Another Donna miracle Heaven is active folks

Picture of Donna is from her last public appearance July 2011, Holy Family young adults Mass

Sunday, Nov 6th, my 11 kids’ excellent stepmom, Mary and I had just left 7am AbbeyMass at the Church of the Assumption at St Michael’s Silverado Canyon.

As part of the All Saints/All Souls rituals, we pulled into Holy Sepulcher Cemetery, passing two well-loved homeschooling parents on the right, Jack Reinker and Sharon Condon in the “drive-through” lane at the North entrance,  stopping at Donna Beckman’s gravestone.

As we parked, a long time friend, Michelle, called from Northern California to relay another miracle:  her daughter, Haley was in a women’s prayer group in the OC and had a very fascinating experience:

While she was praying silently, Haley said she saw Donna wearing a white robe and made a simple request:

  “Please pray for my sister!” was Donna’s request to Haley

If in reading this, whether Protestant, Catholic, Muslim or Jew, client, family or friend, note this is a freely given testimony about Donna, who precedes us in death by 12 years.  Haley did NOT know what Donna’s sister Kathy had just gone through nor Kathy’s need to return to the Church she grew up in.

This is a fine example how the Communion of Saints has interplay with those of us still working out our eternity, the Church Militant, on earth.

God ALLOWS those who have gone before us, whether old testament like the law, Moses and the prophets, Elijah appearing with Jesus (at the Transfiguration) the last time our Savior was seen in Glory without fatal wounds; or old/new testament, like His mother Mary’s frequent appearances worldwide purposefully refocusing us on her Son & circumstances needing change; or people like St Maria Goretti appearing to her rapist killer; or in this writing, Donna appearing to Haley a dozen years after interrupting Lauren’s prayer on 9/16/11 while she prayed for her the day after her funeral.

For those who don’t know, Donna’s sister Kathy just lost her husband of seven years, Gerald Quihuiz on 9/27/22, after a 2 week battle in the hospital.  Gerald was on a ventilator, his eyes remained closed and the hospital was nearing the time recommending the removing artificial breathing support.

Kathy had invited us to visit Gerald at KP; moved to do it sooner than later, that Tuesday found me in the lobby.  Of course, Covid22 is still the focus of life: I passed the lobby Covid22 test (for 30 months,I’ve been on one of the successful therapies that involve HCQ, Ivermectin, Quercetin (the Zinc Ionophores), vitamins D3 & C, Zinc of course which kills the enhanced Mao Tse-Xi’s Virus inside our cells), NAC and other supplements.)).

Point is, if you refuse to be a guinea pig taking experimentals, untested and unproven and NOT get jabbed, poked, boosted with the Pfailed CoVax, you need a negative CoVid22 test to enter most hospitals.  Hospitals have the right to request a test, even to wear facial diapers, though clinical trials have shown them little to ineffective.

Like many still, my sister Mary for example believes in Dr Fauci; I don’t.  But I defend Mary, a very smart PdD in Molecular Biology, her right to believe that the vaccine is the best and proven perfect solution to a virus and disease that has alternative successful protocols and therapies.  And Dr Fauci is on record to be willing to testify in 2023 before Dr Rand Paul’s oversight House committee.  Maybe this will help shed light on this whole situation.

What has this to do with Donna?  The spiritual world, like the physical one we are more cognizant about, DOES exist.  And her appearance to a young woman who knew her, though NOT her sister or her sister’s need for prayer.

Frankly,  I can’t help but believe the greatest medical malpractice follows a lab-created disease/virus…and money, abused power has gotten us to this point in history.

Some examples: think about all the “treating us like ignorant children” with wordsmiths making up so much:

you just can’t trust a disease “solution” where the fully “vaxxed” get the disease, Covid22,  and then, in the alt universe, they call it “breakthrough” as if its a major scientific discovery… stubbornly continuing to defend the Pfizer/Moderna vaccines as flawless and effective, claiming there is NO alternative to the government sponsored and required drug regiment.

How stupid does $56 billion richer Pfizer Vet CEO Boorla think we are?!  Now releasing an mRNA version for the common cold to be untested and pushed on young children with or without parents permission.

In the real world, not the Dr Pfaucinstein and his monster realm, getting the disease after six jabs is called a BREAKdown not a breakTHROUGH!  A scientific pfailure.  But wordsmithing seems to be more important to my mainly Democrat and left leaning friends and relatives for years.

Here’s the backstory about Kathy, Donna’s younger sister.

Once inside at his room, Kathy and her stepdaughter, Gerald’s youngest were at his bedside.  I began praying silently from Donna’s blue book of prayers for the ill and dying.   When I started a verbal out loud prayer for mercy, to all of our surprise, Gerald opened his eyes for the first time in weeks and looked at his daughter Shanel who was nearest his face.

Gerald is a good man who gave his all for the needy, via his involvement with St Vincent de Paul at St Anthony Claret; his dad did the same.  With his eyes opened, I realized my long drive was worth it but after prayers, it was time for me to depart.  I told the girls this is your miracle and to make the most of it.

After I left, I found out he closed his eyes than reopened them for Kathy, Donna’s sister and the obvious target of her message to Haley just weeks after Gerald had passed.

For full disclosure, Gerald died on 9/27/2022; he was honored first at his Rosary on the 104th anniversary of the SunDancing miracle at Fatima, with 70,000 witnesses. Next on Oct 14th, for his funeral and as someone who passed in 2022 from the St Anthony at the Remembrance of All 2022 Souls Mass on Saturday Nov 5th. My confession:  Kathy was there with family and I was a bit overly passionate about the message I needed to pass on to Kathy after Mass had ended:

“If you want to see Gerald again, you need to get back to your faith. Gerald won’t ever see you again unless you turn back to Jesus, repent of what you need to repent and get serious about your love of God”

I delivered this shortly after the Mass, facing her in the front row and did not back down.  This was 10 days before Haley’s ‘visit’ from Donna.  Friends, talk is cheap, actions are well, forever IF you get right with Jesus and believe Him at His Words and Creative efforts.

Miracles are as common as California sunshine after daybreak in these end times’ days.  Problem is we don’t recognize them as they occur, or are too embarrassed to mention to others fearing you will be looked down as kooky or as ObamaJo’s puppeteer, Obama call us “bitter clingers to our Bibles”.  Pray for your godless political leaders, like Obama, Newsom, Pelosi & ObamaJoe; hell is sooooo long, you really don’t want anyone to exist there 4ever and ever and ever and ever…

God IS the Designer and Creator; more than that, He is the Sustainer of all Life and He, not we, decides when to start and when to end each human being’s lifespan.  God created ONE human race, not 12 or 20; He created billions of stars, trillions of bugs, millions of plants and animals but only ONE man and ONLY one woman in the beginning.  Most of us still believe in the true covenant marriage, between a male and female as God specifically called it in Scripture and tradition.

If you really want to push NON atheistic evolution, ie change over time but with God’s omniscient and omnipotent effort, the best example is how God started with only two humans to build up His human race.  One race, two sexes, 10 billion people geometrically fulfilled covering 5% of the earth over thousands of years.  At the el Sheikh ClimateCon confab, they just announced number 8 billion was just born, part of their overpopulation whining, not realizing God created His world to sustain life, not have his humans kill by the billions.  10 billion became 8 billion because the baby haters aborted 2 BILLION so far and are hell bent on ending more innocent prebirth lives.

The real population problem is NOT families of 11, 9, 13 or one, because these families are the future of America and a healthy world; it is the fact 50 cultures, large sub-parts of the human race, countries will disappear with the modern hate for bearing children.

Haley is the daughter of Michelle E.  Kathy, the point of Donna’s request from beyond her grave, is the daughter of Joan and Chuck McKinnon, as Donna was.  Joan the daughter of grandpa & Mrs. Goldsborough and Chuck the son of Honie.  What’s with our ignorant bias about different human races.  Race isn’t the issue; learning to communicate and socially intercourse post covid fakery IS.

There were never 12 first couples, like an Irish 1st couple, or Black 1st couple (ALL Black & White Lives Matter, peeps!)

For better or worse, your eternity is in YOUR HANDS, people. And God allows, it seems, those that have gone before us to interject in our world at times. Mother Mary of Nazareth & Bethlehem continues to use her Frequent Flyer miles to visit places around the globe, like Lourdes, Fatima, Quito, Mexico City, recently Mexico again.

It seems, Donna’s role on earth did NOT end on Sept 9th that year either.

Lauren’s the one with a smile

Proof is a story you may not have heard before.  Back in 2011, one of my Holy Family youth ministry leaders missed the 1400 people at Holy Family Cathedral that Thursday, Sept 15th….the funeral director said the only time he saw more cars driving up to Holy Sepulcher, was for a great man you might know: Carl Karcher.  But a mom busy homeschooling and raising kids?

Donna is a mom, church minister, yes she homeschooled eleven and she is loved by so many even today.

At few years ago, I believe from heaven Donna was pulling my decreasing hair to find a great lady to become part of the Beckman Ranch world, thinking “Len, you make a sucky stepmom!”.  StepMother Mary has been incredible: i doubt there is NOT another woman on earth who could or would have “adopted” 12 kids (me and the 11) and been such a blessing.

Friday, Sept 16th, 2011: Lauren went to noon Mass to pray for Donna at HFC.  She relates two months later to me that she saw something similar to what Haley described: “I saw Donna and heard her tell me ‘I will pass it on (prayers) to someone who needs it”.  Here is my LifeOutLoud post a year later written on September 9, 2012 about Lauren’s noon happening.

Lauren’s Miracle with Donna

“One year ago today, in the ninth hour,  my bride and joy, Donna left her earthly body while surrounded by family and friends.  There is so much evidence she joined Mary, the saints and our Savior and God, Jesus rather quickly.  In part, thanks to the gift of a good friend,  Lauren, who quietly tells of praying for Donna the day after her funeral.  She told me while offering the Mass for Donna’s soul, she had the overwhelming feeling/experience that Donna was telling her “I will pass it on to someone who needs it…” which she took to mean Donna was truly in heaven, eternally happy.

Did Donna mean for my brother Bill, who just died 10 days ago, someone Donna loved deeply and Bill loved back as a sister?  I know Bill loved her, he snagged a framed picture of Donna 360 days ago at her wake and placed the picture on his home’s mirror as his reminder.

Was Donna’s gift for others?  No one knows, someday we will.  Maybe this is why God called her home before any of her, or my, siblings. To intercede for us and those that knew and loved her…at such a young age. Donna died two years earlier than Irene Beckman did at age 51 back in 1980.

If Donna could Facebook you, this thing you are reading is the message she would post.  I believe she accomplished as much in the last year of her life as the first 49 days short of 49 years, reconciling, interceding, praying, loving from her pain.
 Donna was ready for God.  Are you? Definitely, He has revealed Whom He is, are you ready to see Him?  If not, get ready.  It’s great we put in hours of gym time for the abs, tummy and physical body, but we need to prepare our eternal soul with the same joy-filled anticipation.

Last i checked, eternity is a smidgen longer than 100 earthly years.  Prepare accordingly.  God is loving but will not be mocked.  No one is responsible for whom you are but the person in the mirror.  Have a one on one conversation before your shower, shave or makeup…it is eternally worth it.  Act as if you matter, that your eternal happiness is something that matters more than the day to day.  Jesus did not speak out of turn when He said “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life…”, that He was the path back to your Father who is in heaven and bliss.

When you go face to face with God, only you and the Trinity are there.  No church, synagogue, mosque, temple, club, boss, priest, minister, evolutionist, atheist, family or friend will be there to blame or explain. Just you.  Jesus has offered to stand in for you, should you follow Him.  I would be happy to plead your case, but why not have the best, the One who is both man AND God, be present to present you to His and your Father.  Be pro-choice: choose Jesus as your intercessor for your eternity.  No excuses will matter at that time.  Ask Donna, Bill or anyone else who have been to the meeting.  The proof is all around you that you will live forever.  Just be pro-choice and choose the better vacation spot.

Womanhood is amazing and precious, and unlike what some profess, is not a pre-existing medical condition, as if it is a disease.  It was originally a non-existent condition that God remedied by creating the most complex creation (womanhood) in the universe, the first woman and our ancestor we call Eve. No Adam nor man can ever do what woman can: inconvenience herself, nurture and bear a child.  And nurture some more for decades, the after birth joys, responsibilities and sorrows children are.  Truly a mystery is how 75 trillion immensely complex cells mesh together into a vibrant being that has the capacity of nurturing a single celled organism into another 75 trillion celled being in only 280 days or so. No mere machine could ever come close.  Super evolution, massive “change”, infinitely amazing organic works of art.  Marvelous!
 Though difficult, sufferable, painful and inconvenient, Donna brought eleven precious, defenseless kids into Orange County.
 Not one of them was a disease, a pre-existing med condition.  No child is; you were not. Whether 7 or 10 pounds, you were a pain to your mom, but she saw fit to value you for whom you are. Just as your God does.  We always need each other; therein lies the Eternal Design.  Return the favor by helping others; should you find yourself pregnant and you are a guy, you just hit the jackpot as the second pregnant man.  But if you are a pregnant woman, you have a gift that keeps on giving.  Your woman-ness is not tied to having children, for incredible women have lived and live, who never bore children. You and I both know examples of such. A wise man said “It is every man’s responsibility to protect the dignity of every woman”, something we often fail at but need to strive. But, never think of pregnancy as a punishment; it is a life preserver, for without it our terribly underpopulated world would end.  Ask any weightlifter: no pain, no gain.   Along with the career changing, life altering realities of childbearing, the pain is far overshadowed by incredible gain.  Examples like the joy of first steps, first loves, first courtings, graduations, his/her marriage, grandkids,,,and the cycle continues.
 Examples like the early apprehension but later satisfaction of a Down’s child, for a Down’s child is not a mistake, but the purest example that a being can be happy though visibly imperfect in other people’s eyes. Truth be told, everyone of us is a Down’s child without the child’s joy.  That all of us have failings alongside incredible talents is obvious.  No one, as Donna attested by her life, is unworthy of living, of being.  No whale, snail, dollar or bear is more valuable than the “least of these” eternally well designed children who deserve life as anyone else. The environment, habitat or sustainables are just backdrops to an eternal child.
Our world thrives only if humanity survives.  Humans survive only if babies arrive. This is not politics, but realities and eternals.  Sorry, no other way…ask the Designer.  Today or for your last meeting regarding your final vacation spot.
 Donna loves (present tense) being a mom, because she still is one in heaven. As generous as she is, she would have bore the two billion kids since the 70s that have been aborted.
She is and was, a  friend, sib, daughter, wife through tough and good. I miss her so much, as I always will.  That is a GOOD thing…the missing part not that she is gone.
 Donna never looked for excuses not: to love, to have kids, to take the easy route, to help others.  Let us all do accordingly.  Follow her example to find reasons to keep others alive, not excuses to kill them early and often.  Helping others live not end their lives early, is the truly transformative and freeing experience.   Donna, I love you.  Take care to show Bill around.  You know how he cared for you and others.”
Posted 9/9/2012===================================

Kathy McKinnon Molesky, this is a gift from Donna your sister.  Don’t waste it.

Everyone else, this is a message for YOU as well. DON’T CHANCE ETERNITY LOST.   There is NO Do-over after your death.

The closer we get to the end of the end times, the more important getting right with Christ; don’t play the cross lottery, hoping to become the Good Thief as his life waned and he was dying alongside Jesus on Cavalry and waiting for your death bed to repent and reconcile with God and everyone you’ve offended (and who offended you).

Why?  your “death bed” might be a “instantaneous death crash or heart attack, or dying in your sleep

Yes, I believe God and His angels and saints are active as you transition from this world.  But why chance losing heaven forever because of your arrogance or stubbornness?

Donna’s death followed her six months of intense intercession for the needs of others.  That’s what she told her husband who kept hoping the next medical regimen would work.  After a May 2011 healing Mass, she told me she knew the physical healing was not coming her way.  But fear not, she said her time would be well spent in spiritual healings for others, since she had experienced such that night at Mass.

We had spent decades homeschooling our excellent kids; I attribute their progress to a saintly mother who put their lives before her needs at so many opportunities.  The last years after Donna left this mortal coil, since end of 2011 through Katy’s high school graduation in 2020, I thank the siblings and other moms who helped: Larissa, David, Briana, Cathy Lipsky, Gail and all those unmentioned.  The missing names are because those first years post Donna is a murky blur in many ways.

This is the point.  There are much more God-incidences than coincidences in life.  On Nov 12th, I was heading to a memorial for a great scouter who had passed away; i spotted a pool chem store and pulled in for a quick buy.

As I get out of the car, I hear my name called and looked over at someone i recognized from 40 years ago.  Mary Konoske Reeves and her fine husband, who have lived in the mountains for 35 years, had just eaten at the restaurant adjoining Leslie’s.

Mary and Donna were inseparable in the 70s at church, youth group and Katella High; in fact, Donna went to Hawaii with Mary’s family.  I do recall they talked me into eating some escargot they made in cooking class.  They had missed Donna’s funeral and ourhe chance meeting (what are the odds!) on Nov 13 gave me a chance to bring them up to speed.

So, begin your day with the world famous (well, obscurely repeated) “It’s a GREAT DAY to be alive!”   Do God’s will as best you understand it, pray unceasingly and then more for others, for His Will to be played out in your life.

Be armed with the Rosary, the device that connects Catholics, Protestants and Muslims, and Jews on the sidewalk of life vs death (front of planned parenthoodlums LLC Tustin Ave at 22 fwy/Orange and other declining spots across America).

Don’t just talk talk but act and act!  Do, don’t just “say”.  The Greatest Medical Malpractice of all time over the last 3 years have destroyed so much, including young people’s ability to learn (unless you homeschool) setting education back years.  We must rebuild the desire and implement basic human interaction, the way God designed us.  NOT for Zoom Teach Indoctrination Lockups and Lockdowns.  So much to do, so little time.

Many people STILL refuse to return to public worship and Church, a terrible miscue by our Church leadership to lockdown our worship buildings in the first place like it was AD33 in the upper room.

The demonic irony is creepy teen girl luring greasehead Newsom engineered satanic surgeons knifing out little prebirth girls as “essential workers” while locking up places of worship as non-essential and useless.  Evil man who values enticing fearfilled girls to come to Calif for free abortions and chainsaw massacres of supple teen breasts.  Even this reprobate is in need of prayer for his dark soul.

Instead, today, we worship the face diapers and fear the manufactured Covid virus despite numerous successful remedies and therapies; the losers are even trying to mainline RSVax for the common cold, despite millions of VAERS side effects chronicled among thousands of deaths FROM CoVax, the pfailed Pfaucinstein & Pfizer and ModeRNA vax pogroms.

Thank you for reading: you have just two examples of interaction with a saint no longer on earth.  Many people have asked “why don’t I push for Donna to be declared a saint”?  This last experience that Haley related to Mary and I just as we park 10 feet away from her final resting place is motivating me to take action on a cause.

Would you join me?  In the meantime, get RIGHT with JESUS.  NOW.  While you are breathing….follow Him to heaven because the alternative is just not that inviting; warm, fiery hot, yes but hell is no place to live forever.  And ever.  After a trillion years, and ever more.

Donna asks for us to pray for her sister, Kathy.  As she prays for you.  And just maybe she meant Caryn or Cheryl or Bonnie?  EVERYONE is in need of a Savior.  ALL of us.

Len Beckman

ClimateCom ’22 brings 100 fossil fools together for 12 per million CO2 molecules

ImageWhere can you find 100 private jets flown in to combat fossil fuels’ use by private jetters?  How about JFingKerry’s snake oil confab in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.  I call it ClimateCon ’22

First the facts before exposing confidence men and climate cult ambassadors JFKerry & Algore, the author of the Algorean heresies.

Carbon is the most important element on the 118 elemental periodic table (I apologize for including science in this climatecon fakery).

We DIE without carbon dioxide since it is matched with H2O and sunlight to do an important task:  FEED the WORLD

Photosynthesis, Aerobic Respiration and Air numbers

Carbon is essential, as CO2 not CO.  It would be impossible for life on earth to exist without carbon. Carbon is the main component of sugars, proteins, fats, DNA, muscle tissue, pretty much everything in your body. The reason carbon is so special is down to the electron configuration of the individual atoms. Electrons exist in concentric ‘shells’ around the central nucleus and carbon has four electrons in its outermost shell. As the most stable thing for an atom to have is eight electrons, this means that each carbon can form four bonds with surrounding atoms.

Climate cultists & your gods Gore Kerry, ever hear this before?

Yet: CO2 is SCARCE: two measures.  In the REAL not Kerryland bizarro extortion world, there are ONE (1) CO2 molecules for ever 2500 air molecules.  If you believe the Algore and Kerry fake science, they want us to open our checkbooks for their fossil foolish schemes for 12 man made CO2 molecules per every MILLION air molecules.

Those two ratios: 1:2500 and 12:1,000,000 mean only a fossil fool believes the BS coming from these rip off artists’ lying lips.

Climate worshipper: think about this.  How can 12 measly androgenic (man made) CO2 molecules stretch over every million to trap excessive heat from the solar generator 93 million miles away.

CO2 is INCONSEQUENTIAL to earth temps.  They don’t for two reasons: the atmosphere is not a greenhouse, another Gore Kerry canard.  There are no glass windows, like the 10,660 greenhouse glass windows of the Christ Cathedral, formerly Crystal C.  In fact, if the windows are solid atmospheric gas molecules, the amount of androgenic CO2 covering Christ Cathedral is 4 x 9 inches, about the size of a business envelope FOR THE WHOLE ‘GREENHOUSE’ STRUCTURE.

NONE.  Notice that NO glass is broken every time Elon’s modern rockets fly out of the atmosphere or as his boosters return to earth and land on a barge.   NO Kristallnacht like on Nov 10, 1938 to Jewish storefronts.  Nada.

The atmosphere is mainly made up of Nitrogen (78%) (what Dutch farmers are being extorted for releasing teeny amounts of); Oxygen (20.9%) and Argon, the big 3.  After these, you have the trace gases like CO2 (.004%), Neon etc.  Point is the atmosphere is not a CLOSED system atmospherically, but a radiative entity that allows HEAT (ever hear heat RISES?) back into space.  It is a natural God designed radiator not a greenhouse that allows light/heat to penetrate the glass but it retains the HEAT inside to grow plants via CO2, H2O and the sun.


Ever play with a magnifying glass?  SunLIGHT hits the glass and when it is concentrated on a piece of paper, soon it starts a fire via quickly increasing focused heat.  Books and Paper burns, like in Berlin during Hitler’s time, at 451 degrees Fahrenheit.  Same principle in millions of greenhouses around the world.  If there really WAS a planetary greenhouse, we’d have burned up in seconds because the sun delivers two-billionths of its energy to earth which receives energy at the rate of 5,000,000 horsepower per square mile. (One horsepower is the force required to raise 33,000 pounds one foot per minute.) But only about 70 percent of that energy makes its way down to Earth’s surface; the other 30 percent is absorbed in the atmosphere. As it is, the energy of sunlight, converted to heat in the atmosphere and at Earth’s surface, drives the weather.

The temperature of the sun varies from around 27 million degrees Fahrenheit (15 million degrees Celsius) at the core to only about 10,000 degrees F (5,500 degrees C) at the surface.  We , according to…

We have 120 trillion sq meters of atmosphere; in actuality, a total of 173,000 terawatts (trillions of watts) of solar energy strikes the Earth continuously. That’s more than 10,000 times the world’s total energy use. And that energy is completely renewable — at least, for the lifetime of the sun. “It’s finite, but we’re talking billions of years,” MIT physics professor WashingtonTaylor says.

So, the sun is important to refute the climate cultist claims…but Gore Kerry hate being exposed with facts.

Yet, the mainly Dem far left Luddites hate truth and science.  They LOVE lying as evident by so many of their made up words and phrases. Quick aside: the Pfailed Pfizer Pfix Pfraud, CoVax22, with millions of its side effects and deaths, has a new name.  BREAKTHROUGH.

Note that after 3 Pfizer jabs and 3 boosters, WHEN not if the Fully “vaxxed” get Covid22, it’s not called the obvious Breakdown.   A BREAKTHROUGH is a scientific discovery; or when Susan or any climate cultist reads this piece and realizes there are no “greenhouse” gasses (No planetary greenhouse means no atmospheric greenhouse) NOR enough molecules of CO2, God’s miracle molecule, to melt the earth as the Luddites insist to steal more of our disappearing money.

