Jesus is the Center of History…His compass is the center of the world

Let’s start with Friday the 13th.  As we move into the new decade of the 2020s, be reminded that the three world religions have a place for Jesus.  He is revered by the Muslims as a prophet and Mary as a virgin only #2 to Mohammad’s daughter, Fatima…we dads do love our daughters.  AND He comes through the Abrahamic lineage and hails from the Jewish world and Israel.

OK, Len, you’ve lost it this time; you’re saying Jesus has a compass on earth? It’s bad enuf you want people to think CO2 is NOT evil and God is insulted when we demonize it. But, now this?

“O Come O Come Emmanuel… ” at Christmas time, for example

Bear with me a moment. Let’s start at 2623BC (sorry BCE folks, ‘before Christ’) and look at the world’s largest compass, located at the exact center of the world, latitudinally and longitudinally.  Google Earth ‘Giza Pyramid’ and you will see what I’m talking about.  It is SQUARE with your screen, rather RECTANGULAR.  It is precise though a bit rough since the 144,000 finishing stones were stolen.

It is World centered.  It you draw a line east~west, then north~south, touching the most land possible, the crossing of these lines yields two spots: one is in the ocean and the other: exactly where the original and last ancient wonder, the Giza Pyramid, sits.

Thus, the idea this 4600 year old (and possibly much older) ‘compass’ building centers the world and IS at the center of the world. What did you find at Google Earth Giza Pyramid? Truthfully, it is more true in the cardinal directions on NorthEastWestSouth than ANY OTHER monument, building, even observatories on earth. 5 millennia later!

Off only 3 minutes of arc (a circle is divided into 360 degrees, each degree 60 minutes and each minute 60 seconds,) look how it lines up on your phone, iPad or computer screen.  It is twice as accurate, after millennia of time, as the next closest, the Paris observatory, at 6 minutes off true north.  A quick diversion to a relevant topic common today

Looking at Friday the 13th.  You might think of it as a scary superstitious day.  But it’s in the Bible and it is the Day of the Promise.

Back on Jan 13, 2006, yes a Friday, I put it together, thanks to some amazing Sindonologist friends of mine.

Recall in Exodus 11, how Pass Over came to be. After 9 very nasty plagues failed to stir the Pharoah’s heart to “Let My people go”, God set up the 10th and most horrible.  He ordained that at midnight on a certain day He would send his angel of death and ALL the first borns of the Egyptian families AND their animals would die. God knew this would get through to Pharaoah He meant business.

In fact, God ordained this as the head of the Jewish calendar (Abib, which became Nisan, the month of “ripe grain” not coincidentally timed with the spring equinox).

This year 2020 we celebrated this convergence of NO shadow with the worlds largest object;  on the feast of St Joseph March 19th.

In Exodus 12, God prescribed the Passover ritual.  “This month shall stand at the head of your calendar, first month of the year.  On day 10, families MUST BUY a one year old unblemished lamb and keep it until the 14th day. Preparation Day. Then, as part of the assembly, the lamb must be slaughtered at evening twilight and the BLOOD OF THE LAMB APPLIED TO THE DOOR POSTS AND LINTELS of each family’s home.

That night, it must be roasted (not raw or boiled), eaten with unleavened bread and bitter herbs and NOTHING is to remain uneaten…leftovers are to be burned.  Leviticus echoes the first Passover.  The symbolism is living and epoch.  For the next seven days after Pharoah finally let’s the Jews out, actually kicks them out, they can’t stop to cook or set up.  They have to follow a PILLAR of FIRE (the pillar in Isaiah, of pyra)

Leviticus 23:4 lays out the festivals of the Jews.  verse 5: The Passover of the Lord falls on the 14th day of the 1st month (Nissan or Nisan or Abib) at the evening twilight.  The 15th day of the month is the Feast of Unleavened Bread. For 7 days you shall eat unleavened bread.  On the first of these, you shall have a sacred assembly and do no sort of work.

