Fr. Leo Celano, a great Premonstrantensian. ProLife to the end.

My last sight of this fine priest, prolife warrior and Norbertine, was his lifeless body before the new altar in the magnificent church dedicated to our Lady and her momentous Assumption into heaven.  His rosary was beautiful; so was the respect of our good bishop Vann and Father Abbot Hayes, paid individually and quietly.

Fr Leo looked at peace.  I believe this man to be gracing heaven. 

For decades, he battled the death culture, from Operation Rescue the Randall way; a fine warrior in her 80s, Delores Wiemann told me how she spent time in LA, San Diego working with the early Op Rescue Crew including Fr Leo;  later the Troy way in which kill mills were shut down not chained up.  In fact, I believe Mr. Newman and Cheryl occupy one shut down in Kansas.  Of course, the Hitlerian Mengelean apparati has been removed. 

However, life lovers, no one can rest until the last vestiges of demonic worship via planned parenthoodlums is ended. Zack King, former high priest of satanism turned Catholic tells of aborted babies as food for the journey of his coven.  A sacrilegious bizzarro alt wrong version of the Source and Summit of our Faith: the Eucharist.  The Eucharist that Fr Leo loved so much.

I didn’t check with the Catechism or the official guide to what is appropriate to include with someone about to be buried; but I noticed one of the earliest symbols of the “For Life” movement: a ten week old prebirth baby frozen in time adorning ties and lapels.

Latin is great for Mass and the first day of Lingua Latinam when Fr D. wrote “Semper Ubi Sub Ubi” on the Servite freshmen board.  But, the misery merchants, the etymology changelings from the death culture LOVE to lie about the obvious.

They toss around “Foetus” or “fetus” as easily as they toss out the remains of the little girl after her salable parts were removed, packaged and sold.  OOPS! It means “living thing”; always wondered why Choice Catholics, Dem Socialists, Kamalas, Nancys, AOCs didn’t see the squirming, thumb sucking soccer kicker as alive, but then so many vertical adult humans are brain dead, science loons who can’t tell two humans, one little and one big, is a true descriptor of mother and child. Alive.

Same with the Normesque malappropisms like product of conception, freedom to choose, reproductive rights, calvaria and so many more. 

Many of our energized young stand up for life, in direct counseling or as part of Marches and Walks for Life. However, the ‘word switcheroo’ practiced by accusatory demon oppressed believers in Freedom to Choose to Kill,  in the demonic baby killing business can be overwhelming, especially with mind numbed Demonrat media in lock step with the evil.

  God will NOT be mocked nor forget their 2 billion kills unless these sad souls ask for forgiveness with a contrite heart.  Their forevers really do depend on their next choices.  Abbey Johnson discovered this path and so can they.

For more false science word games, there’s the the CO2 climate changelings, demonizing God’s incredible use of a trace gas and water plus sun to FEED the WORLD.

Of course, evil’s top target is God’s well designed Adam&Eve planetary populator (and repopulator after Noah’s cruise got us down to 8 homo sapiens) has been tainted with 58 odd androCreations after male and female.  cis, ye, ja, bi, tri, the list goes on. 

If this wasn’t so serious, gender dysphoria could bring out giggles.  Look at Rocky Rochelle, the CDC head, who’s theme song is “When a man becomes a woman”.  Fact is, I WAS a man trapped inside a woman’s body until Feb 17th soo many decades ago: my birthday.

Life IS precious, people. And this great, vocal, loving, obnoxious, beloved, focused priest of the Order of Premonstratensians left his O. Praem vestments in Silverado Canyon and St. Michael’s Abbey on Mardi Gras day 2022. 

IF he is spending Lent, and this is a big IF, in Purgatory, we wish this beloved non violent fighter (and do we need more fighters!) God speed into the heavenlies.  Troy, Cheryl, Jeff White, Delores Wiemann and others that knew him wish him the best.  Kristina who loved him dearly (yes, death culturalists and misery merchants, priests can be loved…even transParents like myself who practices transparentcy whenever possible) led a great Survivors team for a time.

