The Virus Hunter’s Covid Chronicles Jennifer & The Mask

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The amazing Jennifer Horn, a famous radio personality on AM870, along with the excellent Voiceologist, the Man of a 1000 Voices, Brian, do the morning Answer “drive time” show in Los Angeles. 

In the midst of the SARS-CoV-2 craziness, drive time traffic isn’t quite the same even on the massive 5/10/134/210/57/15 SoCal freeways because those we elected to govern us are scrambling to do the right thing to keep us alive.  Sometimes they do.  Not always.

Totalitarian ideas are everywhere.  Buzzing wristbands when we get to 71 inches or less (hubby and wife: beware!) or getting tickets for being inside your car, while homeless camps, which I call ObamaVilles, continue to spread Typhus & Covid disease cocktails.

Hope is alive though, like the Placentia shelter built so the Obamaville~~Crowther at the 57 could be emptied. TY Officer Brian!  And emptying Placentia did, saving lives by putting them in a shelter. No guarantee any or all will get jobs, but that’s life as we go yuckkk socialist.  There is still hope to turn this around.

rosie the riveterOn tax day, Jennifer spoke from her heart, saying something I believe was critical; she’s a hugger, like many of us, yet the thingee that is driving her nuts and many will agree, is the mask.   

Not to mention, the ever changing rules, this time, you MUST wear The Mask 100% of the time.  It’s more than a Masquerade ball due to facial positioning.  Our handlers worry some tree or sidewalk will catch Xi’s Plague so even if the street is deserted, you must wear it in case the Virus Mask Cop or a nosy snitcher is watching.  Using drones or binocs.

My wife, Mary, whom I call one of the Maskmakeers, works as a supervisor for the wardrobe/costume department of the LA Opera and as a “dresser” from time to time for the Ahmanson, Segerstrom and other theaters in SoCal. 

As this social experiment winds on, rich and poor, everyone is trying to figure out what to do and how to help during this Covid19 crisis.  See the greatness of Americans?

Inside the death stats, incredible things are happening, with the much maligned private corporations repurposing to make the necessary materials to maximize protection for the heroic health care workers AND keep the vulnerable, especially, the elderly, alive. 

Like GM, 3M and MyPillow; founder and CEO Mike Lindell, in fact, the “Crack to CEO” Mike converted 75% of his factories to make masks as well.   Of course, the toddler Todd’s and Schmoe Joesor Caustic at CNN complain and complain an ex Coke Head now CEO believes in God, renewal and forgiveness and giving back.  When the heck has any ABCNNBCBS talking head given anything but grief to those trying to help.  Not this news cycle of the last three decades.

Yes, in too many ways, this generation has become a bit soft.  But, America rises to every occasion, wherever in the world.  This is our hallmark, rugged US individualism converted to community help, neighbor helping neighbor.  We don’t mind getting our fingers dirty and face coverings made.  It’s just let’s use Jennifer’s common sense before we require people to do things NOT essential to protecting life.  EVERY action has intended and unintended consequences, some good and not so good.

Why cloth masks?  Mary, who is also part of the performance theater union leadership, received an email that masks were needed.

Her friend, Sandy K, whom many of you don’t know, is also an excellent seamstress who made Mary’s wedding dress when contrary to logic and modern social norms, said ‘Yes at Nativity Catholic to adopting 11 kids and this author.  WHAT woman marries a guy with 11 kids; great kids of course but 11?


Sandy suggested to her the same: let’s make masks for those who need them.  Rosie the Riveter reincarnated. One way, of so many, in this war effort against the silent killer. Some volunteer to deliver meals on wheels to the elderly. Others are finding ways, big and small, to help as Americans always do.  Find a way to help and ACT!

You don’t know Sandy, but if you watched the Oscars, you saw some of her dresses & costumes she made for some of the actresses.  These fine ladies, like another Jennifer A. we know,  are happy to stay out of the limelight, but like so many others, they are making cloth masks.  Because someone asked.  Take a mother of 13, Lora Lee; she is making them with her offspring to help others. 

