Covid22~The medical tyranny continues under Dr Pfaucinstein

Revised on Labor Day

“Ivermectin could have saved us trillions and millions of lives is my guess. It did in other parts of the world, but not FauciLand America.”  What say you?

There are xxxxxxx areas to be suspicious of, regarding the Covid medical world, including virus development, manufacturers, researchers, media and the Pfizer types.  Tyranny at worst, stupid bungling money grubbers at best…

Breakthrough news:  Dr Pfaucinstein announced his conditional retirement by Dec 31, 2022.  But what about the monster he’s unleashed?

Covid22~Big Pfauci Pfizer Pfarma on the rise<>The Covid Chronicles continue with Covid22

Do you ever get the idea, as a mere American mortal,  that hidden in plain sight, there is something going on that makes no sense?


…is STILL being suppressed by the med tyrants despite its successes.

Take this recent study on how effective Strombectol/Ivermectin is:

Part of the article:

“A large study on the impact of using ivermectin as a prophylaxis for COVID-19 found that regular users of the drug experienced up to a 92 percent reduction in mortality compared to those who did not.  Brazilian research scientist Dr. Flavio A. Cadegiani wrote on Twitter that his study in his home country showed a “dose-response effect,” meaning that “the more you used, the more protection you had.”

He observed that people who use ivermectin regularly every 15 days for at least six to eight weeks had up to a 92 percent reduction in mortality.  Cadegiani conducted a previous study of the drug that evaluated whether its use could impact COVID-19 infection and mortality rates.

Last fall, esteemed epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale Medical School was among scientists and physicians who said in Senate testimony that thousands of lives could have been saved if treatments such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine had not been suppressed.  In April, after noticing that the word ivermectin was trending on Twitter amid Elon Musk’s move to buy the company, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reprised its disingenuous “horse de-wormer” smear of the drug as a treatment for COVID-19.

“Hold your horses, y’all. Ivermectin may be trending, but it still isn’t authorized or approved to treat COVID-19,” said a post on the FDA’s Twitter account.

The reference to horses played on the explosion last fall of media articles and social media posts mocking people who treated COVID-19 with the drug as ignorant rubes who were sneaking into farms or patronizing Tractor Supply stores in quest of “horse de-wormer.”

We give carte blanche to big pubic health to spend on THEIR solutions, collect royalties on the work product of OUR taxes…meanwhile the conflicted CDC NIH bureauRats ignore these successful therapies (inexpensive too like HCQ & Ivermectin/Strombectol) in favor of we American citizens being guinea pigs.

Proof is simple: the ‘ONE jab and done’ Pfizer vaccine is now 2 or 3 jabs, plus 3-7 boosters. It is NOT a vaccine. 

True vaccines don’t have breakthroughs and rebounds.

Fully jabbed and boosted STILL get Covid22… and as usual the radical lying left creates a disingenuous name that begins with a B.

“…Covid19 is dead; now it’s Covid22…”

…And guess what the medical tyrants call it?

BREAKTHROUGH! as if it is a successful innovation among many.

Name ONE success from the immunized Covidian Pharmaphiliacs raking in billions.  Just one regarding covid.  Maybe for ED, or ADAD, but NOT the bioterror weapon aided by Dr Pfaucinstein.  What IS evil is the civil war, yes civil war between government “approved” protocols, processes and “nose picking winners and losers as political payola, and the truth. The government and Mother Zuckerbergians has ZERO business, blackballing legitimate free speech and expression of alternatives including getting good doctors and researchers fired or McCarthyed out of their profession.  Think ER Doc Simone Gold who committed the sin of following up on her ER patients; unheard of in the HMO compartmentalized world of doctor/patient privilege.

Look how the Democrat lapdog media in cahoots with the Obamanation alt DC governance:

“During the pandemic, Twitter and other social media platforms censored positive mention of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine despite the countless testimonies and dozens of studies from around the world showing the drugs to be effective in treating COVID-19.”


Dr. Pierre Kory, who has testified to the Senate of the effectiveness of ivermectin against COVID-19, fired back.

“You are not a horse, you are not a cow, you are Big Pharma’s ass,” he tweeted.

The FDA, he wrote, was “messaging BS” by citing “one corrupt study” while ignoring 82 trials, including 33 randomized controlled trials with 129,000 patients from 27 countries, that show “massive benefits” of ivermectin in treating COVID-19.

“Stop lying man, people are dying,” he wrote, adding the hashtag “#earlytreatmentworks.”

The medical cesspool keeps on keeping on.  Latest amelioration of a great basketball term…

Now we have Paxlovoid (as our sad JObama Biden calls it), and when you are jabbed, boosted, GET Covid22, then take Pfizer’s taxpayer paid for Paxlovoid, many are getting enhanced function symptoms (including the Fauch himself), ie more severe.

So, our Pflunky Pfaucinstein creates yet another monster using vocabulary: he calls this phenomena “rebound”.  

I may not understand advanced medical technologists’ vocabulary, but a rebound is Kareem or Magic pulling down a rim shot on the hardwood not a positive term for getting sicker (a symptom IS sickness, people) and more severe side effects.

Or getting Covid22 again, after the famous “one and done” jaBoost Pfaucian Pfizer Pfix series.  Would we say the same about Measles, Whooping Cough or Polio?

Probably not.  What are the new jabs reformulated for variant xyz into 2023 called?  Rejuvenation or building up antibodies by getting Covid22 to justify another trillion$ to the vetCEO Boorla at Pfauci’s Pfavored Pfizer?

Trillion$ spent, unnecessarily, when therapies were at the ready.  Destroyed economies, followed by the ObamaNation’s turned on afterburners killing energy and struggling families having to choose which luxury, gas or groceries, to give up.  Trump truly was a gift; yeah he hurt your widdle feelings, but real adults can decipher, think critically and see the truth.

The medical-drug-tyrants used a great negotiating technique, the “power of legitimacy” ie “doctor” before their name no matter what their skill set.

Next up for draining off tax $$ probably is the LGBTqXyZ Monkey pox, since May 18, 2022,vaccine vaccine.

WE’ve unleashed the kraken: pubic health and pharmaphiliacs LOVE running everyone’s lives.  NOT with successful therapies but artificial chemicals.

Apparently we can’t expect boys NOT to be horny:  What’s wrong with telling homosexual boys to leave other horney guys alone? At least until they grow up or a cure is found for aberrant sexual behavior.  Then there’s the ultimate hyperpandemic mental disease: Donkey Pox

Donkey pox (radical left Democrat leaders) may not be curable, but it is containable every two years.  Vote on Nov 8th for someone who isn’t radicalized and Dokeyized!

Now, Monkey pox tops the drug charts, as a misdirection from hyperinflation and 2 million crossing the dotted line border.  The media loves to focus on the issue of the day, for column-inches and TV time.  But, since like CRT or pronoun proliferation, unsanitary sharing of penises is politically protected by the LGBT-FJBxyz conglomerate, growing up and making adult decisions is NOT required.

The Monkey can be cured, but you need ADULTS in the San Francisco area to accomplish it.

What fails is telling grown men to stop grooming young men for penile penetration of their anuses for pleasure, no recommends like with AIDS & Pfauci’s AZT days 20 years ago.

I know many hate the medical truth, but God designed the bowels, to safely remove the unsanitary substances we generate efficiently, using the throne room (sitting on the toilet).  NOT for other guys to stick their fists and penises in.

Does this make you uncomfortable confronting truth?  Just like you are uncomfortable with the logo “fake news” put on faux reporters?  Can’t handle the truth?

I’ll tell you what makes ME uncomfortable: allowing demonic surgeons shoving sharp curved knives up mothers’ birth canals, seeking preborn already formed little girls’ organs.  Killing the little ones is incidental to the selling of organs for extra walk-around money for Kamalas, AOCs and Bidens

Cutting to the chase, some conjecture, some hindsight: in Oct 2019, the Corona virus tied to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome was released at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

I don’t care if Mao Tse-X’s Plague escaped after Pfauci’s functional gain, by accident or in answer to the reincarnation of the last dynasty, Qing gone since 1911.

Mao’s successor wants us subject to their rulership; everyone knows this except the compromised prostiticians in the Biden-O-Bama dynasty in DC.  Rather they know but don’t care.

We are like feral cats chasing laser red on the floor.  So many want to make blood sport over mean tweets.  But, recall, Trump shut down Chinese flights on Jan 31, 2020 when Fauci and his ilk were maumauing Covid19 was like a sniffle, no big deal.

Fascinating when a real leader acts!  How many thousands were saved before we knew how bad the bioweapon was?

Chicom Xi ships Fentanyl through Mexican cartels after flying infected Wuhans to Spain and Italy at the dawn of the Covid bioterror operation in his two front war to take out the West.  Haven’t heard it put quite that way?

They bought up PPE protective equipment, so they could resell it to us; we still don’t know how many Chinese locals died from their bioterror experiment IN Wuhan or the country at large: difference between USA and ChiCom Xi is we value EVERY human life and in China everyone belongs to the state and is expendable.

Have you seen that smuggled Shanghai drone flying around while the towers of locals were screaming?..well, it used to be we valued every one.  Abortion remains the #1 killer of little growing human beings, outpacing Covid, guns, old age, heart attack and Biden Afghan abandonment on Aug 31, 2021.

And aborting little girls before slicing out their hearts for resale IS 100% preventable.  As to Covid:

Hindsight insight:  It was reported: “The report — obtained by the London-based NBC News Verification Unit — says there was no cellphone activity in a high-security portion of the Wuhan Institute of Virology from Oct. 7 through Oct. 24, 2019, and that there may have been a “hazardous event” sometime between Oct. 6 and Oct. 11.”

A friend who taught at local private colleges, many Chinese students, some specifically from Wuhan, died Feb 16, 2020 with what was thought was flu symptoms.  Turns out it was Covid19.  Like I mentioned, Covid19 is dead except as a marketing tool for politicians like NON Dr LABarb Ferrer and the royal NIHighness Lord Pfaucinstein.

Trillions have been spent to turn this cottage industry into the world’s craziest medical tyranny, where all basic commonsense and practices were abandoned for hysteria and the Dem~Media~Big Pharma~Pfizer Pfix complex. Like the world’s use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, two effective zinc ionophores.

Doubt me?  Why did they nationalize your private doctor, fire any actual clinician saving lives like Dr Gold or McCoullough?

Pre-empted highly successful early treatments and continue to suppress clinical solutions in favor of the ONE SHOT and DONE “vax”, which is now 3 shots, 3 boosters, Covid then returns, oral Paxlovid’s 5 day dose that (ask Pfauci) made his symptoms worse.

He should have called me!  I had designed his Pfauci Pfix Pfix almost a year ago and called it “Pfivermectin”, combining a wealthy foreign drug company with the proven billion dose a year Strombectol/Ivermectin.  In America, it was sneered at as horse medicine and fish tank cleaner.

My 2021 design for Pfauci Pfizer’s next “attempt” to corner the medical market using existing 

I would have given him the stylish design for less than free!.

There’s ONE lockup that Pfauci will NOT like coming Jan 2023.

Greed and royalties go well together in this massive med sham, where millions of needless deaths have occurred, while solutions were hidden “in plain sight”. should we not have rolled over so quickly to the face diapered crowd of pubic health blowhards.

Dr. Barke says it best: therapies existed to save lives without this failed “nonvaccine”.

Look at NON Dr Barb in LA as chief public health officer for millions of people.

She was just caught demanding face masks back in Summer 2022,  based on a double blind (we the sheep in both eyes) fake study concocted by her daughter, another $100K+ public service employee of the LA county.

Somehow, “when a man becomes a woman” Rochelle of the CDC used this sham study to again force people to wear face diapers inside buildings.  There’s just too much money in the hysteria pot and struggling families are paying the price with hyperinflated milk and eggs, as well as doubled fossil fuel prices the fossil fools like Kerry, AOC, Pete Buttich and Algorean heretics all keep whining about.

TY Elon for a chunk of truth: we NEED natural gas, oil, nuke generation because putrid green solutions are decades away.  Just enough time for us first worlders to become another shithole of the world, DEMOlitioned by the ignorant elite and Sorosian despots.

Meanwhile, there’s the push for more drugs that are as effective as Chinese fentanyl imported by cartels over the Rio Grande

Frankly, we are dealing with a tyranny, in this technologically advanced culture, that is unprecedented.

We know Dr Faucinstein’s monster, SARS-Covid19 is dead.  It has been replaced with, common sense tells us, a weaker version that is relabeled annually so we can be fleeced year in year out and plans in place to stretch out this suppression and Leninist jackbooting of 330 million free people indefinitely.

The Pfizer take over plan.  Flush with billions of OUR tax $$ for “free” CoVax that ISN’T a vaccine, look at some headlines:

Pfizer’s CEO Wants to Go Shopping: 3 Potential Companies on His Radar

Pfizer buys drugmaker Arena for $6.7 billion 

Pfizer to buy cancer drug maker Trillium for $2.3B

Pfizer and Moderna CEOs Pocket Huge Salaries TrialSite Staff 

Covid: Pfizer, Moderna project $51 billion in combined vaccine sales

Science is pretty straight forward on this; despite $51 billion for ineffective drugs, you don’t reward it by keeping it in circulation.  When a drug trial fails, usually the drug doesn’t come to market.  Sensible.  Like when Corona Virus 2001 had a vaccine that killed patients, 50 of them, it was pulled immediately.

Today, 30,000 deaths and over a million adverse side effect (VAERS), the medical cartel says “No big deal.  Keep building!”

Someone’s gotta pay.

The Medical Tyrant’s Desktop Strategy Bible is now exposed:

  1. Suppress Hydroxychloroquine, Strombectol/Ivermectin, Quercetin and other zinc ionophores that kill the virus.

2. Get Real doctors, like Drs Simone Gold, McCoullough et al, fired or made toxic

3. Continue to claim face diapers cure the common cold and are the new fashion statement.

4. Create a pill to replace the jabs.  Call it Paxlovoid (Joe’s version) and make sure it helps make symptoms worse (“rebound”)

5. Double down on jabbing pregnant women because studies show miscarriages have doubled

Latest list of side effects; new and old

Yes, tho Dr Pfaucinstein and Pfriends won’t admit it, but there’s been a million plus bad side effects from these EUA emergency drugs for last 20 months.  See data below.

Latest: Pfauci admits menstruation is messed up with the mRNA/Pfizer drugs.  Boorla must be chuckling from his NYC skyline penthouse new digs.

Blood clots   Myocarditis  Pericarditis  Bell’s Palsy to sample a few.  Oh, and Death.

Believe it or not, Covid1 vaccine work was halted after 50 deaths. Today, dying post vaccine is just the cost of doing business in the world of medical tyrannies.

VAERS results in 2021>>  950,000 bad side effects…as of Dec 10, 2021

The CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) logged the most recent data for COVID vaccine injuries in America December 2021; the new figures are staggering.

It should be noted that VAERS data is always one week behind, as it takes time to log each incident. Thus, while the new data was released to the public on December 17, the data is actually only as recent as December 10.

As of December 10, 2021, VAERS has received over 950,000 adverse event reports following injection with COVID vaccines — which the government and media are telling us are efficacious and that it’s a conspiracy that they are potentially dangerous.

Of these nearly 1 million adverse event reports, Americans have reported the following:

  • 106,129 hospitalizations from vaccine-related injuries

  • 106,308 urgent care incidents

  • 151,187 doctors’ visits

  • 8,516 incidents of anaphylaxis (a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction)

  • 35,529 incidents of severe allergic reactions (not classified as anaphylaxis)

  • 12,127 incidents of Bell’s Palsy

  • 3,297 miscarriages

  • 10,229 heart attacks

  • 19,039 incidents of myocarditis/pericarditis

  • 33,675 incidents of being permanently disabled after taking the vaccine

  • 4,807 thrombocytopenia/low platelet

  • 11,126 incidents of shingles

  • And many more lesser-known reactions

However, most staggering of all, and deserving of the most attention, are the 20,244 reports of deaths — which presumably needed to be reported by grieving loved ones of the deceased — following inoculation with the clearly dangerous COVID vaccine being dished out and shilled by governments worldwide.

Baby results: jabbing babies and toddlers.   Why Parents?  Do you vaccinate little toddler girls against breast cancer?

As of Aug. 21, 2022 996 non-serious reports have been entered into the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) for children 4 or younger who received a Pfizer vaccine and children 5 or younger who received a Moderna vaccine, Dr. Tom Shimabukuro said on Sept. 1.

Underline NON serious!  The serious, apparently, are suppressed because we don’t want those poor domestic terrorists with little kids to worry.

From Epcot Times:  “The serious events were not detailed.  “Those details should not have been left out of the information released to ACIP and the public,” Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center, told The Epoch Times in an email.”

Covid22 is much more dangerous than Covid19 because of the “cures” from the immunized Pfizer and Pfriends’ labs

Thousands dead and 950,000 bad side effects of this experimental poison.  Ok, poison is strong but what would you call it, since alternative proven successful therapies DO exist.

Last thing: let’s vet just one of the most serious side effects of vaccines: Myocarditis


No cases of heart inflammation have been reported following COVID-19 vaccination in the young children.

Myocarditis and pericarditis, forms of heart inflammation, were also not detected in the original clinical trials. Studies have since conclusively linked them to the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines.

The reported rates of myocarditis after dose 2 of a primary series are elevated for males aged 5 to 49 and for females aged 12 to 29. The highest reported rate is 78.7 per million second doses administered, for males between 16 and 17 years old.

The reported rates remain elevated for males 12 to 29 after a booster dose, Shimabukuro said. The rates do not remain elevated for females of any age after a booster dose, according to the VAERS data.

The CDC has verified 131 of the myocarditis case reports among people aged 5 and up after booster shots.

Data from another surveillance system run by the CDC, the Vaccine Safety Datalink, showed a safety signal for a first booster for myocarditis and pericarditis after a first booster. The Pfizer vaccine caused 61.7 excess heart inflammation events for males aged 12 to 15 and 189 excess events for males aged 16 and 17. The vaccines caused 30.9 excess events for males aged 18 to 39.

People, the medical tyrants are loose about the cabin…

“In an article published in April for the Brownstone Institute, Kory wrote that it’s “a tried-and-true tactic with effective and dastardly results” for “Big Pharma and other well-financed interests” to sponsor purportedly impartial medical trials “aimed at discrediting cheaper generic alternatives.”

“Ignoring the flaws in the methodology, the media runs wild with the desired narrative, which is amplified by a well-orchestrated public relations effort,” he wrote.

Kory cited as an example the newly reported clinical trial from Brazil known as “TOGETHER,” which he said ostensibly aimed at studying the effectiveness of ivermectin to treat COVID.

Among the flaws was the lack of explicit exclusion criteria for trial participants on ivermectin, meaning both trial groups had access to the same drug.  Further, the treatment window was set for only three days, which didn’t allow for adequate dosing.

“The dosage of the trial was far lower than everyday Brazilian clinicians were prescribing patients at the time to match the strength of the strain,” Kory pointed out.

“In spite of these and other readily apparent shortcomings, the nation’s leading media gobbled up the results. ‘Ivermectin Didn’t Reduce COVID-19 Hospitalizations in Largest Trial to Date’ blared the Wall Street Journal, while a New York Times headline announced, ‘Ivermectin Does Not Reduce Risk of COVID Hospitalization, Large Study Finds.’”

Meanwhile, social media platforms stifled conversations while California pushed potentially precedent-setting legislation to punish doctors “who dare question phony studies,” threatening loss of a medical license.

A similar study of ivermectin “of far larger size, conducted by investigators without any conflicts of interest, found the drug led to massive reductions in COVID infection, hospitalization and mortality – yet it received virtually no media coverage.”

Kory said that ending “this cycle of perpetual disinformation requires revamping our dysfunctional drug approval process.”

“An independent board free of pharma industry conflicts must be established to oversee trials for re-purposed medicines,” he said. “Recommendations should be based on trials designed by impartial experts and actual results, not the desired ones, and policymakers or prescribers who ignore the findings should be held accountable.”

Academia and the regulatory agencies must be reminded, he said, “that observational trials data – wherein a sample of population who take a drug are compared to those who do not – is equally valid at informing policy.”

“Randomized controlled trials can yield useful information, but their complexity, costs, and delays to treatment lead to errors and effectively shut out low-cost drugs from the approval process, regardless of their efficacy,” he said.”

Big Pharma bunch of Big Pfrauds?  The investigation continues…

study out of France published in Nature Communications on June 25 contains some startling findings with respect to the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis from mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

I’ll briefly highlight a few key points but encourage you to read the study for yourself to learn what its authors found (and to verify what I’m telling you here).

The “public health” establishment has always maintained that the risk of myocarditis from SARS-CoV-2 infection is greater than the risk from COVID-19 vaccines. However, as I’ve previously observed, that claim was essentially unsupported since no well designed studies had actually sought to answer that specific question.

Well, this study was designed to do just that, and its findings contradict that claim from “public health” officials.

The authors found that there was a 9-fold increased relative risk of myocarditis in the 30 days after SARS-CoV-2 infection.

By comparison, there was an 8.1 times greater risk of myocarditis in the 7 days following administration of the second dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

There was a 30 times greater risk of myocarditis with Moderna’s product.

The results for pericarditis are similar.

The confidence intervals on the estimates for Pfizer’s vaccine versus infection overlap, so it’s accurate to say that there was no significant difference in the risk of myocarditis in the 30 days after SARS-CoV-2 infection compared to the 7 days following administration of the second dose of Pfizers’s vaccine.

For Moderna’s product, the increased risk was significantly greater than the increased risk following infection.

Looking at absolute risk, the rate of myocarditis following the second dose of Moderna’s vaccine was 1 in 5,900 adolescents (aged 12-17 years). That figure includes females, for whom the risk was also increased, but lower than for males. In other words, the risk to males is even greater than 1 in 5,900.

There was also an increased risk after the first dose, although the authors calculate the risks separately rather than treating the risk after the second dose as additive to risk after the first.

Had they done that calculation, the results obviously would have been even less favorable for the vaccines.

The authors also offer no comment on their finding that the risk of myocarditis or pericarditis from Pfizer’s vaccine is not apparently less than that from infection, or that the risk from Moderna’s vaccine is greater.

These are curious omissions given the incessant claims from “public health” officials and the media that the risk from the vaccine is far less than that from infection.

On the other hand, the authors do insightfully remark that the higher risk with Moderna’s vaccine, which includes a greater amount of mRNA, suggests a “dose response relationship”.

So much for the claim that the mRNA in COVID-19 vaccines (and/or the lipid nanoparticle in which it is encapsulated and/or the spike protein the mRNA instructs the cells to produce) is “harmless”!

As the authors conclude, their findings “reveal a substantial burden” from the vaccines “of both myocarditis and pericarditis across other age groups and in both males and females.”

People, we’ve been had big time.  We will update this post but suffice it to say, don’t trust the politicized science fiction rubes pushing the government label.    CDC role is outrageous as this article points out.

The perfect 10 year Pfizer vs HCQ~Ivermectin non-“vax” study    Granada Hills High Class of 2022

<>70  UNvaxxed    1030  Vaxxed   Proposed multi-year study of Granada Hill High class of 2022.


Jen and Grant hit a Dodger homerun on CARBs and Open Books

The beautiful Caped Crusader of Conservative Chatter and her handsome mentor

AM870 The Answer has an excellent drive time radio program here in Southern California.  While waiting a mere 110 minutes to mention I haven’t taken the Pfauci Pfizer poison (“one and done vax”?”) because it is experimental poison… but with NO covid20, 21 or Covid22 thankfully for this septuagenarian so far.

A million plus bad side effects and 30,000+ deaths, half the pregnant jabbed moms having miscarriage later, to me, says NO PFizer Pfoison or Dr Pfaucinstein for me.  OR ANYONE I know.

For two years I’ve had no vax but no Covid using prophylactic (Grant: means therapeutic) supplements: Zinc ionophores HCQ,  Quercetin &  Ivermectin/Strombectol Vitamins C and D3  NAC  Zinc  Balance of Nature   

Unfortunately,  Frontline Doctors are spot on but fired and suppressed by the bully Big Pharmaphiliacs at NIAID, NIH & CDC.  ‘Follow the money’ sadly is all too often the way to out corruption.

But I have saved a life…directly  (all glory to God and the truth)

Long before Pfauci vax fraud came to be, I helped save a life by providing HCQ to a dying relative.  He had an HCQ prescription for his Covid but pharmacies (oppressed)  were slow walking filling them because of the corrupt NIH and CDC secret gag orders.  I delivered from my limited supply the loading dose (2 per day for 5 days then once a week); three weeks wouldn’t keep him above ground.  He improved within a day.  Months later,  the relative shook my hand and said “Thank you for saving my life!”  I told him I can’t take credit.

But thank God, Pfizer’s Pfauci didn’t prevent successful therapies given to family and friends on driveways.  Rand Paul will have questions for him 3 days after the 81 year old resigns into megalomaniacal history.

Recall, HCQ was fish cleaning.  Strombectol/Ivermectin, though dispensed a billion times a year, was “ineffective” though it saved Uttar Pradesh’s 240 million from CoviDeaths.  I know Pfauci’s a Pfraud: I got a week of Facebook time-out, locked down, for sharing Fauci’s article that Chloroquines cure Corona virus infections dated back in 2005.  But different subject was gleaned during the 110 minute wait.

The profitable “non profit” Jen just found out gets OUR tax $$ due to leftist bias of the CARB killers. Gov creates nothing but spends without legal right to do so.

Grant, I looked CSE after you and Jen talked shining bright light on Guv  Newsob’s California spending.

You really hit one Dodger monster blast re: the California Air Resource Board’s (CARB) “donating millions to the Center for Sustainability and Excellence” out of Chicago Illinois

Dumb Q?: What does a Golden State tax dollar supported four letter agency have the chutzpah, let alone the legal right,  to waste millions on an out of state supposed “non profit” beats me!!  Governments don’t donate to other governments without oversight.  Well, except in Newsob terrortory

Simply, CSE are like Critical Race Theorists’ race baiting industry: CSE pushes ESQ; basically, the putrid greening of the world with fake science and leftist fraud environmental cases.

“ESG stands for E nvironmental S ocial and G overnance, and refers to the three key factors when measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment in a business or company. Most socially responsible investors check companies out using ESG criteria to screen investments.”  Jen and Grant, ever hear of Israel’s chronic divestment by Jew haters like AOC, Tlaib et al?  Just another division of the ObamaNation headquartered 2 miles north of the White House.”

And what the heaven is a Circular Economy but just more loony leftist mishmash for wasteful spending on the Algorean Heresy that man made CO2 is melting America and blamed for Newsob’s failures in wildfires and water conservation.

Maybe the OPEN DOORS transparency Jen brought up on California government spending needs to Windex the greenhouse windows a bit more.  It’s obvious just how deep the cesspool corruption has grown like algae blooms at Senator Melissa Melendez’s Lake Elsinore and Big Bear lake, which feeds Redlands.  Speaking of deep ladies, look to Lia for advice. Like the song “When a man becomes a woman” of CDC director fame, there is no shame left on the left of the left.

However, CARB is no innocent third party: in 2010, Grant, my brother’s diesel truck biz had to be sold based on an unverifiable fraud “diesel” study of particulate emissions. 

The “Dr.” counterfeiter was Hien Tran, with his Manhattan fake PhD diploma and a pile of shit fake study that rivals the Hillary Steel Balls dossier.  He and his boss crippled the trucking industry in 2010-

What did his boss do? The CARB chair Mary upped his salary to 7 figures.  Zounds of Petered Principal dept in DC.

Google it yourself; whistle blower UCLA’s Dr James Engstrom was fired because he outed the bit…  err fellow UCLA “professor”.

Short version: I should file a wrongful death lawsuit on CARB’s former president “Bloody” Mary Nichols who KNOWINGLY used the fake diesel particulate study of Hien Tran to force hundreds, maybe thousands of Calif truck businesses to close; my brother Bill’s trucks were brand new, and the CARB “solution” for a brand new engine was $150,000 more in aftermarket “smog” control.  She didn’t give a beaver’s dam who was hurt by her tyranny.  After all, envirogods are worshipped not questioned.

Grant, you sold your Texas truck business and you said “on air” today you couldn’t operate in Calif with 5 year old rigs.  Bill’s boss ended up retiring early after the forced selling his new replacement auto transport diesels into other states, where fake science, Sierra Clubbers and climate cultists did not own state government and practice Monkey Pox on each other.

It literally killed Bill because he lost his job and his health insurance. AT 55, no other job was available…

Bill got cancer, which he hid from us and died 10 years ago tomorrow (august 31st).

Government tyrants come in all sizes; like Pfauci and Nichols are arrogant anti science fools.  Pfauci’s death toll is certainly in the thousands if not millions for his subversive, arrogant, money grubbing ways, shutting out successful Covid therapies to “PROTECT” his Pfizer Pfight to dominate the Covid solutions: WHILE 35,000 NYC elderly died at Cuomo’s bloody hands with St Anthony Pfaucinstein’s support.

Governments are supposed to protect those of us who elect them; Fed level, WE are the government.  In Newsob land, no chance stateside: we are STILL under emergency orders (probably to keep Planned Parenthoodlums as “essential workers”) for a disease I claim, as do others including fired ER doctors at Frontline like Dr Simone Gold and others has had successful therapies and NOT from a German CEO Boorla Pfizer or Moderna. Inexpensive chemicals that work.

Jen and Grant: maybe you can open that OPEN DOOR a bit more…

…to see just how much evil continues  during the world’s greatest med malpractice tyranny with Pfizer monopolistic confliction.  The weaponized bioterror virus Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague, we knew very quickly, was beaten. And more renewable sunshine will discover deeper corruption at CARB, Coastal Commission, Ms. Ferrer, the Pfauch etc.

You just can’t trust the deep corruption of governance any more; as if we ever should have.  Tyrants, luddites and environmental cases just hate sunlight.  NOT just CARB’s fake CO2 fraud (man made CO2 is 12 molecules per million from THEIR science) and photosynthesis, just the rats scurrying when found out.

By the way, circular economy is just more deep putrid green new dealers:  “The circular economy is a framework of three principles, driven by design: eliminate waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use and regenerate natural systems.  It is based increasingly on renewable energy and materials, and it is accelerated by digital innovation.”  Sounds so cozy like all these socialist watermelon (green thin on the outside, communist red insides) programs to separate American citizens, struggling families and free market capitalists from their money…and life.

Point is, like Mark from Climate Depot put it, it’s all a fraud.  Bloody Mary just hates cars in private hands and transparency in her Ruckelshaus’ stylve tyranny; in the articles on the 2010 Diesel Particulates fraud being outed, allows her arrogance to transform her Empress’ new cloths:

“According to legislative staffers, the California Air Resources Board, with help from Democratic Assembly Speaker John Perez, D-Los Angeles, figured out a way to exempt itself from the state’s open meeting act.”  Jen and Grant, deja vu all over again with the Open Door progress.  Maybe there is hope.

“But Tran kept his job and Nichols used his data in her quest to stop climate change. And in the meantime, many small businesses have been ruined thanks to the ARB’s regulations.”  They just don’t give a damn.

Bloody Mary Nichols is the former Chair of the California Air Resources Board, where she occupied the attorney seat. She has served on the Board under Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. (1975-82 and 2010-18), Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (2007-2010) and Governor Gavin Newsom (2019-2020).  She also “taught” environmental “science” at UCLA.

Someday, people will actually DO science and realize carbon dioxide is a gift, a benefit and NOT pollution.  It is critical to keep us alive.  Brown’s “cap and trade” scams basically charged businesses for releasing a trace food making gas used in Dr Pepper and dry ice.

The ARB created the cap-and-trade program to auction off carbon allowances to California businesses, forcing businesses deemed “polluters” to pay billions of dollars just for the privilege of continuing to do business in California. The “cap” in cap-and-trade is the legal limit on the quantity of greenhouse gases a business can emit each year, and “trade” means that companies can swap or trade emission permits among each other.

But even with all of this information, Nichols has kept her job.”    And my beloved brother Bill, one of 11 siblings of this dad of 11, is dead. 

Victim of the loony left’s continued march to the sea of insanity, creating phrases, words and non profits daily to screw us all in the real America. Science need not apply.  70 days until Election 2022; 56 more until 118th Congress is seated.

This Obamanation org chart needs updating. Coming soon.

Hat tip to the alternative government, the Obamanation 2466 Belmont Wash DC 90008

Where every excuse to destroy America is rewarded with book deals, spots on the ABCNNBCBS APost-Times (DEMedia) anchor desks and other “get rich quick” schemes.

godfather Obama continues 2 miles north of the white house. He, not Trump, is the president who never left the swamp on the Potomac.



Air Board’s Mary Nichols Is No ‘Rock Star’ – Part lll

Of course, newly discovered million $$ recipient of CARB purloined tax$$:  The Center for Sustainability and Excellence


Fossil Fools who ignore 12 per million and push Mean Green Deceit

UHaul trucks are STILL gas and diesel powered

Newsom is NOT a Democratic Governor; but he IS a totalitarian Democrat with science fiction ideas that destroy.  Like a toddler given free range with a hammer in mom’s china cabinet, he is a legend in his own mind, making dictats like he is Emperor for Life of our fossil fuels rich state.

The California Air Resources Board or CARB under Mary Nichols helped to kill off my brother William.  Bill had spent decades in auto transport; his company had just purchased brand new diesel engines at the beginning of this century; Mary Nichols, former CARB boss, used a fake diesel particulate study written by a fake degreed staffer to justify her tyranny.

“ALL engines must have an aftermarket emission system…”, code words for new and old diesel engines must have $150,000 in more nonsensical unelected bureauRat required regulated job killer equipment. Scientifically?  NO! Why?  Because we CAN demand it!

Amazing what a bureauRat can do with an East Coast fake sheepskin from a Manhatten UPS store.

Like Dr. Hien Tran.

Google it yourself:  “The Phony State Scientist Who Still Has a Job”  (hat tip to Joe Fleischman)

“In 2010, high officials of the California Air Resources Board learned that the author of a statistical study on diesel soot effects had lied about his academic credentials.

CARB’s Queen Bloody Mary

The researcher, Hien Tran, later acknowledged the deception and agreed to be demoted, only after his data were given another peer review, they remained the basis of highly controversial regulations that will cost owners of trucks, buses and other diesel-powered machinery millions of dollars to upgrade their engines. The Tran study concluded that diesel “particulate matter” was responsible for about 1,000 additional deaths each year.

But Tran’s data was grossly wrong – about 340 percent wrong…”

Queen Bloody Mary Nichols, despite discovering Hien Tran’s fraudulent credentials and fake study, still paid him $100K per year to continue.

Because, after all Mrs John Naum (an ExxonMobile lawyer hubby) is an envirogod, ruler of the Golden State realm on environmental cases.  Facts and truth don’t matter much to the elite enviros because they get in the way of despot dreams.

Now “Rock Star” (LASlimes claim) Nichols’ replacement at CARB is playing envirogod yet again, “honoring” our hairsprayed pretty boy’s latest totalitarian desires to kill new gas powered vehicle sales 13 years from now.  2035, the magic year featuring both large slot cars and brown/black outs.  No new gas vehicles despite excellent pollution control technology over decades.

Mr Panderer and Prostitician extraordinaire.  Just think about: our French laundry preening Luddite wants whole private industries gone BECAUSE he wants them…gone.

Command & Control government economies kill.  Stalin/Lenin demanded he not the market control the harvest, forcing socialist farms to make what HE wanted and millions died of starvation.  We seem to be working that way now as well.

But when you are emperor, no one but our little ones can see the truth, about your naked new clothes of fake moderation.

Edison’s discovery revolutionized the wood burning cave men; electricity IS the most important energy currency today.  How we get it is the primary question.

Teslas NEED electricity for their less efficient batteries charged daily. Electricity MUST be generated.  Some third graders learn that “useful electricity is created, not by lightning, but by nuclear, oil, natural gas, sun and moving air”.  Many of which are demonized as fossil fuels, as if energy sources as old as the earth are evil.

Well, not ALL primary students can think: if not stuck in the indoctrinational pubic schools system at least, where “what does semen taste like?” learning does not take precedent over science, math, English and history as in San Diego unified.

I like Musk as an innovator; don’t get me wrong.  In fact, a homeschooling high school youth company created two candles to honor him; I as of yet haven’t delivered them.

But even Elon knows you need fossil fuels to make electricity because the grid is grounded but not destroyed.  If only our prostiticians would get off their knees at the Sierra Club, or the two self-anointed dudes and a computer Natural Resources Defense Council complainers.  LET private industry do what the arrogant pubic public sector can’t, make wise choices when choice is allowed to reign.  As Zion Lights (Meigs excellent piece on what is really green) learned, nuclear actually could be a huge part of the solution after her stint at Extinction Central.

Recall, tree hugging, ie keeping growable (renewable) trees off limits gave way to plastics (oil based) and back to paper bags when the highly loved single use plastic bags were demonized, if the environmental cases just stayed in their Luddite dens and leave us parents and families alone.

Point is simple: government is inefficient and worse, the self anointed unelected CARBureaurats don’t give a damn what things cost. Federal, state and local governance is supposed to be minimal and support the country and communities: not become a country unto themselves like the ObamaNation has become in DC.

4th graders: What is the “grid”?  It’s just transportation wires on the electricity highway where generated electricity is shared among states and cities.  Some cities, like Anaheim, generate their own on their citywide grid.

Cognizant our hair sprayed legend knows we could be independent in natural resources, fossil fuel use and NO blackouts, he just doesn’t care.  It’s all about November 2024 for Aunt Pelosi’s spoiled prince.

Then, just this week: Gavin says NO MORE NEW CARS in California if they use gasoline.  TY Herr Adolf Stalin Marx Newsob.  You fit in well with the AOCians and Algore heretics.

Why 2035? 3 years after the fossil fool Newsom4Prez runs from 2024 to 2033? Not in his finest San Diego Unified wet decarbonized dreams will Newsom be anywhere near the white house like he was when Demento Joe was away.

Newsom, hell bent on being the Emperor of Environmental cases and green wackiness, puts into play his putrid green non science policies like killing gas powered cars 13 years from now.

No big deal, it’s just the private sector that feeds the lives of 330 million Americans. But Newsob wants to kill yet more whole industries blown away by this idiot fraud, just because he likes Teslas and magical electricity extracted like cotton candy on a tube from thin windy air or sunshine.  Recall, during the Dr Pfaucinstein Wuhan bioterror years (Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague), Newsob made planned parenthoodlums “essential workers” while shutting down schools, churches, restaurants and other luxury entities.  Thankfully, little preborn girls were still expertly extracted with curved currette knives by Newsob’s campaign donors.  Then sold on the open medical lab market for $715 per head and $125 per little heart.

Better put, he is a whore for votes, his lefty Luddite friends just want America destroyed and retooled.  Clueless about science, still thinking CO2 kills while NOT seeing squirming little preborn girls as human and alive. Bizarre, sad little tyrannical toddler.

We elected him as governor not in the role of D Carbonator!  And except for his special Recall ballot boxes, he’d probably have been gone and Larry Elder continuing to save the state.

Musk and many others know the electrical grid is maxxed and Guv D Carbonator has only his hair spray to tout as a success these last few years; other than scoring his best friend’s wife. He’s never worked a real job, he doesn’t give a damn about struggling families.  He trumpets the “state surplus” which is really family budget robbery of hard working middle class; instead of returning these tax dollars to their rightful owners, he panders away.

I’m hoping at least one of you reading this, previously took 4th grade natural science.

Pretty Boy Newsom wants to “decarbonize California!”.  Does he have a clue that for every 12 ‘man made’ CO2 molecules, there are ONE MILLION Godmade air molecules?

Problem is priorities: the typical lefty perverts on the school boards hate us domestic terrorist parents (AGarland’s words) asking questions.  As it is, SDUnified includes alongside math when to do semen taste tests (anyone remember the $144 million Mark Berndt LAUSD settlement for his blind taste test of his semen sugar cookies?)!

San Diego Unified’s middle school wet dream flash card Math department

Mastering Masturbation before Math classes for example now is front and center as well.  20 years ago, I suggested it is NOT a victimless process self pleasuring oneself on a Dennis Prager afterschool cable special…truth is still the truth.

Since math proficiency in LAUSD is 35%, let me help:  Al Gore in his seminal Algorean heresies tomes, claims 3% of the CO2 in the atmosphere is androgenic.  In English parlance, man made.  3% of 400 molecules per million equates to: 12/1,000,000 carbon to air molecules are supposedly melting the earth, creating droughts one week, and floods the next.  While Newsob parties at the French Laundromat.

In fact, molecularly, there is no difference between regular CO2 and this supposed special recipe of man made CO2 (what, in a meth or fentanyl lab?) batches!

Notice how small the pie piece is for the demonized carbon dioxide.  1 CO2 molecule per every 2500 others is pretty tiny

When you boil it down: there is only ONE yes ONE CO2 molecule for every 2500 other atmospheric molecules.  Whether photosynthesis or aerobic respiration. 1/2500.

I NEVER hear a SCNG science reporter explain these simple equations.  Truth and knowledge aren’t in many journalist’s thesauruses these days.

All this Kerry Krap about Paris, and carbon based climate change, is the foundational lies propping up other lies.

They even have Pope Francis the First concerned about 1 CO2 molecule per 2500 other atmospheric physics molecules like argon, oxygen and nitrogen causing major geophysical international changes.

Or could it be ALL prostitician instigated bull excrement?  Follow the money, Vatican!

And you know what happens when you heap other lies on a leafy salad lie base: you get another Adam Ant Schiffty Fabrication, like Ukraine prez to Trump faux calls and his fave Russian hoaxsters.  Or his daughter’s boyfriend, Eric CIAmarella.  Problem in the Obamanation HQed in DC, all the electricity powered truth detectors are burned out from continuous beep warnings: lie lie lie!

We are such lemmings to believe ANYTHING coming out  of the Dem playbook and its urinalists at the Dem owned ABCNNBCBS APost Times news stands.  Nicknamed appropriately “Pravda”.  Russian for Eve’s Adam Schiff’s unattainables.  Sadly, Adam lies deeper than a green shag carpet drenched in patriot’s precious blood, bright red.

Someday I will file a wrongful death lawsuit against Nichols and her lapdog Thien for her environmental case of particulate fraud. And his basic fraud work.

Bloody Mary, like so many of the panderers in public “service”, needs to be held to account.  They never are, it seems, in the company and country B, the Obamanation HQed in DC.

Speaking of pandering, Barack Hussein’s Biden and Newsom are cut from the same slimy cloth.  Out of arrogance, Biden unconstitutionally gives away the latest Trillion $$ to buy student votes by supposed “forgiveness” of $31 billion endowed Harvard’s students.  At least, street walking ladies are working the world’s oldest industry.  Prostiticians like Newsom, Obama and Biden?  Not so much, no honor among thieves.

Then there’s Mr Newsom, the Emperor of Environmental Cases

Of course, wildfires and reservoirs are boring, so Gavin doesn’t do his job.  But he loves running for the White House.

The truth is dangerous but God really does feed us via CO2; it is a beneficial gift and it does NOT change the weather and turn us to Mercury surface temps.  A little recombinant process of CO2, H2O & sunlight called ‘photosynthesis’.

Instead of governing, Newsom flies to Florida to become the presumptive Dem Prez 2024 candidate while we burn from his horribly mismanaged forest detritus and dehydrating with the 7 trillion gallon fresh water dumps into San Fran bay.  I guess there’s no klieg lights and glamour in potholes, reservoir holes but a lot of airtime for asset holes.

Let’s have a science chat:

“Governor D Carbonator: did you know your body is 65% oxygen and 18.5% CARBON.  And hat tip to Jen Horn, you are made up of 87% hair spray ingredients.  Things like  polyvinylpyrolidone, polydimethylsiloxane, gum arabic, alcohols, hydrocarbons, and gum tragacanth.  Add water and stir?

Photosynthesis FEEDS the WORLD with recombinant water, sunlight and carbon dioxide.  Yes, CO2 is CRITICAL to humans staying alive.

We don’t need Sacramento frat boy frauds but do need state regulators and revenuers to LEAVE US ALONE to keep our businesses operational. 570 riots with no law and order didn’t help in 2020.  Seems:  EVERYTHING the governmental bulldogs touch, turns to DCesspool swamp gas.

As it is, the California Air Resource Board is a bastard org that has outlived its usefulness; they are unelected enviroCrats who wantonly ignore science and decide highly efficient, low polluting gas powered cars must end their existence.

They link arms and knell, worshiping the Sierraclubbing god of stupid.  They don’t like you, they find a fraudulent study to pay $100K a year for, discover it is a fraud and STILL, as Queen Bloody Mary Nichols plays it, pushes the Eve’s Adam lie of the day and year buttons.

These fossil fools are long in the tooth and need to understand electricity is generated; it is NOT a naturally occurring resource like natural gas.

The reason we have blackouts is the CURRENT generation levels, especially with Sierra Blubbers interference,  is NOT adequate and a million charging stations are coming, quintupling down on the mess.  Of course: WHILE no one wants a nuclear plant, solar farm or doldrum wind eagle killing turbine orchard in their “back yard”.

These fossil fools don’t realize you can’t drive on solar tires; there are 6000 essential petrochemical based products used in every facet of life…you phase out gasoline and you drive the already hyperinflated prices through the solid opaque panels of this elusive greenhouse of green gases atop the troposphere.

Just don’t tell Pretty boy e-mental case Newsom there is NO solid glass panel around the earth in the troposphere.  Excess heat is RADIATED back into space.  In simple OC english, there IS NO greenhouse to trap those special essential gases.

And if you want a bag of ringer solution, for IVs, well too bad.  It’s stuck in the ground.  If you DON’T pull oil up, you don’t MAKE them!

Then there’s the president of vice who loves abortion but hates gas.  She got her start in Slick Willie B’s bed; continues her path near the Lincoln bedroom

Kamala’s mantra is interesting: “I prefer black babes extracted from Mother Wombs instead of black gold extracted from Mother Earth”.  Kill the kids but leave the oil in terra firma.  Hmm.  Something only a lefty loon could love.

Proof is simple for the simple minded one: she slobbered all over herself when her 11 AG goons invaded David Daleiden’s small apartment to “extract” his candid camera footage and computer equipment recordings of planned parenthoodlums discussing fresh baby organ pricing over salad and wine.

The lowlife AK47 (Anarchist Kamala 47th prez) STILL has not returned David’s personal intellectual property; once a baby killer always a baby killer and thug.

Point is, this is America, a land built on freedom to assemble our businesses, to create wealth, to help others; no one needs the leviathan DC government led by ObamaNational headquarters two miles north of the White House.  At least, no true citizen of our free land.  Less bureaurats and tyrants; more free enterprise by American citizens.

