Permanent Witnesses to Jesus on Earth and in the Heavens: Catholic Icons of Faith, Life, Science and Religion

Permanent Witnesses and Sacred Images regarding Jesus the Christ on Earth and in the Heavens.

Catholic Church Icons of faith, life, science and religion

2023 Homeschool project Future Book   Len Beckman and collaborators 

Updated May 9, 2023   May 31st

Dan Dan, you are on the same journey to truth.  A fan…Len

**Giza Pyramid 2623BC

Star date 2623 BC  Oldest and largest object on earth, LAST remaining world wonder.  As we will discover, this “unnatural” non organic structure is pointing to Christ’s Salvation History and Trinity’s existence that is inter-related and consistent with the firmament: the stars and constellations above in the heavens

Physical facts about the Border (Giza) Fire (Pyra) in the Middle (Midos)

Center of the World.  Draw a line that covers the most land East-West and North-South worldwide, respectively.  Then, on your globe, look for where the two line cross.  One’s in the ocean, but…

It crosses exactly where the Giza Pyramid sits on a stone granite mountain, true to the four compass points of North East South West. Not that this is incredible for a 4500 year old building.   Off only 3 seconds of arc. (Geometry time: a circle is made up of 360 degrees. Each degree is 60 minutes.  Each minute is 60 seconds), which means the Giza Pyramid is more perfectly aligned than any other object on earth.  Twice more accurate than second place.

For perspective, there are 1,296,000 “seconds” of arc in a circle; the world’s largest object, despite its deteriorated condition, is misaligned only 3/1,296,000ths or 3 of those total seconds in the circle around Giza.  Easier understood: the Giza is both the world’s largest “compass” and 99.999999768% accurate to the four cardinal directions: North East, West and South.

Why is this important?

God is infinite and eternal. We break up the study of nature into His hard “sciences” that include biology, geology, geography, atmospheric physics, astronomy and mathematics, to name a few. Always remember, God KNOWS science and IS science!

Our sciences and religion, are our understandings of His Creation and much inferior as we attempt to understand His work and gift to the human race; recall the famous story about St Augustine contemplating the Trinity, and an angel.

Since God has existed for all eternity, and we will exist with Him forever, NEVER not with Him if we follow His Son Jesus, always remember He has a perfect knowledge of what He has created and how WE should understand things.

Giza is many of these, applied.  For example, math, trigonometry and geometry

Giza’s base is 9131 inches long on each of its four apparent sides; each side, North, East, South and West, when added together add up to 36524.

This number has significance, when we apply a decimal and see that it corresponds directly to 365.24 days, is the actual solar year.  Not 365 1/4 days, but 365.24.  Note that due to the .01 day missing in our solar year calendars, we have the leap years to recorrect every four years the solar year of our Gregorian Calendar, which is a reform of the earlier Julian calendar.  The Hebrews, Israel, still follows the lunar year, with their calendar being in year 5783 (2023) as you read this.

One of the most fascinating numbers is a most useful but an irrational one: Pi.  Nominally, it is 3.1415926535.

The Perfect Math/Geometry object, the circle, is certainly one evidence of God: like God, it never ends and more intriguing, it has no beginning, either.  Just like your Creator!

To measure it’s length, the perimeter (the path it takes)  we call the “circumference”.  You measure the arc length (as if you smoothed out its curves into a straight line segment) physically or by formula.  For example:

Circumference (of an ellipse or circle) = 2R x Pi   or C= Pi x diameter

In essence, Giza is a  “square circle”.   Its height (radius in essence) is 5813 inches.  Doubled, you get 11,626 inches.  Divide that into 36524, you get 3.1415: Pi to five significant digits.

C=2 x Radius x Pi.  Wow!  But, Giza has hundreds more significant math symbols and numbers.  Think of God, Its Designer, as the smartest scientist about earth but in heaven. Perspective is important: God designed and built the universe BEFORE He created male and female, man and woman, husband and wife.  But, the critical thing missing from today’s godless, secular, mankind centered world, is understanding He knows what He is doing: the universe was built FOR humanity, not humanity for the universe.  Invisible beings who preceded humankind, the angels, don’t need a universe; and a third of those angels don’t even want man OR the universe to exist.

Applying Giza Pyramid’s Real Name

In addition to the world’s center point, it sits on the border (Giza means “border”) and the middle of its host country Egypt. Recall, Border Fire in the Middle.   Fire refers to its feature: covered before shoplifters (stonestealers?) stole them, 144,000 mirror bright casing stones.  At high noon as the season changes from Winter to Spring, it is its most bright: NO shadow, visible from the moon as if it is a pillar of bright fire signifying a new King will be born.  March 25th (due to calendar error the 20-21st) marks the Spring Equinox, when day and night are “equal”.  By God’s design, on this day, the Sun rises over Bethlehem as seen from the Giza altar top, 270 miles away.

Other significant facts:

A type of altar: The classic altar going back to the Council of Nicaea, was 14 x 3 feet.  My conjecture is it matched, by design, the dimensions of the Shroud of Turin, another Permanent Witness discussed later.

Giza was designed, not with a point as a classic pyramid shape, but with a flat top measuring about 30 sq feet, with no point.

It is missing its capstone or top cornerstone, which the inferior pyramid copies later typically had, usually made of precious metals.  (Conjecture: could the 30 sq feet represent the 30 years of Jesus’ private life, setting the stage  for the last three as training the apostles and ministerial?)  In essence, it has no capstone but Jesus, IF we can show God designed it for that purpose: a part of salvation history.

After all Jesus IS the Center of Life, of the World, of History, actually His Story.  Just, as He must be the center of our lives. God’s chosen prophets spoke into the future of the coming of the Son of Man, of the 2nd person of the Trinity.

Giza physically MATCHES the earth’s curvature!   how could a human builder know this 5000 years ago? This feature was discovered last century when a jet pilot noticed Giza looked like it slightly curved inward, convex form: as it turns out, when measured by modern devices, it matches the curvature of the earth’s surface, evidence again God places clues about Eternity for those who seek Him.

Giza points to critical places in God’s history for man and His Soninside the surface, once our ancestors found the entrance, there is a passageway down below the ground and matching the SAME angle of a passageway upwards.

Be it known: Giza is the most measured object on earth. Scientists like Isaac Newton have measured this angle of entry and ascension as 26 degrees, 18 minutes, 9.63 seconds.  This fact is very important: there is no body in Giza, it is NOT a pharoah’s grave but God’s masterpiece of engineering and more.  It is as if, when God created the world and at its precise center, He created a massive stone granite mountain, under the surface of the sands of the desert to “anchor” His Giza.  Otherwise those 3 million or so, multi-ton blocks would sink and go imprecise.

Is it the Christ Angle?

When you lay the angle down, forming a huge compass needle, where it points is intriguing.  It passes over the result of the original Pass Over: the Israelites exiting Egypt’s enslavement and arriving at a large body of water, the Red Sea.  This exodus following Moses & the 10th of ten plagues: when God’s Angel of Death killed the first born of all in Egypt who did not have the blood of an innocent lamb over their door posts. In case you aren’t up to speed about Israel and the Jews, we are in year 5783 on Israel’s lunar calendar.

Truly fascinating, continuing 270 miles from the exact center of the world, from Giza, once passing over the two Solomonic pillars that marked the Exodus point, the compass “needle” points to the House of Bread better known as Bethlehem.

So Giza, via this “Jesus Christ angle”, points to a whole new world and understanding about Whom God is: His Son’s birthplace.  None of us was around when God was born, BECAUSE He was NEVER born: God has ALWAYS existed. And as three Persons in the One Godhead, imagine telling the ancients this not so simple fact.

Ask St Augustine how easy understanding the Trinity really is.

Apply a little wisdom here: the world worshipped many gods but the Israelites came to know the one God.  God contacted father Abraham in an unusual way: the burning, but never consumed, bush where for the first time, I AM WHO AM.  God, or as we know today, God the Father.   Of course, this is years after Adam and Eve dwelled with God in the Garden of Eden; until, human nature set in with the evil of the snake shrouded devil.  God breaks His silence on HIS timetable not ours.

It is reasonable to see how God over time revealed more of His Nature, as the Trinity, when He saw fit and we could better understand.

But the Israelites, in their writings and speech, have a most reverential approach to the Creator: referring to Him as Adonai, Lord and spelling it (even today as you see at as G-d.  If only our modern culture kept this reverence to Whom that brought us into today’s be ing. Think about the common phrase: human BEing, whether male or female, the only two genders God created, we have 30-50 trillion cells, each infinitely complex, aligned into ten systems, organs like heart, liver and lungs, multi functional like the 217 bones of the body.  Point is, we CAN’T MAKE a human being.  Too many don’t accept this, and chainsaw young ladies’ and boys’ organs trying desperately to remake their natures, as they are being groomed to do.  Results is misery, depression, suicide rates…ALL avoidable IF we understand God is omniscient, ie ALL knowledgeable of EVERY science we struggle through on earth

Suppose Giza is a type of time machine. Inside the entry passage 17 steps up from ground, there is a simple scored circle around the passageway, near the entrance, and a scale model of the important measuring length: the “pyramid inch” or often referred to as the “sacred Jewish Inch”.

If, as science and religious scholars have applied it, one inch refers to one year of history as if God knew from the beginning of mankind, man and woman, what was in store: He HAS perfect knowledge of past and future, friends!  Yes He does.  In fact, my Catholic readers, on many occasions, Mary has spoken prophecy accurately, much like the 600+ future tellings of the prophets resulting in the 270 mile target from the Center of the World: Beth Lehem or House of Bread.

Scholars note it was built and completed about 2623BC but mark the beginning of its time modeling from 2141BC; this is the year we have verified with super computers, when the light from the North Star first hit the bottom of the entry passage 344 feet away.  From there, there are curious junctions of time plotted via this one inch per year model.  We will discuss later. But, why do we care about a teeny star’s light lightyears away?

Let’s look at a modern allegory/example about star light lining up for a specific purpose

A few years ago, in Southern California, the Premonstratensians (common parlance: the order of the Norbertines) monastery needed a new home; land was donated, funds gala-ly raised and work began.  One area was in the design of the monastery’s absolutely beautiful church, dedicated to Mary’s ascent to the heavenlies, the Assumption.

The growth and development of this “project” was chronicled by Mr. Drone and math (one of God’s science disciplines) whiz, Fr Joseph Horn.  Want to know the mean and average age of the Abbey’s holy men, ask “Holy Joe”.  Want to see a time machine view of the bare land becoming a gift to Orange County and God’s world, follow his photos.

Giza comparison.  Just as God uses His stars, constellations and a local minor star 93 million miles away from earth for His purposes, the architect (unknown who) designed the positional orientation of the church facing east-west so that that minor star (the Sun) shown through the Rose Window at the west end so that it beamed directly onto the altar below the cross on the feast of St. Michael, the patron of the Abbey.  In the West, we celebrate Michaelmas on September 29th; Nov 8th in the east.

How did God line up His Giant Compass, Prophetic Time Machine, History Marker, Beacon of Truth and Hope, to do the things and show the things it does?  Easy.  He is God, omniscient (ALL science-ing), omnipotent and able, in a nanosecond, to create a 55 sextillion mile wide universe.  Yeah I know, Clarence Darrow and modern earth scientists desperately need it to be billions of years, aeons of eras, and the theory of gradualism to appease their created hearts for THEIR purposes.  Trust this: God DOESN’T!

Besides, the theory of irreducible complexity goes all in Texas hold ’em style on this: God’s all knowing and all powerful natures kicked in to set His clock millennia ago OR billions of years ago but guess one, fellow sojourners, it just doesn’t matter: NONE of us was alive to see, with popcorn at our side, as God manipulated the primordial mess, blob of cells, into Adam and Eve.  And the requirement multiple things had to be made at the same time for our survival, doubles down on the massive macro-evolution battles

So, arranging 3 million 20 to 50 ton precisely carved blocks and 144,000 polished limestone casing/cover stones a slam dunk ‘do’ by God.  OR how about this revelation: He created it ALL from nothing, than humanity from something, dirt.  Either way, we grew to 9 billion human souls over time.

But, lining up the Assumption altar, so that sunlight would shine through the west end rose window, using calculations, orientation and skills God put INTO talented people, for this aim of focusing on Jesus the Christ’s Eucharist table at the east end, happens near, in time, the Autumnal Equinox; celebrated Sept 29th.  By the way, the other seasonal junctures have REAL astronomical relevance regarding Giza.  Does the September equinox as well?  Time will tell.

Best to the Norbertines, Abbot Hayes and thank you for your service to the Diocese of Orange’s 60+ parishes.  And an excellent allegory to God’s arranging His largest beacon of hope and planetary compass at the Center of His World as He did with Giza.


My proposal on appropriate scriptures and tradition comes from one of the greatest prophets: Isaiah.  And in his writings: Chapter 19, verses 19-20

On that day there shall be an altar to the LORD at the center of Egypt, and a sacred pillar to the LORD near its boundary.

This will be a sign and witness to the LORD of hosts in the land of Egypt, so that when they cry out to the LORD because of their oppressors, he will send them a savior to defend and deliver them.l

The LORD shall make himself known to Egypt, and the Egyptians shall know the LORD in that day …”

At the time, the prophet Isaiah wrote this, the sun gods ruled Egypt; you know them as the pharaohs.  Hardly a time and place to have a synagogue or Catholic parish church, let alone answer a prophecy in that pagan land.  Yet, read it from his writings.  Giza is the perfect solution to this scripture.

In this scripture, many scholars see the historical prophetic anchor being the Giza structure, anchoring in stone and imagery, a scale model of God’s history of how He will save His people: salvation history.  It is STILL there today though stripped of its glory, much as Christ’s glory was stripped that fateful Friday the 13th month of Nissan, the same day the world’s brightest object went dark from high Spring Equinox noon for 180 minutes…but Sunday came! 500 people attest to the Resurrection, but…

Recall, Egypt was first exposed to God’s true existence, not by their pharaoh-god, Ramses, but by the God of Eternity.

Its sacred pillar qualifications include its extreme brilliance that we do NOT see today when in Cairo: Giza was once graced with 144,000 highly polished hard limestone outer casing stones: this is a “reflection” not just of sunlight, but the 144,000 called out in Revelations (Bible references to 12 and multiples thereof reflect governance (12 apostles, 12 tribes of Israel).

Maybe a stretch, but then we are exploring here WHY.  If not 144,000 and a misapplication of John’s Revelations, Giza still was undeniably visible from hundreds of miles (even with the earth’s curvature modeled ON the pyramid’s surface by the way).

In fact, the sun rose/rises over Bethlehem, a triple play, on the first day of Spring.  AND you could see it 270 miles away.

Three 3 hours of  darkness.  For centuries, Giza shown its brightest (with no shadow) at high noon each Spring Equinox.  EXCEPT one Good Friday, at high noon, on the 13th day of Nissan in the Chabad/Jewish calendar, it was 100% dark.

The world just as Giza was shrouded in darkness.  Recall the Crucifixion song: the “sun refused to shine” because Jesus was dying and died on the Calvary cross.

Also recall, when Jesus died just five miles from Bethlehem where He was born, in Jerusalem’s temple, the cloth separating the Holy of Holies from the people was torn in two.

The Unitary God would no longer be unavailable to His creation. 53 days later, 50 after Jesus rose, the Church would be empowered to “spread the Good News”, the Gospel to all the world on Pentecost.  Pente means fifty. 50 in the old testament is a Jewish festival holyday.  Look it up

God designed everything to help us see His power and glory. Giving credibility, ie believability to God’s claims.

For example, Horticulture/farming relies on a 23 degree slant of the Earth’s axis; because it revolves at 1000 miles per hour, one revolution each day while circling the sun, we have four seasons with the “orientation” of the earth’s axis angled off TDC: top dead central.

Four times the seasons change: Spring Equinox. Summer Solstice, Winter Equinox. Fall Solstice is how we know them.

But, a curious feature of Giza: at dawn and dusk of the solstices (nominally, June 25 & Sept 25), the pyramid’s four sides appear as eight (8) due to shadowing becoming visible. Why 8?  God matches time, space, length, dates perfectly.  8 is no coincidence (a Math term) but a Godincidence, friends.

Though modern astrology has corrupted our understanding, numbers have relevance in our understanding of Scripture and Salvation History.  From the Catholic web: “No attentive reader of the Old Testament can fail to notice that a certain sacredness seems to attach to particular numbers, for example, seven, forty, twelve, etc. It is not merely the frequent recurrence of these numbers, but their ritual or ceremonial use which is so significant.”

Called Gematria, both Hebrew and Greek alphabets’ letters have assigned numbers and mean something.

NOT to be confused with the occultic use of crystals, numbers and other perversions, whatever God has designed, evil has attempted to coopt and steal its significance. Examples are easy to see:  Just like today, “what God has joined no man can tear apart”, spoken at most Christian weddings. Divorce?  Life begins when conception happens: Solution of evil for preborns? Abortion.

888 is Jesus’ name in Greek, which like Hebrews assigns numbers to each letter.  Just as the season’s change, Spring renews the dead of winter.  In fact, 8 is the number of rebirth, rejuvenation, of renaissance and renewal. And of course, Resurrection

Each Spring the earth renews itself, coming out of cold dark winter. 7 represents completeness, 8 starts anew like in the 8th note being the same as the 1st just up an “octave” or eight!  Eight people total survived during the flood of Noah, which was a major cataclysm of catastrophic change.

Dec 25th, when fall ends and the days are shortest, is the day the true LIGHT comes into the world forever.  We just mentioned like it does all year, Giza’s compass needle points to Bethlehem, once the scene of angels, shepherds and the Magi…Mary and Joseph and yes, Jesus. Convergence from the center of the world with its compass needle pointing TO the Center of the World, of Eternity, of His Story at Bethlehem, the House of Bread, the prophesized city of Jesus, 2nd person of the Trinity, here on the earth.

More pictures and ‘believe It or nots” are coming, but see Giza as possibly that Isaiah scripture quote: the altar, centered in Egypt and the Center of the world, that once was a sacred pillar, world’s largest by far, also on her boundary (Giza) that as a compass whose needle passes over what the first Passover led to: the Exodus as slaves from the land of oppression, pointing 3 x 3 x 3 x 10 miles, ie 270 miles to the City of Christ’s Birth, Beth Lehem or House of Bread.  All reading, kids or adults, think back to that day you first received the Son of the House of Bread in the Eucharist: your 1st Communion.  God leaves NOTHING to chance desiring all to live forever in loving Him.  And living together with other heaven dwellers forever.  And ever.

Timeless timelineHistory’s Time Piece?

Here’s a graphic outlining how the one inch per year time “machine” works out.  Look at the years at the junctions.








WE are the LIVING witnesses to God’s plan and Good News.  But, for the future, coming soon, there are other permanent beyond this world witnesses to Whom God and His God the Son are:

**The Holy Shroud of Christ (circa 33AD), made up of type AB blood, burned cloth fibers and an image: the burial cloth of Jesus

**Our Lady of Guadalupe’s imagery on Juan Diego’s cloak (Dec, 1531)    Image NOT of paint but of God

**Healing Waters of Lourdes (1858)   Still flowing since the days of St Bernadette Soboiros

** Fatima: Confirming Friday the 13th Day of Nissan as Christ’s conception and death day: Six 13ths over six months (May 13, 1917) following a pre meet with the angel Gabriel (Sept, 1916) during WWI

**Mary travels to earth to Witness to her Son our Savior Jesus

**Various Eucharistic Miracles including Terri Schiavo Schindler’s death on March 31, 2005


More to come!  Jesus sent His disciples and apostles out to Spread the Great News He is Risen and following Him, the Center of the World, Center of the Universe, Center of History, ie His Story desires all to be a part of the Bride of Christ.

We are blessed, as Christian/Catholic homeschooled young people everywhere that we WILL be joyful 4ever.

And ever!


Len Beckman

714 267 1413   Your questions and comments most welcome. We learn from each other, not via indoctrination but education.     Homeschooling Grandpa Len




Mayor Ashleigh, Welcome to the Big Leagues of Life, Love and Symbolisms of Pride

“It is better to light a candle, than curse the darkness…”

Revised May 31st, 2023, the last day of the month of Mary, Our Lady Queen of the Angels and Regina Coeli, Queen of Heaven
“A Major League Baseball game is a place where people from all walks of life should feel welcomed, something I greatly respect and support. This is the purpose of different themed nights hosted by the organization, including Pride Night,” DC’s Wash National Trevor Williams wrote.”To invite and honor a group that makes a blatant and deeply offensive mockery of my religion, and the religion of over 4 million people in Los Angeles county alone, undermines the values of respect and inclusivity that should be upheld by any organization.
“This has nothing to do with the LGBTQ community or Pride or anything like that,” said Kershaw, who held a players-only meeting in the clubhouse before Monday’s game. “This is simply a group that was making fun of a religion, that I don’t agree with.”  ~~Clayton Kershaw, a guy who plays for the Dodgers.  Actually, their best pitcher.

Patrick Madrid, noted CAtholic apologist who grew up in the OC, even weighed in on this ‘discussion’, Ashleigh!  If you wanted the world’s attention, you got it!  Focused on Anaheim issues, like budgets, homeless, Hunger Games districts?  NO, focused on the SPI guys and reacting to Karen Bass’ Dodger Blue

Mayor Ashleigh, is it time to pull down your tweet or double down?  Personally, I self-identify as a TRANSparent, a dad pride guy.  Proud of my 11 kids, 22 grandkids, my new Mayor (#18 for me since Mr. Pearson) and I am here to help!

My bonafides are similar to others, including the SPI (Sisters of the Perpetual Indulgence) but you, as Mayor cannot claim:

“I am a TRANSparent and man who was trapped in a woman’s body”. 

No brag, no kid, just truth.  Hopefully, this helps get me to the Zorro table with the Dons and Donettes of the City Council

Mayor Ashleigh, in your career as wife, mother, board member, super lawyer, Central district fed prosecutor, you have accomplished much and congratulations on your recent election to the Mayoral role for Anaheim.

Your dad Wiley, I have on good report, is a good man.  Certainly kind man and a most generous child care employer; he paid babysitters like my sister-in-law Karen who babysat (former common term for respite care before parsing vocabulary became a full time job) you and your older sibs a few decades ago because Wiley loved you very much and wanted the best to care for you while he and your mom went on a date.

Your former sitter certainly is a gem, and patient married to one of my 10 siblings.

Ashleigh, you are family and precious to dad and your mother; they are proud of your new role, as well.

Old business:

I admit our first introduction was a bit unusual, 3 minutes 10 secs on May 16th; with my plea to council (#city of kindness) to end the oppression of our pet rooster, Rory, since our fine city bans male poultry of color and peacocks…but apparently likes to honor Indulging Sisters and other Misters in drag,  at ball games.

Peacocks, I understand…they are noisier than a banshee.  But a small Rory who bothered no one?  We did contemplate calling him trans Rory, but that is deceitful pretending just more pretending. A rooster is a rooster is a rooster.

Full disclosure: my dad Paul worked for John Seymour working his 3rd job as a realtor.  Oh, and yes, I AM always TRANSparent with the truth in an increasingly complex corrupt world.  AS to “I am a man trapped in a woman’s body” more truth: 189 days after my parents got married, Irene gave birth to me and ended my cushy womb-based entrapment.

AS you read this, Anaheim is safe from Rory.  Following the directive of Code Enforcement, Rory was exiled to a foreign county and is recovering in Norco having been attacked by a male turkey.  Though free to roam on the Beckman “ranch”, to survive, he may have to remain in a cage until Thanksgiving rolls around, should Tommy T become dinner or Anaheim changes its discriminatory banning of the more colorful sex in the chicken world.

The point is: rules, regs and actions, like words, have consequences.  Just as tweets can focus lightning better than Franklin’s kite, key and string.

New business thanks to a mayoral official pronouncement in a tweet.

Four days later after we met at Council, you tweeted out at 1:22pm an interesting tweet.  Are you proud of your tweet or did you possibly make a boo boo like a Pfizer shot heard ’round the world?  May 20th is my oldest girl’s birthday who has blessed us with five amazing grandkiddoes.  Fair question about your thoughts today?

From your Rosary training, you might know God’s last and most complex and beautiful creation was a woman like yourself; infinitely well designed for great things; maybe this is why Mr. Biden’s Sticky Paws Sammy Brinton the Luggage Lifter pretends to be a woman as so many in the current admin seem to be.  Not satisfied with the way their mothers delivered them, they are expressing their desires to be the other sex…or one of 60 new avatars.  Remake of a great TV show, the Pretenders, so fluid I can have a new gender daily or even hourly.

In case you are unaware, Sam’s lipstick might be ‘arrest me red’ but he belongs to an anti-Catholic hate group; probably despite three Samsonite thefts caught on tape, he can hate Catholics and snow and ensnare a kind, female Anaheim mayor as part of the Pretenders Industrial-Governance Complex.  Or some such summary.

Apparently, to paraphrase “Catholicism is the last acceptable prejudice…”

Basically, the last preferred target for “hate”, mockery or whatever your friends in the local sisters homes consider it in LA, San Fran, DC.   Oddly, though you were quick to upstage Dodger blue, there is no Anaheim or OC boys dressed as nuns nunnery.  Yet your formal pronouncement indicates same.  So why the tweet?  You are NOT Karen Bass.  Thank God you are not!

Did I miss the cue?  Are you trying to amass early mayoral points by inviting a charity, like our real Sisters of Charity in Santa Ana who do incredible things for the poor and disenfranchised, or like our good man Bruno, who has done so much honoring Caterina, his mom?

