   For the longer version and more mystery:


So, Max, you are being taught to love Jesus and His Church, as the Son of God. But He is God AND God’s Son. Tough to understand as St Monica’s kid found out when trying to dissect the Trinity. You hear the words at Mass, from your family, and can see the splendor in the world St Francis of Asissi did “survey”. Always be willing to smell the roses.

Through the ages, saints and sinners have tried to describe the Trinity.  St Patrick used a 3 leaf clover in Ireland to try and explain the Trinity to the Druids and other peoples of the British Isles.

But, though He loves us eternally, God used an angel as a small boy and a bucket, according to tradition to explain to St Augustine Who the Trinity is. “”The great Doctor of the Church St. Augustine of Hippo spent over 30 years working on his treatise De Trinitate [about the Holy Trinity], endeavoring to conceive an intelligible explanation for the mystery of the Trinity.  (Hat tip to Horvath)

St Augustine with the boy on the beach
Augustine meets a boy on the beach
“He was walking by the seashore one day contemplating and trying to understand the mystery of the Holy Trinity when he saw a small boy running back and forth from the water to a spot on the seashore. The boy was using a sea shell to carry the water from the ocean and place it into a small hole in the sand.

The Bishop of Hippo approached him and asked, “My boy, what are doing?”

“I am trying to bring all the sea into this hole,” the boy replied with a sweet smile.

“But that is impossible, my dear child, the hole cannot contain all that water” said Augustine.

The boy paused in his work, stood up, looked into the eyes of the Saint, and replied, “It is no more impossible than what you are trying to do – comprehend the immensity of the mystery of the Holy Trinity with your small intelligence.”

The Saint was absorbed by such a keen response from that child, and turned his eyes from him for a short while. When he glanced down to ask him something else, the boy had vanished.

Some say that it was an Angel sent by God to teach Augustine a lesson on pride in learning. Others affirm it was the Christ Child Himself who appeared to the Saint to remind him of the limits of human understanding before the great mysteries of our Faith.

Through this story, the sea shell has become a symbol of St. Augustine and the study of theology.

This painting of St. Augustine is part of the outside murals in the Augustinian monastery of Quito, Ecuador. It was done by Miguel de Santiago in 1656.”



A great story for you. Grandpa and grandma can tell you it as can your mom and dad. But it proves we humans, especially our parents are gifts to us, but they don’t know everything. And about the three colors that make the perfect light:

The number 3 is used over 400 times in the Bible. It pictures completeness, though to a lesser degree than 7.

The examples are numerous, so we will cite a few: the 3 righteous patriarchs before the flood were Abel, Enoch and Noah. After the deluge there was the righteous “fathers” Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (later renamed Israel).

There are 27 books in the New Testament, which is 3 x 3 x 3, or completeness to the third power.

Jesus prayed three times in the Garden of Gethsemane before His arrest. He was placed on the cross at the 3rd hour of the day (9 a.m.) and died at the 9th hour (3 p.m.). There were 3 hours of darkness that covered the land while Jesus was suffering on the cross from the 6th hour to the 9th hour.

Three is the number of resurrection. Christ was dead for three full days and three full nights, before being resurrected. Just as Lazarus was dead for 3 days so Jesus could show the Father’s glory in bringing him back to life.

Noah had three sons (Gen 6:10) & Job had three daughters (Job 1:2; cf. 42:13)

 The Ark of the Covenant contained three sacred objects: ‘The gold jar of manna, Aaron’s staff that had budded, and the stone tablets of the covenant” (Heb. 9:4).

Solomon’s Palace of the Forest of Lebanon was designed with windows “placed high in sets of three facing each other. All the doorways had rectangular frames; they were in the front part in sets of three, facing each other” (1 Kgs 7:4-5).

Likewise, in John’s vision a triple entrance way marked all four sides of the city of the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:13).

David “bowed down before Jonathan three times, with his face to the ground” (1 Sam 20:41) and Daniel regularly prayed three times a day giving thanks to God (Dan 6:10, 13).

Israelite men were required to appear before the Lord three times in a year: “Three times a year all your men must appear before the LORD your God at the place he will choose: at the Feast of Unleavened Bread, the Feast of Weeks and the Feast of Tabernacles” (Deut 16:16). Jesus answered Satan’s threefold temptation by citing three scriptural passages Matt 4:1-11).

Paul experienced three shipwrecks (2 Cor 11:28) and prayed three times to the Lord for the removal of his “thorn in the flesh” (2 Cor 12:7-8).

The number three appears often in measurements of time as well. For example, Moses and Aaron petitioned Pharaoh, “Now let us take a three-day journey into the desert to offer sacrifices to the LORD our God” (Exod 5:3; cf. Exod 3:18; 8:27).

The fleeing Hebrews went three days without finding water in the Desert of Shur (Exod 15:22). When the Hebrews had traveled from Mount Sinai for three days, the people began to complain (Num 10:33-11:1).

When the Hebrews neared the Jordan River they were informed, “Three days from now you will cross the Jordan here to go in and take possession of the land the LORD your God is giving you for your own” (Josh 1:11; cf. 3:1-4).

The men of Timnah were stumped by Samson’s riddle for three days (Judg 14:14) and King Rehoboam gave Jeroboam and the delegation of Israelites a three day waiting period as he considered their petition for less stringent royal demands (1 Kgs 12:5; cf. 12:12).23

In the New Testament Jesus told the Jewish populace at the Temple, “Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days” (John 2:16), a fact that his disciples later recalled (v. 22).

A three-month period also figures in some matters. Moses’ mother was able to conceal her baby for three months (Exod 2:3; cf. Acts 7:20Heb 11:23) and the ark remained at the house of Obed-Edom for three months (1 Chron 13:14).

In keeping with this the third month is often mentioned as one in which some significant action or event took place. Thus three months after Judah visited the supposed shrine prostitute, he learned that she was really his daughter-in-law Tamar who was pregnant with his child (Gen 38:24).

Asa’s reforms were celebrated in Jerusalem in the third month of his fifteenth year of reign (2 Chron 15:10). Support for the priests of Hezekiah’s day was gained by means of a tithe which began “in the third month and finished in the seventh month” (2 Chron 31:7).

Ezekiel received a message from the Lord concerning the fate of Egypt in the third month of the eleventh year of his exile (Ezek 31:1) and the Lord revealed through Amos, “I also withheld rain from you when the harvest was still three months away” (Amos 4:7).

