Beloved Bishops and Pastors: when will we end the maiming and deaths?

Revised 3/8/2022

Recent study:

“Inoculating 5-11 year olds with the Pfizer/Moderna shots sequence has no positive impact on Covid protection” yet my Church promotes giving questionable “medications” to 3 year olds.  This is lunacy at best and you figure out what it is at worst.

I guess that’s okay; we have plenty of Catholic kids, like the ones praying for the cessation of Ukrainian killings by Putin’s conscripts, to practice on for medical science advancement.  When will we as a Church have the courage to research the science, hold others accountable for the truth they lie about?

Bishops: How about making smart good Catholics like Dr Aaron Kheriaty and other sane medical researchers and doctors as counselors to the USCCB?  Who do you believe more than G. Christopher Newsom for decisions WE PARENTS have the right and responsibility to make?


We need true SCIENCE not Bidenesque pseudo science deceit involved with OUR Church’s liability plagued response to Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague and today’s version Covid22!  Churches like St Columbans, St Anthony Claret, St Norberts and so many more continue to run jab joints, Covid22 “clinics” installing barely untested experimental gene therapy into 3 year old kids’ arms.  It’s bad enough they are still wearing diapers on their little faces…my opinion yes, but based by plenty of research and published reports.

Beloved bishops and priests, pastors and laity: this isn’t the Middle Ages where the illiterate unwashed poor relied on the stained glass windows and beautiful cathedrals and basilicas to tell Salvation History. Or the pronouncements from the pulpit?  ANYONE remember what we did to Galileo, someone who was given the truth but our dislike for real science (astronomy at that time) was exalted?!  Let me refresh our collective memories on this:

“On April 12, 1633, chief inquisitor Father Vincenzo Maculani da Firenzuola, appointed by Pope Urban VIII, begins the inquisition of physicist and astronomer Galileo Galilei. Galileo was ordered to turn himself in to the Holy Office to begin trial for holding the belief that the Earth revolves around the sun, which was deemed heretical by the Catholic Church. Standard practice demanded that the accused be imprisoned and secluded during the trial.

This was the second time that Galileo was in the hot seat for refusing to accept Church orthodoxy that the Earth was the immovable center of the universe: In 1616, he had been forbidden from holding or defending his beliefs. In the 1633 interrogation, Galileo denied that he “held” belief in the Copernican view but continued to write about the issue and evidence as a means of “discussion” rather than belief. The Church had decided the idea that the sun moved around the Earth was an absolute fact of scripture that could not be disputed, despite the fact that scientists had known for centuries that the Earth was not the center of the universe.”

Bishops, priests, people: it’s time to DISCUSS, to give equal time to those who are childishly suppressed by misery merchants who love power more than God…our faulty fake scientists.  These good doctors are being falsely deLicensed and fired by the Big PharmaAMA medical complex, in bed with “doctor” Rochelle at CDC and Dr Pfaucinstein, who

The Pandemic is over and at worst, we have an endemic of another Corona cold virus #5.  But, the difficulty is WHEN will the Church realize this?  2039 or maybe 2049 when Emperor G. Christopher Newsom leaves the earth?

We learned Xi’s concoction killed the elderly early on; in fact, that Catholic in name only Cuomo valued $$ for Covid bodies over basic isolation even the Israelites knew about with leprosy: he killed by his arrogance 35,000 older folks. 

Instead of critically thought out responses, this fueled the psychological push for a quick universal solution (a la vaccine) and jackbooted excellent therapies that work. AND the March 2020 LOCKDOWN of life.

Did you know 244 million Indians in Uttar Pradesh province were universally “Ivermectined” to the lowest rate imaginable…because it works.  Probably never saw it because the media you absorb suppresses any GOOD NEWS! 

But the lame street talking heads refused to print or broadcast the truth for the last 26 months.  Trump was the idiot even though he stood out shutting down air travel on Jan 31, 2020 to CCP Xi’s virus incubation lab, the CITY of Wuhan.  We got some “vaccines” in a year while that sad excuse for a Catholic leader JoBama Biden brought back universal little girl womb killing internationally.

We actually HAVE well educated, well trained medically, Godly men and women who see the scam for what it is and are speaking out.

Do Bishops do risk assessments? This is a local OC parish Covid Clinic with armed guard and…Pfauci’s gone missing and 9000 is the CDC number

The Church should be about spreading the Good News, the sacraments and ministering to the people of God.   Bishop Barron just mentioned for the first time church attendance is below 50%; the Covid Clinics you are hosting are sparsely attended and not just because good Catholics are picketing these assaults on children at the curbside.   It’s …

Not hosting Covid22 shot spots favoring this insane genuflecting to unelected bureauRats and elected prostiticians by enriching government sponsored drug cartels pushing their fixes, not on the streets, but IN THE ARMS of 2 year old innocents who could pay a lifetime for a rush to acceptance of flawed time and drug trials. 

Great people, prelates and pfaucian lovers:  the CDC over the March 4, 2022 weekend snuck in the truth: 

ONLY 9000 CoviDeaths are Covid Deaths BY Covid19-Covid22.  9000!  The REST of “covid” ascribed deaths are an average of 4 yes four serious diseases, with Covid the “accelerant”.  No wonder that “man became a woman” CDC director didn’t announce, nor the lame street mediaites give us the GOOD NEWS:  

That’s 10 per day deaths (yes, every death is a tragedy) that has cost us trillion$$ and with the Biden failures, killing real people, families (poor and middle class)!  TEN per DAY.  And this dad of 11 points out:


We learned early on the young were much safer, that old people and those ill with other diseases were dying WITH covid not FROM covid.  Excellent immunity therapies were squelched as trillion$ squandered to enrich Pfizer Pfauci and Pfriends.

An irony of sorts, as some of our parishes today continue to help, so does Planned Parenthood greedily do: hosting Pfizer Pfauci Pfix clinics on sacred ground.  They cornered the Covered California workers early on and now host Covid clinics.  I know because I walked into the PP to ask about it.  Yes in Orange 700 N Tustin.

At Tustin & 22 FWY, the sacred ground of the little girl killers from planned parenthoodlums inc., are the wombs the death merchants and satanic surgeons invade and slaughter for reusable parts they sell.  With impunity with the approval of pretty boy’s favorite campaign dollars supplier (and recipient of same) Gavin Christopher Newsom.  Is he in good standing with the Holy See, like Pharoah Joe Biden?

Whether a little girl raped and murdered by drug cartels in northern Mexico, hunted down by Russian conscripts following Putin’s evil orders,  little girls jabbed with totally illicit and certainly unproven drugs called vaccines, by the federalized cartel on the inoculated and immunized (from lawsuits) Pfauci Pfizer Arm Pforce, the little girls are dead…yes, dead

Natural Immunity is real, the CDC finally admitted. What took so long? Oh I see: it involved giving God the credit for His design

Problem is, admitting this devalues their plans for  yearly “vax” for age 3-93 and giving God, of all Beings, credit for designing the human immunological system well.

Confession, I am imperfect.  As a brother of 10 and father of 11, after 35 years of Catholic education, research director and chief flunkie for the Donna Beckman Memorial Environmental Research Lab, I believe I have a little standing to speak out on this issue. Bishop Kevin, how many girls have you watched being born and raised?  Archbishop Gomez, how many little ones have you nursed through flu, colds, broken bones and more?  Bishop Barron, from your lofty digs in Dallas and LA, how often have you attacked this incredibly ignorant pseudo scientific sophistication we call SARS Covid22 response?

It is EVIL to pump our 2 year old precious children with months old, untested “drugs” by Pfauci’s Pfriend, veterinarian Boorla of Pfizer. Our kids should not be guinea pigs.  We adults: are we mice or men/women?  Are you shepherds or mere pawns of God only knows what?  

I just hope, after dealing with the unending lawsuits from the clerical abuse (I have a family member who experienced it first hand but remains a solid Catholic), the USCCB and the Diocese has an army of lawyers to defend the first or second dead child suit in various jurisdictions who was jabbed on sacred grounds recorded as the Roman Catholic Bishop of Orange or RCBO. 

Last I checked, Pfizer is laughing all the way to the bank while the Catholic Church is holding the deposition bag making our insurance companies nervous yet again.

Because the virus legal snakes are coming!  The devil is in the details, brothers of the hierarchy…and St Michael could use a little help from us stopping the mass injection of the next next generation by NOT SPONSORING introducing our lifeblood to the VAERS menu.  Ever heard of VAERS?

I’m not the enemy, the corrupt medical tyrants and misery merchants are, but they have billions coming their way from our tax dollars.  For a failed product that has ONE MILLION VAERS …so far, including 2000 to 30,000 Pfizer/Moderna/ Pfix deaths, depending on who’s study you use and how much data suppression your tolerance level is at.

A thinking person realizes Pfizer CEO Boorla’s long term goal is simple: the “vaccines” have failed to be universal (btw: a fine scientific method outcome IS finding ways that EUA and formulations don’t work), so the veterinarian billionaire CEO is doubling and tenning down> 3 shots than 3, 4, 5 boosters…ignoring the insane “breakthrough” pseudo science, Pfauci & Pfauci’s goal is obvious now:

A “vaccine” shot every year from age 3 to 93; talk about product placement, income stream and monopoly for Pfauci & Co!  This is NOT a vaccine: it is an alternative therapy, much less successful, than many others.  But it gets the $$…as usual, when you follow the money, often you can find the truth.  IF the Church is getting paid to have these clinics, we could take up a collection to replace the income…  there is nothing altruistic about foreign materials inoculated into innocent 3 year olds.

Must we help the devil attack Jesus’ little ones; it’s bad enough we can’t get Catholics to spend a lousy hour a week praying and protesting outside hell’s headquarters at 700 N Tustin in Orange, Jon Dunn’s ALWAYS open satanic temple of doom for moms and kidlings.  

Does the Church do ANY research or just abide by Gavin Christopher Newsom’s 500+ Covid exec orders and childish tantrums?  Bishop Barron has shared how many priests were pivotal in scientific breakthroughs in the Middle Ages.  Now, we celebrate “breakthroughs” as getting Covid22 after misnamed “vaccines” then 5 boosters, while stiffing God over natural immunity.  Talk about defining deviancy down or settling for nonsense.

Do you know there are successful therapies long successful? Ever hear of Strombectol, Ivermectin, Quercetin, Zinc, D3, N-acetyl cysteine, monoclonal antibodies.  Meanwhile, you push the morally dubious experimental doses for a population with a 99.997% survival rate, the young  We don’t need our 2 year olds to be guinea pigs.  Why do you?

Here are some of the heroes you ignore:

Dr McCollough, a pioneer in the alternatives to the governmental~big Pharma~Pfauci Pfizer Pfix monopoly One Size Fits All methodology.  He caught the bug and: 

  McCullough et al. 2020 Dr. Peter McCullough, is recovering well after being diagnosed with coronavirus in October 2020. The 57-year-old physician used the protocol of hydroxychloroquine, antibiotics, aspirin, and vitamins that he and over 20 of his colleagues have published for the early treatment of COVID-19.” Maybe at least ONE BISHOP has contacted him.

Dr Aaron Kheriaty, a Catholic just fired from UCI for doing what he was hired to do: INVITE DISCUSSION and ombudsman.  He has pushed for clarity in looking at the process, sometimes called using the scientific method alongside honest data, not the political science of suppression.  Maybe at least ONE BISHOP has contacted him.

Dr Robert Monroe  “Robert Malone—a medical doctor and an infectious-disease researcher—recently suggested that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines might actually make COVID-19 infections worse. He chuckled as he imagined Anthony Fauci announcing that the vaccination campaign was all a big mistake (“Oh darn, I was wrong!”) and would need to be abandoned. ~the Atlantic  Maybe at least ONE BISHOP has contacted him.

Dr Daniel Wallace, the Cedar Sinai who has 2000 covid free patients who use HCQ for other diseases…

Dr Gold, before being fired for saving lives, was an ER physician who followed up with her patients and successfully treated them with safe and sane early treatment options. Maybe at least ONE BISHOP has contacted her.

…to name a few, have been speaking up with real science. 

Not the corrupted and altered pap from former male now WIBO Dr Rochelle, head of CDC, the unelected bureaurat Fauci who changes his advice and consults faster than a climate change cultist can scream “Stop the woman made CO2” as if this life essential gas is dangerous.

 Does it bother you that we have to battle to get a drug dispensed a billion times a year worldwide prescribed in free America? EVEN WITH a prescription from a doctor!  It’s not fish tank cleaner or Rocky Rochelle CDC’s silly horsie paste comments.  I used to trust the Kaiser pharmacy, but they don’t fill the cheap drug prescriptions and I’m someone who likes his doctor at the KP.

Science sadly has been corrupted and co-opted.  Minor point, beloved fellow Catholics and Americans, God FEEDS HIS WORLD with CO2, combined with water and sunlight; it’s just photosynthesis isn’t taught anymore in schools.  Crappy race theory and 160 gender ideologies and hundreds of etymological deviations like he, she, they, them cis etc. 

We need our wise Church leaders to take the lead.  OR get the heaven out of the way.

Bishops, are you against parents looking for the truth before they put their Isaacs on the altars of experimental gene therapies?  News flash: the PANdemic is done.  Not just because the opportunistic leftist prostiticians announced it once they realized this is an election year.

“Many skeptics have contended that the mRNA-based Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 shots are not “vaccines” but rather a form of gene therapy that poses untold risks by altering a recipient’s DNA. The federal government and health-care experts have denied that claim. But the president of Bayer’s Pharmaceuticals Division is on record describing the mRNA shots as “cell and gene therapy” and acknowledging public wariness of the technology.

Bayer executive Stefan Oelrich, LifeSiteNews reported, made the statement at the World Health Summit, which took place in Berlin Oct. 24-26, drawing 6,000 people from 120 countries. Oelrich said his company is “really taking that leap” to drive innovation “in cell and gene therapies.”  “Ultimately, the mRNA vaccines are an example for that cell and gene therapy,” he said. 

“I always like to say: If we had surveyed two years ago in the public – ‘would you be willing to take a gene or cell therapy and inject it into your body?’ – we probably would have had a 95% refusal rate,” Oelrich said.

This last sentence is the point of proof: the deceit level, from CDC’s Rochelle, to Fauci (who failed us previously in the AIDS/HIV battle), is incredible.  And it continues, with our Shepherds become the fleeced sheep blindly buying the con.

Is the RCBO or Vatican a fan of the highly politicized, data corrupted suppressing CDC’s Dr Rochelle?  She belittles people who use Strombectol/Ivermectin, calling them horse people even though it was a miracle drug for river blindness that later was found to be useful in parasitic control of equine diseases. Look it up if you are allowed to have interweb access!!

 For the record, in addition to having 11 kids and 15 grandkids, I have been on a 15 month protocol of hydroxychloroquine, (ivermectin used 5 daily doses last December to combat a nasty cold maybe Covid (covid22 is now endemic, the fifth persistent Corona virus joining the four persistent respiratory viruses we call “colds”); higher dose of D3 (we don’t absorb D as well as we need) NAC, C and Quercetin (one of the zinc ionophores that strategically get Zinc into the infected cells to kill Mao Tse-Xi’s manufactured plague from his Wuhan lab). 

No, I am one of those evil unPfizered types.   I have not taken the Pfizer Pfix colloquially called a “vaccine”…though all my kids have been vaccinated earlier in life.  And some have, as adults, elected to get the shots.  That is their right.

Ever heard of VAERS? 

We killed off the Covid01 vaxx program 20 years ago.  Not because of the numerous myocarditis cases in young people, but a mere 50 DEAD.  

Last December, as the chart shows, the total was 20,622 Pfizer drug cartel deaths…As McCullough points out we are only seeing 20% of the bad side effects. Especially, since the data is suppressed just like the good doctors and early treatments.  What’s a little myocarditis to enrich Pfauci and Pfans of Pfizer the Pfixer.  And we complain about China supplying Fentanyl to the drug cartels that send it north.

But like our beloved Pope’s following the Algore heresy almost to the letter, our Church’s leadership seems to prefer the politicized misery merchants take.  It’s OK NOT to buy the lie.

The propaganda is flying around more thick than lab created Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona Viruses leaked out of that CCP’s WIVirology’s lab in Oct 2019 and incubated in 11 million Wuhanians, using dispersal to Spain, Italy and the world via the ChiCom World Viral Airways

Violating every medical process and procedures, suppressing known and new successful therapies, blackballing good doctors with complicit medical boards, nationalizing medical diagnoses so that “ONE Size fits all” kills off the local physicians with both universal “health care” mixed in with universal centralized DC CDC NIAID NIH “doctors” calling the shots.

Hierarchy and lowarchy (us plebe CAtholics), please open your eyes to the corrupt deviancy hidden in plain sight

This slipped out last year by a whistleblower

Look at the catch all propaganda phrases that are so full of cesspool anti-science doo doo.

“Follow the science”. 

“We will flatten the curve in 15 days” 

“temporary shutdown” 

“we don’t need masks (Fauci)”   He was right.

“you little minions, we will shut your business down or have you fired if you don’t wear a mask in the shower” type foolishness.  The absolute classic to those not so indoctrinated, brainwashed and sheep ignorant is 1984/Animal Farm type thinking: 

“BREAKTHROUGH cases” and “The UNVACCINATED will get you killed”

What unelected loon comes up with: “I don’t have a cold nor do I have symptoms of any respiratory ailment but I will kill you if I am in the same room with you vaccinated human, whether you have covid or not.”

  Bizarre enough, but BREAKTHROUGH theology cases take the Oscar or let’s call it the Pfauci:

“I get the Pfizer shot twice, another booster, then and annual and I then get Covid22” is scientifically called “a breakthrough” Bishops is that the same as the Middle Ages/Renaissance advancements and breakthroughs?

Our chief government medical experts, like Rocky  Rochelle at the CDC, call it Breakthrough

To reasonable, thinking free Americans, a breakthrough is a scientific achievement or innovation.  Not getting sick after being “armed” with the whole Covid22 arsenal.  But you take Big Pharma’s failed first vaxxes and still get sick…

I’ve chosen to be the prophylactic guinea pig because few Catholic bishops are listening…

Since Dec 2020, I have been on that early treatment prophylactic.  The AMA & med boards are acting like gestapo to well educated, Catholic physicians killing their licenses to practice medicine; we now have federalized medical diagnoses.  Mention Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin/Strombectol, you are fired.  Strombectol saved millions but it belongs in horse medicine bags.  We can’t be this ignorant

A priest I love and respect is now getting piled on for supporting Black Lives Matter, the anti-God, pro violence group, for having Anaheim’s clinics: Fr Bill at St Anthony Claret, the church and school I first attended, as did my ten siblings from 1958 on. I disagree with him about having the clinics, just because the school is gone and we have the room.

One year to vet a drug regimen for kids is the most inane and insane way to attack a disease that DOESN’T kill the target group.  I still contend, as many experts preach, people die WiTH covid22, not die FROM the Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague, the proper name for this communist China party’s bioweapon foisted on the world our God created.

Would the Bishops at your next USCCB confab at least discuss setting up a fund for maimed covid jabbed parishioners injected on sacred grounds?  The Catholic Church helps the poor and needy worldwide more than any other organization. Do we want 20 years from now, be known for the greatest mistake in history since Tuskegee or Galileo’s days?   Like Galileo asked for, all I am asking is the Church leadership look into the truth.  After all, Know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.

Len Beckman     


God’s Compass Built at the Center of HIS World

How it appeared before the 144,000 mirror bright limestone cover
stones were vandalized for buildings in the Middle East  
Revised 4/7/22  

<<<This object just becomes more relevant with each passing day. 

March 25, 2022, the traditional day when maximum brilliance occurred at high noon for the world’s largest compass/altar/building, Great Pyramid of Giza, was a special one. 

I must say:  We are in interesting times in these end of times:

The City of Mary was under siege!

March 25, 2022 at 9am PDT, was the 4th time Russia was dedicated to Mary’s Immaculate Heart…just as the “city of Mary” Mariupol, Ukraine was under siege by the evil anti-God war criminal Putin and his arrayed forces of evil.  Talk about apocryphal !!  Well, our army of planned parenthoodlum baby extractors have killed more people than all of Ukraine’s 40 million residents from 100 different nationalities (66.3 million) so far and we don’t call the left’s favorite charity war criminals.  Yet.  

Auschwitz, Poland in 1945. Ukraine in 2022.  Now, Washington DC. 

Same March 25, 2022 also yielded 115 aborted children in our beloved nation’s capital: “Pro-life activist Terrisa Bukovinac stated that she and fellow pro-lifer Lauren Handy came into possession of the fetal (Latin for human baby) remains of 115 aborted children on March 25 outside the Washington, D.C. Surgi-Clinic abortion facility.”  Lauren Handy is a special woman, dedicated to saving lives and NOT a deranged persona as the wicked leftist misery merchants portray her; many know her locally for her growth as a humble yet focused proLife warrior.

The Irony? the monster who heads that “facility” is named Cesare Santangelo, named for Caesar and Saints & Angels; talk about a bi polar conflicted sad man.  Another soul to pray for, another right hand man of hell. 

“Remember, if it was 1942 or 1943 and a German photographer or videographer made it into Auschwitz or Dachau and took footage of what was happening in those facilities and did not show it, that photojournalist would be a collaborator with the Nazis and with the killers,” said Terry Randall.

“And that is what has become of so much media in America today. Collaborators by hiding the truth. And it is repugnant, is an offense against God and a treachery against these victims,” he concluded.   

So much for our Christian nation, begun on the lives and families of 56 founders.  When we go face to face with God, what will be our story?  WE tried to save His created ones, or we were too busy playing Squaredle or binging on yesteryear’s series?

Meanwhile “life imitates art”  Joe Biden, mentally challenged & plagued by his demons like Lord of the Rings Rohan’s 17th King Theoden, was cluelessly visiting Poland, sadly showing our enemies just how his failing world leadership helps to destroy so much of the civilized nations.  Poland is my ancestry, along with Germany.  What heroes taking in so many refugees of hell’s henchman.

August 15, 2021: another Marian feast of the Assumption, Biden left 9000 Americans behind enemy lines, not to mention 13 military service members; plus Afghan loyalists and $85 billion in free terrorist arms for the second most evil people on earth: Persians, al-Qaeda, Taliban and other miscreant thugs.  The MOST evil person on earth award may go to the megalomaniacal demon-czar, V Putin, whose conscripts rape Ukrainian women and then hang them as they pull a “scorched earth” drill across their peaceful neighbors.  Word has it Islamist extremists mercenaries are having a field day as hired hands in this protracted and genocidal move across an independent country filled with Christian and Catholic natives.

Evil is working so hard to defeat the God Who created this 553 sextillion mile wide universe for mankind.  But, we HAVE the end of the story: it does NOT go well for the evil ones.

God loves His human creations so much He doubles and triples down on convincing us free will thinkers by His Word, but also well planted clues that survive time AND into eternity.

Good example (for further study) of His thoroughness: the images of the face of Christ from 33AD, post 333AD in Turkey and the 1940s Poland are identical: the Shroud of Turin, Christ portraiture after Shroud rediscovered in West wall of Odessa (Christ Pantocrator) and the inspired Divine Mercy picture which matches the Shroud Face of Christ.

If that isn’t enough to cause us all to seek Christ, look at His mother:  She comes to earth often over time; you can’t ignore the image that Hillary Clinton asked “Who painted that?”; which the Mexico City priest simply answered: “God.”

Some of you know the miracle that the Lady of Tenoctitlan, OLGuadalupe wears the star chart on her tilma, an overlay from Dec 12, 1531 Mexico City’s night sky.

In addition to only time Mary has traveled with the image of the ever Virgin wearing a pregnancy belt, this Marian appearance emphasizes the stars, constellations as the Nahuatl imagery screams out “Mary IS the Immaculate Heart”ed mother of the Eternal Son of God.

Today’s focus is the unifier planted well before the others:  We will look at the under-reported and misunderstood Catholic icon, the main great pyramid on the Giza plateau… which we will call GPG

Going back to 2623bc or thereabouts, astronomically and historically, the Spring Equinox day (nominally March 25) was the day Jesus was conceived (the Annunciation) and died. Ironically, to the Jews that Passover year of His crucifixion was Friday the 13th day of Abib/Nisan on the Hebrew calendar.  If you read this during April of 2022, this year the old Passover coincides with Good Friday on of all days, Friday. 

 Echoed by Mary’s visit to France: notice how God plants these clues and objects (Tilma of Mexico City/OLG; the Shroud and Giza, plus numerous Eucharistic miracles like Terri Schiavo, Lanciano etc); He interconnects them across the generations as teaching and revelatory tools, to show His truths…didn’t someone once say “A picture says a thousand words”.

Despite the terrors of the night today, God has not abandoned His human world; He is specific in WHERE He sends the Mother of God and in His revelations: In fact, see how St Bernadette heard Jesus mom’ speak to her in French, on March 25, 1858:

“Que soy era Immaculada Councepciou.” which means “I am the Immaculate Conception”

And every year (until they were stolen) 144,000 bright mirror casing stones adorned the Giza Pyramid and shone at its absolute brightest at high noon the first day of spring (March 25 after calendar error corrected)!

I have tried to compile a useful “purposes” list of the world’s largest building and it keeps going:

It is an accurate ‘cardinal directions’ compass, more accurate than any observatory on earth (3 minutes of arc off true N)

Inside, it is a time beacon, and once was a pillar of intense light (Jesus said “I am the light of the world”)

The first and only pyramid designed with NO pointy top, a capstone: the 30 square foot top, yes is the world’s largest altar built stone upon stone like the altars of the Jews and other cultures. 

And even though it IS the world’s largest built object (weighing in at 13.4 acres), Giza HAD ZERO SHADOW though it covered those 583,700 square feet with 2 million multi ton stone blocks!  On the first day of Spring, nominally March 25…

Why did God commission this giant sculpture or build it Himself? 

To show mankind, in no uncertain terms, He did not want ANY ONE of His human beings to miss the point: Believe in My Son in Whom I AM well pleased.

Think about that: a beacon/pillar of fire pointing to Mary’s most sacred and Immaculate Heart twin to Jesus’ eternal sacred heart resident above in the heavenlies.  Why else did God link His Son’s conception and death days, to the undeniable confirmation of the coming to be of His mother free of sin?


Many are questioning if and when Russia was consecrated to Jesus’ mom.  Here’s my take, then back to the Catholic icon Giza in the middle and the border of Egypt as mentioned in Isaiah 19:19-20:

For example, soon after one consecration, Ronald Reagans saw the deaths of 3 communist Russia general secretaries (Putin predecessors) within 50 months and more: Leonid Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov and Konstantin Chernenko were the three general secretaries of the Soviet Union who died within 50 months of Reagan coming to power.  Dead before 1985
Was Mary interceding and did God shorten lives of Russian leadership, for the heart change of mother Russia?...don’t know.
List of the Russian consecrations to Mary (open to comment):
In the apparition of 13 July 1917, in Fatima, Our Lady had asked for the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, stating that if this request were not granted, Russia would spread “its errors throughout the world, promoting wars and persecution of the Church.”  That certainly happened! Russia continues to spread its errors today.
“The good,” she added, “will be martyred; the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be destroyed.”
After the Fatima apparitions, there were various acts of consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Pope Pius XII, on 31 October 1942, consecrated the whole world, and on 7 July 1952 he consecrated the peoples of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the Apostolic Letter Sacro Vergente Anno:
“Just as a few years ago we consecrated the whole world to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mother of God, so now, in a most special way, we consecrate all the peoples of Russia to the same Immaculate Heart. – Pope Pius XII”
On 21 November 1964, Pope St Paul VI renewed the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart in the presence of the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council.
Pope St. John Paul II composed a prayer for what he called an ‘Act of Entrustment’ to be celebrated in the Basilica of St Mary Major on 7 June 1981, the Solemnity of Pentecost.
Note, this was 24 days after he was miraculously saved from a Russian assassin on May 13, 1981.  In case you forget, the Bulgarian shooter was hired to do his worst: yet how did one of the greatest popes of all time react?  He went to Mr. Agca’s jail cell and forgave him.  And the most lethal bullet (of four) was placed, not in a museum at the Vatican but in the crown of the Fatima, Portugal statue.
What saved him?  He was leaning over to see a 12 year old girl’s miraculous medal and the kill shot missed.
Then, in June 2000, the Holy See revealed the third part of the secret of Fatima.
At the time, the then-Archbishop Tarcisio Bertone, Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, pointed out that Sister Lucia, in a letter of 1989, had personally confirmed that this solemn and universal act of consecration corresponded to what Our Lady wanted: “Yes, it was done,” wrote the visionary, “just as Our Lady had asked, on 25 March 1984”.
Pray for the return of Christ, the repentance of many, the disposition per God’s plan of the Godless Russian leader, and the exposure & repentence of Biden, the 46th king of America similar to his typematch TheoDEN, the 17th king of Rohan.

Back to the Center of the World:

So far, we see the GPG Giza as a Catholic icon, pillar of fire, beacon of hope, 30 square foot altar topped pyramid, at the center of the world, pointing to major salvation history events like the Passovers in Eqypt and the birth of our Savior at the House of Bread (Beth’ Lehem).  From all eternity did God deign to name the town His Son would be born “House of Bread”?  Was it because it was a Helms or Orowheat bakery?

God leaves nothing to chance:

He wants the world to know His Son Jesus and His salvific sacrifice; He is a purposeful and a loving Creator and eternal Being.  Magnificent in Math, Awesome in Astronomy, Flawless in Feeding, Super in Science.

His world of carbon based automatons (humans), everything AFTER the created angels…

All for His human race.

Most of all, He wants all humans, the one human race, to know and love Him.  AND to live forever in happiness.

Do you wonder why DismaLand Florida hates binary male and female?  Because God created humanity that way!  Like the time of Lot, offering his daughters to those who preferred male to female, God passed judgement in a hot way and will do it yet again someday. But not by RAIN; His yes His Rainbow, though co-opted by the misery merchants who want to be gods and serve hell’s worst, marks the last time quintillion tons of water will reduce earth down to eight humans.

Just as Creator God made mankind in HIS, not DismaLand’s Recreators, image, God ALSO created the world’s largest living monument at the center of the world.

Minor thing:  God is also omniscient AND all powerful along with being eternal.  There is no way this side of heaven (or IN heaven) to understand how three distinct Persons have existed as the one God ALWAYS.  Never created, always existent.  Augustine found out the tough way by a kid on the beach.  But God tries to help us understand.

The insides of the GPGiza: the lowest passageway is angled 26 degrees, 18 minutes, 9.63 seconds for specific reasons

No doubt, with His power, God has sprinkled physical evidences of His existence, and that of His beloved created ones, down through history…some in ages past, some more recent centuries.

Great credentials for what He does.  Objects, Eucharistic Miracles (like Lanciano, Terri Schiavo Schindler et al) Mary visits that Catholics call apparitions, designed-in irreducible complexities… so much more.

Like the Shroud of Turin of Jesus, the Tilma of Tecnoctitlan (Mexico City) of Mary… there is one more, a true Catholic icon…a massive world’s largest altar in the desert.

In the first image above at the top, it depicts at one time that the Great Pyramid of Egypt still adorned with 144,000 brilliant white casing stones, shone it’s brightest as it pointed to the heavens and Mary’s most pure heart, in French “Immaculada Councepciou”. Her Immaculate Heart. Prophetically, she told us, under God’s guidance, this important understanding dating to Leo the 13th, to 1858 and 1917 as part of God’s perfect plan and history of salvation.

  On the first day of spring each year, classically March 25, no doubt only those seeking the truth can see the Christian convergence of Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Fatima, Lourdes on this date,  remains critical. 

Is this your first pass regarding the stars screaming out so many theological truths?  Mary is reflected in the constellation Virgo, the pure heart of Mary, appearing OVER her heart on Dec 12, 1531 as well…as Jesus, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah was represented in the constellation over her womb as her Son approached birth. 

The constellation was Leo the Lion; many other constellations including Draco have fascinating relevance in the timeless Tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Study it. Understand this incredible fact!

Where have you heard that number before, 144,000? Look no farther than the last book of the Bible.  The Apocalypse, aka Revelations:

John’s visions in Rev 7

“Then I saw another angel come up from the East, holding the seal of the living God. (author’s note: the entrance to the GPGiza faces north)

 He cried out in a loud voice to the four angels who were given power to damage the land and the sea, 3 Do not damage the land or the sea or the trees until we put the seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God.”  

Revelations 7:4 continues:  “I heard the number of those who had been marked with the seal, one hundred and forty-four thousand marked from every tribe of the Israelites: twelve thousand were marked from the tribe of Judah, twelve thousand from the tribe of Reuben, twelve thousand from the tribe of Gad, twelve thousand from the tribe of Asher, twelve thousand from the tribe of Naphtali, twelve thousand from the tribe of Manasseh, twelve thousand from the tribe of Simeon, twelve thousand from the tribe of Levi, twelve thousand from the tribe of Issachar, twelve thousand from the tribe of Zebulun, twelve thousand from the tribe of Joseph, and twelve thousand were marked from the tribe of Benjamin.”

12 is the biblical number (from of….

The meaning of 12, which is considered a perfect number, is that it symbolizes God’s power and authority, as well as serving as a perfect governmental foundation. It can also symbolize completeness or the nation of Israel as a whole.  For example, Jacob (Israel) had twelve sons, each of which represented a tribe begun by a prince, for 12 princes total. Ishmael, who was born to Abraham through Hagar, also had twelve princes. God specified that twelve unleavened cakes of bread be placed every week in the temple with frankincense next to each of the two piles that were to be made. The priests were commanded to change the bread every Sabbath day (Leviticus 24).

Notice how God interweaves His created world with inter connected references to salvation His Story…

“144,000 were sealed with the seal of God on their foreheads”.  The irony is, similarly, the GPGiza, when completed about 2623 BC, was sealed with a layer of stones that reflected the intense Light of the sun out to the heavens.  144,000. 

Curiously, on the first day of spring (March 25), at high noon, this largest building on earth had ZERO shadow, meaning the light ON the pyramid was at its maximum intensity as the world moves from winter into the renewal and renaissance of the earth, spring.

So, God will seal His 144,000 in the future and then at the center of the world, He will return to His altar in the middle and border of Egypt? Who knows? God does.

Imagine, the all powerful God provided His own Key Stone icon, like the Rosetta was to hieroglyphics or other decoders, His storehouse of knowledge more important than Superman’s Fortress.

His Compass pointing to the true Savior of the world!

Wait, center of the world? Isn’t that a bit warm only seen in Journey movies?

Ever heard that Jesus IS at the center of history, ie His Story?  Well, until the anti-Christ, anti-God secularists came up with the CE and BCE rewrite, because they hated Jesus, religion and truth or were just ignorant souls, we knew of TIME on earth as BC (Before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini or In the Year of the Lord 1776).

And Catholics & some Protestants even believe Mary has been an ambassador of sorts, flying through time and space,  focusing her attention on her “center of time, space (earth/world) and love”: Jesus the Christ. 

She appears in local fashion, with a local message but one that speaks throughout time. Sometimes prophetic, like Our Lady of Good Success or Quadalupe; especially Fatima.

God predicted His Son’s coming.  Jesus’ appearance not only matched 600+ well placed prophecies; some Biblical mathematicians estimate just 8 prophecies in one person odds at 100 sextillion to one.

