Leftenant General Garland’s Army hates God’s created prebirth babies and domestic terror parents

FBI raids home of pro-life sidewalk counselor, traumatizing family’s children

Amazing how Eva Braun’s hubby scratches his way to the surface occasionally.

Leftenant General Garland’s Goon squad continues to amaze. Again and again, I say it: I do not demonize 30,000 FBI agents; I have friends in federal law enforcement and the majority of the 30,000 are solid, good servants of the law and order crowd.  AS the loon left continues to support criminals and crime.

I do this because I beleive it and realize that Wray of sunshine and LtGen Garland are like reeds in the wind, here for so short a time in the eternal scheme of things.

But for self-preservation such that the DOJ doesn’t unleash their blue coats on my family and I because we believe that thing pp surgeons’ take out is NOT a product of conception, nor cancer but a pre-Kindergarten human child.  Biologically, scientifically, even intellectually, it’s HUMAN, ALIVE and deserves not getting the same treatment as Auschwitz cattle car-ed Jews, Poles, Hungarians and the handicap

EVERY human deserves a chance at life since there is only one of each of us.  Even if LtGen Garland deFACES the FACE act with poor legal maneuvering, a woman deserves the truth, the whole truth and nothing but, before she decides the most critical medical decision of her life, whether 12, 22 or 42.   (Any FBI or DOJ staffers reading this, please read the testimony that follows…I am NOT the enemy)

Len’s testimony regarding his actions at Planned Parenthood and other kill mills:

For the record and my NSA/FBI/Calif. file:  I am the dad of 11 grown children.  We homeschooled them for 38 years thru high school.

I weekly voluntarily stand and pray in front of Planned Parenthood’s flagship HQ at 700 S Tustin.  Since I do not want to be perp walked like Mr Houck, Stone, Manafort and others proven innocent of wrong doing, I give this “affidavit” to show I am NOT in violation of the Clinton FACE act.

I do NOT intimidate mothers driving into the facility nor try to block cars entering off Tustin Ave near the 22 freeway.  Unfortunately, the FACE act is misinterpreted by the current DofJ and its leadership, and the FBI; and too often, as in the case of Mark Houck, the kill mill shill escorts will lie because planned parenthood promises to misuse tax dollars in “defending” their lies. I have never defaced a PP, Family Planning Assoc and other kill mills in my 40 years of speaking up on mothers and the preborn; unlike what the death culture has done to 70 (and continuing) free pregnancy and women’s health clinics by rabid ideologues across America.  Their violence, undoubtedly, are overlooked, just as 574 violent rioters in the so-called “summer of love” was praised by VP Kamala and the Left (herinafter used to refer to anarchists who desired the destruction of America).  No prosecutions occurred just as the Jan 6 biased hate for people listening on the mall, sharing recipes like grandmothers.  

For their protection, I do NOT belong to any of these CPC groups either.

I am friendly to the security guards and all that enter or pray (and/or when proaborts and kill mill shill escorts antagonize us peaceful, anti-violence people on the public sidewalk.

But sadly, truth does NOT matter to Leftenant General Garland.  He misuses, in fact turns them into lockstep Goons, the FBI for his nefarious criminalized political  escapades.  Like a true Marxian Democrat and imitating stasis, Garland intimidates parents, blasphemously calling them domestic terrorists for his politically left leftist team of anarchists.

For the record, I often bring ROSES as gifts to give the ladies as they LEAVE the parking lot heading east before they turn right onto Tustin.  This does not cause traffic issues on the public thoroughfare.

If they stop, I give them the rose with a sheet showing them various places that will provide all they need for free. I do not charge for this service and often they say thank you.  I do not discriminate either; since men can’t have babies, I give them to the woman in the car or to the male driver ON the sidewalk/driveway ribbon soas not to be falsely accused by the deceitful clinic worker or director when they call the Orange police.  As is commonplace with the abortion loving left.  Truth is NOT in their vocabulary, as the tape of Mr Houck’s experience with Mr BilL will show

I thank the PP security personnel for their service, often leave them with a rose for their wife or girlfriend. A rose is a gift women often appreciate; and it helps begin the healing should the mom exiting have had the misfortune of allowing the killing of her preborn child. 

That healing process can be as long as decades.  Since I’m 99% sure that when the PP ultrasound image, used to decide which sharp knife currette or baby kill method is necessary to en, shows a forming or formed baby, the clinic worker rarely if ever shows the mother the picture or does it fleetingly without telling mom she has a child in her womb.

Thank you LtGen Garland for leaving me and my family alone.  WE are FOR life, not violence or killing little girls like the orgs you defend as you apply unEqual Justice to those who see living little girls as much better than killed, carved and sold as organs. We will PRAY for your conflicted soul, sir and that you will come to know eternal Truth.

~~End of Len’s testimony regarding his peaceful, respectful actions to help women get the truth.

Sadly, under FBIDir Wray, if you don’t have a Democrat decal on your file or DEM sign in your yard, let alone believe in justice for all, you could end up like any of the following:

Roger Stone, 900 or so peaceful Jan 6 Capitol visitors, Paul Manafort, General Flynn, Peter Navarro, Mike Lindell, and Mar a Lago.  Paul’s book is almost as eye opening as Mr Kushner’s regarding how devious the Marxian Democrats are in all their dealings.  I STILL have the freedom as a non illegal alien native California American citizen to respectfully share my opinion.

For the record, the only death on the infamous Dem misappropriated Jan 6 Capitol tour, was a Trump supporting, Air Force vet named Ashli Babbet shot in cold blood by a BLM supporting CapCop. Someday this will be revealed.

We know his name but for some Garland directed reason his name is hidden, just like Mr BilL’s has been hidden though it is the public record.

While the adults from 2016 to January 2021 helped build back our country making America a great place to live, with low unemployment, gas prices, natural gas energy prices, high black and Hispanic employment, the Abrahamic Accords that brought peace in the land where Jerusalem houses our embassy…

While great was happening, the likes of the incompetent tricky Alinsky’s Obamanation continued their treachery.  And the massively incompetent continuation of the Obama admin with incompetent failures.

Methinks the AG has a God complex having been a judge and missed out on SCOTUS. No one is ABOVE the law

Imagine, Leftenant Gen Garland could have become a SCOTUS member.  Congressional oversight questions will have to wait until Jan 4 2023, but why is it when all these peaceful patriots and good Americans, who volunteer to come in to Fbi offices prompted by Garland Goon tyranny, they are ignored or told no need to.  Maybe the local office doesn’t know what is going on or the General keeps his new targets under raps until the golden moment.  But, the preferred method, apparently, for Garland’s Goon squad:

At 6 or 7am like at Stone’s place or Mar a Lago, they are subjected to NaziStasi tactics as if they are destined for Auschwitz Berkinau in a cattle car.

Their homes are surrounded; usually just a bunch of 25 FBI agents, pulled from real crimes or some amphibious crafted blokes like at Mr and Mrs Stone’s place; guns drawn and loaded for bear.

Too many of the agents probably had no idea, and those that did had no choice or don’t care.  Like Pfaucinstein, Garland has a lot to answer for. Which should happen after Jan 4th ’23.

Number a peaceful Mark & Ryan-Marie Houck,and their CAtholic homeschooling family of 7 kids, in those terrorized by out of control anti-American domestic tyrants.

You may remember, after the Virginia election hat trick, LTG AGarland primed the domestic parental terrorists scam very well; receiving a memo from the public National School Boards team, he was ‘warned’ parents are going khaki and camo, crashing local school boards with AR-47s and Glocks, pinning the frightened boarders to their chairs while the parents gave their 120-180 seconds of public questions and demands. What a pile of rot even the most left leaning teachers’ unions could come up with.

How dare these kids’ parents object to corrupt racist theories, rewriting the Merriam-Webster grammar pronouns and manufactured sexes & genders.   I know, this sounds surreal, because it is FALSE. Boards don’t own the kids; parents do and are the primary educators according to God’s plan.  The left has been loading up boards with their anarchists and finally parents are waking up to the woke wacky tyrants of Soros inc.

The Dept of InJustice, due to this massive burgeoning national emergency at teech school board meets, had Leftenant General Grant’s memo out and about in days…collusion isn’t just a Russian issue.  Imagine, there are hundreds of innocent citizens from the DC Capitol STILL incarcerated, some in solitary and others with no charges…after 19 months.

Saddest reality is Loony Lizzie Cheney and two Adams wouldn’t know the truth even if God sent it down on two stone tablets.  Not that they care, what with the stage lighting bright and the Dem owned media ready to lapdog.

Of course, some remember vice president of community banking and America, Kamalala, had her 11 goons rob David DAleiden’s planned parenthoodlum related candid camera videos from his personal home.

What’s with the limp wrist left reaction, always uses their temporary power ilicitly? Kamala hated Daleiden so she acted like the lefty she is.   True to form, Kamalala STILL has not returned David’s personal goons-gobbled intellectual property from her Calif. Attorney General days.  Why?

Little Dem goddesses like Anarchist Kamala 47th “prez for an hour while Biden was colonoscopied (AK47)”, using the Brown sleep system are impervious to law and order.  Like LtGen Garland.

What is it about killing little girls that is sooo important to the Democrat party of slavery founded in 1824? And Leftenant General Garland, Biden, Kamala, AOC etc.

We all know the party is hijacked today by anarchists (AOC Tlaib etc)who prefer blacks and browns sacrificed in honor of St Margaret Sanger, the patron saint of black terminations and other useless eater elimination programs.

Easy to prove: they locate their kill mills near minority inner city areas, especially in Blue Coat enclaves like LA, San Francisco, Chicago, NYC (who has 51 abortion mills), the list is long.

One or two Democrats defy the implied Dem Chinesque ONE Child per Family policy: Priscilla, ie Mother Zucker and Papa Mark and babies, come in threes.  They have 3 involuntary miscarriages in heaven, 3 on earth (one still inside mama) and 3 million more contracted forced abortions the Zuckerbergs offered to the devil god, to kill off.

No, hyperbola… FB Mark signed the death warrants for three million (3,000,000) little black and brown prebirth kids by taking out a contract with the kill mill thugs at PP NorCal (Silicon Valley) for $992.2 million a few short years ago.  I wonder if Mark&Priscilla have offered Jen&Gavin Newsom some of their 3,000,000 prepaid abortions for the governor and his wife’s new abortion biz:  The JeNewsom Abortion Tours.

Their motto is “No MOM left behind” and offering free abortions to 57 Obamanation states plus terrortories.

3,000,000 dead perfectly alive little girls... but Mark and Priscilla have their six, three girls and privilege of the Depopulation Award from the Billionaire’s Boys Club.

ObamaJoe likes to sniff little girls’ hair; Zuck likes to snuff little girls prebirth.  Both will FACE God not FACEbook execs.  Chances are OBJoe’s meeting is a lot sooner than Papa Zuckerberger.  Pray for them to reconcile and repent. NEVER a bad idea for an eternal experience.

Leftenant General Garland and his Goon army keep pushing the misery merchant unhinged anarchist left envelope.

The Houck Family vs OBidenbama’s political policing Gestapo

Mark with his Rosary; an escort in the background

But, just as Dobbs dispensed with RoeVwade, Leftenant General Garland really overstepped with Mark (no, not the baby killer Facebook founder), Mark Houck.

Garland’s bizarre anti-American family incidents are mounting and why ANYONE would give their vote to any Democrat prostitician is beyond the pale.

Mark’s crime was helping women make an informed decision, weekly driving two hours, often with one of his kids to a Pennsylvania kill mill.

The Houcks homeschool their 7 children.  Not locked out from biologic truth, homeschoolers tend to recognize that thumb sucking, squirming ultrasound girl actress IS human and actually alive; unlike the death doctors and satanist surgeons that work for Jon Dunn at Orange’s PP HQ, who name every kill as Payday.  With all due respect to the excellent candy bar.

Mark IS a homeschooling father of seven; he protected his 12 year old from a virulent potty mouth bigot disguised as a client escort; the PP volunteer wasn’t escorting any pregnant person (probably a woman/mom) at the time, but in the face of the minor spouting his vile. In fact, he followed the two Houcks and Mark pushed BL away from the child and the man fell.

Oh my, did that spring forth the death culture’s violence trigger!  No harm no foul EXCEPT in the misery merchant world of Democrat activism. BL, the 72 year old antagonist got a bandaid for his abuse; he filed a lawsuit and it was dismissed because he never appeared.  In comes the DOInJ, the DC Dept of Injustice and the AG with 30,000 fed bullies investigating anything that can set Trump to hell (still wedged in the left’s mind) or go after God.

Now, even though there’s little proof this even qualifies for the kill mill and church specific FACE act, Garland’s Goon Squad continues the Alinsky Democrat destruction of civil discourse.  ‘Accuse without reason, indict without truth’ is their banner

“The FACE (Freedom of Access to Clinic) Act makes it a federal crime, with potentially steep fines and jail time, to use or threaten to use force to “injure, intimidate, or interfere” with a person seeking reproductive health services, or with a person lawfully trying to exercise the First Amendment right of religious freedom at a place of religious worship. The FACE Act also prohibits intentional property damage to a facility providing reproductive health services or a place of religious worship. The measure, passed by Congress with 17 Republican votes and signed into law by President Bill Clinton, was introduced in reaction to the increasing violence in pro-life protests in the 1990s.”

Why it doesn’t apply:

First, the 72 year old pulled a Danny Kaye on Mr Houck; he insulted Mark in front of his 12 year old, addressing the KID not the dad, which is invasion of privacy, violating parental rights and more: “Your dad’s a fag” and other kind drunken sailor words.

Your dad’s a fag! ~~Mr BilL’s affectionate reference to Mark Houck needs to be deciphered

Maybe Mr BilL never took biology.

There are two genders/sex, sir. NOT 60. Adam and Eve, not Peter & Chase.  Also, notice the Obamanation~OBiden media, as usual, outs and quickly identified mom and dad Houck as evil assailants, as a form of intimidation.  But they oddly hide BL’s name (as if he is a vulnerable pregnant woman and not an old coot defending death) so we will just appropriately call him Mr. BilL.  Poor oppressed elder abused Mr. BilL!  REcall the famous Mr Bill from SNL?

But Mr BilL knew Mr Houck, it wasn’t just a brief encounter.  He may or may not have known he was a CAtholic seven children homeschooler who came weekly after a two hour drive to help save lives and tell moms the truth.

Mr BilL figured with deep pockets Abort Inc., he could lie and lie and be covered, especially with child abuse actions he took.  The video will prove unless Kamalala energizes her Goon Squad to steal the video before it is produced.

Planned parenthoodlum and abortion kill mill alinsky tactics are well worn and known.  Except maybe to the “truth, justice & USAway” hyperpoliticized Garland’s gang.  Here’s how it works.

By antagonizing Mark&Son, hoping for a reaction, was just a well worn despicable abortion kill mill tactic, to get him to do something to the kill mill shill escort so Mr BilL can claim he was assaulted.  No matter that he shouted obscenities at a minor, violated the minor’s private space… And when Mark DID defend his son, the poor old man fell over as if Mr Houck tried to emulate a typical blue coat Philly city criminal bashing jewelry cases with impunity.  THE CASE WAS A FRAUD AND CLOSED.

I think back to one Friday mid day; I supposedly had the police called on me by the med director, because a man complained I had touched his truck outside PP Orange County HQ at 700 Tustin. I was told by the security guard, whom I gave a rose to for his wife.  No one showed; no cop wasted his time for another “false alarm”.

Most hours I am out there with the prayer warriors, I have ROSES for the abused ladies coming out and driving away after their baby was unceremoniously carved out of their wombs.

I knew it was BS, because the guy was driving OUT when the alleged assault on his truck took place.  I had a small plastic bucket for the roses… but Orange police have to treat the kill mill baby snuffer director as an intelligent human and answer the complaint.

Threats are one of their fave tactics, because they hate competition for baby parts.   Recall, the OC DA Mr Rackaukaus got a $7 million settlement from Hillary affiliated DaVinci Biosystems, for buying baby parts from Planned Parenthood, including Tustin/Orange.

I an an equal opportunity helper.  Though Sanger’s soldiers in planned parenthood kill at will, I never would.

So, i must try and help the delusional Mr BilL and his biolgy challenged mind, a fag is another word used for a man who inserts his penis in other men, like TRANSportation secretary Pete and his house husband Chase.

Most homosexuals do not bear children, since as of yet, men are not equipped with fallopian tubes, eggs, wombs and other female (the OTHER sex) reproductive implements.  Here the happy couple sit in bed after the delivery of their new twins…as an adoptee grandfather with five black grandchildren living back East, ADOPTION is a much better option than ABORTION.

Of course technology screams on, and Mr and Mrs Pete and Chase now are in possession of two young children; but Mr BilL would not equate the two.  Maybe Mr BilL meant the word ‘fag’ (isn’t it a cigarette?) as a derogatory, commensurate with being a kill mill shill escort.

“Little Houck, your dad’s a Camel or Lucky Strike!”  Maybe not.  Doesn’t have the emotional dig Mr BilL was hoping for.

The Houck Alleged Assault.

The date of the fake band-aid resulting incident was unique as well: the 104th anniversary of 70,000 witnesses viewing the dancing sun in Fatima, Portugal.  Catholics and Protestants prolife warriors often honor Virgin Mary, who appeared six times on the 13ths of successive months back in 1917.

Segue:  What’s with these proaborts using Catholic feast days for evil (like Epiphany Jan 6th and the Aug 15 Afghanistan massive betrayal by ObamaBiden)?  Is it their devil leader trying to pot shot God more and more?

Facts matter:  Mr BilL was a baby kill mill escort on Oct 13, 2021, not a pregnant woman nor with a pregnant woman when he got in Houck&Son’s face.  Face, the same act name that Leftenant General Garland is misusing like any good left prosecutor does.

Escort Mr. BilL’s Elizabeth Black ‘health’ clinic where Mr Houck prayed and counseled weekly after a two hour drive

Reproductive health is the code word for killing a mom’s kid inside planned parenthood or other kill mill.  As if killing a little girl is healthy, but to the AOC loon squad, abortion is the ultimate sacrament of the Church of Satan, where human sacrifice is a MUST.  God is NOT a fan of killing His creations by other created, mentally deranged humans.

Certainly NOT hyperbole:

PP really is a satanic temple, where they sacrifice human cargo on their stainless steel altar tables, but the Houcks did not try to destroy the building or signage; that’s what the pro-abort shock troops do to crisis pregnancy and women’s help/health centers but Leftenant General Garland can’t find his glasses to investigate those perps.  Same with 574 riot rioters.  That’s unindicted rioters, looters, arsonists and criminals at 574 Riots at leftist stronghold Spring/Summer 2020 approved by the Pelosi/Obama anarchist Dem cabal, just as Pelosi and Bowowzer DC mayor refused to protect the Capitol with 10,000 offered National Guard troops.  If the Damnocrats want to understand how to use the National Guard, call Gov DeSantis…

Left and LtGen Garland: why is your biased soooo pronounced?

Houck did not use force to stop a 9 month pregnant mom; he did not intimidate Mr BilL(that was Mr BilL’s technique feeling invincible and feeling his octagenarian oats protecting his baby kill mill: BL was the unidentified identified intimidator of Houck and Son).

Here’s the background report: Joe and Ashley Garecht created the crowdfunding page for the Houck injustice event by Leftenant General Grant. Notably, the couple’s daughters in 2019, then just 13 and 15 years old, were harassed by then-State Rep. Brian Sims (D) for several minutes as they prayed for unborn children outside a Pennsylvania abortion clinic. These Democrat prostiticians have NO respect for women except as shills and pawns for their nefarious desires.

Based on sources, prosecutors alleged that on October 13, 2021, Houck assaulted a 72-year-old man referred to in the indictment as “B.L.” (whom we call Mr BilL) outside the Planned Parenthood Elizabeth Black Health Center in Philadelphia.

According to a Justice Department press release, Mr BilL was allegedly trying to escort two patients out of the clinic when the defendant aggressively shoved him to the ground.

In a second instance, Houck was charged with “verbally” harassing Mr BilL outside the facility before pushing him down violently and causing injuries that required medical care.

In true Clintonesque Alinsky style, Mr BilL (whose name is in the public record), BL accused his target of what Mr BilL was doing.  Verbally taunting, trying to get a rise by accosting young Houck, the dad did what real dads do: protect their family.

Unfortunately, though the incident was adjudicated and thrown out, the General doesn’t give a damn.  He has another target, and will work it for his rabid anti-American lives views.

Truth is NOT endemic to the radical baby kill mill lovin’ Left. They live for death and money; so Leftenant General Garland cheated and read MORE into the situation EVEN after:

The Houck~Mr BilL case was dismissed because  Mr BilL failed to show up for court, a court case HE initiated.  How much more BS must we put up with?

DOinJ, specifically the General making the Mr BilL fraud assault as a federal case is idiotic and endemic of Dark T-hater: Dark Obama and Biden’s Trump hate.  But Leftenant General Garland may have just pulled the Rubicon, the red line he crossed proving he hates families (domestic terrorist parents), keeping prebirth little girls alive, God, life, CAtholics, homeschoolers, large families and more.

To say Leftenant General Garland’s latest blunder is outrageous, is an UNDERSTATEMENT.

I wonder if the Left General will press federal hate crime and elder abuse charges for the scumbag who shot this unarmed 84 year old woman:

An 84-year-old volunteer canvasser was shot in the back while campaigning door-to-door in her own community for pro-life issues.  According to a Sept. 24 statement from Michigan Right to Life, on Sept. 20 a “heated conversation” took place between one of its local volunteers and an occupant of a home in Odessa, Michigan, a small community near Grand Rapids.

