Bishops! Please stop killing your sheep

Revised 9/22/21 3:47 PM   The pfall of medical integrity is here like the season.

Thank you Pope Pfrancis and my fave bishops for reading this plea; your actions and inaction are causing the deaths of whole flocks of your sheep right under your nose. 

I’m not saying you are pulling a Cuomo, who killed 25,000 NYC elderly by his idiotic greed and desire to thump Trump (ignoring the empty and free hospitals provided), but please heed the plea.  Cuomo went after the piles of CovidCoins and Fed CCP bucks with the elderly. 

INSANE: Six 6 yr olds have died with other diseases and Covid. Out of  4, 017,227 six year olds over the last 20 months. Now the misery merchants want to indoctrinate err inoculate our single digit kids.   THIS IS NOT A VACCINE LIKE SMALL POX, POLIO, MMR ETC. It is a rushed EAU attempt to create the FIRST respiratory vaccine; Trump yes the guy you hate got Warp Speed efforts going, but the medical tyrants are NOT interested in truth.  Look at the new Project Veritas just how honest HHS and the medical community is about reporting VAERS data.

Bishops, time to push back a little.  I have 11 kids…you don’t.  Currently the Pfizer Push to vaccin8 5 year olds is heating up. 

Do YOU, Dr. Bishop X, have a clue how many have died, 6 years old or younger.  Prebirth, it’s 63 million DEAD kids.  But vax 6 year olds?

There are 4 million 6 year olds in the USA (I used to have 11 of them over time); 8 have died WITH Covid (covid is the co-conspiring designed virus that uses co-morbidities to kill); many of these kinders were unhealthy with true co-morbidities.

You have to go up the age scale to 37 years old for significant deaths: Of 4.4 million 37 year olds, 1000 have died WITH covid21.

Don’t you see when you give in on a little moral relativity, like using dead baby cells for testing, the relentless left pseudoscientists never quit?

By the way, my beloved bishops and priests:  You may not believe this but you helped kill my wife’s job among others, maybe thousands, with your wondrous applause for the various jabs that have proven to be woefully inadequate.  Data included below, no charge. They used your published wisdom “Statement on Religious Exemption for Vaccination against Covid-19”.  Of course, the Vatican rag’s piece on the morality of using dead baby cell tested therapies like Pfizer and Moderna, JJ et al.

As a scientist, I stand by my statement: The world record of NO universal respiratory vaccines remains safety intact: none of these five shot sequenced therapies qualify. But half a dozen others NOT using $3000 Remdesivir level pharmacost are successfully saving lives worldwide.

I’ve only been a Catholic since 1952 but I am fascinated by the areas that my Church leadership is moving into.  Having only 11 kids that we homeschooled Catholic over 35 years, I guess I have no ability to think and research critically on this?  We had all kinds of diseases and injuries over the years, commensurate with an active large Catholic family.

But they survived and thrived. 

So also can your sheep survive, just like 240 million Hindu people in the Uttar Pradesh state of India are Mao Tse Xi’s Plague (ie Covid21) free due to the human Ivermectin mass implementation.  0-2 deaths per day, with 15 million “vaxxed” out of 240 mill.  Trust me, Holy Cow!, it wasn’t their worship of Jerseymaid milk machines that saved them.

What is most odd is my favorite bishops and current pope’s response to a disease that can be treated successfully without dishonoring God’s creative energies and HIs, apparently not our, sovereign belief only HE can alpha omega, begin and end life.  The Catholic teaching used to be to “respect life from natural conception to natural unaccelerated death.  Apparently, we are too smart for such a novel idea in the 21st century.

Recently, a faithful Catholic woman, step mother to 11, and my wife lost her job because she refused to be inoculated with an unproven, side effect laden series of shots for Mao Tse Xi’s Plague. Since you, by your proclamations, have transitioned from shepherds of the Church to molecular biologists and virologists, do you know the recent scientific facts?

Mary by the way, loved working in the theater; 30 years helping actors and actresses back stage at various venues.  But, thanks in part to the ignorance surrounding a mass hysterical response to a well designed viral weapon called SARS-Covid-2, she is out of the profession she loves.  And credit goes to declarations that the ‘vaccines’ all five of them are equally safe and present no problems morally or scientifically, coming from Vatican City, Los Angeles and even Orange County.