Susan pegged it bullseye style.  Follow the $$; money is always the goal, especially taking Other People’s Money or OPium.

Other examples from the Anarchist Democrat Dictionary is “threat to democracy (no democracy, we are a Federated Republic where Dem vote theft is legendary) or the best one: a “woman’s right to choose…”

Check the platform of each:  Dems and proAbort Reps believe some animal called Reproductive runs around America and has rights.  Never seem to hear what the chosen ellipse( … )is: the killing of a biological certainty, a living, thumb sucking little prebirth girl that our Creepy Porn Interstate Human Teen Trafficker GreaseHead Governor lures here for the profitable kill.

Why this 2024 presidential candidate believes he has to lure conflicted teen moms to California from 49 states for his AborTours LLC business is well beyond me.  In fact, he even touts we are a sanctuary state for healthy growing Chainsawn Massectomied Supple Teen breasts and CircumSeized Castrated Penises.  What a pile of climatery cemetery crap he is.

“He stole his best friend’s wife.  Now he wants to import for death other parent’s daughters”  Total sicko silver spoon freak.

At least Adam Schitty Schiff only lies when he’s awake and his lips move.  But the Algoean heretic and the megalomaniacal John “I served in Vietnam” Kerry don’t care about truth, they care about robbing America and the world of our hard earned wealth for their BS missions.  Enriching themselves and their cronies, many being snowed in the 100 fossil fools who landed 320 miles from the Giza Pyramid.  Kerry sits head and shoulders taller than the others (check pics), but his evil knows no bounds.

His fave scams (h/tip to Ms Shelley) include “to put the capital market to work..”, “to deploy capital otherwise unemployable”, “to speed the transition from dirty to clean power”.  I will add these with attribution to the best SCNG reporter to my Unabridged Demonrat dictionary.  Parsing:

“to deploy unemployable capital” means Algore and the wuss tyrant Kerry will use naked governmental power to shut down anyone investing or using natural gas, oil and coal during their lives.  In broken English, totalitarian dictatorial repression and gov takings has no place in a Federated Republic which America IS, though barely hanging on.

“transition from dirty to clean power” means killing all in-ground energy, destroying economies worldwide while we wait for sun & breezes to mature into taking ALL the reins of progress.  Since both are Dems, I’ll call em anarchist assholes who don’t give a damn about America, families, our right to work, do good, help other countries.  They just want power and the power to amass more fleeting power.

“Put the carbon market to work”...  means like the Emperor’s New Clothes scamming and extorting money for nothing, ie carbon credits and like the Mob, promise not to kill your business if you buy useless trinkets so they don’t burn your store down.  If you are carbon credit abundant, that cute “net zero” leaf shows up on your website telling the world you are ‘virtuous renewable signaling’ the world.

Tyrant Kerry speaks of “high quality carbon credits” and touts two of his victims to quasi-government NGO racket tyrrany being PepsiCo & zany Bill Gates’ microSoft.


The prime assumptions (scientific method stuff) by the Gore Kerry groupies are totally wrong. The basis for climate change is bankrupt. 12:1 million or 1:2500 demonized CO2 is a misdirection from the real Dem Gore Kerry purpose: robbery of MORE of the world’s and us families cash.  The art the Democrat leadership has perfected, stealing both bucks and ballots, for their power mad schemes.

1984 SPEAK: Energy Transition Accelerator by Kerry & Kompany.  How does the chief Damnocrat wordsmith comes up with these daily jargon jolts?  Climate reparations, like non slave Black reps for slaves long dead, Gore Kerry wants productive, successful countries to pitch in billions so China, India and the other barely surviving 3rd worlders can cash their EBT vouchers for cash.

Reparations for “loss and damage” just more Wacky Environmental cases speaking up for nonsense.  Gore Kerry.  Nice ring to it. But, unfortunately, like the goal posts moves of blob of tissue to product of conception to mass of tissues (insert computed ultrasonography) forced to chant “woman’s right to choose” to “mom’s right to choose to kill her prebirth little girl; the climate frauds went from global warming (insert the Dalton Minimum means earth is cooling) to androgenic carbon dioxide to androgenic climate change to just climate change to screw us of what’s left after $5 trillion con from our purses.

Truth be told, God created the 23.5 degree planetary shift so the seasons resulted, useful for planting, growing and harvesting photosynthetic food, that relies on CO2 and H2O combined with chlorophyll and sunlight to FEED His WORLD.  Gore Kerry, like all prostiticians who NEVER work just talk, contribute and produce net zero: NOTHING.  Panderers, perverts and pricks, like our corrupt Greasehead Gov who lures little outtastate pregnant girls so he can have his satanic surgeons shove curved knife style currettes up their pubescent vaginas, slice thru the uterus and kill her squirming little girl for parts. He has at least his lead foot in hell but pray for his sorry ass and his best friend’s wife whom he sleeps with when not in front of the mirror.

Want REAL atmospheric science?  Geographically, ClimateCon22, Sharm El-Sheikh, is only 320 miles away from the planet’s compass, the Giza Pyramid.

Giza predates the major flood recreation of the earth and points, based on mathematics and angles built into it, to Bethlehem (Christ Angle of 26 degrees 18 minutes 9.63 seconds). It continuously maintains the earth’s average temp of 68 degrees.  It demonstrates the earth’s average height and most intriguing fact:

Believe it or not, it sits AT THE EXACT CENTER OF THE WORLD

It is perfectly aligned North~E~S~W as the cardinal points on the compass go. (Duck duck go it yourself and see how it lines up with your iPad or desktop screen: it’s more true than any observatory on earth even after the 144,000 mirror capstones were stolen and 4600 years.)   Isaac Newton used the sacred pyramid inch to finalize his laws of life.

Finally, it’s computations and dimensions (a square circle, Phi, Pi etc) are real, not the fakery pushed by Gore Kerry as settled science.   Gore Kerry: a great name for Spain’s next “running of the bullshitters”.

But, most important, it tells a story the Gore Kerry crowd needs to understand.  After He had created the angels, good and bad in the spirit realm, God designed and created this tiny 553 sextillion wide universe for MAN and WOMAN. No 58 genderized fabrications.

He made Trillions of insects, billions of stars (predicted to Abraham which we discovered in 1620s with Galileo), millions of planets, plants, animals, vegetation, fish and just ONE earth.  One man.

Before He rested, then God moved to His finest and final act of general creation: WoMaN.

We screwed up and must fend for ourselves outside the “net zero effort” of the Edenic food factory, the first garden.  But God had ALREADY created that trace gas, CO2, hundreds of other biochemical processes like aerobic respiration, the Krebs cycle, photosynthesis and more, so we could survive.

Too many snowflakes (freeboarders who voted for FREE everything Dems Nov 8th) have the McD problem: they think hamburgers come from Ronald McDonald’s, not from CO2 manufactured grazing grass that the cows’ culinary delight lead to fattening, who pay the ultimate price for a double-double or Big Mac.   If you don’t work, you don’t eat as the 33rd Sunday 2nd Epistle reads as Paul said.

That’s what the indoctrination non educating teachers’ union owned pubic ed is doing to America.  And the Gore Kerry groupies are leveraging it for their own smarmy robberies.  God created and is the key SUSTAINABILITY factory: the universe ONLY exists because God wants it to.  And despite our tremendous tech advances we STILL do dumb and ignore Him like He doesn’t exist.  Frankly, the world’s largest object still exists despite the Arabs using it as a Home Loews Depot masonry yard.

As for me and my house, we WILL continue to serve the Lord and blow the whistle on science fraud, like the latest RSVirus and RSVax Pfizer Pfraud push at the OCBoard of Supervisors, who were glassy eyed Election Day about the damage coming our way for more Calif. gov handouts.

And we need to push for real scientific hearings, not the conflicted bought off pseudoscientists who love power and $$ more than honesty and scientific integrity.  I’m ready to help!

Please: Follow Susan Shelley’s advice.  Look for the leaf, signifying ‘net-zero”, a scientific impossibility except for the perpetual motion old fossil fools crowd. Folks, Elon was right: we need the fossil fuels: natural gas is non polluting, like nuclear energy, and sooo available but for ObamanationJoe’s traitorous interference in private enterprise NatGas etc. production.

When you find the LEAF, buy something else.

America’s Kristallnacht in the 2020s RSVed via OCBoard of Supes

Can our Orange County, Calif. Board of Supervisors ALL be this ignorant?  Can they be snowed by our public health apparatus? Yet again? This time by making a federal case pandemic declaration  over the common cold.  Honestly I don’t think so; all five have brains and staff to feed them the truth.

