God bless America #244 Bday. 1 Great nation amid 1 human race.

WE are in month 2929 of this covenant land.  2928 months ago, 56 Founders signed a revolutionary declaration 13 British colonies were going independent from King George III and their colonizing Englanders.  Do you love America?  They did and they ALL lost their fortunes and lives for their John Hancock’s on the bottom of the parchment.  And that YOU, yes you, have a blessed and thriving Federated Republic.  What Reagan called “shining light on a hill.”

Check 190 countries’ calendars worldwide; most EVERYONE has a July 4th.  Day 185 with 181 to go.  Just a few of us ascribe importance and celebrate this date annually.

What do you love about these United States?  What do you dislike?  Is Juneteenth or SeptemberSeventeenth more important to you?  Comment below with your wise and whys.  Last I checked, amendment 1 still protects you from government overreach and suppression, even if Google, Twitter and Apple love to shadow ban with their gameboy basement content cops.

If you’ve seen Hamilton on Disney or in the theater, King George III levied a 3d pence (not the VP) tax on the American colonies and Boston Harbor became the first tea party.  A bit salty that tea.  People ARE tired of tax without representation even then.

Our current royalty is King Newsom the Red (my affectionate name for our overreaching governor), ruler of Taxifornia, resident of Blessed Sacramento castle.

This week, he and his court jester, Xavier the Deceiver is charging a 67% gas sales tax RATE on something just as critical as tea. 

That fossil fuel gasoline & diesel which powers what’s left of the frayed $23 trillion robust economy.  Any riots at the gas pump?  Any looting of windshield squeegee paper towels? 

Haven’t seen any, though among the anarchist teams (windowbreakers, looters, rioters, arsonists) which is the progression of current destruction tolerated by feckless petty tyrant mayors and governors.  King George III would be proud.

Yes,  you can find a few free assembled protesters if you get there in the first few minutes.  But, Life, Liberty, Property & Happy Pursuits may be inalienable, but they always are vulnerable.  We STILL, to this day, have a form of slavery in e Pluribus Unum

USHistory lesson: there is no Constitutional “protesters” clause: yet amendment 1 says “…the right of the people peaceably to assemble…” is guaranteed. This RIGHT comes with a responsibility that so many young people, of all creeds, colors and ages, continue to undertake. To speak up “against other worldviews and actions” they find objectionable.

Like the 10-100 peaceful protesters at each statuary riot today.   Always remember, blessed American, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but there is ONLY one set of truths or facts. 

I have been and will be a protester for life, having dedicated myself to the plight of the woman and preborn children, but peaceably for the Truth…not a lie like the Fabricator of Burbank continues to spin. 

AS you, the reader, as your legacy unfolds, become committed to loving your neighbor as yourself.  So many have spent a lifetime to discover this simple solution.

Black lives seem to be on tongue tips this Independence Month 2020.

William Wilberforce, with Mr. Tom Clarkson and others, battled for decades to end the slave trade in England (I recommend the movie “Amazing Grace”). The diabolic slave ships did end with royal ascent for the Slave Trade Act on March 25, 1807 and in the US in 1808, but freedom for “all men and women created equal” received the blood test decades later. 600,000 bloody tests in the Civil War six feet under and we are still learning the results.

Are you racist?  Vast majority of Americans, no; I don’t think you are. In another piece, I outline the history of this mass marketed “institutional racism” theory.  WE are duped so easily BECAUSE we are decent, loving people. 99.9999 % of Americans are such. 

Answer it simply: do you believe that all humans have equal value at creation, from womb to tomb?  Then you are not racist; and please, remember, ANYONE can accuse you of whatever, ‘virtue signal’ you, make you feel guilty.  But YOU must pack your bags, buy the train ticket for the heavy guilt trip others seem so easily to book you on.

Basically, we have racists among us but not genetic racism. 

How do I know? I have 11 amazing kids, 14 grand kids (4 of which are black in complexion), numerous nieces and nephews, grappling with fragile whitity or white fragility, and other microcosms of “uncomfortableness”. 

In fact, i was asked “are you uncomfortable talking about racism?” 

No, uncomfortable is when the bed is too soft or the car too hot.  But in a blessed land where even the poorest are wealthier than any king on earth 100+ years ago, though they need help UP, I am perfectly comfortable discussing as adults, racism but i prefer as well to tout Americanism.  We have the best Republic, IF we can keep it, a prophecy going back to Ben Franklin. 

Like you, i can smell a rat and a con a NY minute mile away.  But, do we have the courage to DO something about it?

I can prove that within the last 24 hours, I have physically talked to someone who has a beautiful dark complexion, and have friends as well with similar facial characteristics; even with the Phantom masks everywhere, you can see their beauty behind the PPE of the Plague of Xi.  You see, it’s not about color.  ANYONE can treat another as less than human….you don’t need less or more melanin to do that.

  Mr. MLKing points to character not color as the test of a person of integrity.

Quick primer: ONE human race. God began with ONE huMAN and more importantly, the most complex, infinitely beautiful and last creative Creation act: woman. 

ONE race?  Len you are nuts!  Ok sanity is highly overrated at times…

Yes, although the 1854 Party of Slavery likes to divide to conquer, we have divisions, some God ordained, others by man.

  190 nations, blessed with good and not so good.   One world government, like one world village is dangerous; there is success in boundaries, just as in disciplining a spoiled child. 

If you don’t have boundaries, a border, sometimes called a wall like Pelosi, Obama and the Vatican have, you have no security.  No sovereign nation, just like Poland, Venezuela and Syria, a thread mill for despots, is universal proof power corrupts.. ABout absolute power?

But, people! Do the anthropological science:   There are NOT 12 first couples, a Chinese first couple, black, Japanese, American knees… we are genetically, DNAly one species. 

Like different foods, different cultures ARE a blessing.  One great thing about being Catholic, our faith encompasses food: Filipino, Mexican, Cajun, Polish, American, the Eucharist: ALL kinds of flavors, styles, sizes of servings… just like the human neighbors we have.

Are you a true RACIST, seeing there is only ONE race, beyond the angels?  Take the test.

Look closely to faustina elijah march4life prolifethe two fine gentlemen flanking Tina at the March for Life in San/St. Pelosiville Francis(co).

All three EACH have two arms, two legs, and the only real difference between the brothers and my Tina is obvious: 

they are MUCH taller!!

A head or so closer to heaven. Is Tina less human because she is shorter?  The guys more human because they can outrun her.

Read the shirts: Be a Voice for Life. Shout it, Gov Cuomo, as he faces manslaughter charges needs to hear it:  ALL LIVES are important, precious, valuable.  Whether kicking mom inside her womb or at 85 in a NYC nursing home.

Good maxim, racist you.  How does that feel, when YOU are called a racist? 

 It’s like breaking up first or being the first in line, you feel better if you break up first or call the other person racist before they pull out the 1854 Party Deck “racism” card.   Or do we?  

Like a radio caller said well, we are NOT hyphenated Italian-Americans,  Polish German-Americans, Green radical -Americans, black or white Americans, we ARE members and residents of the last free country on earth. 

The trip from Amerigo Vespucci to V as in Venezuela is just a socialists’ stone’s toss IF we are NOT Ben Franklin vigilant regarding keeping America American, not regressive leftist sheep divided for the shearing. 

Of course, there is room for diversity, as long as you don’t rape, loot or murder another like the stone tablets say so well.  See your neighbor as yourself: a Gift from God put here for a purpose.  Like MLK, Washington, Jefferson, Churchill and Wilberforce abroad.  Saying Black, Gay, Trans or the 160 gender ideologies (as of midnight today) MATTER indicates certain humans are most valuable and valued than others.  I know God left the best for last in making woman, but “Love your Neighbor” IS the ultimate equalizer.

Do we love America enough to fight for the Constitution & keep her as the beacon of hope she is to, soooo many around the world.  When the plague of Xi was unleashed, the world still looked to American for solutions.  Don’t be fooled by the foolish who tear down the great Emancipator because they think slavery is wrong.  Of Course it is wrong!  For millenia, heaven and earth has known this; even today ten nations still practice it and human trafficking slavery is a vein that runs through continents over the seas.

Many of you reading this are Catholic and/or Christian, or other faith.  Wilberforce said ““true Christians consider themselves not as satisfying some rigorous creditor, but as discharging a debt of gratitude”.   Let those words sink in as you tabulate your blessings balance sheet.  ALWAYS remember, no one can outGive God; but we can try by:

Help 1 Some1-2day. More if possible

Without the attitude of gratitude first, all can be lost.

These United States are fragile, not white or black immutables.  We have been battling XYZ since we first landed in 1620, the Mayflower Compact days.; there’s always a friend, as well as enemies, to work with or protect from.

No, former journalists: the NYTimes activists’ 1619 project is a vacuous fraud by misery merchants. US did NOT invent slavery!

Total revisionist history and worse: propaganda. Again, Wilberforce battled with other Abolitionists in the Atlantic, Africa and Europe. I remain an abolitionists for maiming moms, killing their kids before they have a chance to throw a handful of food at dad in the high chair.

Ever hear of Egyptians having 2 million slaves 4 millennia ago?  It didn’t take 600,000 human grey and black and blue lives to gain freedom; just 10 plagues, not so unlike the Plague of Xi the mass murdering dynastic despot. 

“Let my People Go!” finally got results after Passover’s angel of death did NOT pass over the pharoah’s first born.

It’s in the history books and called the EXODUS for a reason, with the largest, instantaneous slave migration into freedom in history…And marked by the earliest and last ancient wonder of the world: the Giza pyramid.

Asians owned Asians, Chinese were slaves (coolies) as well as slave masters.  Early July, Xi’s CCP was caught spying on the Muslims they hate, the Uigher people (https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/china-caught-using-malware-to-spy-on-uighurs-as-a-part-of-campaign-to-curb-the-muslim-population/ar-BB16ejeT)

Black slave masters, like those West African human merchants who sported the Kente cloth that Pelosi and her Dems unwittingly kneeled with, had black AND white slaves. 

If only Pelosi’s staff had the interweb: “Kente cloth has its origin from the Akan-Ashanti kingdoms in Ghana; the Akan empire of Bonoman. Most Akans migrated out of the area that was Bonoman to create various states. 

This is where the West African slave trade happened; Pelosi’s appropriate use of slave signage is ironic and telling.  Her 1854  party originated East and South America’s slave trade and practices a form of slavery even today.  Freedom is NOT free and must be defended.  By YOU.  By me.

July 4th’s Declaration of Colonial Independence was NOT the first.

In case you missed civics or AmHistory, there’s the Declaration of Rights (King George not Newsom the Red) Oct 19, 1765 in the very sad Big Rotting Apple, NYCity.  Quoting the 2nd paragraph: “That His Majesty’s liege subjects in these colonies are entitled to all the inherent rights and privileges of his natural born subjects within the kingdom of Great Britain”

The Congress was declaring “rights and grievances” to their governing King George III across the pond; just like today, with fires burning, statues being destroyed trying to change history, grievances of all kinds are being televised to the world:
‘Cops are evil,’ certain lives matter more than others; “we founded slavery” (VP Tim Kaines); America is systemically racist since 1619 and the Mayflower compact. 

The Compact or Agreement was to undertake a “Voyage to plant the first Colony in the Northern Parts of Virginia.”  They landed further north, survived the socialism experiment in year one, morphed to free enterprise capitalism year 2 and are still historically significant BECAUSE of these lessons of life.  Planted they did.

One of our early founding documents, the Mayflower Compact was signed on  Nov 11, 1620, long before the allies signed an end to the bloodiest World War on the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour.  Armistice day, 11/11/1918.  Le Francport France.

IF ONLY WE COULD LEARN THAT ALL LIVES MATTER.  THE INNOCENT PREBORN slavery man and brother medallionTHRU THE ELDERLY.  MAYBE SOON…while we have a country.

What hypocrisy, fellow Americans.   One of our greatest international cities, NYCity, is a big rotting apple, dying because King George III is replaced with Mayor Wilhelm and Gov Cuomo’s systemic incompetence and elder racist systemic kill off. 

The date that England declared slave trade over in 1807, 213 years later in 2020 became the ElderSlave kill off.  Unprecedented! what with 7 governors following suit.  Salvation History, Jesus was born and died on this date, as well.  Auspicious.  But, ALL LIFE and lives are precious, not just the anointed or most powerful.

Just this month no more hypocritical words can be found:

“We’re devastated, grieving, and outraged by violence against Black lives,” it said. “We must continue to demand accountability, justice, and an end to the inequity that continues to define every moment of life for Black America from the racist institutions that uphold white supremacy.”

Planned Parenthood IS the ultimate evil empire, master racist that makes Hitler look like a misguided boy scout.  White supremacy? 20 million DEAD black kids; note that they kill nine times as many blacks as non-blacks and they used to be 12% of the population.  No more.  Sanger IS getting her blackenasian wish: eliminating the “Negro population”.

They perform 1000 acts of VIOLENCE against innocent Black lives and like good emissaries of hell, they lie and deceive about it.

Freedom has its responsibilities, tho NOT enumerated in founding docs.

In month 2929 of America as a nation, I AM a modern abolitionist, trying to get doctors to learn science, and mothers to see there is a better route for their womb-chained girl or boy. 

Wombs do open, chains can fall.  Answer the slave’s hopeful scientific truth: “Am i not a man and a brother?”
Says the 6 pound child to her mother “Am I not a girl and your daughter?”

The answer may surprise you.  YES!

Prostiticians just don’t get it:  How else do you explain putting Plague of Xi infected agents of death INTO 593 nursing homes PURPOSEFULLY on March 25?  Where were the voices for life when this man and womanslaughter royal Cuomo decree printed above, was issued (not rescinded until May 10 after 4500 infectors unleashed)?

99.999% of American families are law abiding, decent multinational melting pots. 

My kids have English, Scottish, Cherokee, Polish, German etc blood. They have married into Sri Lankan, English and more. WE are blessed with beauty, brilliance, innovation, initiative, entrepreneurial prowess, love, did I say love, disagreements, some diseases NOT covid19, hope and the willingness to forgive and ask for forgiveness.  

Things ALL families possess if they turn off the burning statues for a moment and look, really look at their fellow American offspring! 

Music and cooking, baking, bee keeping, real estate, computer science, sculpturing, living.  Crosby said it “Count your blessings instead of sheep…”   

In fact, when Bri married Gavin in the Covidiminished 100 max wedding at St Norberts, we upped the siblings count 15 more!  We live on a street that is a cross-section of American life, with Protestant, CAtholic, Hindu, Muslim, fire chiefs, engineers and more.  The BEST street in America.  Something YOU should say or work toward it being true.

Sadly, the impatient gratified, those who won’t work smart and hard want it ALL now, instantaneous gratification and will break glass, loot, burn even kill, must be dealt with by ADULTS, recallers of the rights of ALL Americans.  Not just the anarchists.

