The Virus Hunter is on it. We can beat CoVid19

Don’t be an irresponsible Virus Rebel.  Be a problem solver and good neighbor!  Infecting your grandma isn’t a good idea at all, so follow hygiene instructions below.

Please pray for Marie Sanders, Pam and Bernadette’s sister, who was just diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2.  On Good Friday, also remember the health care and first responders. Thank you Jesus for your love.  


The virus hunter Masked man

The Virus Hunter seeks the truth. With the Sword of Truth at his side, and a quiver of arrows of hope in his stride, he looks for the truth in the insanity of a virus fearing world

The One Stop Virus Site.   This url belongs to Johns Hopkins Resource Center and is excellent at tracking.  One third of all USA deaths are from the giant sardine can, NYC:

How to navigate this site: we update this continuously, keeping it timely. Clickable links are in BLUE Choose your sections to review like Stats (if you like big numbers), good news (if you can’t trust the media to actually report instead of panic you), praise reports, how to protect etc.  AND!  Ideas to help others.

We will be posting a short how to video to go through the stats and other links.


China reopens while we sit in our homes.

Day 134  This is why i am the Virus Hunter. Seeking the truth in this insanity. 438 people died today from Chronic Respiratory Disease, not SARS-CoV-2. 1774 died from heart disease, on average

As of 4pm today, 106 US residents, illegals and citizens, have died per day from CoVid19 disease since ground zero 12/1/19
Fully 1/3 of the 22,000 total deaths from CV (7000) died in that huge sardine can with no physical distancing, NYC. 1/3 with the NY-NJ metro area accounting for 40%.  This isn’t a death race but a push to be prepared.  Meanwhile: 
For the record, the virus RoWad73 killed ANOTHER 2500 very young Americans today. Selective unnecessary elective surgeries many at planned parenthood, where hell meets Orange, the 22fwy at Tustin.
2500 died because they made the mistake of growing inside a mother.  Please call the Orange city attorney and ask why even on Easter Sunday, employees are killing kids.

Passover message: LET MY PEOPLE GO! Release America from this pandemic: bureaucratic overreach. ChiComXi, who happily fanned the bioterror weapon release (accidentally or on purpose) from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, fourth floor down under the auspices of Major General Chen Wei. She broke the glass ceiling to become the top virus killer expert.  Time to open up the less dense, low caseload areas of America (98%) before there is NO America to worry about.

Fr Andrew Bartus’ wise points this Easter:

Happy Easter! Some clarifications are needed, I’m seeing:

1) No, Pope Francis did NOT give a general absolution of sins. You still need to go to Confession with a priest if you haven’t.

2) No, Confessions over the phone or any electronic means are NOT valid.

3) No, Bill Gates is NOT going to force us to vaccinate nor is it for population control.

4) 5G, while possibly having health concerns, is not an instrument for mind control, or giving us the Kung Flu or its symptoms.

5) Most of the prophecies in the Book of Revelation already were fulfilled in or around 70 AD, per Our Lord’s and His Apostles indications in the Bible. We may indeed be in the beginning of the End Times, but so were the Apostles. The prophecies to come cannot be exactly predicted.

6) Fr Michel Rodrigue – and Garabandal, Medjugorje, and Alex Jones on which he clearly bases his predictions – is NOT in line with Magisterial teaching of orthodox Catholicism. He may be right about some things but so are demons when they predict the future – and demons can’t truly see into the future for sure. They see likelihoods. (I’m NOT saying he’s under demonic influence; I don’t know.)

7) QAnon is NOT accurate and thus not to be trusted.

8 ) There is no such thing as the Rapture. There is one Second Coming and it’s not merely metaphorical and it hasn’t happened yet.

9) It IS smart to prepare for future bad calamities but NOT without trusting in God to take care of us.

10) Government officials are most likely as scared and panicked as everyone else and in pursuing the saving of lives break the Constitution; when caught their pride or their fear causes them to fight back when in fact they should be humbly working together with everyone for the best solutions. (Look to Texas!) But most, if not all, are NOT trying to participate in a global coup to take over the world on behalf of George Soros, Bill Gates, the Clintons, or the UN.

11) But Satan IS using this time to tempt us all, divide us all, mentally break us all, get us all to distrust each other and distrust God, and to probe our weak areas to see who will fall into conspiracy fear or roll over and take totalitarian persecution of the Church. So yes, avoiding the conspiracies is good. But so is fighting back on religious and other right infringements. This too IS a moral good.

12) Happy Easter and take a deep breath and say your prayers and reevaluate things before posting on Facebook during this Easter Octave. Lent was rough, ya’ll. We’re in this together!   Thank you Fr Bartus.


My comments: Well done Father. Actually the Mao II Xi virus. He Neroed with his fiddle for eight weeks to help the SARS-CoV-2 super spread. Italy has numerous ChiCom owned businesses that like the Made in Italy label but were flying their infected workers back and forth. Fearing xenophobic label, Italy did NOT ban flights as early as Trump did.