By the way, Dr Chau, to prevent overrunning the ERooms of the OC, why not recommend to parents countywide:

~~~I am NOT a doctor, just a parent of 11 kids and 24 grandkids who reads and researchs: ~~~~~~

How Can I Help Treat RSV if My Child is Sick?

According to the CDC, most RSV infections resolve on their own within two weeks.

If your child is sick:

  • Give them plenty of liquids to stay hydrated
  • Manage fever and pain with over-the-counter medications like Tylenol (acetomenophin) or Advil (ibuprofen).

According to the Mayo Clinic, “use of nasal saline drops and suctioning may help clear a stuffy nose,” especially if your child is too young to blow their nose on their own.’


But sans doing the obvious, let’s begin CoVid II RSVersion.  First step is to induce fear:

“CDC surveillance has shown an increase in RSV detections and RSV-associated emergency department visits and hospitalizations in multiple U.S. regions, with some regions nearing seasonal peak levels. Clinicians and public health professionals should be aware of increases in respiratory viruses, including RSV.”

Stage 2 public health cancer is declaring a local emergency:

NBC article:  “According to the CDC, a drug called palivizumab is available to prevent severe RSV illness in certain high-risk infants and children, like premature babies or those with congenital heart disease and chronic lung disease.

“The drug can help prevent serious RSV disease, but it cannot help cure or treat children already suffering from serious RSV disease, and it cannot prevent infection with RSV,” the CDC says on its website.

There is currently no vaccine against RSV, but Pfizer is testing one, with promising results so far.  (Pfizer, where have i seen that company before?)

Data shows that when the shot was given to women in their late pregnancy, the vaccine was highly effective at protecting newborns against severe cases of the respiratory virus.

Pfizer plans to submit an application to the FDA for the vaccine’s approval by the end of 2022.”

Stage 3 of this cancerous growth in fake medical tyranny:

Get a local jurisdiction to couple fear with suppressed research and bring in $56 billion richer Boorla Pfizer and Dr Pfaucinstein’s monster team.   Patsy was easy:  OCBoard of Supervisors on Nov 1 (the chicken little “sky is falling” event), a Nov 2nd meeting then hastily called Nov 8th meeting to approve the local “emergency” declaration.

Nov 8. Supervisors’ Hearing Room.  The date and place I testified twice to caution with facts, among 20 other concerned critically thinking local PARENTS.  God knows the far left anarchist Dems & Deep Staters hate those persons of periods and producers of children.

To be transparent, I am sure Dr Chau and his OC Public Health Care Agency has no subliminal agenda and does excellent work.  Their missionDr.ClaytonChau is: The OC Health Care Agency (HCA) is a regional interdisciplinary health jurisdiction and an accredited health department, charged with protecting and promoting individual, family and community health through partnership and coordination of public and private sector resources. Many of the HCA’s services are preventative in nature and therefore are not readily apparent to the public. Some examples include food protection, monitoring the quality of ocean water, mental health services, alcohol and drug use services, communicable disease control, public health field nursing and public health clinics.

This must come under Dr Chau’s Communicable Disease Control of the Common Cold area.

Having 11 kids, there is nothing more precious than keeping our young, prebirth and postbirth, healthy and alive. I wish modern medicine included prebirth babies “choiced” to death for the sin of existing.

But, I thank Dr Clayton Chau, MD, PhD, MASL.  I hope, Dr Clayton, you pay as much attention to the dying prebirth babies at Planned Parenthoodlum HQ on Tustin Ave at the 22, as you do for seeding the latest prePandemic for RSVirus and the smoothly inculcation of the RSVax by Pfauci’s Pfavored Pfizer, already $56 billion fatter on our Tax $$ for their Pfailed vax pogroms.  Dr. CC, you must know this prepandemic declaration will spread faster than the common cold to nonDoctor Crazy Hair Ferrer (LA) and by now, Dr Pfaucinstein has got wind of it.  You sir are the “point of the spear” unless you act soon.  Calm the fears while chasing the Sacramento funds for overworked health providers.

“Over three years, the pharma~pubic health CDC NIAID NIH FDA consortium got away with so many lockdowns, mandates and tyranny with their CoVax pogroms to counter a disease that had successful solutions in place for Covid19-Covid22 long BEFORE the CoVax arrived; the new Knights of Broken Glass ie the admin state’s medical tyrants of pubic health is trying again with the common cold.  But not all Public Health agencies have directors like Crazy Hair Ferrer, not a doctor: we have an excellent Doctor Chau running our OC agency.

When will the Obamanation, comprised of far left Democrats, compliance statists & cesspoolian DC varmints, stop their endless guinea pigging of American citizens’ children?

Giving life to Citizen Reproductive while killing mom’s little girl; Infecting their minds with fake racialist bias against the singular human race, depersonalizing us with made up “genders”, jabbing us with forced toxic chemicals.

Drug Cos do great things in developing cures, like the amazing cure for Onchocerciasis (commonly called River Blindness) using Ivermectin (ever heard about this drug?); but when they lose sight, river and other blindness, to their primary call to “Do NO harm”, their cure can be more destructive than the disease.

Like Dr Chau’s push for Local PrePandemic Powers and funding from our Creepy Porn Greasehead Newsom’s bag of quarters in SacraDEMento.   I see yet another expansion creep coming on.

To quote a wise trucker: “Your Democrat Government wants to inject toxic chemicals into your body…there is something fundamentally wrong with this picture.”  John is over the target: “Ask people what they do to cure the heart damage from forced shots on them by the Democrats.  Ask people what they do to cure the brain damage from forced shots on them by Democrats.”   It’s not just the Democrats, it’s all human enslavers who believe they are God.

Yes, what DO we do about curing myocarditis, blood clots and many others of the millions of Adverse Side Effects reported and the other 99% NOT reported by clinician interference (VAERS) now that we know the miraculous Pfizer Pfixes PFAIL!

Look, suppressed scientific truth is one of the keys.   For example:

They have the sheeple believing 12 CO2 molecules per million air molecules locks heat on earth and melts the planet; this fraud is out of control with Biden & 100 world leaders now piling on to rob trillions more for their evil pursuits at latest “climate change and dollars” confab in Egypt.

Climate changes but not by anything man can do.  12:1,000,000 carbon dioxide is impossible to do anything but what God intended: to FEED the WORLD, combining CO2, H2O & sunlight in that long forgotten scientific processes, photosynthesis and aerobic respiration.

OR worse:

ignoring biologic realities in killing a perfectly living child, believing it needs death more than life; why can’t they convince them the common cold (RSV) is the latest hyperpandemic that needs a saviour, another mRNA “vaccination” pogrom STARTING with the very young”  Let me repeat the NBC/LA report line:  There is currently no vaccine against RSV, but Pfizer is testing one, with promising results so far.  (Pfizer, where have i seen that company before?) ~~Len Beckman in the post-Constitutional bizarro world.

The process of conditioning a free (American) people is not new.  Look to Nov 9-10, 1938

84 years ago, Kristallnacht was the precursor to the 2020 Summer of Love and the ongoing Decade of CoVax Pharma Pfraud.  A little (non 1619) history should suffice.

Kristallnacht, (German: “Crystal Night”) , also called Night of Broken Glass or November Pogroms, the night of November 9–10, 1938, when German Nazis attacked Jewish persons and property. The name Kristallnacht refers ironically to the litter of broken glass left in the streets after these pogroms. The violence continued during the day of November 10, and in some places acts of violence continued for several more days.

October 2019, Communist Science Sinos released a well designed bioterror virus, possibly with Dr Pfaucinstein’s special enhancements, into their city-wide human petri dish, Wuhan.

Soon Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague swamped the 11 million WuHan city dwellers; Xi banned intraChina flights OUT OF and INTO Wuhan country wide except for flights to Spain and Italy.  The hyperventilation of the SARS disease and worldwide infestation was underway. Our NIAID minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels’ counterpart today, St Anthony Pfauci began his pogrom to push for his career crowning CoVax.  In true Rahm Emmanuel fashion, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

The pretext for the German pogroms was the shooting in Paris on November 7, 1938 of the German diplomat Ernst vom Rath by a Polish-Jewish student, Herschel Grynszpan. News of Rath’s death on November 9 reached Adolf Hitler in MunichGermany, where he was celebrating the anniversary of the abortive 1923 Beer Hall Putsch. There, Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels, after conferring with Hitler, harangued a gathering of old storm troopers, urging violent reprisals staged to appear as “spontaneous demonstrations.” Telephone orders from Munich triggered pogroms throughout Germany, which then included Austria.

Flash forward to 2019-2020. People died en masse at Washington’s Life Care Center and in NYC. The majority victims were elderly and the infirm in Covid’s early months.  Trump successfully shut down China flights Jan 31st but this did not prevent Spain & Italy from being blanketed by Chinese factory workers to infect the West.  Arguably, the migrant Chinese workers were unaware they were the transmitters of medical terror.

Just before midnight on November 9, Gestapo chief Heinrich Müller sent a telegram to all police units informing them that “in shortest order, actions against Jews and especially their synagogues will take place in all of Germany. These are not to be interfered with.” Rather, the police were to arrest the victims. Fire companies stood by synagogues in flames with explicit instructions to let the buildings burn. They were to intervene only if a fire threatened adjacent “Aryan” properties.

Science fiction is easily malleable and spreads to the ignorant like, well, the common cold.  In short order, mainly Democrat Blue governors like Cuomo, Whitmer, fanned the fear,  interfered with the private sector, killing thousands of businesses by their edicts with shutdowns and silly mandates totally arbitrarily applied.   Next, that 2020 spring and summer, they stood by like Goebbels and Heinrich Muller did in Germany to allow 574 riots, calling them peaceful protests with minimal law enforcement protecting the vulnerable… while millions of Americans lived in their own “concentration camps” with ZoomSchool teachers ticked off that parents hovered in their OWN kitchens while they spewed indoctrinal poison at their kids.

In two days and nights, more than 1,000 synagogues were burned or otherwise damaged. Rioters ransacked and looted about 7,500 Jewish businesses, killed at least 91 Jews, and vandalized Jewish hospitals, homes, schools, and cemeteries. The attackers were often neighbours. Some 30,000 Jewish males aged 16 to 60 were arrested. To accommodate so many new prisoners, the concentration camps at DachauBuchenwald, and Sachsenhausen were expanded.

Already, churches and what the government declared “non-essential” were shut down. Of course, Creepy Prn Greasehead Newsom declared his pet planned parenthoodlums as “essential workers” in March 2020 (nothing more essential than killing and harvesting prebirth little girls) and the rest is revisable history.

Starting this one crazy summer, with mask waivers and non spread “chits” in place while innocent citizens stayed home, anarchist riots destroyed  billions of dollars of private property, despite the Covid lockdowns, 50 cops killed, hundreds more civilians, as DefUnd the Police gained ground, cashless bail and coddled criminals ran rampant in NYC, Minneapolis etc.

The far left mainly Democrat Blue governors, mayors and BLM leaders, the Knights of Broken Glass, did not consider massive protests a super spreader because the face diapers were magical in allowing mayhem without disease to proliferate.

Nov 1938: After the pogrom ended, it was given an oddly poetic name: Kristallnacht—meaning “crystal night” or “night of broken glass.” This name symbolized the final shattering of Jewish existence in Germany. After Kristallnacht, the Nazi regime made Jewish survival in Germany impossible.

Nov 2022 America: have our collective wills been broken, like the storefronts of Jewish businesses throughout Germany? Are we mice or men of courage? Are we wimps or women of valor?

A main developer of the memory ribonucleic acid, mRNA, Dr Robert Malone states emphatically this vax is NOT an appropriate application for the technology.  Meanwhile, primary successful therapies like zinc ionophore based Strombectol/Ivermectin and Plaquenil/Hydroxychloroquine, (ironically, in 2005, the same Dr Pfaucinstein claimed “chloroquines” successfully took out Corona viruses) were successfully treating patients.  Worldwide by proxy, since “sunday sunday” helped Africans avoid Covid, the success stories would have helped tremendously except for Dr Pfaucinstein and his suppressors lying about horse dewormer and fish tank cleaners to pull off his career crowning event.  Thanks to the modern Goebbelesque propaganda sweep, this got these well trained American doctors docked and/or fired, even though they SAVED lives (including NY Jews, ironically). Unspoken, CoVax chasing has killed the inviolable doctor-patient privileges via the Federalized indoctrination of imposed medical fake facts.  When an ER doctor Simone Gold is fired for helping her patients post ER, she like hundreds of other doctors, is fired, censured and all too many, stripped of their medical “license”.  

Can America tolerate this pandemic of evil; not talking about the treatable diseases, but the Ruling Class that is intolerant to Truth

The cost of the broken window glass alone came to millions of Reichsmarks. The Reich confiscated any compensation claims that insurance companies paid to Jews. The rubble of ruined synagogues had to be cleared by the Jewish community. The Nazi government imposed a collective fine of one billion Reichsmarks (about $400 million in 1938) on the Jewish community. After assessing the fine, Hermann Göring remarked: “The swine won’t commit another murder. Incidentally…I would not like to be a Jew in Germany.”   

Dr Federman, call your office!

$5 trillion in unneeded Democrat confiscation of American familie$ future wealth, by killing energy (It’s the energy, stupid Joe.  LET IT FLOW, it’s not YOURS to traitorously steal), hypercritically hyperinflating gas, groceries & governmental girl trafficking & prebirth killing, etc.

The Nazi government barred Jews from schools on November 15 and authorized local authorities to impose curfews in late November. By December 1938, Jews were banned from most public places in Germany.

Low hanging fruit comment. Never happen again?, where outside of Florida and a few other states, Blue Dem governors suppressed educational enhancements like LEARNING locking down their brick and mortar institutions of higher indoctrination.  A whole generation at worst has been educationally RETARDED outside of faithful homeschooling families and some Catholic and other parochial based schools.  But this is NOT a time for fingerpointing but concocting REAL solutions.  Just don’t TRUST it to the teachers’ unions, educrats, DOE and other conflicted entities.  PARENTS are not conflicted, but on fire as the latest Nov 8th school board elections prove: no more rubber stamping teacher’s union and PP comprehensive sex rubbers in wide range of colors and flavors.

Just tell me one thing Ed Inc: are you that creepy that you savor 11 year old boys learning how to stick their penises in other boys’ anal orifices AND getting castrated simultaneously by Creepy Porn Greasehead Newsom’s AborTours & ChainSaw Massectomied Supple Breasts & 100% Circumseismic Castration businesses?  What say you OCSupes and Calif Bishops?

The American governments, state and local, barred American children from schools from march 2020 through somewhere in 2022 (Calif is STILL under Creepy Porn Greasehead Newsom’s Emergency Covid Declarations) and authorized local authorities to force face diapers, isolation and curfews on us sheep.  DO WE REALLY WANT ROUND TWO OF SUPPRESSED SCIENCE AND INOCULATING KIDS OUT OF IGNORANCE?

Sadly, even my Church, the Champions of the Gospel and the efficacy of the Holy Eucharist, followed like clueless sheep.  They STILL do.  Pray for our pope and bishops; maybe they will wake up en masse and see the lessons of DeSantis & Florida.  After all, his name translates to “Of the SAINTS”

The Pfizer Pfauci Pfixes were found to be true Pfailures but the NIAID, CDC, FDA and other public health “agents” refused to do follow up trials, and data collection (perfect study exists in the graduating class of ’22 of charter high Granada Hills), admit VAERS (serious side effects) were in the millions, deaths from CoVax in the thousands as time went on.

The “emergency” concoctions did NOT stop spread nor “cure”.  In fact, the Pharma Goebbels spread their “propaganda” that taking 3 jabs, 3 boosts and GETTING Covid22 is called “breakthrough”.

Friends, a scientific breakthrough is a positive often quantum leap discovery; not an abysmal “breakdown” BY THE PFAILED PFIXER PFAUCI PFIXERS.

Next, when Pfizer’s Pill PaxloVOID (JoBama’s term) led to ENHANCED symptoms not ending them, the Pfauci Gobbels trotted out “rebound”.  Uh sorry, med tyrants, a rebound is what Kareem Abdul Jabbar did well and has nothing to do with justifying yet another failed science product trial.  Science failure IS progress.  Except when the research scientists and drug co (here Pfizer) use their IMMUNITY to continue to lie and lie loudly, to keep the income stream of TAX dollar$ flowing until Dr Rand paul convenes hearings Jan 3, 2023 at the 118th Congress.

Now, the Orange County Board of Supervisors, despite ALL the evidence the CoVax pogrom failed and is killing and maiming people of all ages, they want to double down and FORCE parents to get their precious kids jabbed with a new experimental, untested mRNA non vax vax.

People, parents are tired and are rejecting yet another fraudulent hyperpandemic, calling the common cold virus (RSV or Respiratory Syncytial Virus) a threat to humankind on earth.

Facts tell the truth: the OC Board called on All Saints day Nov 1st for a special Wed the 2nd meet to “ratify the OC Health Department’s declaration of a Local Health Emergency on Halloween” 

Friends, filled ERs does not a hyperpandemic make.  If the OCBoard had gotten away with this, mandates, renewed psychological and physical pain from face diapers, even more lockdowns from the common cold as if it’s the plague, Kansas Spanish flu, would follow.  Another trillion tossed in because the American citizen sheep are still afraid of their shadows and give in, and roll up their sleeves, NOT to help others but take the government jab like the drones they have become.

One question: Doug, granddad Don (congrats on new adoptees), Andrew, Lisa and Katrina: how many more must die before you wake up and do your own independent research?

 We won’t know for years the devastating effects of our “sheepness” with stage 2 CoVax22 let alone the new RSV.  You are being scammed and you are not elected and paid your measly salary to follow but LEAD.  Please do.

No arrogance but humbly gratefulness.  As a home-based education dad of 11, we homeschoolers have weathered the last 3 years excellently because we didn’t drink the Jim Jones kool-aid, still met for cooperative learning science, physics and though not universally anti-pharma vaccinations (especially Mumps, Rubella, Measles NOT HPV because our kids are not sexually active 12 year olds in pubic schools), we THINK and REASON and RESEARCH.  Like Florida was a free state, we practiced same while our public ed neighbors lost two years of ed progress.  And as you know, LAUSD before the lockdowns already were getting million dollars per classroom to produce 35% proficiency in Math&English while graduating only 78 out of 100.

Point is, be the leaders you were meant to be.  Parents, OCSupes, etc.

OC Boarders: you can too!  You have excellent staffers like Andrew Do’s Ofelia and release them to get the truth and facts before you emotionally react to your pubic health staff.

You can do this. We don’t need to continue the modern Kristallnacht, a mixture of racist propagandist hate and division, modernized as parents are too stupid to reject the totalitarian imposed inoculations to make veterinarian Boorla’s next $50 billion.  RSV is THE COMMON COLD not ebola or anthrax.  WAKE UP please.

My apologies for my previous letter, OC Supes, regarding your re-election prospects; at the meeting, I see what you get from too many: piles of criticism.  You will do well next campaign.

But, there is only one human race, not 12, which includes Jews, Vietnamese, short, young and old humans, both PREBIRTH (sorry OC Boarders who buy the eugenicist baby killing lines from your pet planned parenthood) and those who SURVIVE our Creepy Greasehead governor’s plea for killing Reproduced Babies sold for parts from 49 other states.

Thank you all for reading this.  We had our Kristallnacht 3/20/20, with that Creepy Greasehead Guv Newsom after he stole his best friends wife, declaring two weeks of shutdown March 2020 then STILL has NOT released us serf deplorables to be free to move about the cabin.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – OCTOBER 13: Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks at a Planned Parenthood clinic in San Francisco, Calif., on Thursday, Oct. 13, 2022. Clinton paid a visit to support abortion rights and California Proposition 1. (Jane Tyska/Bay Area News Group)

Election denier Hillary promotes luring 49 states worth of pregnant teen girls to be fixed, aborted and DeWombed w’ chainsawn breasts at AborTours Inc.

Plus, our slick Emperor G, who leveraged Covered California with Planned Parenthoodlums hired calling baby killing “essential workers”; now PP gives Covid jabs and Digoxin kill shots to large babies in the same building on Tustin ave at the 22 fwy in Orange.

As of Nov 8th, The JeNewsom AborTours business is up and running.  Think about this, leaders and us peons:

Now our Creepy Greasehead ’24 presidential candidate is luring 49 states’ pregnant teens sans mom and dad’s permission, to risk travel to our prebirth baby killing state of destruction so their young daughters can experience death prematurely.

Don’t mean to be graphic, but OCBoarders, realize: when an Iowa 15 year old shows up at PP HQ in Orange with a baby girl inside, they will put her on a table and spread her legs strapped into stirrups.

Next, shove a sharp curved (no, not an Islamist sword used to decapitate post birth men, women and children) knife called a currette up the Iowan mom’s vagina, thru the birth canal seeking the thumb sucking, squirming 7 month old baby/fetus/rug rat/zygote/fetus/baby girl.  The knife goes through the bag of waters, into the girl’s ‘ready for life’ body killing her.  Her heart and liver, if not damaged by an excited satanic surgeon society trained “death doctor” from Jon Dunn’s stable over exuberance, will be “harvested” from the lured sex trafficked 15 year old.

Notice the remake of the seven billboards put up in seven other states, like a creepy perv, luring distressed pregnant young girls to his lair: a form of sex trafficking the Cartels are jealous of.

Of course, you all know about the “guv’s” other business: gender affirmation that involves chain sawing supple teen growing breasts (or castrating perfectly good  6-17 year old penises because at age 13, kids are smart enough to make irreversible life decisions) in the sex sanctuary Democrat Blue stronghold we call the Golden State.

We don’t need RSV declared Kansas Flu or the Black Plague in our backyard.

Parents are awake, sick and tired by fraudulent medical totalitarianism in the great county of Orange and country founded by 56 people who gave up their lives, fortunes and sacred honor so Newsom can kill like girl’s inside conflicted vulnerable teens.

56, both the number of Declaration signers and the number of days between Nov 8th and Jan 3rd, when the 118th congress is seated to start repairing our great land.

God bless you all and look in the mirror tonight: you are looking at the person who will LIVE forever, and ever and…

Why not GIVE, or ALLOW, EVERY little girl the same chance to live a great 80 years. NO child need by sliced up and killed for parts because our toddler totalitarian Creepy Greasehead NEVER great up into maturity, always chasing the next laser light. Len Beckman

Hat tip Michael Berenbaum at Brittanica on Kristallnacht

St Jude Thaddeus, King Abgar V and the Shroud

My beloved Fr Rocky, Fr Kubicki, John Morales, Taco King Patrick Madrid, Cyrus and Catholic adventurers at RelRad…including our Premonstratensians incl Fr Holy Joe Horn, Augustine et al.

This avid RelRad listening wants to posit something else, beyond the Catholic icon Giza Pyramid (you know the ‘border fire in the middle” pile at the center of the world.  Hmm  Just lost the Taco King and maybe Fr Francsi.

In all humility, please consider an alternative regarding Danny Thomas’ fave saint and our St Jude Thaddeus and the Golden Medallion..  the HOPEful patron saint of HOPEless and impossible causes.  Fr Kubicki does excellent research but suppose:

My thoughts:

  1. Of the apostles, St Jude, like the others, gained his “motto” or patronage by God or by practice. St Therese is known for her roses; Dominic the rosary.  The more famous “proof” of Jude’s patronage of hopeless and impossible causes  would be Edessa’s King Abgar V’s intra-country hope for a cure.  And IF Jude carried the miracle cloth, true relic of Jesus’ Resurrection, surely it would useful for cures throughout his travels with the reformed Zealot, Simon.
  2. The popular Danny Thomas St Jude hospital imagery points often to St Jude sporting a gold medallion, which I believe is a mistranslation of Mandylion…also, historically, the early Church’s treasury was depleted somewhat by Judas redepositing 30 silver pieces with the Jewish leaders: ie  the Church was broke, did not have an Autom religious goods store yet; and would not have excess funds to strike a gold medal with Jesus’ image at that time.  the Shroud could be the real object around his neck, for ease of travel, mounted in a cloth or wooden phylactery/frame.  Folded four ways or more.
  3. Jude could have been the Shroud bearer; there were no parish Catholic churches nearby to leave it and Turin was 15 centuries into the future, via Jerusalem, Edessa, Lirey etc. It was safer chartered to one of the apostles.  Just as the Holy Grail is reported to be in valencia, Spain, and other relics resident throughout the world.

From Wiki and other sources:

The leprous king who asked for Jesus to come heal is pronounced and spelled “Abgar” not Abigar as some pronounce it.

‘Abgar V is said to be one of the first Christian kings in history, having been converted to the faith by Thaddeus of Edessa, one of the 70 disciples   According to Christian tradition, the Image of Edessa was a holy relic consisting of a square or rectangle of cloth upon which a miraculous image of the face of Jesus had been imprinted—the first icon (“image”). The image is also known as the Mandylion (from Greek μανδύλιον “cloth, towel”),[1] in Eastern Orthodoxy, it is also known as Acheiropoeiton (Εἰκόν’ ἀχειροποίητη), or “icon not made by hand”.

(Len: sorting real tradition from conjecture is not always easy.  But, the painting of Abgar looking at a wide rectangular cloth and Jesus’ face in the middle should be considered)

In the tradition recorded in the early 4th century by Eusebius of Caesarea, King Abgar of Edessa wrote to Jesus, asking him to come cure him of an illness. Conjecture is, Abgar received a reply letter from Jesus (I wasn’t aware Jesus had a traveling scribe with him like Nancy Pelosi’s videographer daughter, declining the invitation, but promising a future visit by one of his disciples.

One of the seventy disciplesThaddeus of Edessa, is said to have come to Edessa, bearing the words of Jesus, by the virtues of which the king was miraculously healed. (Len’s note: the Addai artist would be inconsequential if Jude BROUGHT the true 1st class relic of a Risen Savior.)

“Eusebius said that he had transcribed and translated the actual letter in the Syriac chancery documents of the king of Edessa, but who makes no mention of an image. The report of an image, which accrued to the legendarium of Abgar, first appears in the Syriac work, the Doctrine of Addai: according to it, the messenger, here called Ananias, was also a painter, and he painted the portrait, which was brought back to Edessa and conserved in the royal palace.”

The first record of the existence of a physical image in the ancient city of Edessa (now Urfa) was by Evagrius Scholasticus, writing about 593, who reports a portrait of Christ of divine origin (θεότευκτος), which effected the miraculous aid in the defence of Edessa against the Persians in 544. The image was moved to Constantinople in the 10th century. The cloth disappeared when Constantinople was sacked in 1204 during the Fourth Crusade, and is believed by some to have reappeared as a relic in King Louis IX of France‘s Sainte-Chapelle in Paris. This relic disappeared in the French Revolution.[6]

The provenance of the Edessa letter between the 1st century and its location in his own time are not reported by Eusebius. The materials, according to the scholar Robert Eisenman, “are very widespread in the Syriac sources with so many multiple developments and divergences that it is hard to believe they could all be based on Eusebius’ poor efforts” (Eisenman 1997:862).

The Eastern Orthodox Church observes a feast for this icon on August 16, which commemorates its translation from Edessa to Constantinople.

My Sindonologist friends, Steve & Nancy Bottieri, self published a book on the Shroud called Agnus Dei (I gotta find my copy, what with loaning it out and with 11 kids not everything has its place).