Catholics never know when NOT to procreate: My 10 sibs married into Taiwanese, Asian, Indian, etc (my sibs and kids will correct me and i will edit this mini geneology).

We ARE the world but we are Americans who believe we are NOT of this world once we die.  Look at your own lifeblood history. Americans are from xxx but ARE brothers and sisters of the parchment. Founding documents all too many haven’t read.

ANOTHER DECLARATION OF RIGHTS 1774:  In the “City of Bro Love” Philadelphia (my beloved grandGodchild is Phia Del Phia) on Oct 14, 1774 (Continental Congress) these words should be particularly poignant and relevant: 

 “And, whereas, assemblies have been frequently dissolved (by the Crown), when they attempted to deliberate on grievances”…  Today, many grievances are tossed but solutions will come.  Further, “Resolved, NCD1.  That they are entitled to life, liberty, and property, and they have never ceded to any sovereign power whatever, a right to dispose of either without their consent.”

People love to own other people…and other people’s time, wealth, mind and hopes. 

But, God puts in His Story special people. 

Martin Luther King, Jr. looked forward to a time when his four kids saw people judged for the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

600,000 died in early 1860s to free slaves yet the Southern Democrats battle on!  Even today blacks (and non blacks) are slaves today; or do you not see the racism in slicing up kids for parts at the Newsom state church of satan, planned parenthood.  I know, I saw all of you just now, go, “come on Len; give it a rest.  Abortion is as American as apple pie!   


Looking for a MASTER racist? Look no farther

What, like the Big Rotting Apple, with 41 abortion mills, and 593 nursing homes, which today take out the very young with knives and the very old with Covid implants by royal decree.

We all must detest owning others like property, which was a roadblock to the Declaration of Independence we celebrate today.  The Southern slave states would NOT budge until “property” was struck and replaced with “pursuit of happiness”, a noble goal.

Yes, we have other celebrations of key milestones which is great, like Juneteenth, when word finally got to Texas that Lincoln’s emancipation happened 18 months before.  OR…

Christmas, Easter, Eid a Fitr, Passover, Ramadan from the various cultures that make up the melting pot and salad bowl (dependent on your view) of these United States!  But, even with Covid, burning toppled statues, riots and more, people are battling to get INTO these United States.  We are sooo blessed if only we opened our eyes and did the simple, as Christ requires and America is good at:  Help 1 Some1-2 day

Can it be that simple, helping a neighbor?  Of course, diversity and variety not only are the spice of life, but the badge of courage of a free, the last free, nation on earth. 

Outside of Israel, where thousands more French Jews just emigrated because of Semitic “racism” re-emerging.  Hitler not only wanted to own all things Jewish via the Nuremberg Racial Laws of 1935, he like the modern master racist, Margaret Sanger, wanted Jews dead. 

Sanger’s blood lust is more directed at “useless eaters”, Puerto Ricans, blacks and anyone she DIDN’T like much.  Her soldiers of medical fortune carry on her work, having killed off 63 million Americans in 47 years.  Why do we look for the sawdust of racism in decent people’s eyes while ignoring the forest of abortion, true ultimate racism in the eyes of Pelosi, Dementia riddled Bunker Biden, Jon Dunn, King Newsom, AGXavier, kid haters, kid killers everywhere.  I know Trump sinned.  So have i.  But he IS the most prolific pro life president since Washington, who had slaves.

Did you know, the 1774 wording “life, liberty and PROPERTY” was objected to by the Southern Democrat slave states and the plantation masters? Now you do. 

We had free blacks in the North, and enslaved blacks in the South AND North.  Transitions are rarely easy.  And BLM opportunists ignore the 700 young blacks killed by other young blacks in Chicagoland in 2019.  WE NEED each other.  WE are IN this together.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness…”

We are a covenant land, based on the rule of law and order.  The lawless and disorderly, the anarchists, the racism pimps and victocrats, the misery merchants all agree: they hate America and want to strip mine it completely, like the Billy Jack song “One tin soldier” themes out, of its good and decent people., their hard won freedoms and hard earned cash and property.

BKind  4Give  B4Given  Find 1 Some1-2Help2day  Words to live by:  AND wake up to “It’s a GREAT day to be alive!”

Yes, we are in the Dark Ages, but the light of Christ AND of truth is being shown like a laser on so much.  I honestly believe an American Renaissance will continue IF we see the next neighbor in our masked path as family.  

I can’t force you to look past the misery merchants, the Regressive Leftists who like BLM Inc., Antifastan, coach Bill Ayers, etc. and see the truth:

a GIFT we may not deserve but it has been granted us:

THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND, THIS LAND IS MY LAND.  willing to fight for it or buckle to the culture of death?

Listen to Greewood’s, God Bless America.  It’s not a sin to love your homeland; it IS a sin to lie about its good qualities and results while finding its pimples supreme.

Venezuela is one of those destinations open to the Hollywood liars who keep promising they would leave our country based on an election they disagreed with.  Still here, for some reason; maybe they like to talk before walking the blood route.  Or are as two dimensional as the movies they repeat lines in.

Adam “Schitty” Sciffty is the best example of such misery merchants: he lies deeper than a green shag carpet drenched in blood soaked patriot’s shed blood preserving freedom.

Whether you love the devoted Catholic Melania’s husband or hate his guts, his words rang true on Independence Day 2020:

“On this day in 1776, the Second Continental Congress adopted the United States Declaration of Independence in what is now known as Independence Hall in Philadelphia.  In taking this historic step, the Congress proclaimed “these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States.”  Today, we celebrate our Nation’s independence and the vision of our Founding Fathers revealed to the world on that fateful day, as well as the countless patriots who continue to ensure that the flames of freedom are never extinguished.

The enduring commitment to the ideals of liberty and justice that have come to define our American spirit stem from our Nation’s founding.  In declaring that our rights to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” should be safeguarded for posterity and that “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,” our Founding Fathers launched the American experiment that espoused freedom and democracy over tyranny and monarchy.  Two hundred and forty-four years later, the principles grounded in the Declaration of Independence continue to guide our Nation forward and maintain its standing as a beacon of liberty, prosperity, and opportunity for all.

Over the past months, the American spirit has undoubtedly been tested by many challenges.  Yet, it is in the face of adversity that our country has had some of our proudest moments of triumph.  Today, especially, we are reminded of the extraordinary feats that our Nation has accomplished since its founding nearly 250 years ago.  Together, we must ensure that we live up to the ideals of our Declaration of Independence and do all that we can to protect and preserve the freedoms that make our country the greatest in the world.

The First Lady and I wish each and every American a happy and blessed Fourth of July and proudly join you in celebrating our great Nation.  May God bless the United States of America.”

Donald J. Trump at Mt Rushmore, South Dakota.  Guest of a real governor Kristi Noem.   

As I do, your Virus Hunter, Real estate guy, Homeschooling Grandpa Len and Mary the Maskmakeer’s husband.   Len





Virus Hunter’s Covid Chronicles: Babies & Elderly, hated & abandoned! Why?

2020 hindsight in 2020 is always much more simple than guessing the future.  Take an arson investigator; he or she digs through the rubble, looking for clues.  Sometimes it’s an accelerant in a warehouse, a flare or matchbook at a campfire in tinder rich wild fire country.  

Over the decades,  our culture has changed alongside incredible advances in technology.  Yet, one change we hopefully can re-examine is how and why we warehouse the elderly as well as monetize the young.  Our culture of death both sells black babies in parts and gets $39,000 per elder CoviDeath in nursing homes, of which Dr Cuomo has 593 in the Big Rotting Apple.  His able bodied assistant Mayor Warren Wilhelm at the helm of destruction is hell bent on ruining a great city, like many that are dying with one party decades long leadership..

Little was known about the behavior of the Plague of Xi since it first hit the streets in Wuhan October 2019. You might recall the epidemic became pandemic (pan means crossed borders) on the first Sino-Covid Viral Air flight out of Wuhan International to Italy, Spain, NYC, USA etc.  

Looking back for that spark that started a wildfire,

Draft underway.

The Virus Hunter’s Covid Chronicles: FATHERHOOD IS an essential job

Where did all of these come from?

Fatherhood IS an essential job, even when the fathers in the fatherhood aren’t seen as that important in the Post Millennial social media saturated world we live in. And yes EVERY job under the Plague of Xi is critical for someone.  Happy daday dads! Actually, happy dad year and family life!  We NEED you.  Even national talk show host, Jennifer Horn, loves her dad and considers him essential.  

Do you know a good father?  Most of you reading this actually came through a mother who had a man she married who turned her INTO that mother with you inside.

But many in our enlightened society believes men in general and dads in particular are expendable he should just go boil the water, learn laMaze and get out of the way once the kidling crowns on the way out of the birth canal.

Some have or had an excellent relationship with their dad, the more endearing term for father.  Father God sees all, after all: some have had disastrous times with papa.  Father’s Day or any day is good to celebrate him; if he did you wrong, which only you know, good time to push the ten pound chip off your tired shoulder and forgive him.  Yes, he probably doesn’t deserve it, but forgiveness and being forgiven is the most healing thing one can do at times.  Or maybe he does, and the misunderstanding happened both ways.  Having that reconciliation, having your dad back before he or you go six feet down.

If he treated you like an angel or saint, then get him that tie; or make him a handmade something or other, because he has enuf stuff to stuff a heShed.

Even though God designed woman incredibly complex and created her last, Father God did have a role in mind for dad.

In the post WWII 50s, it was sole provider while mom had the kids at home, got them to school, cooked the meals, etc.  In the 60s, fathers in too many homes became less relevant due to LBJ’s poverty war.   Haight Asbury’s long hair hipsters came on the scene, who became today’s radical left Harvard tenured professors of indoctrinating poison.  Ever hear of the Ivy League’s finest, the Prophet Alexandria (Ocasio Cortez)? who thinks our world’s over in 12 because of the terrorist substance carbon dioxide?  Indoctrination indeed… Yes, there are good professors.

I knew one, Thomas Aquinas College parental alumnus Professor Steven Atchley, whom I’d like to dedicate this Fatherhood piece to…this was his first father’s day in heaven. And the first the Atchley offsping are fatherless on earth.

I didn’t know him that well, except at occasional homeschool related gatherings, but he is the consummate father who put his beautiful wife Patrice and their kids before his needs. 

Irony, as a professor, he taught many international students at two private universities, including a healthy amount from mainland China & yes, some from that busling metropolis of Wuhan.

Like in this krazy covid confused times, my guess is he was California covid death #2 or #3, before King Newsom went royal on us March 21st. 17 days after Trump shut down Wuhanian viral transfers on Sino-Covid Spreadit Airlines flights Jan 31st.  Misdiagnosed flu, co morbidity heart attack, exhibiting symptoms now readily known about the Plague of Xi.  You know the drill. 

I know his family would prefer to have their uncle the priest celebrating a final Mass, have him tossing jokes, celebrating the afterglow of another wedding this past month.  But, God had other plans.  Best to the Atchley family

Dear Leonard,

Please pray for the repose of the soul of TAC father Stephen Atchley, who died of complications from a heart attack on February 16. Please also pray for the consolation of his family, including his wife, Patrice (Ford ’81), and their eight children: Liam (’14), Clare (’12), Angelique (Cotugno ’14), Gabrielle, Juliet (’18), Sophia, Dominique (’22), and Lisette. A 9:30 a.m. Rosary and 10:00 am Funeral Mass are scheduled for Saturday, February 22 at San Segundo d’Asti Church in Ontario, California.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord
and let perpetual light shine upon him.
May his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace.

Robert Bagdazian
Robert Bagdazian
Thomas Aquinas College Parents’ Association

So if your dad, like Bilbo Baggins, is off on a new adventure beyond earth, think and pray for him.

Fathers called dads are blessed.  Not just the amazing homeschooling dads, the dads of all shapes and sizes worldwide, but all fathers.

  Yes, we dads screw up, do stupid at times.  But then, if YOU the reader are perfect, enjoy your geography: you must be in heaven or well…hell o number nine.  Perfection is what we work towards, but not in the genetic code for homo sapiens sapiens.

Some dads work two maybe three jobs to make ends meet these days.  Yes, women and moms are essential too, AT home or  IN the workforce, or both,  a notable change from 50 years ago where parents share burdens and joys in miraculously good ways…some not so good.

Much like the fatherless ness that plagues inner city families, especially of the Negro persuasion.  This goes back to LBJ and creating a $$ incentive NOT to have a father in the home to fight poverty; funny, his efforts directly has fueled enormous pain and suffering.  700 mainly black youth killed by other black young men last year in Chicago, did NOT die because all 700 murderers had a dad in their home.  The exact opposite, IF we cared to go deep about why people kill people, is true.  Maybe one or three?

Look at the good examples: my son Matt has four kids (no, he didn’t gestate them, his lovely wife Emily did) in the Sa Diego area, raising them as a couple to be Godly good Catholic citizens in a zany world; both are professionals workwise but learning parental excellence every day.  Truth be told, this dad is definitely a life long learner, with enough stakes and mistakes to fill a Tuff Shed.

That’s why plank three in my 4 plank mantra (BKind 4Give  B4Given  Help1Some1-2day) is so important; yes we are falsely accused of burning the toast, talking too loud, committing child abuse (Dr. Tenured Professor Lizzie Lighthead of Harvard Law fame) claims that because we homeschool, the oldest profession, we are serial child abusers. All 2 million homeschoolers by choice, local learning, not forced via distance learning.

But, we can forgive and be forgiven. 

Hey smug brainiac, you are human:  there is always three phalanges aimed at your face when you point the index finger at another. 

Jesus told us, after commanding us to Love God completely, you know the One who made you and this 553 sextillion mile wide playland universe: LOVE your neighbor.  Forgive her or him 490 times and then again. Why?  Because hate kills.  YOU, not the one you hate; every one has an irregular person in their lives.   Hate never solves a thing, whether for a president or a teacher, half-sibling like in Israel or even at the dinner table with broccoli.

 America CAN solve it’s systemic stupid problem of dehumanizing so many, one person at a time, starting with me. 

Hey, rioters and statue urinators, Lincoln topplers, arsonists blaming a 1619 NYTimes article that never happened: THERE IS ONE HUMAN RACE. ONE SET OF FIRST PARENTS, NOT A POLISH, NEANDERTHAL, BLACK, CHINESE, AMERICAN first couples yielding different chromosomal Beings.  Get real. Find a cop to help and get fat with donated cookies.

Get off this kick that hate can be contained (hate only kills the hatee, not the hated), that i am a poor helpless victim of racism or ageism (damn baby boomers on the Soc Sec millions they put in) or Lamarckism.  Everyone reading this, whether family, friends, SBLM or AntiFActsists: NO ONE OWES YOU REPARATIONS FOR YOUR GREAT GRAND….PARENTS EXISTENCE. But I will, like Jesus did on the cross, fall on this sword to help the victocrats, race pimps, grievance generals and misery merchants.