Want to know what happened to my brother Bill? And why Mary Nichols should have a wrongful death suit tossed at her smarmy assets?

You see, the misery merchants are in love with themselves; they only see their set of facts.  Nichols knew that Tran’s fake study was bogus but she continued on.

“But Tran’s data was grossly wrong – about 340 percent wrong.

That “landmark diesel law” grossly miscalculated pollution levels by 340 percent, in a scientific analysis used to toughen diesel emissions, the San Francisco Chronicle reported in 2010. “CARB had a lot of input in this legislation. They have a history if politics interfering with science and I have no confidence that this law is based on sound findings,” said Anthony Watts, an actual retired meteorologist and self-described greenie, who has followed the CARB and AB 32 more closely than just about anyone.

Independent scientists attributed the flawed work to a faulty method of calculation – not the economic downturn, as the Air Resources Board asserted — the overestimate was nothing other than a scam to promote the state’s flawed ‘green’ agenda.

Peer reviews show that Tran was way off, and eventually exactly where the 340 percent factor was identified.

But Tran kept his job and Nichols used his data in her quest to stop climate change. And in the meantime, many small businesses have been ruined thanks to the ARB’s regulations.”

UCLA’s Nichols just didn’t like competition for her lies: The Firing of Dr. James Enstrom is another tyrannical play.

“Bucking the highly fashionable notion that California’s air pollution is deadly, Dr. James Enstrom was one of only a few scientists willing to blow the whistle on the fraudulent science perpetrated at the California Air Resources Board…”

Sounds a lot like Herr Andrew Viesmann, persecutor par excellence, who lives above the law in his own apartment of tyranny; look what he did to Trump and Trump’s campaign man, Paul Manafort.  Criminalizing free political beliefs and speech.

Years ago, CARB was the same as it acts today: above the law, with impunity, destroying Californa one business at a time.

“It is often said the cover up is worse than the crime. Dr. Enstrom is living proof.

An attempt to muzzle scientific debate and academic freedom on a University of California college campus has been at the root of the wrongful termination lawsuit of Dr. James Enstrom from University of California Los Angeles – where Mary Nichols was listed as a Professor-in-Residence at UCLA School of Law.

Enstrom challenged the scientific research that the California Air Resources Board and California Legislature used to enact policies regulating diesel fuel emissions. And then he was fired.

Enstrom exposed the cover-up of “junk environmental science.” He also outed the phony scientist Hien Tran at the Air Resources Board, as well as the Legislature’s subsequent adoption of regulations stemming from the fake science.

Liberating Californians From Their Homes and Autos: Newsob and the loons

“I’ve heard Nichols say her goal is to “liberate” us from the burden of our own vehicles.

(BACK in 2010)Mary Nichols wants fewer cars on the road in California.  When asked about the economic ramifications of the Air Resources Board’s regulations, she has said she might be concerned if she was an elected official.”

Get the point? She thinks she is god since she doesn’t face the voters.

And although California already has some of the strictest pollution regulations in the country, Nichols is helping to lay the groundwork for more. “It’s on people’s minds right now,” Nichols said. “While the momentum is strong is the right time to act.” California Politicians Deaf to the Science…”

Google the whole story and ask yourself: this same body of miscreant fossil fools are back at it.  Telling a free people what legal efficient means of transportation they can or cannot use.  Based on lies and science fiction.

Again, Want to know what happened to my brother Bill? And why Mary Nichols should have a wrongful death suit tossed at her smarmy assets?

Bill lost his job when Queen Bloody Mary pretended the Thien data was real.  She knew it was bogus just like Hillary’s Steel clad dossier.  Yet, she shut down diesel trucks, old and new.  Bill’s company had just purchased brand new diesel trucks; then her tyrannical terrorist arm required hundreds of thousands of dollars of needless after market equipment.

Bill lost his job when the company had to sell off their new equipment to Arizona transporters.  Lost his health insurance and at age 55 in 2012, he hid a serious growth from the family.  Then Lost his Life ten years ago on Aug 31, 2012.

His death cert tells it: immediate cause Parotid Gland carcinoma, a treatable cancer if caught early. Other significant conditions: carcinoma metastasis to cervical spine.  It spread.  No thanks to Bloody Mary.

Problem with prostiticians and arrogant asses like Nichols is they just don’t care about others; they play with peoples’ lives and live for the mirror. They do zero cost/benefit analyses beyond how much campaign dollars that will come their way.

Kamala loved the $86,000 post non profit tax $$ she got for her Senate campaign from planned parenthood nor cal, for example.  Alittle more than half than the bag of quarters Blanche’s hubby Willie Brown tossed her way: $166,000 in two guvmint commissions.

CARB is frankly evil, destroying so much and hell bent are ruining more lives by 2035.  Sorry, but Newsom of a b (NewSOB) is just the latest northern california prick pushing for the white house.  Everyone knows Kamalala lacks intelligence without Joe’s dementia; she just doesn’t cut it.  Gavin will find out the same in 2023.

But it’s not new: Newsom’s “emperor order” hails from 2020.    Who the hell does this prick think he is?

“The car companies see what’s happening in China, in Europe,” NY’s enviromental case Sperling said. “Many of them have already made announcements about how they’re converting totally to electric vehicles.”
Thursday’s vote is the culmination of years of work; in 2020, Newsom signed an executive order mandating that all vehicles sold in the state must be zero-emission by 2035.
“What these new standards do is set the roadmap to get there,” California Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis told CNN’s Kate Bolduan on Thursday.  California also got a boost from the Biden administration, which reinstated California’s longtime ability to set its own vehicle emission standards earlier this year. The Trump administration rolled back the California waiver in 2019.”
Would someone call Sacramento and explain you need to make electricity so Volts and Teslas can go farther than 10 miles.  With gas, you still localize renewable potential kinetic power in every gas station and car equipped same.
Or using liquified natural gas (LNG), the lowest pollution option since we are nuclear free, using coal and other fossil fuels to fire up the generators so Musk can build more
On March 5, 2022:

‘Hate To Say It’: Elon Musk Says US Needs To Boost Fossil Fuel Production ‘Immediately’

Really?  Smart man, this Musk fella.  Slot cars on a track while growing up did not run with the electricity off.  Same today for the larger electric cars.  But…

My brother is dead, 10 years this wed aug 31.  Is California and the nation soon to follow?
Typical of Dem leftist governmental policies, California can’t control dead wood on the forest floor; the Democrat elite run state can’t stop fresh water from pouring into the Pacific and put in reservoir bowls for future use.
They can’t see squirming babies as unDead, even on high tech computed ultrasonography screens in LIVING color.  Nor can they get horny Frisco homosexuals to stop passing Monkey Pox like it’s salty semen laced cookie dough (new SDUSD curriculum courtesy of planned parenthood perverts), just as the country’s pandemic of Donkey Pox may face a generational realignment Nov 8th.  One can hope.
If only Newsom would look away from his floor length mirror just long enough to see the truth. Keep his manicured hands off the private sector which pays the bills and from where he extracts outrageous gobs of tax $$.
See the forest for the trees and the fact, we free American citizens and California natives despise arrogant totalitarian tyrants like Aunt “Stretch” Pelosi’s nephew.  Just because he can steal his best friend’s wife without pain doesn’t mean he can steal our California dreams.
Nothing Bloody Mary Nichols can do will bring my #4 sibling of 11 kids.  Bill I pray is sequestered in heaven for a joyful eternity.
But don’t trust the shadow America: the Obamanation headquartered on Belmont north of the White House.  Obama claimed Trump wouldn’t leave DC.  But president Trump doesn’t have a twelve room mansion office 2 miles from the People’s House on Penn Ave.
70 days until Election 2022.  56 more until an interesting start to the 118th Congress.

AGarland’s Foolish Grab at the Southern White House

The “Stop Trump 2024” scam continues…

Let’s help the ASSociated Press’ Michael and Eric etc. see through this charade show game at the Southern White House.  But first, they must take off their BS blinders:
1) The CIC president IS the declassifier; everything at the southern White House, Mar a Lago was declassified.  
Unlike Sandy Berger’s Archive hijack of classified docs in his panties or the chief cattle futures expert and Russian hoaxster’s Sir Edmund Hilary’s  30,000 classified emails on her PRIVATE non presidential serve. Or Obamanation’s community organizer Barack’s 3 million docs in Chicago for his coming altar at the pharaohic palace library?  Movie sequel coming “The Night in the Obamanation Museum”
2) The weaponized Archivists had been to Mar a Lago twice; president Trump (get used to the two words together) greeted them once, the staff added a lock to a storage room AT THEIR DIRECTION which their June 8 FBI letter was “excluded” they say!  
Why didn’t the well paid librarians get a Uhaul and take 20 boxes (under 100 pounds without a centrifuge) north to Trump’s next DC residence (unless they assassinate him).
 NO, not the Obamanation HQ 2 miles north on Belmont Ave DC but to Nat’l Archives HQ. 
Google it yourself or use: 
National Archive Address. 700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. Washington, DC 20408-0001.
Toll-free: 1-866-272-6272.

Pretty Boy’s Con show goes on. Like a pissant to PT Barnum’s Greatest

As it is, save money too!  There are numerous  Uhaul trucks in Florida with Calif. plates, thanks to UHaul’s top sales guy, the Greased Newsom. Hat tip to the gracious Jennifer Horn: I had explained the Carbonhater’s own body, stretched nightly next to his best friend’s wife, was 18.5% carbon and 65% oxygen.  Yet, the fossil fool STILL wants NO gas cars in OUR state while he slinks off to Montana ranch, Florida or the laughable DC white house.  Sorry Greased one: Jen IS right: he is 87%  polyvinylpyrrolidone, polydimethylsiloxane, gum arabic, alcohols, hydrocarbons, and gum tragacanth. Hair spray was invented in the 1940s as a way to keep hair from moving around during the day. The same types of polymers in hair spray are found in wood glues, but they are water soluble for easy rinsing.

Guvmint wastes more money than Gates owns, every single day; UHaul would have been a cheap way and not involve tons of FBI and local gerdarms for their usual heavy handed Garland Grab pre dawn RAID with Fishing Poles and German Stasi types.  No wonder they hate Trump: he symbolizes job loss and relevancy checks for 2 million of our

The OTHER “America”

employees in the DCesspool, called the Obamanation for short.

  They could have taken all the boxes twice but then Merritless Garland couldn’t make a federal case of the latest Stone Navarro show perp walk. 
SCNG, you are BETTER than this; at least, you could be again! 
They LEFT each time without the boxes that WH staff had packed up in Dec-Jan 2020,  before delivery TO the southern White House. 
Unlike the Clintons who made off with $175,000 in well marked Hilton bath towels and furniture previously, Trump didn’t pack the boxes. He was busy enjoying impeachment II and dealing with month 50 of the Democrap hoaxsters who own DC.
Sadly, despite their criminal gains, the Clintons STILL are trailer trash & real Russkie hoaxsters, with all apologies to mobile home dwellers.
3) The redacted laughable aff-o-divot said the “government wanted to protect the safety of a number of civilian witnesses…”  Really?  Call me skeptical! 
These poor bureaurats fearfully guarding the same storage room locked per the weaponized archivists?  Who, Eric CIAmarella, Eve’s Adam the Lyin’ Schiffter’s secret blower of certain whistles?
Doesn’t Garland realize we are on to his sordid game? Feigning 330 million parental terrorists’ violence so we front load “protection” from those poor school board leftists who love 1619 critical racism, hypersex and “what does semen taste like?” and “Masturing Master Bay shun” in San Diego Unified’s teacher’s reading, writing and ‘rithmatic training curricula?
By the way, when will Garland prosecute the criminals of BLM and Antifa from the 574 REAL riots of 2020?  After he jails mama bear parents caught asking questions at School Boards of America?  Who the hell ARE these people; they certainly aren’t honest Americans!

Kamala raided David’s apartment (bigger than Schiffty Adam’s Burbank pad) with 11 AG goons to steal his (NOT returned) intellectual candid camera property

ARMED Garland, like ARMED thugs of Kamala raiding Daleiden’s apartment that is bigger than Schiff’s Burbank  Condo, fears us struggling families outside the Potomac Zone?

Zounds of Danny Kaye’s hurting arm wielding often in White Christmas (no racial intent please) to Bing.  Sorry AGarland, your wimp status NOT on the SCOTUS is NOT getting better: you should recuse yourself from DC.
4) No, here’s their little secret plan:  the boxes were left on purpose to distract from massive failing Obama’s puppet Biden’s 70% disapproval rating 70 days until election 2022 day. 
Oh, and SCNG folks, here’s the lead in to the next step in the plan:
Read the last line in the donkey AssP article; it calls out surreptitiously the scam even seasoned fake newsies can see: (the word is under S in your newsroom’s dictionary). 
Read it slowly IF you can. Read:  “In addition, the aff includes a footnote from the FBI agent who wrote it observing that ‘ONE OF THE LAWS that MAY have been VIOLATED doesn’t even use the term “classified information” but instead criminalizes the unlawful RETENTION OF NATIONAL DEFENSE INFORMATION.”
Even a picture of a nuclear sub can be declassified without Trump’s arrest!
Does the Obamanation owned Dem ABCNNBCBS APost Times think we deplorable domestic terrorist parents are THAT stupid?  Hidden in plain sight is hoax number 1000 of the Trump era presidency.  He still owns a large chunk of the DNC Democrat Prostiticians’ minds.  EVEN when Obama, not the Donald, LIVEs IN DC pulling his godfather strings…The chart of godfather IV Dark Darth T~hater’s Obamanation to the left of Barack Hussein.
This little DOJFBI foothook was included so Garbage Garland’s Gang of Gambling misfits can later claim Trump had nuclear secrets in his possession?! 
Come on, nothing the OBama Biden favored and supported Persian Mullahs don’t already have with their whirling centrifuges… even when Slick Willie lost the nuke codes for a weekend we were not at risk.  Plus, the codes are changed daily. 
So lefty SCNG you could help: please call your fave AP leak receiver and tell them the NUCLEAR defense con won’t work, just as Hillary’s Hoax or Obama’s lead with his ass policies of Screw America the Alinsky way have failed.  Try something new: like let honest elections happen in 70 days, no mid flight night 5 state shutdown of the midterms. The continued Jan 6 insurrection fraud and Dr Pfaucinstein med malpractice hearings coming 56 days after Nov 8.  SCNG: in case you did not take 1776 history but the 1619 on your way to a Columbia urinal degree, 56 is the number of patriot founders who lost family, fortunes and their very lives signing the English Insurrectionist paper, we know as the Declaration of OUR independence.  From England in the 1770s and the Obamanation today from those who hate America, led by Dark Darth T-hater pulling Soros’ puppet strings with his cabal of regressive power mad separatists.  And they ARE separatists: two countries, Darth T-hater led Obamanation.  And the real America.
SCNG you are BETTER than this: stick to sports and comics and we will look elsewhere for the true news.  I’ve been an American citizen and California native for 70 years. A dad of 11  Grandfather of 23.  Still helping people with their real estate needs.  Homeschooler for 38 years.  Hoiles is gone but good journalism is STILL attainable as you phase out the celluloid version of your work product.
But if you are gonna scam us further, please don’t pull yet another Herr Viesmann gestapo destruction of Paul Manafort, an innocent man caught in the Dem’s hate filled toxic crosshairs.  Learn what real journalists and statesmen/women need: a heart of integrity with the fight of Hercules to keep America great after REconstructing what JoBama has destroyed in a mere 19 months.
70 days until Election.  56 more until seating of the new Congress 118th; Lizzie4prez’24 will NOT be there, by the way. Also rans, the list is long: The people of Wyoming have spoken. So will other more populous states.
Other liars like Schiffty Schitty Adam who never lives in his one bedroom condo on First Street in Burbank, Adam II Killzinger too will become noisy demoted.  Pelosi, the Schemer…unfortunately mumbles who knows how to snatch defeat out of giant victorious jaws, McC of Kentuckee may still hold the Senate. But AOC, Schumer, Natty Nadler, Kamalala, will be demoted as well by their sheer arrogance.  Joe, if he has any brain cells yet, still will be like King Thiden of the Rings’ middle earth, possessed by the father of lies’ son, satan (Schiff IS the father of lies this decade) and burning through and adding the latest half trillion of our $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities.  Of course, forcing rich Harvard kids’ debt (gender studies degrees are less than worth) paid by plumbers and gardeners will be shown UnConstitutional.  Ask Daniel Boone about socialistic takeaways.
I honestly pray for the Oz wizard to give SCNG the heart of a lion, cloned from the scarecrow and the courage of the maned one in Emerald City. 
 You could be much better; just because of cost, you must use the Ass Press, but  you can separate yourselves from their Democrap and become mature journalists. I will continue to pray for you and pay for my Sunday early edition; I will until I retire at 100 or Susan Shelley moves on; or you phase out paper completely.  Like the paper Trump is being conned over at the Southern White House.  Two words, lefties at the DNC.  We know.  Problem is, like the massive election2020 fraud, and EVERY planned act of the Demented DCesspool state, it costs us billions in wasted American wealth.  I know I will never get any of the climate god worshiping cultists to realize 12 man made CO2 molecules per every ONE MILLION (12/1,000,000) is NOT affecting the planet at all.  If they did (or even become scientific about those squirming preBirth little girls being sliced up for organ sales), their anxiety would kill them.   Faster than a Planned Parenthoodlum’s currette cuts up a living human girl above the birth canal.

The Cause for considering the Giza Pyramid as a Catholic relic and holy site

Jimmy Akin: thank you for your thoughts 

Released and open for comment on the feast of St John Vianney… August 4,2022  Early Release period through Dec 2023       
Latest revise Sept 17 2022   Oct 9,2022   Oct 12,’22 Happy Chris Columbus day  Nov 1 All Saints Day 2022   Christ the King 11/20/22

Let’s begin with a key Science Verse:

“So it was that there came forth from one man, himself as good as dead, descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky AND as countless as the sands on the seashore. “   

 ~St. Paul’s letter to the Hebrews 

For you math whizzies, Danish Astronomer Tycho Brahe’s guess of one thousand (1000) stars is orders of magnitude smaller than billions of stars, including the much beaten up Galileo’s telescoping millions plus. When:
Paul reflects on Genesis and unknowingly pronounced an astronomical truth not yet understood. It also was: 

Proof that God knows what He is doing AND undoubtedly is the Chief Scientist and Astronomer of eternity. 

As it is, God published His first treatise on astronomy in the Torah,  which we foolish Catholics didn’t discover until the 17th century and many still don’t see the reality of and in the stars even today. 
Tycho Brahe, Galileo’s contemporary and a well known astronomer, still believed in 1000 stars max over 400 years ago.  What has this to do with Giza and the Cause?  You shall see.
This Cause investigation dedicated to 27 year old Adam Christian Urquides, Cathy Lipsky, Jack Reinker, Sharon Condon, Erin Vukojevik & Donna Beckman, homeschoolers in heaven waaaay too early. And ‘Sharpa’ Marion Mills, who lived and loved life to the fullest.
It is incumbent on the Church to be life long learners in a world starving for the truth and following every “wind of doctrine”.  Every truth helps. And not succumb to easy believisms and kowtowing to the godless so-called scientific “experts.”  Humans ARE fallible.  But shhh let me let you in on a little secret: God IS omniscient and INfallible.

Thank you to my fellow adventurers on the journey to heaven:

Just invited Jimmy Akin, smart guy at Catholic Answers to join in this adventure, along with Patrick & Nancy Madrid, Cyrus the Great, Drew Mariani and Relevant Radio; Catholic Answers, Fr. Spitzer and the Magiscenter, and other great ones.

Can’t leave out my fave Premonstratensians (Norbertinos for short) like Mr. Math Fr Holy Joe Horn, Fr Augustine in Illinois and certainly the wise Abbot Hayes from the St Michael’s Abbey, Silverado Canyon and home of the new Our Lady of the Assumption.  Very wise Abbot Hayes.

They have been mentioned, quoted and/or credited but NOT yet necessarily with their permission.  It’s the seasoned Catholic way of “asking forgiveness instead of permission” (parents of 4 or more kids understand) but before the final rewrite before print end of 2023 (maybe sooner), permissions will be attained.   

WE are in the viewpoint sharing and research phase…sources are not just Catholic, but Protestants and other faiths as well.  But, I believe the straightest interpretation of the facts, science and otherwise, is through the Catholic Church.  After all, we are the continuation of the Old Testament…


We have had many miracles down through history that we are aware of; others, still obscure and hidden. And then there are those hidden in transparent, plain sight. The mother of my 11 who died 12 years ago at age 48, showed us another event unmistakenly beyond explanation on earth.  For another time…

But, no question, the Church has sanctioned many of the travels of Regina Coeli (the Virgin Mary’s name post coronation and my newest awesome daughter in law Regina Coeli) and Jesus’ mom’s frequent flyer regional visitations, typically called apparitions, to different worldwide locales.  God DIDN’T create then desert his Creation.

Like the good Jewish mother, Mary focuses us on her Son and is always timely.  Often, much more timely than we upon the earth.  Some sanctioned, some not.  Garabandal, Medjegore, Lourdes, OL of: Good Success, Good Health, Guadalupe, Quito,  and many more.

This is why I am careful in this quest for truth about the largest non-natural “building” on earth to not mislead.  But you decide and bring your comments to me at or below the post.

Teaser for consideration: suppose Giza went completely dark at the precise time Jesus had died and for three hours remained dark; on the day that God had it shine its brightest with zero shadow; , over millennia, the sun rose over Bethlehem on the Spring Equinox, than when the sun was highest in the sky at high noon, it had NO SHADOW. 

That Good Friday, once the sun was “restored” after three hours, the temple cloth still torn in two, the brilliance returned though WITH shadow.  AND not at its brightest either.  More on this later

REcall, there are also many Eucharistic anomalies we label “miracles” as well, like the amazing Lanciano miracle; another, the 13 day miracle in 2005, that of Terri Schiavo Schindler & Pope St John Paul the Great when Fr Pavone gave our starving, dying Catholic sister the Eucharist 3 times which unnaturally ie supernaturally sustained her life.

A new one (Aug 2022) in Mexico where the Host, resting in the monstrance, appears to be a beating heart.  For another time.

The list is long but each must be vetted and approved by the Church.  And that approval is important, since many a fakery gets touted as a miraculous imagery or “God told me that….”

Of course, like that big white pyramid shaped object pictured here, the Mexico City Host is being investigated in earnest. 

But the original Giza pyramid is NOT on the Church’s radar for investigation…quite yet.

At least this septuagenerian 39 yr homeschooling dad of 11 isn’t aware of any doctrines, papal bulls, encyclicals or doctor of the Church teachings on Giza as a Catholic icon & holy place.  Anyone aware? Is this the first?

It’s only been 4600 years since ground breaking of the GPGiza that some scholars believe took 10 years of planning and thousands of workers toward it’s “birth” at the vernal (spring) equinox in 2141bc.  Others believe it was miraculously built by God or space aliens. For the record, this author was NOT there. But, for this study, WHAT it is and what it has been is the subject.

Starting with the belief is it was built in 2623bc based on the time “chart” built in.  More later.

Sad thing, like those majestic catechetical cathedrals of Europe now in disrepair or museums today, about 600 years ago, it was the brightest bright white, and then centuries of casing (cover) stone shoplifting began.

Currently, Egypt is trying to repair the weathered icon but 2.2 million exposed blocks aren’t that easy to fix up; as well, where are they going to get the 114,000 (low estimate) to 144,000 (more common estimate) of casing stones spread throughout the Middle East?

Yes, we live by faith not just sight. 

One of my fave Bible chapters is Hebrews 11.  But the term “blind faith” may be best applied to my favorite Jesuit physicist whose eyesight degenerated after birth: Fr Spitzer the PB&J of scientific faith and religious science.

God has been generous with a bounty of evidences that He exists and the Church His Son had begun and was Holy Spirit energized 50 days after He rose, still stands.  Physicist Fr Spitzer’s digs in on much of the intricacies that science offers.

But, we humans separate science from truth and reality, when they are inter related.  There’s an overreliance of “separating” both faith/religion from science all too often.

Other situations, like private revelations or outright simony-esque, are scrutinized since no legitimate  “miracle” can claim Jesus is NOT the Christ, there are three gods or deviate from the Trinity’s true revelations over time. 

Hint: Here’s one that needs investigation for it has been hidden in plain sight longer than the Giant Sequoias, over 4 millennia and counting:

The Great Catholic Pyramid of Giza.  Huh, that pile of rocks? Catholic?

Priest, friend, critic, ally:  Allow me to call you “Adventurer”.  We all have been on a journey since birth and are looking into a new adventure; like all adventures, you lead, follow or eventually ask “what happened?” 

The hoped for result in this treasure hunt could be a cornerstone, so to speak, of God’s eternal plan for the singular human race He created, one child at a time.  Set apart and not like the trillions of insects, billions of stars, thousands of biochemical processes, hundreds of ? He began it with.  Adam and Eve, start your engines.

Or it could be nothing.  My God, which is your God, is teleological, purpose driven and eternal from eternity past.

God loves and uses signs and symbols throughout history. They are not accidental in His plan…they are immersed and interwoven all around us.  Without getting into the minutiae and weeds, even the human body exhibits His morphological genius and unique design to live in eternity: two sexes on earth, male and female as He created us, and living like the angels in glorified bodies for the first trillion years…then the next and the…   Fr Horn, math genius, do you think like I do, we are ALWAYS in the exact middle of eternity?  Chew on that one.

SIGN of the CROSS…

For example, one of the first signs we parents teach our children as followers of the Christ is His sign: the sign of the cross. 

Photo credit to Fr. “Holy Joe” Horn. The Cross above the Assumption church at St. Michael’s Abbey of Premonstratensians, OK, the Norbertines too.

“In the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” The sign of the Trinity glimpsed in the phrase “Let Us make man in Our Image” in Genesis and later, with Jesus and John in the water at the Jordan baptism scene.  Ask Augustine: it’s hard to visualize an eternal Trinity.

Words Jesus instructed His followers to baptize with.

The Hand Motions.  Our Roman Catholic right hand travels head to chest, left shoulder to right with the tips of our right hand.  But (hat tip Patrick Madrid) did you know, our Eastern Orthodox brothers and sisters, take their index, middle and thumb fingers grouped as three in one, first using their digital Trinity at the forehead, chest, then right then left. 

From ALL eternity, God has known we puny humans cannot understand how God has existed as three persons in one Godhead.  Words fail us. 

Yet, like the three leaf clover analogy that Englishman turned Ireland’s Bishop Patrick was fond of using, we just can’t fathom God.  WE can’t but we MUST try to spread the Great News…

Sometimes, secrecy was critical to survival for the young Church; actually, still today, where Christians the world over are being martyred for being Christian.  Nigeria, middle East etc.

As it is, the early Christians were not the most popular folks on earth, much like their Savior.

Another useful sign: they used a horizontal curve scratched on the ground or wall that meant nothing to the Jews or Gentiles; crossed over with an inverted curve, it signaled the way, like a fish to the fishermen of the New Covenant.  Signs and symbols are very important.

Suppose, the New Covenant was “signaled” as well, BEFORE Mary’s opportunity was announced by Gabriel 2000 years ago, starting a whole series of miraculous events we honor still today. After all, from Genesis on, there are prophecies about God’s Son coming to the world to save it.

Just suppose, God in His infinite wisdom “rigged” up and left the world’s largest object, located only where He could know, at the center of the world, the exact center of His created land masses, to point to many marvelous things.  Some already discovered.

But others, yet to be uncovered…let’s begin


So, Fellow Adventurer! 

Introductory question: Is GPGiza a giant pile of broken down, weather worn blocks or was it the original keeper of some of God’s infused and/or revealed knowledge for mankind? Did it have more purpose than a pile of heavy blocks/stones in the Egyptian desert?

Or corollary, is this author and cause seeker just full of fertile Nile soil?

  Fact #1 to consider: GPGiza is THE original pyramid in Egypt. 

All other 118 Egyptian pyramids (west of the Nile) were poor copies, counterfeits actually, to serve the dead egos of the pharaohs. They came AFTER the GPG and had features that the GPG did NOT…and vice versa. So let’s dig for the truth.

GPGiza was NOT about earthly kings; was it designed and built to point to other royals: such as the King of Kings and by reflection, the true Queen of Heaven, the Regina Coeli? Is there a supernatural purpose?

After all, inside, there is a King’s chamber and Queen’s chamber built in. More on this later.

BUT no evidence of burial, mummified or otherwise, typical of the subsequent and inferior Egyptian pyra-midos.

As it is, the closest thing to the afterlife in the GPG IS a three dimensional red granite coffer that interestingly matches the Biblical dimensions of the Ark of the Old Covenant. Coincidence or Godincidence?

It’s red granite could have come from Mt Horeb of Moses fame, or refer to the rebuilding of Solomon’s third temple once a red heifer, unblemished, is discovered.  “It is believed the last red heifer was offered during the era of the Second Temple which ended with the Roman destruction of the temple in 70 A.D. Since Israel took possession of the Temple Mount during the 1967 War, Jews wanting to build their Third Temple have begun to search for a qualified red heifer.  (hat tip

Coincidence?  Fellow Adventurer, I think not.  There is some biblical significance to the discovery of a unblemished red heifer before the Jerusalem temple returns. A topic for another time, perhaps. Are you aware what happened when Jesus was crucified in the temple? Tearing in two of the veil that separated the Holy of Holies from the people! The miraculous ribbon color change no longer occurred for the ‘scapegoat’. More…

As you sort through the assumptions and theories herein, think of “Receive the Light of Christ!” words uttered during Easter season thru Pentecost, then at baptisms and funerals/celebration of lives outside the Easter season.

And EVERY Mass we attend, we say the codified words of the The Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed: “God from God, light from light, true God from True God.”   

None of us was present…but before man and the universe created for man, there was NO light.  Strange to think about it but the first words of Creation are “LET there be Light!”  And Light came to be.  If light already existed, why would the Creator call “light” into existence!

All of Creation is intertwined in so many ways, and you may or may not know, God planted signs and clues throughout time to enable His main goal for us: living peacefully and joyfully as part of the Bride of Christ forever. The concept of ‘forever’ is both scary and unintelligible.  Undecipherable.

Jesus, the husband the Head, the Church, His body, the bride.  But as to a missing puzzle piece of His iconic history:

The GPGiza is no exception even hidden in plain sight.

After all, as you may soon discover, the GPGiza is about Jesus’ unheralded conception, heralded birth and death, the seasons of the Church as well as the seasons of the 3rd planet from the Son.  Err sun

Announcing (no drum roll, just fervent hope this makes spiritual and real sense):  

Investigating the Cause: to consider the Great Pyramid of Giza as a Catholic relic & Holy Site

Artist rendering of how it looked when it was 1st built, before the 144,000 casing stones stolen after 14th century earthquakes. The flat top is 30 sq ft., a little under the 42 sf of the Shroud

`The purpose of this submittal is to search out information, research and discussion regarding the Giza Plateau’s main pyramid, typically known as the Great Pyramid of Giza.  For brevity,  we will use GPG or GPGiza as its abbreviation.  As we begin, adventurers, decide which of three camps you are in:

  1. Len is a nut; humor him but I just can’t see anything Christ like or Catholic in the GPGiza, the last remaining wonder of the ancient world. His #11 child Katie got any smarts he had, left over after the first ten.
  2. OK, maybe there’s some truth to it but Len still has that aluminum hat/head piece in place with crystals hanging from his rearview mirror.   
  3. OR Wow…after reading this and checking things out, I believe that maybe there’s something to it. Now you have my curiosity up.  Let’s open an official cause

You can change camps at any time.

Let the adventure begin! Adventurer, please KEEP a child-like open mind and a focus on the eternals…and Truth.  AND make comments via email to putting Giza in the subject line.

Categories of study, “table” of contents

There is much overlay in these categories, but suffice it to say, it is an attempt to simplify this causal investigation for good purposes:

  • Background | Basic Physiology and Mathematics | Light: the Universal Symbol of our Savior  | Geography & Biblical Archeology
  • Conceptions and Titles, Roles and ManifestationsWorld’s CompassPillar of Fire & Giant Beacon of Light | 8 sided altar | The Door of Rebirth
  • Time lines/Prophetic Time Machine:  Descending and Ascending Passageways 
  • Hypothesis & Theory of the CauseBethlehem the House of Bread & the Magi |  Giza and the Temple were transformed
  • Summary statements  |  Contributors & Areas for the Future

1 Background

Welcome, Eternal treasure hunter and adventurer:  If you have only cursory knowledge of this desert structure, the last and only remaining wonder of the ancient world,  the brilliant, white picture above approximates what it looked like before the 13th-14th century AD.

As it approached completion around 2623BC, it was covered with brilliant white, smooth casing stones lodged within 50/1000s of an inch of each other, held in place by an as yet unidentified cement.  It reminds me of the precision of Jesus’ burial cloth, the Shroud of Turin, whose fibrils’ top 50/millionths of an inch are singed leaving a positive image, not a negative. 

The GPG is definitely ahead of its time.  We cannot build it today, let alone cement it, during these Dark Ages before the Neo Renaissance of Love.  The technology may exist for cell phones but NOT to build another GPGiza.

Could the GPG be noticed externally from space?  The GPGiza is the world’s largest engineered object (largest still though taller buildings exist today) that sits on and at the exact center point of the world; as it is, few are even aware of these two facts.

13.5 acres of land covered by millions of limestone blocks.

In fact, to help your critical thinking, you must reset your basic understanding what “pyramid” is and means. 

For example, Giza translates from its Arabic to “border” and some scholars translate Pyramid to mean “Fire in the middle”.  Geometrically yes, it appears as a multi-sided triangular structure in 4th grade geometry class: pyramid.   But that too is not what it seems.

It is my hypothesis that the GPG is more than a pile of multi-ton stone blocks; that it in fact may hold a role in salvation history as a Catholic icon, relic, sign & symbol and holy place.  And much more. 

It’s not my fault it hasn’t been called out as such or maybe it has; I’ve only been around this planet a few decades though my kids think my first car was like the Flintstone’s Barney Rubble’s quarry racer. 

In the comment section, you are welcome to add your insights, criticisms and comments as we explore this possibility; let us work on this as a family. I pray as we collaborate on this project, good, will come of it.  Or email   Giza in the subject section. 

Truth is:  I am NOT a prophet nor the son of a prophet, but I do follow Christ and have for decades pondered this reality since first reading John Zajac’s seminal work, the “Delicate Balance.” 

GPGiza is NOT alone!

Two of the other world class icons I have studied for decades, and continue to study, are the burial cloth of our Savior, Jesus the Christ called the Shroud of Turin.   At Santiago Retreat Center in Orange County’s canyons is the Shroud Center of Southern California, a veritable store house of information about Jesus’ burial cloth, including life size copies.

Another miracle object: hanging from many a car’s rear view mirror or back window in Southern California, the Tilma of Tenochtitlan, known as the unpainted though imaged cactus cloth, picturing Our Lady of the Aztecs, of Guadalupe, a gift for the ages to the Americas.

Celebrated each December 12th, just days after Mary’s Immaculate Conception is heralded on Dec 8th (9 months before her birthdate); it actually completes the five day celebration of her Immaculate Conception and that of her Son, conceived of the Holy Spirit.  His conception NOT His earthly birth which we celebrate proximate to the winter solstice on Dec 25..  Jesus IS the Reason for the seasons and the seasons are the reasoned pointer to Him.

After all, sojournors and adventurers, Ever virgin Mary IS the patroness of the Americas… 

Add in the incredible and varied Eucharistic Miracles, like the Mexico host in a monstrance beating heart under review, the still extent 1200 year old Lanciano AB blood droplets and myocardia tissue phenomena (which defies human explanation as well)…

Interesting, on August 2, 2022, Patrick Madrid opined about a very real potential reality: science has advanced so much, imagine if the Lord’s DNA is charted, taken from any number of sources but especially the Eucharistic miracles involving extent Real Presence in real time, of Jesus. 

23 earth mom chromosomes, 23 Godly…  Patrick didn’t say this, but I was thinking if a Godly or godless geneticist “experiments” on the blood droplets supplied by a Eucharistic miracle, will God pull another “Babel Tower” disruption or just call it a day.  The last day?  Only time will tell.

So keep your eyes and ears open, study hard; there is much to refute the misunderstood “blind faith” label.  Yes, blessed are those who have not seen and believe, but…

Each of us, whether Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Atheist or none of the above, have the same common lineage to one first set of parents.  God didn’t create a new set of parents for the Islamic people, the Jews, the Chinese, the Americans…they all descend from the first couple somewhere in Mesopotamia: Adam and Eve…and funneled down to eight humans in Noah’s family.

  Race is a simple concept, not the complex race card deck so often wielded like a weapon by the misery merchants of the death culture.  To protect us, God “diversified” the unitary language and culture into countries and locales; the challenge was the same: to help another or as I like to put it “Help1Some1~2day”.  The 2nd great command in action.

One big reason what Pope Saint John Paul the Great called “the death culture”, that it has so much in-roads and abilities (NOT power) to lie, is we Catholics don’t press the truth into play enough. 

Our public schools indoctrinate with both silly and dangerous antiGod world viewpoints and vain theories WITHOUT enough push back.  Well, recently that has changed somewhat during and post Covid. But evil’s tentacles go deep.

It is long past time for engaged Catholics to proclaim ALL of the Good News and thereby defend God’s creation from the Deconstructors.  Such as the ObamaNation of Desolators, hell bent on warring on everything that is good, currently running things 2 miles north of the Oval Office’s puppet.

As to broadcasting our strengths as the Church, the bride of Christ, Giza is no different: a missed opportunity to center and anchor the True Faith in the hearts and minds of the Godless and agnostic, who follow “every wind of doctrine” to their demise. 

But with an object, massive and at the world’s center?

Recall the “signs” of the Transfiguration as well as the night doubting Thomas was convinced; each involved the very real presence of the Living God, before and after that Friday the 13th in the Hebrew month ABib/Nissan crucifixion.

Historically, you probably remember Noah’s Ark stories from Catechism or Sunday School.  We believe when God was displeased with mankind’s excessive level of corruption, the Omnipotent Designer, narrowed the population back down to four couples with the Great Flood. But ALL eight still had memories of their primary ancestors, a man and woman who lost garden privileges.  Adam and Eve.

The World Wide Flood.  More of a hydro H2O induced major reorganization of God’s earth?

Most of the world’s cultures have flood stories as well as their “guess” what their god/God is about:

Wiki: Flood myths are common across a wide range of cultures, extending back into Bronze Age and Neolithic prehistory. These accounts depict a flood, sometimes global in scale, usually sent by a deity or deities to destroy civilization as an act of divine retribution.”

If we believe Jesus at His Word, Adam & Eve lost Abel early, then populated the earth until God called Noah 120 years ahead of turning on the water spout.  After the worldwide flood, 8 humans remained on earth: all the peoples of the world are Descendants of both the first couple and one of the three couples of Shem, Ham and Japheth.  As you probably know, Shem’s 10th in line Abram, via Haggai and Sarah, is the patriarch of the world’s three religions, the Jews, the Arabs and Christians. 

The tablet of Gilgamesh with its Sumerian flood story

Patrick Madrid on Columbus Day Oct 12, 2022, had a caller Adam asking about Typology. Defined:

  1. The study or systematic classification of types that have characteristics or traits in common.
  2. A theory or doctrine of types, as in scriptural studies.
  3. The doctrine of types or symbols; a discourse on types, especially those of Scripture.

The popular Catholic apologist, whose name is Patrick Madrid Experience, mentioned Gilgamesh (wiki: “Early interest in the Epic of Gilgamesh was almost exclusively on account of the flood story from Tablet XI. The flood story attracted enormous public attention and drew widespread scholarly controversy, while the rest of the epic was largely ignored”)


and about various civilizations having flood stories; I’ve listed them here for your perusal. TY Mr. Experience for your awesome lifelong work.

Remember, there is evidence the GizaP was built BEFORE the Noahic flood occurred. 

Also, this makes sense that God, who loves to use symbols for His beloved humans, would have MARKED His world with a timeless icon that even and especially in the 21st century, we see God focuses on His Son as the Center of History:  ie His Story. What do I mean?

The Christ Angle, which you and I will study later on in this cause, could only be understood for its best purpose in the 20th and 21st century.

In fact, if you Duck Duck Go Wiki on world flood stories, you’ll find world wide cultures have the stories; makes sense BECAUSE it HAPPENED!  For example, in North America.

Worldwide, copying the table of contents of places floods “occurred”:


For this Giza cause, let’s look at the one mentioned by Jesus; the Local Worldwide Flood in the time of Noah

Fascinating is what you can deduce by analysis: the ages of the patriarchs were charted for us to better understand what happened before; then after the flood…in human anatomy, lifespans as well as the transformed earth.

You may know and/or don’t care, but the last two patriarchs before Noah, his dad Lamech and grandpa Methuselah (the longest living human at 969 years while passing on (for this discussion) Enoch and Elijah, and probably Mary) died just before the Fluidic Recreation, the flood, came to be. 

But, Len, those seven- eight-nine centenarians (spanning 777 to 969 years per the Adam&Eve family geneology scrap book) were just approximations, and exaggerations, certainly no human could live 969 years!! 

My answer: really, are you sure?  Where the ancient peoples so stupid they can’t record 4 seasons over 969 years? 

In a recent discussing with a former Catholic Bible expert, Cheryl, she discussed the inerrancy of the Scriptures and how obvious the future rapture will be and beneficial for us.  It was a lively dialogue, yes.  Picture: 

The Torah and the old testament… the New Testament written down after a couple hundred years of oral Church tradition and God’s inspiration through the Holy Spirit is beautiful.  But realize the collection of 72 “books”, same number as the disciples sent forth two x two, is multi dimensional.  And, combined with Church tradition and the Magisterium, we have a good picture of His Story, the center of HiStory.

God, by tilting the earth 23.5 degrees, created the seasons so the ancient preAbrahamic peoples could record their birthdates and years. So the geneologies of Genesis, Matthew and Luke are birthday cards recorded for posterity.

And the Chabad folks, in year 5780 on their calendar, trace their lineage back to Adam. As in the Genesis history book.  Like we do today with our family albums and genetics23 and the geneology techies, they traced them and recorded with God’s help.  NOT facebook nor GooglePlex

Only weak minded back up their assumptions with their made up wind blown theories; as if God needed billions of years to perfect a star and planets (553 sextillion wide universe), the golden mean of plants and shells, the 50 trillion cells in a human body, the massive gift Carbon Dioxide at 1:2500 molecules or 12:1,000,000 manmade CO2 God feeds us with. 

Let alone doubt God could find a way to fill His favored earth with His beloved humans!  He created male and female, not cis, ye, yam zoonie etc and other silly adolescent anti-nouns for the indoctrinated. 

He did NOT call Harvard or MIT for the design: God created them in HIS image, not the Obamanation, the party of slavery & chaos, let alone the misery merchants who can’t seem to be satisfied with ANY blessing in their lives.  Sad, sad people.

Big question: Were you there as birthday monitor? My 11 kids think I was!  Believe what you want but be careful you doubt the easily verifiable facts of the Bible. You must think the early people were stupid and could not record their years on earth? even if done seasonally, the worst they’d be off is about a portion of a year (eg Mahaliel lived 895 YEARS give or take 360 days).  

A warning: it has become fashionable to pooh pooh the truths of the Bible as we watch the godless deconstruct His works in our “advanced” end of end times age.

Same people who demand a 100 billion year old universe, push the idea little girls prebirth are open game for live target organ slice up at PP; or that CO2, God’s great gift that feeds the world, somehow is evil and melting the earth BECAUSE of impudent puny mankind.  Such fools we be!!

In the school of logic, 1000 or a million are exaggerations or roundups; but RECORDED lives lived in years, like 777, 895, Noah’s 950, Met’s 969 years are only 12 month uncertainties…don’t doubt God.  Odd numbers, not whole century roundups indicates same>

As to the defining FLOOD, we little minded humans don’t realize it was when God leveled and drowned the world, it was no little puddle.  Flood is our meek reference in Genesis.  It was a WHOLE lot bigger.

Please understand: ‘flood’ is a major, almost infinite understatement, as is forty days of rain. Like Seattle gets routinely.  But, what was the constitution of the earth prior to the Great Upheaval that was God’s winnowing of His beloved humans? (adventurers, this information will help not hinder the cause)

Pangea is a term derived from Ancient Greek pan (πᾶν, “all, entire, whole”) and Gaia or Gaea (Γαῖα, “Mother Earth, land”).  OK, i know, mother earth makes great ST Francis song lyrics or a butter TV commercial, but…

 The concept that the continents once formed a contiguous land mass was hypothesized, with corroborating evidence, by Alfred Wegener, the originator of the scientific theory of continental drift, in his 1912 publication The Origin of Continents (Die Entstehung der Kontinente) (from Wiki)

One look at a globe today, any reasonable person can see cognitively there is a ragged jigsaw puzzle nature of the continents position and shapes, and how they could have fit together at one time.  Just a theory, but…

Or maybe God’s design originally WAS one supercontinent. Recall the tower of babel days with everyone speaking the same language? From the site

“The Tower of Babel incident occurred around 4,200 years ago—about 100 years after the Flood but before Abraham was born, This was before ancient Egypt, Greece, and other early civilizations. These places couldn’t have begun until after people left Babel to establish these other civilizations.”

 In a sense, before planned parenthood evolved out of hell, the flood survivors and their descendants were REpopulating the earth. Though, we don’t know how many people would have been born in those 100 years, but speaking the same language and building their way to the heavens are good assumptions.  WE know:

“…Noah’s grandson Javan founded Greece. When we read “Greece” in the Old Testament, it is actually the name Javan, which we translate as “Greece.” Noah’s grandson Mizraim founded Egypt.” 

Of course, the Tower of Babel WAS real with its coincident issues and God saw fit to separate the nations by inculcating groups of people with groups of words called languages…something the far left is engaged in with a vengeance today, only their purpose is to confuse and destroy.  I even have a Leftist Lexicon Dictionary because the main party of slavery   Exact opposite of what God did. 

It has gotten so bad for the Godless,  that a Harvard Law grad recently confirmed to the Supreme Court, Jumanji Jackson Brown, can’t even define the descendant of the first Eve…let alone the second.  She couldn’t explain to the Senate and the world what a woman is.

Back to early earth: There was No rain, just a water vapor canopy around the globe, as scientists conjecture. 

At that auspicious time I believe after 120 years of Noah’s ship building by hand (Gibbs of NCIS fame?), the world’s continents went through major renovation and God’s RE-Juvenation of His Perfect work, was the engine for an incredible quadrillions of tons of organic materials being converted into fossil fuels for the future. (Yes, I know other theories exist that the deposits predated the flood)   Never looked at it that way, adventurer?  Certainly AOC, Kerry and the other Algorean heretics did not.