It doesn’t matter whether Major Gen Chen Wei, the top bioterror expert of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) leaked the flu from 4 floors down or not, by locking out the world for 2 extra months (still today), banning reporters and squelching any information to help find a cure, Xi (his dad was the propaganda minister for Mao) is revising history and lying. He wants to re-establish the dynastic hegemony of China and despises the West, but our focus must be on helping others. 1/3 of the US deaths are from one city: NYC because of sardine can conditions. Social distancing is what we dads demand of that boy who wants to date our teen daughter. It is PHYSICAL distancing, coupled with masks and clean hands and hearts that will beat this bug

Our job is to pray, wash our hands, wipe, mask and HELP the alone elderly hygienically. We ARE in this together.

Still helping people with their real estate needs. But aka the Virus Hunter. Yes, the SARS-CoV-2 virus (CoVid19 is the disease) is brutal, but a lot less brutal than the RoWad73 virus that has plagued the world since 1973. The disease is abortion and 2.2 billion yes billion very young kids have died, and 63 million in the USA.



Virus Hunter’s comments for the video clip below.   Worry not, these couples live in the same household and needed to pick up some supplies. The Virus Hunter during this public service video of SARS-CoV-2, observed the necessary 7 foot distancing, no hugs occurred. No handshakes or hand to face touching.

The supplies they were getting are CDC and DHS approved. Since we are in this together, the Virus Hunter is passing on positives, the good stories and sharing ideas. As well as sharing the struggles. No bug has ever beaten America. We WILL survive and thrive.

If in public, per the new guidelines, wear a cloth mask until the N95s and surgical masks are satisfying the needs of health care workers nationally and Gov Cuomo is content.

Amazing stories of private corporate generosity, as well as private charity neighbor to neighbor are spreading faster than a WuHan Institute of Virology designed virus. America takes care of its own. And helps the world, often the first to be on the spot of world calamities like Equakes and Hurricanes. Even building a field hospital in Grand Central Park to help the most massive hotspot in the world, NYC.

WHEN IN PUBLIC, MASK UP.  I know the Surgeon Gen said differently.  Cloth masks in public is the rule.  Other things: 

Wash with soap 20 seconds OFTEN (sing Hapy Birthday while doing or two Hail Mary’s).


Often Disinfect surfaces with CDC approved cleaners.

Practice PHYSICAL distancing procedures; after all Social distancing is what we demand teen boys do with our teen girls on first dates…until marriage sets in.

The Virus Hunter recommends at least 7 feet since anecdotally the virus travels in droplets, can live 12 hours, aerosolized (conjecture) can travel possibly 27 feet.

ALWAYS err on the side of caution. The profile of the virus is not 100% known, new data comes in daily.

Watch the task force reports. Great therapies, like the HydroxycloroquineZincZ-pak regimen (doctor prescribed) and others are helping so many stay alive.

HAVE PATIENCE WITH THE EXPERTS, because information changes, discoveries happen. If you must, and it makes you fill in your big boy and big girl pants and your toddler tantrum leanings, blame Trump. Every DEM does before breakfast. After all, it’s his fault the sun rose this morning and the globe warmed locally this AM

Hydroxychloroquine and other remedies are showing great promise but it takes time. CDC has a profile on all the current healing strategies..

CHECK THE ELDERLY, hygienically, who are alone in your neighborhoods.

This real estate guy, aka the Virus Hunter, continues with his sword of truth at his side and a quiver of arrows of hope, in stride, Looking for the next good news and helping to fight this non virtual very viral, disease.

Last remind: LAUGH. Dr Patch Adams says laughter is medicinal. He echoes what Charlie Chaplin said “Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the surcease for pain.”

“Remember laughing? Laughter enhances the blood flow to the body’s extremities and improves cardiovascular function. Laughter releases endorphins and other natural mood elevating and pain-killing chemicals, improves the transfer of oxygen and nutrients to internal organs. Laughter boosts the immune system and helps the body fight off disease, cancer cells as well as viral, bacterial and other infections. Being happy is the best cure of all diseases!” ~ Patch Adams

Pray unceasingly, stay vigilant and help others stay vigilant as well. When asked, who IS that masked man? Whisper quietly, it’s

~~The Virus Hunter      HERE IS A ONE MINUTE DAY 118 CLIP


Sad news this Easter tide: Pray for the Archley family.  Like me, Stephen was a Thomas Aquinas College dad, father of  many (8) who contracted an unknown respiratory ailment that was treated as flu.  It wasn’t.  99% chance it was CoVid19…he passed away (definitely in heaven) on Feb 16th and someone, if we didn’t have so many prostiticians and China’s bioweapon was NOT unleashed by Maj Gen Chen Wei, Stephen could very well be alive.  Even if it spontaneously generated in WuHan via bat bazaar buffet, the 2 month purposeful delay by Xi Jingleping is evil.

Quote of the MONTH:  “We are all in this together!”


America WILL get through this! No need to Panic  Prepare! Fear NOT! Knowledge and Wisdom will win out.  Fear turns you into sheep that can be manipulated….not everyone is trying to destroy America like the Speaker of the House.

~~The Virus Hunter. Real estate guy by day…with the sword of truth and his quiver of arrows of hope by night, chasing the Truth and Facts.


How to navigate this site: we update this continuously, keeping it timely. Clickable links are in BLUE Choose your sections to review like Stats (if you like big numbers), good news (if you can’t trust the media to actually report instead of panic you), praise reports, how to protect etc.  AND!  Ideas to help others. 