My Reparations offer, good until 2065, the 200th anniversary of Juneteenth:

$100 in $2 freedom bills to the first DAD or person who can prove they have picked cotton (or corn, tobacco, the more common plantational crops) on a Southern Democrat plantation recently with a Greek Revival Mansion.  Ok, you qualify IF you worked on the land, harvesting same and not in the Masta’s mansion.   Ready to pay.  You just need to prove it.

Examples are everywhere of successful black, green, tall, short Americans not wallowing in self-pity or infused with any color guilt; if you take off that white fragility privileged smog laced eye mask and see the truth. 

The only debt we owe is a debt of love. beckman kids 2015

Ask Tom; Mr. Sowell is one of those plentiful black leaders (just not on ABCNNBCBS & the radical American hating left) such as the MLKs, Williams, Owens, Elders etc., who know the score and stand apart from the Sharptons, JessieJacksons and other racism pimps pushing their toxic mix of divisional hatred and lies.  And more lies.  Fatherhood is NOT to be bought.  Everyone needs a Savior, and certainly, everyone is better off with both parents, ie including Mr. Cleaver or other.

The untold tragedy is the 63 million father started kids who never saw daylight but the lady who just doesn’t like people who aren;t rich nor look like here. With all the mayhem aa-margaret-sanger-and-colored-ministeraround us, one of the constants has been a dad who loves us, a mom who nurtures us, a life worth living.  We need a cure for this lady’s toxic masculinity; her company pushes vasectomies and worse short-circuiting so many lives, including the 20 million blacks children killed for parts.  True tragedy that can be repaired without reparation.  We are STRONG as a nation, we lost 600,000 to free the slaves and DON”T NEED THIS NEW NEO-PLANTATION WHERE YOUNG BLACKS & WHITES ARE HARVESTED.

Wake up, America!  we are much better than this.  What the heck do I know?  I’m the grandfather of black children and know of their struggles; too many monopolies on victimhood silliness out there, that because today you are a certain size, location or age, or color, you deserve MORE than being free to live a long life.  Opportunity, not reparations.  Love not hate.  Peace not war.  Intact statues not revising the history of the Southern Democrats KKK Krowd to continue the deception.   Fathers ARE essential.


People, keep looking for the good in others. Josh and Maryann have three amazing kids, one who proceeds them to the above (ask mom Donna how John’s doing) but is one of my grandkids nonetheless.  I am selfish this way: there is ALWAYS room for one more at the Beckman Ranch table.  Always.

There is NO -less in my grandoffspring vocabulary, even for temporarily raised precious children. 

The kid that made me a TAC parental alum, Nathan and Jen, TAC alum too, have raised five foster kids in a northeasterly state…they love each and every one and now have three fostering along.

If the stars and courts lined up, they would adopt em all, and take another 7 for jollies.  Today, father Nathan and mom Jen had a returnee, Javarre come by on his 3rd birthday because birth mom so appreciated their love for the child she bore.  Nathan and Jen are patient, ready to adopt when they are allowed to adopt.  The best kind of a woman’s right to choose….Life.

Fostering is a noble profession, critical in this fractured culture today, where divorce is more common than sand and sanity.  Every body should foster a child…or at least mentor an at-risk kid near them, in this culture which chomps, chews and spits out kids like a pitcher’s nicotine chaw mouthful.  Kids need dads and moms.  Parental units, vice versa!  God created us this way: He made trillions of insects but only one dad and one mom to populate the 3rd rock from the sun.

There are all kinds of dads, not necessarily by scientific genetics means: adoption, step parenting, coach mentoring, etc.  I was a single dad for seven years and I know it is hard but worth it; single momhood still is a tough way to raise the NextGen.  Take Societal Evolution 101, with guest lecturer Mrs Doubtfire.

Mrs. Iphegenia Doubtfire: [reading a letter] Dear Mrs. Doubtfire, two months ago, my mom and dad decided to separate. Now they live in different houses. My brother Andrew says that we aren’t to be a family anymore. Is this true? Did I lose my family? Is there anything I can do to get my parents back together? Sincerely, Katie McCormick.

Mrs. Iphegenia Doubtfire:Oh, my dear Katie. You know, some parents, when they’re angry, they get along much better when they don’t live together. They don’t fight all the time, and they can become better people, and much better mummies and daddies for you. And sometimes they get back together. And sometimes they don’t, dear. And if they don’t, don’t blame yourself.

Just because they don’t love each other anymore, doesn’t mean that they don’t love you. There are all sorts of different families, Katie. Some families have one mommy, some families have one daddy, or two families. And some children live with their uncle or aunt. Some live with their grandparents, and some children live with foster parents. And some live in separate homes, in separate neighborhoods, in different areas of the country – and they may not see each other for days, or weeks, months… even years at a time.
But if there’s love, dear… those are the ties that bind, and you’ll have a family in your heart, forever. All my love to you poppet, you’re going to be alright… bye bye.”
My oldest daughter Amanda surprised me on a July afternoon. Her man Brian and she packed the covered wagon and moved East (this real estate guy has many clients considering it) to Houston-Galveston with their (currently) four kids.  We need Spock to invent a grandparent/dad transporter to connect up the movers, better than FacialTimes or Zoom.  Not complaining, just asking.  
It’s easy for me to love Larissa, David, Rosie & Bri & Kieran & Gavin, Zach and Regina, and Faustina and the mighty Katrina Irene, named for two future hurricanes.  These are awesome or better.  But Dads…

Dads, love your wives; loving the mother of your kids is the BEST gift you can give them.  If no wife, dad, don’t hesitate a second to call your kiddoes, no matter which Mrs Doubtfire time snapshot you are in.  Reconcile if you must; at least try (Plank 2 always before plank 3 can happen).  Don’t let a nanosecond go by without that Facetime, Zoom, Go2Meeting, all the interweb tools available.

We can work on this.  Before the grets and regrets surface like a Covid virus on the counter.  IF we put on Truth lens, get over the hurt, burn the 10 pound shoulder forest and pitch the you, you ‘you are a white privileged racist’, “you, I hate you because you did xxx…”; “you are a mean daddy because you grounded me” etc.
Impediments to reconciliation.  As a family, as a city, county, state…even nation. 
America IS great because of its people, moms and dads, granddads and GrandMArys.  Do plank 4: find someone you DON’T know who is at-risk and HELP.  You’ll figure out how. Just don’t let a derailing take you off the focused goal.
But we do need, in this so blessed country,to correct the solvable problems. A big one is building up the fractured state of familyhood in the neighborhoods, which have been derailed by this godless anarchical society of the last decades.  But hope springs Eternal.  We can do this.
  Like re-valuing families, including fathers.  Rewrite the historical revisions spewed by anarchistic academia that we are a patriarchal paternalistic evil place.  We can only change that which is truly wrong, but euphemisms and emoticon laden guilt trains (ever get booked on a heavy guilt trip and you almost put your luggage through the dining club car?) will always be with us.  Prostiticians never sleep but they lie like a rug.  Schitty Adams will also always be with us, until voted out.  But look to the positives, accentuate them over falsies…
Thank you dads, and happy father’s dad’s day.  Try a windsor on that new tie.  And pray for Steve’s family who are fatherless this June 21st.  Best to you, Patrice and Atchley kiddoes.


And thank you Paul, my dad, for your love.  I became a real estate guy like you, still have your Yellow Taxi hat and love the siblings you and Irene our mom provided us to love together.

Happy Father’s Day in heaven.  I bet Jesus’ mom’s day, Mary, get more play up there.  But then, God saved the best for last: woman.

The Virus Hunter’s Covid Chronicles: Juneteenth UNmasked!

At this time of supposed national racial unrest, pyromaniacs, petty larceny looting and the occasional peaceful protesters, we can see we have been here before. 

Something from a 2000 year old letter to remind ourselves in these Covid Chauvin ravaged times: “Remember this, my dear brothers and sisters: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and should not get angry easily.”  James 1:16

After the Watts Riots in the 60s, Dr. Maulana Karenga, professor and chairman of Black Studies at CSU, Long Beach, created Kwanzaa in 1966. Dr. Karenga searched for ways to bring African-Americans together as a community. Thus, this week long celebration from Dec 26th through the new year.  That riot began August 11th, 1965 lasted for six days, resulting in 34 deaths, 1,032 injuries and 4,000 arrests, involving 34,000 people and ending in the destruction of 1,000 buildings, totaling $40 million in damages.

Mobocracy in action; been to CHAZistan, Seattle lately?    Speaking of mobs:

100 years ago, the worst “race” involved battle since the Civil War, happened in Tulsa, OK, May 31-June 1st, 1921. (hat tip Mary Murphy)

Tulsa, Southern Democrats stronghold, is the same place where a century later, Trump’s rally was pranked by Chinese owned TikTok teens reserving a million tickets to depress the turnout.  There was nothing depressing about the energy at the rally, but proof dirty tricks and cheating is not beyond sympathizers for the party of slavery, secession and Jim Crow segregation.

The trigger in Tulsa, May 30th 1921 was a rush to judgement witness on Memorial Monday:

19 year old Dick Rowland, due to Jim Crow segregation laws, had to go next door; he had permission to use a restroom at the top of the Drexel Bldg. 

  17 yr old Sarah Page operated the elevator; the most plausible explanation of many was: “A common explanation often offered is that Dick Rowland tripped as he got onto the elevator and, as he tried to catch his fall, he grabbed onto the arm of Sarah Page, who then screamed”

tulsa riot devastation

35 square blocks of Greenwood, Tulsa, OK

Her scream led to said witness.  Many people knew Mr. Rowland, a shoe surface engineer,  as a nice young man working at the shoeshine parlor next door and were shocked he was the “assailant”.

In fact, Sara Page refused to file a police report, saying he just had grabbed her arm.  Sometimes adults act less than adults.

Irony how this could be played out today, 100 years later, with destruction in mainly one party controlled major cities.  Truth didn’t matter in 1921.  And 55 years after Civil War bloodshed, 800 in the hospital and 36 dead, black and white.  At least today, the rioters, arsonists and looters aren’t using drones.
From Wiki: “The attack, carried out on the ground and from private aircraft, destroyed more than 35 square blocks of the district—at that time the wealthiest black community in the United States, known as “Black Wall Street”. 

For more detail of this sad time:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulsa_race_massacre

Catalysts for mob rule happen in the oddest ways; the Officer Chauvin powder keg during the Plague of Xi far eclipsed either of these.  James 1:19

But, remember if any Civil War statue (or Lincoln himself) still stands, 600,000 people died leading up to the Juneteenth incidents in 1865.  Apparently, Tulsa didn’t get the message, just as Galveston, right away.

Juneteenth is rooted in a document undelivered, a proclamation slow to get to the Lone Star state in the 1860s.  Here is that story:

Southern Democrats, from the party founded in 1854, were not happy.  Even Senator Robert Byrd, KKK king, centuries later did not agree and became the Clintons’ mentor.  But truth is well, truth.

ALL slaves go free.  ALL humans have a right to life, to liberty, to property and the right to pursue being happy.

“Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. Dating back to 1865, it was on June 19th that the Union soldiers, led by Major General Gordon Granger, landed at Galveston, Texas with news that the war had ended and that the enslaved were now free.

Note that this was two and a half years after President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation – which had become official January 1, 1863.

Most American History buffs know the Republican party was the party founded by abolitionists, who were trying to free humans owned as property, the slaves.

But, giving up things you own, in this case precious human beings, doesn’t often happen without a fight.

“The Emancipation Proclamation had little impact on the Texans due to the minimal number of Union troops to enforce the new Executive Order. However, with the surrender of General Lee in April of 1865, and the arrival of General Granger’s regiment, the forces were finally strong enough to influence and overcome the resistance.

Later attempts to explain this two and a half year delay in the receipt of this important news have yielded several versions that have been handed down through the years. Often told is the story of a messenger who was murdered on his way to Texas with the news of freedom. Another is that the news was deliberately withheld by the enslavers to maintain the labor force on the plantations. And still another is that federal troops actually waited for the slave owners to reap the benefits of one last cotton harvest before going to Texas to enforce the Emancipation Proclamation. All of which, or none of these versions could be true. Certainly, for some, President Lincoln’s authority over the rebellious states was in question. Whatever the reasons, conditions in Texas remained status quo well beyond what was statutory.”

The word didn’t get to Texas, in part, because smart phones and satellites were 120 years away.  But, there also was a reluctance to turn your black (or white if you were a white slave) property into human and have to pay them as employees.

Here is Lincoln’s next bit:        General Order Number 3   ALL slaves are free.

“The people of Texas are informed that in accordance

with a Proclamation from the Executive of the United States,

all slaves are free. This involves an absolute equality of rights

and rights of property between former masters and slaves,

and the connection heretofore existing between them becomes

that between employer and hired laborer.”

Talk about creating Human Resources Departments with one swoop of the wand.  But, in this Covid hysteria as we battle the Plague of Xi, always look for relief: BBQ!  But first, look at the first reactions to the delayed news…


The reactions to this profound news ranged from pure shock to immediate jubilation. While many lingered to learn of this new employer to employee relationship, many left before these offers were completely off the lips of their former ‘masters’ – attesting to the varying conditions on the plantations and the realization of freedom. Even with nowhere to go, many felt that leaving the plantation would be their first grasp of freedom. North was a logical destination and for many it represented true freedom, while the desire to reach family members in neighboring states drove some into Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Settling into these new areas as free men and women brought on new realities and the challenges of establishing a heretofore non-existent status for black people in America. Recounting the memories of that great day in June of 1865 and its festivities would serve as motivation as well as a release from the growing pressures encountered in their new territories.

The celebration of June 19th was coined “Juneteenth” and grew with more participation from descendants. The Juneteenth celebration was a time for reassuring each other, for praying and for gathering remaining family members. Juneteenth continued to be highly revered in Texas decades later, with many former slaves and descendants making an annual pilgrimage back to Galveston on this date.

Food and Fun!

A range of activities were provided to entertain the masses, many of which continue in tradition today. Rodeosfishingbarbecuing and baseball are just a few of the typical Juneteenth activities you may witness today. Juneteenth almost always focused on education and self improvement. Thus, often guest speakers are brought in and the elders are called upon to recount the events of the past. Prayer services were also a major part of these celebrations. 


Certain foods became popular and subsequently synonymous with Juneteenth celebrations such as strawberry soda-pop. More traditional and just as popular was the barbecuing, through which Juneteenth participants could share in the spirit and aromas that their ancestors – the newly emancipated African Americans, would have experienced during their ceremonies. Hence, the barbecue pit is often established as the center of attention at Juneteenth celebrations.

Food was abundant because everyone prepared a special dish. Meats such as lamb, pork and beef which were not available everyday were brought on this special occasion. A true Juneteenth celebrations left visitors well satisfied and with enough conversation to last until the next.

