Robbing Productive Peter to pay Pauper Paul NEVER works

Looking at the Homeless & Addressless problems.

Carbon dioxide was last century’s main excuse, via the Algorean theorem and persistent Heresy, to separate Productive Peter from his/her hard earned dollars, and provide, minus the administrative state’s massive admin fee, to Pauper Paul and friends.  For FREE!  It’s bad enough my Church boo-booed with Galileo and Heliocentristic ignorance centuries ago…but, then, they didn’t have the space station or SpaceX Falcon Heavy yet.

Meanwhile, as God’s gift that FEEDS the WORLD, CO2, continues to be demonized, the sacrament of Homelessness is this decade’s up and coming separator. Separating families from their hard earned money for prostitician’s brag bags.  This curable situation is fostered, of course, by the ObamaNation of Desolators (Oba/D) using the ObamaVille (of …tracts across America) branding scheme.  Why the ObamaVille moniker? Increased food stamps, loss of jobs, general Jimmy Carter type malaise accelerated much during the “lead from behind” years of Obama.  Also, linking “homes scarcity in California” to “homelessness” is preposterous.  It’s become just another way for the Dem and/or Left to use the Emmanuel Equation: “never let a crisis go to waste”

Even Pretty Boy Gov Gav Newsom used his whole state of the state to put this crisis front and center, distracting from the real solutions.

You’ve seen the Romanesque ruins: downtown LA looking like an REI or Big5 tent show.

San Francisco, where the 2nd largest annual march (DC’s March for Life is tops) to protect living humans happens, is the home of the golden pen Gavel Granny Pelosi, whose gated mansion is but a mile away from her constituents’ piles of feces and needles…not Christmas tree needles, but drug kits and poop.  Sadly, since the first 8 years of Oba/D, many of these enclaves dot the usually progressive Dem owned cities like LA, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore et al.  I have the perfect example:

We’ve been working on the addressless/unsheltered/homeless/unemployable/unemployed/mentally challenged (check one or more) in my portion of the universe. In the OC, my favorite ObamaVille we are working to alleviate, is the ObamaVille at the Crossings: 57 & Crowther.

It is a Hoovervillesque city within a city, incorporated in 2016, now only about 24 months away from becoming the 35th OC incorporated city; all that is left is to paint or chalk the address numbers on the curb under each of the 40 tents.    Below is this neo-city limits sign, which must be replaced at times, at the east end of the enclave.  This ObamaVille city occupies about 1/4 acre, has one main street and no stop lights; cars, electric and gas powered, plus trucks, drive on its sturdy roof; the ceiling is the concrete of the overpass, providing an umbrella against the rain, and blocking out vitamin D rays of the sun.  As a real estate broker, I’d call it 40 townhomes/condos (“street” or “homeless homes”?) since they share the same roof, with their HOA association fees paid by the state of Taxifornia.  Most are tents but some are manufactured homes using plywood and other materials.

Apparently, it contracts with Placentia police and fire departments, since it straddles the border of Fullerton (a city once known as “Orangethorpe” past century) and Placentia.

Placentia officers kindly check in on the ObamaVille’s residents from time to time, offering suggestions for job opportunities and other places to move to.  With national unemployment approaching absolute zero Kelvin, there are plenty of jobs outside ObamaVille: Crowther at the 57‘s boundaries.  But few want to move, since it is “home”.  A thriving bike repair business is among the hustle and bustle of the new guerilla urban planner’s dream: concentrated housing giving the finger to suburbia’s single family residence, land and…freedom.

ObamaVille Crowther at the 57 city limits

We did a census recently, and count about 99 residents, give or take a dozen. As we work with the city dwellers, this changes as like, with the other 34 OC cities, people move in and out without visas or passports.  Amazing thing about America: we are free to move about the cabin.  And go to other locales, like job applicant paradises such as the Dakotas, NC or Texas.

Good news for these ObamaVilleans:  Based on the theory of “adverse possession”, they should be able to elect their first mayor in 2022.  There are no public health sanitation codes to worry about; no building codes, whether grandfathered in as a HooverVille temporary camp or ObamaVille permanent “lead with one’s assets/ behind and ‘our best days are behind us’ housing development.