NEWS Stories: 

san-damiano-crossPray.  Democrats in the House, after ANOTHER week of delay, finally passed the $2T bill done and signed in minutes by President Trump.  The 80 year old Gavel Granny Pelosi played “don’t let a good crisis go to waste” politics and delayed the relief bill.  Why?  Amazingly…

She wanted more $$ for RoWad73 virus and her buddies at planned parenthood.  Instead, she should, IF she gave a hoot about Americans dying from CoVid19 she would shut them down and turn the taxpayer supported “medical” clinics  into Covid19 beds.  Slimy Nadler wanted $8 billion for NY museums.  What, to turn them into mausoleums.  Where does the left get their chutzpah, tin headed evil.?

Stay focused on the need.


Hope is here with Hydroxychloroquine & aZithromycin; it is looking very promising.  Healings are happening all over, in China, France and Florida. NYC has a 110 patient test.  Dr Wallace, a Cedars-Sinai LUPUS rheumatologist doctor has used it for decades with no side effects.  None of his 2000 Lupus patients have contracted CV due to the therapy/drug.

BTW, it is NOT fish tank cleaner (chloroquine phosphate) but either hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine diPhosphate

Recently, a Florida man named Rio on his death bed got a dose of Hydroxychloroquine and today he is fully recovered!  Bibi & Israel just shipped 30 million doses of this treatment.  The same Bibi the left loves to hate. TY prime minister


Click on this to hear Rio’s recovery story:


Answering questions about origins: 

==Conjecture=Just Maybe the bat banquet is NOT the prime source for patient zero===

Steven Mosher, in the NY Post, reports the virus may have leaked from the bioterror weapons lab in WuHan, China.

Maybe this gives a whole new take for Made in China. No, I am NOT xenophobic. Most people can’t spell it. I believe there is ONE human race, filled with mostly kind, nice people. But we do have a few baddies in the 9 billion worldwide.

“Steven Mosher: ” Xi didn’t actually admit that the coronavirus now devastating large swaths of China had escaped from one of the country’s bioresearch labs. But the very next day, evidence emerged suggesting that this is exactly what happened, as the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology released a new directive titled: “Instructions on strengthening biosecurity management in microbiology labs that handle advanced viruses like the novel coronavirus.”

Read that again. It sure sounds like China has a problem keeping dangerous pathogens in test tubes where they belong, doesn’t it? And just how many “microbiology labs” are there in China that handle “advanced viruses like the novel coronavirus”?

It turns out that in all of China, there is only one. And this one is located in the Chinese city of Wuhan that just happens to be … the epicenter of the epidemic.

That’s right. China’s only Level 4 microbiology lab that is equipped to handle deadly coronaviruses, called the National Biosafety Laboratory, is part of the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Here’s the link for the whole story:


Ideas to instantaneously create more beds. Planned Parenthood kill mills are everywhere 

planned parenthood covid19 challenge rev1~Miami Spring Breakers and Planned Parenthood are bizarre Virus Rebels’ people who ignore being adults in this pandemic. They kill kids or swap sweat & spit.

For decades, we given half a billion$ to PP yearly to pad their doctors’ bank accounts.  Turn killing tables into CoVid19 beds, planned mother_teresa-with_babyparenthood!  We have federally supported med facilities under the PP banner, yet planned parenthood has NOT repurposed their kill mill rooms for CoVid19 beds.  They claim they are essential to keep the population in check? Or is it to keep their demon docs bank account$$ full.  $616 million tax $$ while doing 345,000 abortions. Where’s Newsom when you need him? PP could always return to killing kids after the virus has passed; we ARE giving them health care tax dollars, still and to call them “essential” is a mockery of American good will.  Trade up to beds from knives, Dunn.  Your evil can do some good.

If you can, forward the challenge.  


More Good news Department:


Mary the Maskmakeer broke thru 100 masks in her quest to help the mask needs for the disadvantaged and those not a part of the medical network.  With Nurse Rita’s help, 40 went to the Little Sisters of the Poor retirement home, some soon to the Tehachapi Norbertines, Fr. John Moneypenny and others.  Don’t waste this time of uncertainty. Certainly use it wisely. Sandy and others are masking away too!


The virus seems to dissipate with warmer temps.  More therapies being developed as vaccine trials underway, such as the hydroxychloroquine with Zinc and Azithromycin. 

==Praise Reports==Good news is good!  Newest first=======

My Pillow Mike Lindell has converted 75% of his manufacturing facilities to making 10,000 masks a day.  on the way to 50,000.  while the ankle biter petty Morning Schmoe Joe and BreezinSky grumble.  No good news is acceptable to ABCNNBCBS

San Diego cops help out a 95 year old man shopping for food and doing well checks on him

Cherry Tree elderly are being checked on continuously

A 70 year old Italian priest gave his ventilator spot to a younger man the priest did die.  Totally like St Max Kolbe did at Auschwitz, TAKING the spot of a father of 3 to be shot and tortured.  Goodness ALWAYS surfaces in a crisis.  some conjecture it is an urban legend. still checking

Sandy, Mary and so many others are making cloth masks to help the care givers.

Amazon just donated 735,000 masks they kept for the wildfires.  Harbor Freight donated all of their N95 (masks).  So many companies are retooling, like GM for ventilators. Joann fabrics donated mask materials.  Israel donated 6000 doses of their solution. 

