Kamala Resigns because of her sexual predation elder abuse of a married mayor

Imagine, in a world of honorable people, men and women, politicians instead of prostiticians, one doing the right thing.  Sexual predation by man on woman, woman on man, man on man and woman on woman, is evil and wrong. Victims need to be treated carefully, even delaying a SCOTUS confirmation already waaaay too long.  Yes they do, but…

Michelle Malkin reminds us to believe the evidence and seek truth.   Ever hear of Potifer’s wife, Kamala?  and what she did to Willie the Mayor?  Joseph was vindicated in Biblical times.  No one knows Potifer’s wife’s real name today.

Real Clear Politics had these words from Kamala Harris on the “she said he said controversy” between Dr. BFord and Coach Kavanaugh

SEN. KAMALA HARRIS: I think it’s going to be about, it comes down to credibility…and it’s going to about listening to what each party has to say, but I believe her…

Anybody who comes forward at this point to be prepared to testify in the United States Senate against someone who’s being nominated to one of the most powerful positions in the United States government, that takes an extraordinary amount of courage.

My concern is, and she knows this, she is putting herself out there, knowing they’re going to try to excoriate her and she’s doing it because she knows this is an important matter, it’s a serious matter who serves on that court and she has the courage to come forward, she has nothing to gain.

Harris asks who Brett Kavanaugh really is?
HARRIS: I want to know about this guy’s background and the American public wants to know, are we about to put someone on the United States Supreme Court who committed a sexual assault? The American public deserves to know the character of someone who will serve for his entire life on the highest court in our country.
I believe that the FBI should be compelled to do its job in terms of completing their background investigation and that’s not being done.  (Hat tip Real Clear Politics

Newly wedded Kamala Harris, AKA Mrs. Emhoff, maybe it’s time for arbor cataract surgery; the log in Kamala’s eye has got to be blinding her by now.

For the record, only Kavanaugh and Dr Blasey Ford know what happened, or should know, WHENEVER or WHEREVER it happened. Whichever year. In whomever’s mother’s bed.  In whichever Chevy Chase home while the parents were away.  With kegs and compliant teens practicing safe sex like they were taught well in Sexual Dominatrix Comprehensive Health Indoctrination class.  Back then?  Maybe not.  Today?  Absolutely.

IF it happened. Coach Kava says he wasn’t there, she claims he was.

The two witnesses Dr. BF pointed out, say it didn’t happened.  She might have been groped, but if she was juiced like the rest of the rich girls/rich boys hypersexualized party hearties, she’d have no clue who it was who clumsily grabbed her breasts on her schoolmate mom’s bed, which Bruan Whut,man? repeated more often this week than he said the AM870 call sign;  while the parents were away doing rich people things.

Amazing how quick the nanny FaceBaiters scrubbed those ’82-’84 yearbooks. Can’t have the truth out there before the investigation begins.  And DiFi had the investigators back in July she could have dispatched.  But, we all know, the strategy was to use this sad woman, with amnesia, as the fall girl as we move into Fall, 2018

FBI Investigation underway:

  “Thank you, Maryland.  We are looking for witnesses to sexual assault that Kavanaugh practiced on Dr BFord over this three year period, somewhere in this town, with students from a few rich kid private schools, when mom was away, in mom or dad’s room, with the kegs flowing downstairs as they skipped 6th period.  It was only 35 years ago and we know it definitely happened because a woman said it did, even though we have 60 character assurers, all female, who say the accussee was not “that kind of guy”

Let me help.  There are no secrets, nothing is erased forever, even Ma Clinton’s emails.  Here are the redacted (reminds me of the FISA warrants the Democrat FBIDoJ are snail walking to daylight so we American taxpayers can see what our money buys: corruption of course.  But, just HOW MUCH corruption.) yearbook pages from some uppity all girls hottie to trottie high school.  Cut to the party scenes:

dr ford yearbook pages iii

Yearbooks often tell a “Tale of Two School Cultures”  Where the hell are the parents?

