12 Tribes, 12 Apostles, 12 CO2 Molecules out of a million

Father Robert Barron has done an extraordinary job on focusing on Church history, truth and architecture.  In a recent piece on Cosmos and One More Telling of the Tired Myth,   Seth MacFarlane, well known cartoonist, atheist and nothingist, takes the usual potshots at the Church’s role in science.

The crux is MacFarlane is long on demonizing the Church for snap judgments on various folks like Gallileo, Brahe and Bruno, while intensely short in not mentioning any of numerous priests’ contribution to the advancement of scientific progress.

Father Picard (not Jean Luc of Star Trek and X-Men) was the first since the Great Pyramid of Giza to measure the earth reasonably accurately; Put Father before these inventors or discoverers: Ricciolli and the acceleration rate of a free-falling body; Searle discovered six galaxies in the early 20th century. Grimaldi and light diffraction.  Father Mendel and modern genetics. Lemaitre and his Big Bang theory.  Read Fr. Barron’s article for the rest.

Of course, in between these clerics and today are numerous Catholic scientists who continue to make scientific progress, even as we regress in many areas of scientific understanding.  Three, i claim, are blind acceptance of atheistic evolution; primitive medical understanding of human beings prebirth.

 And one area we can also turn the corner before it is too late is the frieght train of man made atmospherics: the dominoes are three;  man made CO2 production, androgenic global warming and anthropogenic climate change.  All of which are negligible at best, and the most massive and dangerous scientific fraud since dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane at its worse.  The banning of DDT in 1972 has led to 40 million plus unnecessary deaths and 200 million malarial cases per annum.  It too, should be reversed as many countries are doing right now, like Uganda, giving the Ugly American Ruckleshaus back his bird.

There were 12 tribes of Israel, 12 original apostles that followed Christ, and only 12 man created carbon dioxide molecules PER EACH MILLION air molecules.

Unfortunately, the current childish bully push of “the debate’s over” on man made CO2/global warming/climate change has one glaring difficulty: it is not scientific.  True science and its practitioners NEVER say the debate is over.  Only politicians and those bought and paid for with grant or taxpayer funds; 

I am sure Fr. Barron would side with me if presented the facts.  “Father Len, you are clueless.  The world is flooding, the poles are melting, polar bears are endangered and the climate is changing”.

All but the last one are false.  And climate has changed since Adam wooed Eve in the Garden.  It continues since Eve introduced her husband to the apple and changed zip codes.  God designed the world to have weather.  Before the massive cataclysmic restructuring of the earth we blandly call “Noah’s flood”, we probably were covered with a vapor canopy (remember, we are told the first rainbow was after the rains stopped, meaning first rains DURING the 40 days.)

 But the world was completely altered during this time, continental drift, mountains thrust upward, and the raw materials for Arco, Shell and Chevron were created with organics turned into pools of oil, pockets of natural gas and tons of coal deposits.   Something an enterprising dud Luddite radicalized environmist labeled “fossil fuels”.  He, maybe she, was right you know: the gift of the Creator was the frackingly amazing amount of energy sources that His disgust over mankind yielded.  Not to mention, a lot of that fossil fuel includes man bones, too.

True scientists: google carbon dioxide, the demon gas.  Without carbon dioxide, the fraud of interfering in energy production, essential to help the poor and fuel the economy, families and life, falls apart.  

Man can’t be adequately blamed for cow farts, nitrous oxide and water vapor (other “fossil fuels, supposedly) as much, since they aren’t a sizable byproduct of production.  So, all these Governor Brown cap and trade (handicap us with no trade, exorbitant prices), schemes, who wants to snatch defeat from the jaws of California energy plenty victory, would be fruitless.  

The fraud goes like this: man makes so much CO2 we got to stop driving cars, making things and producing anything.  Also, stop drilling or mining NatGas, coal, oil.  Never mind low pollution coal and petroleum is heeeeere! and Natural Gas comes out of the ground ready to do its miraculous pollution free energizer bunny imitation.

 We also have to bankrupt families, and stomp on the poor in all parts of the world.  And you are allowing it, American Catholics (aided by these innocuous interfaith environmental committees blind acceptance of primitive anti-science regarding global warming)

No one ever bothers to look at the science: experts tell us that of all the CO2 generated, 3% is man made.  Google CO2 and you find out there are 400 CO2 molecules per one million air ones.  400PPM or .04% of the atmosphere.  3% of this is 12 CO2 molecules of 1,000,000!!  For this, we are destroying America and California, escalating corn and food prices by stuffing processed corn oil as ethanol into gas tanks.  Fools.  Except Mr. Buffet and Son, who are making a killing as they kill the ability of poor families to feed themselves.  

