“Bless me Pope Francis for I have sinned… about CO2”

I’ve been to the Vatican before, joining a million plus at Pope St. John the Great’s WYD2000.  If I had the privilege of visiting our pontiff today, I’d have a question of Catholic doctrine to ask for his wisdom about.

“Pope Francis, suppose I take a chalice and scoop a sample of air from St Peter’s Square.   When I count them out, I get 2500 air molecules.  Question, my environmental pontiff, how many are carbon dioxide?”

Before you or your SJW Pontifical Climate Science cardinals team guesses, remember since Al Gore (inventor of the AlGorean Heresy, we’ve believed and spent billions to stop evil CO2 from melting the earth and killing the poor polar bear babies and mamas. God MUST be insulted!

So I ask, “How many out of the 2500 air molecules are CO2?_Answer?_____________

Final answer?

I know there’s the new 11th commandment being developed in the ISEJWCs (interfaith social enviro Justice warrior committees):  do not doubt the climate changers or imperil your place at the Church’s inclusive table. 

Man’s (one of the two genders used to represent all human kind) use of CO2 is burning up the biosphere (earth) and we are Luddite primitives if we doubt.  How dare you, you miscreant climate change denier!!

But even my Pope must know neither consensus nor locking common scientific sense out of the equation is the scientific method. The Church didn’t look for consensus to believe Jesus (not Xavier Becerra) is our Savior.  Or that Scientific laws, like gravity and chocolate tasting good, take many hypotheses, theory wringing, vetting and testing. 

And this lifelong Catholic student of human interaction and scientist plus father of 11 is tired of us insulting God about His much maligned miracle gas, carbon dioxide.  Insulting God? 

You bet, no different than claiming we have twelve gods.  But, our beloved pope is falling prey to the latest, and probably most expense heresy in Church and world history: the Algorean.

The Climate Hysterics of the yet another heretical movement, the Algoreans. Here’s a primer for those who care for the truth not hyperbole.

My beloved bishops and the Bishop of Rome, fellow humans: It isn’t settled!

Recently: “More than 500 prominent scientists from all over the world, among them distinguished MIT climate scientist Prof. Richard Lindzen, are urging the Secretary-General of the United Nations for a further, de-politicised discussion of the climate issue, in which alternative scientific views are also given a voice.”  (Climate Depot)

MIT is NOT the college that AOC attended for her econ degree; Dr. Lindzen might know a bit more about atmospheric physics than the 30 year old Queens girl, Alexandria spouting her GREEN (for the prostiticians) new deal.

And CO2 is critical to both photosynthesis and its balancing equation, aerobic respiration, in which CO2 is ABSORBED as well as used to create Food for the WORLD!  Never heard of aerobic respiration?  I thought not.

Len’s humble primer on atmospheric physics and destroying families.

The Macro World.  God knows what He’s DOING.  He created a 553 sextillion mile wide universe; He filled it with billions of stars and planets, trillions of insects, animals, plants and more after He had created millions of angels.  Yes, you won’t find the last in any science book, even in the Vatican but like good and bad humans, we have good and bad angels in the firmament.

The Triune God, after His general creative acts, created man in His Own Image.  Each male gender has 35-70 trillion cells ordered into ten systems, each system accommodating interworking organs of infinitely complex design, with tissues and cells so complex few really understand. Even today.

But God was NOT done.

His last act of general creation was this fascinating entity: female.  The other gender.  Having everything God put into play in man, He also designed this the most infinitely complex being in the universe to be able to:

“Take a single solitary cell and in 280 days yield a fully functioning veritable copy of herself, the mother or the father, with 35-70 trillion cells as well.”

Also, either male or female, that unless interrupted, could go 80 or more years to accomplish great things.  Become a scientist. A teacher, An engineer. A priest or sister.  Even a bishop or pope.  Yes, our pope has common ancestry going back to who Jesus mentioned: Adam & Eve.

Great ones: think about this. God also created thousands of biochemical processes to keep HIS world, His earth functioning as long as He wants it to.

4th grade science:

The subject of the 11th commandment, carbon dioxide, is not evil; in fact, it is one of God’s miracle gases.  Without it, we die of starvation.  With it, He FEEDS the WORLD.  There are two associated processes that involve this much maligned gas today: photosynthesis and aerobic respiration.