Jesus (He plays an extra stand-in role in your favored Sisters Kabuki theater; you may have heard of him) told us the best charity is done without approbation, ie anonymously, not letting “your right hand know what your left hand” is doing. Great advice, since earning earth points might be cool, but God IS watching from heaven.  So does…

A charity in a different county, and a stadium 31 miles away from our beloved Big A make sense for Her Honor?  IF getting your name in lights is what you wanted, you done well.  (Formal apology if “her” or “her honor” is not your on-file at the Gender Ideology Dept of Confusion, personal preferred pronoun list)

Maybe it is time to protect women from men again; I have done so for decades and not just because I have six beautiful daughters.  Because it is the right thing to do.

Let’s use Rory as as example.  In the animal world, to protect the moms of  the species AND the species’ survival itself, chicken moms (hens) were designed very bland to protect from predators like the racoons and possums that roam Anaheim unimpeded; the strutting males had all the color.  Thus my term, “poultry of color” is not a cheap shot at blacks or racism, especially since I am the grandfather of five pretty awesome and beautiful black children.  Committed to being TRANSparent and honest, I see this as sad that the Foghorn Leghorn world is filled with chicken hawks like the anonymous wimp who turned Rory in.  Oh well.

As to our Angels, whom played on the field as I tossed peanuts and hawked programs at their games before you were born…

Actually, we do share much…though you were NEVER a man trapped in your mom’s body.

I graduated from Servite, you from Rosary, of course class of 1970 is 5 decades plus ago.  One of my 22 grandkids, Collette, shares the fine name of your and Michael’s awesome middle daughter.

Since as a Catholic you must be Pro-Preborn Life.  Of interest, my 22nd grandchild was preborn born predawn on the 50th anniversary of RoeVwade; he is named Wesley for the Princess Bride protagonist, though missing the middle “T”.

By the way, I have nothing but respect for the community activism of your father, Wiley, who must be a proud grandfather these days. And again, please thank him for his generous wages to Karen who remembers all three of you.  AND your father.

Humbly, being the oldest of 11 Anaheimers since 1958 when my German dad Paul brought my Polish mom Irene (meaning “Peace”), my wife Donna and I also had 11 kids, finishing up 40 years of Catholic home based education this month, working in year 41.

Ashleigh, make the MOST of every day:  The major disruption in our family is God interrupted our fairy tale life taking Donna home at age 48, actually dying 49 days short of her 49th.  Ashleigh, words and actions have consequences and meanings, some intended, others not so.  We can be REAL or part of the Pretenders…

Miracles surrounded her early death and I’m not doing a Indulgent mockery of God’s plans nor mankind’s hopes. God is in charge and of course PRAYER changes things. A smart stateswoman, whom I hope you aspire to, looks at the whole picture before tweeting.  Time to explain or take it down before like a woman-eating bacteria, it infects your important Council work.

From your training, you will see that pride is two sides of a multi-faceted coin: being humbled, proud of someone else, or something you have done.  It is also one of the seven deadly sins.   Pride is a spectrum of colors, by the way.  A pride of lions has a much different imagery than two guys going at it like God intended did not intend and slapping “pride” after “gay” as if flaunting non Creative “sex” is a societal good.

Adults can do what they want as long as it doesn’t effect the children; Ashleigh, that line was crossed a long time ago.  And bringing government to bear, as you did with your tweet, favoring a controversial interchange of body fluids, like Gavin&Jen’s gender fluidics, is inappropriate for a mayor…IF done in a governance capacity.

Let’s parse your tweet and see if it was a measured, well thought out communication of a seasoned stateswoman or a knee jerk, politically motivated keystroke montage to rally the troops by a rookie.  Whomever the “MANY” you mentioned are.  We must travel in different voluntary associative circles.  Before the next City Council meeting, it probably is smart to think thru:

1 Did you invite an unknown group, SPI from a different county to join you in your private box at the stadium officially?

2 Did the city council vote on this, in open forum consistent with the Brown Act or was this decision a reaction by a novice mayor?  I recall my Rory bit happened at the last council meeting four days previous to your tweet so there was no council meeting to discuss this offer to mystery leadership on city “letterhead”. SPI has numerous chapters and hundreds of participants; did you invite the whole organization?

3 Did the city authorize a hundred tickets purchased from Artie’s Angels to be given to you for personal use for your personal campaign?  Are you sharing your family’s box?  Being beyond reproach is a great suggestion post those harry days with Harry.

4  The phrase “Pride should be inclusive” is at best silly and at worse a pejorative showing bias against a whole class of citizens.  Check with the city attorney for good advice; Sidhu made some unfortunate actions with the Angels; we don’t need the succeeding mayor, my #18, to take over where he left off.  Also notice, in your tweet, IF official you spiritually appropriated a key symbol that does NOT belong to your pursued org or, frankly, anyone on this earth.  The colors of the rainbow, first copyrighted and trademark by the Trinity for God’s personal use.

5  The Dodgers decision has zero to do with city business, even though many of us are fans of both teams.  The Dodgers were caught in a no win situation; you must know this and piling on did not help vent and vet the concerns of many of your constituents who voted for you….as well as many who did not.   Hindsight is both 20-20 and sprinkled with unintended consequences now with Clayton (standing certain days 60 feet 6 inches to homeplate) Kershaw and others who actually play baseball at Chavez Ravine.

Those concerns, by the way, don’t necessarily involve nine guys on the field with Angels red uniforms; they involve serious issues Anaheim families are experiencing with this out of control blue cities and states making poor decisions that will effect your and my grandkids.  IF they stay in the OC or California.

True charity, is best served anonymously.

Personally, whenever possible, I will donate a fixed sum to truly needy that reflects and honors Donna’s early entry into heaven.  In honor of your honor, i will provide, not a campaign contribution, but a $99 in cash or kind to help create the next #city of kindness act of kindness.  Have your chief of staff give me the name and what is needed; I’ve played Santa Claus before for the city years ago, and still dress the 1600 year old Bishop of Myra, Turkey St Nick part for CHPs for kids and other events.  Consider this my penance for speaking up as a transPARENT, with dad pride.

I am starting year 36 as a real estate broker (some presidential candidate named Larry Elder claims I am the hardest working real estate guy in the business), 12 of those years spending time, working for an amazing attorney receiver in court involved property disposition/surrender, partition hearings and  oddities like the $100 million Unity Medi-Cal fraud case involving Cedar Sinai extra surgeries scams.  For the record, I am NOT a licensed attorney like your/her/cis (choose one) honor, just an unLicensed dad with maybe 20 years left on earth.

Corruption is endemic and epidemic today Ashleigh.  Like the evil of Mark Allen Helsing from the early 2000s, it continues to be dealt with by so many.  Like you, I remain a champion for the little person, hate no one but love the truth.

Truth alone can help our next gen survive…

My point is, if Dodger Blue invites and disinvites a marginal organization, it has nothing to do with pride or your role as mayor.  Worse, the mayor assuming she can speak for all Anaheimers on an issue she knows at best peripherally.

We both love Bruno because he is a man who sacrifices much, been through adversity and still serves others.  The SPI guys, most have no clue but it IS a reflection, not of tolerance or inclusivity but naivete.

Your tweet speaks to no one but the left press, the LATimes (NOT redundant!) and sensationalism, at a time when a brain injured 15 year old girl named Thelma is being beat up by government affiliates, Ashleigh,  forced in Glendale to read obnoxious, absolutely pornographic pap about ‘trans’ people involved in explicit sex acts and obscenity, then browbeaten by her teacher, then the principal and finally rebuffed by the supposedly mature adult school board.  This is the world you are mayor in.  I truly pray and wish you Godspeed in doing right things.

Ashleigh, this world desperately need more stateswomen, wise leaders who are willing to sacrifice for the truth and let the chips fall as they may.  You CAN do this, daughter of Wiley, I am absolutely convinced of it.

Compounding this out of control evil, Thelma is a bright but her brain injury makes her a special needs girl; assigned to her is an employed ‘trans’ aide who ignored her once Thelma did not call her her public ed governmental “preferred pronouns”.

It was her job!  Truth be told, Thelma probably just didn’t understand why a girl despised being called a “her”.  Her was NOT her pronoun of choice. Like Jumanji Jackson Brown, latest SCOTUS confirmed woman (I think?!), who though advanced law professional, could not look in the mirror and recognize that which she could not define: a WOMAN!

I am pro noun, using a human person’s real name; it is totally disrespectful to call someone a “pronoun” when they are in your presence.  Ashleigh, just another silly manifestation of ludicrous lunacy and these wacky mind games you are giving more credibility to.

There is an old maxim: “the best thing to do as the hole gets bigger is to STOP digging and put the shovel down”; you are being “tooled” and don’t seem to have a clue.  This is much more than packing club level with SPI guys who may have never been to an Angels game in their lives.

Meanwhile my mayor (and you are my mayor just as Joseph Rosinette Biden is my president) is worried about the hurt feelings of an unspecified group of panderers and sacrilegious actors.

Ashleigh, you must know, we have an epidemic of adults who refuse to give up their childishness and be wise mentors to others, especially kids.  The easily offended and victim perpetually crowd comes to mind.  But worse, so do the Cartel trafficked sex slaves, the mutilated teens breastless or missing a penis, girls just waiting to see daylight but hell’s worst demon docs slice their hearts and livers out, sometimes while they live, much like a retrograde Aztec priest who knifed hearts out of the endless Montezuma human sacrifices.  Soas NOT to offend the Native Indian crowd, at its height, only 1/6, one in six Mexican victims were sacrificed to Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) patron war god Huitzilopochtli

Mayor, at our low, we kill prebirth one in three (1/3) and triple down on those blacks near inner cities even though they are 12% of the declining American population.  But as a Democrat Ashleigh you must be proud of this reproductive plank at the DNC.  I’ll let you decide whether Mr Biden or King Montezuma were more professionally proficient in killing our young citizens.

Ashleigh, you have spent much more time in courts of course; what an incredible law firm in Aitken, Aitken & Cohn; and your life and love story are beautiful, now with you gavel wielding some Tuesday evenings for the greatest city on earth.

I do love your ‘never give up’ attitude, and your heartfelt desire for active acts of kindness in this amazing city.

We really need a return to normalcy following the totalitarian medical misdeeds of one Dr Pfaucinstein and his cabal of medical suppressionists including their collusion with Big Pharma that shut down life for over two years.

And random acts of Christian kindness is the perfect cure for what ails many.  In the spirit of diversity, inclusion and equity, Muslim, Jewish and other people of faith, even atheists who help just for its own reward, not expecting Brownie points and accolades like Hero awards.  Maybe Clayton Kershaw can come to your rescue in righting this bizarre situation you created more out of ignorance than intent.

Donna, the incredible mother of eleven surrounded by real miracles now in heaven, was like you a girl scout leader; I am a past scoutmaster with four grown Eagles in the family.

You mentioned coops, by the way, glad you are getting a chicken coop; it is really trans formative, your girls will love and learn much, plus fresh eggs is a plus.

But, as my sister in the Lord, I don’t want you to get a county shelter call or from our city’s excellent Code Enforcement: be very careful of rescuing a male because, unless it self-identifies as a transbird, Code Enforcement will be at your doorstep when some animal hater anonymously complains.

As to chickens, if I can be of help, please do not hesitate to call: after all, you are family.

Unfortunately, the hens will have to come from another county since no rooster like Rory is allowed to fertilize the eggs that hens come from, so your girls can watch real life unfold in an incubator.  REAL life is much better than Pretend life.

This is a good reason why I don’t easily buy in to The Pretenders; no basis in biologic science or common sense, we go along to get along instead of acting like the wise parents and adults we should be.

Does this impotence help a mutilated teen whose breasts were just sheared off because no real adult, with the parents shackled or NOT informed as if we are a gulag in Siberia, could be found to give good counsel? You’re an excellent attorney:

EVERY one needs good counsel, especially our youth, just like every perp you successfully prosecuted had representation.  It almost seems the criminals get better advice and care than our next gen growing up among the 350,000 Anaheimers.

My dad and mom moved to Anaheim in 1958 when I was 6; 10 kids followed at St Anthony Claret, then 7 through Servite and 3 amazing daughters via your alma mater,  Rosary Academy.  Same high school your baby sitter Karen attended a while before you did.  Godincidences not coincidences.  God has been watching you your entire life, Ashleigh: you have the center stage and the play of life’s gavel prop.  ALWAYS remember, as Mr. PPilate was reminded by the SPI guys favorite target, your power emanates from God NOT man.

You and Michael are raising three Godly daughters; and as a Catholic, hopefully still practicing or at least still following Jesus.

Definitely, a much better Catholic Democrat than the sad dysfunctional head of the Biden family currently occupying the People’s House in DC, as part of the ObamaNation admin.

If you are looking for theatrics beyond your Sisters invitees, think of Joe Biden as a true match for Theoden, who was demonically possessed until his kingship was restored just before Helms Deep in Lord of the Rings.  Pray for your mentor and head of your party.  There is little chance his sanity will be restored before he completes his time in Delaware and the occasional visit to the White House.

Two countries we are; the America the Beautiful; and the regressive intolerant bully Obamanation of Desolators.

Pray for them now that you have similarly been given access to power; I KNOW in my heart you will honor your oath and serve much better than that gang off the Potomac.

And Joe, nearing his life’s end, needs to discontinue honoring his “Theoden” demons; no one deserves living in hell after they leave this mortal coil, including the just AND the unjust.

NO one, even Democrat leftists who kill little Jill at will while preborn, two blocks from you on Lincoln or at Jon Dunn’s PP kill mill  HQ at 700 Tustin in Orange.

So many young women; so little time they are allowed to live, not even breaking through the birth canal...saddling their young mothers with a life of physical and emotional pain in denial of what just happened.  No one dies in a vacuum when she dies within a mother’s womb.  Let those words sink in next time you go to a planned parenthood honored baseball game.

Ashleigh, I am rooting that you are successful in leading the city; however, was it an act of kindness snatching Artie Moreno’s right to decide whom is officially invited to his ballpark and see his team…or did you check with him first?

Are you sure your actions were wise or a typical D.I.E. (Diversity, Inclusion, Equity) political ploy?  Politically expedient but with wisdom? Look deep in your heart, consult with your handsome spouse for life, pray about it and proceed.  But…

Frankly, I think you stepped into a pile of doggy doo prematurely, an unforced error total rookie mistake,  when the Dodgers

Jesus, your Creator &Savior, with outstretch arms welcoming all to follow Him. Pictures is his Sacred Heart, celebrated by some on June 16th

declined to celebrate the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgences on of all days, the Feast of the Sacred Heart of our Jesus, June 16th. 

I suspect you did not even realize the connection: the God man’s very important feast day was to have a “group” dedicated to His mockery and dissembling His Church honored.

I’d guess it was accidental to pick that date and day at Chavez Ravine.  Or was it, since SPI makes a business of mocking the Lord of the Universe in EVERY way possible while helping others. 

But, why the Proud Boys nee Girls June 7th at the Big A?  LA’s blue date is their 10th anniversary…we have no presence of the SPI Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in the city.  Want to honor charitable sisters?  I can help.

If it’s printed in the LA Slimes err Times, it must be truth.  Newspapers never lie even in their digital state.

Maybe you are unaware, Mayor Ashleigh, what our local ball team’s name actually is these days.

I sent Artie a letter about 20 years ago; I pointed out the Angels name is not LA Angels of Anaheim when expanded properly.  Though, in theory, a wise use of LA if one wants to garner the regional demo for max advertising reasons…

Frankly, the SPI hairy boy-girls mock His mom, but Mary, as Regina Coeli, the fifth Glorious mystery of the Rosary (your alma mater or literally from the Latin “nourishing Mother”) is integral to the ball team you want graced with an appearance by the LA, DC  or San Fran Indulgent Drag Folks:

Our Lady Queen of the Angels (of the Little Portion) Angels of Anna’s Home.

At the time, Mr. Moreno was struggling with renaming for marketing sustainability the LA Angels of Anaheim (my MBA is in marketing).  Full disclosure: my allegiances are bipolar, that go back to Maury Wills, Koufax, Drysdale etc as well as Mike Witt, DeCinces, the 2002 World Series team.

Vin Scully, Tom Lasorda and Gene Autry come to mind as well.  My first job after newspaper distribution (by two wheels and not the Times) was hawking home games at age 16, selling commodities like ice cream and the coveted peanuts when a crowd at the Big A averaged maybe 10 or 20 thousand or so.  I learned many lessons of entrepreneurship, hustling up the aisles to maximize my take home pay.  It augmented my $1.45 /hour McDonald’s pay that included a year end seven cents per hour bonus.  Being open to life long learning, as I am and I assume you are Ashleigh is critical to a world facing so many challenges, especially since Jan 20, 2021 at 9am PST.  America CAN be rejuvenated, “renaissanced” IF we give priority to wise actions not superficial tweet wars.

Ashleigh, there is good news: at least, you won’t be standing on home plate June 7th giving the Sis’ of Plenary and Perpetual Indulgences’ unnamed representative the keys to our city Anaheim or a HERO reward as some luckless Dodger Blue will doo doo on June 16th.  Yes, as you published to the known world, “pride should be inclusive” whatever that means.  Good, honest pride?  Misguided pride?  Inappropriate pride?  This is for you to discern.

Yes, SPIndulgence has done community activism and outreach (much like your dad and his “pro bono” heart) going back to Easter Sunday 1979 and before; but a stateswoman acts, not REacts.  A flack and hack, like Bob Dylan sang, blows in the wind.  You ARE more than a pile of protoplasm and organic mush, Ashleigh.  You are a Temple of the Holy Spirit; God owns your body and mind BECAUSE He values you as more than a political hit woman.  He sees you, as He sees your Sisters, as children of God in need of a Savior.

A smart mayor focuses on what her responsibilities truly are and thinks things through before tweeting and assuming much.  I’m not trying to pile on, for you’ve gotten responses on both sides from too many while our country is being destroyed, families wealth evaporating by Bidenflation and outright fraud and corruption.  Not to mention your fellow Democrat Adam Schiffty Schiff lies when his lips move; in fact, he lies deeper than a blue shag carpet drenched in the blood of patriot men and women that he defiles with every breath.

As Mayor, have you complained about the fifth level of “dipping” by the governor and his lady?

Detail:  When the Silicon Valley Bank went belly up, not every Californian could get four “over $250,000” SVB accounts refilled, like a Paxlovid prescription, from Ashleigh and other Americans’ pocketbooks.  But the guy who owns three vineyards did.

Think about this: the AborTours Inc. French Launderer got millions he did not deserve, including his vineyard transfer and other personal and business accounts.

Unless you know Yelling Yellin and you are Gov HairGel and his second love, Jen the HairBrushette gender fluidics filmmaker, you lost dollar one and above $250K when your regional bank was taken over.

Federal law via the FDIC.  The Newsom Twosome were “gifted” with millions, while they are already quad dipping for Jen’s fluid films as proven by, but Janet said “NO more” when others asked would they be made whole if their bank went belly up.

Ashleigh, we are in trouble as a country but I am the consummate optimist that things will get better despite the corruption.  As Mayor, could you ask if the Newsom twosome must pay 13.3% income tax on that infusion of cash into their accounts?

Never mind, you’ve got too much on your plate to be a corruption fighter. You’ve got a bunch of drag queens you’ve never met to meet and greet on club level June 7th.  Do you really know your “pride is inclusive” grantee… why do Dems make up these words daily, link them into phrases and report them via the Dem owned ABCNNBCBS APosTimes as Gospel truth: God’s gift of carbon dioxide which FEEDS the WORLD is demonized and used to pilfer trillions, like the $380 billion John Podesta is pimping today. Your Supreme lady Jumanji Jackson Brown can’t even define a woman. Words like gay, trans, inclusion; symbols like the rainbow.    Just the SPI guy facts:

From their site: “The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence® are a leading-edge Order of queer and trans nuns. We believe all people have a right to express their unique joy and beauty. Since our first appearance in San Francisco on Easter Sunday, 1979, the Sisters have devoted ourselves to community service, ministry and outreach to those on the edges…”  Basically mocking all things Catholic because we don’t carry scimitars and behead other “religions”.  Dig deeper and you can find pics of Sammy Brinton from the DC SPI chapter in all of  his luggage stealing glory, just another wierdo from the current occupants of DC’s houses of repute.

Ashleigh, a recommend:  ALWAYS see your three girls in the mirror when you make decisions: the Sisters SPI began at a time when acquired immuno-deficiency was acquired almost pandemically, hammering the homosexual community, especially in enclaves like San Francisco, before megalomaniacal Dr Pfaucinstein, our NIH dir, began his questionable AIDS research.

Another AZT story for another time.  Some day, your girls will see pictures (when they are in public school rooms) of some edgy drag queer using Jesus on a cross as a pole dance prop or in the Anaheim Children’s Section, named for a friend of mine who went on to heaven, sitting crosslegged exposing his giant Target penis tuck suit reading “Heather has two mommies” and the more pornographic faire now available to groom our kids for hell’s best. Must we adults suborn porn to climb the political ladder, like Kamalala “Giggles” has.   But, hey, let’s honor them at the home of the Angels.

Now you know, called Our Lady Queen of the Angels Angels.

You are a mom, Ashleigh. I wonder what Mary, Jesus’ mom, thinks of all this.  She’s the lady your school was named for, who still visits places like Fatima (Mohammad’s daughter), Lourdes and Tenochtitlan, or Mexico City as Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Imagine the Ever Virgin Mary has amassed some serious frequent flyers miles…  Ashleigh, maybe you want to honor this religious order because you haven’t met any real sisters since Rosary…like the local Sisters of Charity, whose womentor is St Theresa of Calcutta.  OR closer to home:

For perspective, please check out some REAL Sisters in your Front Yard…

Quick recommend: Ashleigh, have you ever met a real super sister perpetually devoted to Mary, the Saints (Catholic not Norleans) and all things heavenly?

Sister Johnellen, a Dominican (St Dominic and Rosary are closely aligned) heads the St Catherine Military Academy blocks north of your office on Harbor; ironic, like your honoring SPIndulging drag inc., she and her serving sisters were honored at a Tuesday meeting.

She can give you excellent advice; it seems you might really need some from the Catholic perspective.

I’ve known Sister Johnellen since 1981 when I served as youth minister at St Callistus in GG, a church now missing, torn down and replaced with Christ Cathedral.

She IS one of the wisest women I know and you would do well to get her  perspective before you take your next post-left step with your right shoe. On solid ground or more doo doo.  A mayoral woman’s choice.  It’s not too late to be wise on this.

Here’s her picture, at a game where one of my old youth ministry kids was playing catcher on the field for the team of O’Malley and Scully.

It’s obvious you DO need more background. In case your staff hasn’t told you, Ashleigh, the Sisters began in a declining Irish Catholic ‘hood a while ago.  From Wiki:

“The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence made their first appearance on Castro Street in San Francisco in 1979. Their approach and appearance was not new or extraordinary for the place or time. Starting in the 1960s, the Castro District began transitioning from a working class Irish Catholic district going through significant economic decline. A gay bar opened on Market Street and gradually, gay men began to migrate to the neighborhood. By 1977, between 100,000 and 200,000 had moved to San Francisco from all over the United States, changing the political and cultural profile of the city.”

Ashleigh, be a truth seeker and teller.  SPI does work to help others, which is commendable as acts of kindnesses,  but balance those “good works” with the deception and misleading the vulnerable that occurs.

I hate no one, and think the silly tossing that word around so much shows how immature our culture really is…just like we pretend there is more than one human race.  How foolish is that?

I love theater and have decades of children’s musical theatre with my 11 kids under my belt, so I see SPI as a regressive form of mock theater with an unfortunate bent to insult every practicing Catholic and all that is good in the heavenlies.  And to single out the Faith that the Son of God left on earth, celebrated this Memorial weekend with Pentecost.

Do you really want to be linked forever to this org and situation?

This year, we won’t be locked up and out of the Church, for the third time since Jerusalem AD33.

But two troupes, the Cockettes and Angels of Light emerged with a ready audience of about 200,000 practicing homosexual affiliates who had emigrated to the Castro district in the 60s and 70s.  I’m Polish and German, so like minded people banding together is not new, whether the Polish “ghetto” in Chicago or the G of LGBetc to the city of St Francis.

However, even you as Mayor must admit men sticking their penises in the systemically unsanitary pubic health male opening, is not the most honorable nor smart practice and event.  And NOT something our 7 or 10 year olds need to learn from “in loco parentiis” activist trans (transitioning?) teachers who love to spend more time on than math and reading.

Sometimes, repurposing the way we were designed is a fool’s errand that can lead to terrible things.  Like the term “gay” or “trans pride”.  I am proud to be an American, you a mom, proud of our kids.  Is there a reason we need a month to celebrate whacking breasts and penises off our vulnerable life blood, the young of America?

I scanned the Council calendar and see no heterosexual pride month, although the Dodgers tossed a belated bone with bringing back Christian family days.  When we are kids, playing “pretend” is fun, but as adults, how far is too far?

Ashleigh, the reason we don’t need a heterosexual month or night, is it is natural, created by God and despite the Adam Schiffty liars, it still is in vogue. It IS the means to get us back to 9 billion, IF WE begin to HAVE KIDS again, replacing the 2.3 billion dead prebirth kids lost to demonic forces worldwide. Yes, planned parenthoodlums are demonic.  In your maternal heart, you know this Ashleigh.  But your political side won’t let you preach it like you preach “including” another county’s and ball teams’ honorees.