Dress was also an important element in early Juneteenth customs and is often still taken seriously, particularly by the direct descendants who can make the connection to this tradition’s roots. During slavery there were laws on the books in many areas that prohibited or limited the dressing of the enslaved. During the initial days of the emancipation celebrations, there are accounts of former slaves tossing their ragged garments into the creeks and rivers and adorning themselves with clothing taken from the plantations belonging to their former ‘masters’.

So, people, if you were a slave on a Southern Democrat plantation or in Galveston of the Lone Star state, I will pray for you.  And if you can prove you worked the cotton fields as a slave, I will pay you three fifths of a $20 bill in rePAIRations for your pain.

If NOT, let’s figure out the best way to help get out of this Dark Ages of Radical Anarchy.   And begin or restart the American Renaissance.

Be a life long learner.  Look for opportunities to be a man of chivalry, and a woman of valor.  If you are black and want to find a black national figure as a mentor, look to Dr. Ben Carson.  Clarence Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Frederick Douglas, MLKing, Shelby Steele, Candace Owens and so many more.  If you don’t worry about the color of one’s skin but access the quality of one’s character, you are well on your way to being an American adult.  We live in the most blessed country on earth.  Even our poorest have more conveniences and opportunity than the most wealthy Southern Democrat plantation owner in their Greek Revival mansions just 150 years ago.

The New York Times, known for ignoring 6 million jews dying in the 40s, came up with a fake way to revise American history.  Project 1619. The radical leftists at the Dem’s propaganda orgs (ABCNNBCBS, NYTimes and WAPO) don’t care about the truth.  They want you to believe our founding is not in 1776 and 1789, but like Senator Raisin’ Tim Kaine said “US created slavery” and “We didn’t inherit it from anyone”

Poor Tim, never took world history.  The Israelites were slaves to the Pharaoh in Egypt.  Slaves ships in England brought over African slaves until Wilberforce became the English Lincoln and emancipated slaves in London.  Pelosi and pals 8 minute kneeling shrouded with Kente cloth is interesting, since it was from the Asanti tribe and Ghana’s clothing.  They ran the West African slave trade. Appropriate since Queen Aunt Pelosi runs with AOC the Dem party of slavery, secession and segregation founded in 1854.  The top kleagle of the KKK, became Senator Robert Byrd and his statues still stand reminding us that history matters.

Slaves of all colors, sizes and nations of origin continue today.  Googol it yourself


Enough of Tim.  TY to the Juneteenth site for the information above.  https://www.juneteenth.com/history.htm

Remember this: there is not systemic racism clouding like a virus and permeating America.  But we do have racists in our midst (KKK Robert Byrd is dead).  To combat it, we can’t pull down the #1 racist org, the Southern Democrat party of 1854.  They love their dead babies sold for parts and honoring their beloved mentor, Margaret Sanger, who hated blacks.  Just be careful telling your favorite radical revising history leftist anarchist Maggie and Planned Barrenhoodlums love blacks…as long as they are sliced up and packaged for resale to UTexas Med Branch or Yale Med.

But we CAN do this:  BKind    4Give   B4Given   and most importantly:


Amazing what doing something nice, like surprise and celebrate, to someone else does for you.  There is only ONE human race and we have but ONE life.  Live Life as if you only have that one.  Love God and Love your neighbor.  As Bob Dylan sang “you’ve gotta serve somebody” why not serve your Creator God.  Not the whiners, racist pimps, rioters, looters and pyromaniacal anarchists.

Funny, if Truth is your desire, the Republican party were the Abolitionists, the party of FREEing the slaves.  The other one that enslaves most major cities that are dying, was founded in 1854 to KEEP the slaves employed with a zero per hour maximum wage.

You’re a grownup or smart kid.  Do your research and since you are helping  Homeschooling Grandpa Len, where i went wrong

The Virus Hunter’s Covid Chronicles: Mendy & Seat Belts save Covid lives

Mendy compared seat belts to the Plague of Xi situations, and in many ways she is right.  Here are my updated suggestions as the Virus Hunter continues his rounds.


Well said, Mendy. IF you are super susceptible or have comorbidity indications like heart disease etc, STAY INSIDE. DON’T GO OUT OF YOUR BEDROOM EXCEPT FOR POTTY BREAKS AND FOOD. Get an air purifier. Make sure visitors wash and mask up.  I believe everyone should have the right to stay inside for life or to protect others’ lives.  A woman’s right to choose.

The rest of us need to listen to grandma’s lessons.  Let’s look

Physical separation when you can (social distancing belongs to dads looking at that pimply face male miscreant wanting to first date your daughter) at least six feet. You risk increases 67.9% if you are only 71 inches apart.

Don’t lick doorknobs (I have kids) but spray and wipe them, plus surfaces. Liquid soap beats disinfectants on smooth surfaces.
Wash hands with soap often and then some more.

Use hand sanitizers carefully and wash hands with soap as soon as possible.

UNDERSTAND MASKS are not for you to stop the Plague of Xi’s virus in the atmosphere; it’s to protect you from propelled droplets airborne viruses. Sooo…
Wear masks when closer than the one wavelength at 165 hertz rule: ie 6 feet.

DO NOT WEAR MASKS continuously for hours because you risk other respiratory ailments like Pleurisy. Why? You increase your viral load AT your respiratory entrance points, your mouth and nose.
In public, when beyond 10 feet from another human, and when running for exercise or away from a virus cop, take the mask off. Oxygen deprivation has its own set of problems. USE common sense.

And I am glad Mendy is alive and well. Seatbelts do work, especially with the insane CAFE standards that have killed more people due to bamboo roller skates disguised as a car.

Sanitary remains the most important, especially since social isolation has negative side effects (unless symptomatic for Plague of Xi, flu, colds, radical leftism and other communicable diseases) because well, suicides, alcoholism, fatness are the unintended consequences of suspending sanity in a crisis.

We knew in 2 weeks the curve was flattened to keep hospitals empty. We know 43% of the CoviDead are lonely elderly, most of whom abandoned to die in nursing homes nationally. 52% of the nation’s deaths were in close confines NYCity, # 5 in the WORLD as a city.

WE should have followed the example of Life Care Center (first epicenter in WA) and Gov DeSantis of Florida, NOT Mayor Warren Wilhelm at the NYC Helm or Cuomo: protect the elderly don’t kill the $23 trillion economy

Be careful what you hear: Fauci just admitted he lied to protect masks from use by millions of Americans to keep the stockpile high for HCworkers. My wife just finished 300th mask for nurses, poor etc. Mike Lindell retooled his MyPillow as did Ford via the push by Trump.
You think it’s not political and $$? Your prez built 4 hospitals in NY, Franklin Graham brought a field hospital to Grand Central Park. Trump shipped billions in PPE, vents and respirators to CuomoLand.

What did Cuomo do? Issued his March 25 royal decree that killing nursing home residents is ok as long as you send in Covid infected patients to help kill them softly with the Xi disease. 4500 infected in fact were sent to the 593 NYC nursing homes. Think about it.

Definitions: Quarantine is restricting the movement of sick/infected/vulnerable people. Tyranny is restricting the movement of healthy people.

Cases are up or spike due to arbitrary though increasing testing. But testing’s false positives and negatives are legion as we move to the elusive vaccine and other treatments. Science fiction matches with political science in killing off Hydroxychloroquine +Z+Zpk in favor of more expensive protocols.

Continue to be sanitary: it will help protect you from other diseases too.

Don’t be polyanna: the side effects of covid vigilance IS massive increase in suicides, poverty, depression, social isolation etc. AND:
NO universal vaccine exists for AIDS or flu like polio. Rely on YOURSELF to help curb the incidence of ANY disease. Lose weight since the biggest comorbidity is fatness and diabetes.

Don’t smoke since the Plague of Xi is repiratory in nature.

Don’t shove your beloved 80 year old grandma into a Cuomo death trap nursing home, if at all possible; our wise elderly deserve better. If you must, make sure you “must”. Too many alone elderly are abandoned.

Have more kids IF you want someone to be there so you WON’T be alone and abandoned in a Cuomo death trap nursing home. It’s always in the numbers. We only had 11 but we did try to compensate for those who couldn’t have kids or preferred their ShitZoo on their shoulders and Prius in the lot with NO car seat in the back.

Use the brain God gave you The Virus Hunter is back.

Virus Hunter’s Covid Chronicles: ‘Mary Beckman PhD is an awesome lady’ drawing

Mary  Mary Beckman, PhD is #10 of 11 kids, one of the most brilliant molecular biologists in the world.  But she really needs your help, folks…


But, when it comes to climate science, she, like so many in the public sector government science world, can’t answer a simple puzzle:

If you take an air sample in any of our national labs’ offices, LifeCareCenter, Mt Rushmore area and find out there are 2500 air molecules in the sample:

How many are carbon dioxide?

The five different molecule amounts you can guess follow (yes they add up to 2500):

1950  523    23   3   1

So, for the prize, match up the amounts to the various gases.  To be included in the drawing on Christmas Day 2020 for $20 in the form of ten $2 bills, you must

get just two out of the five right.  But, one must include the right amount for CO2.   Any adult or junior scientist who guesses ALL of them correctly, gets two chances in the drawing.

Carbon dioxide




The Rest (trace gases)

Scientific data and assumptions:

It shouldn’t be that difficult a task.  You have access to the interweb, Instascam and FAcialBook and can consult a bro or phone a friend. 

Some facts to help:

  1. We are told by the Supreme Court that CO2 is pollution. 
  2. For decades now, young student scientists have been indoctrinated with carbon dioxide being responsible for the planet burning up.
  3. That polar bears are dying, especially polar moms and her cub. 
  4. Rising seas.  The seas, according to the ObamaNation chief scientist (Dr Barry O) standing on the Exit glacier in Alaska, would rise higher than Denali.
  5. Androgenic Climate change deniers are terrible people and don’t know science.  They should contract Plague of Xi and die.
  6. That global warming is now androgenic carbon dioxide which…
  7. …then became androgenic carbon dioxide and then androgenic climate change.  Who could EVER deny climate changes?
  8. That we must levy a carbon tax on California gasoline to protect the Golden State from being destroyed.  current gas tax rate is 66.6% + CapNTrade tax.  That high for a critical family budget busting commodity?
  9. That the world ends in 12 years by Dr. A. Ocasional Cortex unless we reduce CO2 to zero, stop using fossil fuels and no more jets above
  10. That the Algorean Heresy IS scientific law.
  11. Hint: the concentrations in the atmosphere are to the right, something even a Chief Justice and Supreme Courtiers can read>>>>


Contestants, go for it!  You can comment below or email your answer to this author at Lenbeckman@gmail.com. Please type Carbon Dioxide Contest in the subject line. We will video the drawing and include it in the update to this post with the winners ($20 top and 3 $2 secondary prizes

Next, we will attack the most dangerous chemical on earth, dihydrogen monoxide, currently a menace in 3rd world countries.

As my kids say, homeschooling grandpa Len is a full time job.

Good luck





Virus Hunter’s Covid Chronicles: the 66.6% Gas Tax King Newsom Siphons off our tanks

Do we really pay a 66.6% gas tax RATE on essential gasoline?  Yup.

July 1, 2020 is coming with ANOTHER repressive gas tax increase around 4 cents! And we STILL do not have the truth in blending gouge, the REAL ACTUAL tax AMOUNT.  It is at least a 60% gas sales tax rate, and I can easily prove it.  So can you despite Taxifornia’s one party royal rule.

What’s it like to buy a critical legal product like gasoline in the monarchy run Taxifornia? Pretty miserable when you look inside, trying to find the facts amid the hidden taxes King Newsom the Red and his lackey court jester AG Xavier Little Cow Becerra’s biased possibly fraudulent gas tax repeal wording on past ballots.

EVERY gas station needs this truth in spending sign

Meanwhile, though the “hospital overwhelm flattened curve” goal post was achieved two weeks after ClampDown California March 21st, our royal family headed by King Newsom the Red continues to illegally suppress free enterprise, interstate commerce and kill private sector surfs, serfs and plebes for no more reason but naked power abuse. Public sector continues to draw their $$ with little or no impact.

But, the real Calif and national economies, the Private sector (read NOT teachers or trial lawyer unions)  family businesses are dying or dead, life savings gone and jobs marginal. 40 million gone, some for good, and more TAX?

Talk about critical Mass (empty Catholic and other churches): Jen and my beautiful wife, Mary the MaskmaKeer, can’t even get their nails done while protesters swap sweat on the streets. Not to mention the looters and firebugs violate the 6 foot rule before firebombing private Constitutionally protected property nationwide.

On the ides of June, the amazing Jennifer Horn (Welcome back millenium vox Brian) mentioned 50 cents gas tax on AM870; but when you dig deeper, you find, it is closer to $1+ per gallon. 

Per wiki, as of 2019, California has a basic gas tax of $61.20 cents (not including local sales tax or cap&trade hidden taxes); add to that the 18.4 cent Federal tax, you get 79.2 cents PER GALLON.  What’s the mystery? The diabolic secret taxes.

Surcharges AND the cap & trade carbon fraud tax for non existent global warming.  The Prostitician’s favorite climate change oppression tool, subject for another time.

SoCal News Group’s Kevin Smith reports more mystery in an article from 2019: it couldn’t be more timely now that Newsom the Red (Red for the red light on the Big 4 network ABCNNBCBS cameras he’s in love with) wants another 4 cents July 1.  Haven’t you destroyed enuf of my native state yet, Newsom the Red.

Look at a real reporter (not ABCNNBCBS millionaire talking headless wonder) Kevin’s analysis: $1 per gallon TAX.  I know it is closer to $1.25 per gallon but let’s use two ESSENTIAL consumer products:  the Covid hoarded toilet paper and gasoline.

The Truth will freak you a little, but it is time we know how much we are being screwed.

Yes, I know toilet paper is a renewable resource from trees and gas a dreaded fossil fuel, but this oppressive tax is evillll!


Today I paid $2.50 per gallon at one of the lowest OC fossil fuel sites: Sam’s Gas Station.   

Think a moment: the $2.50 gallon price includes both the retail cost of exploring, finding, pumping, refining, delivering etc AND hidden wholesale carbon tax built in AND the ultimate insult amount, what King Newsom and Igor Xavier TAX us mercilessly. 

Gas is just as essential as toilet paper, but we are raped by the Dem owned state’s political machine.  All of us, but the poor and strapped families, the hard working private sector business owners and people on fixed incomes, take the biggest hit.  What does King Newsom pay for gas for his car and security (read police) detail?  Zip nothing.  We do.

Pollution free NatGas is also oppressed by the primitive Luddite anarchists

Let me simplify:  After getting gas, if I walked into, masked of course, the Sam’s super store and bought $2.50 worth of toilet paper on one giant roll, the TAX would be 8.8% on 250 cents:  Cost of product WITHOUT tax: $2.50.  22 cents tax.  Total would be $2.72 cents.

But Taxifornia’s gas tax treatment of hapless citizens is stalinesque at best: as i paid $2.50 for each gallon, at least $1 CAME OFF THE TOP of each gallon as the liquid power fuel filled the tank. 100 cents!