Both not understood well because IF they were, our Pope and his climate change ambassadors would not think the way they do.  That taxing AIR is a solution to a non-existent problem so spendthrift spendaholics have more to waste. Taking more from the poor and struggling families for prostitician’s latest frauds and leftist endeavors.

Please understand, I am just a dad of 11 with an MBA and 33 years of domicilic pedagogy behind him.  A scientist, yes, who studies life and God’s created entities as part of his discoveries and willingness to be conservationally motivated and environmentally sensitive. But note, there’s more to this bullying of CO2 or what the Supreme Court calls “pollution”:

photosynthesis-and-aerobic-respirationPhotosynthesis is a triune process, involving the demonized gas, CO2, mixed with the most abundant and essential earthly molecule, water which covers 70% of the earth’s surface and the third component, sun energy.  When these three substances are combined and catalyzed (chlorophyll), you get food and oxygen.   The first (C6H12O6) essentially is food that we eat to keep us alive, the second (O2) we breathe in to keep our cells vibrant.

So, mighty Supreme Courtiers, how can these two items, oxygen which we breath and food, which we eat, be POLLUTION.

What, it’s not evil and melting the earth? Via photosynthesis, CO2 becomes oxygen, the stuff we breathe?  Yes, in fact, there is sooo little CO2 in the atmosphere, it numbers only 1:2500 or one CO2 vs the majors of nitrogen, oxygen and argon. (Hint about the Vatican CO2 air concentration puzzle)

It is constantly recombined and divided; this is why some talk a trillion trees as a solution to a non-existent problem: that CO2 is melting the 3rd rock from the Sun. Kids call it home and  earth; the vocabuly intensive call habitat, ecosystem, biosphere and other things.

But the Algoreans, under their chief priest and false prophet Al Gore, never look at the other “circle of life” equation: aerobic respiration:

Food and oxygen yields CO2, water and energy, replenishing our carbon dioxide supply; back to photosynthesis, God yes God is feeding the world.

Do you think, great ones, that just maybe God knows what He is doing and we are being snookered yet again, getting our pockets picked using smooth talking academicians and prostiticians? 

For over three decades, this 67 years young lover of life has watched unprecedented scientific tyranny mixed with the “repetitive lie theorem”: say a lie often and loudly enough and eventually it becomes superficial “truth”.  Like global warming or climate change or CO2 is evil and as the Supremes adjudicated: “Pollution”.  So we are told to believe that God’s miracle gas that FEEDS His WORLD is POLLUTION.

air-composition-pie-chart2This may be our Gamaliel moment, Church.

Gamaliel warned the Jews to let the Nazoreans continue.  If they are of man, they will dissipate. If of God, we can’t stop their growth.

Same with supposed global warming.  If God has abandoned the earth and man is soooo powerful, he can somehow raise the earth temp hundreds of degrees (even though less than 1 degree over a century, which is less than any reasonable margin of error)

Word pictures sometimes help, but notice, CO2 doesn’t even register when compared to the Big Three gases.  nitrogen, oxygen and argon. Why aren’t THEY mention as affecting the proposed, though refuted, planetary rise in appreciable temperature and Obama’s 21,000 foot rise in the waters.

Thanks do go to those who have reduced actual pollution, like HS6 or smog or cooled off the bombastic prostiticians.  But, we don’t Christ Cathedral 1need to destroy the world based on a consensual fraud. God created fossil fuels for inproving the living standards of the poor; not to be grounded.

The Church, no better time than now, needs to be the ADULTS at this time in history, not a wounded black sheep.  In fact, we have a recent Catholic acquisition which best exemplifies this conundrum.

Christ Cathedral, Garden Grove California. 10,660 greenhouse glass panels.  Only FOUR (4) would be CO2 if the atmospheric gases were separated.  Think about this next time you walk this amazing campus and worship center, or visit from around the world.   In fact, the amount the Algoreans ascribe to human creation (didn’t know humans can create from nothing?!), is 12 per million.  This would be only a business size envelope portion of one panel, the rest NOT man made carbon dioxide.  Ever hear carbon is the FOURTH most prevalent element in the universe?  Hmm.

Chaos IS a scientific study unto itself.  But, the anarchists kidnapped CO2 to use for their own nefarious purposes.  Look at the watermelon: thin green coating/skin on the outside, total red on the inside.  Communism filling (heresy that God does not exist and everything belongs to everyone and no one) with a thin green (New Green Order) membrane to disguise it.