Jesus AT HIS Conception on earth, pinpointed He is the exact center of the world, of time, of history.

God split His two covenants with the arrival of His Son, our Savior (Before Christ).  The first covenant to Abram/Abraham and the Jewish/Israeli people…the second to the Jews AND Gentiles, which we continue to live in, in the year of the Lord 2022…or whatever year you are reading this piece.

Please note the second covenant did NOT replace the first, it perfected it.  Completed it.

The misery merchants rebranding God gave us CE and BCE.  the Current era and Before the current era just doesn’t cut it unless you are one of the indoctrinated loons secularizing everything planet earth.  Worship the atheist’s zero while we spread the Good News?

Salvific history is HIS STORY! And I hope to show you just how God hid in plain sight, at the exact center of the world, massive physical evidence of this fact.  Hat tip to the Catholic physicist, John Jajac; I got my autographed copy of “The Delicate Balance” 30 years ago, which started me on this scientific crusade involving actual physical evidences of faith.

What we know is God desires ALL He has created to live with Him and the saints and angels forever.  He knew different methods would be needed to reach His people, the ONE human race on earth. Yes, Whoopi there is only ONE race but your whoops! has a remedy. Different, but interesting, article soon to be written…God never asked us to invent new races, let alone new genders, like modern Babel Tower builders.

So God did His perfect best for those He created a little lower than His angels.  Physical beings, two sexes to worship the 3 in 1 God for eternity. And beyond.  God did NOT fabricate 158 other genders/sexes, those are reposited in the US National Gender Ideological Institute in DC.  God’s gender definitions are resident in the first chapters of Genesis.  Someday we all will find out Who or who was right.

God built several paths, but all narrow:  Some of our human race think critically, others respond to the written Word of God and yet others to physical manifestations of miracles and mysteries.  Heard of blind faith? A fave of mine has it, Fr. Spitzer, eminent physicist, and thoroughly ocular challenged blind priest Jesuit.  But we need not live in darkness…

What Catholic/Christian icon?  Well, the last Wonder of the World and still the largest building on earth that He had a hand in creating, the Great Pyramid of Giza (GPG), seems to get an overlook by Catholic and Christian scientists and scholars, even as many believe it was referred to in Isaiah 19:19-20.

The Quadpod on top was built to “continue” the missing cornerstone/capstone in the 19th century. GPGiza was designed and built flat topped

However, even though tech and science has advanced, I think we are missing out on an amazing five millennia old icon exhibiting salvation history.  And so much more.   Here’s the Isaiah quote:

“On that day there shall be an altar to the LORD at the center of Egypt, and a sacred pillar to the LORD near its boundary.

This will be a sign and witness to the LORD of hosts in the land of Egypt, so that when they cry out to the LORD because of their oppressors, He will send them a savior to defend and deliver them.”

My purpose is to spark discussion and I am open to questions and corrections.  But, let’s look at the facts…then conjecture.

“The word pyramid is derived from the Greek words PYRAMIS and PYRAMIDOS. The meaning of the word Pyramis is obscure and may relate to the shape of a pyramid. But the word Pyramidos has been translated as “Fire In The Middle”. This meaning is very interesting …”

Gizeh translates into English from the Arabic as “border” thus Pyramid Giza could be rendered:

“Fire in the middle at the border”.  How does that apply? Read on…

Did you know the GPG was the first pyramid in Egypt, last wonder of the ancient world and the pharaohs copied it with one big exception: after their deaths, they resided inside and deteriorated though mummified.

Also, the GPG is the ONLY pyramid with underground chambers and passageways… and NO body.  It never housed a corpse….although it matches the Ark of the Covenant of the Old Testament in volume.

Yes, it houses a mock up of the ark of the Covenant’s dimensions in the only 3D object INSIDE the GPGiza: the red granite coffer (sidenote: the Temple Institute working to rebuild Solomon’s temple, just 3 years ago discussed a blemish free red heifer’s appearance).

Suppose God planted (or made the plans and had humans carry it out) GPGiza for us today when tech evolved far enough along to see more of its mysteries?

But as often is the case, the copies ie counterfeits were very poor imitations. (God designed marriage His way (one man, one woman), then the misery merchants counterfeited 1man1woman into two women, two boys,  one man and a donkey etc. like the secular world’s hate for the Supreme)

Was this hell’s response to a great creation (built and/or designed by God), to ‘water down’ its importance and dilute God’s message?  You tell me.


How could a building erected with 2 ton-70 ton hardscape stones built & completed in estimated 2623 BC have had the satellite or empirical data to locate this spot? It couldn’t.  But today we can. And YOU can too! I challenge you to Google Earth  “giza pyramid” to see what the ancient builders could not.

Gall-Peters world map projection

Center of the world?  If you draw an east-west line around the planet that touches the MOST land, it will cross directly through the GPG.  Then, do the same north-south, touching the max land possible, it too, will pass through Giza.  (Yes, this intersection would have two spots: the second is in the middle of the ocean and a tough spot for a building).

This is why I and others claim it sits at the physical center of the world. NOT center of the earth, which scientists say has an estimated temperature of 10,800 degrees F…give or take 100 degrees.

But the center of the land masses of the WHOLE world. 

I recall years ago standing in Fr Tim Peters office at St Anthony Claret looking at a two dimensional world map and mentioned the center of the world was at Giza.  I showed Fr. Tim this bit of science on his wall, asking does he think Giza is a Catholic sacramental or icon? I can’t remember his answer but he was surprised about the Giza location.

Conjecture…FAITH ANALYSIS.  Suppose, Jesus is the Center of World History, and Center of all time and His Father plotted, designed and built (Himself or surrogates) a physical object, in plain sight, about this.

If Giza can be shown to have some relationship to Christ, than how amazing is that?  Symbol (sacramental?) of Christ at the (I am the Way, the Truth, the Life) center of the world and the means to know the Father through His Son.  His Father.

No, those aren’t ants at the GPG base. Just people.  How GPG appears today

FACT. Giza is a massive and accurate world compass, calendar and directions finder.   If you duck duck go or google to Google Earth Pro, you will notice the GPGiza lines up perfectly with the four cardinal compass directions: east, south, west, north.  As to north, the structure was built with an entrance on that northern face 17 steps up (bible number 17 often stands for “victory” in Scriptures).

Another Ripley’s BION (Believe it or not):

After 5 millennia, GPGiza is off only 3 MINUTES of arc; for the math challenged, a circle has 360 degrees; each degree 60 minutes and each minute, 60 seconds. Take the most true to the cardinal directions observatory is off 6 minutes of arc built in the 20th century to track the North Star.

Possible AND amazing also since this massive object sits on a flat granite mountain to maintain its accurate facing. WITHOUT THAT STONE MOUNTAIN, IT WOULD SINK INTO THE DESERT.   That granite mountain required a God to design and build it at the beginning of Creation (Giza was already built during the flood).  Mankind couldn’t put the base (mountain) to support a 5.75 million ton building in Egypt.

Passageways inside the GPG marked off for the scalar 1 year:1 pyramid inch

Read these measurements from the gizapyramid website:

“The Great Pyramid of Giza stands on the northern edge of the Giza Plateau, located about 10 miles west of Cairo. It is composed of over 2 ½ million blocks of limestone, which weigh from 2 to 70 tons each.  It’s base covers over 13 acres and its volume is around 90,000,000 cubic feet.

You could build 30 Empire State buildings with its masonry. It is estimated to be 454 feet high (others see it as 5813 inches) which is equivalent to a modern 48-story building.

There are currently 203 courses or steps to its summit. Each of the four (editor note: we now believe it is EIGHT sided, interestingly correlating to the Christ number eight (8)) triangular sides slope upward from the base at an angle of 51 degrees 51 minutes and each side has an area of 5 1/2 acres.

The joints between adjacent blocks fit together with optical precision and less than a fiftieth of an inch separates the blocks. The cement that was used is extremely fine and strong and defies chemical analysis. Today, with all our modern science and engineering, we would not be able to build a Great Pyramid of Giza.”   Wow!

So we smarty 21st centurions couldn’t build it?  Well, too many of us can’t even see a squirming, thumbsucking image on computed ultrasonography as human, so makes sense.


…with built in facts and mystery clues. Here’s where Holy Joe Fr. Horn can weigh in since his math reputation precedes him.  Isaac Newton and so many others studied this pile of stones; it is the MOST MEASURED building in the world.  And understudied by us Catholic scientists.

 There are hundreds of computations, like the golden mean, Pi, etc.  Take the fact it is a Square Circle, nonetheless.  This is eye opening and amazing as well.  Quick equations. 9131 inches per 4 sides yields 36524 inches.  What’s the “length” of a solar year? 365.24   This is the base perimeter of the GPGiza in inches. Height is 5813 inches…twice the height (radius) is 11626: Divide that into the base and you get 3.1415, the irrational number Pi to 5 significant digits.

FACT: Recap on year length: Each side measures 9131 inches; this totals 36524 inches.  Note, the significance of the baseline: 36524 IS an actual solar year.  NOT 365.25 but 365.24.  This is why, not only do we need a leap year every four years, we also need NO leap year every 100 and lose those NOT divisible by 400.  Mouthful…the actual time it takes for a solar revolution is 365.242375 days, so balancing the days takes, well, years.

The GPG has this data built in. More follows:

“Pi Facts: Take the Tangent value from the apex angle (38.1460239°) and multiply it by the number of sides (4). TAN(38.1460239) = 0.785398175 × 4 = Π (3.14159265), pi. Just like John Taylor may have discovered hundreds of years ago, except now without all the controversy, and possible jailing.”  Well, this author isn’t sure jailing ISN’T happening in the future due to Luddites and scientifically ignorant.  As the secularists gain power…they just arrested a bunch of unmasked Aussie Mass goers IN THE MIDDLE OF Mass!

FACT X.   FIRE IN THE MIDDLE..and the Border (giza)? This pyramid is named well… QUESTION: How can it be in the middle AND at the border?  Answer: There are two Egypts historically and GPGiza meets both tests. 

“Ancient Egypt had four main divisions of its land, the first two being the Upper and Lower Egypt. It may appear odd that the Upper Egypt actually referred to lands to the south, yet this distinction was based on the flow of the Nile. Upper Egypt was little more than a river valley, only about two miles wide at its narrowest and 12 at its widest. Tall cliffs surrounded it on either side. Lower Egypt was the wide delta sitting where the modern city of Cairo is now.   This is how GPGiza sits both at the boundary AND in the middle of the two ancient Egypts.  The Fire thing refers to being its brilliance PRIOR to the using GPG as a polished rock quarry, with the majority of the casing stones moved to other Mideast buildings like mosques and minarets.

FACT. The 900 square foot altar of Giza?

Our beloved Norbertines just celebrated their 900th anniversary as an order.  One thing about that number is it is Perfection x Perfection x Perfection/Completeness squared.  Huh?  Trinity x Trinity or 3 x 3 x 10 squared yields 900.  Also, the number 10 has significance in the Scriptures:

“…the number 10 is used over 200 times. The designation “10th” is used estimated 79 times. Ten is also viewed as a complete and perfect number, as is 3, 7 and 12. It is made up of 4, the number of the physical creation, and 6, the number of man. As such, 10 signifies testimony, law, responsibility and the completeness of order.”  (I know, sometimes conjecture can be stretched but keep an open mind)

What import 900 also is the square footage of the ‘altar’ at the top of the GPG.  

From the Isaiah verse: “…On that day there shall be an altar to the LORD at the center of Egypt…” 

What is an altar?  A flat surface that great and not so great things happen on, generally sacrifice.

  Old covenant, Isaac almost died on one, at the hand of Abram.  Lots of animal sacrifices over the millennia; this last 2/2022 first Saturday Mass, Solomon sacrificed a thousand burnt offerings at an altar in Gibeon, the “most renowned high place”.  Satanist rituals happen(ed) at planned parenthood satanic little girl kill mills as depicted by former coven master Josh King now Catholic apologist.

But, to us, the altar at Mass is the place the bloodless sacrifice of Jesus the Christ happens daily until the end of time.

An interesting sidenote: the altar at St. Paul Catholic church in Chino Hills actually is an inverted pyramid.  Suppose, just suppose, this GPGiza top is the altar of Isaiah.  We know that it was constructed and designed this way, not

Actual image of the top…what’s with the tripod? It’s actually a quadpod on the 900 sf top level.  Flat! Purpose was to continue to the point AS IF It was designed that way.

900 square feet of real estate isn’t much to put a congregation on, but suppose it is a heavenly “heloport”, a place for Jesus to return to from the heavens?  Jerusalem IS mentioned, the new one of course.    He IS coming a second time but mercifully He has not as of yet for those who need to know Him before they die…

As you can see, the GPGiza capstone is missing?; most of the counterfeit copy pyramids had capstones, some made of gold, placed on the top of the four sided coffins. Why? to celebrate the pharoah inside.

NOT the GPGiza.  It has this metal “quadpod” placed there by two astronomers in 1874 to show where the Pyramid’s actual apex would have been if finished.  If it was 30×30 feet at the base and 30 feet high, the “missing” apex cornerstone would have 15,552,000 cubic inches of volume weighing 10.88 million pounds of gold.  My conjecture is it was designed this way…as part of God anchoring in time, space and eternity on the earth, a beautiful clue to His plans.  Note that a typical square pyramid has five cornerstones; the GPGiza has four as well as 900 sq. ft spot to PUT one on supernaturally.  Think: a capstone is a cornerstone on the top…

From the Old Testament  Psalm 118:22   (20-22) 

This is the LORD’s own gate, through it the righteous enter. 21 I thank you for you answered me;

you have been my savior. V22 The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.

23 By the LORD has this been done; it is wonderful in our eyes.

Looking to the new covenant in Acts 4:11:  “shortly after Peter invoked Jesus’ name to cure the crippled man at the Beautiful Gate, he was called to account by the chief poobahs of the Jewish world, because well, no good deed goes unpunished:

On the next day, their leaders, elders, and scribes were assembled in Jerusalem,

6 with Annas the high priest, Caiaphas, John, Alexander, and all who were of the high-priestly class.

7 They brought them into their presence and questioned them, “By what power or by what name have you done this?”

8 Then Peter, filled with the holy Spirit, answered them, “Leaders of the people and elders:

9 If we are being examined today about a good deed done to a cripple, namely, by what means he was saved, 10 then all of you and all the people of Israel should know that it was in the name of Jesus Christ the Nazorean whom you crucified, whom God raised from the dead; in his name this man stands before you healed.”

(As we do when we call on His name and ask His mom’s intercession; Another Jesus~GPG correlation): 

11 He is ‘the stone rejected by you,* the builders, which has become the cornerstone.’

12 There is no salvation through anyone else, nor is there any other name under heaven given to the human race by which we are to be saved.” 

These last two verses are incredibly important; and Peter spoke the truth well.  Jesus IS the cornerstone and unlike the pharoahs’ graves, He is NOT inside. Recall, after 3 days, after Friday the 13th, Hebrew month Abib, His stone was rolled back, probably circular not pyramidic.  He left of course a supernatural icon/sacramental, the Shroud of Turin and the face cloth.

Note bene: Nor is His “cornerstone” or “capstone” sitting on that 900 sf flat topped 8 sided pyramid (Len, you lost it: an 8 sided pyramid? Shown above!)

FACT: GPGIza is a perfect mathematical, engineering and scientific project.  It is a library of God’s key math equations and inter-relationships like Phi, Pi and the Golden Mean.  It’s Mary’s marker too!

Here are a few incredible facts to chew on; please Fr Horn, don’t glaze over!!  :

The Great Pyramid of Giza was built in harmony with mathematics

From the net: “Mathematically speaking, the Great Pyramid of Giza is PERFECT.

The relationship between Pi (p) and Phi (F) is expressed in the fundamental proportions of the Great Pyramid. Even though textbooks and mainstream scholars suggest that the ancient Greeks were those who discovered the relationship of Pi, it seems that the builders of the Great Pyramid predate the ancient Greeks by quite some time.  (estimated completed about 2623bc, about 500 years before the 2141bc north star line up.)

Pi is the relationship between the radius of a circle and its circumference. The mathematical formula is:

Circumference = 2 * pi * radius (C = 2 * pi * r)   (the square circle reference above)

Interesting stuff:

<>The vertical height of the pyramid holds the same relationship to the perimeter of its base (distance around the pyramid) as the radius of a circle bears to its circumference. If we equate the height of the pyramid to the radius of a circle than the distance around the pyramid is equal to the circumference of that circle.

A few more of hundreds:

<>Twice the perimeter of the bottom of the red granite coffer times 10^8 is the sun’s mean radius. [270.45378502 Pyramid Inches* 10^8 = 427,316 miles].

<>The height of the pyramid times 10**9 = Avg. distance to the sun. {5813.2355653 * 10**9 * (1 mi / 63291.58 PI) = 91,848,500 mi}

<>Mean Distance to the Sun: Half of the length of the diagonal of the base times 10**6 = average distance to the sun Mean Distance to Sun:

The height of the pyramid times 10**9 represents the mean radius of the earth’s orbit around the sun or Astronomical Unit. { 5813.235565376 pyramid inches x 10**9 = 91,848,816.9 miles} Mean Distance to Moon: ]

<>The length of the Jubilee passage times 7 times 10**7 is the mean distance to the moon. {215.973053 PI * 7 * 10**7 =1.5118e10 PI = 238,865 miles }

This is interesting about our six sextillion ton ball of joy:  <>The weight of the pyramid is estimated at 5,955,000 tons. Multiplied by 10^8 gives a reasonable estimate of the earth’s mass.

<>With the 144,000 white limestone mantle in place, the Great Pyramid could be seen from the mountains of Israel and probably the moon as well (citation needed).  And at the spring equinox at high noon, GPG had zero shadow.

Dawn of that day of rebirth & resurrection, rejuvenation:  sitting on the 900 sf altar top, you can watch the sun rise over Bethlehem, 26 degrees, 18 minutes, 9.63 seconds off north.

<>The sacred cubit times 10**7 = polar radius of the earth (distance from North Pole to Earth’s center) {25 PI * 10**7 * (1.001081 in / 1 PI) * (1 ft / 12 in) * (1 mi/ 5280 ft) = 3950 miles }

Something discovered in the 1940s, the curvature designed into the faces of the pyramid exactly matches the curvature of the earth.  And precise 8 siding.

Interestingly, the Great Pyramid’s elevation seems to encode three of the most important constants in mathematics: π, Φ, and e. According to detailed survey data from Flinders Petrie and J.H., the slope angle of 51°51’ (which is 51.85° in decimal form) comes from measurements taken off the remaining casing stones that were buried until unearth in desert sands.”

<>And interestingly, the four faces of the pyramid are slightly concaved, the only pyramid to have been built this way. It matches the curvature of the earth.

1940 British pilot photo shows astounding 8 sided feature at the solstice’s sunrise and sunset

<>Something new and astounding…since 1940.  While most Pyramids we see have four sides, and visually with GPGiza, the Great Pyramid of Giza does not.

A phenomenon only visible from the air, at dawn and sunrise on the spring and autumn equinoxes, reveals the eight sides of the Great Pyramid when the sun casts shadows on the ancient structure. The centers of the four sides are indented with an extraordinary degree of precision forming the only known 8 sided pyramid, this effect is not visible from the ground.

Note the faith aspects of this: the winter solstice is December 25th (after calendar offset from today’s Dec 20-21), the time of St Nicholas, and celebrating the 3rd Joyous mystery of the Rosary. Summer solstice is June 25 (June 20-21).  The third seasonal change (23 degree planetary tilt will do that) is Spring Equinox and the 4th Fall/Autumnal Equinox.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the only Pyramid discovered to date which in fact has eight sides.

So why eight?  Is this important, or just another number?  Conjecture! It is Jesus’ logo, His undeniable symbol museum (GPGiza) pointing to His centrality to eternity, middle of history as GPGiza is the center of the world.

As discovered, the 8 side feature at the winter Christmas solstice shows the GPG was designed to point to another event (very important one) in salvation and Church history: winter solstice.  Repeated at summer solstice

But eight, Len?  We know that Hebrew and Greek assign numbers to their alphabet…many of those numbers also have significance throughout Scripture AND secular history for laser focused definitions.

40 appears, like Jesus in the desert, Lent’s 40, years the Exodus-ed Jews wandering, days between the Resurrection and the Ascension THURSDAY (when we celebrate it as 40 not 43) means probation, testing.

Third(3) is Trinity, 8 is renaissance, rebirth, renewal and rejuvenation (Noah’s eight in the boat at Creation 2.0, eighth notes relate to the 1st as harmonics but are different just up an octave, circumcision occurs on the medically best day for ancient times, the 8th day, when Vitamin K at its max in newbie male etc).

Just take eight. Fascinating fact: Jesus’ name transnumerates to 888 in the Greek.  Look at the chart and you can see how each letter’s numeric value adds up to 888.  Fancy that!

153 is one of the most fascinating too!  Another time…

FACT. Back to the truth that the GPGiza is the world’s largest compass, of faith, pointing to the first references to the Lamb via Passover and then to the Savior. 

 Saving the extraordinary until now:  The Christ Angle points to Mary & Joseph’s stable home

The 26 degree 18 minutes 9.63 seconds angle built into the GPGiza known as the Christ Angle

The first (descending) passageway has a specific compass angle of 26 degree 18 minutes 9.63 seconds measurement off ground level.  You can prove this for yourself!


The entrance on the north side and the angle, if plotted by rotating and laying down the angle 90 degrees to the east, does a beautiful thing:

it draws a line across the Solomonic pillars that marked the exodus, and more importantly, draws a line over the House of Bread.  Commonly called Bethlehem, certainly not insignificant among the nations as the Scriptures reveal. 

This is why I refer to it as a compass, pointing us in the right direction and spanning the covenants.  Solomon marked the Exodus points with two pillars: the Christ angle points through them and over Bethlehem.  

I wonder if March 25th, Annunciation ie Jesus’ Conception IS the center of time and eternity. NOT His much heralded birth!  Of course important, but to God of the universe, His Son was present (just as children are human at conception NOT birth) in an immaculate Ark of the New Covenant: Mary.

Before that God did NOT exist in human form.  After that appearance by Gabriel and the Holy Spirit interacting with Mary, God WAS on EARTH in organic human form.  Small, but PHYSICALLY on earth.

How did God celebrate it?  With his ‘gender reveal’ or actually His Son’s prebirth reveal shining like a pillar of fire to the heavens. The grandeur of the altar topped Giza icon shining at its MOST brightest at high noon with zero shadow.

We know Jesus died on March 25th at 3pm (ie the 9th hour of the Jewish day), or on the Hebrew calendar at the time, Friday the 13th day of Abib/Nisan, but bear with me, Jesus was on the cross at the 3rd hour or 9am: 

Mark 15:25 says “It was nine o’clock in the morning* when they crucified him.  But Jesus did not die at 9am!

Put yourself at Golgotha.  verse 33 (of course)

“At noon darkness came over the whole land until three in the afternoon.”

Yet, we know every year God’s beacon and Egyptian altar shone super bright at noon on that date.

EXCEPT the year Jesus was on the cross. From 12-3pm, DARKNESS covered the whole land and the sun was shielded from shining on Giza that year.  Incredible!

Verse 34:

And at three o’clock Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?”* which is translated, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”k

It gets even more interesting, if it can. Verse 37:

Jesus gave a loud cry and breathed his last.

38* The veil of the sanctuary was torn in two from top to bottom

Think about it: for 33 years, at high noon, Giza was at its brightest on March 25th the first day of Spring.  On Jesus’ birthdays, Giza would show its 8 sidedness at sunrise and sunset.  The number of the Christ: just as 666 was man’s number and most evil, 888 is Jesus’ number and holiest of holy perfect.

On the day of His death at high noon, the Father and nature just shut out the lights (darkness pervaded the land) from 93 million miles away.  How did the Father herald this sad event that evil celebrated? He tore from afar the sanctuary veil that separated God from man.  The Holy of Holies no longer was God’s repose but the hearts of men Read v39:

 When the centurion who stood facing him saw how he breathed his last he said, “Truly this man was the Son of God!” 

The same centurion who lanced our Savior, and when water and blood came out, it cured his eye’s blindness; in fact, if you know the Eucharistic miracle of Lanciano, the birthplace of that soldier, in the 8th century a doubting priest brought on the miracle of real body and blood.  The miraculous blood separated into five parts, symbolizing the five wounds of Christ.

God just loves to interconnect and reveal Himself to us in extraordinary ways when needed.  Like Mary at Fatima! Jesus chose specifically to die at 3pm, possibly for these reasons: 

Reason #1 – The ninth hour (3 PM) was the hour of prayer, when the Jews went into the temple at the daily evening sacrifice; and this was the *usual* time for slaying the Passover sacrifice.

Reason #2 – Of even greater significance — When God instituted the Passover, He commanded that the paschal lamb should be slain on the 14th day (Passover) “at evening” — that is, during the time after the sun passed its zenith (~3 PM), and extending until sunset.  Jesus tells us in John 10:17, He has the power to decide the time

Note that at 3pm that Friday, most Jews would have been in the temple and witness the tearing in two of the sanctuary veil!

” When it was already evening, since it was the day of preparation, the day before the sabbath,
43Joseph of Arimathea…”, asked and received the body of Christ from a surprised Pilate.


Mentioned before, at the spring equinox, if you stand on the 900 sf altar top of the GPGiza, you can watch the sunrise over Bethlehem.

Accident?  Accidents are insurable events by Mercury or Allstate.  God’s design is massive and intricate…if anything, this is a Godincidence AND clue planted for our discovery years later, just as scientific truths continue to be discovered of the revered Our Lady of Guadalupe miracle cloth and the Shroud of Jerusalem, Golgotha, Edessa and Turin.

Inter-relationships of the great Catholic/Christian images over time

If you have visited the new Our Lady of the Assumption church at St Michael’s Abbey in the OC, the newest church in California just dedicated May 4, 2021, there is an incredible mosaic on the eastern wall.

At the very top of the mosaic is the image of Christ Pantocrator or Pantokrator, which tradition tells us represents the dual nature of Christ, both God (the left side) and Man (the right).  As beautiful the mosaic is at the new St Michael’s Abbey, I call your attention to the oldest Byzantine icon, dating to the 6th century AD yes AD.  It is at the monastery of St Catherine at Sinai.  Of it, it is said: Icon of Christ As PantocratorChrist as Pantocratormeaning “Almighty, All Powerful,” is the Greek word used by Paul to describe the Lord in II Corinthians 6:18 and by John nine times in the Book of Revelation: 1:8; 4:8; 11:17; 15:3; 16:7; 16:14; 19:6; 19:15 and 21:22. This is the oldest known painting of Jesus of Nazareth.  Χριστὸς Παντοκράτωρ in the Greek.

Interestingly, the Shroud was lost for the early centuries, yet its provenance is incredible.  Long after His Resurrection, Christ’s burial cloth was discovered in the western wall of Edessa, folded and intact in the 4th century.  Upon its discovery, it became the “model” for religious art, the new imagery of Christ, even to the detail that His left eye is bruised; as both this image AND the Shroud depicts.

Art imitates history?  No His Story models art!

What has this to do with Giza?  Follow the lineage. God designed the world’s largest object to sit at the exact center of His world 26 centuries before His Son appeared in a manger in Bethlehem.  God not man; not John Kerry, the costly Algorean heresy of the last 50 years or the silly climate change cultists like AOC et al, who ascribe immense power to mankind over the atmosphere, we who are mere pawns.

No, centered as it is, GPGiza is a living museum of amazing truths; it POINTS like a laser light to two undeniably important events in human history: the OLD Testament Exodus from the hard hearted pharoah and Israeli enslavement (Egyptian first born son deaths a la passover foreshadowing the real Passover of the New) and the birth of the Man-God, the Divine Human Savior’s birthplace miles away.  Bethlehem.  The same city that if you stand on the 90 square foot (altar) top of GPG, you can watch the sun rise OVER Bethlehem on its way up to shine at high noon with NO shadow on a 13.6 acre big pile of stones.

GPG and Creation is well designed by an omniscient, omnipotent Creator. Why is this important?  Again, our God is O, O, and E: omnipotent, omniscient, eternal.  He proves His majesty, not just by word, but by actions a la His Son and objects, clues, cloths He has planted for our education and ear pull to the truth.

Christ/God the Almighty, He, not we, not Fr Spitzer or Fr. Horn, Luke O.P. or Faucinstein, is the Chief Scientist.  God knew what He wanted built, where He wanted it planted for all time, created on the third planet from a minor star in His 553 sextillion mile wide universe, billions of galaxies and stars, 50 trillion celled inner spaced human anatomy, angels and eventually…saints.

He not we control the atmosphere.  God not us mix solar light, water and CO2 to FEED all of us, via photosynthesis and aerobic respiration. CO2 is NOT our enemy; it KEEPS US ALIVE Again, how shameful we buy the lie of AOC, Algorean Heretics, Kerry et al, that demeans God’s infinite power to protect us from ALL enemies foreign and domestic.

St Jerome in the 5th century coined a Latin phrase you might be aware of: Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.  We don’t deserve eternal happiness, and we have gifts, clues and blessings all around us yet we too often are UNGRATEFUL for them and toss them aside.  “noli de gratuito munere judicare, et, ut vulgare proverbium est : Equi dentes inspicere donati.”   START counting blessings not sleep people!

True Science LEADS us to God…not AWAY from the eternal One.  Ask Fr Spitzer

Truth based science LEADS us to God, because it IS the study of what He created. Man’s cognitive abilities are limited; say, believing that man can make enough carbon dioxide to disrupt planetary atmospheric conditions is well, stupid.

Cute, puffing us puny creations up a bit. But, sadly, the Pope I respect as Pope Francis has fallen in with the Algorean heretics’ influence it seems.  But like grace overtakes evil, truth will be a renaissance of love, of life, transforming the corruption of the misery merchants who seem to be all powerful.  But they are NOT!

The Holy Spirit guides the pope’s decisions on faith and morals via the inerrancy clause in his faith contract, but we are destroying families around the globe robbing them of funds that misery merchants and leftist loons steal.  Pray for the Pope and his intentions; but also, the souls of people like the compromised Fauci & his boss Francis, Al Gore, Biden, Hunter and pop, grifter supreme JoBama, the adulteress Kamala, and Catholic poser Nancy P.

Why pray for them? EVERY life is precious and sacred…even the misery merchants, our fallen away Catholics and those in bondage to hell know this and their lives, too, need a Savior and redemption.

I like you sin and are imperfect vessels.  But always remember what GKChesterton said about Peter: a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  This is why Jesus chose an thoroughly imperfect Peter to begin His Church on earth.  The gates of hell be damned!

So, the largest building on planet earth is also simply Mary’s marker: pointing to her stable time, maybe in a cave off an inn, with Joseph in Bethlehem, reminded of the Exodus via a simple 26+ degree line built into the largest Scout compass on earth.  Did the Magi know and follow?

God took the time to have 2.5 million 2 ton-70 ton blocks of igneous rock placed 1/50″ apart, sealed with unknown to this day cement, as a compass, a clock, a solar calendar, keeper of many measurements, fire in the middle and border, at the center of the world.  Maybe even a time machine of sorts.

It is up to us, like Fr Spitzer, Fr Horn, Fr Luke O.P etc to decipher the mathematically encoded clues.

Fatima had the 70,000 witnesses to a Sundance on Oct 13, 1917.

1531’s Guadalupe tilma took until the 20th century to discover the opthamological miracle in Mary’s eye and the star/constellation chart features; the Shroud Kodak moment was with Secundo Pia in 1898, showing the world IT was a negative film just 14 feet by 3 feet.  A true photograph like the imagery in Mary’s eye 15 centuries later.  Giza is NO different it the mysteries and secrets we are still discovering now.

Maybe we special investigators and Catholic icon sleuths need to dig deep.  The world is dying, it needs a savior and EVERY evidence that God cared enough to send His very best.

For example, look at God’s handiwork.  He designed and He (or His construction company) built into GPG a 344 foot passage that had the Northern Starlight hit the bottom only twice: 2141bc before Christ and most recently, in 2007ad.  And if we believe it after more research, GPGiza is a true time machine (another article) marking epoch changes and years; look at the chart that lays out the inch-year.  Yes, it may be unbelievable, but then we humans believe we can alter the atmosphere and that babies aren’t alive until 25 days after birth (Pete Singer)….

Look to the seasons for the miracles.  The evil one loves to copy, counterfeit, God’s good works. See how the pharaohs copied God’s first pyramid on the Giza plateau selfishly to pretend they lived forever AFTER death.  NONE of the other pyramids have the qualities of GPGiza.

Every solstice, before it became a Home Depot masonry lot for the locals, we could see the eight sided nature of GPGiza at sunrise and sunset FROM THE AIR.  But jet aircraft don’t date back to 2623BC, when the pyramid was completed per scholars.

Also, on the first day of spring (equinox), at high noon, it’s beacon and pillar of fire light was maximized; the amount of pure power/light is huge.

But only second to the 40 trillion joules of pure light Jesus exhibited blowing through His burial cloth we revere…that Shroud of Turin has mysteries, still many unknown, just as Mary’s traveling cloth, the tilma of Guadalupe, Spain and gua le supe (the serpent’s head crusher), today located in the Mexico City basilica to Mary in Technoctitlan, Mexico.

And the Great Pyramid of Giza, which plateau overlays the constellation Orion’s Belt amazingly precise, is worth much study by scientists of faith.

The full picture of the stars over Mexico City that Dec 12, 1531 including the constellations.

Notice this earth to the heavens’ inter relationship also with Mary’s Dec 12 1531 star chart (discovered after supercomputers came to be and the tilma’s star placement was analyzed finding out it was a key to the night star AND the constellations)

The image shows Jesus as the Lion of Judah (constellation Leo over Mary’s womb) and the eternal Virgin (constellation Virgo over her immaculate heart).  We Christians/Catholics, as well as Jewish and Muslim people, need to keep an open mind to just how amazing God has been.  He has ALWAYS been (I am Who am) as He told Moses, something which priest, pauper, author or every day Joe can barely grapple with…let alone, that we will ALWAYS BE.  ALWAYS exist.

Since we will always be, let’s “be” forever in happiness, not in hell.

However WHERE we exist for 4ever IS our choice; God leaves NOTHING to chance; He weaves and connects the dots for us IF ONLY we open our eyes and ears.  We all have a spiritual hunger; make sure its for the heavenly God, not the counterfeit father of lies who will reside in hell for the same eternity you and I do.

FACT. The electrostatic nature of the GPG may be purposeful.  Certainly interesting…

“On the back of a dollar bill, you can see a pyramid with a flat top. No one has been able to explain why the Great Pyramid would have been built without a capstone.  (author’s note: we just took a shot at it)

This is an interesting story associated with a visit to the top of the great pyramid. Many tourists have climbed to the top, which is not an easy journey. One such person was Sir Siemen’s, a British inventor. He climbed to the top with his Arab guides.

One of his guides called attention to the fact that when he raised his hand with outspread fingers, he would hear an acute ringing noise. Siemen raised his index finger and felt a distinct prickling sensation. He also received an electric shock when he tried to drink from a bottle of wine that he had brought with him.