As the volunteer was leaving the residence, she was allegedly shot in the rear part of her shoulder by a man that had not been a part of the discussion. Grand Rapids TV 8 reported on Sept. 23 that the wounded woman drove herself to the Lake Odessa Police Department to report the shooting.

Probably not: like Mr BilL, she had an owie.  The kill mill shill escort ended up with a band aid on a finger that Oct 13th; this lady, all 84 years of her, just got shot by the left’s fave target, a gun, in the back as she left a home.

A line and tyrannical, totalitarian action that proves Dem leftist attorney generals may LIVE in America, but the last thing they are, is an honorable American citizen.   Pray for Nov 8th results and the seating of the 118th Congress on Jan 3, 2023.  Three days before the Left’s worshiped date.  Jan 6.

I will update as time moves on.  Thank you Jesus for the gift of Life.  I am blessed with the greatest 11 kids, and a new stepmom Mary because mother Donna left earth 11 years ago.  The rest of my life is dedicated to Help1Some1~2 day and help the most vulnerable among us.  Lied to mothers forced to abort their living little girl or boy.  And the child who deserves to have a chance to be attorney general someday; Leftenant General Garland is seeing the writing on the wall and knows his time is very limited.  So he is doing everything he can to lie about people who love America.  Pray for his soul as he torments so many without the Dem union label.

“…But Houck’s wife, Ryan-Marie, disputed that account, in an interview with the far-right, Catholic antiabortion news outlet LifeSiteNews on the day of his arrest, maintaining that it was her husband who was the true victim.. She said the patient escort had verbally harassed Houck’s 12-year-old son, who’d accompanied him to protest outside the clinic that day. ~~Philly Inquirer”

Finally, proof that Biden no longer should serve as our president. Buffalo’s Compasscare Pregnancy Care free clinic was firebombed. Like the other 70 incidents at CPCs, there are NO arrests. And as Garland’s goons ignore two arsonists because of their political bias, criminals run free.

The most acclaimed law enforcement agency in the world with all the technological prowess only third to the NSA and CIA, refused to enter this federal crime arena.  The clinic director GAVE their video surveillance tapes to the Buffalo Police.  No intention to chase the criminals (maybe because they were black or Mexican? Who knows).  All Compasscare does is protect mothers, give them the truth so they, as adults, can decide whether to keep their child.

Now, believe it or not, the Buffalo Police refuse to return their tapes because they claim the pro life clinic will enable those elusive “right wing” arsonist extremists to do the same thing.

Got it?

Now, believe it or not, the Buffalo Police refuse to return their tapes because they claim the pro life clinic will enable those elusive “right wing” arsonist extremists to do the same thing.

The clinic director has to SUE for their property to be returned.  Just as that political whore Kamalala refuses to return a non violent candid camera jockey’s recordings 8 years after she had 11 of her goons (or thugs?) butt bounce inside Mr Daleiden’s apartment grabbing thumb drives, computers and more.

I guess it boils down to the obvious.  The Democrat party leaders have their lead feet in hell and have no clue just how perilous the writing on their walls really is.  Biden is closer statistically and actuarially, but when Newsom meets his namesake, Lucifer, it won’t go as he plans.

AOC, Pelosi, Newsom, Pete & Chase, Mark and Priscilla, Jill and Joe, have time until their time is up, to return to the God of their youth.  Last Wednesday, Sept 27th, I was visiting my 60 year brother in law in a Hemet hospital room.  He had not opened his eyes for two weeks, on a ventilator.   AS I began a prayer for healing and hope, he opened his eyes and looked at his youngest daughter’s eyes.     A little time later, after I had left, he again opened his eyes to see his wife and within the hour, he passed away and into the next world.  He had the last rites of the CAtholic faith; he was lucky.

My message to the Leftenant General, his boss Obama and puppet BidenoBamaJoe and the other evil doers, you have NO guarantee how many years, days, hours even minutes you have on earth.  I wish all to live forever, but that is your choice.

Just as Mark and Priscilla can revel with their three daughters for a time, what about the 3,000,000 little preborn girls they have paid to die?  Newsom and Jen may use those contract hits for their new JeNewsom Abortion Tours, Inc.  But, the governor may not be aware even he with the cute face and greased 50s hair, cannot escape without repentence.

But Leftenant General Garland, your time as attorney general will soon end.  You know it as does your Maker.  28 months from now you will be out of a job.  Yes, accolades by the Demonic Left, but the Police State status you enjoy will no longer be yours to torture parents and those who disagree with your godfather and owner, Barack Hussein O and Susie Rice, etc.

Life is precious, worth living and needs to be defended.  God bless America and God bless the mothers being lied to by the demons of destruction that plague this great country.  Pray for the Houcks who carry the torch of freedom.  And the Boston clinic director, mystified by his local police’s theft of his property.


Dad of 11 engaged and Pro Women staying alive inside and outside the womb. Comments anyone?

Stacey Abram flunked biology btw.  She doesn’t see the obvious heartbeat as real on a sonogram because it’s bad for Democrat demon business.


Additional information on the Houck miscarriage of justice tragedy








Mark & Priscilla Zuckerberg, the Sin Police and their FACEbots

zuckerbergRevised 9 26 2022

Mark and Priscilla, congratulations on your sixth child, your third child on earth and soon to be delivered.

Curious: what’s it like to take out a contract for hits on 3,000,000 little girls & boys while having your own girls on earth?  Three million kills is a bit steep to please your depop pals, although Mark will get the Lifetime err Deathtime Achievement Award from his Billionaire’s Boys Depopulation Club’s next poker fest..

Most bizarre thing is you get billionaire status and you destroy America (Sorry Georgie Soros) or destroy the next generation that would use your products (Zuckerbergers, Susan and Warren Buffet) IF YOU LET THEM LIVE!!

New banner: Mark kills a million prebirth little babies for EVERY Priscillabot that pops out of her womb.

The number 3 stands for the Godhead, the Trinity.  But in Mother Zucker and Papa Mark’s castle it is

3 in heaven (miscarriages); 3 little girls on earth. 3 MILLION little girl kills at the kill mill via contract hits.

You look so happy in the photo above yet…

Making up for dead Democrat babies, I have 11 kids and 23 grandkids; 5 of which have black complexions, not bad for a 1/2 Polish, 1/2 German real estate broker to help alleviate the baby deficit in America.

However, I didn’t do the heavy lifting, Mark!

My wife and mom to the 11, Donna did, each time.  Just as Priscilla has done for your five and almost six.  Three in heaven I believe.  But, the Zuckerbabies are NOT ones and zeroes, or inorganic blobs of silicon formed into ASICs or phone innards.  They are EACH distinct, never repeatable, unique human beings that differ from any other human, even Mark, in only age, size and location.

Mark and Priscilla, the “location”, like any of your basement dwelling Censorbots, does not make the Zuckerkid or bot any less or more human: like real estate, where location location location is oft mentioned, the location of a human does NOT change its humanity.

Now we’ve had a good run with 11, but I’m not picking winners or losers in the baby race; yet the Democrat misery merchants are hell bent on NOT having kids of their own;and any kids they don’t want, end up in some medical lab as FOIA information releases have proven.

The usual $125 UTexas Med paid for each little girl’s heart and $715 paid by Yale Med for a head, not of lettuce, but of a fully formed born prebirth child.

Mama Zucker, truly, it IS sad when a mother loses her child, whether by miscarriage, as you have or by an intentional misscarry: abortion.

Maybe you didn’t realize the three miscarriages, Mama Zucker and Papa Mark, are REAL children, just not on earth anymore; their location is elsewhere. You have a 50/50 chance of meeting these three children in heaven IF that becomes your final destination.  The big IF since you reject God’s son, Jesus to your peril. It’s not me preaching but your willful ignorance from the Creator Who made your kids NOT you and Mark.

Does your grandmother Chan no longer exist because she has died and rests somewhere forever?  No, you still consider her as a person THOUGH she bore your father long before you married Mark.   I am praying for your success as parents daily and for Mark to become the better version of himself, in fact, best version of himself.  Soon would be great….maybe stop being a biased thought cop and allow the free flow of ideas on your platforms…and inside your family.

I think these realities just don’t make your top ten but once you have a child, your world views often change IF you allow yourself to be a thinking adult.

Of all couples, you two need to start thinking in the real world before it catches up to you.  But, matter of fact, your Facebook censorbots hate me posting the truth.  This is a serious flaw in Mark’s campaign to rule the world, control the narrative and bully anyone who doesn’t look or think like him. 29 days in Censorbot jail because I used his fave med hack, Dr Pfaucinstein’s, article.  I believe Mark is MUCH better than this, but he’s lost control of his people.

I’m on 27 25 day FB suspension for posting a legit NIH NIAID august 22, 2005 article, back when Mama Zucker was a teen girl.  Big question is, you are a section 230 entity: why does ANYONE advertise on the chief propagandists and suppression couple’s, Mark & Priscilla’s, platform anymore?

You disrespect your advertisers, your clients, your users…all of us are serfs outside the giant moat around Zucker Castle.

At any moment in time, with zero oversight by the first couple of formerly face diapered media consumers, their toddler censorbots make unilateral ideological decisions that lean farther left than the Tower of Pisa at 26 degrees (that’s the Giza Pyramid passageway inclination angle, you know the largest world icon pointing to Jesus the Christ.  NO aluminum hat here…just research)

Dr Mama Zucker, what did I do?

Confession: I posted a peer reviewed article from Dr Pfaucinstein’s team (aka St Anthony Fauci, NIAID top dog who’s paid $400k), the highest paid unelected bureaurat in history not including his suppressed royalties and wife’s $$.

And mother Zucker, you are a doctor; i didn’t know you only hire censorbots with medical degrees.

Chloroquines worked in 2005 and work today (zinc ionophores like HCQ, Ivermectin/Strombectol and Quercetin) but are suppressed because Dr Pfaucinstein makes zero royalties from the successful alternative treatments for Covid22.  Gotta follow the Pharmabuck$ to see the truth.

Censorbots are paid $15 an hour and aren’t the smartest tools in the tool shed, which is want you want as CEOs.

The artice was from a prestigious medical peer reviewed medical magazine, Virology Journal dated Aug 22, 2005 from Fauci’s National Institute of Health

The title and contributors of the article Facebook hates and censorbots love to throw tantrums over:

‘Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection & spread’

Priscilla, I know Mark is talented, dropped out of college (or was that Farmer Gates?) and has done pretty well for himself, but explain why?

Why you let loose your bottom dwelling Censorbots on faithful users, advertisers (in a free enterprise, non socialist world, some orgs rely on capitalism and ad dollars) and other foolish people who believe section 230 stands for free access and exchange of information.

I assume you are using that unbiased back up super lefty censorial Adam Schiffty clone SNOPES for your justification for repeated lockouts. Just like you loved locked out businesses for Covid19 thr Covid22?

But when you go to the dual pajama wearing hacks’ site, it’s a pile of gobbledegook about hydroxychloroquine (the #2 suppressed successful medicine in the world of America by Pfizer Pfaucibots) not applying to THIS Corona virus. What is that, separate but equal?  IS FBook immune to lawsuits because you interfered in the free exchange of research like the CDC and NIH has engaged in.

Take the #1 prescribed a billion times a year for Covid22 Ivermectin, the Nobel Prize scientist designed drug found super successful in stopping China viroweapons, whether 2002 or 2022.

And the mental diseased “arrogant nihilism” has no cure but firing for the Pfauch after Nov 8th.  Despite all the facebook shenanigans to try and steal ANOTHER election.

You guys must be woke more than just for 2am feeds: no free exchange of data between medical theorists, just the indoctrinated “DO it my way” monopoly of scientific failure that 3jabs+3boost+Paxlovoid yields, is EVIL and suicidal.

How much better, like the man’s life I helped save BEFORE Pfauci’s Pfailed Pfizer jabs with HCQ combined with extent therapies.

Yes, since your castle bubble is impenetrable, I have a personal experience with saving a life BEFORE the touted multi-pfizer pfailing government promoted, Democrat indoctrinating Pfauci royalties “vaccination” program. 

Mama doctor Zucker, you should be interested in the story but, well, plagiarizing a movie like ObamaJo plagiarizes life, you can’t HANDLE the truth with your boyish looking hubby. 

Although I do wish you well in raising your daughter while you invest in the slaughter of daughters from other mothers.  Your “sin” is a sad one: 3 million prepaid prebirth little girl kills.

3,000,000 dead little girls at an average kill cost of $300 (PP claims abortions cost 0-$750 so I went conservative). 

No wonder Planned Parenthoodlum Silicon V is ecstatic with $992.2 million!

Physician Mama Zucker, answer me this: IF your hubby’s company had created a new variant, let’s call it Meta, that failed repeatedly, would you name it a


A breakthrough is a scientific, medical ADVANCEMENT not a miserable failure that the Dem- pharmacological-medical-CDC-FDA complex hides and distorts. Any 6th grade biology student knows this.

A DISEASE that defeats multi-vaxx attempts leading to Covid22 is NOT a Breakthrough.  It’s a BREAKDOWN!

Yet, the supposed “one and done” jab Pfizer vaccine that Twitterfacebook CDCFDADemocrat promotes as the ONLY way to stop Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague now is three jabs then 3 boosts and when the hypervaxxed STILL get Covid22 (we need to label it by year now), guess what Mama Zucker!

The greatest medical malpractitioner comes up with latest Dem verbum du jour:

REBOUND!  Thank you Dr Pfaucinstein…

while ignoring the scientific facts that a MILLION+ bad side effects and 35,000 vax deaths does not make a successful vaccination program, mRNA or not.

Mother Zucker, you are too young to remember, but Covid1’s vax program was abandoned after 50 deaths…

50…but a million bad lifelong side effects and 35,000 dead doesn’t stop the Boorla_Pfauci steamroll using OUR tax $$.  VAERS is not a badge of courage but the results of the breakdown of American medicine.

Facebook plugs their ears and closes their eyes. You CAN’T deliver your challenge because the censorbots PREVENT it.

Mark and Mama ZuckerB: tell me you aren’t embarrassed by what your formerly friendly platform is doing to us loyal users.

Bytheway, a “rebound” is what Kolbe Bryan used to do, before he was killed senselessly because the helo pilot couldn’t see.

Paxlovoid, as JoBama calls it, helps the Breakthrough Covid22s get SEVERE symptomatic expressions of sickness.  A vaccine is supposed to work ON the malady NOT the patient’s future: Pfizer’s is at best the worst of the various therapies. At the very worst since Pfailure is it’s middle name.  Anyone looking outside the suppression matrix of FB, Twitter et al, knows this.

What therapies am I talking about? Dr Mama, you should know, the ones that Dr Simone Gold and other fully qualified doctors were fired over.  And the ones the cabal of Pfauci Pfizer, CDC & FDA lied about, fabricated obvious Big Pharma Pfalsies, so people would think horse for Ivermectin and fish tanks for HCQ.

What outrageous megalomaniacs like their white haired leader with all his NASCAR labels!!

Hydroxychloroquine, Strombectol/Ivermectin and Quercetin, the common zinc ionophores that helps kill Mao Tse-Xi’s Wuhan BioTerror weapon of choice.

Combined variously by real doctors’ suggestion/prescription, with D3, C, Zinc, NAC and other VERY successful therapies to stop Covid22 in its well designed tracks.

In the real science world, a failure is not the end of the world.  That’s what the SCIENTIFIC METHOD is about.

However, when Pfauci & Pfriends get paid to win not lose, as they collect royalties, it’s hard for them to tell the truth and let go of the vaxx experiments from their deeply bloody hands.  The greatest medical systemic malpractice in history, as we all may find out after the 118th Congress is seated.

Which medically proven results-driven cures, like Facebook censorbots, are suppressed by the Pfaucinstein Industrial-Medical-CDC-FDA governmental consortium that you support, means Facebook, the company that gives Mama Zucker the ability to keep having babies while she supports killing another mother’s child, is EVIL and NIMBY

NIMBY: Not in Mom’ Back Yard.

Why? Why: Because the megalomaniacal Pfauch wanted to PROTECT his stature, grease the experimental vax rails, and have a last “success” and protect his royalties/immunity scheme for his buddy Dr Boorla, the dog doctor CEO of Pfizer Pfauci LLC.

Not like you people doctor Mama Zucker, as a doctor of animals, as CEO of Pfizer and owner of NYC penthouse that JoBidenBama lover Leticia James can’t take away.

Honestly, I don’t envy your money: you have lots of it, Mother Z and Pop Mark, so you virulently hate Trump; I get that and you do all you can to Soros (a verb) elections to kill his chances.

Fine, your money, your choice.  By why pay for other mothers’ daughter slaughter to the tune of $992.2 MILLION?

My regret, since I was buying 33mb Prian disc drives before Mark stopped pooping his diapers, is opportunity lost that Facebook could have been.  What a blessing when people find other friends and relatives, a big plus on your platform.  But how evil as you used it to undermine legitimate campaigning and voting in 2020 (and probably before)

But what about a mother’s right to choose (as opposed to “women’s…) to KEEP her kid?  Priscilla, you got yours after various attempts, and should CELEBRATE LIFE coming out of other mothers!

How selfish is it to bear three girls and kill off three million by PPproxy?

I get you follow weird ideologies and love killing little girls so much (actually few businesses can kill off their future customers and exist like Berkshire Hathaway and the Tech Tyrants) even though Dr Mama Zucker suffered several miscarriages and then God gifted you with a beautiful little girl. Then another.  EVERY abortive mother feels regret, many for life!

Both look remarkably like Mark and Priscilla too! Yet they are UNIQUE, like EVERY prebirth kid on earth and in the abortuary’s crematorium.

This is why I say I wish you the best in raising your 3 girls on earth while your three miscarried, one a boy and two little girls, pray for your conversion from heaven.  They want you and their earth sibs to join them someday, not live forever forever forever and ever in hell.  But as a mom, it’s a “woman’s right to choose…heaven or hell”.

After all, “female choice” is the sacrament of the left, delivered by slicing out perfectly joyful girls.

Among my 23 grandkids, 3 were miscarriages, but are nonetheless named and celebrated in our reasonably large family.

After all, if AOC, Kamala and their Dem leftist friends keep aborting their kids, like Hollywood barrenwood actresses have, someone’s gotta have the kids to keep humanity alive.

Priscilla, you know of what I speak.  Despite your billion$, you have an emptiness money nor Mark can fill.  Instead of joyously promoting life and opportunity for the poor, 3rd world and America, you thrive like vultures on death…not supporting the beauty of the culture of LIFE.

I don’t mean to be mean, but the truth is the truth. REcall:

Sept 22, 2015 article tells us you gave $992.2 million to planned parenthood front group in Silicon Valley; NOT to the 6000+ real women’s health free centers across America.  Funneling it through a middle woman, doesn’t change the results: 3 million dead girls and boys is an ominous use of your blessings.

“Now that Zuckerberg and his physician wife are expecting a baby girl, it’s especially significant to note that they support an organization dedicated to accessible women’s healthcare. It’s no secret they struggled to conceive, and suffered several miscarriages. In an age where healthcare costs are on the rise, and the average American paycheck is on the decline, affordable healthcare is not something to be flippant about.  We’re proud of anyone who openly supports women’s rights, but it’s especially powerful when a public figure makes a bold statement. Hopefully, it will encourage others to do the same.” ~~Kveller, a Jewish publication to help Jewish families raise kids.

Flippant?  Come on, grow up you two.  The usual Dem word pretzels are amazing.

Does anyone remember how cattle cars helped with sex selection killings going into Auschwitz~Berkinau?  Of the 60 supposed sexes, the Nazis only took in two for DEMolition: male and female. The chimneys spouted human smoke for 7 years and 6 million Jews are GONE.  Like your miscarriages Mama Zucker AND 63 MILLION prebirth little American girls, never to post on FAcebook, never to go to kindergarten or find a cure of cancer.

Today’s sex selection abortions are much more “humane”.  Hmm.  The saddest thing, with your physician MD license, you haven’t a clue of what the universe is about.  Unemployed guardian angels would rather have been there to help the Maxes of the world orient the rivers of life.

Well, Mark and Mama Zucker, your generosity at least got the attention of Veep Kamala, who got $86,000 from Planned Parenthood for her Senate run, from your largesse.  Look how she turned out after bedding down a Brown mayor.

Previously mentioned, I am a dad of 11.  Since Democrats and leftists are killing off their young, it behooves large faithful CAtholic families working hard to fill in the birth dearth void that the eugenics eunuchs are pushing on the world.

Many Facebook countries are paying couples to HAVE babies, while Mark and Mother Zucker pay to have little girls KILLED at the local Jill&Bill kill mills founded by hyperracist black hater Margaret Sanger, who employed black ministers to help with the cause of eliminating blacks and browns.  “useless eaters’ she called them.

I take offense because after all, I am the grandfather of five beautiful black kids now growing up daily, NOT killed off by the Zuckerberg Depopulation initiative as part of the Billionaire’s Boy’s Club.  I am not the least jealous about other peoples’ wealth but sad it is when wealth is used to destroy not build up the future.

We NEED families having 3, 5, 11 kids because the left refuses to have kids. Even more Zuckerbergs. AS you are the rare exception, you must understand as a couple there is plenty of room and food in the world.

And FACEbook could have been part of the solution, with its immense reach and ability to use technology of good, not mowing down millions of innocent humans both prebirth and on earth.