You see, my beloved prelates and people, CO2, unlike the majority gas water vapor is the direct result of progress: 3rd worlders coming out of the dumps, thriving on new technologies, agricultural chemistry progress, getting beyond basic subsistence. 

As Marx knew well, control production and you control the people. Take over education, turn it into indoctrination and you own the people. And as Bradford of the first and second Thanksgiving discovered, humanity needs incentives to succeed.

It’s all about the 30 pieces of $ilver. Look at the historical record available for anyone and in most homes, regarding energy sources.  A bible.

Historically, God has provided us fuel for existence since creation.  Once out of the garden, we have had to work hard to survive, starting with wood and other burnable fuels.  Where we started as a species, is marked close by by a large Catholic icon; where we are today, whether America, Subsahara Africa or the dogons, is the result of different paths of progressing (not the regressives who call themselves “progressives”) to different levels and standards of living.  There is only TWO races, the human one and the race to the Kingdom Saul to Paul talked about.

God deposited future energy sources. When the level of human corruption became untenable, God told a master carpenter to build the world’s largest ocean liner zoo.  You might remember a childhood rhyme about this famous shipbuilder. “Noah, Noah, who built the ark…”  In case, you believe in biblical fantasies, 

It only took 120 years without electricity and power tools (we know Noah existed because Jesus mentioned him specifically, not by allegory but by name and he’s in the Ancestry dot com geneology, printed version of the Torah) to build the ark.

When the time was ripe, God loaded the 450 foot long floating hotel with eight humans, four of each of the two genders, and secondary parentage of the animals.  This was no 40 day drizzle, especially since it was the first rains on earth.  Come on, Beckman, first rains?  How else would the first rainbow show up after the hydro ReCreation of the world?

And basically, God totally RECREATED the world.  This isn’t “religion”, this is reality.  Waters from the deep, movement of the continents, rising of the mountains, incredibly large amounts of organic materials ie the maligned “fossil fuels” that under tremendous pressure became coal and other forms of carbon like diamonds, graphite etc; oil and natural gas: ALL based on CARBON, the 4th most prevalent element in the universe.

God doesn’t create junk: but He deposited incredible amounts of a future energy currency in the banks of the world BEFORE WE COULD ACCESS OR USE IT.  Why? BECAUSE our Creator wanted to take care of us; and when the time was again right,  to drag people out of poverty and death, misery and hopelessness, get beyond wood for heating. Now our Pope, the ObamaNation and other misguided ideologues want us to primaturely end its use.  Curb pollution but DON’T force people back to the caves.

Basically, God made lemonade of the surface organics,  from the lemons.  Fossil fuels, that which Moscow Bernie hates, is a true gift from a benevolent God.  I wouldn’t be welcome at many interfaith enviro gatherings or on Purdue’s campus (Ms Woo), would I.  Contrarian disagreements are NOT welcome in today’s academic world. That would be “science”, which is on vacation today.

Look at card carrying Algoreans: The Bern wants to end their use, shooting all the oil, gas and NatGas executives; AOC prophecies 12 years to Armageddon if we don’t end economic growth ie work at jobs. 

This is INSANITY.  A few good bishops MUST rise to battle this adolescent toddler nonsense, the words of out of control toddlers in a truly blessed world.  Before it’s too late.  I’ve had 11 toddlers so I know a bit about this.

A worldwide Carbon Tax is from the pit of hell, based on a flawed fraud.  Instead of being grateful for the blessings provided by God, directly via His higher efficiency energy sources left in the ground in exchange for the intermittent reliability of wind and solar.  In my state of Taxifornia, there is a new joke:

What did people use for lighting before candles and lanterns? Electricity.

Shut down the power when the winds kick up because weed huggers won’t let the brush cleared below the towers.

Point being, EVERY environmental process and decision has both intended and unintended costs mixed with benefits AND consequences.

Governance should NOT dictate and favor one energy source over another since each has its plus and minuses; let voluntary association and the marketplace make its billions of daily choices to optimize the energy continuum.  They need to coexist as we improve their uses and new energy sources are developed.  Clean methane, ie natural gas, for example works.

And if you end oil drilling, what are you going to do about the 6000 many life essential products that come out of oil and biochem labs?  How many SJW fossil fuel confabs wrestle with this reality?

  The Sudan needs clean water sources and the technology is ever improving USING fossil fuels; not too many Tesla X cars make sense there. Today.  But as standards of living improve the sky’s the limit.

