Evil Oil vs Benevolent DemocraPia Government. The ice cube test of highway robbery

Today we pay 28% sales tax on a common and essential commodity.  Wanna pay more?  Do nothing and you will.

There’s a NetVid of an obnoxious Prius owner berating a mom in a Chevy truck just because she is parked and idling, helping her children.  Obviously morally superior to this mother, the Prius princess (my term) floats across the parking lot, and waves her wicked wand because she paid $35,000 to be able to show the Gaia earth goddess she cares.  And pick on people who have to drive around more people and products then her sorry arrogant ass(umptions). The wand, of course, is her liberal enviro extremist tongue.  What if i told her my avg passenger miles per gallon generally passes hers, around 192 pmpg for the big van and 160 pmpg for the smaller one.  all with 150K + true conservationist miles on the four tires each.

I love science, Prius owners and fossil fuels.  As of this cosmic moment, we know Obamacare/scam was passed on a big lie; we stupid Americans can thank the MIT Goober Gruber, whom disgraced Nancy Pel conveniently no longer remembers, for pointing this out 4 times.

Meanwhile, a strong arm partnering robber still is free after lying to the police and the world his little 6 foot 4 in 295 gentle friend pounced on marijuana cigarillos, then pulverized a light complexioned officer before being dispatched to another world at 18, way too early.  Fear not, the unRighteous Brothers, TwanAl, Jumpin’ Jesse, Spike the ball and Louie MMXIV will bait the human race, start the riots, while Unholy Fast and Furious Holder goes free following the truth coming out. I heard the family’s autopsyist say he didn’t raise his hands, but mom, now flanked by felonies herself, say the hired gun forensic said he DID raise his hands after pulverizing the cop.

Good news, 40 FBIers and a UN committee got involved, while blacks still kill black teens routinely without a whiff of solutions.  The chance to tell other big teens that punching a cop can get you dead, no matter how much melanin you have and UN conferences your anguished parents attend, is passing by yet again by the Fab Four of pandering racists.    Assuming the UN committee on terror declined to intervene because, well, the US is still a sovereign nation and this situation didn’t pass muster.  anyways, stay tuned for another round of good business for the glass repair people when outstanding citizens picket next week.

gas price marquis 299

The Jerry, Barry and Mary show.

But, evil oil is the topic du jour.  Imagine these evil, demonized people of black gold.  They buy leases, drill, redrill, redrill, hit it horizontally and fracturingly, at least in all states that don’t start with Calif, bringing fossil energy like natural gas and crude to the top.  Then, they transport in Keystone state trucks, not pipes, refine and put it back in the ground at places that have marquis like this one.  A fossil fuel dispensary station.  As an example, if the truth is told, this is where our money goes at the corner AM-PM, broken out in categories you have to dig to discover.   67 cents in taxes no matter what? Huh?

California, with all its massive amounts of  underground natGas and petrol, is still a net importer. Billions go unclaimed, while North Dakota and Texas reaps both zero unemployment, massive economic growth and transplanting Californians looking for zero state taxes and jobs.

The California energy rebirth help Trolley Jerry if only he sheds his shackles to Big Rad Enviro.  Or as I call them, the REAMers: Radical Environmental Activist Mauraders.  The Pirates of the Golden State, who parlay water, air and energy into treasure chests they only hold the key to.  280 trillion wasted fresh water gallons making a bubble bath for bait fish.  Without the bubbles, is an example.

Queen Mary Nichols, UCLA prof of eviro wackiness and ascended princess partner of the Unstinkable Trolley Jerry Brown, is set to take an incredible amount of Calif family’s dwindling funds based on a fraud. Anywhere from 20 cents to 40 to $1.30 PER GALLON purloined from refined family transportation fuels.  Because they can.  Just when the energy rejuvenate is happening, guess who answers the call.  “My name is Jerry.  I’m from the government and here to help!”

The California cherubic in-your-face-world Global Warming act of 2006 shook it’s fist at other states and China, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  At which same Great Walled country, it was announced Nov 12th, that promises to START curbing CO2 in 2030, while the socialist in chief stops production dead in its tracks in these 54 or 57 United States, whichever the tele-prompter tells him, yesterday.  Or sooner.

Forgive my honest science, folks.  Carbon dioxide went up and up, from 290 parts per million to 400 PPM, while ZERO, nada, nutin’ average global warmth, on average, over 18 years.  THERE IS NO direct correlation.  CO2 is THE natural gas that assures food (photosynthesis) and survival (breathing/respiration).  The polar ice masses, top and bottom, have increased massively/ in recent years, proving that we probably are COOLING.  The real danger is overheated politicians who can lie after lie with impunity.