If sanity returns to her industry and our world, she would love to return to her second or third love: the theater.  Her FIRST love is yours as well: Jesus the Christ, His mother and mother Church.  This isn’t the critical issue.  Playing scientist in a fast moving world of intrigue, profiteering, lying and fabricating should NOT be the role of Peter’s replacement.

America used to have this medical thing called doctor/patient privilege and the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act.  Sometimes known as HIPAA (often misspelled, even by health providers as HIPPA), it guarantees privacy between patients and their doctors; the RIGHT to personal health care on an individual basis. 

Also, the right NOT to put foreign substances inside one’s body that science is now proving prophetic and more than you can count, believe are not only unsafe matching the UNDISCLOSED contents.  We all know are derived from little girls sliced up after death.  Governor Terminator, appropriately named for spending $3 billion and we gained the function of aborted fetal(Latin for “living things” cell lines used for all kinds of goodies. 

HIPAA is dead.   It was on life support until covid21.

Now, we have the Scarlett lettered “U” crowd, chased relentlessly by YOUR teachings in Rome, California etc. as if we have a branched Covidian cult running the Church. 

People who choose science over the bum’s rush to inject, are publicly being virtue shamed into getting their anti-social UNvaxxed state of body and mind purified to join the Herd of the Vaxxed.  Misery loves company and is insatiable unless everyone is miserable.  Bishops, did you know that 60% of the Covid suffering Floridians treated with monoclonals were Shotsinated. (By all definitions, science and governmental, these are NOT vaccines.)

You submitted to the chief satanist Newsom regarding closing down our Churches based on terrible science.  Now you CONTINUE, with good information, submitting to the primitive medical gods and lead your sheep through the eye of a needle like the millions to get the 3 Pfizer shots in 9 months.   In addition, you REFUSE a religious exemption to protect those Catholics who don’t want the jabs to keep their job. 

I have a nephew, active air force serviceman named Caleb, who faced dishonorable discharge for going jabless.  He finally took YOUR jab (bishops, just as Aaron’s name was etched into the golden calf, your names are on this proclamation of “ONE Size fits all” compliance:  YOU OWN THIS)

Caleb, within hours had significant seizures, numbness in arms and legs and other complications.  Hospitals no longer treat the infirm: they now qualify for well paid ventilation mausoleums.

First hospital wouldn’t take him in. Second did and he might survive.  So much for doctors, with all their clinical training, to direct the path of their patients. 

It’s difficult when the HMOs go lockstep over the cliff; and our aggregated Catholic hospital systems follow suit.  ALL of them are vacuuming gobs of free Federal giveway bucks to label any dying and death Covid.  On top of this insanity and proof the various shot protocols are far from safe (13,062 healthy shot getters are DEAD so far), even the CDC can’t hide the truth any longer.

I’m not sure bishops will read this, even wise priests, but if you don’t see the evil at this stage…

…how about scientific facts showing you have been secularized into drinking the Mao Tse Xi’s (Say Cheese) Plague kool-aid?  No, you won’t see it in the secular or even Catholic media, but 240 million people (tiny sample?) are Covid free in HinduLand.  Uttar Pradesh, India. Oh and in Chiapas Mexico, where they did the same Ivermectin infusion state wide.

“Did you know the state of Uttar Pradesh, 240 MILLION Indians, have a daily Covid death rate of less than 2.  No overwhelmed hospitals.  Fewer cases…  Probably not, because you have been busy with condemning Lingua Latinam faithful and promoting fisting God about His weather patterns in your interfaith teams with climate change ambassadors.  

“Do not be yoked with those who are different, with unbelievers. For what partnership do righteousness and lawlessness have? Or what fellowship does light have with darkness? 15 What accord has Christ with Belar? Or what has a believer in common with an unbeliever?” 
When it comes to being scammed, fleeced, grifted, everything.

Mary’s employer’s employee services HR department stated that “we note that your exemption request is based on the assertion that the vaccine is prohibited by the Roman Catholic faith.”  I give her credit: this excellent HR director did her research and stated my wife’s assertion “is contradicted by publicly available statements made by the Vatican, the Archdiocese of LA and the Diocese of Orange”   At all levels, Rome to Garden Grove to LA, consistent.

