It’s OK to be JOYFUL! Healing Malcontent Proliferation Syndrome

Curing MPS (not to be confused with PMS) or Malcontent Proliferation Syndrome one person at a time will not be easy; but like all things in life, the determined can overcome the brainwashed minions.

Just suppose, my fellow life journeymen and ladies, that all these crises are manufactured for certain, political or otherwise, ends. And when, not if, they are obliterated, cured, debunked and eliminated from mankind’s shackled lives, imagine the JOY!

Imagine a world where people grow up in relative peace, work, related, go to school;  work hard and learn from healthy, life affirming teachers and subjects that help young people become adults.  Boy meets girl, girl says “Yes!” after much courting and no sex, and they live happily ever after.

Ok, I AM a realistic optimist, seeing the rosy and sunny side of life.Not Pollyanna-ish but Polyannual: lived a long, bunch of years and blessed life, the privilege of raising 11 kids a foundational truth.

Must we move the Rockies and Sierra Nevadas every time a kid wants to go #1 or #2 in a different bathroom, or take a shower in the pink or blue because they self-identify a different gender today? Are there 350 million transgendered bathroomers who need a private room with soft fabric chairs and mirrors?  Is the school day that bland that 600 students focus on where someone born male who thinks female must aggregate outside the bathrooms?  Just because activist XYZ says it’s important, is it really?

Relearning it IS ok to be happy and joyful in our day to day lives.

Take carbon dioxide.  Undoubtedly, God teleologically designed it to feed us and help us breathe. One climate change ambassador told us, at a meeting at Christ Cathedral, that reproductive sex came along at 3.4 billion years and photosynthesis 3.3 billion annuals ago.

Problem with this is Eve couldn’t feed Adam the line “the sneaky snake made me want it” and the actual Big Apple without  6CO2 + 6H2O + light energy = C6H12O6 + 6O2.   Question and point is, is supposed androgenic carbon dioxide~to~androgenic global warming~to~androgenic climate change some smart EnviroPolitician money making scheme more than science?   I believe so, and hope my Church catches on to the scam before any more damage is done.

Eliminate this fraud, yes this happy scientist believes giving man credit for the ability to alter our six sextillion ton ball’s climate is a fool’s errand, and we save hundreds of billions annually and that money and scientists’ talent can go to real needs.  If you really, really want to see the world’s largest greenhouse, go to Lewis & Chapman in Garden Grove.

Of the 10,660 panels trapping gas and heat inside, to compare to the real atmosphere,

Christ Cathedral 1

10,660 greenhouse gas trapping panes of glass

you’d have to knock out all but four windows (matching the atmospheric ratio of 1:2500 CO2 to air molecules).

Then stretch those four over the whole superstructure, making the CO2 molecules evenly distributed.  One problem: the climate worshippers claim 3% is man (or woman) made.

So, you’d have to knock out 3 more and take a business envelope size portion and stretch it over the same area covered by 10,660.  In English, Bio Science or BS.

christ cathedral four panes

4 panels equating to 1 CO2 for each 2500 other air molecules

Instead of ivory tower paper pusher parties, it would fund innovative rainwater/groundwater reclamation or third world agri-improvements to feed the world.  And our kids in elementary, HS and college can get back to learning real science!

Of course, after taking their remedial math and english courses the summer before entering Regressive Leftists’ U.

Or, instead of Obama’s (hereinafter called ExPrezzObama or ExprezzO) third term filled with malcontents undermining the American economy and the lawfully elected president, let’s diffuse this crisis by first extracting the malcontents from the bureaucracy.  Say, starting a jobs fair for “Black Lives Matter” and others employed as professional protesters and rioters.

We should be able to find some $15 an hour jobs out there.  Don’t forget the movement du jour, the “Indivisibles”, another OFA’s evolution to Organizing for Action.  We deplorables and irredeemables don’t change our names this often; just the community anarchists that do their daily ready of Sal Alinsky and worship heavyweights like Marx, Lenin and Stalin.

