Thanksgiving Covid2020 Holydays Safeguards

The Virus Hunter, busy practicing real estate, homeschooling & living life, returns with a timely Covid Chronicle update on new safeguards.  The gift from Sacramento is Emperor Newsom and his $400 a plate party of lobbyists and California Medical Associate co-partiers at the French Laundered Covid202 Bash proves you CAN be a hypocrite AND house arrest 40 million Taxifornians.  At the same time.

Thank you Jen Horn for you updates on the King’s French meal at the Laundry.  22 people in the enclosed glass room, $15,000 bar bill …soooo.   Remember, Quarantine is restricting the movements of sick people.  Tyranny is the restricting the movements of the HEALTHY

Thanksgiving & Christmas Holydays Covid Hygiene List, updated.  We keep learning and discovering things about the Plague of Xi the Merciless.  Wise people incorporate the changes to reduce the risk.  So many therapies.  So little time! 

Here’s the updated wisdom; grandma wanted me to include “Don’t lick doorknobs!” but I wrestled the keyboard from her before she typed it in. She’s standing in the corner writing “I will behave” using dry erase blue 1000 times: 


WasHands.  Often and 20 seconds with soap.  Use sanitizer when no H2O&Soap available.  Wash off when near a body of water like a sink.  Useful to prevent the flu, colds and grandma making you stand in the corner for a timeout.   Cleanliness IS next to Godliness!

MaskUp: when within 10 feet of another human for their mental sanity and simulate viral protection.  Do NOT wear while driving in a car or forking in the turkey or mashed potatoes & gravy.  Cutting down the viral laden droplets (cool talk for spit) is important but please SING once the tyrant lets churches open again like his satanist temple of parenthoodlums.

Gargle w/ Mouthwash Often: Unmentioned by the Faschi, this keeps the viral load down and lowers risk of contracting transmittable diseases.  No, Dr Fauschi did not mention this; no money for Big Pharma in mouthwash.

Air purifier in the home to reduce any possible airborne viruses.  Rarely mentioned

Help others by reminding to wash, gargle & distance, especially the younger.

Seek out elderly in your neighborhood who may be alone for Thanksgiving; visit safely and do a well check informally.

Wipe down surfaces especially with turkey and ham juices, door knobs and the Amazon Prime driver.  Cleanliness is next to Godliness and that same nagging grandma will be happy.

Take Hydroxychloroquine prophylactically (200 mg daily after 400 mg loading dose), with Zinc, Vitamin D & C.  This will reduce risk you will need a ventilator or Remdesivir.  No,  it won’t kill you but it could save your life. But check with your doctor first; some love this as a therapy, some don’t.  At $20 a regimen, it’s cost is a bit better than Remdesivir at $3000. But Dr Wallace at Cedar Sinai has 2000, many elderly, Lupus patients that have not had significant side effects and used for years.  It’s useful early on with Zinc, vitamin D and a positive attitude.

Learn the therapies and make a plan for you and your family should you catch this designer Plague of Xi the Merciless.

Download** the Recall Newsom 2020 petition and have then pre-name like place setting (NOT Democrat Detroit ballots) name cards.  OR John Moorlach for 2022.  the CrayolaTyranToddler T-REX is NOT our overseer but our hireling.  Hypocrisy is best served cold but not at $350 a French Laundry seat.

Discuss politics and religion for a specific time period, like ten minutes.  Then EVERYONE share blessings stories.  but, whether you hate him or love him thank Trump for Operation WarpSpeed; bureauRats don’t move this fast. 3 vaccines, 10 therapies for the Plague of Xi the Merciless here in 10 months while Biden builds his Basement Cabinet.

Pray for peace, successful therapies and vaccine, a healthy country and for all to know Jesus so as to live forever…and beyond.  NO Covid4ever is scheduled for purgatory OR heaven.  As to hell, ask Jon Dunn and his satanist medical practitioners at 700 Tustin at the 22 fwy.  They are Hell’s HQ in the OC.  Their health care is to kill kids so they wont catch a cold, let alone Covid20-21.  Need an ambulance?  PP has them on SpeeDial.

Thanksgiving, Christmas & other faiths’ holydays are a time of love, life, sharing & joy thanking God for His every Blessings. WHAT NOT 2Do modeled by our Emperor Newsom at the French Laundry in a closed room with 20 people, glass doors protecting the rest of the restaurant from these possible Covid2020 carriers. At $400 a place setting…  Honoring his Aunt Pelosi “Do as I say NOT as i HairDo!” who will be Gavel Granny for only 2 more years at most.  Hypocrisy is best served cold with leftovers; preach & practice may NOT be these elitist miscreants’ job.  Maybe shutting up and letting the adults and family’s parents do the heavy lifting in our homes.  Best place for newsom types is OFF the air, OUT of our hair…DO!

Those who celebrate at the Beckman Ranch: the tab will NOT be $400.  We will NOT charge for wine
Bring 4 cents for admittance; more if you can afford.  Any donations will go to the pre-eminent citizen investigative journalist, David Daleiden.  He’s been reducing the RoWad73 virus load via planned parenthoodlums that has affected David Daleiden’s life. The true hero of little girls kept alive in moms’ wombs throughout America
His sacrifice (along with Sandra, Troy, Briscoe & others who believe we should slice up turkey not little black girls’ hearts parts) is pivotal and expensive with the misery merchants in their last throes.  Soon, moms will wake up and realize their inner child is alive NOT a premature organ donor.
Meanwhile, Cuomo’s Orange zone  Red zone.  Emperor Newsom’s Purple, yellow, orange & red are coming to a timely end with a California Free Citizens’ mandate to go GREEN.  FIVE Crayolas not four for the Crayon Boy tantrum thrower. 
Emperor Newsom: State legislatures not governors have the responsibility to decide these senseless house

22 French Laundry eaters $15,000 bar bill while we peons live  under the color Purple

arrests are evil and injunct you from interfering in private sector business successes.   Pray that the Trump family will no longer be assaulted by the Misery Merchants the next four years.  And that Newsom will get out, pay his two estates’ property taxes and LEAVE US ALONE!

God bless you all!  Gavin’s Gavel Granny, the “Do as I say NOT as I HairDO!” botox babe, will be with us only two more years with gavel in hand, ice cream in her $24,000 freezer and her hubby’s Dominion voter fraud machines sole ownership behind us.

The Virus Hunter
AKA Dad of 11 in 35th year homeschooling while practicing real estate.  After all, your dreams can come true with solid preparation; in your real estate invest and divesting…and just “Like a good Thanksgiving Meal.”
Praying for you and your family.  Eat well, stay safe.  PLEASE follow grandma’s advice: “Don’t Lick Doorknobs” and “Take your mask off and put your bib on” while consuming tryptophan and stuffing.

**   Copy, paste, print, sign…

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