Evolution of androgenic climate alarmism. Open Letter to my friend Greg, brother Paul and pseudoscientists everywhere

Greg, may our Designer and  Creator God, His Son Jesus and the Spirit bless you today!

Wouldn’t you like to be a hero?  Advise Bishop Kevin that in fact he need not follow the herd over the cliff into the climate changeling chasms below?   That we can try to help his OC parishioners next January, who will be kneecapped and mistraded for round#2 of the Calif. cap and trade con, going after gas and diesel ON TOP OF  taking an immoral 70 cents per each gallon for …nothing?  That our Church could take the lead for the truth, and not fall victim to the “temple of good but faulty intentions?”  Greg, if you want to defend the poor, look past the morass of media cons:  inexpensive energy is a moral imperative to help the poor.  And your and my family before we advance to the poorhouse.

Why lead others down the garden path of nuttiness:  all because of 12 carbon dioxide molecules per each million! This short video puts the simple science facts before you to consider.


Greg: this is whom you are hitching your wagon to:  the anti-fossil fuel movement.  Luddites.  Nothing to do with science.

Stephen Moore posits: “On a global scale, a tax on carbon or energy would hurt those who are desperately poor and malnourished the most: anti-fossil fuel tax is massively regressive on the poor.”  Greg, people you and I battle for all the time!

Kathleen Harnett White makes the case for the morality of cheap energy; it is logical and i contend i can show it is based on solid science instead of emotionalism, committee feel-good group think.    Greg, think of families in third world Africa, Mexico, Santa Ana: money is scarce.  Decisions between paying rent, putting gas into the car or natural gas in the wall furnace, luxuries like food and clothing must be made all the time.  Instead of helping, we in the Church are hurting the very people we want to help, most counter-productively.

Mrs. White: “Affordable energy is the wellspring of life itself.  We use it for food, shelter, clothing and everything that we need to live a productive life.”   Greg, cheap energy is the great equalizer in terms of leveling living standards.  She continues: “The poor benefit most from cheap energy and keeping energy production up and prices low is one of the best anti-poverty programs”


This is the Gordian knot when you join the alarmists and deceivers, yes deceivers, as i will show.

Climate changed again this morning!  Last evening, even with the heat, the local globe cooled only to start up again just before dawn.  The cycle continues, day and night.  This is true global warming.

Greg, thank you for your efforts for the least, the lost and the lonely.  But, as you teach me more about life and justice, in all humility, please allow me to share;  ok,  maybe teach you more about science and some wisdom regarding the unintended consequences of good but faulty intentions.

Claiming that man-made climate change is devastating third world poor is a scientific, not religious or Christian service, pronouncement.  So, if you want to lead the Church on scientific pronouncements, learn the science first.

We already failed to stop the insanity of banning dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane.  Malaria and other vector borne diseases, which mainly devastate the poor in the third world, were almost wiped out.  In 1972, Audubon and Earth Defense Fund activist, William Ruckelshaus, unilaterally went against science, logic, health and precedent and shut down its production, thereby its use.

Greg, do you remember this?  I was finishing up college at the time, on my way to an MBA.  Today, Uganda and other devastated countries are giving us the bird (the same excuse used from Rachel Carson’s fraud bird study) and bringing it back to save lives, economies, families…their countries.  In this, we are the ugly Americans.

The EPA does not share Godhead status, though sometimes one wonders.  Since the first EPA admin did this, Mr Ruckelshaus has caused 40 million deaths and climbing.  Plus 200 million new vector (malaria, dengue fever, west Nile etc)  cases, in areas that don’t need the extra grief and destroys poor families, EVERY YEAR.

For a fraud many of us in the Church failed to step in on; helping the poor is a lot more than publishing goals.  It’s being relevant, battling for practical ways to help them.  Just giving them a fish doesn’t cut it anymore, especially when there are so many ways to mentor, help with technology, etc.    But buying into the climate alarmism is the worst thing we can do.

Was it the long technical chemical name that scared people with the EPA’s first of many mistakes; it’s name should tell you that the Environment has priory over protection of humans; there is no HPA administration and HHS is hopelessly conflicted with anti-family priorities.

We use long words;  Transubstantiation or consubstatiation are the source and summit of our faith and no one wants to ban them, except an occasional Harvard extracurricular club!   No, DDT banning continues to be one of the most notorious results of believing the shyster without looking through the facts and finding the truth.  Or changing one’s mind once the fraud is proven.

Gallileo was under house arrest long enough for all of us.  And further claiming climate change is man made and we must alter behavior because of it, even if we go bankrupt or can’t feed our families, is scientific in nature.  Not economic or religious. and foolish.

It is incumbent on us, as members of Christ’s church, to be vigilant about the truth and facts, often two different entities, at all hours across all disciplines.  And to change our opinions when presented truth different than what we conceive it to be.

Begin at the beginning.  The sun rose this morning!  This six sextillion ton ball of joy we live on was again lighted and warmed by a huge fireball one million times larger than us, still converting 700 million tons of hydrogen to 695 million tons of helium every second to send us illumination, warmth, grow our crops (food!) and sustain life..

 You can check my facts, but does it matter? Whether it is 700 million tons or 7 million tons of H or He?   Actually it does.

At 7 million tons per second conversion, we die, a frigid frozen planet. Awfully quick, worse than the environmental guru Ehrlich predicted about global cooling in the 70s while we killed off lots of African black babies and mothers, from the DDT ban and eventual export of planned parenthoodlum snake oil tonic.