They then rejected her request for a religious exemption (and medical one as well) from their Covid-19 policy.  Which is get jabbed or no job.  My beloved ordinaries and bishop of Rome: the secular world is using our weaknesses against us!  Wake up, while you have a Church.  You eliminated the Latin Mass goers, adding them to the New Evangelization target, not so active Catholics, precisely at a time when divisions need to be ameliorated.   Your foolish, yes foolish, ONE size fits all scientific declarations will rival Gallileo’s idiotic idea that the sun doesn’t revolve around us humans.  OK, cheap shot. But the five inoculations are far from cheap shots when 13,000 (that we know of) have DIED without covid but post “vaxxed”.

Yes, I’m the somewhat tired but happy, faithful Catholic dad of 11 who pleaded with you to look hard at not having our Eucharistic centers (called parish churches) locked down on Pentecost for the first time since Pentecost AD33.  Then the 2nd time to no avail, locked out while the state church was wide open for sacrificial services.  You know the places… where babies are sliced out of moms and then sliced up.  Converted Catholic ex Satanist supreme leader Zack King describes how the dead kid is tossed to his coven of witches for sacramental consumption in the Aldous Huxley tradition.   We are BETTER than this.

At least the man you seem to serve and cater to, Newsom, faithfully kept one church open as “essential” these 18 months: the church of satan resident in every California planned parenthood where little girls are sliced out of barely older moms, then repackaged and sold as organic parts.  Who knows, the Swartzenburger of meaty baby fetal cell lines, lettuce and tomato came from one of our state’s churches of death and dismemberment?  Sorry about the graphics, i just don’t know how to wake up our leadership to the follies of promoting Mao Tse Xi’s Plague, incubated in Wuhan and distributed worldwide.

But, science and faith often coincides, and also often is misunderstood.  The most famous three word phrase today is “Follow the science!” 

Problem is you can’t follow settled science since the scientific method involves a constant sense of discovery, testing, hypothesizing, testing assumptions further. Especially with a well designed virus that is a follow up to SARS CoV-1. 

And today’s fully approved “scientists” follow a different god than most of our bishops.  Most especially, the October 2019 remake of a well designed second version of the SARS-Covid from 20 years ago.  Back then, 50 vaccine deaths forced pulling the experimental “vax” off the market as the virus mysteriously disappeared.   We had 50 dead Pfizers within two months.

Gentlemen, a tiny fact: it is NOT a vaccine.  It is an alternative therapy of now 3 shots in 9 months.  Mark these words; with the massive failures being seen (cover up is failing also), soon you will see a new pill like the contracep birth control miracle: the Pfivermectin, encapsulating a five decade old remedy that worked miracles on river blindness, now is highly successful in treating (too cheaply for Big Pharma) the Mao Tse Xi’s Plague.  Covid21 will be with us; Covid22 and on and on, already half way through the Greek interlinear alphabet with Mu variants.  But, PLEASE PLEASE take a second look.  I have three documented friends and relatives who listened to me, got a 2nd opinion and DIDN’T die at our ventilated mausoleums with saints before their hospital names: like Joseph and Jude.

The Catholic Church USED to practice critical science theory and not fall trap with the infidels of science fiction, atheism and secularism.

Quick example of lazy science: my bishops are honoring the mass hysteria that carbon dioxide is killing people and melting the world.  Our interfaith committees on climate change hysteria push the idea that God’s amazing photovoltaic biochemical gift of (aerobic respiration and) photosynthesis’ key component, CO2 is evil.  Carbon dioxide kills??

Without CO2, any 4th grade parish Catholic school child can say “But God FEEDS the WORLD with water and CO2, catalyzed by sunlight to keep us alive”.  OK maybe 6th grade natural scientist.  Little lies, when not confronted with truth, become bigger lies.  We’ve bought the “Algorean heresy” that insults God (the supreme court called CO2 “pollution’ and NO bishop challenged this) while allowing the diabolic prostiticians rob us blind for a bankrupt economic system (Marxism).  Precisely when tech advancements could eliminate systemic worldwide poverty.

I wonder if ANY of my fave bishops realize that in the atmosphere and real world, CO2 numbers like the apostles, 12 man made CO2 molecules out of EACH million atmospheric air molecules.   12:1,000,000.  It’s the faithless godless scientists who ignore this.  That same 6th grade parish Catholic school student could look up “air composition” and see,

CO2 is vastly outpaced by nitrogen, oxygen and argon.  Out of 2500, the ACTUAL CO2 is believe it on faith or not, ONE (1) UNO molecule  1:2500   410 per million or 1 out of 2500. 

