Farquaadians, Shrek and the Swamp of Life

(being edited, so corrections, comments welcome)

I saw an accomplished national author two times the first weekend of May; his name is Joe Kane.  Joe told me he is looking forward to his high school graduation next month and i congratulated him early for his success!

joey and matt kane

Joe has found a friend

Joe comes from a family of achievers (how many high schoolers have a national article to his/her credit?), accomplished people.  His mother and father, certainly.  His brother, Matt is finishing up at Notre Dame; his sister studying abroad in a certain Emerald City.  In fact, Joe was down from Bill and Melinda Gates’ country, Seattle, with his dad to help another older sister, Shannon.

Shannon is an incredibly talented theater director, whose skill set for working with 8 to 18 year olds doing musicals is simply excellent.  Her seventh show for KMT, “Shrek the Musical”, was as usual a hit; she has this penchant for extracting the absolute best from a diverse cast and crew along with the amazing musical director, James and excellent choreographer, Rachel, Mignon and Betty for Kid’s Musical Theater’s latest offering of an ogre and a princess.

Shannon’s patience, focus, love of life and children, obvious effort to see and draw out the best in everyone she meets or directs~~are assets one is born with and/or learned over time from good parents, great sibs and friends and mentors.

Chapman grad, Shannon, embodies all these.

My only personal regrets, two, were my Faustina and Katrina, were not in this show…and that Shannon’s beautiful angel voice was not heard during the musical.  Such is life.

Also two questions:   Did Joe help enough?   Is Joe worthy of life?  This last question we will address at blog’s end.

Joe helped a bit during his brief SoCal visit in May, but he has contributed to the success of this show for years.  Being part of the Kane family, being who he is, has helped to shape, maybe in a small way, maybe more, the type and quality of director Shannon has become.  Joe may not realize it completely; Shannon certainly does but would be the final authority on the 1 to 100 scale how much her littlest brother affected her stage and worldview over her (and his) lifetime.

It is no coincidence that the first description in position and priority of love, is “patient” by the 13th apostle Paul in 1st Corinthians.

In our hurry up world, it can be most difficult but so necessary.  “Love is patient.  Kind…”  Growing up with siblings is a good training ground for most of us; some of us have onesies, some of us ten. Siblings come from parents and learning to accept each other, no matter the size, shape, intelligence, age, ability to belch at all ends, of my sister or brother, is a life long skill~and benefit. This is why God puts no limits on the “multiply” command in Genesis~~and no limits on our ability and the amount of love we can give.  And receive.

Full disclosure, being the oldest of 11 and having 11 with an amazing wife prematurely and already in heaven, forms a worldview a bit different than being a single child having a single child.

Physically touching eleven newbies seconds after birth, has jaded me for life. It rips my heart to think ANYONE would allow a child to be ripped, torn and shredded; why my time in Albuquerque was sooo unbelievable, in America, in the 21st century

But, each family is equally important and both are valuable~~ there is NO life unworthy of existence and all suitable for redemption.

None. Each is precious!  When i ask the crown “What’s today, people of God”, the shout out and back “It is a great day to be alive!” applies to every human, including the “freaks” as well as the meek.  Whether you are three porkers or vision-impaired rodents, a Murphy-voiced donkey, ogre ma y pa, a morphing Fiona, tall green dude.   The anything but meek tho short Farquaad.  Even a misunderstood dragon, being whom we are makes us all “freaks”.  And thank God and your lucky stars!

In the KMT musical’s program, Shannon tells us: “…all of us have struggled to be proud of who we are.  Maybe we wished our hair was different color…or a little taller.”   She encourages us with “as with many (Shrek) characters, it is too easy to focus on what we wish we could change about ourselves.”    Learning to accept our uniqueness is an acquired taste on the hamster wheels of life.

Her best statement needs to be our mantra: “It is too easy to forget that our differences are not problems~instead they are the best things about us.”  Let your “freak flag” fly!!