And how many solar engineers were on the sun this morning to make sure the sunspots didn’t expand and  move up their 11 year cycle to cool us even more than this last 18 years of zero average worldwide temperature increase?  WHILE carbon dioxide increased to 400PPM.  Hmm.

Solar engineers on the sun? Zero.   Only God. God sustains life. Not man. Puny man’s just not big enough.  We effect the climate as much as a gnat hitting the windshield of an 18 wheeler gasoline truck at 60 mph effects his speed… and energy efficiency.  And what’s the last thing that goes through that gnat’s mind as it hits the glass?  Answer later.

I’m with you to a point, Greg,  on the evolution discussion.  We have real world examples of pure hyper evolutionary activity.

In many parts of the world, examples of these impressive evolutionary processes have been discovered, pretty much on every continent. At these organics labs, the observation and cultivation continues with actual hyper-evolutionary growth, unimpeded by external recombinant or entropic forces!

Though not yet reported in ‘Science’ mag, evidence IS overwhelming.    In these temperature and nutrient controlled labs, domestic scientists are taking single cells and growing them over about 280 days.  They exhibit all the morphological requirements  of evolutionary theory, watching these primitive life forms exhibit the rudimentary proof of evolutionary life.  Yes, Greg, i know embryonic recapitulation was discredited years ago as an evolutionary theory, tho still in high school bio texts.  But this Law of Hyper-evolutionary processing is something the Church is firmly in the forefront of helping.

The excited hyperevolutionary scientists patent these life forms; in fact, they retain naming rights.    Our bishop Kevin used to hold these proofs of continued hyperevolutionary development earlier in their evolutionary cycle, usually in one hand.

In layman parlance, they are called newbies or babies. Their scientific names are Jose or Mary or Lee or Minh.  But as to what the random atheistic evolutionists, like my brother Paul,  are trying to CONvince us into, that of change from one species to another or atheistic evolution, there is zero proof.  In fact, we morph from  monotheists to polytheists: believing that God and Nature (whomever Nature is) share the design rights to you and me~~and the world we live in.2500m evolution from ape to man

See where it gets us when you tell the world we are for unbridled evolution and evolutionary thought (ET).

To use an example of “ET”:  we have seven foot sunflowers in our Donna Marie Memorial Envirolab garden that follow the sun.

Yes, from sunup to sundown, they move with the sun!  Their dance is Irish in nature under the English; only above the waist for the sunflowers never move their feet.

In scientific jargon, this is called positive photropism (not the organisms called phototropes some of which do not use photosynthesis but create sugars anabolically to metabolize).  The organic sensors redirect the leaves and budhead (until they are too heavy) throughout the day, moving from east to west, toward the strongest light source.  Easily observed.  Even as young as two weeks, the leaves and plant reorients itself toward the sun.  Magically!  Evolution or designed?  Fair question.

Google sunflowers about this feature and:  “Plants will grow in the direction of the strongest light source. This is an  evolutionary adaptation developed by plants to maximize the amount of sunlight received by the plant.”

So, Greg, where does God’s initial design end and man or irrational, random evolutionary adaptation of a godless nature kick in?  sunflower of love

Did God create the sunflower without the ability to follow the sun, without the necessary organic sensors?

Then, some unseen, random, non-intelligent intelligence engineer, engineer in the gene for phototropism to maximize its photosynthetic capabilities and plant growth.  Do you realize how much you have to suspend believability to conform with the culture of non-God or non-Design or non-teleological processes?  Believing we ‘evolve’ within a genetically directed sorting of heredity is semantic, now revolutionary, change or genetic selection.  Not evolution.

Take this real sunflower we grew on the Beckman ranch that is in the form of a heart.  Did this sunflower evolve to take this form, because we have hearts on Valentine’s cards or view the human heart in this form?  Is this an evolutionary adaptation that is repeatable or just observable the first and only time?  Genetic differentiation or mutation?   An imponderable.

If you had the courage to post on here that no, a sunflower following the sun is NOT an example of evolution in action, would you be willing to put up with the abuse as  i have for 30 years of patiently questioning each bit of nonsense posited as scientific law.

Except for hyperevolution outlined above, evolution is NOT science; it is not repeatable, observable, hypothetical, theorize-able.  It is a philosophy, and ever changing one.  With a huge price tag.  

But the worship services for the man made climate change faith has an astronomically more expensive and climbing price we pay and will continue to pay unless the Church, and its excellent leaders, wake up to the freight train we are riding on or looking for the open boxcar door to jump into.  At an accelerating pace.  

Atheistic evolution is a philosophy, not a scientific discipline, masked as an unassailable law, not hypothesis, not theory.

Theistic evolution is a form of creation worship that demotes God to technician and supplants God’s infinite design and more, challenging  HIS EXPERTISE to create a functioning world filled with nine billion humans and the trillions of other created entities.  And billions of processes.  It turns Him into a whimsical freshman engineering student, not the infinite Designer and Creator He is.

But the Church’s acceptance of evolution is not a benign “theology on tap” discussion.  A real world example that blind acceptance of evolution yields evil follows:

The Darwinian ET or evolutionary thought/worldview from the late 19th century led to the “survival of the fittest” comformity to eugenics; Greg, you may not realize but the Scopes trials were about defending eugenics not benign dog or finch coloration.  The book used was smack full of master racism.