Theory of the fossils distribution

Sadly:  Joseph Rosinette may be the culprit for the unneceesary, ignorant super spike in the refined fossil fuels’ pricing (or his puppeteer Obama & team), but the one he supposedly worships did the heavy lifting. WE know Him as God.

By the way, there is evidence IN the GPG that it precedes the flood with water marks inside…and survived very intact because the 144,000 sealed capstones were excellent water repellent surfaces.

Just suppose: the fossil fuels that the Godless and arrogant pseudo scientific left hate so, are gifts from the God of eternity past.

Where is my Church in defending this Good News and promoting helping the poor NOT decimating every struggling family in the USA? Common sense dictates that the best way to drag people in the 3rd world out of poverty is cheap energy, yes fossil fuels so they can cook their food, warm their homes and power their jobs.  Like no polluting natural gas that the Sierra Club Med hates because it HELPS homo sapiens.

No, the world did not come with named countries. But God stirred the pot a bit a la Tower of Babel work. He knew that Karl Schwab types would rise to try and be world rulers. Anything about today ring a bell?

Think about it, adventurer.  God foreknew that when we reached certain points of technological growth and scientific understanding through time, we would be able to learn more about His handiwork.

Come the 20th century, we would use oil for vehicles, trucks and internal combustion engines, PLUS (a BIG plus)  6000+, many essential, products you can’t make with crude locked underground driving on solar tires, windmills and dreams.  This last part shows the arrogant self-ignorance of denying the Creator His due.  Now the putrid greens are pushing a rich solution, all electric cars without a hint of wisdom what it means to the cultures of the world.

Also, over the centuries, we could begin the use of low polluting natural gas (instead of wood, candles, etc)  in our homes for cooking and heating. 

We would understand better, once we discovered the atom can be split, we could either destroy ourselves OR harness it for the most efficient method of electricity generating using enriched Polonium & Uranium.

But to no avail: like the ancient peoples, the enemies of the Israelites AND the Jews themselves, often would rebel against the gifts of God, hidden in plain sight and PLAINLY hidden for our use. 

Yet, as Paul implores his ancestry writing to the Hebrews, puts it, helping others is critical:  “Do not grow weary in well doing”.   Help1some1~2day is my feeble attempt at paraphrase.

God knows man and womankind; He loves us with a perfect Love. 

God knew from all eternity that in time John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, Edison, Elon Musk, Nikolai Tesla and others would follow Galileo.  God also knew perfectly, after 1973, 65 million dead prebirth kids, has seriously depleted the extensive pool of talents and inventors, in ways we will never know until heaven greets us. xxxxxxxxxxxx

A visit, as we made in 2005,  to the Auschwitz-Berkinau Holocaust Museum can elucidate us as to just how much human ingenuity and ‘capital’ was harvested, then burned a la 12 million real human beings.  Man’s inhumanity to man is yes, legion.  But man’s capacity for good, as Transformer’s Optimus Prime put it, is real.  This is why we are undertaking this investigation, why we preach the Good News, not the bad news; why we strive for goodness. WHY God made us!

God knew we would discover efficient uses for electricity long after Galileo in the 1600s, yet God PROVED that the Bible, when making a simple scientific and astronomical proposal, is thousands of years ahead of man’s puny but developing knowledge.

To this author, it is extremely embarrassing just how much we doubt and reject God’s proficiency and perfect engineering in so many ways.

And 400 years before today, 1600 after Jesus and thousands more after Abraham,  the irrational nuts like John Kerry, AOC, Algore the Heretic and others, don’t realize just how much God put into His Creation and how much He controls its mechanisms.  

Did you know Tycho Brahe, the Danish astronomer during Copernicus’ time, came to the conclusion the total sky map consisted of 1000 stars, though God precisely spoke of a different quantity.  With Galileo’s perfecting of the telescope, the Phoenician, Egyptian and Brahe estimates of around 1000 stars total,  became billions and the knowledge we are NOT alone: there are millions of galaxies, ALL created by God for our benefit. Just as pertinent, when Brahe died unexpectedly, his pupil Johannes Kepler became the royal mathematician and released his three laws of planetary motion over ten years.

Important?  Yes, Kepler had discovered the planet orbits were elliptical not circular, and what we can do today for $50 (astronomy software) in minutes, he did pen, paper and instrument over long periods of time.  

His work is helpful for two important phenomena: the Giza time events and his contribution to the evolving work on the star of Bethelem, no easy task.  Why is this important?

  At this point in time, we aren’t relegated to learning the Bible and salvation history in cathedral’s stained glass windows anymore; we have sophisticated and blessed tools at our disposal.  But even for those before the last century’s accelerated tech advance, God STILL proved, hidden in plain sight, He knew much more about the cosmos and REVEALED same to us.  But we didn’t visualize.  In fact, even today, we don’t listen: this scenario from Hebrews 11, from 19th Sunday in ordinary time is pretty extraordinary.  I bet many of you may never have thought of this revelation, whether priest, bishop, apologist or Catholic grunt like me.

It is recorded in the Scriptures, Genesis, that Abraham’s descendants, God predicted, would be as numerous as the sands of the seashore AND the stars in the sky; replace the AND with a giant equation sign. And it is CONFIRMED in St Paul’s thousands years later letter to the Hebrews

  Abe’s descendants would be countless, as numerous as the seashore sands = stars in the sky.

1000 stars versus billions of sand particles, the orders of magnitude difference just wouldn’t do.  Standing on the Sahara or Mediterranean, reach down and scoop up just a handful.  Count them and just a pinch would equal the Brahe estimate of the stars of the universe.  And the 1000 (until Galileo) stars, really were clumps, groupings, constellations, galaxies, billions of stars that the unaided naked eye saw as a tiny amount.  The Astronomer God taught His people that He created incredible numbers of stars, ordered them, used their named constellations for His purposes, not just by accident.


Why is this important to ponder?

WE are just BEGiNNING, during these end times, just how incredibly precise and intricate is the Creative Work of God.

All of this to point us to His Son.  I will point out that Giza, like Mary His mother, points us toward the Bread (of Life) of the House of Bread.

All we have to do is repent of our runaway arrogance and follow Jesus, His ways and covenant, enrich ourselves with His Eucharist and…

God takes care of those that follow His Son in the New Covenant and He will reward all those pre-Christ who follow the natural instincts and love for our Creator.  Author Zajac wrote of the Dogon peoples and how God, through the Spirit, leaves nothing to chance.

Even when we reject His beneficial gifts of energy (that is, natural gas, oil, etc are lifestyle transformative for the 3rd world and poor families), of life (invented right to choose to kill a mother’s little girls and sons) and Pure Love, as an “illuminated” world culture.

Today, human wise, after getting back to eight in Noah’s time, we are back up to 9 billion, less the 2.2 billion we have systematically killed planet wise via abortion and man’s inhumanity to mankind.

How can such a blessed nation like ours not see killing 65 million American humans by demoniacs of the 3rd Right (pursuit of happiness) is EVIL.

 We are:  Designed and made for eternity, each of us has a spiritual hunger for God.  HOW we see Him and practice is what separates us, not for evil, but for the good of finally discovering Him as He is: as the Trinity, eternal and changeless.

Someone who has ALWAYS existed…chew on that one before we tell Him He can’t control His own climate and made a mistake with CO2. The irony is we know of real alterations of the cosmos, especially that ball of fire 93 million miles away. 

God has altered His heavenly bodies whenever HE, not we, saw fit.  He carefully put them strategically in the cosmos for His, not our, purposes.

Take 70,000 witnesses to the sun moving closer and “dancing” on Oct 13, 1917.  Others include in the time of Isaiah and king Hezekiah, the sun moved ten steps back as a SIGN the king would be healed and go to the temple in three days. Think about that: the sun is ONE MILLION times as large as the planet God created for man and it moved backwards about 30 feet.  Other examples exist!

Note the stars on Mary’s cloak (they match the Dec 12, 1531 sky) and the maternity belt tied below her hands over her womb

The other major iconic cross-covenant artifacts, such as the Shroud and the OLG Tilma, often share clues and insights of salvation history just now being revealed with better technology and more focused evaluation of their place in time and eternity.  Later on, with your permission, I will attempt to show how the constellations, specifically Virgo and Leo, play both a role in the miraculous, time frozen Tilma AND the star of Bethlehem. 

This is Mary’s star chart, with the constellations identified. The key stars match perfectly to the sky over Mexico City on Dec 12, 1531.

Take St. Juan Diego’s cloak: Mary’s image is integrally linked to the constellations, recently discovered with super computers and astrophysical innovation; with her precious and sacred heart linked to the Dec 12, 1531 star chart constellation Virgo (the Virgin), and Mary’s fruitful Gift, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, embedded over the constellation Leo the Lion of lions. 

Ironically, this present generation needs a sign that LIFE belongs to God and it’s evil to end it prematurely; just as the Nahautl peoples, the child sacrificing Aztec world of Montezuma ended not just by might but by sight:

Our Lady of Guadalupe bringing ten million Catholics “into the fold” soon after her social media image was seen.  Or should we say to the wedding table of our faith. The symbols on Mary’s mantle certainly spoke to the Aztec native’s heart and answered open questions about their beliefs.

10 years through 1531, after 175,000 converted after the 12 first Franciscan missionaries walked barefoot from Vera Cruz (True Cross) to Mexico City, the proliferation of the “photogravure”, mixed media image so beloved today.

Estimate is 10 million came to the faith when Mary made her miraculous mission to North America.

Ironically, when Giza is analyzed as a time map, 1521AD, can be pinpointed, the year Cortes arrived on Good Friday, the beginning of man’s attempt to convert the people of the Americas in Mexico; but great progress took place 10 years later BECAUSE the ultimate MapMaker, God embedded His star chart on Mary’s mantle in St. Juan Diego’s cloak.

Quadpod at the top

To the untrained eye, the GPG, it seems, has been left behind, a pile of immovable stones hidden in plain sight.

But, no longer if I have anything to say about it.  OR you, the adventurer called on in this dying age, at the ‘end of the end times’ as Pope Emeritus Benedictus XVI wrote, to open the eyes of a blessed and beautiful world.  God LOVES us and wants ALL of us to live in joy. Peoples from around the world and in our home country, the covenant American “land of the free BECAUSE of the brave”.

Essentially, as Fr Spitzer, my PB&J friend, puts it, faith and reason can cohabitate as we explore another piece in the puzzle of God’s purpose and love for human kind.  (PB&J may be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but for Fr S, it is ‘Physicist, Blind & Jesuit priest’.  You can and should contact him at the website.  You will be a better Catholic for it!  So much wisdom emanates from this beloved priest.  If you love science (real truth non fictional) as much as I do, he will be an important addition to your journey.

This is NOT a joke but a serious attempt to see the blessings past and future prospects of the largest object on earth, located at the exact center of the world and teach its properties as a study and hopefully, in time, see its relevance and revelatory nature and true SIGNificance.

Always note: appearances CAN be deceiving and its appearance as a crumbling pile of stone blocks still has Truth to tell.

I contend and hope the only conclusion you will come to is: the GPG is a part of God’s plan to reveal Himself to all who seek Him and give physical evidence heretofore not seen.  “Blessed are they who have NOT seen and believe” are timeless words to a doubting man as we live in a doubting world.  Is the GPGiza seen, hidden in plain sight but not understood?  This needs to be proven though!

Signs and symbols~an important part of life on earth…  

Numbers, objects, images, signs, symbols meshed like a finely weaved patchwork quilt. The Eternal Treasures are out there.  Let’s explore, not for vain reasons, but to be equipped to help others find the path.

God is generous with His signs and symbols; in life, signs can save lives as the common STOP, Caution or YIELD signs do…a cross walk is both a safe zone for families to walk through or the steps Jesus took thru Jerusalem on the way to Golgotha. 

It’s all in the perception.  We open our prayer time, the rosary and other times, often with acknowledging the words of Christ and the Trinity, with the sign of the Cross.

Sometimes our culture of death ignores the signs arrogantly, shaking their fragile time stamped fists at their Creator; like a thumb sucking squirming child seen on computed ultrasonography that appears to be fully human to one sentient being, but NOT by someone who converts babies into organs BEFORE kindergarten and prom and sold like a piece of dead meat. 

That’s the ULTIMATE arrogance of a being made by the Being:  thinking they are all powerful yet incredibly fragile like an ant under an elephant’s foot.

But God provided, in His perfect Will and Design, signs to direct us, to help us see the truth, to get to HEAVEN. Numbers do their part as well; not ALL numbers have Catholic or biblical significance but many actually do.  

This last phrase “to get to heaven” should be on everyone’s mind since eternity…and beyond is real.

And final… And very close. We know not how much time we have. Like Donna, the mom of my 11 who had miracles surrounding her life AND death at 49 days short of 49 years old.  Or Adam Christian Urquides, a beloved 27 year old solid Catholic homeschooling graduate who out of nowhere died from a seizure on July 30, 2022.  God’s ways are NOT our ways, His ways so far outpace us all.

And…especially as our day to day world seems to be devolving into anarchy.  But as zany as our world is today, Anno Domini 2022, it’s been a whole lot crazier in the last centuries. 

Think about this in 2022 & beyond: evil no longer hides in the shadows; its uncanny arrogance is in plain sight.  No longer in the shadows; just as God’s Compass, at the Border (Giza) and Fire in the Middle (pyramidos) of upper and lower Egypt, has renewed interest to a fear filled world desperately seeking eternal answers.

Take, the sacraments.  Each of the seven sacraments (Baltimore catechists recall) are “an outward SIGN instituted by God to give us grace“; water and oils are the substances of baptism, bread and wine of the Holy Eucharist (notice even hell values the Eucharist: those that serve the devil such as abortion fiends shouting “I will burn the Eucharist” like the horny morons on Lot’s front courtyard, banging on his door,  screaming “we want the two guys” back when Sodom’s inhabitants disgraced the plain)

Confirmation, oils and a slap in the past.  Marriage, rings and vows.  Three sacraments to begin, four to complete the seven. Again, like Giza, signs of the OUR lives and times.

But could the GPG be essentially, an 8th “sacrament”?  I know, adventurers, calm down, the general non Covid Catholic populous remembers the unofficial 8th was ‘coffee and donuts’ after morning Masses!  Why?  Because it brought people together, to SPEAK to each other, something our surgically attached cell phones impedes on today intergenerationally. 

But could GPGiza be an outward (definitely visible being the largest world structure) sign and symbol created by God to promote sanctifying grace, to focus in hardscape on His Son’s birthplace 270 miles, 26 degrees (18 minutes, 9.63 seconds) to the North East?  Far fetched?   

Let’s take a look.

For example, biblically, 1 is the montheistic ONE God.  3 obviously is the Trinity. 1+3 or 13 became the Hebrew date (Friday the 13th month Abib/Nisan for Jesus’ Crucifixion AND six consecutive monthly appearance dates for Mary in Fatima, Portugal.

7 is the foundation of God’s word and the number of completeness. Eight is Jesus’ number…888 spells out His name in Greek and Hebrew.  In fact, in the graphic on Jesus’ name, you see the numbers assigned to the various letters in His name:

Sigma, 200; Chi 600, etc. and add up to 888 for His first and 1480 for Christos (the Anointed One)

Look closer at 7.  Seven biblically defines “perfection and completeness” and it derives much of its meaning from being tied directly to creation. Seven days of creation, with the seventh very important: it was the day God rested after six, especially after His finest achievement, woman.  

It really doesn’t matter since you nor I were there, though I admit I am a bit suspicious of the push by the godless securlarists atheistic evolutionists that God was not capable and needed aeons to do His amazing work.

Whether yom’s one 24 hour day, a few thousands of years, or the skeptical atheistic evolutionist’s demand of billions, of years, the Bible calls out seven, the final one symbolic of rest.  Recall, God saved the best for last: woman.  And the 2nd Eve is the greatest creature of all, Mary, the immaculate mother of Jesus.

For example, seven’s completeness is replicated in many other ways.  Think “sound”.

In music, seven major/whole notes and then the 8th repeats the scale at a higher pitch. Used over 700 times (50+ times in Revelation alone), seven symbolizes completeness and perfection (both physical and spiritual). No accident.

Take the diatonic/heptonic seven note scale, the 8th sounds like the first but at a higher ‘harmonic’ level. A great creation for a choir of angels, wouldn’t you think?  AND saints joining in forever more if you like acapella four part harmonies. 

But, this created scientific feature about 8th notes again points back to Jesus, the Creator and is featured in GPGiza, shadowed on both solstices at dawn and sunset as an eight sided object.

  God strategically created our ears to hear the similarity of the 1st and 8th note, whether in a child’s choir or major symphonies of music.  Or in HiStory, choirs of angels reveling and worshiping the Christ child in the House of Bread 2k years ago.  I contend 8 also symbolizes rejuvenation, renaissance or the usual RESURRECTION of Christ on the 3rd day post Golgotha and 8th day post donkey ride through the palms in the City of Peace.

Recall, God invented the processes: sound, how the human ear receives waves of tones.  Just as “light” is universal in importance: the essence of God (“Light from Light” and “true God from true God”), the word and substance of light ranges from a small illumination of LEDs “light emitting diodes” to the multi-billion joules of light energy that blew through a burial cloth for a fraction 40 billionths of a second two millennia ago. 

Otherwise the Resurrecting Jesus would have burned up the burial cloth (FR Spitzer’s the expert on this)!

It is, like Jesus’ Rise on the 8th day of the donkey ride thru Jerusalem in jubilant palm glory;  the rejuvenation or renewal of the musical scale.  Seven days in a week and it starts over etc.  So many examples.

Take the fig tree during Elijah’s time; or Jesus’ many parables for God’s predictive and precise Nature.

…Better still, look at Good Friday, the one day the GPG did NOT shine its brightest at high noon on the first day of Spring,  up thru the earthquakes of 14th century Middle Eastern history (casing stone removal). The scriptures report, from noon to 3pm Golgotha time, the Great pyramid of Giza’s 30 square foot “altar” top and 2.5 million casing stones were as dark as a sun less solar system.  Here are the references:

 Matt 27:45-46: 

“From noon onward, darkness came over the whole land until three in the afternoon.
46 And about three o’clock Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?* which means, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”
The words are explicit and my conjecture: we know that at high noon on the Spring Equinox, the first day of the new season; in the northern hemisphere a rebirth of life from the dreary dead of winter happens: the GPG has no shadow and its highest concentration of light. See how God inter relates His Creation?  Prior to the earthquake and stolen capstones, the brilliance at that time would be at its MAX and difficult to look at up close.  Analogy? Think Transfiguration.
Historically, we know two men and one woman may have gone to heaven without dying: in the Genesis geneologies, Enoch was the SEVENTH generation from Adam, and at age 65 he became the father of Methuselah.  Then 300 years later, Enoch was taken to heaven without dying; irony, the lineage man who was on earth the shortest before the flood, gave birth to the man who would be on earth the LONGEST: 969 years.
The other was Elijah, whom God took home via a fiery chariot after his work was completed.  Important?  In Protestant theology, they look to Enoch and Elijah as the two living witnesses in Revelation who testify.
But when Jesus was brilliantly glorified, astride was the Law and the Prophets.  Moses, who died, carrying a tablet on one side; Elijah, who was alive on the other.  Yet BOTH were seen as living beings to Peter, James and John, the LAST people on earth to see Jesus in His glorious state WITHOUT the ravaging wounds of the Scourging, Thorn Crown and Crucifixion.  In eternity, we believe those wounds remain, a sign and symbol of just how much God the Father allowed His Son to suffer for us.
On earth, I believe the Shroud is the physical (Body impression) record since He is no longer physically on earth EXCEPT at every Consecration; in heaven, it will be His glorified Body that speaks eternal truths.
Every March, GPGiza shown brightest on the spring equinox, I believe announcing Jesus’s immaculate conception and His death date; with differences of the sun and moon calendars and that of the Hebrews and European world, reconciling dates

Light coming through the western rose window (St Michael’s Abbey) NOT on Guardian Angels feast day

can be difficult.  But, that one time, Jesus shown as brilliant as the sun for the last time without His wounds at the Transfiguration, is to be noted and renowned…as we do each time we recite and meditate on the Luminous mystery of the same name.

Astronomical events and earthly objects: equinoxes and solstices.

Man can build objects and buildings that coincide with various astronomical happenings.
A recent one in Southern California happens every Guardian Angels feast day, Oct 5?; at the Church of the Assumption that

the sun shines through the rose window onto the altar, engineered to happen on Guardian Angels feast each year.

anchors St Michael the Archangel’s new Abbey, the sun shines through the western “rose window” and onto the altar at the east end of the church.  It was designed this way.  Here is a picture taken by Fr Joseph Horn, chief drone operator and photographer par excellence. 
Today, we have the computers, the astronomers and the intelligence to plan for these major events, like solstices and equinoxes, new and full moons and so much more, like the calculations to put John Glenn into space (Hidden Figures) and get to Mars.
Another interesting example, is this pyramid/ziggurat of the Mayan peoples in the Americas.  At the equinox, when the amount of day and night are equal, at their exact latitude, the image of a serpent/snake unmistakably emerges between the shadows.
This had to be planned for, when the Mayan architect designed the large building.  Look closely: the head of the snake is at the bottom with the simulated body shown in the picture here.
  I wonder if it is an imperfect copy of the astronomical work built into the first major pyramid in Egypt on the Nile, the Great Pyramid of Giza.  But, no Abbey architect nor Mayan temple contractor can do what God has done with the Giza build and Good Friday.
God’s use and intervention with precise astronomical control is NOT new. Looking at the total darkness for three hours on Golgotha on Good Friday: other sources show just how dramatic this Crucifixion ‘instant darkness’ environment occurrence was; as if Nature is rebelling against the evil deeds of mankind.
Strobel cites:

“When the Bible says that the Earth went dark during the crucifixion of Jesus, you would think someone else would notice that.

Indeed, Thallus, who [was] a historian who wrote a history of the eastern Mediterranean world in about 52 AD — so not very many years after the death of Jesus who died sometime around 33 AD — mentions this darkness.”

“We know that [Thallus wrote about the darkness] because Julius Africanus [another theologian] in the year 222 comments on Thallus reporting the darkness, and says that Thallus attributed it to an eclipse.”  It was no astronomical designed eclipse…or was it?  Recall, oct 13, 1917 or the time of King Hezekiah…

On the Friday (passover prep day) the 13th of Abib on which Jesus died, was a specific hour on the preparation day for Passover (Nisan 14), which (Passover) occurred on a Saturday that year per John, Deuteronomy and Exodus verses.

Strobel says “Africanus said [an eclipse] could not have been true given the timing of what happened.”


…more research needed in the future.

Anyways, possibly alluding to the three DAYS of worldwide darkness in our future, the 3 hours of total darkness could indicate that the GPGiza, normally reminding the MidEasterners of God and His Son’s presence with a beacon of hope and light with its 144,000 mirror stones, moving toward its brightest on that day…all of a sudden, miraculously plunged into darkness a couple hundred miles from Jerusalem: 270 i believe.

Not only NO shadow: but NO light beacon to the heavens, a “fire in the middle” and at the border gone silent…and dark

Thallus wrote about it.

Similarly, when a candle in a dark room is blown out, that desert beacon the Magi may have used, the “super candle” of intense light would have gone out for three hours.  Of course, we don’t know all that the Magi followed, as learned as they were, but we can surmise (see

Not really a stretch, if you look at the whys.

Based on a build date of 2623BC, the other 4000+ times high noon was super bright on the first day of spring (nominally March 25th after calendar correction?), the only time the GPG as a beacon or “pillar of fire” exuded less than optimum Light would be the infrequent cloud cover. But the notable one is ON THE DAY of CRUCIFIXION of its Creator.

Historically for the last six centuries and today, though, the “candle” bright beacon effect is non existent due to the stripped mirror stones…NOT like the picture of the glistening pyramid above. 

Sadly, MOST but not all of the mirror stones were stolen for DIY projects in the Arab world after those quakes loosened them.  Before I point a finger at those shoplifting locals stealing God’s mark the land/earth (“landmark”) GPG stones, our intelligent modern advanced culture steals God’s precious lives day in day out for an emanating penumbra known as a Catholic Norma McCorvey versus Wade or RoeVWade.  Yet as of June 24, 2022, Roe has died and Doe is in the sights.

  But, GPG was designed to point to the heavens, at its peak on the day of Jesus’ conception AND His death, as a reminder of the promises of the Jewish Scriptures, the Word of God.

Interestingly, those Catholics who attend daily Mass, hear “Light from Light, True God from True God” each day.  Sunday goers, on Sat nite or Sundays.  Christer (Christmas and Easter) goers, twice a year.  But, incredible Truth!

We will try and provide proof but that the “light of the world” was on His way to death at high noon that Friday the 13th day of Abib. And all of nature, especially His million times larger solar furnace 93 million miles away, obeyed God’s call and went dark.  Was it the opposite of the dancing sun approaching earth Oct 13, 1917 …with the Sun powered down for 180 minutes of total dark reflecting the death of its Creator God in the flesh.

God leaves ZERO to chance and provides the Way, the Truth and the LIGHT to all of us for our eternal pleasure.

  Recall also what happened that day:  the Holy Cloth of the Holy of Holies, separating God’s place from the people, ie the veil of the temple, no longer was intact after Jesus died: 

Temple veil was torn in two

possibly:fabric symbolism that God no longer was hidden in an Ark of the Covenant and the Holy of Holies, where only priests and the high priest could go.  Not too many years before, Jesus had been born in the womb of the second Eve, Mary, the Ark of the NEW Covenant. And when He left the earth, He left behind His photographic evidence He suffered as much, if not more, than any human on earth, before or after, BC or AD. 

Minor note, the only object IN the GPGiza is a red coffer that dimensionally matches the Ark of the Covenant’s physical measurements.

God “joined” the two covenants and began the time of Divine Mercy until His Son is scheduled to return to earth somewhere in the Middle East, perhaps?  Certainly not NYC or Las Vegas!  Super conjecture: does Giza mark the spot or is close to where Jesus returns?

So many miracles, so little time.

Yes, the world had changed for better, for good in 33ad or so. As the story, HiStory continues:

The evening of the first Easter that God confirmed His Son’s return to human life to the Apostles in the locked upper room, from where “Doubting” Thomas, Didymus, was absent.

The following week, on the 8th day, since Pope St John Paul the Great took action, we celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday.

I see it as a Renaissance of the miracle of Easter; as to miracles, Pope St John Paul the Great died at the end of the Divine Mercy liturgy April 2, 2005 just 3 days after that unique but living Eucharistic miracle Catholic, Terri Schiavo (slave) Schindler was murdered on March 31st.  Maybe I am a lone sojourner who believes our martyred Catholic sister, Terri IS a true Eucharistic miracle because Fr Pavone gave her Eucharist three times over 13 days during her final food darkness, starving and dehydrating to death in FRONT of the whole world.

This mighty pro Life priest gave her His Divine Presence via her mouth;  Terri emaciated, did it give her physical sustenance so God’s timetable, NOT the Scientologist Death Culture’s whims were effectuated.?  I believe so.

It’s not a stretch to think as evil as the full world view of the systematic dehydration and starving of a vulnerable Catholic sister was, that God would not intercede to stop the devil dance celebrations by Scientologists and misery merchants the world over…the same day.

For that, He commissioned one of His greatest popes, His beloved servant JPII’s death to overshadow hell’s glee.   John Paul worked to bring the Church together, to heal, having survived the Holocaustic destruction of Sanger’s apostle of death, Adolf Hitler, the megalomaniacal aborter of life.  

 Far fetched?  Maybe. Before you pronounce judgement, check Vatican Zenit for March 31, 2005 and the timing of Terri’s death interlacing the beloved Pope’s intense decline in health. 

Terri had lasted 13 incredible days with the only sustenance receiving the Eucharist three times (Fr Pavone);  God IS good at timing things (If only we could time Ascension Sunday back to 40 days past Easter on a Thursday: author’s grumble) and yet another SIGN of the power of the Eucharist hidden in plain sight for us to see.

Again far fetched? that God would use someone BIGGER than life to defend one of the most vulnerable on earth, using His great pope to “overshadow” the necromantic glee of Michael Schiavo and the death merchants? But like the GPGiza, maybe not so much of a stretch.

Recall Jesus looked at Thomas and exposed His pierced side, and showed the skeptic apostle His feet and hands. His five super wounds.  Yet another sign…

The number five, the major wounds of Christ, remains important over time: every Easter vigil, five objects are formed into a cross in the beeswax of the Pascal Candle.   Just as the Scriptures talk of the times and the seasons; as Jesus taught in Matthew 25, there WILL be an end of time.  USCCB:

“When the Son of Man comes in His glory, and all the angels with Him, He will sit upon his glorious throne and all the nations will be assembled before him. And he will separate them one from another, as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will place the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.

A throne needs a physical spot to sit….  God calls us to be aware that there IS something greater beyond this planet three away from a minor star, 93 million miles into the distance in one of billions of stars in untold number of galaxies.

But, where will His throne be set up?  In Bethlehem where He was born? On Golgotha where He was crucified? 270 miles away from Bethlehem on a remodeled Giza? 

No one but God the Architect knows what the new heavens and earth will be like. 

But we DO have a general “map” of what the New Jerusalem will be; 1500 miles per side or 2.25 million square miles at the base will be.  Is it shaped like a cube or a pyramid with a 12 gated wall surrounding it?  Time will tell.  But think this: Jerusalem and Bethlehem are less than 300 miles away.  The New Jerusalem is to be 1500 miles per side at its base… so the New Jerusalem could gobble up Jerusalem AND Bethlehem as well as the Nile

Or, conjecture, could it be a renovated object as prototype, located at the EXACT CENTER OF THE WORLD?  Currently: there is a  30 square foot altar top, above the GPGiza that points to both the first Passover exodus AND the virginal birth of God’s Son?  The 26 degree 18 minute 9.63 second angle was no accident!  And named the Christ Angle…

This is a travel map off the web; the blue line connects GPGiza and Bethlehem. It is the exact same angle laid out from North as the passages inside GPG. 26 degrees 18 minutes 9.63 seconds of arc to North East.

Look at the map.  Notice the blue line; the distance between GPGiza and the House of Bread (Beth’lehem) is 270 miles.  Recall, not every number/clue is relevant, but: 270=  3 cubed times 10:  the Trinity to the Trinity Power X 10

I don’t know if Al Arish and Khan Yunish, the two cities on the same line, are relevant to the case…understand the numbers.

TEN.  In Biblical history, the number 10 reflects testimony, law, responsibility and the completeness of order.

Is this grasping for straws?  You tell me.  the 10 commandments are God’s law for His beloved human race, perfected NOT eliminated in the NEW covenant.  It’s still wrong to steal, lie, murder, yes?  10s occur elsewhere.

The Passover lamb was selected on day 10 of the 1st month (Exodus 12:3), as was Jesus, the Lamb that takes away the sins of the world (John 12:28 – 29; 1Corinthians 5:7).

Day 10 of the 7th month is also the Holy Day known as the Day of Atonement; this unique day of fasting pictures the removal of Satan, the author of sin (before the millennial reign of Jesus begins? the site said) (Revelation 20:1 – 2).

Ten (10) times ‘God said’ in Genesis 1, a testimony of His creative power. A 10th is a tithe and testimony of our faith in the Lord… it is viewed as a complete and perfect numeral, as is 3, 7 and 12. It is made up of 4, which represents the physical creation, and 6, which symbolizes man (we’ve all heard of 666 as the number of the “beast”; just as 888 IS Jesus’ name transnumerated..)

As such, the meaning of 10 is one of testimony, law, responsibility and the completeness of order. I believe God used numbers for a consistent directional of various issues and qualities of both man and Himself.

We find, as above, in Genesis 1, the phrase “God said” 10 times, which is a testimony of His creative power. God gave the Ten Commandments to man. Ten therefore represents man’s responsibility to keep God’s wishes for His beloved Created beings. A tithe is a 10th of our earnings and is a testimony of our faith in the Lord.  Even though, as Patrick Madrid points out, the Church does not require 10% but to pay back what you are truly able.  Cyrus the Great suggested give it all to relevant radio but wise people put their money where their mouth and interests lie.  “The Lord loves a cheerful giver”

Irrelevant coincidence about the 26+ degree angle? 

 Anyone want to hazard a guess what the relevance of that angle on the travel map is?

I believe the GPG was created to be and is God’s compass; some scholars and I tend to agree, believe the Giza clock started on the vernal equinox of 2141bc. (where the sole scoring/marker is engraved in the passageway.

Please note, some scholars believe the pyramid remained open so people could gaze to the stars from the Grand Gallery; it is evident the constellations and the visible stars were much more important to the ancients than to modern society.  When you count one inch per year (based on the sacred pyramid inch like a typical map scale that is etched as well) back toward the pyramid surface, you arrive at 2623BC.  Why 2141bc? Computers now find the entrance passage (descending) was lined up with the North Star and some scientists claim the center of the galaxy (this last item needs further explanation at a different time). 

Giza’s multi-tasks:   It is His beacon, a pillar of fire, some believe His time machine, an altar, a theo-computer and many more possibilities.

And unlike the rainbow being diverted from first cause and co-opted by the Godless for that modern Babelian sexual rebellion, it’s hard to steal the world’s largest object. Though the local Arabian stone masons did a remarkable job stripping it over the centuries    If only we have the eyes to see… and ears to hear the truth.

Another point to consider: 

In Revelations 21, we are told the New Jerusalem that John wrote about, was 1500 miles wide and long and high. Apostle John, the geometry teacher, doesn’t call it out as a cube but a square. If a cube,  shaped like the Borg of Star Trek?.OR…

Suppose it turns out to be similar to the world’s centered and largest object, the pyramid?

If it has a face that goes straight up 1500 miles (like an inner city tenement or massive condo complex), does the living water mentioned in Rev 22, flow down like a waterfall into space or like a river through the city?  Of course this is conjecture that requires the world to end to prove, but riddle this:

Some intact casing stones with their 51+ degree of inclination NOT stolen by Arabian contractors over centuries

The GPGiza once was covered by 144,000 mirror stones, highly polished limestone casing blocks that shown like the sun; pictured here, they protected the softer inner limestone blocks.  It was the locals, the Egyptian Arabs who stripped the world’s largest building of these stones over centuries, like a trip to the Home Depot or Loew’s in the 14th century.  Centuries old shopping spree. And NO easy task to do when they weighed more than a car, sometimes an 18 wheeler, each.  And irony, 2.2 million stone blocks are estimated in the original construction of GPGiza.

Why would the locals want these difficult to move stones?  Heck, a bag of concrete mix is 90 pounds at the Depot or Loew’s!

These mirrored casing stones were cut to the precision of your eye glasses, modern optical lenses.  It’s passageways inside GPG are STILL straight to .013 inch over each 100 feet.  AFTER 4600 years!

Rev21: “He took me in spirit to a great, high mountain and showed me the holy city Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God. It gleamed with the splendor of God. Its radiance was like that of a precious stone, like jasper, clear as crystal.”

Granted, John’s visions are more than a summer daydream.  Conjecture: was the Great Pyramid the archetype or prototype of the form that the eternal city, NEW Jerusalem, would take shape as?  

No smart phone cameras before the 14th century to verify, but the artist’s rendering of the intact bright white pyramid, of its sun bright brilliance is thought provoking.  But let’s reason and help visualize just how big the Eternal City will be.

Using Anaheim as one of the corners of the new Jerusalem, going east the distance from Anaheim to Houston is about 1530 miles.  Going north, the distance from Disneyland to Vancouver Island is 1498 miles.  You now have a glimpse of the SIZE of the Eternal City, with three actual fixed geographic points.    Note that Bethlehem is only 270 miles away, similar to Jerusalem just 5 miles north of the city of Christ’s birth…

Commercial Break:  The Conundrum of Ascension Sunday…a slight divert regarding the importance of symbolism in Salvation History.

Thank you, Adventurer for allowing this diversion.

If God is specific about His symbols, note that the number 40 stands for probation, a time of trials and the Western Dioceses, due to whatever reason, we now celebrate Ascension Thursday 43 days after Easter.  40 days of Lent, of Jesus in the desert tempted by the devil, 40 days on the Ark, 40 years in the desert after Exodus…need i say more?  Now we have the Ascension, not on Thursday, but on the following Sunday.  Why?

My point is, when man changes God’s plan, sometimes not so good things happen.  Take Moses, for example:

Exodus 17:   “…and so they quarreled with Moses and said, “Give us water to drink.” Moses replied to them, “Why do you quarrel with me? Why do you put the LORD to a test?”
3Here, then, in their thirst for water, the people grumbled against Moses, saying, “Why then did you bring us up out of Egypt? To have us die of thirst with our children and our livestock?”
4So Moses cried out to the LORD, “What shall I do with this people? A little more and they will stone me!”
5The LORD answered Moses: Go on ahead of the people, and take along with you some of the elders of Israel, holding in your hand, as you go, the staff with which you struck the Nile.
6I will be standing there in front of you on the rock in Horeb. Strike the rock, and the water will flow from it for the people to drink.c Moses did this, in the sight of the elders of Israel.
7The place was named Massah and Meribah,* because the Israelites quarreled there and tested the LORD, saying, “Is the LORD in our midst or not?”
So, God was standing in front of Horeb, where the 10 commandments originated, and the ONE strike symbolizes the sacrifice of Calvary.  Jesus did NOT die twice on Golgotha.
But in Numbers, we see more of the importance of following God’s “signs and symbolics” plan: note, the Bible/Scriptures are inspired yes, but also record actual events that God built in.
Numbers 20:  “…and the LORD said to Moses:
8Take the staff and assemble the community, you and Aaron your brother, and in their presence command the rock to yield its waters. Thereby you will bring forth water from the rock for them, and supply the community and their livestock with water.
9So Moses took the staff from its place before the LORD, as he was ordered.
10Then Moses and Aaron gathered the assembly in front of the rock, where he said to them,a “Just listen, you rebels! Are we to produce water for you out of this rock?”
11b Then, raising his hand, Moses struck the rock twice* with his staff, and water came out in abundance, and the community and their livestock drank.
12* But the LORD said to Moses and Aaron: Because you did not have confidence in me, to acknowledge my holiness before the Israelites, therefore you shall not lead this assembly into the land I have given them.13These are the waters of Meribah, where the Israelites quarreled with the LORD, and through which he displayed his holiness.

Moses struck the rock TWICE and didn’t see the Promised Land so he and Aaron, despite all their efforts with the Israelites in Egypt and the desert over so many years. Why?  Jesus only died once and then rose 3 days later…

So, God’s displeasure with the double strike of the rock of water, was this: Moses had interfered with the Trinity, and the Father’s plan, for His Son to die once and living water would spring forth.

Another reason to consider Giza important:  it has been said the new testament is concealed in the old and the old is REVEALED in the New; notice how Jesus told Peter to “get behind me satan”

and look at the Divine Mercy imagery Jesus dictated to St Faustina (Helen Kowalska) in the 30s and 40s.  Human level, you can’t blame Moses for his impatience with the continuously complaining Jews.  But God had plans for the rock strike, another clue integrated into His plans for man: a Savior, the beloved Son of the ONLY God of the universe.

Putting word and number symbolism together, you get:

The Bread of Life born in the House of Bread (Bethlehem) which the GPGiza points to, 270 miles away, based on an angled vector, the GPG acting like a time and verse compass; 30 some years later, Jesus dies on March 25th (Gregorian/Julian) in the Roman system, and on Friday the 13th day of Abib/Nissan, applying the ancient Jewish clock of days. 

March 25? 9 months BEFORE Christmas, so Jesus’ Conception day coincides with the first JOYFUL mystery of the rosary…AND matches his dying day.  The Annunciation… Giza turns out could also be a Concordance of sorts.

Again to show how God works in overlaying history and His plan being revealed, the same date in history Mary visited Lourdes, France and told the peasant girl Bernadette she IS the immaculate conception via Anne and Joachim 1800 years previous.

After His resurrection, the next 40 days were most fruitful for Him to teach his ragtag band of apostles before the Holy Spirit would arrive to begin the Church’s work in earnest. 

Pentecost, matching one of the three Jewish feasts all the able men of Israel were supposed to be at the City of Peace’s temple.  Consider, on Pentecost (see acts 1), the temple had been ravaged 53 days previously when Jesus died and CREATION screamed “NO!” tearing the sacred Holy of Holy’s curtain and more.

Circle back: 40 days later, Jesus ascended so that 10 days hence, the Paraclete could do His work.  Dates, numbers, times, symbols, human lives, matter to God.  His precision IS eternal

Adventurer: Why must the adventurous among us discover these marvelous things?  Because God does things teleologically, purposefully.  He desires we come to know Him, follow His Son and live eternally.

If only the bishop with the “Heart of the Lion” (Salvatore Cordileone) could get through to the most powerful yet imperiled woman in America: Pelosi.  If she only took ten minutes from time to time to dwell on just how long infinity is… if you try this in the quiet of the night, it will scare you then hopefully comfort you that, unlike the Sanger and devil led pro choice to kill little girls, NO Kamala, or Biden or Pelosi, NO ONE on earth CAN ABORT YOUR heavenly eternity.

Only God.  And YOU by your choices confirm your eternal address.

Like Mary’s heart and womb were overlaid with Virgo and Leo, the Giza plateau is overlaid with the Hunter’s belt, Orion


The GPG is just foundational icing on the cake

By placing 2+ million stones 50 thousands of an inch apart, covered by 144,000 (super hard limestone) highly polished ones cemented by an unknown chemical compound, at the center of the world, at the center of the galaxy and maybe universe (2141 years  Before Christ), with amazing revelations built in, it shows quite a bit of purpose…and NOTHING is too big for God to design and build or have built. Especially the Biggest constructed thing on earth, even to this day.

NOTHING is impossible with our God.



What we know…so far.  Other paths to investigate…

The GPG is probably the most studied object on earth, from Sir Isaac Newton forward and back; That great scientist and mathematician was trying to formulate his theory of gravity (apple outside Trinity college falls DOWN not up!) regarding motions and interaction of celestial bodies and needed to know the DIAMETER of the EARTH. No 1600s measurement was accurate enough (Newton theorized the earth’s 1000 miles an hour spin would create an “equatorial bulge”.

Newton, Kepler, Brahe & Galileo…contemporaries of science

Newton had heard legends that knowledge of the earth, past and future, were contained in GPGiza. He traveled there to find out.  And it solved his need with the most accurate measurement on earth, hidden with one other geometric shape, a circle that was inscribed in the Giza P’s entrance 17 steps up.  The measurement?  Called different things: mainly the sacred Jewish or sacred Pyramid inch.  Close to the British and American inch, but not quite.

Flashback to 820ad, another time machine seeker, the Arab Al Manum was interested in getting inside the structure that he had heard had past and future information.   Unknown to the “explorer” Al, at the 17th block/step, there was a hidden 20 ton hinged stone door no one could find, because it was built in so seemlessly.  One wonders if that hinged door (only accessible from INSIDE was closed after the North star shown down to the bottom 344 feet on the vernal equinox, 2141bc?  Al didn’t find it until he broke in nearby.

Mr Manum believed the opening must be on the north face and made his entry with tools and vinegar.  Right about the face, but couldn’t find the designed in opening at first.

Adventurer, this is YOUR time to revel. 

Newton, after studying the measurements of many investigators that preceded him, realized that if the standard used was .001 inch (a thousandth) larger than the British inch, many key measurements would be in ROUND numbers.  This is similar to my conundrum about the shift of the equinoxes and solstices off the 25th’s of their respective months.  Resolving the 3-4 day shift puts a lot in round theological numbers.  About this later.

God reveals things to us in various ways: the written word like the Torah, the Holy Spirit, Catholic magisterium of the Church…and as Scripture tells us, in the Constellations and billions of stars.

But, He is THE genius in allowing us to find those clues and treasures in our own ways.  On HIS terms, and at certain times: not ours…down through history

Of grave import, Newton measured the ONLY carving in the GPG, found at the entrance: the pyramid or as it is often called ‘sacred Jewish’ inch.  Scholars claim 25 sacred Jewish inches make up the sacred cubit of ancient times.

Isaac Newton was born on January 4, 1643, in Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England; he enrolled at the University of Cambridge’s Trinity College in 1661.

A small aside, in the 1980s, I spent one day at Cambridge as part of a business trip; I walked the hall way of the dorms at Trinity  where Newtom measured the speed of sound via a door knocker bouncing off the walls of long corridors.  Obviously, 700 mph is a bit easier to measure than 186,000+ miles per second of light, but Newton excelled in his work with mathematics, gravitational law and motions of the planets three way law that Kepler, Brahe’s student and follower, perfected.

A bit of modern NASA history, when the black woman math genius discovered the need for elliptical, it was a bit of deja vu all over again.  “Hidden Figures”, a great movie for so many reasons.

When Newton analyzed and discovered this correction of the Jewish inch, it allowed the secrets of the GPG to be unlocked, gently fall into place, revealing unmistakable math relationships.  “Quantum leaps” of knowledge happened!  As well as Newton’s work.

Historical irony of sorts, Galileo Galilei died a year less four days from Newton’s birth on Jan 8, 1642; as I mentioned previously, God sees the WHOLE eternal picture. We humans build on others’ achievements to move forward in technological adaptation and innovation; although sometimes we are plagued with atrociously unscientific arrogance by many.  Currently, using just the carbon dioxide fraud and the abortion delusion, we are moving backwards more each year, especially as BOTH in action are draining trillions from productive USA and world (climate change fakery) and loss of economic value of dead little girls packaged in jars and FedEx packages sent to the world’s med labs.  AND the Pfizer Pfraud’s heaped on the world.

Like Galileo’s telescope and the first Acuson computed ultrasonography devices in the 1980s, man, using his sight augmented with precision lens, could now see deep into space, revealing billions of stars and with the new Weber Space telescope, deep to the ends of the galaxies.  NOR…

In the case of Acuson & other companies, we now see via sound INTO well formed trillions of vibrant, living cells of a PREborn child, squirming for life.

  IF we want to see the truth.  How amazing is our God: parsecs of space, a 553,000,000,000,000,000,000 mile wide universe as well as 30-50 trillion cells in a 7 pound package headed to the nursery after birth.  Large or small, galaxies or little girl’s hearts, God is incredibly precise and life affirming for OUR own good.

Whether 1600s or 1980s, God has NOT abandoned those that seek Him.   Including today.

Two other very important artifacts.  Among many.

One specific to Jesus and the other, His beloved mother, remain in the Catholic/Christian domain today and new discoveries continue to happen with both.  The Shroud originally of Jerusalem, hidden in Edessa and today Turin is the burial cloth of Jesus the Christ.

His mother, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Mary travels through time and geographic space to visit various places and peoples; the most famous artifact of one of these is the Tilma, the cactus cloak of Our Lady of Guadalupe that miraculously still exists after 500 years still as vibrant as when Mary appeared to Juan Diego in 1531. With the star chart of the Dec 12, 1531 nightsky, in place for 500 years before it was discovered in the age of computers and satellites.