In the New Testament record Jesus’ mother Mary visited Elizabeth, Zechariah’s wife, and stayed for three months (Luke 1:56). Paul stayed in Ephesus for three months and “spoke boldly” in the synagogue there (Acts 19:8), and subsequently stayed three months in Greece (Acts 20:3).

Still later after the ship that was carrying him to Rome to stand trial was wrecked in a storm, he and his captives stayed on the island of Malta for three months (Acts 28:11).

A common lie involves three different substances that combine In today’s world.

  I call it the Algorean Heresy, name for the snake oil salesman who has made millions from a simple to refute lie.  Al Gore, in  rejecting God’s great gift of life that keeps the whole world alive, is a foot.

  Like in the Trinity, you need all three entities to be complete and FEED the WORLD, God uses 3 things to create food, the basic sugars of life: water, mixed with sunlight energy and a trace teeny gas called carbon dioxide. With these 3, the world has survived for aeons. Or at least thousands of years. Who knows the whole story but…God!  And for the record, the amount of CO2 is teeeeeny: 1 air molecule of CO2 in every 2500 majority gas molecules of nitrogen, oxygen and argon.  1:2500.  Did God create this scientific equation, of photosynthesis and aerobic respiration, as a guide to understanding His benevolence and infinite wisdom?  Who knows.  But it works.  The misuse comes with people like Gov Newsom who wouldn’t know the Truth even if he was holding a dictionary open to the page

This is just a few! of the uses of 3. But most notably, my good Max is the ultimate Three is our Eternal God

Sometimes God sends angels to us, like this narrative above of Augustine, a doctor of the Church. We celebrated the 3 good ArchAngels last week of September. Recall, Gabriel the announcer. Rafael the guide. And Michael the protector and controller of the disgraced fourth, lucifer.

As the devil found out, there is only room for ONE God.  Each of the archangels, like ALL of God’s angels, good and bad, were tasked with special virtues.  Some Catholic theologians, a noted exorcist for one, believes the rebelling angels still kept their virtue, their created “purpose”  in their rejection of God, but instead of being a virtue, hell uses each as a vice to tempt humanity.

Max, continue your adventure thru life. Starting with your bottle of pennies and other coins, whenever you fill it up, with mom or dad’s help, take half of it and do something good, serving others. Again, only with mom and dad’s permission.

Serving others is the healthiest thing we can do on earth. Always:

BKind 4Give B4Given and most importantly, Help1Some1~2day…and more if you can. There are amazing stories about other numbers used in the Bible, but that will have to wait for another day. God bless.


Vox Veritas Reports: Schumer and Pelosi dismayed Judge Barrett owns two black kids

Vox Veritas Gazette.   “The Voice of Truth” news for the Latinam challenged…

Volume 20 Edition 9-28    Investigative journalists contributing include Justin Tyme, Lawrence Jones and Susan Shelley 


Amy’s family at the SCOTUS nomination         Hat tip Dan Scavino

Our ace reporters attended a hastily called presser in DC soon after Amy Coney Barrett was nominated for the open seat on the Supreme Court.  Justin Tyme had the first question.  On the platform were Mrs. Nantoinette “Do as I say NOT as I HAIRdo!” Pelosi; Representative Jerry Nadler and the famous Charles Schumer, representing the Democrat Senators unable to attend.

Justin Tyme: “Ms. Pelosi, you expressed concern that Mrs Barrett has two black children.  Why is that?”

Pelosi: “Well, simple Tyme. I hate Uncle Thomasinas doing black tokenism.  The Democrat party of 1854 has a long history of taking care of black members of America.  For centuries, we provided room, board and meals for them in the South. Sure, their minimum wage was well, a minimum, but our system worked well.  Until a troublemaker with the Republic Party came along…”

Lawrence Jones:  “you must be talking about Lincoln and the 1860s.  You called him a troublemaker.  Could you explain?”

Sir Charles piped in:  “Things were working in the South in the 19th century.  Crops were grown and harvested. And the idea blacks were subjugated, like women today, is preposterous. The blacks were well taken care of; in exchange, they provided the brute labor for the southern plantation industrial complex.  That was, until Lincoln got involved.  He had this idea that blacks were human and should be free.  The rest is, as they say, history.  Well, history until we revise it back to 1619 and blame racism on the Mayflower pilgrims, absolving my amazing party.”

Lawrence: “That’s an interesting take. 600,000 people died to free the black slaves. In fact, my great, great grandfather felt a sense of freedom never before leaving his Southern plantation a free person in a great country.”

Nadler dons the microphone: “Lawrence Jones, you are such an Uncle Tom.  Minor setback that war. We just changed from plantation level, to Zoom Zoom on the move.  Carpetbaggers, from secession to segregation, Jim Crow and more.

We’ve always had the blacks back and their protectors, their handlers.  What Amy C Barrett has done, is change the status quo.  You’d think having five white kids would be enough what with this huge population problem we have. When word gets out she owns two from Haiti, all hell will break loose.”  Editor’s note: Nadler waddles off the dais, rumored he had to make a deposit in the DC cesspool; maybe he dressed as a penguin when growing up and imitating a Michael Jackson walk.  Let’s be fair, he walked much better for the impeachment hike earlier in 2020

Susan: “Mr. Nadler, we don’t “own” kids.  And, today, the Dem party has substituted the plantation of their chief donor, planned parenthood, for the large Southern farms of old.  Mrs. Pelosi, are you concerned with Amy’s confirmation on Oct 30, 2020.?  Actually, I see that the Harris Administration candidate, Kamala Harris, has arrived. Could she answer this question?

Kamala:  “We will not let the infection of Trump spread to the Supreme Court.  Barrett goes to secret meetings in people’s homes, yes with masks but they sit around and pray.  What honest modern American prays to an invisible Being they’ve never seen?  Your sister paper, the Babylon Bee published evidence she eats human bodies and drinks blood from chalices.  Is this the kind of deviant for life we need?  In my home state, my associate Newsom limits these bizarre sects to outdoors; he continues to block indoor meetings to keep religious nuts like Barrett at bay”

VVG: “I believe this is called religious freedom, written into one of those founding documents that came along 160 years after 1619. And California’s Walmarts and Targets are wide open.  Why not churches?”

Harris: “Churches spread sedition and hate.  For example, my Democrat party has an excellent business partner who in fact supports my campaigns: planned parenthood.  Members of these deviant voluntary associations bully the poor hard working female lawyers and rich cougars, while PP help women.  In fact, unlike those useless cathedrals built with windows, PP has all the makings of a true human religion.  We even match the Catholics with real not fake, human sacrifice of black girls in a world where there is no room for more.  My mentor Margaret Sanger realized this, and engaged helpful black ministers to advance the PP faith.

