The Carbon Tax Fraud and Catholic Sheep Shorn

A contrarian adult review for our bishops, priests, leaders & people (BPLp ).  The cost of ignoring the coming Maunder Minimum in the new decade.  Insulting our omnipotent God is NOT the Church’s role.

Carbon, whether in graphite, graphene, coal or diamond form, remains the fourth most abundant element in the universe. Since the Catholic French scientist Antoine Lavoisier named carbon in the 18th century, so much has been discovered about this non metal element, including its properties, emanations, compounds and uses.

But most recently, it was discovered that a common compound that includes carbon, CO2, has proven to be a cash cow for those who lack scientific understanding of its nature….but love to drain hardworking families of their scarce natural resource:ie income.  In the first, second and third world economies and countries, this outright breaking and entering into families, serious robbery, is going mainstream.

As the Catholic (I have 11 kids, duhh!) research director of DBM ERU, an environmental research organization dedicated to the Truth and understanding life from that prism, I have sadly followed the devolution of demonized carbon for decades while few actually take the time to know the elemental scientific basics.  Lack of knowledge gives power to the atheists and egoists in the world.

In a guest column titled “paying for emissions” in the Orange County Catholic weekly, Purdue’s Global Development guru Catherine Woo discusses the carbon fueled freight train.  Probably running on steam from coal.

In her paragraph #7, we can focus on some wide ranging underlying assumptions: “On a moral level, the planet is not a trash bin for the gaseous waste of our consumption. Besides, the principle of scarcity holds, as the absorptive capacity of our air and oceans is operating beyond their limits to support our health and the health of the earth.”

Fundamentals. WOOlogy assumes carbon molecularized with two oxygen atoms is pollution (gaseous waste); BPLp, I know the Supremes overrode God and dictated this recently but frankly, CO2 is NOT pollution.

Woo’s assumption, the principle of scarcity, as recent discoveries of natural gas in America and processes like demonized fracking demonstrate, is an androgenic, ie man made, deceit. Those that believe in the Creator, believe God created His world with abundant resources.  We just need to get over ourselves to see this.

We all know that actual pollutants, like hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, cyanide and prostiticians for example,  are pollutants we have been mitigating and reducing over time in developing countries. China and India, not so much. They just know how to work the UN system.

But the real target remains CO2, because carbon dioxide is the byproduct of progress, improved living standards and economic stability, read ie sensible free market capitalism.  Is this a leap?  Hardly, if you know 4th grade science.

Do the math.  Currently, though terribly demonized, CO2 numbers a measly 400 moleculesair-composition-pie-chart2 per every million atmospheric gaseous (waste?) molecules, the majority being nitrogen, oxygen and argon. Ever hear a Woo or radical Sierra Clubber mention any of these three as heat sinking air molecules or pollution?  Never, even though they make up 99.9% of the atmosphere.

400/million.  Boiled down, this is one CO2 molecule for every 2500 other air molecule: 1/2500.  Ever heard it put this way by taxaholics like Woo and New Greenie Dealers? Sounds teeny?  It IS!  1/2500.

Yet, CO2 has been called “pollution” and the “end of the world in 12 years” by the famous wide eyed indoctrinated Boston College AOC, among other monikers.  She is a very sad young lady pushing 30 who like way too many exiting the indoctrinated college realm lack a basic understanding of…science and life.

God created this rather large 553 sextillion mile wide universe. All by Himself.

No interfaith environmental justice group was consulted, no climate change ambassador like Jerry Brown who loves abortion fan, and former guv of the great state of Taxifornia.

God designed the environment, this ecosystem for  man and woman, not the vice versa.   When God got around to creating homo sapiens sapiens,  each sported from 35-70 trillion cells per body; we barely understand the energy transport and ‘factory’ properties of a single human cell, let alone the 10 systems, made up of tissue, organs and life.  I’ve been looking for the US Department of Gender Ideologies, the USDGI, to no avail.  Check the engineering drawings: the last and most complex created entity in the universe is not an angel or rock, but woman.  She was the LAST bio-entity designed from all eternity but built in time: woman can take, unless rudely interrupted by the demon-influenced, a single cell and in 280 days yield a 35 trillion celled baby.  2.2 billion so far didn’t make the cut to stay alive.  Ask David Daleiden, a solid Catholic or Troy Newman for details.  Lila Rose, too.

A fascinating thing that the devil hates with its passion is woman; yet woman was God’s crowning creation, actually His last act of general creation before He took a much deserved day off for Sunday Mass & energy.  Before Mass came along.

As it is, BPLp, God provides us with sufficient potential energy sources transferable into kinetic energy means, in so many ways.

What WOOlogy misses, Bishops and PLp, is that God feeds the world combining His trace miracle gas CO2 with H2O/water and sun energy.  Never appearing in photosynthesis and aerobic respirationWoo type articles, 4th graders used to be taught, and it is still called  this: “photosynthesis”.

Rarely if ever mentioned, in discussions of the AOC world ending heat sinking properties of CO2, is the photosynthetic counterpart, aerobic respiration.  Mass and energy are NOT created, a basic Einsteinian theorem, just converted and recombined.

This is why the trillion trees idea satisfies the lust for CO2 absorption and makes the earth, greener than its ever been, even greener.  CO2 is NOT pollution, beloved prelates.  It’s time you start teaching your sheep the truth.

What isn’t simple is converting our societal mindset to the upcoming global cooling trend that Dr. Valentina Sharpova and other true air scientists, atmospheric physicists, (not cutie TV meterologists) are discussing TODAY.

BPLp, look at the two equations: photosynthesis destroys CO2 and releases food (C6H12O6) and oxygen.  Aerobic respiration, the complementary process, releases energy, CO2 and water as it “destroys” food in the oxygenated world.  Prostiticians hate the truth, because you can’t tax if the truth is known. Even though former Catholic NOT MY Savior Xavier Becerra lies through his steely AG teeth at will, and tries.

It’s actually a trinity of sorts. The trinity of living water, critical gas and the sun.  Its corresponding process is aerobic respiration.  You see, CO2 is decomposed and recombined, in the real circle of life.  Without CO2, we die because food is not formed.  Without CO2, prostiticians also can’t control, like Marx (Karl not Groucho) and Stalin became most adept at, the means of production.  Huh?  Like AOC today, they perfected convincing the world socialism works and 100 million died along the way, including millions of Ukrainians starved to death because Stalin could.  Empty shelves adorn more than modern Venezuela.

Haven’t heard science put this way?   Too many haven’t.  Since the earliest days of the Church’s Algorean heresy, quantum leaps of faith in assumptions, have not been matched by scientific law via well researched hypotheses and theories.  No Christ Cathedral environmental justice team has tackled this; meanwhile our families are made poor by the powerful power lusters.

