D-day is coming for planned parenthoodlum’s demonic human sacrifice

Frannie: just for you.  four documents on planned parenthood and their customers’ letter head.  Follow the clues to truth

planned parenthood’s d-day is future.  The SurvGen has your number.

Ideas have consequences. 70 years ago today, beaches coded with names like Utah and Omaha in France received enormous numbers of landed troops as D-Day unfolded at Normandy, not Pas de Calais.
The time had come to take France back from Margaret Sanger’s protege, Adolph Hitler I. Yes, planned parenthoodlum’s founder mentored the master racist.

obama at ppIn the early 30s, the founder of the company pres obama shills for, planned parenthood, visited Hitler and the National Socialist party with her “Racial Hygiene” protocols: the belief some humans are “useless eaters” like Catholics, puerto ricans, blacks, Jews, the poor, the infirm. 4 years later, the mentor master racist came out with the Nuremberg Racial Laws, turning Jewry into cheap JEWelry, objects to be abused, not humans. His list was somewhat different than Sanger’s: Hungarians, Poles, twins, and the same, the Jews, the infirm, the poor, the handicapped. Auschwitz museum has bins of crutches.

Day-day was the turning point of a bad idea gone to hell. That any human is not worth living. Since Cain and Abel, war is inevitable wherever humans tread. Smart people realize it; Jesus told us so. We hate it, but know it comes. When Saddam Hussein used a human meat grinder on humans, we went to Iraq. After he had gone to destroy Kuwait previously.

Today, in the spirit of his roles as spokesmodel for the most evil corporation in human history, Sangersoft, we traded five of the most notorious radicalized Islamists for a converted deserter at the cost of 16 Americans and thousands more when the five return to destroy again. Weakness breeds more death; and killing prebirth kids is the utmost cowardly act, almost two billion to date, since 73.

terri schindler schiavoWomen are talked into it by weak, impotent men with cons like convenience, it’s not the time, you have college, it will destroy your life, when what he means is “I am a selfish idiot that likes to play sex with you but not be there nine months later for my son’s birth”. EVERY MAN WHO FORCES, BY OMISSION OR COMMISSION, HIS WOMAN TO KILL THEIR CHILD IS A SANGER SON. EVERYONE.
So off the kid. Hitler wanted to off anyone that wasn’t blue eyed blond; i might have made the cut as a Polish-German. You may not have.

14 months after D-day, the tally was 11 million dead over 7 years in 10 countries. The victors were called the Greatest Generation, though few would discuss the dehumanized atrocities they saw. Today, the War on Women and Preborns continues in 187 countries, and over 41 years, 1.725 BILLION have died, the survivors (mothers sometimes) all have post traumatic (abortion) stress symptoms for life and we add 5,000,000 more each month.

planned parenthood no litter responded to from aboveIreland, on the island where masses of soldiers gathered to cross the English channel June 6, 1944, and other countries so few are free of legalized Hitlerian baby killing. For this is what an evil idea becomes, when it metastasizes: an evil corporation we give $million a day to, to continue the human carnage.

It’s not the millennials, gen x, gen y, but the SurvGen, the Survivors generation that will end the real World War III, that began Aug 16, 1945 and continues today.

People worry about nukes and nuclear winter starting WWIII. Too late; it’s underway. WWIII is here. Instead of hydrogen or atomic, we have neutron bombings in every city of the world: the buildings stand, the babies and mothers die. The scumbags and the weak men walk away as if nothing has happened. 35 million more guys in hegemonic China is not “nothing”.

And if we depopulated 58 million (the American WWIII war casualties) from America one for one for each kid kill, 28, yes 28 of our least populated states would be devoid of humans, no different than neutron bombing the country and destroying half the organic humans. Leaving the cities intact for God knows what. OVER HALF OF AMERICA.

So, when a mighty band of Survivors ask the organizers of the Holocaust Museums of Intolerance for a measly 32 square foot space to display and note the almost TWO BILLION DEAD of the WWIII genocide, the Abortion Holocaust, they are told “No!”