Will Bishop Barron, or Bishop Vann, Abp Gomez or Bishop Freyer wise up and dissent from the CO2 pope?  Misery merchants, the DemZi (Democrat Socialists), veteran Marxists use God’s gift of atmospheric processed food for their personal and political gain.  Can’t at least one educated Church leader see this reality?  Sadly, I fear, not in my lifetime which certainly has less than 30 more years (just attended the Servite 50th last Saturday night).  You fine men are victims of ‘prelate group think’ sadly.  Step outta line and look out: you’ll get Covid like Cardinal Burke and be included in the Pope’s latest “get in line” messaging.

Johnny Kerryseed, like Mr Appleseed, the trillion dollar green mean climate machine, will continue robbing struggling Catholic families (we pay a 67% excess gas sales tax rate) statewide and throughout the world (via carbon tax and ridiculous New Green ripoffs) for a devilish fraud.  At least Mr Appleseed planted trees; Kerry plants fictional science viewpoints for profit.

Back to jab or job which is INCONSISTENT with paragraph 5 of the Vatican’s view:

First, there is no universal respiratory vaccine; never has been, doubtful it will due to two facts, scientifically complex for another time.  Giving Trump credit for warp speeding these five attempts to the Eucharist type miracle med salvation in a jab, but drug development is an imperfect and rocky road. 

Rush to judgement and results has led to 3 Pfizer shots in 9 months, same with Modernas over 8 months (the mRNAs), J&J and AstraZeneca adenovirus vectored style, are NOT vaccines, like smallpox or polio.  They are alternatives to MUCH MORE Successful methodologies.

It qualifies as a multi-shot “therapy” (among many successful alternative therapies actively being suppressed by Big Pharma, Dr Faucinstein and media) because like the flu shots reformulated each year, none of these last longer than six months before refueling jabs.  Oh, by the way, that involve dead baby cell lines.  Or did I mention this inconvenient fact?

I take God and Church tradition at their respective word.   My research shows none of the current “vax” attempts have dead baby cells in them but the testing did.  “The poisoned fruit from the poisonous tree”.  This should be sufficient but the VAERS reasons (adverse events logs) should cause Bishopric concerns.  You just need one or two seasoned Men of God to say:  “Hey, wait a minute, my ordinary is filled with dying vaccine jabbed faithful, let’s take a look at the real therapies”

But before we look at the successful therapies, read paragraph 5 “Note on the morality of using Covid19 vaccines”:

5. At the same time, practical reason makes evident that vaccination is not, as a rule, a moral obligation and that, therefore, it must be voluntary. In any case, from the ethical point of view, the morality of vaccination depends not only on the duty to protect one’s own health, but also on the duty to pursue the common good. In the absence of other means to stop or even prevent the epidemic, the common good may recommend vaccination, especially to protect the weakest and most exposed.

Author’s note: “Until and when the common good is better served by alternatives when time has produced evidence the experimental protocol is failing.  It is as you read this.”

Those who, however, for reasons of conscience, refuse vaccines produced with cell lines from aborted fetuses, must do their utmost to avoid, by other prophylactic means and appropriate behavior, becoming vehicles for the transmission of the infectious agent. In particular, they must avoid any risk to the health of those who cannot be vaccinated for medical or other reasons, and who are the most vulnerable.

My wife Mary certainly is.  Nurses, doctors and so many more are.  Personally, I am the guinea pig for one of the most successful treatment plans using HCQ and personally know three clinical cases, actually family and friends, who were cured after getting a 2nd opinion.  On that note:

OTHER SUCCESSFUL THERAPIES TO CURE THE WELL DESIGNED VIRUS EXIST…And are working.  Why do you buy into the government bureauRat preferred solution?

240 million humans live in India’s Uttar Pradesh state.  Their covid21 death rate, including half the 24 letter Greek alphabet variants, is less than 2 per day.  REPEAT, 2 per day. Minimal “cases”. NO overwhelmed hospitals.

They use a therapy that has saved millions from river blindness, designed by a Nobel laureate Japanese scientist and Merck Pharma scientist.  It is called IVERMECTIN.  It works and works well.  Actual non politicized science proves this.