Harri$ asks “Who is Brett K?”  Well, if she had interviewed him in her Senatorial office, instead of telling him to go to hell, she’d probably have a better idea he may not be “One of those kind of guys”.  Or read, instead of Me Tooing “I believe Dr BFrod” like the little lap puppy she has become, she might realize just maybe he is a clean guy after SIX FBI prostological exams.  Note that Dr BFrod still has no FBI exam nor, it seems, any truth about her high school days.

Harri$, the bought and paid for prostitician of the MeAbortion2 movement, could have read the letter signed by 60 something (same number of years as her pubic serviceman) women, including some contemporary to DrBF’s allegations who were dating him those unspecified years, it could be an indication Coach K wasn’t one of the party boys who played with the compliant beer binging boy toys.  Sex is sacred, reserved for marriage, except when used as the sex toy of the Regressive Left anarchists who protect kid killing like it was their own child…hmm.

Kamala said Dr.BF it is serious and “has nothing to gain”.  Serious it is, for both people, because due to Feather Pillow Syndrome, an allegation that is true or untrue can destroy a life, a family, a job, a career. Forever.  If it’s true, than different levels of “He deserved it” or “she got her due” sets in and Kavanaugh gets his ‘come uppance’.  If a fraud or mistaken identity, Dr BFrod gets rich and K’s life is in shambles.  DiFi, who loves those 20 year trysts with Chinese spy drivers, so she can casually pass on state secrets to the people that hire her husband post-Mao, is an ass.  An old ass, but an ass.  She cared more about her damn waning career than the live of an accuser, her accused and you know the United States of America.  She should be censored just before Harri$ resigns or is impeached for her sex crimes, risking the life of an old guy who wasn’t getting enough at home so he had to go to the office with a future prostitician.  Moral$ and all.

But, worry not about the mysterious research professor; this is a career enhancement.

Dr.BF will become the next pubic Coke can millionaire, book deals, movie deals; that’s not a bad reward IF she was not fondled by Coach K.   Or well deserve restitution if he did it.

But, just suppose, he wasn’t there.  He wasn’t trying to find the developing breasts of a 15 year old party girl in the missionary position?

If she was a patsy or a plant, her anonymity gone, now coached by the most virulent Regressive Leftists in the ghoulish Soros stable of prostiticians, Dr BF is being tooled, used to protect that famous politicially protected surgery known as Abortion.

After all, IT”S all about ABORTION.

DrBF claims it happened 35 years ago?  2 guys not 4 guys like her therapist recorded. Is it just men who can be found guilty by accusation?   Or are women able to be guilty too?

Victims can have foggy memories too, as well as opportunists.    Some of us, though we sin too, believe woman MUST be respected EVEN if they don’t deserve it. They are the last act of general creation, the most complex infinitely intricate work of Godly art, that can take a single cell and over 280 days yield a fully functioning 75 trillion celled human.

UNLESS hacked out by the DemoncraParty division from hell: NAF Planned Barrenhood.  Maybe, ONCE WE SEE THE ANONYMOUS LETTER that that ass DiFi is still hiding, maybe the real investigation of HER and her allegations can commence.

Speaking of nothing to gain, 9 years after the K on K “incident”, a 29 year old future ½ term AG and ½ term CalSenator, was a classic #SheToo.  If #SheToo ever became as fashionable to our wise Harveywoodian know it alls.

Kamala is the pure as the power driven left of left snow Kamala; but since she’s black, democrat and a woman, no one can investigate or question her motives.  Unless you are the NYSlimes or another Dem.  She has that No Feather Pillow Syndrome Free card.

Otherwise, like a master manipulator magician, the racist card comes out from the Dem Playing Cards, all 52 with a black or red “You Racist, you!” emblazoned in the middle of each. Skillfully, frisbee tossed at whomever they want, expecting a racist genuflect to the idiocy of unscientific anthropology.  Folks, there’s only one race.  Not a two or twelve.