Mary’s message is always formed and focused, but the same fundamentals: listen to my Son and follow Him.

The Shroud and OLady of Guadalupe cloth imagery are miracles, pure and simple. In its own way, so is the GPGiza

But the 900 million cubic feet of cut stones (not brick, as the other pyramids were basically grave headstones over unique pharaoh remains, with the back breaking brick makers of the Israelites over centuries) is incredibly impossible to dismiss as other worldly.  Or a God-incidence.  Appropriately, a coincidence is a math angle…but God had a significant Hand in the GPG.  Read:

“The Great Pyramid’s builder knew all the dimensions of Earth and had a command of engineering, astronomy, and mathematics that would be impressive even today. If this guy didn’t have supernatural capability himself, he was certainly assisted by Someone who does”  (JK) 

 I think we know Whom that Someone is; He loves us so much He sacrificed His very Son for us. 

And marked the spot with a mammoth monument pointing directly to His Son’s life and His story.  Only 3x3x3x10 or 270 miles away from the stable of the House of Bread, Bethlehem on a line that skirts the Mediterranean Sea.

Various paths of faith and salvific history re: the GPG

The sections of our scientific inquiry and faith overlay follow.

Basic physiology and Mathematics.

For example, there is evidence that the Great Pyramid of Giza can focus electromagnetic energy

Anecdotally, a Giza adventurer and his guide noticed that the GPGiza acted somewhat like a crude capacitor; also, an article in Applied Physics discusses the interesting and verifiable aspect of EME.

There are many important numbers in the GPG; these two for different reasons are key: 9131 inches and 1453BC.  Adventurer, you will see why.  As well as 3.14159.

GPG sits on 13.5 acres of land, situated purposefully at the exact center of the world (i mentioned that before didn’t i?), in the middle of Egypt and the border/boundary of north and southern Egypt. 

“The entire structure rests on 4 foundation stones that fit into sockets cut into the bedrock. These stones are designed to compensate for changes in temperature. They keep the pyramid square and level at all times, and in fact it’s square on every course.” (hat tip Jack Kelley JK) 

It couldn’t have been accidental WHERE it sits: it’s pinpoint accuracy is aided by the solid granite mountain at the world’s center spot….only one Being could be responsible for this “underlayment” of solid granite, certainly no Pharoah or Israeli.  Certainly not any human.  It had to be built INTO the earth AT Creation; and the GPGiza PRECEDED the Noah Cataclysmic Drencing.

I’ve mentioned CENTER a couple times; here’s author John Zajac’s comments from his tome “Delicate Balance”:

GPG is “built on the exact center of the land MASS of the earth, facing TRUE NORTH, heading is off by only 3 minutes of arc (360 degrees in a circle, 60 minutes in each degree, 60 seconds in each minute)  Adventurer: there is the DIME test to show what a ‘second’ of arc is: the angle made from the top to the bottom of a dime one mile away).

The most accurate observatory ever constructed to locate and measure the North Pole is off 6 minutes of arc and built during the International GeoPhysical Year of 1957. Apparently, modern science cannot more closely point to the North Pole than a millennia old Pyramid does.”

This is significant should you dwell on how AND why.  “…since the GPG was built, the North Pole has moved…. The pyramid was probably DEAD ON INITIALLY, facing due North.” on the date it was centered with the stars and planets above.

WHY?  Why would God engineer and/or have built a pile of rocks off the Nile in the desert?  Digging deeper to understand this centrality of the GPG, Zajac goes on:

 “…GPGiza’s position on Earth is oddly unique in other ways.  Its east-west axis corresponds with the longest land parallel across the Earth, passing through Africa, Asia and America.  The LONGEST land distance parallel to the equator passes RIGHT THROUGH THE GPG. More unbelievably, the longest land MERIDIAN (north-south) on Earth through Asia, Africa, Europe and Antarctica also passes right through the GPG”.

Center of the world

Understand, Adventurer, God beats the odds in all that He does. Zajac comments that “the Earth has enough land area to provide 3 billion building sites for the GPG…”  I’ll take those 1 in 3 billion odds, especially when God located it on a rare flat granite mountain that could support its massive weight and the need to be fixed through time.

Top it off with the fact it has built-in ball & socket assemblies at the ground level cornerstones; BEFORE the spooked wheel was invented! 

Point is, due to its size and the climate changes (no, not the modern God mocking Algorean heresies kind of climate distortions) subjected to it in the Egyptian desert, the GPG has expanded and contracted like 20th century bridges with the same construction.  It remains TRUE to its Master and the Master’s purposes.

SIGNificant numbers include the length of each of the major four sides at the base (9131 inches).  It’s pillar of fire beacon quality emanates from 144,000, the total number of casing/cover and cornerstones polished to mirror brilliance that most of which today, are located elsewhere, but once graced the GPG. Others have estimated it had 114,000 but whichever it turns out, it is MORE than the 10,660 window panel of Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA.  The largest concentration of mirror stones in the known universe BEFORE the New Jerusalem shows up.

Note, Adventurer, there were two types of limestone in the construction: a softer limestone that could be easily worked but would be vulnerable to the erosion over time; this comprises what you see today in the Cairo area: a pile of irregular blocks of stone.

The top layer made of white limestone, the so-called casing stones, numbered this interesting number 144,000, were extremely hard, polished bright and protected the integrity of the GPG from rain, wind and sand storms. 

However, today, 600 years after an earthquake series made this breastplate layer, an armor of protection for GPG, most of these casing stones were moved to other building sites (mosques and palaces) in the area.  “Since it took centuries to steal all the polished casing stones …NOT buried beneath the sand, GPG had varying amounts of exposure through the centuries…”

Good news: enough casing stones were not stolen so experts and computer whizzes could extrapolate the dimensions and see just how precisely cut and fitted these miraculous stones truly are”.  Hair width separation cemented together…

Similar to marble but superior in hardness, scientists have unearthed these lowest levels where casing stones remained, below the sands of time line.  Point is, imagine the 14th century, where Middle Eastern Home Depot contractors were busy pulling down the giant stones, scratching up those below the “harvest” line before carting them away.  

Some scholars see the 144,000 as the “12,000 from each of the 12 tribes (and 12 apostles), who are supposed to evangelize the world at the end times” JZ

But, like a giant laser, this giant mirror gave it its beacon quality, like an 8 sided pillar of fire in the desert of Egypt.  Maxing it’s light energy at high noon on the first day of Spring, one of two Equinoxes.  The eight sided feature is not discussed often, because it appears only four times: at sunset and sunrise on the solstices.   

As it is, it is believed by some, the GPG became “operational” at the vernal equinox of 2141BC. 

Why would God the Designer engineer the equinoxes and solstices in?  WHY NOT!  Remember, He placed the celestial bodies in their places for US, not His need to decorate the cosmos. 

From Psalm 74:16-17:  Yours the day and yours the night too; you set the moon and sun in place.

17 You fixed all the limits of the earth; summer and winter you made.

Partly because He set the moon and the sun in His perfect order to set the solar and sidereal years among other purposes, to integrate clues to the coming Son of God millennia later, AND to signal something we will reveal later?!

Interesting aside: we know Joseph took his family away to protect them from Herod into Egypt, out of the Israel king’s poisonous grasp.  Do we know where the Holy Family went in the former slave land of their forefather David?  Question for another time; it was close, since Jerusalem is less than 300 miles away.  But a mom and child on a donkey led by St Joseph.  I haven’t a clue but could hazard a guess.

Anyways, of import in understanding the astronomical and geophysical aspects of the GPGiza, ie understanding its math.  Unfortunately, in our current state of general education in this country, math has taken a back seat to feel good emotional states of mind.

Intriguing “coincidences?”  The average height of the earth’s land masses (Miami the low and Himalayas the high) is 5449 inches.  Which is also the height of the GPGiza!!

Geometry teaches us there is a universal relationship between the diameter of a circle and its outer perimeter, its circumference.  And if the GPGiza circumference is divided by twice its height (a circle’s diameter is twice the radius), you get 3.14159, meaning the pyramid displays pi to six significant digits.

GPG’s apex is 5812.98 inches.  Each of its sides measures 9131 inches.  Do the math and you get your geometrics.

Google earth top of the GPGiza showing the quadpod modeling the peak if the pyramid had a capstone or “finished” above the 30 sq ft altar

For those of you making a scale model: use 91.31 inches for the four bases, and 58.13 inches for the apex, though the top 30 square feet are missing below the point; ; 54.46 inches to that point, the ‘altar’ top. For the record, two Egyptologists the quadpod to show where the apex should have been IF a capstone or pointed pyramid had been built

From (Great Pyramid of Giza Research Center):

 “One of the earliest references to the missing top-stone (or capstone) is from Diodorus Siculus (60 BC).

He tells us that in his day, when the Pyramid stood with its casing stones intact, the structure was “complete and without the least decay, and yet it lacked its apex stone”.

Since the top-stone could not have been dismantled (or added!) without first demolishing the smooth casing-stones, so that the core masonry formed steps of approach to it, this statement of Diodorus supports the theory that the top-stone had never been added to the structure. Also it appears that between the different courses of stones there is a thin cement which is absent on the upper surface of the highest course.

Why the pyramid was never finished remains a mystery.”  Maybe we can shed some LIGHT on the why!


The Meter

Quick look at the “meter”.  The meter was intended to help find a basic unit of measure regarding the earth.  As it turns out, the work continues.  But briefly, 10 million meters measures the distance from the equator to the North Pole; the cubit (made up of 25 sacred Jewish inches); 10 million of them measure the distance from the North Pole through the earth to its exact center.

We already know about the Giza sitting at the exact center of the world, the crossing of the line north-south and east-west touching the most land respectively.

AS the Chief Mathematician, God designed, not only the  553,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 mile wide universe (Sextillion), and the submicroscopic nature of the 30-50 trillion celled human species, but He designed His ‘system’ of mathematics to be intensely, even infinitely precise and to be discoverable by peoples seeking the truth about many things.  Throughout time. Such as Holy Joe Horn whose curiosity about order math sciences is insatiable.

Who might respond to the Gospel message if proclaimed a bit differently.  Yet, corrupted math and science has terrible consequences.  It fascinates me, and should you, how we Jesus followers have bought in so easily to the demonizing of photosynthesis and its major component, carbon dioxide, one of God’s greatest miracle processes that feeds the world!  Even worse (the rule if you give evil misery merchants an inch, they take a mile), now Dutch farmers are demonized for releasing NITROGEN into the atmosphere as part of some bizarre plan to kill farming.  

You can look it up but Nitrogen makes up 78% of the atmosphere.  78 out of 100 air molecules are Nitrogen and puny mankind can’t make a dent in Nitrogen.  Let alone trap the sun’s heat on earth (radiative atmospheric science) with 12 man made CO2 molecules per EACH one million atmospheric molecules.  Ignorance is NOT bliss: it is DANGEROUS as you can see in today’s fallen away President ObamaJoe’s idiotic destruction of american families.

How have we missed? The Church by acting like reeds in the wind.

Society, by blasphemously putting man on some rickety self made pedestal thinking we are powerful enough to change the weather, atmospheric cleansing principals, climate…  yes, this researcher can easily note evil has its grasp (for example on the New Democrat party plank of harvesting ballots and babies for similar purposes, to remain in power and depopulate God’s green world.) on so much good that God created in the beginning and continues to monitor. 

We are NOT alone, as Sully and the X man Mulder of X-files states: God DOES exist, people of God.  Let’s act as if we believe He IS omnipotent.  As well as the smartest Being in the Universe.

 Why did God manufacture trillions of tons of organic energy sources if not to help mankind when he discovers their potential?  He didn’t do it to give prostiticians free rein to destroy a thriving country like ours that helps to feed the world and is first on site at major disasters.

Same with trying to destroy basic energy gifts like fossil fuels, 3rd world poverty abatement and other noble causes helpful to the Gospel and progression of man that technological advance encourages… UNLESS hijacked by miscreant anti God forces at work today.  QED on this.  Quid Est Demonstravit: Joe did this, puppetted by the evil Borgmaster of the ObamaNation, O, but I digress.

But God desires ALL to come to Him.  Math is one road to heaven!  I know, try and convince a 3rd grader of this.

I can’t exhaustively outline every math equation and its usefulness in the GPGiza, but for this cause concentrating on those most pertinent to advancing the idea it IS a Catholic relic and holy site. 

Understand, fellow researchers and inquirers, we do NOT worship that 500 year old image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, nor the 2000 year old Shroud of Christ that Knights Templar’s  Geoffroi de Charnay helped to preserve from destruction despite his execution, nor a millennia old pile of carved stone blocks located at the world’s crossroads and center (not bricks like the numerous pharoahic ‘pyramid’ copies throughout Egypt). 

Yet, It is STILL under study today and still seeing 14 million visitors annually.

We honor these miraculous gifts for what and whom they point to:

God’s existence and the much heralded return of His Son, the fulfillment of 600 plus prophecies and a blissful eternity for those who truly follow the Christ.

Recall, Pope St John Paul the Great interceded 400 years later, absolving Galileo of much of the injustice his correct theory of the heliocentric planetary system was debased over; it is time for truth to be discerned, and the Church MUST take the lead, correcting the errors of ignorance and arrogance regarding climate change, basic fetology and reproductive purposes of humanity, and much more.   

A “woman’s right to choose to kill her child prebirth” is not of God; go to hell located at planned parenthoodlum central, 700 N Tustin at 22fwy to see why.

Yes, it IS going against the grain and upstream to be a denier of puny man’s limited power and debunk the climate cultists…but it is long overdue to correct Algorean heresies, distorted images of God’s designs and more. 

 Are we all satisfied that in the beginning God said:  “Let there be 60 different sexes and genders?”  That six year old kids should be shoving dollar bills in the scrotum cloth of drag queens?  Wake up, and be the adult you were called to be, Adventurer!

I think not, though try and find a Catholic prostitician who would admit the error; it’s tough enough that the current 10th supreme court justice, JuMANji Jackson Brown can’t define what a woman is. Enough said on her selective stupidity.

We can’t get secularists, who worship their own images, to agree that that squirming thumbsucker they see on the UltraScreen is alive, let alone human.  On top of everything, just when clarity could have peeked in, that supposedly wise justice, Jumanji Jackson Brown, cannot even describe what a human female, a woman, is!  But we can. 

And must…to counter the culture of death and a disbelieving world with so much proof God and eternity are hidden in plain sight.  After all, GPGiza has a Queen’s Chamber and i don’t think it refers to a famous rock band or queer womanifestations of distorted thought processes


…with built in facts and mystery clues. Here’s where Holy Joe Fr. Horn can weigh in; since his math reputation precedes him. 

Said previously, Isaac Newton and so many others studied this pile of stones; it is the MOST MEASURED building in the world.

“To find out more about the “mysteries” of the pyramid, many great scientists have taken thousands of measurements.  The accuracy of these measurements was checked hundreds of times by the best methods that could be devised.  Even early investigators such as Professor Charles Piazzi Smyth, Astronomer Royal of Scotland, used specially designed wooden scales (metal changes too much with temperature) to measure distances to 0.001 (1/1,000th) of an inch; and angles to 1 second of arc (recall, adventurer, 360 degrees in a circle, 60 minutes per degree and 60 seconds per minute)…”

Sadly, I hope I am wrong, but I believe it is understudied by us Catholic scientists. Newton’s Gravitational Law was dependent on research emanating from the GPGiza.

 There are hundreds of computations, like the golden mean, Pi, etc.  A simple incredible to share: take the fact it is a Square Circle, nonetheless. 

This is eye opening and amazing as well.  Quick equations. 9131 inches (the length of each side) times 4 sides yields 36524 inches.  Is that a significant number to you, adventurer?

What’s the “length” of a solar year? 365.24   36,524 inches is the base perimeter of the GPGiza in inches. Height is 5813 inches…twice the height (radius) is 11626: Divide that into the base and you get 3.1415, the irrational number Pi to 5 significant digits. And irrational it will always be.

More Math FACTs: Recap on year length: Each side measures 9131 inches; this totals 36524 inches. 

Note, the significance of the baseline number: 36524 IS an actual solar year not 365 1/4 days.  NOT 365.25 but 365.24. 

Adventurer, wonder why we leap?  This is why, not only do we need a leap year every four years, we also need NO leap year every 100 and lose those NOT divisible by 400. 

Mouthful…the actual time it takes for a solar revolution is 365.242375 days, so balancing the days takes, well, years. 

But this measurement of a true solar year was built into the base of the GPGiza from millennia ago.  God after all, demanded MULTIPLICATION of the species, NOT reduction by contraception (‘against conception”) and Satan’s secret tool to destroy the Church, abortion.  

Adventurer, recognize this object we are evaluating is UNIQUE. It is like NO OTHER pyramid like structure on earth.

<> Though morphologically, it is the shape of a geometric pyramid, It is not one. We call it a pyramid but unlike its poor imitators, it is MUCH more.

<> It is concaved on its surfaces to match the earth’s surface, something discovered only 60 years ago; BECAUSE and vice versa, its concavity is 51 degrees 51 minutes 14.3 seconds, it has ZERO shadow near the equator on the first day of spring, we call the ‘vernal equinox’.  And the resulting concave nature, matches the curvature of the earth.  One more interesting point: the radius of the bow matches that of the earth as well.  Pretty intense, Adventurer.

<>it is missing a top cornerstone (30 sq foot top, no point) and though visually it shows four sides, it is an eight (8) sided “pyramid” shown to be so, four times a year on two separate days, when the shadows reveal this unique feature.

  In Greek, we render pyramid to “Fire in the middle” not a definitive geometric object.

<>The GPG has this data built in. For you Math Adventurers, more follows but it gets a bit heady:

“Pi Facts: Take the Tangent value from the apex angle (38.1460239°) and multiply it by the number of sides (4). TAN(38.1460239) = 0.785398175 × 4 = Π (3.14159265), pi. (Just like John Taylor may have discovered hundreds of years ago, except now without all the controversy, and possible jailing??)”

No good deed goes unpunished, just as evil tends to be restless around the good.

Well, this author isn’t sure jailing ISN’T happening in the future due to Luddites and the scientifically ignorant. You lose your job if you get a fake pronoun wrong.

  As the godless secularists gain power, all things are vulnerable…they just arrested a bunch of unmasked Aussie Mass goers IN THE MIDDLE OF Mass!  Face diapers an excuse to shut down a sacred Mass!


Note the 51+ degree acute angle at the base.

As mentioned, this angle is essential to the GPGiza having no shadow on the Spring Equinox at high noon; also, as mentioned, the faces of the pyramid exhibit a slight concavity (inward bend) which matches the curvature of God’s good green earth!

How could this feature, not discovered until 50 years ago by a jet pilot, be known and built in to the GPGiza before flight and satellites, defies reason.  Unless God had a strong Hand in it’s design and/or construction.

There are different interpretations of the cubit, and I discovered more in researching for this Cause. The most common and the one that makes sense is 25 sacred Jewish/pyramid inches in one Jewish cubit…


Here is an abstraction from John Turbeville’s research. 

Again, a long list of mathematical interrelationships, as if the GPGiza was a divinely inspired library of the foundation of the earth and maybe even the universe. 

Like the discussion of GPGiza’s ‘square circle’ properties, it is good to see how this might apply (not be manufactured to fit like a square peg in a round hole) to the Cause. 

For example, God’s Son came to earth on a intricately designed (and 600 times prophesized) specific timetable, after He had chosen a people to be His own; millennia of their history melded into ours today.  Conceived on March 25 at the Annunciation, Jesus was “born to die”.

He DID die on Friday the 13th of the Hebrew month of Abib, which we also see in the newer calendar (with a 3-4 day offset) as consistent with the solstices and equinoxes.

We “come out of winter” on the first day of Spring, which conceivably WAS the solar equinox once. 

A day of renaissance, rejuvenation, of resurrection as plants and flowers begin to come forth.  Signified at high noon with a shadowless GPGiza, when its brilliance would have been at its highest point (while the 144,000 casing stones remained in place). 

In a sense, Adventurer, the GPGiza loses its identity at that time and the intense laser bright light pointed to the heavens, another acknowledgement God loved us enough from all eternity past to subject His beloved Son to His creatures.

Jesus’ birth would have coincided with the winter solstice (Dec 21, 2022 this year)  adjusted for the 4 day offset (December 25)  as if the dark and short days of winter experienced a great light, the “God from God, true light from true light) in the Christchild.   But, note this:

At sunrise and at sunset at the winter solstice, the GPGiza magically shadows as an EIGHT sided object: Jesus’ number on the day He arrives.  Visible only FOUR times per year.  The physical evidence that the Man of the 888, Jesus the Christ is on the earth!

With the discovery that the eight sided nature of the GPG is evidenced at sunrise and sunset on the two solstices’ shadows, we can better understand possibly the GPG WAS a beacon of hope, a pillar of fiery light, a solar and world clock, an altar yet unused: recall, in Greek and Hebrew, numbers assigned to letters, alphabets, Jesus number is known to be 8; more specifically 888, the “transnumeration” of Christ’s name in the Greek.

Always remember, God’s ways are soooo much higher than ours, but He desires us to see His mercy and gifts.

More numerical relationships are available and could be added…but we want the Cause investigation to not take decades.

Light: the Universal Symbol of the Savior  xxxxxxx

Definitions: If you are NOT Fr Spitzer, the physicist, we lay people define light variously as “something that makes vision possible. the sensation aroused by stimulation of the visual receptors.” 

From  “Through his experiments with refraction, Newton determined that white light was a composite of all the colors on the spectrum, and he asserted that light was composed of particles instead of waves”  Anyone want to borrow my prism?

My guess, Adventurer, is that before God created the world, light did NOT exist. Jesus was as of yet, the Son of God, was not organically encased.

Giza of Cairo and the Temple of the City of Peace

One application that God puts for light as symbol is what happened in the Temple AND the Giza Pyramid that fateful day on Golgotha as Jesus died.  From Scripture we know the Temple veil was torn in two as the world was thrown into darkness.  But, just 270+miles away, which few if any have thought of, Giza was approaching its annual high point in brightness as it approached noon.  Why?  At high noon on the Spring Equinox, it has ZERO shadow (vs at the Solstices it has Jesus’ number 8 sides due to shadowing at dusk and dawn).

Notice the Man Made Mayan building signifies the snake (the devil’s first form on earth), while the God designed Giza points to the heavens at high noon at the Spring EQ.

Walk with me: just as Giza, visible for hundreds of miles, went completely dark for the same 3 hours as Jerusalem. Symbolically, this could me the Light of the World went dark on the cross as did God’s compass and time machine went dark totally for the first time since its build.   The temple cloth might have been repaired but was gone 37 years later as the temple was destroyed: God’s beacon light located at the center of the world and His Story,  returned to the Giza following the sun’s return at 3pm. 

I believe, need your thoughts wise ones, Giza’s beacon was visible from the moon, maxed on the DATE that Jesus was conceived and died at high noon (nominally, March 25th IF the calendar error of four days can be explained) but His light returned to the earth days later and for 40 more before His Ascension.

Come on Len, isn’t this a stretch?  You tell me adventurer.  God designed and MADE ie created 553 sextillion miles of stars and planets for HUMANS (God didn’t need the work); you don’t think He could have set the earthen angularity at 23.5 degrees to create His seasons, so that on 4 dates at the beginning of each season, something of import could be signified?

God is Spirit and we don’t understand physically how He exists as three persons in the one Godhead. Ask St Augustine.

The first act of Creation WAS light (let there be light) and the New Jerusalem after the world ends will have the Light of Christ to provide illumination.  No sun, no moon, probably no stars, but just unadulterated pure Light of Christ.

The Sun, one million times larger than the Earth, provides it today, as well as the moon and the billions of stars to a lesser degree.

Light, in and of itself, does not have physical form (the endless discussion of it being particles or waves) but relies on other physical objects or substance to have “purpose”.

Nothing is sacred to the godless leftists.  Even the rainbow, God’s water promise, needs prismatic raindrops to be visible, as well as the Aurora Borealis.  Sadly, the godless believe they can recreate the human race THEIR way, creating out of pure air and arrogance 60 different new sexes and genders.

Yet, how outrageous is it, stealing the iconic symbol of not destroying the wicked by water that God saved for AFTER the first rains, is the ultimate mockery of a omniscient and omnipotent Being. 

 In the large tome “The Waters Above”, you can see how the first rainbow came AFTER the first rain when the earth lost the worldwide protective water vapor. That was God’s call after Noah finished his 120 year DIY project.  There is a Jewish sight called

“The world preceding the Flood was marked by abundance, health, and prosperity. The average human lifespan lasted many hundreds of years, and the climate across the globe was temperate and pleasant.

Unfortunately, mankind took advantage of this blissful lifestyle, and corruption became rampant. With the exception of a few select individuals, society indulged in theft, idolatry, and incest. This all came to a head in the year 1536 of Creation (2225 BCE), when G‑d first foretold the events that would come to pass.”

“The Waters Above” is a large book, with some advanced math, but it is fascinating if you wonder why humans lived 700-900 years BEFORE the Great Flood and life spans declined AFTER the flood down to less than 100 years.  (Yes, we have written evidence of this phenomena).  One obvious is: since the earth was universally tropical worldwide until the first rains, the human race’s protection from X, gamma and other external radiations, including sunlight, was advanced.

The cataclysmic nature of the First Rain and resulting “Flood” was no more vapor canopy to protect us; our sinfulness, not God’s desire to shorten lives, brought this on.  We, as a race, are lucky to have survived with only  8 left to “remultiply” humanity on earth.  If you don’t already, apply a “reality” filter over the obviously jaded and corrupted science taught today in our pubic (xxxSexEd prioritized) schools; actually, INDOCTRINation not education.

Another definition:   “Electromagnetic radiation that is visible, perceivable by the normal human eye as colors between red and violet, having frequencies between 400 terahertz and 790 terahertz and wavelengths between 750 nanometers and 380 nanometers.”

or “Electromagnetic radiation that can be perceived by the human eye. It is made up of electromagnetic waves with wavelengths between 4 X 10 -7 and 7 X 10 -7 meters. Light, and all other electromagnetic radiation, travels at a speed of about 299,728 km (185,831 mi) per second in a vacuum.”  Give or take a mile.  None of this existed before God said “Let there be light”.

The best we can educationally guess, God has existed as three persons forever.  Possibly at the exact center of eternity (chew on that!), God willed into existence the known universe, BEFORE light existed. 

Our grumbly atheistic evolutionaries demand we believe the 553 sextillion mile wide universe self-evolved slowly, by its own will, and took untold billions of years to get to where we are today. Scientifically, I think this is poppycock. God need not apply.   Cute how they come up with billions or Google Plex numbers of years; few of us have been around for even 100 of these spans of time in years.

God’s Word calls out six days before He rested after making the first woman, Eve.  A systematic method of how He created all else…AND man then woman.

This does not mean Eve was a second class citizen; Woman was NOT an afterthought, but the focus of a Godhead Who saved the best for His last act of general creation. 

Ever looked at it that way?  Adventurer, you need to put aside the modern distortions of patriarchal society, pronouns, etc. for this study: currently, the newest female Supreme Court Justice (Jumanji Jackson Brown) wouldn’t even define “woman” when testifying for her confirmation; this shows you how far we’ve come since the GPGiza came into existence.  Oh, and since God defined the TWO genotypes of His human race: male and female.

Before Light existed, God is; but we apply Light as specifically: “I am the Light of the World” and “The Light of Christ” and refer to Him daily at Mass.  “Light from Light” and “True God from True God”, for example. 

Again, signs, symbols and parables, God uses the universe He created to lead us further into eternity.  We ALREADY ARE a part of the second half of infinity and it freaks out any of us who are honest about how long we WILL exist.

Light IS Infinite colors.  That travel 11 billion 744 million + inches PER SECOND, something we can measure but not replicate.

Light IS an important component of Catholic relics.  Think the Shroud; the image IS Light.   Our Lady of Guadalupe has an optically correct eye that reflects light.   Light is the needle, if you will on the GPGiza as a compass and an astronomical projector.  As you might see, the parallels are almost…endless

Make no mistake: God uses ALL His created tools to point out His Son and “center” us on History or more correctly His Story.  And His Story is CENTRAL component of our eternities.  Adventurer, read on…

Geography and Biblical Archaeology

Only a fool believes that there is no physical evidence of God’s presence on earth.  But, in deciphering clues God has left us, we must be careful and critical to seek the truth, not try and fit our concepts into God’s ways. He, not we, created. He not we has a great eternity planned for those who follow Him.  But, his clues are prolific, ie pro life ic, Adventurer!

Today, many misguided leaders follow their golden calves, their “scientists”, because they preach what tickles the death culture’s eardrums and eyeballs. God CREATED those eardrums for truth, to hear the word, not absorb professional liars like Eve’s, Adam Schiff and other misery merchants.  AND to see what is instore for all who follow Father God’s Son. 

As you may see, location is more than a real estate term: geography, ie the location of the GPG is important to the cause and this study. Adventurer, ALWAYS be careful trying to fit reality into your self-constructed cubby holes; it is better to keep an open mind and heart as you seek the Truth.  The Spirit will guide you IF you pray for guidance and always be wary of anything that violates what God has revealed to us about His Son, His Son’s mother Mary and the Church.  But the geographic matches well the Isaiah prophecies in the 19th book.

Here is a good geographic scripture to peruse; Isaiah 19:19-20 does speak about something that could be Giza:

On that day there shall be an altar to the LORD at the center of Egypt, and a sacred pillar to the LORD near its boundary.
20   This will be a sign and witness to the LORD of hosts in the land of Egypt, so that when they cry out to the LORD because of their oppressors, he will send them a savior to defend and deliver them 21  The LORD shall make himself known to Egypt, and the Egyptians shall know the LORD in that day”
Center of Egypt AND on its border?   JKelley shares his thoughts on the geography: 

“Since it’s located both on the border between Upper and Lower Egypt (Giza means border in Arabic) and in the heart of the two Egypts, the Great Pyramid seems to be referenced in the Isaiah passage above. And since the context of the Isaiah passage is the End Times, the connection with the New Jerusalem may not be so far fetched after all.

(Originally two separate kingdoms, Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt were joined together to become one. Upper Egypt is in the south and is more mountainous. Lower Egypt in the north was comprised mostly of the Nile delta region and the adjacent plains. The Biblical name for Egypt is Mizraim and literally means two Egypts since it’s the dual form of its root, Matzor.”

Mizraim was a son of Ham whose descendants first settled Egypt.   I have done a study and overlay of the generations and their ages, which has some bearing on the GPGiza.  My original purpose was to show the genetic and cellular superiority before the flood and the precipitous decline in genetic and cellular endurance after, especially in light of cellular degeneration without solar screens like water vapor.  Ever hear of sunscreen at the beach?.  From the historical books of the early man, we have the record and can deduce much. 

Interesting point about Ham.  Noah lived on both sides of the worldwide cataclysmic flood; he was 600 years old when the re-creation of the earth happened (40 days and nights of rain doesn’t explain it all); he had started to build the ark with his sons when Noah was 480 years old.  And looking up the family history of Noah, we know he died at age 950.

The Genesis geneologies trace the lineage of Noah’s son, Shem up through Isaac and Ishmael, and up until Jesus, of the house of David from both Joseph and Mary’s ancestry.

But Ham, after departing the ark, settled in the regions of Egypt.  He did not build the GPGiza; we have evidence it predated the flood and was still a giant mirrored light beacon well into the future.

Astronomical correlations with Christology.   The GPG dramatically appears to be eight sided at sunrise and sunset on the solstices (summer and winter). Nominally, of course it is four sides but this feature was no accident.  As to the SIGNificance of eight, throughout Scripture and life, 8 is the number of renaissance, resurrection, rebirth, rejuvenation.  Also, the number of the center of time, eternity and His story.

Both Greek and Hebrew assign numbers to their letters; 8 is magnified to 888, which is Jesus’ name transnumbered in the Greek. It literally adds up to 888 when His name in Greek is spelled out.

To help this along, think of various examples of the properties of eight.  8 is the renewed week, where it starts over.  The 8th whole note IS the same note as its precedent (like middle and high “C”) but up an octave (an ‘eight’ave)  We hear the basic C note but up an 8th, you hear it at a higher pitch.  Do Re Me…all the way to Do!

This ‘numbers of the Bible’ are a whole different study, but we will pull out the numbers that are relevant to the GPG.

When it was uncovered, the actual entrance was 17 steps up on the north face; however, it was NOT known before the first break-in…nearby on the same face.  So, what of 17?  Read on.


Fr Horn’s favorite number is 153.  Built into this very special number, are a few fascinating things that should peak interest, starting with 17.  17 is known as the symbol of “victory” when examining the Scriptures. It intricately resides inside the ‘magic number’ that Jesus spoke:  153.  Think about this reality: no where in Scripture is Jesus running a tuna cannery; He calls out the apostles first as fishers, not shepherds, of men as He calls them to His ministry. 

Yet, the one time He told the apostles the actual number of fish they caught, He said 153… (OK, the 2 fish of the multiplication of loaves and fishes)

Why 153?  Good question: early reasons for the number was the total number of countries; I believe it was a shot in the dark that missed it’s mark in the past.  Also give the saint credit: the number of species in the Sea of Tiberius guess by Jerome.

But: when you break down 153, you get:

Rafael the Renaissance painter. 153 fish?

17 x 3 x 3 = 153 or 17 x 9.  I do not believe this was accidental; recall, Jesus was already frying a fish or two on the shore of Tiberias, but 3 squared indicates the magnified and magnificence of the Trinity. Like the “ultimate Being” times Himself. Then, multiplied by victory (17).  

I know, we can see smoke where there’s no fire; the oldest of 11 and the firstborn of 11, my son Josh, were born on a 17th.  Is this important?  Critical to the exegesis of the GPGiza? 

Possibly not: but God does NOTHING by accident nor coincidence: ALL Godincidental.

REcall, He asked the apostles to bring some of the fish they caught after He rose. I have written a piece called “153” on this.  As Fr. Horn pointed out in the inset number box:

Fr. Horn’s favorite number 153. Who’da thought?

Interestingly, 153 is the sum of all the digits from 1 thru 17: 1+2+3+4…+17. What math whiz Fr. Horn calls the 17th “triangular number”.  Also, the size of the smallest Superpermutations of 5 items (see pic)

It goes deeper: it is the sum of the cubes of its own digits.

Odd you might say? I look at it as a teaching tool. The 1 God, 5 main and eternal wounds of Christ, 3 persons in the Trinity. 

Some other wise people:  St Jerome posits there were 153 fish species in the Lake of Tiberius. Maybe.  The acknowledged number of rosary beads in the rosary: 153

But,  I believe Jesus planted this clue, not just for the original twelve, but for the future, our future.

He told them early on, they would give up sea and lake fishing and become fishers of men.  The harvest is full but the laborers, unfortunately, not so prolific. 

That is why WE must be the witnesses, the disciples to get as many of those we can influence to heaven. Using EVERY tool at our disposal.

Fr. Horn: i knew you’d be perfect to discuss the cause for the Border Pyramid (ok Giza) consideration as a timeless Catholic icon and holy site. God is pretty much infinitely perfect.

In my 40 some years of parish based ministry, I always loved the clues, symbols and signs God has planted on the earth for us mere mortals.  Like the inter-relationship of one of the greatest popes of all time, Pope St. John Paul the Great, at his life’s end and one of the most innocent, vulnerable Catholic woman, at her life’s end, intertwined, one finishing his earthly ministry and she, becoming one of the most important Eucharistic miracle of the 21st century.  A story for a different time.

153 is one of my favorite’s too. Did you know that it’s base the number 17 represents victory in the Bible! and it’s the 17th step entrance on the Giza.

As you pointed out, Fr. Horn, 153 is the 17th triangular, the permutation (not sure about zip codess, troop (I was scoutmaster 1123 for 20 years) and Pokemon, but Jesus chose this number specifically.

153 has been chewed over for centuries, by scholars and doctors and saints,  but it makes less sense as the number of countries. Jesus had a purpose in calling it out.

Think about this: there was no computer to count and analyze the catch but Jesus simply calls it as 153.

Brain use time: Why do some deacons and priests take the 5 loaves and 2 fishes miracle and claim it may have been uncharted generosity and sharing between 5000 men and x number of moms and kids? 12 baskets of leftovers too.  Trust me, I am all for following the 2nd greatest commandment and helping others.  But, cheapening the miracle and symbolism is NOT of God…look at what happened to Moses for his double rock strike in the desert.  After all the effort with the often rebellious Israelites, God replaced Moses with Joshua to lead His people into the promised terrain.  All because he didn’t listen to God’s request.  The rock being struck once and living water flowing out makes no sense if Jesus needed to be killed twice.

Fr Horn, my math whiz friend, Fr Spitzer on the physics drums and all:  great revelations are coming. We are passing thru the Neo Dark Ages, and the Renaissance is coming soon.  Maybe it is already here.

No, I’m not a prophet nor the son of a prophet, but imagine (some math again) the God-incidence of the lie of Roe being pulverized the same day , for the first time since 1960, that we celebrate John the Baptizer’s birth with the Sacred Heart feast, the man from Elizabeth’s womb who heralded the Sacred heart of Jesus as we move through the summer solstice. 

Giza, on the day Roe’s terrible decision was turned back, appears to have eight (8) sides at sunrise and sunset, the number of Jesus. In fact, 888 is the Greek transnumeration of the numerical value assigned to his Greek name.

Minor additional facts like your personal 153 in the graphic . My wife Mary and I had grandchild #21 that Friday just after the Roe announcement; Sam Benedict was born to my oldest daughter and son in law on the birthdate of their godchild (grandchild (Matt&Emily’s) Evie’s 6th bday), who shares the birthdate with her grandmother, Emily’s mom who is now in heaven.  Darn I am wordy but you just can’t make this stuff up!

God bless your work in the celestials and the math world. Just like Fr Spitzer my PB&J friend, we need your analysis right now.

There is a whole world of wonder with implanted proofs of God’s existence and the validity of the salvation history. After all, Giza sits at the exact center of the world, just as Jesus is the center of life, of time, of His Story. Giza points to Bethlehem and the Solomonic pillars that mark the exodus and the first Passover.  So many truisms, so little time.

Another example: Think about the 144,000 beautifully carved casing cap stones: recall how the scriptures discusses the cornerstone as the stone that the builders rejected.  It became the cornerstone of the whole new world! as the song goes. 

It physically took centuries for the Arab ‘contractors’ to strip and recycle the enticing cover stones; it has taken hundreds of years of study as well of the mathematical and astronomical wealth built in and outside the Giza.

These untold astronomical correlations are built into the pyramid; purposefully, making the GPG a storehouse of human understanding and God’s infinitesimally complex creative all powerful works.

For example,  Phi, Pi, the Golden Mean and other math concepts. No accident but purposefully, Giza was much more than a pagan burial tomb like the other 118 giant coffins.

At the beginning, we mentioned 9131 inches per side.

Generally, the length of a solar year often is called out as 365 1/4 or 365.25 days.  But it really is 365.24 days per actual solar year!  Over thousands of years, it remains the same.

We have leap years every fourth and adjust for the deviation by dropping a leap year in some centuries.  Point is, the creator of the GPG, built it to the true time dimensions, not approximated.

9131 inches times 4 equal 36524.  The actual year it takes to revolve around the sun and the GPGiza records it like a finely made Swiss time piece.  WE humans are ok with 365 1/4 days; God is NOT satisfied with sloppy.  He records the continuing length of a solar year.   This anomaly is just one of hundreds, as you will see.   Let’s try to dissect some of them systematically

Future possibilities and the secrets of the ancient past.

Conceptions and Titles, Roles and Manifestations

CENTER OF THE WORLD   Who’s at the Center of the World, History & Time?

 Most of you reading this might believe Jesus IS the center of History. If you don’t, we still love you; all of us, have a limited time on this mortal coil and we need to approach God with wisdom, knowledge and hope.  Learn and share his major precepts to help others

Previously, BC meant Before Christ and AD, anno Domini or in the year of the Lord. It STILL does. 

But, suppose God, in His infinite wisdom, wanted to give humanity something at the Center of the World that points to His Son for all time; maybe His birth place or part of His Story, such as the Passover?

Year zero or 1 separated the two testaments/covenants. He was conceived (just as important as his birth date) on March 25 on our modern calendar; and He died on March 25th as well, in Chabad language, Friday the 13th day of Nisan/Abib. 

The God=man ‘born to die’.  Then came the Resurrection.  But, you might recall March 25th also was Mary’s Annunciation.  The Church teaches that God wasted no time once Mary was informed, she said “Yes” and baby Jesus was underway.

Pyramid and Scripture scholars, scientists like Sir Isaac Newton have studied the contents AND the surface features of the GPGiza since it was built.

We learned in recent decades, as I demonstrated in Fr Tim Peter’s St Anthony Claret office, the GPGiza sat at the exact “Center of the World.”  He happened to have a flat map of the earth on his wall and I showed him the detail.  Now, the Egyptians, the Israelites and the Magi couldn’t know this millennia ago; no satellite imagery or hypersonic jets to map it out.  Duck Duck Go (formerly Google) Pyramid of Giza and see for yourself how it aligns with the four cardinal directions!

Center of the world. Of His Story.  Timeless.  Notice when you have Google Earthed Giza, it matches your laptop or cell screen almost perfectly.  Not bad for a 4600 year old mystery, that is only off 6 minutes of arc on the compass.  This is more precise than any observatory on earth, millennia later.

Egypt has 118 known pyramids, built on the western shore of the Nile.  But only Giza was built, not as a cemetery for a pharaoh, but for a much greater purpose; the others are just inferior models, like Chinese knockoffs sold on the streets of New York.   

The Red Granite “Coffer” in the King’s Chamber shows signs of wear…and souvenir hunting

Did you know: No body was buried in GPGiza. 

The only 3D detached object inside GPGiza is a red granite box/coffer with the same dimensions as the Ark of the Covenant.  NOT Mary, the Ark of (Jesus) the New Covenant, but the one in which God dwelt in the old testament.

‘The Coffer was carved out of a single block of red Aswan granite and hollowed out similar to how a carpenter would hollow out a block of wood with an auger — the spiral markings on the inner sides tells us this. Engineers have estimated it would require very hard bits (some precious stone?) and an overhead pressure of 1-2 tons.’
‘The four sides are about 6 inches thick and the base is about 7 inches thick. There is also a lip along the inside edge of the top that hints of a lid, but no lid has ever been found. The broken corner is the result of people chiseling pieces from of the Coffer to take home with them as a souvenir.  Maybe the fate of the lid was similar: broken up for souvenirs.  It only took centuries to dissemble most of the 144,000 hard limestone casing stones. ‘

Take this real life example in California; if you visit the capital city, you can find the Blessed Sacramento cathedral on the Blessed Sacramento river.  As you peer in, the Blessed Sacramento Cathedral has the Blessed Sacramento altar with the Blessed Sacrament residing at the focal point, behind the altar in the Blessed Sacramento Ark of the covenant tabernacle.  Adventurer, keep your eyes peeled wide… there are signs of the Living God all around us.  Even in this godless culture, the saints names, especially in the home state of 21 Catholic missions, separate locales: like St Ann, St Francis, Our Lady Queen of the Angels, St James (Santa Anna, San Francisco, Los Angels, San Diego).  

Jesus IS the Center of so much; He and His Bride will live forever in bliss….wouldn’t a loving God give us a hint of what is in store for us that would remain through time? How about the biggest hint by size in recorded history.

“Eye has not seen, ear has not heard….”  Ever hear the phrase: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”?  Of course, guaranteeing it wouldn’t be vandalized, like a NYC Macy’s, was not in the cards.

WORLD COMPASS?  Could it be…

This one act might hook you into there’s more to this than a pile of rocks.  As you Google Earth “Giza”, at the top of your screen is North; it is that main face where the entryway was designed in…17 steps from ground level to the opening that in fact was discovered second, not first, after the initial break-in.  But a compass?

GPG, in fact, was designed so well, it has been mechanically engineered at the corners to move with the temperature changes. The ball and socket engineering was purposeful.  This helps maintain its integrity and alignment.

At one time it was perfectly aligned with true north.  (From

“The pyramid is oriented true north with a greater accuracy than any known monument, astronomical site, or any other building. In our times, the most accurate north oriented structure is the Paris observatory. It is 6 minutes of a degree off true north. Yet, The Great Pyramid of Giza is only 3 minutes of a degree off true north.

Studies have shown that this 3 minutes of a degree off true north is due to either a shift in the earth’s pole or movement of the African continent. Thus, why the contention it originally was perfectly oriented to true north.”   Wow!

So, sitting at the Center of the World, perfectly oriented to true north, it could be said that the world’s largest and only remaining Wonder of the World anchors the earth. Or was put in place by a Creator who knew WHERE to build a solid massive flat stone mountain.  At the WORLD’s exact center.

Suppose ALSO it is a symbolic link to the heavens.  As we explore it further as a true Catholic relic/icon, a direction and truth finder, think outside the box and about the top:

The 30 square foot flat “altar” on top of the GPGiza, missing the top cornerstone rejected by the builders, mentioned in a recent Easter gospel reading:

John in Rev 7 tells us:

“I, John, had a vision of a great multitude,
which no one could count,
from every nation, race, people, and tongue.
They stood before the throne and before the Lamb,
wearing white robes and holding palm branches in their hands.”

AND:  “For the Lamb who is in the center of the throne
                        will shepherd them”

We are called to be Christ centered in our faith journey; imagine that that includes following the Being at the center of God’s excellently designed universe. 

Sometimes we humans get it backward: God did not create man to just plop him in His Universe; no, He designed, implemented, created and directs the Universe for the benefit of mankind, the only human race, here ON Earth as in Heaven.

Repeat, the Lamb who is the Center of the Throne will SHEPHERD them.

Sometimes we just don’t get it.  I’m a conservationist not a green on the outside red on the inside watermelon atheistic communist environmentalist; I hate waste. 

But, as is evident by today’s fixation with carbon dioxide as a demonic chemical melting the earth, we don’t give God credit for knowing what He’s doing; He’s had ETERNITY to figure things out.  And ALL power emanates from God.

God wants mankind, not the snail darter or kangaroo rat to have priority.  When He tells us to fertilize and multiply, we go to sub zero birth rates and abortion.  Like spoiled brats, we St Jerome put it, we “look the gift horse in the mouth”.

He builds a great Eden Garden, we rebel and here we are. Look back to pre-rain days.  The first rains were in Noah’s time.

The world goes corrupt to the 100th degree and after 120 YEARS of the Noah ship building company, God prunes us down to just 8 people.

After His massive manufacture of fossil organic fuels, God flies His misty rainbow light “flag” in the sky to promise no more worldwide drownings. 