Woo is right, the planet (sometimes called civilization or life) is NOT the trash bin of gaseous waste of our consumption. Both poor and rich consume.  Yet,  CO2 is a massive gift from God, a miracle trace compound that keeps us alive; false prophets, it does not possess magic heat sinking properties allowing it to unilaterally hold 80,000 degrees per CO2 molecule (man or woman made) to pass onto the 2499 other molecules to increase global temps one degree.  Ever hear of global warming due to nitrogen and oxygen, which make up 99% of the atmosphere?  Nada, nope, BPLp!

The earth (ok the planetary ecostasis bio system; folks love big words to impress us uneducated who can’t read.  It’s like the Middle Ages cathedral courtyards gazing at the catechism built into the stain glass), the earth people is radiative. No graphene thin layer “trapping” greenhouse gases.  People of God, heat radiates INTO the earth and then out of the atmosphere.

Illa est, when that one million times as large object releases light and thermal energy, we don’t burn up because the atmosphere IS an OPEN system, allowing excess heat transferance into space.  If NO heat comes, then the earth moves to cooling.  Even to ice ages.  Like the conjectured return of the Maunder Minimum in the 2020s.

There is no solid ‘greenhouse’ glass covering and retaining heat, like Christ Cathedral perfectly demonstrates; this is part of the Algorean heresy from ancient times, back in the 1990s, when Al Gore discovered a great way to con the populace and make millions.

Woo’s true “gaseous waste of consumption” is easily recognized as another maligned compound, methane, emanating from a good bowl of chili, with cheese on top.   NOT CO2.   Yet my beloved Church buys into the latest grifter’s dream con job too easily, although the Algorean heresy is just as damaging as many of those pacing us from early Church years.  Yet, methane could prove to be the universal redeemer of pollution in the super polluting China and India, replacing dirty coal.  Imagine one fossil fuels aiding the pollution battle over another … fossil fuel.  Boy, do the indoctrinologists have us flummoxed.

Do the equations.  Photosynthesis takes the trinity mentioned above and converts to oxygen, water and food.  Aerobic respiration reverses, releasing carbon dioxide.  Who’d a known?!  Is there a good model to help us visualize.

Couple years ago I found, and did a short video using  a great object to demonstrate this issue: the Crystal (now Christ) Cathedral.

Of its 10,660 windows, the last of which was put in place by a Catholic named Murphy, only FOUR (4) windows total represent the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.  4.  Out of 10,000.  Spread evenly, this means each CO2 molecule must “hold the heat” for the surrounding non demonized molecules like the majors: nitrogen, oxygen and argon. Otherwise, we must control the amount of oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere.

It is physics-ly and scientifically impossible, whether CO2 is looked as a catalyst or a miracle greenhouse shield on the upper atmosphere.  Few SpaceX rocket vehicles crash through some mysterious greenhouse glass made of CO2 when blasting through the atmosphere OR when spent stages are guided back to earth.  I am not a Luddite and started in the computer industry in the late 70s: technology can be our friend when used appropriately, just like a surgeon’s knife can excise out kidney tumors OR excise kids, ie kill kids when shoved up mothers by satanist surgeons that Eucharistic Quid Pro Joe Biden loves donations from.

If you disperse the CO2 from the four windows across the other 10,000, you have a fair picture why CO2 is a victim of demonizers everywhere.

Beloved Bishops: We freely insult God.  Is God incapable of designing and creating trillions of stars, planets, plants, animals and insects?  Can He create, as His last act of General Creation, a unique being who can take a single cell and deliver a 35 trillion+ celled sentient being that poops, tinkles and LIVES autonomously, hopefully for 80 plus years?  If so, His infinitely powerful brain certainly can design earth-based systems to protect His beloved humans IF they use, trace true though rare, wisdom to live on the earth.

You say God CAN”T control His global weather, change the climate as HE wills?? But our prostiticians and CRS ex presidents who are ‘Wooed’, who are snowing us, as she is snowed, about stealing American and world families of more family $$ for a fraud.  Taxing carbon is the genius universal con, that started with the early manifestation of the Algorean heresy.  The inconvenient truth, BPLp, is the Tennessean Gore lied and continues to lie even when though his professor told him what he taught the ex VP isn’t so.

Let me help my fave prelates and Churchmen and biological women:

1970s, EnviroRad Ehrlich claimed global freezing was on the way.  Note the


Global cooling in Time

Time magazine issue.  Al Gore, looking for a new snake oil outlet, even though his professor told him he was wrong, that man is causing global warming.

Historically, once proven false, ‘global warming’ morphed into androgenic (after 5 years of Latin, that’s man made) CO2.   As this too, was frauded and debunked with outed East Anglia emails, future climate change ambassadors and physical evidence, quietly we were morphed to believe that the climate changes because man helps their families by getting a job and PRODUCING useful work.

Wow.  Climate changes!  Where’s that contrarian kid looking at the Emperor’s translucent clothing when you need him?

Uh, Church and World, the climate by its nature ALWAYS changes, otherwise you don’t get wind, high and low, and precipitation (code word for “rain”).  You can’t believe millionaire TV meterologists: you need to research atmospheric physicists, like Dr. Valentina and others.

For example, Dr. Valentina  Zharkova has been discussing the Maunder Minimum redo for years; this atmospheric physicist gave a presentation of her Climate and the Solar Magnetic Field hypothesis at the Global Warming Policy Foundation as recemt as October, 2018. Google it and her yourself.

Basically, the idea that solar ie sunspot activity, which is indicative of sun released heat, will go minimum in the 2020s; no need for the prophets ofsunspot activity thermal doom anymore.

“I don’t believe they will be listening until it’s freezing in June.”
As Kierkegaard said, “life can only be understood backwards. Unfortunately, it must be lived forward.”  
Come 2025, will you recall this article?  I doubt it.

I have no clue who Kosak is, but realities are changing.  This is why I use the recently renovated Christ Cathedral as the perfect analogy for the Truth.  The DBM ERU has come up with some irrefutable scientific laws regarding atmospheric physics and solar science:

Scientific Law#1  Climate Changes

Scientific Law#2: Climate changes continuously and randomly varies around the earth

Scientific Law#3: Man thinks he’s a god and can change the weather at will

The genius of the Sierra Clubbers, UCLA enviro profs and others with “climate change’ is: it DOES.  It has become an abbreviation, an contraction that supposedly means man is melting the earth making things and living on Mother Earth’s earth.  No one can dispute it because they always leave off the rest as an assumption: climate changes BECAUSE man can.  Think critically, notice, despite technological advances, mass of cells evolved to blob of tissue then product of creation and finally a mother’s right to kill her kid as each technological reproductive quantum leap occurred? One pediatric neurosurgeon, Virginian governor “WrecKid” Ralph Northam efficiently and cooly says we will wait and see what to living kid does on the table after the failed abortion.  He’s basically waiting for the two minute old to feed, cloth, learn to drive, herself before giving sustaining nutrition.  Thank God God doesn’t wait similarly to give us carbon dioxide until we are 3 or 73 years old.