Darwinian “survivalism” infused Hitler with his master race theories influenced by Margaret Sanger and her planned parenthoodlum mindset.   False evolutionary adherence is NOT innocent or safe.   Quotes of this moral/philosophical relativism show just how dangerous it has been (for another time).  And currently with the Sanger philiacs with the power and wealth to pursue to mankind’s detriment.

Or like you quoted from the Des Moine Register:

“At its core, global climate change is not about economic theory or political platforms, nor about partisan advantage or interest group pressure. It is about the future of God’s creation and the one human family. It is about protecting both ‘the human environment’ and the natural environment. It is about our human stewardship of God’s creation and our responsibility to those who come after us.”

Sounds loving, Godly and religious. But NOT scientific.   “Global climate change is about the future of God’s creation!”   Greg, manure!!  What did God do before man came along to fix things or discover that climate actually changes? Or put a label in recent decades for what He has accomplished for a) billions of years or b) 10,000 years or c) between the two.

Can i toss in a little science and scientific history to counterbalance this love affair with destroying families over man made climate change?

You posited: There are immense problems with a christianity that cannot reckon with evolutionary theory or the devastating reality of climate change. There are also major problems with an atheism that fails to recognize (scientifically) the humanity of life in the womb 

Greg, i just posited an irrefutable example of (hyper) evolution (“change”) that is incredibly accelerated…but ignored.  No one will refute this because it stands on its own as a law of evolution.  Just not the way the atheistic or mechanistic (more dangerous!) evolutionists believe and use to alter human behaviour~and wealth.  Yours and mine, taken from us.

Frankly there are quite a few atheists (not sure where my bro Paul stands)  that believe the human inside the womb is alive; unfortunately, they are dwarfed by those who claim to be Christians who are okay with killing obviously human kids during their preborn stages and altering female chemistry with steroids to turn them into on-demand sex objects.

Abortion does not end a pregnancy; birth does.  Abortion ends the life well before pregnancy ends.  But this is a discussion for another time as well.

Greg, the problem is “evolution” is a crisis that changes moment to moment with every dialogue, just like the perception of man made climate change.  Global warming under fire?  Make it a “the debates over” assumption.  Problem is, true scientists never say the debate is over.

Blaming God works cross purposes with the alarmists, tho some do mouth it, for Deogenic (God made )climate change kills their con.  You can’t steal families and businesses blind if you are a radicalized environmentalist and cannot pin the crime on other men.

As oppposed to a literate scientific conservationist/steward, as we are called that try to think before we leap.  In all humility, we make mistakes as all humans.  But we try to correct the obvious ones.

It’s like cursing Him for the tornado that touched down on my house and not my neighbor’s. We blame man made climate change because the twister turned, changed course.  Except, there was no course!  variability, less predictability, as weather and climate has ALWAYS been.

This is why 100 school buses drowned in Louisiana from Katrina; human error not God’s.

So, to save your hide, Greg, all we can do is look at the facts, the teeny tiny component of man made CC that morphed from Man Made Global Warming fueled by Man Made Carbon Dioxide.  Into the UNCHANGING UNERRING LAW OF IRREFUTABLE MAN MADE CLIMATE CHANGE.  emphasis added for dramatic effect, not that believing a trace life essential natural gas is pollution needs any additional dramatics.

Like the Law of Hyper-Evolution i will soon publish exampled above, and not get the Nobel for atmospheric physics or peace, true change, true evolution happens every time life is created, just more dramatically and infinitely more complex in humans.  But, as to the climate.

There is a heavy guilt-ridden climate change train that the Church is running breathlessly to climb onto, even with East Anglia emails, disintegrating models, expanding polar ice top and bottom, no warming for 18 years while CO2 goes through the “perceived” roof, it is evidence of fraud at all levels.  I sadly must not get on and join you in the eventual and inevitable trainwreck:

Man cannot evolve entities nor change climate. Though we can play God.  Except maybe a total nuclear ‘winter’, which we had a verysmall taste of at Hiroshima.  Or the occasional silver nitrate to seed the clouds for rain.  But even these extremes prove the point.

Yes, we do try being God with PIGSS: Pre Implantation Genetic Sourcing  and Selection, to “evolve” a new human.

Greg, i hope you attend the BioEthics Conference on July 26th at the LA Cathedral.  All are invited and should not miss the date.  Especially in your capacity as chief life officer for the diocese.

But, as in embryonic search and seizure, God is not that tickled when we choose one, then experiment a la Dr. Mengele on the other nine fully human in vitro embryos and pat ourselves on the back for a well designed boy.

Girls and Down children need not apply, of course.  Only 5% of Down sneak through with non-invasive genetic singularity testing for preborns .

But, is this the evolution you are satisfied to leave the barn door open over??  Evolutionists want God out of the equation so that they can justify full blown EUGENICS.   Greg, we need your wisdom.

Greg, i am a very amateur magician and love the King of Hearts illusion.  But, you can spot a con pretty easily with a little research.

God did not create science; man did.  God just created, put into play billions of processes and trillions of entities.  Science is our methodology to observe, hypothesize, evaluate, theorize and eventually codify into law our understanding about nature.  Religion is our understanding of the God of Nature, of Creation and His Son.  They are not mutually exclusive either.

I wrote a letter to the environmental faith committees regarding the reality behind our handling of Galileo as a lead in to “Don’t get sucked into the runaway climate change alarmist “steal the poor and families money” gravy train.  Some time i will share it.