Of course, if we buy into sex outside of marriage and the natural order of our physiology, God rains molten stones on your city after Lot’s family leaves town.  Or demand we accept 60 different shape shifting genders…  Sodom’s ruins still exist (Bible Archaeology Today) but Jesus told us it would be better for “Sodom …”

God is faithful and just and He does what He does for our protection. 

His clues, like the Shroud (and its companion Lanciano Eucharistic Miracle), the Guadalupe Tilma and I hope we all will see, the Pyramid Giza are there to help us understand the immense Work He has accomplished.  And stay focused on the great commission: to teach the world the Word and the Gospel.

The miracle mysterious objects, like the Rev 22 angel, are NOT to be worshipped but honored as the sign (directional, prophetic etc) of the New and Last Covenant between a loving Trinity and His people.

The East face, also is important, because GPGiza is southwest of Jerusalem.  The Christ angle, from millennia before Christ and us, draws a line through Bethlehem, the Exodus point and Solomon’s pillars marking same…the historical sites that the “compass needle” travels over and through.

Christ angle line flows out of Giza:  the line depicts the beginning and the end of the Exodus from where they were delivered from the Egyptians at the Red/Reed sea, to the crossing of the Jordan into the promised land.  Then through a couple Mediterranean coast cities and on to the House of Bread: Bethlehem

  Did not the wise astronomers, the Magi, hail from the East, maybe Babylon? Was the GPGiza part of their astronomical mapping GPS to find the King of Kings? Still chewing on the details; information at might help.

My conjecture is God’s miraculous objects, on earth and heavens, are interwoven to show His Glory AND to aid our journey. More may be discovered as time marches on.   As it is, the GPG IS linked to the heavens:

There are two years when the North star could shine down the entire length of the 344 foot descending passageway. 2141BC and 2007AD.   Not making the mistake of falsely guessing Jesus’ return date, there is some interesting analyses….

Of import, the first one is commented on by writer JK:

“On one day in history the angle of this passageway looking up from the bottom, pointed directly at the north star.  If you could have drawn a line straight up from the pyramid into the sky on that day you would have intersected the exact center of our galaxy. That day was the vernal equinox in 2141 BC.

Such an alignment happens only once every 26,000 years. As we’ll see below, the builders apparently knew this in advance and planned their construction accordingly.”   I’m working on the “exact center of the galaxy” angle…

Orion’s Belt star chart overlayed at the center of the world

Not to mention, Orion’s Belt’s stars match the Giza plateau directly as well.   Is this a coincidence or a deflection by the evil one?

Remarkable is the planning God has done from all eternity, in building His 553 sextillion mile wide universe, the Milky Way galaxy and us 30 trillion celled beings. It would be easy to “timestamp” His world with the largest object on His earth after all the matter and energy He put into precise place.

If you haven’t MARVELed at this before, note that God excels in the macro, parsecs of space, while doing wonders in innerspace fitting trillions of highly organized cells into tissues into organs into 7 pounds of fully human prebirth little girls ready to dawn on the planet when SHE is ready.

Meanwhile, our climate change ambassadors, including well-meaning Catholic church mice, look silly and ignorant believing man androgenically makes his own CO2 that disrupts the planetary atmospheric properties He created in the first place.  What the AOCs, Kerrys and other Algorean heretics don’t understand:

Cavendish’s “weighing the world” experiment yielded a result of approximately 6 sextillion tons. The total mass of Earth’s atmosphere is about 5.5 quadrillion tons, or roughly one millionth of Earth’s mass.

Our science and too many scientists are hopelessly corrupted; 1 CO2 molecule per 2500 does NOT disrupt 5.5 quadrillion tons of air.  Nonsense glorified to steal us blind, kill energy types God installed for our use, and play Marx & Lenin with the populace.

Sadly, stands to reason; death culture scientists can’t even watch a moving baby on ultrasound and declare it “Alive!”  Just as Jumanji Jackson Brown, the latest SCOTUS justice, can’t look at the mirror and declare she is a woman. So many of our self-declared intelligensia are “devolving”, going Luddite primitive scientists, on us. 

June 25, 2022, to me, is a sign of a Renaissance that may be building.  Do you remember where you were when SCOTUS handed down Dobbs, and Roe was done? 

Personally, we were prepping for Father Louis Levi Hager O. Praem.’s ordination on the Immaculate Heart of Mary the next day; Mary and I were just coming out of Christ Cathedral 6:30am Mass when the “Roe is overturned” announcement hit.  Like that Tuesday 9-11, most remember where they were.  I think Roe is similar but for an important reason: it is the beginning of good possibilities for the most needy among us: the preborn and her mother.

Hour later, our 21st grandchild, Samuel Benedict was born in Houston; oldest daughter Amanda and Brian had four already. 

It was their Godchild Evie’s 6th bday, same date as Brian’s grandma, Emily’s mom oh and both the Feast of Jesus’ Sacred Heart AND (first time since 1960) John the Baptizer’s birthday. Talk about convergence!

ALL as we passed through the summer solstice, when the GPGiza appears to be eight (8) sided at sunrise and sunset.  8 being the Sacred heart of Jesus’ number.

Back to the middle east.  Giza pyramid experts believe, based on two mapping objects (like a map scale) built into the structure, the ‘pyramid inch’ and a precise ‘scoring’ near the entrance, that it was built about 2623bc.  It has watermarks within showing it was in place, and predates the massive Flood, experiencing the first rains and rainbow, but no bodies, drowned or otherwise. 

That first rainbow, not the modern corruption of God’s promise but the very real revelation each rain of the seven cardinal colors would not devastate creation yet again.  Like so many good things of God, hell has co-opted the prismatic rainbow for its corrupt purposes.  Take a three sided prism and prove it for yourself: God is infinitely impressive!  So is light.

But why a Compass?  Most scouter (boy, girl scouts) compasses have the four cardinal directions on a dial, and a floating needle. The dial has 360 degrees, divided into 90 degree quadrants.

But the world’s largest compass is fixed ON the world’s center of land masses AND has a “needle” pointing toward the north north east at an angle based on the passageways built into the pyramid itself.  This is scientific and religious fact.

Note that Isaac Newton used the accurate “pyramid” inch or also called “sacred Jewish” inch to correlate his scientific theories; he needed the most accurate computation of the earth’s circumference to come up with the endearing Law of Gravity!  I was privileged in the 80s to experience how Newton measured the speed of sound at Trinity College in England using a dorm door knocker. 

But the GPGiza provided the keystone (Rosetta style) needed for Newton’s gravitational law (he needed the size of the earth accurate) once he reconciled the British and sacred Jewish/pyramid inch.

  We know the compass needle angle and how it fits into the idea GPGiza points us in the right direction to our Savior. 

Our Protestant brothers and sisters, like a nominal number of Catholic adventurers, have been looking deeper into the possibilities it seems longer than we have.  I hope someone can correct me on this: Fr Spitzer, S.J.?  Bishop Barron?  Fr. Horn, O.P.? 

Looking at the graphic, you can see the descending or entry passageway is not level.  Measured it is 26 degrees, 18 minutes, 9.63 seconds.   Adjust the compass point to this position, and today we know it lines up over two (and maybe more?) places, geographically and historically.

After untold years in Egypt as slaves, the Israelites under the leadership of Moses, left Egypt.  The GPGiza angle pinpoints that spot, where two Solomonic pillars once stood.  Well, one is still there but the Saudis replaced the 2nd with a flag.

The Exodus was not without drama, but it was pinpointed on the world map with those two Solomon pillars.  Exit they did!  So, the angle emanating from the GPGiza flies over the Exodus point.  But it continues into Israel, the Promised Land, and cuts through the center of salvation history.  Beth’Lehem: the House of Bread.

You may have to; I heard somewhere “I am the Bread of Life”.  Tragically, as the life haters intensify, the very sad souls are acting like they are outside Lot’s house in Sodom and screaming for the two angels to come out. 

Lot’s virginal daughters won’t do; they want to consume the visitors.  Fast forward to another group, AD2022 on Mother’s Day, who threaten and scream “We will burn the Eucharist!” because Roe V Wade….  Jane’s Revenge.  Even that group is a lie, since Jane’s real name is Norma McCorvey who became Catholic and pro life before her death.

Anyways: this angelic angle has a name in history: the Christ Angle. Fitting.

The line drawn from the perfectly symmetrical compass GPGiza goes through the Exodus pillars AND through Bethlehem.   Passing over on the way to the stable of the House of Bread, the translation of the city of David: Beth’ Lehem.

Accident?  Are you in camp #3 now, or still in #2 or #1?

Pillar of Fire & Giant Beacon of Light 

(From  “It was originally covered with casing stones (made of highly polished limestone). These casing stones reflected the sun’s light and made the pyramid shine like a jewel. They are no longer present being used by Arabs to build mosques after an earthquake in the 14th century loosened many of them.

It has been calculated that the original pyramid with its casing stones would act like gigantic mirrors and reflect light so powerful that it would be visible from the moon as a shining star on earth.

Appropriately, the ancient Egyptians called the Great Pyramid “Ikhet”, meaning the “Glorious Light”.  How these blocks were transported and assembled into the pyramid is still a mystery. Many theories have been proposed, but none of them are really feasible”

Feasible or not, it WAS built and stands today.  Yes, a bit of disrepair since the 14th century earthquakes created an Arabian Home Depot masonry department.  But, still amazing.

 The GPGiza as a relic of the Church?  or a prototype of the New Jerusalem where the Bride resides

What do we consider this amazing immense pile of multi ton stones?  From Catholic answers: 

“Many non-Catholics particularly shy away from the sacramental aspects of Catholicism—and not from the seven sacraments only. What they dislike is the mixing of spirit and matter, the gift of something spiritual—grace—by means of physical things. That, after all, is what the sacraments are. This tendency to drive a wedge between spirit and matter stems from age-old heresies known as Dualism, Marcionism, and Manichaeism. Marcion in particular taught that the God of the Old Testament was evil in creating matter, but the God of the New Testament is a different and good God, who raises us to the level of spirit. The less one is entrapped by matter, the closer one is to God. Needless to say, this does not fit well with the sacraments—or with the Incarnation!

In the sacraments, common material things such as water, wine, bread, oil, and the imposition of hands result in the giving of grace. Related to the sacraments are the sacramentals, objects such as medals, blessed palms, holy water, and ashes. Their use can lead people to receive or respond to grace. Many non-Catholics wrongly believe that the Church teaches that these sacramentals actually provide grace. But one of the biggest problems for non-Catholics are the relics of saints—the bones, ashes, clothing, or personal possessions of the apostles and other holy people that are held in reverence by the Church and sometimes associated with miraculous healings and other acts of God.”

Regarding Relics:  In the fourth century the great biblical scholar, Jerome, declared, “We do not worship, we do not adore, for fear that we should bow down to the creature rather than to the creator, but we venerate the relics of the martyrs in order the better to adore him whose martyrs they are” (Ad Riparium, i, P.L., XXII, 907). `

Fascinating discussion.  Few Catholics would dispute the relic nature of the Guadalupe cactus fiber tilma; OR the Shroud.

“Take the famous Shroud of Turin, which scientists have been examining for some years. The scientists admit their experiments cannot establish that the Shroud is the actual burial cloth of Christ—they admit that is impossible—but they also say they might be able to eliminate the possibility of forgery. That is, they apparently are demonstrating that the Shroud was a burial cloth that was wrapped around someone who was crucified in the same manner as Christ, perhaps at about the same time he was crucified (there is considerable dispute about the age of the Shroud, and the carbon-14 tests that have been performed on the Shroud have been defective), and in the same area he was crucified.”

How do you “fake” a 13.5 acre building in the desert of Egypt?

“Most relics cannot be fakes because most relics are the bones of ordinary saints of history who were well known and whose remains were never lost in the first place.”

“The Church has never pronounced that any particular relic—even that of the cross—is genuine. But the Church does approve of honor being given to the relics that can with reasonable probability be considered authentic.”  Per Patrick Madrid on Relevant Radio, a researcher did look into the question of the True Cross quantity of slivers is NOT a forest, but less than 1/4 the size expected when St Helen discovered it 17 centuries ago…”



This is a most puzzling phenomena that was discovered has occurred since it was built.  The shadows nature of the GPGiza, where alignment IS critical. We mentioned about the shadowless nature of 2.5 million blocks at high noon on the Spring Equinox as well.

So you have a flat top 8 sided altar, of sorts, with no capstone or cornerstone (a pyramid point IS a place where a cornerstone can occur.)  Of course, as Father Simon mentions, the 8th sacrament colloquially is donuts and coffee after Sunday Mass. 

Could this GPG make an application to replace Dunkin’, Winchell’s and Starbucks fair?   And who named the King and Queen Chambers in the GPGiza?

King’s Chamber and the King of Kings

Adam Rutherford’s 1957 graphic maps out the inner layout of the GPGiza; it shows two structures or rooms inside the pyramid; the limestone blocks above the King’s Chamber weigh as much as a 70 ton locomotive.  This was no kid’s erector set build. 

It was purposeful, SIGNificantly build by our Creator or others carried out His design.  At the entrance, you see 2623BC; at 2141BC, there is that circular scoring around the passageway.  Nearby is the great and sacred Jewish pyramid inch.  The long descending entry passage goes 344 feet to the bottom; Giza is the only pyramid with below ground features. Where the descending meets the ascending, it is marked 1453 bc.  Simply put, it is one inch per year, each year 365.24 days.  Back toward the entrance, back in time.  Toward the junction (2141BC to 1453BC), as you begin up, it is marked for the Exodus. Amazingly, the angle of entry and upward is 26 degrees 18 minutes, 9.63 seconds, which creates a line OVER the Exodus geographics on the way to lining over Beth’Lehem.  The House of Bread, an alluding to the Bread of Life’s birth place.

(maybe a distant connection, but Blessed John Paul I is on his way to sainthood, serving only 33 days before the pivotal John Paul II ascended to the cathedra of Rome…  JP I’s purpose and Papacy is being discovered more over time)

AT 33ad,

the Grand Gallery begins on its way to the King’s Chamber.  Note the passage to the Queen’s Chamber parallels the ground. 

All years are scaled to the same one year: one sacred inch.  Conjecture about the year 1521AD; we know it was the year that Tenochtitlan fell under the Spanish conquistador, Hernan Cortes.  He arrived on Good Friday that year and the human sacrificing Montezuma took it to be a prophesy of the Aztec god who abhored abortion and human sacrifice. Monte FEARED Cortes, believing he was in trouble for his abortion of post birth Mexicans.

10 years later, Dec 12th 1531, Mary appeared to St Juan Diego and the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe commenced.  BACK to Giza and the: 

Queen’s Chamber and the Mysteries of the 2nd Eve

Any good Catholic and knowledgeable Protestant should know the mysteries of the Rosary; the Rosary was a gift to St Dominic for the ages honoring the Regina Coeli, the Queen of Heaven and the mother of Jesus the Christ. 

Today, there are 20 mysteries celebrated in the rosary. For this cause under investigation, let’s look at some of them:

Does the GPGiza contain information about Mary, or is this a stretch?  You tell me after reading; any input people of God?

Joyful…Joyful we adore Thee….     There is a Queen’s Chamber in the GPGiza, for example.  Who is the Queen of Heaven?

Both pre and post, Old Testament and Revelations refers to the mother of God. The first mystery of Joy is the Annunciation; Mary’s “Yes!” resulted in the incarnation of Jesus.

We don’t say it happens on Christmas (winter solstice or Christmas Dec 25) but on and at the moment of Conception.  The Spring Equinox, ie March 25th is the date we celebrate the Annunciation; Mary confirmed it appearing to Bernadette on March 25, 1887 and speaking to her in French those immortal words: “I am the Immaculate Conception”.  In your personal research and reflection, you will find the French priest who heard these words first from a peasant girl at Lourdes, France was shocked.  For good reason; it was only a few years old as a dogma of the Church.

I need not remind you what the brilliance of the GPG at high noon on the Spring Equinox symbolizes, but it IS the brightest light possible from the largest object on earth at the center of the world.  Visible from the moon and pointing with joy to the heavens.  Was the sun dance of Oct 13, 1917 similar?  Another massively brilliant light experience was the multiple trillions of joules of light energy expended for a 40th of a billionth of a second…enough time to penetrate the burial cloths, but NOT burn the whole fabric.

Then, the 2nd mystery of joy reflects on the path to the House of Bread, Beth’Lehem with Mary visiting the mother of John the Baptist three months after conception: we know it as The visitation. 

Just asked Google map to show the path and distance from Giza to Bethlehem. It crosses the Solomonic pillar of the Exodus, skirts the Mediterranean Sea and connects to Bethlehem

270 miles from the GPGiza, we are traveling north east on the vector from the Christ Angle toward the day written in the stars that the Magi followed possibly year or ? after His birth.  The Nativity  WE know this as the 3rd mystery of joy

The city, from all time, was known as Bethlehem, the House of Bread.

4th mystery completed prophecies for Anna and Simon.  The Presentation in the temple. The two people are important regarding this mystery

5th mystery of joy  Jesus is found in the temple. In case you haven’t heard, that temple was pulverized by the Romans 60 years later and is gone, save the temple mount that three world religions still recognize as important.  But the message of the 5th mystery is simple:

Jesus came to earth to enlighten the humans that the Trinity had created, leading us to His Father and for a happy, joyful eternity.  At age 12, Mary and Joseph’s Son was teaching the wise men who were in Jerusalem from around the Jewish world, as well as Pharisees and Sadduccees.

As of 70ad, the temple is gone; what is important to note, 40 some years after the curtain was torn in two. 

The demolition of the cover stones of the GPGiza took centuries; what remains is an altar on that pile of limestone blocks, measuring about 30 square feet it seems…

Some of these learned men must have known about the GPGiza but recall, not until the 6th century AD did an Arabian Indy Jones tear into the pyramid; not the designed-in entrance 17 steps up from the floor of the desert which was discovered later.  Up until the times of its deconstruction, it was seen as a giant pillar of light and the most brightest at high noon at the Spring Equinox.  It was sealed through the time of Christ and well into the second covenant.

How do the sorrowful mysteries “fit in”?  The year 33ad can be shown at an important juncture inside the GPG.  Note that the Sorrowful Mysteries span the shortest duration in temporal days: agony in the Gethsemane garden, scourging at the pillar, crowning with a head cap of thrones, like a face tattoo needle pricks crowning His face.  The Stations of the Cross and the ending with Jesus’ crucifixion. 

Applying the secrets of the GPGiza to the Glorious Mysteries, which continue the Sorrowful three days later with the Resurrection; 40 days later Ascension, then 10 days to Pentecost; concluding with Mary’s going home and crowning as Regina Coeli!!  The Queen of Heaven….the day is not certain, nor if she passed away peacefully, or like Elijah and Enoch, was transferred home alive.

Again, squeezing a square theological truth into a round hole can be dangerous or distracting.  But one of the purposes of the design and construction of the GPGiza is LIGHT.  It was the MOST luminous object on the earth’s surface.

In 2002,  Pope St John Paul the Great proposed the Light ie luminous mysteries:

“Certainly the whole mystery of Christ is a mystery of light. He is the ‘light of the world’ (Jn 8:12).

The Christ Angle graphic from physicist John Zajac’s 1989 book “The Delicate Balance”

‘Yet this truth emerges in a special way during the years of his public life, when he proclaims the Gospel of the Kingdom. In proposing to the Christian community five significant moments – ‘luminous’ mysteries – during this phase of Christ’s life, I think that the following can be fittingly singled out: ‘(1) his Baptism in the Jordan, (2) his self-manifestation at the wedding of Cana, (3) his proclamation of the Kingdom of God, with his call to conversion, (4) his Transfiguration, and finally, (5) his institution of the Eucharist, as the sacramental expression of the Paschal Mystery. Each of these mysteries is a revelation of the Kingdom now present in the very person of Jesus.’ “

I know I know: it’s easy to “read in” anything we want to justify a cause.

The Zajac graphic shows how the date is arrived at for the first luminous mystery; and it is coincident with the Queen’s Chamber (could this be Regina Coeli?)

  But, PStJPII appropriately labels the whole mystery of Christ as endemic of light: He is the Light of the World. 

Suppose, the most brilliant object on earth, until modified, was the GPGiza.

Today, there are massive ‘solar farms’ in the desert of America and around the world; the FIRST real solar gathering device was not for producing electricity, but signaling to an ignorant human race there are greater things in store.  And yet maybe (we don’t know everything) the GPGiza was designed as a capacitor, as a scientist once tested on his local guide while at the top.

Jesus’ arrival on earth was not spontaneous, but well measured and planned out.  Recall, there are 600 prophecies pointing at the Christ as their fulfillment.  He often referred to real historical human beings, by name, like Noah, Adam and Eve, Jonah et al in the past and continued to teach us during His time here. When Jesus spoke in parables or allegorically, you could tell such as the prodigal son or the master of the wedding feast:

 Jesus said to them, “Did you never read in the scriptures:

‘The stone that the builders rejected

has become the cornerstone;

by the Lord has this been done,

and it is wonderful in our eyes’?”

Then in psalm 118

‘Open the gates of righteousness;

I will enter and thank the LORD.

20This is the LORD’s own gate,

through it the righteous enter.

21  I thank you for you answered me;

you have been my savior.

22 The stone the builders rejected

has become the cornerstone.

23 By the LORD has this been done;

it is wonderful in our eyes.

24This is the day the LORD has made;

let us rejoice in it and be glad.

25 LORD, grant salvation!

LORD, grant good fortune!’

Amazing how God interweaves His Word, with words, symbols, real humans with varying SIGNificance.

This is a good spot to introduce this detail: the Border Pyramid was designed WITH the cornerstone (a cornerstone missing from the top of a pyramid is the capstone) NOT being there: designed out leaving a 30 square foot flat plateau.  Only thing on the top is a quadpod structure built by two astronomers in 1874 to “complete” the tip of the GPGiza.  That is, model the apex, as if it was designed to have a point.  Which it was NOT.

But, suppose, the “stone the builders rejected” IS Jesus.  And His place, on Holy Thursday and at EVERY Mass since then is in the exact center of the altar.  The Nicean Council’s 11foot x3 foot Shroud, a square top of an upside down pyramid altar at St Paul of the Apostle in Chino Hills, a makeshift table on the battlefields of so many foreign wars.

Jesus IS the Center of the World; He is the Center of the Altar in every Catholic Mass.  After all, History is His Story.

How BIG is your God?  How powerful, intelligent, capable is He?  You, like St Augustine, do not understand the Trinity’s continued existence from all eternity past.  Our misery merchants, prostiticians, demons, good people and the not so great have no clue how.  I certainly am NOT a prophet nor the ‘son of a prophet’.  

No matter how much you think about it, God is greater and bigger.

The BIGgest question, how much does God love you?

My guess: a LOT more than you or I will know for the rest of eternity.  Something that scared me at age 10 and is still indefatigable at 70: WE WILL ALWAYS BE!  All of us. Why not honor this reality and bring as many family, friends and neighbors possible to enjoy the reality, not in the hell prepared for the devil and its angels, but the New Jerusalem.

The Trinity had the ability to design His universe for mankind, infinitely more precise than the finest Swiss movement, the best watch or clock and/or compass on this earth.  You could say He emulated it from millennia ago in anchoring His creation with the world’s largest interactive object.

What better place to put His time machine, for as Isaac Newton surmised for past present and future (our present IS Newton’s future!) things, at the exact center of the world He created.

The Entry Door of God’s Covenant and Rebirth 

17 steps up from the Eqyptian desert floor was discovered the real entrance door on the northern face of Giza.  It was hinged and disguised so well, it wasn’t discovered until AFTER a break-in nearby.  Only way in was from the inside at first.

If Giza is more than a giant mirror and today a pile of blocks, could its role as a Catholic icon also symbolize baptism, the door way to our eternities as part of the Bride of Christ.  I really don’t think it’s a stretch to reconcile this reality.

Jesus tells us: “Behold, I stand at the DOOR and knock”.  In Revelation 3:20, “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me”

Divine Mercy, Jesus, is NOT a bully forcing His way into our lives, our hearts.  And so much of salvation history is about John 6: “we are HERE for the Food”…of eternal life.  Why Jesus and the Father’s plan, with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, focused sooo much on the NEW Passover, the perfection of the many times it was celebrated.

The NEW Pass Over happened a day before the Friday the 13th Hebrew month Abib/Nissan that year.  The Israelites, still prepared for their passover celebration on that Saturday, the 14th, Abib.  Only those that followed Jesus were invited to the Neo Passover Last Supper in Nicodemus’ Upper Room.

Until the Giza structure was corrupted and raided, the brilliant northern face showed no signs of a door.  Today, we know itWhat Did Jesus Mean by ‘Behold I Stand at the Door and Knock’? exists  seventeen (17) (the Biblical number for victory) blocks up, angled 51+ degrees from the plain.  

John tells us He wants us to join the Bridal Party, the Supper of the Bridegroom; this is why, as the groom, He knows waiting for OUR invitation to open the Doors Wide to Christ.  And to open our Hearts to the most joy possible for the longest TIME possible: eternity



 Time lines/Prophetic Time Machine:  Descending and Ascending Passageways 

Adventurer, this one is possibly the most difficult to digest…yet, due to the magnificence and precision nature of the GPGiza, maybe the easiest to make sense.

 Prophecy is both predictions of future events as well as conditions of the time they are made.  No serious adventurer of Christ doubts that He is the fulfillment of over 600 future prophecies that predated Christ’s coming two millennia ago; this simply confirms God is omniscient, translated “all knowing” including outside of “time”.  The sad state of science today, including how our Church responds to basic scientific knowledge, is, in a way, an insult to God. He is the Chief Scientist, the “omni science” officer so to speak.  As God, the Trinity has ALWAYS EXISTED.  He sees the past and knows the future.

Noting that before books and Bibles available to the people of the world, God foretold perfectly His Son’s role. 

Could the GPGiza qualify as a “prophecy time machine” as well?   Why not!?  WE have 600 predictions written on papyrus, scrolls and Gutenberg presses.  Why couldn’t the Designer create his Rosetta Stone before we called one that?

The prophecies converged on the arrival of the Christ child, from the Torah, numerous books like Isaiah, Exodus, the prophetic book Daniel and others in the Bible; as well as the constellations laid out in the sky.

Note: we humans fumble around believing we puny folks make CO2 and melt the earth; how many saints and angels chuckle about our foolishness in heaven.  No, God created the cosmos, the physical universe for man, to draw humanity to Himself, NOT the other way around. 

Evidence is the use of constellations, the precision of their placement for specific means, for spiritual mappings like Mary’s star chart “painted” on the Dec 12, 1531 cactus cloth tilma of OLGuadalupe… AND the Giza pyramid.

The Time Certain of Christ on earth has come and gone…but adventurers, there is so much more to come.

Same with the time mapping theory that one year corresponds to one inch, it has been precisely laid out.  The time land mines scholars deal with, include calendar discrepancies (like counting the same king twice for a 2 year discrepancy), but wise scholars have looked deeper. 

Rutherford’s time chart below, just like OLGuadalupe’s star chart, must be vetted and reviewed for truth.  We keep discovering more of OLG’s Juan Diego cloak…same as with the GPGiza.  Like the opthamologically accurate eye of Mary with an image of the Bishop Zummaraga and others.

We mentioned the years 2623BC, 2141BC, 1453BC, 33ad, 1914AD and more are charted in and outside the GPGiza.  Precisely applied from the first “switch on” of the North Star shining directly down that 344 foot long Descending Passage shaft, in 2141bc.

2141bc lines up with the circular tunnel scoring map “key” engraved in the entry passage, based on the North Star’s position. 2623 is ascribed the building, when the one inch per year backs out to the pyramid face.  The year it was finished.


We understand this was about the time Jesus died after three years of public life.  Inscribed in the GPGiza, where the queen’s chamber passage and the grand gallery passageway, begins.

1521AD?   (year at the bottom of the entry passageway (344 feet away)). 

The year on Good Friday, dressed in black, that Hernan Cortes arrived in VeraCruz, Mexico and fulfilled the Nahautl prophecy about the arrival of an Aztec god; the beginning of the journey to cleanse Montezuma’s temple of the Aztec human sacrifice in Tenoctitlan (Mexico City).   God and Mary gave the Spaniards those first 10 years, like He relied on the Apostles and Disciples to begin the spreading of the Gospel of Life.

But, per His Plan, God sent Mary to the Americas, to Mexico City, to a peasant boy-saint, Juan Diego; named for James and John, the Sons of Thunder, Juan first hid then accepted his role.  And the rest is Catholic history.

ALways remember, evil never rests.  But grace far outweighs its capacity to kill and destroy. IF we stay engaged.

Today, we call the purveyor of Aztec human sacrifice ‘planned parenthoodlums’

10 years after the Giza demarcation, Regina Coeli arrived, one of Mary’s many field trips/apparitions that focus us on her Son and the 175,000 converts from the 12 original Franciscans, exploded into an estimated 10 million Catholics. 


Her image answered the Aztec/Nahuatl “theories” about creation, life and the solutions.  I have done 90 slide presentations on OLG and state simply: “A picture is worth a 100,000 words” to the Aztec mind”.  But unknown then, before satellites and super computers, that her image’s stars was a map of the 12/12/1531 sky, overlaid on the constellations, with messages we know today.


We are pulling from different sources and open to your scholarship; this cause investigation is the work of all of us adventurers. 2022 corresponds to the Jewish year of 5782.  The website tells us

“The Great Flood (known as the mabul in Hebrew) was sent by G‑d in the year 1656 of Creation (2105 BCE), to cleanse the earth of mankind’s corrupt ways.” 

Reality check: the history of mankind up until the 120 year build of the first Ark, is resident in eight human beings, Noah and family. From these three couples, Ham, Japheth and Seth come the peoples of the world.  

Of course, there are friendly disputes as to actual years, but the timetable in the GPGiza where things are looking up at the “fork in the road”, when the descending (entry) passageway first converges with the ascending passageway,  is 1453BC.

1453BC?  The Exodus

The Christ angle’s vector crosses over the Exodus & Solomonic Pillars on the 270 mile journey to Bethlehem and beyond.  Inside the GPG, it is marked out.

Scholars believe this is the year of the Exodus, the year after the 10th plague which created the PASSOVER, that the Jews fled out of Egypt.  Now, if Giza’s inch-year scale is correct, 1453;’s 1446 (only a 7 year divergence)

Of important note to establish legitimacy, there are significant water stains inside,  demonstrating the GPGiza was put in place before the ninth generation from Adam (Noah); maybe there IS some realism to God’s compass having physical time stamps in its “Passport” since it was built. 

Water intrusion, even with superior cement, happened. But this helps to secure when the GPG was erected.

If it’s 2105BC, that is after the build 2623BC and before the exodus (1446 or 1453bc).

In other words, God had Giza in place before He cleansed the world and possibly moved the continents.  

Again from the Jewish website

At the stroke of midnight of 15 Nissan in the year 2448 from creation (1313 BCE), G‑d visited the last of the ten plagues on the Egyptians, killing all their firstborn. While doing so, G‑d spared the children of Israel, “passing over” their homes—hence the name of the holiday. Pharaoh’s resistance was broken, and he virtually chased his former slaves out of the land. The Israelites left in such a hurry, in fact, that the bread they baked as provisions for the way did not have time to rise. Six hundred thousand adult males, plus many more women and children, left Egypt on that day and began the trek to Mount Sinai and their birth as G‑d’s chosen people.”

GPGiza is already built; and the last plague has been visited on both the Egyptians and Israelites in Egypt somewhere around 1446-1453bc

“…Jacob and his children had arrived in Egypt to be close to Joseph; he was second in command to King Pharaoh, and with his ingenuity had saved the people of Egypt, and by extension those from neighboring countries, from death by famine. Jacob and his children were settled in the city of Goshen and prospered wonderfully—their numbers grew and grew.

As long as Jacob’s son’s are alive, the Children of Israel are accorded honor and respect, but after the passing of Joseph, “There arose a new king in Egypt who knew not Joseph”–some commentaries say, chose not to know Joseph–“And he said to his people. ‘Behold the Children of Israel are more and mightier than we. Come, let us deal wisely with them; lest they multiply…'”(Exodus 1:8-10).

The Egyptians’ way of dealing with their “Jewish Problem” is to enslave the Jews. They are all forced into backbreaking labor, compelled to build cities of treasure houses for Pharaoh. But still, the Jews continue to multiply, to Pharaoh’s eyes, at an ever frightening pace. To put a stop to this, Pharaoh summons the Jewish midwives, Shifra and Puah, and commands them to kill all Jewish newborn males. This, he is certain, will put an end to the propagation of this race…”   But when they defied the Pharaoh Amenhotep II:

“When the midwives defy his order, he commands that they cast all the newborn males into the Nile—his stargazers had predicted that the savior of the Jews would die through water—and Pharaoh hopes his plan will ensure an early death for any potential Jewish leader.”

Apparently, killing the Jews as blood sport was not confined to Hitler or Margaret Sanger, two of the greatest human haters, and Jews specifically over time.

So, the story of Moses for another time…   but history IS intertwined with faith, science and religion; here is the chart of the Pharaohs from the website “Pharoahs of the Bible”.  Notice the 7th Pharoah in the 18th dynasty: Amenhotep II

Chart of the Pharaohs of the Exodus

Second Intermediate Period (1782-1570 BC): Period of Hyksos rule.

New Kingdom (1570-1070 BC): Period of imperial supremacy.

Ahmose I (1570-1546 BC; 1st Pharaoh of 18th dynasty): Expelled the Hyksos and re-established native Egyptian rule.

Amenhotep I (1551-1524 BC; 2nd Pharaoh of 18th dynasty): Military campaigns are Kush, Nubia and possibly Libya.

Thutmose I (1524-1518 BC; 3rd Pharaoh of 18th dynasty): Practiced genocide on Hebrew male babies (Exod. 1:15-22).

Tuthmosis II (1518-1504 BC; 4th Pharaoh of 18th dynasty): Married to half sister Hatshepsut, they reigned together for around 14 years.

Hatshepsut (1498-1483 BC; 5th Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty): The “female Pharaoh” who “usurped” Thutmose III. This could have been the daughter of Thutmose I, who drew Moses out of the Nile and later ruled as queen (Ex. 2:5).

Thutmose III (1504-1450 BC; 6th Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty): Became Pharaoh as a young child. His stepmother Hatshepsut acted as regent for the young king. After her death he finally became ruler in his own right. Pharaoh of the oppression who tried to kill Moses and from whom Moses fled into Midian (Ex. 2:15).

Amenhotep II (1453-1419 BC; 7th Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty): Pharaoh of the plagues and the exodus (Ex. 3:10-15:19).

Tuthmosis IV (1419-1386 BC; 8th Pharaoh of 18th dynasty): Restored the Great Sphinx of Giza and carved the “Dream Stele” (stone tablet containing his dream) between its paws.


Again, I pulled this from;  notice the G-d references to God; faithful Jews have such a deep respect for our all powerful God, that they are cautious to not even call out His name; in our godless secular culture, phrases like “Oh my God” flow off our tongues like water.  IF the GPGiza IS a divine prophetic time machine, then no coincidence Moses is mentioned by inch-year.  AS well as other chronological destinations

“…When the midwives defy his order, he commands that they cast all the newborn males into the Nile—his stargazers had predicted that the savior of the Jews would die through water—and Pharaoh hopes his plan will ensure an early death for any potential Jewish leader.

Jocheved, the wife of the Levite Amram, gives birth to a son. Because he is born three months early, she is able to conceal him for that amount of time. When she can no longer hide him, she builds a small water-proof cradle and puts her child on the brink of the Nile. The child’s sister, Miriam, hides among the brush to watch the child.

Pharaoh’s daughter comes to bathe in the river when she sees the floating cradle. When she opens it and sees the weeping baby, she realizes that this is a Jewish child, but her compassion is aroused and she resolves to take the baby home. She names him Moses “he who was drawn from the water.”

Miriam approaches the princess and offers to find a wet-nurse for the baby. When Pharaoh’s daughter accepts, Miriam brings her Jocheved, whom Pharaoh’s daughter hires to nurse and care for the child. When Moses grows older, he is returned to the palace, where Pharaoh’s daughter raises him like a son.

As a young man, Moses leaves the palace and discovers the hardship of his brethren. He sees an Egyptian beating a Hebrew and kills the Egyptian. The next day he sees two Jews fighting; when he admonishes them, they reveal his deed of the previous day, and Moses is forced to flee to Midian. There he rescues Jethro‘s daughters, marries one of them—Zipporah—and becomes a shepherd of his father-in-law’s flocks.

In the meantime, the plight of the Children of Israel in Egypt worsens, “and their cry rose up to G‑d.”

As Moses is shepherding his flock, he comes upon a burning bush, in which G‑d appears to him and instructs him to go to Pharaoh and demand: “Let My people go, so that they may serve Me.” Moses objects, citing a speech defect he acquired while in the palace, and so Moses’ brother, Aaron, is appointed to serve as his spokesman. In Egypt, Moses and Aaron assemble the elders of Israel to tell them that the time of their redemption has come. The people believe; but Pharaoh refuses to let them go and even intensifies the suffering of Israel. He increases the burden of labor on his Hebrew slaves, commanding their taskmasters to cease bringing the Israelites straw to make the bricks. Now, they must go to the fields to collect the straw themselves, but maintain the same quota of brick production.

Moses can no longer bear the pain of his brethren; he turns to G‑d saying, “Why have You done evil to this people?” G‑d promises that the redemption is close at hand, “Now you shall see what I will do to Pharaoh; for with a strong hand shall he let them go, and with a strong hand shall he drive them out of his land.”

G‑d then reveals Himself to Moses. Employing the “four expressions of redemption,” He promises to take out the Children of Israel from Egypt, deliver them from their enslavement, redeem them and acquire them as His own chosen people at Mount Sinai; He will then bring them to the Land He promised to the Patriarchs as their eternal heritage.

Moses and Aaron repeatedly come before Pharaoh to demand in the name of G‑d, “Let My people go, so that they may serve Me in the wilderness.” Pharaoh repeatedly refuses. Aaron’s staff turns into a snake and swallows the magic sticks of the Egyptian sorcerers.

Pharaoh still refuses to let the Jews go. Moses warns him that G‑d will smite Egypt. Pharaoh remains impervious. G‑d begins to send a series of plagues upon the Egyptians. In the throes of each plague, Pharaoh promises to let the Children of Israel go; but he reneges the moment the affliction is removed.

1) Aaron strikes the Nile, the waters turn to blood;
2) Swarms of frogs overrun the land;
3) Lice infest all men and beasts. Still, Pharaoh remains stubborn;
4) Hordes of wild animals invade the cities,
5) a pestilence kills the domestic animals,
6) painful boils afflict the Egyptians.
7) Fire and ice combine to descend from the skies as a devastating hail. Still, “the heart of Pharaoh was hardened and he would not let the children of Israel go; as G‑d had said to Moses.”

The people of Egypt have suffered too much. They beg Pharaoh to let the Jews go. When Moses comes to warn Pharaoh of the eighth plague, Pharaoh says: You say that you want to go serve your G‑d? I’ll let the men go, as long as the women and children stay behind. No, says Moses, we must all go, men women and children, cattle and herds. Pharaoh once again refuses.

The next plagues descends upon Egypt.
8) a swarm of locusts devours all the crops and greenery;
9) a thick, palpable darkness envelops the land.

The Israelites are instructed to bring a “Passover offering” to G‑d: a lamb or kid is to be slaughtered and its blood sprinkled on the doorposts and lintel of every Israelite home, so that G‑d should pass over these homes when He comes to kill the Egyptian firstborn. The roasted meat of the offering is to be eaten that night together with matzah (unleavened bread) and bitter herbs.

Then G‑d brings the tenth plague upon Egypt,
10) all the firstborn of Egypt are killed at the stroke of midnight of the 15th of the month of Nissan.

The death of the firstborn finally breaks Pharaoh’s resistance and he literally begs the Children of Israel to leave his land.”

Adventurers, we live in a time when the “state”, the godless culture cares little for religion and even less for the sanctity of human life. Amenhotep II’s grasp of power was more complete than what the current Biden-O-Bama dynasty clutching at control of the people of this covenant land.  He controlled the slaves of Israel as well as the people of Egypt.  This is NOT a political comment, but a statement of fact anyone can admit, no matter what D,R,I,Green is one’s political designation.

In Egypt, the pharaoh was not the president nor the king: he was their god.

“…Following G‑d’s command, they hastily depart; so hastily that there is no time for their dough to rise, (unleavened bread) and the only provisions they take along are unleavened. Before they go, they ask their Egyptian neighbors for gold, silver and garments, emerging from Egypt a wealthy nation.”  The fear of the Egyptians had risen to its highest levels because of the one true God, not the “power” of the Israelite slaves.

“…The Children of Israel are commanded to observe the anniversary of the Exodus each year by removing all leaven from their possession for seven days, eating matzah, and telling the story of their redemption to their children.”  (matzo is flour and water and baked before it rises; it is the only kosher bread for Passover meals even today in Jewish households)

“…Soon after allowing the Children of Israel to depart from Egypt, Pharaoh chases after them to force their return, and the Israelites find themselves trapped between Pharaoh’s armies and the sea. G‑d tells Moses to raise his staff over the water; the sea splits to allow the Israelites to pass through, and then closes over the pursuing Egyptians. Moses and the Children of Israel sing a song of praise and gratitude to G‑d.”

  The story continues… before we move to the next chapter, look at this graphic of the Pharaohs:


Chronology Chart of the Exodus

Chronology Chart of the Exodus


Too often, bible critics of all faiths push the idea the Bible is mere allegory or stories with moral overtones (like the common story taught to Catholic deacons today that the 5 loaves and 2 fishes were, symbolic, not changed by Jesus, but the people had tons of food that yielded 12 baskets left over after they shared with their neighbors.  Great charity but…).

Often, there are date and times certain written in.  In the beginning of 1st Kings, 6th chapter, we read:

In the four hundred and eightieth year after the Israelites went forth from the land of Egypt, in the fourth year of Solomon’s reign over Israel, in the month of Ziv (the second month), he began to build the house of the LORD.
The house which King Solomon built for the LORD was sixty cubits long, twenty wide, and thirty high.

Talk about, like in the book of Daniel, giving us time and space details.  Like I believe we can draw knowledge from the Genesis geneologies, of lifetimes lasting 969, 777, 365, 950 etc. years long.  Why? I believe the Israelites could count and celebrate birthdays.  Noah, Adam, Eve existed: these people were referred to directly by Jesus as well.

If anyone tells you the Bible is just a bunch of stories, they haven’t read it.  It is multi purpose: history book, the aforementioned family geneologies, poetry, words of wisdom but most importantly it is the story of God’s love for His beloved humanity.  The creation, the choosing of His first covenantal people, Jesus as the center of time and place, and the NEW covenant that we find ourselves in today.

IF we believe Jesus at His word, we know that Adam and Eve existed, as did Noah, the Patriarchs, the Apostles, and the good news about the Acts the Apostles carried out.  So much more…but look at the inside layout of the GPGiza again as a prophecy time machine:

…And then Google Earth with the words “Gizapyramid”.


Hypothesis & Theory of the Cause: the investigation continues

1 God’s largest object on earth: the Elephant in the Room

Why has this immense object been missed in the Church’s magisterium and archives?  Did I miss a Relevant Radio, Catholic Answers, MagisCenter, USCCB article on GPGiza?  After 4600+ years, I can’t be the first follower of Christ Crucified to put forth this idea?

The amazing Premonstratensian Fr. Horn’s photo of night sky over St Michael’s Abbey June 2022

God foretold, using the billions of stars He created that grace the skies in our minor Milky War galaxy, with an even more minor small sun and 9 or 10 planets; that would occupy the earth over four millennia ago, Abram’s familial future.  This is why I believe the Hebrews 11 chapter house the key verses.  Put simply, without all the astronomical data, that God saw the galaxies and billions of stars BEFORE we did. He called Abram, the first of His chosen people, notifying him at age 100, he and Sarai would have a son through marriage after Ismael through her handmaid.

Thus, the caution to discount God’s omnipotence too quickly, because too often we don’t know what we know.  We don’t even don’t know that we don’t know.  Abraham had 1000 descendants within historical minutes, but…

We had no clue until the 17th century just how dramatic, by many orders of magnitude greater, prior to Galileo Galilei and his focused optics, just how .

Look it up yourself! Don’t trust the research of this dad of 11 with 21 grandoffspring but find out for yourself.

Pre: Hypothesis: Is it that unusual to believe God acted as Creator and Chief Scientist in the Bible/Scriptures?  How about an irrefutable example over the ages we ignored as proof God knows Science/Astronomy better than mankind!

2 Sand and stars

One wonders: the Bible, both old and new testament, was explicit that Abraham’s descendants would be “as numerous as the sands of the sea” and the “stars of the heavens”…a little math and equality statements presented to us MILLENNIA BEFORE THE 1600s reveal.

Did the sea shore only had 1000 pebbles of sand until Galileo came along?  To save you a look-up from Gen 22: 

…“My son,” Abraham answered, “God will provide the sheep for the burnt offering.” Then the two walked on together.
This amazing prophetic scene is so filled with wisdom, allegory and revelations; a father and his son on the way to a sacrificial altar in the future on the mountain. Shades of an Eternal Father sacrificing His Son for the good of their Created Beings  
‘When they came to the place of which God had told him, Abraham built an altar there and arranged the wood on it. Next he bound* his son Isaac, and put him on top of the wood on the altar.’
conjecture:  could God have built the world’s largest altar previously, missing it’s top/cap/cornerstone, not of raw stones, but of precisely cut limestone and capped with mirrored blocks so precise no way could it be just mankind.
Imagine what was going through the mind of Abraham; he waited 100 years for the son he had hoped for and now the God he was obedient to, wanted him killed.  Yet, with Hebrews 11 faith, Abram acted
“Then Abraham reached out and took the knife to slaughter his son.
11But the angel of the LORD called to him from heaven, “Abraham, Abraham!” “Here I am,” he answered.
Pat Madrid, at an appearance at Christ Cathedral in Orange County, discussed the angelic realm, the nine known levels of angelic beings; and their role relaying God’s messages to His people.
12“Do not lay your hand on the boy,” said the angel. “Do not do the least thing to him. For now I know that you fear God, since you did not withhold from me your son, your only one.”
I’m no Biblical scholar, but look deep here: the angel was both the messenger and communicator reflecting what God already knew: as He would donate His Son for the salvation of His beloved free willed creations, so Abram/Abraham was willing to do the same, though he had waited a century, in his old age, to have Isaac.
13Abraham looked up and saw a single ram caught by its horns in the thicket. So Abraham went and took the ram and offered it up as a burnt offering in place of his son.14Abraham named that place Yahweh-yireh;* hence people today say, “On the mountain the LORD will provide.”
15* A second time the angel of the LORD called to Abraham from heaven
16and said: “I swear by my very self—oracle of the LORD—that because you acted as you did in not withholding from me your son, your only one,17I will bless you and make your descendants as countless as the stars of the sky and the sands of the seashore; your descendants will take possession of the gates of their enemies,18and in your descendants all the nations of the earth will find blessing, because you obeyed my command.”

here’s the passage and context in verse 17 to show yet another of God’s explicit clues about His Creation in plain Biblical sight:

17 is the Biblical number for victory by the way; verse 17 is God’s scientific statement about the galaxies and universe NOT known until 1600s

17 I will bless you and make your descendants as countless as the stars of the sky and the sands of the seashore…

Think critically: it wasn’t until the 1600s that Galileo improved the telescope enough to see deeper and more clearly into space,  past his contemporary, Tycho Brahe (and master of Johannes Kepler), the Danish astronomer’s estimate, of 1000 or so stars. 