Sadly, Joe’s famous Seattle neighbors, let’s call them classic Farquaadians,  wish he was never born.  For no rational, human reason.

You might have heard of Bill.  A College dropout, he did much good for the computer industry and our modern culture earlier in his life; unfortunately, his Catholic wife Melinda and he support destroying certain people they consider expendable freaks, before birth whenever possible.  In fact, they support a major reverse on the more humane Nazi prisoner reduction system where one in ten were killed for infractions like asking for more food.  They weeded out the weaker prisoners with a vengeance but weren’t prepared for Max .

Only today, this super Nazi Master Race track system eliminates nine “weaker” humans, keeping just the privileged one via PIGSS.  No, not the three little pigss in Shrek.  And “weak” is an acronym for different, not inability or incapacity.  By their stupid standards, a woman is “weak”.  Any of 3000 different genetic singularities are considered “unacceptable”.  This is what “choice”, choosing which totally human being lives or dies.

Speaking of odd acronyms, PIGGS stands for eliminating the Joes, Marys, even Shannons or James’.  Anyone the powerful deem useless, invaluable or imperfect.  Problem, and Truth is, the “imperfect” designation applies to any human that looks into a mirror, including cold-hearted blind rats who have the power to end another human’s life.  PIGGS stands for the latest Farquaad innovation to kill off someone’s idea of non-life:

Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening and Selection BioTechnology.

A mouthful…from the pit of evil.  The process is here today, involves pre-selecting preborn embryos before uterine implanting after in vitro fertilization; purpose is the “optimal” embryo is chosen, playing God, before nine more months AND/or genetic “enhancements.”  This is the next step in the Billionaire’s Club favorite subject: eugenics.  Being true Master Racists is a dying business.  We already have non-invasive preborn Chinese takeout one from column A and B human sourcing perfected at a Washington state university.  They put the ‘Soylent’ in the green movement.

“Eugenics is the attempt to breed a better human race by applying evolutionary principles.” (Creation magazine)

Its founder was Darwin’s cousin Francis Galton (1822–1911). These ideas were picked up in the USA by Charles Davenport (1866–1944), who founded the Eugenics Record Office in 1910, headed by his right-hand man, Harry Laughlin (1880–1943).

War Against the Weak

Eventually, eugenics would gain the support of such notables as President Wilson, the Rockefeller Foundation, Margaret Sanger (founder of Bill & Melinda’s favorite: Planned Parenthood) and Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes.”

I guess someone doesn’t like freaks with elongating wooden noses, but there’s a bit of Pinocchio in all of us. We are CREATED different; eight billion DIFFERENT fingerprints, DNA maps.  Each TOTALLY unique, even as twins.  But, when Warren Buffet & friends spend their billions, people listen.  Common Core for the minds of little women, Eugenics/human breeding  for their bodies.  Actually it would be nine, except almost two billion have been killed off already.

Ms. Sanger hated blacks, puerto ricans, marriage, even Catholics, the faith i share with Melinda, at least nominally.

 Melinda’s mentor, Margaret traveled in the early 30s to the German National Socialist party and her friend Adolf to promote her “racial hygiene” programs.  Couple years later, Herr Hitler came out with the Nuremberg Racial laws of 1935, which black  magically converted human Jews to cheap costume JEW(el)ry, making humans organic property.   America abandoned this idea with 600,000 dead in the 1860’s, though it took some Supreme work to overturn the devalued (3/5ths) black rule.

Holocaust protectors guard effusively their Holocaust with museums and putting down any other genocide that doesn’t meet their narrow criteria.  But after 5 years and 10 countries, only 11 million were killed. Only, only by a back to the future perspective of today’s megapandemic genocidal insanity usually referred to by one word.  The “A” word.

Sanger’s soldiers went well beyond Jews, to Hungarians, families,  Dr. Mengele’s favorites toys: twins; the “handicapped”, the infirm, gypsies, pretty much anyone who wasn’t blue eyed, blond…more importantly, chosen by the “powerful”  Master racists.