Truckers  The reports are that the truckers are getting supplies to the stores. People are stocking the shelves all night and letting old people shop first. Carnival cruise line told Trump we can match those big Navy Hospital ships Comfort and Mercy with some fully staffed cruise ships.

GM said hold our cars, watch this, we can make those ventilators where we were making cars starting next week. Restaurants said mmmm, we’ve got kitchens and staff, we can feed kids. NBA basketball players said, hold our basketballs while we write checks to pay the arena staff. Construction companies said here are some masks for the medical staff and doctors. You’ve got two Democrat Governors getting told we will make it happen by a Republican President who has fought with them for three and half years. Yeah we are a nation divided. We are a bunch of woosies who cant live without baseball, NASCAR, NBA or going to the beach or a bar.

I think a Japanese admiral in the middle of the Pacific said it best in 1941, “I think we have awakened a sleeping giant.”  What communist China didn’t count on was America saying “Hey, hold my beer and watch this.”Give us a few more weeks and we will be doing much better!  Sharing this from another FB friend. We have a wonderful country and an amazing God.  Hat tip to Maggie Patterson Torborg.  It is sooo easy to be critical and miss the good happening all around you.

CNN&American Media.  Now if someone would just get the word to ABCNNBCBS, we don’t buy their ABCNNBC BS any more.  They don’t take notes at the task force updates, always with their hit list. The team, incl. Trump’s, answers are edited to make these asses look good and they can diss all the good going on in America

=========Many are working on Masks===============

Also, Jennifer Anastasi is going viral on making masks.  It’s amazing what Americans can accomplish when not worried about who gets the credit.  Move over Captain America!  And prostiticians, please stay home, shelter in place, and shut the heck up. You’ve done enuf damage. Let We the People take it from here.

Pulled from her Facebook: Jennifer Anastasi is feeling grateful.

20 hours ago I posted about making masks on my local buzz page, to donate to our local first responders, 19 hours ago I virtually met Becky Hoskins-Kirchner, who wanted to accomplish the same goal, 18 hours ago we created a group and invited others to join us, 16 hours ago we had our first masks sewn to CDC specifications, 10 hours ago we had 250 people sharing supplies and being instructed, as of now we have an army of 400, 4 administrators, donations rolling in of supplies from JoAnns Fabric, M&L which was closed but the owner opened up to gift us hundreds of yards of elastic, and 3 formal requests/orders to fill of donated masks which will likely be done by Monday!

This is community in action!


Mrs. Mary Beckman started making them Sat March 21st.  You guys are giving Rosie the Riveter a run for her spot as a top patriot in action.  Look out Captain America, here come the Betsy Rosses.  The LAOpera and ahmanson are shuttered for a time; so the awesome management donated elastic and fabric to Sandy and Mary, both excellent seamstresses.  Like Jennifer and others, Rosie is back.


=======Stay Sterile and Help others=========err, I mean, keep surfaces sterile and wash your hands often===

But, Pls don’t assume anything and DO take this serious…We the People have it in our hands to mitigate this killer, to solve this OR mess it up!  Isolate or Quarantine ourselves, especially if symptomatic.  Wash/soap Hands  Wipe surfaces (Clorox etc.)

But IF you want to mess up your family: Be a spoiled irresponsible toddler Miami Spring Breaking idiot swapping spit & sweat & sex with people from the other 49 states.  World peace and hunger are noble causes, college kiddies, but this is not an ephemeral issue.  It is REAL, and your grandparents and siblings will suffer if you bring it back home.

Progress is underway, people.  (Hydroxy)Chloroquinine is a mature drug used for malaria that is showing promising results; used on SARS 1 before, early in this century



Good News first. Progress is being made. Recoveries are way up worldwide.

In the USA, many will NOT die from the flu, YOUNG & OLD, because we’ve upped our sanitation game.  Hygiene is king.  Realsville: 2018-19 flu toll was 34,157; today’s CoVid toll is 7077 in America, with 25% FROM NYcITY after four months!

EVERY Life is precious.  Yet, that is 58 Americans per day have passed since Dec 1st.  Compare to 34000 for flu.  But what isn’t known, is that millions may have had it and the percentage is way below 1%

  Remedies are surfacing all over.

We the People will battle to keep the CoVid19 at bay.…IF we do what we should.

Neighborly elderly help is breaking out (stores open early Elderly only eg) all over.  Looks like anti-malarial virus therapies. Big question. does it pass via mosquitoes?  Waiting on an answer.

Concerns: Much of the hospitalizations are in the 20s thru 50s, even if not fatal.  Just don’t swap spit, sweat or wanton sex…like these morons on Miami’s beaches from all over the US

Spring breakers take note!!  Though no child has died we know of, they do get severe symptoms and can have permanent lung damage after recovery.  Yes, this is a prime danger to elderly, but ANY family member or friend can carry it. And you don’t want your little ones, moms, to catch it.  I’ve been there going 5 1/2 months thru one pass the flu season with my 11

THE “Stupid IS as Stupid DOES” AWARD goes to the Miami Mar 16-20 Spring breaker partiers who said pound sand, we ain’t gonna isolate. 