We are snowed all over. Look carefully at the wildfires and massive increase in devastating hurricanes due to CO2.  Problem is, this too is a canard.

Is a hurricane or tornado more devastating when it flies over New Orleans; or the Mojave or Kansas plains?  Multi choice answer is, where millions of people reside.  Desert regions, not so much.

Say New Orleans.  Katrina and Irene (my #11 received both names before they became famous) crossed over highly populated areas.

New Orleans IS the ‘seas R rising’ scenario because it is ALWAYS below sea level, protected by earthen levees.  Not so protecting when super storms hit.  Another mob media ignored truth, we are NOT seeing a massive increase in category 10 storms, whether tropical or arctic delivered.  In fact, as climate changes as climate always does, they are decreasing.  But no one controls their paths, whether over sparsely populated or Hong Kongish super concentrations.  Oops, did i mention the Keep Hong Kong Free rebellion? God tells us to “know the truth and the Truth will set you free!”

Bishops, Priests, Leaders and People:  Algore lied. Like all good heresies down through the ages, morsels of truth are interwoven with massive deceit.

Polar bears aren’t dying off; they are overpopulating the polar planet with five times as many as five decades ago. You were snookered:  Algore’s poor polar bear mama and cub on a God forbid floating floe was a huge lie; it was a photo shoot.   Shhh, did you know white bears dive for their food and come out alive!! That’s why they are called polar: God created them with insulation to dive in frigid waters for tasty organics like fish.  Funny how God this perfectly with soooo much of His creation.

Algore lies and continues and we Catholics and non Catholics get sucked in by the nine billions.  Ok, hundreds of millions; it would have been 9 billion except for the 2.1 billion kids killed off by satanist surgeons worldwide due to the lie of overpopulation control.  Huxley was an idiot.  The death toll is only 65 million or so in the ObamaNation tortured USA; however, newsflash, with chem death drugs available to post pubescent ladies on every Calif college campus now, this will rise precipitously.

Sea level rising is an urban legend, especially when you compare Antarctica season to season over the last number of years…oceanic water tends to flatten out, not miraculously surround that one island in the Pacific used as gospel.

The polar ice?  It isn’t shrinking but expanding.  Of course in summer it melts somewhat, but ever hear of winter?  Stuff freezes.  Similar to the ‘Polar bears are extinct’ fraud, assumptions in the climate arena make the ass of u and me, the assume assumptions contrary to what really happens. Matter and energy are constantly recombined and converted.  But no more creation.  We just have to get over ourselves to make progress.

Climate scientist Joe Bastardi, on Tucker Carlson, challenged all these green presidential candidates who fly private because they believe they are part of the ruling class, to plant a tree for every mile they fly private vs public air.  Hypocrisy is best served globally warm.

Joe points out we are coming out of a CO2 ‘drought’, where optimum CO2 levels are not the current 400ppm, but more like 1500ppm.  Just don’t tell an enviroDem prostitician if they are holding a sharp object.  They might hurt themselves.  There goes their taxaholic meal ticket.  The Woos of the world can’t screw us families as easily.

BPLp: The earth is greener than it has ever been (except maybe Taxifornia where leftist policies feed wildfires exactly what Smokey D. Bear hates: detritus and weeds, dead trees instead of controlled burns and cleared fire zones.)

Point is, all these hysterics like drought, wild fires, hurricanes are either naturally occurring OR androgenic, Lingua Latina for man made doing dumb.  You DON’T tolerate weed huggers stopping sensible brush removal under high voltage line pathways UNLESS you love death and destruction to forests, scrub lands, and oh yes, homes and people.  EnviroRads are NOT conservationists, not good stewards.  They are ideologists looking for a cause to fundraise on.

Every environmental theory and action has both intended and unintended consequence.  Great recent example is the 500 conservation conscious goats that saved 55 million documents by clearing the brush and weeds around the Simi Valley Reagan Library during the Easy St fire recently.

Bishops, priests, leaders and people:  It’s really not rocket science: fires go wild if there is stuff to burn.  And Taxifornia burns our tax dollars by the ton. And atmospheric science shouldn’t be left to jaded prostiticians and those sheep that follow them blindly.

I’m a dad of 11; I know how budgeting and watching what you spend is critical.  Woo’s Woology Wackies want more families to be ripped off, taxed into oblivion.  THE BEST PLACE FOR CARBON TAX DOLLARS IS IN DAD AND MOM’S POCKETS.  Not some UN sanctioned cabal of spenders with their bizarro theories and pet projects.  Look at NOT MY Xavier Becerra, a former Catholic AG father of three damsels, who hates keeping kids alive and loves taxing gasoline so families give up luxuries like food and clothes. For you non West Coasters, California’s ruling class believes they know better how to spend our income.  Families are too big or too stupid to be trusted with the sweat and toil results on payday.

This I will always remember: I debated a climate ambassador at the Christ Cathedral and kept in touch for a time.  He was speaking about this subject (Marxian taxation of air) to young adults and adults; he started us with a Fibonacci style spiral on the floor.

AT 300 million years ago, there was photosynthesis. Ironically, I drew this card.  At 350 million, came human reproduction.  I’m not sure how he pegged the first sex just a short 50 million years after food, but then the left is adept at changing vocab and inventing language.

For example, a woman’s right to choose translates into a mom’s right to kill her kid. We already discussed the continuous morphing of the climate rhetoric as one after the other fails the scientific method and truth test.  But we deplorable deniers, even the 500 scientists who penned the latest saying, androgenic climate change is not scientific law, just never give up.  Unfortunately, can’t say the same about our social environmental justice committees that are proliferating like a cancer on the truth scape of Church life. WE INSULT GOD every time we doubt His scientific abilities.

Notice how the doom is always out just a few years after a typical life span/expectancy is hit.  Year 2100, the world runs out of food.  2230, we run out of oil, even though the US is now the world’s #1 producer of fossil energy sources because natural gas deposits have exploded on the scene.

That genius of modern Dewey college ideology, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex or AOCrew, says the world ends in 12, now 11 years since she discovered the garbage disposer.

We almost had president Hillary, who came within 10 feet of eternity looking at OLG’s Tilma in Tenochtitlan (Mexico City’s Basilica) asking the priest “who painted this?”  His answer, “God”, didn’t move her: pray for her soul, please.  BPLp, I know you probably hate the impeached one, but he is helping families stave off raucous socialism and declining living standards. Unlike the Woo money gougers.