A few good bishops MUST rise to battle this adolescent nonsense, the words of toddlers in a truly blessed world.  Before it’s too late.

I have 11 kids and know what it means to be tight budget wise. Families worldwide are strapped too by all these ruly wind of doctrines tossed at them by the powerful from behind their moats and guarded gates.

Too many just don’t understand how much family wealth, income is being exploited by this androgenic climate change nonsense.  Jerry Brown, climate change ambassador to the stars and the pope, was replaced by worse in California.

Example of prostiticians ripping us off for the Algorean heresy.  Former Catholic and baby killing fan (NOT my Savior) Xavier Becerra lied to us and now we pay 44%+ gas sales tax rate in the tarnished golden state  There are 6000 products from crude oil and hundreds from natural gas.  Now Pretty Boy guv Gavin the Gypper wants to kill off more family income, and make us more subservient to the San Fran~SacraDEMento kings.  And his aunt, former Catholic Gavel Granny Pelosi, is clueless and power hungry.

“Bless me Pope Francis, but I have sinned.  For decades I have believed CO2 is NOT evil, not responsible for the non-existent world warming exercise that morphed to androgenic CO2 then androgenic climate change.  I believe God is omniscient AND omnipotent, especially with His protection of the earth.  Recall, God made the universe for man, not man for the universe.  We are NOT an animal, plant or insect but separate species His Son died that we might have life ETERNALLY”

The world IS NOT melting; the seas are NOT rising like in the time of Noah.

The polar bear photo op that the false prophet Gore foisted on us was a fraud. Polar bear moms feed FROM the oceans and don’t get stranded on pangeaiKleig lit floes for the cameras.  In fact, there are FIVE TIMES as many bears alive today than decades ago when the Algoreans sounded the alarm on this most persistent heresy.

Bishops, we are TIRED of being fleeced for frauds.  Aren’t you?

When a 3rd world countryman is drowning in the ocean, the lifeguard doesn’t just give him a 30 pound weight for weight training. Nor offer his body. 

A smart lifeguard gives them a lifeline, a flotation device and tugs the 3rd worlder to shore.  We TEACH the barely surviving world modern agriculture techniques, water reclamation and proper use of God’s massive gift of localized, high energy coefficient “fossil” fuels.  They are called fossils because God made them, in the main, when He recreated a reprobate, rebellious world.

Two more important proofs:

sunspot activity1 The Maunder Minimum revisited is coming this decade but the Algoreans will come up with some excuse.  I just don’t want my pope embarrassed nor worldwide families defrauded of further trillion$$ by prostiticians who would sell their grandmothers for a vote.  Dr. Valentina Sharpova, a true 


Global cooling in Time

atmospheric and solar physicist, has posited a time of decreased sun spots in the 2020s reflecting the 17th century; meaning less solar activity, thus  less heat will reach earth and we will sadly have shorter growing seasons and less arable lands as the latitudinal crop lines decrease.

At least false prophet, Ehrlich, will be right five decades too late.  It may not be an ice age, but it should shut the Algoreans, the academic climate change scientists (but NOT the prostiticians) that we got it wrong the last four decades.

2 Case in point: Ship of Fools Voyage II The polar ice is increasing not decreasing. (Hat tip Limbaugh letter). Summer of 2019, Nature Communications published the prediction that last September, Arctic ice would vanish completely.

antarctic iceA ship of foolish enviroRads toured the Arctic aboard the MS Malmo this summer, including a climate change film crew, and set sail on a three day cruise.  Like the Minnow, they got stranded (without the Skipper and Gilligan) midway between Norway and the North Pole on the Svalbard Archipelago.    They got stuck in thick NON melted ice because they lacked the intelligence and scientific integrity (test before you leap) to realize the Algorean con repeats itself every year.  They were evacuated by helo.

polar bears 30000I wonder if the polar bears waved at them or just went about their business, foraging for food while the stranded eco tourists had cold egg on their 16 faces.

No word as to how many polar bear coke cans were strewn on the ice as they were rescued by CO2 wasting helicopters.  Also, no word or comment from the Algorean Heresy Center in Tennessee.

Len’s Science doesn’t completely match up with the Vaticano pontifical scientists.  But here goes.

Climate Change Scientific Law #1   Climate changes.