Recently canonized  Pope St. John Paul the Great saved as many Jews as possible as Father Karol Wotyla, issuing fake baptismal certs for Jewish families.  Fr. Max Kolbe didn’t draw the short one in ten straw, but subbed in and died for a dad of three who did.

His block ten bldg looks remarkably like the planned parenthood HQ on tustin, in fact.  Only different, more humans die on Tustin Ave than ever died in block ten at Auschwitz.

But give today’s master racists some credit: in Poland, the incinerators just burned up the bodies, wasting valuable fuel.  South of Gatesland, in Oregon, a hospital harnesses heat when it incinerators human children disguised as “life-danger” pellets in Soylent Green bio-hazard bags.  So, the efficient German Nazi mindset continues to evolve not wanting to let any good dead kid go to waste.

Oskar Schindler did similar in his manufacturing business; though in 2005 a defenseless, sentient, thinking, breathing Schindler named Terri Schiavo was systematically murdered for being a woman.  Hmm.  A Catholic?   Not talking? No good reason!  13 days of dehydration and starvation in a “civilized” world shows you the culture of death MUST be reckoned with.

Come on, Len, this Nazi stuff is ancient history!

Yes, there is always cause for hope, if we are willing to act.  But, No, Sanger wasn’t finished.  The 11 million Nazi Holocaust was a horrible tragedy, like all genocidal maniacals, just because of accidents of birth or location or size or age.  Today, supposedly enlightened, we ignore basic science, redefining humans as dead blobs due to size, location and age in the womb.  In fact our med schools are regressive, in which doctors lose basic scientific knowledge that any 11 year old Isaac can see easily.

 Someone (person) decided someone else should die or not be born.  Our teen author Joe Kane wrote “Everything I Can Do”, published July 3, 2013.  Yet the Gates hate his existence.   People like him have a very real target on his back.

  But the 5 yr./10 country /11 million victims was surpassed in 3 years, by 1976.   As of May, 2014, the modern Abortogod engineered, Abortion Holocaust (part of Eugenics, Inc.) is 41 years old/187 countries/1.725 MILLION kid kills. Whole lotta dead Microsoft customers.

“The early Eugenics, Inc. bills were bankrolled by some of the richest people in America, including the Carnegie Institution, Rockefeller Foundation and the Harriman railroad fortune. The major textbook, Hunter’s Civic Biology, blatantly taught white racial supremacy and eugenics. This was the one that the ACLU (the misnamed American Civil Liberties Union), in the infamous Scopes Trial of 1925, defended the ‘right’ to teach!”

 Today, the ACLU works in Albuquerque to defend “doctors” from lethal injecting fully formed babies’ brains with poison and sending mom next door to the Plaza Inn for two day toilet patrol, waiting for baby to come out alive or dead.

Ideas lead to actions; actions have consequences.  The Farquaadians must be turned back by the Fionas and Shreks of this world.

Today, the Billionaire’s Club, the population control/eugenics crowd, includes Ted Turner, the Rockerfs, Buffet, Gates, 16 ounce Bloomberg and Soros.  They met in May 2009 to decide how to control the world’s population “problem”.  Odd outcomes already.

They are the neo-Master Racists.  They want to be god.

Unfortunately, they are clueless.  They have this Maltusian disease believing population will destroy the world, its finite resources and irreparably kill the environment.  They follow deflowered Paul Ehrlich’s idea that the world can only “sustain” 2 billion.  Funny, that particular number will be passed Christmas 2018 in direct kid kills, capping 45 years of misery.  God never said “Multiply until 1972…or 1939.  He said “Multiply until I end things”.

 Bill and Melinda gave $57 million to the UNPopFund in 2000, so they apparently love dead kids plus manipulating the education of the live ones today.  Imagine, if the money went to helping people and countries foster initiative, self-interest and sufficiency and health.

  Omaha’s down home Warren B gave $31Billion to his global NGO “IPAS” to foster worldwide contraceptive and abortions.  Shhhhh!