But, why Greg do you make an infallible blind faith statement that you believe man changes climate?  Why do you believe that Christianity doesn’t “reckon” with the devastation of climate change?  We do!

Every time the Church has sent missionaries out, or relief missions via CRS, we are reckoning with climate change.  Hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, floods.  We RESPOND.   The most generous country on earth, the United States with our healthy history of purposeful self-interest, initiative and wealth creation, does not occupy countries in distress; we help them.  And the Church has built the schools, the orphanages, the hospitals.  Why do we cede the high moral ground to a godless bureaucracy?

” The poor will always be with us”, Jesus said.  And certainly we need to help them. But, must we make everyone poor in the process?

The poor need our help.  But the poor do not create jobs to employ enough people to donate to their parishes so they can pay into the treasure aspect of time, talent and treasure campaigns so a diocese can hire a Greg and hire and fire a Len.   Wealth is not the evil but the confiscation of it for illicit and foolish nonscientific principles IS evil.  It is destructive.  Most important, it is unnecessary if we grow up and call the Chicken Littles’ bluff on the daily crises du jour.  Correlation, compassion and causality are not the same thing.  So remember 400, a million, 12, 1 and 2500.  These five are not lotto numbers but show the con, the farce, the fraud in play that the Church is chasing.

When hell broke loose in the Phillipines, we didn’t ask whether but how much.  We redistributed voluntarily income that easily could have helped elsewhere.  There are ALWAYS consequences to EVERY decision of omission and commission; some good, many not so good. Greg, you know that.

Where did this incessant mantra “climate change is man’s fault” gain momentum?   Originally, we called it “weather patterns”.  Rain, snow, sleet, wind, el Nino, etc.   Globe warmed in the mornings, cooled in the evenings, went cold overnight.

Without going into the computations and physics, think logically out loud.  CO2 is essential, a trace natural gas.  Ever read this, that CO2 is a natural gas?  A quote from a book with a similar name:

“Parents, so you know, photosynthesis converts CO2 and water into carbohydrates and oxygen; I will write a formula on the board…6CO2 + 6H2O → C6H12O6 + 6O2  It is the answer the EPA is not looking for, since the solution is built in and requires no army of EPA foot soldiers

2500marbles pic on desk w donna bground

2500 Marbles in a glass container

6CO2 + 6H2O → C6H12O6 + 6O2

Respiration goes the other way.  Now follow the bouncing balls;

Climate change as a crisis ONLY comes from “global warming”.

Magically (watch for the con!) we accept the “debate is over” about androgenic CO2 then blindly accept the notion that man made global warming morphs to “we have climate change to deal with because we cause it”.  You throw out the insurance actuarial nightmare “act of God” and make everything “acts of man”.

Notice no scientific logism linking one to the other.  Just conjecture and a poor one at that.

Certainly not the codified as law, natural non-existent global warming.

Greg, the facts.  No global warming over 18 years while all CO2 has moved to 400 parts per million.

For example, many scientists see this general average global cooling as a mild form of “Sky is falling” Klugman’s global ice age of 1970s that didn’t.  But we are treated to big words, like androgenic (man made) or anthropomorphic (man formed) attached to global warming to make us go “OOOhhhh and aaaaah” to fit in with the rest of the lemmings.  It is hearsay, dumb scientific ignorance.

The claim is “fossil fuels causes global warming”.  For good, leftist, Luddite reasons.  Certainly not science, while Mrs. White claims using fossil fuels is moral, helps the poor, gives us opportunity to have leisure to spread the Gospel.

Bible lesson: Man’s corruption at the time of Noah led to God creating fossil fuels.  A fossil fuel is any organic energy source that resulted from the massive planetary change during the Noah flood period; oil, natural gas, coal all originated under hyperintense pressures turning plant, human and animal organics into “fossil fuel”.  This was no spring sprinkle.  Pangea might have been real.pangeai

Did God design these ‘fuels’ to be used?  Probably.  Should we demonize them and starve the poor, or steal from family’s finite income?   No!  Certainly not a wise Church.  Or a wise director who advises an excellent Bishop I love in the OC.

The guilty until proven innocent culprits:   Water vapor, methane, nitrous oxide are pooh poohed.  Can’t pin on man like you can with, drumroll, the trace natural gas carbon dioxide. None of these are demonized though occassionally mentioned as part of the con.

Just the CO2 is adamantly, to the highest courts even, made the fall molecule.  Isn’t this embarrassing: the Supreme Court judged a trace life essential natural gas POLLUTION!  Talk about politically driven insanity.

So, let’s look at  CO2, the trace natural gas (ever think of CO2 as natural gas?) that is essential for food production (photosynthesis and organic respiration) and human breathing, dry ice and soft drinks, is now adjudicated as POLLUTION! by the supremes and enviro rads.

 6CO2 + 6H2O → C6H12O6 + 6O2

Not a whimper from the directors of life, justice and peace or knowledgeable bishops anywhere in the US.  Just some few lonely voices about this foolish fraud.    Notice, we don’t hear about smog anymore, which is real undigested hydrocarbons in the atmosphere from cars, etc?  You don’t need smog if you can turn CO2 into the devil.  And we have mastered smog well.

The target isn’t really CO2, it’s man’s wise use of God’s stored fuel sources.