Memories of the Life Dynamics/Lime 5 days. Created Equal and Mark Harrington… Randall, the Rev Pat Mahoney, and so many more.  Dave Bereit and his 40 days for Life movement; Right to Life, Lila Rose from her 12 year old beginning into Live Action.  I remember Lime 5, Bob & Bev at Crusade for Life, my loved Life Centers of OC w/ Ruth at the helm…Kathleen’s Obria morphed from Birthchoice, Sister Paula who rescued many orphaned crisis pregnancy help centers with her International pro life organization

Of course David Daleiden, Sandra Merritt, Briscoe Cain, John Eastman… time to stop the list: God knows the names of the faithful.  We need to continue the battles as if it matters.  Which it does!

  Point is, so many orgs trying to end the most demonic work on earth, that’s killed 2.2 billion so far…even Joe Biden in his best first year can’t be credited yet with that many deaths. But, he’s making a run for hell’s top prize.

Let me end with this:

All you sidewalk counselors, prayer warriors on the heaven~hell line separating the real world from Jon Dunn’s evil empire at planned parenthood, Fr Leo IS praying for you. Cross that evil barrier when hundreds of angels battle the demons, heaven

A little presumptive of me, but he like Mary our mother, Jesus her Kingly Son, all the saints and the Godhead above, under the protection of St Joseph and Michael the Archangel want EVERY soul on earth to live forever: have the CHANCE, whether minutes before our death at 9 decades or 9 months, LIFE is worth living. 

Bishop Saint (ok the bickerers have kept him at Blessed) Sheen pegged this outing communism, which is a sick atheist view of life, a drab automaton existence controlled by and for the STATE, not the FAMILY.

I hope and pray for a Renaissance; but if we are at the end of the end times, live each day.  After all, it IS a great day to be alive. But your first day in eternity future is impossible to describe.

My confession: instinctively, I took off and dropped next to Fr Leo’s placid head, my “40 days for Life” plastic bracelet.  No better man to sport the silver feet and a wrist band, reminder that the work MUST go on, and Dobbs is just a stepping stone to the much misunderstood DoeVBolton, the companion 1973 idiocy.

People, God desires MERCY before JUDGEMENT. Some see the prophecies of Helen Kowalska aka St Faustina and her diary, as pointing to today, her native Poland and the potential World War III.  But as Padre Pio put it, we must do ALL we can to honor what Fr Leo held dear.  AND “pray, hope and don’t worry”. 

There’s NO time to be competitive in our proLife work; Fr Leo would agree. The enemy is NOT another human, but the principalities and powers of darkness.

We must cooperate, pray, witness, counsel, save lives and pray more.  Let the world, the culture of death Pope St John Paul the Great flagged, see the witness of Protestants, Catholics, Muslims, people of the Exodus. Praying and working together to save lives.

Moms take the greater role…unlike all the moms who worry about their role in the survival of the species, I could babble with the delivering doc but Donna bore the pain for all 11. 

She did it because she believes in Jesus, never gave up with the Christmas cancer surprise 2010; then, after we tried everything, she donated her last six months on earth enduring physical pain for the needs of others on the way to Mary’s birthday …plus one.   She knew in May that the physical redemption was not to be, but the spiritual healing came.

September 8th for last rites, Sept 9th for the journey above the earth.   

Like Fr. Leo, her work was not done and still isn’t: today, the most amazing stepmom on earth, Mary, stepped into OUR lives; she volunteers to clean the abbey church, loves the opera, but because of the criminal fraudery of the medical tyranny of for profit Pfizer Pfauci Pfixes (booster #4 and STILL not a vaccine), she is NOT working that which she loves.

Dressing many famous theatre actors; she loves her faith and to this very day, I am soooo amazed she said YES to adopting 12: me and the 11.

Like her namesake in heaven, my Mary IS a true gift.  So are you, reader.  And in case, you don’t do Latin, the phrase above “Semper Ubi Sub Ubi” transliterates into a hygienic statement that grandmas would utter: “Always where under where”.  

Thank you, Fr Leo.  “Do not grow weary in doing good”…   He never did.


Len Beckman

35 year homeschooling dad of 11 who practices real estate and loves serving others. 





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