My appeal to the Bishop of Rome: Herod’s CO2

Pope Francis, I am one of your sheep in and under the ordinary of Orange. As a disciple of joy, raising 11 children in the faith, we are blessed with excellent local bishops in Archbishop Gomez, Bishop Kevin Vann, Thomas, Tim Freyer; after four decades of serving the young people as a DRE, FFormation Director and starting as youth minister in 1981 at St. Callistus, a fellow pope, which today is the magnificent Christ Cathedral worship center. Like Francis at San Domiano, those two church buildings are now homes, following acquisition of your fellow Catholic Mr. Schuller’s 31 acre Crystal Cathedral over a decade ago from the ashes of bankruptcy court.

Like your namesake, Francis of Assisi, I must appeal to you for guidance and exemplification as the current Bishop of Rome. You love the poor and children, and your image of how to help them may differ from mine.

There are different types of poverty; Jesus told us “the poor will be with us always”. Poverty of need, of want and of the spirit to name a few. Private unannounced secret and effective charity is the best and lauded by our Savior, though effective voluntary associative giving like CRS and Catholic Charities can be very effective. We would agree helping people OUT of poverty, like Mr. Trump has attempted to do in north America, actively accomplishes the Good News because unless someone’s basic needs of food, water and industry/gift of work are met, it’s hard to hear the vital message of Life for happy eternities. Millions off food stamps and millions more no longer unemployed as during the previous eight years of a different leader.

Recently, your holiness, you compared the American president to “murderous Herod” I believe because you’ve been advised he mercilessly cages children near the Tex-Mex border. Bearing false witness is a serious problem we have in our country and I want to help you not make the same mistake too many of us make.

You might not know but his wife Melania is a good Catholic; Mr. Trump is trying to make things better for people in poverty shackled by ObamaVilles for the homeless, and held back from thriving in a great and blessed covenant land. To teach them to fish not just get fish fried and served daily on fish and soup lines. As to “murderous Herod” note that the estimates range from 144,000, down to six and twenty young boys less than age 2:

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, “The Greek Liturgy asserts that Herod killed 14,000 boys (ton hagion id chiliadon Nepion), the Syrians speak of 64,000, [and] many medieval authors of 144,000.” However, this number of children is greater than the entire population of Bethlehem at the time of Jesus’ birth.” Fascinating, that number of 144,000 (mentioned in Revelations 7 & referenced in Isaiah) matches the number of mirror capstones, 144,000, on that large Catholic icon (Giza Pyramid) that sits at the center of the world, pointing to Bethlehem, that was referenced in Isaiah 19:19-20. Unfortunately, most of those mirror cover stones were removed following a 7th century earthquake and became masonry materials for many Arab world buildings. But i digress.

Your holiness, it may be being filtered out by your “counselors”, but Mr Trump is the most pro life president in history, in word but more importantly in action. As a dad of 11, I’ve always had an appreciation for life, especially since personally I am the oldest of 11 kids as well.

My favorite kill mill to work out front of, is Jon Dunn’s planned parenthoodlum vasectomy and abortion business on Tustin Ave at the 22 fwy in Orange, HQ for two large California counties. It supplied baby parts to DaVinci Med, owned by buddies of Hillary Clinton, the Isaias brothers, before being shut down. Your humble servant, David Daleiden, has aided the exposure of this evil. My point is, as evil as Herod was trying to protect his kingship from the savior of time and eternity, Dunn’s death doctors, satanist surgeons all, kill 20 kids before lunch and his evil empire’s facilities kill 3000 per day, 10 times the amount of the House of Bread’s population estimated at 300. I have seen an interesting Christmas card referencing Mr Dunn’s human sacrifice & parts business which rues the fact they don’t have a franchise in the Holy Land. Your counselors may want to consider, if Jesus was born today, the value to the satanist surgeons if they could get their talons into the Christ Child. But, your focus is not the Democrat controlled kill mills, but the pro life president you think hates children. He doesn’t.