Greg, put your science hat on.  You agree we are concerned about climate change stemming from global warming.  We are horrified about global warming based on the man made component, ie androgenic CO2, yes?

 So, how much man made CO2 is there?  How much CO2 is melting the caps (NOT happening) as an excuse for Uncle Jerry and Dictator Gina/EPA  for cap & trade, destroying our world?

Science and history time:  400 CO2 molecules per ONE MILLION air molecules.  400/1,000,000

 CO2 is .04% of the atmosphere.  Oxygen and nitrogen, 99+%.   This is 400 particles or parts per million .  Translate 400 PPM into Catholic english, it is ONE(1) molecule of CO2 per 2500 air molecules.

400 PPM  becomes 1 CO2 molecule per 25002500marbles pic on desk w donna bground

Greg, this tall container has 2500 marbles.  I know because i counted them.

The 2500 represent the real atmosphere anywhere on earth.  ONLY ONE OF THESE are the lone carbon dioxide molecule;

Just one.  However the MAN MADE component of CO2 is much less.

Experts tell us, at the worse, man made (other than naturally occurring) CO2 is 3% of the total.

In Catholic English, this is 12 CO2 molecules per one million:  this is 400 of these vase/containers filled with blue marbles.

Only 12 are due to man.

12/1,000,000     Hmm. Greg, are you willing to tell our bishop and the diocese that we must destroy our families for 12 per mill?  For this we are starving the poor, that which social justices fight day and night.

Draining businesses, corporations, communities, children of their finite wealth and resources via “cap and trade”, “income redistribution”, Obama laundered crony/friend solar, wind, biomass projects, etc.   Because, we the Church are weak on research and long on taking up causes blind, jumping over the cliff with those who “feel” before “facts”.

Greg, Thomistic and logic time:   correlation and causation are not the same.  Greg, prove me wrong but not with hearsay and media.  Google it yourself.  You might say “Len you are full of it.  Come on, 97% of the scientists can’t be wrong.”  this is like saying “Only 12 guys believed Jesus at His word; but even though they were  eyewitnesses, they were only 3% of those who believed until Pentecost…..”  Correlation and causation are not identical and sometimes not even related.  As in DDT or man induced climate change.  What is inevitable is ripping us off.

Greg, God granted you a keen mind and intelligence.  Google the facts.  Al Gore moans about a fake ice floe with a poor polar bear stranded with its cub.  Oh my!

Problem it was a photoshopped fake and we have 25,000 or five times as many furry white bears which actually swim in the polar waters for food.  Bears don’t give a beaver’s dam about ice amounts; we do.  Fact is, some polar scientists believe there are too MANY for their food source at the pole.  But the Church jumps on the Gore train.  He got his~~billions.  We got ours~~ the shaft.

Global warming?  18 years of zero average warmth.  today’s crisis du jour explanation: because the fraud has been discovered, they are talking a 0 .1 degree per decade with a .5 degree “correction error”.  Uhm, Greg, what does that tell you about fudged science?  The correction error is FIVE TIMES as large as the increase.   This doesn’t cause you pause, Greg?  The BS, the biological science, is deep.

Your bishop and those of the USCCB would love some contrarian data if it is the truth.  They don’t want to look like fools in another ten years when the country and state cap and trades us to further insolvency further strapping oppressed families.  Many of which are Catholics who want to support the Church and its causes.  God expects us to be wise in how we help the poor and not destroy them in the process.

antarctic ice

Greg, we have MORE ice at BOTH poles measured  in recent summer to summer readings.  More ice means more warmth? Come on!  Look at the photos below.

But the Al and Ehrlich show said we’d drown Our Lady Queen of Angels, fill the sanctuary with sea water.  We bought it, hook line and sinker; Archimedes must be turning over in his grave regarding water displacement.

18 years of NO increase.

Greg: now let me toss you a bone.   Truth is, additional warmth is better for the third world providing more crop lands, moving the crop line further north and lengthening the growing season.  California has three growing seasons because we have lots of local warmer globe.  Our problems stem from energy and water mismanagement, not desert.  Currently, due to a non-native bait fish that doesn’t care, we are dumping 280 trillion gallons of precious fresh gold into the Pacific.  Value: about $980 billion per year.  Radicalized environmentalism kills us in so many ways.

But the politically science correct police would throw a bigger tantrum over this “warm is good” fact than complaining about a football draftee swapping spit with his boyfriend.  I am artificially prevented from talking actual greenhouse science because of the fraudulent term “greenhouse gases” that makes atmospheric physicists throw up.  Speech bullies are EVERYWHERE.  Especially in the scientific illiterate camp.

arctic ice aug 2012 to aug 2013

INCREASE in snow and ice pack. Not decrease

So, Greg, you need to take the lead.  You think i am a fool and full of organic excrement, but one thing you are not prepared to hear: you are my brother, i love you in spite of your ignorant “follow the crowd over the cliff” load of foolishness.

Greg, you say you love the poor and lonely?  You posted from CC1397

The Eucharist commits us to the poor. To receive in truth the Body and Blood of Christ given up for us, we must recognize Christ in the poorest, his brethren: You have tasted the Blood of the Lord, yet you do not recognize your brother,. . . . You dishonor this table when you do not judge worthy of sharing your food someone judged worthy to take part in this meal. . . . God freed you from all your sins and invited you here, but you have not become more merciful. 