Being a scientist, Siemen than moistened a newspaper and wrapped it around the wine bottle to convert it into a Leyden jar (an early form of a capacitor). When he held it above his head, it became charged with electricity. Sparks then were emitted from the bottle. One of the Arab guides got frightened and thought Siemen was up to some witchcraft and attempted to seize Siemen’s companion. When Siemen’s noticed this, he pointed the bottle towards the Arab and gave him such a shock that it knocked the Arab to the ground almost rendering him unconscious. When he recovered, he took off down the pyramid shouting loudly. What kind of natural phenomena on the top of the Great Pyramid could produce such an electro-static effect? It would be interesting to conduct additional physics experiments on the top of the Great Pyramid. (hat tip giza site)”

I agree…it’s time for more study of the Catholic icon hidden in plain sight.  The Ark of the Covenant may have been a “capacitor” as well, but not just for Raiders & Indiana Jones.  It was made of gold (conductor/medal) inside and out separated by wood (insulator). Stories in Scriptures exist about lightning emanating from the ark. And the story of Siemen above regarding the GPGiza

FACT. The pyramid or Jewish inch and its significance looks to the theories that each inch refers to one year from the North Star touching the bottom in 2141BC

FACT. Giza is a beacon and pillar, as mentioned in Isaiah 19.

FACT. No shadow at high noon at the spring equinox.  After all, it only covers 13 acres.  World’s largest “sundial”.

Examples of casing/cover stones when desert sand not covering the remaining few

This is a fascinating item Fr Spitzer might enjoy: he works so hard to prove the existence of God…but as the northern hemisphere shifts from winter to spring, on the day of the earth’s rebirth (how do you think of spring, with budding new life in the garden and across the world?), rejuvenation, renaissance and renewal, the GPG signals (well, DID when its reflective white stones were still in place) with its maximum reflected light of the whole year, directly to heaven.

Now, hard to see this today but remember, it once was flanked by 144,000 polished mirror stones (see the artist rendering of an all white pyramid at the article’s beginning).  GPGiza was a beacon of hope, a pillar of fire in the desert, probably on March 25th each year (offset for the 4 day correction Fr Rocky of Relevant mentions).

Conjecture:  could this phenomena and GPG physically refer to Jesus as the Eternal Being born to die? Catholic tradition refers to the Annunciation as Jesus’ first birth, His conception on March 25th. Not all of you are Catholics reading this, but the importance of March 25th is cemented in the 19th century on.

But, scholars also see the same date as the day He died on the cross.  Chew on that: many of you know my theory that Jesus died on the very lucky for us Friday the 13th day of Abib/Nisan in the Hebrew calendar using references from John, Exodus and Deuteronomy… but suppose God installed His multi-functional GPG at the center of the world and universe to be its max brightness on the day His Son died?

Zero shadow means max brilliance, viewable from the moon (only object on earth possible to be seen on the cratered Sun reflected moon).  And Jerusalem is not that far from Cairo!  High noon, it’s brilliance would signal the heaven’s of His suffering.

Just suppose (I know I have Fr Spitzer’s attention on this point), the 144,000 mirror stones blazed laser bright into a brilliant blue sky, shining most powerfully UNTIL our beloved Savior takes His last breath.

We know all creation groaned and reacted, with the clouds, rain and thunder cover the lands, the Giza pyramid’s white stone brilliance would go dark.  A beacon, the pillar of fire going out as Jesus was extinguished.  Look to the Scriptures as the holiest of holies in the temple experienced the drape, the curtain being torn in two, earthquakes and more.

Pope St John Paul the Great died within three days of that eucharistic miracle Terri Schiavo Schindler’s murderous death by Scientologist starvation. God knew what He was doing…no glory to the death merchants…

FACT.  The Ark Clone.  There is only ONE object in the GPG.  It is a red granite (recall the GPG is mainly large hard limestone) coffer/coffin found inside the King’s Chamber that never housed a human, but it does match the exact volume dimensions of the classic Ark of the first Covenant.

Coincidence or Godincidence?  You tell me.  Here’s an interesting article on the King’s Chamber coffin and the electrostatic nature of the GPG; and it’s potential similarity to the Ark of the Covenant’s ancient electrical capacitance.  The pyramid inch is one of two inscriptions in the GPG; the other is a circle scoring near the entrance 17 steps up from the base INSIDE the pyramid.

“Many of the pyramidologists in the 19th century have pointed out an amazing correlation. The volume or cubic capacity of the Coffer in the King’s chamber is exactly the same volume to the Ark of the Covenant as described in the Bible. Could there be some common measurement that was used that goes back to antiquity? Could there be some common builders involved? It has also been shown that the “pyramid inch”, which is discussed in our pyramidology sections, is the same unit of measurement that was used to build “Noah’s Ark, “Solomon’s Temple”, and the “Ark of the Covenant”. ..”

In our article on the “Arab who got the shock of his life on the summit of the Great Pyramid” (my note: 1840s ‘experiment’ on top of the GPG) we mentioned the possibility that there may be interesting electro-static phenomena on the top of the Great Pyramid. If we go back to some ancient legends about the Ark of the Covenant, we find some interesting statements. The Ark of the Covenant was placed in the most Holy of Holies and could only be approached once a year by the High Priest. It was considered so sacred that it was believed that if the High Priest or anyone who came near it and had any impure thoughts, they would be struck dead with a bolt of lightning. Here is a little unknown fact. What the Israelites would do was to tie a rope to the leg of the High Priest when he went in to the Holy of Holies incase he was struck dead with lightning. If that happened, they could just pull him out with the rope and therefore not risk someone else being killed by going in. Do you remember the Indiana Jones movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, when the nazi’s approached the Ark and were all struck dead with a bolt of lightning? This was based on actual legend. Also in the Bible there was an instance when someone touched the Ark in order to prevent it from falling and they were also struck dead instantly. Is this just mythology or is there some basis in these occurrences?

We know from the Bible the ark was made of acacia wood and lined inside and out with gold. What we have here is two conductors separated by an insulator. That is a capacitor.

It has been calculated that this Ark might have been able to act as a capacitor and was able to produce an electric discharge of over 500 volts. Thus, this would cause the type of phenomena mentioned in the Bible associated with the Ark. Why did the Israelite army always march to war with the Ark in the front? There is much interesting speculation here.

Why this is important to pyramid research is that the Great Pyramid may have some interesting electro-static producing effects, especially on the summit.

Our association will be proposing a research proposal to study the physical effects on the summit and elsewhere in the Great Pyramid. Using specific physical apparatus, we would like to take measurements and do experiments especially on the summit. We would also like to carry out some experiments at the point where the original pyramid with the capstone would have been. We would need a platform to reach this height. Did the Great Pyramid somehow act as a capacitor and for what purpose. This could be investigated using direct measurements and testing.”

CONJECTURE about the Magi/3 Wise kings and the GPG.

Every school kid knows “We three kings of orient are…”  Geographically, we are told they were very wise astrologers (before astrology was corrupted)/astronomers following celestial signs) from the East.  The GPG is southwest of Jerusalem and Bethlehem.  How were the wise men guided by day?

Jesus was not still in the stable but a house nearby it seems (evil Herod killed all boys 2 and under when he was stood up). The Holy Family was still in Bethlehem, which ironically means HOUSE of BREAD. Could GPGiza be part of their analysis and act like a beacon?

The star of Bethlehem (excellent video on what it was) would be visible at night; what did they follow during the day or was the star so bright it could be followed with sun in sky? Hmm.  Giza is southwest of Bethlehem/Jerusalem and recall they visited Herod before their arrival in Bethlehem.

FACT:  Giza has a scientific/math relationship to Christ?  Huh?

It turns out the angles of descending and ascending passageways have significance; and GPG is the only pyramid with ascending passages, no body and few markings.  Actually, ONLY TWO markings: 1) pyramid/sacred Jewish inch and 2) scoring of the circular tunnel near the entrance

This angle made by the passageways, measures 26 degrees, 18 minutes, 9.63 seconds off the baseline and is accessible 17 steps up on the north side of the GPGiza.

By itself, this may not mean much.  But, if that 26 degree + angle is plotted from the GPG base, toward north east, it draws a line directly over the twin Solomonic Exodus pillars and most interestingly, the House of Bread where Jesus was born: Beth’Lehem.

Think about how incredible this is…2600 years before Mary bore a child in Bethlehem, 2.5 million blocks were strategically assembled, and passageways built into the largest compass on earth (so true to north it is only off 3/60 of a degree of arc that the entryway had the north star shine down it 2141 Bc.    Not to mention, the angle plots a path over the place that Moses and the Jews left the land of the pharaoh after 10 plagues, that extends over a birthplace millennia later.

Frankly, Giza should be seen as a true Catholic icon a long time ago!  Agree or disagree?

Why? Because we believe Jesus became a bloodless sacrifice on the Last Supper altar table the day before the Friday the 13th day of Abib/Nisan that He died…the True innocent Passover Lamb simulated over years of Passover celebrations of saved Israeli first borns.  You must know the days of the Exodus came after Plagues Ten, the 10th being the first Passover of the innocent bloodied mantles by angel of death.  The foreshadowed True Passover happened 33 years after the Savior, the One promised to the Immaculate Conceived Mary (yes, Jesus was conceived without sin by the sinless Mary) was born in a stable in the House of Bread…  GPGiza was no accidental build.

WE Catholics and many other faiths understand Jesus IS the Bread of Life; He was born in the House of Bread (Scripture says Magi visited with gifts when HOUSE, not stable, of Bethlehem.

Now you know that city (John 7:42: Does not scripture say that the Messiah will be of David’s family and come from Bethlehem, the village where David lived?”) has been marked for over 2600 years by the world’s largest building and its GPS system installed long before ASICs and semiconductors.

While we are at it, if you read on in Revelations, you might see some additional good news:

After this I had a vision of a great multitude, which no one could count, from every nation, race, people, and tongue. They stood before the throne and before the Lamb, wearing white robes and holding palm branches* in their hands.

10 They cried out in a loud voice:  “Salvation comes from* our God, who is seated on the throne, and from the Lamb.”

Let’s hope that’s us Gentiles!  John saw that there is room for a whole lotta people in the forever happy zones of heaven.

People: think Guadalupe, Lourdes, Fatima, Quito…Every time mother Mary uses her frequent flyer miles to visit somewhere on earth, she appears as a specific image, usually innovative and insightful to the locals AND like every good Jewish mom, she always focuses us on her Son.  Christ is the Center of her world, her life.  The intertwined hearts of mother and Son…GPGiza points directly to so much about God’s creation and His Son necessary entrance in Bethlehem.

Like the first miracle at Cana, Mary tells us “Do whatever He tells us”.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, left a multi-level message for us eternal treasure hunters, on the cheap cactus fiber tilma of a peasant Juan Diego that miraculously still exists today.

It has a message to the Nahuatl/Aztecs that pierced their souls, converting 10 million and is timeless; the image survived five centuries with its ophthalmological eye data and its star chart of Dec 12, 1531 Tepeyac night sky for us to discover.

Prior to recent decades, the constellation key and star chart aspects of OLGuadalupe, this mystery miracle map, was unknown; same with the Shroud of Turin, many of the aspects that prove it’s supernatural.

Same with the Gizeh (Arabic for “border”) pyramid.  The 8 sided aspect of GPG stems from a 1940 British pilot’s picture; the Christ Angle from many of the pyramidologists studying it.  Not all people studying this Catholic Christian Icon wear crystals, sport Taro cards and dance around the fire in the forest.

We are just discovering new things about these three gifts from God as you read this.

Mary’s mantle, for example.  Impossible back then absent modern technologies, but with super computers and satellites we note the golden stars on her mantle were not accidental but matched like a template that night sky perfectly, and the constellations, when all the stars are exposed, lined up perfectly as well.  You may already know the Virgo cluster of stars was over her heart, and the stars of Leo the lion over her pregnant womb.  Jesus was the “Lion of the tribe of Judah”   Godincidences all?

Same with GPGiza? 

Suppose the Creator God the Father, with the Holy Spirit, created sacramentals maybe NOT discussed in Confirmation or catechesis classes. A sacrament is an OUTWARD sign instituted by God to give us grace. In a recent co-op homeschooling class, I challenged the high schoolers to dig deeper on this GPGiza thing.  They are keen to know more.  Are you?

“Everything has been prepared in God’s plan.  He weaves our history”  ~Pope Francis

‘When Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, in the days of King Herod,* behold, magi from the east arrived in Jerusalem,  2 saying, “Where is the newborn king of the Jews? We saw his star* at its rising and have come to do him homage.”3 When King Herod heard this, he was greatly troubled, and all Jerusalem with him.

4 Assembling all the chief priests and the scribes of the people, he inquired of them where the Messiah was to be born. 5 They said to him, “In Bethlehem of Judea, for thus it has been written through the prophet:

6 And you, Bethlehem, land of Judah, are by no means least among the rulers of Judah; since from you shall come a ruler, who is to shepherd my people Israel.’”7 Then Herod called the magi secretly and ascertained from them the time of the star’s appearance.

8 He sent them to Bethlehem and said, “Go and search diligently for the child. When you have found him, bring me word, that I too may go and do him homage.”

9 After their audience with the king they set out. And behold, the star that they had seen at its rising preceded them, until it came and stopped over the place where the child was.

10 They were overjoyed at seeing the star,

11 and on entering the house they saw the child with Mary his mother. They prostrated themselves and did him homage. Then they opened their treasures and offered him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

12And having been warned in a dream not to return to Herod, they departed for their country by another way.

The Cubit…and the Ark

The Cubit was very important to Newton and others… not to mention, in the Old Testament…in Genesis 6, we read:

Life size remake of Noah’s ark

Make yourself an ark of gopherwood,* equip the ark with various compartments, and cover it inside and out with pitch.

15 This is how you shall build it: the length of the ark will be three hundred cubits, its width fifty cubits, and its height thirty cubits. 16  Make an opening for daylight* and finish the ark a cubit above it. Put the ark’s entrance on its side; you will make it with bottom, second and third decks.

17 I, on my part, am about to bring the flood waters on the earth, to destroy all creatures under the sky in which there is the breath of life; everything on earth shall perish.

18 I will establish my covenant with you. You shall go into the ark, you and your sons, your wife and your sons’ wives with you.”

Theory that GPGiza also serves as a time machine, involves the scarcity of markings and one sacred Jewish inch corresponding to one calendar year starting at 2141bc.  The only time before Christ that the entryway was perfectly lined up with the North Star was 2141bc.

It is marked just inside the north pyramid face.  And a circle was scored around the whole passageway at that place. In the graphic, the one inch per year are marked off from when the North Star hit the bottom 2141bc: first year is 1453bc when up and down passageways cross.

Smart people: I haven’t seen this anywhere, but when the entrance passage is laid down to the east (pivoting on the base) the two passages become an arrow, pointing thru the 1453bc year when Moses sang “Let my people GO!”, (twin pillars of Solomon) to the most incredible event’s setting of the new promise, the new testament/covenant: Beth’ Lehem, the House of Bread?

Theologically, pointing through the first Passover to the last, much more important, Passover Savior at the Last Supper birth place.  I know, we gotta be careful about reading in more than the truth, but that juncture at 1453, where the ascending passage begins man’s “ascent” toward God.

From the web: “For every inch we move we move forward in time one year (one inch equals one year theory). When we get to where the ascending passage intersects with the entrance/descending passages, we are at the year 1453 BC which is thought to be the date of the exodus. If we move up the ascending passage, we finally come to a place where it opens up into the grand gallery. At this juncture, the date is 33AD, the assumed date for the crucifixion of Jesus. Thus pyramidologists have correlated major locations in the pyramids passageways with important biblical and secular dates.”

“But, Len, no one can tell the future!”  You mean like the 3rd secret of Fatima given in 1917 to Sr. Lucia and fulfilled decades later by Pope St John Paul the Great? 600 prophecies were completed in the Savior, Jesus, a mathematical impossibility~~without God’s omniscence and all powerful AlMighty God

Adventurers, think about this series of a papal decree that was confirmed by Mary with Bernadette.

“On December 8, 1854, Pope Pius IX proclaimed the dogma of the Immaculate Conception in the apostolic constitution Ineffabilis Deus. A little more than three years later, on February 11, 1858, a young lady appeared to Bernadette Soubirous. This began a series of visions.

During the apparition on March 25, the lady identified herself with the words: “I am the Immaculate Conception.”  The SAME date 19 centuries previously Jesus died, the Giza was at its highest point of brilliance, and tradition tells us Jesus too was conceived immaculate, without sin, by the Immaculate Conception” woman Mary.    Hmm.

Think about this friends; we talk about the alignment of the stars and planets; how about an alignment of dates that God controls..such as the Godincidences of March 25, the Spring Equinox, Jesus’ first birth (conception) and later crucifixion?!

Mary confirms to Bernadette Soboirus the Pope’s announcement 1203 days after Pope Pius IX proclaimed the dogma that Mary was conceived immaculate, tying her to the annunciation’s prebirth by 9 months announcement re: our Savior.  Recall, we celebrate Mary’s birthday nine months after Dec 8th on Sept 8…Jesus’ nine months after March 25th on Dec 25th

Imagine if the Magi had access to a lot of information on ancient writings and the stars…

Complex?  Maybe a little.  Filled with truth?  You tell me

More on cubits and sacred Jewish/pyramid inch measuring systems from

“Why did the pyramidologist choose the inch as the standard unit of measurement?

Pyramidologists believe the linear unit used in the design of the great pyramid is the sacred cubic that measures 25.0265 British inches (author Len: British, pyramid and American inches are different, tho similar lengths).

The sacred cubit divided into 25 equal parts results in the sacred inch (also called pyramid inch) which equals 1.00106 British inches. Thus the pyramid inch is very close to our standard geometric inch. The derivation of this unit comes from measurements in the high central section of the King’s chamber passage, called the “antechamber”.

(Another fascinating fact:) It has been found that the length of the antechamber is equal to the diameter of a circle having a circumference which measures as many pyramid inches as there are days in the solar year, 365.242. Pyramidologists also point out that there are scientific values incorporated into the great pyramid, many not calculated or known before modern times.

For example, we mentioned that the unit of measurement in the pyramid is the pyramid inch. It turns out this is the basic unit of the measurement of the earth’s polar radius. Remember there are 25 pyramid inches in a sacred cubit and there are exactly 10,000,000 sacred cubits from the center of the earth to its pole. Thus the earth’s polar radius is 10,000,000 sacred cubits or 250,000,000 pyramid inches exactly.

“A Dissertation upon the Sacred Cubit of the Jews and the Cubits of several Nations: in which, from the Dimensions of the Greatest Pyramid, as taken by Mr. John Greaves, the ancient Cubit of Memphis is determined”.  Sir Isaac Newton wrote this document.  I understand he was a pretty smart guy.

From the web: “The great Pyramid of Giza has baffled anyone who has ever seen it, whether in images or up close, architects, archeologists, historians, and rulers have all been captured by the immense complexity and beauty of the Pyramid. The ancient monument referred to by the ancient Egyptians as “Ikhet”, meaning “Glorious Light”, is estimated to weigh 5,955,000 tons. Multiplied by 10^8 gives a reasonable estimate of the earth’s mass (5.9 sextillion tons)

Even though we have been taught in school that the Ancient Egyptians used immense manpower to build the Pyramid, many scholars do not agree that this is how the pyramid was built. Wooden rollers and huge ramps, as suggested by mainstream scholars aren’t the best explanation as to how the Pyramid was built. The truth is that we have no idea, how it was built, who, when nor why.

However, there are a few things that we do know about the Pyramid and these incredible details suggest that the Great Pyramid of Giza was an immense mathematical, architectural and engineering project, one that our civilization today, would have a hard time replicating.

What makes it even more unique is the fact that the Great Pyramid of Giza is the only known Pyramid in Egypt with both descending and ascending inner passages. WE still have no clue as to why they even exist. Several theories have been proposed, but none of them make sense.” So says the article

Well, maybe things DO make sense when you look at it from heavenly viewpoints

Fr. Horn, Fr. Spitzer, Fr Luke, fellow travelers on the 3rd rock from the sun:

My granddaughter and God daughter Phia wandered onto  our full size print of Jesus’ shroud of Turin.

ALMOST forgot about the number 153.  In studying Scripture and tradition, we must try and see what God wants us to see.  When Jesus appeared to the apostles the second to the last time and told them to drop the nets one more time, they didn’t catch hundreds or zero but they caught a bunch; it has come down to us as a specific number, not a generalization or estimate.

Like 8, 40, 10, 1000, 17, 144,000, apparently the number 153 has specific properties and meanings.

Some say it refers to number of nations, but that isn’t true anymore or if it ever was. Like with the Pfizer “vaccine” being discovered it fails, science IS about finding out error or failure in looking for truth.  There are 160 plus nations today.

How about 153 also is a triple prime number: 3x3x17=153.  17 often means “complete victory” and “overcoming the enemy” in the bible; also, 3 x 3 is the Trinity times itself.  Ultimate perfection

Examples of 17s include God started the first rains on the 17th day in Noah’s time; the zoo ark rested on Mt Ararat on the 17th of the seventh month.  In I Corinthians 13, the 17th mention of ‘love’ is that it is the greatest of all. We “overcome the enemy” using the tools amid lots of prayer that the Church has in its storehouse.  But, we must be careful to find ghosts and shadows in applying our ideas.

Peculiar to 153, you may know that it is the sum of 1+2+3…+17.   Really?  Significant? I have no clue!

The Bible is filled with historical facts, actual events, numbers and parables; wisdom must be sought in reading it. When it says Jesus sent them out 2 x 2, He meant it that way.  Using thousands vs five thousand on the grass, have cardinal and approximate meanings

153 was specific.  153 was mentioned not by accident: purposefully. My guess is Jesus had purpose in helping his apostles catch an exact 153 fish; if it refers to all who will be saved, will be known at times end.  God, after all, knows exactly who will be happy forever!  But in the meantime, did you know 153 equals 17 (number of victory) multiplied by 3 x 3, the perfect number squared.  In fact, 1+2+3 up to +17 equals yes 153 (Fr Horn can confirm, our math wizard).  Point is the perfect number of saved souls, by these imperfect fishers of men will be attained.  God loves to challenge both the humble and the strong, the arrogant and the clueless.  I’ll leave it to you to figure out who YOU are.

We the Church Militant as the bride of Christ, will attain victory when time is done, and souls won over as instruments of Christ, for eternity.  So many saints, like Teresa’s “save souls” mentality is what we must adopt.

And those special mystery miracles, and icons like the Shroud, the Tilma and God’s Compass & Salvation History museum sitting at the world’s center, the GPGiza, can be of help IF we understand them and use them in reaching the lost.

The Stargate connection

A friend of mine Steve mentioned SG1 and Stargate.  Recall, the out of this world enslaver was an advanced alien from an advanced culture who imitates the pharaohs, travels in a pyramid through various gates to the stars, landing on planets where he forces the locals to do slave labor.

He is Ra, supposedly, and has a perpetual regeneration machine (not by Tesla) to keep him alive.  More coming on this…but notice how preoccupied we are as humans with our Creator, whether we admit it or not.  There IS a spiritual hunger for the ONE TRUE ETERNAL God in ALL of us.  Keep searching; He WILL find you and look for the clues and the truth that lead us home.  “Know the truth and the truth will set us free!”

Adventure on, people: find God’s eternal treasures amid His clues hidden in plain sight for His children to find and use.

When you are in chino hills, stop in at Paul the Apostle church and see the inverted pyramid altar.

About the author.  Len is the father of 11, practices real estate to feed them and spent almost four decades as staff at 3 different awesome parishes in youth ministry or religious ed director.  He writes on various subjects and thanks you for reading this piece.  He has been passionate about the Shroud for decades and the Giza icon since John Jajac’s book, the Delicate Balance.  Your comments are welcome!!  “Len, you are full of it” is a fine response but tell him why.  OR better: what other connections or insights do you have to share.

Web stuff:      Book by John Jajac “Delicate Balance”.

GPGiza as a time machine coming soon…


Contrarian science on the Catholic Climate Covenant and the Algoreans

We are blessed to be part of a universe that has a diameter of about 558,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles of space. Translated, that’s 558 sextillion miles across.  Pretty big by all measures

sun with flaresOur only source of heat and light is a mere million times as large as the earth that God created for us to live out our days; all other stars are too distant to have any thermal impact on earth’s climate.

We call it the sun; in addition to keeping us above absolute zero and warm, it also is 100% responsible, through photosynthesis, for all the food on earth.  A partnership.

God FEEDS the WORLD with carbon dioxide.  We CONSUME the food our Creator creates via Aerobic Respiration, forks, knives and spoons

We revolve around this solar furnace sitting approximately 93 million miles away while the moon continues to orbit terra firma at the precise same rotational speed matching its orbiting journey,  such that we see the same moon “face” throughout time. The binary Man in the Moon. Or at least up until now.  No two face; that’s reserved for too many politicians who morph into prostiticians instead of statespersons.

This swiss clock level peculiarity that we can thank the Creator for. The moon, not the double-mindedness of some of our Sacramento and DC leaders.

A science refresher. To be precise, on our ‘solar furnace’, 700 million tons of hydrogen are converted to 695 million tons of helium each SECOND, yielding heat and light. Puny man changes this making CO2 to warm what earth? Hmm

The light of Christ the Creator hits us first: Since light travels at about 186,282 miles per second through space and time, light leaving the solar surface will reach the earth in about 499.24 seconds or 8.32 minutes.   One irony is the diameter of the known universe is 93 billion light years or 28 billion parsecs; while we are a mere 93 million miles away saving souls, working to feed our families.  Now, God designed before creating so NOTHING was left to chance…our response is simple:

Worshiping the Trinity, the Creator of all that we and St Francis d’ Assisi surveyed.

If we are going to have an honest discussion of climate change on earth, we must understand the immensity of the solar engine that yields ALL the heat on the 3rd planet from the sun.  Speaking in generalities, influenced by theo-political ruminations, is not what science is all about.  Adopting androgenic climate change as a maxim cheats the poor in many ways taking scarce family funds for outrageous claims by code blue leftist leaders.

Let me remind our bishops and readers; on June 15, 2001, a mere 20 years ago, my US Catholic bishops posited this:

‘As Catholic bishops, we make no independent judgment on the plausibility of “global warming.” Rather, we accept the consensus findings of so many scientists and the conclusions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as a basis for continued research and prudent action.’

Prudent statement: They don’t consider androgenic ie man made climate change scientific law. But the IPCC is not free of bias, in the least. And the causal link between the Algorean heresy belief that only man made CO2 = global warming = climate change and stealing more of hard-pressed Catholic families’ wealth and income is evil.

As any true scientist will tell you, consensus is the enemy of discovery and ultimate truth.

For example, the fact that Pfauci’s Pfizer inoculations fail the smell and vaccine test is just proof big Pharma has found by failure these first Mao Tse-Xi Plague vaccines don’t work as advertised.  What does the medical-drug-industrial complex do?  Double down developing a gene therapy “vaccine” for 6 month old infants.

And it is NOT a precept in the scientific method even if it falls between ‘assumptions’ and ‘hypothesis’ in the dictionary.

Since this 2001 earth~space odyssey the bishops have been on, a proclamation on Global Climate Change calling for research and prudence in action, many things have occurred.

Technology has marched on, with substantial cleaning up the evil fossil fuels, internal combustion innovation, increasing technoHelp for the 3rd world and more.  Meanwhile, billion$$ are diverted from direct, effective help for the needy.

But, sadly, the Algorean heresy has gained much traction, the pulpit of bullies, despite its inability to pass scientific muster; it is the foundational stone, the biased presupposition for the viewpoint the earth is melting, the seas are rising, polar bears are disappearing and the greenhouse is destroying life as we know it.  Even though a Greenhouse encourages Carbon Dioxide for plant growth and keeps in heat with transparent, opaque, solid glass, not ‘molecular’ windows.  THERE IS NO SPHERICAL ‘AQUARIUM’ AROUND THE EARTH, PRELATES and PEOPLE!

I believe we are in a rush to judgement, after spending hundreds of billions on this idea that ‘consensus’ while correlation and causation are fudged, is scientific and that man has the capacity to warm OR cool the earth.  God is either disappointed OR laughing at weather arrogance; so either we are insulting the Trinity or the laughingstock of the heavenly creatures egged on by hell’s worst.

Let me explain the Algorean heresy, in case you missed it.  A modern heretic, reproved and disproved by his professorial mentor, is trumpeting the idea that God is incapable of managing His creative work; in the main, earth and its environs.  Specifically on this six sextillion ton ball of joy known as earth.

THE Scientific maxims: For carbon dioxide: the ACTUAL concentration of two oxygen and one carbon atom in nature is 400PPM or ONE (1) CO2 molecule in every 2500 NON CO2 molecule: 1/2500.  When you get the scientific “out of thin air” that 3% IS made by women and men, this translates into 12 androgenic CO2 molecules in every MILLION of not made by mankind.

Hardly greenhouse glass; more leaks than in the DCesspool.  It is not like chlorophyll or yeast, but inert in its heat sinking capacity.  Do my beloved bishops and other readers, even understand what “heat” is?  Oxygen and nitrogen can easily increase molecular velocity (heat) just as CO2.  Something the Algoreans fail to mention: no money in blaming oxy or nitro, because they make up a measly 99.997% of the atmospheric gases OTHER than the under counted #1 heat interdictor: water vapor.  I’ve never heard code blue greenie AOC throw a tantrum about stopping water vapor…no political equity or money in it.

According to the most influential heretic of the tail end of the last and this century, Al Gore or algore believes man is producing too much CO2 which either does or does not correlate, causes or does not cause atmospheric physics to alter such that heat remains on earth.  Without CO2, all this climate melting earth ‘theory’ is balderdash to them: Marxism does not thrive on oxygen; it’s life sustainer is CO2 in the hands of prostiticians.

Algoreans contends it is we humans overheating the earth. NOT the sun.  What foolish nonsense.

In fact, SCOTUS (the same government agency that stipulated babies are not human, recall) has legally ruled that CO2 is POLLUTION though God wasn’t on the jury that day), even though the amount we produce as a byproduct of a thriving world is still trace, compared to oxygen and nitrogen, which combined is 99.9% of the atmosphere.

CO2 is NOT anaerobic yeast or a catalytic converter able to heat sink and transmit 2500 degrees of thermal activity to raise the global average 1 degree F or C.  Ironically, if it IS the heat transmitter, that would be 83,333 degrees F per androgenic CO2 molecule for that to occur or 2500F for all CO2.

But so-called ‘man made’ CO2 is chemically identical to God made; notice, the silliness of this notion?  Instead of 400 CO2 molecules in every million, bump it by the so-named manmade portion, you still only have 412/1,000,000 CO2/non-CO2 molecules.

photosynthesis and aerobic respirationIf we put God on the stand, He would tell us He mixes CO2 with water and sunlight and He FEEDS the WORLD…the way He designed it, not Algore the Heretic’s ignorant insult of the Almighty Designer.

This much ignored but supremely relevant process/name is photosynthesis, since basic elemental critical food is “synthesized” with light via chlorophyll.

Without the sun OR CO2, there is NO food and the world dies. Cause=effect.  We can live at most 13 days without water, if supported by the Eucharist as the Eucharistic Miracle Terri Schiavo Schindler proved, maybe a few weeks without food.  If God suspends photosynthesis due to a lack of CO2, we have just weeks to live.  This is the causative nature of this climate change debate: heat is essential to life, and heat is easier to deal with than cold, when it comes to food production.  Excessive CO2 promotes plant growth, not the opposite.

Oddly, what is never mentioned in this rush to a melting world, is the continual companion process to photosynthesis known scientifically as aerobic respiration, as well, which reconverts sugars and oxygen back into H20 and carbon dioxide for reuse, a better “Circle of Life” than Mufasa doing lion cub exercises.  It must be one of those inconvenient truths that ‘attack’ one’s biased presuppositions, even if it is half the correlative ‘equation’.

This boils down to preposterous: the Algorean camp complains that man makes 3% of the ambient CO2 “particles” in the air.  Since the other is naturally occurring, though chemically identical no matter Who or who makes it, the Algorean heretics demand we believe that 12 androgenic (ie man made) CO2 molecules OUT of one million (12/1,000,000) is responsible for thousands of people fighting over grant dollars and curtailing the betterment of 3rd world countries.

Chew on that, please.  12 man made CO2 molecules per every MILLION non man made is 2500 marbles pic on shed deskoverpowering 999,988 other atmospheric molecules and destroying the earth.

It defies common and scientific sense, yet the heresy marches on.  Seven years ago, when I started an as yet unpublished book, I bought this tall vase and filled it with marbles to represent molecules.  But corrupt code blue leftists (mainly Democrat Socialists) obsess when ANYONE questions their science fiction.

OK: the vase contains 2500 marbles.  I have demonstrated with it at Homeschooling science fairs we’ve conducted at our home; also, at Christ Cathedral for a word picture video and whenever someone needs help visualizing.

It is available to any bishop, Fr Joseph Horn, Fr Spitzer and congregant who wants to see the ACTUAL facts; a novel way to decide if man really has as much power to change the weather as the leftist ideologues believe and preach.

When I have asked people a simple question: “in this vase has an air sample i just took and counted out the ‘molecules’.  There’s 2500.  How many would be CO2?

The answers I continue to get usually range from 300,500, 1000.  When I remind them you’ve been taught that the world is melting due to too much CO2, they ratchet up their guesses to half, 1500 etc.

I challenge the bishops and readers to guess before they continue….


When I tell the guesser it is just ONE, they look shocked.  How can this be?  Algore and his faithful lapdogs like Leonardo DeCrapio have been spewing his poison all these years, without challenge.  My Church is being victimized, the students indoctrinated, the world lied to.

Yes, the answer is one. 1.

The molecular composition of air disassociates continuously, so one CO2 every 2500 would have to hold hands with the other CO2 molecules while the 2499 other do nothing.  It is more than preposterous, it suspends belief.  This is why ‘consensus’ never trumps scientific analysis and truth.


Remove one and that is the concentration of carbon dioxide in nature. 1/2500.  Only 1 INCLUDING man’s contribution.

It gets more preposterous:  to better visualize the scientific realities that the Algorean heretics are proposing, you would need 400 of these vases, stacked like high rise molecule condos in a square 20 x 20; to demonstrate the correlation of molecules, you could remove only twelve (12), call them ‘apostle’ molecules to engineer the rapid glasshouse retention of heat for the other 999,988 molecules; even though there is NO greenhouse around the earth, just a heat transfer system that radiates heat into space.

These 12 innocent molecules represent the demon CO2 pollutants that Catholic/Christian/interfaith environmental justices are so energized about.

It defies common sense and I believe is an insult to God’s ability to maintain what He creates, and fulfill the promises He made in the beginning and in the time of Noah.

Believe it or not, scientifically, the time of Noah is critical to this debate: it was one of a few times we know God interceded in climate in a major way: the 2nd example was He moved that 865 million mile in diameter fire ball into a SunDance (Oct 13, 1917) to fulfill a promise Mary made to the three Fatima kids.

And #1?  God’s massive recreation of the world after a 480 year old patriarch named Noah finished building the floating zoo after 120 years of work; the number was no allegory but a simple statement of job duration: God proved He’s the true Ultimate Climate Changer by quadrillions of gallons of water from below and above the earth, moving land masses and reforming the whole geography of the earth. Calling it a “flood” is like calling a thermonuclear blast a dust devil.