100% cotton unlike the one Leonardo De Caprio donned in the 1998 film, “The man in the iron mask”. That one served a different purpose I know Jennifer Horn would object to, as well.  With good reason.

  There are similarities, with the four storied musketeers, Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and D’Artagnan, during the reign of Louis XIV to these Seamstresses of Smile.  The 1660s of course were different times but today’s Maskmakeers (accent on the -keer syllable) are at the ready to help a world perplexed by an invisible malady. The Plague of Xi. Instead of swords, they use needles and sewing machines; their scissors and rolling pizza cutting style knives cutting fabric.  Carefully sewing them with elastic.  Sometimes with themes.

Mary and Sandy, nor JennA or Lora Lee,  don’t charge for their random acts of kindness, as most of the country’s mask makers consider this their way of helping in this unprecedented time. Know an elderly person on your street? Give her a mask and check in on her.  Being 90, like Mrs. Allec on our Mary Poppin’s Cherry Tree Lane, means she can’t do everything for herself.

The Maskmakeers’ (accent on syllable three…practice it “One for all and all for One”) handiwork has been donated to the Little Sisters of the Poor, Washington hospitals and locals like CHLA, the Norbertines of Tehachapi, a priest or two, a Ventura County pest control biz that can’t get them for their ESSENTIAL work.

In fact, two masks found their way, designed by Mary, to Brian & Jennifer, as a thank you for what they do for Southern California. 

Stars on one side, a sports motif for the Dodgers’ #1 fan, Jennifer, and the Voice Master’s penchant for using Uber, decorated with various states license plates, including the yellow Empire State, on his obverse sided facial covering. A week or so later, a 2nd Dodgers only mask made it to the Conservative Crusader of Truth.  Brian got a pizza nicknack, his fave bachelor meal other than McD and Burger King.  Brian IS incredible with 1000 voices.  You can hear them on AM870 The Answer from 6-9am.  But I follow Pat Madrid?  Listen on pod later.

Yet, IN the Limelight is Miss Horn. 

She said, despite the government directives and her company’s policies, she felt uncomfortable putting a piece of cloth across her face.  Salem is a great company, but it’s not easy to navigate these turbulent waters.  Not about personnel, but about…

A mask. 

I agree and her point that as a woman, it is demeaning, shades of a burka or wild west robber, to be forced to cover her face. Don’t get me wrong, i believe in freedom of religion; IF a woman WANTS to wear a burka, I say “knock yourself out” and enjoy the freedom to do so.  As long as you are NOT a slave and your man demands you wear it anywhere you are seen. 

Different story?  Not really!   We Americans have tasted freedom and will be darned if we don’t keep it or push back the ‘little tyrants’, whether Dr or Gov precedes their names.  The Modulator Newsom or Cuomo. 

Take something Brian Whitman and I totally agree on: the phrase ‘essential job’.  Brian IS right: who has the right to determine same?  EVERY LIFE is essential.  So is every JOB!  America was thriving with its best fully employed economy of the last 50 years, before the forced shutdown.  Millions of interactive transactions, freely occurring is the hallmark of a free market capitalist society.

Unfortunately, STILL locked down for no good reason.  We are in a medically (Dr Fasci & Scarf Lady) induced economic coma and close to ‘point of no return’ the masked Phantom sings about. 

22 30 million job losses so far; 3 million one month late mortgages.

I believe simply the little tyrannical state kings, sometimes governors, often dictatorial, are not God! 

EVERY job is an essential job…to someone. Unlike communist China, Russia, Cuba, we value EVERY individual life as sacred. We don Jennifer’s masks to protect others and ourselves, UNTIL common sense says hooked across the face 24/7 outside is idiocy.

Speaking of tyrannical gods, deciding that celebrating Easter in your car in a private parking lot, deserves a physical distancing violation when the Virus Cop forces an $800 ticket through your opened window?