VVG: “So you think Barrett should be Borked?”

Harris: ‘Of course! She was tied to a faith group that subjugates women; that should disqualify her.’

VVG: “But future #47 president, your Dems support killing little women at your business partner’s kill mills?! That’s not only subjugating black girls, it’s killing them off before daylight!”

Harris: “Look at it this way.  Our green science officer Alexandria Ocasio Cortes says we have 12 years.  More black girls on the planet spew CO2 day in day out; this will accelerate the world’s demise. By taking money from Sanger’s satanic sacrificing biz, we are saving the planet.  And as Ms Sanger put it, the better we get at “Exterminat(ing)e the Negro population”, the better the world free of these “useless eaters”.  Don’t worry, a few will sneak through; after all, SIECUS a la PP teaches kids to have sex at younger ages.

VVG: “Good luck on your campaign, future president Harris.  Any last words, Dr. Schumer or Ms Pelosi?”

Schumer: “You can see our dismay with Judge Barrett owning black kids; we’ve got the Negro population right where we want them, as LBJ did bringing welfare $$ for any black family the dad is kicked out.  Don’t want them getting more rebellious members.  We own BLM Inc and Antifastan residents.  And Trump is evil; giving blacks the idea that Lincoln was right and they can be free of the slave party of 1854”

Pelosi: “Well said, Chuckie.  Covid has proven the obvious, other then I deserved my new hairdo while the rest of California women went ragged.  Nephew Newsom built up the planned parenthood satan temples sect, while he STILL keeps Calif. churches locked down.  What stooges Americans are.  The coup, the rioters, the impeachment all served a purpose to prevent the peaceful transfer of power from his honor King Obama.  We’ve spent decades legislating from the Court, owning even the Roberts and RBGs.  We don’t need RBG’s #9 seat going 5-4 for the God loving, baby protecting, hard working, Dem ignoring majority of Americans.  ACB may be a great mom of seven; but no way on the Dem owned Supreme Court.”

VVG: Editor’s note. The picture of Kamala copied here has a striking resemblance in many facial recognition points to a Houston woman named Baby Rose who died in 1987.  Of course, any resemblance to the candidate for the 47th presidency via knocking off #45 and dumping #46 is purely unintentional and coincidental.   And at her request, the California senator asked we reprint her campaign slogan showing her concern for protecting both the environment and reproductive female care:

“I seriously prefer hacked up black girls extracted from mother wombs sold for parts for campaign dollars instead of fracked up black gold extracted from mother earth sold for excessive Calif sales tax rates.  We Democrats are the best for both reproductive health & the environment.  I am Kamala Harris and i approve this message.”



Amy Coney Barrett Confirmed 10/30/2020 to SCOTUS!

Writing this BEFORE her nomination is a risky business. 

ACB after RBG is an important transition for the real America, which believes in the Constitution and those old fashioned ideals of law&order, honesty, integrity, thriftiness and self-reliance.  After all, like many of us that don’t walk the latest 1854 Democrat slave party planks, she is guilty of believing in God, following Christ, being oldest of 7, having 7 kids including two Haitian orphans, achieving much, settling for nothing but the best and loving America.

Not to mention, teaching her munchkins you don’t riot, steal, loot, burn or murder like the AntiFastan BLM Inc RePayRations/steal/burn/kill crowd beholden to Soros & Gates, living life to the fullest, Amy is her guy as a girl, a true lady of repute.  Yes she suffers as one of the binary genderSexes, femaleness, not the 158 self describes recreated notions of gender ideology.

As the oldest of 11 and having 11 kids who my beloved sister Cath says is white privileged and lucky my NY German dad snagged a Polish Chicago Cath mom, I feel Amy’s pain and gain.

Well, truthfully, I could banter with the OBDelivery doc and nurses while another mother Donna, like Amy, did the heavy lifting. 

But, never mentioned by the destroy AmeriKa hate all faiths and God coalition, is self-less actual charitable Christian service, like my Muslim, Jewish Protestant friends embrace, is a CAtholic good for the USA.  More hospitals, more relief, more help has emanated from Catholics and other people of faith, as part of the America that continues to be first at most worldwide cataclysms, Amy Coney Barrett, is the embodiment of what C people do and believe.  C as in Catholic.  Yes, we have our failings and faults, and Catholic criminals, but I don’t blame Hunter Biden nor Nantoinette “Do as I say not as I HAIRDO” for all their demonic utterances and actions.  satan the father of lies gets a little credit for the CINO sect.

Dogma Dianne Feinstein, who was chauffeured for 20 years with a Xi Spy from the Red mainland, worries Amy might follow God’s rules, not the Dem rules of anarchy, rioting, looting and other tenets of the misery merchants.  Oh my, one less Macy’s robbed in twilight.  One less of the currently 15 dead cops since triFenatyl high Floyd became the flashpoint for Soros sponsored anarchist deaths and $2 billion in people’s life savings and business the last two seasons.

For these “sins”, Feinstein will insult her faith (Catholicism), Harris Administration’s 47th prez candidate Kamala will chide her for achieving the boring way: hard word.
Of course, violating the sanctity of the marriage bed, Kamala, who’s slogan is the “Brown Bedroom to the Lincoln Bedroom in 27 years”, as a candidate is proud for choosing to use her body and the world’s oldest profession to get her first $167,000 in payola government jobs.  That’s a woman’s choice as it is a man’s.  But, Kamala suffers the disease of reedism, drifting and grifting in the wind with the latest power acquisition strategy.  No matter how many more of the 20 million dead black kids among 63 million dead American kids must die for this new plantation.


Yes, the Dems still haven’t forgiven Lincoln for freeing the blacks in the 1860s.  Meanwhile, instead of harvesting crops for NO pay, tiny black kids are HARVESTED at Petty Tyrant

These 1860s blacks harvested artichoke hearts & lettuce heads. Today’s blacks one third of the time ARE the harvested heads and hearts on Dem PP plantation

Newsom’s only open churches in California: the planned parenthood sect of satan’s temples of dooms, where instead of fracked up black gold from mother earth, satan’s surgeons hack up black girls extracted from mother wombs.  Baby hearts, like batteries for toys, and parts sold separately of course.  You don’t get $715 for a Yale med black head or $125 for a baby heart at Amy’s Catholic parish nor WalMart.  At least at WalMart you can buy those essential sex drugs known as steroidal pills for $8 a month.   Page 42 of the Democrat platform outlines the Plantation of Death and Harvested Blacks.  
God bless America. Pray that Nantoinette Pelosi will comply with Psalms 109:8 before Allergan runs out of botulismic juice. 
But our Dem leader friends should add one more plank in their evil platform titled:

“Arrogance: Do as I say, NOT as I HairDO!”   Keeping so many under house arrest for so long.