When the Trinity said “Let US make man in our image”, God wasn’t kidding around.  He designed the mechanisms to best give us a glimmer, a hazy view of the love a man and a woman can have for each other, to better understand the eternal relationship the three Persons have ALWAYS had.  God did NOT create a federal gender ideology manufacturing division, creating form frazzled cloth new genders on any day ending in “y”.

Not as clinical as public 3rd graders are treated to today, but God designed the female breast to contain liquid nutrients for an alma mater, a “nourishing mother” to provide to her child.

Worldwide, breast milk saves countless lives; I know of a particular situation that breast milk saved the life of a six pound six month old child who was severely undernourished, not in Africa.  But in America.  The child is doing much better when it was discovered, by her birth mother’s cry for help, ‘failing to thrive’

This is the primary purpose of the female breast, not to be womanhandled by another woman in a manufactured relationship, or lecherous man, or fondled by a sex enslaver in Mexico or Epstein’s Love Island.  To provide nourishment even when Pete of Pete & Chase’s supply line has stymied Enfamil shipments.  God’s design.  The female breast is a sign of beauty and belongs in the intimacy of a covenant God inspired marriage not flaunted or mutilated for demons like Vanderbilt “doctors of destruction”.  Ashleigh, this IS the door you opened.

Same with the dual purpose penis; God created it to empty the male (one of the two created sexes) of liquid waste AND when the boy becomes man, marries (where two become one) in a Godly covenant wedding 2 marriage, it delivers millions of sperm through the wife’s vagina, hoping at least one will fertilize an egg.  Then, only then, nutrition, time and warmth is provided to the child, who is FULLY human from conception until birth: or demonically destroyed by devil doctors who kill Will & Jill at will for body parts.  Ashleigh, you love your daughters; but our culture’s attachment to hell’s worst thinking killing a kid before birth or as Gov “WrecKid” Ralph Northam puts it, the kid is alive on my pediatrics table. “I will consult with the mom whether she gets a baseball bat whack or a bassinette following life preserving care.”

Ashleigh, your knee jerk tweet may not have been after research: the group you want to praise to the highest hells, for mystifying odd reasons, supports chainsawing the breasts of 15 year old girls and castrating, without parent permission of course, any boy willing to engorge, like a pregnant woman’s breast, Vanderbilt Med U’s “gender affirming care” bank accounts.  They bank millions while all too many parents years later will take money from their bank account to bury their depressed, suicided daughters.

These scumbags are not true doctors: they don’t give a rip about the welfare of the eunuchs they create, minus sex organs and oddities to even PTBarnum’s circus of freaks.  Their oath is “Do NO harm…unless it’s worth the cash”.   Robbing young people of their innocence, denying them good counsel from wise adults while letting peer grooming and adult grooming to go on, is the worst kind of evil.  You must know this!  Jesus’ solution to anyone hurting children involved masonry and rope necklace and the perp tossed into a body of water.  NOT like the real prismatic rainbow signifies, but just good Godly advice.

Ashleigh, a big mistake.

But if God’s design IS natural and purposeful, the opposite must not be.  You are proud of your kids; are you proud of Pope Dementia The Last, Sister Phatima La Dyke Van Dyk or any of the other SPI guys playing girls pole dancing on a cross?

God’s design, whether in Lot’s day with the two angels blinding the locals (irony, like honoring SPI, Lot honored the local sexually hungry residents demanding the angels for their sordid perversion, by giving them his two virgin daughters to rape and pillage instead).

Or think of Noah’s fate just before the Ark is buttoned up; he took 120 full years to build, not with Black&Decker electric but hand tools, to assemble that floating zoo.  Ashleigh, God knows how many hairs you have and wants you to make good and right decisions with the power in your capable hands.  He also is very specific how to attain heaven (“The only way to the Father is through Me” etc) and you are of the lucky ones: you love Him and want to serve His plan for your life.  OR at least, like Pollyanna, I believe you do.

What of the Indulging Sistas?  They serve something but it certainly is NOT God.  You must have known this before your decision to edge out Karen Bass as the quickest woman mayor in SoCal to get a hero reward in the hands of Sister X?  What other reason makes any sense on earth?

SPI and their theater groupings performed various offerings at the Palace as part of the late night “nocturnal emissions series”.

Since, early sex indoctrination and anatomically correct is now faire for our 4th graders, ‘nocturnal emissions’ is when the male sex ejaculates due to masturbation or a semi conscious dream.  Cute play name for the SPI guys.

Anecdotally, the Angels of Light appeared in a mock nativity in 1970 at Grace cathedral.  BTW, a lit candle, not darkness is a good thing: the real Nativity took place in the City called House of Bread (trans lation of Beth’Lehem.)  Jesus, as you know, is known, not for Piss Christ, but being the Bread of Life.

Bethlehem is NNEast 270 miles away from the center of the world (Giza) along the 26 degree etc angle known as the Christ Angle

Artist rendering of the 144,000 mirror bright coverstones before the “Border Fire in the Middle” Giza (Isaiah 19: 19-20) was ransacked for building materials

Unlike the purloined rainbow flag, God designed His permanent marker, currently the world’s largest object at the exact Center of the world, to point to said city 26 degrees, 18 minutes and 9.63 seconds away.

Ashleigh, you sang about it as a child with the tune of “O Little Town of Bethlehem”.  Believe you me, the splendor and MAGIstry of that Holy Night infinitely outshines the SPI guygirls mock performances, demeaning the hope of salvation history.

Just curious, did you give homage to the Indulging Sisters officially or due to personal preference, Ashleigh?

On Easter weekend 1979, three men dressed as nuns with habits they had procured from a convent in Iowa under the guise that they were going to stage a presentation of The Sound of Music, made their appearance on Castro Street.  I wonder if Julie Andrews’ Sister Maria was reprised for the performance?

Their Hunky Jesus beauty pageant continues to mock that which you love, Ashleigh, the Creator of the universe, 2nd person of the Blessed Trinity and the God Whom you hopefully are teaching your offspring about daily.

Hunter’s dad, Pelosi and Newsom are not the only reprobate CAtholics who mock their Creators; someday, when you face your Xavier/Savior (NOT Becerra, who also has three girls and said he would welcome one of them killing his grandchild some day being a man of principle) at the final and your particular judgement, Ashleigh what will be your answer be about this decision?

“Sorry Lord, I thought gay pride’s religious orders were a wholesome thing to honor in my official capacity as the first woman in 160+ years to hold the gavel in Anaheim.”    In the chess game of life, it is your next move before June 7th.

The Dodgers flinched and reinstated (Jen Horn and Joel Pollack agree “flipflopping” makes you look indecisive & weak) the community HERO award during proud boys pretend to be girls’ month on the same incredibly beautiful feast of the most Precious Heart, June 16th.  Bishops Barron, Gomez and Vann have spoken out about this sacrilege but who are they in mayoral politics?

During our 40 years of  Catholic homeschooling, I admit our kids have had less susceptibility as the public ed indoctrinated children in America and not learned how to pull latex over our home grown cucumbers/zucchini green at age 9 or digest tons of pornographic graphics showing all the finest positions and methods of preverted, kid grooming, sex from hell publications by 5th grade.

For that, you must relinquish your rights daily at the school drop off lane.  Every parent homeschools from birth until X.

Please believe me, Ashleigh, humbly, we are not arrogant or elitist…just blessed to have made that choice.

Ill prepared, 58 million were forced to practice homeschooling when Herr HairGel dictated that infamous March 2020 “No more school or church” as if the Newsom Twosome had any right to destroy the private sector like they were gods.

Truth is, ALL parents homeschool from birth; they just choose the same or a different path later on in parish based Catholic ed, other private schooling, charter or Calif. Dept of Education public engorged with a monopoly ie billions in parents’ tax dollars.

Why are you trying to beat the Dodgers and LA’s new mayor Bass’ June 16th Proud Boys playing Girls night?  To get points with your Dem Left friends or be a true leader? 

I have faith in you Ashleigh…I really do. 

Don’t be a reed blowing in the wind.  Be the first and not the last woman in the center seat of the Council chambers. Clarify please.

Might I give you some final background before the June 7th Angels event comes about?  There is a hidden reason this is a foolish, though rookie, boo boo.  You missed the truth behind the symbols God has instilled down through His pre Covenant, Old Testament and Salvation History in His world.

Mrs. Aitken Penn, Symbols, like Words, have meanings.  Often, others who misuse them KNOW they are.

Regarding the pride folks fave symbol:  For example, you weren’t there, but God reduced the number of humans, members of the ONE human race, to just eight using the most plentiful substance on earth: water.  As most cultures around the world have evidence, the flood narrative was a total world wide recreation while the waters covered every human outside the life saving Ark.  I’m not God.  I don’t pretend to understand God as Trinity nor His purposes.  OR why He destroyed so many but kept the righteous few, four couples to repopulate the earth after the waters subsided.  Today, we are hell bent not to follow God’s math, to multiply, but depopulate due to the fraud the earth can’t “sustain” population when the opposite is true: fossil fuels, like CO2 and your three girls are Gifts from a benevolent God who wants everyone happy for all eternity. Ashleigh, this is why you must major in the majors and leave the minors to others.  YOU WLL always be!  Hopefully, everyone you know will be there with you. But neither am I a drag nun theologian or God’s conscience.  He has revealed what He wants of us to live that forever.  Yes heaven exists.  So does hell, Ashleigh!

Look at the graphic: Eight is Jesus’ number and His Name in the Greek numerically is 888. (in case Rosary didn’t teach this, but both the Hebrew and Greek alphabets  have assigned numbers to each letter.

When used in salvation history and Biblical events, eight(8) represents resurrection, rejuvenation, renewal; just as Mr Ohtani’s number 17 represents ‘victory’.

3 is Trinity perfection, 7 completeness, 12 the number of governance.  40 (days of Lent, Jesus tempted; 40 years Israelites roamed the Egyptian wilderness, 40 days between Resurrection and Ascension) is the number of probation and testing…

Not every number, but sooo many.  God designed His universe as a beautiful woven fabric not a static 2 dimensional pic.  Examples, briefly, like there are 7 whole notes and then repeated with #8 when Doe of Doe Re Mi is continued with harmonics. Play piano? “C” one ‘octave’ up is the same note but in a different range; seven days in the week, etc.

God’s design is infinitely complex and focused on one thing: getting the Michaels, Ashleighs, Collettes to heaven following Christ.  Not following the godless who mock God, the Being Who loves them despite their actions.  Yes, Jesus died even for the SPI guys.

Take three.  You have three young girl type kids and your handsome hubby; recall that Savior Xavier Becerra has three daughters.  In fact, Mark and Priscilla Zuckerberg finally had their third daughter before they bought 3 MILLION abortions via PP Silicon Valley with a modest donation of $966 million from their piggy bank.  Think about that whopper: Mark and Priscilla got theirs, so they can grease the skids to depopulate 3 million other deserving wombs. Ashleigh, you may not know, but Priscilla also LOST 3 kids to miscarriage; always a devastating experience…a few of my grandkids were miscarries by the way.  Fully human, though smaller and now gone.  Why could the Zucks be so heartless?

The Zucks’ actions is similar to the difficulty in honoring the SPI guys: what they stand for is not the same as the actions they take.

California is losing thousands to UHaul transport and millions to satanic doctors of death at Margaret Sanger’s killing fields of nightmare and death.  So the Facebook founder & wife got theirs, their 3 little girls.  Now 3 million preborns will die because they happen to be conceived in Californian wombs (and the other 49 states when Newsoms lure them here to empty their wombs through birth canals after killer accurate knifings.  Currettes (med term for abortionist knives) ARE more deadly than guns, it seems.  But guns kill people but like currettes, most times, there is a sociopath putting the weapon into play.

No brag, just truth.  Ashleigh, the reason for all this minutiae is purposeful, to see that God IS watching you and hopes, as I do, you will be a true stateswoman. You have the gavel.  Use it wisely.  Do the great things you have developed as a fighter for the vulnerable, like child porn victims, in a storied career.

Please understand, I do NOT hate anyone.  But disagreeing with another human being is not hate; it is discourse, dialogue and discussion.

The earth, like during Lot’s time with Sodom and Gomorrah, had gone excessively sinful in His Eyes; corrupt and most perverted as Paul tells us in Hebrews; God had Noah take 120 years (yes chronological years) to build a floating zoo called the Ark to preserve His handiwork: animals and people.   What has this to do with drag queen nuns?  Read on for the perfect proof of purposefulness in your decision Ashleigh.

Bio-scientifically, atmospheric physics style and not this carbon dioxide climate change balderdash, it had NOT rained on the earth during PreDeluvian (flood) times and before those 40 days of massive eruption of waters from below and above.

Scientists surmise we were covered by a ‘vapor canopy’ (undigested ferm in mammoths in Siberia eg.)  that had contributed, like SPF 10,000 sunblock, to keep cellular degeneration in check and mankind alive for 700-900 year lifespans.

Tropics worldwide meant no rain or need for it; otherwise the trans rainbow would have existed BEFORE the floating zoo of Noah.

After the rains came, life spans declined fast, with Noah straddling the times on earth.  Ashleigh, if you have a Bible, you can read the family histories in Genesis.   When you plot the graph of these life spans, a remarkable picture sits in front of you.

Never heard this before?  No, I don’t sniff glue like Joe sniffs girl hair in DC, nor smoke marijuana; these are easily verifiable truths.  But…

Anyways, once the rains stopped, God put a photobiologic prismatic image in the sky as a reminder He promised never to destroy the earth again with water.  You may have seen one, whether in the sky or carried by Kamalala “Giggles” in a parade: 

He called it a “rainbow“. AND He never gave it up!

The physical symbol He STILL owns, appearing throughout the ages, this rainbow reminds us of His promises to the created beings He loved and promised eternity to: mankind. 

What did the “LGB-TQXYZ+ any new letters2day” voluntary association of humans do to God’s most important signed promise?  Took it like they had a right to it.

Stole or co-opted the rainbow, emblazing it on flags, shirts, tattoos etc.  To honor God?  Hardly.  To honor sex with anything that moves…and sometimes, with necromantics, beings that have died already. 

Ashleigh, YOU COULD BE A GREAT LEADER.  Don’t give up on yourself.

Double irony and bizarre, despite your friends (I have “gay” friends too, Miss Ashleigh) misguided re-creation of humanity, God created just two sexes: male and female.  Binary used to be early computer term for ones and zeroes, in base 2 number system.  Just another misappropriated leftist term.

NOT 60 and growing “genders” or avatars in the vast and growing earthly realm I call the “Pretenders”.  And Ashleigh, believe me, God knows what He is doing.  And He is NOT pleased.

Take any of your daughters and yourself: you each have 30-75 trillion cells, divided into ten systems, formed in tissues, interconnected into organs.

Michael is obviously handsome and he DID marry up, but he is remarkably different: he cannot yield kids, only you can.  No matter how hard they try, whether the college of gender ideology and invented phrases or Vanderbilt’s basement Iron Maiden that mutilates for moolah victimized teens.

Your reproductive system has miraculously yielded three beautiful future mothers (or religious nuns or transgendered into men men, depending how you as parents raise them…their choice)… of course “pride is inclusive”.  Are you practicing alternate preferred personal pronouns yet with your offspring?  Are you teaching them graphic male to male or female to female “sex”?      Crickets…no answer?

Didn’t think so!

God has given you and Michael primary responsibility as  to how you educate them since birth; the same for all parents.

You studied hard at USC for your law degree and might have missed the Code of Canon Law and Catholic catechism.  In a concise paragraph 2223, the truth why parents, not necromantic Vanderbilt mutilators, are responsible for decisions regarding THEIR children.  “In loco parentiis” is NOT the province of Big Med, Big Pharma or the devil.  I know, a bit of redundancy there.  Rosary Hi probably didn’t teach you this from the CCC:

CCC paragraph 2223>” Parents have the first responsibility for the education of their children. They bear witness to this responsibility first by creating a home where tenderness, forgiveness, respect, fidelity, and disinterested service are the rule. The home is well suited for education in the virtues.”

NOT the silly AOC, “Giggles” Kamala or the Biden Crime Family or LAUSD/UTLA or whiny Weingarten.  YOU and the man you said “YES!” to, are the sovereigns in your beautiful girls’ lives; just as Mary said YES to God’s call on her heart to be the Mother of His Son’s entrance into the universe on earth.

Historically, God created millions of planets and billions of stars formed in galaxies in his 553 sextillion mile wide universe; trillions of insects, it seems… but only TWO humans, one of each sex.  NOT 12 first couples to pretend we have more than one race.

Though your party likes to race pimp, there is only ONE HUMAN RACE, and I know this because I am the grandpa of five beautiful black children and each of them seem to have two arms, legs, one heart, head and smile. I know, not every human has two hands, like my friend, Tony Melendez, who is missing both arms and plays an excellent guitar with his feet.  As he did for Pope Saint John Paul the Great in 1987 at Universal Studios.

Appendages don’t make the man or woman; it’s their design which no power on earth can change to its perfect complement of man, a woman.

Yes, we must be amiable to the transitioning (trans) people on earth; but we need not mislead them claiming we “tolerate” their pride boys2girls ideas.  Mature adults can speak the truth in love and be kind; spoiled children, as you know, cannot.  When they want something, they WANT something…NOW!

Ashleigh, do you wonder why He chose to fill His planet by human multiplication unlike the cockroaches and spiders? One at a time; or in multiple births, one through eight. But, not by lab, coming soon to a hospital near you in 2030.

He wanted each of us, as you and Michael are experiencing, to physically experience a shadow of the eternal beautiful relationship the Trinity has had for all eternity past. “Two becoming one” is not another Boolean Algebra form; it is REAL. God wanted you and the man you love to experience the best human inter-relationship possible with all the side benefits and opportunity for love, service, joy, watching your kids (your three, my 11, Lora Lee’s 13) become respectful productive members of this world.

We are, as you read this, sitting in the middle of the eternals. 100 years or so (if not aborted) on earth, forever and ever and ever and even more forever in heaven.  OUR choice.

The transitioning humans, like the Lost Boys of Peter Pan days, need our actual love and humble wisdom, not a token “honoring”.  We do no mutilated teen good service by continuing the lie; someday, like the girl who regrets her double breasted hack off, they will need even more help to keep them away from suicide.

Mark these words, Mayor.  Mark these words.

Sad thing is, the godless recreators of the LGBetc philosophy believe they have a right to redefine sex, life and love. AND the human race. Do you believe the same?

When you pray at night with Michael and the girls, do you pray for His plan for your life or as a ‘reed in the political winds’; do you pray to Gaia, or from the SPI HallowQueen event like Sister Embellisha Helluvalotta, Sister Mystie Grey, Pope Dementia The Last, Sister Phatima La Dyke Van Dyk, Sister Penny Costal, Sister Zsa Zsa Glamour, Sister Mae B. Hostel or Sister Dana Van Iquity?  No, these aren’t rappers but the names of actual SPI guys you might honor one June 7th

I know, I know this rant is really long, but truth sometimes takes longer to learn than pretending.

Speaking of co-opted things, the word “gay” co-opted a form of joy term that for centuries was used in community conversation, Flintstone themes and Christmas carols.  Maybe because “homosexuality” takes too long to specify but like Evian spelled backwards, we are naivE to think it was accidental.

NO accidents in the transgender benders redo; your Pope Benedict sees it as hell’s final push to destroy the family and human goodness the Creator Godhead put into play; he could be right.   Are you honoring His plans by your acts?

SPI doesn’t rub crucifixes in their crouches for fun; or play the victim for sympathy…or create a whole Bizarro corrupt tradition/imagery of Jesus, His Bride the Catholic Church, the Eucharist, true Love for God and others, and other distortions of  all things good, just because they are bored.  They follow a dysfunctional, dysphoric.

I know the Dems Ministry of True Etymology are geniuses at creating emotive words and phrases quicker than a Ohtani steal or Trout autograph to a young person. Trout never disappoints a young fan.

We hear these daily word inventions incessantly.  But, they have consequences far beyond the DNC meetings.

Children learn this victim game early but we parents, whether for the misguided be ing scammed by the evil and powerful, must have the courage to speak truth to power out of love. 

Who’d have thought the mutilation medical Eddie Scissorhands ‘transgender’ surgeons for example could play Cartel sex enslaving terrorists severing both breasts and penises for profit and despair.  These demons “assume” they know best for 15 year olds, irreversibly destroying God’s Design and work, leading to ruined lives, depression and suicide once they grow wiser.  By then, the checks are long cashed but the damage is done…permanently.  Ashleigh, this is what you support by omission as well as commission.  But it is NOT impossible to snatch the grounder before it hits the outfield.  Speak the truth.  Certainly, convene before the date certain embarrassment will ensue, a meeting with your six colleagues. You all have smiles on the and are a great team leading this fine city once home to Rory.

Ashleigh, for the record:

EVERY puberty blocked, transgender mutilated teen will live with some  despair and depression for a lifetime; much like a teen mother who aborts, never kicks the emotional, as well as physical, pain…some will die by suicide and we adults will be too late.

Meanwhile, your Democrats, Planned Parenthood and the gender surgical center money grubbers will long have cashed the checks while the teen and the abortive mother live with poor abilities to have good relationships let alone ever have a child.

Few girls mutilated for gender affirming care will ever HAVE a child and trust me, the boys like Rochelle and Sammy who pretend to be women will have a child.  Pretend or biologic.

Loneliness, broken encounters, even suicide are coming.  As inevitable as death, taxes and mistakes we all make.

As a four decade youth director, DRE, Faith Formation and youth minister in your Church, these are observations NOT hyperbola.

Ignore the advice if you must, Ashleigh, but we need you to be the adult in the Council chambers, Tuesday night gatherings, your church and your domestic church: the home you and Michael are living and loving as your girls grow.  Your girls need you to be wise not a ‘go with the flow’ prostitician.

Think about this: Karen was paid, when you were young, to temporarily be “in loco parentiis” when your mom and dad went on a date; once Wiley cashed her out at evenings’ end, her role in your childcare and growth ended for that day.

However, when we confirm fraud, distortion and anti-God rhetoric and actions, like the euphemistically named “gender affirming care”,  we are almost just as culpable.  We place a burden on transitioned (better called “mutilated”) kids for life…maybe for eternity.  It’s the same, when we don’t speak truth, even if its 200,000 strong in Haight Asbury, to help another singular race human being, make good decisions

As to prostiticians, we have plenty of those, no matter what letter follows a name, like D or I or R or T.  Ashleigh, this need not be you.

Do you realize how sad misdirection, lies and deceit cause the destruction of not only families, but also the American dream?

Wise Adults like the Aitken family and Council, need to have the courage to right the wrongs and educate (NOT indoctrinate) free willed humans created for much more than mocking God’s infinite Designs.   Even The Pretenders need our help…they really do, even if they don’t realize it while mocking Jesus groping an acting drag Q on wood.

Frankly, we could have done better in dealing with an immunity compromising disease in the 70s-80s, just as we should not have worshipped the medical maniac Pfizer Pfauci’s science monopoly, leading into the greatest systemic medical science suppression and malpractice in history, back then or 20 years later with son of Mao Tse Tung.

As you might now realize, this followed Mao Tse-Xi’s (pronounced “say cheese”) Plague, the Wuhan bioterror weapon aerosolized and  installed into 11 million Wuhan victim incubators then released.

Suppressing successful alternate therapies killed thousands, maybe millions, because it was done to push for a “vaccine” that never came instead of in parallel.  I know of which I speak but again, something for another time.  The point is there are unintended consequences, bad and good, in our decisions.  Some we have control, others well out of our control.

Fear not if you love Pfauci: he won’t see prison, but Fauci remains the “droplets” evil pusher; being a 40 year homeschooler, I can talk to this issue without bias but good results.  Three friends are alive because I convinced them their first action was getting a second opinion and it worked.  Believing a lie helps no one, even a wannabeSenator from Burbank Schiffty who lives full time in Maryland.  The immature science deniers STILL don’t believe Strombectol is more than horse dewormer or Hydroxychloroquine isn’t a fish tank cleaner; I am a human guinea pig whose daily protocol involves stuff Dr Pfaucinstein and his monsters banned, leading to the unnecessary death of thousands.

Ashleigh, understanding the history and etymology is so important today, especially with the national phrase/words du jour department of your declared party. They certainly aren’t the Verbum Dei. 

Another oddity, the loony left’s push for DEI (translates “of God” as in Mater Dei or Mother of God…we Servites are the Servants of Mary.)  is really: Diversity Inclusion Equity, such innocent sounding words, are abstracted as D.I.E.  With ESG, D.I.E. is the quickest path to a blessed America’s demise.

You can be an incredible stateswoman, or just another one term political hack.

YOU, not I nor hubby Michael, or other members of the Council can do it for you.  Your fellow Catholic councilmember, Mr Faessel, can assist, for he is a good man.  But Franklin Graham recently remarked, “Every demon has been set loose on earth”.  He may have a salient point…

But it is between you and God.  I hope you wake up from your ESG and DIE wokeness in time to really lead OUR city.

I’ve only been in the city for 65 years, continue to promote kindness acts and helping others.  I just don’t promote tucked penises at Target, or Mulvaney Bud Light, costing what, $6.6 billion in lost sales, because men don’t like perv impersonations by a sick man dressed up as a tweeny Valley Girl.

How fast did Target target yet pretend to dump their pee pee tuck swimsuits because the silent majority ie parents are no longer sleeping.  Even in Anaheim.  Well, Target appeared to get the message, perversions were not acceptable.

Speaking of unintended bad consequences, since you didn’t ask, part of the ReCreation of mankind,  look at Public Law No. 92‑318, 86 Stat. 235.