You just have to take time to research, push the Alinsky asses out of the way and let Americans do what they do best: RAISE their families with an economic (pre Bidenomics) environment only 20 months ago had CHEAP energy, food prices, low unemployment, wages rising.  Does it hurt Mark, Max and Priscilla if other families are ALLOWED by the self-anointed to live, risk, succeed on the greatest land and country on God’s green earth?  His green, not AOCs.  IF Mark had been a biologist, he’d see the green fraud simply: believing 12 manmade carbon dioxide molecules per a million (12/1,000,000) MELTS the earth is outrageously ignorant.  Though every day Dem as they lie and lie like Eve’s Adam Schiffty does when his lips flutter.

Until JoBama Biden took the oath and killed our natural resource energy dominance that was making the world safe and prosperous.  Imagine if Joe wrote an EO that limited FACEBOOK to 10% of its following because he wanted it done.

This is what your arrogant basement dwelling PJ censor clones do day in day out.

Which is my quandary, Priscilla, to understand Mother Zucker: you struggled to GET pregnant and STAY pregnant; it’s in the news and well known.

Congratulations on finally,Mark Zuckerberg's second daughter is here and her name is August | South China Morning Post you are expecting your 3rd daughter; not too long ago, in China, you would have had to smuggle #2 out of the province to keep her alive after you bore her in secret.

Speaking of China while your company of idiobots bans basic research papers as “community standards violations”, Covid1 was found first 20 years ago in Quangdong province last 2002.

Oh yeah, in CCP’s China who have perfected the art of bioterror.

The well designed viroweapon would not have been pandemic if Fauci had not ACTIVELY BLOCKED non NIH successful therapies like Dr Wallace, Dr. Gold; he looks like Rumpelstiltskin and acts the same: it’s all about HIM, the megalomaniacle Dr Pfaucinstein; his monster is the greatest medical malpractice in history.

Look up Uttar Pradesh, India for their successful use of Ivermectin to cure and keep healthy 240 million people.  You MUST have access to the internet!

Even ivory tower types like you must suspect we’ve been had, seriously scammed. 3 jabs + 3 boosts = one and done vaccine? Outrageous stretch of failure.

WE all know Fauci’s a totalitarian tyrant rivaled only by G Lucipher Newsom, but he has real blood on his hands, locking out medical research, interaction and efforts by clinicians not royalty rabid NIAID hacks.

Have you no compassion for the women who are forced to abort post rape (killing a child for the sins of her father), ‘boyfriend’, husband or scum perv?   Talked into actions ‘against interest’ that will haunt them for a lifetime, with lies and fear mongering?

Not ALL mothers like you can live behind Qing dynastic castle walls with ocean wide moats to protect them from the world…AND their worst enemy, planned parenthood.

Here is the article your family business bots are complaining about and banning me for 29 more days.  I will copy Marsha Blackburn, who did amazing work on her Infant Lives committee a few years back and not keen on FCC section 230 giving special treatment to former free and open media companies.

I don’t want to hurt your business, but do you really think killing 3 million prebirth kids is pleasing to whatever God you pray to or worship?  That’s what your stock donation translates into. 3 million little Priscilla’s and Max’s sliced out of their mothers wombs, using knives up the vagina and through the birth canal.   It SHOULD gross you out BECAUSE YOU are the cause.  Not Covid or cancer, your friends at planned parenthoodlum, LLC.

The link:  https://virologyj.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1743-422X-2-69

America USED to be a place where we can dialogue about differing opinions, practice the scientific method, disagree without Mark’s Censorbots bullying us into a corner.

Read through the play by play regarding the silly shadow banning process: you claim violation.  Then, when you ask for why we disagree and we try to reason, you shut us down.  I have attached proof, but you probably like you boyish looking man really don’t give a beaver’s dam..

Section 230 no longer makes sense.  You are an oligarchy of suppression with out of control censorbots

Pictured here is the process. Ban Len.  Then wave community standards. Next give a chance to challenge.  Text back, oops, we are too busy for you slimy dads of 11 who’ve been with us since the beginning.  We can’t process your rebuttal…

Because we don’t give a damn. Still, we will pray for Papa and Mother Zucker’s very eternal soul. Heaven is the place many of your targeted kills end up.  Will you end up there?  You can IF you repent and follow Christ.  Hard to do when you are a billionaire with friends like Susan Tx PP lovin’ Buffett and others. Priscilla, you ARE too precious to NOT live happily in heaven.  NO Facebook or Censorbots there, trust me.  Better Trust God.  He owns all that you survey…and own.  Good luck with #3.

At least, you, as the elite mom, can enjoy new life while you help the other moms make their quotas of dead babies for organ donation central.  If only you had the courage to be a real woman (don’t ask Jumanji Jackson Brown what a real woman is) and live up to God’s standard: He created billions of stars, planets, plants and animals but saved the last for two.  After Adam or the first man as Dr Leakey calls him, God created His created His greatest design: the first Priscilla, called Eve, who unlike trillions of roaches and flies, was just the first of billions.

Finally, God bless your next and future children.  In the bible, and in Hebrew, Priscilla means “ancient” meaning you are an old soul, beautiful, motherly but with her husband Aquila, she was a tent maker: God can use anyone or anything to further His kingdom and God will equip us when He calls us…I pray you will have this conversion experience with Mark WHILE you are still alive to right your ship of state.  Yes, some journeys take longer than others. Have patience.

After all, great power and wealth requires great responsibility.  The ability to respond is yours.  Blessings to you and Mark

The Beckman Ranch 11   Len & Mary Beckman, the blessed parents of 11 great kids and 23 grandkids.

Mark & Priscilla:

we will pray for you as we pray for another Mark Houk, a dad of 7 just terrorized by 30 FBI agents, as General Tyrant O Saurus Garland’s Army of goons, stormed his Ohio home at 7am recently. Another notch on his bloody belt that includes Roger Stone, Mar a Lago, General Flynn, Mike Lindell and so many Jan 6th victims.  Garland ALMOST was a member of SCOTUS and he’s making up for lost time going after school board domestic terrorist parents.

Ohio Mark’s crime was telling a 72 year old sailor mouth to stay away from his 12 year old on the last Fatima date, Oct 12, 2021 under a dismissed FACE act case.  Meanwhile, Mother Zucker’s hubby, Mark wrote a stock check buying the dismemberment of three million American children.  In case, Priscilla, you never killed kids as a doctor, the routine is simple.

They indoctrinate the mom, hide the ultrasound picture (violating informed consent medicine) from her, stirrup her legs.  Then they shove currettes, sharp knives shaped like a terrorist’s scimitar, up her birth canal thru the vagina, into the womb and carefully kill the surprised little girl.

Next step is to carefully, like a Dr Mengele twin experiment, the organs from the rest of the child’s body and ship to places like UTexas or Yale for experimentation.  By the way, yale paid $715 for an intact baby head for their Pfaucinstein style work.

We hope you wake up, Mother Zucker and Papa Mark.  Your eternity is a lot longer than being in the wait state of an overused cable connection.  Forever is NEVER ending, whether in heaven or hell.

If you love pain, think back to your two deliveries, Priscilla and feel that day in and day out never ending.

That’s hell.  Heaven is a lot better place.  God bless

Mr. Wilson, I have a proposition for you re your love of prop 1

Mr. Wilson: what does 1957’s Little Rock Nine have to do with Proposition 1’s killing a prebirth kid for any reason? 

Historically, the 8 of the 9 blacks who broke the 1300 white kids “barrier” at Little Rock High are still black AND still alive.  Yet, the Dems love of browns & their Mexatel fentanyl border doesn’t help the blacks discriminated against when a woman’s right to kill bodies can’t go to ANY school.  With all due respect, let me call you Lefty Larry Wilson(LLWilson)

From the real news desk:  When a black mom aborts, the black kid is a living being (debate the name and size, ok) but now DEAD. 

Yes, Larry…dead.  And rarely does a black mom’s kid turn out to be white or green, red but dead.  Generally though the melanin has not expressed itself by the time she is killed, so there’s no proof.  But genetically, black begets black is not a stretch.

And LLWilson, the operand is you can only be DEAD if just previously you were ALIVE.  Tricky how honest medical science works.  Just don’t ask an abortionist whether they are killing a live or dead child…other than Dr Boyd, they won’t answer.

Fascinating, LL Wilson, how you used blacks in your uno proposition push, the fave target of your Democrat party; just like the KKK, Jim Crow and other separatists methodologies.  Ever watched Hidden Figures, Kevin Costner and his sledge hammer?

Wanna know what real black segregation is?

Location. Location. Location.

Planned parenthood kill mills located where the money is, near minority havens in inner cities where black and brown provide the raw material for organ “donations” sliced out of black and brown mothers who happen genetically to have black and brown prebirth kids inside of them!

You talk tough, Lefty Larry, but a mom’s right to choose her car’s color is a bit more inane, you think?  YET you never tell us what choices “a woman’s right to choose” are.  The left got your tongue or are all Democrat heinous views shortened to five words and an ellipse?

Like most lefties, Larry, you abbreviate your thoughts and make up words du jour.  “A woman’s right to choose…” WITH the facts, never ends with lettuce, tummy tucks or an electric or gas powered car, black or white in complexion.  Personally I have a black complexioned car and five black complexioned grandkids, but I look at them (the g-kids) as children not commodities to be marketed to DaVinci BioMed systems or some other end abuser.

LLWilson, your preferred five word And it certainly doesn’t end with a “woman’s right to choose to keep her kid” or “…to take her (yes pronouns apply after AND before birth to little girls) home to  her nursery for a joyful life, maybe 80 years long.

No, Lefty Larry, your obsession, using the racial distraction of bused little rock black kids is:

“a woman’s right to choose… to have her little black girl killed using a satanic scissor-handed surgeon at PP and then her smaller organs are sliced out and sold to the highest bidder”. 

  I know LL, too long for journalist soundbites.  But, you are filled with opinions NOT journalistic truth.
Have you ever thought beyond your arrogant leftie nose?  What about all the unemployed guardian angels your Dem friends are creating? Will the Obamanation HQ 2 miles north of the White House ever admit that day 24 AFTER the baby is born, you really shouldn’t kill the kid in Virginia with Gov WrecKid Ralph’s baseball bat?   How did we sink so far into the gutter.

THAT is what Proposition 1 is about Larry. At least Susan Shelley gets it; why the mental block sir?

God bless your soul, LLWilson, but since Little Rock, black relations (outside the Martha Vineyard’s NIMBY left mentality of owning other humans and rejecting 50 brownies) have improved tremendously. We elected a leftist half-black full fascist president twice; outside the toxic DC world, we get along unless incited by the DNC and prostiticians.  Thanks to the Dems and Sanger, blacks are aborted 9 times as often as non blacks. Watch Uncle Tom I&II for more information.

As it is, PP IS the most racist org on earth and its founder, Maggie Sanger, mentored Hitler’s party by consulting on the 1935 racial laws of Nuremberg. No, LLWilson, this is NOT conspiracy theorizing but reality.
We all know how that Hitlerian aid, helping him dehumanize CERTAIN humans, resulted in Sanger’s unintended sanction of big people abortions (12 million including 6 million Jews,Poles, handicapped and other on the wrong side of Adolf’s CHOICE.)
THEN ABORTION smaller people.  Age, Location and Size, the only difference between Larry Wilson and Lakisha Wilson and dead aborted little Wilson.  By the way, mom Lakisha died with baby Wilson.
30 years before McCorvey vs Wade (err RoeWade) codified baby Jews and black killing before her little head presents and the good doctor moved her to the delivery tables of America.

Pro-choice, pro-choice, pro-choice. LLWilson, when you have a lucid moment in front of the mirror, look at what you see.  Larry, you are just a bigger version of what’s INSIDE a woman at 3 months, 7 months or Pete Singer and WrecKid Ralph Northam’s “NOT a human until 25 days AFTER birth”!  
The PROCESS from fertilization is incredibly complex and mystifying.  A couple just recently found out they were to have rare identical three: triples who will be tough on mom and teachers.  Larry, you may have heard of sex selection abortion, a form of killing off girls in China because men are more valuable when you can only have ONE or maybe two kids.
Now, China is realizing they have screwed up: by interfering, they have a gentrifying population with a godless leadership who blew it.  Yeah, the Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague was a great move for their dynastic dreams, but now that JoBama Biden just declared the China Virus pandemic is over, it’s time to expose the most egregious medical malpractice in human history with the firing of Pfixer’s Pfraud Pfauci.  He jackbooted successful therapies so he could push his “emergency” vax for royalties and more.  Suppressed and lost thousands of jobs and businesses, retarded childhood education progress (except for the active homeschoolers who ignored G Lucipher Newsom and the DCdc/ FDA lapdogs) and will be investigated 106 days once the 118thCongress is seated on Jan 3, 2023.  LLarry, the left has had free reign to invent pronouns, genders, energy facts, climate details, corrupted racial history; the list is long as will be the healing.  Parents are NOT domestic terrorists, LLWilson!

There’s no denying that when you stop a beating prebirth heart, it’s called KILLING even MURDERING a perfectly fine HUMAN BEING of the two and only real genders/sexes MALE AND  FEMALE. 

 No LGB, maybe a trans or two, ever bore a child.  I know, soon men will have artificial wombs installed but let’s leave that to the future.

Larry, check your calendar: Little Rock happened in Sept. 1957.  Today, the only black and browns who can’t attend high school in America are those black and browns targeted for death at Planned Parenthood or other kill mill.

23 years later, in 1980, a Silicon Valley company I did business with called Acuson had invented the earliest computed ultrasonography device, with 4D imagery of the former “blob of tissue”. PP’s worse nightmare: the TV screen INSIDE mom’s wombs.  Commonly called an ultrasound.

A rare pregnancy with three identical kiddoes.

No more murky pics, Larry and Dem tomfoolery.  Your blob justification for anhilation (after conception/implantation thru birth) doesn’t work anymore.

 Ever seen a ultrasound image of your child; I’ve seen 11, Larry.  You really should look at one: it will impress you how much the image reminds you of your son.   
After that technological “window into the womb” event, the murky imagery gave way to High Definition babies swimming inside moms; the “blob” excuse couldn’t be used rationally (except in the scary movie of the same name) because the thumb sucking, kicking squirming product of conception was undeniably a human child just awaiting his or her time to come into the daylight. 
Dems just can’t.
  So Larry do you know what the Dem lefties, your friends did next?  I can tell you because I was on the board of a crisis pregnancy org at the time.
Drum roll, please:  “blob of tissue”, “product of conception” gave way to your fave: “a woman’s right to choose…”  Five words and ONE ellipse. 2nd place was “every child a wanted child” or my favorite misdirection: “rape or incest”.

‘A Woman’s Right To Choose…’  ~~Larry’s fave abbreviated Dem phrase

NO HONEST doctor, med dir., Covered California transplant from PP could ever say it is NOT human anymore. If something is organic and moving, it is ALIVE (ok except for the headless chicken for 17 seconds)

Lefty Larry, it’s all in the wording, isn’t it.  Like Luke getting trained by Yoda, you’ve never looked in the mirror at your humanity and seen your shared name, Lakisha Wilson, over your shoulder.  Like he saw his father & future.

Mr. Wilson, the reason you disappoint me, is instead of growing up and seeing the whole picture,  you pull the same Democrat misdirection and word invention protocols out of the dust bin of history.

Instead of being a man of integrity and telling the truth, you name call worse than I ever could.

If you would say the truth that you, deep in your conflicted heart know to be real, that your friends in DC, at the Obamanation HQ 2 miles north of the white house in the Kalorama district where Ivanka and Jared Kushner used to live, and even honest reporters at SCNG know:

WE ARE KILLING A LITTLE PREBORN HUMAN (NOT AN ALIEN FROM MEXICO OR OUTER SPACE) BEING, a short time after the mom discovers she is pregnant.  Lefty Dem blue ink, of course.

Like Norm Crosby on Crack, your clients & opinion friends twist ideas and words into soggy pretzels no one can decipher.

This shows intellectual dishonesty and a lack of maturity, Larry. At least long time New Mexico abortionist, Dr Boyd, claims he is killing a human being, a little boy or girl.  He mans up and tells the truth.  You don’t, LLWilson.

I KNOW you are a nice guy but you are trying to influence the hundreds that follow your columns; why not do it with the truth so people can choose.  OK all ten people.

I don’t mean to embarrass Ms Shelley, but her reasoning opposite your column is much more lucid.  And your malapropisms are no excuses for NOT helping your fellow woman.  A conflicted woman, being pressured to act against her eternal nature to nurture and have the child, is in need of GOOD counsel, not the Larry Wilson Cheering Section shouting:

“Lakisha, kill your kid. You’ve got a life to live and don’t need some crumb crunching, rug rat curtain climber ruining your life”

Larry, think for once.

Take your  Quote: “about 57% support a woman’s right to choose for any reason.”  REAL Cute, Larry!

No investigative journalist reference to which pol or article, what this euphemistic choice is. Like, planned parenthood only gets 3% of its money from little Jill kills at their neighborhood kill mills.

But read it without the jumbling&mumbling, the abbreviation magic:

“ 57 out of 100 whomevers support a woman’s right to choose to have her daughter dead because I gotta work, I will get fat, I will have to miss too many yoga classes, the time’s just not right to keep the kid alive.”

 The classic Larry “rape” and “incest” comes out as if it’s smart to execute the preborn daughter for the sins of the rapist father. I realize, like most male lefties, you haven’t a clue what you are asking.  You prefer to pound hard on a vulnerable, traumatized woman instead of getting her much needed help.  It’s outrageous!
Trust me, Lefty Larry, I know more about this than you might think I do or seem to. 
I did a 30 second video of a woman outside PP a while back; she opened up and publicly thanked her raped mom for giving her life; Patti would not exist UNLESS some prolife person gave her mom other alternatives to child sacrifice. There were plenty of Larry Lefties around to encourage her to kill her kid and endure a life of emotional misery.  And Larry you are a nice guy but I damn well am glad you weren’t in Patti’s moms group of Job’s counselor friends telling her: kill the kid, it’ll only grow bigger etc.
Frankly, Democrats make the best groomers and I’m not talking about the latest MAPs (minors accessing pervs) who like sniffing little girl hairs and playing with 10 year old gonads:
Dems are experts at taking advantage of the crisis moment, using fabricated words because she is VULNERABLE.
But if you evaluate a group of aborted raped mothers and other raped moms who carried to term and kept or adopted out the little girl, the vast majority of well adjusted, not acting out, women are the ladies who allowed life to grow from a bad start. 
LL Wilson, would you like to die if your dad robbed a bank or tortured an innocent wilson like Lakisha?  Of course not, sir!
NO child should be punished with death for the sins of her father.  That’s what the rare pregnancy from rape child believes.  But NOT the LLWilsons.
LL, dig deep:  The raped women who kept their children thru birth remained recovering victims, not cooperating with the killing of her precious child.  No one will accuse the mother of murder, the usual LLWilson misdirection to justify kid kill mills; but remember, the woman LIVES with HERSELF for life, long after the asshole is out of her life.  I know a 60 year old woman who still regrets her abortion; she is among thousands, maybe millions, who in the quiet of the night think about what happened.
And the victimized moms can look back and say they did NOT become the perpertrator of evil, and make a second victim of a Bidenistic rape, should Tara Reade have been impregnated with Hunter’s half sister IF JoBama raped Tara as alleged.  Alleged of course like Hunter’s laptop from Russia still in Fed Bungling Inc. Chris Wray who STILL has Hunter’s crime filled laptop after 2 years.  I guess like Mr Pillow’s cell phone, already being downloaded, names leaked, a man’s successful business being destroyed by Larry’s friends on the Jan 6 Pulitboro of BS, the laptop is just too toxic for today’s FBI brass.  Back to killing babies…

Lefty Larry, IF you want to be the adult, then TELL the truth.

A good counselor HELPS women see there are options, all of them!  Not just your local chop shop kill mill for little Jills and Bills!  Women love to talk about this as a solution.  It NEVER is; serial rapists or MAPs or groomers have their male evidence removed, but the mother lives with her decision for life!

One of our sidewalk counselors uses roses as a gift for distressed moms driving out of PP, as well; she was forced 33 years ago to have sex and got pregnant; after the abortion, her boyfriend picked her up at a Southland PP.

His loving, affectionate mature response, Larry, like most men who prefer depositing semen inside a woman and then moving on:

“what took so F#$%%$$ing long?” 

The poor little ass…18 years old, he got her pregnant and all he wanted was the evidence of his treating her like an object, gone.  After all, no one expects the Lefty Larrys to look at the original purpose for reproductive rites: we call it ‘marriage’.  Larry could look it up if he doesn’t understand what the greatest human ability in the universe, to produce a child has to do with a covenant lifelong relationship.

I’ll call her Meg, Meg was mortified and broke up.  It has enabled her to get healed, and be the best true advocate for the truth.  While the wackjobbers rabid pro-aborts go demonic with the handmaid tale graphic displays of who really wins: Hell.

Plus our neutering nattering culture, like Boston Children’s surgeons, is obsessed with slicing off teen girls’ breasts and castrating young men in the interest of trans—xxxx.  Larry, I will admit it, I am ‘trans-”   DEabbreviating I am TRANSparent, happy to help another with the truth.  But being transparent about truth, I am willing to dialogue on these issues. But unfortunately, the radical left refuses any one else’s viewpoint.

But, where does the “dialogue” happen?  On the life and death sidewalks outside kill mills. In fact, I call the sidewalk outside PP, Family Planning Inc, the place where:

“heaven meets the best God has created with the worst hell has to dish out”.  It IS life and death, and even more than a risk for the preborn little ones, girls AND boys.

LLWilson, did you know moms die who were perfectly healthy, age 22 or 33 or 18, before they walked into PP?