Funny thing.  Despite government institutionalized public schools led by leftist Hippie Throwback Thursday tenured Harvard professors who hate homeschooling, and the other misery merchants of “meriKa”, we have a joy filled thriving country.  STILL the place people climb walls to get into.  Millions of families, even with petty tyrants destroying more private sector businesses than mass murderer Xi could ever have envisioned unleashing his Plague of Xi, love our free land and just want our elected employees to stick to safe, law&order security roles.  NOT play Stalin or Marx sonatas to their father of lies, the devil.
Amy will be a fine justice, irrespective of whether Norma McCorvey’s landmark RoeVWade ruling is overturned.  Someday, just maybe, the Hillary Hunter Biden crowd, who never met a human they couldn’t con (but conservative critical thinkers?) nor kill, will actually FOLLOW THE SCIENCE!

Simple proof that God feeds us well and CO2 is NOT evil like the misery merchants and Algorean Heretics continue to spew from Tennessee, Paris and elsewhere

Think beyond the indoctrination maze for a moment.
Fascinating is how easily the Godless anarchist misery merchants are misled about the science.  God feeds the world with photosynthesized food from water, sun and yes CARBON DIOXIDE.  Yet it is only ONE molecule in 2500, a trace gas barely coming in as #4 behind Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon. As I mentioned to Pat Madrid on his national radio show on Relevant Radio, CO2 like so called fossil fuels, is a gift from the Creative God.  Amy is a fine example of this True Science.
After He made billions of stars, planets, plants and animals, thousands of biochemical processes, the Creator moved to trillions of insects (yes cockroaches and ants too), and then tapped the brakes. 
God left His next acts, promised to the Angels, of only ONE man. No billions of humans on the earth at the same time.
As any good scientist will tell you, God went from the simple to the most complex in his Creation engineering plans.  After that mere man Adam, God put His all into making the most amazing, intricate and infinitely complex, last act of general creation, woman.  Who else can nurture a single cell into a thinking, squirming, thumbsucking 50 trillion celled human but an Eve?   The same fully human beings sold as chattel in parts to med labs around the world.  But that’s not Eve’s fault what we do today to other humans, preborn or post.  It’s a correctable sickness, this RoWad73 virus.

Another Eve who honors the Second Eve, Mary of Nazareth, Amy, will soon to be the #9 spot, filling the seat Ruth Bader Ginsburg freed up as she met her Judge.  Hopefully, it was a good meeting, but only she and God know the truth.  Maybe her longtime friend, Justice Scalia, yes one of those C word faithers, had an influence on who God is.  
But, as of 9/26/2020, Clarence Thomas is the longest serving Judge on SCOTUS at 10,556 days (28 years plus); maybe RGB’s replacement, ACB will live long and prosper even longer.  Time will tell. But, fellow Americans, it is up to US, the true government of, by and for the people, it is up to us to do our part.  Not just vote, but BKind   4Give  B4Given and most importantly, like the faith Kamalala and Biden and Dianne seem to despise:
Help1Some1~2day.  And many more if you are able. 
God bless the Barrett family.  God bless Amy AND America.  Pray for her, the amazing Child of God that Amy is, and the covenant land of liberty, that she will renew her goodness and stand much longer that twin towers gone one score minus one years ago this month.  “It’s a REpublic, IF we can keep it” said the Key man, Ben Franklin.  Let’s mutually promise to work for her betterment. Amy will be a part of this renewal
Len is a real estate practitioner, dad of 11, GP to 14,  homeschooler in year 31, spent 30 years as youth minister/DRE/FF at three parishes in Newsom’s orange colored Orange County diocese, scientist and Mark Twain type satirist.  Blessed beyond measure


The “Mazing Mayhem of the Misery Merchants

Live on the joy-filled opportunity laden blessed plains of America, not the chameleon plantations of the misery merchants always ready to ruin your world.

The Southern Democrats still haven’t forgiven the Northern Republicans for freeing their slaves..  In a way, you really can’t blame them.  Free labor is free labor.

  Blacks were a perfectly rich source of this cheap labor, actually other than room, board and meals (oh and getting raped and used like a slab of meat): basically NO labor costs, ie FREE. 

The Greek Revival mansions housed southern slave masters’ corporate balance sheet was strong certainly due to the minimal labor costs contributing to Democrats’ profitability.  The labor of the mainly Democrat southern economy had cheaper labor than the Middle Kingdom where the Plague of Xi originated.  Talk about FREE enterprise!

  Ever heard it put this way?  Probably not.

The Democrats current operational platform remains the same: the plantation.  The slave party of 1854 is just never happy; they’ve remained the carrion call, the misery merchants of a nation so blessed people are STILL trying to break into.  Well, other than NYC, where people are escaping in droves.

It took 600,000 dead young mainly men to create universal HR, human resources, for those black Americans. But, note, their former employers still were nor are, happy.  Jim Crow laws, carpetbaggers, secession gave way to segregation and continued belief that blacks and whites are from DIFFERENT races.  What a foolish notion: more than the ONE great race?

Yet, Juneteeth celebrates this freedom to be free, belatedly, but so did July 4th, 1776 and Sept 17th, Constitution day.  Inalienable rights of “Life, Liberty and Property.  Err, I mean, you know, it woulda been “property” secured by the freedoms to live free…except for the southern Dems of repute.  Pursuit of happiness was a weak but nonetheless, a useful and important right.  But, the blacks would not remain property forever, though those dastarly Dem leaders will never give up.

Did you realize you do NOT have to accept the misery merchants’ product? 

Yes, the mainly FLR Dem led peaceful riots in Covid19 spring and summer: like all good Atilla’s when they don’t get their way, they burn it down.   Law and order, security and safety, the responsibility of mayors and governors, fell by the wayside as we battled the world’s greatest mass murdering Xi JP of CCP Red China.  We all know this, just too many refuse to see the truth.