Count the cost.   Under the 1854 founded party, blacks as slaves were free labor (zero unemployment) that harvested cotton, artichoke hearts and lettuce heads.  Today, the neo black slaves have moved off the plantation and into the planned parenthood kill mills, we they ARE the harvested with their hearts and heads sold like fresh meat to college med labs in parts and for handsome fees.  Don’t you just love free market baby and organs biz!

Just suppose, bishops, priests and laypeople reading this, we have the most prolife president in history, tax cuts have forced unemployment numbers to ridiculous lows etc.  Yet the Dismalcrats still complain.

Oh woe is me, the world is ending, life is over because the deplorables have rebelled against the anointed ruling class.  Note bene (more Latin lingo), America IS the people.  We gave up on Georgie Kingships in the 18th century and certainly don’t need an American hater and destroying Georgie Soros in the 21st.  Leave our families alone, bishops, if you must buy into this climate change pap; we need your shepherding abilities on this!

There are two countries, the abused Constitutional US families and the ObamaNation.  We try to practice what we preach, since talk is often cheap and Truth unavailable for a price in the Beckman family.

At the Beckman ‘Ranch’ (3 bedroom home) in Anaheim, we recycle everything we can.  Reverse osmosis (ie cleanest water) produces mineral rich waste water which we transport to the ornamental plants.  We raise chickens, tomatoes and zucchini etc.  Single use plastic bags, which the EnviroRads don’t know, come from the high energy waste component of natural gas: NOT OIL; these get reused.  We even use global warming clothes lines for the towels to keep natural gas drying to a minimum.

Shower water goes to our innovative grey water filtration systems not the sewer.  Minimal use of directed AC that our beloved and interesting Pope Francis hates; rare use of heating that blankets can solve.  Unlike energy gouging Al Gore, we have had 6 of our 11 children in one bedroom (same sex, the female kind found on the 100 gender ideology chart in position #1)   using bunk beds; not this inane idea that every child needs to be a single roomer; otherwise they will develop selfie warts that Clearasil can never cure.  Of course, the population problem is few families have 13 like the Garcias or 11, like the heavenly Donna provided to enrich the local scene.

Nuttin’ wrong with learning that you aren’t the center of the universe in practice.  When kids think they are the center of life, indoctrination is made easier.

After all, the center of the universe is Jesus, Whose life beginnings are pointed to by that Catholic compass located at the exact center of the world, the Giza Pyramid (lost a few of you there).  Yes, it is a Catholic icon; just misunderstood sitting at the center of the world.

Funny how we miss this world’s largest pillar and altar (just as we are graced with those physical miracle relics like the Shroud, the Tilma, the Sudarium, the Holy Chalice in Valencia, Spain; Lanciano and Terri Schiavo Eucharistic Miracles etc.).  Giza is the oldest, predating Christ, the last remaining World wonder in which  the built in Christ angle (26 degrees, 18 minutes and 9.7 seconds) that matches the entry passage,  points directly from the most accurate cardinal direction building on earth, over the Solomonic pillars marking the OT exodus and over the House of Bread, better known as the New Testament Beth’Lehem.

Obviously not CO2 and a subject for another time.  Look up Isaiah 19: 19-20 if your curiosity is prodded a bit.

Think of God’s benevolence moving us out of cave man’s  wood based fuel instead of concentrated energy.  Could it be God did the massive reformation and earth reformulation flood thing in Noah’s time, have a substantial byproduct: ample fuel to HELP developing families and countries attain a higher standard of living?  Low cost energy is a key component in raising the poor and poor countries out of the stone age.  Not taxing them further to death, the basic tenet of Woology and the famous Algorean heresies.

Just the facts: Natural gas (methane) is super low polluting and excellent for varied uses.  Oil is used in, drum roll please, 6000 yes 6000 products; how will wind or solar replace the 6000 if we phase out oil? When we demonize oil such that all its byproducts become too expensive for families. Will plastic IV bags cost $100?  And Clean burning coal isn’t dying any time soon.  Despite the Woos of the world and the prostiticians who sell their grandmothers for a vote.

Look local, BPLp: (Hat tip Jim)

Want to know what ancient Californians used for lighting before candles and lanterns?  ELECTRICITY!

Yes, Electricity used to be reliable like Western Electric AT&T phones.  Natural gas and nuclear generated electricity, with adults in the room clearing of detritus and dead trees, weed hugger protected brush under high voltage towers,  meant rare blackouts where from overloaded grids, not the much worshipped high winds energy.

What has this to do with bishops and Church? We all serve the poor, even Catholic Relief Services whom I and others support despite their leftist nonsense; the best way to turn a poor family into a “thriving family” is inexpensive energy amid other opportunities.

As the genuinely poor become struggling families morph to better-to-do and well to do, this releases more wealth to do what Jesus suggested charity should be: focused and local, not a corporate enterprise.  And not bragged or broadcast about.  There is a place for both, voluntary associated giving and corporate, but it is NOT the province of the government because this leads to evolving prostiticians who’s penchant for quid pro quo is inescapable.  Give me my request and you get your billions

Like global cap and trade; and air borne carbon tax.  How insane is paying NOT to generate CO2, since CO2 is needed for photosynthesis and returned via aerobic respiration.  And trading “pollution” credits.  Next thing you know they will tax people for their income or worse yet, charge 44% (too late) gas tax rate to fake fill potholes and $100 billion High Speed trains.

Bishops, we need you.  Leaders and priests, yes to learn and know the truth while guiding us.  Putting billion$ more into the UN sanctioned dictators and despots Swiss bank accounts is NOT the solution; letting families keep their hard earned wealth IS.

The carbon tax freight train is reaching full coal fired steam but there is still time.  Do you think any of these prostiticians will repeal the carbon tax fraud when the Dr. Valentina predicted sun spot population decreases considerably as it repeats the 1600’s planetary event, less not more, solar energy. Fat chance former Catholic Xavier Becerra will do the honorable thing.

Look up the Maunder Minimum: ALL good scientists look at the whole picture, especially bishops who practice science, by not jumping on the man is evil, and strong enough to impact God’s 553 sextillion mile wide universe locally.  I hate being prophetic, because false prophets don’t fare well, but we should be working plan#B, how to help 3rd worlders maximize crop production and yields in a decreasing global cooling state.

Believe it or not, heat is a good, increasing the crop seasons and amount of harvested land farther away from the equator.

