Comparing CoVid19 to RoWad73: diseases that have a cure! Part I


Life is complicated, sometimes.  Other times, very simple.  Right now, there is a lot of uncertainty, a battle between science and popular culture, that needs to be addressed.

Click on the link below for Johns Hopkins interactive play by play website on CoVid19. It is updated quickly

Cities declaring emergencies when maybe, they should simply tell their folks to isolate for flu, cold or SARS, disinfect, sanitize surfaces and hands, wash and wash the digits, you know, stuff we should be doing already.

Priority ONE! Realize it doesn’t sell papes or make CNN get out of the ratings gutter, but THERE ARE RECOVERIES!  SURVIVORS!  today, over 50,000 as of March 4.

Let me help a little. Viruses and the diseases they cause are usually different:

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. Measles results from the virus rubeola. The disease COVID19 (corona virus disease 2019) is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus (SARS is severe acute respiratory syndrome corona virus 2).  Now it seems, there was two strains, and the earliest and  most virulent may have been contained OUTSIDE the USA borders but still affect some of the other nexus areas of high concentrations.

Know the facts before you panic…then you might NOT panic.  Instead, use Lysol on all common surfaces, like door knobs, etc.  Use hand sanitizers.  Wash your hands frequently. if you must cough or sneeze do it into the bended elbow spot on your jacket or shirt. Self-isolate if you have ANY transmittable disease like cold, flu or ignorance.

Actually, ignorance and fear are the most easily transmitted infectious viruses. Look at the recent DEM campaign stage. Might as well, as the NYTs at the Times puts it, blame Trump who jumped on this by declaring a public health emergency Jan 3, then restricted air travel from the ground zero country, China. AND unprecented, QUARANTINED US citizens for 2 weeks when back here from ground zero countries, unlike FDR’s Japanese in WWII.

If you want to blame the $4 trillion middle class wealth drop (stock market) last week of February, just look to the day after the press conference by infectious disease specialists.

The AOCs (All Out Crazies) like Schumer, Pelosi, Adam sooooo foolla Schiff and the rest. Totally irresponsible nitwits, especially the sky is falling competing campaigners for the country’s top job spewing BS. But, then my bias is FOR the truth and using our brains for more than suspended matter between earlobes.

We’ve had the seasonal flu since the 1918 Spanish flu dawned in Kansas and transported worldwide, in part from post WWI troop carriers.  The actual fatality rate of SARS-CoV-2 // CoVid19 may be below a severe batch of seasonal flu per Dr Fauci:

 “…a new report on 1,099 cases from many parts of China, published on Friday in The New England Journal of Medicine, finds a lower rate: 1.4 percent.

The coronavirus death rate may be even lower, if — as most experts suspect — there are many mild or symptom-free cases that have not been detected.

“The true death rate could turn out to be similar to that of a severe seasonal flu, below 1 percent, according to an editorial published in the journal by Dr. Anthony S. Fauci and Dr. H. Clifford Lane, of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and Dr. Robert R. Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

GREAT NEWS BANNER: Israel is inches away from the CoViD19 vaccination.  Just don’t tell all those Jew haters, like Bern, AOC, Pelosi, Schiff,Omar,Tlaib, who support BDS they might have to take an Israeli developed cure for the new dreaded disease.  Hmmm

So, the pre-eminent experts, based here in the safest country on earth to experience this, think it will be below 1%.  “But even a disease with a relatively low death rate can take a huge toll if enormous numbers of people catch it.”

Point is, this isn’t some spy thriller’s neurotoxin that kills in seconds.

It’s time to realize people RECOVER, ie survive in vast quantities. IF we do basic private and public hygiene, isolate.  (Don’t read this portion if you fear ancient books: Check out the science section of the bible, for details on avoiding contagions and infectious diseases: Leviticus 14 and 17, plus many other places, discuss modern isolation techniques, if symptoms erupt. The same bible that shows Vitamin K (clotting agent) is at its maximum on day 8th post birth for males…another story.)  Commence reading.  No more bible.

LySol actually KILLS viruses, believe it or not: don’t believe me, check the label.  And get informed; the link that follows is for the Johns Hopkins “desktop” panel on SURVIVORS, cases worldwide and

The spray SARS Coronavirus fears…

death rates.  Look to top right: the SURVIVORS counter.  By comparison, 100,000 have died in China from the seasonal flu.

America? 61,200 died from the flu, over 600,000 hospitalized in the 2018-19 longer than usual flu season.  I update the numbers at my FACEBOOK place every other day, tracking the three respiratory viruses in the news.

  DON’T BELIEVE THE PROSTITICIANS!  THEY HAVE BONES and Pockets TO PICK AND MONEY TO MAKE.  What do we middle class families get from believing the doomsayers?

A $6 trillion direct, socialist loss that our grandkids will owe, dent in our budgets, in one week.

Less money for massively overtaxed Calif gas (66% tax rate), food and donating to our Church and charities, big hit for retirees.  The media mob, like in the Russian collusion delusion, is on overtime scaring anyone.  Don’t believe CNN, ABCNNBCBS et al.  Thank God Trump called out the public health emergency Jan 3rd and banned China travel immediately.

His reward was being called one of those “-phobe” words the loony left all out crazies love to use: XENOPHOBIA.   Uh huh, it was racist to implement brakes on an emergent health issue and do basic isolation techniques to prevent its spread worldwide?  Racism is overused, one thinks.  Especially since we all are members of the ONE human race and suffer the same disease: we are biased and imperfect.  Such is life.

Love or hate Trump I don’t care, but he did the adult thing; his one hour presser, with five top experts on infectious diseases, should have calmed the US masses.  Except the media mob and their Dem campaigning competition, especially Dr Schumer, showed their bizarre Sorosian hate America bias by renaming it the TrumpVirus (NYTs at NYTimes).  Adults don’t do this; toddlers blame everyone else.  Growing up is sooo hard to do it seems.  Of course, we still believe God’s gracious gift that He FEEDS the WORLD with, CO2, is evil.  And that human beings after conception should be lab rats for body parts.  Off soapbox, back to Global Cases datasite from Johns Hopkins:

Website as above:

The site is chapter and verse on the disease & virus. “Coronavirus global cases by Johns Hopkins CSSE”For example, as of March 2nd, at 8:33:02am, there were 9000 cases outside China; 80k INSIDE China.  MOST IMPORTANT is 45,393 RECOVERED, IE Survivors.  Total deaths at 3048, less than 200 of which are outside China.  4 US survivors/recovered.  Media mob is clueless.  You, on the other hand, are INFORMED.  If you want to be.  Check out the site for up to the minute.

respiratory virus picture 3 4 2020Thank you for getting informed.  Disagree with the facts or see an error, tell me and i will correct it.  But, IF you want to follow the REAL crisis path of the most virulent disease and virus on earth, look no further than the RoWad73, with its 99.999% fatality/death rate (already with 63 million dead US kids) that is TOTALLY conquerable.

More on this later.  And thank you to Bishop Vann of the Dio of Orange going proactive on March 1st, to practice basic Leviticus 13/17 & other bible inspired public health hygiene and useful isolation techniques.  Maybe fist bumps for the sign of peace?

But ALL of us should practice basic hygiene, as above, year round.  NOT just the most susceptible or at risk for communicable respiratory diseases, like the frail elderly, those with suppressed or low immunities like AIDS sufferers, ObamaVille homeless tent dwellers, the kids and the currently unaffected zombie apocalypse targets.


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