So, do we implement this above with wisdom or feel-goodisms?  You want to redistribute income, a sound Karl Marx idea at its core.  The poor need us more than being given a fish for a day; they need to learn industry, thriftiness, water conservation like DigDeep teaches, sound agricultural technologies (not ethanol), etc.

But, do we want to continue to export sound agricultural innovation or condoms like USAid does so well?   Greg, I do have a comprehensive immigration ten item list i will share some time with you.

But, is it always wise, we just freed 38,000 murderers, kidnappers and rapists from prisons because they are loophole protected illegal aliens?  Meanwhile, a young soldier who made a wrong turn languishes in Mexican border prison.  We need to reform immigration but generalized blind support for an untrustworthy government is not sound, whether in this arena, evolution, health care or climate change.

Greg, correlation and causation are not the same.  And there are always consequences, intended and otherwise to general pronouncements and decisions.    Frankly, you are NOT helping the poor jumping on the ManmadeGWCChange bandwagon.

You are supporting the exact opposite.  If the Church wants to be relevant, we must be relevant about learning and implementing  the truth.

Corn is a good example.  Before the Church adopted or wimped out on the fight against codifying androgenic CO2/man made global warming/man made climate change as Gospel, corn was $2 a bushel.   It was in a critical staple food for the poor, you would agree.

Ethanol happened because of the lie about fossil fuels and climate change and the Church not stepping in to show the lies.

It is also a horribly inefficient gas additive that destroys engines over time and REDUCES (not improves) gas mileage, costs more to manufacture, and like the old restaurant joke even pollutes MORE!.   but thankfully it helps enrich Buffet and Son, and Archer Mid-Daniels.  35% of crop land is now corn in America.  But not for food.

The farmers saw the corn subsidies and $peracre increase, and it prompted farmers to stop growing alternative foods like beets, spinach and tomatoes and turn their fields into gas stations: growing corn, not for animal or human feed, but for ethanol.  Even with the contrarian data showing this fraud’s side and down effects, continues to INCREASE targets.  We and the Church can change things.  Being scientific is NOT anti-religious.  Being sound scientists is actually being more religious, protecting widows, orphans, single moms and the poor.

$2 became $7 a bushel.  Third world areas, like Mexico, the African subcontinent, downtown Santa Ana and too many American inner cities, saw prices spike, places that depend on corn as a staple for food.  It’s not just the tortillas.  Corn, corn oil and its derivatives are in so much as raw materials.  Just like fossil oil. Irony, evil fossil oil yields 6000 other products (whose prices move up precipitously as well as oil costs more).  Many of the 6000 have little or no economic or real alternatives.  Is the Church ready to see this reality?

But it is still demon oil because Luddites and friends demonize fossil fuels, though Sierra Club conference rooms are lined with mahogany and their limos are fueled with fossils crushed aeons or thousands of  years ago.

It’s the unintended consequences of foolishness.  Foolishness, unlike the loss of a vocation, is reversible.

Greg, you and other blind fellow MMCCGW chicken little climate alarmists are effectively complicit in stealing from the poor by poor science and allowing yourself to be abused, duped and misused.   Get pissed at me if you must, but think things through!

I am not paid to champion the poor, i do it because i am a faithful Catholic.  I don’t wear a tux and sing sinatra’s “Just the way you look tonight!” to a deserted 87 year old mother waiting at the nursing home front door window like Emma on mother’s day because i am bored, but because i am Catholic.  Catholics have been doing Catholic things for generations.  Actually, since the 1st century.

Greg, being Catholic means thinking, researching, deciphering, so we make the best use of limited resources, tho they are a lot less limited than we are led to believe.  We limit water and fossil fuels for faulty logic and creation worship, not because there is little there.  God has provided much, including California which has more oil and NatGas than the whole middle east.

Do you think it wise to help Obama, our gynecologist in chief, divert hundreds of millions, even billions to his friends for this fraud?  If the fraud ended, so would the laundered money to solar and wind projects, which have negs too!  Even eaten fried eagle or condor in the desert or mangled crow in a windfarm?  End energy subsidies and we help the poor and Greg’s family more, too!

Energy subsidies/dollars per kilowatt hour    Solar: $775.64    Wind  $56.29     Hydro: 0.82     Nuclear   $3.14   Coal  0.64   NatGas $0.64.     Solar AND wind will never be continuous, since wind and sun tend to be undependable.  Like at night, for example.

Costly consequences of mis and non-use are family’s without jobs, and the poor paying more for food.  Or starving to death.

But Warren Buffet and our Catholic sister Michelle Gates happily continue to support planned parenthoodlums and commonly cause the destruction of the youthful mind.  I am not jealous of their billions; that is their problem.  I am distrustful of their desire to kill kids and create their version of a master race (already backfiring) as part of the eugenics cabal.  But, Greg, i am sure in your capacity you are tracking this as well.

So, i take the blame, by not speaking up better.  I have been too busy convincing people those really are kids we are killing and turning into fossilized biohazard fuel to be burned in Oregon hospital waste prod heat exchangers.

But we in the Church have allowed corn prices (raw material in so much else) to rise, a smaller supply of other crops and veggies causes those to rise too, for what?  A con, a fraud, a foolish enterprise.

God doesn’t charge us for the land leases for the fossil fuels He created.  Oil is good, fracking is safe and decades old, life is better and using gas is not a sacre religious misuse of “God’s resources!”  He told us to use the resources, of course to be good stewards but use!  Wisely.