Cold is much more dangerous than this ridiculous focus on year 2100 and 1 degree Celsius per century rise. IF THE EARTH WASN’T RADIATIVE, WE’D BURN UP IN A CHRIST CATHEDRAL MINUTE. Review Plan B (the science one, not the college coeds free sex one):  Just in case the frauds are outed in time to help the decreasing crop/arable lines the farther you move from the poles.

Sorry academia Woologists:  The Carbon Tax is just that, theft: takers like socialist politburos are ALWAYS looking to tax beyond sales, property and income sources especially in the Constitutional US.

Woo again: “Carbon pricing creates economic incentives for producers and consumers to reduce their carbon emissions. It places the costs on those who are most responsible for the problem.”  No, Dr. Woo, it gouges the end user, the world’s families. Costs are passed onto the consumer. Carbon taxation, like controlling and ending the “means of production” ruins fledgling and thriving economies wherever it’s tried. Places where CRS and Catholic Charities serve the poor well.  Carbon, the fourth most plentiful element in God’s universe is NOT an emissions problem; its an indoctrination problem.

Why not tax AIR?  First you scam and lie often and turn a bankrupt Algorean snake oil theory, global warming, into a ‘sensible’ statement, climate change.  Then you tax it, appealing to our sense of helping the needy and protecting an earth that doesn’t need protection from CO2.

Tax away, Woo!  Academics and prostiticians suck our bishops in, followed by priests, environmental committees and lastly the main victim: the people, families struggling to make ends meet.  We DO have a worldwide population problem, but it’s that 50 countries are one generation away from exctinction due to artificial non organic steroid based birth control.  And UBC, ultimate birth control, abortion.  Did you realize PP does vasectomies too?  How their god the devil hates God’s creation plans.

Yes, note the realization (we did the 6am Sunday planned parenthood 40Days4Life shifts) that all those men going into the evil empire’s Tustin @ the 22 fwy Orange County PP HQ where not transporting babies in their wombs: they were having their reproductive organ sliced off.  Damn, how satan hates God’s call to multiply humanity.  God’s math is much higher than man’s math.

Next, you freeze science like the coming Maunder Minimum repeat,  in place, making “deniers” feel like fools, as if science is settled; these nuts don’t have a clue what the scientific method is, with hypotheses, assumptions and theories looking for scientific law.

God built man for the environment, not the vice versa; we ARE the stewards, not the enviroRad wackies.

The more radical of the environmental Luddites would have complained and complained about Tom Edison’s 115th failure to discover the right filament (recall ancient Californians’ lighting) for the commercial light bulb.  The scientifically ignorant say he failed 117 times; those that grasp God’s scientific method would say Edison found 117 ways NOT to construct the cornerstone (before LEDs flooded the market) light bulb. 118th was the successful result, but if he lost patience and funding, we’d be using candles sans lanterns when the wind shuts down Taxifornian electricity.  Now rapidly evolving LED technology is making lighting even safer and cheaper; I can power the Beckman ranch on 7 watt LED based bulbs vs the 100 watters just years ago.  Remember, every environmental decision has both unintended and intended consequences.  You allow carbon tax at x rate, next it is doubled, and it is more permanent than death and never goes away, like former Catholic Xavier’s deceitful gas tax RATE of 44%, even when the global goes cool.  Probably not the Thames freeze level, but demonstrably cooler than today.  Or as commentator to a Dr Valentina article puts it:

“I know what will happen when it starts to get colder, IPCC (authors note: the infamous Climate Control UN panel) will say their scientists have put something in the atmosphere to counteract warming OR they will say CO2 restrictions are working. They will never admit they were wrong all along.”  The difficulty of conscience seared folks everywhere. I’m never wrong.  This dad of 11 admits he doesn’t know it all, but he can smell a rotting fish con when it is repeated ad nauseam.

Get it bishops? Got it.  Good!

Supposed less than reliable renewables like wind and solar are ok as a blend with fossil fuels (let ALL energy sources compete), but when renewable wind goes too high, PG&E shuts down the transmission lines.

Making those Mojave Desert egg beaters useless because the best energy is stored in its natural God created state.  This is why the high potential energy states of super low polluting methane ie natural gas, 6000 product oil and clean burning coal are still the best alternatives while hydrogen cells are perfected and nuclear becomes acceptable again in our fickle world.

Wind, ie air, can be taxed; but it can’t become plastics or any of the other 6000, many life saving, products God gifted us with His conversion of organic carbonized animal, plant and man “matter” during the 40 day cataclysm of cataclysms.  Noah’s 120 years of ark building wasn’t for a spring drizzle (actually, he experienced the first rains), the pangeanic, pandemic recreation of the world via that photosynthesis component, water.

My beloved bishops and Church people (atheists and agnostics, too!), do you realize carbon makes up 20% of the weight of living things.  Or more importantly, the carbon atoms in our bodies were once part of the CO2 fraction of the atmosphere.  From Wiki on carbon

  • About 20% of the weight of living organisms is carbon.
  • More compounds are known which contain carbon than don’t.
  • Diamond is an excellent abrasive because it is the hardest common material and it also has the highest thermal conductivity. It can grind down any substance, while the heat generated by friction is swiftly conducted away.
  • The carbon atoms in your body were all once part of the carbon dioxide fraction of the atmosphere.
  • Graphene is the thinnest, strongest material ever known.
  • Graphene is made of 2-dimensional atomic crystals, the first time such structures have ever been seen.
  • The graphite in a typical mechanical pencil has a diameter of 0.7 mm. This is equal to 2 million layers of graphene.

Taxing carbon is like taxing dirt or water or sunlight (darn it, i just gave the collectivists and one worlders, the prostiticians another thing to tax)

Carbon is our friend, not our enemy.  I am certainly not as smart as Bishop Kevin, or Tim, or apologists like Patrick Madrid or Bishop Barron on all things eternal and Catholic theologically. And I freely admit, I differ with our Pope Francis (not regarding faith and morals) on his understanding of good governance and the global warming fraud.

But like Mr. Madrid, I have raised 11 kids and know the better place for the family wealth (wealth is accumulated income necessary for food, health care, college etc.) is at the grocery store, not the guvmint store.  Methinks, we trust big government waaay too much.

The Beckman family of 11 kids and 13+ grandkids have known scarcity and blessings; our prelates can’t understand fully that they are being snowed, much like Algore did with the polar bear emoticon scam.  Misdirected, like any good magician, to not see the truth and believe the nonsense.

Woo’s article states it may be too late for sane minds: “The World Bank lists 57 carbon pricing initiatives either implemented or scheduled around the world in national or subnational jurisdictions. These include three in the United States (California, Massachusetts and Washington), eight in China and 11 in Canada.”  Wow, are we too late to turn back the Purdue U Woos?  Reasonable taxation, in America, is necessary for national defense.  But carbon taxing on top of hundreds of tax types, is just evil.