In 2020, Passover begins at sundown on April 8, 2020 (see chabad…) in the Jewish year 5780. Still lunar in nature, that’s 5780 years starting somewhere

And the last Friday the 13th in the Gregorian calendar this year is in November 2020

Continuing to follow the Scriptural clues, John 19:31 makes it more clear:

After Jesus died on the cross, v31 says “Now that is was preparation day in order that the bodies might not remain on the Sabbath (Saturday), for the Saturday/Sabbath day of that week was a SOLEMN one (Passover coincides), Do the numbers, wise people of God.

We know that Jesus was crucified on the day prior and prescribed in the old testament for no work…this is why the Jewish leaders were adamant to get Jesus off the cross before sundown of the Passover, the beginning of Saturday the 14th (days ended and began at sundown).

Jewish families had already procured their lambs on the 10th of Nisan.  But, Jesus had already had the first neo-Passover of the new covenant, the Unblemished Lamb He offered at the first Holy Thursday in secret disciple Joseph of Arimathea’s Upper Room.

No angel of death, just surrounded by choirs of obedient angels. Jesus repurposed Passover, as one of the 600+ prophecies He fulfilled.    So, the next time someone mentions Friday the 13th, see the blessings it is to those who follow Christ.  Or those like Nicodemus, seek Him.  When Jesus died on that fateful Friday, the Trinity was intact, still 1 comprised of 3 persons, but One had given His all as the Father commanded.  So much more to the intricacy of this phase, addressed at another time.

Back to the Googled Pyramid.

The Great Pyramid of Giza lives up to its name well. “The word Pyramid does not define a three-dimensional triangle, nor is its root even Egyptian.

The word ‘pyramid ‘is composed of the Greek word “pyra” meaning fire, light, or visible and the Greek word “midos” meaning measures. If you did not know this, GPG is the most measured building on earth.  So, although we have just started to understand the measurements and messages contained within this structure, the Great Pyramid of Giza has been called “the center of measurement and enlightment (knowledge)” for centuries.  Light measures which you will see makes more sense looking at Isaiah 19 v19-20

What has this to do with Scripture, Jesus the Christ, His birth?  After all, we have iPhones and are much advanced over these ancients. Hmm.

Salvation History is His Story and not just anchored with Before Christ and AD (Anno Domini or “In the year of the Lord”).  Like the local Arabs building their mosques from attractive mirror stones in the 14th century taken from Giza, modernists want Christ out of time and history with CE current era and BCE before the current era.

Is the GPG gonna be toppled like Confederate statues? God only knows.  Just don’t tell the indoctrinated among our collegians; truth and wisdom is not necessarily dispensed on certain campuses much anymore.  Ask Charlie Kirk.

How about these marbles:

There is strong evidence that Isaiah spoke of the Pyramid:

“In that day there shall be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the Land of Egypt, and a monument at the border thereof to the Lord, and it shall be for a sign, and for a witness unto the Lord of Hosts in the Land of Egypt” (Isaiah 19:19-20).

In the Hebrew language, each of the original 30 words has a numerical value because each Hebrew letter is also a number. (as does the Greek language)

For example, Jesus’ name transnumerates into 888. 8 is the number of rebirth, renewal, resurrection (circumcision on the 8th, the day the clotting agent Vitamin K fibrinogen is at its highest; Jesus rose on the 1st AND 8th day after Palms treatment, 8 humans were the survivors in the Arc lifeboat, etc.)

When the 30 words into numbers are added up, the total is 5,449, which is one of the most significant and dominant numbers of the Pyramid. It is the exact height of the Pyramid in sacred Jewish inches. 

Speaking of monuments, ever hear of the Washington monument.  The Washington pillar, so to speak.

Although the first books of the Old Testament were written at least 1,000 years after the Pyramid was built, the height of the Pyramid could not have been measured when the book of Isaiah was written, because the geometry required to make such a measurement had not yet been developed. Also, the base of the Pyramid was obscured by shifting sand.”