Len, you are nuts, it can’t be that high??! 60+% gas tax RATE?  That’s worse than what Guido charges for his loan shark customers before cutting off a finger for non payment.

Math made easy: 250 cents total for a gallon.  Subtract 100 cents leaves 150 cents per gallon for the producers and maybe 7 cents to explore more.  You know: run a business outside of the CaliFate of Chazistan.

  What does King Newsom do with his 100 cents? That too is a mystery.  Squander, dump into general fund, help support public sector bloated pensions, you name it.  Maybe a little for pot holes, zero for wise planned water holes called reservoirs to help stop wild fires.  We ELECTED these people.

Let’s end the suspense: 22 cents for $2.50 worth of toilet paper, essential if you don’t Bidette.  Ask any mom if toilet paper is a critical commodity for her 11 kids.

But so is gas: divide 150 cents production cost into 100 cents and you get the ACTUAL GAS TAX RATE: today, at minimum, you have an actual 66.6% Rate.  Appropriate, that the devil is in the details.  66.6% for one of the most important commodities in a struggling family’s business.

Toilet paper tax rate: 8.8%   Gasoline tax rate: 66.6%  Both essential. The fossil fuel at Guido style loan shark levels.

Speaking of devils, King Newsom, you limited the incredibly beautiful Christ Cathedral to an artificial 4.4% capacity to worship Jesus as the Body of Christ (Corpus Christi) on the 223rd flag day sun June 14th.

4.4% due to your hate for religious freedom under the guise of the Plague of Xi. It is obvious you share the bias of your Queen Aunt Pelosi’s naked love of the satanic temples where black kids are enslaved, sacrificed and sold in parts at PBarrenhood.  PP is more important to Gavel Granny than PPP or PPE

Newsom the Red: your naked power grab, ie petty tyrannical wielding of your royal scepter and sword showcased in the Blessed Sacramento castle, MUST end.  Before Moorlach takes your royal throne and returns it to the People Nov 2022.

TABLE THE GAS TAX HIKE, Newsom the Red. And Igor Xavier the Mean.  You have done enough destruction of the once great Golden California

This will be revised to include the hidden on purpose other taxes.  The tax rate could be higher than 78%!  It’s harder to extract the hidden carbon tax than the oil from California earth.  You can understand why in former Prez candidate Kamala’s favorite campaign mantra:

“I prefer hacked out black babies extracted from mother wombs instead of fracked up black gold from mother earth. When we sell the black babies in heart, hair & liver parts, at least we aren’t polluting the California air as with the devilish fossil fuels. And there’s more dollar$ for our planned barrenhoodlums to give us back in campaign $$”   A perfect match as Joe’s VP, just endorsed by PP for 2020

66.6%.  Who’d a thunk we would ever pay this much.

Leave your comments below. the article

‘Mystery surcharge’ and gas taxes boost California gasoline prices by about $1.26 per gallon




How do you compute a consumer tax?  


Virus Hunter’s Covid Chronicles: GIGO Data

Some of you may never have heard of GIGO.  No, it’s not the talking reptile selling insurance though he is probably related.

It stems from the early days of mini-computers prior to the PCs and smart phone era. Translating the anagram you get: Garbage IN Garbage OUT.  The point was we are only as good as the integrity of the assumptions in science and the veracity of the data.  This is a troubling problem in the Plague of Xi.  All along the data was wildly inconsistent and corrupt; worse, is the things done on purpose, ignorantly or accidentally, contributed to a poor data pool and resultant conclusions.

If we matched the progress of computer development to the real world, incredibly more blessings would accrue.  Before I opened my real estate firm, which i still feed my kids with today, I bought computer devices, called peripherals for MAI Basic Four in Irvine. Peripherals were monitors, tape drives, disk packs, input output devices NOT built into the computer but hanging on the “periphery”: thus the name, peripherals.  I know, kids, I’m a bit of a computer dinosaur.  But, I have kept up: your smart phone is a sophisticated computer more complex than a room sized machine 50 years ago.

Fascinating at MAI Basic Four, I negotiated for the first hard disc drives built INTO computers from Priam: it was 33 megabytes and in Dec 1980, I paid $2445.

My boss was pleased at the price we got at the time!  But, the cost of computer memory keeps going down.  If we paid what I paid in 1980 for the same amount of memory today, the bill would be a bit steep: $73,350,000 for a terabyte that you can get on a thumb drive in your pocket. If the same 14″ wide (CD) discs, you would need 30,000!   Sadly, this phenomenal success  in computer engineering doesn’t infect other parts of our world. Health science integrity for example in the Plague of Xi era.  Not to mention climate science.

In some ways, as the Plague developed in the US, we ignored the data along the way; in others, human error contributed to both immense life savings as well as thousands more dead than necessary. 

The basic scientific method, something I have taught in decades of homeschooling and coop science fairs at our home hosting 30 other families in similar pursuit, has been all but ignored.  In favor of politics, stolen power and agendas.  You would be surprised who is responsible for the most mayhem

Actually, we’ve been robbed with this scientific deceit. 

First hotspot: 43% deaths in .6% of their residents: elder care, nursing homes et al.

Best data to warn us about 43% of the incoming US Covideaths was actually the first “epicenter” (NOT NYCity.) 

It was in Kirkwood, WA, the Life Care Center, where eventually 37 (as of April2) at least of 125 elderly died when the nursing home had a family visitor or staffer bring the first super spreading Covid into the home. 

If we analyzed this, three things jump out at you: it effects the old more than the young. If you are sick with other health issues, you are more vulnerable.  And CLOSE CONFINES helps increase the “viral load” in people.  

As to saving thousands of American lives.  Whether you hate him or love him, Trump BANNED Sino-Covid Air flights on January 31st, when talking heads, Dr Fauci and other “experts” said Trump’s an idiot to shut down China flights. 

He followed his gut and saved thousands of lives, because at that time so little was known of the Covid19 disease’s genome, symptoms and patterns of transmission.  Plus, unlike FDR who quarantined due to ancestry and slanted eyes, Trump put 62,000 returning Americans into 14 day quarantine to make sure they couldn’t pass the Xi Plague on American soil.  Again, called racist, xenophobic, orange.  You name it.

The governors?  Depends on who you are talking about.  Florida death statistic is 2346 (on May 29);at least, he didn’t toss the old to the lions.

Gov DeSantis examined the data with his health department from multiple sources including Italy with thousands of Chinese cheap labor imported to North Italy.

The fact the FIRST epicenter on US soil, a concentrated epidemic, was a nursing home. 

He acted swiftly and the numbers bear out his “success” in curbing the spread: the whole state of Florida has 8% of the deaths of the CITY of NY…with TWICE the population.

Not to mention, Florida has more elderly than most states.  DeSantis valued his elderly kept alive. Cuomo couldn’t lose losing elderly with the 10%city death tax.

  Here’s is a link to a NYTimes article; funny, the same paper has said little about their governor Andrew upstate from their NYC buildings. Like they missed the whole exterminated Jew think in WWII.

Why do i mention Gov Cuomo in this GIGO data piece? He demanded NYC nursing homes allow INFECTED Covid patients to be housed in nursing homes, despite epicenter #1 and ravaged elder housing. 

This memo dated March 25th, was exec ordered in NY by Cuomo long after we knew so much more about the virus. What complicates things for Cuomo is the millions nursing home execs paid into Cuomo’s campaign coffins.  err coffers.  Speaking of coffins, nursing home execs were immunized from liability quid pro quo.

And, King Newsom the Red I like to call him, ignores the same common sense and wants to house infected with vulnerable old?  Has Newsom’s silver spoon leached into his brain?  His LAPubHealth Dr Barbara reported 40% of deaths in elder care facilities in LA County.   What animates King Newsom, those Orange Countians packed shoulder to shoulder when he was pranked by a fake photo of beach sand density.

It’s Keystone Kops all over the place.  Our prostiticians miss the forest for the trees and worse, like leemings, keep chirping “its the science”, “Follow the science”.   They couldn’t spell SCIENCE even if pointed out to them in a dictionary.  Everything is litmus tested first for political opportunity.  Did you know the exec order wasn’t rescinded until May 10th; by that time, with 4500 viral “bullets” sent into the homes, the damage was irreparably done.

Newsom is more of a silver spooned candidate for Prez2024; though, with the data he should know better. What was Cuomo’s excuse, with almost empty and free hospitals built for NYC, the Javitz Center’s 3000 beds?  Or a FREE staffed Navy ship; even Franklin Graham’s Samaritan Purse field hospital that the NYC council despised because he was a man of faith.  There IS a Great Reveal with this plague, what some call “The Great Exposure”.  Our true natures are hard to hide always.  Bright lights make the rats scurry and peoples’ motives are being laid bare. 

Conjecture: Did Cuomo salivate over the additional  Fed bucks from the  Treasury, you and me, paid out for Covid deaths in his state’s hospitals.  Recall, Cuomo tantrums got the president and Franklin Graham to build many hospitals( and staffed for free).  Cuomo would get zero for a Covid death logged at these free facilities.  Yes, he got the death tax money for the accelerated dead elderly, but not the $13000-$39000 Covid checked spot on the death certs.  Yup the profit motive, to help the out of control public pension deficit.

Corrupted data? Did you know the same Washington health department was caught reporting gunshot deaths as Covid because they contracted the virus in the hospital as they died from lead poison pumped into their bodies: At least 5.   Their killers must have shouted “Covid” as they pegged them with bullets.

What else are coroners hiding? James O’Keefe &  Project Veritas went under cover in NY and found out some bizarre things, where if a patient heard or saw “Covid” on TV, they called the death Covid19.  This is scientific fraud and further GIGOs the data.  

The lure of “free” Fed dollars for desperate hospitals that were required to give up their lifeline, elective and necessary surgeries, for the presumption hospital beds would be out the door and doubled up, is too tempting.

The reality is thousands of hospital workers were laid off because of unwise “federal” or gubernatorial/state control of health facilities decisions; some hospitals may never recover.

EVEN THOUGH, most quickly it became obvious that NYC and nursing homes were 1) the extraordinary epicenters of a two type/front US epidemic NOT a universal pandemic and 2) you need to mitigate wisely those two “areas”. 

But NOT make it a “one size fits all” solution. Too late.

As usual, local decisions, local control are the best.  Same reason, federal rights and rules, just as governor and state legislator’s power, must be carefully meted out.  7 governors pushed infected patients INTO vulnerable nursing home residents.   Look to DeSantis of Florida (he PROTECTED the elderly as if they deserved to live), Abbott of Texas and a few others.

As it turns out, we didn’t need to have 40 million jobs killed off and push for these real unintended consequences of increased suicides, abuse, depression, family bankruptcies, lost life savings and killed small businesses.

Sadly, power IS an elixir that too many fall prey to.  This Great Reveal plague has brought the very best out in those helping others selflessly; as well as the very worst, especially in so many governors who play a god and ignore their legislative oversighted restraint.  Lord Acton IS right.  Dan Bongino listed 7 egregious abuses:

1) Texas hairstylist jailed for remaining open and refusing to apologize to the government

2) Man dragged off a bus in Philly for not wearing a mask

3) Mom arrested For letting her kids play on a playground

4) Police hassling lady because she let her children go next door

5) Going to the gym was treated as a crime: In New Jersey

6) Protesting is a non-essential activity

7) Police taking license plate numbers in a church parking lot

For the rest of the stories, go to:


Think bad models and data caused this?  Power in the wrong hands is dangerous.

Think this is wrong?  Riddle me this: we knew early in 2020 that nursing homes are decimated with the virus.  And NYC, #3 in the WORLD for deaths, is an anomaly NOT a model for shutting down a $23 trillion economy humming at its best over 50 years. 

I call them the pseudo-scientific “misery loves company” necromantic crowd. 

No decent scientist or statistician would use NYC as an assumption OR model for action.  If anything, a model for spanking a 3 year old mayor in a 5 year old’s Andrew state of confusion.

NYC as the model for action makes as much sense as thinking Hiroshima’s atom bomb drop should cause us to shut down nuclear power generation.  It is a “non sequiter”. 

NYC’s leadership were dismal failures despite billions of infused hospitals and PPE.  Instead of learning from the sardine can compressed population’s mistakes, they panicked and ignored the DATA. 

The nursing home in Washington has $600,000 in fines. Cuomo is still making public Soros tangled web of evilappearances.  A tragic black man dies at the knee of a bad cop and the protest to looting to arson crowd shows up from across the country.  Soros’ 20 riot teams for 20 US cities campaign.  Any thing to beat Trump?  His evil and $$$ go far; look at a partial list of his evil empire.

AND Look at what models said:  2,000,000 Americans would die; 500K in the UK.   Oh, my.  Lock everyone inside for a year!  Can’t have 2 million dead. 

Did the modeler face any punishment for prompting a $23 trillion shutdown?  Of course not, they did if “for science”.  Scientists & Prostiticians RARELY pay for their mistakes.

Like don’t walk on dry sand only wet sand.  Problem is, King Newsom, you need to WALK ACROSS dry hot Covid killing sand to get to the water that you said “Don’t go into!”  Can’t blame Pelosi’s Nephew the King: salt water would wash the virus off the swimmer.  Idiota!

  AS it turns out, and we can still mitigate better and open the darn economy 99.9%, that the hot spots are highly concentrated sardine can with closed confines issue.  NOT EVERY American will get it.  Only two REAL epicenters: Elder care, like nursing homes, good for 43% of the dead.  And the Rotting Apple, long in need of repair, with 52% of the US deaths. 21,000+ so far.  

Think about that: 52% of US deaths in ONE city.  Over 21,000

Charlie Kirk pegged it in a tweet:   trusting the Democrat party of slavery doesn’t always work out.  They have a different attitude about human life going back to 1854
Republican Support: 100%   Democrat Support: 23%

15th Amendment- RIGHT TO VOTE FOR ALL

Republican Support: 100%  Democrat Support: 0%


Republican Support: 94%    Democrat Support: 0%..

———–next look at the death rate for Covid. Two states.

Income tax—0%
China Virus cases—50,100
Virus deaths—2,200+

New York:

Income tax—8%
China Virus cases—366,350
Virus deaths—29,000+

It’s almost as if Democrats’ policies don’t work?  Look to NYC for starters.

It is natural for facts to keep changing as more is discovered; data changes sometimes hourly.  The reason for the lockdown, ie house arrest, of 340 million American citizens, was to “flatten the curve”. 

The reason to flatten the curve was to make sure we had adequate hospital beds and ventilators.  And where $10 billion worth of PPE and  hospitals were built and staffed for free, NYC, they were abandoned by the smart prostiticians like Hurricuomo Andrew and Mayor Warren Wilhelm at the helm. 

Too busy in front of the cameras to do what DeSantis type governors did: fixed the problem, found the solutions, saved untold lives.