Title IX was in place to prevent sex discrimination in athletics or lose fed funds.  Today, we have total loser male swimmers and runners pretending (there’s that word again) they are your “girl next door” as they physically shove girls off the platform and out of their hard worked-for trophies and scholarships.  Ever hear the arrogance of loser Lie Thomas after deplatforming yet another amazing truly female swimmer from her scholarship and success?  Worth a hear.

Just as the 14th amendment has zero to do with the bankruptcy plan of the Dem Left Obamanation, title nine was not intended to let loser boys become taller loser fake women to steal the light and NCAA trophies.

Talk about idiots running the asylum!  The letter D may have value to you after your name, but I can’t believe you don’t realize how much of hell, such as killing off perfectly formed prebirth children while school districts are hurting for kids and millions are leaving the state.

Only in America, when a guy finishes 30th in his biologic male sports category, then #1 in his fake Pretender athlete role as a 6’4″ Amazon water girl, its time’s up for wise and mature adults to out these loser lost boys like Li Thomas.

A real woman named Riley Gaines does NOT deserve her fate, because human loser politicians dictate that God sucks at creating only TWO sexes.  Don’t join The Pretenders melodrama, Ashleigh.  God has much more important things for you.

What has this to do with Anaheim welcoming Drag actors to our stadium?  Can’t help you if you don’t see it.

As you know, Ashleigh, unbridled power is a much more dangerous and toxic elixir than Fentanyl.   

Ashleigh, be very careful with HOW and WHY you wield your power. You ARE walking a high wire between right and wrong, what God sees as a blessing or a curse.  And yes, like all of us leaders, you ARE in the bright lights.

Your FIRST LOVE was Jesus I believe.

I hope He still is; your baptismal promises, though spoken by another, do not disappear but being a part of the Party of Slavery going back to 1854 can be dangerous for your eternals.  Look at the depravity of Mr and Mrs Newsom and how they turned out, with one step in the presidential campaign and the other in hell.

AS you know, Fentanyl is not as deadly(especially with Narcan) and completely irreversible, as Gov HairGel and First Princess Hairbrushette Jen’s demonic love for FetalKyl (abortion knives and drugs) used on the totally innocent and defensible.

It is carved in oak on your Democrat platform: Killing preborn fully formed babies (Fetal Kill) is spawned NOT in heaven or SPI or even the DNC covens, but directly out of hell.

Ashleigh, lead as a stateswoman, not a Neo-Democrat.  Your Democrat Blessed Sacramento first couple colleagues reach across 49 states like aberrant Cartel sex trafficking style perverts grooming and attracting teen moms of preborns to KILL their young in blessed Sacramento or Andy’s Anaheim;  then allow baby organs and parts resold through their Covered California planned parenthoodlum businesses.  Recall, the $7 million settlement for organ sales with OCDA Rukaukas including PP and Davinci Bio?

You have 3 daughters, just like that sad political hack HHS dir formerly of California, named for our Savior and spewing poison since St Joseph day March 19, 2021.

Xavier Becerra, I hope is NOT your hero or mentor Dem policy maker.  Fact is, our capital is named for the Eucharist, the true name for the Catholic Mass, with Blessed Sacramento cathedral on the blessed Sacramento River.

You may never thought of the capital as Eucharist, but maybe its the same with cities like St. Ana, St Francis, St John Diego, St Clement, St Louis.  It’s almost as if California was colonized Catholic by St Junipero Serra.  Almost forgot, SPI’s fave Santa Cruz, or Saint Cross, the object they like to hate on and slither up with a children’s book in the other hand.

Ashleigh, your family and you contend you are standing up for the children, a good thing.  As a three decade, youth minister from three parishes (ST Callistus now Christ Cathedral, St Anthony Claret and Holy Family proto Cathedral), I have always fought for protecting the innocence of our young.

By promoting SPI, a side bene is you are promoting the grooming of the young into homosexuality, chainsawing teen breasts and penises, ie mutilating the young Temples of the Holy Spirit for adult perversions.

This last is another DEMonic democrat offering of Gavin & Gender Fluidics filmmaker Jen, not to mention their AborTours Inc. without parental oversight or permission.  At least when the Mex Cartels destroy a teen, they don’t do it under the umbrella of reproductive rights.  Never met a “reproductive” on the streets, have you?

Yes, your invitees at SPI have been involved in various causes, including the promotion of safer sex,  raising money for HIV/AIDS and breast cancer research, Gay Games, Haight Ashbury Free Clinics and other things like earthquake relief.

But, permission Ashleigh to speak candidly.  Homosexuality (probably not taught at Rosary) on a bio science basis involves men shoving their erected penises, not into Target tuck swimsuits, but inside the anal orifices of other men’s toxic bowels, ie unsanitary sharing of poop.  Alinsky style, if I mentioned that unsanitary “sex” weakened the immune systems, especially at the bath houses and unbridled sharing of organs; the try to make it a general hetero disease failed but these sad souls still needed help and mercy.

Eventually, when penile penetration does not satisfy, fisting involves, seeking higher levels of titilation, shoving a guy’s fist yes up the butt of another brother. In the past, I would feel it inappropriate to share this graphically, but since SIECUS and teachers’ unions now push and few parents object, it’s in all too many school rooms and libraries as it was an adult bookstore of a few decades ago.  Ashleigh, you know the titles.  If you don’t, you better brush up because this sickness is not going away.

Check our libraries and pubic school curricula, to see it’s no longer “Heather has two mommies”: the pornographic offerings onslaught of anti-God’s creative Design is pandemic.

There is good reason parents are finally waking up at school boards across America to the fact they, not the godless led UTLA BLM Cicely teachers’ unions’ thugs, the Queen TUTs, are the “primary educators of their children”.  Just as you and Michael are for your precious ones.

And how ANY parent can allow, let alone foster, their 10 year old son’s penis removed, drugged with puberty interruptus or their 15 year old daughter’s breasts chainsawed off and put in Vanderbilt or Boy2Girl Inc. trophy cases.  Yes they have trophy cases.

These are life ENDING ‘injections’ of life long miseries, depression even suicidal tendencies to perfectly fine youth.  The difference is we adults NOT being adults and allowing this to happen in supposed medical institutions and “gender affirming health” facilities is just every day satanism.

Ironic, AIDS resulted from sharing unsanitary openings in men, as well as shared needles, because you weaken your immune system by doing stupid.  Instead of being wise, it became a political football.  San Francisco’s Bath anonymous penis sharings eventually slowed down.  This is the heritage you want to honor at Our Lady Queen of Angels Angels stadium in Ana’s Home.

Ashleigh, EVERY death is a tragedy but you can’t help someone who refuses help or is captivated by their opinion of what “sex” is.  But you can give wise advice.

You were too young then, but it was not prejudicial judging when back in the 70s and 80s many of us pleaded with people to stop doing pretend sex sharing dicks and needles.  Tolerance often is deadly for the ignorant if not tempered with wisdom and selfless love. You are a parent: you know what I mean

THE LINE HAS BEEN CROSSED.  But when young vulnerable teens are groomed into the perversion of gender assignment surgery, AKA as destroying young lives trying to change from male to female to enrich Boston or Vanderbilt U surgeons and other evil MDs, IT’S TIME TO BE THE  MAYOR YOU HAVE PREPARED YOURSELF TO BE.

Is your model for Anaheim youth they are taught boy to boy penis penetration at 8?   If it is, then you match the National ManBoy Love Assoc. mantra of “sex before eight or its too late” promotion of pedophilia and the other fancy names for perverted distortion of God’s perfect design for procreation and multiplying the species.  Love’s Island  and Mr Jeffries imported into our schools and cities.

You are the Mayor.  You have the right to self promote by honoring SPI and their pub crawl, involving 13 ‘stations of the cross’, to gay bars (shh don’t tell them there are 14 stations ending with His death on the Cross.)  Of course, they emulate, parody and mock all things Catholic.

You might ask why is it ok to misappropriate Catholic culture?  If Mohammad was being parodied, as well as tenets of Islam, would you have so quickly publicly invited an anti-Muslim group to pride month on the field of dreams?

Ashleigh, you wouldn’t have to decide since no Salman Rushdie types exist on earth long enough.  We Catholics, like the chosen people Israelites were how God revealed Himself, are the keeper of the source and summit, Jesus’ Bride, the Church, both as His founded Church (we celebrate Pentecost with UNLOCKED doors this year).

We endure much but by mocking our faith, traditions, religious group (nun) formation, SPI and others injure themselves and their disciples: not you or I.  But becoming complicit is not a wise move.

I hope this unforced error is your last, Ashleigh, but grotesque depravity you are honoring, is not how a stateswoman does her best.

This posted letter is too long, but God’s hopes and dreams go back to 2nd Creation, the universe that followed the creation of the angels.  Yes, Angels.

God even placed the world’s largest object at the center of the world, where it remains, to point to His Son being offered, in the stars, in people starting in Bethlehem and ending 3 days after Jesus’ Crucifixion.  NOT on the cross being groped and fondled by a member  of your honorees, the Sisters of the Perpetual Indulgence.

Or doing the 13 stations of the pub crawl cross as savagely sacrilegious as possible so Ashleigh can honor you at Our Lady Queen of the Angels Angels stadium.  It won’t end here Ashleigh.

Target employed a satanic designer for their penile tuck swimsuit designs, the Northface outdoors using a self pronounced lesbian, a teen girl impersonating guy named Mulvaney just cost Bud Lost $6.6 billion, the list is long and growing in these ESG DIE times.

Ashleigh, wishing you the best.  But, don’t be herded with those that destroy children’s bodies better known as temples of the Holy Spirit, and mutilate them for their sordid sick satanist demonic oppressions with evil perversity.

Only God could change the sex of one of His humans; we can play pretend god and wack off peepees (a la Cheech and Chong) or chainsaw supple young girls’ breasts, turning them into PTBarnum oddities they will NEVER recover from.

Suicide is NOT painless, friend.

You had a dream wedding and growing family, have a great husband and father.  Honor that, not by accepting evil as good but speaking truth to power, even if the power is fleeting and transitory.  Fear not, both St Padre Pio or Pope St. John Paul the Great, spoke to us.  Follow their advice or you will be a one term reed in the wind.  Do great things and help Anaheim stay out of the septic tank of the death culture.

Ashleigh, I am NOT your enemy though I doubt you would ever number me as a friend.  That’s ok because tough love, as with our children, is the truth we are NOT to be friends but parents who speak and act the truth. Friendly, yes and welcoming, of course.  But way too many parents have divorced themselves as their amazing role as parents and the children suffer.  Boy do they suffer.

I will Rory err Root for you, Ashleigh.  You probably don’t remember her, but Karen says “Hi!”  I am sure she’d love to see you again though she lives in another city.

Len Beckman 

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Jen, is He still your King, this King of the Jews?

Jen, is He still your King, this King of the Jews?

The blue line marks the compass “needle”, measured at 26 degrees 18 minutes and 9.63 seconds, heading over the Exodus pillars and Bethlehem 270 miles away. Jerusalem 5.5 miles from Jesus’ birthplace

This Good Friday in the Year of the Lord (Anno Domini) 2023, the sun rose and passed over the Center of the World only to set, as the Holiest of Saturdays sets in.

We know that Center spot, easily calculated, as the resting place, for millennia, of the world’s largest constructed object called, in English, “Border Fire in the Middle”.

This phrase translates to the Giza Pyramidos or just Giza.  Google it, it lines up perfectly with your Google Earth screen.  Today,  as its remnant pile of cut stones silently sits as a noble sentry in the desert of Cairo, Egypt, it magnificence as a Catholic/Christian salvation history marker lives on.

Yes, its deteriorated form remains, but most of its 144,000 mirrored hard limestone, polished bright, have been “shoplifted” and repurposed throughout the Middle East. No charges were filed as in San Francisco and NYC for the crimes over centuries, but alas, no blockbusting thief could steal its inner secrets.

Just like the Holy One, the Eternal Savior, Jesus, is pointed to by its built in directional vector/compass needle pointer, called the “Christ Angle”, Jesus the King of kings, reigns from above.

He not we, remains the Center of All things. Yes, this huge irregular pile of 20-50 ton precisely cut stones IS still operational.   Interestingly, as the sun passed over on Holy Thursday, both the old Pass-over (April 5th) and the New Pass-over (April 6th) we call the Last Supper, where the Eucharist was first celebrated; these Nissan Hebrew month festivities, were again re-enacted with both Seder and Holy Mass.

Funny how the ancient peoples and world STILL is relevant in our “modern” culture today.

Jen, fear not.  Today, we face crises upon crises in our blessed land, not OF the brave but BECAUSE of the brave, and yet God is watching and in control.  Fear not, said both St Padre Pio and Pope St John Paul the Great.   God has NOT abandoned us, though we as a race abandoned Him.  Today, it’s like on steroids as our culture of death and misery blacks out the joy and purpose of the blessings of a great country AND life.

For the record, as you read this, Giza is still many things: today, perfectly symmectrical to the four corners, the four cardinal directions, North South East West. so in essence it is the world’s compass.  Its compass “needle” STILL points 270 miles away to Bethlehem along its 26 degree, 18 minute and 9.63 second arc “route”: first pointing to both the post pass-over Exodus entry and exit points, marked with Solomon’s pillars and then the city of Jesus’ birth, ie the House of Bread (translation of Beth’Lehem). Please stay with me, Jen, this is YOUR journey too.  By the way, the distance from His birthplace and His place of crucifixion is a mere 5.5 miles.

And His amazing public ministry lasted but 3 years time

Ironically, this giant marker/compass etc sits at both the center of Egypt and its border (Giza actually means “border” and nothing to do with the pharaohs, believe it or not).

Recall, there were TWO Egypts (see Isaiah 19:19-20 who described this object millennia ago and Isaiah, by the way, prophesized a large number of the 600+ prophecies that point to the Christ, a mathematical impossibility for man.  But NOTHING is Impossible for God!)

Giza, as the MOST brilliant spot on earth, it was and is a “beacon of hope”; it was a part of the Magi’s astronomical journey back when its mirror stones were still in place), a “beacon of hope and fire” visible from the moon, especially at its brightest on the First Day of Spring in the northern hemisphere. 

The Exodus pillars of Solomon

Think about the Trinity’s precision from all eternity.  Restating: Giza’s compass needle points 270 miles away, precisely first over the the Exodus points marked by Solomon’s Pillars (today one is a flag in Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea banks, As you read this, because of our inept corrupt leadership, the Saudis just aligned with Russia, China, Iran and others thanks to our “American ‘Theodan’ of Rodan (Lord of the Rings) Joseph, named for the famous foster father of Jesus. Joseph Rosinette Biden.

Sadly, he emulates Judas more than Washington, Lincoln even Trump by betraying all that is good about our covenant land founded in 1776.

Should you check the continuing calendar of the Jews, at, we are in their lunar year 5783;, you will notice Erev Pesach the “First Passover” takes place this year on the 13th day of Nissan/Abib. As it is ALWAYS celebrated per the Torah.

It has, since the first Passover celebrated by these, the Chosen People, by God’s request, continued to be the 13th of Nissan.  This year, it coincides with my beloved God daughter and grandchild’s10th birthday, St Philomena of Texas, daughter of Brian Henritze and my oldest daughter Amanda whose name translates to “be loved”, still a precious princess.

  Her sister, Larissa, whom I call Little Queen, is be loved as well as all our 11 children and 22 grandkids are.  This narrative is on purpose, Jen, to show that the past is still very relevant at this time of hope, destruction, blessings and rebuilding our land.  The Bible chronicles history, accurate geneologies and sound principles in its 73 books.

Jen, is He still your King, this King of the Jews?  Please put on your “Christ like lenses” and watch fascinating events unfold.

When the First Good Friday commenced, Jen, we know with a little detective work from the very relevant Deuteronomy, Exodus and Gospel(Good NEWS!) of the beloved Apostle John, who was assigned the first crucifixion day as Mary’s son by the crucified Savior on the timbers above.

Evaluate what you believe and hear. For years we/you hear Friday the 13th as bad luck.  Yet, Golgotha’s excruciating Passion and Death (translates “ex cruciating” to ‘from the cross) events WAS the luckiest Friday the 13th day of Nissan…the day before the original Passover was to be celebrated like every Chabad/Jewish year on Nissan 14. (Deuteronomy)

Friday the 13th unlucky, Jen?  I think not!  Over time, superstition and rumor has made it thus, but that comes from the evil one trying to obscure, distort and lie about all things God and eternal.  As we replay on the American stage this year!  Never has so much deceit, lies, corruption and betrayal occurred, yet fear not Jen God IS still in charge.  Of the climate, with the pitifully minute ONE CO2 molecule per 2500 that He uses to FEED the WORLD  which the godless tyrannical green new dealers “blame” for their climate change/glbal warming long con.  And Jen of us: God build the universe for mankind, the ONE human race’s benefit.  NOT the converse. 

Flash to today  When the MadHatter DA of Manhattan falsely accused a former president on the anniversary of the original Good Friday (Nissan the 13th per chabad), Alvin acted on behalf of hell certainly not heaven. All good people can see this clearly. 

Funny, when Alvin and the ChumPunks celebrated their great “feat” on April 4, 2023, chronologically, about two millennia after that first Friday Nissan the 13th (tho not a Friday this 2023 solar year), a curious juxtapose occurred: Trump’s no Savior (he’d tell you that with Melania’s urging) but he, like 2000 years ago, is falsely accused, undefended by the feckless Republicans and virulent Democrat demons and (the godless left hope) “crucified” like Trump’s God-Son experienced on old Passover preparation day some two millennia ago. Believe this guess: Trump became pro life after his pro death stance with the help of a significant event in his life AND Melania)

We all know Trump is no saint…which seems to be a weak mantra as we point at him (forgetting we have three bloody fingers pointing back at us); but with Melania at his side, he is working towards heaven I believe, though he like all of us has flaws.  EVERY time, someone saddles another with accusations, false and true, there is a mirror facing us. 

Congenital liar Adam SChiffty Schiff, who excels at the unrequited lie daily, is fractured and like ALL of us, in need of a redeemer. Yet, is he aware just how much in danger he is in?  As does the duplicitous Alvin and all of the Obamanation’s continued abominations against American poor and working class.

Though the Democrat left leaders, who hijacked the party of slavery, and of FDR&Kennedy, excel at accusing others of what they, not the others are doing, we all fail if our names begin with a consonant or vowel.  We are the ONE human race, ALL in need of the King of the Jews.  But, Jen, as we seek righteousness, we hunger for spiritual satisfaction, we ARE on the right side of history.

His first name is numbered ‘888’

Jen, Jesus  died that first Friday the 13th that ALL of us might live…forever.  Something, American haters in the culture of death, miss:  “Where evil abounds, grace abounds much more.”  Jen, in the morning answer world, has a mission.  To help Grant see the light she was given being raised in the Catholic world (which he left); Jen, you persevered in your training, despite a teacher mom and amazing digital sound world father separating. A great grandfather you miss.  Hope for a future marriage (Jen, your mission should you decide to accept it, is to PRAY DAILY for your future husband!)

My good Catholic wife Mary went unmarried until age 55, inheriting12 kids (including me).  Yes, total nuts to say “Yes!” to Len, as the first Mary said “Yes!” in a more dramatic way to God at age 15.  In fact, Donna has miracles surrounding her early demise that shows God knew what He is doing.  No Bragg, just facts and truth.

Jen, Truth IS universal.  Like a future presidential candidate needing to honor his Nina with a ring and ceremony, to go along with the challenges of a campaign.  Remaining chaste until marriage is a tough task this day, but as I told youth over three decades of parish ministry, it is the BEST way NOT  to settle for seconds.  Grant sounds like a great dad to Wyatt, but he needs to remember that light travels so much faster than sound:  OUR kids SEE what we do much faster than hear our words sometimes made empty by our actions.

There IS room, in all of our worlds, to “perfect” ourselves, return to our first love that was destroyed for but three days two millennia ago.   God is ALWAYS inviting us back.  In our culture, with all its failings, it too often drawing us away from Eternal Truth, even though the Trinity, the prophets, the apostles show us the way IF our eyes and ears are opened. Jesus’ 3 days in the tomb reflect the “three hours” many Catholics hear each Good Friday, how the  “sun refused to shine.”  In His Story, it really happened.

Truth#1   In His Divine Mercy, He calls us all to the cross, to repentance, to reordering our lives.  Look at the Kabuki theater we live in.  The Catholic Biden, in two short years, has destroyed so much, yet he believes he deserves another chance in 2024. Obama as the titular head of the ObamaNation headquartered on Belmont Ave in DC, still believes he is in control, with his soldiers Soros and Rice, and the rest of those NOT focused on God but keeping their power and control, not realizing ALL power comes from above.  NOT themselves.  They need our prayers and pity for their self-delusion will not win out in the end.

Jen, is He still your King, this King of the Jews?   Our #22 on the infamous Jan 22…

Our family marked this year’s Jan 22nd, the 50th anniversary of RoeVwade, the law making killing kids legal but only in hell’s eyes, with a predawn birth. #22 grandchild Wesley, named for the protagonist of Princess Bride, Westley, is a unique gift this year, marking so much evil of 64 million children passing too early from our country with NEW LIFE.

A noble name choice by beloved Kieran and my #7 Rose Angel.  Westley spoke many words to Princess Buttercup, but of import are  the words of Truth #2 herein:  

   “Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.”~

As Giza appeared before the “shoplifting” occurred after an earthquake

Jen, think of these words.  Just as the modern demons reside in the culture of death, influencing, oppressing or possessing (i know not which but all evil doers are  one of these three) those that mutilate and chainsaw young girls’ breasts, castrate young men, become pretenders that men can become women to steal luggage and join evil associations like the Obamanation, or Soros’ sorcerer district attorneys and more, just as they roam and prowl for more souls to devour: DEATH FAILS like that poignant scene in Mel’s Passion of the Christ as the devil screams “NOOOOO!” when it realizes its plan was thwarted yet again.  Just as will occur in America IF we stay the course and re- rebuild our land.

The disheveled Giza, the beacon of hope that sits on the exact center of the world is still important, though it no longer shines at the Spring Equinox.  See the rendering here, with its resplendent 144,999 cover blocks

Jen, think in real time back about 2000 years: Giza, still the world’s largest light gathering object, had NO shadow each high noon at the Equinox (equal day & nite) of Spring. Today it occurs around March 21st though i believe it matched the date of Jesus’ conception and death, March 25th (Friday the 13th month Nissan in Hebrew calendaring) but for a calendar error in Julian/Gregorian.

Reasoning is logical: God knew for all eternity, He would create the 23 degree planetary slant to recreate the seasons each year.  Two solstices and two equinoxes, ON PURPOSE

Recall, Jen, the ancient peoples of Genesis tracked their ages under a total globally warm worldwide “vapor canopy” before God’s “Correction” with the Ark and the Flood of Noah’s fame.  Once the first transformative rains, including worldwide continental realignment, and rainbow, our life spans decreased rapidly. Noah’s age before (600) and after (350)  shows this crossover point of longevity.

THAT Good FRiday was different in many ways, Giza shines not because it was robbed of its glory now donning minarets and mosques: the cover casing stones angled perfectly to maximize its brilliance as the world turns from the darkness of winter to the rejuvenation, the rebirth of spring.

Jen, is He still your King, this King of the Jews? Recall your Good Friday services.  No Mass today, after what happened Holy Thursday with the neo Passover, the Last Supper.

Good Friday, recall, retells History, His Story, that  of Salvation History.  Despite the ungodly and prostiticians efforts, American has good people that need redeeming, remade in His image.  Made ‘great’ yet again, so to speak.

Jesus, geographically is the Center of the World (pointed to by the Giza Christ Angle 270 miles running through Beth’ lehem, that translates to the House of Bread, the Bread of Life, ie the Eucharist.  God leaves NOTHING  to chance if only we look with His lenses.

It points to Jesus’ birth city, maybe even His birth place, but AFTER passing over the Solomonic pillars that today mark the Exodus/Passover point where the King of the Jews’ people escaped after the 10th plague, 2-3million all escaping the first Angel of Death, when the first born Egyptians died and Ramses finally listened to Charlton Heston err Moses and the ensuing ‘passover’ events. 

Jesus is the new Passover Pascal Lamb; He is the Center of Time (BC and AD persist on, despite the Christ deniers and secularists)and more importantly Eternity,

YOUR Eternity, Jen and all who read this.  It  is no accident that we who follow Christ are known as the “Bride of Christ” or His Church.  We will live peacefully forever while so many, sadly will not.  This is why we MUST preach the eternal Good News, ignoring the slings and arrows of evil, because they “Know not what  they do”.

Do we believe Joseph Biden, or Soros or Obamanation’s Barack have a clue what is in store for their souls unless they ‘metanoia’, change their hearts to Truth?  Can anyone believe that Adam the Liar, on the occasional stop at his ONE bedroom condo on First Street in Burbank perceives what his future may be like 50 years from now?  Doubtful.

No, they WILL live forever, but in pain and misery.  EVERY woman has a choice, as every man.

Jen, you know the Truth.  Men do not, nor can they, become women.  The dangerous and misnamed “trans” movement are, like the 1996 TV show Pretenders; Pretending.  The fundamental biology and morphology of a human male and female don’t change because a demon doctor of gender mutilation wacks away.  We have a culture of pretenders, liars, cheats, disorderly etc.

The incompetent Pretender himself, Joe, has filled his “misfits cabinet” with identity chosen NO talent or experience freaks who are destroying the American way.  As of this writing this Holy Saturday, it is 577 days until this brood of vipers and carpetbaggers can be tossed out.  IF we persevere.