Steve is a Jewish man converted to Catholicism; he posits (like Ian below and others) that the actual image discussed above was the actual Shroud. Not some sweaty Veronicaesque face diaper)

Its travels included France and Italy/Turin but note its being found the missing Shroud in the Edessa city walls in the fourth century

I see THREE 4 possibles: the wiped face of Jesus by the dispatched artist or two, his painting.  Veronica’s cloth Sudarium for #3 OR what I believe makes more CSI forensic sense, the actual Shroud.

If the King’s royal artist painted it, then it is NOT an image not made by human hands. So, this wouldn’t be the relic. (the Shroud is a 1st, 2nd and 3rd class relic, so to speak).   If the artist had given Jesus a cloth and His sweat remained on the cloth, like the True Image Veronica, and was taken by the artist back for the leprosy miracle, then again, does this survive research? and credulity?

However, something major occurred to cause Jude Thaddeus to be considered the patron of miracles and impossible causes: to King Abgar, leprosy was impossible to get rid of (no sulfa drugs yet). And he had heard of the miracle worker Jesus

Suppose Jude was chartered to CARRY the Shroud as protection; there was no Catholic parish church in Jerusalem soon after Jesus departed.  And the 14 x 3 foot Shroud could be folded up so a 1 foot square portion showing just His face was exposed.

“The later legend of the image recounts that because the successors of Abgar reverted to paganism, the bishop placed the miraculous image inside a wall, and setting a burning lamp before the image, he sealed them up behind a tile; that the image was later found again, after a vision, on the very night of the Persian invasion, and that not only had it miraculously reproduced itself on the tile, but the same lamp was still burning before it; further, that the bishop of Edessa used a fire into which oil flowing from the image was poured to destroy the Persians.”

The image itself is said to have resurfaced in 525, during a flood of the Daisan, a tributary stream of the Euphrates that passed by Edessa. This flood is mentioned in the writings of the court historian Procopius of Caesarea. In the course of the reconstruction work, a cloth bearing the facial features of a man was discovered hidden in the wall above one of the gates of Edessa.  (Review how representations of Jesus changed in art)

Writing soon after the Persian siege of 544, Procopius says that the text of Jesus’ letter, by then including a promise that “no enemy would ever enter the city”, was inscribed over the city gate, but does not mention an image. Procopius is skeptical about the authenticity of the promise, but says that the wish to disprove it was part of the Persian king Khosrau I‘s motivation for the attack, as “it kept irritating his mind”.[8] The Syriac Chronicle of Edessa written in 540-550 also claim divine interventions in the siege, but does not mention the Image.[9]

Some fifty years later, Evagrius Scholasticus in his Ecclesiastical History (593) is the first to mention a role for the image in the relief of the siege,[10] attributing it to a “God-made image”, a miraculous imprint of the face of Jesus upon a cloth.

The Shroud certainly wasn’t in Jerusalem or Turin.  Could it be?

“Thus we can trace the development of the legend from a letter, but no image in Eusebius, to an image painted by a court painter in Addai, which becomes a miracle caused by a miraculously-created image supernaturally made when Jesus pressed a cloth to his wet face in Evagrius. It was this last and latest stage of the legend that became accepted in Eastern Orthodoxy, the image of Edessa that was “created by God, and not produced by the hands of man”. This idea of an icon that was Acheiropoietos (Αχειροποίητος, literally “not-made-by-hand”) is a separate enrichment of the original legend: similar legends of supernatural origins have accrued to other Orthodox icons.”

The Ancha icon is reputed to be the Keramidion, another acheiropoietos recorded from an early period, miraculously imprinted with the face of Christ by contact with the Mandylion. To art historians it is a Georgian icon of the 6th-7th century.

According to the Golden Legend, which is a collection of hagiographies compiled by Jacobus de Voragine in the thirteenth century, the king Abgarus (Abgar one supposes) sent an epistle to Jesus, who answered him writing that he would send him one of his disciples (Thaddeus of Edessa) to heal him. The same work adds:

And when Abgarus saw that he might not see God presently, after that it is said in an ancient history, as John Damascene witnesseth in his fourth book, he sent a painter unto Jesu Christ for to figure the image of our Lord, to the end that at least that he might see him by his image, whom he might not see in his visage. And when the painter came, because of the great splendour and light that shone in the visage of our Lord Jesu Christ, he could not behold it, ne could not counterfeit it by no figure. And when our Lord saw this thing he took from the painter a linen cloth and set it upon his visage, and emprinted the very phisiognomy of his visage therein, and sent it unto the king Abgarus which so much desired it. And in the same history is contained how this image was figured. It was well-eyed, well-browed, a long visage or cheer, and inclined, which is a sign of maturity or ripe sadness.

Later events

The Holy Mandylion disappeared again after the Sassanians conquered Edessa in 609. A local legend, related to historian Andrew Palmer when he visited Urfa (Edessa) in 1999, relates that the towel or burial cloth (mendil) of Jesus was thrown into a well in what is today the city’s Great Mosque. The Christian tradition exemplified in Georgios Kedrenos‘ Historiarum compendium[13] is at variance with this, John Scylitzes[14] recounting how in 944, when the city was besieged by John Kourkouas, it was exchanged for a group of Muslim prisoners. At that time the Image of Edessa was taken to Constantinople where it was received amidst great celebration by emperor Romanos I Lekapenos, who deposited it in the Theotokos of the Pharos chapel in the Great Palace of Constantinople. Not inconsequentially, the earliest known Byzantine icon of the Mandylion or Holy Face, preserved at Saint Catherine’s Monastery in Egypt, is dated c. 945.[15]

“The Mandylion remained under Imperial protection until the Crusaders sacked the city in 1204 and carried off many of its treasures to Western Europe, though the “Image of Edessa” is not mentioned in this context in any contemporary document. Similarly, it has been claimed that the Shroud of Turin disappeared from Constantinople in 1204, when Crusaders looted the city. The leaders of the Crusader army in this instance were French and Italian (from Venice), and it is believed that somehow because of this, the Shroud made its way to France. A small part of a relic, believed to be the same as this, was one of the large group sold by Baldwin II of Constantinople to Louis IX of France in 1241 and housed in the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris (not to be confused with the Sainte Chapelle at Chambéry, home for a time of the Shroud of Turin) until it disappeared during the French Revolution.

The Portuguese Jesuit, Jerónimo Lobo, who visited Rome in 1637, mentions the sacred portrait sent to King Abgar as being in this city: “I saw the famous relics that are preserved in that city as in a sanctuary, a large part of the holy cross, pieces of the crown and several thorns, the sponge, the lance, Saint Thomas’s finger, one of the thirty coins for which the Saviour was sold, the sacred portrait, the one that Christ Our Lord sent to King Abagaro, the sacred staircase on which Christ went up and down from the Praetorium, the head of the holy Baptist, the Column, the Altar on which Saint Peter said mass, and countless other relics.”

Christ Pantocrator     also refer to the image of Edessa

(Len here, fellow adventurers: we know that Christian art began to reflect the dark bruise under Jesus’ left eye, obviously not mascara but from His Holy Scourging, moving away from a more sterile imagery, AFTER the Shroud was rediscovered in the early centuries. 

For example, in Christ Pantocrator, the two eyes are different and the left reflects the heavy bruising under His left eye.

I believe real time and history needs to be a part of our understandings of Church history;  being extremely careful not to go heretical like Algore and the climate cultists who insult God claiming man’s ability to change climate with 12 manmade CO2 molecules for every million air molecules ( a subject for a different blog 12:1,000,000 or 1:2500 showing God’s perfect atmospheric science)

Think about the last three humans seeing Jesus is His fullest no wounds glory: Peter, James and John at the Transfiguration.

I believe they were the last to see Him the way they did, because in heaven, Jesus will forever have the DThomas’ left eye, scourge, nails and spear wounds.  Yes, even His mother will see the evidence of the greatest gift to mankind by the greatest Being: God’s son.

His bruises reflect our grateful eternal gift of hope and life.  Even the dead Moses and alive Elijah had the same view.

I may be wrong, as a dad of 11 in 39h year of homeschooling the Catholic way can be, but Jude, the Shroud bearer, traveling the world before his death and now still patronizing the prayers of humans on earth for healings, makes sense.  Just like the female caller mentioned about a cancer cure spoken on John Morales morning show due to a novena to Jude Thaddeus.

God bless the mighty relevant radio and tacos away to the Patrick Madrid Experience… RelRadio is an amazing blessing to so many.

In His Service,

Len Beckman


Open Letter to Mark and Priscilla Facebook Zuckerberg

Mark & Priscilla:  Congratulations are in order for your third little girl, soon to make daylight unless you abort her.

I understand you lost three children via miscarriage over time and for this I am truly sorry. And I hope you don’t have your #3 killed, please!!  Are you mad at God about losing the 1st three?  Just curious

Please think of it this way:  you have three beautiful children awaiting you in heaven should you make the heaven-hell cut after you die and get there someday.

And Priscilla, having been at all eleven of our children’s births, the heartfelt pain of carrying them for a short period of time and then voila they vanished can be excruciating.  It is just too bad you hate other people’s birth opportunities and pay for their futures contract kills.

As to your three in heaven, know that God, like the coding Mark’s team works so hard on to keep Facebook afloat, has the organic deoxyribonucleic acid data imprints for all three.  As well as your three daughters on earth.  Oh, and both of your genomic details as well.  You should feel so blessed, what with Mark’s success a la Facebook (which banned me today for posting Dr Pfaucinstein’s ‘Chloroquine success against Corona virus’ article back in 2005. HIS words got me banned and you STILL are pushing for me to buy more ads.  Total sicko, what with your CensoRoaches scurrying around decent people.

Each, precious, unique, 50 trillion cells all laid out in 10 systems, four types of tissues, 217 bones, multiple organs…LIFE!  And your prebirth certificate recorded forever in God’s omniscient and omnipotent Mind.  Tell me why you and Mark have paid for 3,000,000 little girl killings after getting “yours”?  Zounds of hypercrite arrogance.

As the dad of 11, six daughters and five sons, and 23 grandkids, I will pray for your future good decisions.  Among the grandkids, Priscilla, we have some we record as grandkids but were also miscarried, as the term goes.  God took them home early…even though we really wanted them to have life.  Just as for you.  Priscilla, of all mothers on earth, how can you stomach spending millions to kill millions when you’ve been graced with million$ and 3 girls?

Might I ask a simple question: why did you two buy three million kid kills, abortions?  37 MILLION FB shares converted to kill pills and kill mill sliceouts!

Priscilla, you know the pain you went through losing your prebirth children; you CAN’T ignore your instincts as a parent; and mother Priscilla must have been NOT to think of them as products of conception or a blob of tissue…after all, their hearts were beating at 5 weeks.  Yes, their HUMAN HEARTS were beating that soon at 5 weeks.  Dead kids’ hearts DON’T beat!

Yes, the $992 million bucks you sent to the most racist, anti human, black, Mexican, handicapped, Jew hating organization ever, planned parenthoodlums, kill little girls and sell their organs for more money. Yes, we know, you used a middle man.

It’s ALL about the $$ and you two got suckered in trying to “get along”. And you can’t get those 37 million shares of stock back.

Yes, you are getting a huge “bang” for your bucks, but not using .22 or 30 ought 6 ammo: you are using Poison Fetalkyl pills or currettes, those sharp curved knives Islamist satanist surgeons slide up mom vaginas, thru the birth canal, into the womb and jab like a shiv into the mothers’ unsuspecting, squirming living, yes living little Max’s, killing them dead for the harvest.

Ironically, Mark paid $400 million more for ballot harvesting, taking over elections in key states in 2020.  Just as your lust for death leads you to harvest valuable organs for med labs around the world.

You may have heard of girls in slavery, human trafficking.

Ever hear of the #1 killer of 18-35 young people?  It’s called Fentanyl

But the disease of Fetalkyl takes out millions worldwide every year.

Next time, Mark and Priscilla, together, you look into the darkened girls’ rooms, see your beautiful offsprings gently sleeping, think of the millions you have killed by proxy.  Adults DON’T do this: spoiled rick kids do.

I hope, when your third child’s bag of waters breaks, and she is eased down the birth canal to the waiting arms of that unique human Priscilla (your wife, Mark), you think of the million little girls you’ve killed for each LIVE Zuckerberger birth.

A new modern use of the the term “One (live Zucker) for a million (dead black, Mexican and other depopulation targets) odds.

You have less than a 100 years to live, Mark & Priscilla. And I, mysteriously, continues to be banned by one of your CensoRoaches crawling around in the dark, for what?  Posting Dr Pfaucinstein’s NIH (he’s the director remember) OWN article touting “Chloroquines” as a successful treatment for Corona viruses.  Since you are above science, this means Pfizer Pfauci has known there are successful therapies that stop Covid19, Covid20…Covid23 in its tracks, but the megamaniacal bureauRat killed off successful real doctors, and the therapies, including HCQ, Stombectol, monoclonals, Zinc, D3 for the deadly Remdesivir, and failed pseudovaccines of Pfizer, Moderna and the other immune Pharmas.

Of course, since you are ok killing off three million more little girls, what’s a few 35,000 and climbing deaths by failed drugs? Not to mention, million+ of terrible lifetime side effects “rebound” and “Breakthrough” terms are the party of Chaos’ euphemisms of the day like “woman’s right to choose…” and “12 man made CO2 molecules per million air is killing the planet”, etc.

When you have a moment, look into my account at Facebook; you have ultimate power and this dad of 11 was not raised by the indoctrinatioNation of the left’s pubic education but we are in year 39 of home-based education to focus on science, Math, English and real histories.

I pray when God calls YOU home, Mark and/or Priscilla, as YOU have taken the lives with donated stock of 3 million innocent, vulnerable babies home by death, you will have reconciled with Jesus your Savior.  Do the math: your 82 years on earth are nothing compared to foreverandeverandeverandever and beyond.

Dad of 11  Praying for you.  Hope you wake up while on earth; no do overs.  BTW, answer me why your CensoRoaches banned me for publicizing Dr Pfauci OWN article stating there were SUCCESSFUL COVID THERAPIES long before his Pfailed Pfauci Pfizer Pfixes came along.  I know, because two people are alive today because i encouraged them to get a 2nd opinion, HCQ, Ivermectin, D3, Zinc etc resulted and they live:  a FULL YEAR BEFORE the pfailed breakthrough rebounding “vaxxes”.

Greatest medical malpractice of all time, as you will see following Dr paul and other hearings after Jan 3 2023




The 70 FREE unvaxxed Highlanders of Granada Hills will OUTLIVE the 1030 Inoculated Sheep

Draft Proposal

For the excellent representative of the 25th district, Mike Garcia and soon pioneer rep of the new 27th, to review

Temporary title:

A longitudinal study of the long term effects of Pfizer EUA generated experimental “vaccines” on the 2022 Graduating Class of Granada Hills High.

Test subjects:  1030 “vaccinated” students

Control Group:  70 “unvaccinated” students

This longitudinal study is being commissioned since the CDC, FDA, NIH and NIAID governmental agencies have failed in their roles of protecting America from the work product of Pfizer, Moderna and other drug manufacturers, under the direct and indirect supervision of Dr Pfaucinstein (AKA Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and other alleged medical malpractitioners.

Whereas… DR. Mr. Pfauci banned medical intelligence sharing, suppressed numerous successful early and alternate therapies in favor of his personal (not backed by years of medical history) bias for the Experimental Use Authorization (EAU); he unilaterally and with other top 3 letter governmental heads caused the firing of excellent licensed doctors and clinicians who successfully treated Covid19 ~ Covid22 patients…

Whereas, in an outrageous show of unscientific stupidity bordering on the likes of Dr Mengele from the National Socialist German medical brance, the Granada Hills charter High School leadership demonized 70 students whose parents had chosen a different health path for their graduating seniors and banned them from prom and other school activities including graduating in an open stadium.

Whereas, since the parents wanted to protect their teens from what is shaping up as the greatest medical malpractice tyranny in history, as many of us have come to see is very real.

Whereas the 1030 guinea pigs aka students who decided on their own or with parental advice to trust the conflicted, compromised and corrupt med establishment over competent science, now can look forward to a lifetime of uncertainty because they:

  1. Took three untested, experimental Pfauci Pfizer (or Moderna) inoculations mislabeled as “vaccines”.

2. Then up to three boosters with similar mRNA concoctions.

3. Next, with Pfizer’s Paxlovoid (POTUS description), when human guinea pigs have gotten 3+3 jabs and still get Covid22

Study Evidence Exhibit 1; labeled: etymological gamesmanship 1 & 2.  Two new silly terms resulted over the 2nd phase of the bioterror weapon deployment; though not readily apparent to the public mass, they are typical Democrat ameliorations to distract the citizen.  Good example is “a woman’s right to choose… ” always ends with the ellipse missing the choose… “to kill her kid for parts”:

Exhibit ONE.  Fully vaxxed and still getting later Covid virus infections, the clowns called it “breakthrough”. A term reserved for SUCCESS, innovation not breakdown, the most appropriate term for a scientific endeavor that results in failure, a logical and acceptable result AS LONG AS the scientists, doctors and NIAID etc gov bureauRats don’t hide the truth.

Exhibit TWO. When Pfizer’s pill version came out, the term “rebound” was coined when symptoms did not end, but got much more severe.

Exhibit THREE:  Proof of successful treatment one year BEFORE the rushed mRNA Pfizer inoculations (NOT a vax) brought to “market”.  The Mike X Case Study


The GHH 2022 Class study should include 1 year/5 year/10 year and 20 year results from as many of the 1100 graduating students as possible, as well as the natural control group (70 NOT experimentally injected).  Double blind is not essential since the test subjects were naturally created by governmental policies on the national, state, county and school level.

Americans, since the Big Pharma~Government agencies cabal refused to act professionally using basic scientific methodologies of research and study, deserve the truth and to help our young who have been exposed to foreign agents (not just Chinese CP but experimental chemicals) and are experiencing sever side effects.  Should any of the 1070 Granada Hills Hi class of 2022 die in the duration of the study, an autopsy would be wise to help the general 20-35 age range as they move through the study over time.

This is not an attempt to indict; that is Dr Rand Paul and other members of the House and Senate after the seating of the 118th Congress, 56 days after Nov 8th.  Recall, 56 Signers gave up family, fortune and very lives to begin this great and blessed American experiment.

Note, that with Covid1 2002, vaccinations were discontinued 20 years ago from a similar drug architecture after 50 deaths.

Embarrassing for the supposed unbiased Big Pharma~Government FDACDCNIHNIAID complex, VAERS has over ONE MILLION severe side effects including blood clots, myocardia, pericardia, severe effects on pregnant mothers etc and over 35,000 deaths.  AND it is STILL pushed, with face diapers for control of the masses, by the out of control Pfauci Pforce.

Draft   To be continued after Nov 8, 2022

Representative Mike Garcia: thank you for reading and considering.  I will forward my work product soon after Nov 8th when you take over the new 28th.  If I miss you at the candidates confab on Oct 4th, I made a mixed media art piece memorializing your idea about Grant I titled “True 5 Grit Grant” and needs your autograph before he gets it.

. This  dad of 11 has a crisp $2 bill for each of the seventy (70) seniors at Granada Hills High who did NOT take the supposed Pfauci Pfizer Pfix, because they are the control group.

They have shown us adults that it is STILL possible for the at risk next generation to think critically, and challenge peacefully the status quo.

Education is NOT indoctrination and each of these 70, like the disciples of ancient times, are disciples for seeking the Truth.

Second, please stop insulting their intelligence, Granada Hills intelligensia.  You are there to serve the parents as a charter school; not beholding to the BLM Cicely UTLA queen and LAUSD, you’d think you would act a little independent of the teachers’ union overseers.  But, alas, no such luck.

Errata for the study below.

Your new representation of the 25th, Mike Garcia, has a word for you:  (get the video from his ghh appearance


Parents and students rallied outside of Granada Hills Charter High School on Tuesday to protest a policy that will bar unvaccinated students from participating in graduation ceremonies.

Granada Hills Charter has maintained its vaccination requirement despite the Los Angeles Unified School District delaying the vaccination mandate until July 1, 2023.

According to the school, 99% of eligible students have been vaccinated.

“Our board stands by the science that indicates that vaccination is the most effective and best tool available to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the safest learning environment possible,” the school said in a statement.

“Our commitment to safety is ever more important as COVID-19 cases are spiking again, and the prospect of outbreaks and new variants is significant.”

The protesting parents said the policy will keep 70 unvaccinated high school seniors from the graduation ceremonies, including eight special-needs students.

“What Granada Hills charter high school has done to its graduating seniors is egregious and unconstitutional by both state and federal standards,” Parisa Fishback, cofounder of a group called Moms on the Ground, said in a statement ahead of the rally.

“We will hold them accountable in every way possible. For now, we march for the kids that they will not allow to walk.”

Granada Hills Charter is an independent charter school consisting of over 4,600 students in grades K–12, located in the Granada Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, United States. It is the largest charter school in the nation. Granada also has a high Academic Performance Index score of 878, greatly exceeding the target API score of 800 for all schools in California. On April 12, 2011, Granada was named a 2011 California Distinguished School. On December 22, 2011, Granada became an International Baccalaureate World School. Since 2011, the school has won seven National Academic Decathlon Championships.

A high school in Los Angeles County is prohibiting unvaccinated students from participating in their graduation ceremony, according to reports.

After prohibiting unvaccinated seniors from attending prom and senior awards night, Granada Hills Charter High School is banning unvaccinated students from its graduation ceremony on June 2.

Instead of attending the ceremony, Granada Hills Charter High School offers remote participation to 70 unvaccinated seniors by having their names called while their other classmates walk the stage.

One Granada Hills senior, Andrew Luna, said the situation is “heartbreaking” and added he felt “abandoned” by the school he “worked so hard for.”

After the school did remote learning throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Granada Hills High announced that only vaccinated students may return to campus for the current spring semester.

The unvaccinated students were enrolled in the school’s online independent study program, preventing them from being engaged in extracurricular activities on campus.

“Besides that, it was just the events on school campus, relationships with friends and just a lot I had to give up, essentially,” Luna told CBS News.

It is not just a matter of participating in the upcoming graduation ceremony for Luna and other seniors. Rather, they feel they are standing up for the next class of unvaccinated seniors.

“Us seniors, we might be shot, but the next grade, the next grade after that, they’ll get to be on campus and that’s what we’re fighting for, the future essentially,” Luna said.

Parents of those banned from the graduation ceremony are understandably frustrated as well.

“Right before graduation, he’s being told that he can’t graduate on stage. That’s not right,” Luna’s father, Tom, said.

He added that his son is willing to get tested for coronavirus before the graduation ceremony, but the school would not allow that.

“Andrew is willing to be tested, there’s no reason he can’t get tested and then go into school just to graduate,” he said. “They told us it was because of an uptick in COVID cases that this mandate occurred. But we know that’s not the case because they planned this last year.”

As a charter school, Granada Hills Charter High School is outside the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles Unified School District, which has delayed its vaccine mandate two times, pushing the upcoming vaccine requirement back to July 2023.

Granada Hills high responded to the criticism in a statement provided to CBSLA.

“Our community asked for and has overwhelmingly supported our student vaccine policy as demonstrated by our 99% vaccination rate amongst those who are eligible to be vaccinated,” the high school said.

ype:Charter school
School district:Los Angeles Unified School District
NCES School ID:060220603050
Principal:Brian Bauer
Teaching staff:179.42 (FTE) (2018–19)
Grades:9-12 (Main campus), K-8 (Devonshire campus)
Enrollment:4,698 (2018–19)
Student to teacher ratio:26.18
Color(s):Green, Black, White
Athletics conference:CIF Los Angeles City Section
Newspaper:The Plaid Press



Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 protects people from discrimination based on sex in education programs or activities which receive Federal financial assistance. Title IX states that:

No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.

More information about Title IX can be found on the California Department of Education website.



(a) You have the right to fair and equitable treatment and you shall not be discriminated against based on your sex.

(b) You have the right to be provided with an equitable opportunity to participate in all academic extracurricular activities and athletics offered by GHC.

(d) You have the right to apply for athletic scholarships.

(e) You have the right to receive equitable treatment and benefits in the provision of all of the following:

  • Equipment and supplies.
  • Scheduling of games and practices.
  • Transportation and daily allowances.
  • Access to tutoring.
  • Coaching.
  • Locker rooms.
  • Practice and competitive facilities.
  • Medical and training facilities and services.
  • Publicity.

(f) You have the right to have access to our Title IX Coordinator regarding gender equity laws. Please see above for this Coordinator’s contact information.

(g) You have the right to file a confidential discrimination complaint with the United States Office for Civil Rights or California Department of Education if you believe you have been discriminated against or if you believe you have received unequal treatment on the basis of your sex. See below for more information regarding how to file a complaint.

(h) You have the right to pursue civil remedies if you have been discriminated against.

(i) You have the right to be protected against retaliation if you file a discrimination complaint.

(j) You can find out more information regarding your rights, GHC’s responsibilities, and access information on gender equity laws from the following resources:


(a) You can find more information regarding how to file a complaint as follows:

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The Battle of Lepanto and FOR America with ONE proposition

History repeats, sometimes.  But do we learn from it?

Oct 7, 1571 was an eventful Sunday naval battle in world history.  Meanwhile, Proposition 1 is a mountaintop battle in 2022 by a satanist governor name G Lucipher Newsom and his buddy’s wife, Jen pushing two new flagship businesses:  AborTours Inc. and AMA approved Teen Sex Mutilations UnLtd.  Pelosi’s nephew, the Abortion King, strikes yet again.  

“On Sunday 7 October 1571 the combined Christian fleets under Don John of Austria achieved a significant naval victory over the Turks in the Straits of Lepanto.

Thousands of Christians were liberated, the Turkish fleet was destroyed, and they suffered their first great defeat at sea.

In gratitude to God and Our Lady, Pope Saint Pius V ordered an annual commemoration to be made of Our Lady of Victory.