Yes, what CDC’s Dr Rochelle Hershey calls horse medicine.  He became she, frankly, with the compound pronouns HErSHEy; whatever this CDC director is, she’s a liar.  And a foolish liar, betraying Heher’s responsibility to protect American citizens and undocumented Democrats crossing the border. 

 I’ll leave the easily proven destruction of Mexican families in Mexico via open borders for your immigration experts; but the CDC doctor is NOT Christian let alone Catholic like President Biden, whose soul we need to pray for.

Sorry, i am scrambling for pronouns.   The Hippocratic oath is to

“Do NO harm.‘ 

The 19 month medical tyranny by Dr Faucinstein’s well created monster response to the virus he supported with OUR tax dollars (gain of function) continues. 

I personally knew one of the first California covid victims. And three actual saved lives…

I date my involvement from Feb 16, 2020, when a Thomas Aquinas College (TAC) multi-grad dad died from Covid, misdiagnosed as severe flu.  Mr Atchley was a professor, had spent time in Xi’s incubation city, Wuhan and teaching Chinese students stateside.  Get the picture?  Xi was already incubating the viral weapon…

I’m a scientist out of necessity, since the days of the Church’s priests science discoveries like the greats seems to be waning.

As to Hydroxychloroquine, I am the human guinea pig, being in month ten of a prophylactic HCQ regiment.  Daily vitamins C and D3 (bishops: free advice; the older we get the less we absorb critical D in our systems), Balance of Nature multi-fruits & veggies;  N-acetyl cysteine or NAC, and Zinc.   Dr Wallace of Cedar-Sinai has 2000 patients covid free on daily HCQ use.  Did I say Covid free?  Metabolically…

Zinc is the sword that swiftly kills the Chinese Communist Party designed virus IF it gets inside the cells quickly and NOT after two weeks of “outpatient” cough syrup while the viral load skyrockets.   Time to rename St. Joseph’s Hospital to the Late treatment Ventilators Mausoleum Service Center; certainly not a doctor-patient privileged HIPAA investigative diagnosis center of health.

Even St Jude, named for the healing Holy Shroud carrying St Jude Thaddeus, tells “go Theraflu” until you are dying.  Is this what Bishop-Doctor Barron prescribes? Is this what God would have us do?

GREAT NEWS!! There are chemical agents, substances that help ram the virus killer into the cells: we call them zinc ionophores.  You have heard them: Quercetin (available over the counter, Amazon), Ivermectin (saving Indians 240 million at a time) and Hydroxychloroquine, (called the “sunday (to) sunday” drug for the frequency this African drug is taken to prevent parasitic vector diseases like malaria)

Ivermectin and HCQ: two oddly controlled substances in US, though dispensed a BILLION times a year for malaria, river blindness and other parasitic apps around the world

Controlled?  Easy answer: problem is, these successful therapies interfere with Dr Faucinstein’s hope for Nobel glory by cutting off the need for an “EUA” or emergency use authorization for his multi trillion dollar vaccine programs.

I wish my bishops sensed better when they are being tooled. Dr Faucinstein or Rochelle are responsible for hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths.  Not hyperbole.  Today, there are so many unintended consequences from our moral relativity on this.  If only we were the Church of old.

Looking at the Vatican document that was used by a skillful HR person to get my wife axed:  

3. The fundamental reason for considering the use of these vaccines morally licit is that the kind of cooperation in evil (passive material cooperation) in the procured abortion from which these cell lines originate is, on the part of those making use of the resulting vaccines, remote.  (My emphasis added)

None of my 11 kids were remote.  Each was a gift from God.  Problem with this morally relativistic statement is these are NOT proven vaccines.  Current numbers of side effects go beyond the recently discovery that young people getting myocarditis and other side benefits of hysteria are all too common.  The FDA draft list is at 22.  Real baddies.

Bishops: Please STOP pushing the failed protocols.  From the CDC’s own VAERS (adverse events ie screw ups, side effects, deaths, minor things like that):

13048 vaccine DEATHS as of August 13, 2021.

We cancelled SARS Cov vax 1 for 50 deaths.  There are more Adverse events in 10 months of Covid vax than ALL others combined over time.

Great news:  none of the 13,048 vaccine deaths will EVER get SARS Covid X for the rest of their …eternity.

559,701 ADVERSE EVENTS.  At least, those reported.   So far.