Your holiness, our world has many problems, especially how to deal with the despotic results of evil men, like Hugo Chavez in your neighboring Venezuela. Your recent Jesuit assembly comments reflects this conundrum. God hating dictators turn prospering natural resources rich countries into socialist hell holes, where empty store shelves lead to desperation. Take another example not often discussed: the destruction of Mexico, draining its population centers of dads and oldest sons, sending them North across the border for opportunities, from work to drug delivery; never discussed since the tower of Babel, this leaves the remaining millions of Mexican families easy prey since single moms are weakened and their remaining sons and daughters targets of local gangs to fill the void the loss of a father causes.

In America, fatherless families have accelerated the destruction of “domestic churches”, families headed by black mothers, for example, since LBJ promised the Great Society marriage between moms and government “welfare” as long as the Negro dads are gone from the home. The father of lies loves to destroy anything God has created, from life, to family, to opportunity and so much more. We need not aid its demons of destruction, especially Herodic killing off of kids for parts or profit.

Your holiness, your quote that led to Mr Trump apparently your target: “The phenomenon of refugees has always existed, but today it is better known because of social differences, hunger, political tensions and especially war. For these reasons, migratory movements are intensifying. What is the answer the world gives? The policy of waste. Refugees are waste material. The Mediterranean has been turned into a cemetery. The notorious cruelty of some detention centers in Libya touches my heart. Here in Asia we all know the problem of the Rohingya. I must admit that I am shocked by some of the narratives I hear in Europe about borders. Populism is gaining strength. In other parts there are walls that even separate children from parents. Herod comes to mind. Yet for drugs, there’s no wall to keep them out.”

Your holiness, it would have been better you called out Trump by name, not by populism allusion; there are no walls separating children from parents in America that are not self inflicted; note that famous picture of kids in cages came from Mr Obama years ago, not as our complicit media blames falsely the impeached president of your homeland’s neighbor to the north. “Populism” as you call it, was a voters’ response to entrenched and pandemic corruption in those who who destroy the engine of hospitality, the United States of America that despite our flaws are first responders, helpers and NOT conquerors when needs arise around the world. In the USA, WE the people “self govern” and are the government, not those that we hire. Or are invaded by a domestic “power” we call the ObamaNation of Desolators, who are led by many, including haters like George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barry Soetoro nee Barack Obama who retains too much power three years into Mr Trump’s duly elected time as POTUS.

So, your holiness, I share your desire for “hospitality” for the refugees of the world. The width and breadth of refugees is an international tragedy that has always been with us, but increasing; we both agree: one million Rohingya in Bangladesh not withstanding is a crisis.

I have refugee blood, since my heritage is half Polish and half German: the 12 million annihilated in 10 countries over 12 years is yet another dictator’s resume for genocide, comes to mine. At least you did compare our country’s leader to Herod, not Hitler, as happens stateside often by the ObamaNation.

Your holiness, recall, God first set national boundaries when mankind tried to get to heaven early and be or become gods: the tower of Babel. As to walls, please don’t blame Mr. Trump for trying to keep out drugs and terrorists and out of control illegal rushing of a sovereign nation’s border. Code of Canon Law and the Catechism discusses orderly movements and the following of another country’s laws are goods; yet I realize poor political and power decisions lead to terrible uprootings of whole populations.

Your holiness, believe it or not, a barrier system DOES keep out drugs and slows down the destruction (mentioned above about Mexico) of both the sending and recipient nations of illegal drug use and sales.

In my decades of youth work, I have seen the devastation of drug use. Each country has its own problems, including the US propensity to use drugs from Mexico which is killing Mexico (by draining its most precious natural resource, Mexicans, north as mules) as much as our young.