I hope not.  It’s bad enough that pro baby killing ex Calif governor snuggles with Pope Francis: God can take care of His earth and climate thank you very much.  And per other meteorological experts, the earth is greener than it’s ever been, and we are coming out of a CO2 drought at 400ppm, working toward the optimum 1500ppm range.  Pilgrims, what does a greenhouse do? It sequesters heat AND increases the CO2 inside its solid transparent walls to PROPAGATE plants.  Not kill them off.   Yet we demonize good things, like fossil fuels and greenhouse gases (wonder why water vapor is ignored?) for a seriously flawed atheistic world view on climate and climate’s purpose.

China will do what China’s hegemonic leaders will do.  California can’t figure out how to deliver simple electricity while it adopts more nutty idea after crazy idea.  Recall, I believe yes the CRS and Cath Charities are helpful but still the best charity is one on one, local and accountable person to person in private (Jesus said don’t let your left know what your right hand does) and secret.

After 33 years of home schooling our 11, we have 12 college degrees including three masters, in the family and still going.  We’ve saved $2 million state tax public school dollars and ALL the kids have been involved in Religious Ed public ed and Confirmation classes during our 35 year tenure as youth minister and/or FFDir and DREs.  Educare means to draw forth; indoctrination is what passes for education, including the XXXSex forced on captive kinders to teens today.

Bishops, we need you.  We need you to think critically and not follow like sheep these endless “vain theories and ideologies” the unChurched pagan world pushes.  We need you to be the shepherds, not the bleeting sheep, God called you to be.  So much of the scientific discoverings, as Bishop Barron pointed out in an article, were Catholic AND Catholic priest-scientist discoveries.

Don’t fall prey to the most insane and expensive heresies, the Algorean heresy that is robbing the Church of its, and our family’s, scarce resources.  And its people of that scarce resource known as family income.  After all, the family is the “domestic church”.

The Carbon Tax is a fraud foisted on the idea that carbon is ok in pencils as graphite or on the newly engaged beautiful lady as a diamond but demonically evil as Carbon Dioxide. What ignorance!

Without CO2, there is no trinitarian photosynthesis.  Without photosynthesis and aerobic respiration converting and recombining CO2 and oxygen, there is NO FOOD.  God FEEDS the WORLD with His amazing trace miracle gas found in its most natural state in Dr Pepper cans.  Just kidding.  Found among the thousands of biochemical processes, amid trillions of created entities that no one on earth, even my fave PB&J (physicist blind & Jesuit) Fr Spitzer, fully understand.  It’s time to get informed, think critically and free the world of the Algoreans, just like the early Church battled Apollinarism, Arianism, the Gnostics, etc.

If we don’t act, Algorean Heresy could turn out to be the most destructive one of all time: it has all the right ingredients, like insulting God’s omnipotency and deifying humanity.  Frankly, we have as much impact as a Catholic gnat hitting the windshield of an Arco tanker 18 wheeler going 65mph, has on its efficient use of God’s natural resource, gasoline.

So much of Woo’s article is alarming, already assuming carbon taxation is a “good” just ascertaining how much to screw the families further.  Sadly, as many of you agree, are these words of Pope Francis:

“Carbon pricing is essential if humanity is to use the resources of creation wisely. The failure to deal with carbon emissions has incurred a vast debt that will now have to be repaid with interest by those coming after us.”  Huh?

In his previous life, before the Amazonian conference and demonized A/C, he was a chemist.  This does not make him an expert on atmospheric physics.  Like him, you and I love to help the poor. We can help the poor better by NOT picking their pockets of what meager earnings they have.

With all due respect, your excellency, Pollution, real pollution can be controlled over time; few smog knives are sold in the Los Angeles basin since the 70s because good stewardship happened.  China and India can get there too.

Pope Francis, there is no “carbon debt”; if anything as Joe stated, we are coming out of a CO2 drought.   Living life, creating good products, perfecting crop yields with technology and discoveries are not evils, either.

There is no “evil CO2 bank” that demands usurious interest by my 11 kids and 13 grandkids.  God created CO2 to get us to heaven by living a lifetime on earth; without carbon we don’t exist.  Without CO2, we don’t eat.  Like that Eucharistic Miracle, Terri Schiavo Schindler, without food we will die in days or weeks.

Limited government works.  Limiting God hating dictators helps a lot.  But, being scientifically ignorant today in the supposedly advance first world is embarrassing. As Fr. Spitzer and others discover great things hidden in God’s designed and created world, we must be wise in what we adopt. I hope Fr Spitzer, when he gets beyond the Shroud, he will look to unearth the Catholic mysteries of the Giza pyramid as we move to the end of time in these last days.

Bishops, the people perish for lack of a vision that echoes God’s Truth. Don’t get me wrong, I love our pope.  But, look back into Church history.

Recall, Pope Francis’ namesake, birth-named Giovanni of Assisi, looked on the cross and heard God tell him “rebuild my Church”.

Francis at first, thought Christ asked him to put block back on brick in the San Damiano building.  In fact, beloved shepherds, just as your commission is before you, to “rebuild My Church” was to fix the problems of the universal Church.  Just as yours is today.  We are living in the best times to be a Catholic; you are blessed to be alive as shepherds today.

That beautiful relic, painted in the Eastern tradition with crucifixion imagery around the dying Christ, now hangs in St Claire’s basilica.  And building beautiful worship centers, like Christ Cathedral, are important as long as we don’t lose sight of the real rebuilding, the educating in Godly things, not indoctrination into man’s failed winds of doctrine and vain theories, is accomplished.  The evil one has made waaaay too many inroads into our Church and the world, probably because it knows its time is very short.

My beloved pontiff, God does not need us to repay the CO2 debt; He owns it all, anyways.  And, the insult of further taxing the poor for what God owns, via a dangerous ‘carbon tax’ one atmospheric molecule, is truly, despite WOOlogy’s dictates and obfuscations, sinful pleasure in thinking mankind is greater than we are.  It is out and out theft, deceit and worse: it deprives the poor of what they need most: help UP and a hand UP versus more handouts, the crumbs from the Woo Sierra Clubbers party tables.

Thank you for reading.  Now go forth and remedy this massive insult of God’s capabilities. Man can’t control the weather; nor can woman, His most complex and last creation.

God’s minor star, the sun, is amazing.  “It gets as hot as 27 million degrees Fahrenheit in the sun’s core. The energy travels outward through a large area called the convective zone. Then it travels onward to the photosphere, where it emits heat, charged particles, and light.”