I checked with ObamaVille: Crowther at the 57’s planning dept: unlike the rest of California, no permits are required to expand one’s homestead; if you have a single wide tent, you can work with your neighboring nomad, and go double wide blue or gray.  Like the Oklahoma 40 acres push, our local ObamaVilleans are the new pioneers here in Taxifornia.  Next thing that’s needed is the addresses added to the curbs to help get mail delivered and free services provided.  Sample address.  553 Crowley, ObamaVille: Crowther at the 57.  Zip code TBD.   Soon, one of the ObamaVille structures will be named ObamaVille: Crowther at the 57 City Hall, providing a nexus for complaints, council meetings and other communal needs.  Unlike LA with its wellness centers’ 50 planned parenthood run student “health” facilities, ObamaVille: Crowther at the 57 does not yet have a school or central park.

As you must realize now, “Homelessness” is now a co-opted leftist term to spend yet another billion$ on a correctable problem, with the requisite quid pro quo prostitician cut, for good behavior.  Ask Pretty Boy Newsom, as he emulates Seattle’s “a billion$ here, and there, for housing”.  Instead of using the $27 billion surplus his executioneresque axe wielders, like NOT MY SAVIOR Xavier Becerra, who never met a voter’s guide he couldn’t lie in (like new Prop 13); Newsom wants more and more for his union thugs, mainly public and some private, and sanctuarians who prefer alien criminals to single moms being coddled.  Ilegal criminal murderer 21 year old Mr. Kahn has not been cited after killing 92 year old grandma in the east, but don’t hold your breath.  Cambridge just required its cops NOT to cite or arrest illegal illegals driving under the influence of NO license.  Wonder what happens to Jen or Len, if we even leave our Real ID at home?

Note: Land for the emerging city is at a premium, as usual; you can’t expand the roof to 14 lanes that easily.  But, it’s housing model might help the bullied cities of Taxifornia please the royal families in Blessed Sacramento.  Pretty Boy

Pictured here is the 500-600 block.  First address on the south side east end would be 553 Crowther, Obamaville C@57, CA   12345.  Once the numbers are synched, Google can add the enclave to Maps, and better, the adverse possession process can continue.

It seems to be a bit more upscale than the other picture, showing 553 on the north side of Crowtheret.  The other picture, like most cities, shows it’s sanitation dept where recyclables are gathered for re-use in the ecosystemic biosphere.

The Truth and Solutions are OUT THERE!

Solutions abound when common sense (non political) adults take charge.

Dumping Billion$ for those who need a roof/shelter ignores the reality: the majority of unsheltered are toddlers, in need of adult supervision to direct their lives.  Pretty Boy wants to move in tons of mobile housing a la FEMA; this is a disaster but NOT an Act of God like a hurricane.

Civilized people don’t generally crouch on the Crookedest Street in the World San Fran sidewalk and deposit feces for others to clean up. In fact, when poop maps proliferate in the city named for St. Francis d’ Assisi faster than common sense solutions, it becomes obvious a fresh look is critical.

Ever hear of an ObamaVille tent encampment that left no trash, and like the Boy Scouts, leave their camp area cleaner than found? Neither have I.

though bankrupt, Scouters are trained, ie educated with skills to be productive adults and not a drain on others.  Toddlers, on the other hand, know how to make a mess and dig for gold in their smelly Huggies.  This is not hyperbole: it just shows new artificial ObamaVille alternate housing, a la $700K a piece, is a massive waste by treating the symptom and ignoring the realities.  These people need parents or mentors, not to exclude rePotty training, to get them back to adulthood…IF they’ve ever been an adult.

Sadly, my under 10 years old grandkids have better social skills BECAUSE there are adults involved. This is what the Addressless/Homeless need more than judicial edicts and SacraDEMento billions: mentoring adults.

And we already have excellent ministries for actual job training, interview preparation and mentoring those who really WANT help.  Judge Carter has tried and made progress; other leaders, too.  But it is important we solve the problem not the symptoms.  No better time in history to solve this with common sense; impeach but acquitted President Trump has fueled a super economic thrive with tax cuts and deregulations.  But, will the Progressive REgressive Oppressive Left follow the maxim: let NO good deed go unpunished?

Think about it: It always requires responsible adults to clean up the tons of feces, needles and trash, after the kids are done adverse possessing the downtown sidewalk, under a freeway overpass or other property they DO NOT own.  40 tons of human, not cellulose, detritus resulted after the Big A Santa Ana riverbed depopulation.

 Who occupies these ObamaVilles, modern HooverVilles? The chronic and temporarily unemployed, addicts and mentally ill.  Solutions exist for each of these categories, as long as we realize its a mobile population AND with disparate (and desperate) residents.  Unfortunately, less than 5% even WANT to be moved or improved; but gladly take the freebies.