God is the God of Order, whose Laws endure even today.  God’s plan of  creation dictated this 553 sextillion mile wide universe was for us, not we for it. We are not just accidental tourists on Mother Nature’s globe.  And trust me, God created the climate and controls how it changes.  NOT Gore Kerry, such imbecile grifters who steal, rob and pillage, like this one third of a trillion dollars stolen by demonizing carbon dioxide, one of God’s most essential gifts of life.  The godless followers of the father of lies, the devil, will not prevail but they WILL try and destroy any semblance of sanity  in their path until they are stopped.

Jen, reason this:  Angels don’t need billions of stars or biochemical processes!  The non material angels, good and bad, did not require and the leader of the fallen, is still really ticked today, working feverishly to destroy all things God, good and human. satan does exist, just as you and I do, leading a pack of hell destined evil workers.  ‘The reason Pope Leo the 13th’s prayer to St Michael has returned at the end of most Masses, IS he is the chief among the obedience angels charged with thwarting evil’s purposes.

God the Father loves you, Jen and all of us so much He sent his Eternal Son to earth that we might learn the Good News and NOT perish but receive ETERNAL LIFE.  This, the greatest verse in Bible History,  is more than a John 3:16 sign in the end zone for the cameras. It is why we MUST witness the Love (as Giza has been for 4600 years the silent witness, the  beacon, altar, compass etc) we have inside to all we know and PRAY heartily for them. 

Moms, dads, Alvins, Biden, Obama, Clinton crime family members as well as those who don’t serve satan. AND those that do.  Path is narrow:  Live chastely until we put a ring on Nina or Jen, or wear one ourselves.  Follow ALL of God’s good directives.  Blue cities have broken BOTH commandment stones in their mayoral offices, more than just stealing, robbing, lying and killing, the death culture has stolen and indoctrinated TOO MANY souls, Defund, instead of DefEnd the police, live justice not pay trillions to BidenBarackSoros cronies from the moth-eaten purses of the poor and hard working.  In SOOO many ways, God has remained relevant (get the app, Jen) and left living symbols throughout history.

The signs are everywhere, especially IN the stars (like Our Lady of Guadalupe’s tilma star chart shows she, not Montezuma, protected life and God’s Son in her womb.  Mary’s image, that Hillary Clinton, asked who painted this from 20 feet away, shows the constellation Virgo over the Virgin Mary’s heart and Leo (a la Jesus is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah) over her womb.  You just can’t make this stuff up: but you CAN, Jen, discover it. TGod’s clues about the history of salvation, His Story, are PLANTED at ground central in Egypt on the plains of Border or Giza

One Holy Saturday, as the blind physicist Father Robert Spitzer eloquently portrays, His Story is forever burned with trillion joules of energy into the Shroud of Turin, the burial cloth of Jesus that has survived many evil attempts to destroy

God leaves NOTHING to chance. 

Clues and proof is all around us.  Evidence of God’s call is designed into how He populated the  world: one man, one woman, Adam and Eve, which began this roller coaster of crazy we call human life.  And no, the death concierge sad people might claim, if He created us as a man or a woman, trying to cut off penises and breasts does not make a man into woman, it makes us a man or woman missing parts but still what God created…though mutilated until we come to our senses.

The Three Hours of true DARKNESS. Jen, the day Jesus died, that particular Friday the 13th day of Nissan in the lunar Hebrew calendar, for THREE HOURS Giza did NOT reflect light as it had for 4600 years, even with cloud cover, because the whole world was plunged into an eerie darkness.

You’ve heard the story I believe.  The temple of Solomon’s Holy of Holies veil was ripped in two, amid earthquakes and anomalies like “dead souls” walking in the City of Peace.  God taught us about Himself, how He’s always been ONE God in three persons, slowly over time but no longer as the temple veil’s demise shows, God is among us in the person of the Son.  No longer from a burning bush or in the temple but in those who know they ARE the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Nature rebelled at the Death that pompously shook its evil fist at the Trinity and said “I have beaten you. I killed God!. 

Trump is no savior but he is a good successful leader with flaws.  Notice how the world continues to beat him bloody but he never gives up.  Unprecedented lies, more lies and indictments, two impeachments proves there is hope for America.  Alvin might say “I have killed Trump.  He is gone” but God IS the dispenser of all power on earth.  He might not agree with evil pretending they know how to design mankind and his governance.   God allows leaders, both good and bad, to “rule”. For a time. But He is still supreme.

Jen, ever hear of the Buttercup and Westly romance movie, Princess Bride?  

Death cannot stop true Love, as we find out at the Triduum, the three days of all days Holy Week.  A famous sermon “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s a comin’ ” points to Easter.

“Death cannot stop true Love…All it can do is delay it for a while.”~Westley

Death did NOT stop True Love in the movie.  It couldn’t, nor in the movie of our lives. Salvation history, His Story, is even written in the constellations and stars as Mary proved in Mexico City Dec 12, 1541. Clues are all around us. Look at Mary’s constellation star chart and see how perfectly designed His world is, like the most intricate Swiss watch, to reflect the Creator’s hope for us.

Jesus’ “delay” was only three days, like Jonah in the whale and Lazarus in the tomb…  Jesus rose to prove that God wants humanity (He did not die and rise for the angels, for their fate was already sealed…ours IS not!) to join Him forever.  And forever is much much longer than the eternal 4 year election seasons.  Seasons helped us realize, before the flood and resultant exposure to direct sunlight and cosmic rays, humans lived 700,800,900 years…Methuselah, at 969 years, 969 summers, is the oldest we know in the family photo album.  Yes, humans did live that long: the biographers and historians record them as odd numbers not estimates.

But another “miracle” is those four crossover calendar points in March, June, Sept and December, God designed in.  The Spring Equinox, when the dead of  winter gives way to the hope of spring and new life, sees the date of Gabriel’s announcement we call conception (Annunciation of Mary) and death of her Son each March 25th.  Yet,  the four sided Giza actually appears as 8 sided each solstice (the shortest day of the year December 21 or 25 with the calendar adjustment.  We all have heard of Jesus’ birth, stars of Bethlehem etc.) at dawn and dusk. 8 sides?  The alphanumeric property of the Greek and Hebrew alphabet assigns a number to each letter.  Jesus Christ, transnumerates to 888; in Scripture and Salvation History, the number 8 stands for rejuvenation, rebirth, renewal, like the music scale is “renewed” each octave with the 8th note harmonically related to the 1st. 7 days in a week, the 8th like the 1st.etc.  A subject for another time.

Without seasons, time would appear to stand still; but the seasonal changes match God’s design to a perfect”T”

‘Giggles’ Harris.  Hillary Clinton need your prayers that they might not burn forever. The priest answered Hillary’s question about the 500 year old miracle Guadalupe cactus cloth in Mexico City with the concise: “God did”.

Theoden Biden needs prayer AND removal at the earliest time, retired to Delaware or jail.  He will NOT run in Nov 2024, but the bizarro world of totalitarian tyrants are trying so  to destroy the land blessed by God in North America and the return of its most successful president.  Our land. Is God testing us, a payback for tolerating killing little girls, now numbered at 64 million? 

Maybe, but our God is Divine Mercy…He desires all come to Him. But prayer and concise actions can move mountains of Deep State cess and transform our land.  Just as Jesus, Fri the 13th Nissan some year before today’s 5783 lunar, died and now lives to tell the tale WE need to tell.  Spread the  Gospel.  It is good.  Happy Easter, all   Jen, continue to pray for your husband as you return to your Lord more deeply.


The Trinity and Giza…a relationship marked in Time.and Eternity

Sam: this might help

Trinity Sunday this year is a special one because it celebrates the Trinity. As it is EVERY year. Just as Corpus Christi celebrates the Body of Christ.  In fact, something in our busy lives we don’t often realize:

“One of the most impossible realities is understanding how the Trinity has ALWAYS existed; in a sense we are in the middle of INFINITY past and future.”

As the dad of 11, and grandpapa to 22 (the 22nd born predawn on Jan 22, the 50th anniversary of the infamous Row vs Wade decision), I am privileged to have a beautiful granddaughter named after the First Being, the Godhead: Trinity Henritze.  I dedicate this writing to my beloved Trinity, first born of the Beckman and Mike & Cecilia Henritze grandkids

God had created the angels, but as invisible non organic beings, no universe was needed…their existence required no food, water, Raisinettes or Netflix, because they are spiritual beings, some good…some NOT so good, actually evil, possibly 1/3 falling down on the job of joyful love of God.

But God had other ideas about creating for His pleasure and our joy, the human race.


553 sextillion (553,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) miles wide with billions of stars and galaxies, all created FOR mankind.  Not, the reverse.  God did not need toy robotic dolls for the playpen to clone word “love you”.  He gave each of us free will, even if others steal that away from us in Auschwitz or planned parenthood, but I repeat myself.  The Trinity already was the Perfect Family, which to his seashore dismay, St Augustine never fully understood: HOW could the Reveal be accomplished!

Back to Creation, God started with the simple stuff: the billions of gaseous giants and dwarfs, the stars, in galaxies far far away.

Millions of plants and animal species, thousands of biochemical processes that do great things like produce food, via ESSENTIAL carbon dioxide, mixed with water and sun, in processes called “photosynthesis” and aerobic respiration.  Things most kids aren’t taught, what with teachers’ union strikes, CRT,DIE or DEI, hypersexualized “health” and other perversions of intellect pursuits.

Unless, they are homeschooled or challenged to learn in various ways by involved parents honoring their responsibility, not as domestic terrorists but as God’s beloved kids “primary educators.”

From Sacred Scripture, we read “Let US make man in our image”.  Yet God did NOT create 9 billion men and women and children, like the trillions of insects, good and bad.  He created first man from the dirt and then He completed His work of general creation with the most well designed, infinitely complex being in the known and unknown universe: Eve.  We call woman, that is if we are NOT Jumanji Jackson Brown, the latest Supreme Court justice questioned at confirmation: “what’s a woman?”

Something, the cagey woman child from Harvard, declined to answer.  You know her as Jumanji Jackson Brown, the newest member of the Supreme Court who can’t define what a woman is…even after 7 years at an ivy league school.

On to the Trinity: we don’t understand how and why, let alone what their relationship as three distinct persons in a singular God truly is.  And forever past…

And we believe, God in His Infinite Wisdom, understood from all eternity that mankind, when He created male and female, would have a very tough time understanding Whom their Creator truly is.  Paul talks about seeing darkly through a glass.  Here is my take, for what it’s worth.

God’s universal design was to help us learn more about Him and our eternal home, while here on earth.  Relevant Radio’s Fr. Simon calls it beautifully: our coming home to the Father’s home, in many mansions.  Yet, being made in His Image indicates we are fearlessly and wonderfully made, but what about our Creator God?  We know all three Entities were there.  Yet, how zero, nada, nothing gave way to matter and energy, long before Einstein’s relativity pronouncements.

Our earliest written hint as to Whom God is, was in Genesis.  “Let US make man in OUR image”.  OK, today a new pro-noun (anti-wise actually) is created every day as one chooses to recreate what God has done. Jen & Gavin Newsom call it Gender fluidics as if humanity is  a hydraulic process.  We are not.  God was pretty specific about first a man or male,  and then female or woman.

But this mocks God’s Perfect Nature and His Plans for Biology.

From the macro to the mini world of inner space, there is 50 trillion cells per body, starting with only two homo sapiens sapiens: Adam and Eve.   This gender affirmation stuff is pure evil. Mutilating teen breasts, castrating young men.  Does this sound Godly or demonic?  Easy answer except to the godless who worship zero as their god..

Believe what you want: God’s designs work.  It’s may be okay to play dress up and join the Pretenders Society but God wants US to know Him as God is.  NOT all these recreations in so many areas.  Especially interfering with His design for mankind.

Suppose we recently discovered a physical directional device that dates back 4600 years. You open it up and it points directly over the spot where the Israelites and Moses left the clutches of their Egyptian enslavers, never to return.    And suppose the same unique vector from the directional device points 270 miles away, skirting the Mediterranean Sea and targeting the House of Bread.  We sing about the city, also called Beth’lehem at Christmas time each year. The blue line/vector heading out of Giza at 26 degrees 18 minutes 963 seconds of angular arc shows this phenomena.  270 or 3x3xx3x10 miles away to the stable of Christmas.

In fact, believe it or let me prove it, 4600 years ago, God planted the world’s largest marker, pillar, altar at the exact center of the World.  The giant marker is still there but in run down condition.  This marker was not a Star Trek civilization fossil, but remains to this day, silent in its magnificence, the last remaining wonder of the World.

It also is a Catholic icon, IF I can prove such to my fave bishops, priests, lay friends and relatives, and the occasional atheist.

It’s called “Border”; translated, Giza.  It’s “last name” is pyramidos, which transmorphs into “fire in the middle”.  These can be readily explained.

In another blog post I wrote, there is much more detail.  But God desires ALL of us to live forever, to discover Him and to “know, love and serve” our God.  Maybe the world’s largest “building” can help the minds of the math motivated, the CSI/NCIS investigative types, see salvation history better.

Walk a bit farther with this author and adventurer.

Giza IS located at the exact Center of the World.  Prove it for yourself: take a globe and draw a line across the largest amount of land (a line that touches the most, ie land meridian) both east-west and north-south. Geographically, you will find the center near Cairo in Egypt.  It also criss crosses in the ocean on the other side but the fact on the exact Center of the World, exists an almost timeless marker only Creator God could position.

Theologically, Jesus the Christ IS the exact Center of OUR world, of history (ie His Story) formerly labeled BC or Before Christ and AD or Anno Domini, ie ‘in the year of the Lord’.  In a real sense, He is the Center of Eternity as we exist in the middle as well.

It is the largest Compass on earth and one of the most accurate, off positionally by only three seconds of arc.  When you Google Earth “Giza” and zoom in, the Giza Pyramid lines up with your computer screen. Of import, at one time, it was covered with mirror bright ‘casing’ stones intricately joined, numbering an estimated 144,000 until they were stripped over centuries following a strong earthquake six hundred years ago.

Once discovered, the entryway (17 steps up) led down a passageway 344 feet to the bottom.  Of importance to what and why it existed, the passageway’s angularity measures 26 degrees, 18minutes, 9.63 seconds.  This graphic shows where it sits and how the angle plots out when rotated 90 degrees to the northeast of Cairo from the Center of the World.

Geographically, notice where it points.  Then think of it theologically.  It points to Jesus’ birth in the New Testament after pointing to where the Israelites escaped, with their God’s help, on the same 26+degree heading.

Exodus is the OLD testament, Bethlehem the new.  In the Old, the 7th century before Christ, prophet Isaiah has an intriguing verse sequence:

On that day there shall be an altar to the LORD at the center of Egypt, and a sacred pillar to the LORD near its boundary

This will be a sign and witness to the LORD of hosts in the land of Egypt, so that when they cry out to the LORD because of their oppressors, he will send them a savior to defend and deliver them.l

I truly wonder if this applies to Giza, the last of the great wonders of the ancient world.  The bold in red words/phrases above point to aspects of the Giza experience.

  1. “Altar of the Lord”.  In Egypt? I thought they worshipped the pharoah! Not the Lord God.  Hmm.

In the OT, altars were places of bloody sacrifice.  Often, in the desert, a holocaust or animal was sacrificed to honor God as the people knew Him. Recall, Abraham was commanded by God to sacrifice his son, Isaac to the God of Creation.  Yet, God stayed Abraham’s hand in killing his son and substituted a ram in the thicket.

That was both a bloodless sacrifice of the heart of Abraham, in obeying God and sparing Isaac; and a bloody one, in the ram/lamb God provided for the sacrifice.

The last (and the first) bloodless sacrifice was at the altar in the upper room we know as the Last Supper and First Mass.  This “altar” of the Eucharist institution prefigured by a day the very bloody sacrifice on the Cross of Life on Good Friday.

Supposition: in the New Testament, suppose the 4600 year old 30 sf (maybe 42  sq ft to match the 14 x 3 foot Shroud and Council of Trent altar measurement) flat top of Giza is an altar awaiting the bloodless and glorious return of the true Cornerstone of the whole New World of faith, of the Catholic Church, Jesus the Christ.

We know Jesus is our Savior (mentioned in the Isaiah quote) and we are the Bride of Christ.  But more than symbolically, I wonder if that altar top is where Jesus meets the Bride of Christ, the Church for the last time as heaven beckons all.

Think about it; at my and your Catholic wedding (if married!), four marks should be reflected upon: FREEDOM to choose each other, two become one in TOTALITY, as we will be united with Christ forever.  Also, we pledge as one male and female total fidelity, ie faithfulness to each other, the man as the archetype of Christ sacrificing everything, even life to death for our new spouse, the bride of our dreams.  As we dads pledge our love, honor and protection for the children that God will provide to most of us.

WE humans pledge “until death do us part”.  But Jesus’ pledge, already sealed at the Crucifixion as the sacrificed Lamb of God, the true Passover alluded to as the Israelites escaped Egypt.  The “Christ Angle” as it is called (26+degree) forms a vector that skirts the Mediterranean Sea after passing over the place where the Israelites passed out of Egypt.

Wow!!!  There were two pillars of Solomon at the Exodus spot where historically the Chosen people crossed the Red Sea; Saudi Arabia has replaced the one on their side with a flag (sadly), but the Giza “vector” continues on to complete its 270 mile “journey” to the House of Bread (the Bread of the Universe).

We know this city, this spot, as Bethlehem.  Was it an accident that angle of entry now the angle of exit points to the city of Jesus’ birth?  God does nothing by accident, being a loving purposeful God.

Giza is a four sided structure, eight sides on the solstices at dawn and dusk (explained later) built WITHOUT a capstone.  A cornerstone for the top corner of the pyramid shaped object.  The top actually has about 30 sq ft of flat surface. Could this be the “altar of the Lord” planted in Egypt that Isaiah refers to?  It’s been there since 2621BC.  The time line begins at 2141BC when the North Star shown down its 344 foot descending passageway to the bottom.  Some scholars believe, since there are only two markings in Giza, one a map scale “pyramid” or “sacred Jewish” inch.  And a circle scored in the rock in the passageway.  Scholars see this as a starting point for a “time line” of history.  His Story.

If this timeline of prophetic history is real, it is amazing.  For example, using this one year per inch motif, the transition point is 1453 AD when the descending entry passage reaches the ascending passage to the Queen and King’s separate chambers.

Is anything significant about that year?  How about this: the Fall of Constantinople, (May 29, 1453) and conquest of the city by Sultan Mehmed II of the Ottoman Empire. The dwindling Byzantine Empire came to an end when the Ottomans breached Constantinople’s ancient land wall after besieging the city for 55 days. Mehmed surrounded Constantinople from land and sea while employing cannons to maintain a constant barrage of the city’s formidable walls.

Sounds significant…

2 “Center of Egypt”   (Center of the World too!)

This is interesting.  There are two Egypts, lower and upper.  This is how the Isaiah verses can make sense.

The Great Pyramid of Giza Was Inspired by God.

Giza is at the border of one and in the middle of the other; Giza divided Egypt it is believed.  Notice the “Lower Egypt” is at the northern end of the life giving Nile as it dumps into the Mediterranean.







3)  “Sacred Pillar”.  Giza, not only the world’s largest compass and timekeeper, it is a pillar made sacred by its placement and focus on Jesus.  Of course,the pharaohs built their super ego burial places, but Giza had no body, no capstone, only a coffer with the same dimensions of the ark of the covenant.

It was a bit brighter in the past. ACTUALLY Super brilliant

It is hard to visualize today, but the true translation (Fire in the Middle) of pyramidos focuses on the incredible brilliance of the mirror stone covered object, Giza.  Those cover stones were “quarried” actually robbed off Giza after an earthquake over centuries (not easy to steal 144,000 stones in a year) and used for minarets and mosques in the muslim neighborhood.  But, before the regifting of the hard limestone polished bright blocks, it WAS a sacred pillar, viewed as if on fire.

God leaves nothing to chance; He is precise. He created the earth with four transition seasonal points: spring equinox, the summer solstice, fall equinox and winter solstice.  In astronomy, the reasons are simple.

The first day of new life, rebirth from the winter so to speak in the Northern Hemisphere, of spring, the sun rises over Bethlehem viewed from Giza.  More fascinating, all year Giza does have a shadow: but at high noon on the Spring Equinox, it was at its MAX brightness with ZERO shadow.   Today, we celebrate spring on March 20-21st.  Suppose, with a four day correction, it was March 25th, with Spring Equinox coinciding with date of Mary’s annunciation (Jesus’ conception) and as the Church tradition has it, his death as well.  For you budding Biblical salvation history archeologic types, this 4 day offset puts the winter solstice on the day Jesus is born.  A bit in the weeds here, but at dawn and dusk on the solstices, Giza appears as an EIGHT sided object.  Supposition: we know the number 8 is Jesus’ number.  In fact His name alphanumerically is 888.  Eight represents new birth, rebirth, resurrection.  In music (the 8th note is like the first but as a harmonic); in Noah’s time, 8 in the ark, a “rebirth” of mankind etc.

Timeless timelineIt’s not superstition tho we need be careful: many numbers have Biblical implications and purposes. 12 tribes and 12 apostles; 144 in revelations (12×12)on governance.  Seven (7) is the number of perfection (days in the week, whole notes in the scale, 7 days of creation etc.), 3 of the Trinity, which God wants us to learn about over time.  One of the reasons for this blog.  If St Augustine couldn’t figure it out, it may not be fully known until heaven.  But, from Genesis 1, when God gives us a hint in “Let US make man in our image”; He also points to His Son via the Giza Christ Angle.  At the Jordan baptism, the Holy Spirit is visible as the Father’s booming voice shouts “This is my beloved Son…”.

Lucky for us 13 is both the date of Christ’s death in the Hebrew calendar (Friday the 13th month of Abib) and Marian Fatima appearances (May 13, June 13 etc).  17 steps to the entrance passageway, 17 being the number associated with victory; also a component of Jesus’ 153 caught fish after Resurrection. 17 x 3 x 3 equals 153, no arbitrary number, reflection in a way the victory of the Trinity multiplied by the Trinity.  Jesus was showing the Apostles with him the abundance of the fields that need their work as the Church (Harvest is great, but the laborers are few).  Of import, 153 is also 1+2+3…+17, amplifying the importance of this number in salvation history.  Math, like science, religion, faith is intertwined in God’s view of the universe; it’s us imperfect humans that overly compartmentalize everything.  God just wants us to “KNOW Him, LOVE Him and SERVE Him” for our own good.

Pillars are common in the world. We have the obelisk pillar in Washington DC; the solomonic pillars and the “Pillar of Fire” in Giza.  Point is, God gently taught us about His True Nature as ONE God with 3 persons, 13. Maybe WHY God sent Mary to Fatima on earth six times.  Fatima being the city named for the former Muslim wife of a Catholic prince in Portugal.

4) “Boundary”

Discussed previously, Giza literally means “border”.  NOT the Taco Bell or Southern American former Border, but the Boundary of a portion of Egypt.

5)”Sign and witness to the Lord”

This is a very important aspect of Giza.  IF the time machine aspect of Giza is real, its beginning at 2141C with the North Star hitting the bottom below ground; 33AD as the Crucifixion, which begins the Grand Gallery (reportedly it was open for a period of time so the locals could view the stars.  Who knows?) toward the Queen Chamber level and ascending to the King’s Gallery.  Look at the graphic

Sidenote: Emanations to1453AD proves it is timeless…and that Jesus promised the Church would endure through all time, despite even modern foolish prostiticians in Israel or DC trying hard to kill it off.  Though the Ottoman Sultan broke into Byzantine Constantinople and turning it into Istanbul, the Church endures throughout the world.  We are in interesting, stressful times on God’s green earth.  Battered by foolish, evil doctrines; embattled in so many ways fighting for Truth, Justice and in America, the American way.  Old but necessary words to fight for.  Then there is 1453 BC… what is SIGNificant about that year?  Could it be the year the Israelites actually entered the promised land after years of wandering?   Well, it begins the ascending passageway.  Then there is 1521AD, in our backyard when Hernan Cortes ended the rule of Montezuma and Technochtitlan (Mexico City) with 175 barefoot Franciscan friars preaching the gospel to the local Nahautl people.  After all, God KNOWS the future even as you read this, as the Trinity HAS known from eternity past.  Chew on that St Augustine!

Sign TO  the world.  Fulfilled two millennia afterwards and discovered recently with the Christ Angle (26 degrees etc.) applied to the land, Giza is an extent sign to the world that Jesus, the Bread of Life, the life-giving innocent Passover Lamb was born in the House of Bread, a forshadowing of  the importance of wine and wheat bread unleavened becoming Him.  In the Eucharist Holy Hours focus on, and daily Mass offers for our health.

Today, if the scales fall away from our eyes, we see that the irrefutable evidence of a Creator’s existence is the world’s largest Sign and Witness to an important city, Bethlehem only 270 miles away; to a Godhead that required all three Persons to validate the promise in that city on a date Catholic tradition (March 25) honors just nine months before the House of Bread housed the Bread of Life.

The unfathomable Trinity I believe is pointed to within the last wonder of the ancient and modern world, Giza. The hanging gardens of Babylon are gone, Giza remains.

Its altar top waiting for the Cornerstone (ie Capstone) to return in glory  I don’t know.  To Jerusalem? Or less than 300 miles away on the Giza plain.  Only the Trinity knows.