Newsflash:  it is OK to be happy, to be joyful.  It just is!!  Of course, we need to be devocabularied, a term for translating the Regressive Leftists indoctrination of our young and re-engineering the language.  Samples:  anti-choice is really pro-life.   Fossil fuels are really beneficial and abundant energy sources, like clean coal, high energy coefficient natural gas and gasoline.  Protections are really politically initiated regulations, taxes or otherwise.

Examples are everywhere.  Pro-abortion is what being ‘for abortion’ means but they demand being called “pro choice” or “advocates for women’s health”.

“Man” and “woman” for multi-millennia in EVERY country recognized as the two sexes created, not the everchanging self-identified gender ideologies.

 The latest list is LGBTqIA for lesbian, gay, transgender, queer, Intersex and Asexual.   Soon it will include every letter in the Arabic alphabet we use in America, once the federal department of gender ideology identification gender-ideology-definitionsfinishes its work.  And, truth be told, sex is reserved for the marriage, after the vows, not to test the plumbing of one man and one woman.  Same sexers can practice sharing body fluids and experiment with inserting this and that: but don’t call it reproductive sexual relations.

Newsflash:  it is OK to be happy, to be joyful.  Take the amazing belief that we are a country, like all countries, of citizens.  Not immigrants.  Look on the back of the $2 bill; everyone of those 53 guys were born outside the US, but since that signing and acceptance

jefferson declaration of independence rough draught

Jefferson’s rough draught of  America’s founding document

by 13 colonies, we are citizens.  And, we welcome the world and generously go where hate happens to help, never colonize, as well as tornadoes torment; but if we don’t protect our own daughters from evil ones coming in, we will be like Sweden and Germany, where the police and politicians must shamefully lower their eyes when Swedes and German hotties are molested and raped by militant Islamist migrants who revocabularize women as widgets.  People as property.

It amazes me the crises mongers worry about a wall; most of them live in a structure with walls, doors AND locks.

Factually and censusorially, we have a half a quarter of Mexico in America; so much, that a Mexican presidential candidate candidating for the Mexico presidency campaigned in “El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles del Río de Porciúncula” This translates into the current American mother tongue as “The Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels on of the River Porciúncula” or simply LA.  Now Los Angeles does have a few Mexican citizens but have we already been annexed to Azlan?  I love Mexican people and hope Mexican people love me and my Polish and German ancestors as well.  Even those that spitefully enter to do damage, like the Soros’ Zombies today.  It’s just it’s time to stop the criminals and terrorists, anarchists and anti-American evilists from coming in.

“Help me, Daddy!” have got to be the most heart wrenching and preventable words ever spoken in this covenant land.  Do you know when and where they were spoken?

My point is it’s okay to be joyful.  Fear not! We will not mass deport the people that Mexico previously deported North to Norteamericana and receives back (especially the $20 billion in remittances) freely.  It’s the inability to cross back and forth that is the real issue.

BT, the people never had to decide which country they will stay in or get in line.

Once the wall is up this happens: 1) less heroine, the cheaper prescription opiate chaser that hooks our young forever, will get in.  2) from the 30 million here illegally, the second breakfasters, the criminals who terrorize our citizenry, and other lawabiding illegals, will be sent back. 40% of the jailed ARE illegal criminal aliens.  40%  3) law and order may actually be possible yet again.  Of course the beautiful 31 year old Kate Steinle will still be dead, just another American daughter victimized by a multi-linear migrant.  A federal lawsuit is pending:  “Help me Daddy,” were her last words to him, the lawsuit said. She died later at a hospital. The man accused of firing the deadly shot — 45-year-old Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez — is an undocumented immigrant and a repeat felon who has been deported five times to Mexico, according to the suit. 

Texas claims 600,000 violent crimes from illegal aliens.  Islamist radical muslims now are on the radar screen.  But, a nation without borders is no longer a country.

I seem to be the only one looking at the total cost of ownership on this.  The vast majority of the 15-30 million migrants from south of the border are dads and older sons who want to work.  When they get here, mom, daughters and younger sons become the victims of gangs and the drug industry BACK in Mexico: EZ pickings.

