Confession: I voted TWICE this Nov…Did you?

I really DID! Here’s how and why we desperately need Voter ID in these 50 states; not just because Mark Elias of Steely Dem Fusion GPS fame, but Franklin’s Republic is DEPENDENT on one person~one ballot~one vote for us to survive.  Time to reform the fraud inviting electioneering

Funny, we can land a man on a postage stamp on the moon and/or send a Tesla Electric Roadster/Space X rocket to the Sun with the boosters drifting back under power to landing barges in the Atlantic.  Many of you reading this are on a phone, computer, app iPhone or ‘Droid.

  But we CAN’T, even with the GAFT (Google,Apple,Facebookand Twitter geniuses), guarantee one man/woman, one ballot.  ONE VOTE.  And one particular party is very happy we can’t, that was founded in 1854.  My favorite niece Liz the Lawyer tells it a bit differently, but i contend the genetics of that Southern Democrat slave party lives on today.

But my Confession: Here’s my true story from Saturday, Oct 31st, planned parenthood’s feast day.

I went to one of many polls centers that can serve the citizen in 2020, part of the past familiarity benefit at polling places; this one in Anaheim, at St Anthony Claret where I grew up and had graduated from in 1966. 

As usual, i was very pleasant with the hard working poll workers and the line was nil.  After going to the starting table, I pulled out my driver’s license, showed her a utility bill and had my birth certificate at the ready on my phone.  The kind worker said “No, you don’t need those things”.  But i told her i didn’t want any mistake to be made, to prove as i had for the last decades of elections, that I am who I say i am.  An Anaheim resident, born in California and my driver’s license picture vaguely matched but proved I was Len Beckman.

In past elections, the poll worker would ask for me to look at the book and verify my address and name, others hidden from view, then sign it stating this is me; i’d show them the Big3 of license, birth cert and electric water bill. 

This time, a bit surprisingly, she just asked my name; she found it and she went to the electronic voting machine and explained the process.  Then she entered her code and I was off to the races.

I started voting and when I got to the Mayor of Santa Ana, i knew something was a bit wrong. I called out (the church hall had one other voter at the time) to the worker that it seemed odd being an Anaheim resident and deciding whose going to replace Miguel Polido, the long-standing termed out Mayor.  when I explained to the worker came over that I was NOT a John Hancock twin with the person i was voting for, he said he would delete that vote so that the person who had a similar name to mine could still vote.

I walked back to the table and showed the fine lady who didn’t need my address verified on my utility belt bill, my voter’s guide mailed to me from the state; she looked closer and matched it to a different person, same name but then loaded a different code and I went back and voted the second time.  This time Anaheim stuff came up as well as the 45th most prolific president in history’s familiar name.  And his fine male running mate.  No it wasn’t Jo Jo or Joe, though you had to dig down deep in the ballot to find the MAGAman.  After thanking them, I promised them donuts on election day…which, yes, I did in the form of McDonald’s beef & chicken sandwiches, the exact location and place I made $1.45 an hour a few decades previously

I cheerfully left St. Anthony Claret hall, having done my civic duty but as you can see, voter ID IS a critical need.   That Santa Ana Len was preserved for his voting experience.

Voter Identification?  Like my driver’s license, birth cert and utility bill? The Democrat leadership hates the idea, claiming its racist to expect po’ Negroes to own one and black people can’t afford an ID because they are too stoopid two bee abel two reed orr rite. 

What pap and utter nonsense: you need a personal ID or driver’s license for so much in life but NOT for the most critical action as a citizen?  to Vote? 

The saddest thing is the NON Democrater neutered Republican House&Senators out there haven’t battled these misery merchants about insulting their former zero waged employees in the 19th century.

Looking for a MASTER racist? Look no farther

You might recall them; they got room and board, meals but their wage rate was less than $15 an hour, that magic minimum we hear so much about.  Geez, before 11 kids and my real estate practice and brokerage in 1988, i made $1.45 an hour.  PLUS a 7 cents an hour retention Christmas bonus if i still worked at the Golden Arches on Dec 31st.  Incentive IS the spice of life AND the lifeblood of American free enterprise capitalist life.  Too bad, the welfare blob is sucking the soul out of soooo many still.