A big one, Larry, is the in-crisis mom could DIE (actual, not Diversity Inclusion Equity)on the PP meat table or days later with complications.

LL, these “doctors” aren’t brain surgeons, sir. It’s more than just risking her life under the knife, 5 months (avg time left) isn’t forever and you don’t risk dying on the table of a guy paid to process as many prebirth kills by piece work.  Trust me, sir, your death culture demands 6000 women’s health centers tell a grieving, conflicted mother the finer points of a “MD” shoving a sharp knife up her vagina, through the birth canal, into the little girl sleeping or awake inside her womb…and KILL IT.  The IT is a human being ready for life.  Not a proposition 1 slave soon to be sliced out and sliced up for resale.

Lefty Larry, as a thorough journalist, have you EVER looked at the Freedom of Information Act invoices and purchase orders of planned parenthood gulf coast with University of Texas Med Branch? $150 for a liver or heart? Shipped free via UPS to the top bidding lab?  The most egregious example, covered in Sen Blackburn’s Infant committee meets, is Dr Regan Thieler. An abortionist at PPGulf, she ‘bought’ the remains of her killings as the medical director at the UTexas medical labs.  Talk about double dipping!  But, hey, the sacrament of the Wilsonian Dem party is every kid kill is legal up to and after birth. And monetizing the remains makes all kind of sense to the left necromancers.  A whole lotta guardian angels were unemployed during Thieler’s work; she is now at a famous Boston hospital.

Worship as you will, Larry, but God WILL have questions for you on this in your future.

Larry, I’ve helped women stay alive for 40+ decades.  And have had conversations, without the bully PP tactics of the DEMolition party, with other humans about this.  Problem is, Dems and PP win when the mother doesn’t get ALL the truth.

Today, the Left just had 576 riots with no arrests; they turned a Jan 6 FBI supported fake Trump insurrection into a star chamber of Leftist lunacy.  Not to mention, some of your indoctrinated true believers continue to vandalize and burn down innocent and generous Crisis Pregnancy Centers.  Wasn’t JoBama’s energy, economy and life in America.  G Lucipher Newsom’s mantra is “Kill mills are essential.  Kill gas cars, coddle criminals and don’t forget to choose to kill living humans”

 Our putrid green ex AG Kamala, who raided David Daleiden’s apartment with 11 of her goons has a cute 2024 presidential matra too, reflecting her preference for dead babies over live natural gas and oil:  

“I prefer extracting live black girls from mothers’ wombs instead of extracting liquid Black Gold from mother earth. I am Kamala, who slept with a Brown giant and got $166,000 a year legal sex payback, and I approve this message”

The worst ignominy Larry, is what lefties ignore: the inconvenient truth that WOMEN DO DIE on the abortionist’s table; called “twofers” in the industry(two deaths for the price of one) like NorCal’s 18 year old Holly Patterson. Maryland’s Maria Santiago and Jennifer Morbelli.  

There’s Cree Erwin-Sheppard. Buffalo’s Jamie Lee Morales.  Cleveland’s Lakisha Wilson, by coincidence, having the same last name as yours truly, Mr. Larry Wilson. 
 I know, I know.  Just a coincidence that she’s black and dead, thanks to PP, Dems and evil; and you are white and alive.  
Larry, you may never figure it out but race is singular: there is ONLY ONE human race, just different cultures, countries and colors.  And your party can whip out the right “racecard” faster than Philadelphia’s Dr Kermit the Killer could slice out a living child, but it’s ALL nonsense.  The difference is non-existent with only two options: Male and Female as God originally created, just like the endless gift of Carbon Dioxide so many putrid green leftists demonize for profit.
Sir, EVERY human comes with 30+ trillion cells, DNA and manifested recessive genes forming a totally UNIQUE, never repeatable human being for 80 years of life, or 8 minutes until organ removals for the prebirth girl at Death Central and sent to DaVinci Biosciences.
Lefty Larry, IF and after you have read this, you will ALWAYS think of Lakisha Wilson: she was once alive on earth.  Lakisha. At night before you sleep, think of her, even, if you are Christian, PRAY for her: because your friends got her early release.

Of course, don’t forget Chicago’s Tonya Reaves, who died after a botched second-trimester abortion at Planned Parenthood, this one in the Chicago area. The nation’s largest abortion business paid the young woman’s family – including her young son — more than $2 million for taking the woman’s life.

Larry, the list of dead mothers is long but you don’t give a damn. Maybe some time in your life you convinced a young woman to abort your baby; sorry if this is true.  You ARE a father even with your little girl in heaven.

Is it because, after all, women are too stupid to be treated like a human and get informed consent (including SEEING the baby’s image at planned parenthoodlums central), to make a decision that affects her life forever.

Do mothers’ lives matter?  Or must you be black to be considered valuable?  The whole mantra “black lives matter” is silly.  OF COURSE THEY ARE.  Crazy thing about black lives, not only do they die on the streets of Chicago by the ton, they are strategically aborted nine times as often as non-blacks thanks to PP’s marketing plan to the inner city.

Please LLWilson, STOP using the childish outlook on the rape issue: ANY rape is terrible, even the suppressed Tara Reade’s alleged rape by Crazy Jo Bama; but killing a kid for the sins of the birth father is NOT the right message.  Treating her like a victim who can overcome this adversity IS!  Of course, you tell the woman that it was NOT her fault that some asshole violated her vagina with his semen jabbing penis, a true act of violence by a family member or the US-DEM-Mexican border human trafficking coyote.  She needs love, help and to get counseling during and after the child is born. Alive.   Of course, crisis pregnancy centers provide more than free diapers: they help with post abortion counseling, because they care about the mother and family, not just the prebirth child.  Saddest thing, I have NOT heard ONE Lefty Larry condemn the vandalism and burn down of CPCs, crisis pregnancy centers, by the rabid anti-life pro-abort criminals arsonists.

Not one, Larry.  And certainly not YOU!  Quick question, have you ever met an aborted child that can speak for herself?

I have.  Would yo like to meet her?  No, she’s not in a grave…

Believe it or not, Lefty Larry:  Rape pregnancies remain very rare (truth be told, Roe v Wade’s Roe rape was a lie Mr LL) for biological reasons and rape vics who carried to term are much better off physically, mentally  and psychologically.  But go ahead Larry wave your “Rape is why we need to kill the little inside girl signs in the opinion and news room.  You, sir, are the classic “toss the baby out with the bathwater” advocate because frankly you are clueless, NOT marking sex “F” on your scorecard, nor able to think beyond the left’s abbreviated intelligence dictionary of phrases.

Lefty Larry BE the GROWNUP! Help others see the truth, hear both sides.

When I consult with ladies on the PP driveway for 17 seconds at 22fwy and Tustin, I start by giving them a rose. It’s amazing what a rose means to 99% of the ladies out there. One of the best advocates for women, life, and decision making IS a rose:  Lila Rose, who just had her first child.  After I hand the rose when the car rolls down its window:

I ask what’s up and if they are getting pregnancy results or prepping for an abortion, I give the lady or her transport hubby, boyfriend or girlfriend (as with lesbian lovers in a jeep recently) plus a fly sheet for FREEE services, including 2nd opinions that include a free ultrasound where the woman is treated like an adult and shown the image. UNLIKE planned parenthood who don’t want the moms to see the squirming product of conception because it hurts their main business.


Your friends, Mr Wilson love to demonize the 6000+ women’s health centers that give them the WHOLE story, not just how to lose 7 pounds in 3 minutes in stirrups in the kill mills.  How adult are these rabid free clinic haters who vandalize, paint, firebomb places of sanctuary refuge called “crisis pregnancy centers”?   You probably approve because after all, the Democrat left is the agency of truth, health, help for the little women in need.  Well, NOT the little women inside the bigger women in need of a mentor to give her real options that will keep her alive (unlike Tonya Reaves who saw her Maker 12 hours after her baby was killed at PP Chicago, the murder capital of the world for black young men.

And Lefty Larry, if you really think Sanger’s Soldiers give a balanced view of the mother’s life, because IF she is pregnant, sir, she IS a mother…if you think they emphasize the moving object on the ultrasound screen is as alive as a puppy dog, you are the fool.

Abort Inc. is a business, sir; the Democrat campaign funds generators (Kamala enjoyed the $86,000 she got for the Senate run as her donors ’86’ the babies).  PP worries more about the bottom line than the truth, as if they are Emperor Newsom’s compassionate women’s health centers.

Female moms are not afforded informed consent.  When their little girl is shown, 75% or more keep their kid through birth for the last 5 months.   Your buddies aren’t stupid Larry at PP; they don’t want to lose their precious money.  Helping the competition at Crisis Pregnancy Central is NOT their cup of tea.

Newsom says DeSantis has kids; that Gov hair gel has kids too, born from his best friend’s wife.  But, Gov Newsom’s favorite kids are those packaged after killed, processed for delivery to your favorite organ experimentation lab across the world.  Kind of like Dr Mengele’s love of twins during the 3rd Reich.

Larry, I wish you the best.  But, the real pathway to adulthood is NOT through the Democrat Left wide road.  IF you are a Christian, ask Jon Dunn what he would have done if he owned Planned Parenthood in Bethlehem around Jesus’ birth.  Would he have suggested, as Singer, and Gov Northam put it, to kill the Savior before He gets a whiff of the cave’s farm animals; better, would he have consulted with Mary and Joseph to let the pediatrician governor (not of Judea but Virginia), kill the Kid with a shepherd’s stick then sell off His organs to Hebrew U for medical experiments?
After all, Lefty Larry, Joseph was NOT the birth father and Mary was to be stoned if the locals got wind she was pregnant, not from Joseph but Another.
It’s easy, armchair quarterbacking with other women’s lives, and misusing the exceptions: someday, we will kill off the elderly because we manufactured scarcity in a world of technological explosions of food production.  It actually proves we are NOT OVER populated but populated with too many servants of the devil who prefer killing little girls for parts, like Larry’s friends in the Obamanation of the Culture of Death.  Reagan was right: most of the people who cry “Abortion!” or “A woman’s right to choose…” with an ellipse are ALREADY born.  AND there’s plenty of arable land to feed the world if not for the billionaire boy’s club working against their corporate interest and killing as many brown, black and chinese humans as possible.  Even Susan Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway fame, pushes hard for planned parenthood’s genocidal programs; she interfered in Texas recently for her “cause”.  Funny how your leftist Dem friends love the blacks and browns better dead and at a parts lab or the 50 browns shipped to a military base from Martha’s place with the sign: “The Vineyard is YOUR town UNLESS you are the browns from DeSantisville.”  Hypocrisy is a self expletive.  Dems practice hypercrisy daily.
Larry, there is a glimmer of hope that you will wake up to what is really going on, more than just selling baby ribs while savoring Memphis ribs.  
I can’t help you make the transition; I CAN and will pray for you. But each time you recall, every night before you sleep, Lakisha Wilson, remember she might have your last name but she is dead and gone.  TY to your misery merchant friends at the DNC, who prefer power over people, death over life, and undefined “choices” which are NEVER needed to be exercised now that medical technology is advanced. 
 IF you are a Christian, you might recall God saved His last act of Creation for His most beautiful and perfect being, woman.  Only she possesses the Godlike quality of “co-creating”, with her husband’s help, the NEXT human to promote the survival of the species.  What did He do? He rested because He saw it was good.  But to the DNC, Larry’s lefty bar boys and the DC swamp, giving a kid a chance to LIVE is just not in the cards.  
Today, the more the DNC left and their indoctrinated masses kill off their children, the more important large Catholic families become. Less lefties, more traditional people of faith.  But God desires ALL to live forever happily.
 I have 11 kids, 23 grandkids (5 of which are black) and still love life after 7 decades.  Larry, you too, could start living and loving life as well.  You will ALWAYS remember Lakisha as you close your day, but ask for forgiveness for playing satan these many years, promoting the killing of innocent life in a world dying for the Truth.
Lefty Larry Wilson, by the way, Lakisha says “Hi!”

Catholic Church Bishops pull another Galileo vs the Climate Cultists and CO2

Revised 9 18 2022

Galileo is smiling from the heavens, I am sure.

It’s taking a dad of 11, 39th year homeschooling and general encourager of good education, science and guitar playing, to help set the record straight on CO2, photosynthesis, aerobic respiration and God’s power.

I admit I do mistakes; unlike the prostiticians, especially the ignorant Catholic ones running us into the ground, I am willing to admit it.

It’s time to set the record straight as an arrow and vindicate God the Creator, Designer and Atmospheric Expert.

And there is no better model than a $57 million building smack dab in the middle of the County of Orange.  Not the new Church of the Assumption pictured here, part of the new St Michael’s Abbey but the old Schuller 31 acres.

Currently, our excellent ordinary is Bishop Kevin Vann.  His brand new rector, I call affectionately “Bow Tie”, the Very Reverend Bao Tai. But today, we are using the massive glass and girders building as the best way to explain the truth about the Marxists’ push to the sea using God’s gifts as their weaponry.

It was a real estate bargain, a million less than Chapman College bid; this covered the BK debt, so Bishop Brown got the winning bid through.  Hours before, I had whispered in his ear in the Federal courtroom we were praying for his success.

The now Catholic Schuller patriarch & matriarch, who no longer dwell on the earth, wanted it to go to a religious institution; after all, Dr Schuller was a Reformed Church pioneer in the OC and his hope it would remain honoring to God and Jesus the Christ.  He had met the pope on some occasions and was a closet Catholic at heart, apparently.

First, 3rd grade biology. 

Photosynthesis is God’s incredible process for feeding His world.  NOT Newsom’s, Biden’s or his puppeteer Obama, certainly not AOC or Kamala, but God’s.  After billions of stars (which we discovered in Galileo’s time matching the Genesis and Hebrews accounts), planets, plants and animals, all the biochemical and photovoltaic processes were up and running.

God knew, even after angling the earth 23.5 degrees, He had to find a way to feed His new creations numbering two. Step forward: photosynthesis.  And it’s companion aerobic/cellular respiration.

Three items: trace gas CO2, H2O and sunlight, that ball of fire one million times larger than earth 93 million miles away. When combined with a little chlorophyll, we live.  So, CO2 IS a critical gas though only 1 molecule in 2500 other molecules like the big three Nitrogen(78%), Oxygen (20%) and Argon.  See how small CO2 is!!!

Why don’t the climate cult clowns blame Nitrogen?  or Oxygen? for the supposed man made heating up of the earth?

The incredibly ‘wise’ fake scientist Al Gore and his ilk, who still follow the anti-God Algorean Heresies, claim 3% of the carbon dioxide on earth is androgenic, out of the Latin rendered “man made”.

Would you believe that total’s 12 MAN made CO2 molecules out of EVERY million other air molecules.

12/1,000,000  Enough to trap heat on earth?  Ridiculous

Of course you don’t believe it! You’ve been indoctrinated for so long. Because it’s the truth, but all these sanctified climate change ambassadors from interfaith environmental cases in committees prefer heresy, error and total unscientific renderings to the true art of the Trinity.  The true infinitely complex renderings that keeps the earth clock ticking.

Part of the Church’s difficulties is we buy into the latest cultural science fads all too easily  Did you realize that the human body is made up of 65% oxygen, that dastardly carbon #2 with 18% etc.


Fast forward to new ownership.  The perfect model for greenhouse gases and climate change is the Crystal Christ Cathedral,which has 10,660 windows like these being cleaned by the excellent cathedral staff.

What we bought was not just a neo Cathedral, but the perfect climate change model for the God fearing and godless to “flesh out” this expensive reliance on Algorean heretical beliefs.

The misery merchants love Algorean heresy because it is the perfect method to control people, hurt families and snow the bishops, priests and prostiticians all at the same time.

The godless believe God doesn’t exist and couldn’t have created this 553 sextillion (553,000,000,000,000,000) mile WIDE universe, a sun to warm and light a carbon based human friendly planet 93 mill miles away.  Not to mention, conveniently slanted at 23.5 degrees so four seasons could result in two, sometimes three, growing seasons.  Important, since humans can’t live long on dirt.  And Jesus needed excellent models for his parables that contained agricultural truth and wheat, weeds, fruit of trees and more.  Would you believe God designed the universe around HIS not our, desire to teach humans about what He has in store for us after our brief time on earth.  In other more important words, God did not create man for the earth but earth for mankind; He wills all to live forever in harmony.

Unfortunately, the God fearing give up the fight all too easily.  Yet, by pursuing these putrid green ideologies, the green dealers INSULT God directly.  This is what is outrageous to me: watermelon radicals (anti-God socialist green rind with blood red communistic anarchist insides.  Ignorant scientists blame minute traces of CO2 so that they can do this:

Not to mention giving a reprobate hack, John Podesta a third of a trillion dollars American Distress Rhodium card to spend on his Demonrat and left radical cronies. $350 billion for the latest Obama Solyndra concoction.  don’t remember Solyndra and other “energy” projects that went bankrupt but enrich Obama’s colleagues and donors?  Look it up

I call them misery merchants and abbreviate the cabal as the Obamanation of False Witness Bearers.  Fake Scientists, too.

Here’s the bankrupt bizarre theory pushed for five decades that the Church subscribes to: The Androgenic CO2 Greenhouse Fraud.  It’s almost as bad as requiring Church workers (teachers, maintenance staff etc) to STILL get the failed Pfizer Pfauci “vaccinations” and not feeling responsible when myocardia or death happens. Pfizer and Moderna MAY be immune but the Church and leadership, our pope is NOT>

Again, the Galileo fail sets in:  The greatest medical malpractice tyranny in all of human history is STILL underway because our “leadership” buy the lie hook, line and sinking credibility.  When will we wake up, bishops?

OK: The CO2 Greenhouse fraud.  Our scientific indoctrinators, the elite of the elite, tell us we have this magic greenhouse surrounding the earth, maybe in the stratosphere, troposphere or xeniosphere.   I wonder if it was ‘built’ like the Crystal Cathedral girder/window system. For the record, the last window installed was by a Catholic worker named John Murphy from Orange County.  But, is this what Kerry, AOC, Decrapio, Algore and the other PhDs in atmospheric physics is talking about?

IF it is a greenhouse, it holds heat in while allowing God’s incredible wave/particle light through to make food and keep Adam and Eve’s descendants alive.  The purpose of EVERY real greenhouse is to propagate plant life, especially in cold climates.

Problem is, God designed HIS atmosphere to be radiative, to release heat back into space.  No way to deny this reality.  THERE IS NO GREENHOUSE SURROUNDING TERRA FIRMA.


But, Len, the leading scientists claim this.  What do you know that they don’t?

Nothing that you cannot find out with a little research.

One business size envelope is the total concentration of pure man made CO2 supposedly able to keep sun’s heat on earth.

OK, i’ll bite.

Christ Cathedral is surrounded by 10,000+ greenhouse clear panels.  Suppose each panel is made up, not of glass, but the exact concentration of the created gases: nitrogen, oxygen, argon and then in last last place at .04% is CO2 and teeny other amounts.

Believe it or not, for illustrative purposes, the CO2 content naturally would be only FOUR windows worth, like the four in front of the CC window cleaners above.

Algore’s Army contribution:  Using the sophistic climate change scientists 3% theory, the TOTAL androgenic CO2 content of the Christ Cathedral Climate Change greenhouse is a business size envelope TOTAL.

It’s the amount signified by the 12 androgenic portion of CO2.  Spread out across the whole superstructure, it has NO ability to block heat or retain heat on earth. Except to a science guy trying to garner million$ in grant dollars, it’s a fraud, fake analogy

The radiative atmospheric heat exchange goes on because God designed it to do so.  He did NOT want His earth to burn up just after He created it.

ONE business envelope, a little bigger than a wedding envelope…the idea the leftist loons are married to.

How can 12 man made molecules link up, among the million, to STOP heat on earth?  They CAN’T!  But it makes for great frauds perped on the Church and the earth’s dwellers.  Especially, under cloak of darkness, you morph from man made CO2, to man made global warming to MM climate change and then back to that demonic Carbon Dioxide, even tho CO2 is one of God’s MOST important biochemical process.  Without CO2, we DIE (no not Diversity Inclusion & Equity)  We starve to death.

They can’t prove a thing but the mainly anarchist godless party of slavery doesn’t care: they’ve worked so hard to transition from global warming once we found out the Dalton/Grand minimum (solar spots energy depletion) was underway this decade (ask Dr Valentina, the noted atmospheric physicist and solar scientist);  they switch to man made CO2 and the ingenious:

man impacts climate change so much, we gotta stop using the massive amounts of energy God gifted us about the time Noah sailed the flooded earth in the Ark.  OK, some believe the dinosaur demolition did not create the fossil fuels, God’s extraordinary gifts to a developing world.  Wherever they came from, they move us from 3rd world to 1st world, instead of burning wood for heat and energy, technological progress has us poised for a great future: until the Luddite AOC types appeared with their Sierra Clubber cards in hand.

Point is, Prelates: instead of bandwagoning with the ignorant godless environmental cases about stopping energy, depleting our national security petroleum reserve and ending 6000 petrochemical products we are SURROUNDED with, it’s time to HELP 3rd world countries with advanced agriculture technologies so worldwide famines are not ENGINEERED by billionaire false gods or just nature.  I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m a dad of 11 solid 39 year homeschooling Catholic fan of having a world for my grandkids to live in.  The DEpopulators and abortion fanatics like Billion$ clubber Berkshire Hathaway’s Susan and Warren Buffet don’t give a damn while playing god, who/it turns out to be the father of lies, the devil.  Wake up Fr Spitzer.  Wake up Church leadership: where more power is, more responsibility resides as well.