Corrollary#1   Climate changes often, erratically and without man’s help

Corrollary #2.  Just because the Algoreans changed the language from androgenic global warming to carbon dioxide to climate change, there is no significant scientific impact nor truth.  The Algoreans caused the morph at each stage as the truth of the fraud was discovered.  Even East Anglian email cover up didn’t help the carbon tax  and Green New Deal crowd.  Even today, the advance team for the next morph is working overtime: I believe “climate catastrophe” will replace climate change.  The shell game continues unabated ONLY because enough Catholic adults don’t stand up and say to the toddlers: STOP!  Why Catholics? We were the scientists for centuries, so many discoveries and theories via priests in the last half millennium.

CC Law #2  CO2’s concentration at 1 molecule per 2500 of the 99%ers is too immaterially small to impact weather patterns or raise the world wide temperature.

CC Law #3.  There is no worldwide sea rise, though there are minor changes at the shoreline.  The South Pacific islandic study was debunked.  There is no Ark water levels (14,000 ft level of Turkey’s Mt. Ararat) as in Noah’s time, nor Dr. Obama’s expectation Denali would be covered at 20,000 feet.

Look for yourself:  https://climatechangedispatch.com/the-sea-level-scam/

CCLaw#4  This fixation on taxing air nonsense is costing families incredible amounts of money, and the truly poor countries the most.  Fossil fuels are NOT evil, and they remain essential even as alternative energy sources are researched and discovered for appropriate applications.  (eg wind renewable energy cannot be converted into plastics and 6000 products)

Folks, one unintended consequence of these inconvenient lies:  we are scaring the hell out of our kids and indoctrinating them into thinking the world is ending because we eat meat or drive cars.  This is criminal child abuse.  Recall all the indoctrinated toddlers on the Hollywood 101 freeway, crying when Hellary lost on 11-9-16.  Suicides will increase as well as unChurched secularized toddlers in their 20s and 30s despair.  THIS IS REAL.  Not hyperbole.  The only winner is the father of lies.,

CC (Projected)#x The Maunder Minimum revisited solar energy and sunspot decrease will NOT convince the prostiticians who rob us blind and Algoreans, whose heresy has cost us trillions.  Global cooling will set in, but the ivory tower and the Dem Party press are too invested in lies to seek the truth.  Unfortunately, we must HELP prepare the poorer nations and the poor in this one, to be able to grow food under colder circumstances.  What isn’t mentioned, even in passing, cooling is much more dangerous than moderate increase in global temps: the amount of arable land decreases as well as the shortened growing seasons cut down food supplies significantly. Like Joseph, paraoh’s supplies quartermaster, knew years of plenty would be followed by years of scarcity.  Consider this, Church, a free warning.  We ignore the coming cool down at our own peril, ESPECIALLY the 3rd worlders.

CC Corrollary#x  There is No atmospheric greenhouse covering the earth; God’s design is a radiative venting mechanism to keep the earth at stasis.  We may need to TEACH people cooler climes to actually USE actual greenhouses to grow foods as if we were on the moon or mars.  God only knows HOW cool it will become in the 2020s; atmospheric and solar physicists like Dr. Valentina can only guess .  The time to prepare is NOW.  NOT this endless Green New Deal and fossil fuel pap, which is now more dangerous than just wasteful

Science needs to be taught in the public institutions and indoctrination centers.  Again.  The truth is out there

Look how the regressive media idolizes, a la Algorean heresy, the golden calf girl Greta. A high school dropout named Time’s “person of the year”.

The Haight Asbury style parents of Greta are exploiting her; she’s a high functioning Asperger’s child and like millions of kids facing chronic anxiety and fear, we “adults” are scaring the living hell out of the next generation…for a fraud.  Zounds of the venerable indoctrinated one, 30 year old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes, whose scientific doctorate is insured by the ignorant.

Bishops, where are you?  The Church, especially priests, were responsible for centuries of science and scientific discoveries in the main.  Why did we pass the baton to the Algoreans and their ignorant bastard step children, the prostiticians and tenured leftist academicians. 

Worse is the time wasted by interfaith environmental committees that have already bought into the world’s most dangerous tax, the tax on the 4th most prevalent element in the universe: carbon

Writer Susan Shelley is right…the enviro demoniacs (whom I label Algorean heretics) are out in force to destroy America one Marxist Socialist Media hack at a time. And not just take us back to the ice age, but the stone age as well.  93 trillion dollar New Green Deal??? $93,000,000,000,000 is ALMOST as much as the economic loss of the 2.2 billion aborted kids killed worldwide before their first productive day. 62 million state side would replace 30 of our 50 least populated united states: one for one.