At least the ObamaNation Dem machine takes this stuff seriously…you know honesty, integrity and stuff like that as long as they can pull an Alinsky and do the OPPOSITE.

Have you heard?  Supreme leader Sam Alito had to step in due to massive election campaign fraud.  Governor Tom Wolf and Secretary of State Kathy Crookva violated both the Federal Constitution and Pennsylvania’s election laws. With two left wing Senators, 4 Dem elections officials and the AG in cahoots. You might not know if your diet is the Dem owned media i call the Big4 radiated news and Big2″paper” anagramed as ABCNNBCBS wPost-Times.

The Republican led Pennsylvania Legislature, the largest full time one in the nation with 253 members, was illegally bypassed to steal the election.  They had already ruled moving out the election day by 3 days was a farce and NOT gonna happen.  NOT to mischievous HillyBilly Clinton’s Markie Marc Elias’ taste.

Count them: 253 (50 plus 203 in its two houses) constitutionally able legislators refused to change election laws and the Democrat executives didn’t give a beaver’s dam.  So the Secretary of State & Governor went to town with the help of Hillary’s & the DNC chief enforcer, Mark Elias.  You’ve heard that name before.

Whose eligible to change the election process?  Not Dem’s Crookva or Wolfie on the executive side: ONLY one of these: the Penn state legislature and the football team.  Well, not the gridiron.

Recipe for 47th president, following 46 and 45 in the same year; the Elias ObamaNation Alinsky-Elias path to victory:

One, Create chaos; two,  overload the system; three,  blame the victim; four, get earlier voting and later and later counting while protecting the sneaky counters from vitamin D papering over windows in the City of Brotherly Love.

Those 56 signers lost their fortunes, families, land and their very lives. Check the back of the $2 bill

This IS the basic four plan of the Communist Manifesto and Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. and other criminal communist anarchists like the ObamaNation loves to foist on real Americana. The usual suspects like Obama, Elias, Clintons, Soros.   And boy, did they go at it with a vengeance…the 8 elected OC Republicans converted to Dems AFTER election night 2018 was just a warmup.

Look what the DEMolition crew has done over the last 24 months:  320 lawsuits in collusion with Democrat legislatures across 45 states were filed to alter and destroy election laws. Under the honesty integrity radar, they got much of what they wanted by cherry picking states and courts, including no signature verifications, counting vote beyond election day and mail in ballots

The fraud Steel “dossier” bag man, Marc Elias (infamous for using fusion gps Glenn Simpson for disinformation) changed laws violating the Constitution.
U.S. Marc Erik Elias (born February 1, 1969) is an American attorney specializing in election law, voting rights and redistricting. He is a partner at Perkins Coie and head of the firm’s Political Law practice. He is as dirty as they come, part of the team that has dogged Trump since the down escalator trip.  These people just hate NOT having power.

What a great four years it has been.  The ObamaNation spy and lie and accuse machine (sounds like a description of their god, the devil) kicked into top gear as Melania and her husband came down Escalator One.   And not to be outdone, the ObamaNation machine continues to be seditionists, never leaving power to the people. 

 Always destroying American families. Citizen legislators, not criminally insane oligarch Demonrats was the Founders’ plan.

One person.  One Ballot.   One Vote.  sound simple?

NOT 3/5s of a person, like the much maligned black segment of our blessed nation, a Federated Constitutionally mandated Republic. Sad to report (won’t be on ABCNNBCBS wPost-nyTimes):

The Democrat leadership is a RICO, racketeering influenced criminal enterprise. Everyone who can read and write knows this; in fact, despite indoctrination replacing educated, 99.9999% blacks can read this.  The ones that can’t are under two years old.

No one EVER mentions it but Obama is only HALF BLACK. though 100% conman.  His ObamaJoe’s Dem party continues to enslave blacks, just on a different plantation each century. Actually, they don’t give a damn or darn about them harvesting cotton, sharecropping tobacco anymore.