Your holiness, ALL countries have difficulties; in America, since we demoted (now resurging its use) your fellow pope Leo XIII’s prayer in the mid 60s, there’s been a corresponding increase in Godlessness and affinity for evils hell delivers freely. As you know, the evil one has been attacking and accusing all good in Creation since it first learned humans would be created. As evil the refugee problem, everything good has been under attack. To name a few: Covenant marriage is met with no fault divorce and familial “domestic church” destruction. The beauty of God’s multiplication request (there is no overpopulation problem since 50 countries are facing extinction due to no or low birth rates)

Just recently (we’ve home schooled Catholic style for 33 years) I met a mom whose 9 year old was being bullied and contemplating suicide. A NINE YEAR OLD!. Her son’s school did nothing and she pulled and began domicilic pedagogy not only because it is an excellent life style, it is also a good way to keep her 9 year old alive. Every day, new issues come forward in the world. And families are assaulted in new ways.

So my appeal is for you to investigate further: you must know the Godless ABCNNBCBS and the WashPost and NYTimes cannot be trusted because they have become Sorosian advocates of destroying my country of origin, and believing Big FAT centralized leftist governance is the answer. False witnessing is easily caught like a common cold especially in America, North, where we have two countries: the Constitutional America families and the ObamaNation of Desolators. And like the currently uncaged evil one at hell’s address, the ObamaNation runs rampantly desolating this covenant land of hope and opportunity. Your holiness, think about this: if you destroy the refugee receivers, like the US has been, soon there will be no place for refugees to go: much like 1933 to 1945, world wide devastation will ensue. You can’t have a lifeguard on the open seas IF the lifeguard drowns with the victims.

We need our pontiff to use his “bully pulpit” and stand up for the truth and speak the truth with wisdom; I don’t expect you to have the same relationship your predecessor Pope St John Paul the Great had with Ronald Reagan, but get to know our beleaguered president and see for yourself you are buying a bill of evil goods unfairly for you and he. Maybe a new chapter of “The Pope and the President” can be written. One other thing, regarding another “refugee”.

Please forgive me for defending the demonized carbon dioxide; look at a contrarian, scientific methodology indued view.

It is NOT evil: it is a miracle trace gas that amounts to just ONE solitary molecule among the majority of nitrogen, oxygen and argon. You are a chemist, you must know about aerobic respiration and photosynthesis, so i do not want to insult your intelligence. But please, your holiness, realize 1:2500, one CO2 molecule to the other 2499 air molecules is NOT causing global warming or changing the climate. The climate has always changed and puny man, like the tower climbers and those alive during Noah’s day, can’t change one iota (save runaway nuclear war) of the climate. God created a 553 sextillion mile wide universe, trillions of stars, planets, plants, animals and angels but only one man. One woman. He remains in control and is the chief steward (though He assigned stewardship to us humans); this radiative atmospheric structure has served us for aeons or thousands of years, depending on your beliefs: if God can create a single cell that becomes 75 trillion and 7 pounds in 280 days, don’t you think He can control the trace miracle gas HE FEEDS THE WORLD WITH: carbon dioxide.

But, regarding your 11th commandment on “climate deniers”, this dad of 11 has written extensively on scientific methodology on same, what I call the Algorean Heresy. Ever hear of the Algoreans? You, my beloved Pope, and the Algoreans are scaring the kids, from Alex Ocasio Cortes to an abused 16 year old Asperger’s child and Time Mag created Greta to 7 year olds about a non existent problem at a time great potential for helping the world’s needy is before us. IF not preoccupied with false narratives and fake crises du jour, WE CAN SOLVE THE REFUGEE CRISES TOGETHER. But, the evil one, it hates any good God creates, loves to distract and misdirect.

But I am not denying this: CO2 is a great tool for the same despots who create worldwide uprooting of native populations (read: refugees) to steal more poor families’ meager wealth via a ridiculous Carbon Tax. Ever hear of the United Nations? They are united in hating the US and Israel, and created one world governance, something that God answered at Babel Tower long ago.

