Aya Al knows the score: more kids makes sense

Planned Parenthood: the world’s worst and evil corporation keeps on giving.

Another fine example from our most popular corporation and export, planned parenthoodlumism and PP Inc. Look for the gynecologist in chief to do another promo on this cool development in his foreign policy:

The CEO of Iran wants to double their population to catch up to the US. So, ladies, keep taking those steroids here in America. We have the coolest boy toys in the world.  Thanks to early cosmetic surgery removing excess female useless eaters (Sangerism, not me), China already has 35 million more men, making the people’s army hegemonic and ready for bear~not just the boys across 11 time zones’ leader, Russia.  Well, as the Soviet Union it was 11.  Give Uncle Put a little time and slack.  No, for us, too!

You see, going against God’s design and creation, especially His math theorems about multiplying not subtracting, leads to divisions and interesting geopolitical social upheaval.

We all know planned parenthoodlums are roaming the halls of our 6th thru 12th grades.  Though seasoned PP sexologist Jacob graduated University High this last year.

 And Kindersex ed reigns supreme, like Aya Al.  But, it’s not just Suzie in middle school practicing her sex ed ‘sex play’ homework in the boy’s locker room (this is why we need laptops in every school, so the kiddoes can go to planned parenthoodlum’s teen sites to learn reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmetic and sex (minus the three “Rs”) )

hat tip to BioEdge, a leading bio-ethics site, for this latest intended/unintended consequence of stupid human re-engineering tricks.

‘”Another challenge to be faced by bioethics in the decades ahead is the downstream consequences of falling birth rates.

Once fertility begins to fall, it keeps falling to levels which once seemed (sorry) inconceivable. The replacement birth rate is 2.1 children per woman. But in South Korea, parts of Spain, and Russia it has fallen below 1.3. At that rate, population begins to decline fairly rapidly. A small population could have big political consequences.  (Len’s comment: synonym:  most countries are endangered species, one gen from extinction)

This worries the leaders of Iran. The birth rate in Iran has fallen more swiftly than anywhere else in the world – from 6.4 in 1986 to a current low of 1.8. When they look into their crystal ball, they see a weak and depopulated nation.

This is why the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, recently released a 14-point plan to reverse decades of propaganda for small families and double his country’s population to 150 million. His proposals include: increasing the birth rate to more than 2.3; lowering the age of marriage; an Islamic-Iranian lifestyle and opposing undesirable aspects of the Western lifestyle; and providing treatment for both male and female infertility.

A bill is already being drafted to ban abortions and sterilisations. Government support for family planning and contraceptives has already been discontinued. A program offering free vasectomies has been terminated.

For Westerners like me, the social policy and politics of a theocratic country like Iran are quite mysterious. But if its rulers are as impatient and stubborn as the media makes them out to be, they may try to impose pro-natal policies, lest they drift into geopolitical irrelevance. Today most bioethics deals with issues relating to having fewer children. What happens when women are pressured into having more children? What dilemmas will bioethicists face then?”  end of quote

Thank you eugenicists Margaret Sanger, Adolf Hitler, Warren Buffet, Michelle Gates, Teddy Turner, David “Rocky” Rockefeller. You will all be long dead and buried (some of you already are), as will I, while my children have to deal with the world you wrought. Your billions wasted, lives devastated, the world in shambles.   Because you don’t use your 100 quadrillion dendrite brains like a good chess player.

Picking stocks and bedding down a software king, living off daddy’s money and being a TV mogul are not resume entries for playing God. Nor is killing 11 million over 7 years in 10 countries, Herr AH!

Likewise, the systemic scourched earth killing of 1,725,000,000 (just shy of two billion and going strong) over 40 years in 187 countries, Maggie “Playgirl” planned parenthoodlum queen.

Ayatollah Al sees the evil in killing kids so much they are lowering the marriage age to as early as pubertly possible.   But, it is a backward, theocratic woman hating country, the feminists, like Postal professor Dr. Madam Young at UCSantaBarbara.

Uh huh.  right, ladies.  Being free means doping up on steroids so you can become a 24/7 boy toy stepford wife without the vows.  And when he knocks you up because Plan P (no worries pill) doesn’t stop a newbie from forming, you go get uterine cosmetic surgery to prevent nine months of weight gain and oh yeah, junior from popping out in 280 days reading to scream “Mommy, I love you”~  if you didn’t have her killed first by demon abortogods disguised as doctors, nurses and midwives.

Believe it or not, i agree with something Aya Al says here: the Western lifestyle needs a little retooling. Pumping women full of steroids (the jokes on them as they become 24/7 boy toys), killing preborns as if womb cosmetic surgery is taking out a wart.