The main Democrat money machine plantation remains the rabid abortion loving 1854 party of enslavement: in Taxifornia, GaviNewsom and his Aunt “DO as I say, NOT as I HAIRDO” prefer HARVESTING black girls, via GaviNewsom’s state church called planned parenthoodlums inc.

19th century: Southern Democrat Greek Revival mansions anchored the enslaving plantations in Jefferson Finis Davis’ segregated Confederacy which included such alcoves like Alabama   Their motto was an interesting one: Lingua Latinam (Deo Vindici) loosely translated with God as our protector/defender.  Honestly, I don’t think Mr Davis and friends had a red phone hookup to God, but that plantation plank was 1854’s contribution.

20th century plantation began with Jim Crow laws, segregation ad litem, Eisenhower calling out the 101st airborne to enforce busing and other proofs the Southern Democrats were still pissed at Lincoln, even tho he was assassinated, for taking their free black labor off their plantations.  Yeah, some stayed on as sharecroppers and carpetbagged sad souls, but NO ONE should be enslaved in our land of life, liberty, property and pursuit of happiness.

21st century plantation is the state church of California and others seen as satanic temples, where black girls are put in stirrups, and bloodthirsty satanic surgeons perform human sacrifice rituals up their birth canals to secure profitable parts like hearts and heads.  NOT the artichoke hearts and lettuce heads their ancestors harvested but THEIR black girls’ parts salable for $150 per heart at UTexas Medical Branch or $715 for a calvarium at YaleMed.  Yes, I have the purchase orders and invoices to prove such a dastardly evil accusation.  Here’s a couple: University of Texas Purchase Order by abortionist Dr Regan Theiler for her baby kills at planned parenthood gulf coast, her other job.

Let me end with the big reason 1Person1ballot1vote is a good and critical thing and yes, blacks can get an ID for a couple bucks too.   Voter ID MUST be implemented by a constitutional amendment if sane minds can’t get the Democrats back to honest digs ever again.

 It was inhuman to count black slaves under Article 1 Section 2 Paragraph 3 as only 60% human.  As great as a document foundationally the Constitution was, slavery existed, as it had for millennia back to Jews owned by Pharaohs and had to be lived with.  For a time.  Today, slavery like the shifting plantation definitions, continues in different forms of ownership.

From the Constitution regarding DC’s House: “…adding to the free persons…three-fifths of all other persons…” was the method of building the House that today is run by Pelosi.  So, unbe-acknowledged by the misery merchants, blacks WERE persons in 1783 as well as 2020,  just like prebirth and postbirth babies should be accredited.   NOT to be owned, auctioned, sold like black basketballers to other masters, but to be FREE persons in the Republic.  To engage in commerce, hustle, work smart and hard and not be enticed by misery merchant’s gov welfare.  It’s bad enough the Dems want DC to be a state: DC is ALREADY a separate country, sucking us dry in their North Virginia bedroom cities and more and more becoming irrelevant and unnecessary as technology advances.  NOT the GAFT but basic services we pay incredibly unbalanced pensions on taxpayers’ dimes for, in the “public” sector.

I mentioned my fave niece named Liz believes reparations like inheritance offsets are due to blacks today.  I still have that standing offer of $1619 to the first Southern Democrat black slave who worked in any of the Confederate states for zero wage.  I’ll even extend it to any black sharecropper who worked the post-Confederacy fields in the 19th century.  

NO pocket of money is UNTOUCHed by the Damnocrats.  Inheritance, little or a lot, should be UNTAXED as it passes to the next generation; so many farms have been destroyed by government revenuers’ overreach.

Granted, blacks had little to pass on in 1865 as they sought their fortunes remaining for a portion of the harvest;  or venturing out West.

But, inheritance IS what wealth is left over for the current generation to be passed on as willed via trust instruments to kids, cats, dogs or by the billions via Gates/Buffett foundations.  NO ONE is guaranteed an inheritance; that is the responsibility of the wealth gatherer.  Bankruptcy, like 1865 black plantation severance pay, interrupts this hope for free money and wealth via heirs and inheritance.  In 1985, I administered for 11 Beckmans a house on Boden, a $4000 Calif City lot and a missing $5 gold coin for 10 other siblings; imagine what Anderson Cooper got from GVanderbilt or David Rockerfeller from the railroad magnate.  Honestly like Tommy Lee Jones says it on the Fugitive: “I don’t care!!”   That’s their problem.  