Of course, being located both “in the midst” of Egypt and at the same time “at the border” seems to be a logical impossibility. However, in ancient times before the unification of the country, there was lower Egypt (north) and upper Egypt (south). The borderline between the two Egypts goes right through the Pyramid, thus placing the Pyramid both in the center and at the border of Egypt.  Wow.  Isaiah calls it a “sign” and a “witness”.  Read on and you will see why it is both; i consider it a Catholic icon and relic.

Inside the GPG are passageways and  chambers, no body, one scalar mark (called the pyramid or Jewish inch) and one circle near the entrance.

In the King’s Chamber, there’s a coffer that matches the same dimensions of the Arc of the Covenant with no body (in the King’s Chamber of all places).  Sometimes a Queen’s Chamber coffer is mentioned but missing today.

The King’s Chamber coffer is too big for the passageways to bring in after the GPG was built: the pyramid was built AROUND the Arc of the Covenant sized coffer.


O Little Town of Bethlehem. Translated the ‘House of Bread’ (of Life) Ever heard this song?

In fact, the angle of the Ascending passage above the horizontal (26 degrees 18 minutes 9.63 seconds) line can be applied to a map of the area so that a line is drawn 26 degrees 18 minutes 9.63 seconds above the horizontal (east-west) line that bisects the Pyramid.

That line then depicts the beginning and the end of the exodus of the Jews from where they were delivered from the Egyptians at the Red Sea to the crossing of the Jordan River into the Promised Land.

This line, amazingly,  also passes directly through the town of Bethlehem, the birthplace of Christ. As incredibly precise as this may seem, the Pyramid actually pinpoints Christ’s birthplace along this line, which could pass through many different villages.

CHRIST ANGLE: The intersection of the Queen’s Chamber floor with the Ascending Passage as it opens to the Grand Gallery creates a triangle depicting the life of Christ in terms of sacred Jewish inches.

Huh?  Only one ‘scale’ measurement is carved into the pyramid at its entrance: the pyramid inch or sometimes called sacred Jewish inch; different than the US and English, it helped Isaac Newton in his discoveries.  Also a circle line near the entrance, as if it’s the starting line; scholars believe it might be when the first time the North Star shown down the 344 foot passageway:  2141 BC.  The next time was a few years ago, in 2007.  This data is available today BECAUSE of computers and technologies advances.

The Magi, wise astrologers/astronomers from the East, followed the “Star” of Bethlehem. (“Do you see what I see? A star, a star…”)

The same God that can make the sun dance in front of 70,000 witnesses as He did Oct 13, 1917, (another 13th over six months at Fatima) could have His own birthday star for His first born Son.  We’ll know in eternity; today watch the movie “Star of Bethlehem” for theories.

Three times Jupiter and Saturn converged in the night skies in roughly 7 bc, Jewish King may have been their thought. But, they must have been aware of the pyra-midos on the Giza plain.  Did they know of the Christ Angle and link it to the convergence of Jupiter/Saturn seeking the Jewish king in Herod’s kingdom?

“God rest ye merry, gentlemen”.  The comma tells the story: this is a time calling for Joy; we sing the Psalm 98, usually at the end of Mass on Christmas Eve/Day.

You know it as “Joy to the World”.  Celebrate as if your eternity depends on the Center of the World; follow the compass to His birthplace, the House of Bread of Life known as Beth’Lehem.  Know the Truth for the Truth is the Way and Life to set you FREE!

Fast forward to the focus of the world’s largest compass. Three decades into His life on earth, Jesus teaches, preaches, does miracles and of course, on Friday the 13th of the Hebrew month Nissan/Abib, He died (our calendaring Gregorian style, March 25th was both the day He was conceived AND died: the GodMan born to die to take on our sins).

Proximate to March 25th it is, the time of rebirth, return of spring, warmth, plantings of new life. What better time to have a resurrection with the corner/capstone returning for all time. And eternity

Purposefully, this universal Catholic icon, for millenia through the 14th century, was a massive pillar of “pyra” light, a beacon of hope, covered with 144,000 mirror stones.