Greg, in summary.  You are being duped for 12 CO2 molecules per million.  Visually, 400 of those marble containers and only 12.

Next con is using an inevitable to morph to, without justification.  Climate has changed since the dawn of time; more since Noah when the water vapor canopy disappeared and rain began to fall, just in time for the FIRST rainbow.  Frankly, they could have used any other inevitable, like sun shines, wind blows, cars go, politicians lie, to hitch this fraud to with equal results.

First law of climate change:  “Climate changes continuously”

2nd:  Climate changes daily (warms as dawn hits and globally cools as dusk and night hits) and seasonally.   Frankly, without digging into atmospheric physics, the science is sound; the 2nd law of thermodynamics indicates heat rises, does not sit on the ground.  Those 12 CO2 molecules of the million are not magic heat traps; they are not made of glass or other solid material.

Atmospheric physicists call the term “greenhouse gases” a manufactured, unscientific politically charged idea.  Simply put, a fraud.

A trace natural gas like CO2 does not have magical heat magnet properties to hold heat for its oxygen and nitrogen “neighbors”.

Greg, think about it beyond the 2001 USCCB pronouncements to scientific facts and the Des Moine Register.  Put aside the generalizations for a moment.

A greenhouse is a solid, translucent/transparent chamber that allows radiative light in and ‘traps’ the radiating heat inside TO PROMOTE PLANT GROWTH.  Heat isn’t our enemy when used properly. Some of the experiments we do at the Donna Marie memorial envirolab look at sound conservation principles in action.  Zach is working on aquaponics, for example.

Do these 12 CO2 (or even the 1:2500 standard worldwide ratio of CO2:atmospheric molecules ) magically create a net, hold hands and sing Kumbaya across thousands of other non-evil, non-demonized molecules?

This trace, life essential natural gas is on death row for no sensible, sound, scientific reason.  No matter what the ‘bought and paid for’ political scientists and radicalized environmental worshippers say.

Greg, as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.  We will not worship at the altar of the creature and the scientifically illiterate.  It’s bad enough medical doctors can’t recognize human life in the womb.

Greg, the reason CO2 is demonized is because if you resanctify  CO2, you stop interfering with the free exchange of goods and manufacturing, free enterprise principals and means of production; the Marxist/leftist/Luddites lose.  People with 4 or 11 kids lose.

Why do you believe and trust GOVERNMENT over GOD or other Catholics?  Why?  Your bishop and his people depend on you learning and teaching the truth.  Go ahead, you probably will ignore the facts and continue like the sheeple of the god of the environment.  But sadly, God expects more from you.  And me…

We have de-polluted gasoline tremendously;  natural gas is almost zero pollution.  Why isn’t the Church now teaching let’s harvest NaGas as a solution to third world poverty in Nigeria AND Santa Ana?  Instead we join the cacaphony of CO2 is evil pollution and man is changing the climate making 12 CO2 molecules out of ONE MILLION.  Look at the pictures.

Google the number and amounts of major cataclysms and the number is DOWN!  property casualty claims as well.  “But, Len, they are hurting different people?”   “Greg, your point? Welcome to life and history.  Climate and weather change.  The path of the Jersey or New Orleans hurricanes were different than others…Duh.  Even lightning rarely strikes twice, because of variability.”

Weather, ie climate, has always changed even when we were dumping and pumping CO2 by the tons WITH huge pollution during the Industrial Revolution.   clean coal, pollutionless NaGas, depolluted oil that yields 6000 OTHER PRODUCTS, many ESSENTIAL.

Because you accept the general theories (like embracing non-God evolution and man made climate change) as Gospel.  They are not.  And a rudimentary knowledge and implementation of science would set things in the right directions.  It is not God’s call on the Church to just get along with the culture, both of life and of death.  But, to teach the truth, preach the Gospel.

Why don’t we burn up right now?   Notice how big that ball of fire is!   If we had a one degree rise per year on average retained heat, we would go dark and melt in 10 years. But, God, in addition to trillions of species and billions of processes, designed the earth to be like a radiator in an open system, not a closed, fake greenhouse.   Excessive heat rises (2nd law of thermodyn.) and leaves (above the global mean temperature of 68 degrees back into space.).  We don’t understand how this works completely but we know it happens because you are reading this long blog.  You are alive!

Did He abandon us when Henry Ford invented the auto  or we began to kill in modern times 11 million in the 40s and 1,725 MILLION in the 70s?   No, He is still in control.  Is it evil we transport and save lives to the Phillipines on jets and trucks?  Move medicine to African villages using helicopters burning fossil fuels?   Just because enrads and politicians call something evil, doesn’t make it so?  Even my bishop tweets!  Your bishop does as well.   Greg, don’t fear technology as other Luddites.  You need not and your children need you to use wisdom and sort thru the daily frauds, the crises du jour.  Have you heard about the annual death toll from the widespread use of dihydrogen monoxide throughout the world.  So many people die from dihydrogen monoxide’s misuse, but it isn’t banned yet.  Will you join this crusade as well?

Greg, please for the sake of this diocese and the Church and the world, stop worshipping faulty theories of  climate change.    As well as this incessant push for single payer health care; Obama is NOT our friend, even if a St. Louis nun who headed a major Catholic health system  folded at the poker table and gave the impetus for Obama’s confiscation of one sixth of this generous county’s health insurance dollars.