But, Liz and readers, WHAT you inherit or generate is YOUR problem: it’s Bill and Melinda’s or Bezos problem how to “spend” or “Invest” their billions.  It’s not the amount: it’s the purpose. 

And that damn government revenuering confiscating carpetbaggers should have their hands cut off for the evil takings they engage in.  History buff Liz, Bush got us to the green fields of NO inheritance tax.  IF Biden President Kamala win, God help us where ALL tax levels will go to, as they snatch depression and destruction from the mouth of victory under Trump.  Like lowest unemployment in history of blacks, asians, whites, mexicans: ie the HUMAN RACE citizens of these United States were making more money and keeping more before the Plague of Xi’s designer viral weapon hit the world.  And we are coming back…with a V shaped recovery.  This is why the evil of the stolen election sucks soooo much.

Oh, and NOT the jealous Nephew Gavin in Auntie’s basement playing with his 4 color Crayola box (missing GREEN for “Let we Californians GO”)

Same with REPAY rations.  We are guaranteed equal opportunity NOT equal outcome.  Liz and OneK/Jorge are successful BECAUSE they took fair advantage of their opportunities.  The first a lawyer, the second owning two homes, lots of equity, a successful media company and two gorgeous boys.

My Emily, a genius in speech pathology and her man, my #2 successfully sit on THEIR San Diego area plantation with their 4 NextGens taking advantage fairly of their opportunities to succeed.  My oldest ismarried to a fine woman, have equity, kids and love, all forms of wealth the misery merchants will NEVER understand.  Their drug is POWER and lusting for more.

IPerson1ballot1vote.   As the Elias brigade of fake ballots, mail in or electronic on Dominion or HAND software, flood the realm, you and I have no voice.  At least blacks, when they were RE enfranchised, were 100% counted.  Today, I may be 33% or worse, since I disagree with having the Peddling Influenca Virus JoeBiden and President 47Kamala in the White House.  YOU are entitled to your preference but cheating, stealing and inflationary printing of ballots (with or without watermarks) is an undermining EVIL of the greatest country on earth.

Ratified February 3, 1870 and certified March 30th of the same year:  “The right of citizens of the US to VOTE shall not be denied or abridged by the US or any state on account of race, color or previous condition of servitude.  Amendment XV.  What is missing is not be abridged by Democrat ballot counterfeiters.

My rights; your rights are being destroyed in the seat of Liberty, the Philadelphia Convention Center, by Dem hack governor Wolf and his sidekick Boockva secretary of state of disarray.  In Michigan, with miraculous 125,000 ALL JoeKamala votes in a midnight dump.  3000 criminal referrals for Nevadan election shenanigans.  TY Supreme leader Alito.  Shame on you, former Catholic? John Roberts, for putting your political science above your responsibility confirmed for life.  TY for ACB coming on, bringing balance to the force of juridical prudence.

time will tell if the 15 new ProLife House ladies can make a difference.  Whether President Kamala47 is inaugurated on July 4, 2021.  And time will tell if Ben was right in answering the question posed about what kind of government we have:  “…a Republic, ma’m, if you can keep it.”  I love my 11, their spouses and offspring, my sibs, my Liz, OneK Niki’s, Jorge’s, Dani girl, 2KNikki & Paul etc.  After all, we are FAMILY.  And families can disagree AND still love and dine together.  Once, in 2045, our Taxifornian petty tyrant leader throws his last tantrum as Emperor GaviNewsom the 1st.  And forgives our house arrests and let’s us go free to be entrepreneurial, accumulate wealth so we can BKind.  4Give.  B4Given and most importantly, the banner of America: Help1Some1~2day.  Charity is best served individually, one ON one, with mentoring and oversight by the giver.  NOT given by welfare bureauRats so the government feels better about itself.







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