Others, the Phoenicians, Egyptians etc. never visualized thousands, let alone billions of stars or galaxies.

The idea of a galaxy hadn’t even hit the early edition of the news yet at the time; certainly not in Genesis nor before 400 years ago but God specifically prophesied to Abram he’d have an order of magnitude, a billion+ descendants.  And that mankind would discover there are billions of stars, since in the time of Abraham, any handful of desert sand easily had more than 1000 particles. 

More recent estimates have upped the number of galaxies in the observable universe to 2 trillion, though many of these are tiny, fluffy galaxies with fewer stars. If the typical galaxy had 100 billion stars, then there would be 2 x 1023 stars in the observable universe, three times as much as earlier estimates. But even this is still probably an underestimate, as more sensitive telescopes will continue to reveal fainter galaxies and stars.

200,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars.  Or 200 sextillion stars in a universe estimated to be 553 sextillion miles wide.   Abraham could look into the sky and maybe see 4500; all the “smart people” counted 1000 or so.

Why is this rarely mentioned proof of the expanse of the universe important and God’s immense abilities?

The Church has been an important part of progress and inventions, technological “improvements” as our instrumentation improves.  But, giving credit to God for knowing what He knows and what He has done for us, is the first step. 

NOT destroying His created world, with all its blessings, including this covenant land we call home in America, as the scorch earth misery merchants are engaged in as you read this.  Sadly, we so easily fit in to get along, buying godless misunderstandings about what He has set in motion, and PROTECTS while time continues.  Such as climate change ambassadors and environmental interfaith committees to buy into the lie and fraud so easily explained away.  CO2

It’s ALWAYS wise to know what you don’t know. Human mistakes and failures is common, including this author and causal pleader.

Unlike the misery merchandizers deconstructing God’s brilliant food court in photosynthesis and aerobic respiration, calling CO2 a dangerous pollutant, and not the “cornerstone” of three substances that feed the world.  In this chart, it shows CO2 is the largest of the “Minor Components” of the atmosphere.  Any 4th grade chemistry student can see the truth.

Yet, when you look at the TOTAL composition of air in the atmosphere, you get the NOT so surprising reality CO2 is barely a trace yet life critical gas.  Without carbon dioxide, we die, we don’t eat.  Pretty much the same thing.

Always remember, if you believe a fundamental lie, evil builds on it.  You believe marriage is God’s invention, evil provides divorce and a diluted gender universe of 60.  Great example: In summer 2022, when we have Dutch farmers were being shut down for adding a little nitrogen to

Hints for the 2500 air sample quiz

the atmosphere: any climate change cultist imbecile or smart 4th grader, can tell you, looking at an atmospheric composition chart, there are 78 Nitrogen molecules in every 100 air molecules. That is, 78.084% of the atmosphere is nitrogen.  For this, the Dutch farmer oppressors of reality want to shut down food production over the LARGEST component of dry air.  OR wet air.  This is another reason this investigation is necessary:

  To seek and know the truth

We are being used and abused, not only by faux fraud science fiction believers and too many Christian and Catholic inter-faith environmental “committees” and climate change “ambassadors”.

Truth is, very pertinent to the deconstructing of His Creation, we are impugning God’s great work.  AND plans.

Read the graphic I created for your pleasure:

Nitrogen comes in at 78.084% or 78 out of 100 or 780 molecules out of 1000.  CO2? 1/3 of a molecule per 1000.

Oxygen comes in next at 20.946% or 20 per 100, ie 1/5th of the atmospheric volume

Argon is #3, NOT CO2: 0.9340% meaning less than 1 per 100

CO2, the most maligned air molecule in history, a measly 0.04%  That’s 400 per million or simply 1 per 2500.  Our Catholic Climate Change Ambassadors, from our beloved Pope Francis on down, don’t realize they are preaching that (3% x 400 divided by a million) 12 man made carbon dioxide molecules PER EVERY ONE MILLION non man made air molecules, are melting down our six sextillion ton ball of joy. Outrageously idiotic pseudo-science.

12/1,000,000.   What does this have to do with a pile of Egyptian blocks?

Fascinating side note: Selling indulgences to shorten one’s time in purgatory was an embarrassing time in medieval Church history; today, with NO objection from the Catholic Pontifical Science Academy or other smart scientists who claim Catholic faith, you can buy and sell carbon offsets to appease the Algorean heretics, the climate change cult green god for the “sins” of BEING PRODUCTIVE, a Job Creator (Job not JOOB), servant to others. 

Just another proof we Caths are being scammed and need to rethink our worship of all things woke and enviro.  This is why Giza needs to be examined for its purpose in God’s salvation HiStory; it is embarrasing how many Catholic scientists broke through the fog with scientific advances the last 500 years and look at us today: we FOLLOW the godless death merchants like dogs chasing bones.

These atmospheric facts our Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Muslim colleagues seem to miss.  Like the world’s largest building, yes in need of repairs, at the exact center of the world.  However getting the 144,000 mirror stones back will not happen; you need a miracle from above to renew this object 270 miles to Bethlehem.   New Jerusalem a part of this?

Adventurer, we can measure the speed of light today; in Isaac Newton’s time, only sound’s speed was known.  He measured it at the dorms of Trinity College with a door clapper (I saw the clapper up front and personal in the 1980s)

Today, 11 billion inches per second is not an easy measurement to make, as you try and measure God’s first revealed created: LIGHT.   Was the Trinity transparent before this, after God created the angelic beings.  Don’t know.

As to sound, at 20 °C (68 °F), the average worldwide temperature that by the way is the air temperature INSIDE the GPGiza, yet another fact for this cause; the speed of sound in air is about 1,125 feet per second or 767 mph. 

The ‘take away’ from this is the simple allegory:  we see the Truth long before our ears hear the sounds of life. 

Giza, that flat altar topped, massive beacon of light in the middle (fired bright previously with estimated 114,000-144,000 mirrors)  and at the border of Egypt, the land Mary and Joseph sought protection from Herod, their own Jewish double minded king, served its pre-ordained purpose until mankind messed it up a few centuries ago.

Look into our own lives, yeah I say, TODAY, look into your own life (as I will in mine) to separate the golden grains of wheat from the chaff, put the minors aside to concentrate on the majors, for time IS fleeting, ie tempus fugit, so we must seek His plan.  Not our feeble attempts at being gods but being “priests, prophets and kings” spreading the GREAT News.

Jesus IS Lord. The Center of the Universe past and present.  And Center of our world.  Why WOULDN’T God plant proof of His Son’s exceptional gift to humanity in the most obvious spot on earth?  The Center.  Speaking of how amazing God’s infinitely precise storehouse of clues is…

Bethlehem the House of Bread and the Magi.

Giza points to the city of repute, 270 miles away, over the pillars of Solomon exodus points, entering the Promised Land spot, purposefully.  How does it point directly?  It’s designed IN.

Micah was a contemporary prophet of Isaiah; the prophecy regarding the town of Jesus’ birth comes from the section known as his “oracles of salvation”.  Some scholars believe it is a reflection of Isaiah’s “Emmanuel” prophecies given 30 years previous:

Micah, chapter 5

But you, Bethlehem-Ephrathah

least among the clans of Judah,

From you shall come forth for me

one who is to be ruler in Israel;

Whose origin is from of old,

from ancient times.”

Interesting.  Built into a giant 2 million plus pile of carved blocks, is the “Christ Angle” (26 degrees, 18 minutes, 9.63 seconds) in both the ascending and descending passageways.  It points through four important salvation history spots and to the city where the Christ Angel Gabriel and the choirs heralded the New King of Kings.

Recall, God has woven His sacred Scripture to reflect on itself, prophesying amazing good news nuggets; Micah is no exception for Matthew writes in chapter two:

When Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, in the days of King Herod, behold, magi from the east arrived in Jerusalem, saying, “Where is the newborn king of the Jews? We saw his star at its rising and have come to do him homage.

When King Herod heard this, he was greatly troubled, and all Jerusalem with him. Assembling all the chief priests and the scribes of the people, he inquired of them where the Messiah was to be born.

They (wise men from the East) said to him, “In Bethlehem of Judea, for thus it has been written through the prophet:

And you, Bethlehem, land of Judah,

are by no means least among the rulers of Judah;

since from you shall come a ruler,

who is to shepherd my people Israel.’

Who did Herod call first?  The visiting Magi not his peeps, the Scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees …in verse 7: 

“…Then Herod called the magi secretly and ascertained from them the time of the star’s appearance.”

Herod was not keen in having competition for his toxic power.

“He sent them to Bethlehem and said, “Go and search diligently for the child. When you have found him, bring me word, that I too may go and do him homage. After their audience with the king they set out. And behold, THE star that they had seen at its rising preceded them, until it came and stopped over the place where the child was.

The star of Bethlehem has fascinated many over time.  Jimmy Akin, a renowned Catholic apologist, has a normal theory about it ( For completeness, I have included his theory he published at his —Secret Information Club—: (  

“The Star of Bethlehem is endlessly
fascinating. All kinds of theories about
what it was have been proposed.
One set of theories holds that the Star of
Bethlehem was a providentially timed
astronomical phenomenon of a type that
we are familiar with—such as a star,
conjunction, supernova, or comet.
We will call these “Type A” theories.
However, there are also what we might
call “Type B” theories. Based on the way
Matthew describes the star, some have
thought it was fundamentally different
than any of the known astronomical
For example, some have thought it was a
supernatural manifestation that led the
magi around.
Some have even suggested it was a flying
saucer—or that it was a myth and never
really existed.
All of these views are based on the idea
that the star didn’t move the way a
normal star would.
The subject of the Star of Bethlehem is too
complex to cover in its entirety here, but
I’d like to look at several reasons why the
Bible does not require that we explain the
star in terms of a Type B theory.
The texts allow us to see it as a more
familiar astronomical phenomenon—
although one providentially timed by God
to signal the birth of his Son.
1) Why would people think the star’s
motion was unusual?
There is a popular impression that the
magi began following the star in their
eastern homeland and that it led them to
Jerusalem. This is taken to mean that the
star moved from east to west.

From Jerusalem, the magi go to
Bethlehem, which is south of Jerusalem.
Then, according to this impression, the
star stops and hovers over the house
where Jesus was residing.
The star is thus taken to move from east
to west, turn south, and then hover.
That makes it sound like a light in the sky
that can’t be a star.
However, this account is mistaken.
2) Why is it mistaken?
This view begins to go wrong because of
the assumption that the magi
were following the star, but that’s not
what Matthew says.
Let’s look at what he does say:
Now when Jesus was born in
Bethlehem of Judea in the days of
Herod the king, behold, wise men
from the East came to Jerusalem,
saying, “Where is he who has been
born king of the Jews? For we have
seen his star in the East, and have
come to worship him” [Matthew 2:1-
The phrase “in the East” is ambiguous. It
might mean that they were in the East
when they saw it (they were from the
East, after all), or it may mean that they
saw it when it rose over the eastern
Except for the stars that never set, stars
rise over the eastern horizon and set
below the western horizon, just like the
sun does.
Either way, this does not tell us much,
because the event occurred between one
and two years earlier, based on the time
they tell Herod (see Matthew 2:16).
The apparent position of the star would
have changed radically over that time, as
almost all stars do as the earth orbits the
In any event, Matthew does not say that
the magi were following the star. He does
not say that it led them to Jerusalem.
Instead, he suggests something else.
3) What does he say that suggests they
weren’t just following the star?
It’s the fact that they ask where the King
of the Jews has been born.
If the star were leading them around by
the nose, as it were, then they wouldn’t
have had to ask this question. They would
have just waited until nightfall and then
continued following the star until it led
them to the newborn king.
Thus, we have no indication that they
followed the star from their homeland in
the East to Jerusalem.
Instead, they saw the star from their
homeland, realized that it implied the
birth of a new king for the Jews, and then
went to the royal palace in Jerusalem,
where you might expect to find the
newborn king.
After a consultation, Herod tells them that
the Messiah is to be born in Bethlehem,
and they set out again.
But even here, Matthew does not say they
were following the star.
—Secret Information Club—
4) What does he say?
He states:
When they had heard the king they
went their way; and lo, the star which
they had seen in the East went before
them, till it came to rest over the place
where the child was. When they saw
the star, they rejoiced exceedingly
with great joy [Matthew 2:9-10].
So after they leave King Herod, they see
the star again. Matthew introduces this by
saying “lo” (i.e., “behold!”), indicating
something remarkable or surprising.
The fact that they “rejoiced exceedingly
with great joy” also suggests that they
weren’t following the star. It was a
remarkable and joyous (and providential)
coincidence that the star was in front of
them when night fell again.
So it wasn’t that they were following the
star. They had stopped to ask where they
should go, they were told Bethlehem, and
then as they were going to Bethlehem they
were surprised and joyous to see the
same star in front of them.
This was a providential coincidence, but
they would have gone to Bethlehem, even
if they had not seen the star in front of
them, because that’s where they were told
to go.
5) Does the fact that the star “went
before them” indicate unusual motion
on the star’s part?
No. It simply means that the star
remained in front of them during the
short trip to Bethlehem.
Bethlehem is only six miles from
Jerusalem, and since the star was in front
of them when they began the six mile
ride, it remained in the same general part
of the sky during the short trip.
6) Does the fact that the star “came to
rest over the place where the child
was” indicate unusual motion?
No, but the English translation here (the
RSV) is a misleading one.
Saying that it “came to rest” suggests that
it stopped moving and started resting.
That could suggest unusual motion for a
But what the Greek says would be better
translated “until it came and stood” or
“until it came to stand” over the place.
This just means that, when they drew
near at the house, the magi observed that
this star appeared to be above the house
in the sky—as numerous other stars
would have as well.
This does not mean that this star or the
others above the house froze in their
motions, only that this was where they
were in the sky as the magi approached
the dwelling.
It’s another providential coincidence, but
it does not indicate unusual motion (or
lack of motion) on the part of the star.
7) So we don’t have an indication that
the star moved in an abnormal

No. The magi were not following it as it
zigged and zagged in the sky. In fact, it did
not zig and zag in the sky.
So far as we know, the star moved in the
entirely normal (and slow) way that stars
It was simply a providential coincidence
that, as the magi were on their way to
Bethlehem they saw the star in front of
them, that it stayed generally in front of
them as they journeyed the six miles,
and—when they neared the house—was
in the part of the sky that was over the
house where Jesus was.
8) After noting that it was before them
when they began their journey, and
that it continued to remain before
them as they went, could they have
used the star to indicate which house
in Bethlehem they should check?
This is possible, but they also could have
asked if any local families of the line of
David had a child of the right age and then
noted, upon going to that house, that the
star was above it.
This does not tell us what the Star of
Bethlehem was (that’s a subject for
another time), but it does mean that we
can’t rule out the idea that it was a
familiar-but-providential astronomical
Indeed, the fact that Matthew uses the
word “star” (Greek, astēr) to describe it
should point us toward it being the kind
of thing that the original audience would
have understood this term to refer to—
i.e., one of the more familiar astronomical
phenomena.      Thank you Jimmy.

Also, there is another theory in a video called the Star of Bethlehem, and a website, that looks deeper into the astronomical complexities of how all this came together.  Recall, Jesus was born in a stable but when the Magi’s star “led” them (or asked around Bethlehem from the locals), they found Mary, Joseph and Jesus in a HOUSE, not the cave/stable of His birth.  Whatever happened, remember:

God designed His universe and its workings in eternity past, so He could have plopped in the sky a special Magi star He created just for the birth  (70,000 witnessed that hot object a million times bigger than the earth dance around on Oct 13, 1917)

OR He could have engineered a celestial process which reflected both the occasion of a King’s birth AND the realities of Whom it is, written in the stars. Many of us Catholics don’t realize the constellations ARE a part of the salvation history narrative.  But…

Recall, we DON’T worship the stars (which leads to death in the OT), nor do they exert outerworldly “effect” on humans. God didn’t just spray the sky with paint droplets like it’s a piece of modern art.

But God DID create them for His purposes; you probably know, He used the constellations to tell the story of Mary and her Son in 1531: her heart is over the constellation Virgo the Virgin and her womb, pregnant with Regulus, the King of Kings, over the constellation Leo the Lion (of Judah), sealed with a maternity belt that leaped out to the Nahautl / Aztec people.  Same God, same stars…

“10 They were overjoyed at seeing the star, and on entering the house they saw the child with Mary his mother. They prostrated themselves and did him homage. Then they opened their treasures and offered him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh…”

God was NOT ready to allow His Son to be destroyed as a little boy; yet, reminder, our death culture with Roe now dead (the converted Norma McCorvey AND the SCOTUS decision), killed 2.2 BILLION little prebirth kids over the last 50 years.  Herod’s “Holy Innocence killing” that we reflect on on Dec 28th, as grisly evil it was, probably involved a couple thousand 2 year old and younger boys.  Our evil?  orders of magnitude much greater, just as the number of stars in the firmament was orders of magnitude greater as well.  AS revealed.

“…And having been warned in a dream not to return to Herod, they departed for their country by another way.”

Like Giza itself, Bethlehem and its infamous Star, have volumes of research surrounding them. Like the video called the “Star of Bethlehem”, worth the watch.  Also,  has some amazing insights on the depth of intrigue and design God employed to bring His Son into the world.  And of course, Jimmy Akins’ rendering.

Looking to Daniel the Prophet:

“Centuries before the birth of Christ, a young Jew was taken prisoner. He was abducted from his homeland and all that he had known. Perhaps he went along stumbling, bloody-footed with other prisoners. More likely, he rode a camel or cart because of his high birth. History does not say. He journeyed months from Judea, which he would never again see. But, when uprooted from everything familiar, this young man did not forget. According to the Bible, he did not lose faith in his god. His name was Daniel.

It was 605 BC. The tiny state of Judah was overrun by the great army of Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon. Judah had taken the wrong side in a regional conflict between Egypt and Babylon, and it paid the price (1). To ensure its submission as a vassal state, many from Judah’s royal and aristocratic families were carried away in what is sometimes called the first Babylonian captivity. Daniel was among these.

The Bible records that Daniel was groomed for service in Nebuchadnezzar’s court. He learned the Babylonian language, literature and customs. With time, he became a trusted advisor to the king, more accomplished than all the other royal advisors. The Bible says that his true strength was in his faith and his god, not his personal ability.

Though his success in the king’s court was remarkable, and though he never returned to his homeland, still his heart must have remained in the land of his birth. The Bible records his prayers—heartcries, really. Pleas of such passion that there must have been tears on his face (2). Daniel pleaded with God for his people, that their captivity might end, that the temple at Jerusalem might be rebuilt.

The Bible records that during such a time of passion, Daniel had a vision. The angel Gabriel appeared to him and spoke. The Book of Daniel, Chapter 9 records:

21 while I was still in prayer, Gabriel, the man I had seen in the earlier vision, came to me in swift flight about the time of the evening sacrifice. 22 He instructed me and said to me, “Daniel, I have now come to give you insight and understanding. 23 As soon as you began to pray, an answer was given, which I have come to tell you, for you are highly esteemed…

25 “Know and understand this: From the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One, the ruler, comes, there will be seven ‘sevens’, and sixty-two ‘sevens’… 26 After the sixty-two ‘sevens’, the Anointed One will be cut off…”

The word “Christ” means “anointed one.” For this and other reasons, most commentators conclude that Daniel received a prediction of Messiah’s coming. More than that, Daniel was told the date of Messiah’s death, the date he would be “cut off.” That’s the date we seek for our astronomical investigation. So, can the numeric symbolism of Daniel’s “sevens” be deciphered? Perhaps it is not terribly complicated.

Taking a direct approach, let us assume that the “sevens” are seven years. Gabriel told Daniel that after the decree to rebuild, there would be “seven sevens” (which is 49), plus “sixty-two sevens” (which is 434). After these 483 years, the Anointed One would be cut off. If the prophecy is true, this would be the year of the crucifixion.

Remember that in ancient times, our modern calendar system was not in use. In other prophetic passages a year of 360 days is used (3). To convert to our modern system which uses the longer solar year, we must divide by the time it takes for Earth to orbit the Sun, which is 365.24 days. This yields 476 years on our calendar (4).

We now have a number of years, but when do we start the countdown? Gabriel said to count “from the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem.” When was that? The prophet Nehemiah records such a decree, and he dates it as the twentieth year of Artaxerxes (5). On our calendar, that date is 444 BC (6). Counting 476 years from 444 BC, and remembering that there is no year numbered “zero” AD, we discover what Gabriel told Daniel: the Messiah would be cut off in 33 AD.

This stunning prophecy, made over 500 years before Christ was born, is consistent with all of the other evidence we have seen. So, we have increasing confidence that Jesus was crucified in 33 AD.  (note: author believes it to be April 3, 33ad)”

What has this to do with the Giza?

Notice in the graphic, the scored passageway is dated from the vernal equinox, date of 2141BC.  Heading out of the pyramid up the descending passage, you get 2623BC at the surface.  Matching one year per each inch from 2141BC, we get 1453BC where the descending and ascending (both same 26 degree 18′ 9.63″ “Christ” angel) meet.  Purported to be the Exodus year. 

Heading UP the ascending passage, same one inch per year timeline, we arrive at 33ad matching our Church tradition, Daniel’s prophecy from 500 years before and built into the GPGiza 2600+ years before.

Of import, that conjunction point at 33ad heads down a ground parallel passage to the Queen’s Chamber, and heading up further into what’s called the Grand Gallery on the way to the King’s Chamber.


<> The Star of Bethlehem section: one possibility of two   (under construction)

The king planet: Jupiter  Regulus (King star) and the crowning effect at the time of Christ’s coming to earth

  Venus (the mother planet)  The conjunctions of these explained


Rick Larson (, in his open project regarding the star of Bethlehem, brings up some very interesting facts and ideas.  I echo his call NOT to worship the stars, but to recognize God created them with purpose, put them in place, created the salvation history in naming them that continues through today.

Astrologers and those that follow them, believe the stars EXERT influence on times and places, humans and more.  However, Scripture warns us of grave punishments, even death, for star worshippers and necromancers.

Larson discusses the Star:

He suggests…

  • It signified birth.
  • It signified kingship.
  • It had a connection with the Jewish nation.
  • It rose in the east, like other stars.
  • It appeared at a precise time.
  • Herod didn’t know when it appeared.
  • It endured over time.
  • It was ahead of the Magi as they went south from Jerusalem to Bethlehem.
  • It stopped over Bethlehem.

For various reasons, a nova, meteor or comet don’t make sense.  But God either did a new miraculous stellar event (like the 70,000 witnessing the sundance festival in the sky on Oct 13, 1917 as WWII waned.  OR we can verify with super computers that sky period what the star might have been based on the progression of the constellations and the movement of planets and stars as God had set in motion from Creation.  Let’s look at this last.

Setting up the sky for a royal crown affair

Larson discusses Jupiter and a Coronation:

JUPITER. The name of the greatest god of Roman mythology. And the name of the largest planet of our solar system.

Jupiter has been known from ages-old to the present as the King Planet. This greatest of planets is a “gas giant,” approximately eleven times the size of Earth and over 300 times more massive. It circles the Sun far beyond Earth, in an orbit of about twelve years duration. In ancient times, planets like Jupiter were considered “wandering stars.” Since humans have assigned kingly qualities to this giant wanderer for dozens of centuries, might it have something to do with our Star announcing the birth of a king? That will be our working theory.

The gas giant Jupiter, many times larger than Earth, is visible to the naked eye

It’s not enough to have a kingly name and reputation, of course. To be gospel writer Matthew’s Star, Jupiter as viewed from Earth would have to do peculiar things.

More precisely, as considered by a magus viewing from the Middle East during the years 3 and 2 BC, Jupiter’s movements would have to satisfy all nine identifying characteristics of the Star.

In September of 3 BC at the time of the Jewish New Year, Rosh ha-Shanah, Jupiter began to do just that.

A magus watching Jupiter that September saw two objects moving so close that they appeared to touch. This close approach of celestial bodies is sometimes called a ‘conjunction.’

Our Middle Eastern viewer saw Jupiter coming into a close conjunction with the star, Regulus. Regulus takes its name from the word root which yields our word ‘regal.’ The Babylonians called Regulus Sharu, which means ‘king.’ The Romans called Regulus Rex, which means ‘king.’ So to start things, at the beginning of the new Jewish year, the Planet of Kings met the Star of Kings.

This conjunction may have indicated kingship in a forceful way to a Babylonian magus (satisfying one qualification for the Star), but would it have startled him? Probably not.

Jupiter’s royal dance

Jupiter glides slowly past Regulus about every 12 years. Let’s assume our magus enjoyed a 50-year career, say from age 20 to age 70. We don’t know how old the Magi were, but if our man was in the second half of his career, he might have seen such a pass two or three times before. Jupiter’s orbit wobbles relative to Regulus, so not every conjunction is as close as the one he saw in 3 BC.

Perhaps our magus recorded this event with some interest, but it is hard to imagine great excitement. Not from this alone. But, of course, there is more.

The planets move against the field of fixed stars. From Earth, they appear to be “active.” For example, were you to watch Jupiter each night for several weeks, you would see that it moves eastward through the starry field. Each night Jupiter rises in the east (satisfying a second Star qualification). Each night it appears to be slightly farther east in the field of fixed stars. All of the planets move like this.

But the wandering stars exhibit another, stranger motion. Periodically, they appear to reverse course and move backward through the other stars. This may seem odd, but the reason is simple enough: we watch the planets from a moving platform—Earth—hurtling around the Sun in its own orbit. When you pass a car on the freeway, it appears to go backward as it drops behind. For similar reasons, when the Earth in its orbit swings past another planet, that planet appears to move backward against the starry field. Astronomers call this optical effect retrograde motion.

In 3/2 BC, Jupiter’s retrograde wandering would have called for our magus’ full attention. After Jupiter and Regulus had their kingly encounter, Jupiter continued on its path through the star field. But then it entered retrograde. It “changed its mind” and headed back to Regulus for a second conjunction. After this second pass it reversed course again for yet a third rendezvous with Regulus, a triple conjunction. A triple pass like this is more rare. Over a period of months, our watching magus would have seen the Planet of Kings dance out a halo above the Star of Kings. A coronation.”

AS we evaluate the role of a world compass and time “machine”, God’s intricacies exceed the greatest electron microscope or Swiss watch tech infinitely.  We know God desires ALL to seek and find His Son.  Some respond emotionally in our “blind faith”; others need science or other disciplines that God owns (ALL of them).  Larson goes on:

“Jupiter’s interesting behavior may explain the kingly aspect of the Star. But there are nine qualifications of the Star of Bethlehem. Many are still missing. How did Jupiter’s movement relate to the Jewish nation? Is its association with the Jewish New Year enough? Where is an indication of a birth? Some might say that the triple conjunction by itself would indicate to a magus that a new king was on the scene. Maybe. But there is more.

The Jewish nation is composed of twelve ancient tribes. Jewish prophecy states that a particular tribe will bring forth the Messiah: the tribe of Judah. The symbol of Judah’s tribe is the lion. You can see these connections in an ancient prediction of Messiah’s coming found in the first book of the Bible, the Book of Genesis, Chapter 49:

9 You are a lion’s cub, O Judah; you return from the prey, my son. Like a lion he crouches and lies down, like a lioness– who dares to rouse him? 10 The sceptre will not depart from Judah, nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet, until he comes to whom it belongs and the obedience of the nations is his…”

My adventurer friends: again, see how multilayered is God’s revelations to us.  In the written Scriptures, in the constellations, even in Mary’s appearances like at Mexico City, showing the star chart of the Dec 12, 1531 Mexico City sky on her miraculous tilma. Of course, just as it took until the 1600s to discover God’s revelation that there are billions of stars, same with Mary’s OLG imagery, it took until the super computer age to map out these facts: the only apparition with a maternity belt, Mary’s womb was “mapped” out by the constellation Leo the Lion.

“This association of Messiah with the tribe of Judah and with the lion is a productive clue. It clarifies the connection between Jupiter’s behavior and the Jewish nation, because the starry coronation—the triple conjunction—occurred within the constellation of Leo, The Lion. Ancient stargazers, particularly if they were interested in things Jewish, may well have concluded they were seeing signs of a Jewish king. But there is more.

The last book of the New Testament is, in part, a prophetic enigma. But a portion of the Book of Revelation provides clear and compelling guidance for our astronomical investigation. The apostle John wrote the book as an old man while in exile on the island of Patmos. Perhaps the austerity of this exile or a lack of companionship left him time to ponder the night sky. Whatever the reason, Revelation is full of star imagery. In Revelation, Chapter 12, John describes a life and death drama played out in the sky: the birth of a king.

Revelation 12:1 A great and wondrous sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. 2 She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. 3 Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on his heads. 4 His tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth. The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that he might devour her child the moment it was born. 5 She gave birth to a son, a male child, who will rule all the nations with an iron sceptre…

A woman in labor, a dragon bent on infanticide and a ruler of the nations. We have already seen this ruler in the Book of Genesis, above. This would be the Messiah, in his role as King of Kings. If that interpretation is correct, then according to the gospel story the woman would be Mary, the mother of Jesus. The dragon which waits to kill the child at birth would be Herod, who did that very thing. John says the woman he saw was clothed in the Sun. She had the moon at her feet. What can he be describing? When we continue our study of the sky of September of 3 BC, the mystery of John’s vision is unlocked: he is describing more of the starry dance which began with the Jewish New Year.

As Jupiter was beginning the coronation of Regulus, another startling symbol rose in the sky. The constellation which rises in the east behind Leo is Virgo, The Virgin. When Jupiter and Regulus were first meeting, she rose clothed in the Sun. And as John said, the moon was at her feet. It was a new moon, symbolically birthed at the feet of The Virgin.

The sheer concentration of symbolism in the stars at this moment is remarkable. These things could certainly lead our magus to conclude that a Jewish king had been born. But even this is not the whole story. These symbols could indicate a birth, but if they were interpreted to indicate the time of conception, the beginning of a human life, might there be something interesting in the sky nine months later? Indeed. In June of 2 BC, Jupiter continued the pageantry.”


By the following June, Jupiter had finished crowning Regulus. The Planet of Kings traveled on through the star field toward another spectacular rendezvous, this time with Venus, the Mother Planet.

This conjunction was so close and so bright that it is today displayed in hundreds of planetaria around the world by scientists who may know nothing of Messiah. They do it because what Jupiter did makes such a great planetarium show. Jupiter appeared to join Venus. The planets could not be distinguished with the naked eye. If our magus had had a telescope, he could have seen that the planets sat one atop the other, like a figure eight. Each contributed its full brightness to what became the most brilliant star our man had ever seen. Jupiter completed this step of the starry dance as it was setting in the west. That evening, our Babylonian magus would have seen the spectacle of his career while facing toward Judea.

No one alive had ever seen such a conjunction. If the Magi only began their travel plans in September, when they saw this sight nine months later, someone may have shouted “What are we waiting for? Mount up!” At the end of their travel, which may have taken weeks or months, these experts arrived in Jerusalem. They told their tale, and “all Jerusalem was disturbed.” Herod wanted to know two things: when the Star had appeared, and where this baby was. The Magi presumably described the timing of events starting in September of 3 BC and continuing through June of 2 BC. Herod sent them to Bethlehem in search of the child with orders that they return to tell where he was.

To qualify as the Star, Jupiter would have to have been ahead of the Magi as they trekked South from Jerusalem to Bethlehem. Sure enough, in December of 2 BC if the Magi looked south in the wee hours, there hung the Planet of Kings over the city of Messiah’s birth.

All but one of the nine Biblical qualifications for the Star have now been plausibly satisfied:

  1. The first conjunction signified birth by its association to the day with Virgo “birthing” the new moon. Some might argue that the unusual triple conjunction by itself could be taken to indicate a new king.
  2. The Planet of King’s coronation of the Star of Kings signified kingship.
  3. The triple conjunction began with the Jewish New Year and took place within Leo, showing a connection with the Jewish tribe of Judah (and prophecies of the Jewish Messiah).
  4. Jupiter rises in the east.
  5. The conjunctions appeared at precise, identifiable times.
  6. Herod was unaware of these things; they were astronomical events which had significance only when explained by experts.
  7. The events took place over a span of time sufficient for the Magi to see them both from the East and upon their arrival in Jerusalem.
  8. Jupiter was ahead of the Magi as they traveled south from Jerusalem to Bethlehem.

But the ninth qualification would require that Jupiter stop over Bethlehem. How could a planet do that? And did Jupiter do it?

The problem with a planet stopping is not what you might think. The problem is not that planets can’t stop. Just the opposite. The problem is that all planets are always stopped to the eye of a human observer. The sky moves above Earth at half the speed of the hour hand on a common clock. Its movement is imperceptible to the naked eye. So, if all stars are always stopped, what can Matthew have meant?

Perhaps you have already anticipated the key to this final mystery: retrograde motion.

An astronomer tracking the movement of planets through the star field watches not so much on the scale of minutes, but on the longer scale of days, weeks and months.

On this scale of time, Jupiter did stop.

On December 25 of 2 BC as it entered retrograde, Jupiter reached full stop in its travel through the fixed stars. Magi viewing from Jerusalem would have seen it stopped in the sky above the little town of Bethlehem.”

This has been one author’s research.  What say you? 

I wonder, no basis yet, if this star process was coincident with the winter equinox.  The end of autumn, the beginning of cold winter; but, think about it: the shortest day of the year gave rise to the greatest Light in all of human history, the birth of “Light from Light, True God from True God” on our ball of joy, earth.

Other Bethlehem factors:

The name is Godincident as well.  It translates from Beth-Lehem to House of Bread (of LIFE).

Giza and the Bethlehem star experience are interlaced; pinpointing Bethlehem with the Giza include:

  Did you know that when the sun rises on the vernal equinox (first day of spring, March 21, which is VERY close to March 25th…where they at one time the same date or due to calendar error off 3.5-4 days?) OVER Bethlehem if you are standing at or on the Giza.

   Noting that the Giza has an astronomically fixed date which corresponds to the only past alignment of a Pole Star to the Descending Passage.  2141bc   Looking at the Ascending passage graphic, Christ was born in 2bc.  Basically, prophetically telling us that Jesus would be born 2139 YEARS later in Bethlehem than the start date of the Giza “clock”, like putting a battery in a wall clock.  Of import, Kepler is the father of planetary motions laws but used pen and paper to look for this star.  Unfortunately, it appears he was looking in the wrong sky/wrong time to see the same sky a Magus would have seen.

It gets more interesting: I googled/duckduckgoed a travel guide map and found out it is 270 miles from Giza to Bethlehem… You know me and numbers, that’s 3x3x3x10 miles.  Math time: ‘the shortest distance between two points is part of an arc, and that distance is measured not in feet or inches but in nautical miles, which is about 6,076 feet (hat tip John Zajac).

However the old Jewish measurement, a furlong, or 8000 Jewish inches was the equivalent measurement for large distances.

If we recognize the interrelationship of time and distance, and we measure 2139 FURLONGS from Giza along the great arc, you arrive at Bethlehem.  Note that the Magi met with Herod before they headed south to Bethlehem a few clicks.

I believe God is inerrant but we humans can make mistakes and “read in more than is there”.  But to fix a ‘guide stone’, a compass, a beacon, pillar of bright “fire” AND point to the birth of the King of Kings, takes careful planning. 

Starting with placement of the constellations, the North (Pole) Star, the NAMING of the various stars and constellations (eg OLGuadalupe’s star chart over Virgo, Leo etc.)

But imagine if the precise location pinpointed by the intersection of a direction line and a time line, yes, cast in stone 2139 years previous to the event that makes the House of Bread, the city of the Savior’s birth.

Realize just how incredible it is and how skilled an eternal God has proven to be.

GPGiza on a rare solid flat granite mountain, critical to its precision still to this day, that you draw a line mapped inside across five points plus two cities skirting the Mediterranean coast and then Bethlehem, the House of Bread where the Father’s Son was born, prophesized 600 times; preHomeDepot masonry sale, it had 144,000 shiny capstones “reflecting the light of Christ” at its maximum (no shadow) at high noon on the day of renaissance, rejuvenation and rebirth (think Bambi and first day of spring) with all its clues about salvation history.

I really wonder, since we know Jesus precisely died on Friday the 13th day of Abib/Nisan and CAtholic tradition says March 25th, the convergence of “Jesus’ conception nine months before Dec 25; of His death 33 years later, same date AND one more March 25:

March 25, 1858, when the real traveling Mary (Not her statue) appeared in Lourdes and revealed to the peasant girl Bernadette that she IS the Lady of the Immaculate Conception (1854 doctrine of the immaculate conception)

From the site:

On 25th March 1858, on the feast of the Annunciation, during the 16th apparition, Bernadette asked the Lady three times for her name, “Madam, would you be kind as to tell me who you are, please?”
The Lady extended her hands towards the ground then she joined them again at chest height, raised her eyes to heaven and said with infinite gentleness, “Que soy era Immaculada Concepciou”, (I am the Immaculate Conception).

Bernadette did not understand the meaning of these words. She had to repeat them all the way back to the rectory where she shouted them at the priest, Father Peyramale.

Overcome by emotion, he immediately sent her home. He was now sure of the Lady’s identity. Indeed, the dogma of the Immaculate Conception had been promulgated in 1854. It says, unlike all of us, Mary was conceived without sin, and had never sinned.”

As demonstrated elsewhere in this cause application, Mary is included in the Giza revelations, her rosary mysteries and more yet to be discovered.

The Apparition in Lourdes was the Virgin Mary!  Not incidentally, she was actually in the city of David mentioned in Scripture and pointed to by the Christ Angle.  Doing what? Following her husband Joseph for the census and having a Child.

Jack Kelley’s opinions on GPGiza

Jack has some fascinating ideas I’d like to share; Giza is a universal icon and how much of it being Catholic is underway in this causal investigation.  Some is a repeat and you may disagree with other items.  I highlighted items that only make this more obvious that Giza has been overlooked by the Church, both Catholic and Protestant, though a normal side trip when pilgrims visit the land of the Jewish inheritance, Israel.

“On one day in history the angle of this passageway looking up from the bottom pointed directly at the north star.  If you could have drawn a line straight up from the pyramid into the sky on that day you would have intersected the exact center of our galaxy. That day was the vernal equinox in 2141 BC. Such an alignment happens only once every 26,000 years. As we’ll see below, the builders apparently knew this in advance and planned their construction accordingly.

The Great Pyramid was also built exactly in the center of Earth’s land mass. Equal amounts of land are contained in each of the quadrants drawn off its 4 corners. Its height of 454 feet is the same as the average height above sea level of all land on earth.

The sides are concave at the bottom. Their curvature conforms to the curvature of the earth’s surface, so if you could draw a circle extended from any two adjacent corners it would equal the circumference of Earth at the Equator.

The Sacred cubit was the unit of measure used in building the Great Pyramid. Unlike the standard and royal cubits referenced in the Bible, its length is 25 pyramid inches, which are about the same as the inch used today in the US. These units of measure were carved into the wall, and can serve to decode the pyramid’s dimensions. For instance, multiplying the sacred cubit times 10 million equals the polar radius of earth. Multiplying the total weight of the Pyramid by 1000 trillion equals the weight of planet Earth.

In Hebrew each letter has a numerical value. The Pyramid’s height in inches equals the sum of all the letters in the Hebrew text of Isaiah 19:19-20 (5449). Air shafts keep the temperature inside at exactly 68 degrees, the same as the mean temperature of Earth. If you could walk up the side of the pyramid you’d rise 9 feet in vertical elevation for every 10 feet you cover.

It contains one piece of furniture, a box the same size as the Ark of the Covenant. It’s located in the King’s Chamber, a room with the same cubic volume as the bronze laver in Solomon’s Temple.

It’s just barely too big to fit through the passageway, so it had to have been placed there as pyramid was built, over 1000 years before God gave Moses the Ark’s dimensions.  

The main passageway descends at an angle of 26 degrees 18 minutes and 9 seconds. (actually 9.63)

This is called the Christ angle because a line drawn from the Pyramid to Bethlehem is 26 degrees 18 minutes and 9 seconds from true north. At the bottom of the entry passageway is a rough hewn chamber called the bottomless pit. Together the passageway and chamber symbolize the fall of man from Adam’s sin, a gradual descent straight into Hell.

Markers carved into the wall in advance are keyed to the vernal equinox in 2141 BC, the only day in history when the stars lined up with the pyramid as described above. Whoever did the carving knew ahead of time that this would happen and designed the lengths of the various passageways to serve as time lines to predict significant future events.

For example, the distance from the starting marker to the place where a steep, low ceiling passageway up to the King’s Chamber intersects the down sloping entry passageway foretells the date when the Law was given at Mt. Sinai.

It symbolizes the opening of another path for man, this one a difficult climb leading him back to God. Part way up to the King’s chamber another short passageway leads off to another room called the Queen’s chamber. The distance to that passageway converts to the year Jesus was crucified and symbolizes the relief from the hard way of the Law that was purchased at the cross.

So it appears that the Queen’s chamber represents the Church. The Grand Gallery just before the King’s Chamber consists of 7 levels of polished pink granite and symbolizes the Millennium. And the King’s Chamber represents eternity.

Pyramid buffs see many other significant dates in Christianity foretold in the lengths of the various passageways and chambers, but so far the date of the 2nd Coming has eluded them.”   Thank you Jack for your scholarship; I think that 2nd coming date will remain elusive.

Who built it?  Here are a few guesses

Jack supplies some guesses himself:

“The identity of the architect is unknown, but three candidates come to the top of most lists:

1. Eusibius quotes an Egyptian historian named Manetheo who attributes construction to the Hyksos or Shepherd Kings who came from Arabia, conquered Egypt without a battle, destroyed their pagan temples and converted Egypt to monotheism….”

(Len’s aside: sounds a bit like Hernan Cortes in 1521 who destroyed Montezuma’s world, his temple and converted it to a Catholic Church then 10 years later Mary visits and millions more become Catholic.   Shhh  Just don’t tell the cultural genociders who will blame Mary for appropriating the Aztec world.)

“They built the Great Pyramid and then left for Judea. Job, after whom a book of the Bible is named, might have been part of this group. A generation later the Egyptians reverted to paganism.

2. Some say Enoch, making the Pyramid a pre-flood monument like the nearby Sphinx. If you measure a side from corner to corner in sacred cubits it equals 365.242, the number of days in our year and Enoch’s age when he was raptured. (Because of their concave nature there are three ways to measure a side. One way equals the solar year, as above. The second way equals the sidereal year, slightly longer at 365.256, and the third equals the anomalistic year of 365.259 days. The last two are used mostly in astronomy. If that isn’t astonishing enough for you, keep in mind that none of these measurements would apply until 1300 years later when the length of the Earth’s orbit increased by 5.25 days.)…”  (Len ??: this last part is interesting; currently researching…could it help with the offsets of the equinox/solstice NOT being on the 25ths?)

“3. Most popular is Shem, son of Noah. Though born before the Great Flood, Shem outlived 8 of the first 9 generations that followed it, and even outlived Abraham. Some believe Shem was the priest called Melchizedek in Genesis 14. (??)”

Other guesses as to the Contractor are out there; one suspects God could have done it by a snap of His words.

Jack continues:  “No matter which of these options appeals to you, the facts remain that the builder knew all the dimensions of Earth and had a command of engineering, astronomy, and mathematics that would be impressive even today. Think of it. This guy knew the weight and curvature of the Earth, the irregularity of that curvature at the poles, the location and size of every land mass and its height above sea level, Earth’s mean temperature, its latitude and longitude scales, the exact direction of true north, the locations of the stars, and the fact that 1300 years later the Earth’s orbit would change, increasing by 5.24 days.  (Len again checking this out)

He knew how to make things absolutely level, straight, and square, and how to pre-cut and position gigantic pieces of stone so that when in place they fit so perfectly that every course is level and square even today. He knew how to calculate the coefficients of expansion and contraction and compensate for them. The list goes on. If this guy didn’t have supernatural capability himself, he was certainly assisted by Someone who does.”  More Jack Kelley scholarship…

Physical evidence of faith?  Does the GPGiza have a future purpose?

Like Noah’s Ark, the Sphinx and others, the Great Pyramid may be evidence for generations yet future to us. It’s obvious supernatural design and construction make it a unique witness to the Glory of God.

In Old Testament times people gained and maintained their belief in God through the evidence of His existence. God caused earthquakes, dried up rivers and seas, made city walls fall down, and sent fire and hail on His enemies. And anyone could come to Jerusalem to witness His presence first hand.  Fire from Heaven consumed the sacrifices on the altar. No matter from what direction or with what velocity the wind blew, smoke from the altar always rose straight up into heaven.

According to Jewish tradition, each fall on Yom Kippur the scapegoat was brought before the High Priest and the sins of the nation were transferred to it. While the people watched, a scarlet ribbon was tied from one of the goat’s horns to a door of the Temple. As the goat was led into the wilderness this ribbon was snipped leaving some hanging on the door and some on the goat’s horn. At a designated place the goat was pushed off a cliff to its death. At the moment of the goat’s death the piece of ribbon on the Temple door changed color from scarlet to white fulfilling Isaiah 1:18“Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.” All these things were plainly visible, irrefutable evidence of God’s presence.

Paul’s Hebrew’s style faith?

When the Lord Jesus came, all that changed. No more great and fearful events to prove God’s existence, until the nails and Golgotha. The Trinity, from all eternity, knew God would create beings different than the angels, to live joyfully for as long as the Trinity HAD ALREADY EXISTED. 

The greatest of all had happened, God’s Immaculately Conceived Son from an Immaculately Conceived Mother.. Jesus had come to dwell among us. Following His death, the ribbon never changed colors again.  What ribbon? that of the scape goat.  Many of you in serving the Lord and His bride, the Church, understand what a scapegoat is, being falsely accused.

It’s codified in the 8th of the 8 Be Happy Attitudes from the famous Sermon on the Mount.