I don’t know about you.  But when my Catholic vocation as youth minister was ended involuntarily, my health care jumped to 1200 a month.  Last two years 1464 a month.  June 1st it goes to 2100 per month, still with huge deductibles making my $24,000 a year health insurance bill JUST FOR major medical CATASTROPHIC care.  This is what happens with blind faith in evil.  I haven’t trusted the gynecologist in chief since he voted four times to kill Illinois kids before and after birth.

God does not want us to marry into the culture of death; whether it is challenging Him on His infinite design of a 75 trillion celled being born 280 days after a single cell with foolish atheistic evolution; or puny man changing the climate by making 12 CO2 molecules out of each 1,000,000 (one million).

Or allowing a child killer Marxist community organizer take over the best health care in the world while his wife hashtags the BK terrorists about bringing back our girls.   The gynecologist in chief and his wife should have thought about bringing back girls BEFORE they do ads for planned parenthoodlums who set up their satanic stainless altars, replete with ritual medical grade assault knives and blood collecting cups of worship, for their daily bloody red demonic rituals.  There is a scripture about becoming bedfellows with evil.

I still want us to get serious about saving Catholics that die everyday at Tustin and 22.  Will you take up the challenge?

You can’t bring back a dismembered, disemboweled child though we can get serious about occupying the sidewalks of life EVERY HOUR and DAY at Tustin and 22freeway.  But only if we really believe, like a fireman outside a burning nursery school, those silent screams inside are worth saving.  As i asked Fred the security guard last Saturday while he guarded the driveway of death. Maybe some year, even in this diocese.

Greg, my Church, because of my ineffectiveness, has blood on its hands.  We are part of the ‘hurt the poor’ campaign.

I am just trying to help stem the arterial flow.  But, i take full responsibility for not doing my part.  I will continue to try.  But climate does not change because of global warming which man does not effect because it isn’t happening because one CO2 molecule of 2500 or 12 man made CO2 out of a million are statistically irrelevant.  Except to rip off the private sector of a great country and state.

Greg, isn’t it morally responsible to first look at the scientific truth before fighting for policies that bankrupt His Church’s people?  the morality of cheap energy included!

And, Paul, i can’t help you. Though i love you as one of my ten siblings, if you really believe in no God, no God is Whom will greet you for eternity.  Your choice, not mine, not His.  Your call.

Man made climate change is NOT the problem, Greg; but God changed heart changes is the solution.  12 CO2 molecules out of one million is the most con-ridden. most flimsy excuse for stealing more of our depleted wealth imaginable.  And my Church needs to take the lead, not follow in the wagon as it accelerates over the cliff.

Two unanswered: what’s the last thing that goes through the gnat’s mind as he hits the windshield, mentioned above?   His butt

And the crisis du jour, dihydrogen monoxide. please don’t make signs and picket government to ban it.  It’s common symbol is H2O and layman’s name; water.  EVERY chemical can be made out to be evil.  Even a trace natural gas essential for life: CO2

And everything in God’s great green earth can be abused.  But He designed us with three pounds of grey matter, filled with quadrillions of interconnects, to be stewards of this amazing planet.

The vast majority of these crises du jour are fake, useless and not important.  Including man made carbon dioxide to man made global warming to man made climate change.  God must be telling Himself, each other and laughing at how His designed beings believe anything and everything.   Except maybe that He would die that they might live forever.  Greg, i love you as a brother.  Brother, Paul, i love you because God put you in my life decades ago.









Greg, once the head is matured and too heavy on the sunflower, it no longer can follow the sun.  A lesson here maybe?

As Christians, we follow the Son, though only because we are chosen, called to Him.  My brother, Paul, who has more Catholic schooling than you, Greg, believes God does not exist.  Was he chosen because he was baptized and just for a time ignores or disavows God’s existence?  Will he die and go to heaven still disbelieving in God’s existence; he is a good father to two sons, but will not help them understand the infinite magnificence of a well-organized and designed universe.?!

You have completed your non-Catholic roots by becoming a member of the Catholic world.  Were you chosen for this?  You head a very important part of the diocese, that of life, justice and peace; it is incumbent on you to learn and know the truth, especially as it rediscovered and changes over time.  Greg, i am hard on you, not because you don’t care but because it is my responsibility.

I don’t want you to be a mind-numbed robot spouting the current cultural morass, going with the flow.  The Church needs to lead not follow nor wallow in the primordial soup of vain doctrines and theories.

It only matters Greg if we use our brains.  Think outside the box our culture of death and created things worship has us in.

Greg, your job is secure.  But the only area in this economy that has thrived over the last ten years is energy.  Take out oil and NatGas, and unemployment would be in excess of depression years.

Even so, it is still second to the #1 growth industry: government in the Beltway, DC.  We need our lay Church leaders to recognize like same sex marriage, finally divorce themselves from the polygamous enviro radicals/ government grantees/ govt bureaucrats.  DC is killing us.  Business and corporations are not the problems.

“It is not free, if your neighbor pays for it!”

We need to reclaim this maxim; self-interest and initiative are character qualities that have served this land, the freest country on earth.  It was never meant to have 50 million on welfare/food stamps; the government was never intended to do much more than protect the national defense, not take over the general welfare.

You are the man for the job, Greg; your bishop has confidence in you.  But do the research.

Lead the culture of life, don’t just follow the culture of death.  Believing a false doctrine about a natural process, climate changing, is more than foolish…it is destructive.



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