Who’d a thunk a real estate guy could grow Toms & Zucks?

DBM ERU   July early Summer 2018 Report.  Send your pics for next one.dbmeru tomatoes july 7 18 15 pounds.jpg

Many of you who picked up some of our free starter seedlings in spring are enjoying the growth and maybe even a harvest or two of the fruit of your labor.

I take no credit for what God does well; i just help people sell or buy real estate and in the wee hours of the daylight saved summer, i water dbmeru zuchs are cloning july 2018a couple minutes and God does the rest.

Praise report: we just broke the 100 pound tomato mark and love passing on a bunch of the tomatoes to real estate clients, neighbors, homeschooling and other friends and family.  Hope your gardens are doing well.  Full disclosure, we had nada much last year but never give up.

The supersized zucchinis are because we meticulously calibrate, cultivate, hydrate and

tina zucc

Tina and Zucchy


mandate large.  Okay, sounds wow. Nope!


Truth is, no, they keep hiding and discovered under the big leaves summer squash grow necessary for good eating and growing.

For example, both of these in the picture have been grown organically.  Tina for example came into the world via Donna and continues to be a faith-filled Catholic lady close to college.  We feed and water her daily.  The zucchini, no longer but will make for a great BBQ, bread or sliced into circles or carved out for a tomato, cheese or ? fill before bake or BBQ.

Love those pictures and stories from you!  Still working on the Homeschooling is a Choice not a Crime book, so keep those coming as well.  Gotta feed my empty nest brood of 7 d’ 11 with real estate though.

dbmeru yvonne's zucc


Yvonne send over this picture.   One way to slay a dragon and cook a zuch.

Your recipes are welcome and comment them at the end of this short blog.

I promised update on Sunforest idea.

Our highest sunflower just measured out at 10 feet 3 inches.  We put this meme together with some suggestions for your giants as they come in from the heat this summer:

DBM ERU july 2019 on sunforests

Suggestions for a sun forest (still time this summer since they grow fast if lots of sun, water and carbon dioxide.  Wait, that’s the same as God’s answer to the global warmologists who think CO2 is pollution:  “photosynthesis”!!

Think of your munchkins inside 7-10 foot high ring of giants sitting at a small desk and chair…don’t need a lot of space and you can run pole beans up them or zucchini at the base, which we did this year. A hybrid of the 3 Sisters of Native Indian lore.

Quick life long learning lesson:  sunflowers are the best way to show phototropism: God designed them to follow the sun, so the heads get the most sunlight.  I’ll research but it starts from early in its life, before the heads form, so it’s more than just instinct.  In nature, God has ‘planted’ many secrets or clues to His existence and His Nature:

For example, the three primary colors make up one white light: the Trinity is God from God, Light from Light, True God from True God. 3 Primary Beings in One Godhead.

Same with the much maligned photosynthesis, God’s miracle process.  Carbon dioxide only numbers 1 molecule per 2500 air molecules, yet it is critical to life.  You mix water, CO2 and sunlight and FEED the World.   Without CO2, we all die. Where’s my Church on this?  Do we let everyone insult our God because we don’t take the time to do 4th grade biology or college atmospheric physics?

2010-01-14-alexander-1974 (1)

Global icing or man’s power to change climate.  Hmm

Photosynthesis is NOT pollution. Why do we build REAL greenhouses?  Not the fake atmosphere kind.  Real greenhouses keep heat in, direct sunlight so plants thrive and explode.  Especially at low heat and light times (winter) they are critical.  God designed our atmosphere, well beyond human capacity, to radiate excessive heat out to space and keep enuf on earth for crops and children to thrive.

As that harmonic group Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young, Taylor and Reeves put it: “Teach your children well”…the truth.  After all, it wasn’t that long ago… the picture on the right is Jesus the Christ, showing the 3 Dimensionality of the Shroud of Turin’s capture of the


See how tiny CO2 is beat up by the big boys of oxygen and nitrogen?  Idiocy, man controls weather

0.0Resurrected Savior.  See the pics at the bottom…

Have a great summer; pray for my real estate clients and Millennium 3 Real Estate.  Briana (#8 of 11) just got her license and is my much needed assistant.  Questions, selling, buyer or just not sure, call 714 267 1413.  And i know some good trust estate attorneys:  God entrusted your children to you, so don’t “trust” uncle Jerry Brown to decide what happens to their life, liberty and your property in case of your untimely demise.

Reminder, send in your photos and PLEASE save your egg cartons.  They come in handy for egg droppings from our chickens who don’t know better.

Also, who knows, maybe an egg or tomato might show up.  God bless you and your families. It IS a great day to be alive!!  And God gets all the credit for the Toms&Zuckleberry Finns as usual. We ARE made in His Image.  Len

urb ag pvc

Laying out the PVC for the Tomato Patch early 2018


shroud 3D

Jesus is 3D…Shroud of Turin

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