Problem is, the Dems and the whimpy Reps don’t know science.  There is only ONE first couple, not 12; there is ONE human race, made up of a rich panoply of colors, textures, countries and cultures.  No black First Couple.  No, Amerasian First Couple.  No French or Mexican.  Just Adam and Eve.  So, it’s silly to call it “racism”.

Sexual predation happens both ways, but the cultural instinct is when man does it on woman, he is an evil demon.  He’s an asshole pervert, yes.  But what about senatorettes?

We don’t know all the details, but Kamala’s first pubic service was breaking a public oath, via the penis of Slick Willie Brown, who was age 60 at the time.  She was, before she became Mrs. Emhoff 5 years ago, a sexual predator looking to convert her pubic service to public welfare: a govmint job.  Do ya think Slick Willie Brown’s wife was in the room, trying to pull Coach K err Slick off of Kamala’s naked sweaty 29 year old body?  Probably not.

But, Mrs.Blanche Brown wasn’t happy; Kamala forced Blanche’s Willy Nilly hubby into elder abuse, causing him to break his marriage vow for the future 2020 Candidate for President.  And the risk?  Suppose Slick died during intercourse?  Blanche Brown is still married to him, though separated, today, proving the other woman doesn’t always get the gander.  And thread obsessive four times a day clothing changing Brown, yes, could have died on top of Kamala and never appointed her in 1994 to a California state board, her entry point to public welfare “service”.  Where would we be if a naked Slick died during coitus (I think that means marital sex outside of marriage sometime)?  Where would the accuser’s defender Harri$ be?  Your guess.

I won’t say ‘what’s good for the goose” since geese don’t have penises unless they are dr ford yearbook 4transFowled, but gander on this:  If you are siding with an accuser who may or may not have been groped at age 15, what about a 29 year old opportunistic man killer hussy 24 years ago doing elder abuse that could have killed the former mayor and influence peddler.


For the record, I am not a saint and have touched the breast of someone who is not my wife, for whom I have asked forgiveness years ago, but I am not falsely accusing a Godly clean-living husband and father, with a track record of treating all women with respect, including women INSIDE the womb, something that Kamala hypocritically prefers dead 1/3 the time.  After all, it’s ALL About Abortion.  They know it, we know it.

dr ford yearbook 7Maybe the FBI can find out which type of beer filled those kegs of the sweet innocent high schoolers back in Chevy Chaseland.  The distributor would probably like them back after 35 years.

Our part time AG should know better.  As the half time senator approaches her 2020 run, I agree with her words:  “The American public deserves to know the character of someone who will serve…”  Even presidential hopefuls who only serve half time terms before moving up the ladder.

This junior senatorial character hates cars and living babies, loves planned parenthood and the $82,000 donation from the baby parts processing people at NAF industries; and my goodness, is she loyal.  While half time AG, Kamala quid pro quo-ed the money her pimps gave her to buy the senate seat, by invading with her 11 armed goons, investigative reporter whistle blower David Daleiden’s private residence.

She still hasn’t apologize for raping David’s domicile with foreign objects, those AR-15


We all know:it’s all about protecting Abortion for Dems

carrying investigative thugs she used to proof a point and get her prostitician brownie points (she already had Brown’s pointy object on her notched gun belt) from the satanic center for baby sectionalization and resale.  Just how evil is it to kill a kid?  Not much to the Demoncrats

Similarly, she might claim Dr. Blasey Frod err Ford didn’t give permission in the private bedroom in the private residence to whomever was on top of her, in her drunken or sober state.  But, Kamala never got permission from the elder mayor’s wife, abusing another woman no different than the women Kamala abuses day in day out.  61 million dead American kids, half at least female.  2 billion worldwide, just since 1973.   She is the ultimate human trafficking cop, helping eliminate 9 times as many black babies as non-blacks.  Maybe aa margaret sanger and colored ministershe should receive the Maggie Sanger black minister award for Excellence that PP’s founder talks about in the meme above.  Yes, Sanger preferred blacks dead not serving in the US Senate.