The Coming Dalton Minimum is here.

The man made climate change flywheel is running at top speed, impeding the scientific method and the evaluative process.   Many of my favorite bishops sit on this Catholic Climate Consortium and I believe it my Catholic duty to help them see a contrarian understanding before it is too late.  No, unless God decides time is up, the planet is NOT melting nor will explode into irrelevance before He decides midnight is here and commences eternity sans the 3rd rock from the sun.

But, in our “The Sky is Falling” prostitician culture, we miss the GOOD NEWS.  In fact, it distracts us from concentrating on the real Good News extent in salvation history since the time of Herod.

Trust me, I have plenty to keep me busy practicing real estate & raising 11 kids; and I lack any animosity, just wonder, why I was indiscriminately retired due to the purchase of a prime 31 acres after 30 years of practicing parish level religious ed and youth ministry following the death of my wife and my 60th birthday two weeks before.

But, that is the Church, hiring at will and firing the same way: I respect this right of the hierarchy but as a life long promoter and encourager of the NexGen, I occasionally challenge youth with the question: “What’s today, children of God?”

Their retort: “It’s a great day to be ALIVE!” needs to be on our lips; stop worrying about ‘man made fraudulent claims’ and focus on the things that really need our attention: the 4th day of most retreats and neocanonical weekends like Search and Cursillo: ie, evangelizing the world.  To paraphrase the wisest man to walk the earth: “Leave to humans the things we CAN change to help other humans; leave to God the things, like climate, that belong to God.”

Don’t buy what the misery merchants are selling, whether Covid or climate change or even killing little girls just before birth.

But it is incumbent on my devotion to the truth, to point out all is not rosy in Catholic science labs worldwide.  Just when we could be doing even more great things, defeat is being snatched out of the jaws of scientific victory.

Sadly, since the cacaphony of man’s destruction of the known world is so loud, the peaceful contrarian voices of atmospheric and solar physicists are being drowned out.

Including the appropriate expression of San Franciscan respect for and love of the true nature of the environment, animals and plants,  it’s stewardship needs and man’s opportunity to help their fellow personkind.

In honor of my saintly wife, Donna, I founded the Donna Beckman Memorial Environmental Research University to examine important aspects of life, science, faith, religion and more: specifically, having been a scoutmaster for two decades, the respect and stewardship of the earth.  To cut through high sounding words and phrases like “sustainability”, “habitat”, planetary environmental justice” and more, and get back to the basics of life.

Global cooling in Time

You can’t trust the fickle secularist view of the universe:

Recall if you were alive five decades ago, the 1970’s Ehlich call out that global cooling was supposedly imminent and looming.  Where were the climate change committees then?  Did we need an algore algorean allegorist to make it happen?

Science hasn’t changed, just the money temptation.  It turned out Ehrlich was totally wrong, not because planetary cooling doesn’t happen, but because he was premature by five decades.

Dr. Valentina Sharkova, a noted solar physicist, has been doing research with other scientists regarding the imminent decrease of solar activity coming in the 2020-2050 timeframe; when solar spots diminish and the 11 year solar activity cycle overlap, the amount of heat will diminish considerably.  We are seeing the signs of this cooling trend already, but we are overwhelmed by the petty Dr Faucinstein’s medical tyranny and its focus on making billion$$ from a treatable respiratory disease designed and released in China’s urban petri dish.

As every scientific climate change ambassador should know, the sun works on an approximate 11 year cycle of maximum to minimum “activity”, evidenced by sun spots on the surface.

We have instrumentation and solar probes doing excellent work in space, but the best indicators of this variability in heat and radiation launched into space are called these islands or “sun spots”.  In fact, solar scientists every day measure the size and concentration of sunspots to determine the heat transference and radiative nature of the sun; they appear and disappear as if they have a mind of their own.

Important for our discussion, hat tip ‘cool cosmos’:

The average sunspot is about the size of the entire planet Earth! However, sunspots come in a variety of sizes ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of miles across (many times larger that Earth). Scientists measure the total size (area) of all of the sunspots seen on the sun every day to get a measure of how active the sun is. Sunspots are not permanent. They appear and disappear on the surface of the Sun.
  • Sun has an 11-year cycle where it experiences minimum and maximum activity 
  • Scientists say the sun may soon experience its ‘grand minimum’ phase
  • In this time, UV radiation diminishes  7% beyond the lowest point of its cycle
  • Researchers have now developed way to predict just how much the sun will dim 
  • The scientists say the sun could become ‘unusually cool’ as soon as 2050

Another source:

The Maunder/Dalton Minimum is back and we have time to prepare.  No, I am not Paul Ehrlich nor St Paul the Apostle.  But, i, like you, can do research.  Responsibility of EVERY parent to be the ‘primary educators of their children’; this 35 year homeschooling dad of 11 takes this ‘ability to respond’ seriously

Solar minimums are a time of low sun spot, decreasing heat and solar activity; from approximately 1645-1715, the earth became a refrigerator/freezer. The last one, called the Maunder Minimum, was a time when the Thames froze, North America and the world experienced a mini ice age.  Dr. Valentina Zharkova and others predict this could happen for three solar cycles (about 30 years), starting very soon as we move to the next 11 year cycle overlayed with this “grand minimum” again.

Sadly, my bishops are sitting on the opportunity to claim victory (we have defeated non-existent global warming) and to concentrate on the next asteroid/comet peril heading our way: less heat and light for crops; including in the traditional bread baskets of the world.  It is incumbent on us finding ways to mitigate decreasing arable land and shortening crop ‘seasons’.  Now, before it is too late.  Global warming didn’t happen and cooling is on the way.  Don’t trust this dad of 11 who might have dementia:  Google it yourself.

Fascinating is: grant guzzling scientists are quick to pooh pooh any impact or minimal impact on global warming (always getting hotter) because frankly their bread is buttered from an overheating world, not a cooling one.  A big PLUS: they free associate EVERY climactic event, like hurricanes, desertification, drought, tornadoes even earthquakes and too MUCH snow with global warming morphed to climate change.

Notice the genius: when they morphed from manmade CO2 to global warming and couldn’t prove it observationally or via satellites, they morphed to the unassailable “climate change”.  Of course climate changes: it ALWAYS has, since Creation.

The smart among us will note, this is identical to the ever changing redefinition of abortion by the Regressive Left: before computed ultrasonography, planned barrenhoodlums got away with “clump of cells”, “blob of tissue” and other ageism claims.  Once Acuson in the 80s had developed the nexGen ultrasound, a focused look into the womb, it morphed to “woman’s right to choose” with a big period.  Never the extension “…choose to kill her kid”.   Today, aborters without borders cross the border uterine wall with inpunity, like Dr Boyd in Albuquerque or Kamala Harri$ or Catholic in name only Xavier Becerra, to using ultrasound to line up kids for the hack up and organ transplants OUT of the womb: parts sold separately, of course.  The Regressive Left just commands and controls the wording, the dialogue becomes monologue with a complicit media and the Truth is trampled.  Same with climate change.

This climactic ‘circled wagon conspiracy’ is sad, noting the technological advancement we have experience.  But, typical when group think infects like a virus the scientific community and the world.

How about a cogent example: when I bought 33 megabyte disc drives in 1981 for min-computers, I paid $78 per megabyte for memory ( a bargain at the time) as we enjoyed a quantum leap pre-Personal Computer.  Today, if zero innovation occurred in efficiency, the same drive would cost $37 TRILLION noting terabyte drives are available well below $100 everywhere this week.

We need the same attention to innovation in the Catholic Christian environmental committees and not be caught up in the “indoctrinational” peer pressured push over the cliff of ignorance.

This is why scientific indoctrination, in which the scientific method is suspended, is having a dramatic impact on the Catholic Climate Covenant’s byline: care for Creation and care for the poor.  As a research director, I need to point out this reality:

We need to prepare, not for a melting terra firma crust, but a retreat of the harvest line, ie arable land line back toward the Equator from the north and the south.   Never mentioned, sadly, is that heat is more beneficial to the poor and 3rd world countries than excessive cooling or the “ice age” return. 

More and longer average temps, shortening winter for example, mean more land can be farmed; some regions have two, even three crops per year and with agricultural advancements, yields are up and more people can be fed.  Even when we stupidly convert corn to ethanol to enrich the Buffetts, to salve the hysterics of Guv Brownian motion and climate change ignorance, longer crop seasons help ALL of mankind, especially in parts of the world barely subsisting.

In simple terms, the truly poor and most of the 3rd world, a la sub-Sahara Africa and other less developed places, suffer from three things: too many despots and dictators who out of ignorance or lack conscience raid their people; lack of adequate agri-technological advancement and  potable water. NOT warm CO2 molecules.  Climate change is the excuse to steal more and more from hard working families

All but #1, can be purposefully remedied and in fact, many 1st worlder Catholic and other orgs ARE working on this around the world.  But billions upon billions of dollars of pseudo-scientific paper pushing by overpaid grant guzzlers is an enormous waste which can be repurposed to help the truly needy with high AND low tech solutions ONLY should critically thinking God fearing Catholic Bishops and their sheep.  Too much shiny object distractions.

A New Understanding.  As demonstrated recently two miles away from Christ Cathedral, in the ObamaVille in the Outfield social experiment, 404 tons of trash, 15,000 previously owned needles and 2.5 tons of feces and other types of human waste were removed by Orange County sanitation.

Humans need adults to mentor, help, teach and correct, in light of both the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, not an antiquated list of Christian service directives.  A sad irony, just two miles from the beautiful 31 acre “campus”, a family of four succumbed in their van from carbon monoxide, homeless and fearful of asking for help.

We worry about a minor sun in a 553 sextillion mile expanse while missing the truly needy just two miles from our 10,660 window paned cathedral that looks to the universe for other forms of life.

Those 400 ‘homeless”  and the others who drifted through over the last 3 years need one on one discipline and mentoring to survive.  Throwing money at the problem, as usual, may make us feel good like sugar to the palate, but unless someone has a fundamental understanding of human nature, the problem will persist and get worse.  This i will say: our Church tries hard to help those homeless by choice or need, and others; but the hundreds of billion$ wasted by the culture of death secular world is sad indeed.

This sanitization of the sanctuary ObamaVille  followed the retaking of the flood control channel named for Saint Anne when the 400 semi-sheltered people were moved into temporary motel shelters.

In a companion piece (xxx), I suggested a Good News climate changing solution using only 3% of Christ Cathedral’s environmental arable land, falling under the auspices of the Catholic Climate Covenant’s requirement to DO direct help for the poor, mentally ill, temp out of work, the lazy and those who choose NOT to join “normies”.   Point is, NOT looking past superficial compassion to truly solving the problems leaves one with an emptiness of mind, spirit and soul.  And the truly needy and ‘wanty’ without a clear vision out of their predicaments.

Calling for the Renaissance of Life, Love and Truth. I continue to do so.

There are way too many manufactured crises, a la Emanuel (the former Chicago mayor not the Savior), who states ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’.   But prelate peer pressure, to conform to a form of group think and super pseudo scientific sophistication is KILLING the poor.  Not helping them.

Big Question is: can God protect His earth?   The ReCreation in the Noah Re-engineering Evolutionary Period should be proof.

I contend, as do some bishops reading this, that CO2, the left’s main target under their Marxian planetary beliefs that improved standards of living and families thriving is evil, is not the CAUSE nor CORRELATES with the hysteria of the Algoreans.  Yet it is a prevailing world view

Think critically and act courageously.  This 5.53 x 10 to the 23rd miles of universe did NOT happen by accident.  In case one never heard the realities, God started with nothing, has existed for all eternity and does not need us but desires our happiness forever.  Babble on about the Big Bang, theorized by a fellow Catholic, in which infinite mass is contained in zero volume, and you have a secularized, sanitized description of an Eternal God without the word “God”. God went BIG and SMALL; every one reading this has 30 trillion plus cells in their bodies.

Atheistic evolution, similarly, is like Mr Hoyle’s description of a tornado through a junk yard yielding a 747 without Boeing engineers: given enough time, like say Billions of years, and anything can be made with 3 monkeys and a typewriter.

Problem is, without supernatural intelligence, wisdom, power and abilities far beyond normal man (hat tip Superman TV), it’s useless banter.  God designed, built and SUSTAINS the universe and little old us on the 3rd planet from the much ignored climate and life sustaining sun.

In the middle of eternity, God created billions of stars, at least one carbon life form supporting planet,  trillions of insects, animals and plants, millions upon millions of biochemical, photovoltaic and other processes.

Whether you believe anthropologist Dr Leakey or the Bible, God only created one man, the second to the last act of general Creation. And crappy race theorists, there is only ONE HUMAN RACE.

Per Wiki, “the average 150 lb adult human body contains approximately 7×10 27th atoms and contains at least detectable traces of 60 chemical elements. About 29 of these elements are thought to play an active positive role in life and health in humans. 

Almost 99% of the mass of the human body is made up of six elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. Only about 0.85% is composed of another five elements: potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium. All 11 are necessary for life. The remaining elements are trace elements, of which more than a dozen are thought on the basis of good evidence to be necessary for life. All of the mass of the trace elements put together (less than 10 grams for a human body) do not add up to the body mass of magnesium, the least common of the 11 non-trace elements.”

This tells me God created the elements AND the earth for man; in fact, for the sustainability of man’s habitat. He anchored His world with the world’s largest object which I contend is a Catholic/Christian icon ‘gift’ (another blogpost but discussed below in brief) I call:

“God’s Compass at the center of His world”

Or in less clouded, less technical and conversational tones, so man could live long and healthy. And carry out the Great Commission.

A couple links: 


Beyond the subatomic level, man has 30-37 trillion (some estimate 75-100 trillion) individual cells, ordered in groupings know as tissues (histology: specialized cells working together); organs and operational as part of ten or 11 systems.  For example, the human brain has an average 86 billion neurons.  Each organ, different types of cells, tissues and other complexities.

But, it is critical to note, that God saved His best for last: He created His most complex entity in the known universe: woman.  THEN He took the day off.

The women I know are not scriptural allegories but real women.

Woman, unlike any other entity, angelic, earthly or ?, can take a single cell and over 280 days produce another 30+ trillion celled, intelligent being capable of 80+ years of life and genius too.  Can the God who makes this happen control the weather?  Is He the ultimate climate changer and climate change ambassador?  Or is He too stupid to radiate out into space excessive heat as He has since before and after the 120 year ship building project?

From the simpler to the most complex, God proved His ability to design, manufacture, engineer and reproduce.  But with ONLY ONE first couple.  There is no dozen first couples in Leakey’s Mesopotamian medium or the Garden of Eden.  One man and one woman.

ANY woman is, by design and nature, more complex than the whole universe sans woman;  as any Bishop would agree, God entrusted His math demands (Go forth and multiply) to two people we know as Adam and Eve.  Not Adam & Steve (quick commercial for our preoccupation with LBGTqwerty and not using wisdom in helping people who never understood 4th grade biology, anatomy or physiology)

9 billion people have resulted, post Noah’s eight boat magnates, less the 2 billion radical planned parenthoodlum extremists have killed since 1973 via assault knives up women’s birth canals.    And people expect to believe man could alter the planetary weather by helping the poor up their standards of living with advancing productivity? They can’t even keep their species alive, free of devolutional mass killers like the Oscars’ Cecile Richards, Kamala Harris and Margaret Sanger.  The irony of being at planned barrenhoodlum central (PP HQ Tustin@22fwy), with its security guard scowling at prayerful 40 days for lifers while PP sponsored the Gun Free Zone rallies around the country.  You can’t blame planned barrenhoodlums for putting our tax $$ where their mouth is: they just hate any competition to their serial killing with assault knives, even if guns save lives every day by stopping criminals in their tracks.

My point is simple: instead of wasting so much Catholic energy on the climate distraction, all our efforts should be focused on stopping the religion of satanism in their kill mill ritual sacrifice temples.  Wouldn’t my bishops and the Church in general agree 60 million American kids, 1/3 of the future NexGen, killed AND 2 billion worldwide as well, enough?  Instead of letting Hollywood and the leftists steal the narrative, indoctrinating kids that it’s not school safety but the NRA is the problem.  Our true #1 climate issue needing changing is the NAA: the National Abortion Association in all its demonic personifications.  The evil one is winning because we are distracted from basic scientific knowledge and faith-filled evangelization with the Gospel of MMLJohn instead of being animated with the bankrupt Algorean Heresies.

This is folly of the first order: leftist ideologues despise God, His involvement in salvation, let alone human, history and any acknowledgement of His ability to keep order in the universe.

What never gets mentioned at these faith filled climate change confabs is the direct insult: God doesn’t make pollution, especially the most critical trace molecule necessary for life, carbon dioxide and believing it must be eliminated from the earth for our survival.  Didn’t God tear down one Tower of Babel to disperse the original useless committee of men baying at the moon? 

Is this the 2nd tower of androgenic arrogance? Where we spend precious resources for a non-starter.

Especially if in the next two decades, the average global temp is driven down by, from .3 degrees Celsius and as much as 1-2 degrees;  of course the Algoreans either will get smart and claim victory and still take billions or drag back the Time Magazine cover of Ehrlich featured above.

Truth is, God has maintained control; other than mutually assured nuclear destruction, man lacks the ability to alter God’s universe on earth: the atmosphere.

Look at the 120 years it took Noah to build his cruising zoo ship.

I can hear the Job’s counselor choir:  “Beckman, it was just an allegory to count how many angels fit on a pin…”  No, awesome readers, Noah did what he did, not so Steve Carrel could listen to Morgan Freeman playing God, but because he was being obedient to the Chief Climate Changer in human history…and the history of eternity.  Building a ship that massive (full size replica in Tennessee) took 120 years per the historical documents.  “Beckman, no man could live that long”

Really?  Today, you are right, since aging is tied to exposure to cellular decay and we lack the atmosphere of Noah’s, and previous, days.  In fact, we are living longer but no where near where pre-Diluvian birthdays charted. Read on.

God, who answers to no one, decided He would cleanse the world with H20.  No interfaith climate committee consulted, just I AM.

For the record, it did not just rain for 40 days; the continents were massively reformed with gigamega gallons of subsurface waters brought to the surface, moving land masses and quick freezing whole fields of ‘fossils’ (everyone has heard of Whooly Mammoths discovered with undigested temperate zone ferns in Siberia),  upsetting a worldwide temperate climate and yielding so much “flood” that the ark came to rest above the 14,000 foot mark in Turkey.  Same country a 4th century bishop of Myra became famous in doing good Catholic service for the needy.  “Beckman, you’re an idiot.  Everyone knows people who believe Noah existed are idiots.”   Hmm, is Jesus an idiot?

Every culture has a flood story, but we have eye witness testimony it occurred with a vengeance.  In Matthew 24:36+, no textual critic, allegory hound or Genesis is fable “expert” can deny that Jesus confirms Noah’s existence. The real witness to megaclimate change.

Verse 37: …As were the days of Noah…” and “…when Noah entered the ark and they did not know until the flood came and swept them all away”.  So, Jesus was making an allegory about an allegory?  Come on, experts, let’s get real.  Not only do we have a star chart of Mary stemming from 1531ad frequent flyer miles Queen Mary, we have a lifespans chart, a la early, stemming from man’s ever changing time on earth.

God reshaped and recreated the world, without creating a new First Couple; He kept eight humans alive in four secondary couples to repopulate the newly cleansed earth.  No discussion of climate change or global warming, just survival and gratitude to a living God.

They lived through climate change; man caused it by his sinfulness but God worked it to His ultimate purposes.  Then He left a scientific prismatic photo proof He wouldn’t use climate to destroy man yet again: the much co-opted rainbow.

Why the rainbow should be held sacred and not used for man’s recreation of God’s plan, now co-opted as the homosexual ‘sex’ banner, is this:  it FIRST appeared AFTER the flood.

This is why it was new to mankind; God had not rained and the sun, with its gamma et al radiation, was filtered out, including the aging factors we spend billions on today with cosmetics and sun screen SPF xx.

Jarnov woolly mammoth cut out in block of permafrost airlifted out

The book “The Waters Above” gives a scientific theory that the first rains occurred after the ark was closed up and full of man and animals.  Basically, borne out by scientific methodology, the earth was covered by a vapor canopy (a small sample of which may occur with the new grand minimum with extra cooling cloud retention); areas farthest from the Equator could be farmed and support human life and humans could live much longer lives protected by God’s version of SPF1000 sunscreen.  With a worldwide average temperate zone, Woolly Mammoths could venture as far north as Siberia, where intact specimens are cut out of the permafrost like the Jarnov mammoth for labs and museums.  Both intact (quick freeze theory) with ferns in their tummies and smooshed versions are available today.

In fact, protected from cellular degenerating cosmic waves, human anatomy could sustain (love that word) life well into the hundreds of years; at least that is what God told us in His family book.

“Beckman, now we know you are an idiot, those ages in Genesis are just approximations…People were primitive; they couldn’t count past 20, their ten fingers & toes.”

Really, suppose I can prove they weren’t that stupid and could record birthdays and lifespans before baby hater Zuckerberg and Facebook came along and donated $966 million to planned parenthoodlums to kill off 1/3 of humanity?

 The Genesis Geneologies are important to the climate change debate because they contain scientific input.

Since I love math, years ago I did a basic math profile of the listed geneologies in Genesis.  It is attached.

Beloved bishops and readers: you probably do, but in case you don’t, did you know that Methuselah was 369 years old when his grandson, Noah was born but not around for the Great Flood.  As it turns out, Methuselah, the person with the longest life span in history (other than Elijah and Enoch who never died)  at 969 years, left earth just five years prior to the Great Re-Engineering/Deluge.

So, like his son Lamech, Noah’s dad, Methuselah saw the shipbuilding project along with quite a few of the direct ancestors of Adam.  Did they scoff like so many unbelievers?  Who knows: maybe they helped their odd minded offspring build the boat to humor him or in obedience to God’s call on Noah’s heart.

Why God took Methuselah home just before closing up the Ark might be Methuselah was an honorable God fearing man and served out his time well.  We won’t know until we ask the question in heaven.

But, hidden in plain sight for us to discover, is scientific evidence of the most famous Climate Change in recorded history: blandly called the flood.

I have attached the math analysis of these scientific facts, but here is the gist, the quick version.

All the lifespans recorded BEFORE the flood, including Noah’s, ranged from 777 to 969 years.  By today’s standards and atmospheric composition, this sounds impossible, but my conjecture among many other scholars, is the cellular degeneration we experience on the beach without sun block did not occur before the flood.  SPF 1,000,000 so to speak.

Noah is the bridge: he began building the boat at 480 years old, and at 600 yrs old, God launched the boat without champagne but lots of H20, that miracle chemical we survive and thrive on.  Remember, the shipyard was in the middle of a land mass not on the Mediterranean Sea.  Who knows, the Sea may not even have existed yet.

AFTER the flood, Noah only lived 350 more but all the other cited forefathers exhibited dramatically dwindling life spans over time.  Shem (438), Arpachshad (433), Peleg (239), Nahor (148) among others.  Using the scientific method, the hypothesis is nature and nature’s God protected His human beings from the source of heat, light and cosmic radiation, the Sun in outer space, with a worldwide fog cloud or better put, ‘water vapor canopy’ that covered the entire earth.  In case you don’t know it, water vapor still makes up 4%! of the atmosphere today.

After the flood, and testing the hypothesis, there was no rain because God ushered in the first rainbow after the rains subsided and the continents had been reformed.  And we know aging is accelerated by excessive exposure to the sun.  Look at preflood ages: Seth (912), Adam (930), Enosh (905), Mahalalel (895 yrs).

“Beckman, these are approximations…”  Sorry bishops and readers: you don’t see written Approx Adam, lived 900 years, Seth 950, Lamech (777actual), 800.

They are SPECIFIC lifespans, not approximations; these were wise people who could count 2400 seasons and divide by 4, giving us Noah’s age before his famous cruise on the open waters.

This helps us understand the great climactic change in all of time and space: waters above (the first rains) and below reshaped continents, moved land masses, created fossil graveyards for Shell and Arco later in history.

God RENEWED the earth as He cleansed it of sinful humanity; I wasn’t there (sorry #11 Katie, I did not park dinosaurs); could it have been adultery, homosexuality, depravity that led to this cataclysm?

If you don’t believe me, you probably have a bible nearby.  Or check out the Genesis geneology chart I created for your enjoyment.  Attached as an Excel file for your continued research:

xxx  ‘genesis geneologies

What the Algoreans and those that follow their pied piper leaders, miss, God leaves nothing to chance.  He even charted His early family history His sole purpose is to save souls, bring them to a happy eternity DESPITE our human failings.  ALL of creation was purpose-filled, interlaced and overlayed, to maximize man discovering God and His Son.  As it continues to this day: and today, we have better diagnostic tools and instrumentation to see just how infinitesimally intricate His work, like a clockmaker, is.

Contrarian view and correlation to His Story or history.  Suppose, God created the Universe FOR man, not man for the universe.  Let’s say He packed it with living symbols, irrefutable proofs no only that He exists but that man is loved by Him.  Forever.

For the Catholic, we have the miracles that defy scientific understanding that surround the Eucharist, such as the amazing Lanciano miracle that is 12 centuries old and still relevant. Type AB blood still fresh, still separates into five globules, the tested cardiac heart tissue still real.  And it occurred to a priest who had doubts about the legitimacy of the Eucharist.  So, God, as with Mary’s frequent flyer miles piling up, does intercede in mankind’s world and human history. Including at times, the climate.

If we are going to shake our fist at God, they at least we need to know the contrarian alternatives before jumping the cliff to the next crisis.  I wish my bishops perceived the obvious: With the Algoreans and the rad left, there is ALWAYS a new crisis.

Recall the Juan Diego cloak.  God left us physical proof that His stars are more than pinpricks, lining Mary’s tilma with the actual star chart of Dec 12, 1531.  Though not discovered until recent times with advanced telescopes and computers, God told us the signs of the zodiac, though co-opted by jeane dixon and tin hat wearing deceivers, are relevant to His story: Virgo the virgin rested over her heart on the Guadalupe image; Leo the Lion of the tribe of Judah rested IN the maternity belt covered womb, the only apparition suggesting Mary was pregnant. Just coincidence?  No Godincidence!

From the verdant scientific Aztec theories at the time, came a cactus cloth refuting its fundamentals: 9 million followers of Christ Catholic resulted over 10 years, after a fine start of 175,000 by the barefoot Franciscan foot soldiers from Vera Cruz.

While today we import the very masculine lifeblood (dads and older sons) of a great Catholic country for our selfish American desires and wants.  Some call it immigration; i call it a sad desertification of Mexico and its strong Catholic familial roots, so Hollywood gets the best heroin and carwashers, servants and landscape engineers; with the added bonus of 642,000 emigre crimes (like murder and robbery) in 7 years in the Lone Star state.   Sadly, left over for the drug cartel and gang recruiters are the moms and younger children left behind.

I love the Mexican people; I wish more saw the reality of importing and protecting the alien criminals en masse; we have enough domestic criminals of our own.   Off soapbox.  But back to the Trinity.

Suppose, God interlaced scientific realities as existent symbols of His composition:  there are unlimited numbers of prime numbers but only THREE prime colors: blue, red and (yellow) yellow.

When the 3 Primary Colors are combined, we get pure white light.   Even though there are an indeterminate number of prime numbers, God created only 3 primary colors.  Did He do this to outshamrock that Scottish born boy named Patrick who converted Ireland’s best?  You tell me.

Ever hear, “Light from Light, True God from True God”?  Just maybe, He gave us something BEFORE the shamrock to try and grasp the Trinity as Who God truly IS!?   Save Augustine from himself on the seashore with the boy and his pail.  We barely understand the composition of light streaming here from 93 million miles away; meanwhile, God uses it to show He is real: made of both matter (Jesus), Father and Spirit, and the Three are indistinguishable as the Godhead, just as yellow, blue and red are indistinguishable combined as the One True White Light.

xxx  picture of spectrum add) Do we understand “color”?.  What we call colors are actually a section of the electromagnetic spectrum (a grouping of charged particles (energy) that move through space at a particular wavelength and frequency) referred to as visible light. The average human eye can perceive wavelengths that are from about 390 nanometers long (violet) to about 700 nanometers (red). A nanometer is one billionth of a meter.  And it is the first thing God mentioned He made in His autobiography.

After the infinitesimally massive light and creative energy at Creation, the next time of note about this incredible light show was at the Transfiguration, where the Law and the Prophets, repped by Moses and Elijah, flanked Our Lord.  And this next one is most critical to note:

Recorded on the linen cloth of the Shroud of Jerusalem, Edessa and today Turin, is the best example of 100% pure light.

Scientists in 2010, using high powered eximer lasers, tried to replicate this reality: every cell in Jesus’ dead body burst forth with hyper laser light (without heat) that had a three-dimensionality to it; it was like He turned on the largest light switch in history, blew through the cloth imprinting the top 50 millions of a inch of the fibrils with an estimated 800 billion watts over 1/40 billionth of a second.  ALL PURE LIGHT and NO heat.

I was reminded of this reality listening to Father Spitzer recently at a conference; his love for physics, the Church, the incredible Shroud we continue to discover more about and the Centerpiece of our faith, Jesus, came through blindingly.

Look at God’s ordained seven days in the week; there are seven, not six not 15), whole notes in the musical scale. (as is audio science ).  Each 8th note is up an octave (obviously) but the ear hears a reflection or harmonic of that same note as you go up or down the scales.  Like the week, the 7 whole note musical scale repeats until we can’t hear it.

Do-RE-Mi is not just a Sound of Music piece, but shows that there are scientific aspects to light, sight, music and sound.  My fave Bishop Kevin knows music; when he hits the ivories, the 8th note is the regeneration or repeat of the 1st, with harmonic components.

God is the Chief Mathematician.  It seems He interlaced numerical values tied to supernatural truths continue unabated, throughout Creation and Scriptures.  Ever hear this, Jesus’ name in the Greek is 888?  Both Greek and Hebrew have assigned numbers to letters and vice versa, kind of an alphanumeric property to their letters; each letter has a corresponding number.  Accident, coincidence or Godincidence?  Always remember, God designed everything, including the sciences and created a universe commensurate with His plans.  NOT ours.  Need proof?

The Antarctic ice mass, contrary to fake news, has grown larger not smaller

For example, early in every year, we hear God demonstrate his Chief Astronomer credentials in the Old Testament reading.  We puny humans believe we know climate better than God, yet He is the true Scientist.

Look how it took at least 3000 years, all the way to the 1600s, after He stated it simply in the BC era, to realize God had created billions, not 1043 (Denmark’s Tyco Brahe’s estimate who was a contemporary of Galileo) stars in the 5.53 sextillion mile universe.

Meanwhile, we are trying to embarrass the Church, the Gospel, entrusted with the fullness of faith, yet again with a Galileo-an size mistake with this preposterous belief in androgenic climate change.

In Genesis again, God matter of factly told Abraham, for his contribution to Son sacrifice for the good of all, that his obedience meant he would have descendants as “numerous as the stars of the sky and sands of the sea”.

Now Abraham, bishops and readers, had no Apollo or Falcon heavy spaceship but he could scoop up millions of sand kernels with one hand while looking up into the night sky. How many stars did Abram see?  Maybe 1000; but since Galileo, scientists believe there are between 10 sextillion and 1 septillion stars in 100 billion ~1 trillion galaxies.  “Only God knows” is the common phrase; He does!!

Sub in the scientific equation symbol, the equal sign for “and” in God’s promise to Abraham, and God told us before Christ that there were both billions of stars AND sand kernels in the same universe.  It wasn’t until the Danish Tycho Brahe’s contemporary, the much maligned Galileo, perfected the telescope, that the scientific veracity of God’s prophecy was proven for the blind human race. Tycho, the last Catholic (as Bishop Barron’s article on Catholic involved scientific discoveries and priest-scholars, pointed out) astronomer pre-telescope, believe less than 1050 stars in the known universe.

Today, no one any longer estimates between 1000 and 2000 stars.

But, think critically about this.  God wasn’t playing games: i repeat, He knew there were much more than a couple thousand suns, yet UP UNTIL 4 CENTURIES AGO, humanity had no idea the expanse.   Of course, the Algoreans chime in you must separate science and religion, faith and the universe, just like church and state.  All illogical fallacies.

Algoreans are classic bullies. But, we can still be holy, separate from their fiction and provide the truth.  IF we research and stay courageous.

Suppose, also, God created the largest man made object on earth as a beacon of time, space and salvation history that any bishop or reader could pull up on their tablet today in real time.

Suppose, He covered or had this object covered, with 144,000 multi-ton mirror stones to coincide with astronomical events, like the first day of spring.  That He built or had it built on the exact center of the world (not earth) that was it’s brightest on the actual day of rebirth, renaissance, resurrection, renewal at 12 noon.  344 acres and NO shadow.  Built true to the cardinal compass points.  As if a beacon of hope to the world.

Then, just for kicks, He used it to honor His Son’s coming, in addition to the 600 verbal prophecies, with something physical: the Christ Angle, built into an eight sided (formerly thought of as four) object known as the great pyramid of Giza.  I know, here I will lose you, but I am just tossing out facts for the reader to research.  I promise I am Catholic, not an Enochian or shudder Algorean.

The Architect laid out this angle, 26 degrees, 18 minutes, 9.7 seconds, coincident with the passageways built in and across the base toward the east, of the Great Pyramid.

I challenge my bishops and readers to Google Earth the pyramid of Giza and to no one’s surprise, it will be true to your tablet or computer screen’s borders, something no early Apostle could do.  Humor me and try it.

great pyramid of giza (GPG) as it appears today

The line from the GPG, based on this Christ Angle, believe it or not, beloved bishops and readers crosses over the two pillars of Solomon marking the Exodus entry/exit points AND the house of Bread, Bethlehem. Godincidence, as usual.

Astronomically, on the day of rebirth, the first day of Spring, if you stand on the GPG, the sun rises over Bethlehem as well!

Suppose, in salvation history, it was one of those astronomical signs that led the Magi via the Star of David to find Jesus, before their remains were taken to Kolon Cathedral as relics to those who still follow the Star of the star.  At that time, the 144,000 mirror stones would have still been in place before they became the masonry department for a middle east Home Depot following a 6th century earthquake in Egypt.  All, but a few of these 144,000 stones were stolen.  Those below the sands were extrapolated by computer to assess how many were in place up until 600ad.

There is a boatload of focus points on the Savior: it is an 8 sided pyramid (discovered recently); no cornerstone on top.  It’s concavity matches the earth’s surface; sits on the exact CENTER of the WORLD, not just Egypt but the entire world.  And it was placed there long before satellites and computers could ascertain which longitudinals and latitudes indicated such.  So much more available to show these realities.

In fact, recall,  God SPOKE on climate theory long before today.  I know math can be boring but decades ago, i noticed the mathematical properties of the early people’s lifespans, how they changed AS THE CLIMATE CHANGED and basic truths, taken from the recorded lifespans.

Please, bishops, lets recoup our losses and get out of the crises game; it is unbecoming of people of faith, especially based on a lie.  And there is the distinct probability, with the resurgent Maunder Minimum that global warming, non existent for two+ decades, will continue to be NON existent and actually show a preceptible decrease; of course, except in government climate change grant acquisition training classes.  And drift downward, requiring actual change in scientific response.   Follow the money, it tells all.