Test it yourself.  Take two identical ice cubes.  Put one on a plate in the refrigerator.  The other on the sidewalk and time their demise.  Which one will melt latest?  You betcha.  Conversely, when MORE ice is expanding at the poles, the average worldwide temperature is declining.  Just don’t tell snake oil GlobAL Gore or the East Anglians, some of whom are probably nice Anglicans but lousy, deceitful pseudo scientists.  Wonder if the Goob Gruber is related?  Being a stupid American taxpayer, i obviously lack the Massatwoshits Institution of Technobabble’s brilliant arrogance

The two pictures of Christmas future 2015 follow; what a new year’s gift this will be.  Assuming evil oil just continues to do everything for nothing, keeping or reducing what’s charged gas stations, and the guvmint leeches everything for nothing as well, based on fraud, deceit and arrogant runaway radicalized environmental extremism, families in the formerly golden state will continue to suffer.  While the sacramento political parties in Sierra Club ballrooms continue unabated.  The Democrat utopia, or Democrapia for short, carries on.

gas price marquis jan 2015 40 cents addergas price marquis mar 2015 130 adder

So, my frazzled ripped off California friends, Trolley Jerry Brown, unsinkable in elections but vulnerable to appearing to be a bad king, needs to hear from you.  Immediately, before they codify the damage.

If the wicked Queen Mary carbon tax leeches another 40 cents per gallon next January on the way to $1.30 pg in March, you will be paying, not today’s 28% sales tax, but 45.9% and 84.5% respectively, while evil oil still sees the same 7 cents profit.    Remember, if production costs scream high again, these taxes like all taxes and cancers, rarely go away without a fight.   However, if you like the perfect storm of 197 cents tax and 303 cents production, you can have your $5 per gallon.  At least, gas sales tax would only be 65%, unlike milk and toys, groceries and other essential commodities coming in around 10%.  And, true to form, political hacks will blame those evil, virulent oil companies which power the economy and this great nation.  Send the carpetbaggers home, clearing their desks into paper not plastic, since they already stole our lightweight multiuse plastic bags, true friends of the environment but not meddling politicians at the city, county and state level.

After all, it’s “for the children” and the prick(ly) Prius princess who thinks electricity is magically generated in the Gargantuan solar system and transported to her roller skate via a 5th dimension benevolence and a black hole near Saturn.  All, yes all, environmental decisions, like all others involving human interaction, have costs, benefits, and intended as well as unintended consequences. Even Prius’ need fossil fuels to no longer simulate being a Chevy No va.

So, for this reason:

Trolley Brown and his sidekick Queen Mary “ucla” Nichols need to stop the highway robbery. CO2 is a peaceful, benevolent, essential gas.  There is NO global warming; ice mass is up at both poles indicating no or negative warming (ie cooling); and taking another 40-130 cents per gallon is perpetrating additional fraud.  Brown and Nichols have been notified. Now it is up to us to lay out the options and enforce the will of the people. Like freeing the REAMers hostages, California’s incredible natural resources.  Groaning about the crises du jour, like 2 degrees celsius rises, underwater NIMBY newport dwellings and heat sinking into the Pacific heat vaults just won’t work any more. We know we are being had.

March on Sacramento with signs that say “No more taxes; you’ve bankrupted us families too much already”.  “Highway robbery is still wrong, even for blessed sacramento”.  “28% sales tax is already too high”.  “NO family carbon taxes”

Fellow real Californians, I trust you.  I trust you can come up with signs and make calls to your legislators on your own.  For we already, thanks to freed natural gas lowering the average CO2 levels, and pollution levels as substituted, thanks NOT to California’s energy policies, nor DC’s, but thanks to domestic energy production in exporting states like NDakota, Louisiana and Texas into this liberals’ tarnished, utopian state of cal confusion.  OPEC is failing; the US energy independence is well on its way, no thanks to CARB or a governor who wants to siphon yet another 25% of our money for his chug chug choo choo to no one cares where~~except the political scientists and pseudo statespersons who don’t give a flying damn about this state’s real producers:  residents and citizens like you and me.  Frankly, i can’t afford yet another unseemingly, illogical, confiscatorial tax for ne’er do wells who are spendaholics and having adulterous relations with deceitful radicalized environmental extremists.  Sacramento’s Brown and Nichols, please keep your slimey, oily hands out of our pockets and purses.

Trolley Brown could, as a four year lame duck, really do something good for the state that has paid his salary for 3 terms as governor.  Deep down, it is somewhere in his bureaucratic soul to do it.  I know he can.   Help him realize he may be owned by the REAMers but he can break free of their grubby unscientific hands,  just in time to do the right thing.  Screwing families, as part of the Jerry, Barry and Mary team, is not the way.  Maybe, it will be a cold, dead day at the massively increased poles before he does, but i do have faith he will realize, he won’t always be king.


Maybe we should try the ice cube test another way:  one at the north pole and the other at the south pole and see just how ignorantly insane all these crises du jour plebes continue to be.  All to fleece real people after academic scientists get their grants in the bank.  The truth is an innocent victim at every turn.   $5 and 84% sales tax per gallon, N E??? antarctic ice

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