Take natural gas, the super low polluting energy source that can power vehicles (LNG or CNG) and generate electricity so cities light up and giant electric slot cars can go a couple hundred miles.Think about it: gas or CNG puts the energy, stored in a tank, easily replaced within 5 minutes anywhere in America that drives the country to success!

For the Tesla elites: buy one if you want but don’t kill the perfectly fine less polluting internal combustion engined vehicles just because a few idiotic toddler tyrants like gov NewSOB, Obama, AOC or John Jetsetter Kerry say so.  Who died and left them as gods?  NOT God!

What’s wrong with the conflicted government bureauRats NOT picking winners and losers, sticking to their pubic service jobs like issuing licenses at the DMV, and letting the private sector (read American citizen families) alone to enjoy the cheap gas of just 20 months ago before this reprobate Catholic influence peddler Obama Joe stole the show and is puppeted by the ex-president who never left Washington?  DC?

How much evil, embarrassment for the Catholic faithful, when so much good, low inflation, low unemployment, rising wages, very low gas prices happened during four years of making America an excellent place to live…again.

OK, just lost some of you because you equate meanie tweets as time to shoot the president with the faithful Catholic Melania.  We need leaders who will fight for the good of the country, the Church and AGAINST the evil of hell’s worst being dealt. NOT wusses and weak leadership.

REcall, simple truths:  The Devil LOVES to upstage God: promote abortion instead of child birth. Divorce instead of covenant life long marriages.  Fatherlessness instead of God’s well designed family unit of male (husband), female (wife) and 1-15 children, give or take a baker’s dozen.  Point is: why do we left the misfits control the language, theology, truth?

Flashback four centuries.  Galileo discovered, due to technological optics advancement, what God had told Abraham thousands of years before: there are billions of stars.  NOT Tycho Brahe (1620’s) 1000 stars. Billions.  Even my beloved CAtholic bishops must agree what the genesis astronomy scripture means, confirmed by Paul’s treatise to the Hebrew peoples.  Realize God revealed his astronomical wisdom and precise nature via a test of the father of so many Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Judge for yourself:

God said: “I swear by my very self—oracle of the LORD—that because you acted as you did in not withholding from me your son, your only one…”  Abram ie Abraham passed the test.
17 I will bless you and make your descendants as countless as the stars of the sky AND the sands of the seashore; your descendants will take possession of the gates of their enemies…and in your descendants all the nations of the earth will find blessing, because you obeyed my command.”   Change out the blue with an equal sign, a mathematical device creating an equation: 
countless as the stars of the sky AND    =     the sands of the seashore
Parse the verse:

“countless…stars of the sky=sands of the seashore.  Before Galileo, we only knew the countless sands at the beach and in the desert.  After Galileo, the stars, formed in galaxies spread throughout the cosmos, numbered in the countless billions.”  Both sides of the equation, basically match.  

Beloved bishops and laity, this promise was echoed just three years ago most historically:

Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa remarked, when the Abraham Accords were coming to fruition, that “we were all sons of Abraham, and he had always believed that Jews, Christians and Muslims must understand and respect each other.”  If you never heard of the Abraham Accords, it was the work of Jared Kushner and team during Trump’s presidency that led to numerous Arab countries normalizing relations with Israel; also the US moving our embassy to Jerusalem, the City of Peace, symbolized in a unique way that the Jewish people really mattered to God…STILL.   So thousands of years ago:
Think God kept His promise to Abraham?  In 2020, there were 1.9 billion Muslims worldwide (Arabs are 20% of that total).  2.2-2.5 Billion Christians.  14.8 million Jews but then they are recovering from the occultic Hitler’s depopulation efforts to eliminate Jews worldwide. And his protege, confidant and current CEO emeritus of planned parenthoodlums, LLC.
Margaret Sanger, as you probably know, helped the National Democrat Socialist party draw the Nuremberg Racial Laws of 1935.  You may have heard of her: she was recruiting black ministers to help with her nagging problem:  blacks and minorities still alive in America.
Which political party relies on Sanger’s companies to garner campaign dollars? You tell me.  It’s not the Green, the Independent or the Reps. Vice president Kamala received $86,000 from planned parenthoodlums for her Senate run.
There is significant FOIA generated proof out there that PP extracts girl parts from preborn little ones and resells them.  In case you missed this, here’s one purchase order from University of Texas Med branch for planned parenthood gulf coast to buy the parts supplier “Dr” Regan Theiler, abortionist work product at her other job running UTexMed bio lab.
It is the party of liars, who relie and rely on the father of lies, the devil. Eve’s Adam Schiffty is the prince of lies based on his years in Maryland and DC.
But the most expensive lie that is persisting remains what this model is all about:
God can’t control the climate; the weather. The heat emanating from the earth. But we know intuitively, nothing makes sense when you look at the numbers.  Nothing.
Gov Newsom, playing god yet again, stated NO MORE NEW cars that use compressed natural gas or other petrochemical like 87 grade gas.  After 2035.
No science, let alone common sense at the base of this proclamation which is more of a suicide pact with the devil.

Bishops, it is NOT too late to do the right thing: become relevant on this. 

Climate change has occurred since God created the atmosphere.  WE can’t control it except to create nuclear winter over Iran or elsewhere.  Not a good idea.

The same God that could design and create a universe He would have to send His Beloved ONLY Son to be killed, is the same God who controls the trace critical gas and the amount of nitrogen, Oxygen and argon surrounding the earth.

Climate ALWAYS changes.  And puny man, even with his putrid green massive tax dollar waste ($350billion stolen from starving and struggling families being spent by John Podesta for Obama~Biden) is PURE EVIL.
Can any of you speak up or does peer pressure squelch your tongue?  As for me and my house, as Joshua once said, we will serve the Lord.  All the days of my life.
After reading this, and you absorb that the poor are being oppressed and the Church saddled with misery over 12 androgenic man made CO2 molecules per million, and CO2 is an iconic gift for all time from the Trinity that we might live well on earth and peacefully for eternity.
People have to eat, prelates.  But we don’t have to worship the golden Kerry calf, with its NewSOB translucent emperor clothes draped over its horns, since it IS a false god created to insult the Living God’s immense capabilities.
He proved He made a lot more than 1000 stars, formed into the constellations to tell Salvation History, and that ALL of creation was preordained to lead mankind to know, love and serve the Being that never BEGAN.  And will exist forever.
Beloved Bishops, family and friends!  CO2 is NOT carbon monoxide.  Look at the graphic below and tell me, with God as your witness, that you still believe CO2 is killing us even with the Supreme Court idiotically calling it pollution.
Atmosphere Composition

Composition of the air is NOT science fiction. But it IS lied about by the putrid green dealers who deal fake science

Look at the tiny black block of carbon dioxide.

3 is the number of the Trinity; we celebrate Mary’s intercessions in history at FAtima on the 13ths in 1917 possibly because her Son Jesus died on Friday the 13th in the Hebrew month of Abib/Nisan.

God uses numbers for so much symbolism throughout time.  But there’s nothing symbolic about these numbers:

Nitrogen is 78.1% of the atmosphere

#2, Oxygen is 20.9% of the air

#3, Argon is 0.93% of the atmosphere

CO2, 400 parts per million.  Molecules MADE by man and woman total 12 manmade CO2 molecules per MILLION.


PLEASE, stop helping the Marxists kill our families by their fraud anti-God vain doctrines, Bishops.  Have the courage to tell the truth at a time so much corruption plagues our land and the world.

God will hold me and YOU accountable for what we teach the next generation; as well as what the “sheep” believe about God’s accomplishments.  Man is inconsequential in how the climate changes worldwide, but NOT in whom God and for whom He made the universe.  Just not a fan of making God look like an incompetent dolt in managing His biochemical atmospheric physics processes.  The godless, mainly anarchist Democrat fake scientists hate America AND God, evident by their putrid green dealings.  If, great leaders of the Church and friends, you don’t see this, honestly I CAN’T help you.

But I will try.  Video coming soon.  Any comments or questions, great ones?  or your usual silence?


I disagree with their conclusions but credit for the air model:



Box cutters vs Baby Cutters 9 11 revisited on anniversary 21

11 Boxcutters in the hands of foreign terrorists took down 2 large towers, part of the Pentagon and four airliners.  3000+ died and billion$$ were destroyed, costing $trillion$ to the American and world economy. AS this is written, before revision, it is the 21st anniversary of nine eleven.  YES, we will never forget no matter what the spoiled faceBots in their onesies do; after all, we have a nine eleven every day with a different sharp knife.

Today, Babycutters in the hands of domestic terrorists (no, not as the Dem hack AGarland the Less calls “parents”) kill 3000 DAILY just in America. Never to laugh, go to kindercare, graduate college, as a teen, get sex mutilated from boy2girl or girl2boy in a fancy transgressive hospital of your choosing, get married and have a kid themselves.

Yes, I know, none of the aborted ever get ovarian or uterine cancer, but that is to be expected: they are DEAD.  Sound a little crass?  Think what we preborn child must think.

Guns are nothing compared to the billion plus killed by these tools of the satanist surgeons at planned parenthoodlums LLC

The foreign America haters were not licensed to fly into the Twin Towers; the domestic little Americans’ haters are licensed to practice medicine but they instead use babycutters called currettes to slice out living human little preborn girls from moms, sell them (the babies NOT the moms) for parts after the lasses are drawn and quartered via Fedex to med labs worldwide.  If a mom dies, as they do, their first image is their preborn child on the way to paradise; they get buried while their child gets the bucket.

Bin Laden is pushing up daisies; meanwhile, Planned Parenthood is shipping out dead baby parts routinely and once a week PP Tustin’s Jon Dunn ships out orange and white containers filled with ex-living preborn children.  When you visit Auschwitz, you see piles of hair, suitcases, baby carriages but no gold or baby buckets.  The gold teeth were taken long ago in the 40s.

Don’t buy the crap the misery merchants are peddling.  The Biden Crime Family, under the tutelage of the ObamaNation, is peddling influence to the highest bidder, but the real America just wants to be left alone to live a great FREE life, work not suck on the government breast filled with spoiled murky milk;  not subject to totalitarian toddler tyrants like Emperor Newsom, fumbling JoBama Biden, the Willy Brown Hussy Kamalala and the rest of the power mad, environmental cases that are headquartered at Kalorama Black Ops House HQ!

All LIFE is precious, moms AND their preborns

Only 2 miles from the White House and their operatives spread across the real America.  Don’t forget that criminal Dem enforcer John Podesta now can spend $350 billion more of our tax dollars to the latest Solyndra suppliers of fraud sunlight projects.  CO2 is STILL one of God’s greatest gift despite the environmental Cases at putrid Green industries LLC.

We ARE two countries: the boxcutters and the babycutters are signified by the house that clintons, soros and barack built. For simplicity, I call them the Obamanation of Desolation. The real America is made up of hard working citizens who just want to raise their 1,3,5 11 13? kids, so when grandkids arrive, we have a natural human resource called living postborn USA lovers. A foundation of humanity renewed from the Corrupt Racist Theories, the New Gender du Jour crowd, the sex mutilators who think 7 year olds should choose their sex and knife wielding sex surgeons can slice off a penis, slice out the breasts or remake the vagina into someone’s miserable image, certainly NOT the God of the universe.

Amazing ChadOJackson in Uncle Tom II fleshes out this truth. Sanger loved the blacks as long as they were dead. She founded PParenthoodlums LLC. Case closed

IF you care about America’s future, it’s only 58 days until Nov 8.  56 days after that until the national Reconstructive Surgery on the former MAGA country can be scheduled, with the 118th congress coming to session.  Rand Paul, sharpen your scalpels for Dr Pfaucinstein the Pfraud med tyrant.  The Hunter for Red November movie remake. The Afghanistan August 15th Betrayal Review and other Biden successful failures post killing America’s energy supremacy, excellent economy, more Black and minority jobs, low unemployment and reduced regs to have America humming.  You know, Trumps 315+ ACTUAL successes while Dem anklebiters waste billion$ of tax dollars proving #45 is not guilty of hating America like they do, Assalinkies all!

America IS the most blessed nation on earth. If you don’t believe it, fly to Cuba, Iran, CCP etc.  They will welcome you with a hand to shake, the other with a knife to plunge deep inside your dorsal side

Time to reclaim our time, as the MaxiPad Waters barks often from her mansion in LA.  Time for law and order to return, not this 574 Democrat prostitician led riots and fake Steele Russia, Insurrection crud.

Two beautiful ladies, I love more than life. My vet tech daughter Larissa and Donna, currently resident in heaven

Sanctuaries for the criminals, including the 100 so far foreign terrorists (not planned parenthood baby killers) allowed in by the Biden Brigade and free to destroy our country.

God bless America.  God bless you!  Donna, who’s 11th anniversary was 9-9-22 will pray for you from heaven.  As we work together on earth to spread His Gospel of reconciliation and love.

This country has been so blessed, even with the scourge of killing little girls in kill mills like Sangertoriums and transgressive sex mutilation clinics and hospitals.  Pray for wisdom and a renaissance of Love. We DON”T need to kill little girls to succeed. EVERY pregnant mom has options, if only she would ask.  Thank you Jesus that we might live forever in joy.

~~Len  Dad of 11, 39th year homeschooling, 33rd year of real estate practice.


$26,000 to $7 trillion, from Founders to Big Guv suckers

Daniel Boone was out campaigning for his seat in Congress; when he stopped by and asked for the vote of one of his constituents, the farmer replied with an emphatic “NO!”

“You voted in Washington to give a DC family $26,000 to rebuilt their home.  It is NOT the role of government to do this; it’s the neighbors and family’s responsibility.  If we allow this, there is no end in sight.  Sorry, Mr. Boone, no vote from me”.

What’s $26,000 among friends?  The farmer, it turns out, is an unheralded prophet.  The Dem Destructo team has recently taken $4 trillion-$7 trillion in IOUs, printed bucks our great grandkids will still be paying for.  $30 trillion is the ACTIVE current deficit per Rand Paul.

I’ll bet you have no idea how much land or distance a trillion dollars would cover:

A trillion dollar bills, laid end to end, would stretch 96,906,656 miles—further than the distance of the earth to the sun.

trillion dollars laid side to side, would cover more square miles than the states of Rhode Island and Delaware (JoBama Biden’s home state)combined.

A trillion dollars on skids would need to be transported by 478 semi-trailers.

30 trillion dollars?

Amazing how much debt we can fall into!

Same question, fast forward 200 years since the death of one of our first folk heroes:

What’s $7,000,000,000,000 among the cronies of the ObamaNational headquarters, current puppeteer of Joseph Rosinette Biden, a fallen away Catholic?  Pocket change.

The ultimate has occurred: longtime Democrat apparatchik John Podesta was just given the Amex Rhodium card, the check book with a $350,000,000,000 (yes BILLION) cash in the bank to spend as he see fits: how do you say “friends of Democrats” in the payee section.  Not to mention, putrid green is the excuse and carbon dioxide the demonized excuse for an unnecessary need.   That’s 29 million miles of dollar bills for the most partisan hack to spend.

AOC reaches out to her god Zeus or Jupiter.

Printing currency that isn’t real is called counterfeiting unless done by the misery merchants, the Democrat party of 1824 in 2022.  The heir to the oval office chair, Kamala, said there was zero inflation in July.  That is about as intelligent as Alexandria Ocasion Cortex User AOC claiming two negative quarters in a row, is NOT a recession: it is minus -50 cents.  And she, outside of tending bar and banning thousands of Amazon jobs from her NY district, got an econ degree of dubious value.

Yes, AK47 (recall, Kamalala WAS president 47 for three hours when Joe was taking a nap or having surgery; either works.)

But, the Dems LOVE to take money from the poor for their bonehead plans, enriching their cronies and robbing the treasury.  Of Gold?   Of course not, little is left.  No, taking gallons of ink to create from nothing fiat money.

Backed by nothing but lies of an out of control Congress, fueled by American Pravda and cranking up prices and creating scarcity.  9% inflation is NOT zero, Kamala…and hyperinflation is real.

Over a third of a trillion Solyndra dollars on the way.  We all know, with little effort, that the Obamanation is anchored and secure two miles north of the People’s (white) House; he and his cronies set up shop in 2017 on Belmont Ave DC in a 12 room office building known as the Black Ops House of the Obamanation of Desolators.

1:2500 and 12:1,000,000.  One CO2 molecule out of 2500 is the ACTUAL scientific biochemical composition of carbon dioxide in the air; the algoreans’ heresy is that 12 androgenic (man made) CO2 molecules out of EVERY ONE MILLION is the excuse the Sierra Clubbers, the ancient putrid green money grabbers via non existent man made climate change.

Our Church needs to do more.  God is NOT amused when we tell him we humans can change his atmospheric physics.  And then scam the sheep by blaming God’s great gift and food source, photosynthesis’ component, CO2 in the air.

Think about this: water, sunlight and CO2 combine to FEED the WORLD.  Due to the 23.5 degree tilt of the earth, we have the growing seasons; some of us have two sometimes three food growing seasons.

That which is grown via photosynthesis is used via aerobic respiration.  This is the food cycle; and the misery merchants, the Dem media arm, ABCNNBCBS APost-Times, promulgate the lie that, like a good Alinsky y Marx, we must stop producing so the terribly dangerous carbon dioxide is curbed.  Even though it is one of God’s greatest gift.

Econ 101-AOC

Next, the godless prostitician Gov NewSOB, the toddler totalitarian tyrant, BANS the most portable, highest power coefficient at the kinetic point, gasoline and diesel vehicles in 2035.  He has ZERO right to do so, because the government is NOT the private sector, and controlling our movement with Tesla locked to their extension cords as THE, not one of many, means of movement is pure evil.

He is screwing the poor and struggling families among us.  Subsidizing his NorCalif rich boys and girls promising thousands of Power Stations, when clean LNG exists to power cars.  He is banning ALL natural resources for barely renewable and certainly unreliable wind and solar.

I never speak for God.  But if He picked this time to triple digit california temps, then send in days of cloud cover, the proof is right in front of us.  Emperor Lucipher NewSOB demanded no cars but electric, then he banned us from powering our electric cars because the power grid was overloaded.  What an idiot he is, and shame on us for not impeaching him.  Stuffed ballot boxes might have saved him from recall, but the writing is ON the wall.

Susan Shelley is an excellent investigative reporter and battling this same indiocy pushed by ignorant prostiticians like Biden, Newsom, Pelosi, poser AOC and the Dem owned legislative houses.

During this Calif heat wave, she publishes the fact that natural gas generation powered 54% of our daily power needs. Give or take a per cent. Meanwhile Hairsprayed PowerBoy demands Califoreignians NOT buy gas-cars as he demands we put our AC thermostat at 78 degrees (such a poser liar), not use appliances like frigs or electric stoves between 4-9m.

With the cloud cover at week’s end, stopping solar generation in its tracks, our feckless toddler would say “don’t use power from 2pm-11pm.”  If Newsob had the ability, he’d CONTROL the thermostats from his ACed SacraDEMento mansion.


The power gods of Colorado. The People’s Republic of Colo-Wreckto just got the shaft by the power mad electric generator

Colorado ALREADY does this Stalinist thing: LOCKING thermostats

https://dailycaller.com/2022/09/01/energy-company-locks-home-thermostats-heat-wave/  for the details…

Killing off thousands of jobs, hyper hyperinflating cost of natural gas so he can brag to the silly greeny watermelonists (enviro green rind on the outside, commie (hate God) socialist red on the inside) about his prowess, NewSOB is destroying our great state. 

As he, like an out of control giant locust, moves on to the national scene via Florida ads.  What an absolute legend in his own diseased mind our governor is.  But Newsob puts the “-itarian” in total power.  He IS a child, gimme gimme (stole his best friend’s wife) Gavin doesn’t give a beaver’s hydroelectric dam what we think.

Unlike Daniel Boone, NewSOB does NOT listen to science, to reason or even his best friend’s pleas to leave his wife alone.  Like the Borg, he sucks in energy and California life, leaving more damage than 574 Dem riots in 2020.  He has his forward foot in Florida, prepping for the oval office and cares little for the fires he causes in my state.  I was here before the child-emperor was even thought of.

For three plus decades, I have battled this unscientific insanity.  Frequent requests for help to my Church go no where in lieu of the interfaith environmental committees hell bent on following the godless into oblivion.  Here are the Facts of Life:

Hints for the 2500 air sample quiz

1 per 2500 CO2 in air…   

12 Manmade CO2 per every million.

<<Notice how small carbon dioxide is, yet it feeds the world. Also, it does NOT affect the climate.

By the way, the earth’s atmosphere weighs about 5.5 quadrillion tons.  Puny man? between 170 and 350 pounds or so.

Climate change started right after creation but Adam and Eve did not belong to the Natural Resource Defense Council or abortion loving Sierra Clubbers.

First law: climate changes every second.


Election day is November 8, 2022. 56 days (like 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence) until the new Congress118 is seated.  WE have two countries: America the Beautiful.  #2: And the usurpers, the ObamaNation of Desolators who currently have the purse strings puppeted by Barack Obama’s team of Alinskiites.  The Putrid Green Party.

$26,000 19th century government leak.

$30,000,000,000,000.  Results in the 21st century of spending what we DON’T HAVE.  $30 trillion is a bill that’s due

God bless! Simple solution.  STOP spending by stopping Democrats from having any power lever or puppet strings to dingle dangle.  Our country needs honest, frugal statesmen and women.  No more misery merchants and/or the Eve’s Adam Schiffty liars of liars.  My 11 kids thank you.  Their 23 kids, my grandkids, do as well.