A few decades ago, we didn’t warehouse our elderly: we kept them in our homes, to live out their lives and we as families enjoyed their wisdom.  Yes, the old can be difficult at times.  Uh, were you EVER a 2 year old, holy terror?  Mom didn’t warehouse you!  Today, nursing homes are the places alone elderly go to die.  With Covid and the Cuomos, die QUICKLY and PREmaturely.

WE need in a matter of 3 weeks where a key problem area was: old people, especially with health issues, were easy targets for the virus.  We had the data, we did epic fail.

Once it became obvious, this wasn’t a virus that magically attached to every person from 3 to 103, though it was person to person contact.  Originally masks were said to be verboten, possibly to counter a run on PPE when medical professionals and service staff needed them.   Now they are required. 

Next they must be colored blue; in reality, doctors wear masks to protect the surgical patient from infection and to protect the nurses & doctors from the germs that inhabit hospitals like permanent residents.  The inmates are running the insane asylum south of Albany

Once, we were told, to turn your home and surfaces into a class 100 clean room; then, the CDC said it wasn’t transmitted that easily like surface to air viral missiles.

From March 25 all the way up to May 10th, Cuomo’s nursing home death sentence for the uninfected elderly was in effect.  Only an idiot more in love with his persona than his responsibilities could be this stupid.  Of course, the millions the nursing home execs dumped into Hurricuomo Andrew’s vote coffins were quid pro quo ed with exec immunity for the executives.  Someone’s gotta pay for the 3500 dead resultant from 4500 infected elderly dumped into NH while 4 hospitals and the Navy ship laid empty, maybe 10% filled with patients.  Not another thin dime for this miscreant.

The roller coaster of truth that lead to this once in a millennium economic hydrogen bomb has a long list of guilty parties.  I know.  Blame Trump.  Sorry TDS sufferer, he save thousands by locking out the viral transport jets and grounding 62,000 returning Americans for 2 weeks.  Looking for answers: look to the long list of petty tyrants not ready for prime time governance.   And yes, too many have D’s following their names.

Sadly, too many are deceiving the very many for different, sometimes nefarious, motives.  Again, the data was there but ignored…or worst, lied about and changed.


More coming to the story…






Bishop Vann shutting down the Holy Ghost? No way!

UPDATE May 22nd:  Thank you California bishops for opening the OCounty churches for public worship on June 14th the feast of Corpus Christi and flag day!

Here’s a historical treat: you can look over the buy & sell orders from planned parenthood and UTexas Galveston. Abortionist “Doctor” Theiler is a double “agent”, both she kills the little girls and then sells them to herself at the University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston.  Unbelievable!

Bishops!  Your favorite pro life president just said our churches are just as important as liquor stores, strip joints and abortion kill mills.  He executively said so!  In California, now the state run religion, former Catholic Pelosi’s planned parenthood’s church of satan has competition. Jesus’ Church.

I do admit: I have prayed often outside the state church on Tustin at 22 freeway.  Huh?  Not what you are thinking!

Asking God stop their satanist surgeons from shoving sharp currette knives up mom’s vaginas, slicing out little girls like a sloppy Aztec priest and carefully scalpelling out the heart, liver and hair for resale.  Negotiated over salad and wine by Dr Nucola and Gatter, getting Daleiden a million dollar bill from the evil Judge Orrick in the Septic City.  But our churches are closed.   Soon to be opened, not on Pentecost, but on the second month of Fatima, June 13 and Corpus Christi Sunday.

Appropriately, it is Flag Day.

Bishops: you MUST know All this is true.  Your excellencies, I consulted with a Houston lawyer after the FOIA release got more of David (Daleiden’s) excellent video work.  I pointed out when planned parenthood writes FOB Destination on a purchase order, it proves they lie:  They charge FOR the parts and shipping, like Amazon Prime, is Free ON Board for the customer, the destination.  This helped with now Senator Marshburn’s Infant Lives subcommitte in the House.  Keeping our worship buildings locked makes no sense unless you bow to the Modulator, His Royal Highness King Newsom the Red.

One of you bishops allow the Catholic fraud Pelosi to donate or extort money for planned parenthoodlums then receive Jesus on her tongue or in her botoxed hands.

For your pre Pentecost edification, in Houston, where a great family I know lives, and the Holy Ghost church shut again temporarily, Dr Theiler worked planned parent’s altar of girl sacrifice in the morning. Then she bought her handiwork at the UTexas med branch at Galveston in the afternoon.  Proof needed to get serious about opening NON satan churches? Look at this invoice: $25 for each part and $150 on another.  Consents is satan’s surgeons code words for “hearts”  or livers or other USDA choice girl meat.


Bishop Vann, I want to thank you for being our shepherd, especially at this Plague of Xi.  Question: have you every played the game “Risk” as a teen or young adult? It’s a question I heard asked by fellow Catholic Hugh Hewitt early this morning of Facebook founder Zuckerberg and senators alike. 

Some of us are risk averse, fearing like good agoraphobics stepping out the front door into the ‘marketplace’ for any reason. Content to hide at home.  Fearful of anything that moves; more fearful of what they cannot see.  Somewhat like those 7 days between Ascension Sunday and Pentecost.

Others are risk takers, sometimes smart, sometimes not, but willing to risk doing something for a greater good.  The game Risk played for hours is something somewhat indicative of one’s mindset. But wisdom and God’s plan for our lives must not be ignored.

I love you as my bishop, Bishop Vann and wish you the best as you wade through the turbulent waters of the Plague of Xi.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus has shaken the world but more, it has brought out the best and too often the worst in people.  Tremendous and heroic work from the health care givers; simple but lifesaving, the teens who help the abandoned and alone elderly in their neighborhoods.   So many great stories of charitable works of mercy, both spiritual and corporal, honoring our Great commissioning as Catholics.

Compounding the clouded picture is alternate therapies’ stake holders giving false information about a 65 year old medicine,  tried and true (you were a medical technologist prior to priesthood) Hydrochloroquine; terribly unscientific data about deaths, recoveries (never mentioned it seems) and co-morbidities.  Lots of confusion in the states about what to do and what not.

The shifting sands of truth about this dual epidemic; nursing homes seeing 40% of the deaths.  NYC 52% of the deaths in the US.  Yes, it is a PAN because it crossed China’s borders via numerous Sino-Covid Transport Air flights to Italy, Spain, NYC, US etc. to spread the misery before any one other than the mass murdering Xi Jinglepingle knew what was happening.

Bishop Vann, you recently retweeted the Houston church tweet about it’s recent shutting down the Holy Ghost Catholic Church of Houston, where my #1 daughter Amanda lives with her transplanted husband Brian (Brian former OC youth minister works in the diocesan office in Houston/Galveston). 

Houston.  Same town where abortionist Dr Theiler kills the kids whole at PPGulf Coast in the morning and then buys her own handiwork at UTexas Medical Branch Galveston in the afternoon in hearts and parts. I’m sure you’ve seen the purchase orders if you follow the Daleiden trials.   But I digress though Briscoe Cain and David Daleiden are missionaries of truth in a world of “Catholic in name only” Pelosis who prefer the Calif State Religion (satan’s church, PParenthood sect) continuing to perform ritual little human sacrifices for Moloch’s greater good.

Honestly, I first thought it was 3 parishioners tested positive until I dug deep and discovered it was three Redemptorists, amazing priests who caught the Covid, now in quarantine. 

Asymptomatic meaning no one knew until they were tested. No priests; no Mass.  Even today, there is no proven case where an asymptomatic “carrier” passes it on to another…still conjecture.

  So much we don’t know but good news, we are gaining on, and I believe, we have beaten down our hegemonic Xi’s hope for world domination.  Problem today is the well meaning petty tyrants with governor nametags.   Banning people from killing the virus in salt water, hot sands, sunshine, vitamin D and onshore breezes is well, stupid.  Like Newport Beach locked down by nanny King Newsom the Red.

My first question was to be “did they take the parishioners temp by infrared as they walked in?”  I could lend them my remote thermometer I bought for my daughter Briana and Gavin Hager (he has a brother in priest training at the abbey) upcoming June 12th wedding.

Did they contact trace to make sure the 3 who contracted happened at the Holy Ghost mass they attended? 

Was adequate physical separation (social distancing is the province of dads with their daughters’ suitors on first courtship/date) aided along? 

Like in the OC, Houston has plenty of wise adults who can implement grandma’s directives over infectious diseases with suitable enhancements.  The story is as old as salvation history AD: No priests, no Mass.

Today’s clarion call for more vocations ANSWERED, so needed.  OF COURSE, we must protect our priests from the disease with innovative means.  It would look odd compared to the Last Supper, but each Jesus host in a small Sparkletts size paper throwaway cup?  Elbow bumps for the Sign of Peace? Six foot xx’s in the pews.  We CAN do this people!

Not every diocese is like Orange, where the good unintended consequence of the Vietnam war was so many Vietnamese moms committing to God, like modern Hannahs, their “Samuels” to be priests if they survive the waters of the South China Sea.  Staying alive after escaping the Communist Vietcong supported by the ChiComs, led to New Covenant 1Samuel1:27 “returning young men to God” on American shores; Little Saigon.

Having started at St. Callistus in 1980, just 5 years after the fall, I met so many awesome refugee families.   This is a story about Orange County rarely repeated but impacting us for generations.  Bishop Vann, you know of what i write; Covid doesnt hold a candle to the hell these families experienced, from the same godless Asian source.

We are blessed to have a very low .0026% mortality rate for Xi’s virus.  NYC should reopen in 2035 per CoocooCuomo and Mayor Warren Wilhelm at the helm.

Then I noticed in the CBSHouston feed, the priests had to self isolate leaving no one to say Mass.  Ironically, the faithfully leftist Jesuit Fr Martin almost gleefully tweeted out: HOLY GHOST IS SHUT DOWN AGAIN.  What is with that guy?

Bishop Vann, this is your diocese; I’ve only been here 62 years. It is a great diocese; you are an excellent bishop.  Your music/religious mask that Mary the MaskmaKeer made for you typifies two of your loves: the priesthood and the piano.  We are not that unalike, your excellency, with my first guitar use at Mass in 1968.

Technically, I am a practiced infectious disease specialist, not because my #11 sister Mary has a PhD in molecular biology.  No, because with 11 kids, it took 5 months once to cycle thru the flu. 

Being a homeschooling Catholic family for 30 years, this was just part of our lifestyle.  But, I will always be an exhorter, an encourager, whose mantra for decades, whether at WYD Rome/Kolon/Toronto was “It’s a great day to be ALIVE” and the BKind  4Give  B4Given movement.  Doesn’t sound like it, but being a positive realist is important in these zany days.

By now, you might have heard I am campaigning for THIS Pentecost to NOT be like the first back in 33AD: Doors LOCKED shut because we need not fear the virus and we can do what’s necessary to be safe. I realize the chances are two, slim and none, but it is my responsibility to try.

founder of the church of satan. Only church open in Calif.

I originally wondered if you tweeted the Houston story to help fuel the fear fires that it was too soon to reopen;  not edify the Holy Spirit flames. But, Bishop Vann, that is not you.

If I walked in a bishop’s shoes today, I know there is a chorus of Job’s counselors dogging ALL our bishops, not to mention the demonic community, who prefer Catholicism being, like Latin, a dead religion.  Certainly Margaret Sanger hated Catholics almost as much as black “useless eaters.”

  I stand apart from those necromancers who love death.  Sadly, Models can be soooo deceiving though.

Minnesota bishops are standing up for their sheep.  Here’s the link.  They are opening on May 26th no matter who their petty tyrant says.


Another important issue

Just as I stand apart from my beloved Pope Francis on his dogged belief man is controlling the climate, even though there is only ONE life giving CO2 molecules per 2500; believing this 1:2500 Algorean heresy melts the earths and raises the water level 21,000 feet is pseudo science.  Ever hear of photosynthesis; most school kids these days have no clue.

False prophets of climate change have been outed: the sun is cooling down. Huh?

Evidence is spotty at worst as the sunspots have disappeared in recent years.  We begin this decade with the once every couple century solar cool down (which causes global cool down 93 million miles away) called the Maunder Minimum and Dalton Minimum in recent centuries. Maybe it will be named the Valentina Minimum.  Or the Algorean Pound Sand Minimum

Who knows.


Here is the most recent article on the coming massive decrease in radiated heat from the star of the solar system:


Easy read, and Google will help with the science.

Bishop Vann, you are a man of science who can help spread the dimming but necessary news as the globe goes cold with minimum sunspots/heat sending activity; as the Church of Charity and helping others, we need to help the 3rd world learn how to deal with much shorter growing seasons and less arable land. It is in our commission of hope.  A new slant to Laudate Si, possibly?  Most important, you can rein in the interfaith environmental SJWarrior committees to stop believing a lie, EVEN if it is politically incorrect.  Jesus was certain politically incorrect; not a bad mentor.

No, I’m no Paul Ehrlich on the cover of Time. Believe it or not, he’s still around making mischief.. But I have tracked this sad scam phenomena known as the Algorean Theorem for decades. You might ask: What has this to do with the Plague? 

Global cooling in Time


Good data is critical, as is Preparation.

So-called “models” spread unnecessary fear and lead to wasteful wealth confiscation, including church donations….

Whether 2 million Covid deaths coming to America or the “earth is melting and will be destroyed by 1980 1990 2011 2030 is the goal post moving strategy of Regressive People America Hating Leftists like AOC and lime Green movement.  Better called the Bowel Movement of the loonies.  I am a conservationist who recycles everything on our little Beckman “ranch”, but pollution is NOT CO2.  Pollution can be mitigated without destroying families, lives, businesses.  Even churches.

We spend trillion$ on the Plague of Xi, as well as billion$ on the misguided  Algorean Heresy that androgenic climate heating up is real; climate has always changed.  It is not puny man’s ability to alter the atmosphere and i can/will prove it to help my Church be the leaders not the followers. 

Bishop Vann, you might think i am a wacky fanatic or disgruntled ex-employee, though I am neither.  We are blessed, I am positive.  You are skeptical as you should be. 

But the world needs to abandon its fixation with Marxist ‘control the production’ excuses for shutting down super low methane natural gas essential to build up 3rd world economies. As well as better sort out the truth about this Xi gift to the West he hates so.

Especially with the sun energy component diminishing this decade.  We have been warned, by Dr Valentina and other solar physicists.  And that cute Algorean like the early Church disinformation Collyridianism or Adoptionism heresies, keeps moving the goal posts: from global warming to manmade global warming morphing to androgenic CO2 and to the unassailable truth filled climate changes.  Like sun shines and wind blows and lies repeated become cultural truth.  Of course the climate changes.  But puny man is not the God who created a 553 sextillion mile wide universe.

So many unintended consequences. So little time until Pentecost 2020. Thousands of Confirmation teens are not confirmandi, another victim of the Plague of Xi. This will be remedied, but…

But my bishop, I don’t think you need an excuse to lock down the Church in OC; you were sharing with us that it is difficult to know when to RE-exercise the right to exercise the Catholic faith in public in the OC.   That is your responsibility to figure out with good counsel.  YOU have it in your power to lead the culture back to sanity, not follow with our collective Catholic tails between our legs.