 Don’t tell them but we have more oil and NatGas reserves than ever, the world is not melting, CO2 is still a life-essential gas AND close to 100 “civilized” countries are one generation away from extinction.  UNDERpopulation is now the problem.  Other than the crises du jour from the cabal of radicalized environmentalists and grant receiving academics, life can be ok.  But, countries are disappearing at an alarming rate.

Denmark pays its citizens to go on vacation when the lady is ovulating and many like Japan pay for childbirths because they are …dying as countries and cultures.   China has 35 million MORE GUYS than girls, thanks to OneChild Family idiocies.  NYC is not the place for hot sauce or blacks either.  They abort more blacks than birth in the Big Apple.

Oddly, Melinda joins PP spokes model Dr. OB, AMA, chief gynecologist, in confirming CEO Sanger’s outreach to minorities.

Here’s her quote on race relations and the war on women: “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population,” she said, “if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members. ”    Conflicted, avid prolifer Jesse Jackson Sr. said in 1977 “abortion is black genocide”.   Sanger and her progeny like the Gates and Buffets dislike the same “useless eater” their CEO hated.  How else can you explain putting their “money where their racist biases” are.

And Jesse must have missed the planned parenthoodlums conference call on blacks.  Al is certainly not as Sharp on this, either.

SO: What has this got to do with short Farquaad kings who want to destroy Shreks and other “freaks” because he didn’t like them?

 Merriam-webster says a freak is “one that is markedly unusual or abnormal.”    I like to believe that EVERYONE is more than usual, are extraordinary beings.  And there no longer is a boring, sameness, ‘normal’ because they keep inventing the “new” normals.  Whether a blind mouse, a swan in disguise ugly duckling or bi-polar Fiona, we are all special.

They don’t call it the Special Olympics for nothing.  You just happen to have a concentration of extra-special people gathered for sports competition there.  Just like you have a concentration of 6 year olds in a 1st grade classroom or generally longer lines at the girls restrooms than the boys.  This last one a rocket scientist may someday figure out.

Just because you got a lot of bucks from good stock picks or software developed first in your garage doesn’t mean you are smart or know it all.  You are NOT God.  Look in the mirror: if you see yourself, you are not God.  And trust me, God’s NOT dead.

Differences are NOT imperfections, and imperfections are not death sentences unless you are a hoodlum, the planned parenthoodlum kind or others.  Being abusive, killing, maiming are not the qualities of a culture of life, just the “swan” song of a dying death cultural leadership.

Women are waking up to the evil. And what hell they have been subjected to; no woman aborting her child is a murderer.  But, her abortogod, the fires of hell will not be hot enough for them unless they metanoia or repent of their black magic ways.

 I was sooo humbled doing 75 mini-vivographic videos of people on the sidewalks of life outside Farquaad Central in the real world, planned parenthood headquarters on Tustin@22fwy in Orange Calif.  (youtube.com/user/Lenbeckman to look for others) was the usual “set.”

40daysforlife katie nichole cathy stmartindeporres 2014For 40 days, usually 2/day, my privilege was to record short moving pictures of life…and death.

 I  interviewed Patti,  a woman conceived in rape.  A woman, Tanya, who wanted to tell the world she had three abortions to help others realizing the lifelong devastation it caused.  Speaking of devastation, 84 year old Beatrice cries for the last 30 years for the four grandkids killed before daylight.  So many NOT on camera want the world and the Master Racists like Melinda and Warren and Ted to know abortion destroys women for life and their children for death.   That the breast cancer they get later in life is on their account.  That they are fools to think population is a problem.