You wonder what colleges are indoctrinating these post-puberty toddlers with, when they say things like “I don’t care about the virus.  World peace and hunger are more important”


The Real Time STATS:

=====================United States=======================

apr 6 US 10781 deaths 

Easter sunday US total 22108   

New York City at 6900 about 1/3 the total

California summary:

300 in LA, 41 in Riverside County  54 in Santa Clara County

45 in San Diego   31 in San Bernardino 26 in Sacramento

10 in Ventura  19 in Orange County


The past Virus Hunter’s analysis by state: 

Date  US cases  wa   LA/ca  nyc  fla   la   Tx

4/6  364,723   348     132  3485 172 474 49

4/3    273,880  299   89     1584

4/1     190,000  230  167  1680 

3/26/7a 69684  129 61  364  23 64 59 40 16

3/25/7A 55568 123 57  271 20 43 

3/24/6a 46485   109 43 183 18 35  26

3/23/1p 41708   92 35   154  13 29 78 25 9

3/22/4a 26,747  94  27    76    13 20 16  20 5

3/21/4p 25,493  94  24    60    13  16 16 14 5

3/21/6a 19624  83   24   46    11 14 11  14 5      

3/20 7a  14250 74    18    38     9  10 11 13 5

3/19  7a  9415  68    16    20      8   7  5   4   3   

3/18 7a   6519  55     16     7      4   3   2   2  2

3/17 2p  5204   50    11    12     5    4   3  2   1

3/17 9a     48    11     10      5    4     3

    Too many of the WA deaths occurred at Life Care nursing home; but NYC, such a high density international city, broke 1000. I am tracking results as an ‘arrow of hope’ so people do not LOSE hope.  It will help you see that the “cleanliness is next to Godliness” is working.  

Stay vigilant, even tho No Kid under 40 has died BUT they can have severe symptoms and permanent lung damage if they contract it

Do not assume it’s grandpa’s disease.  So, what do we do? Read suggestions after the China update

============China====lies, lies==================

China’s improving  picture:  Cases  Recovered     Deaths

3/23                                 81,496     72,819         3274  (Stopped tracking China because they lied and continue to lie

3/21                                  81,305    71,857         3259

3/20                                  81,250    71,266         3253

3/19                                  81,249    70,535         3249

3/18                                  81,102     69,755        3241   

 It IS improving if this is honest data from the source  Recoveries on the upswing

Speaking of China, IF Mosher’s research is right, we just defined a new level of “Made in China”.  A bioweapon to help the Hegemonic dynastic pursuit of Mao II, ChiCom Xi.  No matter the start, it’s what we do NOW that counts.

================Virus may come from WuHan Institute of Virology===========

===========Healing section=====


==PREVENTION====== How to Stay DISEASE FREE=======

Help the elderly stay alive; they are the prime target and YOU are too  Here’s how?

1 Wash hands w/ soap 20 seconds… often    Better than hand sanitizers since rids hands of germs. Do NOT touch face.

2 Wipe/ disinfect surfaces   CDC has a disinfectant list

3 Do NOT lick doorknobs   At least until the PANicDEMic passes. Point is YOU can carry the virus w/out symptoms touching any surface. 

4 Self isolate if you have cold, flu or CoVid19 symptoms.  And practice Social distancing typically 6 feet or more. 

5 If you have a mask, use it to when YOU are symptomatic and keep from infecting others. The virus can live a long time suspended in droplets, even days. Hygiene IS king.

6 EAT HEALTHY, fruits&veggies a must. If possible, DO NOT take reusable plastic or cloth bags to the store. Single use plastic bags HAD a purpose (still available at HomeDepot): NOT bringing viruses to supermarket checkout surfaces. Clerks have seen cockroaches, crumbs, foodstuffs of all planets and noroviruses.

7 Help the Elderly in your neighborhood… WHEN you are NOT symptomatic for cold, flu, SARS-CoV-2.  See below for your heroics

A chance to do great with the “Keep Our Elderly Neighbors Alive” project at blog’s end. It’s free and family friendly. Adapt it but DO it.

.  Daily, this Virus Hunter hunts for the accurate numbers, worldwide and stateside here in the US.  Knowledge is powerful antidote to the hoaxes and misinformation.  By day&night, I work hard for your real estate needs.  But after midnight, the Virus Hunter is digging the world for what’s really happening. Sword of Truth, Arrows of Hope…

Section A  The Virus picture & HOW TO READ IT

Looking at CoVid19, for the global and national picture click/tap on the red URL:  

  This is the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource site. Excellent updated three times daily source for the TRUTH. The Facts.

 How to read it?  In bold red upper left, is total number of cases, worldwide or by country.  Look at the picture below, see the 2424, which is the number of cases as of Pi Day AM; the site updates every three hours.  Links to the CDC and other on the bottom.  Click/tap on any country and you get recoveries, cases and deaths.

Remember, figures can lie and liars can figure.  The TRUTH always SETS YOU free!


Virus Hunter US picture
3 14 2020 9:33:03am edt

You can go on anytime;  I will update this interactive blog site often, answer new questions etc. When you click on it, you will be able to see the US picture, and the picture of over 100 sites and countries worldwide.

For example, tap on United States once you’ve opened the site: you will see number of cases, recoveries, and deaths BY STATE.  l will give you, the Virus Hunter’s informed opinion. 