In 1573 Pope Gregory XIII transferred the feast to the first Sunday of October with the title Feast of the Most Holy Rosary since the victory was won through invocation of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Painting by Paolo Veronese

In 1716 Pope Clement XII extended the feast to the whole Latin Rite calendar, assigning it to the first Sunday in October. Pope Saint Pius X changed the date to 7 October in 1913. In 1969 Pope Paul VI changed the name of the feast to Our Lady of the Rosary.”

The Wiki version: “The Battle of Lepanto was a naval engagement that took place on 7 October 1571 when a fleet of the Holy League, a coalition of Catholic states arranged by Pope Pius V, inflicted a major defeat on the fleet of the Ottoman Empire in the Gulf of Patras”

This painting by Paolo Veronese helps see the timeless story that few in modern godless America understand: the battles are not just on earth, but in the spiritual realm.

We know from the historical books, God created the angels before the universe was created for man, and before Adam and Eve were made in His image. One of the most beautiful & powerful rebelled and became what we call satan or the devil.

He/it hated humanity first, then vociferously Mary and her Son, Jesus.  One tool that is centuries old, the rosary, has amazing power then and in today’s world.

St Dominic traditionally received the rosary, an active prayer tool string of 53 beads, some medals and Christ crucified.

Back to Lepanto, 400 warships were involved in this decisive battle between the Christian world and Muhammed’s Islamist descendants.  The story is a good one to see as it unfolds today in of all places California and the US., as well as Biden bizarre African & Middle East failures especially Afghanistan, which occurred on another Marian feast day, the Assumption (4th joyful rosary mystery ) Aug 15, 2021.

From Michael Novak:

For those who know little history, today’s battles with the Islamic State (ISIS) in the Middle East may seem new and unprecedented (Novak wrote this in 2014 before Trump and Kushner’s amazing successes with turning back ISIS and the Abraham Accords. It is not new.

In a.d.  622, Mohammed set out from Medina to conquer the whole Christian world for Allah by force of arms.  Within a hundred years, his successors had occupied and pillaged every Christian capital of the Middle East, from Antioch through North Africa (home of Saint Augustine) and Spain.  All that remained outside Allah’s reign was the northern arc from Southern France to Constantinople.

What we are seeing in 2014 (and continuing through Biden’s August 15, 2021 fail in Afghanistan, Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and other anti-life clashes between good and evil) has a history of more than 1,300 years — a very bloody, terror-ridden history.

Except that today the struggle is far, far more secular than religious — a war over political institutions and systems of law, with almost no public argument over religious doctrine.

Edward Gibbon, in The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (1776-78), describes how tall Islamic minarets could have been seen in Oxford before his birth, and the accents in its markets would have been Arabic: “The interpretation of the Koran would now be taught in the schools of Oxford, and her pulpits might demonstrate to a circumcised people the sanctity and truth of the revelation of Mahomet.”

Gibbon was writing about the decisive battle of Poitiers in a.d. 732, when at last a Christian leader, Charles Martel (“Charles the Hammer”), drove back the Muslims from their high-water mark in Western Europe with such force that they went reeling backwards into Spain. From there, it took Spain another 750 years — until 1492 — to drive Islamic armies back into North Africa, whence they had invaded.  Even so, the Islamic terror bombers who just a few years ago killed more than a hundred commuters in Madrid did so (they announced) to avenge the Spanish “Reconquista” of 1492.  For Islam, to lose a territory once Muslim is to incur a religious obligation to wrest it back. (Len’s note: you can see that in Isis resurgence in Biden’s fueling the international terrorists with his blatant incompetence.  20 months of misery merchantile failure)

It had been a marvel in 732 that just over 100 years earlier, Mohammed had launched his army from Medina, to conquer in rapid-fire succession so many of the most glorious capital cities of Christianity — Jerusalem, Antioch, Alexandria, Hippo, Tunis, Carthage, and then all of Spain.  More amazingly still, Muslims very quickly went farther into the Far East than Alexander the Great ever had.

Even today, in the eyes of political Islamists, the expansion of Islam is far from finished.  The dynamic obligation at the heart of their Islam is to conquer the world for Allah, and to incorporate it all into the great Islamic Umma.  Only then will the world be at peace.  Submission to Allah is the reason the world was created.

For more than a thousand years after 622, southern Europe had to give active military resistance to the “Saracens” (as the Islamists came to be known in the West).  For 600 of those thousand years, a huge sea war ensued for control of the Mediterranean, but war by land was not called off.  The Turks who took over the Arab world expanded their empire in all four directions on the map.  For more than a century they made attempt after attempt to take down the largest and richest of the Christian capitals, Constantinople, whose walls they finally breached in 1453.  There followed great plunder, huge fires of destruction, the desecration of Christian basilicas and churches, murder, and torture.  Thousands of Christian men, women, and children were marched off toward slavery in the East.

A long line of great warrior sultans sponsored Turkish advances in shipbuilding, gunnery, military organization, and training.  By the mid 1550s they had slowly conceived of a long-term offensive, a pincers movement first by sea and then by land, to conquer the whole northern shore of the Mediterranean.  Their ultimate aim was to take all Italy; then all Europe.

First, in 1565, they launched a massive sea attack on the crossroads of the Mediterranean, the strategically placed island of Malta.  They were repelled after an epic siege (which in itself is one of history’s great stories).  A later northern pincers movement by land was aimed at an attack up through the Balkans, for the conquest of Budapest, and then in a northeast arc into Slovakia and Poland.  In this way, the Muslim forces would essentially encircle Italy from the north.  The capture of Vienna — and thus the cutting off of Italy, for easy conquest — was the prize most sought.

Because by 1540 the Reformation had begun separating the Christian nations of the north from Rome, the sultans soon recognized that the Christian world would no longer fight as one.  The next hundred years or so would be the most fruitful time since 632 to fulfill the destiny of Islam in Europe.

At last, Don Juan of Austria, the younger brother of the king of Spain, an illegitimate son, stood erect and summoned allies to repel the much-anticipated Muslim advance. He aimed at leading a large fleet to go after the new Muslim fleet preemptively, before they could depart from their home seas.

1.  The Preliminary Battles of Malta and Famagusta: 1565 and 1571

Each new caliph of the Islamic empire was expected to expand the existing Muslim territories, in order to fulfill Islam’s mission and gain for the leader the necessary popularity and legitimacy.  So it was that in the pleasant springtime of 1571, an entire Muslim fleet under Ali Pasha was ordered by the sultan to seek out and destroy Christian dominance of the Mediterranean Sea, all the way up to Venice.  During the summer, Ali Pasha raided fort after fort along the Adriatic shore, picked up thousands of hostages as slaves, and sent at least a small squadron to blockade for two or three days the approaches to St.  Mark’s Square in Venice, not least to plant a seed of terror about worse things to come.

Meanwhile, another large Muslim force soon conquered Cyprus, inflicting ritual cruelties on the defeated population of Nicosia, setting fire to churches, beheading the older women, and marching all younger Christians of both sexes into slavery.  The Muslim armies then headed north for the fortress of Famagusta, the last Venetian stronghold on the island, the “extended arm” of the trading posts and protective forts of the Venetian navy in the entire eastern Mediterranean.  An army of 100,000 opened the siege, against a force of 15,000 behind the walls.

Under the energetic generalship of the elderly General Marcantonio Bragadino, the small band of defenders held out for week after week, despite receiving more than 180,000 incoming cannonballs.  The defenders ran so short of food that in the end they were eating cats, until finally they consumed their last one.  The Muslim general was outraged by the length of the siege, which had already cost him 80,000 of his best men even though Famagusta’s fate was sealed from the first days.  Yet there were still long days, and sometimes nights, of hard hand-to-hand fighting just outside the walls.  Muslim losses kept getting fully replenished by sea, and the Muslim forces grew stronger as the Christians got down to their last six barrels of gunpowder, with only four hundred men still able to fight.

On August 1, General Bragadino finally accepted surrender terms, which guaranteed safe passage of all his men to sail home to Venice, and safety to all citizens of the walled city.  He walked with the full scarlet regalia of his office out from the walls and down to the tent of Alfa Mustafa, the victorious commander.  There the two leaders conversed.  Then something went wrong, and Mustafa grew visibly angry and called for his men to behead the full complement of 350 survivors who had laid down their arms to march out with Bragadino.  All 350 bleeding heads were piled up just outside Mustafa’s tent.

For more than a thousand years after 622, southern Europe had to give active military resistance to the “Saracens” (as the Islamists came to be known in the West).

Mustafa then ordered Bragadino’s ears and nose chopped off, and forced the man to go down on all fours wearing a dog’s collar around his neck, to the jibes, mockery, and horror of the onlookers.  Bags of earth were strapped over Bragadino’s back and he was made to carry them to the walls of the fortification, and to kiss the earth each time he passed Mustafa.  As the old man grew fainter from the loss of blood from his head, he was tied to a chair, put in a rope harness and hoisted up to the highest mast in the fleet, so that all survivors of the city might see his humiliation.  Then Bragadino’s chair was dropped in free fall into the water and brought out again.  The tortured Venetian was led in ropes to the town square and stripped.  At a stone column (which still stands today), Bragadino’s hands were tied outstretched over his head, and an executioner stepped forward with sharp knives to carefully remove his skin, keeping it whole.  Before the carver had reached Bragadino’s waist, the man was dead.  His full skin was then stuffed with straw, once again raised up to the highest mast, and sailed around to various ports as a trophy of victory, and finally taken back to Istanbul for permanent exhibition.

Meanwhile, Don Juan had put the Christian fleet of some 200 vessels on course toward Lepanto, where Ali Pasha was refitting his vessels in the safe protection of an impregnable harbor.  When a fast corsair dispatched from Famagusta arrived to deliver the tale of the dishonors visited on General Bragadino and his 350 surviving soldiers, the blood of the Venetians boiled.  They now allowed no question of turning back.  They were determined to avenge the horrors suffered by their comrades in arms.

The young Don Juan was buoyed by this new resolve.  Now he would be able to keep the vow he had made to Pope Pius V, to seek out and destroy the threatening enemy.  The young admiral — he was 22 when he became commander of this fleet — felt confident in his battle plan.  He had taken care to have his whole fleet rehearse their roles in the quiet seas of the Adriatic just before turning toward Lepanto.

Don Juan and many of his men spent much of the night before the battle of October 7 in prayer.  The fate of their civilization, they knew, depended on their good fortune on the morrow.  The uncertainties of the changing winds and choppy seas, and the speed of the two onrushing lines of ships rapidly closing on each other, would create unpredictable havoc.  The odds against the Christians in ships were something like 350 ships to 250.  But the Christians had a secret weapon.

2.  The Greatest Sea Battle in History: Lepanto, October 1571

For more than three years, Pope Pius V had labored mightily to sound alarms about the deadly Muslim buildup in the shipyards of Istanbul.  The sultan had been stung by the surprising defeat of his overwhelming invasion force in Malta in 1565.  The savagery of Muslim attacks on the coastal villages of Italy, Sicily, Dalmatia, and Greece was ratcheted upwards.  Three or four Muslim galleys would offload hundreds of marines, who would sweep through a village, tie all its healthy men together for shipment out to become galley slaves, march away many of its women and young boys and girls for shipment to Eastern harems, and then gather all the elderly into the village church, where the helpless victims would be beheaded, and sometimes cut up into little pieces, to strike terror into other villages.  The Muslims believed that future victims would lose heart and swiftly surrender when Muslim raiders arrived.  Over three centuries, the number of European captives kidnapped from villages and beaches by these pirates climbed into the hundreds of thousands.

The reason for this kidnapping was that the naval appetite for fresh backs and muscles was insatiable.  Most galley slaves lived little more than five years.  They were chained to hard benches in the burning Mediterranean sun, slippery in their own excrement, urine, and intermittent vomiting, often never lying down to sleep.  The dark vision that troubled the pope during the late 1560s was of even more horrible calamities to befall the whole Christian world, bit by bit.  But unity in Europe was hard to find, and even more scarce was the will to fight for survival.

Having seen Muslim ferocity firsthand, however, the Venetian public was determined to contribute a fleet to the task.  Their support was crucial, for Venice was in those days the shipbuilding and gunnery capital of the world, producers (for a profit) of the most innovative, most versatile, stoutest, and most seaworthy armed vessels in the world.  The best sea captains of Venice were the most eager to avenge their friends and fellow citizens.

For years, Venice had preferred peace with the Muslim East, in order to carry on their lucrative international trade.  Now there was a cause that took precedence over the traditions of commerce.  Genoa, too, contributed a fleet under their famous but now elderly Admiral Andrea Doria, these days a less-bold warrior despite the glory of his earlier exploits.  The Knights of Malta, the premier sea warriors of the time, offered their small but highly skilled fleet in support of the pope’s appeal and agreed to work cooperatively with Don Juan.

Don Juan, whom his contemporaries described as a modest and humble man, characteristically set aside his own ego for the sake of the cause that engaged him.  He pledged to the armada a large contingent supplied by Spain and Portugal.  By the end of September 1571, eager to get their job done before winter turned the seas choppy and unfit for battle, the four distinct parts of the Christian fleet sailed past Italy, hugging the coasts, sending teams of observers to land to pick up the latest intelligence on the Muslim force.  Finally, they learned that an enormous Muslim fleet, nearly 100 ships larger than their own, was sailing near to land toward the Gulf of Lepanto.  No more talking, Don Juan told his leading admirals; now, “Battle.”

Don Juan, whom his contemporaries described as a modest and humble man, characteristically set aside his own ego for the sake of the cause that engaged him.

Keeping the Knights of Malta in reserve just a short distance behind the main battle line, Don Juan assigned the impassioned Venetians the important left flank, with its leftmost ships close to the shoreline.  He himself commanded a hundred vessels at the center.  In plain sight was his capital ship, the Real, its banners of leadership visible to all.  To the right flank he assigned the venerable Andrea Doria and the Genoese fleet.  The plan was to hold his ships in as long and straight a line as seamanship in a besetting wind would allow, while heading directly for the Muslim line.

At his front, however, Don Juan placed a nasty surprise for Ali Pasha.  Six new, taller, sturdier ships packed with cannons (especially in the bow) and heavily laden with lead and shot placed themselves a mile forward of the Christian line.  They looked flat on top, like merchant ships.  No one had ever seen such ships before.  They lacked a bow rising up skywards, the one necessary weapon for vicious ramming.  For the purpose of these new galleasses, as they were called, was not to ram oncoming ships but to blast them with an array of cannons.  Their shot could carry a mile with great accuracy.  When the galleasses turned sideways, they could blast with even more cannons, designed for shorter ranges, often aiming their cannon just at the waterline of their foes.  They had the power to sink a smaller, lighter, faster Muslim galley with a single burst.

At first, the two fleets spotted each other on the horizon as single masts.  Then they were visible in small numbers, and only as the two fleets closed to about two miles of each other could any one of the 200,000 sailors, marines, and janissaries on board catch a glimpse of the lines and dispositions of the fleets.  The Muslims preferred to attack in a crescent rather than a straight line, but the winds at their back and tricky tides from the shoreline to their north forced them to straighten up their lines.  Those who gazed on the massive array of ships and sails were filled with awe.  One of those to be wounded in this battle, the great author Miguel de Cervantes, later wrote of “the most noble and memorable event that past centuries have seen.”  Just over six hundred ships in two amazingly orderly lines, each stretching three miles from end to end, silently bore down on one another as the distance between them closed.  A sense of destiny weighed upon all who watched and waited.

The huge green battle flag of Allah — his name embroidered on it in Arabic some 29,800 times — marked out the tall capital ship Sultana, on which the fearsome young admiral Ali Pasha held command.  Pasha was puzzled by the six more or less flat barges out in front of the Christian lines.  His own armed soldiers were reliant mostly on clouds of arrows.  His sailors had mastered the arts of ramming, and of disgorging massive boarding parties onto the enemy’s slippery decks, then beating down their defenders by a sort of fierce land warfare out on the open sea.  In those days, sea warfare was like land warfare, only carried out on open decks side-by-side instead of in open fields.  Ship was lashed to ship, sometimes a dozen together.  Hand-to-hand combat was the key.

There is no point here in giving the whole narrative of the battle.  Suffice it to say that in the center, the volleys from the galleasses out in front destroyed one Muslim vessel after another.  Masts snapped, the oars of the galleys were shattered, and huge holes opened up the thin wooden sides of the galleys to the boiling sea.  The Muslim ships that were not sunk were easily boarded by the Christian ships coming alongside, built a little higher, and amply supplied not only with boarding nets but, even more important, with ranks of the old-style predecessors to rifles — arquebuses — directing point-blank rifle balls into the unarmored flesh of Muslim archers.  It is true that in a few cases whole clouds of Muslim arrows felled many in the Christian ships, including the great Venetian commander Agostino Barbarigo, who was shot in the eye.  But most of the Christian warriors wore the latest in body armor, which often repelled wooden arrows harmlessly.  Nonetheless, at least one Christian ship was later found aimlessly afloat, with every single man dead or wounded.

At the last, the two capital ships Real and Sultana clashed head-on, and Don Juan led the final boarding party which in its ferocity drove Ali Pasha to the aft poop, where he soon fell with a bullet in his eye.  The Muslim admiral’s head was cut off and borne aloft on a pike to be mounted on the bow of the Real.  The seas around were filled with cloaks, caps, struggling bodies, the vast wooden wreckage of battle, and, floating in the churning water, large splotches of red blood.

On the Christian left, the Venetians attacked with almost blind rage and broke the line of the Muslim right with relative ease.  They were aided by a revolt of the galley slaves on board a number of Muslim vessels, who in the explosions on board had their chains broken, and poured up on deck swinging their chains to left and right.  So great was the Venetian fury that even after the battle, many of its sailors spent hours using their pikes to kill Muslim sailors and soldiers struggling in the sea.  They tried to excuse their bloodlust by saying that they never wished to see those men sailing against the West again.

In four hours the battle was over.  More than 40,000 men had died, and thousands more were wounded, more than in any other battle in history, more even than at Salamis or, in years to come, at the Somme.  Never again did the Muslim fleet pose a grave danger to Europe from the south, although of course Muslim fleets kept busy expanding their bases on the African coast, harassing Western ships and territories across the Mediterranean.

Technology, especially that pioneered by Venice and by oceangoing Portugal and Spain, had made the decisive difference.  As Victor Davis Hanson writes, it was to capitalism that the victory was owed, for it was open markets that spurred competition to keep improving gunnery and ships, and it was the great merchant and commercial cities that built these new technologies.

After Lepanto, the arts of gunnery replaced the arts of the bow and arrow, however deadly for many centuries those weapons had proved to be.  Ships were made stouter, taller, and more able to carry heavy armaments — and new methods had to be sought to replace locomotion by galley slaves.

As news of the great victory of October 7 reached shore, church bells rang all over the cities and countryside of Europe.  For months, Pius V had urged Catholics to say the daily rosary on behalf of the morale and good fortune of the Christian forces and, above all, for a successful outcome to the highly risky preemptive strike against the Turkish fleets.  Thereafter, he declared that October 7 would be celebrated as the Feast of “Mary, Queen of Victory.”  A later Pope added the title “Queen of the Most Holy Rosary” in honor of the laity’s favorite form of prayer.  All over the Italian peninsula, great paintings were commissioned — whole galleries were dedicated — to honor the classic scenes of that epic battle.  The air of Europe that October tasted of liberties preserved.  The record of the celebrations lives on in glorious paintings by Titian, Tintoretto, and many others.

Symbols of Good and Evil: the Rosary of our Lady held by father of seven Mr Houck and an escort for a woman sacrificing her life at planned parenthood.

The first Sunday in October commemorates more than just earthly victory won. It shows us how REAL the second Eve in history, Our Lady of the Rosary, continues to be involved in God’s plan. Bernadette at Lourdes where the Knights of Malta still take the malades (sick and infirm) for the healing baths.

The miraculous image of Dec 12, 1531 on Juan Diego’s cloak happened 40 years previous in the Americas, while the Ottoman Turks and the Holy League continued the war of a millennium.

The faith of the Aztecs, believing they must sacrifice thousands of their fellow “Mexico City inhabitants” to the war god, Huitetc. came to an end for millions.

Half a word away, and 10 years previously, when Spain’s Hernan Cortez arrived, followed by a dozen Franciscans walking barefoot from True Cross (Vera Cruz), caused 175,000 to convert to Catholicism.  Yet, after the Nahuatl Aztec culture was seen in plain sight in Mary’s message of Our Lady of Guadalupe, 10 MILLION more came to the Faith.  No one can deny the continued influence of Mary and her converts throughout the Americas, especially here in southern California and the USA.  The Truth has the capacity to correct many errors IF fought for with determination.

My kids hate it when I discuss politics as part of life, but it IS!  I overdid it as they grew, but Beckman kids, please forgive your father for trying so hard to inform and protect you.

A muslim woman speaks of her faith’s desire to NOT abort the Gift in the Womb.

Centuries later, Mary appeared to three young people in Fatima, Portugal over six dates, all 13s, in 1917.  The town was named for Muhammad’s favorite daughter by a Catholic prince who married a beautiful Muslim girl. He renamed his city out of love for his wife.  Yet her messages were numerous; one very important one refers to Russia specifically, a country with a megalomaniacal strongman, and its conversion.  As Lepanto, it was anchored by a terrible world war different only in the number of countries and their names.  Mary did her job but did we do ours, with the secrets revealed.  Pick up a newscast today (an honest one) and you read or hear about the Megalomaniacal Putin, Ukraine, death and more death.  The Chinese enslave millions of the Muslim Ughers.

Tossing you a bone and an odd one.  Not to mention the Giza Pyramid, which means ‘border fire in the middle’ is not what many believe.

Like the miraculous Shroud, I have studied this undeniable Christian relic for decades, the last of the world’s wonders…and maybe the first to appear.

In fact, it is a cause being considered as a Catholic relic or holy site, even in its disheveled condition, brought about by Arab block robbers.

You may not know it was once covered by 144,000 brilliant mirror cover stones that over a few centuries was cannibalized by local Arabians after a convenient earthquake made the multi-ton finely honed blocks available for minarets and mosques.  But it took centuries to remove the massive number of super heavy blocks, leaving but a few below the sand line for study.

This new work is principally by my humble dedication to unearthing its marvels that exist today but it is an open source cause.   So many facts, so little time.

Did you know the 8 sided pyramid (viewed as such at dawn and dusk at the two Solstices)has an angle and vector built into its passageways, that points over the Solomonic columns on the Egypt/Saudi border previously known as the Passover Exodus exit/entry and continues over the House of Bread (Beth’Lehem), the place where the center of the world, of His Story, history, Jesus the Christ was born.

In fact GizaP is BUILT purposefully (2623bc) ON the EXACT CENTER OF THE WORLD. On the day Jesus was conceived and died, March 25 (Friday the 13th hebrew month of Abib), it used to shine its brightest with ZERO SHADOW.

Lots more for another time.   I believe God placed it so that yet another proof of His existence, and His plan for the human race.  Trust me, people, man doesn’t “create” CO2, nor does he change climate to melt the earth. 12 man made CO2 molecules per million air, is insufficient to ruffle a dog’s hair let alone cause Ira’s Tampa or New Orleans Katrina to get 140mph winds. Such fossil fools in our midst. But we Church are culpable in not teaching truth to the godless mind numbed fear mongered in our world.

Fast forward to today, where many Catholics who have fallen for the devil.  ObamaJoe (puppet of Barack and his money dog Katzenberg) is like Lord of the Rings King Theoden,  mentally deranged and oppressed by hell, much like Biden is today.

Biden insults the God of the Universe and His Son, Jesus by receiving the Real Presence, the Eucharist, unworthily while deep in mortal sin.  Pray for this sad soul 33 days until Nov 8th, an electoral change this Oct 7th; Pelosi is another, who has sold her dark soul to Gavin’s new namesake.  His mom had such hope for HairGel Gavin, but alas…


Newsom proposes in Prop 1, an actual death sentence through 7 pounds and birth day, to KILL EVERY little girl and boy from all 50 states.

His mom named him Gavin Christopher but his new formal middle name is lucipher, honoring his beloved god of hell.

Think this hyperbole?  What do you call inviting the nation’s degreed sex mutilators from Boston and all points in between to come to California, without parental consent, to have our teens’ supple breasts sliced off for AMA trophy cases and little boys’ penises circumsliced off at the crotch for NO GOOD REASON.  Teens are clueless, as apparently some parents, of what their future will be; why slice off their God given sexual identity, setting up years of dismal emotional and mental turmoil?  The nerve of these “neo Dr Mengele” of the national socialist party of Germany!

At least Dr Mengele just worked on twins for the most part, aborting one and torturing the other.  Gender affirming surgery, what a pile of crap.

What happened to ethics in medicine?, from the most egregious medical malpractice in history (Covid Vax fraud, suppressed successful treatments, hidden research and follow up data etc) to disemboweling and denuding our young of their human sexual identity for a bunch of perv freak doctors who now are begging the Left’s Leftenant General Garland for “protection” from real citizens over their “gender affirming surgeries”.  Follow the money, anything to make a buck.

God, who feeds us with CO2 based food via photosynthesis, CREATED infinitely intricate female and male entities with 50 trillion cells, and intensely unique deoxyribonucleic acid blueprints.  NOT to be 58 other pretend “genders”.  lucipher laughs on how stupid we are on earth.

lucipher (light-bearer), the gifted archangel became satan when it refused to worship the God that made him/it.  And Gavin, who has his lead foot in hell, emulates his god in all that he does.  The 10 commandments are not suggestions; when God said do not lie, cheat, steal or kill, He was serious.  Ask Moses.

Basic biology except to the climate cultist Dem left who believes “science” precedes “fiction” except what they want it to be

