“Let my people go!” Protect us from the Regressive Left’s Genius Killers

Watch out for the Giant Genius Killers.  Having 11 non-artificially born kids, our family has saved California taxpayers on average $132,000 per child, for education costs; or $1.452 million dollars overall.  Assuming the conservative $11,000 ADA money schools receive from us taxpayers in California per offspring born here or emigrating from other states and countries, I will never see a penny of this money since we CHOSE to not use the public school system. Not because they are evil, but because we want to help save California from BK.  Like most public school teachers I am related to, we chose the private school route.

So, you are welcome Moonbeam and Lowbeam Legi$layers:  more money for the Sacrasupermajority to squander err spend wisely, since 40% of the Cal budget by law goes to the NEA-CTA-governmental school industrial complex.

Minutes ago, DeVos was historically confirmed as the first secretary, like the last Superbowl, needing a tie breaker.  The #1 target of the educational choice hating NEA, affiliates and the prostituted politicians their members dues buy like Rep Collins of Main and Mikulski of Alaska, those highly populated states at opposite northerly ends of the US, won by ONE vote:
The ONLY vote that counted was VP Pence and he said “Yes!” to DeVos, someone who believes parents, not union bosses, “own” their children and should direct their educational programming. Her crime is “she thinks outside the Edocracy”, believing of all things, parents possess the ability to govern their children’s lives and women’s choice should include directing where their ed dollars go.
Like the Patriots win, the tie was broken with conviction:  the Regressive Left loves to demand choice for women to kill their kids, but hates their monopoly on controlling the mothers’ kids lives AFTER birth broken, the only 2/3 that survive the Genius Killing machine.
Connect the dots, world:  Maybe, since America is only #25 in STEM achievement prowess worldwide, something needs to be done.   Being #25 might explain, irony of irony, why 58% of our 97 tech companies’ talent had to be foreign born to take jobs that Americans couldn’t do or wouldn’t take.  Problem is, we Americans handicap ourselves when we kill our own geniuses and entrepreneurial Einsteins.

Facebook Zuckerberg’s $996 million PP donation goes to grease the Giant Genius planned parenthood the genius killers.jpgKilling machine, the wholly owned subsidiary of the dying Democrat party of slavery.  It’s soooo bad that the Silicon Valley has to import smarts from India, Syria and Russia to fill the dead American kids’ shoes.  Genius is from above, not something you manufacture in NorCal.

 In simple terms, undeniably, planned parenthood and Abortion, Inc. kills genius.  And, no matter how you cut it,  a dead kid will never show that genius, growing up to help the planet.. holocaust-helper-on-his-105 Auschwitz Holocaust museums around the world posit the question of “How many scientists, engineers, teachers etc.” were lost due to Hitler’s 11 million kills; America has already killed FIVE times that much and still counting.  The world? 100 times as many.  How many Einsteins have been incinerated since 1973?

Like Sir Nicholas Winton surmised, EVERY child saved from certain death needed to be smuggled to waiting homes so they can grow up to thrive as geniuses or greater.  Today, every child saved on the sidewalks outside Hitler’s modern decentralized kill mills can be ‘smuggled’ to safe zone homes.  In modern parlance, this is called “adoptions”; there are two million homes, like Sir Winton’s arranged British homes, waiting to adopt in America.  With techno advance, decertifying the shame of unwed status, the danger to the mother and the 100% undeniable truth a preborn child is fully human, there is ZERO reason not to help mothers keep or adopt out their children.  This is what the non giant Genius Killers do every day:  rescue children from the death camps across the world.

Remember 11-9?  It was my 9-11 that something was seriously wrong with the American education monopoly.

 Recall, election night plus one day, 500 tantrum throwing children and their regressive leftist college professors were playing “road kill chicken” games on, the perfect analogous roadway, the Hollywood 101 Freeway.  Absolutely bizarre.


Maybe, these snowflakes (not all college kids are snowflakes but they do encounter them on the grounds of our “universities”) never took Physics 100 in their pursuit of their hard science degree in “underwater lesbian dance weaving” they picked up after 8 years of study and $100K in student adolescent loans.  We already know that PP doctor Killjoys flunked Anatomy 200 and physiology 300 plus skipped gynecology.

But, 60mph 18 wheeler gas trucks can’t stop on a dime, due to Newtonian laws like “a body that is in motion tends to stay in motion” that prove a 5 foot 2 inch college hottie can’t stop the Shell truck with her face, hand or sign raised or her body.  Road Kill like happened to six dead collegians in Seattle.

Soros loves to sponsor education projects. Like the $100K plus damage to 16 Berkeley business by well choreographed immigration or xxx rioters that need jail time, not safe rooms to learn life’s lessons.

Planned Parenthood is NOT a friend of humanity; it is the giant Genius Killer.  This scene planned-parenthood-nazi-on-jewish-brainsafter world war II is being repeated, only the imagery comes by way of ultrasound pictures in your neighborhood inner city kill mills staffed by people who do not sort out the imbecile from genius before they kill the kid. Because they can’t.  Sadly, 98% of the Down syndrome indicated kids are Genius Killed because mom and dad typically don’t want to explain to neighbor Jones why their child looks a little different.

I know, you are sick and tired of hearing about abortion.  So, let’s just call it the Genius Killer; creating the Genius Gap we need to fill with an ended travel ban from countries that teach their kids science.

When Nazi Dr. Hallervorden uttered these words “take the brains out”, he was being prophetic. Today, PP harvests baby brains “so that the material may be utilized” and sold to Yale for $715 a cut.  The Genius Killers cannot tell us which 3 pound grey matter brains were destined to save the world from cancer, or develop the next Facebook, iPhone or teach the NextGen the truth, not fiction.  So, the 58% Silicon Valley Kids born in another country whine when Trump puts a temp moratorium on alien foreigners coming here, until he can repair the immigration express put in place by ExprezO.

DeVos is a small victory in a greater Renaissance that follows eight years of the Dark Ages of ExprezO.   He continues to ankle bite, but as evidenced by two republican prostitutes going over to the dark side, his aura still haunts DC.  And Regressive Lefts, fear not.  The work stoppage, ie the teacher strikes, are already being planned so the NEA can prove what we all know:  their union trumps the educational needs of the children.  Truth and knowledge remains secondary in a technologically advanced age because politically pedogogical action is valued high above scientific and other disciplines being passed on.

photosynthesis-cycleFor example:  People, despite the evidence, the exposed fraud and counterintuitive proof, still believe, to raise worldwide temps one degree F,  12 “man made” carbon dioxide molecules transfer 100,000 degrees of heat to the unsuspecting million other air molecules.  Some educators even teach their kids to google for the truth. 

I dare you to break the NEA monopoly and you, yes you, Google CO2 air concentration and guess what you get: 1:2500.  But inconvenient scientific truth is NOT the guiding principle of the National Education Association, Algore’s baby or ExprezO’s love affair with Cecile Richards of Genius Killing LLC…it is controlling the union dues purse strings and affect elections for the regressive leftist tenured professors who brainwash our kids.  Maybe, just maybe:

Breaking the rabid pro-abort NEA’s stranglehold on the nation’s children is a good start.  After all, a good kid’s mind is a terrible thing to waste.  Especially if you kill her for profitable, harvested parts long before she can show the world her genius as a cancer specialist.  And save the lives of the Zuckerbergs who invest a $billion$ in the giant Genius Killers at planned parenthood Silicon Valley

And climate change ambassador and LowSpeedDebacle LSD Moonbeam, please spend my donated $1.45 million wisely.  I’ll never see a penny of it.  Neither will my kids.


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