The Virus Hunter’s Covid Chronicles The Plague of Xi

Officially, on April 18th (Divine Mercy weekend locked out of Church),  the Plague covid quarantine and tyrannyof Xi, is on notice: your days are number and you have been found wanting.  Over. You are evil and we won’t let you live.

The timing couldn’t be better, for just 15 years ago, Pope Saint John Paul the Great ended his time on this mortal coil at the same hour and day: April 2, 2005.
Three days after the leftists and Scientologists finished off a sentient woman by starving her to death, Terri Schiavo Schindler.

Moonbeam II The Modulator Newsom and other Governors, check your walls:  you tasted power and some of you haven’t seen the writing quite yet.  Yes, you can oppress us all like since you own us.  But…

Ticketing people IN their cars physically separated from the Virus Ticket Cop until he violates your space,  forcing the ticket on you is not America.

Comrade Wilhelm DiBlasio using Chinese mfg. drones and telling neighbors with yard sticks to “snitch” on fellow NYCers is the thing Mayors like Bill love: having power and using it senselessly, totalitarian losers all.

Absolute power, like absolute tyranny, make for not so strange bedfellows.  We all know, the delay in opening California is until after the Earley Edition and Young Kim special elections.  Newsom is doing it for his aunt Gavel Granny Pelosi.

The Plague of Xi makes the son of Mao’s propaganda minister, Xi Jinglepingle, smile

Governors, it’s not the innocent Chinese masses; and the ChiCom Pharoah Xi may be responsible for the Plague of 2019, but you are responsible for the response.

America is a blessed, covenant land & not your personal fiefdom, leaders.  And, “Give me liberty or give me …your office keys” is fitting in an election year plagued by our main enemy: atheistic communist China and Mao the 2nd.  Meanwhile, the stage is set for Pence 2024.  The 11th plague will not win.  Despite revising history, ChinaCovid Air flew planes from WuHan to the US, Italy, Spain and anywhere but INSIDE the mainland.

God HAS delivered us from the Plague of Xi! Praise Him on Divine Mercy Sunday, every day, and preferably someday INSIDE A CHURCH or Cathedral.  Now let’s get working.

A little primer:  “Let my people go…back to work!”  Who writes on walls?  Well, our urban artists with spray cans, choice of colors and gang insignias and God.  His most notable was using His finger to outline on palace walls of Babylon, after 10 Commandments were written twice on stone. IN the New Covenant, He now writes on our hearts.

“It refers to Chapter 5 of the Book of Daniel in the Bible when King Belshazzar sees the words Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upsharin written on a wall.  Belshazzar summons Daniel to interpret the writing, which Daniel translates as “Numbered, numbered, weighed, divided.”  Daniel tells Belshazzar that the writing means that Babylonian kingdom will be invaded and divided among the Medes and the Persians.   The term “writing on the wall” has since been used to refer to any omen that predicts a bad outcome.” (Pennington)

Well, we know, we have been a divided country for years; there are good examples where conservatives & liberals can civilly disagree and converse, like Jennifer and Brian on AM870 The Answer.   But, now we shall see how our leaders react with their borrowed power.  For all earthly power comes from above. And is bestowed by the citizens, not the foreign invaders who prefer lawless entry with Ice Queen creamy Pelosi welcoming them.  AND tiny tyrant Newsom giving them our money and our jobs.

Despite unmistakeably crazy odds, Trump rocked.  Shut down ChinaVirus Airlines flights on January 31. No bias against slanted eyes like FDR, Trump knew quarantining returnees was a wise move.

Some of you state level leaders did excellent during your trial period; but too many of you love the power and as “Tiny Tyke Tyrants”, you are spreading indiocy over a well informed populace.  This isn’t pony express days with the Wells Fargo wagon dailies. We are informed sheep, though we are still sheep. For a time.

Newsom, he tried, but the influence of his aunt, Gavel Granny Bore of Bubblegum (and Ice Cream) Pelosi, overwhelmed him: still pushing his Regressive policies.  And she her speech rip ups. $25,000 refrigerator “Let them eat Rocky Ben&Jerry” Lina Lamont in your face optics.

Why that date, Divine Mercy, as the flattened curve point?  It makes eternal sense.   The anti-God ChiCom Xi may not be blamed for an “accidental” leak of purpose filled tyrannical viruses, but once it leaked, he unleashed what should be called “The Plague of Xi”.  He became Dr Xi d’ Mao II, using WuHan and other Chinese sheep as Petri dishes to incubate, then export his plague, to the West he hates.  As the propaganda specialist like his dad was for Mao, the revising of history and lies, deceptions, drone spying et al has commenced.

Xi shut down inside ChiCom traffic to and from Wuhan within Communist China.  He knew he had an epidemic on his godless power mad hands.  But, Xi was not satisfied until he could pan the world.  Thus ChinaVirus Air distributed Viral workers to the world.  Wow, how well that worked for the dynastic Xi and the Politburo.  No way would they allow their mistake to just hurt China.  After all, they ARE the purist race from the first couple Adam & Eve.  Hegemony does have its impact.

Yet flights continued to take virus laden Chinese passengers to Italy, Spain, the US, every where else.  Be careful to blame a billion people in the Far East for the deeds of a few: It’s NOT the Chinese peoples’ fault.  It is Xi prez for life and his chicom buddies.