PS A trillion dollar bills weighs 2.2 billion pounds.  Remember this, please.  The climate change misdirection is what will kill us, worse than any foreign enemy could imagine





Covid22~The medical tyranny continues under Dr Pfaucinstein

Revised on Labor Day

“Ivermectin could have saved us trillions and millions of lives is my guess. It did in other parts of the world, but not FauciLand America.”  What say you?

There are xxxxxxx areas to be suspicious of, regarding the Covid medical world, including virus development, manufacturers, researchers, media and the Pfizer types.  Tyranny at worst, stupid bungling money grubbers at best…

Breakthrough news:  Dr Pfaucinstein announced his conditional retirement by Dec 31, 2022.  But what about the monster he’s unleashed?

Covid22~Big Pfauci Pfizer Pfarma on the rise<>The Covid Chronicles continue with Covid22

Do you ever get the idea, as a mere American mortal,  that hidden in plain sight, there is something going on that makes no sense?


…is STILL being suppressed by the med tyrants despite its successes.

Take this recent study on how effective Strombectol/Ivermectin is:


Part of the article:

“A large study on the impact of using ivermectin as a prophylaxis for COVID-19 found that regular users of the drug experienced up to a 92 percent reduction in mortality compared to those who did not.  Brazilian research scientist Dr. Flavio A. Cadegiani wrote on Twitter that his study in his home country showed a “dose-response effect,” meaning that “the more you used, the more protection you had.”

He observed that people who use ivermectin regularly every 15 days for at least six to eight weeks had up to a 92 percent reduction in mortality.  Cadegiani conducted a previous study of the drug that evaluated whether its use could impact COVID-19 infection and mortality rates.

Last fall, esteemed epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale Medical School was among scientists and physicians who said in Senate testimony that thousands of lives could have been saved if treatments such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine had not been suppressed.  In April, after noticing that the word ivermectin was trending on Twitter amid Elon Musk’s move to buy the company, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reprised its disingenuous “horse de-wormer” smear of the drug as a treatment for COVID-19.

“Hold your horses, y’all. Ivermectin may be trending, but it still isn’t authorized or approved to treat COVID-19,” said a post on the FDA’s Twitter account.

The reference to horses played on the explosion last fall of media articles and social media posts mocking people who treated COVID-19 with the drug as ignorant rubes who were sneaking into farms or patronizing Tractor Supply stores in quest of “horse de-wormer.”

We give carte blanche to big pubic health to spend on THEIR solutions, collect royalties on the work product of OUR taxes…meanwhile the conflicted CDC NIH bureauRats ignore these successful therapies (inexpensive too like HCQ & Ivermectin/Strombectol) in favor of we American citizens being guinea pigs.

Proof is simple: the ‘ONE jab and done’ Pfizer vaccine is now 2 or 3 jabs, plus 3-7 boosters. It is NOT a vaccine. 

True vaccines don’t have breakthroughs and rebounds.

Fully jabbed and boosted STILL get Covid22… and as usual the radical lying left creates a disingenuous name that begins with a B.

“…Covid19 is dead; now it’s Covid22…”

…And guess what the medical tyrants call it?

BREAKTHROUGH! as if it is a successful innovation among many.

Name ONE success from the immunized Covidian Pharmaphiliacs raking in billions.  Just one regarding covid.  Maybe for ED, or ADAD, but NOT the bioterror weapon aided by Dr Pfaucinstein.  What IS evil is the civil war, yes civil war between government “approved” protocols, processes and “nose picking winners and losers as political payola, and the truth. The government and Mother Zuckerbergians has ZERO business, blackballing legitimate free speech and expression of alternatives including getting good doctors and researchers fired or McCarthyed out of their profession.  Think ER Doc Simone Gold who committed the sin of following up on her ER patients; unheard of in the HMO compartmentalized world of doctor/patient privilege.

Look how the Democrat lapdog media in cahoots with the Obamanation alt DC governance:

“During the pandemic, Twitter and other social media platforms censored positive mention of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine despite the countless testimonies and dozens of studies from around the world showing the drugs to be effective in treating COVID-19.”


Dr. Pierre Kory, who has testified to the Senate of the effectiveness of ivermectin against COVID-19, fired back.

“You are not a horse, you are not a cow, you are Big Pharma’s ass,” he tweeted.

The FDA, he wrote, was “messaging BS” by citing “one corrupt study” while ignoring 82 trials, including 33 randomized controlled trials with 129,000 patients from 27 countries, that show “massive benefits” of ivermectin in treating COVID-19.

“Stop lying man, people are dying,” he wrote, adding the hashtag “#earlytreatmentworks.”

The medical cesspool keeps on keeping on.  Latest amelioration of a great basketball term…

Now we have Paxlovoid (as our sad JObama Biden calls it), and when you are jabbed, boosted, GET Covid22, then take Pfizer’s taxpayer paid for Paxlovoid, many are getting enhanced function symptoms (including the Fauch himself), ie more severe.

So, our Pflunky Pfaucinstein creates yet another monster using vocabulary: he calls this phenomena “rebound”.  

I may not understand advanced medical technologists’ vocabulary, but a rebound is Kareem or Magic pulling down a rim shot on the hardwood not a positive term for getting sicker (a symptom IS sickness, people) and more severe side effects.

Or getting Covid22 again, after the famous “one and done” jaBoost Pfaucian Pfizer Pfix series.  Would we say the same about Measles, Whooping Cough or Polio?

Probably not.  What are the new jabs reformulated for variant xyz into 2023 called?  Rejuvenation or building up antibodies by getting Covid22 to justify another trillion$ to the vetCEO Boorla at Pfauci’s Pfavored Pfizer?

Trillion$ spent, unnecessarily, when therapies were at the ready.  Destroyed economies, followed by the ObamaNation’s turned on afterburners killing energy and struggling families having to choose which luxury, gas or groceries, to give up.  Trump truly was a gift; yeah he hurt your widdle feelings, but real adults can decipher, think critically and see the truth.

The medical-drug-tyrants used a great negotiating technique, the “power of legitimacy” ie “doctor” before their name no matter what their skill set.

Next up for draining off tax $$ probably is the LGBTqXyZ Monkey pox, since May 18, 2022,vaccine vaccine.

WE’ve unleashed the kraken: pubic health and pharmaphiliacs LOVE running everyone’s lives.  NOT with successful therapies but artificial chemicals.

Apparently we can’t expect boys NOT to be horny:  What’s wrong with telling homosexual boys to leave other horney guys alone? At least until they grow up or a cure is found for aberrant sexual behavior.  Then there’s the ultimate hyperpandemic mental disease: Donkey Pox

Donkey pox (radical left Democrat leaders) may not be curable, but it is containable every two years.  Vote on Nov 8th for someone who isn’t radicalized and Dokeyized!

Now, Monkey pox tops the drug charts, as a misdirection from hyperinflation and 2 million crossing the dotted line border.  The media loves to focus on the issue of the day, for column-inches and TV time.  But, since like CRT or pronoun proliferation, unsanitary sharing of penises is politically protected by the LGBT-FJBxyz conglomerate, growing up and making adult decisions is NOT required.

The Monkey can be cured, but you need ADULTS in the San Francisco area to accomplish it.

What fails is telling grown men to stop grooming young men for penile penetration of their anuses for pleasure, no recommends like with AIDS & Pfauci’s AZT days 20 years ago.

I know many hate the medical truth, but God designed the bowels, to safely remove the unsanitary substances we generate efficiently, using the throne room (sitting on the toilet).  NOT for other guys to stick their fists and penises in.

Does this make you uncomfortable confronting truth?  Just like you are uncomfortable with the logo “fake news” put on faux reporters?  Can’t handle the truth?

I’ll tell you what makes ME uncomfortable: allowing demonic surgeons shoving sharp curved knives up mothers’ birth canals, seeking preborn already formed little girls’ organs.  Killing the little ones is incidental to the selling of organs for extra walk-around money for Kamalas, AOCs and Bidens

Cutting to the chase, some conjecture, some hindsight: in Oct 2019, the Corona virus tied to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome was released at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

I don’t care if Mao Tse-X’s Plague escaped after Pfauci’s functional gain, by accident or in answer to the reincarnation of the last dynasty, Qing gone since 1911.

Mao’s successor wants us subject to their rulership; everyone knows this except the compromised prostiticians in the Biden-O-Bama dynasty in DC.  Rather they know but don’t care.

We are like feral cats chasing laser red on the floor.  So many want to make blood sport over mean tweets.  But, recall, Trump shut down Chinese flights on Jan 31, 2020 when Fauci and his ilk were maumauing Covid19 was like a sniffle, no big deal.

Fascinating when a real leader acts!  How many thousands were saved before we knew how bad the bioweapon was?

Chicom Xi ships Fentanyl through Mexican cartels after flying infected Wuhans to Spain and Italy at the dawn of the Covid bioterror operation in his two front war to take out the West.  Haven’t heard it put quite that way?

They bought up PPE protective equipment, so they could resell it to us; we still don’t know how many Chinese locals died from their bioterror experiment IN Wuhan or the country at large: difference between USA and ChiCom Xi is we value EVERY human life and in China everyone belongs to the state and is expendable.

Have you seen that smuggled Shanghai drone flying around while the towers of locals were screaming?..well, it used to be we valued every one.  Abortion remains the #1 killer of little growing human beings, outpacing Covid, guns, old age, heart attack and Biden Afghan abandonment on Aug 31, 2021.

And aborting little girls before slicing out their hearts for resale IS 100% preventable.  As to Covid:

Hindsight insight:  It was reported: “The report — obtained by the London-based NBC News Verification Unit — says there was no cellphone activity in a high-security portion of the Wuhan Institute of Virology from Oct. 7 through Oct. 24, 2019, and that there may have been a “hazardous event” sometime between Oct. 6 and Oct. 11.”

A friend who taught at local private colleges, many Chinese students, some specifically from Wuhan, died Feb 16, 2020 with what was thought was flu symptoms.  Turns out it was Covid19.  Like I mentioned, Covid19 is dead except as a marketing tool for politicians like NON Dr LABarb Ferrer and the royal NIHighness Lord Pfaucinstein.

Trillions have been spent to turn this cottage industry into the world’s craziest medical tyranny, where all basic commonsense and practices were abandoned for hysteria and the Dem~Media~Big Pharma~Pfizer Pfix complex. Like the world’s use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, two effective zinc ionophores.

Doubt me?  Why did they nationalize your private doctor, fire any actual clinician saving lives like Dr Gold or McCoullough?

Pre-empted highly successful early treatments and continue to suppress clinical solutions in favor of the ONE SHOT and DONE “vax”, which is now 3 shots, 3 boosters, Covid then returns, oral Paxlovid’s 5 day dose that (ask Pfauci) made his symptoms worse.

He should have called me!  I had designed his Pfauci Pfix Pfix almost a year ago and called it “Pfivermectin”, combining a wealthy foreign drug company with the proven billion dose a year Strombectol/Ivermectin.  In America, it was sneered at as horse medicine and fish tank cleaner.

My 2021 design for Pfauci Pfizer’s next “attempt” to corner the medical market using existing 

I would have given him the stylish design for less than free!.

There’s ONE lockup that Pfauci will NOT like coming Jan 2023.

Greed and royalties go well together in this massive med sham, where millions of needless deaths have occurred, while solutions were hidden “in plain sight”. should we not have rolled over so quickly to the face diapered crowd of pubic health blowhards.

Dr. Barke says it best: therapies existed to save lives without this failed “nonvaccine”.

Look at NON Dr Barb in LA as chief public health officer for millions of people.

She was just caught demanding face masks back in Summer 2022,  based on a double blind (we the sheep in both eyes) fake study concocted by her daughter, another $100K+ public service employee of the LA county.

Somehow, “when a man becomes a woman” Rochelle of the CDC used this sham study to again force people to wear face diapers inside buildings.  There’s just too much money in the hysteria pot and struggling families are paying the price with hyperinflated milk and eggs, as well as doubled fossil fuel prices the fossil fools like Kerry, AOC, Pete Buttich and Algorean heretics all keep whining about.

TY Elon for a chunk of truth: we NEED natural gas, oil, nuke generation because putrid green solutions are decades away.  Just enough time for us first worlders to become another shithole of the world, DEMOlitioned by the ignorant elite and Sorosian despots.

Meanwhile, there’s the push for more drugs that are as effective as Chinese fentanyl imported by cartels over the Rio Grande

Frankly, we are dealing with a tyranny, in this technologically advanced culture, that is unprecedented.

We know Dr Faucinstein’s monster, SARS-Covid19 is dead.  It has been replaced with, common sense tells us, a weaker version that is relabeled annually so we can be fleeced year in year out and plans in place to stretch out this suppression and Leninist jackbooting of 330 million free people indefinitely.

The Pfizer take over plan.  Flush with billions of OUR tax $$ for “free” CoVax that ISN’T a vaccine, look at some headlines:

Pfizer’s CEO Wants to Go Shopping: 3 Potential Companies on His Radar

Pfizer buys drugmaker Arena for $6.7 billion 

Pfizer to buy cancer drug maker Trillium for $2.3B

Pfizer and Moderna CEOs Pocket Huge Salaries TrialSite Staff 

Covid: Pfizer, Moderna project $51 billion in combined vaccine sales

Science is pretty straight forward on this; despite $51 billion for ineffective drugs, you don’t reward it by keeping it in circulation.  When a drug trial fails, usually the drug doesn’t come to market.  Sensible.  Like when Corona Virus 2001 had a vaccine that killed patients, 50 of them, it was pulled immediately.

Today, 30,000 deaths and over a million adverse side effect (VAERS), the medical cartel says “No big deal.  Keep building!”

Someone’s gotta pay.

The Medical Tyrant’s Desktop Strategy Bible is now exposed:

  1. Suppress Hydroxychloroquine, Strombectol/Ivermectin, Quercetin and other zinc ionophores that kill the virus.

2. Get Real doctors, like Drs Simone Gold, McCoullough et al, fired or made toxic

3. Continue to claim face diapers cure the common cold and are the new fashion statement.

4. Create a pill to replace the jabs.  Call it Paxlovoid (Joe’s version) and make sure it helps make symptoms worse (“rebound”)

5. Double down on jabbing pregnant women because studies show miscarriages have doubled

Latest list of side effects; new and old

Yes, tho Dr Pfaucinstein and Pfriends won’t admit it, but there’s been a million plus bad side effects from these EUA emergency drugs for last 20 months.  See data below.

Latest: Pfauci admits menstruation is messed up with the mRNA/Pfizer drugs.  Boorla must be chuckling from his NYC skyline penthouse new digs.

Blood clots   Myocarditis  Pericarditis  Bell’s Palsy to sample a few.  Oh, and Death.

Believe it or not, Covid1 vaccine work was halted after 50 deaths. Today, dying post vaccine is just the cost of doing business in the world of medical tyrannies.

VAERS results in 2021>>  950,000 bad side effects…as of Dec 10, 2021

The CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) logged the most recent data for COVID vaccine injuries in America December 2021; the new figures are staggering.

It should be noted that VAERS data is always one week behind, as it takes time to log each incident. Thus, while the new data was released to the public on December 17, the data is actually only as recent as December 10.

As of December 10, 2021, VAERS has received over 950,000 adverse event reports following injection with COVID vaccines — which the government and media are telling us are efficacious and that it’s a conspiracy that they are potentially dangerous.

Of these nearly 1 million adverse event reports, Americans have reported the following:

  • 106,129 hospitalizations from vaccine-related injuries

  • 106,308 urgent care incidents

  • 151,187 doctors’ visits

  • 8,516 incidents of anaphylaxis (a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction)

  • 35,529 incidents of severe allergic reactions (not classified as anaphylaxis)

  • 12,127 incidents of Bell’s Palsy

  • 3,297 miscarriages

  • 10,229 heart attacks

  • 19,039 incidents of myocarditis/pericarditis

  • 33,675 incidents of being permanently disabled after taking the vaccine

  • 4,807 thrombocytopenia/low platelet

  • 11,126 incidents of shingles

  • And many more lesser-known reactions

However, most staggering of all, and deserving of the most attention, are the 20,244 reports of deaths — which presumably needed to be reported by grieving loved ones of the deceased — following inoculation with the clearly dangerous COVID vaccine being dished out and shilled by governments worldwide.

Baby results: jabbing babies and toddlers.   Why Parents?  Do you vaccinate little toddler girls against breast cancer?

As of Aug. 21, 2022 996 non-serious reports have been entered into the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) for children 4 or younger who received a Pfizer vaccine and children 5 or younger who received a Moderna vaccine, Dr. Tom Shimabukuro said on Sept. 1.

Underline NON serious!  The serious, apparently, are suppressed because we don’t want those poor domestic terrorists with little kids to worry.

From Epcot Times:  “The serious events were not detailed.  “Those details should not have been left out of the information released to ACIP and the public,” Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center, told The Epoch Times in an email.”

Covid22 is much more dangerous than Covid19 because of the “cures” from the immunized Pfizer and Pfriends’ labs

Thousands dead and 950,000 bad side effects of this experimental poison.  Ok, poison is strong but what would you call it, since alternative proven successful therapies DO exist.

Last thing: let’s vet just one of the most serious side effects of vaccines: Myocarditis


No cases of heart inflammation have been reported following COVID-19 vaccination in the young children.

Myocarditis and pericarditis, forms of heart inflammation, were also not detected in the original clinical trials. Studies have since conclusively linked them to the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines.

The reported rates of myocarditis after dose 2 of a primary series are elevated for males aged 5 to 49 and for females aged 12 to 29. The highest reported rate is 78.7 per million second doses administered, for males between 16 and 17 years old.

The reported rates remain elevated for males 12 to 29 after a booster dose, Shimabukuro said. The rates do not remain elevated for females of any age after a booster dose, according to the VAERS data.

The CDC has verified 131 of the myocarditis case reports among people aged 5 and up after booster shots.

Data from another surveillance system run by the CDC, the Vaccine Safety Datalink, showed a safety signal for a first booster for myocarditis and pericarditis after a first booster. The Pfizer vaccine caused 61.7 excess heart inflammation events for males aged 12 to 15 and 189 excess events for males aged 16 and 17. The vaccines caused 30.9 excess events for males aged 18 to 39.

People, the medical tyrants are loose about the cabin…

“In an article published in April for the Brownstone Institute, Kory wrote that it’s “a tried-and-true tactic with effective and dastardly results” for “Big Pharma and other well-financed interests” to sponsor purportedly impartial medical trials “aimed at discrediting cheaper generic alternatives.”

“Ignoring the flaws in the methodology, the media runs wild with the desired narrative, which is amplified by a well-orchestrated public relations effort,” he wrote.

Kory cited as an example the newly reported clinical trial from Brazil known as “TOGETHER,” which he said ostensibly aimed at studying the effectiveness of ivermectin to treat COVID.

Among the flaws was the lack of explicit exclusion criteria for trial participants on ivermectin, meaning both trial groups had access to the same drug.  Further, the treatment window was set for only three days, which didn’t allow for adequate dosing.

“The dosage of the trial was far lower than everyday Brazilian clinicians were prescribing patients at the time to match the strength of the strain,” Kory pointed out.

“In spite of these and other readily apparent shortcomings, the nation’s leading media gobbled up the results. ‘Ivermectin Didn’t Reduce COVID-19 Hospitalizations in Largest Trial to Date’ blared the Wall Street Journal, while a New York Times headline announced, ‘Ivermectin Does Not Reduce Risk of COVID Hospitalization, Large Study Finds.’”

Meanwhile, social media platforms stifled conversations while California pushed potentially precedent-setting legislation to punish doctors “who dare question phony studies,” threatening loss of a medical license.

A similar study of ivermectin “of far larger size, conducted by investigators without any conflicts of interest, found the drug led to massive reductions in COVID infection, hospitalization and mortality – yet it received virtually no media coverage.”

Kory said that ending “this cycle of perpetual disinformation requires revamping our dysfunctional drug approval process.”

“An independent board free of pharma industry conflicts must be established to oversee trials for re-purposed medicines,” he said. “Recommendations should be based on trials designed by impartial experts and actual results, not the desired ones, and policymakers or prescribers who ignore the findings should be held accountable.”

Academia and the regulatory agencies must be reminded, he said, “that observational trials data – wherein a sample of population who take a drug are compared to those who do not – is equally valid at informing policy.”

“Randomized controlled trials can yield useful information, but their complexity, costs, and delays to treatment lead to errors and effectively shut out low-cost drugs from the approval process, regardless of their efficacy,” he said.”

Big Pharma bunch of Big Pfrauds?  The investigation continues…

study out of France published in Nature Communications on June 25 contains some startling findings with respect to the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis from mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

I’ll briefly highlight a few key points but encourage you to read the study for yourself to learn what its authors found (and to verify what I’m telling you here).

The “public health” establishment has always maintained that the risk of myocarditis from SARS-CoV-2 infection is greater than the risk from COVID-19 vaccines. However, as I’ve previously observed, that claim was essentially unsupported since no well designed studies had actually sought to answer that specific question.

Well, this study was designed to do just that, and its findings contradict that claim from “public health” officials.

The authors found that there was a 9-fold increased relative risk of myocarditis in the 30 days after SARS-CoV-2 infection.

By comparison, there was an 8.1 times greater risk of myocarditis in the 7 days following administration of the second dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

There was a 30 times greater risk of myocarditis with Moderna’s product.

The results for pericarditis are similar.

The confidence intervals on the estimates for Pfizer’s vaccine versus infection overlap, so it’s accurate to say that there was no significant difference in the risk of myocarditis in the 30 days after SARS-CoV-2 infection compared to the 7 days following administration of the second dose of Pfizers’s vaccine.