For unemployed, opportunity abounds (outside the DC cesspool preoccupied with anarchy) across America.  Jobs are there!  Workers are NEEDED.  It’s not a demand but a supply problem. TRAIN the Obamavilleans and send them where the jobs are; apparently no one has a birthright to California residency anymore. Clouded minds see spring and thrive when they are working for $50K-$100K elsewhere after a little training.  Taxifornia is golden to too many because they read “FREE” in OpportuniTee.

If trained, they CAN still stay local, but must be weaned off of government breast milk.  Milk, scientifically is defined as “mucous membrane suspended in an aqueous solution”.  Government breast milk is, using the template, “Toddler coddling suspended in an FDR governance solution”.  It destroys more than it helps; like opiates, it is very difficult to wean takers off.  The real needy need to be helped, whether incarcerated in mental wards (the worst) and best in an outpatient program.  But the majority of homeless need to be motivated and disciplined.  Starting with NO MORE using sidewalks as socialist experimental dwelling.  Public health terror, a good reason.  Unless, you think typhus and cess borne diseases are a good of a civilized society.

  So, of course,  first, you gotta end the occupy America process of hijacking sidewalks for ransom.

Prostitician solutions solve nothing.  Proof?  Pretty Boy Newsom is considering emptying out the highly successful OC Fairgrounds, turning it into a massive homeless city ringed with FEMA shower trucks.  Gavin, please.  Let the adults take over.

So, instead of solution, he wants to eminent domain MORE of our great state and county, to spread the vermin infestation, typhus and toddler coddling to his signature “ObamaVille at the Grounds”.  What a legacy. Why didn’t he first propose the SacraDEMento Capitol lawn?

He should stick to ruling Northern California with his aunt Gavel Granny Nancy.  Unfortunately, she produces souvenir golden pens.  Not service of constituents.

A remake of “It’s a Wonderful Life” in the screenwriter phase?

Cal Trans could build signs for the 55 fwy as you enter Costa Mesa, touting the great solution of NOT MY Savior Xavier and Gavin Pottersville on the Green. Real Americans are CITIZENS who can think and self-direct.

Think about it: EVERY emcampment of the unsheltered always requires responsible adults to clean up the tons of feces, needles and trash, after the kids are done adverse possessing the downtown sidewalk, under a freeway overpass or other property they DO NOT own.   Who occupies these ObamaVilles, modern HooverVilles? The chronic and temporarily unemployed, addicts and mentally ill.

For unemployed, opportunity abounds (outside the DC cesspool preoccupied with anarchy) across America.

Unemployment has NEVER been as low; there’s NEVER been a better time to get the temp unemployed training and a job.  As to drug abusers and the mentally ill, Mike Lindell, like other proactive helpers, have ways to handle addicts.  We don’t need another billion$ dumped into giant renewable wind farms to blow across the fruited central Cal plain.

Now, Pelosi’s nephew from the state of Northern Calif. is eyeing the OC Fairgrounds, a profit center, to build a Japanese style encampment.   Instead of robbing OC of a productive public part of our area, how about the Sacramento Capitol lawn? Talk about a useless piece of real estate: the Capitol building and environ proves the progressive viewpoint on socialistic, permanent solution.

FEMA portable shower trucks could ring the Dem owned building. It only houses 120 people (legislators)  as it is part-time  But EVERY supposed solution has become a magnet for more from across the country.  More come when more is free, especially in the sanctuariums we call cities these days.  Inconveniencing 3 million taxpayers in Orange County is typical of the Northern kingdom’s attitude about our half of the state: screw them until they wince and turn the screws yet again.  But so many groups, like Catholic Charities, Rescue Missions, Goodwill, Patriots and Paws, WorkingWardrobe, local churches and other volunteer associative groups are ready and able to help.

Compassionate solutions are out there when adults, not government bureaucrats, are in control and involved.

Before a penny is spent on them, REGISTER every street dweller and tent renter and owner who live in a tent on public property.  ASSIGN a sentient mature adult to every one (or family) claiming homeless status in California; certainly we pay enuf for social services in Taxifornia already.  Mentor individually as one gets out of the gutter and back into society, a critical step to wholeness .  We are CREATING more unsheltered by not demanding they grow up, like everyone else must for a civil society to prosper.  These pinpoint census efforts does little to solve since like money, homeless people are fungible: they move.  Prostiticians’ paradise: the problem NEVER gets solved, and the subjects, those who live on the sidewalk or in cars, just get moved around and not helped for life.