11 year old Isaac taught a continuing ed medical class to the doctors inside who never took biology, anatomy, etc.  This Doogy Howseresque young man helps med school grads realize that the thingee inside the mommie is a babie. Gee!  ya think!  You can take his 90 second training session for free at:


prolife  let God plan shirt across from adriana's group

Moms don’t grow lizards in their wombs.  Not a whale or dolphin, blob of tissue or piece of dead meat…so when the evil which (do i kill) doctor pulls out his medical grade assault weapon and knifes his latest victim to death, you aren’t losing a goat kid; she is killing a kid kid.  Even if you celebrate killing your kid on video like the smiley valley girl Emily did recently.  You can almost hear the brainless overgrown teen (if she wasn’t serious):  “Oh my gawd, like totally, pitch my face with a fork, i like  had cosmeto surgery on my tummy insides.  Cool, i made life and my baby is gone, totally gone.  Let’s go get a chocolatte double frapped zappo Starbucks, do pilates and get a mani-pedi.  I did it; just me!”

More bizarre is ACLU sanctioned lethal injection to the brain of  a non-mass murderer, an innocent seven pound baby.  This same group keeps master rapists (planned parenthood’s favorite customer demographic) away from a needle in the arm.

Master Racist Bill and Ted adventurers: killing a kid IS messy and this is why they hate those truth-filled graphic pictures. A kid’s not just a line item on a population control program.

 Real humans die BECAUSE of your idiocy and your blindness is infinitely more virulent than three mice with white canes and shades doing the soft shoe.

Mark these words:  God will DEAL with you accordingly; He doesn’t really care how many billions you gave to “charity”.  Killing kids is never charity and always evil.  Wealth is not evil, but its evil use is not pleasing to your Creator.

These ordinary freaks on the concrete separating those who believe humans are NOT property and those that kill; these people have stepped off the sidelines and believe eugenics is (anti-human) racist, like its adherents.  Eugenics and population control has morphed to “genetics counselling” with non-invasive testing (for 3000 genetic singularities) for the preborn and PIGSS for in vitro.

Sanger and Hitler’s follies and followers are interconnected.

“While the horrors of the Holocaust largely discredited eugenics, Mr Black warns that it was merely rebadged as ‘human genetics’ and ‘genetic counselling’, and that its ideas are still widespread. He is a political liberal, so he unfortunately fails to realize that the same pseudo-science of evolution that spawned both American and German eugenics is the one entrenched in the media and educational systems today.”   The famous pachyderm psychologist, Horton, knows the truth:  “A person’s a person no matter how small.”   Dr. Seuss at least could see that; too bad our elite social manipulators doesn’t have the first clue of their destructive work to date and in the future.  EVERY one of the 1,725 MILLION killed kids is a geometric ancestor stopped before birth; each would have had hundreds if not thousands of awesome descendants thru the end of time.  No longer!

Dr. Vincent Fortanasce has a current article in the Scholl Institute of Bioethics about PIGSS and the Church in 2014.

Like author Black, he warns of the Brave New World we are facing.  When you “select” you choose and discard living beings.  His quote “…if one embryo is selected and nine others disposed of to research, WE ARE KILLING NINE HUMANS! …this is inhumane and barbaric… ”  He further points out “…we have turned back the close from civilization to barbarism, from civilization where the strong protect the weak to barbarism where the strong prey on the weak.”   Like Seattle residents Bill and Melinda, our current top executive office holder, a stock trader and TV mogul.   There is a symposium at the LA Cathedral, Queen of the Angels on July 26, 2014 to look at this real and current issue.

Dr. Vincent’s son asked him about “genetic counselling”.  He answered:  “son, you’re asking me to choose between 10 grandchildren, selecting one and disposing of the other nine.  I cannot do that.  I don’t believe it’s right, do you?” 

Amen.  Bias is human, natural and acceptable if there is a “good” attached to it.  It’s okay to prefer white over blue or black, in choosing house or car colors.   No, you don’t have to like everyone either; personalities being what they are.  And we have trivialized the race card in a country that fundamentally is not “racist”.  A racist nation would not have elected a black abortion loving president if it is racist.  Just dumb decision to elect a Marxism loving man at the helm…twice.  We are learning our lessons.

However, racism is stupid at its core, for there is only one ‘race’: the human one.  You hate another for his/her color or creed, sex, you hate yourself.  And that is a freaky thing to do.