Mexican dads in America are more prone to find a mistress due to basic physical needs and this breaks up marriages back home.  The devil couldn’t come up with a better plan.

The antidote is a slow process but begins with closing the floodgates for manual labor and C4 or bioterror flask strapped mules from the middle east.  Enough is enough.  Build the damn wall, finally, yes with high tech portions; chase down the expired visas; deport the evil criminal illegals. Help those who have been waiting in line for years.

Normalize, whatever that means, the now law abiding illegals.  Speed up the process for those in line (I know one Irishman in year 13 of his citizenship process) coming here.  Vet EVERYONE who wants to make it in the 57 united states of America.  Oops, 57 was ExprezzO’s boo boo, automatically thinking the 57 Arab states supersede our 50.   I have six daughters (and 5 sons) that demand this: they have a right to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness.  Grandkids too!

Newsflash:  it is OK to be happy, to be joyful.  Malcontents are now paid to protest. Any event that happens, Soros Zombies descends on the crowd and does their worse.  ExPrezzO and other community anarchists smile as they believe they own America and deserve unfettered access to DC and Sacramento power.  They don’t!

870AM Brian says there is a war between conservatives and the regressive left.  Duuuuhh!  Rahm Emanuel, the chief priest of the regressives said it well:  “Never let a crisis go to waste”.  The Regressive left is soooo happy destroying more and more of what makes America the “shining city on a hill”.  In their minds, it must be leveled to no stone upon another to make their evil motives prevalent.

Newsflash:  it is OK to be happy, to be joyful.   Social justice warriors (SJWs) are virulent and violent today, whether arrogant teens trespassing repeatedly on an Anaheim cop’s yard or your typical $15 an hour Sorosian Zombie.  Or ExprezzObama’s OFA community anarchizers like the Indivisibles.  The Incredibles, certainly they are not.  Where were they when Obama destroyed our health care insurance system?

Take LIFE!.  Actually we do, 3000 times a day, needlessly in every corner PP kill mill.

An amazing woman, who was abused bynorma-mccorvey-younger attorney Cano when she was plaintiff shopping in the early 70s, died on my son Zach’s 18th birthday.  Norma McCorvey miraculously shed her Jane Roe skin when she realized children ARE alive and deserve life.  But in 1973, she was the shill, claiming rape and needing an abortion, that the militant abortion free sex complex brainwashed into being ROEvWADE’s Jane Roe.

This beautiful woman is in purgatory or heaven, not hell, reserved for the devil and his minions.  But on earth the crisis du jour of a mother’s need to kill her kid is just another of the Regressive Left’s diabolic lies.

norma-mccorvey-memeIt’s OK to be JOYFUL!  And push for true happiness.  But America, like 182 countries, will always have one foot in hell as long as we ignore anatomy, biology, science and oh yeah, God, allowing kids to be killed for parts and profit.

We are at the end of time, but not out of time, if we act quickly.  Having a foot in hell, means we put the country and the world at risk.   After 59 million American kills as well as, believe it or not, 1.89 Billion kids worldwide at the bloody hands of the devil doctors at planned parenthood, the blood on the floor of our 21st century inner city plantations is miles thick.  Frankly, PP lapped Stalin 18 times and passed up the Aztecs last century.

As it is, at the height of the serpent god sacrifice, only 1 in 6 Mexicans were slaughtered.  We slaughter 1 in 3 and double down on killing those useless eater blacks.

As it is, the blood is much deeper than that of the temple of Montezuma at Tenoctitlan in the 1520s, when Hernan Cortez induced Monte to stop temple killings.

So, let’s make America better.  Stop the criminals from coming in and stop killing the innocents before they can get out.

End the political science called androgenic climate change.  And realize, just because ExprezzObama and Soros’ brood of vipers says there is a new crisis today, tell them to go to hell and work toward getting to heaven.  A noble destination, one would think.

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