PREPARE YE the way of the cold.  It’s time to be real and not follow every wind of climate doctrine.

If you still think God can’t control the climate, at least look at some of the relevant scientific facts the Algoreans and interfaith environmental committees are ignoring.

The polar bear, symbol of a dying world, actual population is FIVE TIMES as large over the last four decades…that photo op Coke commercial polar mom and son bear were on an ice floe…uh, polar bears jump into cold waters to get fish.

The seas are NOT rising, just the hysteria about islands that are misstatements of scientific fact. Notice, even with East Anglia admissions of cooked books and fake numbers, everything is slated to happen 100 years out and the world will end.  We are lemmings to give the leftist ideologues any more rope to hang themselves as they bankrupt an excellent world.  Yes we have problems; but problems are solvable if we get off the hysterics hayride.

There have been two decades of ZERO global average temperature increase though we have had things unheard of in human history: earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, drought.  Oh wait, those have happened before, always have always will.

Consensus IS the cancer of an advanced world; true in education, in life, in scientific methodology. Truth is the cure.

One last: recall, we just celebrated the 100th anniversary of the largest climate change event in the last 100 years: the sun dancing, drying up the earth quickly at the Cova in Fatima, without burning the humans nearby; the solar rotation interrupted and descent to the earth.  70,000 saw this occurrence, on the last day of Mary’s frequent flying adventure to Fatima:

If God can move the sun off its rotation, move it to the earth, quick dry out a miserable rainy day without melting the humans, for a critical apparition on an October Saturday in 1917, just maybe He can control the weather.

A Saturday for this last apparition in 1917, the 7th day of the week, guaranteed more people could be there for the spectacle and 70,000 complied.

The climate that we must change, bishops and readers, is this propensity to be bamboozled, be conned into the latest wind of doctrine. Even because of peer pressure, indoctrinated into conformity with a lie.

The Algorean heresy is destructive and just another lie from the king of lies, satan.  Yes, this Catholic, o bishops and readers, knows that evil and the original evil one still exists to disrupt, distract and accuse, distort all things Created and the Creator.

Evil has always been the distorter and deceiver, not just with Jesus in the desert.

Create a new life?  Abort it.  Institute marriage?  destroy it with divorce, same sex ‘marriage’, demonic gender ideologies like LGBTqwerty ad infinitem.  Create an infinitesimally intricate universe, claim man can change it.

If this isn’t true, why do the Algoreans, especially the Democrat leaders like Kamala Harris, adulterate, lie and cheat and steal, even as a junior sitting California Senator, God’s best work.  Harris prefers dead girls to live productive oil used in cars and industry.  So did Marx: control the means of production AND education, and you control the world.

One more truth: God turned the evil of the generations into a natural resource that powers our cars and industry DESPITE the thuggery of inefficient “renewable” energy sources. As a research director, I look at the cost benefits of all forms of energy use: there is room for all to compete; let them compete.  Just don’t slant and lie about the costs nor the benefits.

God took the dead organics of the flood and pressed out oil, coal and natural gas.  Fossil fuels are NOT evil; they can save and feed the 3rd world as we help them mitigate smog and other real ‘pollutants’.  Don’t insult God and call that lifegiving gas, CO2 as evil.

Demonizing fossil fuel is not in salvation history nor the Scriptures, certainly not older Catholic tradition.  To quote the mind of the pirate Harri$$, who stole irrefutable evidence Aborters without Borders are satanic demon doctors at work:

“I prefer hacked up black girls extracted from Mother Wombs instead of fracked up black gold extracted from mother earth”.  Therein lies the lie, the center of Algorean heresies: 

“Man is king and the center of the universe.  We are capable of becoming gods, despite being turned back at Babel and on earth today.  We have the right to kill kids, for women to choose death for the next generation and for the industrious among us to sell the baby organs.  Yes, parts sold separately.  God is irrelevant if He exists at all.”

Bishops and readers:  Man is NOT the center of the universe, God is.  Galileo and Copernicus showed the heliocentric not mancentric solar system model to be true.


The First Law of Climate Change:  it does, always has, always will

Corollary to 1stCCLaw: man has zero to do with it.

Algorean Heresy: get as much taxpayer money as you can for a fake industry feeding on family fortunes.

California Climate Change Ambassador Brown:   Charge a 35% gas sales tax rate because we can.  We can get the bishops, like margaret sanger got the black ministers, to buy in to the fact the state needs to tax air.  and the bishops and their people will form committees and waste valuable time on the gospel of Algore to the detriment of the eternal Good News of Love.

Quick recap:

Climate Controller.  God remain active in the universe, and with the climate.

Astronomical Accountant. He told us there were billions not just a thousand, stars in the sky, 3000 years BEFORE we could verify the truth in 1630s xxx

Lifespans loomed large.  In the beginning of recorded history, we have evidence humans lived much longer, max at 969 years; and lifespans were much longer BEFORE the flood.  Noah, after 120 years as a shipbuilder was 600 years old as he entered the ark.

His three sons, no longer protected after the flood by the vapor canopy, and their descendants’ lifespans decreased precipitously through today.

This would make a good seminarian exercise; simple to do:  chart the actual life spans of the early Fathers of Salvation History.   Oops.  Already done.  See the chart

“Beckman, they are just approximations…”   Really, why are ALL the lifespans odd numbers?  The four seasons may be a modern music group or hotel, but they have existed from the beginning.  Even Israelites could count birthdays and record same.  Summer to summer, first cut log for the Ark to the last, etc.

My fave bishops and friends, thank you for reading. Let’s not pull another Galileo, please.

Isn’t it time to end this nonsense, put consensus back on the shelf, and look for the Truth.  After all, the Truth will set you free.  Free from the incessant crises du jour that the Algoreans and other pot stirring ideologues continue to foist on a great and beautiful world.  Yes, we get EQs, drought, hurricanes and tornadoes, but friends, this is called CLIMATE and weather.  The Chief Climate Change Controller proved, in Noah’s time, He controls climate.  He did the same on October 13, 1917 in Portugal on a rainy Saturday.

Not TV meteorologists nor man.

As He does today.






TY Grant for taking back the Dem corrupted language. It IS a great day to be ALIVE!

Grant, while I waited on hold for the Jen&Grant morning talk show, you mentioned ANTI LIFE and language.

TY sir for doing what all non-lefties, those not profiting as misery merchants need to do:  Rescue the language currently held hostage by the ObamaNation of Desolators and their cronies in the District of Corruption.

It IS Anti LIFE to choose to kill your kids, anytime between conception and natural birth.  After birth, LIFE is PRECIOUS through natural death not just when someone with other interests decide it’s time to end your life.

My call in was about VIability.  Parse the word; it is the ability to be viable: to remain alive.  And one’s ability IS the real choice involved, both mother and daughter or son.

Truth be told:

Viability BEGINS at conception, and unless a zygote/embryo/foetus/ waters bag swimmer/thumbsucking baby is killed in utero or dies from NATURAL miscarriage, it WILL live to be born.

Grant, I really enjoy your work on Newsmax and AM870 with the Conservative Crusader Alemany grad Jennifer.

My Jennifer is married to my son Nathan; they just adopted a 2 year old Opioid victim Jason in Ohio last month, and he is an absolute bundle of joy.  Someday Nate & Jen may have a natural birthed child, but by then they will adopt the other three fosters in their care.  All under two. currently.  Imagine that: a young couple, a homeschooled dad who teaches college and high school, with his gorgeous Jen raising four former foster, soon to be adopted, two and under, full of life kids.

The Opioid child had birth parents who gave him life, but the addiction to Purdue Pharma Pudding, oxycontin et al, forced them to surrender their parental rights.  It’s not just fentanyl or Pfizer Pfauci Pfixes that can maim or kill, prescription opiates have devastated parts of Ohio and the rest of America.

Speaking of Devastators, the Damnocrats, misery merchants, mad rad left or whatever you call them, have OWNED the narrative, the language, the discourse for decades.  You and Jen know this.  But, my marketing MBA helps me do real estate AND smell the usual con jobs from the left.  As in this massively mishandled public health bureauRat pandemonia.

Misused words?  Take Breakthrough, one of the latest?

A breakthrough is NOT someone getting jabbed by a Pfauci Pfizer Pfix then GETTING Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague (pronounced Mao ‘Say Cheese’ plague).  Ok, getting Covid21 or 22.  A breakthrough, before the Pfauci Pfraud Corp. got involved, was a positive, good innovation or discovery.  It HELPED humanity, not disabled it.

Grant, this is the same in the 50 year etymology word game of the day misdirection the left has played.  You know of what I speak.

In the 70s, it was blob of cells.  Then “it’s just tissue”.

Problem for the death culture’s prostiticians like Kamala, JoBama Biden, Pelosi and other usual suspect Catholics in name only, like Roberts, is something called computed ultrasonography came along.

All of a sudden, the blob of cells and tissue seemed to show physical movement, and much better resolution than analog ultrasound.  You could SEE the kid and NOT deny the nose, toes and other appendages of homo sapiens sapiens.  Grant, my friend, and Jen too, we are NOT members of the animal kingdom: another misery merchant ploy.  We are all members of the ONE singular HUMAN kingdom, the human race, of which, redundantly said, there are ONE, uno, un.  NOT a black race or Chinese race or NASCAR race: we ALL come from the same first parents.  No exception except well Jesus.

Dems make great, though illicit wordsmiths: Like manmade global warming to CO2 to climate change, the left’s etymology (word science) labs work 24/7 to fleece, screw and pull the wool over the sheep’s critical thinking.  IF they can think at all.  Grant, Jen, you may be right: the low information voter has an IQ equal to the freezing point of water.  Maybe lower.

That’s why the left gets away with it, with their surgically attached propaganda lap dogs.  In the 80s and 90s, the human child went from a “product of conception” with the science of embryology through birth taken out COMPLETELY: Swimming Jill and Jack became 5 pounds of squirming “woman’s right to choose…”

But, to choose what?

A woman’s right to choose to have her VIABLE child killed by the companion ruling to RoeWade, the DoeVBolton protected doctors.  Doctors of death at best, satanic surgeons at the worst.

Grant & Jen, California’s laws are much more stringent protecting demon doctors and abortion than the other 56 states.

But, the sleeper abortion law out of Georgia, DOEv Bolton, was adjudicated the same Jan 22, 1973. It isn’t even mentioned.

If Roe goes and Doe is untouched?  Here are the first words from that law argued 50 years ago on Dec 13, 1971:

“Georgia law proscribes an abortion except as performed by a duly licensed Georgia physician
when necessary in “his best clinical judgment” because continued pregnancy would endanger a
pregnant woman’s life or injure her health; the fetus would likely be born with a serious defect;
or the pregnancy resulted from rape…”

DOE v. BOLTON, 410 U.S. 179 (1973) 410 U.S. 179
DISTRICT OF GEORGIA No. 70-40. Argued December 13, 1971 Reargued October 11, 1972 Decided January 22, 1973

Any doctor can say it is “unhealthy” for a woman to carry her munchkin to term.  Any doctor, even Fauci.

G&J: Did you know that planned parenthood kill mills NOW are vaxx sites?

My confession: Planned Parenthood at Tustin/22fwy in Orange IS now a vaccine center.  I’ve been inside the Tustin //22fwy PP in Orange run by Jon Dunn, both as Santa years ago and as an inquiring Pfizer jab recipient recently. 

Looks like a typical “medical clinic” but kill mills are deceiving in their inner sanctums.

The operative words are: doctor decides if it is injurious to her “health”.  This include mental not just moral illness/health, people.  NEVER trust the left, the misery merchants who hate America and allowing little Americans kept alive to go to kindergarten.  After all, as Dr Regan Theiler proved, little girls make great parts sales, sliced up and sold, heart here, a liver there.  At least the slaves were more valuable in one piece on the 1854 Southern Democrat plantations.

The Language as Hostage:

G&J, you aren’t as old as I am.  Just as my generation, the Haight Asbury VW van folks became tenured leftist professors, the Democrats and RINOs have lurched left much farther than Pisa’s Tower.

And they effectively bastardize words; the Dem Propagandists (the left media) which I abbreviate as the ABCNNBCBS APosTimes, get the faxed/texted/email verbum pro diem, the “word for the day” and then act like Lemmings until the next misdirection is put in play.

Proof?  The talking heads repeat and repeat the same sad dumb fraud, like Schitty’s Russian collusion, or climate change caused wildfires, you know the drill.

Take the Epiphany (Jan 6) INSURRECTION, another example.  All 2020, we had 534 riots, billion$ burned, 50 deaths, hundreds of cops injured, viable livelihoods destroyed. Amazing, as the picture shows, there’s nothing here here… this looney leftist CNN reporter talks in front of a green screen and the imagery piped in?  NOT!  A career level liar becomes anti-life and sociopathic.  Making $950 your crime minimum or $1000 bail for a black supremacist 5% Islamist wife beater and SUV jihadist IS insane.

All in the left’s name of “peaceful protest”.

Fast forward to the Stop the Steal peaceful rally on Epiphany 2020, January 6th; the left’s INSURRECTION had a bit less than the $85 billion in sophisticated military hardware JoBama Biden gave international terrorists: what did Pelosi’s crack star chambermaids find?

ONE gun and one dead Trump supporting Air Force vet Ashli Babbett, murdered in cold blood by you know who: a BLM CapCop who’s life was NOT in danger…nor anyone else.

ONE dead and we get a star chamber headed by that Schitty Schiffty representative from Jen’s district, Adam the Liar.

If you can’t tell which one is the bigger liar, one of them is on trial and the other tries our patience from the House of DC Miscreants.

Jen’s representative knows the truth: Schiffty lies deeper than a green shag rug soaked in blood red patriots’ blood;  this Pelosi flunky, who lives in Maryland and owns a 600sf condo on First Street in Burbank as his flop house couldn’t tell the truth if America’s life depended on it.  Not much room for his family of six; they must be like the Willy Wonka family bed in the living room.  Not to mention, his lyin’ bro Mr Smallett.

Jen, Grant: keep up the good work. Abortion, Mr. Stinchfield is NOT an issue.  It is LIFE AND DEATH to both the mom and her child.  Calling it an issue, again, is us good people being tooled by the Demonrats, Damnocrats or ? lefty leaders.

The real Democrat party goers no longer have a voice it seems.  It’s just the AOC, Tlaib, Inman Omar & the other usual suspects bought and paid for by Soros and his DA criminal lovers factory.

Why ISN’T it an issue?  Here’s why:

Newly adopted Jason baptized the night after his probate court appearance that morning

“According to many pro-choice advocates, preborn babies should not be considered people. In light of this, it may surprise you to learn that babies’ hearts actually start to beat as early as 18-24 days after conception

By as early as the fifth week after conception, development of the heart and circulatory system has already begun [2]. Around week six, the neural tube along the baby’s back closes and the baby’s heart begins pumping on its own [3].

As the different tubes of the heart fuse, the heart begins to contract and early brain chambers form.

During this time, the heartbeat begins and can be seen via ultrasound. The heartbeat is a reassurance of the health of the baby during the early stages of pregnancy. This is significant in that it shows that the baby is its own entity, in possession of one of the most basic characteristics of life—a heartbeat.

Two of the most basic, essential functions that distinguish human life are breathing and possessing a heartbeat. When someone has been involved in an accident, one of the first signs of life to check for is the pulse and breathing.

By this time, the circulatory system has also achieved a significant level of development. This allows the baby’s unique organs to function, and for blood and oxygen to flow to the brain chambers, which formed in week six.

The main point being made here is that these developments are but a few of the many signs that the fetus is a person. The heartbeat shows the baby’s independence from its mother and allows the baby to continue growing and developing as its own person. The viewing of ultrasounds aids the bonding experience between the mother and child. It helps those who see the imagery to realize the preborn’s humanity.”   As Justice Gorsuch put it, there are TWO interests. That of the mom and that of her child.

Len is a real estate broker for 33 years, dad to 11 kids who were homeschooled over 35 blessed years (with a tiny roadbump during Mao Tse-Xi’s plague years weaponized by ChiComXi and the Democrat useful idiots, including Pfizer Pfauci, our Dr. Faucinstein).  He screams “It IS a great day to be alive” each day. 

Comments, anyone?                                                      Revised Dec 2, 2021

Nick Sandmann & Kyle Rittenhouse: good men who battled the Evil Empire and Moral Illness

The push for equal justice is an adventure: Alinsky followers like to do corrupt things and blame you for what they are doing corruptly…such as the push for equity, not just equality of opportunity.  They prefer equal misery to successful Americans!

As it is, we have a bunch of silly nuts in the Misery Merchants marines (MMm’s), apologies to our great service people who never give up defending our land.  Problem with silly, is it quickly degrades to dangerous, even death.  Climate change, CO2, non-living but moving thumb suckers set up for the PP kill, the Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague & Jab Profiteers, Prostiticians not statespersons, Demonrat propagandists posing as “journalists and press people”, among others.

They claim man can change the weather, something I’m sure God chuckles at, by NOT using His gift and tool of life, carbon dioxide.

Now we must have equal arbor (tree equity?) in the new ‘Screw the Taxpayer Family’ T-bill (trillion$$legislation)  our two bit grifter JoBama Beijing Biden and friends concocted.  The miserable left controls academia, the media (renamed the Democrat Propaganda Corp) even the language.

This last has gone on for a century, back to 1854 but much more aggressively these last decades.

The talking heads and lapdog Democrat sheep get the verbum pro diem, the word for the day, from the DEMetymology Dept of Weird Words. By text, email, bankrupt NYTimesWashCompost newsies, fax even smoke signals. Sometimes whispered on the Biden line Amtrak ride that lunchbox Joe has traveled at least once though claiming thousands of times.  Hard to keep the lies straight and the angles clear with JoBama.

Take this DDWW example:  “vaccine”; it used to mean a drug that is taken once and then you are protected from viruses in that viral class; ok sometimes a booster every ten years for tetanus. But not every month beginning with a consonant.

Today it’s a Pfizer Pfauci Pfix, 3 shots in 7 months, a booster every six months after that, now a decoy Pfizer Pfauci Pill somewhat suspiciously similar to that very successful alternate therapy Ivermectin that has been successful since discovered for river blindness and proven in Uttar Predash, India on 240 million or so Indians.  Not the Thanksgiving Norteamericano natives, but the Asian subcontinent types Biden said work our 7-11s with an accent.  What an insult!  Some of the smartest people on earth come from India.

But, no one will ask St Andrew, Dr Faucinstein, the top question:   Why do they try and call it a universal vaccine when it’s just a series of shots with 30,000+ deaths and 900,000 bad side effects…

So far…

At least the horses get apple flavoring when they take Zimecterin.  Yet, duplicitous CDC (Corrupted Data Central) say Americans aren’t allow to save themselves with early aggressive therapies like the zinc ionophoric regimens anchored by Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin and Quercetin.

Vitamin C, D3, Zinc, NAC get results, instead of waiting to die with your last mask, a ventilator, in the overpaid coviDeathitals, ie hospitals on the take averaging up to $100,000 per covid case.  Confession: this author has been on a doctor designed hydroxychloroquine regimen for a year, supplemented with Quercetin the aforementioned Zinc, N-Acetyl Cysteine, certainly Zinc the Virus Killer, C and Balance of Nature.  Ivermectin safely on deck should symptoms occur.  A year come Dec 1.  Why?  I hate pharmacological malpractice, medical tyranny and deceiving 3 card monte medical history/research.

People have caught on to the smurf, St Anthony Fauci;  it’s as usual, like so much death & destruction, follow the LOVE OF money: boosters cheer for college football teams. Not shots considered vaccines.

Next is the new Webster Merrimac definition of “breakthrough.”  It used to mean a major good, positive discovery, like a quantum leap in science or a new drug developed to cure cancer.

Under Dr Pfaucinstein’s reign, it’s definition is “a Pfizer inoculated girl who gets covid anyways”.

Inoculated boys, too!  To add insult to idiocy, a “vaccinated” person dies UNvaccinated if they perish with covid the first 14 days.  Don’t wanna have bad news or cook the data?  They apparently don’t teach math in med school.  Similar to Singer’s assessment a kid isn’t alive for 25 days post birth, Pfauci’s Army hates medical truth defying his Nobel Prize in Medicine campaign.  Very sad state; the more shrill he gets, the more the scientifically acceptable failure of Pfauci jabs prove to be, the less people will accept his and the “public health” talking heads pronouncements.  NIH used to stand for National Institute of Health, like in 2005 when Fauci praised the success in writing of “chloroquine” stopping Corona viruses.  But medical tyranny despite incredibly advanced technology, as the Amish taught us by their success during Covid, is man’s natural immunity from dishonesty and doing wrong, is easily overcome by the herd instinct to chase the LOVE of money, and not heal the nation and the world.

What’s this got to do with two teens, one 17, the other 16 year old?

They have taught us, in different ways, that the culture of death CAN be overcome.

A calm Catholic student named Nick Sandmann was at the Capitol on the Lincoln memorial steps for the annual “stand up for NOT killing kids” called the March for Life.

“On January 18, 2019, a perfect storm involving a group of mostly white high school boys from the South, a Native American elder and some of his followers as well as members of an activist organization called the Black Hebrew Israelites converged on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., following a March for Life rally.”

Personally, I’ve been at many “March for Life” and pro life adventures with teens in tow; not mentioned is preCovid, the DC March typically has 500,000 attendees, peacefully standing up and marching forward for innocent living girls about to be sliced up for parts.  That Jan 18, following the March, a number of groups were enjoying the after experience, peacefully, did I say, peacefully with each other.

Up walks Nathan.  Nick, with poise, endured relentless Pow wow percussion wowing from a charter member of the Misery Merchants: Nathan Phillips.  Thank you Mr. Phillips for your service in Vietnam but not your childish goading of a good 16 year old just enjoying our nation’s capital, the place now severely tarnished as the District of Corruption by you and your fellow misery merchants.

Look at and listen to the Kyle Rittenhouse story…as if it hasn’t permeated the propaganda mills for a couple years.  If only adults could show the wisdom of this young man.

The miserable talking heads, even after the verdict of not guilty, continue to call him an aggressive domestic terrorist.  Of course JoBama has fueled the international Islamist jihadist cabal with abut $85 billion in top notch offensive assault weapons.  Clearly, the three criminals, including the child rapist & weaponized skateboarder, were not peacefully protesting Kyle providing first aid to the riot victims.

Take a look at the picture in case you still think The View miscreant ladies have a clue about the truth.

The toddler nitwits of the radical left Democrat party just can’t stand freedom.   Sgt. William Kelly, of Norfolk police donated to Rittenhouse’s defense campaign, but was fired when hackers published his private donation.  How dare the Po-lice help someone who our two bit grifter influence peddler extraodinaire from Delaware called a “white supremacist” while a candidate.

Not to mention every Demonrat propagandist urinalist demonized Kyle, from the moment Kyle’s situation was known.  the ‘oops’ for JoBama Beijing Biden is all three perps were white, Kyle is NOT black and he acted skillfully to help Kenosha residents and in self defense.

When your challenged elected president, both in abilities and electability, let alone alleged stolen electioneer mumbles something, it has impact.  But what of “equity?”

The most dangerous arms merchant ever, who gave $85 billion in sophisticated weaponry to the most dangerous terrorists on the planet, believe it or not is STILL president and seeking 2024.  Fat chance he or AK47 will make it through to then.

Nick taught us how to be respectful, even if the adults act like piles of doo doo, and not lashing back. Kyle taught us ‘no good deed goes unpunished,’ when he defended his family, city and a friend’s business AFTER providing medical aid to those victimized by a riot fueled by a perp’s death.

Apparently, the misery merchants, terrorist thugs and general miscreants don’t like it when a white guy defends himself and helps others.  Even worse, when a mature Nick dispenses honest advice to Kyle:

“Covington Kid” Nicholas Sandmann, joined “Hannity” for an interview, offering advice to Kyle Rittenhouse following his acquittal earlier in the day.

Recall, in 2019, Sandmann came under attack from the media after a video of him wearing a red ‘Make America Great Again’ hat went viral, showing the teenager standing in front of a Native American elder on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial (following) the March For Life.

Fox News host Sean Hannity noted that Sandmann’s and Rittenhouse’s experiences with the media are very similar, as the Kentucky student told the host that he is still actively suing six outlets based on various defamation or libel-related allegations.

“It’s terrible, Sean … As a 17-year-old in Kyle’s case and mine 16, your mind is still developing. So to deal with an overload of stress where you have this feeling that half of the country; hundreds of millions of people; hate you for something that you are innocent of – but how you are painted can do a lot to you mentally,” he said.  (Author’s note: it is outrageous how Biden and his Propaganda Brigade act against these teens.  They feel immune, even after costing their Billionaire bosses hundreds of millions…and more to come.)

“It takes a very strong will to be able to resist that and keep a level head. I think that Kyle Rittenhouse is dealing with that right now.”

Sandmann said that Rittenhouse’s litigation decisions are ultimately up to him, but that he would sue the media outlets he believes defamed his character.

“It’s really a personal call,” he said, adding that 2022 will mark three years since his own experience with the press, and six cases remain in progress.

“I know he has a lot on his plate, on whether he wants to entrench himself in this.”

Sandmann noted he has found it difficult to return to normal life after watching CNN, MSNBC and others report irresponsibly on his encounter with Native American elder Nathan Phillips.

“It was like a car crash you can’t look away from, you are not able to look away. My eyes were glued to the TV watching my character get torn apart,” he said.

“I know Kyle will face that journey of getting back to the person that he was before. Of course, he won’t ever be the same person again. It’s a struggle.”  end quote.

America’s facing more than a liar’s and mental illness problem: they are facing an epidemic of moral illnesses in so many areas, institutions and peoples.  Moral illnesses CAN be cured but you must work hard to find the individual cures necessary for a healthy morality to return.

“Freedom is the right to do what we ought to” in different circumstances.  The right to peaceful assembly (like the 534 riots in 2020 were NOT?). Right to self defense.  Right to help others.  Right to treat others better than we treat ourselves.

Take the much dreaded AR-15. The Demonrat propagandist press kept calling it an illegal short rifle, clueless about its parts, that Kyle crossed over state lines, used to aggressively kill anything Kyle could.

Total Schitty lies upon lies…

Come on, Dems: this isn’t the planned parenthood kill mill on Tustin at the 22 fwy, where they slice up little girls and sell the parts for a profit.

The bizarre persecutor/prosecutor showed just how idiotic he was, swinging the weapon around the room, the the AR-15 WITH HIS FINGER ON the TRIGGER!  Maybe he didn’t catch the Alec Baldwin fiasco.

It’s ignorance, not only of 2nd amendment, but it’s the lies told repeatedly about “assault” weapons, short/long barrel rifles, the fact guns SAVE lives when the elderly and others brandish them, so much more.   Kyle was not on a human hunt, like the Dem’s fave charity, planned parenthood.  He went out of his way NOT to shoot his attackers, all three criminals with storied pasts.  But Rosenbaum and Huber ARE dead, six feet under… as to Gage, he provided the testimony to prove Kyle was NOT a domestic terrorist like AntiFA, BLM and the other Soros inspired criminals need compassion apparatchiks.

As it is, the Democrat owned propagandists in the “main street media”, are on a ventilator and may never recover from their descent into hell’s kitchen of deceit.

Every life lost is a tragedy, especially if they are forced to meet God after trying to kill a Kyle and raping kids.  It’s something the radical left will never admit, the value of precious innocent life; but maybe you need a little wisdom.  Defending the defenseless AND defending ourselves and family are good use of our time.  Here’s a spot on reflection.

Fr Joseph Horn, a historical chronicler of new sacred edifices in the ordinary of Orange at the new St. Michael’s Abbey,  postulated this:  “No longer is it merely self-delusion on parade; now it’s self-delusion on the attack. But self-protection is still a basic human right. If they surround your car and threaten your life, then hit the gas, to defend your life. If they threaten to destroy your home or place of business, and your show of force is insufficient to deter them, then stop their attack with whatever force is necessary. That is your right not only as an American, but as a human being. Enough is enough. This is the land of the free because it is the home of the brave. I am not advocating violence; I am advocating the STOPPING of violence, swiftly and surely.

And you can quote me on that. Amen.”

Fr. Horn, I just did.

Len Beckman

Len is a realtor/broker helping buyers, clients and investors sell properties (and buy!) for 30+ years.  He just finished 35 years home-educating, known generically as “home schooling”, including 25 years working in cooperation with other homeschoolers.  Privilege of serving on staff as youth director and related for decades at three parishes until Donna passed in 2011.

A scientist dedicated to scientific methodologies and seeking the truth; known for the phrase “It IS a great day to be alive” and battling scientific ignorance by the misery merchants and pseudoscientists among us.

Erin’s Letter, Bishops surrender: a sad Covid Chronicle

Revised 11 24 2021

Erin, within 24 hours of Veteran’s Day, three smart women I know shared your “vaccine mandate” and “religious exemptions’ rejection” letter with me.

Who I am doesn’t matter, but I believe I have standing to ask some questions.  I do admit I AM a sinner… it is your right as the Super of Catholic Ed in OC to say what you want, believe what you want, and straddle the fence of uncertainty. But, IF you had 11 kids & 19 grandkids as I do, would you EVEN consider injecting 30 healthy, innocent with substances thousands of good clinical physicians say are dangerous.  Asked and answered.

Erin, you serve at the pleasure of the Bishop; we have excellent bishops in Bishop Kevin, Tim and Tom.  And let me admit: I AM a sinner but working hard to do right.

Why do I mention sin?  Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague, the second generation of a dangerous Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona virus, is borne and made in sin.

Since words have meanings, even in our etymologically challenged world, we need accuracy in our dialogue.  Some are real, others are made up like little kids do.  The word ‘bishop’ means inspector, in that an important role he has is keeping an eye on their priests, flock, even this busy old guy writing this tome.  Shepherds do this; effective shepherds do it well.

Bear with me, a fellow Catholic with grave interest (you and the bishops’ letter is in appropriate blue and divided into segments) in these matters; you state respect for the law as being of primary importance among three.

These awesome ladies are good Catholics, like I assume you are, Erin:  they are peacefully inquisitive about why the stance when it’s not necessary?

I checked the new Biden/ObamaNation’s Domestic parents terrorist list and none of the ladies  have yet been tagged by Merlin the Magician Garland. Catholic Biden’s AG.  (Obamanation of Desolators is a word/phrase, a homonym of sorts, referring to Antiochus Epiphanes in his later days compared to a failed president shadowing the Oval Office 2 miles away)

Though not one of these parents have been labeled “domestic terrorists” by Mr. Garland, our esteemed Bidenesque style AG, for questioning what the letter actually means, not holding my breath about the future.  Zero push back from our Church leadership enables and emboldens the miscreants.  Erin, this is the prime issue: NO pushback by our Church with every toddler tantrum from the Newsom who would be emperor.

For the record, the ladies are Orange Countians; none are from Loudoun County, where the Title IX sport of boys wearing skirts for facilitated access to ladies restrooms and their private parts is sanctioned.  They get a pass from the county School Board to use the girl’s restrooms for sex therapy then when the “boys as girls will be boys” boys do plug every orifice but her ears, before transfer; point is, Erin, in this death cultured (Karol Wotyla’s words) world, we NEED our Catholic schools more than ever..

They are simply involved and popular mothers and hopeful this letter was an aberration that will get a correction SOON.  Unless educational suicide is your goal.

But Erin, realize you need not snatch defeat from the drooling jaws of victory:  the truth is on OUR side because corruption has been centralized: the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons points out regarding the worst withholding of life saving care since Terri Schiavo Schindler was starved and DEhydrated to death March 31, 2005:

Quote: “Then there are deaths from restrictions on effective treatments for hospitalized patients. Renz and a team of data analysts have estimated that more than 800,000 deaths in America’s hospitals, in COVID-19 and other patients, have been caused by approaches restricting fluids, nutrition, antibiotics, effective antivirals, anti-inflammatories, and therapeutic doses of anti-coagulants.

We now see government-dictated medical care at its worst in our history since the federal government mandated these ineffective and dangerous treatments for COVID-19, and then created financial incentives for hospitals and doctors to use only those “approved” (and paid for) approaches.

Our formerly trusted medical community of hospitals and hospital-employed medical staff have effectively become “bounty hunters” for your life. Patients need to now take unprecedented steps to avoid going into the hospital for COVID-19.

Patients need to take active steps to plan before getting sick to use early home-based treatment of COVID-19 that can help you save your life.”  End of very sad this Fauci Big PharmaCDCNIHFDA assisted murder at worst, tyranny at the very best, quote.

At an average $100,000 per covid ventilated dead patient pay back, too many hospitals are NOT our friend a la Hippocratic oath “Do NO harm”.  Jews hated the free cyanide showers at Auschwitz-Berkinau (I’ve been there); people are realizing the same today.

    Erin, IF you care, there ARE protocols, very successful to cure without indoctrinated inoculations to keep our families safely OUT of the hospitals.  Ventilators have become the most purposed mask: the DEATH kind.


You began: “Over the past two months the Department of Catholic Schools and the Bishop’s Office have received numerous emails, phone calls, and school survey results regarding the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for students.”

Erin: you SHOULD receive inquiries. A vaccine mandate, interfering in the basic right and responsibility of parents for their children’s health, is intrusive if needed, but diabolic WHEN it is evil. It’s like saying everyone needs a myocarium inspection for myocardia, one of the most pernicious side effects of the Pfizer Moderna universal inoculations pogrom.

Just as good can result, evil begets evil especially in the ‘scientific methodology’ realm. And I’m NOT anti vaccination. Just pro truth and medically necessary treatments POST one on one private consult with licensed medical professionals.  NOT federalized diagnoses, but one on one doctor/patient collaboration.

If you did NOT get a reaction from hundreds of the thousands of OC parents, then you and the bishops should worry.

Coast to coast, from Loudoun County to the county of Orange, there is a renewed awakening, peaceful uprising of parents protecting their children in the public indoctrination realm.  Duck duck GOogle “loundoun county school board” and read the history.  As to the more rigorous and blessed Catholic education area:  Per the Code of Canon Law (Erin, I will get you a copy if you don’t have one):

“Can. 793 §1. Parents and those who take their place are bound by the obligation and possess the right of educating their offspring. Catholic parents also have the duty and right of choosing those means and institutions through which they can provide more suitably for the Catholic education of their children, according to local circumstances.”

Erin, out of respect for the law, note under Title III on Catholic education, that parents ARE the primary educators of their children.  Whom they hire, ie “parents have the right and duty to choose” brings us to this matter.  You letter reads like sleepy Joe, our perennial Catholic Oval Office Occupier, after his warm milk at 8pm. Confusing and showing uncertainty when uncertainty is NOT needed.

You may not realize your letter has put EVERY parish based Catholic school parent on notice, they do NOT have the backing of the diocese on religious matters should the government decide what is best for YOUR elective students and OUR children.

“Can. 797 Parents must possess a true freedom in choosing schools; therefore, the Christian faithful must be concerned that civil society recognizes this freedom for parents and even supports it with subsidies; distributive justice is to be observed.”  School choice and vouchers anyone?

Erin, you continue: “Most communications have been reflections of the love, care, and concern you have for your children and other families who share your opinions. Thank you for your respectful approach and prayerful posture as we unpack this issue. The intent of this letter is to lend clarity and transparency on the Diocese of Orange’s perspective on the COVID-19 vaccine for students.”