A statue not to their liking? Ask any Far Left tenured leftist Harvard prof: lie about  history and try and tear history down.  Or at least revise it THEIR way. Your great great great …great grandmother was a house slave or GGGGP harvesting in the fields, you owe me beaucoup bucks.  RePAYrations is an interesting concept.  Should LA Jews demand billions from Pharaohs’ descendants for their 400 years of slavery?

Blacks, after all, had come over from another continent (altho white, brown etc slavery happened as well going back to the Israelites under the Middle Eastern state of Egypt) on terrible slave ships.  Ask William Wilberforce about the lower cabins’ condition on these African cruises.  Today, that well known Marxist, anti-family (oops BLM Inc. is quietly changing that mantra) BLM Inc., with their useful idiot AntiFa mainly white boys and girls and other brainwashed by $200,000/yr leftist tenured professors indoctrination techniques.  Oppression and humanity’s inhumanity to humans just change time zones and colors, sadly, it seems.

Dead Floyd, black peace officer David Dorn and Loot Macy’s were turning point pinnacles of the anarchist misery merchants march to hell: like Nero and Hannibal, we have the BLM~AntiFa.  And why in heaven’s name did Portland’s Dem leadership go 100+ days and counting allowing is people to be bullied, oppressed

Oh, and the 15 dead cops the down payment on the Warren Wilhelm Diblasio destruction of the Rotting Apple.  Defund the police? Insanity. Tell free hospitalier Franklin Graham’s Covid relief field hospital to get outta GCentral Park while manslaughter is reeked by Cuomo the Conqueror, killing 6500 elderly with 4500 Covid infected germ transports, instead of the gifted virus safe zones.  Equipped with docs and nurses.

The agrarian plantation of the 18th & 19th century becomes the plantation of anarchy, misery merchants selling their lawless, disorderly batch of death cookies. 

Don’t buy what they are selling, free born American citizens!  You don’t need to ride the Misery Merchant Express, people.  Get above the wildfire haze, outside the Dem controlled and destroyed metros, you can see blue skies,opportunity and joy is out there. WE need the officers alive and on the job.  We DON’T need the petty tyrants like Crayon pretty boy Newsom, first name Recall, Wilmers, Cuomo etc.   People of God, people of America: we LIVE in a great land.  It is OK to be happy, working hard and smart, in or out of the current “house arrest” fear of a virus,

BKind  4Give  B4Given   Help1Some1~2day.  Or more if you can.

Look at the Democrats current plantation, sometimes called platform, on  page 42: 

“Like the majority of Americans, Democrats believe every woman should be able to access
high-quality reproductive health care services, including safe and legal abortion. We oppose and
will fight to overturn federal and state laws that create barriers to women’s reproductive health
and rights, including by repealing the Hyde Amendment and protecting and codifying the right to
reproductive freedom. “

“The plantation of dead babies cut up for profit”   We SEE inside the womb clearly.  Too bad they ignore medical science.

With most things attributed to the FLARs (far left anarchist radicals) you need to parse their code words.  they don’t really care about the $8 a month WalMart birth control pills. It’s the choice for moms to walk into a planned parenthood carrying a 7 pound girl and having the selective surgeons hack and extract her out, slice up for parts (hearts and parts sold separately of course).

Talk about a plantation and the new form of slavery: ‘reproductive health care’ is ’empty the womb’, sometimes maim or kill the mom, like Tia, or Holly or…the untold list is long.  Tia is the poster girl for hell’s hospital on earth planned parenthood and affiliates.

Her tragic story is one of abject universal health scare failure.   Tia’s known baby was aborted; but Abort Inc.’s substandard medical professionals did not do their due diligence and didn’t see Tia’s OTHER pregnancy in her fallopian tubes.  When the Ectopic child caused the rupture, the third dead girl for one $300 abortion invoice died.  Where was Hillary, or Kamala, holding her hand as their fave satanists abandoned her?

Tia’s great…grandmother escaped the slave plantation only to see from heaven her GGGGGDaughter die on the Sanger plantation of ritual human sacrifice. 

Three girls died that day on ONE abortion invoice

Ladies, don’t be snookered, conned.  Why are you dying to lose it all by substandard misery merchant owned satanic surgeons of hell?

In California, Crayon Boy Newsom plays with his wax Crayolas playing doctor, keeping all churches closed EXCEPT one: his and his aunt (Do as I say not as I hairdo)’s favorite state religion, planned parenthood’s satan temple of doom.  They continued open through the Covid Chronicles seasons doing “essential elective surgeries” while hospitals and churches were locked down.

Today, women are house slaves to the Democrat favorite campaign donors, Abortion Inc.  Ask the lady who’s motto is “From the Brown Bedroom at 29 to the Lincoln Bedroom 27 years later”.  Kamala got $82,000 from NorCal’s abortion establishment; this year, God only knows how much satan’s sellers gave the Senator.  

Ruth, ie RBG has already met her Judge; we pray it went well.  But, the 4-4 tie needs a tie breaker.  NOW.  We elected Trump to be president for 4 years, NOT just until the Schumer Schitty Show says “wait for the next president”.  Sure.

How about a mother of 7 who is the oldest of 7?  It’s time to confirm judge Amy Coney Barrett.   Passed over for the epic Brett battles, yes, there are other possibles, but the misery merchants need help.  Some are totally evil, but most are influenced by evil and can be redeemed from dispensing misery wholesale.  Do you know a misery merchant in your blessed life?  Yes, we all have obstacles and stumbling blocks, but with Jesus’ help we CAN overcome.

Amy Coney Barrett

Jen is right: What matters most is what unites us. We need to follow the science that babies are better alive, then divided and sold to med labs

BunkerBiden, the master of misery, needs assisted nursing not more exposure; his family, enriched by Joe’s real estate and Chinese conquests, should be ashamed to parade him out there as president Kamala’s slave on her quest to be #47 taking out #45 using a soon to be dumped #46. Via the 25th amendment.

Don Lemon says to “blow up the entire system”.  “Kill the electoral college”.  “Pack the courts”.  What a classy millionaire talking head of the ABCNNBCBS Dem owned disinformation crowd.

We say the best antidote to the disease of misery merchants is nominate Amy, confirm Amy and have a 5-4 court for the coming anarchist election.  The slave party of 1854 is just, as usual, morphing the plantation to lawless disorder and mayhem.  We need to level that plantation of anarchy.