Where are all these Catholic social justices, leaders who want to help the poor and families,  doing the science and the math?  Certainly not on global warming!

Do you really believe the Supreme Court justices are God and know the answer like: CARBON DIOXIDE is POLLUTION?

Check your bible:  CO2 is a trace natural gas essential for food production and life, essential to survival.  It is part of the chlorophyll photosynthetic process that keeps us fed and alive.  It’s real concentration is not 1/2 the atmosphere: it is ONE CO2 MOLECULE per 2500 non-CO2 molecules.  One.  And that one is supposed to magically hold hands and hold in heat with its partner 2500 molecules away while the other 2499 bask in the warmth?  We are SUCH fools!

  The saddest thing is this smacks of sin at its base and worse: the arrogance of man believing he can impact God created nature and weather (the old name for climate; you may have heard the word before).

Problem is non-science is at work.  And the very people, like Fathers X who have advanced science for millennia, who are needed to stop this incessant fraudulent money grab are absent.  Worse, complicit by being corrupted as part of the cliff jumpers and freight train boxcar jumpers when needed the most.   Gallileo, from his study while under house arrest, would have said it in Latin: “bolderdash.”

We all know it: Al Gore lied. Continuously.  He got his billions; we got ours~the shaft.  There are five times (25,000) polar bears today. The Coke ads and photo-shopped bears was a studio fake.  Bears like water!  They don’t give a beaver’s dam about melting ice..  

And the supposed melting ice loss that gave the white fluffy creatures their supposed “endangered” status is a fraud too!  Both the north and south polar ice caps have more ice, measured summer to summer (so its not apples to oranges).  

ZERO average global warming (possibly a cooling trend, tho slight is happening) for 18 YEARS!   Haven’t heard that one, have you, my Christian brothers and sisters.  Because you don’t do the research; you just follow the crowd.

For 12 man made/androgenic/anthropogenic CO2 per ONE MILLION.  

Gallleo will turn over in his house arrested grave or Bruno will rise from his ashes like a Phoenix soon if we don’t come to our collective Catholic Christian senses.  You can’t believe or trust Brown or the gynecologist in chief, Dr. OB,AMA spokesmodel for planned parenthood.  They want to enrich their radicalized envirobuds as well as their campaign donating friends.  Wind, solar and biomass are money pits.  Pure and simple; they have their place but not at 10,000-100,000% of the cost of less polluting, readily available, high energy coefficient, sources like natural gas, coal (yes, coal!) and oil.

 Oil doesn’t just go into gas tanks as, soon to be, minority fuel next to ethanol; it has 6000 products, many of which are single sourced plastics.  The Luddites are duds, trying to live in the 19th century while pretending to be 21st century custodians of the Cosmos.  Like our atheist/nothingist friend who loves to go after the Catholic clerics, or demonize bad decisions made centuries ago, he misses the point:  these people who have advanced science must farther than he ever could have helped us get here.

Let’s not become the Christian coalition of dudites, bent on destroying our modern culture over 12, count them, 12 CO2 molecules per one million air ones, including the 99%ers Oxygen and Nitrogen.

Anarchist bullies like William Ruckelshaus, with 40 million dead notches on his EPA gun belt,  have proven scientific truth won’t stop the radicalized environmists.  Like their distant cousins who kidnap schools full of Christian girls to play matchmaker and rape them, these modern devolutionists are the ultimate hypocrites for enjoying the fruits of technological advance, better and longer lives, yet want to destroy everyone in the process.

Unfortunately, they are the same people who think a breathing, squirming baby moments from birth is dead tissue ready for the abortogods’ scissorhands work to excise as if they are removing a diseased, malignant tumor.

Frankly, a baby and CO2 have something in common: both are essential for life to continue and they are demonized as pollution.

12 “man made” CO2 molecules PER one million.   1.725 billion killed kids out of 7 billion future targets.

For if such obvious scientific truth can be squelched in the arena of ideas in this “free” society we call America, God help us.

The biggest tragedy will be if our modern descendants of Gallileo, Brahe, Copernicus and Fathers Mendel, Picard (not Jean Luc of Star Trek and X-Men), Ricciolli, Searle, Grimaldi, Lemaitre and the rest in our Christian Catholic environmental groups and universities continue to flow with the sewage and not the life essential river waters of truth, accurate social justic and God’s infinitely more capable design and Creation.





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