At high noon on the first day of Spring, the sun already has risen over Bethlehem (which you could see standing on the GPG) and there is NO SHADOW! 

Mirror cover stones below sands

As if God is concentrating as much light energy on the pyramid even though it covers over 13 acres. Recall, Isaiah talks of both a PILLAR of Pyra (light or fire) AND an altar.

Before the 14th Century earthquake, it could be seen from the moon and hundreds of miles around, because of its height AND brilliance.

After the earthquake, the mirror casing stones were removed by HomeDepot style “contracting” Arabian builders and used for minarets and mosques, etc.  Today, it doesn’t look so smooth, since it’s super hard cover stones in the main are gone.

Those remaining show the 51 degrees 51 minute slope necessary for the shadowless nature, plus the curvature of the earth built into its face.  Another miracle mystery.

So much of the GPG is fascinating and God’s purposeful puzzle:although Relevant Radio’s Fr Rocky says they don’t exist, the GPG IS uniquely a “square circle”.

It is 9131 inches (760.9 feet) on the four major sides (though evidence of subtly being 8, again Christ’s number).

Do the math again.4 x 9131 yields 36524.  Not 365 1/4 which we typically call a year.  But 365.24, a significant number for an accurate solar year in this minor solar system in the Milky Way galaxy, a tiny part of the 553 sextillion mile wide universe.

And God can’t control His own weather?!?  How insulting we ignorant fools can be thinking His beneficial gas He feeds the world with (CO2), will destroy the earth in 12 years.  Ask any AOCian indoctrinated fool for a brain sample.

The pyramid is also 5449 inches high, designed unlike the other imitation pyramids WITHOUT a cornerstone/capstone. Why does this matter?

Light is the living symbol of Christ (He is the Light of the World).  The most important meaning of Christmas is “God is with us”:  Emanuel.  God has become one of us, Jesus reveals the nature of God to us.  We say, when the churches are open, “Light from Light, True God from True God”  Idle words or eternal meanings?  And at Easter, He blew through the Shroud with billions of joules of pure light energy for 1/40 billionth of a second, as Fr Spitzer the physicist points out.

At His death, God saw fit, like He marked the earth with an immovable object pointing to His Son on the Giza plateau, to leave a miraculous cloth we call the Shroud of Jerusalem, Edessa and formally Turin.  My fave PB&J Fr. Spitzer continues to dig in on the Shroud, as more is discovered about it.  I have been an amateur sindonologist for decades. But a rank amateur to Fr Spitzer, John Jackson etc.

Suffice it to say, like salvation history is in the constellations and the stars, it is also built into the cloth resident in Turin, Italy. 

Yet, one more Catholic miracle icon to mention before closing this piece is the miraculous cactus cloth of Mary, the Tilma of Mexico City.  Mary’s appearance in the native Nahuatl (Aztec) lore and language as what we call Our Lady of Guadalupe, ALSO involves the stars as salvation history:

Discovered only recently in very modern times, the stars that surround Mary’s image match perfectly with the night sky of Dec 12, 1531.  And when all the constellations of that particular night are superimposed over the image, Virgo the Virgin appears over Mary’s heart.

Of note, the constellation Leo the Lion (of the Tribe of Judah) appears over Mary’s womb.  Reminder, this frequent flyer appearance of Mary is the ONLY one with a maternity belt. AND the constellation the Virgin is over her heart on the Tilma.  Could God design and create from all eternity the placement of the stars on a certain spot and time that we couldn’t verify until 4 centuries later and discover their significance by computers?  Duuuuh!

Consistent with the Aztec traditions was the whole imagery ON the Tilma; 9 million Mexicans became Catholics after Mary via God’s hand, left the self-portrait of the Mother of God and Queen (Chamber?) of Heaven.  Regina Coeli, pray for us!!