For Moderna’s product, the increased risk was significantly greater than the increased risk following infection.

Looking at absolute risk, the rate of myocarditis following the second dose of Moderna’s vaccine was 1 in 5,900 adolescents (aged 12-17 years). That figure includes females, for whom the risk was also increased, but lower than for males. In other words, the risk to males is even greater than 1 in 5,900.

There was also an increased risk after the first dose, although the authors calculate the risks separately rather than treating the risk after the second dose as additive to risk after the first.

Had they done that calculation, the results obviously would have been even less favorable for the vaccines.

The authors also offer no comment on their finding that the risk of myocarditis or pericarditis from Pfizer’s vaccine is not apparently less than that from infection, or that the risk from Moderna’s vaccine is greater.

These are curious omissions given the incessant claims from “public health” officials and the media that the risk from the vaccine is far less than that from infection.

On the other hand, the authors do insightfully remark that the higher risk with Moderna’s vaccine, which includes a greater amount of mRNA, suggests a “dose response relationship”.

So much for the claim that the mRNA in COVID-19 vaccines (and/or the lipid nanoparticle in which it is encapsulated and/or the spike protein the mRNA instructs the cells to produce) is “harmless”!

As the authors conclude, their findings “reveal a substantial burden” from the vaccines “of both myocarditis and pericarditis across other age groups and in both males and females.”

People, we’ve been had big time.  We will update this post but suffice it to say, don’t trust the politicized science fiction rubes pushing the government label.

https://www.theepochtimes.com/cdc-gave-facebook-misinformation-about-covid-19-vaccines-emails-show    CDC role is outrageous as this article points out.




The perfect 10 year Pfizer vs HCQ~Ivermectin non-“vax” study    Granada Hills High Class of 2022



<>70  UNvaxxed    1030  Vaxxed   Proposed multi-year study of Granada Hill High class of 2022.


Jen and Grant hit a Dodger homerun on CARBs and Open Books

The beautiful Caped Crusader of Conservative Chatter and her handsome mentor

AM870 The Answer has an excellent drive time radio program here in Southern California.  While waiting a mere 110 minutes to mention I haven’t taken the Pfauci Pfizer poison (“one and done vax”?”) because it is experimental poison… but with NO covid20, 21 or Covid22 thankfully for this septuagenarian so far.

A million plus bad side effects and 30,000+ deaths, half the pregnant jabbed moms having miscarriage later, to me, says NO PFizer Pfoison or Dr Pfaucinstein for me.  OR ANYONE I know.

For two years I’ve had no vax but no Covid using prophylactic (Grant: means therapeutic) supplements: Zinc ionophores HCQ,  Quercetin &  Ivermectin/Strombectol Vitamins C and D3  NAC  Zinc  Balance of Nature   

Unfortunately,  Frontline Doctors are spot on but fired and suppressed by the bully Big Pharmaphiliacs at NIAID, NIH & CDC.  ‘Follow the money’ sadly is all too often the way to out corruption.

But I have saved a life…directly  (all glory to God and the truth)

Long before Pfauci vax fraud came to be, I helped save a life by providing HCQ to a dying relative.  He had an HCQ prescription for his Covid but pharmacies (oppressed)  were slow walking filling them because of the corrupt NIH and CDC secret gag orders.  I delivered from my limited supply the loading dose (2 per day for 5 days then once a week); three weeks wouldn’t keep him above ground.  He improved within a day.  Months later,  the relative shook my hand and said “Thank you for saving my life!”  I told him I can’t take credit.

But thank God, Pfizer’s Pfauci didn’t prevent successful therapies given to family and friends on driveways.  Rand Paul will have questions for him 3 days after the 81 year old resigns into megalomaniacal history.

Recall, HCQ was fish cleaning.  Strombectol/Ivermectin, though dispensed a billion times a year, was “ineffective” though it saved Uttar Pradesh’s 240 million from CoviDeaths.  I know Pfauci’s a Pfraud: I got a week of Facebook time-out, locked down, for sharing Fauci’s article that Chloroquines cure Corona virus infections dated back in 2005.  But different subject was gleaned during the 110 minute wait.

The profitable “non profit” Jen just found out gets OUR tax $$ due to leftist bias of the CARB killers. Gov creates nothing but spends without legal right to do so.

Grant, I looked CSE after you and Jen talked shining bright light on Guv  Newsob’s California spending.

You really hit one Dodger monster blast re: the California Air Resource Board’s (CARB) “donating millions to the Center for Sustainability and Excellence” out of Chicago Illinois

Dumb Q?: What does a Golden State tax dollar supported four letter agency have the chutzpah, let alone the legal right,  to waste millions on an out of state supposed “non profit” beats me!!  Governments don’t donate to other governments without oversight.  Well, except in Newsob terrortory

Simply, CSE are like Critical Race Theorists’ race baiting industry: CSE pushes ESQ; basically, the putrid greening of the world with fake science and leftist fraud environmental cases.

“ESG stands for E nvironmental S ocial and G overnance, and refers to the three key factors when measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment in a business or company. Most socially responsible investors check companies out using ESG criteria to screen investments.”  Jen and Grant, ever hear of Israel’s chronic divestment by Jew haters like AOC, Tlaib et al?  Just another division of the ObamaNation headquartered 2 miles north of the White House.”

And what the heaven is a Circular Economy but just more loony leftist mishmash for wasteful spending on the Algorean Heresy that man made CO2 is melting America and blamed for Newsob’s failures in wildfires and water conservation.

Maybe the OPEN DOORS transparency Jen brought up on California government spending needs to Windex the greenhouse windows a bit more.  It’s obvious just how deep the cesspool corruption has grown like algae blooms at Senator Melissa Melendez’s Lake Elsinore and Big Bear lake, which feeds Redlands.  Speaking of deep ladies, look to Lia for advice. Like the song “When a man becomes a woman” of CDC director fame, there is no shame left on the left of the left.

However, CARB is no innocent third party: in 2010, Grant, my brother’s diesel truck biz had to be sold based on an unverifiable fraud “diesel” study of particulate emissions. 

The “Dr.” counterfeiter was Hien Tran, with his Manhattan fake PhD diploma and a pile of shit fake study that rivals the Hillary Steel Balls dossier.  He and his boss crippled the trucking industry in 2010-

What did his boss do? The CARB chair Mary upped his salary to 7 figures.  Zounds of Petered Principal dept in DC.

Google it yourself; whistle blower UCLA’s Dr James Engstrom was fired because he outed the bit…  err fellow UCLA “professor”.

Short version: I should file a wrongful death lawsuit on CARB’s former president “Bloody” Mary Nichols who KNOWINGLY used the fake diesel particulate study of Hien Tran to force hundreds, maybe thousands of Calif truck businesses to close; my brother Bill’s trucks were brand new, and the CARB “solution” for a brand new engine was $150,000 more in aftermarket “smog” control.  She didn’t give a beaver’s dam who was hurt by her tyranny.  After all, envirogods are worshipped not questioned.

Grant, you sold your Texas truck business and you said “on air” today you couldn’t operate in Calif with 5 year old rigs.  Bill’s boss ended up retiring early after the forced selling his new replacement auto transport diesels into other states, where fake science, Sierra Clubbers and climate cultists did not own state government and practice Monkey Pox on each other.

It literally killed Bill because he lost his job and his health insurance. AT 55, no other job was available…

Bill got cancer, which he hid from us and died 10 years ago tomorrow (august 31st).

Government tyrants come in all sizes; like Pfauci and Nichols are arrogant anti science fools.  Pfauci’s death toll is certainly in the thousands if not millions for his subversive, arrogant, money grubbing ways, shutting out successful Covid therapies to “PROTECT” his Pfizer Pfight to dominate the Covid solutions: WHILE 35,000 NYC elderly died at Cuomo’s bloody hands with St Anthony Pfaucinstein’s support.

Governments are supposed to protect those of us who elect them; Fed level, WE are the government.  In Newsob land, no chance stateside: we are STILL under emergency orders (probably to keep Planned Parenthoodlums as “essential workers”) for a disease I claim, as do others including fired ER doctors at Frontline like Dr Simone Gold and others has had successful therapies and NOT from a German CEO Boorla Pfizer or Moderna. Inexpensive chemicals that work.

Jen and Grant: maybe you can open that OPEN DOOR a bit more…

…to see just how much evil continues  during the world’s greatest med malpractice tyranny with Pfizer monopolistic confliction.  The weaponized bioterror virus Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague, we knew very quickly, was beaten. And more renewable sunshine will discover deeper corruption at CARB, Coastal Commission, Ms. Ferrer, the Pfauch etc.

You just can’t trust the deep corruption of governance any more; as if we ever should have.  Tyrants, luddites and environmental cases just hate sunlight.  NOT just CARB’s fake CO2 fraud (man made CO2 is 12 molecules per million from THEIR science) and photosynthesis, just the rats scurrying when found out.

By the way, circular economy is just more deep putrid green new dealers:  “The circular economy is a framework of three principles, driven by design: eliminate waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use and regenerate natural systems.  It is based increasingly on renewable energy and materials, and it is accelerated by digital innovation.”  Sounds so cozy like all these socialist watermelon (green thin on the outside, communist red insides) programs to separate American citizens, struggling families and free market capitalists from their money…and life.

Point is, like Mark from Climate Depot put it, it’s all a fraud.  Bloody Mary just hates cars in private hands and transparency in her Ruckelshaus’ stylve tyranny; in the articles on the 2010 Diesel Particulates fraud being outed, allows her arrogance to transform her Empress’ new cloths:

“According to legislative staffers, the California Air Resources Board, with help from Democratic Assembly Speaker John Perez, D-Los Angeles, figured out a way to exempt itself from the state’s open meeting act.”  Jen and Grant, deja vu all over again with the Open Door progress.  Maybe there is hope.

“But Tran kept his job and Nichols used his data in her quest to stop climate change. And in the meantime, many small businesses have been ruined thanks to the ARB’s regulations.”  They just don’t give a damn.

Bloody Mary Nichols is the former Chair of the California Air Resources Board, where she occupied the attorney seat. She has served on the Board under Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. (1975-82 and 2010-18), Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (2007-2010) and Governor Gavin Newsom (2019-2020).  She also “taught” environmental “science” at UCLA.

Someday, people will actually DO science and realize carbon dioxide is a gift, a benefit and NOT pollution.  It is critical to keep us alive.  Brown’s “cap and trade” scams basically charged businesses for releasing a trace food making gas used in Dr Pepper and dry ice.

The ARB created the cap-and-trade program to auction off carbon allowances to California businesses, forcing businesses deemed “polluters” to pay billions of dollars just for the privilege of continuing to do business in California. The “cap” in cap-and-trade is the legal limit on the quantity of greenhouse gases a business can emit each year, and “trade” means that companies can swap or trade emission permits among each other.

But even with all of this information, Nichols has kept her job.”    And my beloved brother Bill, one of 11 siblings of this dad of 11, is dead. 

Victim of the loony left’s continued march to the sea of insanity, creating phrases, words and non profits daily to screw us all in the real America. Science need not apply.  70 days until Election 2022; 56 more until 118th Congress is seated.

This Obamanation org chart needs updating. Coming soon.

Hat tip to the alternative government, the Obamanation 2466 Belmont Wash DC 90008

Where every excuse to destroy America is rewarded with book deals, spots on the ABCNNBCBS APost-Times (DEMedia) anchor desks and other “get rich quick” schemes.

godfather Obama continues 2 miles north of the white house. He, not Trump, is the president who never left the swamp on the Potomac.



Air Board’s Mary Nichols Is No ‘Rock Star’ – Part lll


Of course, newly discovered million $$ recipient of CARB purloined tax$$:  The Center for Sustainability and Excellence    https://cse-net.org/


Fossil Fools who ignore 12 per million and push Mean Green Deceit

UHaul trucks are STILL gas and diesel powered

Newsom is NOT a Democratic Governor; but he IS a totalitarian Democrat with science fiction ideas that destroy.  Like a toddler given free range with a hammer in mom’s china cabinet, he is a legend in his own mind, making dictats like he is Emperor for Life of our fossil fuels rich state.

The California Air Resources Board or CARB under Mary Nichols helped to kill off my brother William.  Bill had spent decades in auto transport; his company had just purchased brand new diesel engines at the beginning of this century; Mary Nichols, former CARB boss, used a fake diesel particulate study written by a fake degreed staffer to justify her tyranny.

“ALL engines must have an aftermarket emission system…”, code words for new and old diesel engines must have $150,000 in more nonsensical unelected bureauRat required regulated job killer equipment. Scientifically?  NO! Why?  Because we CAN demand it!

Amazing what a bureauRat can do with an East Coast fake sheepskin from a Manhatten UPS store.

Like Dr. Hien Tran.

Google it yourself:  “The Phony State Scientist Who Still Has a Job”  (hat tip to Joe Fleischman)

“In 2010, high officials of the California Air Resources Board learned that the author of a statistical study on diesel soot effects had lied about his academic credentials.

CARB’s Queen Bloody Mary

The researcher, Hien Tran, later acknowledged the deception and agreed to be demoted, only after his data were given another peer review, they remained the basis of highly controversial regulations that will cost owners of trucks, buses and other diesel-powered machinery millions of dollars to upgrade their engines. The Tran study concluded that diesel “particulate matter” was responsible for about 1,000 additional deaths each year.

But Tran’s data was grossly wrong – about 340 percent wrong…”

Queen Bloody Mary Nichols, despite discovering Hien Tran’s fraudulent credentials and fake study, still paid him $100K per year to continue.

Because, after all Mrs John Naum (an ExxonMobile lawyer hubby) is an envirogod, ruler of the Golden State realm on environmental cases.  Facts and truth don’t matter much to the elite enviros because they get in the way of despot dreams.

Now “Rock Star” (LASlimes claim) Nichols’ replacement at CARB is playing envirogod yet again, “honoring” our hairsprayed pretty boy’s latest totalitarian desires to kill new gas powered vehicle sales 13 years from now.  2035, the magic year featuring both large slot cars and brown/black outs.  No new gas vehicles despite excellent pollution control technology over decades.

Mr Panderer and Prostitician extraordinaire.  Just think about: our French laundry preening Luddite wants whole private industries gone BECAUSE he wants them…gone.

Command & Control government economies kill.  Stalin/Lenin demanded he not the market control the harvest, forcing socialist farms to make what HE wanted and millions died of starvation.  We seem to be working that way now as well.

But when you are emperor, no one but our little ones can see the truth, about your naked new clothes of fake moderation.

Edison’s discovery revolutionized the wood burning cave men; electricity IS the most important energy currency today.  How we get it is the primary question.

Teslas NEED electricity for their less efficient batteries charged daily. Electricity MUST be generated.  Some third graders learn that “useful electricity is created, not by lightning, but by nuclear, oil, natural gas, sun and moving air”.  Many of which are demonized as fossil fuels, as if energy sources as old as the earth are evil.

Well, not ALL primary students can think: if not stuck in the indoctrinational pubic schools system at least, where “what does semen taste like?” learning does not take precedent over science, math, English and history as in San Diego unified.

I like Musk as an innovator; don’t get me wrong.  In fact, a homeschooling high school youth company created two candles to honor him; I as of yet haven’t delivered them.

But even Elon knows you need fossil fuels to make electricity because the grid is grounded but not destroyed.  If only our prostiticians would get off their knees at the Sierra Club, or the two self-anointed dudes and a computer Natural Resources Defense Council complainers.  LET private industry do what the arrogant pubic public sector can’t, make wise choices when choice is allowed to reign.  As Zion Lights (Meigs excellent piece on what is really green) learned, nuclear actually could be a huge part of the solution after her stint at Extinction Central.

Recall, tree hugging, ie keeping growable (renewable) trees off limits gave way to plastics (oil based) and back to paper bags when the highly loved single use plastic bags were demonized, if the environmental cases just stayed in their Luddite dens and leave us parents and families alone.

Point is simple: government is inefficient and worse, the self anointed unelected CARBureaurats don’t give a damn what things cost. Federal, state and local governance is supposed to be minimal and support the country and communities: not become a country unto themselves like the ObamaNation has become in DC.

4th graders: What is the “grid”?  It’s just transportation wires on the electricity highway where generated electricity is shared among states and cities.  Some cities, like Anaheim, generate their own on their citywide grid.

Cognizant our hair sprayed legend knows we could be independent in natural resources, fossil fuel use and NO blackouts, he just doesn’t care.  It’s all about November 2024 for Aunt Pelosi’s spoiled prince.

Then, just this week: Gavin says NO MORE NEW CARS in California if they use gasoline.  TY Herr Adolf Stalin Marx Newsob.  You fit in well with the AOCians and Algore heretics.

Why 2035? 3 years after the fossil fool Newsom4Prez runs from 2024 to 2033? Not in his finest San Diego Unified wet decarbonized dreams will Newsom be anywhere near the white house like he was when Demento Joe was away.

Newsom, hell bent on being the Emperor of Environmental cases and green wackiness, puts into play his putrid green non science policies like killing gas powered cars 13 years from now.

No big deal, it’s just the private sector that feeds the lives of 330 million Americans. But Newsob wants to kill yet more whole industries blown away by this idiot fraud, just because he likes Teslas and magical electricity extracted like cotton candy on a tube from thin windy air or sunshine.  Recall, during the Dr Pfaucinstein Wuhan bioterror years (Mao Tse-Xi’s Plague), Newsob made planned parenthoodlums “essential workers” while shutting down schools, churches, restaurants and other luxury entities.  Thankfully, little preborn girls were still expertly extracted with curved currette knives by Newsob’s campaign donors.  Then sold on the open medical lab market for $715 per head and $125 per little heart.

Better put, he is a whore for votes, his lefty Luddite friends just want America destroyed and retooled.  Clueless about science, still thinking CO2 kills while NOT seeing squirming little preborn girls as human and alive. Bizarre, sad little tyrannical toddler.

We elected him as governor not in the role of D Carbonator!  And except for his special Recall ballot boxes, he’d probably have been gone and Larry Elder continuing to save the state.

Musk and many others know the electrical grid is maxxed and Guv D Carbonator has only his hair spray to tout as a success these last few years; other than scoring his best friend’s wife. He’s never worked a real job, he doesn’t give a damn about struggling families.  He trumpets the “state surplus” which is really family budget robbery of hard working middle class; instead of returning these tax dollars to their rightful owners, he panders away.

I’m hoping at least one of you reading this, previously took 4th grade natural science.

Pretty Boy Newsom wants to “decarbonize California!”.  Does he have a clue that for every 12 ‘man made’ CO2 molecules, there are ONE MILLION Godmade air molecules?

Problem is priorities: the typical lefty perverts on the school boards hate us domestic terrorist parents (AGarland’s words) asking questions.  As it is, SDUnified includes alongside math when to do semen taste tests (anyone remember the $144 million Mark Berndt LAUSD settlement for his blind taste test of his semen sugar cookies?)!

San Diego Unified’s middle school wet dream flash card Math department

Mastering Masturbation before Math classes for example now is front and center as well.  20 years ago, I suggested it is NOT a victimless process self pleasuring oneself on a Dennis Prager afterschool cable special…truth is still the truth.

Since math proficiency in LAUSD is 35%, let me help:  Al Gore in his seminal Algorean heresies tomes, claims 3% of the CO2 in the atmosphere is androgenic.  In English parlance, man made.  3% of 400 molecules per million equates to: 12/1,000,000 carbon to air molecules are supposedly melting the earth, creating droughts one week, and floods the next.  While Newsob parties at the French Laundromat.

In fact, molecularly, there is no difference between regular CO2 and this supposed special recipe of man made CO2 (what, in a meth or fentanyl lab?) batches!

Notice how small the pie piece is for the demonized carbon dioxide.  1 CO2 molecule per every 2500 others is pretty tiny

When you boil it down: there is only ONE yes ONE CO2 molecule for every 2500 other atmospheric molecules.  Whether photosynthesis or aerobic respiration. 1/2500.

I NEVER hear a SCNG science reporter explain these simple equations.  Truth and knowledge aren’t in many journalist’s thesauruses these days.

All this Kerry Krap about Paris, and carbon based climate change, is the foundational lies propping up other lies.

They even have Pope Francis the First concerned about 1 CO2 molecule per 2500 other atmospheric physics molecules like argon, oxygen and nitrogen causing major geophysical international changes.

Or could it be ALL prostitician instigated bull excrement?  Follow the money, Vatican!

And you know what happens when you heap other lies on a leafy salad lie base: you get another Adam Ant Schiffty Fabrication, like Ukraine prez to Trump faux calls and his fave Russian hoaxsters.  Or his daughter’s boyfriend, Eric CIAmarella.  Problem in the Obamanation HQed in DC, all the electricity powered truth detectors are burned out from continuous beep warnings: lie lie lie!

We are such lemmings to believe ANYTHING coming out  of the Dem playbook and its urinalists at the Dem owned ABCNNBCBS APost Times news stands.  Nicknamed appropriately “Pravda”.  Russian for Eve’s Adam Schiff’s unattainables.  Sadly, Adam lies deeper than a green shag carpet drenched in patriot’s precious blood, bright red.

Someday I will file a wrongful death lawsuit against Nichols and her lapdog Thien for her environmental case of particulate fraud. And his basic fraud work.

Bloody Mary, like so many of the panderers in public “service”, needs to be held to account.  They never are, it seems, in the company and country B, the Obamanation HQed in DC.

