DBM Environmental Research U. Fall information

Its still a month until winter, 40 days to Christmas and a great time to get ready for next year’s planting.

283 pounds of tomatoes this year.   It was a decent year for zucchinis and tomatoes.  It’s our pleasure to give the tomatoes to real estate clients, friends, neighbors and family.  But just important is celebrating those who stepped into the great unknown and gardened from “starters”, seedlings the Beckman “ranch”  begin in January to give to the pioneers of planting…home school, private and public school families who like to get their hands dirty and eat the fruit of God’s green earth.

PVC irrigators!  

Recommend to cut the long lengths of your PVC watering grid in your garden and toss on the roof or store where convenient.  After you take them out (you can leave the hose bib hookup and the cross T’s assembly in place), take out any pavers or comp roof tiles you may have used for weed mitigation and then get the dead tomato plants and weeds out.  

“What seedlings do you want next year? Your requests are important.  tomatoes, zucchini are a given.  What else?”

Rototill if you have a rototiller; my Zach uses straw to lay over until we are ready to do next season’s winter’s end planting.  BTW, Mr. Bee Catcher, he just rescued another bee hive (about 4 years old and about 60,000 bees) from a neighbor and has two active bee colonies going.  Commercial beekeepers charge waaaay too much.  Call if you have a bee hive started after you see a swarm and don’t want it .   We will have a bee show and tell presentation next year for the coops.

Prepping for next year.  If you want, rototill or  turn over the soil and remove the weeds.  Rain is coming Thanksgiving week or in December; once new weeds grow, you can dig those out as well.  I will be doing a short class on how to set up your PVC grid for 2019 (wow, 2019 already), early in January on a Thursday for the Inland Empire Coop and repeat it on a Monday for the Anaheim/Fullerton Coop.

There are two countries: the real America and the fighting political class including the far left who love power but hate the truth.  The more our kids see the blessings God has in store for them and the more they get their hands dirty and see where food actually comes from, the better the chance they will honor God and give Him credit for the blessings.

Serious scientists believe the 2020s will bring a real cooling trend.  In the meantime, as I have for a decade, I will ask the same question:
“Take an air sample in your home or office, and count.  Lets say, the sample turns out to have 2500 air molecules.  What’s your guess, how many of the 2500 are carbon dioxide?   If you believe man is destroying the earth, that it is melting and polar bears dying off, the seas rising because of man, the number will surprise you.

The answers I get usually are like 20%, 400,800, 1000 out of the 2500.

Photosynthesis, not pollution, is the scientific term for God FEEDING the WORLD. Puny man does NOT change the climate; the one way we could is via nuclear annihilation which would make for a very lousy day.

Kids and families learn God’s benevolence and His Chief Scientist status when they till the soil, clear the rocks and weeds, plant the seeds (or Beckman ranch starters), water and harvest.  If ANY of these steps is skipped, nothing happens.

By the way, at the top of the post is a vase full of 2500 blue marbles, representing the 2500 air molecule air sample.

Like there is only ONE God, in that air sample of nitrogen, oxygen and argo, the majority air borne gases, is one small trace molecule of CO2.  And for that miracle molecule that keeps us alive, we listen to pseudoscientists and prostiticians pontificate how man is destroying God’s 553 sextillion mile wide universe…one planet at a time.  Time for the Renaissance of Truth, Life & Love to continue.

Call 714 267 1413 with your real estate needs and planting questions.  You are family and clients for life.  Ready to help.  Yes, the chickens are still at it.   

~~  Len Beckman Research Director at the Beckman “Ranch”, the Donna Beckman Memorial Environmental Research University.    And broker for Millennium 3 Real Estate.  We still make house calls AND dig holes in gardens.



282 pounds, one of the last red fruit harvested.  Mr. T Turkey is looking a little leery as we
move to Thanksgiving.  Happy Thanksgiving for “Give Thanks to the Lord for He is GOOD, His Mercy endures forever”

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