Above, the red dots are the stars of Mary’s tilma and the others, the remaining stars of each constellation.

Orion on earth & heavens


Sooooo much to share, not enough time and space to adequately show how intricate God’s weave of space, time, imagery and life, truly is. I recommend you continue to research.

For example, Mary stands on Orion’s Belt in her star chart overlay of OLGuadalupe’s time.  Those three stars match the Giza plateau with the main Great Pyramid and two lesser pyramids; GPG was not for a pharoah but a King.  The southern cross, draco the dragon and more.

Just as the old testament reflects on the new, like first and New Eve, the Israel passover feast celebrating the first born son’s living in the OT is completed in the NT with the death of the innocent Lamb of God in place of the people who follow Him.  Jesus died for everyone but not everyone accepts this.

Interesting, the Spinx has the body of a lion and once had the face of a woman before it was “defaced” into the image of a pharaoh obsessed with himself.

In case you went to Servite like i did 50 years ago, you may not understand women completely (does ANY man?): here goes:

God Created from the simple to the most infinitely complex

After trillions of stars, planets, plants, insects and animals, God created just one man, Adam.  And the last act of this general creation time, was forming from His eternal design, woman.  The MOST complex entity in the universe and…the only sentient being on earth that can take a unique single cell and deliver it whole, all 30-70 trillion cells worth, in 280 days. And as Our Lady of Guadalupe points out, Bethlehem was a great place to have her one and only Child.  “Silent Night” come to mind?  But unlike every other human, only Adam, Eve and Mary was born immaculate until Jesus: He was born immaculate, the “product of conception” of the divine and human DNA.

God designed the STARS and the universe for mankind.  Not the other way around.

We are its STEWARDS not its victims or slaves, CO2 is a gift not a demonic planetary demolition gas.    And these “living symbols”, the pyramid, the Shroud and the Tilma point to a short three decade life a few millennia ago.  Jesus the center of history, the world and of course, TIME.

PAST. The Giza Compass, with the Christ Angle “prophetically” pointing forward in history to the exodus of the Israelites FROM Egypt and back to the promised land, as well as Bethlehem, the House of Bread of Life that burst forth on the Neo-Passover, where death PASSED OVER the new Covenant holders, the Apostles.

Of course, thanks to the innocent Lamb of God bloodlessly on Holy Thursday which He spilled on Good Friday the 13th.

Pyramidos means “light/fire measures”.  Is it more than rocks and sand?  Is it truly prophetic, ie a time line of history measuringa the scale of one year for every inch as some scholars believe.  Something to muse about and seek God’s wisdom. Some of the years pictured here should be familiar.

It is an overlay of matching a year for every inch from the baseline 2141bc when the North star shown down it’s descending passage.

And as the Isaiah quote above mentions, the pyramid designed specifically WITHOUT a corner/capstone might just be an altar as well as a pillar for a future event.   Pull out a one dollar bill and you can see the great pyramid of giza pictured on the back.  There are some theology issues with the all seeing eye (though God is omniscient and all seeing as well as all powerful) on the fed reserve note, but is Jesus is to return some day will it be to Costa Mesa, LA or NYC or Rome?

Probably not, more likely the City of God, City of Peace, Jerusalem.  Just maybe the GPG was designed and built for this purpose?  Who knows.  However, Jerusalem is 437 km to Giza or 17,204,725 inches.  Just a thought.  What other purpose would be the missing capstone?  That 30 sq ft area makes it interesting.

Just sayin’.   Here is one scholar’s rendering.  IF the Giza P is a prophetic time line:

“CHRONOLOGICAL MEASUREMENTS: When years are substituted for inches, the Great Pyramid becomes a prophetic calendar. Dates shown include the alignment pyramid graphic of the birth of the Kingof the last Pole Star Draconis (Dragon Star) in 2141 B.C., the start of the Pyramid’s construction in 2623 B.C., the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt in 1453 B.C., the death of Christ in 33 A.D., and the start of World War I in 1914.”