Obama’s lapdog bag men Katzenberg and Soros, are similar to Newsom’s lapdog bag man, Mark & Priscilla Zuckerberg; Mother Zucker BOUGHT 3 million little kid kills, abortions with a nasty 992.2 million dollar donation to hell’s hospital on earth, planned parenthood silicon valley.

The irony is nauseating…tech’s advance could do such great things for humanity but it is squandered for the loony beliefs of a couple with three miscarriages and three little girls they keep alive in the Zucker Castle while they kill off millionse blacks and mexican children before they have a chance to live.  By the MILLIONS.  Evil abounds, but remember grace abounds more.  I know, they are part of the Sanger Eugenics, with their little cult depopulation seances at their Billionaire Boys Club coven meets.

But, the Battle of Lepanto changed history. 40,000 men died to push back Muhammad’s belief that his god wants EVERYONE who doesn’t follow Muhammad’s Allah must die.

The Jews, their half brothers and sisters whom the Islamists call “infidels” and the Christian world, whom modern Islamist terrorists (not all Muslims are terrorists) call “crusaders”.

Often, great wrongs involve much human tragedy to be righted.

600,000 died to end American slavery (as opposed to African, English etc forms of slavery) in 1865; today we have the least racist country on earth IF you don’t follow the left’s misery merchants revisions (1619, Corrupt Racial Theories, personal pronouns etc).

But, the real battle, intrinsic to the survival of humanity on earth, has seen 2.3 BILLION little girl/boy kills so far since 1973. Billions more will die unless we win the battle of FetalKil, the drug and opiate of the diabolic Democrat party today.  How can ANYONE be Catholic and give one vote to a Democrat is well above my pay grade.

Fentanyl, which China has exported before and after it designed and exported the bioweapon Corona virus -02,-10, -22, with enhanced delivery, to the world, is the #1 killer of people 18-45.

But, for the fully alive preborns, abortion, which chemical version I call FetalKil and its generic FetalNyl, will lead to MILLIONS dead each year.

G Lucipher Newsom has declared MY native state for 70 years, home to 40 million and declining, a sanctuary for killing little girls and sex mutilating young women and boys protected by Garland’s Gang’s Gender Affirmation project.  Sickos and perverts…

parents, where the heaven are you?

I know where Paul Vaugh is, the father of 11, for peacefully protesting for life. In the hands of the evil Garland, who selectively applies the FACE act against honest people who don’t believe in child sacrifice

Then there’s Kamala, who slept in the Brown Bedroom, hopes for the Lincoln bedroom and got her $166,000 in walkaround money the old fashioned way from Slick Wille while his wife Blanche objected.  Now she’s the president of vice and has an accurate mantra. She favors killing energy AND little girls:

“I believe extracting little Black girls from Mother Wombs is preferred to Extracting Black Gold from Mother Earth.”  I am Kamala and I approve this message.  Sanger is clapping from hell for her excellent student.

Illinois now has a mobile chemical weapons van that delivers the abortion kill pill and early abortions on the road.

Designed to hit the states it borders, now Abort Inc. can deliver hell’s best to Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Indiana.

We have no southern border but the satan sacrament of the Democrat leadership RV can deliver it to five other states with no borders too!

God has blessed America in so many ways.  But too many of us have been asleep at the switch.  School boards worship the teachers’ unions and defy common decency by indoctrinating the young because the left has infiltrated the realm they hate: having children.  UTLA cicely is a BLM staffer and adherent to hating God.  Like so many others.

But Proposition 1 is our battle of, not Lepanto, but who will be King of the hill.  Emperor Hairgel, the toddler tyrant king of evil or the real king: the King of kings.  Newsom, like former Catholic ObamaJoe Biden, have power given by God not man.  The writing is on the wall for both.

As I say often, “It is a great day to be alive!”.  Let’s KEEP alive our greatest natural resource, even if Kamala prefers them dead and carved up into saleable organs, our young, both INSIDE moms and in our homes.  The LIFEBLOOD of America.


The left can abort all day long if they must; but at least, respectful Godly young will be the recipients of the Promised Land of the Americas. If you look beyond the left looney universities, their own little worlds of wackiness, there are thousands of growing large families across america.  We just finished 39 years of Catholic home based fully functional education of our 11; Covid was a road bump not 2 insane years of buy the Pfauci lie of total shutdown.

EVERY parent homeschools their kids from birth and many were forced to try it; some succeeded, many did not.  Truth be told, no longer the best kept secret though still hated by the ideologues and teachers’ unions:

HOMESCHOOLING IS A CHOICE, NOT A CRIME…A LIFESTYLE WORTH CONSIDERING.  And many have successfully.  Some bishops believe in it emphatically, since it honors the canons of the Church and the catechism in which “parents are the primary educators of their children”.  Tell that to Leftenant General Garland and his Goons of Chaos

Turning back evil methodologies continues long past LePanto

Homeschooling Renaissance is underway, Parents peaceful rebellion (sorry Left Gen Garland, they are NOT ‘domestic terrorists”) continues following the Virginia three wins; education, criminality, border rebuild, equal application of the law for law and order, DefEnd the Police…NOT the roaming lawless and disorderly led by the Obamanation of Desolators.

Good and evil has been a battle from the early days of Creation, with Cain and Abel.  Let us continue the “battle” for the souls of America and its SOUL by confronting everywhere evil exists.

Especially on the platform of the Culture of Death, the Democrat national committee, alternate governance of the ObamaNation 2 miles north of the white house and in our neighborhoods.

Abortion at ANY time until birth brings up the demons’ cheers from hell, but heaven dictates: ALL lives are PRECIOUS, unique, NOT repeatable and sacred.

Len Beckman

Dad of 11 39th year homeschooling dedicated to Truth, Justice and Life





Leftenant General Garland’s Army hates God’s created prebirth babies and domestic terror parents

FBI raids home of pro-life sidewalk counselor, traumatizing family’s children

Amazing how Eva Braun’s hubby scratches his way to the surface occasionally.

Leftenant General Garland’s Goon squad continues to amaze. Again and again, I say it: I do not demonize 30,000 FBI agents; I have friends in federal law enforcement and the majority of the 30,000 are solid, good servants of the law and order crowd.  AS the loon left continues to support criminals and crime.

I do this because I beleive it and realize that Wray of sunshine and LtGen Garland are like reeds in the wind, here for so short a time in the eternal scheme of things.

But for self-preservation such that the DOJ doesn’t unleash their blue coats on my family and I because we believe that thing pp surgeons’ take out is NOT a product of conception, nor cancer but a pre-Kindergarten human child.  Biologically, scientifically, even intellectually, it’s HUMAN, ALIVE and deserves not getting the same treatment as Auschwitz cattle car-ed Jews, Poles, Hungarians and the handicap

EVERY human deserves a chance at life since there is only one of each of us.  Even if LtGen Garland deFACES the FACE act with poor legal maneuvering, a woman deserves the truth, the whole truth and nothing but, before she decides the most critical medical decision of her life, whether 12, 22 or 42.   (Any FBI or DOJ staffers reading this, please read the testimony that follows…I am NOT the enemy)

Len’s testimony regarding his actions at Planned Parenthood and other kill mills:

For the record and my NSA/FBI/Calif. file:  I am the dad of 11 grown children.  We homeschooled them for 38 years thru high school.

I weekly voluntarily stand and pray in front of Planned Parenthood’s flagship HQ at 700 S Tustin.  Since I do not want to be perp walked like Mr Houck, Stone, Manafort and others proven innocent of wrong doing, I give this “affidavit” to show I am NOT in violation of the Clinton FACE act.

I do NOT intimidate mothers driving into the facility nor try to block cars entering off Tustin Ave near the 22 freeway.  Unfortunately, the FACE act is misinterpreted by the current DofJ and its leadership, and the FBI; and too often, as in the case of Mark Houck, the kill mill shill escorts will lie because planned parenthood promises to misuse tax dollars in “defending” their lies. I have never defaced a PP, Family Planning Assoc and other kill mills in my 40 years of speaking up on mothers and the preborn; unlike what the death culture has done to 70 (and continuing) free pregnancy and women’s health clinics by rabid ideologues across America.  Their violence, undoubtedly, are overlooked, just as 574 violent rioters in the so-called “summer of love” was praised by VP Kamala and the Left (herinafter used to refer to anarchists who desired the destruction of America).  No prosecutions occurred just as the Jan 6 biased hate for people listening on the mall, sharing recipes like grandmothers.  

For their protection, I do NOT belong to any of these CPC groups either.

I am friendly to the security guards and all that enter or pray (and/or when proaborts and kill mill shill escorts antagonize us peaceful, anti-violence people on the public sidewalk.

But sadly, truth does NOT matter to Leftenant General Garland.  He misuses, in fact turns them into lockstep Goons, the FBI for his nefarious criminalized political  escapades.  Like a true Marxian Democrat and imitating stasis, Garland intimidates parents, blasphemously calling them domestic terrorists for his politically left leftist team of anarchists.

For the record, I often bring ROSES as gifts to give the ladies as they LEAVE the parking lot heading east before they turn right onto Tustin.  This does not cause traffic issues on the public thoroughfare.

If they stop, I give them the rose with a sheet showing them various places that will provide all they need for free. I do not charge for this service and often they say thank you.  I do not discriminate either; since men can’t have babies, I give them to the woman in the car or to the male driver ON the sidewalk/driveway ribbon soas not to be falsely accused by the deceitful clinic worker or director when they call the Orange police.  As is commonplace with the abortion loving left.  Truth is NOT in their vocabulary, as the tape of Mr Houck’s experience with Mr BilL will show

I thank the PP security personnel for their service, often leave them with a rose for their wife or girlfriend. A rose is a gift women often appreciate; and it helps begin the healing should the mom exiting have had the misfortune of allowing the killing of her preborn child. 

That healing process can be as long as decades.  Since I’m 99% sure that when the PP ultrasound image, used to decide which sharp knife currette or baby kill method is necessary to en, shows a forming or formed baby, the clinic worker rarely if ever shows the mother the picture or does it fleetingly without telling mom she has a child in her womb.

Thank you LtGen Garland for leaving me and my family alone.  WE are FOR life, not violence or killing little girls like the orgs you defend as you apply unEqual Justice to those who see living little girls as much better than killed, carved and sold as organs. We will PRAY for your conflicted soul, sir and that you will come to know eternal Truth.

~~End of Len’s testimony regarding his peaceful, respectful actions to help women get the truth.

Sadly, under FBIDir Wray, if you don’t have a Democrat decal on your file or DEM sign in your yard, let alone believe in justice for all, you could end up like any of the following:

Roger Stone, 900 or so peaceful Jan 6 Capitol visitors, Paul Manafort, General Flynn, Peter Navarro, Mike Lindell, and Mar a Lago.  Paul’s book is almost as eye opening as Mr Kushner’s regarding how devious the Marxian Democrats are in all their dealings.  I STILL have the freedom as a non illegal alien native California American citizen to respectfully share my opinion.

For the record, the only death on the infamous Dem misappropriated Jan 6 Capitol tour, was a Trump supporting, Air Force vet named Ashli Babbet shot in cold blood by a BLM supporting CapCop. Someday this will be revealed.

We know his name but for some Garland directed reason his name is hidden, just like Mr BilL’s has been hidden though it is the public record.

While the adults from 2016 to January 2021 helped build back our country making America a great place to live, with low unemployment, gas prices, natural gas energy prices, high black and Hispanic employment, the Abrahamic Accords that brought peace in the land where Jerusalem houses our embassy…

While great was happening, the likes of the incompetent tricky Alinsky’s Obamanation continued their treachery.  And the massively incompetent continuation of the Obama admin with incompetent failures.

Methinks the AG has a God complex having been a judge and missed out on SCOTUS. No one is ABOVE the law

Imagine, Leftenant Gen Garland could have become a SCOTUS member.  Congressional oversight questions will have to wait until Jan 4 2023, but why is it when all these peaceful patriots and good Americans, who volunteer to come in to Fbi offices prompted by Garland Goon tyranny, they are ignored or told no need to.  Maybe the local office doesn’t know what is going on or the General keeps his new targets under raps until the golden moment.  But, the preferred method, apparently, for Garland’s Goon squad:

At 6 or 7am like at Stone’s place or Mar a Lago, they are subjected to NaziStasi tactics as if they are destined for Auschwitz Berkinau in a cattle car.

Their homes are surrounded; usually just a bunch of 25 FBI agents, pulled from real crimes or some amphibious crafted blokes like at Mr and Mrs Stone’s place; guns drawn and loaded for bear.

Too many of the agents probably had no idea, and those that did had no choice or don’t care.  Like Pfaucinstein, Garland has a lot to answer for. Which should happen after Jan 4th ’23.

Number a peaceful Mark & Ryan-Marie Houck,and their CAtholic homeschooling family of 7 kids, in those terrorized by out of control anti-American domestic tyrants.

You may remember, after the Virginia election hat trick, LTG AGarland primed the domestic parental terrorists scam very well; receiving a memo from the public National School Boards team, he was ‘warned’ parents are going khaki and camo, crashing local school boards with AR-47s and Glocks, pinning the frightened boarders to their chairs while the parents gave their 120-180 seconds of public questions and demands. What a pile of rot even the most left leaning teachers’ unions could come up with.

How dare these kids’ parents object to corrupt racist theories, rewriting the Merriam-Webster grammar pronouns and manufactured sexes & genders.   I know, this sounds surreal, because it is FALSE. Boards don’t own the kids; parents do and are the primary educators according to God’s plan.  The left has been loading up boards with their anarchists and finally parents are waking up to the woke wacky tyrants of Soros inc.

The Dept of InJustice, due to this massive burgeoning national emergency at teech school board meets, had Leftenant General Grant’s memo out and about in days…collusion isn’t just a Russian issue.  Imagine, there are hundreds of innocent citizens from the DC Capitol STILL incarcerated, some in solitary and others with no charges…after 19 months.

Saddest reality is Loony Lizzie Cheney and two Adams wouldn’t know the truth even if God sent it down on two stone tablets.  Not that they care, what with the stage lighting bright and the Dem owned media ready to lapdog.

Of course, some remember vice president of community banking and America, Kamalala, had her 11 goons rob David DAleiden’s planned parenthoodlum related candid camera videos from his personal home.

What’s with the limp wrist left reaction, always uses their temporary power ilicitly? Kamala hated Daleiden so she acted like the lefty she is.   True to form, Kamalala STILL has not returned David’s personal goons-gobbled intellectual property from her Calif. Attorney General days.  Why?

Little Dem goddesses like Anarchist Kamala 47th “prez for an hour while Biden was colonoscopied (AK47)”, using the Brown sleep system are impervious to law and order.  Like LtGen Garland.

What is it about killing little girls that is sooo important to the Democrat party of slavery founded in 1824? And Leftenant General Garland, Biden, Kamala, AOC etc.

We all know the party is hijacked today by anarchists (AOC Tlaib etc)who prefer blacks and browns sacrificed in honor of St Margaret Sanger, the patron saint of black terminations and other useless eater elimination programs.

Easy to prove: they locate their kill mills near minority inner city areas, especially in Blue Coat enclaves like LA, San Francisco, Chicago, NYC (who has 51 abortion mills), the list is long.

One or two Democrats defy the implied Dem Chinesque ONE Child per Family policy: Priscilla, ie Mother Zucker and Papa Mark and babies, come in threes.  They have 3 involuntary miscarriages in heaven, 3 on earth (one still inside mama) and 3 million more contracted forced abortions the Zuckerbergs offered to the devil god, to kill off.

No, hyperbola… FB Mark signed the death warrants for three million (3,000,000) little black and brown prebirth kids by taking out a contract with the kill mill thugs at PP NorCal (Silicon Valley) for $992.2 million a few short years ago.  I wonder if Mark&Priscilla have offered Jen&Gavin Newsom some of their 3,000,000 prepaid abortions for the governor and his wife’s new abortion biz:  The JeNewsom Abortion Tours.

Their motto is “No MOM left behind” and offering free abortions to 57 Obamanation states plus terrortories.

3,000,000 dead perfectly alive little girls... but Mark and Priscilla have their six, three girls and privilege of the Depopulation Award from the Billionaire’s Boys Club.

ObamaJoe likes to sniff little girls’ hair; Zuck likes to snuff little girls prebirth.  Both will FACE God not FACEbook execs.  Chances are OBJoe’s meeting is a lot sooner than Papa Zuckerberger.  Pray for them to reconcile and repent. NEVER a bad idea for an eternal experience.

Leftenant General Garland and his Goon army keep pushing the misery merchant unhinged anarchist left envelope.

The Houck Family vs OBidenbama’s political policing Gestapo

Mark with his Rosary; an escort in the background

But, just as Dobbs dispensed with RoeVwade, Leftenant General Garland really overstepped with Mark (no, not the baby killer Facebook founder), Mark Houck.

Garland’s bizarre anti-American family incidents are mounting and why ANYONE would give their vote to any Democrat prostitician is beyond the pale.

Mark’s crime was helping women make an informed decision, weekly driving two hours, often with one of his kids to a Pennsylvania kill mill.

The Houcks homeschool their 7 children.  Not locked out from biologic truth, homeschoolers tend to recognize that thumb sucking, squirming ultrasound girl actress IS human and actually alive; unlike the death doctors and satanist surgeons that work for Jon Dunn at Orange’s PP HQ, who name every kill as Payday.  With all due respect to the excellent candy bar.

Mark IS a homeschooling father of seven; he protected his 12 year old from a virulent potty mouth bigot disguised as a client escort; the PP volunteer wasn’t escorting any pregnant person (probably a woman/mom) at the time, but in the face of the minor spouting his vile. In fact, he followed the two Houcks and Mark pushed BL away from the child and the man fell.

Oh my, did that spring forth the death culture’s violence trigger!  No harm no foul EXCEPT in the misery merchant world of Democrat activism. BL, the 72 year old antagonist got a bandaid for his abuse; he filed a lawsuit and it was dismissed because he never appeared.  In comes the DOInJ, the DC Dept of Injustice and the AG with 30,000 fed bullies investigating anything that can set Trump to hell (still wedged in the left’s mind) or go after God.

Now, even though there’s little proof this even qualifies for the kill mill and church specific FACE act, Garland’s Goon Squad continues the Alinsky Democrat destruction of civil discourse.  ‘Accuse without reason, indict without truth’ is their banner

“The FACE (Freedom of Access to Clinic) Act makes it a federal crime, with potentially steep fines and jail time, to use or threaten to use force to “injure, intimidate, or interfere” with a person seeking reproductive health services, or with a person lawfully trying to exercise the First Amendment right of religious freedom at a place of religious worship. The FACE Act also prohibits intentional property damage to a facility providing reproductive health services or a place of religious worship. The measure, passed by Congress with 17 Republican votes and signed into law by President Bill Clinton, was introduced in reaction to the increasing violence in pro-life protests in the 1990s.”

Why it doesn’t apply:

First, the 72 year old pulled a Danny Kaye on Mr Houck; he insulted Mark in front of his 12 year old, addressing the KID not the dad, which is invasion of privacy, violating parental rights and more: “Your dad’s a fag” and other kind drunken sailor words.

Your dad’s a fag! ~~Mr BilL’s affectionate reference to Mark Houck needs to be deciphered

Maybe Mr BilL never took biology.

There are two genders/sex, sir. NOT 60. Adam and Eve, not Peter & Chase.  Also, notice the Obamanation~OBiden media, as usual, outs and quickly identified mom and dad Houck as evil assailants, as a form of intimidation.  But they oddly hide BL’s name (as if he is a vulnerable pregnant woman and not an old coot defending death) so we will just appropriately call him Mr. BilL.  Poor oppressed elder abused Mr. BilL!  REcall the famous Mr Bill from SNL?

But Mr BilL knew Mr Houck, it wasn’t just a brief encounter.  He may or may not have known he was a CAtholic seven children homeschooler who came weekly after a two hour drive to help save lives and tell moms the truth.

Mr BilL figured with deep pockets Abort Inc., he could lie and lie and be covered, especially with child abuse actions he took.  The video will prove unless Kamalala energizes her Goon Squad to steal the video before it is produced.

Planned parenthoodlum and abortion kill mill alinsky tactics are well worn and known.  Except maybe to the “truth, justice & USAway” hyperpoliticized Garland’s gang.  Here’s how it works.

By antagonizing Mark&Son, hoping for a reaction, was just a well worn despicable abortion kill mill tactic, to get him to do something to the kill mill shill escort so Mr BilL can claim he was assaulted.  No matter that he shouted obscenities at a minor, violated the minor’s private space… And when Mark DID defend his son, the poor old man fell over as if Mr Houck tried to emulate a typical blue coat Philly city criminal bashing jewelry cases with impunity.  THE CASE WAS A FRAUD AND CLOSED.

I think back to one Friday mid day; I supposedly had the police called on me by the med director, because a man complained I had touched his truck outside PP Orange County HQ at 700 Tustin. I was told by the security guard, whom I gave a rose to for his wife.  No one showed; no cop wasted his time for another “false alarm”.

Most hours I am out there with the prayer warriors, I have ROSES for the abused ladies coming out and driving away after their baby was unceremoniously carved out of their wombs.

I knew it was BS, because the guy was driving OUT when the alleged assault on his truck took place.  I had a small plastic bucket for the roses… but Orange police have to treat the kill mill baby snuffer director as an intelligent human and answer the complaint.

Threats are one of their fave tactics, because they hate competition for baby parts.   Recall, the OC DA Mr Rackaukaus got a $7 million settlement from Hillary affiliated DaVinci Biosystems, for buying baby parts from Planned Parenthood, including Tustin/Orange.

I an an equal opportunity helper.  Though Sanger’s soldiers in planned parenthood kill at will, I never would.

So, i must try and help the delusional Mr BilL and his biolgy challenged mind, a fag is another word used for a man who inserts his penis in other men, like TRANSportation secretary Pete and his house husband Chase.

Most homosexuals do not bear children, since as of yet, men are not equipped with fallopian tubes, eggs, wombs and other female (the OTHER sex) reproductive implements.  Here the happy couple sit in bed after the delivery of their new twins…as an adoptee grandfather with five black grandchildren living back East, ADOPTION is a much better option than ABORTION.

Of course technology screams on, and Mr and Mrs Pete and Chase now are in possession of two young children; but Mr BilL would not equate the two.  Maybe Mr BilL meant the word ‘fag’ (isn’t it a cigarette?) as a derogatory, commensurate with being a kill mill shill escort.

“Little Houck, your dad’s a Camel or Lucky Strike!”  Maybe not.  Doesn’t have the emotional dig Mr BilL was hoping for.

The Houck Alleged Assault.

The date of the fake band-aid resulting incident was unique as well: the 104th anniversary of 70,000 witnesses viewing the dancing sun in Fatima, Portugal.  Catholics and Protestants prolife warriors often honor Virgin Mary, who appeared six times on the 13ths of successive months back in 1917.

Segue:  What’s with these proaborts using Catholic feast days for evil (like Epiphany Jan 6th and the Aug 15 Afghanistan massive betrayal by ObamaBiden)?  Is it their devil leader trying to pot shot God more and more?

Facts matter:  Mr BilL was a baby kill mill escort on Oct 13, 2021, not a pregnant woman nor with a pregnant woman when he got in Houck&Son’s face.  Face, the same act name that Leftenant General Garland is misusing like any good left prosecutor does.

Escort Mr. BilL’s Elizabeth Black ‘health’ clinic where Mr Houck prayed and counseled weekly after a two hour drive

Reproductive health is the code word for killing a mom’s kid inside planned parenthood or other kill mill.  As if killing a little girl is healthy, but to the AOC loon squad, abortion is the ultimate sacrament of the Church of Satan, where human sacrifice is a MUST.  God is NOT a fan of killing His creations by other created, mentally deranged humans.

Certainly NOT hyperbole:

PP really is a satanic temple, where they sacrifice human cargo on their stainless steel altar tables, but the Houcks did not try to destroy the building or signage; that’s what the pro-abort shock troops do to crisis pregnancy and women’s help/health centers but Leftenant General Garland can’t find his glasses to investigate those perps.  Same with 574 riot rioters.  That’s unindicted rioters, looters, arsonists and criminals at 574 Riots at leftist stronghold Spring/Summer 2020 approved by the Pelosi/Obama anarchist Dem cabal, just as Pelosi and Bowowzer DC mayor refused to protect the Capitol with 10,000 offered National Guard troops.  If the Damnocrats want to understand how to use the National Guard, call Gov DeSantis…

Left and LtGen Garland: why is your biased soooo pronounced?

Houck did not use force to stop a 9 month pregnant mom; he did not intimidate Mr BilL(that was Mr BilL’s technique feeling invincible and feeling his octagenarian oats protecting his baby kill mill: BL was the unidentified identified intimidator of Houck and Son).

Here’s the background report: Joe and Ashley Garecht created the crowdfunding page for the Houck injustice event by Leftenant General Grant. Notably, the couple’s daughters in 2019, then just 13 and 15 years old, were harassed by then-State Rep. Brian Sims (D) for several minutes as they prayed for unborn children outside a Pennsylvania abortion clinic. These Democrat prostiticians have NO respect for women except as shills and pawns for their nefarious desires.

Based on sources, prosecutors alleged that on October 13, 2021, Houck assaulted a 72-year-old man referred to in the indictment as “B.L.” (whom we call Mr BilL) outside the Planned Parenthood Elizabeth Black Health Center in Philadelphia.

According to a Justice Department press release, Mr BilL was allegedly trying to escort two patients out of the clinic when the defendant aggressively shoved him to the ground.

In a second instance, Houck was charged with “verbally” harassing Mr BilL outside the facility before pushing him down violently and causing injuries that required medical care.

In true Clintonesque Alinsky style, Mr BilL (whose name is in the public record), BL accused his target of what Mr BilL was doing.  Verbally taunting, trying to get a rise by accosting young Houck, the dad did what real dads do: protect their family.

Unfortunately, though the incident was adjudicated and thrown out, the General doesn’t give a damn.  He has another target, and will work it for his rabid anti-American lives views.

Truth is NOT endemic to the radical baby kill mill lovin’ Left. They live for death and money; so Leftenant General Garland cheated and read MORE into the situation EVEN after:

The Houck~Mr BilL case was dismissed because  Mr BilL failed to show up for court, a court case HE initiated.  How much more BS must we put up with?

DOinJ, specifically the General making the Mr BilL fraud assault as a federal case is idiotic and endemic of Dark T-hater: Dark Obama and Biden’s Trump hate.  But Leftenant General Garland may have just pulled the Rubicon, the red line he crossed proving he hates families (domestic terrorist parents), keeping prebirth little girls alive, God, life, CAtholics, homeschoolers, large families and more.

To say Leftenant General Garland’s latest blunder is outrageous, is an UNDERSTATEMENT.

I wonder if the Left General will press federal hate crime and elder abuse charges for the scumbag who shot this unarmed 84 year old woman:

An 84-year-old volunteer canvasser was shot in the back while campaigning door-to-door in her own community for pro-life issues.  According to a Sept. 24 statement from Michigan Right to Life, on Sept. 20 a “heated conversation” took place between one of its local volunteers and an occupant of a home in Odessa, Michigan, a small community near Grand Rapids.

As the volunteer was leaving the residence, she was allegedly shot in the rear part of her shoulder by a man that had not been a part of the discussion. Grand Rapids TV 8 reported on Sept. 23 that the wounded woman drove herself to the Lake Odessa Police Department to report the shooting.