Look at the truth:  Only 88 (though precious lives) Orange Countians out of 3 million died from the Covid scare over 6 months.  A mortality rate less than walking in a crosswalk: .0029%. 


A man of vision would realize, done safely, the 3000 Churches opening on Pentecost should include Catholic worship centers we call parishes. 

Not just the NON Catholic and NON Christian.  We Catholics stand up for the poor illegal alien. For the needy, the elderly.  For the bullied Christians in the Middle and Far East, including the pastor finally released (hat tip Jay Sekulow at ACLJ) by India, where they hate Christianity these days.  It is fashionable.

But our churches remain empty sarcophagi, with multiple dead faithful in cold storage, like the first souls of the Resurrection before Pentecost AD33, waiting for their celebrations of life to be scheduled after the GREAT lock down of 2020.

I don’t hate anyone  My next door neighbor is a practicing hindu whose temple is locked, too  As is a great Muslim couple with three adorable kids Islamic Center of Irvine 4 doors down.  King Newsom is an equal opportunity first amendment and CalConstitution Art 1 sec 4 violator of the worst kind: promoting one over another. the church of satan demonicized 

3000 IS an ironic number for another reason.

  In AD33, 10 days after that first Ascension Thursday, the doors of the upper room opened wide and St Peter I, spoke with the Holy Ghost’s mighty inspiration.  3000 became Catholics that day.  3000 NON Catholic churches will open again on Pentecost, the day we should be celebrating our 1987th birthday, give or take a year, INSIDE that beautiful building you love, pictured above with the clouds of heaven overlooking worship.  And that covid death number, 46K, dwarfs to the 10.8 MILLION dead from the most persistent virus, RoWad73 still plaguing the world.

SARS-Cov-2 the virus, Covid19 the disease is #11 on the list.  In the OC, the mortality rate is .0026% with all 80+ deaths tragedies.  But, next year, will we track the deaths of cold, flu, pneumonia, etc as reasons to again: CLOSE COMPLETELY THE DOORS TO CHRIST.  Yes, good things have happened in our Domestic Churches.  But common, safe, secure worship is not one of them.  You look good live streaming Bishop Vann (and all you other bishops and priests reading this), but the Holy Spirit inspires us to LIFE stream, among the preventable risks, and be the Living Sacrifice for the Kingdom.   Bishop Vann, we are better than this.  We can be more compliant to the hygiene shamers in all our 60+ parishes, than the local Home Depot, Staters or weed shops.

The time is now.  You are the boss, the ordinary, for this diocese that I grew up in, raised 11 kids, served 40 years on staff and volunteer in.  But, it is time. 

Pentecost, ACTS 2:41 aside, deserves to be known as the day YOU and your apostolic successors: REOPENED WIDE the DOORS of CHRIST. 

Will we huddle in our Jerusalem and OC homes, like Joe’s Upper Room in the City of Peace, watching PenteLive Streaming after the latest episode of the Mentalist or Lord of the Rings?

Will the beautiful Christ Cathedral be a tourist trap, great spot for selfies or maybe will 10,660 windows allow the sun to shine down on today’s Pentecost descendants receiving Spiritual Communion via fully consecrated unleavened bread?

Questions only the ordinary of Orange can answer.  As usual, I will pray for you Bishop Vann. 

Dwell on this: the ONLY church allowed open, though there are Constitutional prescriptions in the DC & Blessed Sacramento archives, even going back to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo signed March 16, 1848 (which began “in the name of Almighty God”) for the “free EXERCISE of one’s religion.”  Something until March 21st was operative in this state.

This i know.  My #8 daughter Brian has planned for years to marry Gavin Hager.  This dad of 11 is the first born of eleven as well.  Both Briana and Gavin have 10+ siblings, 15 with inlaws, 30 nieces and nephews, 10 attendents, the abbott, 75 pews at St Norberts.  I will submit a plan but right now they have canceled their honeymoon and postponed their reception to October.

They will, even if the Diocese, Dr Faschisti, ex Catholic high priestess of the planned parenthoodlum’ satanist’s orthodox church Pelosi, says only the bride and groom, two witnesses and the abbott can stand in a building holding 400, they will be married at St Norberts on June 12, 2020.   They have good priorities, valuing the sacrament over the superficialities.

Even if it is only 5 found acceptable to stand in the empty Friday afternoon church building.

They are actual Catholics, not like the numerous pseudo Catholics surrounding His Royalness, with the Modulator voice, at  the Blessed Sacramento castle, so the celebration of the marriage, the blessed sacrament of matrimony, “of the mother”, takes place.

Like you, great bishop, this young couple believe in Jesus, His mother, the Church and are faithful: Gavin has been part of the music in the locked up St Thomas More (someone who knew the adulterous fake Catholic Henry VIII a few centuries ago) live stream Masses these last weeks that feel like centuries. 

Briana the same at St Noberts when not LOCKED OUT.

10 people.  10 humans.   According to the Church’s California acting Cardinal, King Newsom the Red, who nailed his Augsburg confession document as chief Covid scientist to the doors of EVERY church in Alta California.  Closed until further notice by the governing authorities of the state of Taxifornia.  Maybe, if you behave yourselves, you plebes and OC surfs, we might let 10 of you in at a time.  Though there are 20 cars most days at the church of satan.  If you misbehave, we will shut you down again, like that Holy Ghost church in Houston.

We’ve started to pare down the list.  Jesus, of course, is #1 but King Newsom wouldn’t know God from his Ice Queen Aunt Nancy, so we can sneak Him in. 

After all He is the reason for the season of life, weddings, funerals and the bloodless sacrifice of the Mass.  Amanda & Brian and their three will stay in Houston and not celebrate in the People’s Republic of Newsom.  Even the home of the 1st epicenter, Washington is allowing 50 people at a July Catholic wedding.

Fear not, as your excellent blog quotes: “Do not be afraid: Open Wide the Doors for Christ” from the 100th birthday man’s Oct 22, 1978 installation. PStJPtheGreat.

All this will be summarized in the required plan submittal.

The infrared temp sensor is owned and ready.  Sanitizing crews lined up; 400 gloves. Masks at the ready for those who don’t bring them.  All 10 of them.  As it is, Mary the Maskmakeer has made and donated 250 to Catholic charity needs like nurses, hospitals, even our beloved bishops.  Parking lot spaces limited to every other one to maintain 6 feet differentials between the 90 inch wide vehicle spots.  Does this sound insane?  I’m not a petty tyrant so not sure what will please our totalitarian Blessed Sacramento royals.  We flattened the curve, your excellency, in fact, your diocese has a flat line FOR a curve. What exactly is the purpose of Constitutional rights if the Church we are born into, that we obediently follow, doesn’t exercise them for fear of violating the royals for 501c3 reasons, or not upsetting the behemoth, letting the King obsessed with red light cameras rolling for his prez2024

Illinois, your homeland, isn’t much better .  But, We not the King are the government.  And there is legal and extent precedent: King Newsom the Red is kindly allowing the Aztec remake Moloch church of satan planned parenthood, at the 4 corners of Tustin AVe, the 22 freeway, and where heaven meets hell’s worst, to kill those that the Covid19 disease spares: the Next Generation of Catholics, resident in mothers’ wombs, ready to live.   As the shepherd, YOUR sheep need to know you know this:  many people, unwarranted, are scared to death because of the hyper generalizations and fraudulent “models”.  Jobs, livelihoods, homes…things that the shutdown is destroying will NOT come back unless a wise adult speaks up.  Silver spooned King Newsom is not that man.  YOU are, Bishop Vann; your rudderless people need to hear from you with encouraging words, not more Johns Hopkins CV website fear mongering data.

As the bishop of Orange,  you can ECHO the words of the great Polish pope:


Meanwhile, there is real impact of deserted holy buildings while the sheep are restless for their bold shepherds to act righteously and courageously.  And this last is the most important.  Who runs the Church of the first Pentecost?  I can’t answer that question. 

Only the ordinary can, the one i love and pray for, who is the first name at the RCBO website. The Most Reverend Kevin W. Vann, JCD, DD

God bless your every work.  Enjoy your Pentecost.  I will be watching one of your priests at one of the churches somewhere in the Orange County area with most of my 11 7 days after Ascension Sunday.  After all, living symbols and technology, not Jesus, apparently is the saving grace in a totalitarian state.

Virus Hunter’s Covid Chronicles: Pentecost AD2020 RE-Open

My Beloved Bishops! Thank you for reopening Orange County on Corpus Christi & Flag Day June 14th

AND Your president has spoken: YOU are essential again.

The Sheep are restless. Pentecost AD2020 ReOpen? Why not?

Looks like 3000 other churches are getting ready to come May31st?! June 14th is better than zip

Amid the Plague of Xi , now even King Newsom the Red is feeling the pressure of 3000 churches demanding he treat their faith as “essential” as if he is a god and king; the silver spoon is tarnished and he’s getting nervous. 

He is more concerned (about his prez2024 run) about how he looks on camera.  He has his aunt’s fave church, pparenthoodlum church of satan WIDE open doing ritual little human sacrifices for $150 per baby heart.  But not MY Church, my beloved Catholic church.

How would the 100th birthday boy, Pope St John Paul the Great look at our cowardice?  Not locked IN the upper room like in Joe’s Upper Room in East Jerusalem.  Locked OUT from going inside these beautiful edifices.

   Heard in heaven: “Happy birthday pontiff!  Oh, by the way, the Vatican is open on your birthday but the American church is closed, and Blessed Sacramento demands we stay shuttered, locked on OUR birthday this Pentecost.  Yes, we were locked on Pentecost once before.

AND…When was the last time the Church was locked up on Pentecost?

Christ Cathedral buildings having a discussion

I’ll save you the time to look it up. 

50 days after the Shroud of Turin was created with billions of joules of light energy and the Rock rolled open, the Apostles and other adherents of Christ Crucified were huddled in the upper room, door locked tight, out of unfounded fear & dread.  It wasn’t the designer Plague of Xi, the godless tyrant who hates the West.  At that time, they feared the locals.  The followers of the Son who recently went to heaven.

1987 years or so, later, we are approaching May 31st: Pentecost, in the year of the Lord 2020.  Okay, secularists, for you if we must, 2020 ‘in the ‘common era’ .  Never mind BC (Before Christ) and AD (in the year of the Lord ___) most accurate

joseph of arimathea

Joseph of Arimathea

We all know Jesus is the Center of History, in fact History IS His Story; as it is, that upper room of Joseph of Arimathea was the ONLY Catholic Church at that time.  They were “sheltered in place” with appropriate social distancing from the people of Jerusalem.

In California, King Newsom the Red is still interfering in the state and federal Constitutional protections regarding the “free exercise” of religion. Ironically, he is discriminating for the state religion over all others.  Karol Wotyla had to get trained for the priesthood in secret during WWII; Poland was ransacked by Hilter; people were transported to Auschwitz-Berkinau for a cyanide shower.  We can’t even get into our buildings.

 Frankly, we can’t completely blame King Newsom; although the Church has been the womb of many scientific advances over time, especially by ordained priests.  Ask Bishop Barron of the City of the Angels.  King Newsom the Red is like a reed, swayed to and fro with the latest experts. Always fixed on the Red LED on the ABCNNBCBS news cameras. And smelling the political winds. Which are now telling the faith insurrection is coming May 31st.

What was King Gavin’s biased action to date?  He has kept open the church of satan to continue their ritual human sacrifice for salable parts; not the Levayan sect, founded in San Francisco,  but the planned parenthoodlum sect founded in NY by Margaret Sanger and running rampant with unjust judges like Orrick of Septic City, once known as St. Francis of Assisi’s city by the bay.  You know the case: lady killers negotiating over salad & wine for strategies on auctioning off little hearts, livers & hair follicles.

My beloved Bishops, you may know of this bizarre connection.   One of your parishioners! Converted to Catholicism, former satanist high wizard Josh King practiced the former Catholic Queen Aunt Pelosi supported black arts at planned parenthood kill mills for 146 abortions. Without a medical license,though they are worthless in the hands of satanist surgeons shoving knives up mother’s private parts.

Routinely, after he assisted at the little girls or boys removal, he would toss each of their remains to his coven of hungry witches for consumption (documented) as part of their diabolic cannibalism.  I guess when you can’t steal the Eucharist because the doors are locked, you go after God’s next best: His beloved little ones. Holy Ones, do you think it’s time to ReOpen the buildings, as satan’s temple demons run rampant across America?

Holy ones, you may have guessed I am a bit focused on stopping the slaughter of innocents, old and young, having 11 kiddoes and involved in saving lives for 4 decades.

As any decent Catholic is.  David Daleiden, a living saint, for example, is more important and precious than even a $57 million worship center at Chapman & Lewis in Garden Grove.  Though I love Christ Cathedral, someday it too will be gone.  But souls, even Pelosi and Newsom, last forever and need redeeming.

For the record, I am NOT ordained; as a dad of 11, 62 years in Orange County, we have Catholic homeschooled our offsptings for 30+ years. 

12 college degrees so far for the kids (only one Thomas Aquinas College, Archbishop Gomez’ first speaking engagement when first arrived in LA) and uninterrupted home schooling though inconvenienced by Xi’s Plague, Covid19 the disease.  SARS-CoV-2, the virus. 

Not that important that I have been involved in Church ministries for 4 decades, in many lay and staff roles.  Still run real estate ads in three bulletins to help the cause. 

As to transitioning to forced home based education, as our Catholic schools and the public ed empire have, if you have questions for your parish based Catholic schools, how to deal with distance “teaching”, email, text or call. 

We are all in this storm together, although in many different boats.

Time to Re-Open the Churches and the states.  How about Pentecost 2020. At least in the Diocese of Orange.


1)The Plague of Xi is under control.  Your parishioners are adults, smart and capable. We can physically separate.  Wash with soap.  Wear masks as needed (my wife, Mary the MaskmaKeer, has made 250 donated to various Church orgs, nurses and even our excellent and beloved bishops in the OC. 

AS more comes out about how defective the data collection, understanding and origins implications, we easily can now agree, via hindsight, it should never have been a 50 state plug pulling.  Reported deaths just went DOWN (no Resurrections involved) in Colorado. 80 total in Bishop Vann, Freyer and Thomas’ domain TOTAL.  Irony, Jon Dunn in the OPEN church on Tustin at the 22, kill 80 little girls and boys most days.  More on Saturdays, with vasectomies on occasional Sundays after dawn.

For comparison, though it seems no one but Covid elderly deaths matter,  480,000 die annually from smoking, 300K from obesity, 1.3 million from car crashes, 500,000 from cancers, 51,000 per month from heart failure.  None of these have locked down the Doors of Christ.  Why Covid?  One size fits all is a onesy for a 1 year old: NOT good policy to destroy a country’s economy to ramp up suicides and despair.  Oops, left out 240,000 a year from medical malpractice.