Teaching kindersex because, after all, sex ed before eight or its too late (or is that just the mantra of the Nat’l ManBoy Love Assoc?), demonizing virginity so much that a schizophrenic college boy at the party school, UCSB, goes postal, when he doesn’t get his, is not working folks.

In fact, not so interesting coincidence, the UCSB chair for feminist, women’s studies and porn, Professor Madam Young, also went postal and slashed a defenseless 16 year old (and still has her job!) Short girl, trying to impress her FWS and Porn minions just months ago.  Herr Young believes  that freedom of speech stops at her endowed and regal office door.

Universitas, used to be about free exchange of ideas in the university quad. Today it is defined as the free exchange of LGBGXXXT, abortion, homosexuality, evolution, fraudulent global warming, arrogance of puny man ideas. Truth and standing for life, science and self-control need not apply.  Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust quotes administrators that have to actually admit they want to bully, as all planned parenthoodlum apologists do, life lovers and those that don’t toe the hedonistic, baby killer mentality on campus.  Hat tip to Survivors.la:

“I understand that this is free speech. But when I have the WHOLE school angry and complaining, then I’ll have to classify it as a campus event.”

Where in the Constitution is there the freedom to block free speech. Ask planned parenthoodlums like this one

The administrator was looking for a way to get us off campus, so she tried telling us that she had the authority to de-classify our outreach as free speech, and then call it a campus event so that she could deny us permission to be on campus.  When we told her that we would peacefully continue our outreach, she sighed and walked away.

At a debriefing with the pro-life club at Boise State University, the club president stressed how effective our two-day outreach was:

“We made people choose a side!  Our WHOLE campus was talking about abortion!”

You see, folks, when people actually are forced to see the truth, the truth impacts them.

Without science, truth acceptance and bully tactics by AbortInc.?

Results? 2 billion less kids, one or two of which would have cured most diseases, improved lifestyles, advanced opportunity, etc. Also, Millions of women suffering for life from PATS, post abortion trauma syndrome; radicalized environmists who think humanity is a cancer; demonized CO2 and Fatherhood. 100 countries one generation from extinction due to non-existent birthrates, so much so that Aya Al, the leader of the emerging nuclear world, theo-legislates what God has said from the beginning: “Be fruitful and multiply”.

What Aya Al gets, our gynecologist in chief, infomercial spokesmodel for planned parenthoodlumism has no clue.

Thankfully, the world is now safe for every 30 year old law stud who can’t afford her $8 sex drug habit at WalMart and has to go begging for her boy toy steroids. While the world burns and boils.

It’s time for the grown ups to get back into gear; starting with my beloved interfaith environment committees and their leadership taking a moment to realize we need not destroy our churches and families over 12 manmade CO2 molecules per million. Or is 70 cents a gas gallon, which becomes $1.10 a gallon in taxes next January under Jerry’s cap and trade fraud, just chump change?

Science is such a nuisance when it goes against our pre-conceived notions of truth.

Atmospherics physics. A trace natural life essential gas like CO2.   Malaria eradication via DDT.  Geopolitical consequences.  Even Human science, the propagation of the species is not an evolved notion, from amoeba to Adam or earthworm to Eve, nor accidental bump of some primordial slime.

It is the eternal, preconceived idea that mankind IS destined for a joyful infinity and beyond by a benevolent, loving God who must chuckle when rad enviros claim man can alter the weatherclimate one iota of a 6,000,000,000,000,000 ton ball of joy we call earth.  

These modern Luddites and planned parenthoodlums may be legends in their own minds.  But, we affect climate as much as a gnat hitting the gas tanker windshield hurts the 18 wheeler’s gas mileage.  Yet we endure the ruling class robbing us blind in areas affected by energy.  Pretty much everything.  

We puny gnats don’t do much to affect the sun, all one million times as big as earth’s output and global warmth/cooling.  But, we are master racists, when it comes to killing kids.  World population: 9 billion.  Minus 2 billion kid kills since 73.  Leaving 7 billion.  

When you wake up, and Aya Al’s got his 300 million folks. And millions more American mothers have PATS for life.  don’t say this father of eleven didn’t warn you.  Ban medical grade assault knives in the hands of pernicious evil doctors of death, and just maybe we can reverse course.  Unless, of course, since he bails on foreign policy but is great for Sex Inc., maybe post 2016, we can add a a new cabinet position, Sex Secretary, for the new Sex Department.  He needs something to do, especially if dietician Muchella DaVille leaves him for better climes (I don’t wish divorce on anyone, no one wins).

I checked the Constitution, the term for the gynecologist in chief expires the same time all the other X in chiefs do.  Meanwhile the new prez can find the dusty “Commander” one in the back closet of the West Wing.  Ready for a leader who can lead.  You and I?  We need to lead today.  And not wait on Aya Al to show us that children are precious and our most important natural resource, right up there with CO2, O2 and Cosmic brownies.

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