EVERY job provides income to a family, which a family spends in the former $22Trillion economy creating more jobs.  The beauty of the free capitalist market is FREEDOM to buy and sell, not have yellow tape down a WalMart or Target aisle saying these products are plentiful but YOU CANNOT BUY IT BECAUSE I SAID SO! Signed Gov XX or XY.

For the record, masks are a part of human history, not to mention we mask our emotions when we need not.

Masquerade balls. Train robbers, like portrayed at Knott’s Berry Farm, pull up their bandannas to hide their face & identity as they rob the passengers.  Bank robbers today use ski or other full face masks to also hide their identities while they take what ISN’T theirs… 

 Interesting concept: believing we are “owed” a job, a life or we are owed the sweat of other people’s hard earned money and livelihoods.

Much like too many prostiticians who feel the public treasury is their personal piggy bank… and their newfound power has intoxicated waaay too many of them.  ‘Little tyrants’ per one writer.  Why we have to wear them full time outside is another foolish edict, where the “one size fits all” theory is bankrupt, like so many small businesses are experiencing. 

This renewed requirement to wash with soap for 20 seconds is long overdue; grandma knew what was good for us.  Cleaning surfaces like she and mom did are both goods too. 

When the truth is in, we will realize flu cases and deaths are DOWN because of this new brother respiratory virus from Wuhan.  Giving a whole new meaning to the “made in China” label.

As to labeling, the mislabeled “social distancing” connotations are leftist words with mixed messages, some subliminal. Actually, as a dad of 11 kids feeding them practicing real estate, I must admit ‘social distancing’ is what I (and most dads) demand for any of my 6 daughters on their first and subsequent dates from their Cro-Magnon Neanderthal, club carrying miscreant male escort.  No less demanded of my sons…I guess it has worked, because I have the best sons-in-law possible, not to mention daughters-in-law.  The ‘in-law’ portion is not necessary.  We love to hug and well, along came this designer virus.

It is better termed “physical distancing” or “physical separation”, using the two yardstick, 6 foot requirement helping to NOT infect your neighbor.  The mask stops YOUR cough or sneeze from hitting the passers by or your family members; if you are symptomatic, of course, isolate and self-quarantine. It may help stop THEIR sniffle flights at you, too.  Since the SARS-CoV-2 virus “sufferers” also are asymptomatic, wearing the mask is a good idea WHEN YOU ARE NEARBY.  Thus, it is two way protection. 

But 100% of the time? Jennifer is NOT the Lone Ranger, that masked man of lore.  Nor Zorro, who defended the plebes from the overreach of the Dons who valued life just a little less than the Politburo and Mao II Xi.  As Rush put it, it’s been 30 years since the truth about communism has been taught in our schools.  We ARE seeing the melodrama of true totalitarian control on display, in Asia and the other part of the Pacific rim, California.

But, no mayor Wilhelm DiBlasio or Garcetti, or governor, should demand it remain on your face when someone is beyond 6 feet.  Similarly, with a lot of the other supposed keeping us healthy edicts.  Why is buying a basketball at WalMart illegal when purchasing essentials, like fruits and vegetables.  And the MOST IMPORTANT thing on planet earth: toilet paper!  Woe to the Bidette manufacturers, now bankrupt.

For you scientists, that six feet is one wavelength at 185 Hz.  For us serfs, spit distance.  Worst estimate is the virus can travel 27 feet but you don’t need to protect the sidewalk or trees from your breath.  As any legend in their own mind will tell you, THEY know best.  Like telling Walmart to NOT sell “non essentials” is basic totalitarian; same is the 100% MASK law/edict/suggestion.  Bizarre. 

Acton was right: “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts ABSOLUTELY.”  50% of the US counties have ZERO cases; Wyoming has one death.  Looking, as the Masked Man, the Virus Hunter at the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource site, today shows that sardine can city in the Empire state, NYC, has 7905 deaths out of the US total of 27085, almost one third! 1/3.  Another large city you might know Los Angeles has 366 deaths.  Don’t get me wrong, EVERY life is precious and worthy of saving, just as EVERY job is ESSENTIAL and worthy of…saving.