Probably not: like Mr BilL, she had an owie.  The kill mill shill escort ended up with a band aid on a finger that Oct 13th; this lady, all 84 years of her, just got shot by the left’s fave target, a gun, in the back as she left a home.

A line and tyrannical, totalitarian action that proves Dem leftist attorney generals may LIVE in America, but the last thing they are, is an honorable American citizen.   Pray for Nov 8th results and the seating of the 118th Congress on Jan 3, 2023.  Three days before the Left’s worshiped date.  Jan 6.

I will update as time moves on.  Thank you Jesus for the gift of Life.  I am blessed with the greatest 11 kids, and a new stepmom Mary because mother Donna left earth 11 years ago.  The rest of my life is dedicated to Help1Some1~2 day and help the most vulnerable among us.  Lied to mothers forced to abort their living little girl or boy.  And the child who deserves to have a chance to be attorney general someday; Leftenant General Garland is seeing the writing on the wall and knows his time is very limited.  So he is doing everything he can to lie about people who love America.  Pray for his soul as he torments so many without the Dem union label.

“…But Houck’s wife, Ryan-Marie, disputed that account, in an interview with the far-right, Catholic antiabortion news outlet LifeSiteNews on the day of his arrest, maintaining that it was her husband who was the true victim.. She said the patient escort had verbally harassed Houck’s 12-year-old son, who’d accompanied him to protest outside the clinic that day. ~~Philly Inquirer”

Finally, proof that Biden no longer should serve as our president. Buffalo’s Compasscare Pregnancy Care free clinic was firebombed. Like the other 70 incidents at CPCs, there are NO arrests. And as Garland’s goons ignore two arsonists because of their political bias, criminals run free.

The most acclaimed law enforcement agency in the world with all the technological prowess only third to the NSA and CIA, refused to enter this federal crime arena.  The clinic director GAVE their video surveillance tapes to the Buffalo Police.  No intention to chase the criminals (maybe because they were black or Mexican? Who knows).  All Compasscare does is protect mothers, give them the truth so they, as adults, can decide whether to keep their child.

Now, believe it or not, the Buffalo Police refuse to return their tapes because they claim the pro life clinic will enable those elusive “right wing” arsonist extremists to do the same thing.

Got it?

Now, believe it or not, the Buffalo Police refuse to return their tapes because they claim the pro life clinic will enable those elusive “right wing” arsonist extremists to do the same thing.

The clinic director has to SUE for their property to be returned.  Just as that political whore Kamalala refuses to return a non violent candid camera jockey’s recordings 8 years after she had 11 of her goons (or thugs?) butt bounce inside Mr Daleiden’s apartment grabbing thumb drives, computers and more.

I guess it boils down to the obvious.  The Democrat party leaders have their lead feet in hell and have no clue just how perilous the writing on their walls really is.  Biden is closer statistically and actuarially, but when Newsom meets his namesake, Lucifer, it won’t go as he plans.

AOC, Pelosi, Newsom, Pete & Chase, Mark and Priscilla, Jill and Joe, have time until their time is up, to return to the God of their youth.  Last Wednesday, Sept 27th, I was visiting my 60 year brother in law in a Hemet hospital room.  He had not opened his eyes for two weeks, on a ventilator.   AS I began a prayer for healing and hope, he opened his eyes and looked at his youngest daughter’s eyes.     A little time later, after I had left, he again opened his eyes to see his wife and within the hour, he passed away and into the next world.  He had the last rites of the CAtholic faith; he was lucky.

My message to the Leftenant General, his boss Obama and puppet BidenoBamaJoe and the other evil doers, you have NO guarantee how many years, days, hours even minutes you have on earth.  I wish all to live forever, but that is your choice.

Just as Mark and Priscilla can revel with their three daughters for a time, what about the 3,000,000 little preborn girls they have paid to die?  Newsom and Jen may use those contract hits for their new JeNewsom Abortion Tours, Inc.  But, the governor may not be aware even he with the cute face and greased 50s hair, cannot escape without repentence.

But Leftenant General Garland, your time as attorney general will soon end.  You know it as does your Maker.  28 months from now you will be out of a job.  Yes, accolades by the Demonic Left, but the Police State status you enjoy will no longer be yours to torture parents and those who disagree with your godfather and owner, Barack Hussein O and Susie Rice, etc.

Life is precious, worth living and needs to be defended.  God bless America and God bless the mothers being lied to by the demons of destruction that plague this great country.  Pray for the Houcks who carry the torch of freedom.  And the Boston clinic director, mystified by his local police’s theft of his property.


Dad of 11 engaged and Pro Women staying alive inside and outside the womb. Comments anyone?

Stacey Abram flunked biology btw.  She doesn’t see the obvious heartbeat as real on a sonogram because it’s bad for Democrat demon business.


Additional information on the Houck miscarriage of justice tragedy




Mark & Priscilla Zuckerberg, the Sin Police and their FACEbots

zuckerbergRevised 9 26 2022

Mark and Priscilla, congratulations on your sixth child, your third child on earth and soon to be delivered.

Curious: what’s it like to take out a contract for hits on 3,000,000 little girls & boys while having your own girls on earth?  Three million kills is a bit steep to please your depop pals, although Mark will get the Lifetime err Deathtime Achievement Award from his Billionaire’s Boys Depopulation Club’s next poker fest..

Most bizarre thing is you get billionaire status and you destroy America (Sorry Georgie Soros) or destroy the next generation that would use your products (Zuckerbergers, Susan and Warren Buffet) IF YOU LET THEM LIVE!!

New banner: Mark kills a million prebirth little babies for EVERY Priscillabot that pops out of her womb.

The number 3 stands for the Godhead, the Trinity.  But in Mother Zucker and Papa Mark’s castle it is

3 in heaven (miscarriages); 3 little girls on earth. 3 MILLION little girl kills at the kill mill via contract hits.

You look so happy in the photo above yet…

Making up for dead Democrat babies, I have 11 kids and 23 grandkids; 5 of which have black complexions, not bad for a 1/2 Polish, 1/2 German real estate broker to help alleviate the baby deficit in America.

However, I didn’t do the heavy lifting, Mark!

My wife and mom to the 11, Donna did, each time.  Just as Priscilla has done for your five and almost six.  Three in heaven I believe.  But, the Zuckerbabies are NOT ones and zeroes, or inorganic blobs of silicon formed into ASICs or phone innards.  They are EACH distinct, never repeatable, unique human beings that differ from any other human, even Mark, in only age, size and location.

Mark and Priscilla, the “location”, like any of your basement dwelling Censorbots, does not make the Zuckerkid or bot any less or more human: like real estate, where location location location is oft mentioned, the location of a human does NOT change its humanity.

Now we’ve had a good run with 11, but I’m not picking winners or losers in the baby race; yet the Democrat misery merchants are hell bent on NOT having kids of their own;and any kids they don’t want, end up in some medical lab as FOIA information releases have proven.

The usual $125 UTexas Med paid for each little girl’s heart and $715 paid by Yale Med for a head, not of lettuce, but of a fully formed born prebirth child.

Mama Zucker, truly, it IS sad when a mother loses her child, whether by miscarriage, as you have or by an intentional misscarry: abortion.

Maybe you didn’t realize the three miscarriages, Mama Zucker and Papa Mark, are REAL children, just not on earth anymore; their location is elsewhere. You have a 50/50 chance of meeting these three children in heaven IF that becomes your final destination.  The big IF since you reject God’s son, Jesus to your peril. It’s not me preaching but your willful ignorance from the Creator Who made your kids NOT you and Mark.

Does your grandmother Chan no longer exist because she has died and rests somewhere forever?  No, you still consider her as a person THOUGH she bore your father long before you married Mark.   I am praying for your success as parents daily and for Mark to become the better version of himself, in fact, best version of himself.  Soon would be great….maybe stop being a biased thought cop and allow the free flow of ideas on your platforms…and inside your family.

I think these realities just don’t make your top ten but once you have a child, your world views often change IF you allow yourself to be a thinking adult.

Of all couples, you two need to start thinking in the real world before it catches up to you.  But, matter of fact, your Facebook censorbots hate me posting the truth.  This is a serious flaw in Mark’s campaign to rule the world, control the narrative and bully anyone who doesn’t look or think like him. 29 days in Censorbot jail because I used his fave med hack, Dr Pfaucinstein’s, article.  I believe Mark is MUCH better than this, but he’s lost control of his people.

I’m on 27 25 day FB suspension for posting a legit NIH NIAID august 22, 2005 article, back when Mama Zucker was a teen girl.  Big question is, you are a section 230 entity: why does ANYONE advertise on the chief propagandists and suppression couple’s, Mark & Priscilla’s, platform anymore?

You disrespect your advertisers, your clients, your users…all of us are serfs outside the giant moat around Zucker Castle.

At any moment in time, with zero oversight by the first couple of formerly face diapered media consumers, their toddler censorbots make unilateral ideological decisions that lean farther left than the Tower of Pisa at 26 degrees (that’s the Giza Pyramid passageway inclination angle, you know the largest world icon pointing to Jesus the Christ.  NO aluminum hat here…just research)

Dr Mama Zucker, what did I do?

Confession: I posted a peer reviewed article from Dr Pfaucinstein’s team (aka St Anthony Fauci, NIAID top dog who’s paid $400k), the highest paid unelected bureaurat in history not including his suppressed royalties and wife’s $$.

And mother Zucker, you are a doctor; i didn’t know you only hire censorbots with medical degrees.

Chloroquines worked in 2005 and work today (zinc ionophores like HCQ, Ivermectin/Strombectol and Quercetin) but are suppressed because Dr Pfaucinstein makes zero royalties from the successful alternative treatments for Covid22.  Gotta follow the Pharmabuck$ to see the truth.

Censorbots are paid $15 an hour and aren’t the smartest tools in the tool shed, which is want you want as CEOs.

The artice was from a prestigious medical peer reviewed medical magazine, Virology Journal dated Aug 22, 2005 from Fauci’s National Institute of Health

The title and contributors of the article Facebook hates and censorbots love to throw tantrums over:

‘Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection & spread’

Priscilla, I know Mark is talented, dropped out of college (or was that Farmer Gates?) and has done pretty well for himself, but explain why?

Why you let loose your bottom dwelling Censorbots on faithful users, advertisers (in a free enterprise, non socialist world, some orgs rely on capitalism and ad dollars) and other foolish people who believe section 230 stands for free access and exchange of information.

I assume you are using that unbiased back up super lefty censorial Adam Schiffty clone SNOPES for your justification for repeated lockouts. Just like you loved locked out businesses for Covid19 thr Covid22?

But when you go to the dual pajama wearing hacks’ site, it’s a pile of gobbledegook about hydroxychloroquine (the #2 suppressed successful medicine in the world of America by Pfizer Pfaucibots) not applying to THIS Corona virus. What is that, separate but equal?  IS FBook immune to lawsuits because you interfered in the free exchange of research like the CDC and NIH has engaged in.

Take the #1 prescribed a billion times a year for Covid22 Ivermectin, the Nobel Prize scientist designed drug found super successful in stopping China viroweapons, whether 2002 or 2022.

And the mental diseased “arrogant nihilism” has no cure but firing for the Pfauch after Nov 8th.  Despite all the facebook shenanigans to try and steal ANOTHER election.

You guys must be woke more than just for 2am feeds: no free exchange of data between medical theorists, just the indoctrinated “DO it my way” monopoly of scientific failure that 3jabs+3boost+Paxlovoid yields, is EVIL and suicidal.

How much better, like the man’s life I helped save BEFORE Pfauci’s Pfailed Pfizer jabs with HCQ combined with extent therapies.

Yes, since your castle bubble is impenetrable, I have a personal experience with saving a life BEFORE the touted multi-pfizer pfailing government promoted, Democrat indoctrinating Pfauci royalties “vaccination” program. 

Mama doctor Zucker, you should be interested in the story but, well, plagiarizing a movie like ObamaJo plagiarizes life, you can’t HANDLE the truth with your boyish looking hubby. 

Although I do wish you well in raising your daughter while you invest in the slaughter of daughters from other mothers.  Your “sin” is a sad one: 3 million prepaid prebirth little girl kills.

3,000,000 dead little girls at an average kill cost of $300 (PP claims abortions cost 0-$750 so I went conservative). 

No wonder Planned Parenthoodlum Silicon V is ecstatic with $992.2 million!

Physician Mama Zucker, answer me this: IF your hubby’s company had created a new variant, let’s call it Meta, that failed repeatedly, would you name it a


A breakthrough is a scientific, medical ADVANCEMENT not a miserable failure that the Dem- pharmacological-medical-CDC-FDA complex hides and distorts. Any 6th grade biology student knows this.

A DISEASE that defeats multi-vaxx attempts leading to Covid22 is NOT a Breakthrough.  It’s a BREAKDOWN!

Yet, the supposed “one and done” jab Pfizer vaccine that Twitterfacebook CDCFDADemocrat promotes as the ONLY way to stop Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague now is three jabs then 3 boosts and when the hypervaxxed STILL get Covid22 (we need to label it by year now), guess what Mama Zucker!

The greatest medical malpractitioner comes up with latest Dem verbum du jour:

REBOUND!  Thank you Dr Pfaucinstein…

while ignoring the scientific facts that a MILLION+ bad side effects and 35,000 vax deaths does not make a successful vaccination program, mRNA or not.

Mother Zucker, you are too young to remember, but Covid1’s vax program was abandoned after 50 deaths…

50…but a million bad lifelong side effects and 35,000 dead doesn’t stop the Boorla_Pfauci steamroll using OUR tax $$.  VAERS is not a badge of courage but the results of the breakdown of American medicine.

Facebook plugs their ears and closes their eyes. You CAN’T deliver your challenge because the censorbots PREVENT it.

Mark and Mama ZuckerB: tell me you aren’t embarrassed by what your formerly friendly platform is doing to us loyal users.

Bytheway, a “rebound” is what Kolbe Bryan used to do, before he was killed senselessly because the helo pilot couldn’t see.

Paxlovoid, as JoBama calls it, helps the Breakthrough Covid22s get SEVERE symptomatic expressions of sickness.  A vaccine is supposed to work ON the malady NOT the patient’s future: Pfizer’s is at best the worst of the various therapies. At the very worst since Pfailure is it’s middle name.  Anyone looking outside the suppression matrix of FB, Twitter et al, knows this.

What therapies am I talking about? Dr Mama, you should know, the ones that Dr Simone Gold and other fully qualified doctors were fired over.  And the ones the cabal of Pfauci Pfizer, CDC & FDA lied about, fabricated obvious Big Pharma Pfalsies, so people would think horse for Ivermectin and fish tanks for HCQ.

What outrageous megalomaniacs like their white haired leader with all his NASCAR labels!!

Hydroxychloroquine, Strombectol/Ivermectin and Quercetin, the common zinc ionophores that helps kill Mao Tse-Xi’s Wuhan BioTerror weapon of choice.

Combined variously by real doctors’ suggestion/prescription, with D3, C, Zinc, NAC and other VERY successful therapies to stop Covid22 in its well designed tracks.

In the real science world, a failure is not the end of the world.  That’s what the SCIENTIFIC METHOD is about.

However, when Pfauci & Pfriends get paid to win not lose, as they collect royalties, it’s hard for them to tell the truth and let go of the vaxx experiments from their deeply bloody hands.  The greatest medical systemic malpractice in history, as we all may find out after the 118th Congress is seated.

Which medically proven results-driven cures, like Facebook censorbots, are suppressed by the Pfaucinstein Industrial-Medical-CDC-FDA governmental consortium that you support, means Facebook, the company that gives Mama Zucker the ability to keep having babies while she supports killing another mother’s child, is EVIL and NIMBY

NIMBY: Not in Mom’ Back Yard.

Why? Why: Because the megalomaniacal Pfauch wanted to PROTECT his stature, grease the experimental vax rails, and have a last “success” and protect his royalties/immunity scheme for his buddy Dr Boorla, the dog doctor CEO of Pfizer Pfauci LLC.

Not like you people doctor Mama Zucker, as a doctor of animals, as CEO of Pfizer and owner of NYC penthouse that JoBidenBama lover Leticia James can’t take away.

Honestly, I don’t envy your money: you have lots of it, Mother Z and Pop Mark, so you virulently hate Trump; I get that and you do all you can to Soros (a verb) elections to kill his chances.

Fine, your money, your choice.  By why pay for other mothers’ daughter slaughter to the tune of $992.2 MILLION?

My regret, since I was buying 33mb Prian disc drives before Mark stopped pooping his diapers, is opportunity lost that Facebook could have been.  What a blessing when people find other friends and relatives, a big plus on your platform.  But how evil as you used it to undermine legitimate campaigning and voting in 2020 (and probably before)

But what about a mother’s right to choose (as opposed to “women’s…) to KEEP her kid?  Priscilla, you got yours after various attempts, and should CELEBRATE LIFE coming out of other mothers!

How selfish is it to bear three girls and kill off three million by PPproxy?

I get you follow weird ideologies and love killing little girls so much (actually few businesses can kill off their future customers and exist like Berkshire Hathaway and the Tech Tyrants) even though Dr Mama Zucker suffered several miscarriages and then God gifted you with a beautiful little girl. Then another.  EVERY abortive mother feels regret, many for life!

Both look remarkably like Mark and Priscilla too! Yet they are UNIQUE, like EVERY prebirth kid on earth and in the abortuary’s crematorium.

This is why I say I wish you the best in raising your 3 girls on earth while your three miscarried, one a boy and two little girls, pray for your conversion from heaven.  They want you and their earth sibs to join them someday, not live forever forever forever and ever in hell.  But as a mom, it’s a “woman’s right to choose…heaven or hell”.

After all, “female choice” is the sacrament of the left, delivered by slicing out perfectly joyful girls.

Among my 23 grandkids, 3 were miscarriages, but are nonetheless named and celebrated in our reasonably large family.

After all, if AOC, Kamala and their Dem leftist friends keep aborting their kids, like Hollywood barrenwood actresses have, someone’s gotta have the kids to keep humanity alive.

Priscilla, you know of what I speak.  Despite your billion$, you have an emptiness money nor Mark can fill.  Instead of joyously promoting life and opportunity for the poor, 3rd world and America, you thrive like vultures on death…not supporting the beauty of the culture of LIFE.

I don’t mean to be mean, but the truth is the truth. REcall:

Sept 22, 2015 article tells us you gave $992.2 million to planned parenthood front group in Silicon Valley; NOT to the 6000+ real women’s health free centers across America.  Funneling it through a middle woman, doesn’t change the results: 3 million dead girls and boys is an ominous use of your blessings.

“Now that Zuckerberg and his physician wife are expecting a baby girl, it’s especially significant to note that they support an organization dedicated to accessible women’s healthcare. It’s no secret they struggled to conceive, and suffered several miscarriages. In an age where healthcare costs are on the rise, and the average American paycheck is on the decline, affordable healthcare is not something to be flippant about.  We’re proud of anyone who openly supports women’s rights, but it’s especially powerful when a public figure makes a bold statement. Hopefully, it will encourage others to do the same.” ~~Kveller, a Jewish publication to help Jewish families raise kids.

Flippant?  Come on, grow up you two.  The usual Dem word pretzels are amazing.

Does anyone remember how cattle cars helped with sex selection killings going into Auschwitz~Berkinau?  Of the 60 supposed sexes, the Nazis only took in two for DEMolition: male and female. The chimneys spouted human smoke for 7 years and 6 million Jews are GONE.  Like your miscarriages Mama Zucker AND 63 MILLION prebirth little American girls, never to post on FAcebook, never to go to kindergarten or find a cure of cancer.

Today’s sex selection abortions are much more “humane”.  Hmm.  The saddest thing, with your physician MD license, you haven’t a clue of what the universe is about.  Unemployed guardian angels would rather have been there to help the Maxes of the world orient the rivers of life.

Well, Mark and Mama Zucker, your generosity at least got the attention of Veep Kamala, who got $86,000 from Planned Parenthood for her Senate run, from your largesse.  Look how she turned out after bedding down a Brown mayor.

Previously mentioned, I am a dad of 11.  Since Democrats and leftists are killing off their young, it behooves large faithful CAtholic families working hard to fill in the birth dearth void that the eugenics eunuchs are pushing on the world.

Many Facebook countries are paying couples to HAVE babies, while Mark and Mother Zucker pay to have little girls KILLED at the local Jill&Bill kill mills founded by hyperracist black hater Margaret Sanger, who employed black ministers to help with the cause of eliminating blacks and browns.  “useless eaters’ she called them.

I take offense because after all, I am the grandfather of five beautiful black kids now growing up daily, NOT killed off by the Zuckerberg Depopulation initiative as part of the Billionaire’s Boy’s Club.  I am not the least jealous about other peoples’ wealth but sad it is when wealth is used to destroy not build up the future.

We NEED families having 3, 5, 11 kids because the left refuses to have kids. Even more Zuckerbergs. AS you are the rare exception, you must understand as a couple there is plenty of room and food in the world.

And FACEbook could have been part of the solution, with its immense reach and ability to use technology of good, not mowing down millions of innocent humans both prebirth and on earth.

You just have to take time to research, push the Alinsky asses out of the way and let Americans do what they do best: RAISE their families with an economic (pre Bidenomics) environment only 20 months ago had CHEAP energy, food prices, low unemployment, wages rising.  Does it hurt Mark, Max and Priscilla if other families are ALLOWED by the self-anointed to live, risk, succeed on the greatest land and country on God’s green earth?  His green, not AOCs.  IF Mark had been a biologist, he’d see the green fraud simply: believing 12 manmade carbon dioxide molecules per a million (12/1,000,000) MELTS the earth is outrageously ignorant.  Though every day Dem as they lie and lie like Eve’s Adam Schiffty does when his lips flutter.

Until JoBama Biden took the oath and killed our natural resource energy dominance that was making the world safe and prosperous.  Imagine if Joe wrote an EO that limited FACEBOOK to 10% of its following because he wanted it done.

This is what your arrogant basement dwelling PJ censor clones do day in day out.

Which is my quandary, Priscilla, to understand Mother Zucker: you struggled to GET pregnant and STAY pregnant; it’s in the news and well known.

Congratulations on finally,Mark Zuckerberg's second daughter is here and her name is August | South China Morning Post you are expecting your 3rd daughter; not too long ago, in China, you would have had to smuggle #2 out of the province to keep her alive after you bore her in secret.

Speaking of China while your company of idiobots bans basic research papers as “community standards violations”, Covid1 was found first 20 years ago in Quangdong province last 2002.

Oh yeah, in CCP’s China who have perfected the art of bioterror.

The well designed viroweapon would not have been pandemic if Fauci had not ACTIVELY BLOCKED non NIH successful therapies like Dr Wallace, Dr. Gold; he looks like Rumpelstiltskin and acts the same: it’s all about HIM, the megalomaniacle Dr Pfaucinstein; his monster is the greatest medical malpractice in history.

Look up Uttar Pradesh, India for their successful use of Ivermectin to cure and keep healthy 240 million people.  You MUST have access to the internet!

Even ivory tower types like you must suspect we’ve been had, seriously scammed. 3 jabs + 3 boosts = one and done vaccine? Outrageous stretch of failure.

WE all know Fauci’s a totalitarian tyrant rivaled only by G Lucipher Newsom, but he has real blood on his hands, locking out medical research, interaction and efforts by clinicians not royalty rabid NIAID hacks.

Have you no compassion for the women who are forced to abort post rape (killing a child for the sins of her father), ‘boyfriend’, husband or scum perv?   Talked into actions ‘against interest’ that will haunt them for a lifetime, with lies and fear mongering?

Not ALL mothers like you can live behind Qing dynastic castle walls with ocean wide moats to protect them from the world…AND their worst enemy, planned parenthood.

Here is the article your family business bots are complaining about and banning me for 29 more days.  I will copy Marsha Blackburn, who did amazing work on her Infant Lives committee a few years back and not keen on FCC section 230 giving special treatment to former free and open media companies.

I don’t want to hurt your business, but do you really think killing 3 million prebirth kids is pleasing to whatever God you pray to or worship?  That’s what your stock donation translates into. 3 million little Priscilla’s and Max’s sliced out of their mothers wombs, using knives up the vagina and through the birth canal.   It SHOULD gross you out BECAUSE YOU are the cause.  Not Covid or cancer, your friends at planned parenthoodlum, LLC.

The link:

America USED to be a place where we can dialogue about differing opinions, practice the scientific method, disagree without Mark’s Censorbots bullying us into a corner.

Read through the play by play regarding the silly shadow banning process: you claim violation.  Then, when you ask for why we disagree and we try to reason, you shut us down.  I have attached proof, but you probably like you boyish looking man really don’t give a beaver’s dam..

Section 230 no longer makes sense.  You are an oligarchy of suppression with out of control censorbots

Pictured here is the process. Ban Len.  Then wave community standards. Next give a chance to challenge.  Text back, oops, we are too busy for you slimy dads of 11 who’ve been with us since the beginning.  We can’t process your rebuttal…

Because we don’t give a damn. Still, we will pray for Papa and Mother Zucker’s very eternal soul. Heaven is the place many of your targeted kills end up.  Will you end up there?  You can IF you repent and follow Christ.  Hard to do when you are a billionaire with friends like Susan Tx PP lovin’ Buffett and others. Priscilla, you ARE too precious to NOT live happily in heaven.  NO Facebook or Censorbots there, trust me.  Better Trust God.  He owns all that you survey…and own.  Good luck with #3.

At least, you, as the elite mom, can enjoy new life while you help the other moms make their quotas of dead babies for organ donation central.  If only you had the courage to be a real woman (don’t ask Jumanji Jackson Brown what a real woman is) and live up to God’s standard: He created billions of stars, planets, plants and animals but saved the last for two.  After Adam or the first man as Dr Leakey calls him, God created His created His greatest design: the first Priscilla, called Eve, who unlike trillions of roaches and flies, was just the first of billions.

Finally, God bless your next and future children.  In the bible, and in Hebrew, Priscilla means “ancient” meaning you are an old soul, beautiful, motherly but with her husband Aquila, she was a tent maker: God can use anyone or anything to further His kingdom and God will equip us when He calls us…I pray you will have this conversion experience with Mark WHILE you are still alive to right your ship of state.  Yes, some journeys take longer than others. Have patience.

After all, great power and wealth requires great responsibility.  The ability to respond is yours.  Blessings to you and Mark

The Beckman Ranch 11   Len & Mary Beckman, the blessed parents of 11 great kids and 23 grandkids.

Mark & Priscilla:

we will pray for you as we pray for another Mark Houk, a dad of 7 just terrorized by 30 FBI agents, as General Tyrant O Saurus Garland’s Army of goons, stormed his Ohio home at 7am recently. Another notch on his bloody belt that includes Roger Stone, Mar a Lago, General Flynn, Mike Lindell and so many Jan 6th victims.  Garland ALMOST was a member of SCOTUS and he’s making up for lost time going after school board domestic terrorist parents.

Ohio Mark’s crime was telling a 72 year old sailor mouth to stay away from his 12 year old on the last Fatima date, Oct 12, 2021 under a dismissed FACE act case.  Meanwhile, Mother Zucker’s hubby, Mark wrote a stock check buying the dismemberment of three million American children.  In case, Priscilla, you never killed kids as a doctor, the routine is simple.