So, not all communications have been so, I assume.  I have no tolerance of insulting, brash innuendo laden communiques: this is a serious matter that adults need to be involved in.

Erin, you have a PhD in education. I have only a Master’s in a related field, but have 11 amazing kids raised in Catholic schools for 35 years and finished 12 years as the oldest of 11.

My prayerful posture as we unpack this issue (your words) is our hierarchy, the diocesan leadership, will both honor the ordinary’s (bishop’s) responsibility to catechize his faithful and the role of dedicated Catholic parents and families.  But clarity and transparency, noble goals, have not hit the mark quite yet.

Erin, you summarized:  “As a diocese, our policies on COVID-19 safety remain governed by three basic principles:
• Adherence to Catholic moral teaching
• Protecting the health of our students, faculty and staff; and
• Respect for the law”

Catholic moral teaching is critical: and talk is cheap, so my citations need to be clear.   In the Church’s founding document written by the beloved apostle John, chapter 8:  “Jesus then said to those Jews who believed in him, “If you remain in My word, you will truly be My disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Erin, you know this: we live in a world of truth and error, facts and fraud.  Words have meaning, and the Word, our Savior, is our ultimate CEO: Chief Education Officer.  But, we the God fearing do NOT control the language, the verbum diem so to speak, issued almost daily by the corporate owned media and the radical left allies of idiocy.  The continuing evolution of pronouns and new gender IDs should suffice as an example.  But, note Erin, as the adult in the room, you and the Church need not subscribe to this silliness.  This isn’t a popularity contest; but it is one of obedience to the Lord, the Magisterium, basic common sense and medical science.  REAL not political medical science.

Confession: my first experience with SARS Covid19 ie Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague, was the death of a fellow Thomas Aquinas College parent on 16 February 2020.  He may have been the second or third known death in California.

Just 17 days after President Trump shut down flights to the country of origin for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome/Corona Virus, version II.  Steve was a professor who taught Chinese students and had been to Wuhan.

The city is in the Hubei province, almost equidistant between Beijing and the newly “unified” Chicom city of Hong Kong; I have family who speak fluent Mandarin with interests in Taiwan who could update on the specifics.

It is the home of the Wuhan Institute of Virology where the weaponized functionally enhanced virus was first leaked or launched.  How the engineered second generation of SARS Covid I got out, really doesn’t matter: it’s what the future Maoist General Secretary Mao Tse-Xi’s did with the leak: he incubated in 11 million working class residents before they were sent to Italy and Spain as the day laborers to Chinese owned companies in these European countries.

Oddly,  Intra China cities flights, we now know, were blocked but flights OUT of Wuhan to the Western world continued.  EXCEPT to the US, where the first pocket of disease was the Life Care Center in Washington.  IF we had an efficient, fully functioning, non political public health system, we would have known quickly how contagious it was and seek to mitigate its lethality.  By the way, 40% of the residents died.  What has this to do with our Diocese?  Read on.

Erin, I don’t know how much research you have done or where you get your news, but the ultimate Catholic maxim of morality is NOT obeying blindly the rules of the Godless miscreants who lust for power; it is protecting our young.

This is the moral imperative, from conception to natural death, to protect innocent life while observing natural law and avoiding disorder. From a 5 pound soon to be born prebirth child, to at risk youth, our Catholic school kids,  self defensed Kyle Rittenhouse who defended his family and tried to help when a governor, the National Guard, Kenosha police stood down,  to the very vulnerable elderly, it is incumbent we seek justice and serve.  Catholic Andrew Cuomo is proof not all Catholic leaders are statesmen, what with 35,000 killed off by government edict March 25, 2020 through the purposeful chasing of Covid bonus $$ by reinfecting recovering seniors.  But Catholic superintendents HAVE the capacity to cut through the BS (biologic science) to put the students first on the priority list.

Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinions but only one set of truth/facts can remain.  In this blessed land where freedoms to practice religion, speech, to assemble and more, we need to agree WHAT freedom means:

 “Freedom is the right to do what we ought”  ~Jim Caviezel.  Not the politically expedient.

Jim echoed the reverse picture of the $2 bill with these words, something we MUST do to as a Church and nation.  You weren’t born yet, though my kids think I roamed with the Flinstones: 1776, the only major event any US Fed Reserve note reflects: the sacrifice of life, wealth and family in front of them, a founding of a new nation was signed as a blood oath by 56 original Declarers.  Look it up, Erin.  We are getting to this point and this writer is NOT anti-vax but pro life and truth.

Erin: “…regarding the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for students. 

As a scientist, sadly I believe as a Church we fail in science way too often. Bishop Barron chronicled the march of smart Catholic priests and laity over the centuries who made significant breakthroughs in bettering our lives; medical, astronomical, physical, bio sciences.  And what is the ‘breakthrough’ your letter is involved in?

Breakthrough, as a positive term has been bastardized.  We surrender the etymology department to the Godless who serve a different master then we do.  Parse the latest verbum per diem, word of the day: BREAKTHROUGH:

“Breakthroughs” today don’t mean positive and good advancements for mankind’s betterment like in Bishop Barron’s film and article.

In today’s Cosmic Covidology, a breakthrough is someone getting Covid19-21, ie the MTX plague, AFTER “vaccination.

You get the Pfauci Pfizer shots and get the disease; Erin, so your much used word, vaccines, they don’t vaxx…  Call them shots, an alternative attempt, alternative ‘treatment’ protocol, I don’t care.  But NOT vaccine.

What scientifically does this magical misdirection for marketing more shots (ignoring successful curatives, prophylactically and therapeutic wise) prove?  There is no successful vaccine.  We aren’t talking a vax mandate for measles or polio: but for a well designed respiratory virus unleashed on the world.  You can’t mandate a vaccine that doesn’t exist.

A mandate is not law, as your letter points out indirectly, but let me speak to the perception (almost as important as reality),  what your Catholic school parents think they are being told:

“Parents, you WILL have to get the juvenile inoculations by any of 7 different manufacturers WHEN the Calif. legislature rules so.  They, and Emperor Newsom, are the primary parents and medical officials overseeing your medical decisions. Standing in your kitchen telling you indolent sperm providers and womb developers are stupid. Otherwise, comply or get the heaven out of our brick and mortar school. Dump them into pubic schools, or worse, HOMESCHOOL your rug rats, curtain climbers, teens for all we care. We ‘respect the law” at Catholic Ed central. Even if our governor is at best an arrogant toddler and at worst a demonic oppressed or possessed apparatchik” 

Tell me Erin you are half aware this is EXACTLY how hundreds maybe thousands of Orange Dio parents took this note. 

After 22 months of hell, balancing jobs to earn enough to pay tuition and luxuries like food, you put them in the purgatory of uncertainty. The killer word to doctors, lawyers, engineers, parents… Frankly, I can give you concrete examples if the groundswell of mystified parents hasn’t touched you.

Following the Science, not the frauds, does make sense.

Follow the science not fake scientists: do you know the Pfizer boss?

Greek veterinarian Άλμπερτ Μπουρλά, or Albert Bourla was born October 21, 1961 in Thessaloniki, Greece. By the way, Thessalonica made a great town for the Apostle Paul to write a letter or two about.

I’m ok with free market capitalism; however, note that Bourla is making a killing as the CEO of Pfizer, $45 billion so far, which is now using kids to market your vaccine mandate to other kids like it’s a Happy Meal toy from McDonald’s.

Yes, a genius marketing move, just like the constant Ronald McD ads grooming kids to get their moms and dads to the Golden Arches.  It is working for the Greek vet’s Pfizer Pfauci “inocs for kids” campaign.

Great if you like psychological operations (psyOps) used on your Catholic families!  Not so great if you don’t want your kids developing blood clots, mayocarditis, etc and the occasional death for a terribly low risk factor who science now shows do NOT transmit the virus.

Erin, within 48 hours, ONE MILLION kids had gotten the Pfizer Pfix! We won’t know for years what we’ve done to them. Myocarditis is rising, so much else, while the data has NOT been vetted.  Just CDC FDA mumbo jumbo.  The public sector union thugs demand the CDC maintain mask mandates or ZoomLive kitchens invaded by teachers; CDC complies.
The brown shirted souls in 1930s German did what they were told ‘for the greater good’.  Why do normally sensible superintendents and bishops want kids to risk their future lives to please adults without backbone or will to do the right thing?

If the chemicals are elixirs of life, great!  But if it’s poison, 1/3 dose poison is still poison.  Erin, no matter how much Fauci double talk happens, kids, yes even Catholic parish schooled kids, are NOT at risk from dying from Covid.  Especially with the hygienic practices we’ve rediscovered.  Like “don’t lick doorknobs”.  I have lots of reasons, 11+19, to have put together a hygiene regimen and prophylactic protocol from information readily available to those who can read and research.

On Nov 20th, the CDC covered its bets: it said 126.6 million Americans have “natural” antibodies, ie immunity from having had Covid.  NIH’s Chief Marketing Officer, Pfauci the Pfizer Pfixer, said the effectiveness of the shots therapy is “waning”.

Erin: think about this:  In scientific, non BS terms, we now know the multi billion gene therapy inoculations are not only NOT vaccine level status, you will need booster after booster as their efficacy wanes precipitously.

Like the annual Flu shot, the experts claim, the successful curing therapeutics and prophylactics don’t work even though they do, currently being used by hundreds maybe thousands of practicing doctors. And worldwide NON FDA/CDC suppression.

But, because Big Pharma and Pfizer’s Albert the Great say so, as they are profiting from the trillion$ “save the world from Covid” protocol, we act like sheep to be shorn and inoculated “for the greater good”.  Uh huh.  Even you Erin are doubting the safety.  Anyone at the HQ realize the liability taken on by the diocese forcing parents to make this choice? We are still paying off Christ Cathedral and don’t need a new liability nexus.  Erin: simply put, the only permanent immunity with these inoculations have famous names like Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer etc.

And, being a part of the diocesan leadership, you and the bishops may not have heard about the curatives, actual successful alternative therapies out there.  If you haven’t, you are doing educational malpractice. Good news, they don’t need to use fetal cells to work either.   The combination of various chemicals are inexpensive and effective.

Erin & Bishops, priests, and laity, you know theology and education; I know a marketing con job when I see one.

Have you heard of the UN’s teen Greta Thumbelina, the UN mouthpiece of androgenic CO2/climate change, who is signaling 10 years until planet earth’s implosion and death? Like St Alexandria the Cortez, who says we have 10.5 years, and Catholic Johnny Kerry says we have 9 years left, misery merchants are using FEAR and emotional arguments to keep their frauds alive.  Just as Pfizer Pfauci with the multi shot Pfixes.  Notice CO2 and Covid are depressing the heck out of our kids of all ages.

Our bipolar science is more than geography; no one flinched when Professor Obama proclaimed from the Exit glacier field soon the earth would be covered by 20,000 feet of water.  Even our all powerful God in Noah’s time, when God depopulated the earth down to eight people, the zoological Ark got to 14,000 feet at Mt Ararat in Turkey.  But that was a major recreation.  Today, we are just being fleeced by Johnny Kerry, the climate change fraud ambassador.

I know, I know, some of your teachers claim the bible is just a story book of fables; au contraire, Super Erin, this rejection is indoctrination not Catholic based on our Founder’s words.

From USCCB St. Luke 17: “”Jesus said to his disciples: “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the days of the Son of Man; they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage up to the day that Noah entered the Ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all.”  All but the Noah eight.

Another massive Church failure by omission is our ignorance of basic science.  As to Covid, Albert or Big Bird aside, in the slick ads, kids tell kids they are SUPERHEROES if they take the experimental unvetted inoculations (not vax!).  This is child abuse on a massive scale; don’t fall into the trap!

Science time:

In case Erin and the Diocese, acting by default as medical professionals by requiring medication without a license, research or clinical, don’t know:

There have been between 16,000 and 30,000 deaths and maybe more, linked to the world’s various Covid related inoculations called ‘vaccinations’, that include Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca/Oxford, Johnson & Johnson.  Also, the off label “vaccines” created, used and marketed from Russia and our ChiCom handlers, China (China cornered the PPE market and is making a killing too!).  We have no idea how many deaths in country of our sworn enemy, the Chinese Communist party by the wuhan lab that is owned by the People’s Liberation Army.  Major General Chen Wei (Chinese: 陈薇; born 1966) is a Chinese epidemiologist and virologist specializing in biodefense, currently researcher and doctoral adviser at the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, and an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). In September 2021, The Globe and Mail reported that Chen is also a major general in China’s People’s Liberation Army.”  NOT your every day medical lab or leadership. When at first the SARS Covid doesn’t succeed, try try again.  But NOT with my grandkids or your students Erin.

Fauci knew of a cure in 2005.  The problem is citable and simple: Pfauci, who funded 60 projects at Wuhan Institute of Virology, admitted in 2005 SARS Covid was curbed and cured by a therapy using an inexpensive drug used by hundreds of millions worldwide. But the EUA (emergency use authorization) would have been shuttered if the existent successful therapies were publicized.  Enter the useful idiots in the press and media talking heads.  Instead of digging out the NIH article to the right, the corporate media propagandists lie and cheat, deceiving American citizens, parents and even smart Catholic school teachers and their super.

Erin and Bishops: shutting out parents will not end well.  You have lawyers, doctors, CEOs who school their children in parish based schools, who donate well and work hard for the Church and local parishes.

Also, in case you aren’t aware, this second SARS Covid19 (today Covid21, 22 next year) may have come from the Wuhan Institute of Virology bioweapons lab ON PURPOSE per whistleblower Shi Zhengli and her counterparts; whats 60 Fauci funded projects in the Sino enemy’s hegemonic lab anyways.  We have Joe Biden, a Catholic in good standing with Pope Francis.

What has this to do with religious exemptions or personal belief waivers? ..our sins of omission can be dangerous too.

Did you know 14 kids in the Bay Area got the double dose, and had many side effects already, first weekend after that pimp Bourla the Greek (vet) got his way to inoculate kids.  Did you know the actual death rate for all is .0037 for healthy Covid contractors?  Probably not, otherwise you and the bishops would battle like good Catholics the reprobates pushing this evil.  The Fauci you honor Erin lied about masks, PPE, etc.  He even lied about the solution he posited 16 years ago.

“Alina Chan is a postdoctoral fellow at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, and a genetic engineer who began doing some of the most controversial research into the coronavirus from her home. It started with the virus’s genetic blueprint: She’d studied SARS-CoV-1, which spread to humans back in 2003 and is closely related to the newer virus. What stood out to Chan was that it looked like the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, wasn’t having to adapt to spread like SARS-CoV-1 did, and she couldn’t figure out why…”   

We now know it was well designed to accomplish what it is doing.

Erin, change “vaccine mandate” to “Pfizer/Moderna etc inoculations request”. If the government required you to skip from church to classroom, but hop during recess, would you require the schools to do this?

Education is NOT indoctrination and Erin, we need YOU and the bishops to muster the courage to speak the truth.  Stop equivocating and be bold.  This is more than a scope and sequence curriculum meeting; it’s LIFE AND DEATH. KIDS WILL BE DYING NOT FROM COVID, BUT FROM THE PFAUCI PFINANCED PFIZER PFIXES. 

Your letter continued: California state law currently requires that students in public, private, and charter schools…

Just a hop and a skip away from tyranny.  I notice no mention of Catholic homeschooling, home-based pedagogy that is coupled with other cooperatives often…is this why you ignored my simple questions on where do you stand regarding Catholic homeschooling in Sept 2020?  Are you stating for the record, you don’t consider Catholic homeschoolers a part of the educational choice framework?  Anyways…

…be vaccinated for measles, mumps, polio, and seven other diseases in order to be enrolled in school. For those ten required vaccinations, only medical exemptions are allowed. There are no religious or personal belief exemptions for these ten required vaccines.

Erin, you’d make a good magician.  Misdirection is a technique of close up magic but don’t insult your families. 

A small, but growing, contingent of parents may be anti vaccine for the 10 +, but it doesn’t apply here: we are talking about the Church will not SIGN religious exemption letters for its Catholic parents over this novel virus sainted solution. By the way, NO universal vaccine for respiratory viruses exists. 

The flu solution, once called flu vaccine, is a reformulated annual shot offered to the public, based on a lottery for which strains are returning.  Like Pfizer, Pfauci’s Pfave NIH sponsorship, which is a series of 3 shots over 7 months, with promised boosters.  Variants, even of well designed viruses, happen.

But, incorporating generally accepted medical and public health protocols are killing the pandemic, maybe epidemic, now a chronic disease that prostiticians use to screw us parents and Church people.

Erin, let me help.  You must know the data collection regarding Covid is corrupt; not just the data set, but methods of collection, sorting of diagnoses and symptoms, even definitions regarding what is a CoviDeath, what is a valid ‘vaccine’ result.  Did you know:

The CDC defined it thus:  “any vaccination death that occurs within 14 days of an inoculation by Pfizer etc. is considered UNVACCINATED. WHAT???? Talk about evil corrupt, pharmacological malpractice.  You trust these people? And want to keep your parents keeping their students in your parish classrooms?

Erin, you say you respect the law.  Which one? God’s or the godless?  Let me cite the pioneer of the messenger Ribonucleic Acid therapy (mRNA), Dr Robert Malone, who said the implementation of his work was not valid:  Here is his advice to you, Bishop Kevin, Barron, Absp Gomez, Soto, priests and laity.  And oh yeah, the parents.  Posted on the well known medical video journal, YouTube,

Dr. Robert Malone: Do NOT Vaccinate your Healthy Children

Oops, sorry about that…see the problem with corporate suppression of information?  Youtube took it down because the Truth does NOT intersect necessarily with Big Tech’s control of what we see or hear in this Freedom of Speech and Religion country.  Here it is on Rumble:

Erin, you run the risk of becoming irrelevant.  Look at our recent history.

For two years, EVERY church in California was shut down by a supposed Catholic governor who married his best friend’s wife & mistress; our bishops complied willingly with “yes, master TyranToddler” instead of “who the heaven are you?”  This guy is a reprobate legend in his own mind.

Erin we need good Catholic education.  Prayer in school has returned to LAUSD, where the Aztec god chants to Huitzilopochtli, the Mesoamerican deity of war, sun, human sacrifice and the patron of the city of Tenochtitlan.  I believe our Catholic parish schools STILL honor Catholic faith and pray to the Trinity.

Erin, Tenochtitlan is the Aztec name for Mexico City, where the Nahuatl clarifier, Our Lady of Guadalupe’s image, is resident in her glory.  Recall, 11 million locals became Catholics over 10 years when her image appeared in 1531.

The same miraculous image (we are STILL discovering things from it) one Hillary Clinton asked “Who painted this?” standing ten feet away.  The docent priest simply said “God!”

One hopes Hillary gets that close to Mary in eternity but that’s up to her and God.  We MUST pray for our bishops and priests, as well as those we elect; their very souls are endangered as the enter the district of cesspool (DC) too often.

Erin, sadly while we were shuttered, at least Newsom kept ONE church open: the satanic temples, planned parenthood division, where young girls have knives shoved up them, slicing up their little girls then sold like slaves in parts.

Ask the Mayo Clinic’s Dr Regan Theiler who was both executioner and butcher, working at both planned parenthood gulf coast and university of Texas medical branch.

It took effort a few years ago, but our FOIA requests proved the lie; PP was charging for parts and the shipping was free.  Not as they claimed.  A lie has no legs; the last thing we need to do is help the culture of death destroy more.

Vaccine mandates are unconstitutional, not medically indicated and dangerous.  It’s counter basic medicine: you don’t demand a patient get injected drugs from a lottery wheel of 7 different chemical cocktails.  First, you should see the antibodies level AFTER checking for Vitamin D concentrations in the blood.  But, the freight train is all push the drugs, inject the world.  NOT let’s research and see which of the mRNA or adenoviral, if at all, are best for respective patients.  The sickest irony:

Secular HR departments, like my wife’s, are using the bishops own words and the Vatican’s, against us.  And even sicker, though the inoculation series/shots required fetal embryonic cells for testing, all the ‘vaccines’ are failures, failing from 13%-60% and short efficacy durations.  God must NOT be mocked.  Like with His amazing creation of Carbon dioxide to feed the world, God designed our immunity/antibody response systems well.

The first time, as I tweeted our beloved bishops, we were locked down as a Church, was AD 33 on Pentecost. Actually locked upstairs in the Upper Room.

Since then, we were locked down Pentecost AD 2020 and 2021 but hey such is life.

Meanwhile, as Newsom’s satanist surgeons were cutting up living little girls, sacrificing as worship to Moloch, we were cowering in our homes hooked up to the live stream Matrix Mass.  I love technology and all, but unbridled fear is killing us softly…and soon our kids with the indoctrinated inoculations of greed. The Great Pio: Pray, hope don’t worry….

The list of required vaccinations can be expanded by the Governor and State health authorities, but if the list is expanded without legislative approval, the law requires that any mandate include a medical exemption and a personal belief exemption.

blah, blah, blah. Aren’t you tired yet about being guinea pigs and your Catholic parishioners and parents’ kids as piglets?

Are we battling in the courts or is that left to Protestants to do?

The GOVERNMENT employees (we are the government in this federated republic) have NO Right to dictate what our personal beliefs are, what motivates us to believe in Whom we want, and to do damage to our bodies to satisfy the ignorant. 

Kids’ Mao Tse~ Xi’s prompted inoculations could maim them for life.  Some die.  KIDS don’t transmit the virus.  Data proves this and so much more.

It’s all about keeping tyrannical mainly blue state power over us plebes, control the unwashed sheep and if you are a Catholic president or Calif governor, using a failed vaccine. Science is NEVER settled; we know more today than on Jan 31, 2020. But we act like Covid is the Plague of yesteryear as if we do not have cures; sad thing we DO but they’ve been skillfully suppressed for diabolic reasons.

And getting trillion$ surgically extracted from the American taxpayer is evil and unnecessary. For both Covid and CO2.

And Erin, whether you hate or love Trump or Biden, know that good Catholic Melania’s hubby had 325 successes. Catholic Biden has Afghani, military and baby blood dripping from his grifter fingers.

Recall, the baby killing machine Biden took just one hour after his oath Jan 20th to encourage our enemies foreign and domestic; he killed off domestic energy jobs as the Fossil Fool, willing expanding baby killing internationally.  ONE hour.

And you, Erin, not Biden, are sentient.  He’s got one foot out the door, leaning toward hell because NO CATHOLIC PRELATE, PRIEST OR POPE HAS CONSULTED HIM ABOUT REPENTING HIS STONE COLD INFLUENCE PEDDLING AMERICA HATING HEART

Erin, your letter continues:  (HSC section 120338) After Governor Newsom’s announcement on October 1, this is our current reality. If the governor’s plan is codified by the legislature in January 2022, the legislature may or may not include a personal belief exemption. At this point, we have no information indicating how the state legislature will proceed. Please note the following:

OFFICE: 714-282-3056 FAX: 714-282-4276 E-MAIL: EBARISANO@RCBO.ORG

 • If the legislature decides to allow for a personal belief exemption, the Diocese of Orange will accept any parent request for exemption as valid.

• If the legislature decides not to allow for a personal belief exemption, the Diocese of Orange, by law, will not be allowed to accept a parent request for exemption.

Erin, whom do you serve?  Are you trying to empty the classrooms of the 41 remaining Catholic schools in the Diocese? The school I went to has vacant classrooms on La Palma in Anaheim as do St Boniface, whose kids joined St Anthony’s ranks until it closed a couple years later.

You are saying the lawful law will preclude parents from objecting to getting the failing, juvenile untested mass marketed inoculations, no exceptions, based on their faith?  But LAUSD can worship Moloch and teach sodomy so more skirted Loudon County copycat rapist teens can prey on other sweet and innocent Miss Smiths!

And if the pubic school system, because the all powerful BLM staffer led UTLA union leans on NewsoMeanie yet again, demands all kids risk their lives and health to please Guido at CalDept of Ed, what alternative does that leave your devoted, tuition paying families?…

…you asked:  Something I just finished 35 years of being a part of, hybrid Catholic home-based scholastics.  Yes, we still get the “socialization?” question, though Cath HSers are more active and educationally versatile with the curricula and programs out there today.  We were blessed NOT shutting down because Newsom may be emperor in his mind, wearing his fine naked fashion of hypocrisy, but we still are a free people.

Additionally, many parents who have reached out have shared their understanding that the Bishop and/or superintendent has the authority to choose whether to implement the vaccine mandate. This is simply not true.

So, your “simply not true” means there is NO separation of Church and State, no battle energy left in us.

So, your hands are tied, your lips are taped shut…there are no excellent Orange County lawyers at the LLDF, Alliance Defending Freedom or Thomas More society etc to take up the Ephesians 6 battle?

Draw the comparison in Ephesians:

* Finally, draw your strength from the Lord and from his mighty power.
11Put on the armor of God so that you may be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil.g
12For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens.h
13Therefore, put on the armor of God, that you may be able to resist on the evil day and, having done everything, to hold your ground.i
14So stand fast with your loins girded in truth, clothed with righteousness as a breastplate,j
15and your feet shod in readiness for the gospel of peace.k
16In all circumstances, hold faith as a shield, to quench all [the] flaming arrows of the evil one.l
17And take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.m

You think this isn’t the “tactics of the devil”?

Choice applies to more than a woman’s right to kill her offspring; sometimes mothers protect their young with their whole being.  Like the three mothers who prompted this tome, which you probably will never read.

We can choose, as educators, both parents and those employed to do same, to stand up for our rights; most important, stand firm against the forces of at best, the ignorant, and at worst, evil.

Freedom of religion and its expression does not include “rolling over” to evil. the Constitution does NOT dictate freedom FROM religion.

But, this line in your letter IS an excellent fence straddle; if Dr Caesar says jab the little bastards, then we will tuck tail and run to the 24 hour Marvel SuperHeroes R Kids dispensary so the little munchkins can sit in our parish classes.

Uncertainty like this forces people/parents to prepare to homeschool their children, the ONLY method left to prevent getting a failing ‘vaccine” no child needs inoculated into their bodies.  The same bodies that God has imbued with an amazing immunity/antibodies system, via a smaller dose of what adults get and help with BREAKTHROUGH cases.

Although every parent homeschools for the first years, they make a choice about the year 5 to continue at home or hire the parish teachers.  I happen to know quite a few excellent teachers and principals; but if you have 25 kids left after that DemonRat nutcase Newsom “rules”, what do you have?  Another St Anthony Claret school forced to close.

The Scientific Method, Erin, understands a failed trillion dollar vax program is SCIENTIFIC; one method found wanting so look for others: this is the problem with government employees picking winners and losers for the private sector.

Though not helpful for Big Pharma’s bottom line, Big NIH and short Pfauci, who was counting on his Nobel Prize in Medicine; he shouldn’t worry: he will get it like the ObamaNation’s leader got one, one week into his administration.

Edison found 117 ways how NOT to make a lightbulb filament.  Now we have light emitting diodes (LEDs) everywhere. We now know this inoculation regimen has failed miserably IF we had uncorrupted data gathering and research.

As previously stated, the Diocese of Orange will uphold the law and will not deviate from public health mandates.

Sad to hear this blind faith: even if public health mandates are inappropriate and unlawful.  There are other states, and other alternatives to education (canon law again) just as there are highly successful (if NOT suppressed) alternative treatment protocols for this plague.  As a real estate professional, many have opted out by heading east to Tennessee, Carolinas, Texas etc. But California is still our home and Orange the best Diocese in the land.

As the public health system currently is thoroughly corrupted with stakeholders influencing outcomes and putting millions at risk.  Blow me off, Erin if you must; I’ve only been an educator, solid Catholic one at that, for half of my 70 years.  I do plan to retire from real estate when I turn 100 but standing up for truth and choices in education, never.

Both the law and public health mandates apply to all schools: public, private, religious, and charter. Those school and system leaders who state otherwise are misinformed and misleading.

And in the wrong field.  We need fighters not arrow targets; mom fills that role as the picture shows.  Follow the mandates, even when they are dangerous and adverse to health? Not to Homeschoolers because we take charge of our kids.  This is not an arrogant message.  And  I am no elitist Erin; trust me, we have sacrificed quite a bit to take this path to raise our kids.  But not ONE second of regret.  I’m trying to help.  I GET the calls and emails too.

We need principled Catholic education leaders.

Look at Public education, already showing 78% grad rate and 35% math/english proficience in Archbishop Gomez’ LA backyard; enrollment numbers are way down. No one is publishing just how FAR DOWN.  While getting million$ per class of taxpayers hard earned income.

Yet, the 2021-22 public classrooms are still getting more moolah, $500K to a cool million$ each per classroom for 9 months work. Ed $$ portability and school choice initiatives are the by-product of this insanity; maybe someday taxpayer paid education funds will attach to the family and student, not the union thug hacks who use it to campaign for Demonrats and school board spots.  this could help Catholic parish based education, but there’s ALWAYS a pricetag extorted by the bureaRats at CDEd

Catholic parish based school enrollment is down too and rebounding (well, depends on courage, leadership expressing itself the next few months) and we don’t get anywhere near a million dollars per room; vouchers, school choice could change this, but not the BLM sympatico public sector union thugs.

It’s gotten so silly and diabolic, take the Loudoun Cnty “look the other way” school boarders who transferred the convicted 15 year skirted rapeboy who sodomized Miss Smith’s innocent body then transferred to another high school to repeat in another school’s girls bathroom.  I don’t mean to be gross, but good Catholic education IS the tonic to help a world descending into buying what the misery merchants offer.

I choose daily to shout “It IS a great day to be alive!”, to promote joy with wisdom.  Solid discipline coupled with fierce adherence to the truth IS the only solution for our dying world. No room in this note to point the details out, but the death culture is gaining with no or low birth rates (replaced in older European and our culture), with silliness symbiosis with preferred 160 genders, personal selected pronouns and primitive destruction of all things in blue cities and states.

Something not our Master but hell’s leadership loves.  I know this isn’t easy and the role of bishop and top CathEd super is a tough one. But…

Point is: Catholic education is important for the very survival of our covenant land.  Skirt boy enjoyed his great field trip lab work for the porn SIECUS planned parenthood hell teaching 11 year old boys how to insert their gendered penises into boys and girls with equal efficiency. The misery merchants have had their lies passed over, embolding them to lie more, overlooked for decades, so it will take an informed, critically thinking Church to reverse the legless lies (idea that lies and fraud are without legs provided by humans) growing in acceptance.  Like lockstep belief in vaccination mandates (Pfizer Pfix Stalin style jabs) to keep a school open.

When you lose sight of the student as priority, both their health in body and the educated mind, you get Loudoun county school boardlings. They just didn’t want to upset their innovative pronoun choice, unisex girl bathrooms and transgenderization programs, not to mention knowing every form of sexual deviancy by 8th grade is covered comprehensively, another verbum diem. Term “comprehensive” was created to introduce Santa Ana schools to the acceptance of porn training two decades; Erin, have you seen what passes for sex and health ed today?

Catholic schools are needed and better than this.  But we need Bishops who lead with integrity, backbone and truth, who give a damn about being the Thomas Mores of today.  Telling the truth in love and doing the truth even moreso, is our call.   Not this limp wristed response.

Erin. I support Catholic parish based ed; I lived it.  My 10 siblings and I did 132 years of St Anthony Claret elementary, Servite and Rosary; I advertise my real estate practice in three parishes bulletins, I provide scholarships to some of your students…for 35 years when employed as DRE, YM, Dir of YMinistry, FFDir, Donna and I involved our 11 kids in our parish public religious ed though homeschooling pioneers.  We were immersed in the parishes we served at. Donna’s in heaven and life goes on.

The question of COVID mandates divides our parent communities as it divides our societies.

No really Erin et al:

The true divide is those who choose to research and inform themselves and their family.  And those who sheeple along, accepting the dictats of tyranny.  The question isn’t whether or not our TyranToddler gov nephew of another good abortion loving Catholic, Aunt Nancy Pelosi can mandate.

It’s our obedience to truth and what OUR RESPONSE as the second largest religion in California and the nation.  What’s worst than having truth, power and justice on your side?

NOT using it for good!

The largest religion in California is runaway Catholics (or fallen away?) and we are working hard to increase their numbers, bringing them home. The NEW evangelization was about bringing Caths home, yet there is an active slicing out traditional Latin mass goers, normally somewhat devoted to the Church, by cutting off their form of worship.  I just had an odd recent week: I went to a Spanish, English, Maronite (where we spoke Jesus’ languages including Aramaic), Latin and one other.  I don’t get it: if the faithful aren’t slicing up fetuses on altars like the planned parenthood satanists (Zack King, ex satanist master) do when they can at black masses, why are we finding more ways to decrease Mass attendance?  Meanwhile you are not bold about defending your parents choices for their kids health.

The truth is out there.  I wish Erin you would seek it for your sake, the Diocese and your students.

We hope that this transparency by the diocese balances the need to protect the health of our students, teachers, and staff with the rights of parents to decide issues vital to their children.

Pick a daisy: “we homeschool, we homeschool not, we homeschool, we…”

The balance needs to be between truth and identified lies and fraud. Erin, by now, you and the bishops think I’m full of it.  But please don’t force, coerce or abandon the kids to be guinea pigs.  Let me do that for you…as I have for a year so far.

You think you’ve lost as many years of effective schooling and students already, think about the fact a mask and mass marketing campaign is underway to inject suspect solutions into our kids…ignoring results and the non-existent need.  Let ME be the guinea pig.

THOUSANDS OF ACTUAL DOCTORS WITH PATIENTS HAVE SOUNDED THE ALARM. Don’t buy the misery merchants’ merch, Erin.  Look at the deaths and bad side effects from the Pfizer et al inoculations.  While reading this list, think of those hundreds of St X parish kids you would be putting in harms way.  and the Covid vax protocol inventor even sounded the alarm: DON’T jab the kids to please the profiteers and incompetents at CDC/FDA

ERIN! Before you abandon your parents who pay the tuition look into the facts about VAERS below.

What is VAERS?  Per the CDC, ‘VAERS is an early warning system used to monitor adverse events that happen after vaccination. VAERS is the frontline system of a comprehensive vaccine safety monitoring program in the United States.’

Yet, as the table shows below, this is no minor list of what the Pfizer Pfixes err Covid19-21 inoculations, are causing. (Oct update).  You and the various bishops who don’t want to backup their faithful with religious exemptions speak volumes.

High-Level Summary COVID19 vaccines (Dec’2020 – present) All other vaccines 1990-present US Data Only
COVID19 vaccines (Dec’2020 – present)
US Data Only
All other vaccines 1990-present
Number of Adverse Reactions 818,044 834,529 612,125 733,219
Number of Life-Threatening Events 18,924 13,689 9,379 9,773
Number of Hospitalizations 83,412 78,854 37,015 38,393
Number of Deaths 17,128* 9,183 7,848 5,158
# of Permanent Disabilities after vaccination 26,199 19,765 9,108 12,573

That’s a bit more than the 50 deaths used to kill the first SARS Covid vaccine program 20 years ago, though gene therapy research hasn’t skipped a beat in these 20 years.