Bishops, priests, leaders and people: We can’t increase the solar output one joule: “The sun produces 1.23 x 10 ^ 35 Joules of energy in one year. To compare, a nuclear weapon only gives off 4.18 x 10 ^ 15 Joules of energy, which is less energy than the Sun produces in ONE SECOND.”

Since we are ALL scientists by choice or abrogation:  One joule is defined as the amount of energy exerted when a force of one newton is applied over a displacement of one meter. One joule is the equivalent of one watt of power radiated or dissipated for one second.  Simpler term: one watt radiated for one second

One second of sun’s energy, like the fact one second is like a thousand years to God, is basically immeasurable, even for the minor star our sun is.  Like the Trinity, undecipherable.

Ironically, we can get behind the pope if we better understand:

“Our use of the world’s natural resources can only be considered ethical when the economic and social costs of using them are transparently recognized and are fully borne by those who incur them, rather than by other people or future generations (see “Laudato Si’,” No. 195).”

Praise God, YES!  God is NOT a “zero sum” God; His blessings are super abundant and our stewardship can work IF we use wisdom and don’t act like lemmings following error repeatedly.  The poor of the world, in the emerging economies, NEED fossil fuels to improve their lifespans, nutrition, crop yields, quality of life and the much ballyhooed standards of living.

Excessive pollution, as evidenced in the LA basin moving away from 1970 gas guzzlers to hybrids and efficient gas vehicles, can be tamed.

The Paris Accord does NOT do a thing but destroy,  since China will do what China does best: follow its communist leaders lead and defy the world.

Natural resources are available to ALL countries; it’s just the despots tend to aggregate them for their own self-interest. Yes, there are abuses in the past as to how much was “paid” for in-country natural resources: but note:

Recall the natural resource rich Venezuela, once was NOT full of empty store shelves.  Now it sports a very dead communist Hugo Chavez with his daughter in possession of the products of the means of production sequestered in numbered Swiss accounts; balances in the billion$$.  Like the Persian Mullahs, Hugo and his buddy Fidel robbed their people of their subsistence.  Don’t blame America or some straw man, and use this as an excuse to push renewables and taking carbon via cap&trade or UN levy.

Pope Francis and friends: I transparently (that’s my Trans gender ideology #101 moniker, being a Trans-Parent) see that potential energy utilized today in Bangladesh, like CNG and natural gas, does NOT create a corresponding deficit for future generations.  A deficit assumes we are running out on natural fossil fuels but nothing could be further from the truth.  Especially with fracking in place, safely today.

The US wasn’t always energy independent; recall the Middle Eastern OPEC dominance, long gas lines and rationing of the 1970s.   Meanwhile the other “amerika”, ObamaNation’s namesake leader dumped $150 billion into terrorist mullahs’ hands for their terrorizing pleasure.

But, the pope doesn’t realize one serious fact: there is a social AND economic cost to countries NOT using the blessings God has installed inside His earth’s crust. AND technology is being used for good in the main, though evil has and always will exist.

Unfortunately, Saint JP the Great’s 2nd successor has an obvious left leaning mentality is built into his mindset; but grasping individual self-worth, industriousness, initiative  etc. are not genetic.

Developing peoples, the poor, 3rd worlders don’t need more UN style rogue leadership who hate Israel and the US.  They need access to energy and opportunity.  Clean water technologies, agri-education and inexpensive and available energy sources with high reliability AND energy coefficients in their potential energy states is the medicine of pulling the poor out of the gutter.  This is NOT accomplished by depriving 3rd world’s impoverished the value of modern life.  California is trending Luddite at a time when tech advance married to good pollution control can appease the Sierra Club gods if they’d stop hugging weeds, hating clean sources of energy and stop killing kids for parts (look at the Sierra Club website about kid killing population control)

Sorry, Woo, my Church may buy what you are selling but your words betray you in paragraph:

“The World Bank reports that rates range from $1 per ton of carbon dioxide equivalent to $127, with half of the rates set below $10.

Translation: bureaucracies siphon and leech $127 per CO2 ton, ie free carbon in the atmospere, from innocent families, read consumers.  They then give a buck back to pacify the great barefoot, unwashed fake androgenic climate migrants and poor countries.  Finally, like Obama did to his donor and friends cronies, they rob hundreds of million$, often laundering.  Remember Solyndra, the Enron of renewable energy thefts?

Worst part is they delude themselves with their enviroRad beer bashes and pet idiot projects wasted OUR strapped families declining income and wealth.  At 67 going on 18, I’ve been around the block a bit.

I like YOU can smell a con, whether misdirection, sleight of hand or just basic bully extortion.  Problem is my Church is too distracted to care about doing the Truth.  Like the oil companies, they are going along to pacify the Bidens, Kamalas, AOCs, Woos and Calif. Air Queen Mary Nichols, so they don’t destroy their companies.

Heard a translation of Kamala’s view of climate change, the lady who at age 29 got her start in Demonrat politics by stealing Blanche Brown’s 60 year old hubby Slick Willie, trading sex for two guvmint panel jobs worth $166,000 per year:

“I prefer hacked up black girls extracted from mother wombs and cut into usable parts and sold to college Med labs, instead of fracked up black gold (oil) extracted from mother earth and refined into usable, inexpensive energy sources that are sold to help families thrive…”

~I am 2020 Prez candidate Kamala Harris and i approve this message

In paragraph four, Professor Woo talks about subnational jourisdictions on board with this singularly pernicious fraud and extortion game. For crying out loud, it’s California, one of the 50 states in the Constitutional republic ‘e pluribus unum’ knows as the United States of America.  California is NOT subject to the UN, a brood of vipers to borrow a famous Church Founder’s words.    We call it Taxifornia today.  Pretty Boy Guv Gavin NewSinsce and his lapdog former Catholic AG (not my)Savier Becerra, lied via Brown and the gas tax recall, leaving us paying a 35-44% gas tax RATE, the highest in the known universe.

Like the cap’n taxation, it is hidden deep with no TRANSparency, a word my pope seems to like.  So, living in this subnational jurisdiction since birth, I recently bought gasoline at $4.05 and much more at $3.31 later in the day at Sam’s club. Same energy coefficient, 87 octane just different retailers. But, the California tax gougers get the same excessive amount no matter what the price.

An economics lesson bishops like my beloved Kevin can understand, when you buy a bag of non-consecrated unleavened hosts and pay $3.31 per bag, you would pay $3.57 at Alhambra’s Carmelite sisters store.  Product cost of 331 cents and 8% sales tax of 26 cents.  Versus Gas, you must first deduct the 95 cents hidden in the price, tax (including state, federal, cap and trade, carbon etc taxes) leaving 236 cents the cost of drilling, refining, transporting and pumping.