They indoctrinate the mom, hide the ultrasound picture (violating informed consent medicine) from her, stirrup her legs.  Then they shove currettes, sharp knives shaped like a terrorist’s scimitar, up her birth canal thru the vagina, into the womb and carefully kill the surprised little girl.

Next step is to carefully, like a Dr Mengele twin experiment, the organs from the rest of the child’s body and ship to places like UTexas or Yale for experimentation.  By the way, yale paid $715 for an intact baby head for their Pfaucinstein style work.

We hope you wake up, Mother Zucker and Papa Mark.  Your eternity is a lot longer than being in the wait state of an overused cable connection.  Forever is NEVER ending, whether in heaven or hell.

If you love pain, think back to your two deliveries, Priscilla and feel that day in and day out never ending.

That’s hell.  Heaven is a lot better place.  God bless

Mr. Wilson, I have a proposition for you re your love of prop 1

Mr. Wilson: what does 1957’s Little Rock Nine have to do with Proposition 1’s killing a prebirth kid for any reason? 

Historically, the 8 of the 9 blacks who broke the 1300 white kids “barrier” at Little Rock High are still black AND still alive.  Yet, the Dems love of browns & their Mexatel fentanyl border doesn’t help the blacks discriminated against when a woman’s right to kill bodies can’t go to ANY school.  With all due respect, let me call you Lefty Larry Wilson(LLWilson)

From the real news desk:  When a black mom aborts, the black kid is a living being (debate the name and size, ok) but now DEAD. 

Yes, Larry…dead.  And rarely does a black mom’s kid turn out to be white or green, red but dead.  Generally though the melanin has not expressed itself by the time she is killed, so there’s no proof.  But genetically, black begets black is not a stretch.

And LLWilson, the operand is you can only be DEAD if just previously you were ALIVE.  Tricky how honest medical science works.  Just don’t ask an abortionist whether they are killing a live or dead child…other than Dr Boyd, they won’t answer.

Fascinating, LL Wilson, how you used blacks in your uno proposition push, the fave target of your Democrat party; just like the KKK, Jim Crow and other separatists methodologies.  Ever watched Hidden Figures, Kevin Costner and his sledge hammer?

Wanna know what real black segregation is?

Location. Location. Location.

Planned parenthood kill mills located where the money is, near minority havens in inner cities where black and brown provide the raw material for organ “donations” sliced out of black and brown mothers who happen genetically to have black and brown prebirth kids inside of them!

You talk tough, Lefty Larry, but a mom’s right to choose her car’s color is a bit more inane, you think?  YET you never tell us what choices “a woman’s right to choose” are.  The left got your tongue or are all Democrat heinous views shortened to five words and an ellipse?

Like most lefties, Larry, you abbreviate your thoughts and make up words du jour.  “A woman’s right to choose…” WITH the facts, never ends with lettuce, tummy tucks or an electric or gas powered car, black or white in complexion.  Personally I have a black complexioned car and five black complexioned grandkids, but I look at them (the g-kids) as children not commodities to be marketed to DaVinci BioMed systems or some other end abuser.

LLWilson, your preferred five word And it certainly doesn’t end with a “woman’s right to choose to keep her kid” or “…to take her (yes pronouns apply after AND before birth to little girls) home to  her nursery for a joyful life, maybe 80 years long.

No, Lefty Larry, your obsession, using the racial distraction of bused little rock black kids is:

“a woman’s right to choose… to have her little black girl killed using a satanic scissor-handed surgeon at PP and then her smaller organs are sliced out and sold to the highest bidder”. 

  I know LL, too long for journalist soundbites.  But, you are filled with opinions NOT journalistic truth.
Have you ever thought beyond your arrogant leftie nose?  What about all the unemployed guardian angels your Dem friends are creating? Will the Obamanation HQ 2 miles north of the White House ever admit that day 24 AFTER the baby is born, you really shouldn’t kill the kid in Virginia with Gov WrecKid Ralph’s baseball bat?   How did we sink so far into the gutter.

THAT is what Proposition 1 is about Larry. At least Susan Shelley gets it; why the mental block sir?

God bless your soul, LLWilson, but since Little Rock, black relations (outside the Martha Vineyard’s NIMBY left mentality of owning other humans and rejecting 50 brownies) have improved tremendously. We elected a leftist half-black full fascist president twice; outside the toxic DC world, we get along unless incited by the DNC and prostiticians.  Thanks to the Dems and Sanger, blacks are aborted 9 times as often as non blacks. Watch Uncle Tom I&II for more information.

As it is, PP IS the most racist org on earth and its founder, Maggie Sanger, mentored Hitler’s party by consulting on the 1935 racial laws of Nuremberg. No, LLWilson, this is NOT conspiracy theorizing but reality.
We all know how that Hitlerian aid, helping him dehumanize CERTAIN humans, resulted in Sanger’s unintended sanction of big people abortions (12 million including 6 million Jews,Poles, handicapped and other on the wrong side of Adolf’s CHOICE.)
THEN ABORTION smaller people.  Age, Location and Size, the only difference between Larry Wilson and Lakisha Wilson and dead aborted little Wilson.  By the way, mom Lakisha died with baby Wilson.
30 years before McCorvey vs Wade (err RoeWade) codified baby Jews and black killing before her little head presents and the good doctor moved her to the delivery tables of America.

Pro-choice, pro-choice, pro-choice. LLWilson, when you have a lucid moment in front of the mirror, look at what you see.  Larry, you are just a bigger version of what’s INSIDE a woman at 3 months, 7 months or Pete Singer and WrecKid Ralph Northam’s “NOT a human until 25 days AFTER birth”!  
The PROCESS from fertilization is incredibly complex and mystifying.  A couple just recently found out they were to have rare identical three: triples who will be tough on mom and teachers.  Larry, you may have heard of sex selection abortion, a form of killing off girls in China because men are more valuable when you can only have ONE or maybe two kids.
Now, China is realizing they have screwed up: by interfering, they have a gentrifying population with a godless leadership who blew it.  Yeah, the Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague was a great move for their dynastic dreams, but now that JoBama Biden just declared the China Virus pandemic is over, it’s time to expose the most egregious medical malpractice in human history with the firing of Pfixer’s Pfraud Pfauci.  He jackbooted successful therapies so he could push his “emergency” vax for royalties and more.  Suppressed and lost thousands of jobs and businesses, retarded childhood education progress (except for the active homeschoolers who ignored G Lucipher Newsom and the DCdc/ FDA lapdogs) and will be investigated 106 days once the 118thCongress is seated on Jan 3, 2023.  LLarry, the left has had free reign to invent pronouns, genders, energy facts, climate details, corrupted racial history; the list is long as will be the healing.  Parents are NOT domestic terrorists, LLWilson!

There’s no denying that when you stop a beating prebirth heart, it’s called KILLING even MURDERING a perfectly fine HUMAN BEING of the two and only real genders/sexes MALE AND  FEMALE. 

 No LGB, maybe a trans or two, ever bore a child.  I know, soon men will have artificial wombs installed but let’s leave that to the future.

Larry, check your calendar: Little Rock happened in Sept. 1957.  Today, the only black and browns who can’t attend high school in America are those black and browns targeted for death at Planned Parenthood or other kill mill.

23 years later, in 1980, a Silicon Valley company I did business with called Acuson had invented the earliest computed ultrasonography device, with 4D imagery of the former “blob of tissue”. PP’s worse nightmare: the TV screen INSIDE mom’s wombs.  Commonly called an ultrasound.

A rare pregnancy with three identical kiddoes.

No more murky pics, Larry and Dem tomfoolery.  Your blob justification for anhilation (after conception/implantation thru birth) doesn’t work anymore.

 Ever seen a ultrasound image of your child; I’ve seen 11, Larry.  You really should look at one: it will impress you how much the image reminds you of your son.   
After that technological “window into the womb” event, the murky imagery gave way to High Definition babies swimming inside moms; the “blob” excuse couldn’t be used rationally (except in the scary movie of the same name) because the thumb sucking, kicking squirming product of conception was undeniably a human child just awaiting his or her time to come into the daylight. 
Dems just can’t.
  So Larry do you know what the Dem lefties, your friends did next?  I can tell you because I was on the board of a crisis pregnancy org at the time.
Drum roll, please:  “blob of tissue”, “product of conception” gave way to your fave: “a woman’s right to choose…”  Five words and ONE ellipse. 2nd place was “every child a wanted child” or my favorite misdirection: “rape or incest”.

‘A Woman’s Right To Choose…’  ~~Larry’s fave abbreviated Dem phrase

NO HONEST doctor, med dir., Covered California transplant from PP could ever say it is NOT human anymore. If something is organic and moving, it is ALIVE (ok except for the headless chicken for 17 seconds)

Lefty Larry, it’s all in the wording, isn’t it.  Like Luke getting trained by Yoda, you’ve never looked in the mirror at your humanity and seen your shared name, Lakisha Wilson, over your shoulder.  Like he saw his father & future.

Mr. Wilson, the reason you disappoint me, is instead of growing up and seeing the whole picture,  you pull the same Democrat misdirection and word invention protocols out of the dust bin of history.

Instead of being a man of integrity and telling the truth, you name call worse than I ever could.

If you would say the truth that you, deep in your conflicted heart know to be real, that your friends in DC, at the Obamanation HQ 2 miles north of the white house in the Kalorama district where Ivanka and Jared Kushner used to live, and even honest reporters at SCNG know:

WE ARE KILLING A LITTLE PREBORN HUMAN (NOT AN ALIEN FROM MEXICO OR OUTER SPACE) BEING, a short time after the mom discovers she is pregnant.  Lefty Dem blue ink, of course.

Like Norm Crosby on Crack, your clients & opinion friends twist ideas and words into soggy pretzels no one can decipher.

This shows intellectual dishonesty and a lack of maturity, Larry. At least long time New Mexico abortionist, Dr Boyd, claims he is killing a human being, a little boy or girl.  He mans up and tells the truth.  You don’t, LLWilson.

I KNOW you are a nice guy but you are trying to influence the hundreds that follow your columns; why not do it with the truth so people can choose.  OK all ten people.

I don’t mean to embarrass Ms Shelley, but her reasoning opposite your column is much more lucid.  And your malapropisms are no excuses for NOT helping your fellow woman.  A conflicted woman, being pressured to act against her eternal nature to nurture and have the child, is in need of GOOD counsel, not the Larry Wilson Cheering Section shouting:

“Lakisha, kill your kid. You’ve got a life to live and don’t need some crumb crunching, rug rat curtain climber ruining your life”

Larry, think for once.

Take your  Quote: “about 57% support a woman’s right to choose for any reason.”  REAL Cute, Larry!

No investigative journalist reference to which pol or article, what this euphemistic choice is. Like, planned parenthood only gets 3% of its money from little Jill kills at their neighborhood kill mills.

But read it without the jumbling&mumbling, the abbreviation magic:

“ 57 out of 100 whomevers support a woman’s right to choose to have her daughter dead because I gotta work, I will get fat, I will have to miss too many yoga classes, the time’s just not right to keep the kid alive.”

 The classic Larry “rape” and “incest” comes out as if it’s smart to execute the preborn daughter for the sins of the rapist father. I realize, like most male lefties, you haven’t a clue what you are asking.  You prefer to pound hard on a vulnerable, traumatized woman instead of getting her much needed help.  It’s outrageous!
Trust me, Lefty Larry, I know more about this than you might think I do or seem to. 
I did a 30 second video of a woman outside PP a while back; she opened up and publicly thanked her raped mom for giving her life; Patti would not exist UNLESS some prolife person gave her mom other alternatives to child sacrifice. There were plenty of Larry Lefties around to encourage her to kill her kid and endure a life of emotional misery.  And Larry you are a nice guy but I damn well am glad you weren’t in Patti’s moms group of Job’s counselor friends telling her: kill the kid, it’ll only grow bigger etc.
Frankly, Democrats make the best groomers and I’m not talking about the latest MAPs (minors accessing pervs) who like sniffing little girl hairs and playing with 10 year old gonads:
Dems are experts at taking advantage of the crisis moment, using fabricated words because she is VULNERABLE.
But if you evaluate a group of aborted raped mothers and other raped moms who carried to term and kept or adopted out the little girl, the vast majority of well adjusted, not acting out, women are the ladies who allowed life to grow from a bad start. 
LL Wilson, would you like to die if your dad robbed a bank or tortured an innocent wilson like Lakisha?  Of course not, sir!
NO child should be punished with death for the sins of her father.  That’s what the rare pregnancy from rape child believes.  But NOT the LLWilsons.
LL, dig deep:  The raped women who kept their children thru birth remained recovering victims, not cooperating with the killing of her precious child.  No one will accuse the mother of murder, the usual LLWilson misdirection to justify kid kill mills; but remember, the woman LIVES with HERSELF for life, long after the asshole is out of her life.  I know a 60 year old woman who still regrets her abortion; she is among thousands, maybe millions, who in the quiet of the night think about what happened.
And the victimized moms can look back and say they did NOT become the perpertrator of evil, and make a second victim of a Bidenistic rape, should Tara Reade have been impregnated with Hunter’s half sister IF JoBama raped Tara as alleged.  Alleged of course like Hunter’s laptop from Russia still in Fed Bungling Inc. Chris Wray who STILL has Hunter’s crime filled laptop after 2 years.  I guess like Mr Pillow’s cell phone, already being downloaded, names leaked, a man’s successful business being destroyed by Larry’s friends on the Jan 6 Pulitboro of BS, the laptop is just too toxic for today’s FBI brass.  Back to killing babies…

Lefty Larry, IF you want to be the adult, then TELL the truth.

A good counselor HELPS women see there are options, all of them!  Not just your local chop shop kill mill for little Jills and Bills!  Women love to talk about this as a solution.  It NEVER is; serial rapists or MAPs or groomers have their male evidence removed, but the mother lives with her decision for life!

One of our sidewalk counselors uses roses as a gift for distressed moms driving out of PP, as well; she was forced 33 years ago to have sex and got pregnant; after the abortion, her boyfriend picked her up at a Southland PP.

His loving, affectionate mature response, Larry, like most men who prefer depositing semen inside a woman and then moving on:

“what took so F#$%%$$ing long?” 

The poor little ass…18 years old, he got her pregnant and all he wanted was the evidence of his treating her like an object, gone.  After all, no one expects the Lefty Larrys to look at the original purpose for reproductive rites: we call it ‘marriage’.  Larry could look it up if he doesn’t understand what the greatest human ability in the universe, to produce a child has to do with a covenant lifelong relationship.

I’ll call her Meg, Meg was mortified and broke up.  It has enabled her to get healed, and be the best true advocate for the truth.  While the wackjobbers rabid pro-aborts go demonic with the handmaid tale graphic displays of who really wins: Hell.

Plus our neutering nattering culture, like Boston Children’s surgeons, is obsessed with slicing off teen girls’ breasts and castrating young men in the interest of trans—xxxx.  Larry, I will admit it, I am ‘trans-”   DEabbreviating I am TRANSparent, happy to help another with the truth.  But being transparent about truth, I am willing to dialogue on these issues. But unfortunately, the radical left refuses any one else’s viewpoint.

But, where does the “dialogue” happen?  On the life and death sidewalks outside kill mills. In fact, I call the sidewalk outside PP, Family Planning Inc, the place where:

“heaven meets the best God has created with the worst hell has to dish out”.  It IS life and death, and even more than a risk for the preborn little ones, girls AND boys.

LLWilson, did you know moms die who were perfectly healthy, age 22 or 33 or 18, before they walked into PP?

A big one, Larry, is the in-crisis mom could DIE (actual, not Diversity Inclusion Equity)on the PP meat table or days later with complications.

LL, these “doctors” aren’t brain surgeons, sir. It’s more than just risking her life under the knife, 5 months (avg time left) isn’t forever and you don’t risk dying on the table of a guy paid to process as many prebirth kills by piece work.  Trust me, sir, your death culture demands 6000 women’s health centers tell a grieving, conflicted mother the finer points of a “MD” shoving a sharp knife up her vagina, through the birth canal, into the little girl sleeping or awake inside her womb…and KILL IT.  The IT is a human being ready for life.  Not a proposition 1 slave soon to be sliced out and sliced up for resale.

Lefty Larry, as a thorough journalist, have you EVER looked at the Freedom of Information Act invoices and purchase orders of planned parenthood gulf coast with University of Texas Med Branch? $150 for a liver or heart? Shipped free via UPS to the top bidding lab?  The most egregious example, covered in Sen Blackburn’s Infant committee meets, is Dr Regan Thieler. An abortionist at PPGulf, she ‘bought’ the remains of her killings as the medical director at the UTexas medical labs.  Talk about double dipping!  But, hey, the sacrament of the Wilsonian Dem party is every kid kill is legal up to and after birth. And monetizing the remains makes all kind of sense to the left necromancers.  A whole lotta guardian angels were unemployed during Thieler’s work; she is now at a famous Boston hospital.

Worship as you will, Larry, but God WILL have questions for you on this in your future.

Larry, I’ve helped women stay alive for 40+ decades.  And have had conversations, without the bully PP tactics of the DEMolition party, with other humans about this.  Problem is, Dems and PP win when the mother doesn’t get ALL the truth.

Today, the Left just had 576 riots with no arrests; they turned a Jan 6 FBI supported fake Trump insurrection into a star chamber of Leftist lunacy.  Not to mention, some of your indoctrinated true believers continue to vandalize and burn down innocent and generous Crisis Pregnancy Centers.  Wasn’t JoBama’s energy, economy and life in America.  G Lucipher Newsom’s mantra is “Kill mills are essential.  Kill gas cars, coddle criminals and don’t forget to choose to kill living humans”

 Our putrid green ex AG Kamala, who raided David Daleiden’s apartment with 11 of her goons has a cute 2024 presidential matra too, reflecting her preference for dead babies over live natural gas and oil:  

“I prefer extracting live black girls from mothers’ wombs instead of extracting liquid Black Gold from mother earth. I am Kamala, who slept with a Brown giant and got $166,000 a year legal sex payback, and I approve this message”

The worst ignominy Larry, is what lefties ignore: the inconvenient truth that WOMEN DO DIE on the abortionist’s table; called “twofers” in the industry(two deaths for the price of one) like NorCal’s 18 year old Holly Patterson. Maryland’s Maria Santiago and Jennifer Morbelli.  

There’s Cree Erwin-Sheppard. Buffalo’s Jamie Lee Morales.  Cleveland’s Lakisha Wilson, by coincidence, having the same last name as yours truly, Mr. Larry Wilson. 
 I know, I know.  Just a coincidence that she’s black and dead, thanks to PP, Dems and evil; and you are white and alive.  
Larry, you may never figure it out but race is singular: there is ONLY ONE human race, just different cultures, countries and colors.  And your party can whip out the right “racecard” faster than Philadelphia’s Dr Kermit the Killer could slice out a living child, but it’s ALL nonsense.  The difference is non-existent with only two options: Male and Female as God originally created, just like the endless gift of Carbon Dioxide so many putrid green leftists demonize for profit.
Sir, EVERY human comes with 30+ trillion cells, DNA and manifested recessive genes forming a totally UNIQUE, never repeatable human being for 80 years of life, or 8 minutes until organ removals for the prebirth girl at Death Central and sent to DaVinci Biosciences.
Lefty Larry, IF and after you have read this, you will ALWAYS think of Lakisha Wilson: she was once alive on earth.  Lakisha. At night before you sleep, think of her, even, if you are Christian, PRAY for her: because your friends got her early release.

Of course, don’t forget Chicago’s Tonya Reaves, who died after a botched second-trimester abortion at Planned Parenthood, this one in the Chicago area. The nation’s largest abortion business paid the young woman’s family – including her young son — more than $2 million for taking the woman’s life.

Larry, the list of dead mothers is long but you don’t give a damn. Maybe some time in your life you convinced a young woman to abort your baby; sorry if this is true.  You ARE a father even with your little girl in heaven.

Is it because, after all, women are too stupid to be treated like a human and get informed consent (including SEEING the baby’s image at planned parenthoodlums central), to make a decision that affects her life forever.

Do mothers’ lives matter?  Or must you be black to be considered valuable?  The whole mantra “black lives matter” is silly.  OF COURSE THEY ARE.  Crazy thing about black lives, not only do they die on the streets of Chicago by the ton, they are strategically aborted nine times as often as non-blacks thanks to PP’s marketing plan to the inner city.

Please LLWilson, STOP using the childish outlook on the rape issue: ANY rape is terrible, even the suppressed Tara Reade’s alleged rape by Crazy Jo Bama; but killing a kid for the sins of the birth father is NOT the right message.  Treating her like a victim who can overcome this adversity IS!  Of course, you tell the woman that it was NOT her fault that some asshole violated her vagina with his semen jabbing penis, a true act of violence by a family member or the US-DEM-Mexican border human trafficking coyote.  She needs love, help and to get counseling during and after the child is born. Alive.   Of course, crisis pregnancy centers provide more than free diapers: they help with post abortion counseling, because they care about the mother and family, not just the prebirth child.  Saddest thing, I have NOT heard ONE Lefty Larry condemn the vandalism and burn down of CPCs, crisis pregnancy centers, by the rabid anti-life pro-abort criminals arsonists.

Not one, Larry.  And certainly not YOU!  Quick question, have you ever met an aborted child that can speak for herself?

I have.  Would yo like to meet her?  No, she’s not in a grave…

Believe it or not, Lefty Larry:  Rape pregnancies remain very rare (truth be told, Roe v Wade’s Roe rape was a lie Mr LL) for biological reasons and rape vics who carried to term are much better off physically, mentally  and psychologically.  But go ahead Larry wave your “Rape is why we need to kill the little inside girl signs in the opinion and news room.  You, sir, are the classic “toss the baby out with the bathwater” advocate because frankly you are clueless, NOT marking sex “F” on your scorecard, nor able to think beyond the left’s abbreviated intelligence dictionary of phrases.

Lefty Larry BE the GROWNUP! Help others see the truth, hear both sides.

When I consult with ladies on the PP driveway for 17 seconds at 22fwy and Tustin, I start by giving them a rose. It’s amazing what a rose means to 99% of the ladies out there. One of the best advocates for women, life, and decision making IS a rose:  Lila Rose, who just had her first child.  After I hand the rose when the car rolls down its window:

I ask what’s up and if they are getting pregnancy results or prepping for an abortion, I give the lady or her transport hubby, boyfriend or girlfriend (as with lesbian lovers in a jeep recently) plus a fly sheet for FREEE services, including 2nd opinions that include a free ultrasound where the woman is treated like an adult and shown the image. UNLIKE planned parenthood who don’t want the moms to see the squirming product of conception because it hurts their main business.


Your friends, Mr Wilson love to demonize the 6000+ women’s health centers that give them the WHOLE story, not just how to lose 7 pounds in 3 minutes in stirrups in the kill mills.  How adult are these rabid free clinic haters who vandalize, paint, firebomb places of sanctuary refuge called “crisis pregnancy centers”?   You probably approve because after all, the Democrat left is the agency of truth, health, help for the little women in need.  Well, NOT the little women inside the bigger women in need of a mentor to give her real options that will keep her alive (unlike Tonya Reaves who saw her Maker 12 hours after her baby was killed at PP Chicago, the murder capital of the world for black young men.

And Lefty Larry, if you really think Sanger’s Soldiers give a balanced view of the mother’s life, because IF she is pregnant, sir, she IS a mother…if you think they emphasize the moving object on the ultrasound screen is as alive as a puppy dog, you are the fool.

Abort Inc. is a business, sir; the Democrat campaign funds generators (Kamala enjoyed the $86,000 she got for the Senate run as her donors ’86’ the babies).  PP worries more about the bottom line than the truth, as if they are Emperor Newsom’s compassionate women’s health centers.

Female moms are not afforded informed consent.  When their little girl is shown, 75% or more keep their kid through birth for the last 5 months.   Your buddies aren’t stupid Larry at PP; they don’t want to lose their precious money.  Helping the competition at Crisis Pregnancy Central is NOT their cup of tea.

Newsom says DeSantis has kids; that Gov hair gel has kids too, born from his best friend’s wife.  But, Gov Newsom’s favorite kids are those packaged after killed, processed for delivery to your favorite organ experimentation lab across the world.  Kind of like Dr Mengele’s love of twins during the 3rd Reich.

Larry, I wish you the best.  But, the real pathway to adulthood is NOT through the Democrat Left wide road.  IF you are a Christian, ask Jon Dunn what he would have done if he owned Planned Parenthood in Bethlehem around Jesus’ birth.  Would he have suggested, as Singer, and Gov Northam put it, to kill the Savior before He gets a whiff of the cave’s farm animals; better, would he have consulted with Mary and Joseph to let the pediatrician governor (not of Judea but Virginia), kill the Kid with a shepherd’s stick then sell off His organs to Hebrew U for medical experiments?
After all, Lefty Larry, Joseph was NOT the birth father and Mary was to be stoned if the locals got wind she was pregnant, not from Joseph but Another.
It’s easy, armchair quarterbacking with other women’s lives, and misusing the exceptions: someday, we will kill off the elderly because we manufactured scarcity in a world of technological explosions of food production.  It actually proves we are NOT OVER populated but populated with too many servants of the devil who prefer killing little girls for parts, like Larry’s friends in the Obamanation of the Culture of Death.  Reagan was right: most of the people who cry “Abortion!” or “A woman’s right to choose…” with an ellipse are ALREADY born.  AND there’s plenty of arable land to feed the world if not for the billionaire boy’s club working against their corporate interest and killing as many brown, black and chinese humans as possible.  Even Susan Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway fame, pushes hard for planned parenthood’s genocidal programs; she interfered in Texas recently for her “cause”.  Funny how your leftist Dem friends love the blacks and browns better dead and at a parts lab or the 50 browns shipped to a military base from Martha’s place with the sign: “The Vineyard is YOUR town UNLESS you are the browns from DeSantisville.”  Hypocrisy is a self expletive.  Dems practice hypercrisy daily.
Larry, there is a glimmer of hope that you will wake up to what is really going on, more than just selling baby ribs while savoring Memphis ribs.  
I can’t help you make the transition; I CAN and will pray for you. But each time you recall, every night before you sleep, Lakisha Wilson, remember she might have your last name but she is dead and gone.  TY to your misery merchant friends at the DNC, who prefer power over people, death over life, and undefined “choices” which are NEVER needed to be exercised now that medical technology is advanced. 
 IF you are a Christian, you might recall God saved His last act of Creation for His most beautiful and perfect being, woman.  Only she possesses the Godlike quality of “co-creating”, with her husband’s help, the NEXT human to promote the survival of the species.  What did He do? He rested because He saw it was good.  But to the DNC, Larry’s lefty bar boys and the DC swamp, giving a kid a chance to LIVE is just not in the cards.  
Today, the more the DNC left and their indoctrinated masses kill off their children, the more important large Catholic families become. Less lefties, more traditional people of faith.  But God desires ALL to live forever happily.
 I have 11 kids, 23 grandkids (5 of which are black) and still love life after 7 decades.  Larry, you too, could start living and loving life as well.  You will ALWAYS remember Lakisha as you close your day, but ask for forgiveness for playing satan these many years, promoting the killing of innocent life in a world dying for the Truth.
Lefty Larry Wilson, by the way, Lakisha says “Hi!”