But the Dr Fauci & Dr. Red at CDC, Dr. Birx and the Pence led task force will give you the national take.  They have been working day and night to help Americans stay safe. It’s We the People’s time to help others.

DO NOT PANIC! Your elderly neighbors or those with compromised immune systems,  do NEED YOU! Stay away if infected or symptomatic, but don’t leave the “alone” to suffer.

Since the WuHan //SARS-CoV-2 the virus//CoVid19 the disease, whatever you call it, got underway, we know the ELDERLY are its prime target so far. 

But 99.99% of us are useless to help other countries and states, yet we are CRITICAL to helping locally.  Find those positive things we can do safely.

TAKE ACTION in YOUR church, school and especially your neighborhood; we are the most blessed nation on earth and we never turn down a challenge.  Note again, Worldwide, over 70,000 HAVE recovered so we know we can beat it. Some believe the peak has passed, others stir the pot.  Stats are fine, but local ACTION is the best remedy

Section B  Symptoms and remedies (BEYOND OUR LIST ABOVE):

Stanford HealthCare is one source; the link is just below. The CDC is another.  Do NOT click on the Hoax site wandering the web, that says there is a 10 seconds breathing test.It’s a fake.  It is a hoax claiming to be Stanford.  This one below is correct:

For the big picture, I prefer the Johns Hopkins evolving Coronavirus Resource site above for tracking the world of SARS-CoV-2 (the current hot respiratory virus) and known as CoVid19 or human coronavirus disease. It is easy to use, updated every 3 hours.  But the CDC, accessible from the JHopkins site, is excellent as well.


Section B’:  Welcomed 8 million students to home schooling this week!

Lots of schools are closing for a time nationally.  Actually, we homeschoolers NEVER close and turn up the afterburners in a crisis. As Michelle Malkin puts it: HOMESCHOOLING IS A CHOICE, NOT A CRIME!   So, we’d like to give a hearty WELCOME to the  public and private schoolers out there.    As a seasoned domicilic pedagogist, this 30 years homeschooling dad, now helped with my older kids excellent efforts, an amazing wife, a great mom praying for all in heaven, I’d like to welcome the 8 million students nationally, the 14,700 closed schools, especially the LAUSD parents to home education.  Even if it is for a short time.

Sadly a pandemic opened the doors to the super awesome joys of hybrid home education, whether charter or standard  home schooling).  If you have never heard of such a thing, not institutionalizing your rug rats and curtain climbers, this isn’t  Little House on the Prairie anymore, although nothing is wrong with the Little Red schoolhouse.

The homeschooling community is a vibrant part of the Church, AMerica, in fact YOU. And vice versa; we have a massive network of excellent educational materials, plenty of on-line tools, local coops cooperation between other parents in which we teach each others’ children, across this land.  Even if only until the CoVid19 veil is lifted, it is a GREAT opportunity to bond with your kids and do projects.  So, in the morns, when you see a human that resembles your offspring, SPEND the time excellently.  It’s not Spring Break but it is a chance to get to know them better during the day.  Projects to do REAL good?

Like the “Keep the Elderly Alive” project profiled at the bottom; easy to implement and your elderly neighbors will appreciate you.  


Section C: Mobilize don’t just ANALyze! We the People projects. Email in yours!

But how about spreading GOOD NEWS?  

>>>>>The “Keep Our Elderly Neighbors Alive” Project (reprintable pdf at the end of this blog)

(Lenten) Service Project for our Seasoned Folks. 

Don’t waste this 30 day viral vaca; think of it as an early Easter break, families: Help the truly needy.  And the ELDERLY are the biggest target of the flu and WuHan disease. 

It’s OPEN to atheists, gamers, neo homeschooling families and well, YOU!

It’s WE the PEOPLE time:  All of us are in this together, the new 8 million home educating brick&mortar public&private K-12ers AND seasoned home educators:

Mission Possible.  Parameters: There are always single/couples and unattended elderly that you know personally, or nearby, living in their homes in apartments and homes in your neighborhood.

Mom and dad, if you and your kids are not symptomatic with cold, flu or SARS-CoV-2, knock on doors and make sure they are getting food and give them your home phone for DEFCOM 1 level “emergencies”; sometimes they just need to know someone cares to keep them healthy.  Of course, this is a great family project for moms and dads and kids to do this together.  Imagine IF we actually make contact with our neighbors?!  There’s no sports on TV, dads, and schools are closed for a time.  Not mine, of course, but do GREAT with your kiddoes

IF When you do it, please email me how it goes to with Lenten Project in the subject line; I DON’T need their names…YOU DO! Follow up.

Ask them at least these questions:

  1. Knock on the door.  We are helping our elderly neighbors at this time. How can we help you Mrs Jones?   (explain your project)
  2.  What can we pray for, for you? 
  3.  Do you need anything?  Offer to bring over (xxx??) for their needs. 
  4.  INVITE them to your home; we are allowed to talk to each other   
  5.  Offer to drive them or run errands. Many are isolated NOT because of a virus.
  6.  Sadly, churches aren’t staying opened precisely when they are needed to, so offer them your help and pray with them. 
  7.  If they are not religious, still do the Christian (other faiths, too, do charitable work!!) and HELP.  Simple.  EVERY one is our brother and sister.
  8. REPEAT.  IF NO ANSWER, leave a note and return.  Help as many different elderly as you can.  Get others to as well
  9. FOLLOW UP.  You decide with each elderly what the frequency is. Make sure their life alert and cell phones are at the ready for 9 1 1 if necessary. Visit as you agree. Promises made need to be kept.  YOU will benefit MORE than the elderly. Trust me

Come up with your own ideas.  I’m just the Virus Hunter, certainly not perfect and not as smart as you.  Do you want an EZ to print pdf page?  Working on it.