The “patient”, the humming American economy with millions of interactive actions per second, was healthy in 98% of the country before March.

The  most robust US economy ever.  But, we will, with God’s help, work toward a new Renaissance from this latest Chinese virus, the Dark Age of Xi. 

Although, not sure, with the governors’ help UNLESS we press them, in areas less affected, to end this unconstitutional deprivation of rights under color of royal authority. 

Sadly, NYC will be the Rotting Apple for years, with Mayor Warren Wilhelm at the helm and his sidekick Andrew, supposedly a Catholic, Cuomo, who sees dead elderly an unavoidable consequence of purposeful mixing of infected with the vulnerable elderly.

Only kings and dictators can pull this off for this long.  Elected state executives, drunk with power, they do silly and treat us like 2 year olds but the facts coming out are much less than two million dead Americans.  The goal posts keep moving and football hasn’t even started yet.

Most of these governors have never worked in the private sector, signed the front of paychecks for workers, or have a clue what to do.  Bishops, you can subject yourself to “authorities” all you want, but God graced each of His ordained with brains.  Governance by the people is different than godless CCP & Plague of Xi’s Xi.

We the families losing jobs, life savings, missing needed but considered elective surgeries, and tending toward opiates and alcohol, even suicide, because Americans were not designed to be oppressed by Stalinist Alinsky style rulers. 

As Bishops, you know this to be true IF you consult with your parishioners.

Maybe I can help.  My aka as the Virus Hunter has me chasing facts and truths, sometimes at the same time.

The numbers speak for themselves and they are disturbing more for the unintended consequences of reactive, not common sense leadership actions.

Arresting a dad playing with his daughter in an empty park is more an example of tyrannical petty tyrants, then sound “public health” policy.

Contact tracing for a disease where not ONE confirmed transmission from an asymptomatic recovered has been proven.   These graphics come from the more reliable Johns Hopkins Corona Research Site:

In US, there are really just two epicenters:  #1, is New York City. Early on, the only hotspot was in Washington, the Kirkwood “Life Care Center” nursing home. It topped out at 75 dead of 150 when the vulnerable elderly were infected by a staffer or family member early on. 

Sadly, instead of basic scientific processes, politics took over and clouded the obvious: the disease affected the elderly quickly.  And sardine can, tightly closed confines helps the super spreader spread.  LIke NYC.

As of noon today, NYC is #3 in the world in Covid deaths and 38% of TOTAL US fatalities. 27,000 dead so far in this graphic.  Orange County has had 80 deaths over 6 months.  Think back to the onesy: OC and NYC are NOT the same.  In fact, NYC is not the same as ANY other state, country or city.

  OC’s Mortality rate of .0024% for 3 million residents.  You tell me if we should destroy OC for King Gavin the Red’s political aspirations.

Holy ones, do you realize the combined NYC/NJ metro area had more deaths than EVERY OTHER country. North of 38,000.  Sardine can syndrome.  NOT 98% of America.

NYC is the MOST constricted city in the country.  And #1…well, except the Hidden Kingdom, Xi dynasty. China. I don’t blame the Wuhanians Xi used to incubate and infect the world.  I blame Xi who wanted to share his misery as he continues his hegemonic conquests.

Xi has lied more than Adam Schiff since late October 2019, when the CCP shut down the streets around the WuHan Institute of Virology after an “occurrence”.  It could be 500,000 even rumored 5 million Chinese died due to abrupt cell phone usage ceasing. We may never know. This we do know:

   Sino-Covid Airlines, or Plague Air, self-incubated Wuhanians and transported them to Italy, Spain, US etc.  If you follow the stats.

Francis Xavier tried and accomplished much in China and the Asian theater.  But, when you are Xi Jinglepingle, a godless mass murdering hegemonic despot, it was easy to put 2+2 together and like Rahm Emanuel says it: “never let a crisis go to waste”.

Xi Jinglepingle’s dad was Mao’s propaganda disinformationist. He hates the West; and the godless Plague doesn’t ask your religion before going after you. 

Even though NYC is #1 in the world, any 10th grade stats classmate can tell you it is NOT a template for a US pandemic.  Not even close.  And being over half the deaths…

The other epicenter is nursing homes. Most today agree that since grandmas no longer live with families, nursing homes too often are where abandoned elderly often go to die. 

But not with accelerated delivery to heaven, with the Cuomo mixer push, sending Covid positives in to kill off half the residents in uninfected elder facilities with the worlds largest Javitts Center and floating Navy hospitals more than 3/4 empty.   NYC was a disaster; it is a different COUNTRY, more like Venezuela.

AS usual, follow the money: more bucks for Covid on the death certs.  Look up Project Veritas; Cuomo has blood stains on his clueless brainless power mad hands. 

Which is happening in LA county is identical to the first epicenter, Kirkwood WA “Life Care Center” where 75 of 150 died. 45% of deaths per Dr Barbara in nursing homes. 

You’d think the health pros would figure this out. By now.  The only thing Pandemic about this Panicdemic is the two epicenters and letting bureauRats take over.

I call it sardine can syndrome.  Mayor Warren Wilhelm cut the number of subway cars in half to save money, making them MORE packed and easy for the Xi Plague to proliferate and infect. You can’t make this stupidity up!  Unless you do NOT value life at both ends.

The results, as they say, are history.  Over packed subways, buses and 100 story elevators.  Meanwhile no herd immunity for the younger, as we closed the schools and locked them up with mom and dad.  Great times, yes for building faith and family, but…..  Even Murphy’s Law took a raincheck with the cancelled St Paddy NYC parade this year.

2) The Catholic elder care homes in our bishops’ purview can be protected.  You may have changed up the game already to protect the vulnerable. 

If not, call Gov DeSantis (translates “Of the Saints”) for details. It’s bad enuf California’s state religion, planned parenthood, kills off the very young; we in the Church need protect ALL life, including the frail old.

DeSantis targeted the Florida elderly for life with simple but effective protocols. Quarantining the sick helps keep them alive.

Tyranny is how we terrorize the majority with unnecessary paralysis of the healthy.

This whole Plague of Xi from WuHan has been handled bureaucratically, not using wisdom and science.  Some successes, but we now know there were shortcomings.  Xi is the main culprit and he is smiling at how easily he got his way.

Cuomo demanded, like all good toddlers, everything he could scream and get for free.

His president built four hospitals, secured respirators, vents PPE, pretty much everything he had done zero prep for.  He’s still complaining today.  The unintended consequences, like a tsunami following an epic quake, are hospitals like Provident, St Joseph’s of Orange etc are laying off health care folks because the King Gavin demanded no elective surgeries based on the insanely flawed NYC model.  And the 2 million model for US deaths.  Off a bit.

3) Continuing the artificial shutdown is killing the Church’s treasury.  This should get your attention and I am willing to help.People get Netflix for free; same with Livestreamed Masses.  Why pay for our local parishes if they are closed?  I don’t subscribe to this idea, plus I do pay for real estate ads in 3 Orange County parishes, but church revenues are half what they normally are.

Christ Cathedral at night. Empty. Locked up for how long??

4)  33 million jobs gone so far.  Every day the country is shutdown, costs roughly $580 billion (daily!) in lost economic activity.

You might say, ‘but the Church is above the fray’, there is separation of Church and State.  Really? Separation of church and state is Jefferson’s letter not a founding document notwithstanding. If we don’t act soon. 

For example, wiill Archbishop Gomez will have to consider which of the 350 parishes, or Bishop Vann might be forced to shutter some of the 65 parishes.  Or shut down the renovation of the new cathedral.  Hard choices already will only get worse IF the Church doesn’t set the example for the seculars.  satan is happy; time for us to get real.

Christ Cathedral’s was a $57 million bargain but locked up, little in the way of coin coming in; some parishes have mystery benefactors but we are bleeding red.

Spare me this Plague of Xi was an act of God.  If it was, He is in control and it is His will.  I doubt it; it may be a god, but not one I and you worship.

5) Catholics are NOT known for tithing like their protestant brethren; the sooner we reopen the better,

  Misnomer is the public sector creates wealth: it absorbs it.  Private sector produces.  The wasteful governors of mainly blue states: they will NOT stop their extortion for more billions to cover public sector pensions and wasteful spending UNLESS the bishops weigh in for “your people’s sake”.   I don’t mean to bag on the party of slavery, but the only wooden plank that matters is the one guaranteeing a mother’s right to kill her kid at will.  Or in Virginia’s Gov Ralph “WrecKid” Northam, kill the kid AFTER she’s out.

Melania Trump and Mary, Jesus’ mom. What a blessing

Michigan’s Witless, Cuomo, King Gavin the Red of Calif. are destroying families, jobs, small businesses daily, 33 million jobs are gone no matter how well Trump got the economy humming (ok if you hate the most prolife president married to an excellent Catholic Melania, scream now…then keep reading)  BISHOPS YOU HAVE THE RIGHT, THE RESPONSIBILITY AND POWER TO SET THE EXAMPLE.  Doors locked up for decades is FEAR: False Expectations Appearing Real.  

6) There are NO universal vaccines.  Didn’t know this? Flu changes yearly, SARS vacc development was stopped when it disappear, the politically protected HIV is a therapy not cure.  Point is, don’t get snowed, holy ones.  If we wait 18 months for the vaccine to do a Grand ReOpening, there will be little left to open for.  This is an imperial edict, unconstitutional, violation of canon law AND state/federal guidelines

But cast out all fear!  Good news are upon us. Therapies are happening, including one in Archbishop Gomez’s front yard.  Dr Daniel Wallace has 2000 Lupus patients, and has used a regimen of Hydroxychloroquine+Azithromycin and zinc on his patients for years with no side effects.  It works well early on (and as a prophylactic) before the virus morphs to auto immune, which is treated separately.  It costs 69 cent a dose, attractive to a Church that champions health care for the poor, which soon will be all of us with the Demonrat Guvnor’s dalliance.   Resvetc costs $1000 a dose.  Which will Big Pharma support?  Don’t forget convalescent plasma and the hundreds of therapies underway.  And Project Warp Speed to find a vaccine.

7 Liars figure and figures lie.  Models have no place in solid science, especially those based on baseless conjecture.  The US death models started at 2 million and now, taking out NYC, the US had more traffic deaths than Covid fatalities. 

PLUS, the Co-morbidity game: hospitals are playing, they get more $$ if the patient died from Covid, even if he did not die from Covid. Project Veritas keeps finding evidence of this fraud.  IE sandbagging death certs before the body bag or coffin. 

Bishops, as a Church, we too easily divorce science from faith; well maybe not a blind Jesuit physicist name Fr Spitzer.  Don’t rely on the ignorant to set your timetable. Like ST AOC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,  here getting an atmospheric refill from Dementia Joe.

As a scientist, I have battled another fake modeling effort for God’s greatest gift to humanity that FEEDS the WORLD. 

You know it as Photosynthesis, where a trace gas, water and sun energy are mixed; aerobic respiration, the equalizing formula, uses the food.  Point is carbon dioxide, via the Algorean Heresy, is NOT an evil monster melting the earth.  It numbers ONE CO2 molecule for every 2500 of the majority (nitrogen, oxygen & argon)  1:2500. 

Yet your cute interfaith environmental justice groupings are heretical to truth and banning fracked low polluting inexpensive natural gas, essential to the poor raising themselves up in the 3rd world. AOC is crazy; if she gets her way, the 6000 products from fossil fuel oil will go away, too. 

Just today, I saw the article in the NYPost about something i have been ranting about, that we ignore: the Maunder Minimum, where sun spots and solar activity is minimizing this decade.  Dr Valentira Sharpova, the solar physicist known for her work, should be smiling today

Here’s the link; after you ok starting the Grand REopening like the first Pentecost, give it a quick read.  I’d be happy to address your next interfaith enviro confab with your pet climate change ambassador.  I do love Pope Francis but on this i stand apart.  The globe is moving to a serious cooling season and all this Algorean heresy, the androgenic global warming is destroying God’s planet earth in the middle of His 553 sextillion mile wide universe,is a fraud.  What a terrible waste.  We MUST get about teaching the less fortunate how to farm in less arable conditions NOW.

This is NO idle comment; planetary cooling is MUCH more dangerous than warming.  We have the fossilized energy sources in the ground, if only we could repurpose the indoctrinated climate change ambassadors like Jerry Brown and other Catholics to LEARN the truth. 

As the sun’s energy lessens this decade, we will NEED, not unreliable solar or wind, but gobs of low polluting methane and 6000 products petroleum, both of which are NOT evil.  Looking for evil? REgressive leftist Marxists are. 

And 3rd world countries will be hit the most the earliest as growing seasons shorten, arable land shrinks and people starve to death more than due to the Plague of Xi. 

Bishops, you ARE the shepherds.  Global cooling, Dalton Minimum details in this short article:


But I digress.



 Priests Faithful Laypeople, Jews, Muslims, Atheists & Satanists. AND Governors: This message is for you as well.

Gavin & Briana get their marriage license at the Honda Center


Thank you, from this tired, long time Catholic.  I am just tired of my shepherds being herded and not taking the lead. You ARE the Apostles incarnate

Yes, I am selfishly biased: these two faithful Catholic kids, my #8 Briana is marrying Gavin Hager on June 12th. 

Do the numbers: I have 11 kids.  The current illogical, idiotic rules of King Gavin the Red (light camera obssessed) is a max of 10 in a church that handles 400. Petty tyrants do what they do because no one pushes back.  New guidelines: only one person per acre or on a city street?

   So, maybe Steve and I, the fathers of the future newlyweds, can sit in our cars at St. Norberts for the duration. We both have a lot of kids and there will be a next one someday.  At least the wives, Regina and Mary, can watch the sacrament of marriage happen at Mass.  Didn’t Bishop Barron just promo his latest on the Sacraments.  Where exactly are they to occur?  On Zoom, or GoToMeeting?

If you need the free exercise of religious liberties citations, happy to provide them.  King George, like King Henry VIII, are long dead. The Modulator (Aunt Pelosi’s nephew Newsom voice changed when the plague hit the Golden state.  It modulates as if he is running for president in 2024.  IF we still have a viable country)

Dad of 11. Faithful Catholic.  Ticked off at the ruling elite in Blessed Sacramento in the Blessed Sacramento castle on the Blessed Sacramento River; in the most blessed country on earth. Bishops, you know it.  I know it.  We ARE better than this.

But, bishops, pope, priests and faithful, i will pray we come to our senses.  Open Wide the DOORS of Christ.  I can’t speak for Him, but i can’t see Him not wishing worship would commence for the wandering and restless sheep.  After all, you ARE the shepherds. And OC is NOT NYC; nor is Wyoming or Texas, etc.

Len Beckman 714 267 1413    Lenbeckman@gmail.com

Holy ones and faithful, priests and rabbis, what say you?  Appreciate a comment or two.