Really? They valued science and life so much they cut off the vaccine development of SARS-Covid at 50 deaths?  (Note, there is no -1 like our -2 because it was the first well designed Corona virus we know coming out of the CCP Wuhan labs in Wuhan, California.  Oops, I mean Mao Tse Xi’s (pronounced Mao Say Cheese!) Plague from China not California. 

Quick history lesson any good Catholic can find out: Xi’s dad was Mao’s propaganda minister; apparently, we are Xi’s useful idiots. Certainly when he cornered and sold back to us the PPE safety equipment once he got the incubated virus out.

Since my Church’s most excellent descendants of St Peter want to play doctor, look at this partial list of what bad things ( English translation of ‘adverse events”) are happening with the 3 shot monte from five different manufacturers.  By the way, it is a DRAFT list because they aren’t running out of diseases to attribute to this new techno WuFlu shot sequence.

John, a good friend of mine, just told me the story of a relative who got the scary MIS in a child: Multisystem Imflammatory Syndrome. 

A college senior is out of his golf sports final year due to getting myocarditis the day after the shot. 

29 year old young adult at St Anthony Claret just died at age 29.

My nephew Caleb, forced to get the jab to stay in the Air Force and immediately seizures ie mini strokes and other neat things manifested.  They want him to take shot #2.  It’s like the masochist telling the sadist, “Hurt me, hurt me” and the sadist saying “NO!”  Insane.


Please, prelates DON’T insult your and our intelligence.  Just because the medical government funded pharma industrial complex says something is safe after 10 months, doesn’t mean you should give your medical Imprimatur on the written word.  It would be nice to keep some of your sheep alive and healthy.

“Doctors and nurses are tired of the science fiction; many are resigning or leaving en masse not willing to take the unproven jabs to keep their jobs”

Some ‘Unintended Consequences’ Examples:

A hospital just stopped delivering babies because the whole labor and delivery department quit not agreeing to the Megelian demand to get the unproven jab or lose their job.  They left.     

All this “free” money, resultant from the ridiculous shutdown of LIFE nationally and worldwide is killing us.  Stimulus “sit on your assets” checks, free money is never free, has led to 11-15 million UNFILLED jobs because playing video games in grandma’s basement is preferred to the dignity of work.  Plus our “Catholic” president followed up Desert Fox and Desert Storm with his personal Desert Rat betrayal of “behind enemy lines” American citizens, thousands of Afghani loyalists with an early Christmas present to the Islamist Jihadists of $85 billion in cool terror tools and weaponry. And millions of Afghani girls being raped and married off as chattel for the victors.

The planned or inveterate hospital overwhelm means: People are STILL not getting tested for the morbidities that Faucinstein calls “co-”   People die of cancers and heart conditions when treatment is delayed or missed.  We’ve had 18 months of this.

One virologist claims covid accelerates sickness but is rarely the main player: the extent diabetes, heart disease etc kill the patient.  Delayed diagnoses is killing thousands and there is no reason to overload hospitals.  Maybe more, preoccupied with Covid, easily treatable if only we buck the Big Pharma Big Catholic Hospital HMO system of sheep style compliance with the lower order.  Doctor~patient is individual diagnoses.

I predict that Pfizer realizes they can only schedule 10 boosters per year before someone might realize (could be a Bishop!) that getting a booster shot each month is not as effective as natural immunity (the stuff God created in humans); the Israel scientists show natural immunity is 27 times more as effective than Dr Faucinstein immunity.

Realizing this, I am sure Pfizer chemical and virology guys realize they may need to package Ivermectin as a competition for the effective Strombectol of Janssen Pharmaceuticals. I’ll even provide a marketing sample for my fave Church leaders.  Dr Rochelle HerSheY calls ivermectin users “horse people”. Such maturity for the CDC director.

In fact, he/she will prefer the apple flavor that horses enjoy when treated for parasites.  But Pfizer’s stock won’t tumble much more IF they promote a pill, tab or capsule for this inexpensive 50 year old miracle drug.   Shh, don’t tell anyone we are being tooled yet again.  I won’t even copyright PfiverMectine since it’s low hanging fruit from the poisonous tree.

Unbridled simulated FEAR of a successfully treated disease is medically paralyzing people into living zombie lives, prelates! 