Something to think about. The greatest eartly kingdom goes back to Daniel’s time, with the head of gold of Nebuchadezzar’s Babylon; Medes & Persians, then the Greek, the Roman, and the unfulfilled feet and clay and iron.

The greatest world calamity was World War I. 1914-1917. We did NOT heed Mary’s call for repentance and the Spanish flu originated in Kansas in 1918.  Not to mention the SARS-CoV-2 embattling the world as you read this.

God is the God of Godincidences.  Coincidence is a math term about angles.  Know He has planted all kinds of clues for us to use wisdom to discover

Hat tip to    and Catholic physicist John Zajac)

Some scholars muse that maybe the GPG has involvement in future events. But only TIME of course will reveal.

great pyramid and the return of the King Christ angle

I pose this question: if Jesus is the astronomically improbable result of 600+ prophesies from the prophets of old, could the same God implant His own “Rosetta” stone for later generations to discover?  Like us today, for example.

PRESENT.  The Shroud of Turin registers the foreshadowed coming of Christ at its culmination on the Cross.  But the Shroud is NOT just about the Crucifixion but also the RESURRECTION as Jesus “blew through the cloth”.  As Fr. Spitzer puts it, several billion watts of energy over 1/40 billionth of a second.  More details:

FUTURE: Mary said “Yes!” to being the mother of God, the mother of the Center of the World, of History, of Time and of ETERNITY.

1500 years later, she made it to Tenochtitlan, Mexico City to refocus us on her Son.  The image on cactus cloth remains intense and like new!

Here’s an interesting event.  When she stood before the image, Hillary Clinton asked who painted it and the priest with her 20 feet from the cloth said “God!”

We have 3 not 2, not 4, PRIME colors, red, blue and yellow, combine for white light.  Again, God designed the spectrum for mankind not the opposite.

Think “I am the Light of the world” or Light from Light, True God from True God? And it takes 3 to commit to a covenant marriage and 3 to make a baby and continue the human adventure.  In my book, “The Confessions of Father Pio Vianney” I quote a line from a wedding song I wrote a decade ago:

“It takes three to marry, two to love as two become one…”

There goes Len and those numbers again.  But always remember God uses EVERYTHING to reach us.  He’s the ultimate mathematician, physicist, etc.

God spared NO expense to reach us, making us stewards of “all that I survey” (such as the 553,000,000,000,000,000 mile universe) despite some arrogant angels not thrilled with God creating humanity after them (we know them as the fallen angels, whose individual virtue charisms became their individual eternal vices at their fall);  God’s infinitely complex design to focus every human on His message:

follow My Son Jesus and you will live forever.  Couldn’t be said any better than a Jewish mom who travels time and the world telling us, the Blessed and ever Virgin, Mary.  Imagine how large her frequent flyer account is!

Jesus was born in a manger used for feeding the animals and today He continues to feed the world via CO2 (Carbon dioxide, water and sun energy which used to be called life giving photosynthesis before AOC and the Dems) AND feed those who believe via the Eucharist.  But, don’t lose your spot in eternity.  NEVER reject Jesus the Christ because He loves you much and desires your happiness for the next trillion years…and the next trillion.  And the ….

Carpe Diem Magna Cum Gaudiam.  God is greater than ANY virus. Or man.  Or angel.  You are loved, know that the most important blessings all have first names.  Pray for Adam and Eve Schiff, that they TOO can come to know Christ as their Savior.  Living a lie is not profitable for one’s future.  Just as rejecting Jesus as your Savior misses the point of the Christ Child as the King of Kings in the House of Bread, city of the Star.  The Creator has woven an incredibly complex means of understanding Him, with items like the Shroud, Mary’s frequent flyer visits, the Tilma of Guadalupe, the healing springs of Lourdes, Eucharistic miracles like that of Lanciano and the daily Eucharist of Christ our King.  After all, it IS a great day to be alive!


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