They say “We are a museum and not political,” yet everything IS political in a free covenant constitutional ‘we the people’ land. The horror is Day-day ended only temporarily the killing of Jews, gypsies, Downs syndrome “intellectually disadvantaged”, etc.

Mark these words; some day a Museum for the Abortion Holocaust and Intolerance of Selected Humans will be built; and the

D-Day was a code and signified the beginning of the end for WWII. How about we start planning A-Abolition, the day WWIII is tamed, the satanic, primitive, bloodlust killing of America’s greatest resource (that millions died for in the 40s), our children.

“Four score less ten years ago, our men fought to end racism, the real kind on the beaches of Normandy. Real racism is not private words said to a billionaire’s mistress or the slang of race pimps. Real racism is the devaluing and obliteration of selected members of the HUMAN race.

Almost 100 countries are a generation from extinction because they are killing their kids faster than they are being born. Isn’t it time to listen to the Survivors of WWIII and stop this occultic, demonic insanity of eating our young? the gynecologist in chief might enjoy, for the time, shilling for Sanger.

But, someday he and others may realize she long ago passed her mentored stepson, Adolf, as well as Josef, Mao, Pol Pot and the other demoniacs of death on serial killing. Two billion is more than 100 or 11 million in any math, even common core or new. It’s time to stop this insanity. Unlike psychotropic fueled schoolyard killings, we know the exact time and place of EVERY pre-K, preborn child’s impending death.

The signs are everywhere: planned parenthoodlums: where they do elective cosmetic surgery on your uterus: from womb to tomb in 20 minutes or your money back. Or SWO, where the ACLU sanctions lethal injection of full size babies’ brains and moms get a two nights stay at the Plaza Inn while Junior comes out dead or alive in the toilet bowl nursery.

This is happening IN America right now!!. Whether or not the Nazi Museums believe it is;  it is pandemic megagenocide the world has NEVER seen before.  We feel your pain, Holocaust survivors.  We even capitalize the H in Nazi Holocaust.  But, 11 million, as horrible as this is, still pales in the non-comparison to today’s WWIII evil: 187 countries have lost 1,725,000,000 in 41 years.

Tony Melendez toetographing his signature

We have the moral obligation, like firemen hearing screams outside a burning kindergarden room, to end this outrageous barbaric practice of human sacrifice. In honor of D-Day. And every day. God help us.

And the Sidewalks of Life, manned and womanned by dedicated sidewalk counselors,  are the only thing separating innocent, defenseless mothers and their children from the modern death camps and death tools in the Hell’s Kitchens of America

If you see an empty spot outside planned parenthood headquarters on tustin south of the 22 freeway, occupy it.  or anywhere kids bethany hamilton and nick vujicicare silently screaming for rescue.  Adolph and Margaret Hitler killed the handicapped; we kill 95% of the Down syndrome children before daylight.  If the world knew that a kid would come out with no arms, or no legs,no arms, or leftarm less later in life, the culture of death would kill them.  Tony Melendez plays guitar with his toe jammin’ toes.  Bethany surfs with Nick, pictured to the right.  Are any of these three deserving of death?

Are you, because you are not perfect. EVERYONE IS NOT PERFECT; NEWS FLASH!!   Even Barack, Muchella, Margaret, Adolf, certainly i am not and even you!  So who died and made you supreme, Abortogods?

Below are two views of the same Freedom of Information Act for babies that Dr Regan Thieler as planned parenthood gulf coast chief abortionist hacked out.  She was both executioner and purchaser, because her other job was at University of Texas Medical Branch of Galveston (utmb Health)  She BOUGHT the hearts and livers from the babies she aborted down the street.

Planned parenthood continuously claims they don’t charge for baby parts but just for shipping.  Well, the PO from utmb specifies FOB Destination Freight Prepaid.  Translation: The university was the destination and didn’t pay for shipping and handling; PP did.  Pure and simple, PP lies only when their lips move and the baby is dying or dead.

Tell me if this isn’t shades of Dr Mengele, Hitler’s chief scientist who had this thing about twins.  Identical.


TY Survivors: you see the truth. Help us wake up before it is too late….

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