To find the gas tax RATE, divide the production (makers and workers) cost into the takers taxifornia gouge: 236 into 95.  Equals a criminal 40.5%.  When gas priced out at $2, the gouge gas tax rate was over 57%?  Why no tar and feather parties in the Capitol building?  BECAUSE it was hidden from the public’s view

Honestly, Church, please stop doing stupid and Woo, please stop thinking we are all barefoot, unwashed idiots who ignorantly buy the snake oil you are selling.  Shoplifting a gumball is one thing.  Ripping off the world’s struggling families is another, a much more evil sin.  Hugo Chavez, God rest his soul wherever the heaven it is, is the model NOT to model.

Time to get back to wisdom and grace; we’ve had enough of the heretics like Al Gore, whose Algorean heresy is ruining a perfectly good day on this blessed planet.  And robbing us, poor and not so poor alike, of so much we could do so much good with.  Socialism, like abortion, kills millions.  Lack of knowledge, the same.  With all due respect to Ms Woo and the Woologists, you are dead wrong. You don’t understand the connection between corruption, spendaholism, cap and trade lies and the progressive socialistic communistic essence of taxing the world for one of God’s great miracles: Carbon dioxide.

Statements like paragraph #8  are insane, unless you are an ivory tower academician who has never raised a family, signed the FRONT of a paycheck and bought toilet paper and gas: “The statement delivers an endorsement from all large oil and gas participants for the adoption of carbon pricing that increases the costs of their products and reduces demand.”  Translation for the Woologists: you are extorting the producers for your Chicken Little creations. They just want to survive.

Ms. Woo, increasing energy costs to poor families means instead of heating their homes or eating this week, they can go to bed hungrier and not use home heating oil, cheap natural gas or pow wow down rice and  beans.

Yeah, it reduces your beloved and irrational demand, but will the Woos give up their damnable (per our pope) heat and a/c in their towers of indoctrination at Purdue, quit flying on jets (private jets to CC confabs eg.) and walking instead of using cars or buses.  This arrogant lack of common sense, as well as why OCCatholic would print such a bizarre article in what WE pay for, the local Catholic news, is alarming.

Thank you for reading and leading, bishops, priests, leaders and sheep.

We’ve been shorn waaay too much already by this freight train of doom.  Now you can go back to your alarmist lives, not realizing just how blessed we are to HAVE fossil fuels while new technologies emerge.  I REFUSE not to see this reality:  it IS a great day to be alive, if we just take off the Sorosian America is evil, life is dismal, everyone is a racist fool, mindset blinders. Starting with ending this incredible insult that God’s CO2 is evil pollution and man knows ALL the answers.

Last bit from the ivory tower’s mouthpiece, Woo in paragraph #11:

“…Second, the burden of the energy transition must not fall on the shoulders of at-risk communities such as mining regions and low-income segments. To that end, revenues from the carbon tax can be distributed as a dividend for assistance to these communities, and as subsidies for regional renewal and job creation.”

Dream on, Woologists, EnviroRads and the bevy of Demonrat prostiticians vying to steal $10-$96 trillion MORE dollars for this fraud, as they pilfer and skim yet again.

The “energy transition” will soon be seen for the ObamaNation’s “takeover” attempt of this covenant country   Woo’s a dangerous socialist syncophant, thinking she or her anointed friends will decide who and how much of this ill-gotten families’ income will be “distributed” to the non doers, the government tax takers worldwide.

Regions are ‘at risk’ BECAUSE of Woo and her ilk.  Clean burning coal is ‘mined’, as is silver, gold and hard carbon diamonds.  Oil and natural gas is “drilled” or “fracked”.  Nuclear is “reacted”.  So Woo will give extra bucks like the American farmers paid to NOT plant and farm; this is insane in a free market, successful economy with next to zero unemployment, despite the invasion of drug cartel MS13 and other sex slave deliverers across the Great River.

Last bit because this is waaay too long: renewables’ job creation are minimum wagers and few.  Windmills and solar farms use ancient technologies; hydrogen fuel cells may never be a cost benefit replacement for CNG and liquified Nat Gas shipped worldwide to 3rd world economies that need CHEAP energy, not Woo inflated unreliables.

Like doldrums wind and expensive to store and intermittent solar; there is a home for these alternatives but the world is NOT that home forcing now inexpensive, clean fossil fuels to be left in the ground or on the sun’s face.

Not to mention the coming Maunder Minimum which will make my Church look stupid as the East Anglians and the Woos back pedal to “I told you so” when they have destroyed 3 years of american economic miracles and 4 decades of Algorean heretical Stalinist destruction of thriving countries.  BEST example, bishops, priests, leaders and people, starts with a “V” and ends with “…enezuela” in Pope Francis’ beloved South America.

Like California families, all the poor people in this former free market thriving South American NOT Cuban country want is inexpensive electricity and available water.  Like California, whose super majority blessed SacraDEMento leaders continue to make our Golden State residents, better known as “post Venezuelans.”

The story goes “what did ancient Americans use for lighting before candles and lanterns?  The answer: Electricity.   Like the desperate Venezuelan woman pictured above.   So much fraud continues while ignoring evidence in front of our faces, like this November 200 fall cold records fall in the Midwest.  And the 11,000 ‘scientists’ who signed a study that we have a global wide climate “emergency!”

Problem is, like Algore’s polar mama, East Anglias lyin’ climate changers and this “study”: there was no 11,000 scientists OR study, just a set-up poll reaching out to the general population for their opinion.

God planted incredibly large deposits of “fossil” fuels when He was disappointed with mankind’s rebellion but thanks to the remnant, the eight human zoo cruise ship riders, you are reading this.

And during His creation phase, God created the miracle trace gas, CO2 to keep us alive and like the God-owned image co-opted by some of us on a multi-colored flag, rainbow shows, He controls the continents, the radiative nature of the earth and the lessening solar spot activity on His 1,000,000 times larger than earth sun that will bring back the Time Mag “ice age” cover in a few years.

We are insignificant and powerless, neither man nor his helpmate, woman, who are TOO full of themselves and their puny power to do God’s work.

We desperately need our bishops to stop wasting valuable end times time, and get refocused on the majors, not kowtowing to man’s meager attempt at recreating God’s magnificent design.  Last I checked, the Tower of Babel came down before rebellious man took the throne above.

Since Creation, as my good friend and homeschooling dad of 13, Gus pointed out, climate change was mentioned in Genesis.  Androgenic (man made) climate change happened during Noah’s time, because the sins of man led to God ReCreating the whole earth with quintillions of tons of water, moving continents and changing the landscape.  Save for the eight on the cruise ship called the Ark of the Covenant (“I will not destroy the earth by water again” and sealed His promise with the prismatic rainbow).  It was GOD acting on man’s actions; not so today.



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