Your people, bishops, they need you to step up to the plate; one of you, Bishop Barron, even wrote an article about how Catholic priests were responsible for major scientific advances.  In another piece, Galileo was proof that science isn’t always perfect even when the scientist is spot on that Pope St John Paul the Great tried to remedy a tiny bit four or five centuries later. 

Bishop Barron, from your writings: “The great founders of modern science—Copernicus, Galileo, Tycho Brahe, Descartes, Pascal, etc.—were formed in church-sponsored universities where they learned their mathematics, astronomy, and physics.

Moreover, in those same universities, all of the founders would have imbibed the two fundamentally theological assumptions that made the modern sciences possible, namely, that the world is not divine—and hence can be experimented upon rather than worshipped—and that the world is imbued with intelligibility—and hence can be understood. I say that these are theological presumptions, for they are both corollaries of the doctrine of creation.

If God made the world in its entirety, then nothing in the world is divine; and if God made the world in its entirety, then every detail of the world is marked by the mind of the Creator. Without these two assumptions, the sciences as we know them will not, because they cannot, emerge. ”   Love the Bishop Barron but in English: Mother Nature is not real; God is, and His created works gifts to us.  Our Creator created the universe for mankind, not mankind for the universe.  AND He designed man’s immune system very well.  Solutions are out there. 

The shots are NOT working; they are creating antibody mediated viral enhancement camps where more damage is happening than natural immunity would remedy.  There ARE many immune system strengthening protocols currently, but based on cheap Ivermectin and/or HCQ, Big Pharma just isn’t interested.

The world IS marked by the mind of the Creator.

And His incredible abilities:  This 553 sextillion miles wide universe, 50 trillion celled humans, billions of galaxies, stars, planets, plants and animals (trillions of insects of course) and ONLY ONE Eve after Adam.  We have ONE first couple not 12; same common deoxyribonucleic acid based systems finely designed by the Eternal Designer 3 person God. 

In fact, I suspect Mary was born during the two day Rosh Hashanah, like she was this year (2021);  we just celebrated the birthday of the 2nd Eve on Sept 8th coincident with the First Eve’s creation on 1-2 Tishrei, 5782.   No shofar for her; just God’s unique sinless design.  Back to jabs and jobs.


I appeal to Rome as Paul did.  And to Garden Grove, LA, Sacramento.  Stop theologizing and help your sheep.  Stop being herded by the diabolic, the misery merchants and recognize God has instilled in you the knowledge and talent to HELP the Church at this time in history.

Not roll over and kowtow to the loons on the left who believe God doesn’t exist but worship a disease and their well paid Faucinstein.

My wife Mary will be fine: she is well loved at her workplace and may return…but Mary is NOT the only one: thousands are being separated because our Catholic hierarchy has made it soooo simple for the secular world to shut out people of faith who also have brains.

  But, Bishops, please respond to this.  God gave us intelligence to use, mercy to dispense, hope to secure and faith to preach.  You are NOT doctors.  But you certainly are sheep being led through the Dr Faucinstein Monster lab

Bishops, if you didn’t know, your pulpits are available for preaching yet again. It should be time to tell the people the truth instead of repeating the common lie.

Read what the Vatican, in paragraph 5, pointed out:

“At the same time, practical reason makes evident that vaccination is not, as a rule, a moral obligation and that, therefore, it must be voluntary.

Need I point out when you give the secular reprobates an out, they ignore the word. VOLUNTARY.  Speaking of voluntary, here’s a no nonsense no jab treatment protocol/solution that works


Treatment Protocol

Vatican again: “…In any case, from the ethical point of view, the morality of vaccination depends not only on the duty to protect one’s own health, but also on the duty to pursue the common good. In the absence of other means to stop or even prevent the epidemic, the common good may recommend vaccination, especially to protect the weakest and most exposed.”

Bishops, there ARE much better therapies and prophylactics, proven and available than the debilitating shots that have killed 13,000 and maimed almost 600,000

Vatican continues:  “Those who, however, for reasons of conscience, refuse vaccines produced with cell lines from aborted fetuses, must do their utmost to avoid, by other prophylactic means and appropriate behavior, becoming vehicles for the transmission of the infectious agent. In particular, they must avoid any risk to the health of those who cannot be vaccinated for medical or other reasons, and who are the most vulnerable.”  Dr Faucinstein doesn’t give a hoot about the most vulnerable.