Speaking of pandering, Barack Hussein’s Biden and Newsom are cut from the same slimy cloth.  Out of arrogance, Biden unconstitutionally gives away the latest Trillion $$ to buy student votes by supposed “forgiveness” of $31 billion endowed Harvard’s students.  At least, street walking ladies are working the world’s oldest industry.  Prostiticians like Newsom, Obama and Biden?  Not so much, no honor among thieves.

Then there’s Mr Newsom, the Emperor of Environmental Cases

Of course, wildfires and reservoirs are boring, so Gavin doesn’t do his job.  But he loves running for the White House.

The truth is dangerous but God really does feed us via CO2; it is a beneficial gift and it does NOT change the weather and turn us to Mercury surface temps.  A little recombinant process of CO2, H2O & sunlight called ‘photosynthesis’.

Instead of governing, Newsom flies to Florida to become the presumptive Dem Prez 2024 candidate while we burn from his horribly mismanaged forest detritus and dehydrating with the 7 trillion gallon fresh water dumps into San Fran bay.  I guess there’s no klieg lights and glamour in potholes, reservoir holes but a lot of airtime for asset holes.

Let’s have a science chat:

“Governor D Carbonator: did you know your body is 65% oxygen and 18.5% CARBON.  And hat tip to Jen Horn, you are made up of 87% hair spray ingredients.  Things like  polyvinylpyrolidone, polydimethylsiloxane, gum arabic, alcohols, hydrocarbons, and gum tragacanth.  Add water and stir?

Photosynthesis FEEDS the WORLD with recombinant water, sunlight and carbon dioxide.  Yes, CO2 is CRITICAL to humans staying alive.

We don’t need Sacramento frat boy frauds but do need state regulators and revenuers to LEAVE US ALONE to keep our businesses operational. 570 riots with no law and order didn’t help in 2020.  Seems:  EVERYTHING the governmental bulldogs touch, turns to DCesspool swamp gas.

As it is, the California Air Resource Board is a bastard org that has outlived its usefulness; they are unelected enviroCrats who wantonly ignore science and decide highly efficient, low polluting gas powered cars must end their existence.

They link arms and knell, worshiping the Sierraclubbing god of stupid.  They don’t like you, they find a fraudulent study to pay $100K a year for, discover it is a fraud and STILL, as Queen Bloody Mary Nichols plays it, pushes the Eve’s Adam lie of the day and year buttons.

These fossil fools are long in the tooth and need to understand electricity is generated; it is NOT a naturally occurring resource like natural gas.

The reason we have blackouts is the CURRENT generation levels, especially with Sierra Blubbers interference,  is NOT adequate and a million charging stations are coming, quintupling down on the mess.  Of course: WHILE no one wants a nuclear plant, solar farm or doldrum wind eagle killing turbine orchard in their “back yard”.

These fossil fools don’t realize you can’t drive on solar tires; there are 6000 essential petrochemical based products used in every facet of life…you phase out gasoline and you drive the already hyperinflated prices through the solid opaque panels of this elusive greenhouse of green gases atop the troposphere.

Just don’t tell Pretty boy e-mental case Newsom there is NO solid glass panel around the earth in the troposphere.  Excess heat is RADIATED back into space.  In simple OC english, there IS NO greenhouse to trap those special essential gases.

And if you want a bag of ringer solution, for IVs, well too bad.  It’s stuck in the ground.  If you DON’T pull oil up, you don’t MAKE them!

Then there’s the president of vice who loves abortion but hates gas.  She got her start in Slick Willie B’s bed; continues her path near the Lincoln bedroom

Kamala’s mantra is interesting: “I prefer black babes extracted from Mother Wombs instead of black gold extracted from Mother Earth”.  Kill the kids but leave the oil in terra firma.  Hmm.  Something only a lefty loon could love.

Proof is simple for the simple minded one: she slobbered all over herself when her 11 AG goons invaded David Daleiden’s small apartment to “extract” his candid camera footage and computer equipment recordings of planned parenthoodlums discussing fresh baby organ pricing over salad and wine.

The lowlife AK47 (Anarchist Kamala 47th prez) STILL has not returned David’s personal intellectual property; once a baby killer always a baby killer and thug.

Point is, this is America, a land built on freedom to assemble our businesses, to create wealth, to help others; no one needs the leviathan DC government led by ObamaNational headquarters two miles north of the White House.  At least, no true citizen of our free land.  Less bureaurats and tyrants; more free enterprise by American citizens.

Want to know what happened to my brother Bill? And why Mary Nichols should have a wrongful death suit tossed at her smarmy assets?

You see, the misery merchants are in love with themselves; they only see their set of facts.  Nichols knew that Tran’s fake study was bogus but she continued on.

“But Tran’s data was grossly wrong – about 340 percent wrong.

That “landmark diesel law” grossly miscalculated pollution levels by 340 percent, in a scientific analysis used to toughen diesel emissions, the San Francisco Chronicle reported in 2010. “CARB had a lot of input in this legislation. They have a history if politics interfering with science and I have no confidence that this law is based on sound findings,” said Anthony Watts, an actual retired meteorologist and self-described greenie, who has followed the CARB and AB 32 more closely than just about anyone.

Independent scientists attributed the flawed work to a faulty method of calculation – not the economic downturn, as the Air Resources Board asserted — the overestimate was nothing other than a scam to promote the state’s flawed ‘green’ agenda.

Peer reviews show that Tran was way off, and eventually exactly where the 340 percent factor was identified.

But Tran kept his job and Nichols used his data in her quest to stop climate change. And in the meantime, many small businesses have been ruined thanks to the ARB’s regulations.”

UCLA’s Nichols just didn’t like competition for her lies: The Firing of Dr. James Enstrom is another tyrannical play.

“Bucking the highly fashionable notion that California’s air pollution is deadly, Dr. James Enstrom was one of only a few scientists willing to blow the whistle on the fraudulent science perpetrated at the California Air Resources Board…”

Sounds a lot like Herr Andrew Viesmann, persecutor par excellence, who lives above the law in his own apartment of tyranny; look what he did to Trump and Trump’s campaign man, Paul Manafort.  Criminalizing free political beliefs and speech.

Years ago, CARB was the same as it acts today: above the law, with impunity, destroying Californa one business at a time.

“It is often said the cover up is worse than the crime. Dr. Enstrom is living proof.

An attempt to muzzle scientific debate and academic freedom on a University of California college campus has been at the root of the wrongful termination lawsuit of Dr. James Enstrom from University of California Los Angeles – where Mary Nichols was listed as a Professor-in-Residence at UCLA School of Law.

Enstrom challenged the scientific research that the California Air Resources Board and California Legislature used to enact policies regulating diesel fuel emissions. And then he was fired.

Enstrom exposed the cover-up of “junk environmental science.” He also outed the phony scientist Hien Tran at the Air Resources Board, as well as the Legislature’s subsequent adoption of regulations stemming from the fake science.

Liberating Californians From Their Homes and Autos: Newsob and the loons

“I’ve heard Nichols say her goal is to “liberate” us from the burden of our own vehicles.

(BACK in 2010)Mary Nichols wants fewer cars on the road in California.  When asked about the economic ramifications of the Air Resources Board’s regulations, she has said she might be concerned if she was an elected official.”

Get the point? She thinks she is god since she doesn’t face the voters.

And although California already has some of the strictest pollution regulations in the country, Nichols is helping to lay the groundwork for more. “It’s on people’s minds right now,” Nichols said. “While the momentum is strong is the right time to act.” California Politicians Deaf to the Science…”

Google the whole story and ask yourself: this same body of miscreant fossil fools are back at it.  Telling a free people what legal efficient means of transportation they can or cannot use.  Based on lies and science fiction.

Again, Want to know what happened to my brother Bill? And why Mary Nichols should have a wrongful death suit tossed at her smarmy assets?

Bill lost his job when Queen Bloody Mary pretended the Thien data was real.  She knew it was bogus just like Hillary’s Steel clad dossier.  Yet, she shut down diesel trucks, old and new.  Bill’s company had just purchased brand new diesel trucks; then her tyrannical terrorist arm required hundreds of thousands of dollars of needless after market equipment.

Bill lost his job when the company had to sell off their new equipment to Arizona transporters.  Lost his health insurance and at age 55 in 2012, he hid a serious growth from the family.  Then Lost his Life ten years ago on Aug 31, 2012.

His death cert tells it: immediate cause Parotid Gland carcinoma, a treatable cancer if caught early. Other significant conditions: carcinoma metastasis to cervical spine.  It spread.  No thanks to Bloody Mary.

Problem with prostiticians and arrogant asses like Nichols is they just don’t care about others; they play with peoples’ lives and live for the mirror. They do zero cost/benefit analyses beyond how much campaign dollars that will come their way.

Kamala loved the $86,000 post non profit tax $$ she got for her Senate campaign from planned parenthood nor cal, for example.  Alittle more than half than the bag of quarters Blanche’s hubby Willie Brown tossed her way: $166,000 in two guvmint commissions.

CARB is frankly evil, destroying so much and hell bent are ruining more lives by 2035.  Sorry, but Newsom of a b (NewSOB) is just the latest northern california prick pushing for the white house.  Everyone knows Kamalala lacks intelligence without Joe’s dementia; she just doesn’t cut it.  Gavin will find out the same in 2023.

But it’s not new: Newsom’s “emperor order” hails from 2020.    Who the hell does this prick think he is?

“The car companies see what’s happening in China, in Europe,” NY’s enviromental case Sperling said. “Many of them have already made announcements about how they’re converting totally to electric vehicles.”
Thursday’s vote is the culmination of years of work; in 2020, Newsom signed an executive order mandating that all vehicles sold in the state must be zero-emission by 2035.
“What these new standards do is set the roadmap to get there,” California Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis told CNN’s Kate Bolduan on Thursday.  California also got a boost from the Biden administration, which reinstated California’s longtime ability to set its own vehicle emission standards earlier this year. The Trump administration rolled back the California waiver in 2019.”
Would someone call Sacramento and explain you need to make electricity so Volts and Teslas can go farther than 10 miles.  With gas, you still localize renewable potential kinetic power in every gas station and car equipped same.
Or using liquified natural gas (LNG), the lowest pollution option since we are nuclear free, using coal and other fossil fuels to fire up the generators so Musk can build more
On March 5, 2022:

‘Hate To Say It’: Elon Musk Says US Needs To Boost Fossil Fuel Production ‘Immediately’

Really?  Smart man, this Musk fella.  Slot cars on a track while growing up did not run with the electricity off.  Same today for the larger electric cars.  But…

My brother is dead, 10 years this wed aug 31.  Is California and the nation soon to follow?
Typical of Dem leftist governmental policies, California can’t control dead wood on the forest floor; the Democrat elite run state can’t stop fresh water from pouring into the Pacific and put in reservoir bowls for future use.
They can’t see squirming babies as unDead, even on high tech computed ultrasonography screens in LIVING color.  Nor can they get horny Frisco homosexuals to stop passing Monkey Pox like it’s salty semen laced cookie dough (new SDUSD curriculum courtesy of planned parenthood perverts), just as the country’s pandemic of Donkey Pox may face a generational realignment Nov 8th.  One can hope.
If only Newsom would look away from his floor length mirror just long enough to see the truth. Keep his manicured hands off the private sector which pays the bills and from where he extracts outrageous gobs of tax $$.
See the forest for the trees and the fact, we free American citizens and California natives despise arrogant totalitarian tyrants like Aunt “Stretch” Pelosi’s nephew.  Just because he can steal his best friend’s wife without pain doesn’t mean he can steal our California dreams.
Nothing Bloody Mary Nichols can do will bring my #4 sibling of 11 kids.  Bill I pray is sequestered in heaven for a joyful eternity.
But don’t trust the shadow America: the Obamanation headquartered on Belmont north of the White House.  Obama claimed Trump wouldn’t leave DC.  But president Trump doesn’t have a twelve room mansion office 2 miles from the People’s House on Penn Ave.
70 days until Election 2022.  56 more until an interesting start to the 118th Congress.

AGarland’s Foolish Grab at the Southern White House

The “Stop Trump 2024” scam continues…

Let’s help the ASSociated Press’ Michael and Eric etc. see through this charade show game at the Southern White House.  But first, they must take off their BS blinders:
1) The CIC president IS the declassifier; everything at the southern White House, Mar a Lago was declassified.  
Unlike Sandy Berger’s Archive hijack of classified docs in his panties or the chief cattle futures expert and Russian hoaxster’s Sir Edmund Hilary’s  30,000 classified emails on her PRIVATE non presidential serve. Or Obamanation’s community organizer Barack’s 3 million docs in Chicago for his coming altar at the pharaohic palace library?  Movie sequel coming “The Night in the Obamanation Museum”
2) The weaponized Archivists had been to Mar a Lago twice; president Trump (get used to the two words together) greeted them once, the staff added a lock to a storage room AT THEIR DIRECTION which their June 8 FBI letter was “excluded” they say!  
Why didn’t the well paid librarians get a Uhaul and take 20 boxes (under 100 pounds without a centrifuge) north to Trump’s next DC residence (unless they assassinate him).
 NO, not the Obamanation HQ 2 miles north on Belmont Ave DC but to Nat’l Archives HQ. 
Google it yourself or use: 
National Archive Address. 700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. Washington, DC 20408-0001.
Toll-free: 1-866-272-6272.

Pretty Boy’s Con show goes on. Like a pissant to PT Barnum’s Greatest

As it is, save money too!  There are numerous  Uhaul trucks in Florida with Calif. plates, thanks to UHaul’s top sales guy, the Greased Newsom. Hat tip to the gracious Jennifer Horn: I had explained the Carbonhater’s own body, stretched nightly next to his best friend’s wife, was 18.5% carbon and 65% oxygen.  Yet, the fossil fool STILL wants NO gas cars in OUR state while he slinks off to Montana ranch, Florida or the laughable DC white house.  Sorry Greased one: Jen IS right: he is 87%  polyvinylpyrrolidone, polydimethylsiloxane, gum arabic, alcohols, hydrocarbons, and gum tragacanth. Hair spray was invented in the 1940s as a way to keep hair from moving around during the day. The same types of polymers in hair spray are found in wood glues, but they are water soluble for easy rinsing.

Guvmint wastes more money than Gates owns, every single day; UHaul would have been a cheap way and not involve tons of FBI and local gerdarms for their usual heavy handed Garland Grab pre dawn RAID with Fishing Poles and German Stasi types.  No wonder they hate Trump: he symbolizes job loss and relevancy checks for 2 million of our

The OTHER “America”

employees in the DCesspool, called the Obamanation for short.

  They could have taken all the boxes twice but then Merritless Garland couldn’t make a federal case of the latest Stone Navarro show perp walk. 
SCNG, you are BETTER than this; at least, you could be again! 
They LEFT each time without the boxes that WH staff had packed up in Dec-Jan 2020,  before delivery TO the southern White House. 
Unlike the Clintons who made off with $175,000 in well marked Hilton bath towels and furniture previously, Trump didn’t pack the boxes. He was busy enjoying impeachment II and dealing with month 50 of the Democrap hoaxsters who own DC.
Sadly, despite their criminal gains, the Clintons STILL are trailer trash & real Russkie hoaxsters, with all apologies to mobile home dwellers.
3) The redacted laughable aff-o-divot said the “government wanted to protect the safety of a number of civilian witnesses…”  Really?  Call me skeptical! 
These poor bureaurats fearfully guarding the same storage room locked per the weaponized archivists?  Who, Eric CIAmarella, Eve’s Adam the Lyin’ Schiffter’s secret blower of certain whistles?
Doesn’t Garland realize we are on to his sordid game? Feigning 330 million parental terrorists’ violence so we front load “protection” from those poor school board leftists who love 1619 critical racism, hypersex and “what does semen taste like?” and “Masturing Master Bay shun” in San Diego Unified’s teacher’s reading, writing and ‘rithmatic training curricula?
By the way, when will Garland prosecute the criminals of BLM and Antifa from the 574 REAL riots of 2020?  After he jails mama bear parents caught asking questions at School Boards of America?  Who the hell ARE these people; they certainly aren’t honest Americans!

Kamala raided David’s apartment (bigger than Schiffty Adam’s Burbank pad) with 11 AG goons to steal his (NOT returned) intellectual candid camera property

ARMED Garland, like ARMED thugs of Kamala raiding Daleiden’s apartment that is bigger than Schiff’s Burbank  Condo, fears us struggling families outside the Potomac Zone?

Zounds of Danny Kaye’s hurting arm wielding often in White Christmas (no racial intent please) to Bing.  Sorry AGarland, your wimp status NOT on the SCOTUS is NOT getting better: you should recuse yourself from DC.
4) No, here’s their little secret plan:  the boxes were left on purpose to distract from massive failing Obama’s puppet Biden’s 70% disapproval rating 70 days until election 2022 day. 
Oh, and SCNG folks, here’s the lead in to the next step in the plan:
Read the last line in the donkey AssP article; it calls out surreptitiously the scam even seasoned fake newsies can see: (the word is under S in your newsroom’s dictionary). 
Read it slowly IF you can. Read:  “In addition, the aff includes a footnote from the FBI agent who wrote it observing that ‘ONE OF THE LAWS that MAY have been VIOLATED doesn’t even use the term “classified information” but instead criminalizes the unlawful RETENTION OF NATIONAL DEFENSE INFORMATION.”
Even a picture of a nuclear sub can be declassified without Trump’s arrest!
Does the Obamanation owned Dem ABCNNBCBS APost Times think we deplorable domestic terrorist parents are THAT stupid?  Hidden in plain sight is hoax number 1000 of the Trump era presidency.  He still owns a large chunk of the DNC Democrat Prostiticians’ minds.  EVEN when Obama, not the Donald, LIVEs IN DC pulling his godfather strings…The chart of godfather IV Dark Darth T~hater’s Obamanation to the left of Barack Hussein.
This little DOJFBI foothook was included so Garbage Garland’s Gang of Gambling misfits can later claim Trump had nuclear secrets in his possession?! 
Come on, nothing the OBama Biden favored and supported Persian Mullahs don’t already have with their whirling centrifuges… even when Slick Willie lost the nuke codes for a weekend we were not at risk.  Plus, the codes are changed daily. 
So lefty SCNG you could help: please call your fave AP leak receiver and tell them the NUCLEAR defense con won’t work, just as Hillary’s Hoax or Obama’s lead with his ass policies of Screw America the Alinsky way have failed.  Try something new: like let honest elections happen in 70 days, no mid flight night 5 state shutdown of the midterms. The continued Jan 6 insurrection fraud and Dr Pfaucinstein med malpractice hearings coming 56 days after Nov 8.  SCNG: in case you did not take 1776 history but the 1619 on your way to a Columbia urinal degree, 56 is the number of patriot founders who lost family, fortunes and their very lives signing the English Insurrectionist paper, we know as the Declaration of OUR independence.  From England in the 1770s and the Obamanation today from those who hate America, led by Dark Darth T-hater pulling Soros’ puppet strings with his cabal of regressive power mad separatists.  And they ARE separatists: two countries, Darth T-hater led Obamanation.  And the real America.
SCNG you are BETTER than this: stick to sports and comics and we will look elsewhere for the true news.  I’ve been an American citizen and California native for 70 years. A dad of 11  Grandfather of 23.  Still helping people with their real estate needs.  Homeschooler for 38 years.  Hoiles is gone but good journalism is STILL attainable as you phase out the celluloid version of your work product.
But if you are gonna scam us further, please don’t pull yet another Herr Viesmann gestapo destruction of Paul Manafort, an innocent man caught in the Dem’s hate filled toxic crosshairs.  Learn what real journalists and statesmen/women need: a heart of integrity with the fight of Hercules to keep America great after REconstructing what JoBama has destroyed in a mere 19 months.
70 days until Election.  56 more until seating of the new Congress 118th; Lizzie4prez’24 will NOT be there, by the way. Also rans, the list is long: The people of Wyoming have spoken. So will other more populous states.
Other liars like Schiffty Schitty Adam who never lives in his one bedroom condo on First Street in Burbank, Adam II Killzinger too will become noisy demoted.  Pelosi, the Schemer…unfortunately mumbles who knows how to snatch defeat out of giant victorious jaws, McC of Kentuckee may still hold the Senate. But AOC, Schumer, Natty Nadler, Kamalala, will be demoted as well by their sheer arrogance.  Joe, if he has any brain cells yet, still will be like King Thiden of the Rings’ middle earth, possessed by the father of lies’ son, satan (Schiff IS the father of lies this decade) and burning through and adding the latest half trillion of our $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities.  Of course, forcing rich Harvard kids’ debt (gender studies degrees are less than worth) paid by plumbers and gardeners will be shown UnConstitutional.  Ask Daniel Boone about socialistic takeaways.
I honestly pray for the Oz wizard to give SCNG the heart of a lion, cloned from the scarecrow and the courage of the maned one in Emerald City. 
 You could be much better; just because of cost, you must use the Ass Press, but  you can separate yourselves from their Democrap and become mature journalists. I will continue to pray for you and pay for my Sunday early edition; I will until I retire at 100 or Susan Shelley moves on; or you phase out paper completely.  Like the paper Trump is being conned over at the Southern White House.  Two words, lefties at the DNC.  We know.  Problem is, like the massive election2020 fraud, and EVERY planned act of the Demented DCesspool state, it costs us billions in wasted American wealth.  I know I will never get any of the climate god worshiping cultists to realize 12 man made CO2 molecules per every ONE MILLION (12/1,000,000) is NOT affecting the planet at all.  If they did (or even become scientific about those squirming preBirth little girls being sliced up for organ sales), their anxiety would kill them.   Faster than a Planned Parenthoodlum’s currette cuts up a living human girl above the birth canal.