Serve 5150’s on all that exhibit mental issues that make some dangerous to themselves and others.  It is inhumane not to help those who cannot help themselves.  Tell the ACLU to stay out of the fray regarding mental hospitals for the truly incapable, like the anguish they caused when mental hospitals like Fairview were shuttered.

Unfortunately, with the massive increase in indoctrination replacing education in the public system, more young people are at-risk.  For example, this fixation (a la AOC & others) that the world is ending because we use God’s gift of carbon dioxide is senseless and unscientific.  12 years from now the world ends?  You don’t think this doesn’t cause anxiety at best and suicide at worst in the ignorant. And kids from kinder thru high school are getting this demonic, depressive, fraudulent terminal BS. And the BS does not stand for biologic science and there’s more than this lapdance pole XXXsex curriculum to reverse.

It’s pure pap and feeds into the mental destabilization of a great country at the very time we are successful, jobs a’plenty and life better for anyone with a mind and willingness to work. And to tell the Chicken Littles to pound sand.

We gotta ban this fixation, also, on instant gratification as a wealth tool.  Institutionalization is the last resort, but must BE an option.

Separate out those that are temporarily unemployed for immediate attention; the unemployable need more help.  Orgs like WorkingWardrobes, Patriots and Pets, Goodwill etc are ready to step up to the plate to help IF THE ADDRESSLESS ARE WILLING TO ACCEPT HELP.

But, we live in a compassionate covenant land (at least some of us believe this) and so much good is already occurring.  But, greasing the favored contractors to build more housing when direct service and temp housing helps solve the multi-dimensional problem.  Some of these “units” cost upwards of $700K each in the areas already populated, both from expensive non-comp bidding AND basic cost of land.  The world has seen this story before: one of the Biden 5 got a juicy contract to build 100,000 homes.  Only not in Taxifornia but in Iraq.  We gotta get smart about how tax dollars

END ObamaVilles post haste, for public health and common sense reasons… but the biggest obstacle is a bureaucracy more focused on its unions, pensions and job security than separating the truly productive down on their luck from the helpless mentally and the addicts subculture. Safety is always an issue; an under an overpass homeless encampment in LA shut down the 10 freeway for a long time when a fire broke out.  Think of public health issues: the CoronaVirus is an example of what happens when prostiticians, not adults, are in charge of solutions. The whistleblowing opthamalogist of the CoronaVirus is dead, but whether it was a Chinese military bio experiment gone awry or just basic pride that caused the delay, it is solvable.

But, its up close and personal with these tent city ObamaVilles: we are encouraging horrible public health tragedies in the interest of false compassion.

Take it from a dad of 11 who’s changed his share of diapers over three decades: you don’t want poop and tinkle to take over your world. Typhus is a oft shared disease; drugs and more drugs.  They attract people who further put the ObamaVillians at risk.  But the simple truth is:

Sidewalks are not toilets and people are not dogs, who lift their hind legs wherever they want.  The most important part of this is to recognize EVERYONE needs to be on a growth path, moving from survive to thrive, whether homeless, a hobo, shelterless or successful.  Like a personal trainer, any one who claims to be homeless or is a tent dweller on public property needs a volunteer mentor to move from the feces infected concrete to a shelter, and eventually a home.  But before we race down the Mavlovian hierarchy of human needs, lets get real.

In his new book, “What are the odds?: From Crack Addict to CEO”, Mike Lindell outlines real down to earth solutions for symptoms AND the catharsis of the gutter dwellers lives too many live because money is tossed like toilet paper at unsheltered individuals and families.  The left’s solutions are at best band aids for a solvable situation.  Lindell’s focus is the druggies, those who can’t kick the habit and perpetually ON the street and robbing anyone for anything to get the next opiate or line.  He should be the czar of this aspect of Homelessness.

Gov Pretty Boy Newsom may mean well, but like his aunt Nancy “Gavel Granny” Pelosi, he needs to focus on ending the indoctrination of desolation.  Opportunity, in this covenant land, is open to ALL comers.

Not just the Kobes and Giannas, or San Franciscans behind walls miles from poop central;  opportunity can be fleeting as those we mourn early exist, like the Bryants and the Altobelli family and others celebrated at the Big A.  America is still the bastion of freedom IF we can keep the cesspool out of our way who are sucking the oxygen out of the air.