But America is NOT NYC, nor is NYC a good example to continue to make a $22 Trillion economy and 330 million occupants of the American Dream lay down and play dead.  Cuomo, who continues to demonstrate how NOT to govern, is an idiot.  He says “It is over” when the vaccine is proven.   Just like Ohio’s whining DeWine.  Vaccine?

Uhh,Godfather Andrew, there is NO universal flu vaccine, nor for a cold and especially for that politically protected disease and virus:  AIDS & HIV.  Nope. 

We have therapies but no polio style virus destroyer.  So, Dr. Cuomo, who got everything he asked for including NO HCQ at pharmacies,  but still called our wartime president an idiot, wants NYC to stay locked down until the 2024 election that will usher in President Pence.  ‘Idiota’ as the Centurion said while Jim Caviezel’s Jesus was being scourged toward death.

America is NOT NYC.  NYC is NOT America. 

In case, we are doing this by the numbers, 490,000 flu hospitalizations occurred last year, and the year before 810,000.  We’ve proven the health care system, though strained, has not been destroyed.  Hearty TY to all health care workers…and rosie the riveters and Mary the Maskmakeers who are doing their part.  For the SARS-Cov-2 virus and Covid19 disease?

We maxed at 62,000 hospitalizations, as remedies like the Hydroxychloroquine and other regimen have come forward.  It’s logical: as time moves on, the time to release us prisoners of the Fascis’ desire for perfect instead of the acceptable good, happens sooner than later.  Because, we ARE a resilient gracious and blessed people.  We CAN read and write and don’t need the Know it Alls to keep telling stories and head faking us to stay in our sheep pens.

The Phantom wears a custom mask as he seduces Christine to sing her heart out. 

Speaking of hearts, Jennifer beautifully spoke hers for so many others in the listening audience this postponed tax day…and she is right: no one owns another; recall, slavery cost us 600,000 lives in the 1860s. 

No one owns a woman or a man; certainly there is more to wearing a mask than our handlers understand..  America was founded out of need for a country to have true freedom, the list of which is unending; the current required mask is more than an artificial separation from the Founders. 

The three enumerated rights, of Life, Liberty and Property, are jealously sought around the world.  Well, IF we are taught such.

I know, #3 property may not be familiar to you unless you are a Constitutional scholar: it was written as private ‘property’ until the slave states refused to ratify our birthing nation.  It became the “pursuit of happiness” to keep the peace, even though you can’t be free if you cannot own property. Being a sharecropper is not the optimum life.   Your wealth, which you can use to help others, feed your family and do good with, is NOT secure without the liberty to do with it what you want.  And if your LIFE is not protected from the very young, preborn through the very old, our precious elderly, there is no LIBERTY or it is a fleeting memory when the communists and socialists take over the 2nd to last free country on earth, beyond Bibi’s Israel. 

Brian IS right: we don’t need governor gods to dictate this job is critical.  And we MUST be careful going down the 1984 Big Brother route:  we don’t need to be attached to digital QR codes and cell phone leashes like Putin just announced and Mao II XiCom has instituted using the pandemic as an excuse.  It’s bad enough Cortana, Alexa and other robotic non organics listen in to our every word.  But, Rahm’s words causes Xi to smile: he’s never “letting a crisis go to waste!”.  Social credit on Chinese humans extending even to the US.  No forehead or right wrist UPS scan code necessary for the 666ers in the room.

And beautiful Jennifer, conservative crusader for the truth, it insults your essence as a God designed woman to be forced to cover your face as a checkoff on a One Size Fits All checklist.

No bureauRat should be able to dictate you wearing a face covering in public SINCE it does nothing but give the Little Tyrants one more little enslaving victory.   Ankle biters man & woman both parties, but in a political room, it seems the Blue is comin’ for YOU the quickest.  Sorry Brian, I do love you as an acquaintance, but the truth is the truth.  I do not agree 100% with the Donald, but being a 30 year homeschooling dad of 11, I AM a student of real American history:

The Democrat party of 1854 was founded as the party of slavery; it morphed to segregation after 600,000 viral North South civil deaths. Jim Crow, separate but equal, busing.  Kicking and screaming in Deep South defiance, blacks still were 3/5ths human for a time. 