Misery merchants freely steal your soul.  Don’t let them.  See the real America: we are thriving, despite the petty tyrants.  We are recovering, despite 64 million, yes million dead kids over 47 years from the RoeWade, or RoWad73, the world’s most deadly virus.  Mr Biden spent the same years, the 47, enriching his family and accomplishing less than nothing.  But, as Kamala puts it in her campaign theme: 

“I prefer hacked up black girls extracted from oppressed mother wombs, instead of fracked up black gold extracted from benevolent mother earth.  I am Kamala Harris, your 47th president”.

She hates energy out of the ground.  Loves black baby girls harvested and sold. 

A kamala administration. What a nightmare THAT would be.  Vote. Pray. Do.  They say the “devil is always in the details”.  Why not ask the lady herself.

YOU have the freedom to choose: LIVE on the joy-filled opportunity laden blessed plains of America, not the chameleon plantations of the misery merchants always ready to ruin your world.  Choose wisely


Climate Change and Fires Gone Wild!

Pat, we ALL are interested in clean energy.  But, Mr. Madrid, you pegged it: the climate change in California isn’t all lightning: It includes graduates from the Soros Anarchist Arsonist School of Destruction.  Such as Oregon’s Bakula  and whether it’s a “boy or girl” gender reveal.  Thank God there weren’t 158 gender non-reveals via pyrotechnics, too.  JP Sears was a good listen.

But just when you think loony leftists can’t dig a deeper hole:  stay tuned: Governor Newsom again demonstrates incredible ignorance.  As our 47th presidential candidate, Kamala, whose mottos include “From the Brown bedroom to the Lincoln Bedroom in 27 years” does as well!  But, this is to be expected from good prostiticians.  Don’t miss Kamala the Pirates campaign slogan at the bottom.  Anyways: isn’t it…

 Fascinating how everyone is an expert on everything. “Follow the science!” shout the prostiticians,  as if most people have a clue what is fact or fiction…especially college kids who were indoctrinated in the fake left gospel.  Most of us refuse to jump off the top story of a building because we respect the law of gravity, but too many of us are sheep “following” the experts about so much that intuitively makes no sense.

What is a wildfire?

 Seems obvious, but there are many definitions, but it simply means a fire that has gone wild, beyond its manageable and controllable confines. Fires will always happen, but it is up to smart people to minimize their damage. 

Over 2 million acres needlessly lost in Gov ‘Recall’ Newsom’s “Green means BURN!” forest management policies are this season’s wild fire results.  You can demonstrate the principle of “the environmental case of ignoring fire’s ability” for a dubious cause: take a bag of crumpled paper, dry Christmas tree pine needles and wood chips and dump it on your 5 burner gas stove top.

Turn on the gas, listen to the self igniters kick in and run.  Or get the fire extinquisher.   But the mental cases of the environment have waaay too much power, make too much money and don’t follow true science.

Best choice: REMOVE the detritus, dead wood from the stove top before your morning oatmeal.  Do the same with our forest floors and dead tall matchsticks.  We CAN! with the proper leadership.

We are blessed with millions of beautiful forested acres but each year we listen to the Sierra Clubber anarchists, the less acreage of trees we will have and arable available for farming.  More dead residents and firefighters, like the just announced ElDorado fire victim.  IT IS AAALLLLLL PREVENTABLE.

As a conservationist conservative scientist, i am all about protecting our “environment”.  Our family recycles, we use grey and reverse osmosis runoff water to water plants, grow our own vegetables, minimal waste into the city sewer, no garbage disposal for foodstuffs, the list goes on.

  But, we need the truth not propaganda.  You JUST can’t trust prostiticians whose priorities are their campaign donors not the citizenry.

What is Carbon Dioxide (CO2)?

Carbon dioxide is a small, trace atmospheric gas that does incredible things.  Combined with water and sunlight (not heat), it FEEDS the WORLD!!  Remember 4th grade science? Look at the graphic: we were taught “photosynthesis”, explaining how on one side of the equation are the three common items, H2O, sun and CO2.  On the right side is yielded C6H1206 (sugars, ie “food”) and oxygen.  it CREATES oxygen and food from CO2.  Yet, people demonize and hate carbon dioxide as if it is strychnine or CO (carbon monoxide). Why? Because they can control the debate about production, economic success and more since CO2 is at the heart of progress?  Why would they do that?  Ask the leftist “professor” tenured indoctrinators at Harvard, Yale etc.

Proof? In nature, when I take a random sample of your home’s air (actually anywhere on earth), you only get ONE yes one CO2 molecule out of 2500 molecules of the major gases, nitrogen, oxygen and argon.  Look at the air composition chart again.  Like any music composition, you have different notes in different quantities.  In the atmosphere, science helps us “quantify” too.

1:2500.  One CO2 to every 2499 other air molecules.  So, why do Algoreans say CO2 kills?

The concentration is critical to analyze to establish the validity of their claim God’s excellent food processor, photosynthesis; especially when you take Al Gore and the Paris Accordians player’s statement that the 3% of CO2 is destroying the planet.  The misery merchants just can’t be helped.

Ok, amateur scientists: do the calculations.  The trace atmospheric gas CO2 is 400 parts per million.  3% manmade (androgenic) means ONLY 12 man made CO2 molecules for every ONE MILLION!  12:1,000,000.  You STILL believe that our making cars or growing corn is melting the earth, killing the polar bears (there are five times as many furry whites in last 4 decades, NOT the left’s and Algorean propaganda line)??

Climate has always “evolved”, changed.  Jet streams move, hurricanes land in different places and even though less intense and in number, the Irenes, KaTrinas etc get the headlines.  “If it bleeds it leads” the maxim.  But, leveler heads must look at the truth, not narratives to push one’s biases and agendas.

Newsom even admitted the truth when 45 arrived in California to survey the hell on earth: “The president, meanwhile, has repeatedly blamed the state for poor forest management. He’s called on Newsom to “clean” or rake the forest floors of debris while suggesting the state implement controlled burns.

The president reiterated on Monday that California needs to do better forest management – a remark that Newsom acknowledged.

“We have not done justice to our forest management,” Newsom said. 

So, what’s slowing you up, Mr Governor?   Signing a get out of jail free sodomy bill?  Watching your aunt pelosi shout “Do as i say, NOT as i HAIRDO!”


What is climate change?  is Global warming related?

 Also, many definitions.  Weather, often interchanged with “climate”, changes all the time.  When the global warmologists, Algorean heretics and those that want mankind to go back to the cave era, use it they mean: man can change the weather, the climate and must stop making things that release CO2.  Simple way to put it.  As Lomborg lays it out:

“Climate change is real, but it’s not an apocalyptic threat, as we’ve been told.  The science shows that, for instance, landfalling hurricanes in the US are not more frequent than in the past.  Droughts here have become shorter, less frequent and cover a smaller area.

