Nun of the above

jesus with nazareneI appreciate how my friends and families are using the Arabic character “nuun” (sometimes written nun)in solidarity of the now Christian free Mosul, thanks to that humanitarian genocide racial cleansing group, ISIS.

Can you believe these people?

ISIS identifies human beings they believe are not worthy of living, and marks their dwellings with a symbol that everyone that sees it knows the occupants should be killed.

If they can pay a high ransom price, they will be spared for the moment. But, there is no guarantee they will be allowed to live. Simply put, they are innocent and powerless to defend themselves.

In fact, an artificial date was dictated (July 16) that they no longer would be allowed to stay alive. A much more powerful person then uses medical grade assault weapons to cut them to pieces, similar to a simitar or machete, and their bodies are dragged outside for the world to see.

Oops, major typo! Darn spell check. ISIS should be replaced with planned parenthood, and the agents of death are abortionists, sometimes called planned parenthoodlums.

If we want to defend life that is at risk, then we can do so much more than a cute Arabic character in our profile shot. Get off the sidelines of life and death and onto the sidewalks of death outside every barbaric, Auschwitzian planned parenthood and other evil kid kill mills in this free country. Do not back down. Be the generation that sees that we will no longer tolerate killing perfectly helpless, harmless babies and their mothers get maimed, because some dickwad says they don’t deserve life.

At least, the Hamas and ISIS barbarians give their victims a chance before they kill them. Dr. Agnew, Dr. Seles and Dr. Boyd, to name a few of the killers in our midst, with the ACLU’s sanction, letha inject poison into fully formed babies (heart or head, whichever is closest) and send mommy next door in ABQ to the Plaza Inn to sit on a toilet for a couple days of labor to deliver a LIVE or DEAD baby. LIVE, it DROWNS. DEAD, it plops.

The Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust already have the training and the courage to continue to save lives and they put their training into action. Too many Christians don’t see this as tissue, but just another issue right up their with trace natural gas CO2 or abandoned kids streaming across the southern border.

My challenge to all real youth ministers, young adults and other engaged Catholics is to put some substance with the “Nuun” symbolism.

WWND? What would Nun do or what would the Nazarene of two millennia do, probably stand on the sidewalks of death to save the children who die day in day out in this supposedly civilized Christian nation. A nation that allows even one child to be senselessly murdered is neither civilized nor truly Christian.

Like Nuun in name only. How about we replace the Nuun with the ‘alif. A straight vertical character. Standing for “abortion”.

Maybe it can be sharpied on the front of those bulging bellies that are entering the neoNazi killing centers that tax dollars help under the union label, planned parenthood. The same place that teaches 13 year old girls who to bite, bind, aphyxiate, draw blood on their 43 year old rough sex partners.

Mosul is empty; it’s too late to help there. But, America, after 58 million kills is not. Nor after almost two BILLION kid kills worldwide. How about 365 days of teams manning and womanning the sidewalks, counseling women not to kill their children and their very selves. Or, just keep on keeping on the cardboard homeless shelter mockups and doing the Nuun of the above. Every life is worth saving. Everyone. Do we care?

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