Notice Erin, I haven’t even mentioned yet that the testing and possibly inclusion of little girl’s parts sliced out of the fetal embryonic cell line long since dead.  My 40 year passion about not having Catholic teens who get pregnant having their little growing girls sliced out for parts continues.  If only you knew how many Catholic families showed up over the year trying to shield the embarrassment via surgery that kills.  

Our pope and prelates already stumbled past that one; ostensibly saying, even though the failing Pfauci Pfix Covid Vaxxes are less reliable than the very unreliable wind & solar, at least we got to use foetal embryo cell lines…you know, ‘for the children’.

But of course, we advanced Catholics can compartmentalize abortion almost as quick as the 43 days of Lent & Israelites’ Exodus, Jesus’ tempting, is now symbolized by Ascension Sunday celebrations.  WE have the richest Christian tradition in the Catholic church, we enjoy the Source and Summit of our faith, so why do we snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

Parents don’t really need you to aid them with religious exemption statements; there are alternatives. But you’d think you want to keep the parish based schools open; mine closed at St Anthony’s years ago.  Some are marginal, due to these insane private education and private business closures the last 20 months.  But you can’t protect the good of Catholic based schools to achieve the perfect (NO Covid on earth) in a risk group bordering on 99.997 safe.

Adding in scientific data, though serious suppression has gone on about results AND successful therapies,  exists that there are over 20 serious side effects from the ONEsizeFITSall “inoculations” mass marketing campaign.

Erin: Why don’t we have data on kids’ effected by the Pfizer Pfix, Moderna etc. FIRST?

Reason we don’t have substantive data on kids is threefold: one, they don’t need the failing inoculations for covid.  Second, UNTIL this week, when a million kids got their first inoculation, kids were protected from Big Pharma and Uncle Al the Greek Vet CEO.  Yes, we DO have anecdotals of kids’ serious injuries, but the data population is now being fast forwarded.

#3: according to Pfizer CEO Bourla, anyone questioning his product are criminals for questioning their efficacy and safety.

What an ass.  Borla doesn’t care how many die or are maimed.  After all, Pfizer is more about sickness than healing.

Here’s the partial list.  None of these side effects are good for the patient (we used to have HIPAA and private doctor/patient privileges in America; now this service, right, privilege and opportunity has been federalized) especially deaths to healthy by legal lethal injection.

Erin and Bishops:  Let’s look at jsut one that will plague our young: myocarditis….

Here’s a one minute piece on juvenile myocarditis:

And just a quick look at Bell’s Palsy or Guillain-Barré syndrome side effect.  GBS IS a side effect worth understanding among the 22…rumor had it Newsom got it after his last booster: we will never know:

“GBS is a (rare) neurological disorder in which the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks part of its peripheral nervous system—the network of nerves located outside of the brain and spinal cord. GBS can range from a very mild case with brief weakness to nearly devastating paralysis, leaving the person unable to breathe independently. Fortunately, most people eventually recover from even the most severe cases of GBS.  After recovery, some people will continue to have some degree of weakness.”  The origins of GBS are unknown to complicate things

ALTERNATIVE TREATMENTS FOR COVID.  I have been a guinea pig for a year. Let’s not make our kids guinea pigs for the rest of their lives.

Erin, how about the Diocese become scientists and take on some alternatives to the mass marketed Pfizer Pfixes and push for a GENERAL Catholic Church waiver; it may be too late since secular HR departments are quoting Pope Francis, the food tasting chemist, our Bishop Vann and Archbishop Gomez saying it’s okay to get the jabs despite the aborted baby testing:

Daily, I take vitamin C.  Vitamin D3 (as we get into adulthood, our ability to absorb D diminishes; taking a vitamin D levels test is a good idea).  Zinc (zinc kills the virus in the cell).  Quercetin (Like Hydroxychloroquine, Strombectol/Ivermectin, a zinc ionophore helps push zinc into the cell to do its worst on Covid). NAC or N-acetyl cysteine 

Weekly: one 200mg dose of hydroxychloroquine.  At home in the cab in case of infectionIvermectin/Strombectol  HCQ/Hydroxychloroquine  Azrithomycin. Phone number of doctor who thinks cure and not death mask after waiting for increased viral load: ie aggressive attack the disease, similar to the Covid low 240 million in India’s Uttar Pradesh state.

Fauci discovered Chloroquine killed the SARS covid virus. 

IN 2003. But like Jesse “abortion is black genocide”, Pfauci’s mind was changed and he ignored his own research and journal article.

Read that for yourself.  We can’t know how many millions could have been saved if Dr Faucinstein had complied with Trump’s warp speed vax push WITH PARALLEL WORK ON THE ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES.  3 Pfizer shots plus continued boosters proves this “vaccine” is NOT 100% effective.  Thank God thousands of doctors don’t take the government pill of stupidity putting all hopes in the vaccine Erin is ambivalent about.

After 22 months, 10 with the five “vaccines”, we have a failing vax program and locked out hundreds of contrarian MD clinicians diagnosing and curing Covid positive patients using alternative treatment protocols that WORK!

Alternative therapies that cure are out there:

Here’s one from Dr Zelenko:

Dr McCullough’s Home Based Covid19 therapy:

Another on the various zinc ionophores:

America’s Frontline and associate Doctors’ solution:

ACTIVE & aggressive early treatment AS SOON AS symptoms show

NIAID NIH CDC FDA solution?  Stay home, take cough syrup or Theraflu, until you need the special death mask at the hospital: the Ventilator.  And/or take shot after shot, booster after annual booster of Pfauci’s Pfave Pfix and enjoy your breakthrough covid.

Erin and bishops. lay and concerned humans.

I guarantee if you are so willing to send your sheep to the slaughter, you have never looked at data and success stories about what works.

Clinicians like Dr Simone Gold, a  board certified emergency physician; Dr Harvey A Risch, a professor of Epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health; Dr Monroe, who pioneered memory RiboNucleic Acid methodologies and objects to HOW it’s being used by Pfauci Pfizer; Dr Peter McCullough…even Dr Daniel Wallace, a noted Cedars-Sinai lupus and rheumatoid doctor with 2000 Covid free (due to often and safe HCQ use) patients; our own Dr. Aaron Kheriaty. Dr Zelensky who developed an age appropriate treatment protocol.  The list of other medical voices, clinicians in the main, is deafening. But not as loud as Pfauci and Bourla.

And I know to your credit, Bishop Vann, you sold medical devices prior to the priesthood and Pope Francis was a food taste chemist before the pontificate, but put your credentials aside for a moment.  If I want to sweeten coffee better, I’ll call the Vatican but Pope Francis (whether the St Gallen Mafia got him elected or not) is not my epidemiologist, virologist or doctor.

Protecting the health…

Erin, you are NOT protecting the health using poor science fiction to direct your plans

Respect for the Law

Newsom is still NOT our emperor. Trying hard, but his transparent clothes are not ready yet.

The Church, the Diocese, in the final days here, does not need to be the arbiter of the religious exemption.  EVERY American can go to the ultimate law, the Constitution/Bill of Rights, for the right to exercise their religion, that of followers of Christ (or even Allah or Hindu thousands, Mormon’s original world god) in these 50 states.  We just thought just maybe you would back up your parishioners.

Erin: believe it or not, Ivermectin works!    So does Hydroxychloroquine and the other zinc ionophore, Quercetin.  When applied as soon as possible with doctor’s recommend.

One study of the India state of Uttar Pradesh, using Ivermectin on humans not horses, proves REAL success by alternatives to the jabs exist. 240 million almost completely Covid free after blanket use of Strombecol/human Ivermectin.  Since you are promoting inoculations by omission, did you know this?

One of the sources of your conflicted fear is CDC head Dr Rochelle Hershey.  Supposedly a medical professional, hesheheshe or whatever herhis’ current gender is, she laughed at people who use the successful anti-viral Ivermectin as “horse people”.  Outrageous horse’s asset, she’s just another political hack like the politicized 30,000 employee CDC admin has proven to be.  NONE of them will be there when a Catholic school kid dies or is maimed for life.

Pfauci’s continuous misdirection is obviously an attempt to have kept the EUA (emergency Use authorization) going and future billion$$ on track, as long as possible.  I am not anti-vax nor anti-capitalism, but I am anti-fraud and lies:

Pfauci lied, people died; successful treatments stymied and UNTRIED!

Love of green money does it again; Fauci’s main practice is medical and pharmacological MALpractice. He doesn’t give a damn about your students, my kids or his gain of function deaths. He likes playing God and that role was filled eternally long ago.

ANY successful therapeutics that killed off the virus like a zinc ionosphore does, would kill Dr Faucinstein’s $$ and push for his “all the eggs in one basket” winner take all approach.  Now we are seeing diminishing in effectiveness inoculations, suppressed lifesaving therapies and a fine OC ed superintendent facing a massive backlash from her constituents, Catholic school parents.  Come Jan 2022 or before.

Erin:  How about going back to an actual Greek physician, not the money grubbing Greek vet Pfizer CEO, Άλμπερτ Μπουρλά;

Hippocrates’ three little words: “Do NO harm”,  Something no abortionist could ever know or preach. Newsom’s church leadership. What WE must do.

“Erin, did you know: the original SARS Covid (1) “vaccine” was abandoned after 50 deaths.” 

Mysteriously, whether at first lab or “nature” introduced, SARS Covid disappeared.  In fact, the GREAT eternal Physician created our bodies’ immune systems along with billions of planets, stars, plants and animals in His 553 sextillion mile wide universe.

Erin, you weren’t there; my kids think i roamed with the dinosaurs. When God got to His human development design phase during early Creation, He went small: one man and one woman. Not like the trillions of insects. Billions of planets.  There is ONE YES ONE human RACE.  Not 12 first couples, just 12 first Apostles. Speaking of 12, there are only 12 androgenic (man made) carbon dioxide molecules for every million air molecules which the Church sends out silly interfaith climate change ambassadors to promote the easily refuted lie:  Like this:

12:1,000,000         1:2500  (manmade CO2:other air molecules) SCIENCE!

God created the highly complex but simple photosynthesis (and companion aerobic respiration) to FEED the WORLD of humans and animals He had created.

Water, CO2 molecules and sunlight.  Yet the Supreme Court calls CO2 “pollution” and the communist/Marxist/atheists blame CO2 for melting the earth (even though the Dalton Solar Minimum is underway this decade which is cooling the planet) and the depression we are oppressing into our kids.  We even teach this false prophetics in our Catholic schools.  Check my math

This trinity of created substances, becomes food for our journey.  Yet, our Church, complicit with the reprobate anti-God heretic, Al Gore, worship the Algorean Heresies.  Climate change ambassador John Kerry, asked about the slave labor of the oppressed Uighers used to build solar panels, said “that’s not in my lane.  I’m the climate guy!”  Wow!

Erin and bishops: wonder why more and more parents can’t afford tuition?  Catholic families are screwed by unnecessary hyperinflated (thanks to a fallen away Biden Catholic ) fuel costs.  Which inflates luxuries like milk, eggs, meats, veggies etc.

Add in the Carbon tax fraud, we are paying 67% gas sales tax rate in Taxifornia! Kill oil, you kill off 6000 many critical products that use oil.  What idiocy this push to “electric generated by gas elsewhere cars” when we have super efficient gas engines that use low pollution natural gas, nuclear and even cleaner coal; One size fits all rejection by the Fossil Fool Biden just as his henchmen push the failed OneSizeFitsAll covid inoculations.

So, as we pay hyperinflated prices, tax money is going to Newsom’s friends and Biden’s cronies…instead of luxuries like food, clothing and housing for 3rd graders at St Norbert’s or SJB.

 “I thought we were talking about vax mandates, Len?”   We are Erin.  The fake vaccine administrative state demands are illicit, idiotic and worst, destructive.

Tell me this: something your 4th graders know until indoctrinated differently, if CO2 numbers only 1 measly molecule per 2500 others (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon the 99.9%ers..) how can it melt the earth?

ALL energy comes from the sun; fossil fuels called oil go into 6000 petro based products, many single sourced, which will scream even higher as oil is artificially phased out by environmental cases and Sierra Clubbing pseudoscientific conservationists.  But we put up with the magical misdirection of the misery merchants instead of standing up, filing lawsuits, preaching the truth and teaching the faithful:

You and your kids are not lab rats but precious Catholic Gospel sharers. 

Catholic school students NEED to be taught honest science. I’m convinced but the bishop and pope are not.  They actually BELIEVE the climate is changing by man’s actions.  What foolishness. God’s infinitely precise created biochemical processes in the 553,000,000,000,000,000 (sextillion) mile wide universe made for mankind.  vs. man manufacturing Marxists hate making 12 androgenic CO2s per ONE million air molecules.

Instead of science fiction about climate change (which happens daily since creation), abortion/living girls inside moms sliced out like slabs of meat; for wise medical diagnoses and research to save Covid lives that were and are easily kept alive ONCE the medical/pharmacological/industrial complex is cut off from profiting from our Catholic children.

Erin, be a part of the solution.  You are immensely talented and we are blessed with priests and bishops that could do so much if their R2D2 restraining bolts were lanced off their hearts and minds.  I would send you links to the real science, not the money grabbing grubber massive marketing cheerleading going on for Pfizer’s Pfix.  IF you have the intellectual integrity to read them.

Erin and bishops, et al.  Pardon my intensity.  I’m a cradle Catholic; served many of you for almost four decades in Church staff roles.  Support Catholic education actively. Feed my 11 now empty nesting with 5 at home, practicing real estate.

My 11th child is now in college, but I continue to be available to sub in for Confirmation if needed.  Last year, i taught the high school seniors a business and theater class for our cooperative; continuing this year helping the Catholic homeschoolers as a consultant.

Erin, this isn’t a brag-a-thon.  Just showing I have “skin in the game”, maybe more than you with 19 grandkids.

I couldn’t believe the letter, straining the gnat when a simple: we won’t stand up for our parents IF the mighty godless California Demonrats and misery merchants demand we take the knee to their Moloch.

NOT our God.  A little defense of the high ground as the Israelites did.

It’s tough enough to watch 25 elementary school kids masked up at daily Mass.  But to hear that you will require our parents to subject their vulnerable young to this mass marketed drug dealing assinine Greek veterinarian morphed with the smurf iconoclastic NIAID director Pfauci who hasn’t examined a family practice patient in decades, I lost it.

I have 11 good reasons to battle for the truth, not the diabolic current national and state leadership that features way too many runaway Catholics.  Each of our 11 were born one sex, nurtured by a mother saint who art in heaven named Donna, stepmomed by Mary (who donated 1000 custom made she made herself while being laid off from her theater job in LA due to this insane drug jab) who is a devoted Catholic like so many of your blessed parents.  But there are other very successful paths to choose.  As to masks, it will be years before the psychological grooming and impact are mitigated for our young; not to mention, the 11 different pathogens found on kids’ masks in a recent Florida mask testing.

Again, here’s HOW you protect; taking the offensive route, aggressively.  Not waiting for the virus to take you down.

As to Protecting the health of our students, faculty and staff:  here’s my Guinea Pig report

Truth is, I’ve been on a Vitamin C, D3, Zinc, NAC, Quercetin daily and Hydroxychloroquine weekly protocol for a year.

Three reasons: as to Vitamin D, the older we get the less we absorb Vitamin D; D3 levels should be tested for everyone.

Number two: Zinc is the sword, the mineral that needs to be in the cells to kill the bastard ChiCom Wuhan flu virus.

#3: Zinc ionophores are the chemicals that facilitate zinc into the cells for the kill: they include HCQ, Ivermectin, Quercetin.  Also, plans of action exist by Dr Zelensky and Dr McCollough as to the other recommended drugs and supplements for different age groups and treatments.  Be prepared to attack early if you get covid symptoms.  Immediately if NOT sooner.


I started and continue prophylactically, and have Strombectol (the human Ivermectin, not Zimecterin for horse worms and bots) in the drawer should i contract Covid21 or Covid22. AS well as Azithromycin and HCQ

I take my temp daily with an infrared thermometer and don’t lick doorknobs as grandma exhorted us.  I have antibodies tests in my office, because it is medical malpractice that an immunity measurement is NOT taken before the Pfizer Pfixes pushed by Pfauci are inserted into the patient.  God’s design still works today…

Erin: your last statement:

We hope that this transparency by the diocese balances the need to protect the health of our students, teachers, and staff with the rights of parents to decide issues vital to their children.

Before you play the balancing act, you need to battle to GET the truth, learn the science from more than the bobbing heads of unelected bureauRats who scurry when confronted with the truth. Defended by the pharma propagandists whose only solution is their drugs going WITHOUT a personal doctor’s consult.

But, sadly, I believe, unless the Catholic education leadership gets active, your parents will decide those vital issues by voting with their feet.  The start-stop-start, with 50 million forced into a facsimile of homeschooling, plagued parish schools as well.

Only those who had been actively LIVING the Homeschool lifestyle (Homeschooling is a choice, NOT a crime. A lifestyle worth pursuing) were not impacted critically.

Billion$ wasted on union thugs is evil.  Yet, we in parochial education did well, the Church has done so much more with less over decades, even after paid lay teachers replaced the captive sisters in many of Orange County’s convents on parish grounds.  Let’s not lose the progress we’ve made by surrendering to the Molochians who prefer enslaving us, similar to the Southern Democrats ownership of blacks as wholly owned property on the plantations.

Last piece on this:

You cited blind adherence to law; Erin, have you kept up with California education Law beyond vax ‘n’ masks? 

In non sanctified theology parlance, sodomy refers to placing one’s wicket in a girl or boy’s anus, as taught by the Dec 2020, planned parenthood SIECUS written curriculum placed into the Healthy Youth Act.

Erin, will Catholic schools comply as the warming pot boils over and the comprehensive sex education I battled to keep out of SAUSD two decades ago, becomes a requirement like masks and the inoculation indoctrination.

Codified INTO LAW?, ie the Calif Education Code sections 51930-51939?

Sadly, some of our parish-based and upper levels of Catholic education invite this corporate division of Sanger’s hell to groom our young.  You can see why I’m a big fan of TAC (Thomas Aquinas College)

Recently, Loyola Marymount had a fundraiser scheduled for planned parenthoodlums. Apparently, Catholic education doesn’t include the scientific reality those thumb sucking squirming 5 pounders kicking mom are alive and well.  And the moms shouldn’t be steel raped with currettes to slice up little Therese or Philomena.

‘Jesuit university student group’s Planned Parenthood fundraiser draws backlash.”  Ya think?  LMU’s president did not cancel the blood money run.  I guess Dr Regan Theiler’s medical protocol of slicing up little ladies inside moms and then selling them to herself at UTexasMedical Branch is still good Catholic practice.  OUTRAGEOUS!  FOIA showed just how demonic these temples of Newsom and Pelosi, Caths in name only reprobates.

Erin: you stated “respect for the LAW”.  Selectively, it seems…are we complying with Healthy Lives porn from the CDE as well?

Anyways, if the Pope wasn’t conflicted, we’d have more leadership not blind compliance on this.  Too many involved Catholic parents feel betrayed.

And Erin, I know you are trying but Yoda said “Do, don’t just try”   Yes, if the issue was about the tastiness of food, I’d call Pope Francis.  But, there is only sour notes coming from this blind desire to please the illegitimate governmental call for obey, comply or get shut down.

Erin and Bishops: Don’t miss the opportunity to attract public school kids should the mandate kick in for public.

The last two years has proven just how poorly public education has been.  From bikinied teachers vacationing in Cancun distance teaching via Zoom their Chicago snowbound students.  Or outrageous indoctrination with silly and dangerous curricula.  To the failed governor candidate, pro abort Catholic Terry McAwful, saying “Parents have no right to question what the schools are teaching”.  Orange County Catholic school parents are at a crossroads: wondering whether their superintendent and bishops “have their back”.  A simple, small way that has NO legal back story, acknowledging religious

That went over so well Virginia has three racist Republicans.  The usual propaganda.  A white guy beat a failed lefty DNC white guy, a smart black Marine veteran lady as Lt. Gov and a Cubano attorney general.  Racist?  Decent people are sick and tired over this Alinsky stylve lies; there is ONE human race with different countries of origin.  Different cultures …ONE human race set apart from the animal kingdom.

Catholic reading, writing and arithmetic don’t need to indoctrinate…education means to ‘draw from within’ IF we don’t miss the chance to fight the wacky hired politicians and their unelected admin state.  For 10 months, we’ve seen the results of a baby death savoring, grifter reprobate Catholic prez destroying our great country one thing after another; meanwhile, the beauty of Catholic education, struggling with inanity and disease, lives on another day.

On May 1, 1994, at the Holy Family Cathedral Red Mass, Bishop McFarland’s homily centered on St Thomas More.  This magnificent saint was a Renaissance man, who was Royal counselor and Chancellor of England.  Respect for the law involves understand WHAT the law is about.  We’ve come to a time in history where our constitutional republic is facing at best, serious times of struggle for truth and overcoming deceit and anti-American and anti-God sentiments.  Adherence to the truth is NOT a given. To, at worst, diabolic even demonic influence of unprecedented levels.

We need our Erin, Bishop Vann, his associate bishops, priests and laity to adopt the ways of a Thomas More.  Bishop McFarland called him “a loving husband, doting father, the eager friend, the merry prankster.”  Unlike our smurf cheerleading medicine man Pfauci, More was a man of integrity and a good lawyer who spoke and fought for the truth.

Erin, we must do likewise. This letter is more of a crossroads then you think.  Will we honor God’s immunity design for the young for a fix that pleases adults more than the medical needs of kids?  This is NOT Jonas Salk days and polio.

Will we battle, in the courts if necessary, for the right to be Catholic Americans who choose for their children AND themselves a medical course of action as if doctor/patient consultation and prescription is protected like confession to a priest.  That it has NOT been federalized forever.  Fight for Freedom to practice OUR choice of religion and not bow to the state religion that slices out little girls, slices them up into marketable organs and sold like slaves?

Will Masks finally be seen as the placebo to please the fear mongering members of society and Church and causing harm via psyOps to our kids marching in lock step out of Mass?  Will the facial diseases and speech pathology issues subside as we adults gain wisdom, long on the wane.

Robert Wittenton gave Thomas More the moniker of “a man for all seasons”.  He stood by his conscience and his wisdom, then lost his life due in part to perjured testimony of a politician named Richard Rich, future Attorney General of Wales. Erin, we must live with the person in the mirror first and foremost. Speak truth, live life knowing we are blessed but have challenges.  That doing the right thing is the only thing.

McFarland spoke of the good combination of “reverence and humility” to give hope to those who see the place of law in a free society.  Unjust and lawless men and women are making decisions NOT based on science but on the $$, the lust for power and for unseemly agendas.  “Do the truth in love”.

Robert Rich, after he lied on the witness stand, passes More. The future martyr asked about the chain of office around his neck. Rich, proudly reported he was a Garland or Becerra, new Attorney General of Wales.  More’s response was spot on: “why Richard, it profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world~~but for Wales?”

Erin, we often sell our souls in pieces cheaply…standing up for the truth and your parents is a noble cause; even moreso for our bishops. But don’t settle for second best: the truth, if fought for, wins.

I texted my kids recently “please do not inoculate my grandkids with the experimental drugs based on deceit ridden protocols.”  Maybe a safe vaccine will come along someday. But for now, inoculating our young with this witch’s brew is a foolish endeavor with much downside over time.  Including premature and unnecessary death.

Final letter line:   May God continue to grant us His Grace as we continue our journey.

Erin, this last sentence we can both wholeheartedly agree. The last line in Bishop McFarland’s homily is appropriate as well:

“Through the intercession of St Thomas More, your advocate and model, may God give you the wisdom and the courage to follow His guidance”.

Trust me Erin, the devil’s advice is not good guidance, whether in a white smock or ruby red with horns. But before you respond to your letter with a qualifier to ease the worries of your parents and principals, teachers and staff…

Finally, Erin and all.  Believe me or not, with 11 kids, I take this massive corrupt data situation seriously and work hard for the truth.

And believe it or not, three people are alive today because I requested they get a 2nd opinion (outside of the cough syrup and Theraflu prescriptions from their primaries, and go home and rest) and they did. They are alive to tell their stories.

America’s Frontline Doctors grew out of the working doctors/clinical patient seeing side of medicine. Started with a woman, Dr Stella, an ER physician who followed up with her HCQ treated successes and was fired.

You must know of the deceit history by now, since you are making medical pronouncements by your letter and non-action, that the EUA (emergency Use authorization) needed a scapegoat to be issued: the successful therapies used worldwide and under development needed to be suppressed.

Recall, the sleight of hand lies and misdirections that the leftist pharma troopers propaganda pushers spewed:

  1. fish chlorine for hydroxychloroquine (Fauci’s NIH in 2005 had an article promoting the effectiveness of chloroquine to kill the virus; somehow it isn’t mentioned when $$ are involved) was propaganda.
  2. As was the generally respected Lancet med journal, the article claiming HCQ destroyed hearts was published (tell that to Dr Wallace who has used it for decades), as quickly the childish Trump discreditation mob kicked in.  HCQ works.
  3.   Monoclonal antibodies and HCQ gave a 74 year old president a reprieve, someone many in our Church hate for his mean tweets ignoring his 300 plus successes.  Adults are able to think critically, not like children who need shiny objects, just like cats, to entertain them.
  4. Not to mention, our current CDC director, a “woman trapped in a man’s body” Dr Rochelle Hershey (new last name with her personal pronouns her and she) laughing at horse people taking Zimercterin.
  5. Zimercterin is Ivermectin for horsies, the apple flavored offshoot of the Merck and Japanese Nobel scientist’s discovery miracle cure for ‘river blindness’ that mitigates an evil virus.

I will confess the truth, Erin: I was a ‘man physically trapped in a woman’s body’ in the 50s: then I was born.  Nothing to laugh at.  It’s not easy to be a mother or a Catholic parent facing the real prospects of their kids being cut out of parish based Catholic school life going into the new year. Your letter triggered a lot more than you probably expected.

Erin and all: did you know Suicide is way up because the culture of death is killing hope, fueling despondency and creating a whole generation of young who think the world will end due to the carbon molecules that feed us.  CO2 is NOT the culprit; prostiticians are.  Kids, fully masked, believe they are in imminent danger day in and day out at school from killer diseases. And some teachers spout the hate America lines better than AntiFA or BLM.

Think about it: scientific fraud NOT countered by the Church that had numerous scientific developments through the (hat tip to Bishop Barron’s film) middle ages, becomes de facto scientific law.  Another example?  climate is now the cause celebre for everything the Damnocrats do.

These repeated lies droned into our young (and old) become part of the culture of death’s fabric…  As well as control our youth and young adults’ actions as well.  Believe it or not, now the “scientific” wackjobbers are claiming the Beijing Biden Border crisis is due to climate change.

In one way he’s right: 10 months ago, the climate went from sunny and stable under a successful president; to gloomy and miserable.  Executive ordered chaos began Jan 20th, with killing kids internationally, more domestically and destruction of the fossil fuel oil leases, pipelines and committing energy suicide.

Economics Joe doesn’t know: his Bidenomics killed energy independence and ALL commodities like the 6000 petro based products scream higher in price as well; shipping costs go up and family disposable income drops significantly.  The ability to pay tuition tanks as well.  But, hey, hate Trump all day long if it moves you.  The DC District of Corruption is a different world.

Plus, Joe’s betrayal and $85 billion arms deal for terrorists made every Afghan woman a target as of August 15, and the drug cartels love their unbridled access to girls whose families pay thousands and once across the climactic Rio Grand, the girls pay with their bodies to work off thousands more.

Kamala used her body and adultery at age 29 to secure Willie Brown’s bedroom and her first two government jobs making $166,000.  Now she’s angling for the Lincoln bedroom.  But her approval ratings are less than biden’s which have tanked.

Erin, look what you signaled and look what we are doing to our young; listening to hell’s champions and ignoring research and vetted science. We CAN win this, starting with pushback. But pushback requires adults doing adult citizen things.

Newsom is a prick, a toddler, a fool and tyrant…battle him as if we have standing Erin and bishops…which WE DO!  Please respond to the parents with a second letter; i really don’t care if you get back to me.  But your parents need you, as the bishop’s representative and your time is too precious to waste it on this homeschooling dad.  After all, we aren’t in the loop in this Diocese.   Thank you for reading.  Len Beckman

Pfinally, please Pfire Pfauci.  He’s hasn’t treated a Covid positive patient ever. But loves the $$ & attention it has brought him.  Unlike Terry McAwful Mcauliff, he can be removed without voting.

CRT vs ART Crappy Race Theories vs Actual Race Truth

Life is sooo interesting!  Certainly, it is amazing how a tenured Harvard leftist Marxist law professor, Derrick Bell, about the time killing little black girls for parts was codified in Roe & Doe, creates his system of just odd fake definitions of race to continue the push for Marxist/Communist deployment in the most blessed country on earth.

Decades later, the radical left, which includes the current Democrat leadership team located 2 miles northwest of the Oval Office at ObamaNation headquarters, is emboldened to insert their “curriculum” into every public and private school in America.

Thankfully, Homeschoolers are STILL exempt because the principals and teachers think critically about what their scope and sequence contains.   There is the usual $$$ in the headlights, with piles of “money to be made” pushing AG Garland’s son in law Xan the Man’s CRT courses.  Panorama Inc. has gained access to over an estimated 25%  of the pubic schools across America.

So selling race, much like the Southern Democrats sold blacks back and forth off plantations, and auction posts, is still fashionable.

Think about that.  Also, think about a 6 year old recently who cried to her mom telling her “mom, they say I am evil because I am white.”  How can a little girl who survived the Democrat penchant to kill her in the womb, be lumped together with those Southern Dems back in 1854 founding the party of slavery to protect their organic property interests.


Here’s the Wiki short def:  “Critical race theory (CRT) is a body of legal scholarship and an academic movement of U.S. civil-rights scholars and activists who seek to examine the intersection of race and U.S. law and to challenge mainstream American liberal approaches to racial justice. CRT examines social, cultural, and legal issues primarily as they relate to race and racism in the U.S.. A tenet of CRT is that racism and disparate racial outcomes are the result of complex, changing, and often subtle social and institutional dynamics, rather than explicit and intentional prejudices of individuals.”

How in Hell, this side of Heaven, do we inoculate our kids from this crap as the left owned educational establishment indoctrinates the latest generation, after the last, and still look in the mirror.  It must be so sacred to the misery merchants and left loons, that they get the ALMOST supreme court justice, AGarland, to label parents “domestic terrorists” for questioning WHAT is pumped into their children’s brains.

How do the pictures of international terrorists recently refunded ($85 billion) by the Fossil fool Joe Biden, including beheadings, a lopped off head of a naked woman’s blood being drained into bowls, rape of everything female in TaliBidenstan compare to moms and dads just trying to survive and thrive in our blessed land?

This isn’t about race; it’s a crappy racist theory that ignores basic biologic science and history.  When you get down to the basics, as usual, its about the mainly Democrats misdirection and MONEY they can purloin from hapless, often brainless, Americans.

Speaking of Dems, radical leftists, nepotism and of course, Follow the money as you Follow THEIR scientists:

“The education company co-founded by Attorney General Merrick Garland’s son-in-law is facing fresh scrutiny after it was revealed the company supports critical race theory curricula while servicing 23,000 schools in the nation, costing tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars — while Garland cracks down on opposition to the ideology.

Garland has been under fire  for his Oct. 4 memo in which he tasked the FBI with investigating an alleged recent spike in violence against school staff amid backlash to CRT being injected into school curricula, though Garland’s memo did not specify what those acts were.  Imagine that: the left’s Weather Underground Bill Ayers goes mainstream in all our schools where kids have, what do we call them…oh yeah:


“Amid criticism from parents and politicians over the intentions behind the order, some are questioning whether Garland has a conflict of interest due to his son-in-law’s company.”  Gee, really?  Simple answer? YES!!!!

Panorama Education, co-founded by son in law Xan Tanner, sells surveys to school districts nationwide with a focus on “social and emotion climate,” according to a report by Forbes.  For million$

With contracts in more than 50 of the 100 largest school districts in the U.S., Panorama Education claims to be supporting “13 million students in 23,000 schools and 1,500 districts across 50 states.”  Xan the Man certainly is an entrepreneur!

Supporting them?  No, selling them on, not reading, ‘riting or ‘rithmatic but division into the oppressed and those evil oppressors on a convoluted understanding what “RACE” actually means.

Never mind, NO ONE alive today served on Senator ‘KKK’ Byrd or William Jefferson Clinton’s KKK Kommittee or owned slaves.  And my $1619 bet remains alive to all.

CRT originated in the mid-1970s in the writings of several American legal scholars, including Derrick Bell, Alan Freeman, Kimberlé CrenshawRichard DelgadoCheryl Harris, Charles R. Lawrence III, Mari Matsuda, and Patricia J. Williams.[1] It emerged as a movement by the 1980s, reworking theories of critical legal studies (CLS) with more focus on race.[1][9] CRT is grounded in critical theory[10] and draws from thinkers such as Antonio GramsciSojourner TruthFrederick Douglass, and W. E. B. DuBois, as well as the Black PowerChicano, and radical feminist movements from the 1960s and 1970s.[1]

CRT scholars view race and white supremacy as an intersectional social construct[7] that advances the interests of white people[11] at the expense of persons of other races.[12][13][14] In the field of legal studies, CRT emphasizes that formally colorblind laws can still have racially discriminatory outcomes.[15] A key CRT concept is intersectionality, which emphasizes that race can intersect with other identities (such as gender and class) to produce complex combinations of power and advantage.[16]

Academic critics of CRT argue that it relies on social constructionism, elevates storytelling over evidence and reason, rejects the concepts of truth and merit, and opposes liberalism.[17][18][19]

Since 2020, conservative U.S. lawmakers have sought to ban or restrict critical race theory instruction along with other anti‑racism programs.[8][20] Critics of these efforts say the lawmakers have poorly defined or misrepresented the tenets and importance of CRT and that the goal of the laws is to more broadly silence discussions of racism, equality, social justice, and the history of race

Actual Race Truth.  Life IS ART!

If you attended one of today’s pubic school systems, you probably never heard the truth about race.

First tenet: there is only ONE race; not 12 first couples that yielded various sizes and colors of races.  ONE.

Our first parents came from the Mesopotamia region, whether you are Biblical or Secular.  Dr Louis Leakey, secularly, discussed this with his Lucy work.  Biblically, God who was NEVER created and ALWAYS existed, first made the angels: body less but real.

Next, He created the UNIVERSE for His next major creative act.  It spans billions of planets and stars, about 553 sextillion miles wide, give or take a trillion miles (we’ve become TOO used to trillions in printed $$$).  Finally He made man and woman. God had made millions of other species in the kingdoms, but only one each to populate the earth in the middle of the universe He had made for His beloved human creatures.

Two genders. Two sexes. Not 160 God ordained genders or sexes.

Man starts the repopulation process with his sperm; the other, His finest creation, woman, who is the critical path to love and life for OUR children.  Not JoBama’s, Garland’s, the teachers’ union thugs, misery merchants or looney lefties.

Adam and Eve did exist; if you follow Christ, He spoke specifically about them as did the Scriptures.  In a real sense, we are all related.  In fact, when the waters got to 14,000 feet (not the 20,000 feet Obama is predicting), we were down to 8 humans. From those eight you have the current 9 billion.  Minus the 2 billion the Demonrat abortionists at PP Int’l have killed for parts.