Seventeen times more people currently die from cold than heat~~and these people will (would have) benefit(ed) from moderate warming.  In fact, global climate telated deaths are at an all-time low.” 

 Think about that; kids are taught, from kinder to college, that the earth is melting; even though there is no glass ceiling, ie greenhouse over the atmosphere. God designed our atmosphere to be radiative, with natural vents NOT glass panels like Christ Cathedral: based on complex processes He set into motion, able to allow heat into space when we hit variant temps.  We have an open system: IF we were a closed system, the earth WOULD burn up in minutes.

  Yet, a global ice age would be much more dangerous than a global warming era.  Reasons are explainable: warmer means more arable, ie workable, crop lands.  Longer growing seasons.  More food in 3rd world countries, especially with America and the 1st world sharing good agrarian technologies and techniques.  You won’t hear this at Harvard.

But these prostiticians are acting as ignorant scientists, not looking at the assumptions that undergird blind belief man has the power to change the weather via CO2.  But, as it is, CO2 emissions have DECREASED over time with more reliance on no polluting natural gas used to generate electricity.

CO2? Per the Kielly Curve, CO2 goes down every summer in the northern hemisphere.   Jane Fonda and the China Syndrome scared us out of nuclear generation; meanwhile the anarchist ecoterrorists want to take $10 trillion out of the economy by ending fossil fuels, all of them.  So, if we can’t use oil, gas, natural gas, coal and nuclear, that leaves three ways:  hydroelectric, solar and wind.  These three will not replace the 4 gigawatt deficit in Calfornia resulting from Gov Recall Newsom’s 8 gigawatt no pollution natural gas generation kill.  He pleased the Sierra Clubbers and screwed us taxpayers and families.  I wonder if petty tyrant pretty boy Newsom thinks.  period.

Our single party legislature ignoring chief exec has no clue.  He’s already killing us with less electricity by banning super low emissions (natural gas) sources; also, end fossil fuels and that immediately takes 6000 petro-related (many many essential) products. 6000 products!   

We are letting the toddlers throw their tenured leftist professor fueled tantrums and it is killing America.


NOAA does great work; but in the private sector you get fired if you are wrong.  You can’t know the future but you can know the “before”. Joe Bestardi is a seasoned climatologist. Hurricane  Flora in 1962 put 100 inches of rain on Cuba, with Castro blaming JFkennedy for stalling the hurricane!  Harvey in Houston, Katrina and Irene etc.  Climate changes hurricanes happen.  Always have.

How are they related?  Androgenic Climate change and Wild CaliFires?

They aren’t.  Manmade climate change on the scale of major worldwide disruptions is total fantasy (androgenic means caused by man).  Wild CaliFires are caused by bureaucratic ignorance, malfeasance and loony leftists who prefer ancient oaks destroyed instead of thinned or “disturbed”:   Kind of like disturbing the the super fast burning forest floor material.  I will be making a few movie shorts to demonstrate this.


Truth: global cooling is on the way and the beginnings are UNDERway.  A Grand Solar Minimum


New Conjecture is metastasizing:  The Maunder Minimum, now known as the Dalton Minimum, is already here!  Unfortunately, the “climate deniers are primitive nuts” is repeated often enough

Global cooling in Time

and it drowns out sensible scientific inquiry.

Solar Minimums involve the three primary solar cycles converging in this decade with the sunspot numbers dwindling and thus actual solar heat (not light) sent 93 million miles to earth declining severely.  Sunspots indicate how much heat is coming our way: lots of sunspots, more solar heat.  Less or MINIMUM, ie none, means solar energy is dwindling.

I believe this centurian cyclical solar shutdown is possibly partly responsible for the variance in weather patterns we are seeing.  Instead of listening to the tired Algorean heresy that man is destroying the planet by making CO2, it’s time to wake up, people, and consider these four decades of global warming BS is NOT Biologic Science.  It is time to prepare for mitigation for LESS heat, less food production, shorter agrarian seasons and less arable land.  For further detail, look up Dr Valentina Zharkova, an excellent solar physicist who works in this area.  It is an uphill battle, since most scientists are NOT physicists, let alone solar physicists. But it is worth the push

Google “solar physicist dr valentina Zharkova” for more information.  I harvested 300 pounds of tomatoes three years ago; the last two, not so much.  This is anecdotal but informative: food is a gift from our Creator.  We take so much for granted.  should this grand solar minimum go global more than it already is showing signs of, we will need to help 3rd worlders more and more.  Let alone in our world.  I have been prepping my family and indirectly other homeschooling families about basic gardening techniques for this very purpose.  Some day I will tell them, looking back to this blog.


WE are missing the warnings and will pay the price if we don’t adjust our irrational fears with the truth..>>>>>

We can’t rely on these misery merchants who don’t give a darn about us families: just power and absolute corrupted power absolutely.

What is a ‘climate change denier?’

Someone falsely accused by the bullies in the money grubbing man is evil and killing the planet crowd.  No one denies climate changes.  But, too many academicians and scientists get paid, or get grants, by toeing the party letist line.

What is Algorean heresy?   the idea that man can change the climate significantly and is by using the gifts called “fossil fuel”.  Solar and Wind are intermittent and lack the high energy coefficients for their respective usages like natural gas and gasoline.  Add in 6000 products suddenly killed off and we come to realize we have two year old toddlers driving the cars and economy.


Kamala has an uncanny resemblance to the babies she has killed for parts for campaign dollars

Who is Chief Calif scientist Gov Recall Newsom and his beliefs. What is Kamala?

Kamala, who at age 29 made the Brown Bedroom her home when Brown’s wife Blanche wasn’t in the room; 27 years later, she is chasing the Lincoln Bedroom on the East Coast.  Both she and Pelosi’s nephew, Gavin Newsom blame man’s making of carbon dioxide NOT the bureaucracy melded with radical environmental cases for lousy management of tinder box forests.  And changing climate which has always happened.

Newsom praised Harris’ remarks on climate change. “Climate change is real. If you don’t believe in science, come to California and observe it with your own eyes. You cannot be in denial about this reality.

Parse carefully what the governor just said and did: Climate change is real.  We all agree, one day it is hot, next day it is cool. Monsoons to light drizzle. In fact, global warming sets in locally every dawn and gets warmer; global cooling sets in locally every night.  But then Newsom “links” climate change to “science”:  “If you don’t believe in science, come to California and observe“. Nice try Pretty Boy!