Kamala is no different than the rest of the Democrat party of slavery, secession, segregation, auntieSemitism and sectioning up baby hearts and hair follicles after assault knives are shoved up the vaginas of battered groomed mothers seeking living human slaves to kill, draw and quarter.  Wow, what a mouthful.  Kamala, you gotta do what you gotta do.  But Hypocrisy does not wear well on your merit badge banner that includes human trafficking and women’s right to choose to kill her flesh and blood.  I know, the Dems love to abbreviate, obfuscate, delay and lie like a rug.  some Reps too, but Dems like Harri$, her fellow teflon abuser  Keith Elli$on, Ma Clinton, Crooked Dick Bill and others, just know how to create a different country to rule us serf middle class Americans.

Little strong language?  You tell me.

Pparenthood hypersexualizes a whole generation of teens on how to lick the anus of other teens (called Rimming) and doing sado masochistic bondage and whips with teens (and adults?) as long as they get “consent”.  Odd word, consent.  Minors CANNOT get consent to have sex with OTHER minors OR majors, some of whom are adults.  Check the law, Kamala & Krew.


She, the senator not the acusser, is a classless sad case who could have been a great example of womanhood to girls and leader of our dying state of Taxifornia;.  Her basic political campaign statement is beloved of the DemoncraParty apparatus and Regressive Left leadership; I know, that’s redundant.


“I prefer hacked up black babies extracted from mother wombs sold in parts, instead of fracked up black gold extracted from mother earth sold in 6000 different products.  I believe DrBF because she is a woman who can unseat Coach K, no matter WHAT happened, when, where, what time and with whom.  I am Kamalalalal Harri$, aka Mrs. Emhoff 5 years married, and I approve this message”.


Its time to Impeach not 45, but a sitting senator whose sexual predation disqualifies her from a moral run in the Senate, let alone  President.  She has a husband, after all, and should tell him she bedded down another woman’s wife and believes a woman’s right to choose to kill (funny how the Dems plank this but never complete the sentence of death) her very own flesh and blood…the only and real focus of the Dem circus over SCOTUS and the current not so silent and outed coup to remove Trump.


Kamala’s predation is real and only goes back 24 years when she was 29.  Allegations against Kavanaugh go back to an unidentified time/space when he was 17, that he denies.   Fair question:  “Why were the 82-84 rich girl party hearty blackout binge beer guzzling yearbooks scrubbed from the internet?  Oops, someone cached them first.”  Slime and sleaze.  Investigate Dr Frod as well as Kavanaugh; let the truth be supreme.  Meanwhile, if she had an ounce of integrity in her body:


Kamala, be a woman of character and resign today.  Recognize you only got consent from ONE member of the Brown marriage which means you stole a husband for your childish horny needs…oh and to get your first pubic servanthood job.

Two become one in marriage and adultery IS a terrible thing to do.  God IS watching and He is a bit more powerful than your lust for more power and $$.  And, you might think killing kids is a woman’s sport, He certainly disagrees with the half time junior senator ’20 prez candidate.

Sadly, we have NO Senators in California worthy of office.  DiFi and sexperp KamalaLA Harri$ lack any semblance of honor, integrity and fair dealing.  But they LOVE practicing feather pillowing.

After all, it’s all about abortion.  You know it, we all know it.  If you don’t mind slicing up a baby and killing it for parts, then what’s one more white male SCOTUS nominee?  His character assassination, like Impeach45 Maxibillion Waterlogged nuts avow, is just one more battle in the War for Satan and Baby Killing the Weaponized tools of choice.

Ms Eggman, now you know why people homeschool and filled your broken air conditioned Capitol offices last summer to ask you to stop harrassing and oppressing them.  And once the truth is out about BOTH actors, Coach K and Dr BFrod, in this protracted drama, maybe we can get on with governance and continuing the successful economic run that the 3rd termer Obama screwed up so well.  ExprezzObama will go down as one of the worst 3 term presidents in US history.  As he controls his minions from the ValJarrett mansion into 2020.  Journalism is dead, DC more corrupt than a town wide septic tank and cesspool, but it IS a great day to be alive!  America is doing fine; its the AmeriKan ObamaNation that needs serious reset.


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