  LOOOOVE to spread great news so email me your stories.  Also tell me what worked, how your elderly neighbors reacted etc.  And any suggestions,

Like a pandemic virus, GOOD can spread just as quickly as well. Where evil abounds, GRACE abounds more!

Tell the elderly you are helping, you want to make sure we all pull through this together. 

Make sure they are taking their vitamins, stay hydrated and getting good veggies and fruits. Maybe cook for them and bring them groceries.  Fund raise Confirmation kids and school kids to help them directly.  Charity is best served local and anonymously, being its own reward.

Note well: the over age 75, or compromised health victims are WuHan CoVid19s greatest targets and as Kirkwood WA knows, with 40 deaths so far, the biggest chance for early death is 75+.  What a sad story, in which 75 of the 150 Life Care Center patients were hospitalized with WuHan positives.

More details coming soon; check back as often as you want!  Get going We the People.  The SARS-CoV-2 cannot be defeated without our unified response.  This is NOT political, folks, even when the DOOMeCrats keep blaming others.  Be a maker of good, not a taker of hope.

YOUR Virus Hunter.

We can’t do this alone.  We need each other.  If you have a question or see an error, tell me.  I will get an answer or correct.  eye hatte et wen peeple cant spel two wel.

This is YOUR site to help others.  It is NOT political nor prostitician run.  Real people, moms and dads, it is YOU and your kids who can flatten the curve and save lives with God’s help.

Email with Virus Hunter in the subject line.  Lenten Project for feedback on how you have helped your elderly neighbors. Corporal works of mercy, like spiritual are great for these last 30 days before Easter!

Section D:   The Question box: 

Question #1 in: Where’d this virus come from?  D Smith  The Wuhan virus’ started in a city of 11 million in Wuhan, China.  Patient zero was reportedly on 12/1/2019 with no 100% confirming evidence it is from a “wet market”. We must be careful to be chivalrous, and not PreJudging at this time.  Solve the problem and don’t do finger pointing (unless you washed your hands for 20 seconds and realize you have three pointing back at your mistakes). 

Spain and Italy has a lot of cases; reportedly 10,000 Wuhans come back and forth to work there, but again, this is conjecture.  Truth is odorless, colorless and habit forming. 

Take the Spanish Flu.  It did NOT start in Spain, but in Kansas in 1918, the land of Oz and Dorothy; 102 years later, we deal with Influenza (Flu)A&B every year. 

Reportedly it was spread by troop carriers after the first World War.  It doesn’t matter: in fact, with the increased handwashing and surface wipe downs, self quarantining, MANY FLU VICTIMS WILL NOT DIE DUE TO THIS NEW HUMAN CORONA VIRUS STRAIN.

Question#2  Is this a pandemic? Mary T.  Depends on who you ask. Dr Levitt of Stanford believes China is on the downside of the curve. Dr Fauci says kudos to Trump for quick action to ban flights from infected areas and Quarantine USA returnees. The doc claims thousands of American lives, and a huge spread, were saved by these unprecedented acts

Spain and Italy, recall, is taking draconian measures to mitigate as well; possibly, with 10,000 workers back and forth from infected areas like Wuhan, they are needed.  Currently, in Calif., we have had one death every 17 days.  Washington’s Kirkwood Life Care Center will continue to see their numbers rise, what with their massive infestation leading to an unprecedented 42 current deaths as of 3/15/20.  Wash.  Wipe    Isolate.  Help the Elderly.   Always remember, each of us is the barrier to pandemania taking hold.  This virus is three times more infectious than the flu.

Question#3  Mark Steyn suggested do not reuse cloth and plastic bags.  Why? 

The Virus Hunter is happy to answer this…Single use plastic bags are made, not from fossil oil, but from Natural Gas waste products, so no oil well is injured in the making of SANITARY HYGIENIC single use bags.  That is a EnviroRAD fraud the climate change worshippers foisted on us.  Ask any seasoned clerk at Stater Bros etc.  I have asked for years.  The foreign objects they have seen on FOOD conveyor belts include crumbs, cockroaches and the Seattle norovirus passaround that debilitated a travel sports team two years ago.  REUSED bags have NO business coming into CostCo or your local supermarket.  That is, if you are serious about social distancing from viruses and bacteria. Thank you Mark Steyn for the point..


  Email your questions as well to

Here is a simple, downloadable form for your Elderly Neighbors project.  We the People, Let’s get going.  This is our country and these are OUR neighbors. IF you are NOT symptomatic, you CAN contact your elderly neighbors doing a special “well check” and maintain “social distancing” when you do.  As a family or individually, works of mercy is a great response always.


You are NOT doing it for a reward.  But the best Help the Elderly thru CoVid19 stories will win prizes.  After all, the Virus Hunter does not rest, until the last case is solved.