Every human has potential AND talent; what isn’t quantifiable, is one’s willingness to work hard and smart.  One might claim that registering homeless is wrong.

Hmm, we register to vote, to drive a car, to be drafted and to win $5000 a week for life in contests.  Registering the homeless and offering at best and assigning at worst, a mentor person or couple who work with Hobo Harry or Homeless John Smith, or the Field family, is critical.

5 The power of a paycheck. Get involved with HELPING ministries. OR create your own. EVERY human has a generous side, even if it’s buried deep in their soul.  A good example of a successful couple doing great work in this area is Kobe and Vanessa.  From CNA news:

“…Bryant also had connected his Catholic faith to a family commitment to help the poor, through the Kobe & Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation. The foundation helped fund youth homeless shelters and other projects aimed at serving the poor. “You have to do something that carries a little bit more weight to it, a little more significance, a little more purpose to it,” he said in 2012, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Homelessness “is one that kind of gets pushed on the back burner because it’s easy to point the blame at those who are homeless and say, ‘Well, you made that bad decision. This is where you are. It’s your fault.”  “In life, we all make mistakes and to stand back and allow someone to live that way and kind of wash your hands of it … that’s not right,” he said.

No better words to end this piece.  Homelessness is a societal symptom, and TEMPORARY when adults get involved who look pasts the red light on the camera feeds. Prostiticians make it PERMANENT when they get involved.

Take the ministry who just became homeless for a time due to a total fire loss…they help the unemployed or underemployed from the inside out.

What is remarkable, other groups sprang into action, and they were back up and running in hours and days.

I just donated ten suits to this great group; they are proof that working together we can solve everything and WITHOUT the government handouts.  (Altruism alert: the suits will do better on others because for some reason they still looked newer but shrunk seriously over time; I know I know, i gotta lose a double decade of pounds). But for 30 years, Working Wardrobes have helped not only the down on their luck, but families, college students, vets returning, homeless or not, anyone who asks and is motivated to better themselves with a job, a paycheck….and a LIFE.

I love their theme: The Power of a Paycheck.  The majority of people in our blessed land WANT to take care of themselves and their families, not suck at the giant guvmint breast on one of a million teets.  Or glom onto California’s hardworking taxpayers’ income either.  Properly directed, human nature doesn’t always want to take the way of least resistance, get everything free.  It is empowering for a homeless person to be back on their feet, working for a living, putting their paycheck to housing, food, etc.  NOT relying, like they are a toddler, forever on others.  I know of what i speak since we have housed a homeless person for a few years, as a family; it is doable, replicated and good.

But they need MENTORS and WOMENtors, too!  Successful and/or frugal people who want to give back to help.  Realize emcampments are filled with toddlers in need of good, honest parenting.  NOT pity.

Anyone thinking my adverse possession theory regarding these ObamaVilles is pie in the sky, look at the law:

In order to assert a claim of adverse possession in California, the claimant (party seeking to gain title to the property) must demonstrate:

  1. possession under a claim of right or color of title;
  2. actual, open, notorious occupation (protected by a substantial enclosure such as a fence and usually cultivated or improved);
  3. adverse and hostile possession;
  4. continuous possession for a period of five years; and
  5. payment of all taxes assessed against the property during the five-year period.

The only variable in the five items is five…years.  #5, the taxes are paid by the municipalities, especially if under overpasses.  Wait until some pro bono homeless chasing lawyer realizes this and files suit to incorporate ObamaVille at the Crossings, 57 at Crowther Road.

There is much to be done.  But, tossing a billion $ here and there may make prostiticians feel good about themselves, it doesn’t solve anything.    Wisdom and elbow grease can do wonders; but we must get started soon, before the prostiticians destroy ALL of our lives to solve the solvable with nonsense.  This piece is open to comments and will edit with additional ideas.  EVERYONE has a right to life; but having a million$ dwelling is NOT a right, but something you work for. But subsistent living is not necessarily poor or squalor.  I’ve raised 11 kids in a 3 bedroom 1.5 bedroom home and all 11 seem to have a joy about them and have not grown warts or horns; when six girls grew up in the largest bedroom, they learned sharing, giving and love.

Together, we can help a homeless person lose the -less suffix and build up their lives only IF they want to.  But, no parent I know, would allow their toddler kid to grow up on the bathroom floor near the toilet and think it is sanitary…OR sane.

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