Another experience of “Trinity”, just before all three Persons expressed themselves in the muddy Jordan at Jesus’ Baptism around age 30, was at His and Mary’s Annunciation we celebrate March 25th. A date I suspect marked the Spring Equinox millennia ago.   Three months later, the Summer Solstice and the Giza feature of Jesus’ number is shown twice, with 8 sided imagery in the shadows. Six more and we celebrate the birth of the New King that Herod feared, the Winter Solstice, with the Light of the World greeting the shortest day of the year filling it with His Love and Life.  Herod feared the Savior so much he killed upwards of some thousands of innocent young boys less than two years old.

Thinking of Augustine, the closest we came to the Trinity as a human being, was when Mary was occupied by two members of the Blessed Trinity: “overcome” by the Holy Spirit to conceive God’s Son we call Jesus, the 888 of His Story.  And after His birth, the son of foster father Joseph (the “terror of demons”) and the world traveling Mary.  Math fails us sometimes: Mary experienced 2/3 of the Trinity in essence but the one God.  Each day, we can experience God via the Eucharist in a way only God fully understands.

I suggest you (and I!) make it to heaven to learn “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey often said.  Jesus.  His Story it is.  And Trinity is the communal Being we were created in Whose Image and we will spend next week…actually next eternity with, happy and joyful in the place the Father God has for those who love His Son.

Trinity, Grandpa Len loves you very much, as he loves each of his kids and grandoffspring, and not just for good archery and your other talents.  Just because you are you.  And Trinity above, eternal and Perfect, I love you too.


153.  Such a perfect and odd number even in 2023

Suppose also that God wanted us to know Him better over time as the Trinity they were as one God for all eternity.

Jesus’ photograph known as the Shroud is not on Kodak paper, but on the finest 1×3 “herringbone” weave linen found in 30+AD Jerusalem.  In understanding God’s perfect Creation as best we can, we should look for these amazing clues and signs often hidden in plain sight. Such as the magnificent seven…sacraments?

Dr Taylor Marshall, in his blog, posits the meaning/significance of 153 fishes and quotes Mark Drogin.

For myself, the student in me looks for the subtle as well as the obvious.  God leaves NOTHING to chance, whether it’s His design for His mother’s evening wrap (the Tilma of Tenochtitlan/Mexico City), the burial cloth of His and Mary’s Son whose provenance passes from Jerusalem, to Edessa, Livrey France and other hot spots on the way to Turin.  Another Catholic holy object should be the world’s largest altar/GPS compass at the center of the world called Great Pyramid of Giza. Another day, maybe.

Same with this seemingly insignificant number 153 at the fish fry on Resurrection day.  Annually, we hear the Easter season  John 21 Gospel passages regarding the THIRD time Jesus revealed Himself to His disciples.  It occurred at the Sea of Tiberias.


* After this, Jesus revealed himself again to his disciples at the Sea of Tiberias. He revealed himself in this way.a
2Together were Simon Peter, Thomas called Didymus, Nathanael from Cana in Galilee, Zebedee’s sons,* and two others of his disciples.
3* Simon Peter said to them, “I am going fishing.” They said to him, “We also will come with you.” So they went out and got into the boat, but that night they caught nothing.b
4When it was already dawn, Jesus was standing on the shore; but the disciples did not realize that it was Jesus.c
5Jesus said to them, “Children, have you caught anything to eat?” They answered him, “No.”d
6So he said to them, “Cast the net over the right side of the boat and you will find something.” So they cast it, and were not able to pull it in because of the number of fish.
7So the disciple whom Jesus loved said to Peter, “It is the Lord.” When Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he tucked in his garment, for he was lightly clad, and jumped into the sea.
8The other disciples came in the boat, for they were not far from shore, only about a hundred yards, dragging the net with the fish.
9* e When they climbed out on shore, they saw a charcoal fire with fish on it and bread.
10Jesus said to them, “Bring some of the fish you just caught.”
11So Simon Peter went over and dragged the net ashore full of one hundred fifty-three* large fish. Even though there were so many, the net was not torn.f
12Jesus said to them, “Come, have breakfast.” And none of the disciples dared to ask him,* “Who are you?” because they realized it was the Lord.
13Jesus came over and took the bread and gave it to them, and in like manner the fish.g
14* This was now the third timeh Jesus was revealed to his disciples after being raised from the dead.

Jesus and Peter.*

15When they had finished breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter,* “Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these?”* He said to him, “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.” He said to him, “Feed my lambs.”





The USCCB’s New American bible notes on the ‘153’ verse:  The exact number 153 is probably meant to have a symbolic meaning in relation to the apostles’ universal mission; St. Jerome claims that Greek zoologists catalogued 153 species of fish. Or 153 is the sum of the numbers from 1 to 17. Others invoke Ez 47:10.



Meaning of ‘153 fish’/ Confirmation for developmentally disabled


Q. Recently the Gospel read at Sunday Mass was from the 21st chapter of John, where Jesus appears to the apostles after his resurrection and tells them to lower their nets into the sea — and they catch 153 fish.

Our visiting priest said in his homily that the number 153 related to the number of regional territories in that era. But then I read Bishop Robert Barron’s explanation — that 153 was the number of species of fish known at the time. I’m confused. Which is it? And does it matter? Help! (Conyers, Georgia)

A. I am tempted to side with the second part of your question — “Does it matter?” I confess that it’s never been an issue that has kept me awake at night. But on the other hand, if John chose to use this precise number in his inspired writing, some allegorical significance may well have been intended.

Two theories proposed by scriptural scholars over the years are the ones you mentioned — that “153” stands for the species of fish in the Sea of Galilee at the time or that the number indicates the known population groups of that day. St. Jerome, who died around 420, first popularized the “species of fish” view, and that is the one still favored by most commentators.

Either way, though, I think the general meaning is the same: that the mission and message of Jesus, and the salvation he was offering, were meant not just for the Jews of his day but for all people of every generation.


Mark Drogin tells us why the Apostles caught exactly 153 fish in St John’s Gospel:


The beginning of the final Gospel: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…. and the Word became flesh.” The entire Gospel focuses our attention on the Living Word of God: Jesus of Nazareth. The Evangelist also reveals that this Living Word of God is the Living Bread of Life. The Living Bread is the Living Word.

Matthew begins by telling us that Jesus the Messiah is the Son of David; John, in sharp contrast, does not tell us that Jesus is the Son of David. Matthew alone includes the Sermon on the Mount and Jesus’ famous Jewish statement: “I did not come to destroy Torah.” (Mt 5:17) In First Century Judaism, “Torah” and “Word of God” were synonyms: Torah is the Word of God. Again we see John taking the synoptics to a higher level, taking us deeper into the Gospel. Jesus promised to bring Torah to its completion (cf Mt 5:18); the final Gospel reveals that Torah has become flesh in Jesus of Nazareth.

At the end of his life, “when Moses had written down this Torah,” he gave this order: “[Every seven years] you shall read this Torah aloud in the presence of all Israel.” (Deut 31:9-11). Over the centuries, an annual cycle of readings was adopted to fulfill this requirement. The cycle of Torah readings – or “portions” – varied from century to century and place to place.

The 1910 Jewish Encyclopedia reports that a three-year Torah cycle used in Palestine around the First Century had 153 Torah portions. “The 153 parts into which the Torah was divided in the cycle of three years, which prevailed in Palestine till the exiles from Spain brought their customs into the Holy Land, are known as ‘sedarim’.” (“Parashah,” Cyrus Adler, Lewis N Dembitz)

Mark Drogin has a Masters in Theology from the University of Dallas and has written extensively on the Jewish roots of the Gospel and the Church. His parents and grandparents were atheistic, socialistic Jews. In 1974, at the age of 28, Mark was baptized; then he met Father Arthur Klyber, CSsR, a Jewish Catholic priest who had been ordained in 1932. Mark helped Father Klyber found Remnant of Israel in 1975 and worked closely with him for over 20 years. Today, Mark continues Father Klyber’s work as Managing Director of Remnant of Israel. He welcomes your comments at


The cause to promote the Border Fire in the Middle ie Giza Pyramid as a Catholic icon continues…time will tell…

1st Day of Spring and 22 Months ’til InAug Day

March 20th…22 months to go. Wow! Already?

They have gone TOO FAR! Good Beckmans like Sam and similar minded sibs follow and believe and troll an alien and alternative governance in this excellent blessed nation. 

Their leadership include democrats, selective status quo republicans, so called independents i lovingly call the ObamaNation.

Good people of anti-traditional Americans who worship like Hindus the many gods of swamp creatures, sanders clueless, Soros destroy USA types, virulent Trump haters, weekend at Biden’s ABTbureaucrats, American Marxists, god deniers and others. The modern Confederacy of mobocratic rule over American families who want to earn their own way sans terrorists in three letter agencies and our neighborhoods

Goal is to lie cheat and steal, maybe even irrationally kill prez 45 over the next 21 months From todays first day of Spring through inauguration Jan 20

Proof is the multi faceted Dem&Republicrats led ABCNNBCBS APosTIMES dronelike, clone like “mantra of the day” parroted throughout “journalism, academia, Prostiticians, BLM. AntiFa.  Steamrolling along.

Examples? Hillary’s psyOps Russian hoax. Crappy racist theorems, CO2 neo Leninist pseudoscience; virulent ESG and D.I.E. (Diversion inclusion equity) movements. F the cops 👮‍♀️, deFUND law enforcement and ingrain Criminal Encouragement with destabilizing Soros bought DAs and Persecutors like Gascon.
Facts and Truth matter little, just the sycophants and synchronized ‘misdirected theme du jour’
Mr Franklin was right “it’s a Republic if you can keep it”

Law and Order constitutional republic IF we wake up and smell the decent people of this blessed land, words of Ben Franklin to live by.

Where do anti-nouns like cis, hir, queer, birthing people, etc come from? Or amoeba like genders #99 to infinity named each day from the ethos and cosmos?

Trump hellish accusatory indictments and invasions.ny deli ham sandwich in deed!

St Joseph rossinette biden morphs?

Double duplicitous tiers of “justice” to stir up God fearing Americans to anger

Swamp altered perceptions of Epiphany 2021 (Jan 6). Like the sick Sicknik revised histories of Ray Epps, Ashli Babbitt, Dem Ten PACommittee etc


22 months. Biden’s move to center court is obvious: Alaska Willow energy project (pissing off radically insane environmental cases) and criminal “reform” is proof his irrationality has gone to his Delaware 🧠 brain

What does the future hold?

LIFE brought to you by Pfizer and St. Anthony Pfauci

Dedicated to Stephen Atchley, a great man who arguably was one of the earliest Covid19 California victims on Feb 16, 2020         Revision J-15-1  MLKday Jan 17

Patrick Madrid of the Patrick Madrid Experience recently fielded a series of calls regarding the Covid19 (thru Covid23) and the various CoVax (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J etc.) positions in America.

There is no one in the world, conceivably, who has not been affected by this emergent virus & disease from Mao Tse-Xi’s bio weapons lab in Wuhan.  OK, hide your eyes and ears and call it the results of a bat or rat or spoiled Chinese take out: it really doesn’t change things: it still is something evil. Also, the actions of the godless dictator for life, offspring of Mao Tse Tung, show he cares little for life and less for Uighers and other humans.   Zounds of the Gruesome Newsom Twosome, Gavin and Jen, Schumer, Pelosi and Biden who hate letting little girls be born to live 80 years or so.

Similarly, my favorite newshound and investigative reporter, Susan Shelley, wrote about the Twitter Trove inconvenient truths regarding the disease (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or SARS) and related manufactured virus (Corona Virus 19).  And friends, Truth is what we need.

Asking questions is at the HEART, myocarditis infected or healthy, of TRUE science and NOT assuming everything the verdant soul of inquiry.  As a scientist,  father of 11 and grandfather of #23 this month, like Patrick and other parents, I have a fully vested interest in the truth.

It is simple and something the Democrat plank is diametrically opposed to: keeping little kids alive.  By helping to protect my NextGens…and yours.. especially from drugs and potions forced on most of the civilized world as wunderpharma: miracle chems.

Not just for my blood relatives but for those God continues to send to earth via his First Couple, male and female. The Creator, in the middle of eternity, used one male and one female to populate our species, homo sapiens sapiens.  NOT 60 cross-dressed and mutilated beings, but a dad and mom.

We call this the prebirthing process, and the results, necessary for the very survival of the only human being inhabited planet in this 553 sextillion mile wide universe.  Some of us call it home or earth; the misery merchants call it green and ready for the plucking.  I prefer the other group, those “promoting joy”.

Not that a small cadre of bizarro billionaires subscribe to saving the planet’s main occupants, you and me.  Depopulation seems to be the fascination of so many non aborts who already ARE here.

Reagan pegged it decades ago:

“I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.

I wonder if Bill Gates or Susie Buffett has ever read this one?

Corona’s history: important to consider

Two decades ago, about 2002, SARS1 or CoVid1 emerged as a virus. Short version: a “vaccine” program was begun and after 50 deaths were linked to it, it was abandoned and CoVid2002 or Covid1 mysteriously disappeared.

Fifty!!  50 deaths was enough to shuttle the first attempt.  Today, 50,000 deaths and 5 million bad side effects is NOT enough to even mobilize required systematized medical review, testing, studies and correlational analysis to see IF the Pfizer shot sequence helps or harms humans.

Fast forward.  Early on, this dad started the Covid Chronicles to track what was happening.  An acquaintance, Stephen Atchley was, I believe misdiagnosed as the flu when he passed away, just 17 days after President Trump shut down Chinese air travel on Jan 31st.  Mr Atchley was a professor who taught Chinese students, many from Wuhan.  I understand he actually spent time in the 11 million resident working class city that housed a famous bioLab.  The picture of Dr Pfauci, lab techs, Obama and others in the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s labs cannot be unseen.  If it walks like a bioweapon, spreads like a bioweapon, kills like a ….

Fast forward to “….brought to you by Pfizer!”

This author feels blessed; three decades at three parishes in youth ministry related roles; 33 years helping others with real estate needs.  Coming up on four decades raising 11 kids and awaiting #23 grandkiddo from my Angel Rose, lots of courses college and post college, I realize we are in a massive full court advertising press.  In 1975, I finished my Master’s in Business, Marketing emphasis, and two things I know:

  1. The greatest marketing campaign ever is for death cards, debt or better known as credit (hat tip Dave Ramsey)cards; the push is to enslave families accelerates as the Fed bumps credit rates into the stratosphere.

2nd greatest marketing push is to legitimize, not by science, but by government bullying and constant “…brought to you by Pfizer” advertising the CoVax lies.  At the forefront, someone Robert F Kennedy Jr calls out, is St. Anthony Pfaucinstein.  There always is a spokesmodel for movements like this; which I call and you should agree is:

The GREATEST systemic medical science malpractice of ALL time is the Covid>CoVax fraud.  No doubt.

Read Ms. Shelley’s words: ObamaJoe Biden’s WHouse digital media director Rob Flaherty bullied a Facebookie exec on March 14, 2021 per Twitter:

“We (ole Flaherty uses the communal we) are gravely concerned that your service is one of the top drivers of vaccine hesitancy–period”  He continued with “This would all be a lot easier if you would just be straight with us”

ANOTHER DNC invented phrase.  Those regressive Leftists create manipulative word salads on cue.  Talk about hired government bueauRat pummeling; smacks of ObamaNations’s (yes, Barack & Sally are in their 4th term) continued blatant tyranny pushing a private company among many to toe THEIR despotic quasi governmental line.

Reread Dr. Flaherty’s words: vaccine hesitancy and parse: people have been hesitant since two-face Dr Pfauci turned to the dark side and treats American adults as dumb schoolkids, going back to 2005 and longer.  Vaccine hesitancy is simply practicing the scientific method with people’s lives.  Like the title above, LIFE brought to you by Pfizer.  MBA hat on: $80 billion in sales, half being the Pfizer shots.  NOT a vaccine: a series of shots with different names including “selling narratives” built in.  Here’s Ms Shelley’s better line:

“Allow me to remind Americans who have forgotten, after 3 years of relentless government bullying, that the US Constitution is in force ALL the TIME and does not take a sick day.”

Truth be told, I’ve been hesitant from the beginning because no actual 100% proven vaccine is done in 10 months, especially with the loss of a good man named Stephen; Trump helped to streamline the development but the fault lies, not with a successful president with 315 wins under his belt.

It belongs square with the totalitarian EUA, emergency use authorization “team”, implementers who suspended basic science, medical and epidemiological processes, to push the government~pfharma Pfizer~CDC-FDA-NIH-NIAID bullet train to nowhere.  Trillions of dollars later, 50,000 attributable deaths and millions of bad side effects like Bell’s Palsy, myocarditis, periocarditis, blood clots, sudden death etc., and we STILL see academia and the ABCNNBCBS APost-Times Democrat owned media pushing false narratives like they are gospel.  If anything the DeMedia is the ANTI-Gospel, especially since they mock all good God things~~and poo poo His existence.

And we Californian adult citizens know about the bullet train of another toddler totalitarian couple, the Gruesome Newsom Twosome, Jen&Gavin.  Based on the ridiculous idea God can’t control His weather, and that CO2 is demonic pollution, NOT a gift that feeds the world, we are spending billions for an unnecessary slow train to Clarksville.  Whenever the American left, Democrat division or other, talks about their “ideas”, grab your wallet or purse and double lock it inside a safe inside a bigger safe.  But the CoVax fraud is not just expensive: it’s deadly.

The EUA pathway has led to unnecessary ills and deaths

The only way Pfizer & Big Pharma could push their trillion $$ “vaccine plan”, would be to suppress ANY competition from successful alternative therapies, of which we know there are many. “Emergency” implies gotta have it NOW. “Use” means gotta get it inside the needy; “authorization” means a government body, ie the CDCNiHNIAIDFDA, a little known conglomerate, dictates OK to proceed.  The biggest threat to Big Pfizer was the availability of solutions; and the only way to suppress the threat is to quelch both doctors and being proven treatment plans.

Dr Simone Gold, a real doctor involved in ER, was one of the first signs the Pfizer Pfauci war room would not tolerate dissent; licensed legitimate doctors became their pawns. Dr Robert Malone, who pioneered the novel system mRNA, said it did not belong used for Pfizer shots.  Dr. Gold’s sins?  When this Frontline Doctor (by necessity) founder checked her patients post emergency room, AND treated them, she was warned and then fired.   Fired for honoring her oath and helping patience practicing real medicine.

Just 5 decades ago, doctors owned their practices and had more than a computer relationship; technology is great when it doesn’t sacrifice the human element.  Then doctors, once known as physicians, became “health care providers” despite 12 years of rigorous training, including interning, residency and their chosen specialty.

HMOs or health maintenance operations took over and decertified (well, until MD rebellion with concierge practices etc.) independent medical thought.   The misery merchant misdirection continues with less doctor and more “health care workers” applied to them.

Dr. Cuomo violated the basic rule of medicine going back to lepers being separated from the healthy in Biblical times: he put infected Covid carriers with the healthy.  35,000 elderly died in NYC because of this ignorant “$$ per dead Covider” plan.    Once the Pfizer shots (a vaccine it is not) were here, often you’d hear “Grandma will die if she doesn’t get her Pfizer or Moderna”.  Just part of the Pfauci Pfizer suppression efforts.

Successful alternatives:

HCQ or Hydroxychloroquine.  Strombectol/Ivermectin.   Quercetin.  Three zinc ionophores that force zinc into infected cells to kill off the virus.   I doubt these words would ever dribble out of Dr Pfaucinstein’s mouth because he does NOT get paid when someone or something interferes with the veterinary CEO Boorla Express at Pfizer.  Similar to a hospital NOT getting paid for Covid ($39,000 per death) unless the box was checked as primary or secondary cause.

I practice what I preach:  My medical plan for three years instead of the Pfizer Pfauci shots push, involves the three listed above, with NAC, vitamins C & D3, Zinc, Quercetin daily, HCQ once a week.  Ivermectin in reserve.  This is just one of many prophylactic menus to stay healthy out there.  Monoclonals work, so many others are successful.  I’d go to the Frontline Doctors (FLCCC) site to see them.  One is featured here  xxxxx

Questions…that demand adult answers.

Why is there NO ingredients sheet in every Pfizer shot package?  Every other chemical/drug by law has an ingredient sheet, why not this one?

Why doesn’t the cash flush CDC, FDA, NIH, NIAID have clinical research underway to truly know the truths about both Covid19-23 and CoVax shots?  We are relying on foreign lands, like Israel and India for effective studies.  I don’t know if we can trust our governmental employees in the health field (HHS etc) to do the right thing; even if, as the Constitution promises, we the people ARE the government.

Honest CoVax studies are critical going forward…too much anecdotals and opinions by the vested Pfizer Pfauci types.

Here in SoCal, we have a good, though not perfect, clinical time study of high school seniors who were given the Pfizer shots and those who refuse out of principle and wisdom NOT to get the shots sequence.

The Granada Hills Class of 2022 already has both the study and control groups.  1030 students were “allowed” to graduate in their open air stadium (the ‘vaxxed’) but 70 who refused to be governmental guinea pigs (no Pfizer shots) were penalized no grad night at Disney, or prom and forced off campus because they were not “vaxxed”.  Illa est, they were not infected either.

This example of governmental tyranny, even in the largest charter high, still smells putrid.  The newly elected 27th district Representative Mike Garcia fought to allow the “lepers” to graduate with their classmates, but was unsuccessful in getting irrational adults in the teachers’ unions to be reasonable.  But the good news is a 5 year/10 year tracking study would be invaluable to see if and how many of the known (and unknown) side effects come into play as these young people move into their 20s.

The largest sample would be the sheep compliant 1030 who got the full regimen, initial shots and boosters as required by the principal.  It they didn’t, they would not have been allowed to go to their senior prom and not graduate with their classmates, some having spent a decade together.

The 70 wise students who refused based on principle, not the words of a tyrannical principal, that the unproven, untested use of drugs rushed to market for those with little or no risk, was unsound public health.  Parents, obviously, had the input ALL parents should have: no drugs nor risky medical procedures like abortion without their permission.

Time will tell if the school’s Congressional representative and a team of parents can put this together; expectations of the school’s administration to cooperate?  None.


Speaking of anecdotals loaded with truths:

The doctor who could not cry”.  A young cardiologist said he would NOT cry at funerals for the “unvaxxed”.  Ironically, this doctor died after his 3rd booster just 2 weeks later.  No one should relish another’s death, including this heart specialist.

“The sepsis patient”   A woman emailed Pat about her husband’s experience in the hospital.  She claimed after her husband died, the death certificate stated “sepsis” as a result of Covid were the cause.  The distraught wife whose hubby died in hospital believes the fraud was perpetrated by the hospital admin to get $39,000 (the bounty for a covid death)


We are in the midst of the greatest systemic medical malpractice in world history.

The only one getting immunization results is the companies making the drugs: Pfizer, J&J, Moderna.  Granted, the operation lightspeed would not have moved as quickly without being immune from lawsuits, both legitimate and ambulance chasers.  But, the power of greed and plenty dollars caused Big Pharma to ignore so many safeguards, even today, and promote drugs as vaccines which by any stretch, are not.   “One and done” works for measles and mumps, but not for this baby.

My MBA marketing hat back on!  We know misery merchants and left leaners at Democrat Etymology Dept central love to use false word phrases to smooth their corrupt rails. Telling the truth is their plague and there seems to be no antidote, let alone a one and done vaccine for false witnessing and lies.  Examples:

Inflation reduction act.  You can’t spend trillion$ of dollars that don’t exist and not fuel massive inflation.  Yet the Democrat Wordfakers named it this way.  The Inflation Increase Act and more money for Dem cronies Act made more sense.

In the Pfizer Pharma realm, ever hear of “breakthrough” applied when you get Covid AFTER 3 Pfizers and 3 boosts?  Now the annual boosts…  BreakTHROUGHS apply to scientific and technological advancements, something good happening, often a quantum leap of discovery, maybe a cure for something.  But the misery merchants at Pfizer Truth Control and Dr Pfaucinstein’s spin team came up with this blatant, medically irresponsible, promotion of basic medical science falsehoods. I can’t be the only adult to chafe at their use of this term to depict pfailure!?!

Recall “rebound” mentioned after PaxloVoid (a Biden malapproprism) seems to enhance the disease’s expression.  Again, a rebound is a positive event in basketball, and a good event in life.  Yet, the misery merchants mouth a lie, claiming it is good that the symptoms go ballistic after the drug.

Names, appropriate.

Lisa Presley died of cardiac arrest at age 54.  Was she Pfizered?  No autopsy

Damar Hamlin, age 24, almost died of cardiac arrhythmia in front of hundreds of millions.  He was Pfizered and by God’s good grace and quick rescuers, he is alive.


Pfizer, flush with $80 billion in sales half from Covid shots, is on a relentless advertising campaign, sponsoring every left leaning, and the ocassional truth leaning, shows.  You may have heard the clip of the ” xx is brought to you by Pfizer”.  This is on top of endless government sponsored Pfizer pushing HHS and CDC drug promos for Pfizer, ModeRNA etc.

Our medical world has some serious issues.  Note that in the state of disarray, California, we have the Gruesome Newsom Twosome pushing their teen sex trafficking business out in the open with $200 million of our tax dollars.  The gist is to lure conflicted, troubled teen moms to the Golden State from the 49 other states.  The promise, seeded on seven states of the Newsom AborTourism, Inc. billboards, is for free baby kills without telling mom or dad.

Chew on that, adults reading this.  Suzy from Idaho or Sally from Indiana are trafficked, slicker than a busy MexiCartel, back to the land of promise.  Planned Parenthood does their worst, shoving steely knives up the 14 year old’s vagina, through the birth canal, cutting out her living child and then harvesting her little girl’s profitable organs for resale.  Speaking of sordid marketing, there is a huge worldwide market for organs.  But with abortion, the human gives NO permission to donate and preferred to live70 or 80 years before her heart or liver went to a needy patient.