This is how the left demonizes actual scientists who want the facts and NOT rely on baseless or dubious assumptions.  Like a toddler, Newsom plays “nah nah nah” with you and saying if you question a scientific assumption, you are stupid and worst ignorant of “settled climate science”.  No more bizarre or false words can come: science is never settled.

Gov Recall Newsom bans gas powered vehicles by 2035.  I hope he has a really large assortment of extension cords. Wind & solar are unreliable.

Our toddler tyrant governor shows his scientific ignorance yet again.  Einstein said you can’t create energy; and there are no commercially available zero emission vehicles, including the Tezzzlas. 

Electricity for Elon’s batteries has gotta be generated somewhere. 

Here’s the quote: “California Governor Gavin Newsom announced Wednesday that the state will ban sales of gas-powered vehicles, effective in 2035. Newsom said that the “audacious” goal was necessary to achieve the state’s goal of 100% renewable energy by 2045. Newsom said that his new executive order would “eliminate” the sales of “internal combustion engines” and move to electric vehicles — a move that he said would create jobs and allow California to “dominate” the market, and address climate change. Those who currently own gas-powered vehicles would still be allowed to operate them and to sell them on the used market.”

Oh, thank you oh gracious Emperor Petty Tyrant Gavin.  You couldn’t spell “science” if it was on your fetology textbook explaining humans come in small packages,  in front of your arrogant, indulgent face.  Stick to your crayons, Gavin: refined oil, gasoline still has the highest energy coefficient and dependability for mass moved over distances on 4-18 wheels.  Better still, if that ignorant fool would learn a bit, natural gas generated electricity is the most economical and DEPENDABLE sources of residential power.  Yet, green in the gills Sierra Club prostitician cut out 8 gigawatts of methane created electricity forcing black and brown outs when and as the wildfires raged.

The 4 gigawatt deficit will not be made up by windmills and Mojave Desert magnifying glass sun powered boilers.  Meanwhile, Xavier the Little Cow Becerra keeps heaping more charges on David Daleiden for his investigative journalist exposure of the baby killers Dr Nucotela, Gatters and Jon Dunn.   Xavier is auditioning for his stay in hell.  Like the Hotel California, he can check out but never leave.

On top of this misery, rarely shown is the total rape of the California family consumer.  Our gas sales tax RATE hovers ove 65%, yes 65%.  The paper we use to wipe our behinds is about a 9% sales tax.  The essential energy, is seven times as much.  Fire all the bastards and start over.

The scientific method involves assumptions, hypotheses, theories and testing to draw conclusions. 

“Observations” is part of the process but not the decider.  We “observe” orange skies and Newsom and Harris blame man made CO2, morphed to androgenic climate change, to go Marxist and stop making stuff that makes for a healthy interactive free market economy.  Creating wealth provides the funds for private sector families to help OTHER PEOPLE and not force them, when the chips are down, to depend on government.

See how dangerous false assumptions and biased conclusions are?  Newsom says: “You cannot be in denial about this reality”  What reality? The Democrat AOC New Green Deal propaganda?

  The skies are orange? That California’s policies are destroying the state via terrible preventable wildfires; remove the dead weeds and twigs, branches and trees, you mitigate the destruction of Smokey the Bear’s wilderness~~AND our cities caught in the way.  Banning creating firebreaks and controlled burns to LIMIT fires has led to this insanity.  Meanwhile pretty boy blames climate change and carbon dioxide generation.  Total bull shit.

As all good prostiticians who would sell their bodies for $167,000 in gov job payola or their grandmothers for a vote, Harris and Newsom blame the innocent and ignore their complicity. 

Harris gets money from baby killers and Newsom from the rad enviro lobby like Sierra Club…this taints their prostitician mindset to ignore the hard truth: stoves covered with paper, tinder, wood and kindling will go wild once the first gas igniter kicks in.  Blame the gender reveal or the arsonist, but neither could cause 11 square miles of barren desert once forested that easily if our incompetent public sector (some not all) who don’t do their jobs.

With all the petty tyrannical ignoramuses running states and cities in Dem controlled Left America, it might take a Federal executive order to end this insanity.  Enrads who worship Al Gore want ZERO fuel clearance, even if millions of acres and people burn.  This is sick.




Sadly, true statesmen and women don’t wet their middle fingers and hold it to the wind; prostiticians like Brown’s babe, Biden and Newsom, who’d sell their Aunt Nancys for a vote, cannot be trusted to be scientists.  Their “experts, are typically “yesmen/women” since they choose those that meet their biased presuppositions.


Of the 2500 marbles in this vase, only ONE would be carbon dioxide. So who’s the fool about CO2? The fool or the ones who follow the fools

California is dying.  It’s bloated debt dwarfs what the private sector can create; the criminally large and generous public pensions are killing the most resource rich state in the union.  Criminals are the coddled citizens, no bail quick release the law: not the law and order abiding innocent families.  We need a peaceful revolution not more “peaceful protests” with bombers, looters and rioters.

Truth is out there.  And things are correctable IF we wake up and smell the brisk pine needles in a forest not succumbing to CaliFires’ best friend: Recall Newsom.  NEVER trust a prostitician; it’s tough enough trusting the veracity of our scientists.

Next time someone asks you “Got CO2?”, tell them one out of 2500 molecules.  Truth is the best liberator.

Seek the Truth in all things.  Question authority.  Don’t lust for power but use wisdom.

Always remember, knowledge is NOT power.  Knowledge married to wisdom is.

Would someone just take that petty toddler Newsom’s crayon box away.  We adults know how to wash our hands, not lick doorknobs, stay away a reasonable distance, wear a mask when close to another human and other common sense sanitary protocols

We don’t need a nanny ninny nor his hypocritical “Do as I say, NOT as I HAIRDO” Gavel Granny and our petty tyrant governor’s aunt Pelosi.  After all, as the fires are gone wild, and the Sierra Clubbers beat their drum incessantly, the 47th prez who will dump #46 using the 25th amendment to replace Impeach45 by July 4th, 2021.

“I prefer hacked up black girls extracted from mother wombs much more than fracked up black gold extracted from mother earth.  After all, kids sliced into baby hearts and parts can be sold separately and do not pollute like fracked natural gas.  I am Kamala Harris and I approve this demonic message.”    Kamala, natural gas is the lowest polluting energy alternative to move America.