It’s almost as nuts as hating Shrek because he’s green or big.

shrek fiona and donkey

 pope francis and man with boilsOr the donkey for being an ass.  We don’t need to kill each other if we can’t live with each other!  There is room for all of us on this six sextillion ton ball.

SCIENCE NEWS ALERT:  Man and woman are NOT members of the animal kingdom; we did not evolve from lizards, primordial soup or apes.  God created us each special, freaks,  to be stewards of His world and to live on this great planet.. .not to be destroyed by master racists from Berkshire Hathaway or Microsoft.

Demonic racism is population control, genetic counseled search and seizure, and euthanasia, because killing any human is a crime against the individual AND humanity.  Anywhere between conception and natural death.

 God, the Creator, demands no one murder. None.  He is the Author and Finisher of Life.  Note well:  He prescribes the millstone necktie treatment for anyone who abuses (and kills) a child.  Whether a nurse, midwife or doctor.  Being an abortogod, choosing to kill or not to kill a child is the ultimate barbarism.

Whether someone is black, Chinese, female, green or an Angels fan are just character qualities.  Like the one the author Joey sports.

We discriminate which restaurant we go to, which car to buy, which friend to call or which man/woman to marry.  But selecting/discriminating which child to abort, mother to maim or living embryo to keep is not about menus or autos:  it is pure inhumane evil to kill a human being.

Life is to be protected from conception through natural end.   And, the most complex creation in the universe, woman and motherhood, MUST be protected at all costs:  JPtheGreat admonished us men to be real men.   “Christ assigns every man the dignity of every woman”.  Heavy and important

Joey’s seminal article titled “Everything I can do”, came out in the journal America last July and is a must read by everyone.  Especially the Jones.    http://americamagazine.org/users/joey-kane  

Sorry, i will only get you started:  the first line is “One special thing about me is that I have Down syndrome. Down syndrome means having an extra chromosome in my body. It’s the way I was born. My parents told me that when I was born on Aug. 9, 1995,…”

His brother, Matt, wrote a companion piece as well sharing how Joey enriches the family.


One pull quote from Matt: “…the most meaningful act of social justice in my own life occurred much closer to home. It succeeded in saving the life of only one.”    His brother Joey.   Matt continued:  “Over the years I have watched him sculpt the very foundation of our family into one of profound patience and tolerance, and he continues to influence the way I interact with others inside and outside the family. He is a testament to the effects of social justice, and I cannot imagine the void that would be left in my own life if my parents had not recognized the value of Joey’s.”    As spidey says it “With much power, comes much responsibility.  If you want to play God, be prepared for the consequences when the real One looks you in the face.  Someday.

Oh, my goodness.  Oops i almost forgot to tell you this.  Because it is easy to do when one is not searching for a reason to kill one’s child in the womb or outside:  one of Joe’s, we affectionately call him Joey’s character qualities is he has Down syndrome.  Maybe you know it by its clinical term:  “Jonesfearism”.  In layman’s terms, we fear what the Jones’ will say when they first see Mary or Joe next door.  Imagine, if we never did anything because of how we look to others…

I believe we have come to this point in our culture where we value a designed and controlled child more than life.   When we don’t want another girl, we act like China and abort at 18 weeks.  We don’t want the potential of a Down child…  We find a 200 IQ sperm donor …

95% and climbing are the number of children aborted once there is a hint of Down, even though Down children are the happiest and most giving kids on earth; that enrich each family and community they are a part of.  Yes, they take effort.  Gee, really?  A child raise takes effort?  

Trust me, so did you!  You cried, you pooped lots of diapers whether you are hi or lo IQ, whether 1 years old or 99.  What fools we are trying to play God and make designer babies!

Maybe Melinda Gates, a fellow Catholic, needs to meet Joey before she gives another dollar to planned parenthood and their eugenics buddies. Or the second $150 million to the next five selected elites to take over America’s uncommon kids with common bland boring one size fits all “core.”