It is NOT government’s job, but WE the People’s duty.  After all, per our Constitution and founding documents that outline the unalienable right to LIFE, LIBERTY & Property, we ARE the government we love to complain about.   Signing off, until next time

~The Virus Hunter   Sword of Truth & Arrows of Hope in hand. Truth overcomes FEAR every time.

Section E  More Good News Section

1  More young & old potential FLU victims will NOT die because we have become germaphobes, washing our hands often.  This could save 1000’s who otherwise would not survive Influenza A& B

2  Stores are opening earlier for the elderly only hour, helping them stay healthy.  

3 Neighbor to Elderly neighbor helps are taking off. 

4  Home schooled kids set up a mini concert for a 78 year old sheltering in place.  At a safe distance of course

5  Gov DeSantis told the toddlers from across America to stop swapping spit and sweat and get off the beach

MORE errata!

Letter from an awesome homeschooling doctor, Perlita (TY Betty Arnold! for sharing):

From a doctor friend of mine. Worth the read:

Some of you might know that I am a homeschool mom who also happens to be a medical doctor. I rarely bring it up except we are in the middle of a very serious global medical crisis and I feel the need to speak up. Viral epidemiologists try to predict the development of a pandemic and determine appropriate interventions to curtail an outbreak. I have been following the trends very closely in regards to COVID-19 and we as individual citizens must do our share to help combat this pandemic. I am reacting not emotionally, but logically to the facts and observed behavior of this virus in China, Europe and now in the US. My purpose is not to alarm you, there is already enough hysteria from the media. The crisis is not political either so blaming parties will only divide and accomplish nothing at this point. Coronavirus is biologic and it is real so we cannot pretend it will just go away on its own. We have already witnessed the destruction it has caused across the world. Our family was in Rome and Europe over 2 months ago, and to see its lifeless images now is devastating. Our world is not that big and as Christians, we have to be united as a society with all our brothers and sisters.

We are all susceptible to this in one way or another, and we need to cooperate with the medical authorities who are risking their own lives to treat patients and contain the further spread of this virus. These next two weeks are critical at this stage of the game (we are still in the early stages in the US) because currently, there is no treatment for this brand-new virus to humans which means we have zero immunity against it. The only weapons we have at this time are strict sanitary control….but most importantly social distancing. It’s that simple! This works and it is not an exaggeration. This virus is very fast-reproducing and extremely contagious and can only be mitigated by keeping humans apart from one another as much as possible. The virus cannot replicate without us…in fact it is totally dependent on us. Starving it of our human cells by spacing ourselves from one another is the most powerful weapon against its further spread. And it’s not forever, only until we get a handle on this pandemic.

What this means is that we need to stay home and isolate ourselves as much as we can….for the sake of our entire society. Even if we are young and healthy ourselves and figure we’ll recover. Well, that’s not good enough because we young and healthy ones can carry it asymptomatically and cause a serious or even fatal infection to many, many people who are vulnerable…and never even know. In all my years in medicine, I have never seen anything act like this, including Ebola, swine and even the mass hysteria of the HIV infection when it was first discovered in the 90s. I cared for patients with HIV when it was unidentified, fatal and scary, and we healthcare workers were put at significant risk in caring for these patients, but it didn’t spread rampantly through the general population like this is.

We do not need to be afraid. As Catholics, we turn to Sacraments and prayer for strength, act smart and responsible to do our part. Get a few necessary provisions (within reason), and stay home with your children for the next few weeks. Seriously, HOME. No unnecessary meetings, no playdates, no extracurricular classes. Yes it’s hard to have cabin fever with cute li’l restless ones…maybe let that be your Lenten sacrifice? There is a reason that this is a state and national emergency, schools and colleges are completely closing, restaurants are closing, professional sports teams are losing millions/billions of $, our local Bishops have dispensed the weekly obligation of Mass and even cancelled Masses in San Diego, the Pope has cancelled public participation at Easter services, and even Disneyland has closed! Believe me, I know, ironically that as homeschoolers that staying home is a hard concept to fathom! This is medical history….and we need to help contain this pandemic by doing our share.

Locally, two recent cases are close to home: a woman has died of Coronavirus at Pomona Valley Hospital and now healthcare workers who tended to her and her family are in self-quarantine. Just tonight, West Covina schools are officially closed because a YOUNG student at West Covina High School has tested positive for the Coronavirus. Folks, it’s here and we need to unite our prayers with our sacrifice and civic duty to help save lives during this dire situation. With God all things are possible!

Here is the affected West Covina youth’s own words of wisdom from the article: He went on to urge students to follow guidelines from state and county health officials. People are advised to stay home, exercise proper hygiene, avoid large gatherings and limit social interactions.

God bless you,

“May the Lord direct your hearts to the love of God and to the steadfastness of Christ.” -2 Thessalonians 3:5  

Have a great day spreading the Gospel and sharing your LOVE!

Len is a dad of 11, retired scoutmaster, feeds his offspring with real estate and LOVES his clients, taking their needs seriously. In 4th decade of youth ministry as a volunteer; research director of a sane environmental org and SEEKS the TRUTH in all things. 

As the virus hunter, he holds the sword of Truth at his side and his Bow of Hope, with a quiver of arrows, at the ready to calm people down with the facts.  NOT the greedy petty DEM media mob.  Carpe Diem Magna Cum Gaudiam. We are in this together

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