This is evil, pure and simple.  Compound it with Gov Hairgel and his sidekick First Partner Hairbrush Jen pushing teen mutilation sanctuaries as the demon doctors chainsaw off supple teen breasts (the female) and CircumSeize teen penises (the male) for transgenderized (the dysphoric confused) mutilated humans stuck for life by a decision groomed with sick “gender affirming surgeons” or GAS, the ONLY gas the left tolerates.

Any wise person knows the truth.  Abortion, transgenderized surgeries are NOT health care.  They are aberrant, bizarre excuses for the Hippocratic Oath formerly taken by doctors; back when we HAD independent doctors.  Just like Pfizerized humans, CoVax has solutions but NOT from Pfizer.

Science involves wins and losses; in the medical field, when a chemical substance is found to fail, this IS a success because the scientific method works.

With drugs, natural or manufactured, humans take a chance putting them in their bodies; we rely on the three lettered agencies, like FDA, CDC, NIH and Dr Pfaucinstein’s cave, the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases” group, one of the 27 making up the National Institutes of Health.”

You may know Edison discovered, not failed, in finding 117 ways not to make an incandescent filament to deliver light.

50 deaths led to the abandoning of CoVid 2002 “vaccine”; somewhere in the time between Pfizer’s announcement and today, the thresh hold was hit showing the Pfizer shots are not doing the job.  In fact, one would think, the CDC or NIH would have had all hands on deck verifying in flight what it does to humans.

They didn’t: too much money in the balance, I hate to say.   Greed is one of the seven deadliest sins and it led to the deaths of thousands, preventable.



“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”










Live FREE or D.I.E.

To “Live FREE or D.I.E.”!

Much ado is being had about Diversity Inclusion and Equity.  You might recognize it, from sea to medicine to the airline industry to sLive Free or Die | Flag Works over Americahining sea, as DEI, a bit out of the order I believe makes more sense in the mature adult world beyond snowflakeland..

The misery merchants’ spelling, “DEI”, translates to “of God” from the Latin, probably a fact the godless care little about.  Transposing the last two initials is the smart move, leading to the truth of a bankrupt progressive point of view now rearing its ugly head across the fruited plain.

And, D.I.E. is about as self-defining as any of the progressive radical left’s latest concoctions from the pretenders convention on Belmont Ave in George Washington, D.C.

The Sultan of Socialism, Bernie Sanders, recently interviewed, who reveled with his newlywed among the spires of Moscow and the drudgery of communism, did not know the difference.  That is, between equality (the American ideal of all Americans should have equal opportunity) and equity, that not so new term promoted by the death&misery merchants among us promoting “getalongism”, participation ribbons and mediocrity on a national scale.

The interviewer finally coaxed him to agree “equity” means “equal outcomes” or “equal results”, the heart and soul of the socialist/communist world view.  As deceptive as it is in practice.

D.I.E. is the latest deception opposed to the greatness of our land, of  striving for the best, hard work, thrifiness, industry and excellence.   Seeking a tempered dark glass ceiling over individual achievement and great results, the modern American communist (a socialist who denies God’s existence) in America pretends to want EVERYONE to have it all or equal portions, whichever is LESS.  Thus a sickness more dangerous than CoVid23 plus or the latest mRNA offering of the government’s fave Pfizer shot sequence.

Power has its privileges.  But unfortunately, D.I.E., if allowed to matastesize, DOES cause unnecessary deaths. During the recent Oct 2019 release of the world’s worse bioweapon from that giant petry dish called Wuhan, it set the stage soon after for the worst medical systemic malpractice in human history.  Many professionals, like those military aviators who refused the Dr Pfaucinstein shots sequence, were relieved of duty.  Their skills, whether flying infected Wuhanians to work in CCP owned businesses in Spain, or tourists to Turin to see the Holy Shroud, were needed because they had the training, instincts and skills to land their precious cargo of travelers on the tarmacs of the world.

Not so much anymore; as the FAA and airlines relax the critical qualifications to fly first or second chair at American or Southwest, because so many pilots were banished due to attrition and the insane CoVax 19 demands, is leading to near misses and soon a deadly air crash.  It’s only a matter of time.  An organic warning came in the body of a less than qualified pilot recently who proved his incompetence.

Diversity means ‘from many sources of humanity’ and ‘inclusion’ that we give all a chance to succeed. But now we have one of those running America, Susan rice (an Obama operative) the CEO of Equity. However, this latest co-opted term “equity” means we settle not demand excellence, tolerating the less than best.   Inexperienced foreign 737Max pilots caused two crashes within a month and cost lives and Boeing billions; some accidental pilots have experienced strokes due to CoVax (but not acknowledged).  Others cause near misses that but for the grace of God would be further proof settling for inexperienced jet operators is a fool’s errant brought on by the D.I.E. crowd and those Woke to idiocy.    OR…

Take your everyday pediatric neurosurgeon like Dr Ben Carson, arguably the smartest HUD secretary we ever had.  His mother DEMANDED the best from him and his brother: less or no TV, lots of disciplined study on Dr Ben’s pathway to the worlds BEST UNjoiner of conjoined twins at the brain level.

My 22nd grandchild was born predawn on the 50th anniversary of incompetent surgeries, the RoeWade infamy; Wes required 25 days of NICU care due to low oxygen levels and is alive today.  NOT because of SAT or ACT less standardized tests in high school, or heavy study in college and excellent training in med school, but precisely BECAUSE the best were in the neonatal wards at KP and Rady’s Children’s hospital.  I don’t give a damn what color the doctors or nurses’ skin was: just grateful they were excellent practitioners of real infantile medicine.

When did America give up on the Ben Carson gifts of human excellence?

Google or  DuckDuckGo “DEI Medical term”:  “Beyond medical education, the AAMC is committed to DEI across all its services, programs, and projects. A complete list of the AAMC’s DEI initiatives, including those focused on fostering anti-racism in practice, can be found on the Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Initiatives webpage.”

Yes, Ben IS black and as the grandfather of five beautifully black grandkids, I can enjoy that accident of birth.  But race has nothing to do with whether the next button a United pilot pushes or surgeon’s scalpel moved during delicate microsurgery on a 3 year old twin’s cerebellum has on the life of the ones desperately hopeful their doctor or jet cockpit occupant knows what he or she is doing…

Live FREE or D.I.E.  Those are the only choices over time.  What a weekend at Bernie’s three socialist eastern mansion means may not mean much to someone seated in 17E or on the table at Rady’s Children’s Hospital in San Diego under glaring lights.  The fact foggy brained Bernie is clueless at the latest ruminations of the death&misery merchants’ storehouse of lunacy will not impact the patients or passengers directly, but over time it is extremely dangerous for human survival.

Practicing D.I.E. only benefits the ruling government power class; certainly not in the critical professions of the modern world where science is more fictional than real to too many. I love giant electric cars like Tesla even though to save weight they DON’T carry a spare tire for the predictable flat.  Ask my sister Margaret how her 70 mile ride in the desert of Arizona went, riding in the zero emission Tesla on the back of a tow truck because a new tire was NOT next door.

We really need to stop pretending. We pretend men can become women and head the CDC or become an admiral surgeon general.  We pretend Teslas emit zero emissions as their excess weight erode roadways and the coal or natural gas generated electric charge overnight doesn’t count in the perpetual motion zero emission advertisements.

Yes, for 70 miles Margaret sat in a zero emitting giant Lithium Ion driver’s seat with her new puppy…but only if you don’t count the gas guzzling F350 truck she sat above for 90 minutes.

The Pretenders WILL get us killed. The next airliner that goes down because we settled for third best, living down to the self-fulfilling prophecy of the D.I.E. bowels movement plaguing our land. Or are you content your next heart surgeon skipped the SATs in high school, graduated 39th out of 40 in his or her (male or female) cardio-pulmonary class at Texas or Yale med?

I say, it is smarter to LIVE FREE! Allow competition, hard work, smart study, proficiency in staff selection come back in vogue.  The death&misery merchants need to stick to pushing bureauRat paperwork for the DMV or underwater basket weaving studies and leave the critical professions TO excellence.

Equity, after all, is a great term for acquired value in real estate…but has no place in the human condition nor in grown up modern America.  Equality of blandness is DEATH for those who believe it is preferable for airliners to come down at the same rate they ascended hours earlier; accepting mediocrity is NOT the BEST and ONLY course.

After all, no one really cares what level of melatonin is  in the cockpit or operating theater: just that their brains and skills match the need for excellence under fire.  And for the gruel record, we are NOT in a democracy but a constitutional republic that CAN strive to elect the best and foster the even better in our society’s critical professions.

Our mentor is the Creator.  The Trinity designed this 553sextillion mile wide universe to be the best most excellent ever.  Think about it. He designed the ear to funnel sound into our inner hearing channel, transform the sterophonic sound into nerve signals our brains can interpret.  Our eyes are basically organic photovoltaic biochemical marvels that take light and images in via our stereoscopic receptors that can detect life.

God took the time in eternity to give us the very best.  He planted a time device with 3 million 20-70ton stones 4500 years ago that pointed directly 270miles away to the city of His Son’s kingly birth in Bethlehem.  He chose to give us each talents to excel, to be and do our very best and to follow that Son all the way to the cross one Friday the 13th in the month of Abib on the Hebrew calendar.

The WORLD needs our covenant country to lead.  Our blessings are amazing, despite these two years proving that incompetence CAN supersede for a time.

BE the BEST.  Demand the better.  Seek justice, law enforcement not criminal encouragement… God is a merciful and generous God.  Serve Him well so you can enjoy your forever even more.



len beckman


Fear not, FBI! We will protect you from those supremacist Catholic Church ladies

Dedicated to the fine personnel at the Richmond, VA FBI

RE: “Interest of Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists in Radical Traditionalist Catholic Ideology Almost Certainly Presents New Mitigation Opportunities”

Thank you to our law enforcement officials who daily put their lives on the line to serve and protect.  When I got word that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) had sounded the alarm that those crazy supremacist Church Ladies were at it again, I KNEW I had to weigh in.   Yet, as Pope Saint John Paul the Great and Padre Pio said it:

Do NOT be afraid; do NOT worry.  Just pray.

Great words for all to live by, Mr. Wray and your FBI team;  not to mention, Catholics, Jews etc.

Fear not, hard working FBI agents, Chris Wray and AG Leftenant DeMerit Garland, we will protect you.

You stand up for ultimate truth and total justice.  We NEED you!  At least, when you realize we parents are NOT your enemy nor the Church Ladies weaponizing their lethal tool: the rosary to do harm.

Truth is, it IS a weapon against evil and honoring the mother of your Savior, Jesus the Christ.  But not the typical Race card from the AlinskyDemocrat 52 Bicycles: the one labeled “White Supremacy”.  It IS a bit worn and overused but as the memo puts it…need ‘mitigation opportunities’ because apparently the premiere law enforcement agency worldwide gets bored and suspects the KMart Blue class for Isisians.

After all, SPLC always tells the truth (ask Mark Levin, that calm and cheerful American Marxist outer).  Ok, maybe not so much, since the SPLC leans farther left than the Tower of Piza after a 7.8 quake in Italy.

And you know how those 95 year old rosary toting usually supremacist white (veiled) Church Ladies have been radicalized for years hearing Lingua Latinam as they receive Jesus in the Eucharist.  And songs like “Regina Coeli”, honoring Mary the Queen of Heaven.  (Latin again!)

You can’t miss them; sometimes their rosaries are not just little plastic ones, but the more violent weaponized ones are made of glass, steel, even super blessed holy beads.

Who knows, maybe in their secret meetings, they practice swinging the 65 beaded chain over their heads, hoping to practice their white veiled supremacist moves on some poor hapless BLMer or Auntie FA lady in the pew NOT praying the right prayers.  Or on the streets as the misfit criminals of society steal $949.99 cents merch or tearing down those old patriarchical white bastards like Abraham Lincoln or George of the Potomac.

Then I realized: FIND the national ringleader and demand answers. My memory did NOT fail me: it’s gotta be the notorious Church Lady out of New York City!!

Immediately, I wanted to make sure the church lady that SPLC had discovered, wasn’t the most notorious Church Lady of all time, Enid Strict.

If the Richmond FBI digs in and has access to the interweb, you could check out this Church Lady Strict’s “Church Chats” and look for evidence of sedition, unbridled terrorism like parents seem to do questioning school boarders across America.

The shade of white known as “supremacist” like Navaho or swiss coffee white.  Maybe i can help.  At the FBI, your role is to investigate all enemies foreign and domestic; maybe you know the basics, that Jesus is the Reason for the Season most winters.  As the memo intimates, we are looking for the Reason for the Treason.

However, as a lifelong Catholic dad of 11 with the 22nd grandkiddo newly born predawn on the 50th anniversary of RoeWade still in NICU battling some issues, I can do tutorials to separate fact from fiction, give a healthy backgrounder on Catholicism after admitting my sins.  Just maybe ObamaJoe Biden has not evangelized the 3 letter exec agencies with real Cath tradition.

Sin#1: I DID serve Mass in the early 60s at what was called the Traditional Latin Mass, similar I believe to the new MOST wanted posters of Church Ladies hitting the airwaves.

Here’s the scoop on the suspect, Enid.  WickedPedia states that:  “The Church Lady is a mature woman named Enid Strict who is the uptight, smug, and pious host of her talk show Church Chat”.  Sounds like the memo was spot on: what’s more dangerous than speaking freely, like the first amendment, about truth and justice?  Something the most prestigious investigative agency in the world is all about.

Is this a good lead to the conspiracy?  Unfortunately, it turns out he once was a man who became a church lady (ie woman as Jumanji Jackson Brown, the newest Supreme, could not define) like Admiral Dr Rachel Levine of HHS or DR. Rochelle P. Walensky, MD, MPH, the Director of the CDC.

There might be a role for Enid!  Maybe she could be President Biden’s Secretary of Transpiritual genderologies (adding TSP to the LBTQxyz anagram and rising Secretariats).

Problem is, as how Percy Faith famously doesn’t sing it: “when a man becomes a woman…” he/she Dana Carvey needed Confirmation (after Baptism and First Holy Communion) by the Senate Transformative Committee on all Executive Appointments.  Didn’t happen.

So, the SNL church lady is out!  Sorry, Dana, you are off the hook. Back to Saturday Nights!

SIN#2:  I might as well get it out there:

I am TransParent, and was a man trapped inside a woman’s body.

No lie.  Well, I was trapped up until the moment my mother gave birth to my sorry self.  But that was decades ago.

Still, FBI, fear not…we are still looking to protect you from the blue light special crowd.

Maybe I need to step in.  Church Ladies, like most Catholics, understand the Church was founded, NOT by the Democrat or Republican parties, but by the Son of God that God the Father inserted into HIS created world two millennia ago.

History, after all, is His Story.  Jesus IS the center of all time, the world, the old and new testaments.

The FBI even, for years, used AD and BC in their view of the world. BC meaning Before Christ and AD meaning the NEW contract, the new covenant via the Latin, Anno Domini (fear not, my use of Latin should not scare you, it is still in use by real doctors still allowed by Dr Pfauci (some call him “Pfaucinstein” affectionately) to write drug prescriptions.)

Anno Domini means “In the Year of the Lord”…2023 for example.  Jesus REMAINS the center of all time on earth as we are actually in the exact middle of eternity, going back and looking forward.

Mr. FBI agent and fellow readers, ALL of us, fallen away Catholics, Catholics in name only ObamaJoe Biden and non CAtholics WILL ALWAYS EXIST.  We die first but we LIVE forever.  And you are making decisions this MOMENT affecting where you will be for that forever. Primer time: the potent Rosary has mysterious mysteries tied to each group of 10 Hail Marys (the prayer not the Super Bowl pass).  Broken up into Sorrowful, JOYful, Glorious and the newer Luminous mysteries.

The TLC (traditional Latin Catholics?) use the Glorious on Sundays and Wednesdays; Sorrowful on Tuesdays and Fridays, the Joyful on Saturday and Monday and bringing up the rear, the Luminous mysteries on Thursday.

In fact, Mary gave the rosary form to use, we understand, through St Dominic.  Later on, by the first part of the 15th century the Hail Mary consisted of: “Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.” The third part, known as the petition (“Pray for us Holy Mother of God…”) is traced back to the Council of Ephesus in 431. At that council, Church leaders officially defined Mary as not only the Mother of Jesus but as Theotokos (God-bearer, the Mother of God).

Primer time: yes, worry not, our friends at the FBI and skeptics of the Deep State of Disarray: Mary IS important in Creation and eternity.  A good way to understand Regina Coeli and Jesus’ mother is that Mary:

“…is endowed with the high office and dignity of the Mother of the Son of God, and therefore she is also the beloved daughter of the Father and the temple/spouse of the Holy Spirit” (Pope St. John Paul the Great in ‘Lumen gentium’,n. 53).

Mr Wray and AGarland, she IS the Eve who said “Yes” to God’s call.  But remember, you decide where you are going…

No, great FBI agents, there are no Monday morning status meetings once you die (we pray for every alive as well as fallen law enforcement human).  Either heaven, the preferred new address or hell.  Yes, hell IS a place.

Of course, I will NOT toss a stone, from the Scriptures “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. I certainly am not sinless.

But Jesus’ words, great ones to live by as you investigate the Church Ladies who, by one FBI agent’s belief, are racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists in Radical Traditionalist Catholic Ideology (RTCI ?)

Yes, I know, these Church Ladies may appear to be ancient, but they are powerful prayer warriors against the dominion of the father of lies, the devil, who it is running out of control around America and the world deceiving good people.  Good people including the FBI.  The Scriptures, ie the Bible, remain relevant and great truths buried inside those big books many use as door stops today.

Tutorial continues.  Contrary to Mr Garland’s very sad view of the real America, the land where parents actually have rights and own one right to educate their children, feed clothe and love them…who are NOT domestic terrorists when they tell these usurping public school boards we don’t want our children, without permission, to have their breasts chainsawed off or the penises of their young boys castrated by the demons of the Minor Gender Demolition Service hiding behind their plastic surgery gender affirming ID cards.  Yes, our death culture IS screwed up by the misery merchants, but who in their sane right mind thinks wacking off barely pubescent pee pees is a rational, human, adult thing to do?

Frankly I stand apart from the depopulationist billionaires of Huxley fame that Susan Buffet, Priscilla Zuckerberg etc practice.

Confession:   I have 11 kids and just had #22 grandchild, hoping for more, to fill in the giant hole some billionaires don’t understand: when you kill 64 million prebirth almost born babies over five decades, there IS impact!

Think about protecting AMerica from within!  You create a HUGE black hole that sucks the life out of the greatest country on God’s green earth nestled in the midst of His 553 sextillion mile wide universe when you destroy 20% of the prebirthers.

64 million and counting; I know more abortions are coming, because one billionaire couple after three NON reproductive righteous miscarriages and three beautiful girls, pre-purchased 3,000,000 future abortions to keep the blood and seized hearts and livers coming.  You know them as Mark and Priscilla and yes I have proof they took out 3 million contract kills for only God and devil know why.

FBI, I know you work closely with them at FaceBot Central; but I would fear Priscilla and Mark Zuckerberg more than the Supremacist White Veiled church ladies; the Zucks, with their allies at AborTourism Inc. (Gavin and Jen Seibert Newsom) and sanctuary breast mutilations, kill innocent children as if they are property and living organ donors.

It’s bad enough mother Zucker got her 3 before their assault on blacks and Mexican inner city populations.  Mr Wray and FBIers: do you realize your favored abortion industry has killed off 19.4% of the 330 million future Americans?  Blacks are 9 times the rate but no race card pops out of the race deck for some reason.

Add in the 3 million kids marked for Death by Zuck via satanic surgeons in Gavin&Jen Newsom’s favorite kill mills, and you have a dying country that 30 million illegal vacationers now call home…and CAN’T replace, even if Susan Rice, Barack and Michelle and grifter JoBama Biden allow 30 million in, helping Fentanyl and cartel coyotes’ free reign in the USa.

Susan Buffett, Priscilla Zuckerberg and their boys made their money, which i am NOT jealous of, on the mutilated bodies of our next generation.

Since money is always followed, when they are capitalized, that 64 million kids would have generated AT LEAST $128 TRILLION in economic activity over 75 years.  Four times the current $31 trillion printed national debt my grandkids’ kids will be paying for.

I know, in Mr. Obama’s fourth term at ObamaNation HQ on Belmont 2 miles north of the Oval Office, trillions are like billions like millions were just decades ago, no way we can spend this much of the future.  someone please don’t tell the Obamanation HQ “quadrillion” is the “…illion” in the chain of poverty.

As the man you protect from all enemies, truth and justice, Mr Obama Biden has spent another 1.7 TRILLION of printed cash so that you can chase parents, church ladies and keep 1000 good Americans locked in the Gulag DC Dungeons because they visited our (not your capital) one Epiphany morning in 2021.

We all know Paul Pelosi’s wife locked out 10,000 National Guard troops so her backdrop for her daughter’s nancy brag documentary was surrealistic.  Her protection racket led to the FBI’s Instigator bureau (Ray Epps and others) give Allstate’s “Mayhem” the run of the Capitol.

FBI, fear NOT the Church Ladies.  Better, you should FEAR the God who decides where YOU will spend eternity after a meager 85 years on earth.

Your agency is marked with the awesome responsibility to investigate, not adjudicate: so why are so many innocents held in Stasi Gulag DC jails?  Does it make you feel better, oppressing the weak and freedom to speak types?

God’s timing is perfect. The light of the sun shines directly on the altar on the feast of St Michael, an angel many know battles Biden’s busy demons

Sin#3.  Speaking of marked, I realize I am on your screen for future intimidation and unjust arrest.

I love protecting women, what with 7 in my family, and work diligently to provide informed choice facts to the most vulnerable among us; the Gruesome Newsom Twosome don’t give a damn how many pregnant teens they destroy from these 49 United States.

I am not rich, but then wealth is not the issue.

I attend a few times a month a Latin Mass at the beautiful church of the Assumption (Mary’s passing into heaven feast, the 4th GLORIOUS mystery of the aforementioned rosary).

It is NOT the traditional Latin Mass you and your Catholic hating SPLF and agents fear most.

Primer time. A quick tutorial to save you the embarrassment and stop these bizarre false witness distractions taking you away from investigating 200 foot Mao Tse-Xi’s Chinese Lunar New Year balloons and cartels and perps stealing $950+ in merchandize without response.

You know, the traditional arrest, incarcerate (big word for jail), bring to trial timely like one of the amendments promise and then a trial by peers.  But, NOT grandmas wallowing in DC’s form of Gitmo because they exchanged recipes on the mall lawn.

As your former agent Seraphin, a federal whistleblower, wrote that the author of the Richmond VA memo defines radical traditionalist Catholics as those who are “typically characterized by the rejection of the Second Vatican Council.” Vatican II, which concluded in 1965, revised the Latin Mass with the Mass of Paul VI.”  Nothing could be further from the truth and the real world.

Are we back to “backward masking” the Beatles’ White Album and Number Nine and “turn me on dead man?” planted lyrics.  I had a belted turntable back then and did a quick twist to hear the secret wordings.

By the way: Glossary Central. The Church is divided into three groupings.  Why do you fear the Church Militant?  It’s a long standing reference to the Church ON EARTH serving the needs of others and preaching the gospel to all nations.  The other two groups are the Church Triumphant (those in heaven already like my wife Donna and mother of 11 great kids); and Church Suffering (those accounting for actual sin in purgatory who are heaven bound…I bet a lot of the corrupt DC, one hopes, makes it to here at least, such as Obamanation’s Joe B, Aunt Nancy and the prodigal son Gavin.  And frankly, why does Leftenant AGarland shiver in his boots over the militant (Latin derivation is ‘service”) while dum de dum dumming over 574 riots featuring murderers, looters and arsonists during the “peaceful” burn down anything reprobate BLManTIFa’s Summer of Love and Peace.

Scripture has it: “fear God who has the power to put both body and soul into Gehenna (no, not a form of Indian tatooing) ie HELL.

MORE Glossarizationing.  Novus Order means the “New Order” that began about 1965.

Not the world wide reset globalization of the New World Order; no, the Vatican II changes practiced today.

Today, the Mass is spoken and celebrated worldwide in 160 different languages in different forms. We worship God, fear not, FBI, not men like Kamala or Joe or even the best president in recent times, Donald Trump.

More Catholic facts:  After God created the angels, He set about creating these 50 trillion celled beings called humans, starting with a man with an external sex and urination tool; you may have heard of him: Adam (NOOO, not that lying, leaking, deceitful Schiff from Maryland with his 1 bedroom Burbank abandoned.)  God produced billions of stars, planets, plants and animals on this third rock from the sun.

But two sexes or genders, not 60,  were in His plans: He finished general creation with the greatest design and feat in history.

Billions of stars was nothing compared to His Design and Creation of woman, with her internal ability to reproduce another fully functioning sentient male or female or both or eight babies.

Woman, who used to be respected by all and treated with love and care until the woke generation gained prominence.

Why do you, Mr Garland, hate babies so?  Why does the Democrat party of enslavement rabidly force little girls to have their breasts chainsawed when chest bindery doesn’t suffice? Pump her or he full of puberty chemical blockers, which leads to the highest suicide rate in decades, among the confused abused by supposed “adults and doctors” of the gender affirming world. EVIL

Or worse, kill blacks and Mexicans first, whites second, locating Jill&Will Kill Mills in inner cities; nothing racist about abortion, EVERY human is the target of death doctors.  Cute name that the Zuckerbergs love so much, pre purchasing 3 million abortions (in English even the FBI informants can understand “killing little prebirth babies for parts”) via $966 million donation to planned barrenhood, where satanic Sanger soldiers march to Hell’s cadence.