You want to help 3rd worlders, the poor? Don’t rob them of the fossil fuels God stored for them in the massive recreation of the earth in Noah’s day; 6000 products come from oil (wind and solar make lousy saline bags and plastic medical tubing); and natural gas is very low polluting but excellent and safe. Not everyone lives behind walls, like the Vatican, or drive $100,000 Teslas that still need electricity generated by natural gas, water or nuclear fission. There is room in the world for all emerging technologies, but please realize God loved us enough to drag us out of the wood burning cave man eras, improving standards of living, increasing wealth so we can charitably help the less fortunate. NOT socialism, which Margaret Thatcher wisely said: “Socialism is great until you run out of other people’s money”. Worshiping communism and confiscation never works.

You’ve been flummoxed, your holiness, by the Algorean heretics; we have five times as many polar bears than Algore’s photo op of mommy bear and polar cub on the ice floe. Seas are not rising to 21,000 feet as that false prophet Obama stated. Denali will not be covered up by water. As if is, God even promised, before His symbol was co-opted by the first rainbow after the first rains. God has been in the natural resources business since He designed the world for mankind, not mankind for the world.

This 67 year old cradle Catholic conservationist and research scientist sees it, though your Job (long O) style ‘counselors’ don’t.

The coming Maunder Minimum Revisited. Why not ask them to research about Dr Valentina Zharkova, a solar physicist and the revisit of the Maunder Minimum solar energy depletion coming in the 2020s? You are a chemist by training, though not an atmospheric or solar physicist.

In October 2018, she broke her silence:

Professor Valentina Zharkova gave a presentation of her Climate and the Solar Magnetic Field hypothesis at the Global Warming Policy Foundation in October, 2018. The information she unveiled should shake/wake you up.

Zharkova was one of only two scientists to correctly predict solar cycle 24 would be weaker than cycle 23 — in fact, only 2 out of 150 models predicted this. Zharkova’s models have run at a 97% accuracy and now suggest a Super Grand Solar Minimum is on the cards beginning 2020.”

Your holiness, I only have one active pope at a time; you are it! I don’t want you to be seen as a false prophet in areas where papal infallibility don’t apply. Global warmth DEPENDS on sun spot activity levels and solar heat transferred into space. If the sun dims, no amount of prostitician hot air can replace the lost thermal energy.

This coming global cooling is already being pre-shadowed and much preparation is needed for reduced food production and decreasing crop lines worldwide. The poor you love so much, the refugee explosion, will only get worse, UNLESS we change our worldview. NOW!

Maybe then, you can focus on real problems not Chicken Little’s latest, like the Algorean Heresy the earth is melting based on God’s miracle process, photosynthesis and miracle trace gas, CO2. And the only solution the Algoreans champion is ruining economies (making more not less poor) and robbing struggling families, in America and elsewhere, of the one world governance fan’s big hope: CARBON Tax. Former CAtholic not my Savior Xavier Becerra already saddles poor families with a 44% gas sales tax RATE, and looking for more blood. Don’t buy in to this “solution”, Pope Francis.

Believing liars leads to believing the lie; we in America, have some legendary liars. As to lying, ask Adam Fulla Schiff; he’s a local expert on your current Herod the Great target.

It’s fashionable to hate Trump. But, the current “Herod” is doing incredible things to save preborn AND the born; if you want to know the enslavers, look no further than the Demonrat party plank saying it’s ok to kill kids and a mother’s right to choose to kill her lifeblood as a Constitutional right. Maybe in the invading virus “country”, the ObamaNation of Desolators, but not in America e. pluribus unum. I would make the call, your holiness, to president Trump; you will be honoring Matthew 18:15 by doing so.

May God bless your ministry. Thank you for reading. I love you as my pope and hate it when you are conned. And I think Trump would take your call and meet you just like Reagan met Karol Woytyla on occasion. It just might change your and our world.

Len Beckman

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