Any of you bishops remember how we treated Galileo?  “Becoming vehicles for the transmission of the infectious agent” is vaticode speak for the Scarlett lettered U for Unvaxxed are causing the vaccine 100% immune to get UNimmune.  First time in history, the UNinfected are causing the fully immune vaccinated to get the disease.  Whole lotta scientific contortionism going on.

As to the V for Voluntary (not Vaxxed since there is NO vaccine yet) Bishop Barron, exactly how voluntary is it when my nephew, an Air Force serviceman is forced into seizures because that grifter Catholic in Name only JoBama Biden is an ass like his party’s mascot the donkey?  The DemZi party of enslavement.   Demanding everybody share the unproven misery of death or adverse reactions to potions still under development

Pardon my Pfrasing: an imbecilic liar, plagiarist and terrorist promoting demon who donated to hell’s largest presence on earth, the IslamistFauci and Obama in communist china's Wuhan weapons lab Iran~China~NorKor~Talibanistan axis of evil, a mere $85 billion in human killing machines, 6 million rounds of human piercing ammo.  And you say he is still a Catholic in good standing?  And you, our Church leadership, want us to follow HIM?  I’ll follow Jesus thank you very much, but not a demonic influenced thief who is like Bernie in the movie “weekend at Bernie’s Biden” barely conscious on his feet speaking Bidenese.

Bishops, i respect your roles as our shepherds; it may not see it.  It’s just you can switch gears, put on the brakes saying “religious exemptions” are NOT granted to Catholics who believe serving the ignorant and atheist is not a plan of action.

As ineffective as you were DURING the pandemic, now that the parents and sheeple are realizing the damage already caused by medical tyranny, look how EFFECTIVE you can be with the Sword of Truth on your side. 

Don’t waste this opportunity; God only tarries for a time.  It’s bad enough we’ve killed 2.2 billion little kids via abortion while shutting down those incorrigible Lingua Latinam mass goers; do I risk hell for attending a Marionite rite in of all languages, Aramaic?  The language of 1st century Nazareth and Bethlehem.  

As to languages, please commence speaking the language of the Gospel, the language of love.  Love ALL your sheep and IF you want to play scientist, virologist, molecular biologist and epidemiologist as well as apostolic successor, please LEARN RESEARCH Get the truth.  The battle against sane and effective therapies will continue from the medical culture of death (2.2 BILLION dead kids worldwide qualifies) because there is just NO money in compounds like Hydroxychloroquine (called Sunday Sunday used billions of times a year) and Strombectol (Ivermectin for humans not horses).  None of us were there when the middle ages plague occurred.  Today we have the advancement and tools to save mankind from the ravages of Mao’s devil son Xi and his concocted PRC viral weapon.  But do we have the COURAGE and WILL to act.


Next revision will include additional treatment protocols that are saving thousands (in addition to 240 million Indians).  Photos, stats and tables you can use to CHALLENGE the pseudoscientists peddling their “Follow MY science” detritus and doo doo.  Things like antibody mediated viral enhancement, and Dr Fauci  pretending to ignore knowledge that natural immunity is a factor 18 months into the superXipandemic.  IF you acknowledge the WHOLE picture, then you acknowledge God has some role in this Can’t have God get into the picture, can we.

Humbly your servant.  Comments are welcome; hope for enlightenment too!  If any priest or bishop has the courage to contact me, I would be happy to discuss.  OR any lay people.  I love my God, my Church and my Savior; my life has been spent in service to it.  I just hate it when my leaders are being tooled, scammed and mutilated  714 267 1413

Back to real estate; I have half the 11 mouths at the family home to still feed.  We just finished our 35th year of CATHOLIC homeschooling with our 11th’s Katy’s graduation.  And some day, more than one or two of our bishops will help their pastors realize Catholic home based educators are NOT competition for parish based schooling. Homeschooling is a choice not a crime; a lifestyle EVERYONE practices for the first 3 or 4 years of a child’s life.

Fear not: the FORCED homeschooling doubled the number to 8 million choosing this option, but the Force part did not help since it was surrounded by chaos coming from our satanic priest pp loving Gavin Newsom shutting down life unnecessarily.  Why we locked up the 61 OC buildings of worship still is a quandary; solved if we have the moral authority to NOT let it happen again.  IF.


Treatment Protocol



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