On Resurrection Sunday He rose from the grave having conquered sin and death.  Trusting His Church to the imperfect, He left nothing to chance: the Shroud of the tomb of Nicodemus given to the Savior, the Cloth of Jerusalem, Edessa and now Turin.  WE humans are easily deceived; we need help and support for what we believe.  We need each other.

That evening He appeared to His disciples in the Upper Room. Thomas was absent and refused to believe the others.

The following Sunday He appeared again and this time Thomas was there. Though the doors were locked, Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you!” Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.”

Thomas said to him, the words of promise:  “My Lord and my God!”

Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”(John 20:26-29)

Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed. He was speaking of His Church and the incredible blessings that would accrue to our benefit. The age of belief by faith alone had arrived.

(Jack believes in the rapture and speaks to that here:)

Soon the Church will disappear (Len’s comment: time will tell, Jack!) and the Lord told us that as the end approaches, people on Earth will again see much evidence of His existence. It’ll be like Old Testament times again. Obvious miracles, huge natural disasters, uncontrollable weather, until finally the skies will open and like flashes of lightning that are visible from the East to the West, every eye will behold His Glorious Appearing.

During the time leading up to His return, I believe Noah’s Ark will reappear, and the true origins of monuments like Stonehenge, Easter Island and others will become known as evidence of God’s existence. And one day the Great Pyramid will be restored and once again stand in Egypt as the monument and witness to the Lord that Isaiah prophesied, bringing salvation to the people there. When they cry out to the LORD because of their oppressors, he will send them a savior and defender, and he will rescue them. (Isaiah 19:20)

USCCB and the Pyramid scripture:

“On that day there shall be an altar to the LORD at the center of Egypt, and a sacred pillar to the LORD near its boundary. 20 This will be a sign and witness to the LORD of hosts in the land of Egypt, so that when they cry out to the LORD because of their oppressors, he will send them a savior to defend and deliver them.”

In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria. The Assyrians will go to Egypt and the Egyptians to Assyria. The Egyptians and Assyrians will worship together. In that day Israel will be the third, along with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing on the earth. The LORD Almighty will bless them, saying, “Blessed be Egypt my people, Assyria my handiwork, and Israel my inheritance.” (Isaiah 19:23-25)  02-19-11

USCCB’s New American translation:  “On that day there shall be a highway from Egypt to Assyria; the Assyrians shall enter Egypt, and the Egyptians enter Assyria, and the Egyptians shall worship with the Assyrians. 24On that day Israel shall be a third party with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing in the midst of the earth,25when the LORD of hosts gives this blessing: “Blessed be my people Egypt, and the work of my hands Assyria, and my heritage, Israel.”
Is this prophecy PAST or FUTURE or both.  You tell us!

Summary Statements  (under construction)

This is a living work as we decipher and gather….we probably won’t know until heaven if we have accurately chronicled God’s largest object on earth, and His plan for the Border Fire in the Middle ( better known to Egyptian tourists as the “Giza Pyramid”).

But, isn’t the continued work to further decipher the Tilma AND the Shroud proven efficacious? Same with the many Eucharistic miracles? 

God leaves NOTHING to chance.  Neither should we.  We may find out this disheveled pile of blocks has further use in our century, not just the four millennia preceding ours.

Your humble servant and fellow adventurer, Len

May God bless you, adventurers all…be honest in your research, but open to the truth.  God originates EVERYTHING but evil.

Contributors, Acknowledgements and Mentions  (draft listings)

John Zajac ~ author of “The Delicate Balance”   1989  Prescott Publishers

Rick Larson ~author of theories on the star of bethlehem

Various verses and quotes from the Torah and full Bible   author Holy Spirit as part of the Trinity  USCCB, NAB and other translations

Great Pyramid of Giza Research Organization and related articles

John Kelly

Fr. Joseph Horn, O. Praem.  ~ master photographer and mathematician

Fr. Todd Spitzer, S.J. ~ physicist, founder of the faith and science site

Shroud of Turin ~ creative work of the Son of God, Mary’s Son.

Jack Kelley, author of ‘end times prophecy and the great pyramid of Giza

Fr. Tim Peters


—Secret Information Club—

How Many Stars are There in the Universe?

Areas for Future investigation

<> Study reveals the Great Pyramid of Giza can focus electromagnetic energy

<>Fudge Factor:  equinoxes and solstices

just as Newton noticed the error in the American and British inch, adjusted to the sacred Jewish pyramid inch all computations in the pyramid were round numbers, conjecture, there’s a 3.5 day error in the Gregorian/Julian/ modern calendar that if adjusted would have the solstices and equinoxes, starting with the vernal eq (March 25

There are only two times of the year when the Earth’s axis is tilted neither toward nor away from the sun, resulting in a “nearly” equal amount of daylight and darkness at all latitudes. These events are referred to as Equinoxes. The word equinox is derived from two Latin words – aequus (equal) and nox (night). At the equator, the sun is directly overhead at noon on these two equinoxes.  The “nearly” equal hours of day and night are due to refraction of sunlight or a bending of the light’s rays that causes the sun to appear above the horizon when the actual position of the sun is below the horizon.  Additionally, the days become a little longer at the higher latitudes (those at a distance from the equator) because it takes the sun longer to rise and set.  Therefore, on the equinox and for several days before and after the equinox, the length of day will range from about 12 hours and six and one-half minutes at the equator, to 12 hours and 8 minutes at 30 degrees latitude, to 12 hours and 16 minutes at 60 degrees latitude.

The Solstices (Summer & Winter)

The summer solstice occurs at the moment the earth’s tilt toward/from the sun is at a maximum. Therefore, on the day of the summer solstice, the sun appears at its highest elevation with a noontime position that changes very little for several days before and after the summer solstice.  The summer solstice occurs when the sun is directly over the Tropic of Cancer, which is located at 23.5° latitude North and runs through Mexico, the Bahamas, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, and southern China.  For every place north of the Tropic of Cancer, the sun is at its highest point in the sky and this is the longest day of the year.

The winter solstice marks the shortest day and longest night of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere, it occurs when the sun is directly over the Tropic of Capricorn, which is located at 23.5° south of the equator and runs through Australia, Chile, southern Brazil, and northern South Africa.

Therefore, on the Summer solstice, June 22, the Sun is farthest North. Hence, the longest day. In the northern hemisphere, of course. The solstices also mark the beginning of Winter and the Summer. So what about Easter? As we told you before, the date of Easter is determined by the vernal or Spring equinox and the phase of the moon.

Still under construction/the notes section/errata

Page 162  reproduce the graphic

Sphinx  should we include a short piece on this.  Head of the Lion (of Judah) and body of a woman (Virgo?) like OLG?

List of those to seek advice from:

  Bishop Tim Freyer   Dr Scott Hahn  Mr. Tim Staples

The constellations as salvation history 

  <> Virgo the virgin  OLGuadalupe’s Mary heart location

  <>  Leo, the Lion on Mary’s womb (maternity belt signal)  Jesus is the Lion of the tribe of Judah

    And comparison: complementary to the movement of the Bethlehem Star phenomena.
Why did Herod and the Jerusalem Jews not see a giant star?  There wasn’t one.  But once the magus or magi spoke to Herod and asked if he knew where the King was to be born, …


The White Stone of Rev 2:17.  There is an interesting passage in the letter to Pergamum in Revelations:

“‘“Whoever has ears ought to hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the victor I shall give some of the hidden manna;* I shall also give a white amulet (stone) upon which is inscribed a new name, which no one knows except the one who receives it.”’

* [2:17The hidden manna: this is the food of life; cf. Ps 78:2425White amulet: literally, “white stone,” on which was written a magical name, whose power could be tapped by one who knew the secret name. It is used here as a symbol of victory and joy; cf. Rev 3:45New name: this is a reference to the Christian’s rebirth in Christ; cf. Rev 3:1219:12Is 62:265:15.

The hidden manna refers to the Eucharist or the “Food of Life”.  If this has anything to do with GPGiza, then the altar top, Eucharist and the “white stone” (it was the largest “white stone” on earth until 600 years ago.  Are we stretching here to find an allegory that doesn’t make sense, or ?


Proposed Table of Contents

Background | Basic Physiology and Mathematics | Light: the Universal Symbol of our Savior  | Geography & Biblical Archeology

Conceptions and Titles, Roles and Manifestations |  World’s CompassPillar of Fire & Giant Beacon of Light | 8 sided altar

Time lines/Prophetic Time Machine:  Descending and Ascending Passageways 

Hypothesis & Theory of the Cause |  Bethlehem the House of Bread

Summary statement  |  Contributors & Areas for the Future |


 Updated 9/3/2022 Feast of ST Gregory the Great<> God Bless America for He is God has Blessed us with Heaven.    
 Updated 8/22/22 Feast of Regina Coeli   God Bless America for God has Blessed us with Heaven.  Update on Donna’s first day in heaven 11th anniversary









CRMLS Compliance case #01278953 and 01280279

OCT. 1, 2022 UPDATE  Oct 3 update.   MLS still down 9:13am  Still down 9:28

CRMLS you have your money, all 35,000 pennies of it.  PLEAAAAASSSEE

Gerald opens his eyes for first time in 2 weeks Sept 27th

reinstate 10/3/22 since you control the associations’ ability to reinstate on weekends.   I’m dying out here and you posted DNR on my access.


PHOTOS proof below I paid are INCLUDED herein plus my affidavit, TO SHOW $350 OF MY KID’S INHERITANCE you extorted is in your INTUITive hands.

I hate wasting peoples time since I have only 30 more years to practice; I’m retiring when I turn 100.  TIME AGAIN WASTED OF LORI, my Compliance expert.  I even hate wasting your CRMLS certified TECH BOT WHO FLIPS THE SWITCH FOR US SERF BROKERS OF RECORD. 

And serfs we have become.

CRMLS: You have your $350 pounds of blood and I just lost opportunity for at least three listings and possibly more after paying $2000 for an AM station Oct 1st (I know pocket change to you guys but none of you have 11 kids) morning real estate seminar today (Oct 1) brought in new business that needed quick response.   And got zero.

Bring back the beaver’s dam Brokers On Line Terminal System.  At least, we could get data, the only real and primary need for working brokers from a multiple listing service like CRMLS.  Instead you have become a marketplace of related products instead of taking care of your Optimus Prime purpose: working with the brokers who pay your paychecks, posting our broker cooperative listings and photos WE create.  I really think it’s time to return to a spirit of service and helping each other.  You have become a Biden-o-Bama police state instead of making YOUR jobs easier as well.

Hey folks; this ISN’T the same market as January!  My focus remains, no matter the market, after 1/3 of a century practicing real eState, the needs and wants of the client, the owner and buyers.

Lori and CRMLS: thank you Lori for helping me on Saturday when I was desperate after discovering I was banned from my real estate brokerage’s lifeblood, the current CRMLS platform after tons of password tries.

I couldn’t imagine the CRMLS pulled another snatch and grab.

I was completely unaware until i couldn’t open my CRMLS account due to human DoS i was screwed.  SPAM rides again.  One hour after the excellent seminar I paid for and had leads to immediately follow up.  Instead since CRMLS illicitly blocks my local association PWR from turning on the MLS locally.  Does CRMLS ever make a mistake?  When you make them, I’ll be your fall guy, you can kill thousands of dollars in income for families and businesses, although not all have 11 kids and 23 grandkids

The original issue that got the CRbots to remove the four photos (in the post/blog below) without thinking, reasoning or understanding why brokers need more not less control of the current system…is STILL in play.  And the only reason as this BS is happening, is because YOU GUYS at CRMLS took down perfectly rational photos.  Now, you are the Design Cops too?  Plus there is no method on the weekend (real real estate people WORK the weekends if their clients need them.

  1. LOOK BELOW IN THE SUBMITTAL SECTION!  There was zero “branding” in the words photoshopped on the four. None. The excellent Steve Roscoe pointed out no words or numbers can appear on a photo or it will be denied acceptability by the CRMLS photo gods.  But if NOT branding what on God’s green earth gives you right to kill our businesses over words and numbers ON a photo?
  2. But this makes absolutely no sense, especially with the nasty $250 fine for human failing or this;
  4. THERE WAS NO LOGO, MILLENNIUM 3 WORDING.  ARE YOU SAYING NO PHOTOSHOPPING OF IMAGES IS ALLOWED ANYMORE? then why do you allow cropped or edited photos? EVERY CROP IS AN EDIT. ARE YOU REQUIRING NO NUMBERS OR LETTERS (ALPHANUMERIC) ITEMS ON ANY PHOTOS ON THE crMLS?  Is the CRMLS artistic team working to get EVERY listing with boring bland same same photos?
  5. Problem is there is no difference, brokers should have the right of positionality and to edit their agents’ photos without Gestapo level fines!!  NO difference between words posted below the picture or on the line below having the words when NO BRANDING OCCURS.  Can CRMLS get back to first cause and purpose for your existence?
  6.   If you look closely at the photos, the CRMLS Jan6 style commission misses the reality the words made more sense, from a physical representation (not branding, which used to be something we did to a horse’s rear)

It turns out you email CRMLS stuff and I receive it on my inbox but your three emails of Sept 20,21, and 29 went to SPAM.  That’s where, as the pictures show I found the two recent emails in SPAM and paid your blood money.

I had no contact, text or phone, from anyone on the review panel or CRMLS.  All communiques since I appealed went to spam.(sept 20, 21 & 29).

Timeline from Sept 20th on…i had heard NOTHING or seen anything.  I finally called PWR compliance, Lori Smith and interrupted her personal time on SAturday for this.

Timeline: CRMLS Allison S on Tues Sept 20th 9:12am:

Dear Len,  Thank you for submitting your request for a Citation Review of Case# 01280279. CRMLS has completed our review of the case and related evidence and has filed the request with your Association for further processing.
At this time, payment is not due pending the outcome of the hearing if you have not already paid, however, your Association will be in touch regarding the next steps in this process.    To chat with a Compliance Analyst, click here. To contact Compliance via email, please respond to this message or email  Allison S.
Compliance Analyst California Regional MLS   15325 Fairfield Ranch Road, Suite 200
Chino Hills, CA 91709 (  F 909.859.2051   E

Timeline CRMLS Sept 21st  Dear Len Beckman

This notice is to inform you that Pacific West Association of REALTORS has completed your Citation Review Request and has upheld the Citation issued to you for violation of CRMLS Rule 11.5.1 Mandatory submission of Photograph/Rendering (except Biz Op). Please click on the link below to review and pay your invoice online no later than 9/28/2022. Thank you!CRMLS

________________CRMLS.  Understand LIFE happens while we are making plans. NEVER heard you were reviewing, never heard the 3 realtor panel had been impaneled, nor the results…nothing__________________________________________

Timeline Sept 27 Archangels feast day.  I got a call and had to make a very  early morning drive to Hemet, CA Kaiser Permanente on an emergency call for brother in law Gerald’s ventilator situation.  He had not opened his eyes for two weeks, kept alive by ventilator.

.  I STILL had not seen the Sept 20-21 emails even though I continue to receive CRMLS product sales notes in my InBox.  There was a time phones were used for CALLING or even TEXTING; I understand you are NOT allowed to call on something as serious as this.  Perfect Murphy timing was the Kill Switch, like a typical abortion at Planned Parenthood, happened on a Fri/Saturday.  Greater question: is it a CRMLS requirement we have email, especially with the massive spam that often includes non-spam because of volume and non stop grifter and prostitician blasts?

Don’t you EVER call, especially a 70 year old veteran broker who donates time for real estate related, pays the union political fees, helps with local realtor meetings, PWR events, supports charities affiliated and generally is a reasonable guy?

I arrived about 1:30 pm at KP Hemet and began praying silently for Gerald, pictured above.

His wife (my sis in law) and his daughter were at his side.  About 3pm, after others visited and wife & daughter left, I began a verbal prayer asking “Heavenly father, we are present here with Gerald who has been a good servant, with his wife xxx and daughter yyy at his side. I am asking…”

AT this point, he opened his eyes and looked at his daughter who were nearest his face.  After finishing my prayer and could see it was best for the two to be with my bro-in-law alone, I left.

Found out later he closed his eyes minutes after I finished praying; then about 3:20 or so, he opened them again for his wife XXX after the daughter had left.   Real estate is a part of life and life is a part of real estate.  I am hoping his wife will come to the Lord through this…but look at the picture to the left. This is HUMANITY, the thread of life, a wisp of wind that might last 100 years or before prebirth at the licensed kill mills.  My point is simple: what we do is deal WITH the lives and dreams of real humans.

<<Here he is looking at his wife and still alive between 3 and 3:32 Tuesday Sept 27.  As you can see CRMLS, I was a bit busy 9/27 and following days and not checking through my SPAM box.  Busy the next two days with the follow up.  We all will die someday and should be prepared of course.

  Unexpectedly, Gerald died at 3:32pm;

Please pray for him (and yourselves since no one but God knows when the clock stops for US)  if you believe in a joyful eternity but Gerald did have last rites recently.

If you DON’T believe in God or foreverererereever and ever, oh well, that’s your cross. You WILL live forever! I can help by explaining that Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life, but YOU have a woman’s and man’s right to choose.

As you can see, this is two days before the final ax notice seen below which ALSO went to spam and no kind, compassionate or professional call, even a text from CRMLS staff.

You WIN, you had me in the corner of the cage so I hope the passive aggressive kill switch operator is happy.  You win, you got my money.

Point is CRMLS, as you can see in Gerald’s eyes, a picture is worth a thousand words and controlling what goes ON a picture should be the province of the broker not the techies.

Unequal application of procedures (do you ‘root’ out EVERY photo with a number or letter on it?) is not right and if someone wanted to VIO every non natural information conveying letter/number, you’d need to hire 100 more compliance folks. 

AND your unilateral removal of all four (you could have left one up!) WITHOUT notifying me was outrageous, since you must have known it would FORCE a violation.  Still have no idea what reprobate with time on their hands vio buttoned in the first place.  Because your compliance expert told me a violation button had been hit to start this sick saga

I thought it was licensed adults that practice real estate  I honestly appreciate the CRMLS workers hard work but could some sane MLS exec see how easy you can make their work. The VAST majority of your violations are picture related.  I agree no branding should appear including the CRMLS logo (CRMLS is branding) since the images are about the property, but editing a photo, using words and numbers SHOULD be the province of the broker.

As there are numerous examples on the thousands of CRMLS listings currently that the brokers/agents are NOT paying $350, please consider a change.

Spend it wisely.  I will direct under separate cover, peacefully to my association and your leadership some suggestions so some other dad of 11 isn’t beat up on.  I have never violated any colleague broker.  Maybe just maybe CRMLS might emulate the spirit of what we are about.  A kind and gentler cooperative effort with the cooperating brokers.


Timeline Sept 29  Found in SPAM on Oct 1st.

This notification is being sent to communicate that your MLS service has been suspended due to the non-payment of fines.

Due to the suspension of your access to MLS Services, payment must be received in full within 2 business days,

or a new broker must be appointed (please contact your local association for assistance re-appointing a broker).

If neither occur within the 2-business day timeframe, all Active agents within your office will lose access to MLS Services until the fine is paid in full and the violation(s) is corrected.  The outstanding citation and fine was issued for the violation of MLS Rule 11.5.1 Mandatory submission of Photograph/Rendering (except Biz Op) with an associated fine of $250. To review your invoice, please click on the following link:


Zillow towers near OC Airport. I made sure the top floor ‘branding’ is not visible; these folks have not been the most cooperative brokers…

I don’t want my MLS fees or any other brokers/agents fees to rise as well this December; but you are opening us all up to litigious possibilities.  The statement in red needs a little parsing and reviewing.  CRMLS might consider modifying it.

Not all your brokers are grifting, constant violating, troublemakers trying to skirt the rules and cheat, steal their next deal. Some of us work honestly, put the clients first and try hard to help each other have a level playing field for buyers and sellers to use your services

Legally, you are implying that CRMLS OWNS my and other brokerages, even though you are a SERVICE PROVIDER with services paid via assessments of fees on ALL brokers and the agents they supervise. 

Your statement is a new broker must be appointed through an association.  These are bonafide threats.  You have the right to shut down participants with equal application of the law, but you have ZERO right to threaten to kill a man’s business and livelihood as if you are Leftenant General Garland/ 

I wouldn’t wish that guy on anyone.