Gavel Granny Pelosi doesn’t give a damn: she has her hammer and lusts for more power like the crazy lady in the Emperor’s New Groove.  Guv Pretty Boy, her nephew just wants to rule. 

Meanwhile, we families struggle and discern whether to stay in Taxifornia for the long haul  45% gas sales tax RATE, which is criminal; they hate cars, gas and we deplorables.  Worse, they are destroying a great Western state for their corruption.  I DON’T want my Church or her leaders to be caught up in this corruption and further hurting struggling Catholics and families.

We get taxed for property, products, water.  And now AIR!  Free, life giving air.  The stuff God put into play aeons ago, or thousands of years, depending on your belief system.  I really don’t care if God did it in seven days, or tinkered for billions of years, the point is HE DID IT: created these macro and microworlds of infinitely complex beings, processes and life.

aa-slaves-plantation-slavesFrankly, bishops, there will be little left for the collection plate and one armed pole-r collection baskets when the left is done with us.  Because, the indoctrination nation is  NEVER satisfied, even when ChickFilA goes rainbow trying to appease the activists, ie the people outside Lot’s house who were accosting the two angels.  Environmental choice like this, shutting down the most effective anti-poverty org, Salvation Army because a guy wants to play doctor with another guy is well, EVIL.  We try so hard with Catholic charities; why undermine with ignorance.

The wholly owned black slaves were freed in the 19th century; don’t force my family and other American families back into servile bondage to our masters in Blessed Sacrament o and DC.   It’s bad enuf that kids ARE the slaves, harvested in parts thanks to Demonrats like Joe Biden and Kamala, Gavel Granny Pelosi and other Catholics who think choice DOESN’T apply to education, just to a mother’s right to kill her kids for resale.

Pope Francis, i am praying you come to realize you are being tooled, being taken advantage of for ill gotten gain.  Taxing air helps no one, especially since WHERE the money goes is NOT where it belongs: in family purses, dad’s pockets and kids’ food supply.  Even comparing Trump, the most pro life president in history, to a murderous thug because you bought the lie he houses poor little guys at the Southern border in cages.  You are smarter than this.

The 11th commandment is NOT covered by the faith and morals infallibility clause in the Code of Canon Law.  Please, I implore you, Church leaders:

Don’t pull a pharisee style foisting more burdens and carbon taxes on carbon based humans.  God is in control and doesn’t need our puny human help to control the weather. He STILL knows what He’s doing; just like the prostiticians do as well.  I trust God NOT the prostiticians.

By the way, that chalice full of 2500 air molecules puzzle: you may have guess 200 or 500 or half, like many do.  No, Pope Francis, it contains only ONE. One CO2 to hold all the heat for the other 2499 innocent air molecules.  It’s time to put this pernicious fraud that is killing the poor and enriching the despots, like Mary Queen of Air, the head of the California Air Resource Board, and others.  ONE!!!  In fact, the Algoreans claim 3% of the CO2 is magically made in CO2 labs.  Even at 3%, that’s a whopping 12 per million.

Methinks pope Francis, before we pull another Galileo on the scale of the worst ever, it’s time to tell the truth:  God is INSULTED when man thinks he is as omipotent as the Trinity; we are puny gnats on ants compared. 

Mark these words:  God made the earth radiative and when the Maunder Minimum hits soon and the earth goes very cold (notice even this November, two Arctic weather systems have yielded record LOWS.  Not highs.  And it’s not even winter yet.  These could just be harbingers of what’s to come.  I am sounding the alarm to get back to real science. NOW!

Got CO2?    Up soon: a study of the largest Catholic relic and icon on the world’s stage, both a pillar and an altar and not designed by humans.

Len Beckman  Dad of 11   Lifelong Catholic.  35 years in youth ministry and DRE/FFA. A decade as the research director of DBM ERU, an interactive environmental org that walks the talk.  The Beckman family has sponsored science fairs and other educational pursuits because true education comes from the Latin “educare”, to ‘draw forth’.  NOT indoctrinate with vain and false doctrines, theories, philosophies and ‘–isms’. He is unwavering in being the enemy of the Algorean heresy.

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