This is unmistakably the PLAGUE OF XI.  Call it what you will, the Wrath of Comm(unism) or SARS-Cov-2, but give thanks to atheism, communism’s best evolution of tyranny

Chief disinformation president for life of the Communist Chinese party.

Major General Chen Wei, the Lady Killer, as the top viralterrorist expert for the People’s Liberation Army, she knew this was serious when she visited WIV.  The Wuhan Institute of Virology where four floors down, the reported worker bit by an infected bat became patient zero.  Or may Lady Chen unleashed it herself.

In one way, it doesn’t really matter that this was a planned release or not; SARS-CoV-2 has all the markings of a superduper bug.  The most infectious contagion in history…but not necessarily the most dangerous.

Like the Pharoah of Moses’ day, Xi does not think the real God exists, just his Politburo’s worship of atheistic communism, where human life is no more precious than a termite.

Difference between Marx’s stepchildren, like Stalin, Lenin, Hitler and Mao (Xi’s dad was propaganda minister for Mao) …and America is LIFE.

Other than the devil’s stepchildren at Planned Parenthood, where life is best sold in parts, Americans believe EVERY life is precious.  Every life is, what’s that word, ESSENTIAL. EVERY life is NOT a statistic, but God created for His purposes.  Not the doctors of death right to slice up and sell baby hearts to TexasU Med or YaleMed.

As Mao II Xi proved with the Plague of Xi, communist dictators think life is cheap and SPENDABLE.  Expendable means Xi’s hardened Pharaoh’s heart doesn’t give a damn how many Wuhanians he sacrificed for the greater godless good of the Politburo and giving the finger to the West.

Speaking of “numbered” prostiticians and mainly Dem governors, look what they did during this Plague of Xi’s heyday.

The Bore of Bubblegum Pelosi showed off her wealthy lifestyle, showing that the Botox Babe has been poisoned with power lust.  Like Lina Lamont of “Singing in the Rain” fame, she wasted massive resources playing her hand, a 2-3-4-5-7 loser impeaching Trump and showing off her Ice Cream Queen opulence in her $25,000 freezers.

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upsharin

Gov Cuomo, showed he fears neither voters nor God, claiming God would not bring us out of the Plague of Xi, the Wrath of Comm (unistic destruction).

What a fool, just like the Babylonian king who had the original writing session with God.  One day you rule the world’s largest empire; next day, the Medes and Persians divvied up the spoils of a dead egotist.

Gov Cuomo, like the tail wagging the dog NYCs mayor Comrade Walter Wilhelm DiBlasio, wants the Federales ie you and me via more tax $$ surrendered to these incompetent spendthrifts, to bail out their state of profligacy.

Like Newsom is angling for and so many others, sadly mainly Democrat governors.

The Schumer~Schiffty~Nadler~Pelosi show: they have been counted, found wanting and time for them to leave the national stage.  They have tasted the “free” cash and are intoxicated with power: NOTHING will be enough for this miscreants.

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upsharin

I watched an hour presser, supposedly for the task force updates, on Divine Mercy Sunday.  Question after question by those whom President Trump calls the fake news media, blaming everything but Abel’s death by Cain’s hand….on Trump.

ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS (or as I acronym it, ABCNNBCBS), the Post and others.  Arrogantly, often rudely, justify their sorry asset existence by lies and demeaning potshots.

When Cuomo backhandedly thanked the administration, a Dem owned mediatrix at the presser kept jabbing Trump about whether Cuomo complimented him, or his administration or even said anything nice.

Meanwhile, Trump kept stating it was his people, not him; health care workers, the VP, the thousands involved in the fight.  These are signs, not of reporters, but of arrogant partisan hacks who don’t really care about the news OR Truth.  Just advocating for bankrupt regressive policies that fail at every turn.

EVERY House member, 1/3 of the Senate and many of the governors will see if they have been found wanting: “writing on the wall” will be in the nation’s voting booths, pulling levers or writing on paper, not stone, with pen-loaded fingers.  Too many of them agree that the RoWad72 virus is ok to ravage the states, with Pelosi directed money to flatten the curve killing the very young as the very old are taken out by the Plague of Xi.

But the question is, how will the US and the world deal with the Pharaoh, Mao II Xi ?

cecile richards and covid planned product of conceptionFrankly, Xi’s kingdom is not off the Nile in Middle Egypt: it is a hegemonic dynasty going back millennia and this well orchestrated, no matter the origin in nature, via bat bitten techie or on purpose, viroWeapon unleashed like frogs, blood and locusts on the world, MUST be answered.  With forceful actions not just typically empty rhetoric.  But, what happens with the SARS-Cov-2 is still in process.  The other pandemic virus afflicting the world is called the RoWad73.  Dr. Cecile from Planned Parenthood BioTech says” It’s NOT a baby, it’s just a product of Conception”  Well, 63 million dead Americans would say otherwise if they weren’t killed like they lived in a nursing home, where the abandoned elderly go to die.

Product is defined as something “bought or sold”.  PP sells baby body parts; hearts fetch $150, livers and hair follicles, about $25-$500.  The virus, SARS-Cov-2, is the “Product of Deception”, the Plague of Xi, and Xi and the Politburo, the Chinese Communist leadership (not the citizens) sold out the US.  AND the world.

Stay blessed and safe.  ~Virus Hunter





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