Now in summary:

~~~~~~~~~PREVIOUS SUBMITTAL THAT APPARENTLY WAS VOTED DOWN is below.  I HAD NO KNOWLEDGE of such until oct 1st afternoon SINCE EVERYTHING CRMLS SENT end of september WENT TO SPAM except advertisements for CRMLS products. 

IS ANYONE AT CRMLS ALLOWED TO USE A TELEPHONE?  I apologize for not looking for your warnings in SPAM while my brother in law died Sept 27th. I wasn’t notified of the hearing until after except in the SPAM folder.

I’LL SPRING FOR an analog land line phone; I’VE BEEN WITH EVERY ITERATION OF TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCE SINCE THE BOLTS SYSTEM in 1988 AND IT SEEMS WE ARE REGRESSING PEOPLE!  I bought Anacomp head per track disk drives in the late 70s and hard 33mb Priam peripheral disc drives for $2441 each for miniComputer MAI Basic Four, not too far from this building in Irvine: the Zillow Towers near the airport.  Point is simple: we CAN’T let technology replace the human factor in our business; it relies on brokers working with brokers. Staff people doing the HUMAN thing and not rely on technology for every jot and tittle.   And, no tinfoil hat stuff,  the state of golden disarray on the Blessed Sacramento is more than happy to take over this business as well as others, SacraDEMento and DC.  


Do you remember the last time you saw a phone booth? Where and when?Thank you CRMLS: let’s work together to streamline our efforts together, to save you time and energy that is wasted on enforcement that is NOT yours to be responsible for.  I will see if a Tardis is available for your Chino office; i teach a class most Thursdays near you at Grand Ave Park and I will have it delivered.

AND SOMEDAY, LET’S TAKE THAT R2D2 RESTRAINING BOLT OFF THE RANGE PRICING, ESPECIALLY AT THIS MARKET TIME. 85% IS INCREDIBLY FOOLISH. It’s another interference in the free market cooperative efforts of listing brokers.



TRYING TO SURVIVE ANOTHER LOCKOUT.  Here are seven photos of paying the $350 since CRMLS does NOT trust me obviously or believe I am important enough after 33 years to CALL or TEXT direct.  My cell is 714 267 1413  

But, it’s obvious, we are just numbers today and only allowed to practice because we pay unjust fines

CRMLS Saga photo 1

CRMLS Saga Photo 7

previous submittal~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

RE: 2716 Via Montezuma  Compliance case #01278953

My favorite CRMLS compliance handlers!

Thank you for reviewing the information; if you need more clarification, please do not hesitate to call 714 267 1413.  The saga goes back to January, 2021 and continues.

Here is the pertinent history that the Compliance officer may not have completely understood.

PW21158207 2716 Via Montezuma ABECKLEN 1,299,999 A 07/19/21 17:32:36 ABECKLEN
PW21029683 2716 Via Montezuma ABECKLEN 1,299,885 H X 06/26/21 01:00:28 MatrixSystem

June of last year, this very troublesome listing expired while I had it on hold status. My bad.  (At least you didn’t fine me for being human for this one)

For the record, the owner is a lovely 82 year old widow, whose husband passed away two Decembers ago.  Her daughter & two young grandchildren (age 25 & 29) have made it impossible to see internally, since the home is currently auditioning for a real life POD packed to the gills; she has occupied Mrs. Wiemann’s rental home for 15 years, preventing mom and dad from even occupying it for a short time.  Dad is gone, mom is not.

Last year,  I did not see that the artificially intelligent Matrix system had expired it WHILE on HOLD, on June 26, 2021 until later.

I reinstated it, with the same photos, on July 19, 2021.  Since CRMLSComp has to make life and death decisions, some need a bit more tender care.  Your excellent chat lady explained CRMLS can’t make decisions, yet it was your system bots who made this one.

The pictures were in place for almost a year, until some curmudeon, instead of calling or texting me like any good real estate professional would, complained to you. I just don’t understand, since you will not release the person, place or thing that happily empowered themselves and pushed the vio button.

Since we live in a post Constitutional world, where people can FBot or be a Twit and cowardly push a VioButton (no vaccine for that guy, one gizmo I have NEVER in my 33 yrs as a RE person of interest, pushed.), this fine piece of anti-cooperation wasted your time, mine and at 70, my days are numbered much more boldly than yours.

Historically, I see a price of $10 million (actually happened) for an Orange County listing NOT in Newport Coast, I call the broker as a cooperative fellow (foundational to the MLS system of which CRMLS has grown to be a behemoth BORG of smaller systems (a good thing) and suggest it might be a typo.  He was most thankful

Flash forward to 7/7/22.  Help me understand.  Your anonymous wimp complained I had text communication on photos?  Right?  Or was it something else, frivolous and you noticed an English word appearing on my meager photos. 

I have included them here since I did not see the bad boy notice until this week when I saw the final notice telling me my real estate broker days are over unless I pony up $250 by August 6th.

I feel like my fave CRMLS people are becoming Hunter Bidenesque.  If Mr. Complainer (no lady would complain or was it a lady?) did NOT complain specifically about text or written words on the photo shopped photo (is that another no no, altering photos for consumption?) then what was the real reason?  There have been 16 months of patient agents and brokers, not to mention buyers, waiting to get in as the saga unfolds.

I have seven offers, and about 100 people who want to see it, give or take a few with the Bidenomic rise in interest rates, once the tenant’s attorney and my client’s attorney resolve the matter.

If any of you practice real estate, you may have heard about the “tenant school of discouraging potential buyers”; Via Montezuma’s tenant owns the school.  It’s the little things and she used Covid only three times.

You back up to a golf course and all of a sudden 25 golf balls in the back appear just before we should the buyers.  Or things like “It’s a great house and we love to put up with using half the electric and one water appliance at a time” coming out of the little 20 something angel who doesn’t want to move, what with a $2500 monthly rent for a $1.3-1.5million home.

So, if I take an hour and locate in the CRMLS database about 100 listing’s pictures with text on them; let’s say an address number, or “Congrats to my spoiled child graduation” sign, or a No Solicitor sign, to comply with the small print, I should hit the vio button on all of these?  “Inclusion of text or written communication” is an open ended issue, or should be.  Brokers should be able to help buyers and their agents with visuals; read the captions on the pics you took down.

When I reread the July 7, 2022 notice, it was time stamped 8:50am.   Six (6) minutes later, I thought i was reading 1984:

July 7, 2022 8:56am. Case 01280279 “Because CRMLS Staff removed all photographs under case#01278953 , this listing violates the CRMLS R&R  11.5.1 ‘at least one photograph or RENDERING that accurately displays a substantial portion of the exterior structure of the property.

I can see the conversation in the break room in Chino Hills:  “Hee, hee, hee, Len, we removed the four photos you had, did not tell you and then SIX MINUTES later, violated you for not having a photo.”  This seems more “1984” than “Animal Farm” or even, God forbid, more unlimited pronouns and woke bizarro.

I admit it: I am not perfect!  I am just practicing real estate.  It served me well for my 11 kids and 21 (current tally) grandkids.  My saved contacts history on this listing is very long, but that’s what dedicated agents/brokers do: “what’s best for our clients is best for us”.  That’s the meaning of fiduciary.

But, tell me, you don’t think you could have left a photo up or even used a stock “rendering”, and CALLED me to say:  “Hey, Len, you need to put a pic up without words. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a thousand pictures are NOT worth one word IF they have words on them.”  Good restatement of the infamous 11.5.1

Think this through: you gave me until 7/11/22 to do this.  I did not see it on my emails since it has been a crazy summer, i have30,000emails including spam, politician pleas, and the occasional legit one.

It did NOT appear on 7’7/2022 as a Matrix system enabled change in the HISTORY section.  here it is:

PW21158207 2716 Via Montezuma ABECKLEN 1,300,001 1300000.00 1300001 07/15/22 14:38:10 ABECKLEN

There is no entry in between 4/30 and 7/15 for the 7/7/22 photo strip tease

PW21158207 2716 Via Montezuma ABECKLEN 1,300,000 H A 04/30/22 00:02:54 MatrixSystem

Two things: a RENDERING is NOT a photograph.  Why do you allow renderings but no words on a photograph?  Yes, I understand no agent sales information (Zillow, Trulia and the other agent and buyer scavengers take care of that workaround) because it makes it difficult for agents trying to convince sellers’ prospective buyers that they are the perfect person to represent them.   That’s why “framing” is only thwarted IF the rule changed and the broker that owns the listing could be identified.

But CRMLS, in the world of truth and justice, the BROKERS are responsible for the content of their MLS submittals, that’s why brokers cooperate with each other: to make sure the buyer is the best, whether next door or China, around the world.

I just discovered, on another listing, that the CRMLS wants to decide what price my listing posts.  NOT me or my client!  Recall, Prudential Calif San Diego first came up with the range pricing years ago.  Today, it would be a decent tool in communicating the owner’s willingness to review offers less than list.

But CRMLS prevents this with their 85% bot in the pricing field.  You want to tell the world that your owner hopes for a $1,395,000 price but is willing to look at offers over one million, CRMLS locks down the price range field with an R2D2 restraining bolt.

Instead of a price range of 1MM to 1.395MM, a price range reasonable in this market,  it is restricted to a low of 1,185,750!  Preposterous: a broker should have SOME autonomy.  Meanwhile an Anaheim  house two doors down is marketed off MLS as coming soon for 3 weeks, and the San Diego agent sells it in one day at $950K when he lists it after I did.  So, just how fair is that to my client or my business?  If this rule wasn’t arbitrarily put in place (no reason for a majority of brokers to have a say either: we co-operate but we are NOT subject to each other in our business decisions for our varied clients.

I have spent a third of a century attempting to treat all comers fairly.

An example:

I recall a listing presentation a few years ago in a tract I’ve sold 20 properties in and the owner obviously had a dilemma; I asked her who my competition is, she said a friend of hers named Steve R.  I knew Steve, so I closed my binder and said “go with Steve!”  She had that deer in the headlights look like I was nuts but I explained, Steve will do a fine job for you.  I’d love the business ( I only had 11 kids at the time) but what the client wants, even if a different qualified agent, that’s how I work. 

My fave CRMLS code compliance officers, your job is not easy. It is a mammoth undertaking to police the MLS universe.

I realize.  But, it’s easy to see $250 for a human failing is a bit stiff.  I realize you guys will be hurting by next year’s dues time, since agents like loan processors and reps are disappearing faster than peanut butter at my house; but I plan to retire soon: when I turn 100.  But, must we front load penalty dollars to fill in the revenue loss?

Please look at these photos

No offending “steering” going on?  Do you understand my confusion?; yes, I tucked my tail between my legs like a good little compliant puppy dog and used the boring photos currently NOT removed yet by your anonymous ace complainers buttoning in.

Notice on the photos your fine staff removed:   NO identifications of who’s who (broker, numbers) and just a little humor.  I used these because it was becoming increasingly obvious this 2 year listing could pass my record 10 years for 1431 La Palma in Anaheim.  I got good comments from realtors (of course not the Chino technies) knowing just what that “tenant school” is all about.  In a way, we are in this together when a mother doesn’t want to remove her squatter child…and at 82, we must honor her feelings, and be delicate about how ALL are treated in these situations.

Truth be told, July has been crazy; we had our Ohio grandkids and parents, 4 under 3 years old (the kids not their parents) for two weeks, we ordained a family member, and my usual thousand emails a day have been compounded by a bug allowing an old email to infect…point is, when your staff removed and then cited 6 minutes later, I didn’t see the invoice and hand slaps until this last week.  I made contact with your office on chat, but after your fine chat lady when round and round, I found out …   anyways.

I’ll bring some eggs to the Chino office; I’m out that way at least once a week.  No, not to throw but to eat.  Organic from Beckman Ranch.  My gift to you for you reading this.

Regards, signing off, private id level xx-11 and hoping to change it soon

But, the responsibility of EVERY broker at CRMLS, and the staff as well, is to provide accurate access in a “willing seller, not so many willing buyers this week” marketplace.  Owners, investors and buyers depend on us to counsel accurately and represent them to the best of our abilities.  Sadly, often, we can’t do that due to circumstances…like the 85% rule, which, if I still have a brokerage after August 6th, I will bring up.

It’s probably timely to do so with the drastic market change and more brokers looking to tell the truth to buyers.  After all, we brokers should have a little autonomy in the tec bot controlled world we live in.  Thank you for reviewing this CRMLS, PWAOR…  I sincerely appreciate your time.

God bless, Len Beckman

An open letter to Elizabeth Warren, former Senator.

Senator Warren:

Some people call you Fauxcahontas because you lied boldly, you deceived many over having Native American blood in your ancestry, something you found useful in getting to where you are today…a bought and paid for US Senator.

Using Indian war paint and dancing and prancing for extra wampum for Harvard and other colleges amid other affirmative active ways of “getting ahead”.

Like your contemporary in the House, “Do as I say NOT as I HAIRdo” Pelosi, your hypocrisy is legion. Your fortune was created because you took serious advantage of actions that you hypocritically condemed (not hypocratically, as in real doctors’ oaths), in your hometown in Oklahoma.   The Daily Mail pointed out 10 years ago back in June 2012 that:

“Elizabeth Warren bought a foreclosed house for $61,000 in June 1993 and sold it in December 1994 for $95,000, a 56 per cent mark-up.

She paid $30,000 for a property in August 1993 and sold five months later for $145,000, a 383 per cent gain.

Warren lent her brother $25,000 for a property in 1994 that was sold at a mark-up of 68 per cent for $42,000 in 1998.

She gave her sister-in-law a mortgage for a $31,000 home in 1996 which she made 45 per cent on, selling it three years later for $45,000.

In 1997 she provided him with the funding to buy a $90,000 house which sold for $106,000 two years later and another costing $26,000 which he sold after nine years for $45,000.”

Senator Warren, there is nothing illegal, of course though immoral at various times, in buying low and selling high.  As a practicing real estate broker, many a client and prospect have acquired homes to do the same…then flipped them when interest rates, inflation and disgust for Democrat DNC leaders weren’t driven up by Obama’s EO13990 (the Destroy American Economically, Energetically, Excessively Exec Order).

But as a DEMOgogue of child and familial destruction, you had perfected the process using some of the better seven deadly sins.

Please note: Truthfully, God will NOT quiz you about repair costs, fixers and ROI when you meet face to face sometime in the future.  This I guarantee; He owns it all, from defaulting townhomes to moments before birth, prebirth kids just waiting for day light.

God will be keenly interested in why you prefer little girls, close to birth, being hacked up, their organs extracted and sold via your fave misery merchants at Sanger’s Sanitaria Emporia of Death for top dollar at medical labs around the states and worldwide.

God won’t ask you about “getting ahead” but more likely about “getting a head” for profit.

The Lab Latin being Calvarium, from a little aborted girl that Yale (your rival school to Harvard) medical labs paid $715 for (FOIA results) a few years back.

Ask your honest colleague,  Sen Blackburn if you need the FOIA results; personally, I can provide analytical evidence (as I did for an associate of David Daleiden years ago) that your favorite preborn clearing houses, planned parenthood, falsely claimed they shipped baby parts no charge, just invoicing for shipping costs.  Furthest from the truth! 

Recently, 120 minutes before my fifth Texas grandchild was born, the Roe demise decision came down, despite SCOTUS Sotomayor’s law clerk’s AlitoLeak.

You might be aware of that. Prophesized somewhat because either Sotomayor or another female SCOTUS’ law clerk leaked Alito’s majority opinion pre-gestation months ago.

Fear not, it wasn’t the new SCOTUS member, a colleague of yours from Harvard Law, who is incapable of defining to the world and her personal mirror, what a woman is.

Her name translates appropriately as Jumanji Jackson Brown; Jumanji, the surreal dimension of fantasy.

She probably, in her bubbly, restrained testifying self might check the female box for Regan, who ordered 12 “Consent Payments” for $150 a pop.  Who’d pay $150, before inflation, each for consents?

This JumanJi unidentified woman, a female abortionist named Regan Theiler, MD, worked at planned parenthood gulf coast by day, extracting living little girls from mothers.

Then later on, armed with currettes (Dem speak for a curved “reproductive right” handed knife)Regan moonlighted at the University of Texas Med Branch purchasing her day work for her university.  Former Sen Warren, look closely, Dr Theiler was “foreclosing” on baby parts about the same time you were advantaging yourself when a family couldn’t afford the mortgage.

Mortgage, incidentally, has a Latin root as well: DEATH.  But, Lady Liz of RePo and REpro rights fame, think about it.  The lady abortionist sliced out little girls in the morning, then sliced out the little hearts from the little girls at UTex.  If the Dems like Kamala weren’t bullying a real candid camera investigative reporter, robbing his private home with 11 armed AG goon squad looking for private property that she STILL to this day has, then just maybe the reality of these satanic ritual human sacrifice parts buys would be public.  NO preborn child has ever signed an ORGAN donor card; most adults who do, prefer you wait until he or she is dead before the Dr Theiler’s extract recycled livers, hearts, eyes and more.

Death merchants and lefties, especially Democrat operatives, are incredibly adept at wordsmithing.  You don’t pay for a consent at PP; but, to disguise hearts or livers sales cut out from preborns, you do hide the truth so the real Senators like Marsha Blackburn can’t figure out the facts.  She did.  There is the purchase order that goes with that elusive PPGulfCoast invoice that kills the PP lie about shipping costs.  Look it up, Senator. It calls out FOB Dest, which in procurement/buyers/purchasing lingo means Free On Board Destination.

Translated, UTexMed does NOT pay for the shipping costs, but just for the shipped parts, individually bagged and tagged.  Pow Wow Chow hound Liz, in Orange County Ca., Hillary Clinton’s affiliated DaVinci BioMed paid $7.8 million to settle their human parts trafficking case, won by Todd Spitzer’s predecessor,  Tony Rackauckas.  Funny, Senator Warren, how you demonize volunteer private sector women’s health and help centers for doing what you should be doing: TELLIng distraught mothers the truth and providing informed consent choices to them.  Unlike Sanger’s racist, human hating PP.

From LifeSite news:

“While (Kamala) Harris was busy doing Planned Parenthood’s bidding and silencing the messenger, local law enforcement at the Orange County, California, District Attorney’s Office (OCDA) was using my undercover reporting to investigate Planned Parenthood’s fetal trafficking business partners. In late 2017, in a $7.8 million settlement with the OCDA, DaVinci Biosciences admitted guilt for illegally selling body parts from abortions at Planned Parenthood of Orange & San Bernardino Counties (PPOSBC). The company was shut down and the OCDA credited my undercover work with prompting the successful case. If Harris and Planned Parenthood had their way, the DaVinci company would still be selling baby body parts across the country to this day.

By the way, who was one of the Planned Parenthood executives in that meeting with Harris? Dr. Jennefer Russo, the VP Medical Director and top abortion doctor for PPOSBC (PP of Orange & San Bernardino County), who had supplied body parts to DaVinci. I only knew to report the DaVinci-Planned Parenthood relationship to local law enforcement because I recorded Dr. Russo’s admissions about it undercover. It’s not hard to imagine her real reasons for wanting Kamala Harris to investigate me instead.” ~~David Daleiden

Senator Warren, for the record, many people are praying your stone cold calcified heart and soul can be repaired.  You demanded, in your arrogant ignorance, that crisis pregnancy centers must be abolished.  The next day two more were vandalized by your army of pro-abort bots looking for your gaslighting signals; they have carried them out, just like the 574 peaceful protesting riots happened in 2020, like the little demonic foot soldiers you have made them into.

For the record I have 11 children, 21 grandchild (so far), five of which are dark hued members of the one human race.  No, I am not faking their heritage; they have black skins and hearts of gold, precious in so many ways.  I may be wasting precious time, but you insulted a very important part of Americana over the last 50 years since Blackmum’s black eye.

But, thank you Lizzie W for exposing the evil and mayhem caused by what your ilk call domestic terrorist-run insurrectionist compounds called “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”.


We all know, unless you personally own it, you hate private enterprise and innovative private volunteerism to compete with your government sponsored “out the patient” surgery centers, which we affectionately call Jill ‘n’ Bill Kill Mills or Sanger’s Sanitaria.

In common parlance that G Lucipher Newsom and your lefty Alinskyites get your campaign $$ from, planned parenthoodlums inc. int’l.

Obama’s chosen (because she is weak and does the Obamas’ bidding) VP Kamalalala, pulled in $86,000 for her Senate run and she still brags about little girl killers being “reproductive rights” and a woman’s right to kill little ones for their parts.

GLucy Newsom went you one better, PoWow Chow Lizzie, populating his Covered California medical sham with planned parenthood volunteers, then hiring them to help with the lucrative Pfizer Pfixes (ie Pfauci jabs and face diapers) non Vax Vax dispensing at your friendly local PP at Tustin Ave and the 22.  Government owned and operated human organ trafficking centers.

I served on the board of a CPC or crisis pregnancy center for 30 years; no one was turned away because they couldn’t afford a pregnancy test or SDI testing. WE had doctors do REAL ultrasounds, in which the mothers could SEE their child.  PP never does.

Like in the CPC tour your actress double relates, diapers, formula, cribs and strollers were in the back room, dispensed when mom didn’t have Lizzie Warren’s medicine men and women tomahawking prebirth little girls.  Few aborted dead little girls needed strollers OR formula; in fact, your Native Indian relatives long since have stopped scalping moms but not planned parenthoodlums central.

Yes, we were always in need of funds, since unlike the piles of inflated cash the  million$classroom pubic ed gets or the half billion$ that PP gets, we had to raise our money from donations.  Why? To help the desperate mothers often lied to by cash and carry kill joints you love so much.  Did you know little girls are human too?

Preborn ones, like post birth kindergardners, are just days away from an average 80 year long adventure. Except for warrior princess Lizzie the Baby Slayer, who wants black and Mexican little girls dead and CPCs blown up so her buddies can keep the kill mills killing Jills and Bills at will.

You might ignore this open letter; but mark these words that should be written on many an abortuary wall: “suffer the little ones to come unto Me”

Jesus said these directly to you and your most toxic brain two millenia ago, Lizzie.  Do you know what the Chief Medicine Man prescribed for the likes of you, Kamalala, Jill and Joe Biden, the current president 2 miles north of the Oval Office, Obama etc?

A millstone roped around your neck and you are gently tossed into the sea; yes you would drown in about a minute, about the same time your death doctors, who play god with other peoples’ lives, need to kill a little girl.  It’s the carving out hearts, livers and other organs that is the painstakingly thorough process.  Probably another 5-10 minutes before packaged for overnight delivery.

Your customers hate it when a good preborn child’s heart is not usable; actually not salable.  God hates it whenever a sad woman like Elizabeth Warren, as usual like her partners in the 570 peaceful protest riots, destroys with violence and games others to follow in her demonic ways.

We are praying for you Lizzie Warren.  You are NO friend of little girls. OR big girls for that matter.  But, even you do not deserve to live and suffer forever in hell.  And this, former senator Warren, is YOUR personal woman’s right to choose: follow Christ, protect the most vulnerable, support CPCs (20 times as many as the kill mills) and become a true stateswoman.  WHILE you live.  Instead of signalling to your preabort bots more violence is needed to destroy the haven for strapped mothers looking for diapers and formula NOT laced with the Democrat evil label





When it comes to race, NO good deed goes unpunished

It’s my main broken record:

“God created only ONE race on earth of intelligent beings: the Human Race.”

And sometimes we even act intelligent.  But too often, we are immature tykes in using race as a wedge, as a deflection or even a toy. Frankly, RACE is the reason God created His 553 sextillion mile wide universe; God didn’t need billions of stars for entertainment or to show off.

You and I weren’t there but the Trinity had been around for all eternity self sufficient and autonomous.

The Culture of Life understands this and celebrates the precious uniqueness of each human, housed in short, tall, black, white, fat, skinny bodies…some even PREborn! (Please don’t use UNborn anymore, pro lifers: it smacks of the next Zombie UNdead pic.

But the Culture of Death sadly likes to make Texas Hold ’em race card decks, divide us up and we silly folks just go along. Take UC Berkeley has “no whites allowed” housing rules off campus in August 2022.  Think about that: any other human race type allowed but cultures from Anglo Saxonville persona non grata.  Funny, the Main News Mafia would throw tantrums over a bunch of white students blocking blacks, Asians, outer Mesopotamians and other artificially constructed divisions of homo sapiens.  Yes, I know that the ABCNNBCBS APost~Times is bankrupt banal urinalists these days, but we have to deal with them pretending to be unbiased news reporting journalists.

Check the historical documents of earth (not Galaxy Quest’s) and there is zero evidence the Creative God made a dozen different “first couples”, genetically sequenced so that they can produce a series of black, yellow, orangemen, white and Polish, valley girl or 100+ geographic races to populate terra firma.  Zero.

In fact, when the Design Team of the Trinity said “Let us make man(kind) in our image”, it wasn’t just a prototype planning session.  God DID it!  Whatever “Our Image” means ultimately, we humans are preciously blessed to even exist.

He created man for woman and woman for man; NOT 60 different sexes and genders.  For that, you look to the father of lies, and its constant deconstruction of perfect Creation, as well as the Dr. Faucian decoupling disconnect of one to another with face diapers and drugs.  This insane shutdown of private life by unelected miserable administrative statists MUST end for the renaissance to commence, and the Dark Ages to subside.

God meant us to be free peoples, to honor Him and work out our salvation on earth on the way to an eternity of joy.  Friends and family: we ARE in the exact middle of eternity as you read this, just as Jesus is the exact Center of the World, of History (His Story), of Life.  AND the Truth and the Way.  Time IS short people; either we are in the beginning of the end times or in the end of end times as many Apostles believed.  God has “tarried” ie delayed for OUR benefit.  Not His!  And how blessed are we, despite 65 million preborn little girl and guy deaths, how blessed are we in this covenant country with the rights of life, liberty and property/pursuit of happiness.

Chase and Pete and Baby Yoda and Mickey and Mary

No matter how hard the miscreant misery merchants try to sell us that there is a black race, a white race and a race of Catholic bingo playing Italians, there is only one Adam and one Eve to start things off with a big bang. No, I don’t believe God set off an M200 fireworks in a nursery and voila, we had humans. Nor did twins all of a sudden appear in Pete and Chase’s hospital bed by an invisible Hand.

Notice, I didn’t say five Adams and five Eves, or one cis gendered first couple.  God’s ways are much higher than ours.

The power mad loons are never satisfied; they want to divide up the race; then further divide up specific cultures and categories of the formerly undivided humanity.  Purpose being, is to drive a wooden wedge between mankind and our God…between us social beings and each other. Look at two years of medical tyranny, which involved solitary confinements and shutting down whole private sector economies!

Why do human haters do this? Because their father is the father of lies, simply put.  Abortion is NOT contraception, because the -ception is well underway.  It is killing a living breathing preborn human.  He said to “multiply”, starting with human one and human two.  NOT divide and subtract.  A friend of mine I worked with at McDonald’s in the late 60s puts it well; she has a California surf dude lookalike married to a beautiful Louisiana Creole wife.  Hint: her complexion is dark.

Mickey:   “You and I have seen this for 50 years. Lucifer has been intent on destroying the family.  I don’t care what the family looks like anymore…destroy the group of people, the family, and society is gone.  It’s sad…so many sitting in foster care until 16, then emancipated at 18 and out on the street and don’t know what to do or go…how to live, how to support themselves.  Mickey’s great kids were adopted…

Take dissolution: Divorce never is just for irreconcilable differences; it’s ALWAYS about breaking up God’s design in marriage; yes there is annulment, but not the 98% conscious ‘I dos’ that fall apart when not protected and hedged. He trusted humanity would survive, despite corruption and depravity, to make a beautiful world.  NOT a trillion insects or millions of animals to procreate.  Even today, the beauty of new life, childbirth, joy of raising families is the target of the insane asylum’s main clients.  The Godless, America hating, destroy like locusts everything past and present for a nebulous future.

This silly compartmentalization of colors and cultures has got to stop.  Not all slaves were black; the native American slaves were emancipated after Texas Juneteenth 1865’s black release. We’ve had 2 1/2 black presidents; Jumanji Jackson Brown is the first black SCOTUS justice who is both a woman and can’t define what “woman” is.  Harvard Law and can’t see the difference between male and female!  Elon Musk is African American but white.  Then…

We have heroes like Dr. Ben Carson, yes who happens to be black, who perfected pediatric neurosurgery on conjoined twins.

The perfect antithesis of the work of Dr Mengele in the 40s, as part of the National Socialist party in Europe, who experimented on twins for fun and profit.  One of the GOATS is Clarence Thomas who has served us well for decades since he survived the Coke can hair scam of Anita Hill and the Left’s scorch earth policy regarding decent patriots. Only radical leftists are allowed get out of jail free and power cards.

GOAT, by the way, means Greatest of All Time.  Yes, we humans have made mistakes, corporately as well as individually, but we are the least racists nation on earth.  Yes, we have some who prejudge another based on immutable physical characteristics, as well as nations of origin. BAsically, silly way to distinguish humans.

But, we CAN overcome our human frailties IF we work and pray.  Pray unceasingly to treat each other with respect.

More on color: some African Americans are part white and black like Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama; some are full white like the Tesla king, Elon Musk.  Yet, understanding color in the race debates isn’t easy, since there is more than one kind of black ancestry.

Blacks kill black teens in Chicago like it’s a game; cops are killed routinely because they have a badge.  574 riots occurred in 2020 with no criminals in prison, while grandmas on the mall on J6 Epiphany 2021 are arrested for sharing recipes.

Jan 6th will turn out to be such an evil, but only time will tell.  And NOT for the reasons you might surmise.  Corruption is nation’s deep today but reconciliation, repudiation and that renaissance can occur.

Returning to law and order, learning right from wrong, and helping one another is the path of most resistance but the ONLY way for survival.  Beginning with believing MLKing at his word:  character content is much more important than melanin levels

Take fatherlessness: the key of a couple ingredients in crime proliferation, including race disharmony in the inner cities.  Fathers gone leads to overloaded moms and the drug cartels and gang leaders becoming Lost Boys opportunists.  Mainly the Marxist leadership of the Democrat party prefers this, works toward destruction and pandered criminality (Gascon, N-E-1?) and fosters it.  The left sadly loves power more than the welfare of so many; kids are better sliced up as little girls prebirth and sold like slabs of meats for med labs.  Why doesn’t the party of Martin Van Buren a la 1824 see human beings are NOT chattel, not property, but need opportunities to success as individuals. Not pulp for the left’s destruction machine.

Speaking of fostering, some parents don’t value their kids more than lifestyle.

Inevitably, some families break down (divorce, father’s gone, tragedy) and many kids can’t survive without foster parents.

Even though Roe’s demise interrupted a bit, this insanity of killing our young, we still try as a society to protect children and youth.  Thus adoption after fostering is the path of hope for the millions, yes millions caught in the cracks of a dying society.  Yes, our culture can be turned around but we have to do triage while it moves toward a Renaissance of Life & Hope..

Mark Walberg showed us this compassionate side of America re: foster and adoption, in the movie “Instant Family”. Rough language but insight in the heart tugging that goes on.  Americans as a people ARE generous, UNracist, helpful people always FIRST to a world’s tragedy.  But sometimes, as the title above states, some good deeds are punished.

Then, there’s Sandra Bullock and “Blindside”, the incredible story of the NFL’s Michael Oher.  Michael’s father was gone and eventually dies; his mom hopelessly addicted and her son fending for himself., moving from foster home to foster home gets a break.

Michael at 17 is befriended by a young Sean Jr; Sean’s family helps and takes him in.  And as the story unfolds, Mrs. Oher’s conversation with Mike’s future adoptive mother (Leigh Ann Tuohy played by Sandra Bullock) convinces Michael’s birth mom to “relinquish her parental rights” for her son’s benefit.  Sad reality but my Leigh Ann Tuohy is a beautiful generous daughter in law who lives in an Eastern State, married to one of my sons.

They have fostered seven, adopted one, currently have three fosters still, and may end up with a family of four.  Actually, they already ARE a family of four.  Sorry folks I NEVER relinquish fosters; they remain family.  Grandpop privilege.

By the way, since at least one member of the left’s news organ, ABCNNBCBS APost-Times (mainly owned by the DNC & ObamaNation) is reading this and preoccupied with racial “differences”, my daughter in law is white/caucasian (tho never been to the Caucususes) and 1 of the 4 are white as well.  The other three are human as well, but not of the Caucuses box check variety.  Why do we let the wacks and left divide us humans THEIR way instead of work towards real solutions.

Oh, forgot to mention: Michael Oher is black, and was the 2009 first round pick of the ravens, a black bird team name for the Baltimore franchise. His adoptive parents, the Tuohys are not.  To some people, this can be an issue.  Perfect example below.

But Roe’s demise proved it was a house of lies built on a foundation of more lies. The Dunn demon doctors’ currette knives at planned parenthood slice through little black girls nine times as easily through other colors and cultures…PP is totally anti-race, killing at will in the Jill&Bill kill mills EVERY defenseless, vulnerable prebirth child they can.

With Roe gone, the work is just beginning:  Now we must begin anew the work of valuing children more than anything.  REbuilding the truth and educating a dying culture in the language of love… how can a major political party have it’s main plank “killing kids” and still be considered human, let alone relevant.

This Post-Roe begins with witnessing to all, the sanctity of marriage as a life preserver for kids and our society’s future.  Teaching young ladies, they don’t need to give in to a man’s lecherous desires without the vows that insulate. OR men into the hypersexualized young ladies decide for a _____ night stand.  Pick the number; one or more God hates

Confession: I am the grandfather of five black children who live in another state. 

We had the pleasure at the Beckman Ranch of a couple weeks with four kids, 3 years old and younger, visiting from the East recently. OK, a bit zany at times.  In addition…just to show you how red neck racist we are:

Someday, I might be the father in law of a great smart young black man as well, IF the budding relationship can survive the adults in the room.  But, even though Martin Luther King equalized the science of human differences, always being ready to esteem the other greater than ourselves is well, still a work in process.  For all too many of us today.  The secret of life, actually, was his call to treating our brothers and sisters as if they ARE members of the same race.  We are working to this noble end, but sometimes we step back a bit in the real world.

The title above:  “punished good deeds.”

My unnamed son had just returned from their Golden State trip and was in the supermarket with his two oldest kids back East.

Moms, you’ve been there.  You know, the well timed TANTRUM.  You are at the store or just got a call, and your kiddo uses the opportunity to raise holy heaven at the store in aisle 13 or as you talk on the telly.  Here’s a text I received this week from my hero foster mom:

“What’s worse than your kid throwing a big tantrum at the grocery store?…”    Think about that a second. My daughter in law went on:

“…being approached in the parking lot by a large man who thinks you are kidnapping the tantruming-child, shames you for adopting a black baby, records your child tantruming, and calls the police accusing you of not taking care of your kids”…

Got the picture so far? 

By the way, the large gentleman accuser happens to have been born black; let’s call him Gentleman Tom.  The confrontation continued outside with his car mates, three black young ladies who fueled Gentleman Tom’s tantrum over a white man having a black tantrum-ing child.  Not sure if Tom knows (not that it’s relevant) but Barack Hussein Obama, formerly Barry Soetoro, has a white biologic mom and a black father.  So, it’s NOT unprecedented that humans of different backgrounds have children who don’t look like their parents.

Next in the message: “…and cops show up at our house to look around and check on the kids…”

Ahh, something too many homeschooling and Godly families experience these days, because the general populace is UNskilled in family and what makes families successful.

They love conformity to the death culture’s gods and ideologues, and don’t see the 8 million little red homeschool houses as acceptable places for education.  Choice only matters in the killing of little preborn girls.  Not for parents to exercise over the offspring God has entrusted to them.  When families break down…

Gentleman Tom, maybe he’s a parent, maybe not; he didn’t discern well the black child’s demeanor, that he already was in a family, and that family was dealing with a child who came from less than a stellar birth family situation. Maybe Shriek-child learned the louder you shriek, the better you are noticed or get your way…ever hear of this with bigger kids, even adults?

But, people, some kids throw tantrums (many adults too!) and there’s a difference between hunger, attention and pain type screams, as well as kidnapping screams.  Learn to differentiate if you are gonna be on kid patrol at check out counters across America.

So Gentleman Tom did the right thing for the first seconds of the store based tantrum and the last minutes where the officers and CPS found no cause for alarm when the family showed them das papers at their home.  In between? Major screw up.

Yes, let’s commend Gentleman Tom for looking out for my grandchild’s welfare, but no thanks for his racist, judgmental assumption, presumptive post-judgement of a kidnapping that wasn’t.  Please please understand, thinking racist doesn’t make everyone a racist.  This country spilled 600,000 lives worth of blood, elected a half black guy twice to Biden’s seat (Obama’s still running things) and despite our foibles, we are one of the least racist countries on earth.  I know, except to the Dem owned media, ABCNNBCBS APost-Times, where journalism died decades ago and urinalists roam the landscape.

One of the miracles of this encounter is my son kept his cool, and patiently tried to defuse the situation.  “Quick to listen, slow to anger” etc.

And of course, he explained to the police at his home what had happened, later when they arrived after tracing his license number provided by that noble Gentleman Tom.

Sirach chapter five:  “Be steadfast regarding your knowledge, and let your speech be consistent. Be swift to hear, but slow to answer. If you can, answer your neighbor;  if not, place your hand over your mouth!”

This last bit is Jamesian, the need to learn to bite your tongue but be ready to think things through.  Proverbs 14:  “He who is slow to anger has great understanding, but he who is quick-tempered exalts folly.”

Gentleman Tom’s lightning quick reaction showed his folly, and my son’s response showed wisdom.

What’s going on in the East?

California is a wreck: our drug of choice is chosen, not by Dr Faucinstein and his minions, but by the Mexican drug cartels: Fentanyl.  The eastern part of the country has been dealing with an overprescribed but legal drug called “Opiates”…and its illegal bastard sibs heroin and cocaine.  Meanwhile:

Our government schools have been taken over by the pubic school teachers’ unions’; they prefer calling the biological ancestors of their students “birthing units” instead of parents, and NEVER having a parental unit in the kitchen when Fauci launches covid23 later this year and Zoom comes back.

Since recently, thanks to Covid Zoom kitchen classrooms, witnessing parents have NOT been too happy with crappy race theories, reinvented American history and endless pronouns from the US Dept of Gender Ideological Assignments.

In fact, that disgraced NON SCOTUS AG Garland engineered calling parents who question the almighty school boards as “domestic terrorists.”  Thank God (as of Independence Day) it’s only 130 days until Nov 8th and 186 days until the next Congress convenes.  Chances are the reprobates will lose power and hope is rekindled.  But we can’t wait.  We have a country to save …. now!

Yes, we have free states like Florida and Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota and others, but not all.   Having 11 kids, I know the difference between a cry of pain from a child, and a tantrum induced scream.  You probably do as well.  OR should learn to distinguish.

EACH of us has a viewpoint; and our worldview is formed by various means. No longer do we have a homogenous people of those knowing right from wrong, the 10 commandments and the 2 greatest ones.  But it is us, those that follow Christ that must set the standard for our neighbors, especially our elected “representatives”.

Gentleman Tom reacted thinking first a child was being abused, then a child of a different color was being stolen, but he went insanely unreasonable in pursuing HIS prejudices.

Gentleman Tom’s reaction is not unique.  I have a mother/ friend of 13 kids who homeschools and was “turned in” by a jealous neighbor; yes, in California, the sanctuary state for killing little girls in their prebirth form, having too many children apparently IS a crime to many people.  The cops and Child Protective Services personnel arrived at her home, and left 20 minutes later. Nothing untoward was going on, no Jeffrey Dahmers replay.  Mom, dad and family of 13 continued on with interesting lives.

The police and CPS just did their job here in California, as did the officers at my son and daughter in laws’ in the East.

As to Gentleman Tom, his three partners and the jealous accuser of the mom of 13, they will roam free, maybe satisfied they did their civic duty.  Maybe free to falsely accuse another tired and hard working family trying to make good, do good of very tough circumstances.

The common denominator is we are all human; yes, we do make mistakes…but hopefully, Gentleman Tom and his three ladies learned to judge, NOT based on skin color, size of child or decibels of a supermarket scream, but using critical thinking skills. God gave us two eyes and ears and just ONE mouth: the tongue, as James tells us, can say wicked things, as well as good.

Skills like the OODA method of Observe  Orient  Decide  Act.  OODA works for every situation in life where surprising things are occurring.  Accidents on the road; kids in the street.  School shootings and bullies.  Superscreamers at Supermarkets.  To this grandfather of 21, each of our grandoffspring come in all colors and sizes, from 4 different continental lineages and ALL excellent parents.  IF God wanted us to separate on “racial” lines like the loony left pushes, He would have created different genomes for different “first couples”.  Yes, sorry USDept of GI (Gender Ideologies), you need a male and female to keep the species going, especially since we are below replacement level in so many countries. They are paying couples to reproduce in Japan.  Multiple cultural/countries are a generation away from extinction due to failing math: God said “multiply!”

Here’s the rub…As Catholics, in 1 Peter 3:

“Now who is going to harm you if you are enthusiastic for what is good?”  Ever hear of the phrase “No good deed goes unpunished!”   Read on:
But even if you should suffer because of righteousness, blessed are you. Do not be afraid or terrified with fear of them, but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts.
Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope,16 but do it with gentleness and reverence, keeping your conscience clear, so that, when you are maligned, those who defame your good conduct in Christ may themselves be put to shame.
For it is better to suffer for doing good, if that be the will of God, than for doing evil.”

So many in the trans movement are hungry for identity, and searching in many of the wrong places.  Yet, we MUST be trans, actually transparent regarding our motives to tell and teach the truth to our kids.  Truth DOES set us apart and set us free.

Unfortunately, our culture of death is almost on life support, with glimmers of hope springing forward recently.

Would Gentleman Tom be happy to see Trans Secretary Pete Buttitch and his homosexual partner Chase holding newborn twins in the hospital bed together? Would he pull the race card there or on Obama’s mom?

Or is it just those tantruming little guys who know how to get attention.  At least Tom cared enough to react.  what say you?  comments section below is wide open

If I was able to find Gentleman Tom in the far east of America, I’d like to peacefully tell him:

“Tom, You, yes YOU, can foster and adopt a child.  OF any color and size; some newbies, others teens. There are thousands in need of either and both.  And let me help you with your prejudices as you help me with mine, Tom.

I can’t PRE judge because I never knew you, but a little POST judge might be in order. You showed concern for a black child and when informed it was a foster child, you rushed to judgement believing a black couple would be the better foster or adopted parents than my polish/german/english derivative son and Sandra Bullock do-alike wife.

My family, thankfully, is color blind to humans but not for traffic signals: Tom you might want to know, my daughter in law, yet unnamed, SAVED the life of one of the little black foster girls she was entrusted to care for, last year.  Literally saved her life.  All you saw was a frazzled dad handling a superscreamer, with his acquired habits that he will grow out of.  The little black girl (did I say black?) was six pounds at 180 days and not doing well when she joined the family.

I was there in your faraway state, sir, for the adoption of one of this generous couples’ fosters as it moved to adoption. Their quiver of arrows suddenly increased to four just before our arrival to witness probate court proceedings for the adoption.  A beautiful process in that state.

Gentleman Tom, we need every good Godly married couple to adopt, no matter their skin tone. As it turned out, the birth mother of the dying child, weighing six pounds after six months, realized she couldn’t do it and “failure to thrive” IS a condition for getting help by the system.

Both my daughter in law and the birth mother acted to help; but the sad side story, it is further proof, Big Pharma can do miracles but kill at the same time. Opiates are killing our young worst than planned parenthood’s best kill mill output days.

How do you convince the hopelessly hooked young couple there is a path out?  You do it one druggie at a time.  One addicted human, member of the one human race at a time.  But sometimes, Tom for the safety of all involved, parental rights get severed. Parenting is NOT easy, nor do social workers have omniscience.

Though the social workers work hard to keep families together, those rights sometimes end leaving a hopeful future for the child that you were so incensed about, including videoing, doxxing and summoning the police to carry out YOUR wishes.

Gentleman Tom, your black lookalikes are in danger, dying at 9 times the abortion rate as other human cultures.

Too many kids die from Downs fear induced, race and sex selection abortions; in fact, black children are aborted nine times as often as white.

IF color is your god, then note this: blacks are easy targets for the demonic doctors of death, just as the majority of black deaths in Chicago are due to other black, mainly fatherless gangbanging, youth.  Blame the projectiled lead coming out of street guns if it makes you feel better, but knives work well in gangbangers hands just as well.  Just as the currettes, the street name for the sharp curved knives, are the weapons of choice slicing out little black girls from mothers’ wombs before the organs are repackaged for FedExing worldwide.

Where are the parts “handled”?  At your neighborhood death pill and kill mills.  Spare me the political Democrap double talk. Kids ALWAYS and mothers too often die on surgical tables, under the PParenthood union label.

Did you know this?  On the Greek Revival mansioned plantations, at least the black children weren’t harvested for their little girl hearts and sold to “medical” labs worldwide.   Worried about blacks, Tom?

600,000 humans died freeing 3.5 million black slaves (38.7% of the Confederate population) in the 1860s; yet 1/3 of the 65 million humans killed since Roe rights were invented by Justice Blackmum were black. Over 20 million.  That’s 6 times the amount of the total LIVE blacks living in the Civil Wars years.

Gentleman Tom, you have much more problems to solve than a screaming young black man in the food section.  But, TY for making sure he was not being abducted.  Ever hear of Martin Luther King? He waxed whimsical that we have not learned the simple art of living together as brothers.  In my worldview, we have made great progress, but for you to see that you need to look for it.  Gentleman Tom, you ARE my brother.  Just as the patient young father you accused in the meat aisle.  Your three muses with you are his sister and mine.  Don’t tell this to that Rev Wright, Alinsky following president elected for his color more than his character qualities.  All of us have fallen victim to judging too much on superficials.  But start working for your fellow black man and mom, which seems to be a priority.  Start with Sanger…

Ever wonder why Planned Parenthood’s racist black hating founder Margaret Sanger located her pill and kill mills near minority populations in big cities?  Figure it out.  Easy access to Mexicans and blacks, puerto ricans and the handicapped “Useless Eaters” of America.  Sanger’s vision she exported in the 1930s, helping the Nuremberg Racial Laws in Germany.  You might know who she helped politically: Adolf H., the chancellor of a white supremacist model that has no place anywhere.

Wanna get wealthy, young people? First, don’t have sex until you are married. #2 Stay in school  #3 If you are fatherless, find a mentor male, and  #4 Stay out of gangs and off drugs.  You are too precious to risk it all for stupid.

What a sad and sick outlook on life the demon rats envision; yet, it gets worse: we have Dr WrecKid Ralph Northam who prefers to let mom and doctor decide if the kid on the table is allowed to live or be baseball batted into oblivion.  Lotta sick folks today including Mengele lookalike ex Virginia governors.

Gentleman Tom, far away from you, I feed my 11 with real estate broker work, helping people to buy and sell their real property.  But human capital, babies, little girls prebirth and ready to come out, are precious REAL property of God our Creator.  NOT ours to own; your ancestors may have been owned, I don’t know.  But slaves come in all colors; not just little preborn girls: Why are we sooo anxious to kill them off and sell their organs as parts today, especially the descendants of previously owned blacks in the South?

Favored daughter of the Martin Van Buren Democrat party. Check it’s party plank.

Worldwide, slave tallies vary:  For 2022:

  1. India – 7,989,000
  2. China – 3,864,000
  3. North Korea – 2,640,000
  4. Nigeria – 1,386,000
  5. Iran – 1,289,000
  6. Indonesia – 1,220,000
  7. Congo (Democratic Republic of) – 1,045,000
  8. Russia – 794,000
  9. Philippines – 784,000
  10. Afghanistan – 749,000

There aren’t 600,000 humans in any of these countries to pull an Abe Lincoln and stop the evil practice of sister brother ownership?  But Gentleman Tom, you can start by seeing your brothers and sisters with Christlike eyes.

Evil has seeped in in so many ways, it is hard to count.  But God trusted HIS human race to multiply and fill the earth with humans.  He made just the first two, one male and one female.  None as robots, but with free will to do great things or not so great.

You met my son, Gentleman Tom.  These two parents in that faraway state I am soooo proud of, who have a chunk of our 21 grandkids.  They were falsely accused, exonerated and will continue to help their kids prosper, NO MATTER their birth order OR color.  No matter how many Gentleman Toms are in town.

For the record, two hours after Roe’s dismissal was announced, another unnamed daughter outside of California of mine gave birth to #21, a boy named Sam who someday will be an Uncle Sam.

I have 30 years of so left on this mortal coil, but I hope Sam someday stands for truth, justice, love and peace.  And, here’s hoping Uncle Sam, like Gentleman Tom’s kids and all young people have the chance to grow up free of gangland Chicago bullets, free of overtly baseless preJudgements, and are able to pursue happiness.

After all (sorry Democrat Marxists), we are guaranteed “Life, Liberty and Property” in the founding document we celebrate every July. Before the rewrite!

But, the Southern slaveowners were NOT happy with the word “property” (owning humans like property/chattel would become a no no) having freedom because they paid their black slaves minimum (ie ZERO) wages; they settled on “pursuing happiness”. 600,000 men Civilly died for this minor clause.

But valid comparison: 65 million kids have died for the neo slavery of abortion under Roe.

The future Uncle Sams will have freedoms only if we adults fight the miserables in the DCesspool and related.  NOW is the time, and no one better to get involved but YOU!

Inalienable rights NEED protection.  For the freedom to pursue happiness or own property, real and personal, is predicated on the inalienable right of “Liberty”. And Property and Liberty are useless dictionary words, without the guarantee of being ALIVEEqual opportunity, not equal outcome. Equal justice, not this two tiered system we labor under today.  Without these, there IS no America as founded.

MOBOCRATS: We are NOT a Democracy; we are a Federated Republic, a country the world is still clamoring to get into…look at the mess at the southern border where 100 countries’ illegal aliens have been streaming north under the current ObamaNation and its puppet Joe.  Pray for Joe; my apologies he stole his way in from the basement to the Hollywood Oval Office set equipped with ice cream and teleprompters.

  I believe the time of the Godless DNC in ultimate DC power is shorter than many might think. Let’s hope the renewal involves statesmen and stateswomen not more carpet baggers.

The untold story under Biden is that evil’s arrogance is out in the open and just how ugly evil is isn’t hidden anymore.

Dividing God’s race into bite sized pieces of color or size or prebirth/post birth is the work of yes, the devil.  And done to conquer the divided with phrases like “reproductive rights”.  How is killing an already reproduced living prebirth a right or not scientifically moronic?

330 million Americans now see the results of lawless&disorder, of 574 riots due to AntiFA and some BLM terrorists; the engorged superbreast of the Leviathan admin Federal state, with its perennial lying and robbing us of our labor’s wages; encouraging criminal behavior while hating and defunding the thin blue line. At least, many are finally relearning biology and atmospheric chemistry to realize black is NOT a separate race, but a beautiful subculture of the one God

God bless America.  And God bless Gentleman Tom the accuser; the birth mom who couldn’t.  His three Muses. My Mrs Tuohey Bullock act-a-like.  My far away wise son.  Foster families everywhere.  My family and yours.

Tom and all: Count your blessings instead of sheep said Bing in White Christmas.  Make EVERY day a Christmas experience by helping one someone today.  Or more if you are able.  The face diapers no longer hide the smiles of your fellow humans. Do great while hell is at bay.  Or until Dr Faucinstein rises from his sleep yet again to terrorize the private sector.


BTW: The day my Ohio offspring and grandoffspring left the airport, I posed this before the supermarket incident days later:

“See proof below (it was a picture of the departed family) that the true human race color is spelled “family” not what the misery merchants at DNC label it.  For decades, i continue to tell the truth: there is ONE human race, stemming from ONE first couple, not different first couples from Africa, Europe, MidEast, Australia.

WE really ARE related. But God instituted the family as the primary unit to build His world of eternal human beings.
My grandkids below show that red AND black comprise the Beckman table just like a Vegas roulette board. Funny, why do the Godless misery merchants still pull out the “race” card from their sick deck of excuses for their idiocy.
They are scientific reprobates who don’t realize the 30 trillion celled children are identical in physiology and morphology NO MATTER what their outer skin or hair color is.
Roe may be gone but this wagon of precious souls shows that ADOPTION not ABORTION is the best solution to a dying world”   
Two little letters to change: the B moves two spots to become a D and the R back pedals two to P.  

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pro life is more than saving babies and moms~~~~

It’s not a zero sum game, people!  There is room for loving children no matter how empty the pantry and low the family budget is.  I’ve raised my kids NOT to fear, but to have faith IF they do the right thing and follow God’s call, things will work out.

Yes, we will be falsely accused, we will find our trust challenged, we will see evil in many forms.  But though evil abounds, grace abounds more.  And, “greater is He that is in YOU, then it that is in the world.”  And trust me, having and raising children has far greater rewards than our death culture will EVER understand.   Ever hear the phrase: “No one cares what you know, until they know that you care”…

But the ones that count, know.  Your God and your family…


Fatherhood is NOT about “birthin’ babies”

Revised June 22,2022

St Joseph of Arimathea

There’s a scene in the 1929 film “Gone with the Wind”, where Butterfly McQueen utters a famous line: “But, Miss Scarlett, I know nuthin’ about birthin’ babies!!”

But, Butterfly had a better chance of having a baby than ANY man on earth since and including Eve’s Adam (not the chronic embarrassing prez hopeful super liar Eve’s Adam Schiff but Adam of Eden Gardens).

Adam and Eve were the only humans on earth that started out as adults; the rest of us came out of a mother’s womb, awaiting parental training, nutrition and hope.  Scientific law: parents are the FIRST and primary educators of the children of the world.  Well, the ones that survive the Damnocrats (the portion of the Dem party and too may Repubics who think little girls make good selling parts for campaign donations.  Ask Kamalala) kill mills.

God, unlike the modern poor imitators of the Trinity recreating the human genome, designed women to be able to keep the race going (the human one not Indy 500 or NASCAR); and men, believe it or not US Dept of Dysphoric Genders Creation, have the innate ability to begin life making love to his excellent wife.   Sperm meets egg, and voila! we have fertilization, conception, implantation etc.   Just don’t drive by your local Planned parenhoodlum’s kill mill too often…

Father’s Day comes but once a year.  But Fatherhood is eternal. IF you are a dad, enjoy DaDay, with its soggy eggs the preschoolers made for breakfast in bed and the green orange tie, too.

You are MORE than a tie MANnequin: you are a DAD with kids that need your love, your guidance, your help.  AND there is no rule book in my world that says this ends with 18 years old birthdays; please DON’T conform to the ignorance of this world.

Yes, teens need over time to be slowly released into independence, but ALWAYS remember: Dads, you are NOT your kids’ friends, but need to be friendly.  You are with them for life.  And they will need you as much as you need them.

Why?  Face diapers are medical tyrannies called masks, but diapers DEPENDs on your age, as well as your Huggies number.  In other words, your toddlers, newbies, rug rats, curtain climbers cannot survive without you, NOT just as prebirth squirmers.  They need shelter, food, changings and more. And you as you approach 80, 90, will need your offspring to be there for you.  Depends and Huggies/Pampers bracket the 525,600 minutes per year over time.

We need both fathers and mothers, because God is the Ultimate Planner, not the far far away farLeft or misery merchants, the AOC loons or their indoctrinated progeny.  The Trinity’s persons have co-existed for eternity past and will exist with YOU for ALL of eternity future.  God’s design is complete:

In Nature, the male is most often the more colorful sex/gender of the species (haven’t seen any transsexual peacocks?) and the female more drab or better camouflagued, to PROTECT the species: when a bird is carrying birdlets, she needs to stay alive to bring them to birth.  Camouflaged moms are less available to predators.

From National Geo: “Camouflage, also called cryptic coloration, is a defense or tactic that organisms use to disguise their appearance, usually to blend in with their surroundings. Organisms use camouflage to mask their location, identity, and movement. This allows prey to avoid predators, and for predators to sneak up on prey.”

EXCEPT in the one human race, which is NOT part of the animal kingdom.

God did NOT create humans the way He created the animal kingdom.  Woman is the most beautiful and most complex creature on earth; God created her that way.  Traditionally, since for nine months a mother carries a child, the man should be able to provide extra protection.  Unfortunately, our death culture is trying so hard to emasculate fatherhood, to prove that men are not needed, “give me your paycheck now go”.  Women don’t need men, they go to the Sperm Market.  Or Pete Buttitch and his whatever cradle twins that they adopted because neither Pete or Chase had uteruses to put them into play.

We need BOTH>>  God did NOT create a male universe.  NOR a female universe. 

The Trinity designed and created a FAMILY universe, where men and women become moms and dads and raise males and females to become mom and dads. AFTER homeschooling for a few years, continuing after age 3 or 5 through high school, OR hiring others (teachers’ unions who own pubic schools, private & parochial and HYBRID educational methodologies)

Your children NEED you EVEN when they say they don’t.  You are called to instruct: Paul tells us in Ephesians 6:4
“Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.”

It is a tightrope walk, applying adequate love and discipline especially in the surgically attached smart phones our kids are gifted these days; they are connected to great things, but a hell full of evil cesspool gunk as well.

But, we must reason with our offspring because they are watching out for hypocrisy and “do as I say not as I do” syndrome from their first steps.  Dads, our kids don’t need wimps, they need warriors willing to take the blows for THEIR safety.  Mice or men: your choice.

But, dads your role, despite the Gloria Steinems and FemiNazis Rush talked about, remains MORE important today.  Did you know that the key #1 reason crime is proliferating (other than the soon to be recalled George Gascon idiocy) is fatherlessness in America. We are called to “act like me, be strong”.  Young men, especially in Chicago where black young adults killing other black youth is pandemic today.  Lack of fathers as role models and giving direction is NOT fair to mothers AND deadly to the abandoned young men.  Yes, the governmental misery merchants prefer to own young men, evidenced by the rampant crime and destruction.  Dads need to hold their kids accountable; saying “wait until mom gets home” does not cut it.

1 Corinthians 16:13
Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like MEN, be strong.

Words that are essential: Men, act like men. Be strong.   Too many beta, gamma sigma males out there.  Need the alphas.

God set the template way back in the beginning with the patriarch of three world religions: Genesis 18:19
“For I have chosen him, that he may command his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord by doing righteousness and justice, so that the Lord may bring to Abraham what he has promised him.”

Dads, we are called to great things: never forget this! We need to be the “Abrahams” of our home.

Jason’s baptism the evening after he was adopted in Ohio

God has instilled you with the talent to be a father, a good husband and an enduring warrior of truth and justice.  There are plenty of beta and gamma males out there, take on your alpha self and be lovingly assertive.

The distinctives between the general qualities of the male and the female (in the human race) are designed in, but they are wavering under constant badgering by the Godless.  And Godless they are.

But we NEED instruction, fellowship, a real brotherhood my 51 year old experience at Servite High taught me, and prayer.

WE MUST Study well.

Our kids need to “catch” us reading the Scriptures and preparing to be a better man while becoming a better father.  And catch us often.  Wise books are critical to growth whether Kindled kindling wisdom or on pages and paper.

In my 39 years of homeschooling 11 great kids, I’ve learned many a lesson from my blessings.  Thinking we know it all is best proven wrong via your kids at times.

I feed my family working real estate, currently a working broker.  But, over three decades working with other parents’ kids at three parishes, in youth & young adults ministries, as well as DRE, I saw a wide array of kids.  Most often it was the moms who participated, but plenty of dads were involved too.

However you could pick out the kids whose parents were involved in their spiritual lives, as well as physical.  Yet, EVERY child deserves a shot at a happy eternity.

Dads are pulled in so many ways we feel like taffy; but the world needs us as dads AND husbands.  Moms need “Moms nights out”.

But men, dads, husbands, fathers: you need time away, weekends for recharging with non-fossil fueled power at away places.

I’ve planned and/or been on 100+ retreats over the decades of ministry, but not enough for me as a dad.

I missed out on this one, with misgivings, called Men on the Mountain.  Throughout America, Men/Man on the Mountain gatherings are common; but this one is Catholic and very special:

Here’s one way to improve…Mr. McElrath, the consummate encourager; Servite’s new president, Chris Weir promoted it.  Even Actor Kevin Sorbo took time from Israel to promote “Men on the Mountain” at the Santiago Retreat Center for last June 17-18th, Father’s Day weekend. 

If you didn’t attend this year, mark your calendars for next year.  But, don’t wait a year to up your game.

If you attended you know how important getting frequent man with man and man2man refreshment, “ReCentering” is and focusing on Jesus, the Center of the World, Center of the Universe, Center of our Faith and the center of His Story: History. ReCreation means two things and both are important.

Think just how generous Father God is, in sacrificing His eternal Son:

John 14:6
Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

The last is seen at many a football end zone, but the words rarely get repeated.  It is the universal GREATEST verse of the Bible.

Also, Adoration is a gift: Spending time with the God Man of the Eucharist does that… Jesus is coming to a theatre of Love, a parish, cathedral or abbey church DAILY. Jesus in the Eucharist is the Source and Summit of our faith.

The first sign of faith begins shortly after birth, with the Sign of the Cross.  And God fills our world with signs, symbols and icons that point us to salvation history.  The Shroud to Jesus’ sacrifice and Resurrection image.  The Giza Pyramid, pointing us to Whom is at the center of the world, and His birthplace and other Catholic truths.  Of course, Miracle of Lanciano, there is hope for disbelievers in the Eucharist.  The OLG tilma, Mary’s constant love and motherly attention to details we need.

We are surrounded with signs, miracles and symbols of faith and eternity.  Take time to smell the roses and see the images!

As the death culture continues its relentless onslaught of law and order, good character qualities, common sense and God’s way, we must become much stronger men of chivalry.  Chivalry is NOT dead, just dormant.  We dads can help its makeover.

For example, my Knight’s Templar replica sword, which I picked up in Toledo, Spain on a World Youth Day trip in 2000, symbolically demonstrates there is a BETTER way for men, for husbands, for fathers today.   The St Michael’s prayer daily dose, is important, because evil is amongst us.  But we dads and men are called to a higher goal: like Jesus, sacrificing much even death for those entrusted to our care, including our brides.

The real Ephesians 6 man in tune with God’s plan for our lives; if we are in tune, our family’s have a better chance of making heaven some day.  And friend, this is the ULTIMATE goal and responsibility of every dad:

!!To do all we can to get them to a joyful eternity!!

It’s not to die rich and have reprobate children.  In the old testament, the covenant that Jesus completed with His coming, God spoke volumes on this:

Joshua 1:9
“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Our kids need strong, courageous, fearless dads.  Our wives, working inside or outside the home, need the same in a husband.

But, men, know that we MUST be equipped, not to be passive slugs on the world’s stage but active leaders and lovers of life.  Yes, love our wives AND our kids, but the time is NOW for men to become their best.  The tyranny of the last Covid years, usurped by Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague (pronounce Mao Say Cheese plague) has disconnected so many from life. We MUST repair the medical tyranny and evil, and re Connect as social human beings.  America is STILL the most blessed land, but being overrun with faraway left cockroaches who hate anything good, of God, and American.  Know your enemy, not your fellow human but the “rulers of this present darkness”.

From Paul’s letter to the Ephesus folks:

Put on the armor of God so that you may be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil. For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens.
Therefore, put on the armor of God, that you may be able to resist on the evil day and, having done everything, to hold your ground.

14 So stand fast with your loins girded in truth, clothed with righteousness as a breastplate

Eight of nine of the Abbey’s 2021 postulants; dads, God may call your sons and daughters to the religious life…stay TUNED to His silent call

15 and your feet shod in readiness for the gospel of peace.
16 In all circumstances, hold faith as a shield, to quench all [the] flaming arrows of the evil one
17 And take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God
Paul the Apostle lived at a different time, but one that isn’t too far away from today.  We must be prepared!
The next verse is often missed:
18 With all prayer and supplication, pray at every opportunity in the Spirit. To that end, be watchful with all perseverance and supplication for all the holy ones

Looking out for family.  Some of you dads reading this have had firearms training, own guns, are Veterans of many a foreign war.  But the domestic battle for your children’s hearts, minds and souls continues daily.  Test EVERY spirit; but if you neglect YOUR spiritual training, you are no better than a reed in the wind with 60milers underway.

So many tools…so little time.   There is RELEVANT Radio, which has a lineup that keeps us anchored on Catholic.  Down load the app!   Same with other apps like LAUDATE, where you can read the daily readings of the Mass, recite the Angelus at noon, have so many resources.   BOOKS galore to enrich our walk.

And of course, dads, your reach is intergenerational.  We know that Solomon was the wisest (and the richest) king over time; his proverbs have so many pearls (ok Home Depot gift cards) worth reading.

Maybe you are NOT fatherhooding yet, some have five.  I’m blessed with 11 kids and 21 grandkids to date.  I just picked up four grandkids from Ohio for a Friday night event and preFather’s Day Father’s Day celebration on Sat June 17th (Two of the main reasons / excuses I missed this year’s Man on the Mountain).  I will be there next year, if God gives me another year on His earth.  This year wasn’t to be, for reasons unmentioned, but next year, no reason to miss a necessary event:

Miracles and gifts come at surprising times.  Saturday before Father’s Day, about 7pm, I opened my last card for the day and in it was an ultrasound picture.  No, not for bone density or ankle sprain: one of my beloved Rose Angel, already a mother, did what is common today, a different kind of gender reveal. The latest grandkiddo revelation.

Well, he’s not due until jan 2023, but she will be loved.  One of six daughters Donna blessed the Beckman Ranch with and Mary three years ago became the best stepmom ever, for, IS a mother and has been a mother.

But, dad, the truth is: you need your son or daughter to find the best, the right and the God directed spouse so that you can enjoy Solomon’s next advice:

Proverbs 17:6
Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the glory of children is their fathers.

From all eternity, God has known the best for you, as a future dad or those who have had a father.  Pray for wisdom before riches, like Solomon did.  Some last Father related Scriptures good any time of year:

Proverbs 20:7
The righteous who walks in his integrity— blessed are his children after him!

Proverbs 23:22
Listen to your father who gave you life, and do not despise your mother when she is old.

Proverbs 23:24
The father of the righteous will greatly rejoice; he who fathers a wise son will be glad in him.

Proverbs 3:32
For the devious person is an abomination to the Lord, but the upright are in his confidence.

Be the man of integrity that God has designed you to be…

Psalm 68:5
Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation.

God calls us dads to fill in for OTHER families as well; especially in this chronic, misery merchant toxic Godlessness, fatherlessness causes so many ills…

Being prepared, is being aware, seeking the good and wary of the evil.  Always remember, as we work our 1, 2 or 3 jobs to give our kids the best, not to neglect our duty to ourselves to “bulk up”.

You are men, fathers, not mice.  Your wives need you.  Your kids as well. Be the best St. Joseph you can be.

Dads, enjoy your tie, sloppy eggs and day if it’s father’s day…your month if it is June.  Your year, if one of the other 11.  And you have the potential to be a great dad, IF your name begins with one of the 26 letters of the alphabet. Don’t forget prayer.

Your job1 is 24/365 days a year but the blessings are infinite.  Enjoy your crowns, dad, for time flees quickly.  ALL too quickly


The Beckman Ranch of Anaheim

Revised 7/13/22

The Beckman Ranch was founded in November of 2001; it is located on 3/4s of an acre near a local park, nestled among Ana’s Home settlers. The German name: Anaheim.

It has been the home to 11 children, 20 years of the 37 years of home based Catholic education the Cherry Tree Beckman young experienced.  We are blessed to have additions, like new spouses, kidlings, fosterlings, family and more.

There is ALWAYS room for one more at the Beckman Ranch

But, the primary goal has been to have a haven of hospitality, to welcome all that come to our doors.

We live in an eccentric society, a culture of great joy and yet an underlying penchant for death and disorder.  Pope Saint John Paul the Great called it “the culture of death”.   But remember: “where evil is, grace abounds MORE!”  We of the Beckman Ranch stock believe in the “culture of LIFE”, that Jesus IS our king, not the admin state of disarray and misery merchants, and willingness to follow God’s design not the entities that oppose Him and His plans.

Hebrews: “Do not grow weary in well doing” is our first  motto with more to come

Home to the Donna Beckman Environmental Research University, we have endeavored to practice what the climate cultists miss: understanding God’s creative work and His exceptional gifts of usable energy, such as natural gas, oil and coal; acknowledging that the much ballyhooed solar and wind energy, though intermittent and in their infancy, will not completely replace the common euphemism “fossil fuels” for decades if ever.  Sadly misery merchants go out of their way, in their arrogance, to deconstruct God’s Creation any way they can, as well as cause disconnect among humans.  Throughout this time of deceit, too many fail to realize God IS in control of all things and sends His mother Mary at various times to teach and console us, like in this picture (now stained glass) taken by a Swiss Guard on May 13, 1981 when shot by a Russian bought Bulgarian assassin).  Yes, there is an actual picture, not make believe.

God would NOT create his 553 sextillion mile wide universe for man and then leave a demonic evil gas the misery merchants call “carbon dioxide”.  Beckman Ranchers live life with a realistic sense of joy and will NOT buy into the concoction of the defeatists (be they secularists, communist symptos or just evil) but treat every other human with the respect and love they deserve.

On the good side, this includes learning to conserve precious resources, use every thing we can in the process, to avoid waste.  And help others compassionately to do the same.

Simple ideas with even simpler solutions, IF we are willing to get off the Algorean heresy band wagon, you will be surprised at what the world is REALLY about.

Elon Musk, the father of the electric car, understands this and states that plainly.  You can’t drive a Tesla unless it’s batteries have been charged adequately; there is no such thing as solar tires and you can’t pour liquid electricity into the cathode or anode of the battery.  Personally, we haven’t harnessed perpetual motion as of yet, and the ‘hated by some’ fossil fuels are essential where hydro-generated electric and nuclear powered reactors fail to tread.

As to the ranch: it is… “the work on a ranch is NEVER done” and “a ranch is in constant change and improvement”.

…Still a thriving home for our offspring and their friends, we welcome you to the occasional event, seminar or gathering.  One thing the three years of the world’s evil Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague has taught us, is we must resume interpersonal and social intercourse if we are to survive as a race on this planet.  We are blessed, despite the misery merchants running rough shod over this great land, with the best place on earth to live.  For the Catholic/Christian, we follow a Son and a God in Jesus the Christ, His gospel ie Good News; honor Mary in many ways as the most important Yes woman in history.  Actually His Story.

One on one discourse, small group interchanges are critical for our land. At the Beckman Ranch, we have seven areas for groups of 2-10 for times of reflection, growth and sharing insights.  We do NOT charge for your visits; we do accept donations, only after your time at the Ranch.  Our purpose is recovery, reconciliation, resurgence, rejuvenation and Renaissance for those who choose to follow Christ:

Since Oct, 2019, the world has experienced a takedown like no other.  I call it the Rise of the Misery Merchants, with engineered virulent viruses from a communist Chinese lab, plenty of medical tyranny by supposedly honest triple letter agencies of public health, seven floors of DC deceit and misdirection, stolen elections by power mad, diabolic entities and so much more… adventures.

But the LifeBlood of America, is those decent hardworking families, the dads and moms who do the ordinary extraordinarily well…not playing the toxic power “I am a god” thing, but changing diapers, working long hours, being real, growing the heartland of America in every heart.  When God as the Triune said “Let us make man (and woman) in our image”, He knew from all eternity what He had planned, and He carried out His plan.   But the father of lies knows its time is very short…

Our mission at the Beckman Ranch is respite care…for you; enjoy it.  As Catholics and Christians, the Gospel is more than an ancient book.  Allow us to help you keep it alive.

Donna, the mother of the 11 awesome kidlings now all adults, joined the heavens surrounded by miracles in Sept 2011; another miracle came along, Mary of the Nativity (her family church) said Yes! to 12 people, the aforementioned 11 and this dad who suffers joyously from ADAD, a form of ADHD, always too busy for his own good.


Those areas of discourse and eating delights have names:

Gazebo Gulch in the southeast corner of the ranch.  suitable for 8-12 or more

The Tiki Garden which seats 10-15

The Sacred Heart Rose Garden

Bird & Berryland

Stump Jump off seats 3-5 as the drone takes off

Poolside at OOL Lake  there is no P in Lake.  Ok, well maybe, just a ….

Mary’s Garden

Mary’s Boutique   sewing and embroidery

Poker Hall & Gaming   Yes, bingo can happen; equipped with a giant projection screen. Poker table

Santa’s Workshop     His office south of the North Pole

The Dons at the table.   (undisclosed)

coming soon:  Stations of the Cross

The Corral.  Our Playground includes two slides, swings, a clubhouse, trampoline, teeter toter and zip lines…more underway



The Beckman Ranch Itinerary

Dumb Ox Co-op Mom’s Night Out              July 17, 2022     7pm


On the ranch barndoor for June 18, 2022:

“Welcome to preFather’s day Father’s day 2022.  Arrive at 4pm, give or take an hour, and enjoy family, friends and fun, fooderies and more.  God has blessed us with a glorious day.  Do NOT buy what the misery merchandizers are selling: see the blessings, count them slowly and Help1Some1~2day and more if you are able.   See you soon…”


DRAFT   Ready for comments regarding improvements.