She needs to have the backbone,  look him in the eyes and say “Joey, you are not worthy of life because i married a billionaire so people listen to me and i know what is right”.  

This i know: it’s all over in one minute of meeting and talking to Joey.  Melinda wouldn’t know what hit her.

Funny ironic thing, no matter how much software Bill creates, he could never in an infinite number of years, create one Joey.  Not even come close:  75 trillions cells, fully ordered that went from one cell in 280 days to a baby, something Microsoft cannot do.  Nor any other human.  This is the dirty little secret about abnormalities, infirmities and the other cute words we label ‘different’.   Every child is 99.999999999999% perfect.  We just quibble over one of the decimal places of perfection.

I hope it isn’t too late to turn her and her hubby’s hearts from masonry to flesh.

And I honestly hope it is just ignorance or stupidity that these Master Racists  hate life so.

Either of these can be changed; it’s blind arrogance that is much harder to overcome.   No matter how hard he tried, Farquaad could not overcome his shortness…but it was his stone cold heart that was the main problem at center stage.

Being short is NOT a human disqualifier, just as being Mexican, puerto rican, Orange Countian, Fiona.  I hope the Master Racists embrace the lesson Farquaad missed out on before his demise.  Before theirs.

Tony Melendez was presented to our recently sainted pope on a sunny September day a number of years ago at the Universal Amp;

Tony sang his original “Never be the same” for a surprised John Paul the Great and audience.pope st john paul and tony from the stagepope francis and man with boils  Armless, Tony rose from below the stage, then began playing with his feet the best guitar.  By the way. I happen to have been in the audience that day and have the privilege of his friendship, travelling with him three times to World Youth Day spots.

Not once have i called for his death because of his Venus de Milo imitation or because he can’t pick his own nose.  Tony is no less human than Stephen Hawkins, the one armed surfing Bethany or limbless Nick Vujicic.   Tony doesn’t consider himself a Thalidomide victim, he is a vicTOR, living the best life one could ask.  Tony married Lynn 24 years ago, has two kids, drives a car, jams with his toes, you know the typical things people do.

But, Shrek did have the answer.  OK, I admit bias;  I think Shannon is the best; she is beautiful, talented, smart, knows how to motivate sixty young people.  She challenges, cajoles, encourages like a mother of a small city.  I believe, but could be completely off base, that Joey has had a good impact on who she is as his sister.  Just like we do for each other: we CAN bring out the best in each other if given the chance.   Love IS patient, kind…not jealous…it does not seek its own interests.  It rejoices with the truth.

shrek group

Quoting Shannon one last time:  “But, Shrek gives us just the reminder we need.  As our characters discover, life is all about letting your “Freak Flag fly” and never forgetting to be proud of who we are.  We are all unique and that is what makes our world such a beautiful place.”

If God wanted us all to be the same, He would have created one strain of DNA and have nine billion robots, zero freaks,  instead of unique people.  Actually, nine minus the two billion that Bill, Ted, Melinda and Warren’s planned parenthood has knifed to death to date.  1,725 million as of May, 2014.

Well done, cast.  Stars, Shrek.  Joey, too.  Talent and techies, James, Rachel, Betty, Mignon.

And Shannon.  Thank you for the timeless lesson Horton knew so well and Shrek & Fiona taught us with their discovered love:

Every person IS important, special, different and unique.  Every one.  We need each other and to finish off Paul’s monologue: “Love never fails”.   Because it doesn’t.

I only wish you sang a song, Shannon.  That is something i never tire of hearing, like Ave Maria or something more challenging.

As for me,  I love singing a poor version of Sinatra’s “The Way you Look tonight” for my daughters at 6:49am or abandoned 90 year old moms in our nursing cattle homes.  Or Bennett’s “I left my heart in San Francisco” when appropriate.  But, then, i am biased and have a soft spot for angel voices.


Terri below didn’t make the cut March 31st, 2005.   May she rest and thrive in peace.  All life is precious.

terri schindler schiavo






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