Yet there’s MORE innovation!  Before the abortionist was the perpetrator, doing the evil to the mother and child; now, twenty something pregnant ladies can SEE in their own toilets what a baby looks like if not carried to a full term birth taking FetalKyl Pills.  Talk about Biology 401 where the specimen and speciwomen aren’t frogs pinned on lab boards but REAL human children, fully formed, diving into toilets across this fruited plain.  Albuquerque used to have Southwest Women’s Options (SWO) give phase one inducing the mother to expel the large baby, then house them at the Plaza Inn nearby; finally, mom’s little girl dropped into the porcelain throne, and drained to the Great River (Rio Grande) where we import the illegal alien replacements.

Now, young lady!  All she needs to do is buy an over the counter infanticyanide pill at the Walgreen Little Girl Killing centers. Planned Parenthood no longer has its monopoly!

FBI, add this to my Most Wanted poster. I have 11 kids, more than the Chinese “One kid per family” rule.

In addition to five years of Latin at Servite and CSUF, a few times a month I take a dozen roses to the Orange County Kill Central HQ, planned parenthood on Tustin at the 22.

Mr Dunn’s place of business does Covid shots, gives prenatals, pregnancy tests and kills human organ donors while alive.  Yes, selling organs from dead people is illegal; selling organs from recently murdered babies should be illegal as well in practice.

DA Rackaukas outed Dunn’s den with a $7 million suit affixed to DaVinci Biosystems in Yorba Linda (once owned by Hillary’s colleagues the Isias brothers), but no one in DC cares about saving infant lives.

Except a few like Senator Saint Marsha Blackburn and former VP Pence.

FBI, I am NOT a church lady.  And I am careful not to do anything illegal, immoral or fattening.

Like Mr Houck (Leftenant AGarland could explain), I stand legally on the sidewalk. 

When a car exits (never holding up traffic as cars enter off Tustin), I hold a red or yellow rose up and if the driver or passenger stops and acknowledges me, i legally give them the rose.  You know, the kind of flower that most American ladies love to get from their men, husbands, boyfriends, dads.

Women LOVE roses; I also give a small information sheet so the pregnant (aborted or not) woman can exercise choice from five places that will give her free prenatals, followup exams and not threaten her life with knives shoved up her vagina and suction machines to suck the remains of their satanic rituals practiced intra uterine.

All of 17 seconds.  Yes, EVERY woman risks her own life, whether by chemicals or knives, when she enters driving OVER the sidewalk.  If you think I am lying, tell that to 18 year old Holly Patterson or 22 year old Tonya REaves.

They don’t have birthdays anymore because these moms are dead at the hands of an abortionist.  The list IS long for the twofers, where mom dies soon after her little girl is knifed to death for parts.  But, hey, what’s a few oops killing both in America, the land of opportunity and dreams.

Mr Wray, as they drive out, it’s easy to see the newly abortive mom.

Like recently, a woman in pain in her passenger seat back horizontal and flat, was holding her stomach, moaning and in distress with her man not even looking to take a rose for his lass. Zombie driver.  Mom now suffering for a lifetime of various levels of pain, emotional, spiritual, physical etc.

Not a pretty sight repeated for the 64 millionth time in our dying country. Oh the games the Dems and too many Republicans play… inventing words and phrases daily to distract from the blessings of our great nation via diversion.  Propaganda, whether Pravda or in the King’s language, is evil.  Like Diversity. Inclusion. Equity.  DIE for short.

You have my address: i know. I prefer to not deal with injustice applied to me and my family.  I am NOT a Church Lady but I do follow Christ and hope to live happily forever with all my 11 kids God willing.  I sincerely pray for you and your souls.  You have a tough job, what with the Obamanation possessing DC and beholden to them and not to Lady Justice.

God created the Universe for mankind (yes the two genders man) and womenkind.  Not the reverse!  Humans are the reason for the seasons of life, while Jesus IS the Reason for the Christmas season.  The angels (tutorial continues) chose to worship their Creator or to defy Him.

Dead Giveaway?  Maybe this whistleblower Seraphin has higher aspirations: Seraphin is very close to SeraphiM, the six-winged “fiery” angels who surround God as He sits upon His exalted throne and who worship God continually (Isaiah 6).

Maybe a coincidence the highest level of angelology has such a close etymological proximity to Mr Seraphin.

Back to tutorial and creation.  Thank you FBI for your service!!  But you need to brush up on your purported terrorist groups who have American citizenship…and are good, normal American folks.

God “marked” the earth with a huge object that later became a Home Depot source for Arabian peoples in the middle east after an earthquake.

But before 600 years ago, it shown brilliantly with its 144,000 polished hard limestone mirror capstoles and served as God’s pillar of fire (its name means “fire in the middle”), a compass, a mathematical repository etc.  But it also pointed to God’s plan of salvation history.

The object is the “Fire in the middle” building translated as Giza Pyramid.  It sits at the exact center of the world, east-west and north-south. Don’t just believe me: Google earth it and it will fill your rectangular screen perfectly, because it IS a compass more true (less than 3 degrees of arc) to the four cardinal directions of North, East, West South.  Even more accurate than new observatories after 5 millennia.

As to being a pillar of fire, it is at its most brightest at high noon on the Spring Equinox, the first day of rebirth, resurrection and rejuvenation, as the northern planetary hemisphere, drags itself out of the cold and death of winter into the new life of spring.  High noon on the same day historically, Jesus was conceived and died.  Explanation another day, FBI folks.

God, I believe, used this structure made of 3 million blocks of 2070 ton stones perfectly aligned, to help focus us on His Son, Jesus later in time.  Possibly the seal of approval planted 2623 BC (Before Christ not BCE) and energize 2141 BC.

Once covered with 144,000 super bright mirror stones, it could be seen from the moon. It maintains the world’s average temp inside (68 degrees); it houses the world’s average land height. It actually is an 8 (Jesus’ number) sided geometric pyramidal structure seen four times a year: at dawn and dusk on the Solstices of Summer and Winter).

couple more: Giza is concaved to match the curvature of the earth not discovered until the 40s.  In fact, it is a square circle.

Measure the 9131 inch base side times four you get 36524, the exact solar year of 365.24 days. Divided by its Apex, you get 3.1415, Pi to five significant digits.  Yes, the Church Ladies won’t baton you with their St Simon Stock St Dominic rosaries nor force you to see the truth.

Maybe Patrick Madrid, dad of 11, will take up this investigation if the Fed Bureau is busy with Church Ladies and Suppressing parents. It’s worthy of a look.  God knew what He was and IS doing.

So many facts such as Newton qualified his scientific laws with information in the Giza Pyramid.  Most important, someday it will be recognized as a Catholic icon for its pointing to our Founder Jesus the Christ who in Greek and Hebrew is numbered as 888 (His name) and 8, the number scripturally of rebirth (8th day of the week, renewal of the music scale 8th note etc).  Maybe with all its resources, the FBI could investigate this marvelous miracle instead of arresting prolife dads of 7 OR 11.  BTW, heard that 100 women’s health centers, once known as free clinics, have been arsoned and graffitied by the demoniacs at real terrorist orgs like the New BLM and Auntie FA.   Nuttin’ to see here?  Kind of like the peaceful 574 riotous protests.

Before I lose you and you arrest me for speaking truth: note that built inside the former perfect building now a pile of rubble is the Christ Angle.

The entrance is 17 (biblical number of “victory”…see 153 reference by Jesus)  steps up.  The “entrance” passageway creates an angle of 26 degrees, 18 minutes, 9.63 seconds protracted to the ground.  When extended as a vector from its base, the line travels 270 miles over the Exodus pillars of Solomon and the city of Jesus’ birth, Beth’ lehem, the House of Bread.  As the FBI must now now, Jesus is the Bread of Life born to die that we might live.

270 miles vector from Giza to Bethlehem along the 26 degree 18 ‘ 9.63 ” Christ angle built into Giza

In case the FBI has a filtered interweb, pictured here is the 26 degrees 18 minute 9.63 second angled line overlaying a map of Egypt and Israel.  THIS is the Catholic aspect unmentioned that even the ABCNNBCBS APost~Times Democrat Media should journalize.  Some day when the urinalists graduate from journalism school, Pulitzer U.

They should NOT lie about white supremacists and killing democracy (we are NOT a democracy but a Federated Republic of elected leadership employees of We the People governance).

Sadly, Mr Wray, the misery merchants (Dems, Swamp creatures etc) worry more about killing democracy than killing little girls inside younger moms.

Beloved FBI and CDC Compliance Agents: It’s NOT easy being a cop these days, certainly not part of the most incredible investigative agency worldwide now tainted. But realize we don’t have law and order when we reward the lawless (574 Summer of Auntie FA BLM Love riots) for their disorder!!  Could it be, you are looking for job securing “mitigation opportunities in all the wrong places.

Yes it fits in well with your radicalized Left American Marxist mindset shared by way too many.  But there IS hope.

Mr FBI agent, many of you have children and understand discipline, like “don’t steal, cheat, lie or kill”; you know that “what gets rewarded gets repeated”.  We did not reject the Commandments but follow them.

Take the list: Steal.  Cheap.  Lie.  Kill.  Each has its patron demon in the party of slavery and the favored criminals of Sorosian fame.

The Catholic Church is 2000 years old; founded on 12 apostles, the original governing body like the 12 Israel tribes of ancient times, it survives BECAUSE it is the mystical (miraculous) body and bride of Christ.  Mary is not revered by all Christian faiths, although Muslims revere Mary only second to Muhammad’s daughter, Fatima. Protestants are a bit skeptical of her importance.

Again in case your internet is down, FBI, investigate the truths of the Church, refute the lies of the mainly Democrat God haters brought to you by the lies of so many.  For example, here lies….Joe Biden and Adam Schiffty Schiff, who only lie when their lips move. But please, as Nicholas Cage said in “National Treasure”, “I really don’t want to go to jail”.

Please spare me jailtime like Mr Houck experienced; I am 70 years old and still working full time. But our battles are not other Americans, FBI, nor the law enforcers we love, the peaceful among us; our true war is against the “principalities and powers of darkness” mentioned in the Bible.  Yes, Catholics use the Bible more than door stops.

Like Paul of the jails of old, I speak truth without deception, wish peace on everyone, do not hate anyone though not a fan of killing or mutilating kids for profit or ideology.  We have a great country and over time a Renaissance will return.  It HAS to.

Save yourselves the trouble: the Church Ladies are only dangerous to hell and its followers. 

And therein lies the problem: President Joe sadly is at least demonically influenced if not oppressed, obsessed or possessed.

The dead giveaway is NOT just his beady black pupils or red background sets, but he believes like too many billionaires and far left crowdsourcers that shoving a knife up a woman’s vagina to cut up a living 30 trillion celled little girl makes America better.  It doesn’t.

The feeble baby hearts and infantile livers bring money to the engorged Abortion Inc. but at what cost? The souls of American and those engaged in kid kills and mutilations for profit.

I personally know just how fragile preborners are, how innocent and vulnerable both mother and child are.  When our 22nd grandchild was born predawn on the 50th anniversary of the evil RoeWade disaster, Wesley was immediately put into NICU, the intensive care unit for little girls and boys.  Jan 22nd, 2023 to today, STILL in focused care.

You see, the real America does not follow the death and misery merchants, we VALUE life and work so hard to protect it, from conception through natural death.  Wesley was given much more care than the little healthy girl mutilated and hacked up by the sleazy kill mill industry, who are dead in 5 minutes.  The chemical FetalKyl abortion pill takes longer and the mom is less a victim but emotionally believes she is a primary killer when her girl shows up in the porcelain low flow toilet altar.

Leave the Church ladies alone to be prayer warriors. Fear not, Mr Wray or AGarland, they will not strangle you with their 59 not 65 beaded prayer tool.   Got you!  You need to study the real currency of life, the Catholic faith before you write off people who pray for you and yours.

By the way, Mr Wray and AGarland, can you help the California Cavalry?  Cavalry Chapel was surveilled as parishioners entered during the government lockdown; how dare these free American citizens go into a church when the DC swamp trackers say Suzie Sweet or Holy Harry are illicitly worshiping a God other than Government, whether our three branches or that of the ObamaNation of Desolators?   Someone videoed, their cells monitored, all targeted for Covid emforcement.  Even though not one Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome infected Christian was discoverable.  When you are done imprisoning those dangerous Mama Bears and involved dads asking why the school board is mutilating our boys via castration and chainsawing our young ladies, could you look into this.  Yes, it is the GNT (Gruesome Newsom Twosome’s) backyard.

I am happy to oblige…

But the government, though less powerful it seems than a few square miles near the Potomac, is the people!

You are our hirelings, our employees.  Unfortunately we have devolved into two nations. One Real free Americans, filled with hard working parents, kids and families, that Sarah Huckabee Sanders spoke of one State of the Union Tuesday

…and (2) the ObamaNation of Barack and Susan Rice who puppet Mr Biden into destroying our great land with lies and pilfered trillion$.  You’ve seen the new godfather of the swamp.  The movie “Godfather IV”, produced by the Obamanation Film division, is underway. Pictured here is the trailer.

Reigning not so covertly, good old Joe, the current 1600 Penn Ave resident is a mere emanating penumbra of a statesman.

Susan Rice and the ObamaNation rules the swamp two miles north of Penn Ave’s largest House of White. Emanations from penumbras? The dictionary says that a penumbra is “the partially shaded outer region of the shadow cast by an opaque object.”

The permanent administrative state, like all our souls, is in need of a Savior, of reform.

Help the vigilant FBI dealing with this latest cache of white haired supremacist Church Lady terrorists.

It was bad enough, as AGarland discovered, there are thousands, maybe millions of domestic terrorist parents running rampant in little cells called “families” targeting the keeper of our children, pubic school boards and teech unions,  across this great country.

Now, probably hiding for years, wielding their walkers and canes disguised as walking canes and walkers, in the very pews of the beloved Catholic Church are the Church Ladies on the prowl.

As we are reminded often, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are Catholics and obviously watching carefully at daily Mass for these nonagenarian miscreants donning the pews.

Last thing these fearless leaders want is for some rosary totin’ bible carrying 90 year old making her veiled threat: “Repent of your sins, Catholic ones, turn back to God, stop killing little girls and become true statespersons to lead our land.”  But sadly Hitler was once a Catholic, even an altar boy.  Unfortunately, before he rose to power, he joined the occult and became demonically influenced.  Yes, rumor has it he sold his soul the devil and his reward was shooting Eva Braun, his dog and then himself in that Berlin bunker after 12 million human kills over 12 years in 10 countries.

But before you condemn (ye without sin stone throwing time) this evil, evil man, recall the Chancellor of the Democrat Socialist Party only took out 12 million while we took out 64 million.

Are Democrats and far left just more efficient than 80 years ago removing perfectly fine humans?

FIVE times as many humans though 5 times as long to do it.  Whether in Germany & Poland, or these 50 united states, both are incredible tragedies.

WE are NOT the enemy, Mr Wray or AGarland.  We want to help.

So real Americans reading this, please send a thank you or report a church lady to:

Richmond Virginia FBI Office

5101 Randall Avenue

Phone 800-333-4636

~~Len Beckman  Dad of 11  Grandfather of 22.  The 22nd grandchild Westley was born predawn on the 50th anniversary of RoeWade, marking with New Life the Death of an Evil Law.

Copy list underway: `cc  Jay Sekulow    Sr John Ellen   Bishops  sean hannity   patrick madrid  fr rocky  drew mariani

We marked the 50th RoeWade anniversary with New Life!

A new life arrived before dawn on January 22, 2023 named WC.

Fifty years previous, some time on Monday, Jan 22, 1973, the most outrageous decision about preborn children came down from SCOTUS.  WC’s 4am PST marked the ignoble day with a joyous, though challenging, birth.

Chief Justice Blackmum and his emanating penumbras, the lied-to Norma McCorvey, almost fifty years leading up to the June 24, 2022 overturning Roe with Dobbs vs Jackson Women’s Health.

Followed and adjacent to SCOTUS leaks and unhinged demoniacs protesting peacefully while burning and torturing 70 “for LIFE” women’s health centers across America. Of course, ignored by the evil Leftenant DemoHack DeMerritt AGarland, who persecutes anyone standing UP for  life and protecting their own like the dad of 7 kids, Mark Houck.

If too many kids is bad for America, why are all nine smiling here?

Praise report, despite the evil Garland’s deceit, the federal jury verdict was “NOT guilty” January 30th.  Bishop Strickland and so many others are celebrating turning back Leftenant DeMeritt AGarland who hates families and has sold out to evil.  God only knows what is in the Obamanation Biden attorney general’s heart.

One wonders if tickets are available for Garland’s future face2face with God on his personal judgement day.  Remember to pray for all your close friends and family, and closer enemies like Garland.  Hell is full enough already though the devils savor more.

If death is involved and it is linked to the Democrat slave party founded in 1854, it is ignored by the DC ruling class. But we got great news in the midst of these miseries.

7 months later, the 50th anniversary date, will be seared in our family’s memories with the beautiful birth of our 22nd grand kiddoo WC.

No better mom and dad to have happened to, K and R; one amazing couple from the extended Beckman family. Mary and this author got the news of the predawn birth on this infamous day in a text, as we left the Assumption church at St Michael’s Abbey on a crisp Sunday morn.  Jan 22, 2032.

Juxtapose this awesome event to the 64 million young girls and boys who gave their lives over these last 50 years.  Why? Possibly to please the demons of the misery merchant world: planned parenthood is anything but planning for future parents; they like the DePop Billionaires (susan buffet, priscilla zucherberg etc.) plan barrenhood as far as the eye can see.

It is the billionaires from hell who want less humans on earth NOT God, as if they understand God’s ability to provide for His children,  which they don’t.

Lie after lie about the environment, the BS fraud “danger” of CO2, the supposed scarcity of natural resources and the climate change fraud permeate our permanent DC govt, the tarnished ivory towers and institutions of lower indoctrinated learning: K-12.

The universal lie that hell dispenses is: “have it your way, ladies!”  Kill your kid if you want to be free.  No problem, no impact to your free life, no emotional, physical, social and spiritual scars for you post abortion.  Well, maybe when Holly Patterson and Tonya Reaves, 18 and 22 aged respectively, died alongside their dead preborn child, a bit of pain. But the demonrats don’t care and the misery merchants celebrate.

Yet every woman, whether 15 or 35 who aborts, who allows satanist surgeons access to her private parts, also allow these demoniacs to shove their sharp knives up their birth canal, will deal with physical and emotional, let alone, spiritual anguish for her natural life.

Worse, IF she goes to the new and improved Walgreen War on Kids baby pill kill mills, the latest place in time where they dispense poisonous pills of death, she ALONE is the perpetrator of death for the next generation she was carrying.

This is a critical point that will impact the 50% of women who take FetalKyl (NOT Fentanyl) ie the Abortion Kill Pill:

NO external perpetrator is involved in taking the pill, just mom.  Unlike on the table in those diabolic rooms reserved for death, dismemberment and organ harvesting at Jon Dunn’s Dungeon of Death.

Moms, think about this.  IF you take the abortion pill, you WILL see your little girl when she comes out in a day or two. But certainly NOT alive.  One little girl I know personally who survived saline abortion, Gianna Jessen, is a start witness to the evil that hell dishes out millions of times a year.

It’s bad enough the man in your life is not like my son-in-law who welcomed life, sacrifices for their newbie child, giving hope for the future.  He loves my daughter and newest grandchild soooo much. Truth be told, I love K very much.

But at-risk mom, IF your man is NOT like my son-in-law, welcoming life no matter the condition and loving you enough to support you when you are most vulnerable, why the heaven are you sharing a bed with him.

Why in God’s good Name, why are you unmarried and hanging with him, now that you know he is just a sperm donor and looking for the benefits of the “kitchen” without the responsibilities and joy true covenant marital love brings.

If you are married, and trying to thin the “herd” by killing your number 2 or 7, why not get help from the community and aDoPt her out, instead of aBoRting her into the trash can or organ harvest room at planned parenthoodlums central.

One thing PP is right about: EVERY child a wanted child.  In their world, they want YOUR child for her parts, usable hearts and livers.   It is better called by the evil Warren and Susan Buffet, or Mark or Mother Zucker Priscilla (who pre-purchased 3 million future abortions):

EVERY child a HUNTED child.

The occult is no longer hidden, people.  Choose death and the misery merchants who use satanists like Zack King was, to participate in hell’s coven celebration of aborted child provided to witches for lunch or dinner.  Of course, Jon Dunn prefers just extracting the heart parts after extracting the whole living baby, because YaleMed or UTex Med Branch pay better for human organ parts.  Obviously, in his organs smuggling, Dunn gets so much less from satanist extraction ceremonies because you can’t sell a baby that was a meal for hell’s minion worshippers.  Yes, this happens…Zack can tell you the details.

Moms!  Do the smart, joyful, live essential thing that my beloved daughter and son-in-law just experienced before the 50th anniversary of Norma McCorvey’s betrayal as Roe versus Wade the paper standup for 600 months of evil child killing.  Roe is dead but Dobbs,  the June 24 miracle overturn, is just the beginning of the relentless battle for human souls, war between the best heaven has to offer at the sidewalk of what hell dishes out.  Sidewalk? 700 N Tustin at the 22 fwy in Orange, CA, the HQ of all that is evil and miserable and deadly. Someday, 40% of the OCSupervisors Board will wake up and see that what the Democrat American Marxist Nation (DAMNation for short) or Obamanation is selling American women in crisis is pure evil.  Hopefully BEFORE, like Pelosi and ObamaJoe, they face their one on one exit interview with the God of the Universe.

WC and Fr Louis for baptism picture

WC ended up needing extra care at a SoCal children’s hospital; Fr. Louis came and baptized WC just in case; side note, Fr Louis was born a priest the day AFTER RoeWade died last June 24th; what a gift this newly ordained young man is to the community.  And to our family.

Welcome, WC!  You are in a large, and growing larger, family who loves you.  All children ARE wanted children; ALWAYS wanted by someone or some few IF given half a chance at life.

Moms, do NOT buy the lies of the Pelosis, Kamalalas, Zuckerbergers, Newsoms, Bidens and so many other followers of the devil.  Followers of the devil?   Anyone who applauds killing preborn children is NOT following Christ, but following the worst hell has to offer to dominate even possess their lives.  And yes, life is not always fair nor easy: but you will be much more healthy bringing your child into our zany world than allowing it to die at the hands of hell.

WC is in good hands as you read this, just as his mom and dad are waiting to take him home.  If only PP posted a sign that says “Good things come in small packages” as they lie and lie to vulnerable moms.

The Truth is, they do.

And any real neonatal or good doctor will tell you: there is NEVER a good medical reason to kill a preborn child.


Unless you are part of hell’s chorus, the leadership of the party of death and slavery; we call them by various names such as the ObamaNation of Desolators, Damnocrats, Misery Merchants.

Go figure: between that Monday, Jan 22nd in 1973 when the gods on the DC Supreme Court decided preborn babies don’t deserve protection and the predawn birth of WC 18,262 days later on Sunday, Jan 22, 2023 in Southern California, 64 million young girls and boys were exterminated for being in the right place at the wrong time.

Reagan was absolutely right!  He mused how all those pushing abortions were already born.  As to WC, the family is pushing hard with prayers and hope that he will improve enough to go home.  Thank you for those messages to the heavenlies.

One favor: no one need die!  Please pray for the cold dead souls and deceived hearts of those mentioned above, the Pelosis, Kamalalas, Clintons, Zuckerbergers, Newsoms, Bidens and so many other followers of the devil.

A trillion years from now will be just like the amount of time it took to read this post: just the start. Look in the mirror, friends.

After all, we ARE in the middle of infinity with each of us living forever and ever.  As to what real estate location you will spend during the rest of eternity, two possibilities:  either the best God has to offer (heaven) or the worst that the followers of the devil have to offer: Hell.

That duality defines the sidewalk as you enter 700 N Tustin in the beautiful city of Orange.  Planned Parenthood is just west of the sidewalk, busy killing little prebirth girls and carving her up for resale.

Hope IS the sidewalk that a woman could avoid, deciding she will not allow her child to be tortured, removed and sold. Even Jon Dunn need not live in hell, despite killing kids for parts. His choice.

For our part, we appreciate Kaiser and Rady children’s for the incredible work to keep WC alive as he starts the 10th month of his life, born to mark Roe is dead, God’s life gifts are worthy of protection, and the end of the evil past SCOTUS decision.

Nine of those months WC was inside mom R., growing and thriving.  All of us are SOOOOOO grateful that God interceded with WC.  How? By the skills that some of the real (NOT abortive) baby doctors and nurses, etc. practice and practiced on WC shortly after birth.  Thank you.  Thank you to Fr. Louis of the Norbertine St. Michael’s Abbey driving to perform a baptism on a struggling 7pound child…I suspect this is the youngest this fine young priest has had to baptize.

Be the solution, people!  NOT the Misery Merchants selling death and despair

Help pregnant teens who are steered by the Gruesome Twosome, Jen & Gavin Newsom, luring girls like outrageous sick hairgelled human traffickers from 49 states defying parents’ wishes. The Newsoms, NOT the parents, are the true domestic terrorists in our blessed land.  There is NO reason to kill a little girl prebirth.  NONE.

God bless WC.  God bless America!

Len Beckman