No longer forced to harvest, blacks have morphed to today (ask your fearless leader the Bore of Bubblegum Pelosi oddly fighting for very old relief dollars to kill the very young) in which, per FOIA releases and Sen Blackburn “Infant Lives” subcom meets, blacks ARE the harvest.  It’s in black and white about harvesting the white and  the black.

You pay $150 for a black baby heart extracted by Dr Dino (Doc in Name Only) Regan Theilen at PParenthood Gulf Coast and sold to herself at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

Sorry, Brian, I know you hate it when I mention the A word.

Off the soapbox:  Why ticketing cars at a drive in Easter church? Reverend Schuller never had that problem at his Orange Theater in Orange County when he first came here on the way to the Crystal Cathedral.  He and the Mrs. converted to Catholicism just before he died, but before he pulled for the 10,000 windows to become today’s Christ Cathedral.  Shut down, locked up, live streamed as we believe, some maybe, it’s still better to stop people from congregating.  Getting close. 

Shuttering places, like synagogues, mosques and Christ Cathedral’s 1060 windows to the heavens, is a troubling state of affairs.  The public interest, like the public health, are variables and subjective. Atheists’ cheer.  Freedoms impaled violates the sacred trust we put in the elected AND administrative state of insanity.

Jennifer’s mask doesn’t hide the irony.  It took 10 plagues to get the pharaoh to answer Moses’ simple request “Let My People Go!!”  I hope it doesn’t take 10 weeks, let alone 10 months to do the same in the freest covenant land on earth.  After all, plague 10 took the first born son from EVERY family.  China reopened their wet restaurant markets this week.  So obviously, the virus comes from wet markets?  I have said for months it started in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, accidentally or on purpose.  Check the news today on FOX and then ABCNNBCBS a week later.

joe biden masked

There are all kinds of custom masks, built to one’s personal needs. Like Joe’s

It’s time governor XX and XY. There’s reasons people are peacefully rioting against your totalitarianism in the midst of the Totalitarian Xi’s actions.

Paraphrasing Ms. Horn, “protect the people’s freedom and fight the disease” are not mutually exclusive. 

 And it is keenly important, we exercise our freedom to speak. By voicing her concerns, she speaks and acts for many who don’t have the silver mike and can’t vocalize their fears, their concerns, the uncertainty of no date certain, to pull the jobs lever. 

Here’s hoping, like small state South Dakota governor Kristi Noem or Florida Gov DeSanti’s well laid out plans, we don’t destroy the nation based on a unique city designed for disaster because of its uniqueness. And 100 story sardine cans with a Square that can house a million every Dec 31st.

On Sept 11, 2001, we saw what happens when an unwelcome enemy shows up on our shores to destroy the US.  This current enemy, invisible to the eye, will not vanquish US IF we use our brains.   Some public servants HAVE brains, Brian.  Some don’t

Don’t adopt Cuomo and Walter Wilhelm’s godless leadership.  Cuomo claiming God has nothing to do with this recovery. The arrogant idiot.

NYC is a state and country unto itself. But, don’t force us to wait 2 years for the “perfect” when we don’t need to: the “better” is here right now.

  If a state or city refuses to open, let them pay the political price; but if you are one of the 99.8% of American locales NOT inundated and intubated excessively, get a plan in place, and release the private enterprise & sector captives.

  Sadly, the ABCNNBCBSers LOVE destruction and anarchy to sell papes and get Biden Clinton 2020 elected.

They are NOT news reporters because they want to MAKE the news not share it with us. 

Doubt me?  Compare Adam Schifty’s fake Trump conversation with the real transcript; which, while the nation was dealing with a real crisis, Pelosi and Schiff and Nadler were spewing piles of cess instead of leading and helping their respective districts.   