You, me, all of us ARE miracles: individuals, linked by blood into families and voluntary associations by choice or forced involuntarily. But family.  No, Russian dossier Hillary, it does NOT take a village to raise a family.  Unless mom and dad were killed in a car accident or a young girl separated by one of Joe Biden’s wealthy terrorists over seas, the little members of the HUMAN RACE become adults with the love, nutrition and education of members of their own race: the HUMAN ONE!

Each of us with 30-50 trillion cells in our bodies wakes up to a new day and makes choices.  Crappy race theories only defy the truth and divide a nation that has gotten well beyond the Democrat’s ‘divide and conquer’ understanding about “race”.

Ironic, the party of black ownership, slaveowners up until 1865, the Southern Democrats STILL want to own us.  Divide into black, green, white, purple…pit us against each other so they can pick up the spoils with their legacy and lunacy.

Then, November 3, 2021 happened: a white guy, a black woman and a Cubano male got elected.

Virginia, the home of many presidents, became the launch pad for the Dark Ages to end.  Will that hack GarbAGe Garland continue to push his insurrection II BS, claiming parents are just sex machines who pump out kids for the intelligencia of his Demonrats and bureauRats?  Time will tell.  But parents ARE awake and ticked.  Thanks to the kitchen table expose of WHAT crap is being taught to our nation’s kids.

People, START or continue to fight for truth, justice and the American way (when abortion is shitcanned out of existence).

We are NOT a racist nation; didn’t we elect for two terms a half black prez who runs the Obamanation puppet theater today?

We HAVE racists, like BLM, anguished leftist whites feeling guilt, people who HATE their brothers and sisters because they are different than they…  but there is NO systemic racism, just systemic stupidity.

Nor is the most blessed and generous land on earth a racist nation.  UNLESS you are hooked up to the Misery Merchants Matrix, taking your days orders, like the ABCNNBCBS APosTimes, from the head loons at 3466 Belmont, two miles north of the Oval Office.

The red pill worked in the movie. But, here in Realsville, the vast majority of us don’t see a black guy, a Vietnamese girl, a Polish grandma.  We see friends, neighbors, co-workers who are ALL human with different cultures, some from other countries, most born here.

EVERY crime is a hate crime; whatever excuse to steal more than the Democrat legislated and Soros District Attorneys enforced minimum of $950 in California, it IS a crime.  Robbery, murder, Biden’s promoted TaliBidenstan rape industry, property and human crimes are evil.

We don’t carjack a car because the occupant came from Chicago or China, we do it to use or sell the OTHER PERSON’s car.

Actual Race Truth or ART follows life:

“Teacher,* which commandment in the law is the greatest?”
37j He said to him,* “You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.
38This is the greatest and the first commandment.

39k The second is like it:* You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

40* l The whole law and the prophets depend on these two commandments.”
My fave maxim puts to bed the misery merchants, the race hucksters like Marxist Harvard and other ‘intelligencia’ who have a bizarre view of life:

Help1some1~2day…and more if you are able.  This is the true vaccine for our dying world. Love and charity to others, especially those we don’t know while accepting law and order as our banner

Enjoy your day doing good.  After all, whichever human race you belong to, it IS a great day to be alive.  Len

Stealing other people’s money in the name of God using our priests as pawns

Revised Oct 30, 2021

Scams are like rats, cockroaches and ants; most of us have experienced them and don’t like to be taken.  Such as the Priest Pawn capers.

America is becoming the OPM (other peoples’ money) dispensary of fast money; the misery merchants shut us down and offered “FREE” money to 330 million enterprising, free, industrious US citizens for 18 months…so far.

Just how’s our Marxist experiment of locking people out of their jobs, force feeding them covid bucks doing? 11 million unfilled job openings, 4 million quits in August, supply line breakage, 8 million covid carrying border crashers… hyperinflation, gas approaching $7 per gallon, $450,000 gift to each illegal alien separated from their fake parent rapist mules?

Speaking of,  9 months ago, minutes after his oath, good old Joe signed the hyperinflation exec order to end American energy freedom. That idiot Trump had us energy independent, rising wages, super low unemployment…how dare he!!  Of course, he was a meanie with the tweets so we don’t want his 325 successes.  Or do we?  I honestly don’t care if you hate Trump with a passion, for love him, he succeeded where no other leader had gone before.

Now, we are owned by ChiCom Xi, OPEC, russian and other oil producers yet again. We were energy independent: what Joe’s leaky puppet pen did,  killed energy prices, energy jobs, pipelines, leases and more.

Econ 101 for the looney leftist environmental cases who hate natural gas or oil:  Energy is IN everything…especially the economics of families.  That was easily exposed as it continues.  Despite exposing Joe the King of Graft,  the following is becoming more prominent.  Priest pawns to get cash by grifter frauds.

That’s good old Joe. Closer to home, you’ve probably heard of the Nigerian scams that are all the rage; also the wire transfer fraud in which scammers go after hundreds of thousands of dollars of other people’s money with an email, changing bank wire information at the tail end.  The money goes to the wrong account, and the owner ends up with nothing.

Happy to discuss any of these. I and other brokers have offered to help the OCDistrict Attorney’s office economic crimes unit; great people, these investigators.  But, riddle me this: why do we only have ONE real estate investigator as elder abuse is morphed into stealing grandma’s $$ more than nutritional neglect or physical abuse citations.

Here’s a new twist: using God as a tool to rob people who just want to help.

Someone impersonating Fr John Moneypenny has shown some promise in chasing me for $100 Apple cards, which they can convert quickly into cash.  I want YOU to be aware so you can act.  Picture #1 is step one: “contact the mark”.  The mark is me.

Since I advertise my real estate services on the bulletin of three parishes, this enterprising scammer pulled the number and began his/her/its work.  Fr John’s name was just pages away on the St Norbert bulletin on-line site.  OR in the back of church

First: he asks for a favor…he texts me but won’t call.  He identifies himself as Rev John Moneypenny, assuming I know the pastor.  How does he know Fr John?  He might be a Catholic, ex Catholic or just a smart scumbag grifter, like JoBama.

Even before Covid, our bulletins are published on line, so he could be doing this from across the country or even the world.

My response was “Fr John You said a beautiful Mass this morning for the 7am.”

This was a test for the scammer; he failed: there is no 7am Mass at St Norberts; obviously the scammer doesn’t read well but he knows I know Fr John.  “I had to leave before saying ‘high’.  Purposefully misspelled because werds thet arr not speled right indicate not well versed or like a Nigerian count with millions to offer.  Fraud.

He writes blasphemously: “May you find hope and strength in his everlasting love…” while he pockets hard earned and scarce money for his “needs”.

Read on the text thread: “…I need to get iTunes gift cards for some patients battling cancer in the hospital”  Most priests do hospital visits; this grifter(let’s call him Grifter Wormwood), to borrow a famous CS Lewis character, knows this.   How generous of Wormwood impersonating Fr John to offer other people’s money. Maybe he’s a budding politician who rips people off, known as a Prostitician.  A few in Sacramento and DC.

When i don’t respond immediately so he prompts again: “Can you get back to me so I can know what’s going on”.  I text back “Yes Father John”

Next step, Wormwood lays out how he wants to help the poor cancer patients using my and other people’s money.  He doesnt give a beaver’s dam who I must beg from or if i don’t eat, family starves.  He stays on point:  “Get 10 iTunes gift card $100 each and you scratch the back to reveal pin.  Then you take a snapshot of the cards’ So i can forward to the patients with prayers…”

What a nice guy: smart scum is still scum.  Our country’s DC cesspool is teaching our kids AND adults to get whatever you can for free.  Using the Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague as cover, we’ve given billions on the way to trillions to do…nothing.  Just like the scammers.

My turn: “No Fr John: i’ve bought a couple before.  I can’t afford that much so i’m gathering money from friends to help you help the patients….”

Notice the set up? I want him to realize he’s scamming someone who can’t afford his con to see if there’s an ounce of compassion and character in his miserable body.  I close the text with “I’ll bring them to the rectory or sacristy? tomorrow”

This would be the kiss of death for the scammer’s scam.  I talk direct to Father and find out it’s all a put on.  i KNOW this but he doesn’t know yet that i know.

Wormwood: “Yes I know you have bought a couple before’ let me know what you can afford…”  shot high now saying he will settle for less.

Next Wormwood says “Len, you don’t need to bring to the rectory!!  Just take a snapshot of the cards and keep the cards…”

The last thing Wormwood wants is to be caught with the stolen merck that can be traced back to him, her or it.

Wormwood is a demon being trained by his uncle, Screwtape in hell, getting ready to go after his first human in the amazing Screwtape Letters.

In the latest picture, Wormwood the Grifter states: “I hope you can understand what i said Len”.

He is getting impatient I haven’t produced anything; he hates someone wasting his time since he has other marks to squeeze.

Currently, I have a real estate property held up for NINE MONTHS by a squatter who heard the owner died and she raced to the LA area from Chicago to “stake her claim”.  Nine months to dislodge a squatter who never signed a rent agreement or lease, just continuing her grifter ways taking advantage of a kind and generous man who died.

We’ll call her “Lulu”; Lulu has been scamming her mark for over a decade…she even collected off Paypal money AFTER he had died.  A big no-no IF you want to stay out of jail.  The summary judgement is coming soon for Lulu.  And the sheriff’s busy deputy to dislodge this evil woman from her prey.

Back to Wormwood:  He kept nudging me to give him money, without any proof he is real.  “…  In the latest give and take, notice how Wormwood is laying out the chess game even further.  After I tell Screwtape’s disciple that i can only get 3 $100 cards (Apple Cards make great drug deal and other illegitimate activity because like bearer bonds in James Bond and Die Hard movies, they are paid on demand.

Same with Apple iTunes cards.  Used the world over for drug deals and scams like this one. 

I keep pressing my desire to drop off at the rectory (this time Fr John’s fictional home on Katella) but he quickly says NO, though softly.  So, when you read the thread to the right, I have lowered his expectations from $1000 in ten cards to only three.  Watch his pawn to K5 move: ” Okay…We have 10 more patients”

I counter with “I’ll keep trying for those 10 too” so he doesn’t think i am giving up.’

He closes out today’s moves with “Okay God bless you”.   Wormwood hasn’t given up.  Neither have I!

Do you think his “God bless you” is sincere and selfless?  Well, maybe just like Emperor Newsom’s latest sacrilege: “I pray to God we don’t overturn Roe.”

Uh, TyranToddler Grifter Jr. Gavin, it’s not God you are praying to; He’s not a big fan of slicing up little girls and selling their parts for your French Laundry outings.  You kept all those essential satanist surgeon kill mills open while suppressing religion all over California.  You a friend of Screwtape?  Your aunt Nancy Peel certainly is!

My turn: I will send Wormwood photos of three Apple Cards.  Let the games commence

Ironically, another priest pawn chess playing grifter calling himself Fr Pat Moses contacted me and asked similar questions.  Read his piece from Oct 24th and tell me what you think. Comments are welcome.  This is an ACTIVE investigation at this time.

I advertise in three Diocese of Orange bulletins for my real estate business, to help in the main the parishes themselves.  So, the common thread must be Holy Family Cathedral’s bulletin as well.  Another fine pastor, Fr. Pat, is at Holy Family.   Well, looks like we will do this in parallel.

Let’s call the Fr Moses impersonator Screwtape, Wormwood’s uncle and seasoned liar, deceiver and all around demon.  Screwtape starts off with “Hello dear, how are you today?”  …the familiar “I need a favor from you”.  Unlike Wormwood, Screwtape starts small apparently asking for only one card.  Maybe to slowly get the scam going.  Currently either A: these two know each other and work a boiler room of scammers or B: they are working completely independent.  Either way, we are gathering data for Todd Spitzers Economic Crimes unit.   Question to the audience: in what way have we been successful already? or are we just wasting valuable time?  After all, i have excellent clients to help and you could be changing your oil.

Apparently, both scammers believe all pastors help cancer patients in the hospitals (Screwtape: iTunes gift crds for some patients battling cancer.”  Truth is, the Catholic Church, despite our missteps, is the MOST generous organization on earth in helping others, in a country, the US of A that is first to worldwide disasters with solid help.  Here goes nuttin!  Don’t you just love the Popeye Wimpy promise: “I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”   Screwtape’s “I will reimburse you back as soon.”  Hmm


The Next Chapter: we provide the fake Fr John and Fr. Pat what they ask for… stay tuned


REPRISE: still, the Ultimate Grifter award goes to JoBama.  Other people’s money (OPM) is normally the target of our #1 two bit influence peddling grifter, JoBama 45. As a Senator, Beijing Biden scammed anyone he could, peddling his plagiaristic influence for dollars.  Did he help the poor or America?  No, his family, like Valerie, James (read Schweitzer’s “Secret Empires” for the details)

His latest unprecedented game changing career best grift is the ever changing $5 trillion climate change scam, coupled with thousands of tyrannical torpedoes to America’s innocent families.

Is it a sin to invest my time to waste these scumbag thieves’ time who rob mainly the elderly, even a young guy like me.  Ready to help.  Your comments?  Every elderly saved a contact by these reprobates means one less victim.  Back to work.



Joe Biden’s track record in the Oval Office

Revised Oct 30, 2021

Hey Fossil Fool!  You’re killin’ us F Joe Biden! ALWAYS ask “Qui Bono?” when a government demands you do something.

Oct 20.   JoBama, obviously widely known as the puppet of the ObamaNation, the clandestine alternative government of our blessed United States, has just passed his gestation date: 9 months in.  The baby wasn’t aborted, but actually still born like his campaign hidden in his basement, lacking basic common sense or consciousness.

We are IN the Saddest days of American history since that noon on Jan 20, 2021 oath.  First thing he did was START Bidenflation by KILLING American energy. Hate Trump, go ahead. Hate his tweets, your choice. I just prefer someone NOT owned by the DC Matrix master blue pilling everyone.  Energy is EVERYTHING, folks. Inflation as in Carter’s years is sky high; so is the misery merchants’ success in destroying USa!  Look at the truth.

Kill oil and who’s gonna create 6000 essential products from wind and sun?  Kill natural gas, the most energy efficient and lowest polluting fossil fuel, and back comes China Dirt Coal.  Folks, wake up PLEASE!!  Green is Dem ripoff BS: 12 CO2 manmade molecules out of ONE MILLION (12:1,000,000) does NOTHING to the climate; but Dems use it to steal and rob our families with every carbon fraud: did you know we pay a Calif Gas Sales Tax RATE of 67%.  TY NewsoMeanie! Our Jan 20 Fossil fool hates fossil fuels that fuel America.  Biden is not just jovial hair smelling grandpa: he’s dangerous, the puppet of Susan Rice, Obama and others in the Obamanation HQ just 2 miles north of the White House.

Thank you Joe!!

We have Trump’s 300+ successes in the public record.  In case you didn’t know, Trump loves America and was a successful businessman hated by the permanent DC kingdom

Biden, a 2 bit influence peddling grifter who enriched his family for decades and never worked a private sector job, has (not in order of importance or chronology):

~Joe the Fossil Fool on Fuels:  Killed the energy independence of the United States within one hour of his oath, and killed thousands of jobs and the Keystone Pipeline.  Meanwhile, he empowered Russia’s pipeline and released our allies’ energy needs to our enemies in Eastern Europe.  Thank you Joe!  Energy is IN everything economic;  You’re killing us Joe!

~He became the world’s greatest and most notorious arms dealer, re-energizing the terrorist hellhole and a new country, TaliBIDENstan, with $85 billion in advanced military hardware, plus wants to supply them with $10 billion more (per year?) in humanitarian ?? aid.  China, Russia, NorKor, Iran, Taliban, ISIS special K and others, say thank you.  Thanks to Joe, his new country is Iran to Afghanistan to Pakistan.  Talibidenstan’s raping barbarians say “Thank you Joe!”  You’re killing us Joe!

~Prefers killing little girls for parts for his fave campaign donors, planned parenthood.  Currently 2363 killed daily; parts are NOT FDA or CDC approved.  But, PP’s customers love those squishy fresh bloody parts for their Frankensteinian labs.

~ Medical tyranny with Wonder why I won’t take the current shots disguised as “vaccinations?”  More than the Pfizer Pfauci Pfixation…little girls gave their all for this failing inoculations disguished as universal immunity.  GOD not Fauch designed our immunity systems.  AND there are successful early therapies WORK IF they are used as early therapies.  Fauci method: stay home until you need those special DEATH MASKS during your last days in the hospital.  They love it, the hospitals, getting CoviDeath$$ dollars.   Dr Faucinstein and Joe, you’re killing us!!

~Chief human trafficker   In addition to being the most notorious (and known) arms for terrorists dealer in human history (million bullets and hundreds of aircraft qualifies Good Ole Joe for the distinction), he may be known as the finest human and children trafficker as well.  Red eye flights to NY state with “children” averaging 16 or 17 years old from the southern border of course.

~ Highest number of border crashers in history.  No covid test or clandestine ivermectin treatment.  Allowing measles, TB, chicken pox from the migratory birds of many countries

~ Joe & prison reform: OTHER COUNTRIES  Helping other countries empty out their prisons since many of the border crashers are gifts from foreign governments.  The reports are real.

~ Bidenflation is out of control.  When you surrender energy supremacy, you get screwed.  Thank you Joe  Energy is IN everything economically.  Surrendering like his puppeteer Obama our energy dominance.

~ Russia is now shipping us more oil than coming out of Alaska AS WELL as for our “allies” in Europe.  Thank you Joe.

~China loves Beijing Biden and willingly will take over Taiwan, build more military islands, undermine us in every rare earths spot, let loose a better version of Covid22

~The January 6th insurrection hoax continues:

2020: 535 riots in Democrat blue cities with $2 billion in property theft and loss, 50 dead people.  No prosecutions, no FBI actions over 6 months.

2021: Jan 6th  3 hours of exuberant crowd NOT insurrection, only death was a Trump supporting Air Force assassinated by a nervous, shaking Capitol Cop named Michael Byrd.  Ashli Babbitt got NO warning, just a bullet in the neck.  But evil Pelosi used her fabricated insurrection to impeach Trump once again and misdirect away from election scrutiny

Think about it: they are STILL chasing Trump to make sure he doesn’t come back to help America grow strong yet again.  By the way, the fixated misery merchants at it again: The Democrats have unleashed the cockroaches trying to criminalize an upstate New York gold course assessment challenge.  Now challenging a property tax assessment is CRIMINAL?

~ Meanwhile, the party of slavery, headquartered 2 miles north of the Oval Office in a mansion size 8400 sf Obamanation of Desolators, continues to kill 2363 per day.  63 million dead children since 1973 and 2.3 billion worldwide.

So, if you could find just ONE improvement over the previous Oval Office occupier, please list it below.  Just one.  I know, you don’t like his tweets.  Oh my!

JoBama the Fossil Fool Accomplishments  -_____________________________________    Too much line?

I don’t care whether you hate or love Trump, he was a successful tho persecuted chief executive.  JoBama, just a two bit hustler who is destroying America dangling from the Obamanation puppeteer wooden rack on slick strings.  Susan Rice, Valerie Flame, Schiffty Schitty Adam, the usual suspects with the chief misery merchant Obama and the Crime Families clinton, biden, obama.

No wonder they want all those undocumented Democrat voters to cross the unwalled border to replace the little girls they kill for parts.

They even will pay illegal aliens $450,000 per border crasher for psychological damage being separated from their fave rapist coyote mule hired by the drug cartels to impersonate the little ladies’ parent!

Is it just me, or does JoBama F Joe Biden appear more like lucifer than a catholic saint?  Hat tip Judie Brown and American Life League

More to come


Emperor Newsom converts PP kill mills to Pfizer Pfauci vaxx clinics. OOPS! Great news! ProLifers!

“Landslide” Newsom and Planned Parenthood marketing director, feeling his oats, signed SB742, purported to restrict pro-life messages, signs and truth counseling outside abortion clinics. It’s fascinating how far our beloved misery merchants will go to withhold critical medical information from a mother as she, conflicted and confused, comes into one of Gavin’s kill mills.

But did he make a strategic mistake turning his kill mills into jab joints?!  Let’s not fool ourselves; our state’s top tyrant’s goal was to protect his campaign donors at planned parenthood; but the result may be different.  I’ll leave that to the smart folks like Catherine Short, Briscoe Cain, and others.   Still as a dad of 11 with 35 years of homeschooling so far, maybe there’s some opportunity here. I believe, with this change of purpose, every pro life has a legal right to walk in and ask questions about another medical procedure, the mRNA or adenoviral inoculations, now paid for by our tax dollars inside planned parenthoods all over the state.

A most excellent attorney and Life Legal Defense Foundation Legal Dir., Catherine Short, is challenging the law seeking a prelim injunction against SB742’s enforcement, since it is blatantly unconstitutional even considering Taxifornia’s founding docs.  But, there are some opportunities too many might overlook.  Thus, this is my pro bono non-lawyer amicus brief for pro life lawyers, ministry leaders and interested citizens.

Full disclosure: I have never attacked a baby killer.  I vociferously disagree and defy the misery merchants (current elected members of the Oval Office and Sacramento etc) penchant for transferring their violent natures and actions to me and others “licensed to fill” in the blanks for mothers.

I am not licensed with the bar so this is submitted for free as a catalyst for those protecting babies and moms new opportunities to help.


Respectfully, I spent five minutes inside planned parenthood this Saturday Oct 16th morning, invited in by Mr. Security Guard. No, I didn’t barge in like the demons complain about us peace loving truth seekers AND TRUTH SHARERERS.

Before the law’s enactment on Oct 8th, this opportunity wouldn’t happen. But with the new vaxx clinic designation sanctified by Newsom, we all should be able to walk right in.  Gathering information is NOT a crime and Newsom just opened the door on Oct 8th

At first, the hard working Security Guard REFUSED me access. Here is where dialogue helps.  I pointed out to him and offered a copy of the new law that this is no longer just a kill mill; you are now OPEN TO THE PUBLIC to provide vaccination information and unspecified shots. (Thank and blame the governor for this status change at baby merchants central)

I asked him “are you discriminating against me going in and able to ask my questions about which of the five manufacturers, the differences between the mRNA and the adenoviral biologics, which ones are the most efficacious and which are you are offering.  Are you offering all different formulations? 

is it a walk in clinic for jabs or must we secure an appointment (few, if any, of the other legitimate vaxx clinics require appointments any more…millions of public service announcements round the clock is proof). IF they require an appointment, then it’s further proof this is just another Newsom ruse, not allowing free access for a supposedly critical public health (epi)pandemic that seems to never end.  

The two ladies in the front office seemed a little startled that I pleasantly asked questions, that anyone would question their policies peacefully. Pray for the conflicted kill mill workers because they too are lied to and must compartmentalize what they see and do.  And it is obvious we prolifers may have to make appointments with the inoculators (no, not for Digoxin) such as nurse or doctor.  Be peacefully persistent: you need to talk to the inoculator. IF PP is a true medical provider on this, they will have to be medically updated and knowledgeable.

But after asking my questions for a few minutes, I peacefully left with the very capable security guard.  In Ephesians: “Therefore, putting away falsehood, speak the truth, each one to his neighbor, for we are members one of another. Be angry but do not sin;u do not let the sun set on your anger, and do not leave room for the devil.  Yes, you may be standing in a hell hole’s lobby or talking to men and women who could shake your hand (outside of Covid) and then slice out a little girl with the other.  But we are ALL members of the ONE human race: treat them with sincere concern for their lives as well. 

Point is, like 742’s author and ‘medical doctor’ Democrat Dr Pan, he blames prolifers for non existent violence (Pan argued those walking into a vaxx site need 30 feet from anyone who might intimidate them, get them sick (30 feet?), or harrass them with anti-vaxx messages).  Pan thus expands, mysteriously, to this magic medically intuitive 30 feet distancing. Odd that it matches the same distance the First Amendment and patient informed consent haters demand.   Do the clinic workers use a 30 foot artificial arm to do the jabs?  Or is it typical AbortInc. propaganda. You don’t need 30 or 100 feet unless you are illicitly suppressing free speech.  As Paul continues in Ephesians:

“All bitterness, fury, anger, shouting, and reviling must be removed from you, along with all malice. [And] be kind to one another, compassionate, forgiving one another as God has forgiven you in Christ”    Words to live by and practice your ministry to the truly needy and vulnerable moms, teens, and of course the mutilated babies IF we don’t help.
Attorneys, note that PP gets public funds (more now presumably for Covid shots) and now claims to be a free vaccination site; another profit center for Jon Dunn & Co.

Here’s my pitch:   EVERY PRO LIFE VOLUNTEER SHOULD NOW HAVE THE RIGHT TO WALK IN AND GET PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE NEW STATUS OF PP AS a state sponsored VACCINATION SITE.  PEACEFULLY, OF COURSE, BUT WE HAVE A LIMITED TIME OPPORTUNITY TO WALK IN.  I would suggest, not as a herd, but in teams of two.  If they call the police, simply tell the police this is a public interest free clinic NOT just a kill mill.  As a citizen and taxpayer, you have the right, under HIPAA regulations, to seek alternative second opinions.  The governor in SB742 made it very clear he believes planned parenthood MUST be available for the jabs.

Personally, I am NOT an attorney, but just the dad of 11 who has homeschooled for 35 years.  Also, adamant about protecting women from predatory killing of their little girls safe in their wombs.  I wish no violence on Jon Dunn, though his business IS clinically and classically doing violence to pregnant moms in his various abortion mills.  However, he may not realize, he has changed his status to a public sector free vaccination clinic, similar to Kaiser Permanente and CVS with a different set of requirements.  He can’t legitimately restrict access to prolifers because they too have a right to hear and get the Pfauci Pfizer shots etc.

Here’s the play by play.  Sat, Oct 16th about 9am, I brought my usual roses for gifts to the moms seeking advice at Planned Parenthood, Tustin at 22fwy.  I also brought my freshly printed copy of SB742, both the Legislative Counsel’s Digest and the more important final draft of the new law.

I had met Mr. Security Officer the day before on Friday,  busy directing traffic at the site.  This was a first; he made it very plain he wanted no one to pray or talk to anyone coming to the clinic.   I did not have the new law with me on Friday; Saturday I did.  His method was pretending to be overly concerned about the safety of the cars.  Ironically, not the safety of the children on their electric chair/lethal injection/vacuum death sentence day.

And, since Newsom wants everyone to investigate vaccinations, as I mentioned above, I complied with the governor’s wishes.  Walked in with his ascent.  Note bene: if a clinic worker (guard etc) denies the public access for the vaccination process, this needs to be reported to the requisite public health agency and possibly Covered California

The new law has 12 paragraphs in its enactment section #1.

Section 2 adds section 594.39 to the Penal Code.

Sec 3 regarding no reimbursement and Sec 4 trying to suggest it is of utmost urgency this be enacted to “…ensure public peace and safety during the process of distributing vaccinations during Covid…”  (Funny i haven’t seen much anti-vaxx picketing outside Walgreens or at St Anthony Claret when shot givers were giving free Pfizer Pfixes.

Section 1:  paragraphs 1 indicates we are STILL under a state of emergency since March 4, 2020; these despotic governors just love power and ruling our lives. 19 months with no end in sight.  Still NO legislative oversight, laws, just Crayon Boys coloring scheme and demands we comply with his medical expertise.

Paragraph 2-7, if you read between the lines, these paragraphs discuss heavily the distance between humans, the governor concerns: “airborne transmission” for measles, future Wuhan lab developed diseases like 80% lethal NiPah, TB and chickenpox.

Pardon my straw man suspicions, but this diatribe of challenged aerosolized transfer epidemiology translates into “we need to keep those ‘domestic terrorist’ prolifers at least 30 feet away so the poor people driving in a car don’t get Covid from the unwashed violent street people;  WHICH is PATENTLY false.  From the attorney Short challenged pile of doo doo’s penal mod section, the implementation of the new law, read that:

“It is unlawful to knowingly approach within 30 feet of any person while a person is within 100 feet of the entrance or exit of a vaccination site…”  They even cite “EDUCATION!” as dangerous for those poor shot seekers in the penal code addition (594.39 c[1]).

Short editorial: it’s NOT a vaccine, since 3 shots in 6 months with 35,000 deaths and 900,000 VAERS adverse side effects is NO universal respiratory vaccine; as it is, NONE have been successful over time for respiratory viruses.

We killed the SARS Cov-1 vaxx program after 50 deaths.  In fact, with the sordid state of corrupt data gathering and research during the Federal Ops Pfauci Pfizer Pfix’s 1Size Fits All” nationalized medical diagnoses, God only knows what the reality is.  And He does know.  As it is, Newsom effectively kidnapped the SCOTUS 30 foot buffer zone and transgendered it into 30 feet of “social distancing”, 5 times the convention “mandate” distance.  As you know, legal experts, mandates are NOT legislated laws. 

So, Newsom doesn’t give a damn about protecting the general public from Mao Tse-Xi’s latest Plague variant; true to form, Newsom wants to unconstitutionally interfere in informed consent for moms seeking abortions, just as our 2 bit influence peddling grifter Oval Office Occupant expanded carte blanche abortion referrals, burying the Hyde.

Recall, in March 2020 and to this day, the satanist surgeons, nurses, etc employees of planned parenthood were labeled essential; in actuality, as he shut down the Church and our bishops complied (sadly), Pelosi’s nephew made sure his campaign $$ sources (and his aunt Nancy’s) were kept open for the “health of the people?”.  No the health of his pocketbook and French Laundered meals.

Each kill mill has different dimensions and geographics.  Let’s look at Dunn’s HQ on Tustin @ 22fwy, the same site which shipped baby parts to DaVinci Biologics before the OCDA won a $7 million judgement against the parts traffickers.  Those familiar with the other sites around the state can deal and plan with them…   The site has one driveway, entering from Tustin via a right turn.  The building is more than 30 feet away but it is not safe to block entrance.  Please don’t.  BUT AS THEY EXIT, THEY NO LONGER ARE SEEKING PP’S “EXPERTISE”.  THEY NO LONGER ARE ATTEMPTING TO GO INSIDE. So, if you can, purchase roses (Trader Joe’s is blocks away) so you are inviting them to converse.  Read the detail in the guidelines section.

In Paragraph #9,  “to stop infectious diseases…the state has a compelling interest that its residents can access and have vaccinations”.  BS (Biologic Science?)

BS. There are no long lines winding around the block, just as there is no science ranking which is the safest, medically indicated for different patients.  Problem is, Pfauci and the DC bureauRats want to term out the local patient: primary care doctor diagnostic capabilities.  Toss HIPAA to the dustbin; exert control and power ad infinitem.

Proof? One look at the horse dewormer BS that CDC Dr Rochelle HerShey chided Americans about, an obvious lie since Strombectol, the human Ivermectin, has been available for decades and found successful in saving Covid21 lives.

Speaking of pure science fiction BS, read slowly the laws Paragraph #11: (11) Given the distance across which airborne infectious diseases spread, a 30-foot buffer zone is necessary to protect the health of Californians trying to access vaccination sites.

Newsom is such a tool, a total hack prostitician beholden to his party’s continued enslavement since 1854.  Now he’s a doctor telling us safe contamination distances even with masks, face shields etc.  He thinks we are dumb sheep; if he was a statesman or even a real man, he would admit he wants as much dead little girls as possible and wants to maximize more abortions by using even the Plague to keep prolifers suppressed, unable to provide good information so the patient can see and hear the truth so SHE can make an informed decision.

Irony Section in the Penal Code changes paragraph 6d:

(d) “It is not a violation of this section to engage in lawful picketing arising out of a labor dispute, as provided in Section 527.3 of the Code of Civil Procedure.”

Well we DO have a dispute over labor, whether allowing labor to commence in its proper time and the baby delivered intact.  But it’s obvious this “exclusion” is to protect Newsom’s public sector union army’s right to do whatever they want.  Another reason this law will not pass constitutional muster?

Quick guidelines for PP HQ Tustin at 22fwy

~Do not block incoming cars because that can cause a backup on the south bound Tustin Ave entrance.  Only as they are exiting; it is much safer because you can only turn south out of the PP driveway.

~Despite GarbAGe Garland’s tyrannical attack on parents as “domestic terrorists”, you can joyfully and peacefully signal a desire to give something to the occupants that is not harassing, interfering with, intimidating, obstructing or a ‘true threat’. Would Newsom call a “rose” a threat? Or an information sheet that includes PP is a vaccine site.

Garland, like Newsom, is practicing typical Democrat Alinsky: accuse your adversaries of exactly what you are doing.  No sane human can ignore that killing little girls in barely older young moms is demonic at best and pure Alinsky; look no further than Loudoun County’s perfect loon leftist microcosmic actions.

~I use a red rose held humbly so the woman can see it through the window.  If the driver stops and there is no obstruction (long line) possibility, I use the 17 seconds to give the rose with a simple flyer. Short conversation… No attack, no “you are going to hell” etc.  Just a rose and a simple information sheet.  I am modifying my sheet to include:  “planned parenthood is now a vaccination site; if you are interested, you need discuss it with their employees” as an arrest deterrent.

Full disclosure: I have not gotten this failed vaccine (did you know Colin Powell died from Covid after full “vaxxed”), primarily for the involvement of little girls sliced up to develop and/or test the various impotent concoctions of different manufacturers and the VAERS and deaths associated with this unproven chem cocktail (i am not anti medicine, vaccine, just anti-stupid)  I have been on a prophylactic HCQ anchored protocol including vitamin C and D3, Zinc and selective use of Quercetin and Strombectol/Ivermectin.

Of course, 40 days for life are exempt from making any contact, but i stand apart from their fine workers (in order to protect their ministry), though i love their work; prayer is critically important but so is doing triage for those 17 seconds when the line for hell is crossed and the most vulnerable among us have one last chance for life.

Think about this: it’s not just killing babies anymore: By going in, we are protecting the public, especially if the workers are diagnosing by inaction or lack of questions whether a future inoculated is safe to get the shot(s).  35,000 vax deaths so far; 900,000 VAERS (serious bad side effects) plus the non reporting factor increases this by 10 to 100 times.  InoClinics aren’t staffed with rocket scientists or neurosurgeons, so the data is terribly corrupted.

Here’s hoping Catherine Short, one of my favorite prolife attorneys that include Briscoe Cain, Thomas More folks, ADF and others, can get this pile of tyrannical poop gone.

and I hope this helps.  I am asking the attorneys for their opinion but changing the status of planned parenthood to a “free clinic” vaccination site should be a possible means to advance God’s work. EVERYONE has a right to enter, as I tested the “system” on Saturday, Oct 16.

Mrs Short, what say you?  Did Newsom’s arrogance, ie turning the kill mills into jab joints, give us an opening?

In years past, it was my privilege to discover irrefutable proof PP does NOT charge for baby parts delivery but for the organs themselves in a little purchase order section (FOB Destination); maybe here is a chance for more peaceful prolifers with courage to gain access.  Always remember, there is a long planting and harvest season in pro life.  Yes, 17 seconds before they enter the kill mill.  But, showing the mill workers there are joyful, respectful pro-lifers AND alternatives to their employment in hell’s satanic coven ovens is out there.

Let’s NOT miss this opportunity to help those Christ died for and prefers kept alive.  It’s not just the moms and babies; now the general public is at risk from medical malpractice and incompetence


Len Beckman

Dad of 11

Homeschooled for 35 years

714 267 1413