And while America is dealing with this emergency, the Proctologist General Adam the Schifty is getting his haircut by his daughter and the Bore of Bubblegum, Pelosi, is AWOL.

No one is occupying the people’s deliberative House and Senate;  where the hell are those 535 elected ones?  Certainly not HELPING solve the problem.

Remember, prisons are built to protect those OUTSIDE the prison; today, it’s the opposite: the innocent hard workers are LOCKED in their sheep enclosures waiting for Governor XX or XY to pick up the holy water and anoint the private sector to do what the public sector did NOT do, lose a job: end the lockout, shutdown and start back up. 

Brian and Jennifer are an important and essential part of the real media, a liberal and conservative working together to share both sides.  But as usual, EVERYONE is entitled to their opinions, but we are ALL entitled to only one set of TRUTH. The true facts.  

“Who is that masked man?”  Why, humbly, it is the Virus Hunter, with his sword of truth haltered at his side while carrying a quiver of arrows of hope.

Thank you Jennifer and Brian.  Keep up the great work, like Rush, shining the light of truth on a world that is revolutionizing itself; so much will be different as we pull out of this, some good some bad. 

And Jennifer, please keep hugging. There IS an emotional toll to wearing cloth across a beautiful face when not necessary.  A Hug delayed is NOT a hug denied: at least, give out “Free Hugs Certificates” redeemable when the time is right; you can mail them or fax, even tweet.  Design your own or use the master someone sent you.  In fact, Brian in Studio K should get the first from the lady in Studio Jen.

  It’s bad enough we are soooo critical of each other, and ‘mask’ our emotions when not necessary.  But, sadly because one side as derangement syndrome and the other seems intimidated to speak the truth, candid sharing isn’t the first option.

Soon, I hope, the cloth masks will be shuttered, not the economy…and pulled out only when necessary.  Yes, the evil SARS-CoV-2, like next year’s N1Hi influenza will be back next year, joining the most persistant virus that has killed 63 million Americans so far: the RoWad73 virus.

‘Yes, we all are in this together’ but America is NOT the Big Apple, yes a fine city.  But until it slows its rotting core, do NOT use it as the measuring stick for stopping the pandemic of familial death: jobs.   

Moses isn’t available so let us shout together:  “Let my people go….back to work”.   

Layoffs, job loss, drinking, drug use, suicides are part of the covid The virus hunter Masked mandeath symptoms, when the shut down was billed to make sure enough hospital beds were available and flatten the curve. Even flatten the curve is a cute palliative to the truth: we should have sheltered the vulnerable, the elderly.  Pulled a DeSantis and demand better hygiene in nursing homes (where the abandoned elderly go to die).  NOT lock up the healthy.

few if any government bureaucrat has lost their job.  It’s the private sector, a mere $22Trillion economy, that is in Pelosi’s LockBox

Cuomo may continue to do the two week shuffle, thinking we are all ignorant sheep that believes anything that comes out of his pie hole. NYC is NOT USA.  Especially, since we now know the elevators and subway y buses streamlined viral spread.   AND…

How many Beijing deaths?  Hmm.  The biowarfare angle is coming out knowing that NO buses or planes flew out of 11 million residents’ Wuhan starting in December, to other China destinations.  But Xi intentionally promoted continued travel to Europe and the US FROM Wuhan, irrespective of the virus accidentally or on purpose leaked out.

The viral curve IS flattened and the hospitals beds are half empty.  If only someone can reason with the various Gov Tiny Tyrants before another 17 million lose their jobs, maybe we can beat the bug before the bug squashes the land we love: America.

In case guv you didn’t know it, last year, 50,000 died from the flu and 2.8 million died but NOT due to Xi’s viroTerror weapon sent worldwide.  Not to mention the aborted which kills the very young because Covid19 spares them like there’s innocent blood on every America home’s door mantle.

So, check in on your alone elderly in your neighborhood. 

Wash & Wipe,  Isolate. You get the picture.

The Virus Hunter

Len Beckman, real estate broker by day, AKA Virus Hunter for as long as needed.


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