Planned Parenthood’s Pink and Blue Umbrella Project Are Mothers STUPID!??

Announcing the Planned Parenthood’s Pink and Blue Project.

  Deadline to put your mother’s day order in is coming soon; PP apparently has found a cute way to tell their mother customers about sex.

umbrellas pink and blue

The kidnapped umbrellas are identical to these. If a ransom note comes through, please call the police

At 8am on a recent Monday, a yet unidentified planned parenthood staffer sneaked out of their offices at block#10 lookalike  700 Tustin Ave, in Orange California.  She walked down the walkway, past the brick wall, onto the public sidewalk, appropriated/borrowed/stole  (circle your preference for what the planned parenthoodlum did) a pink and blue umbrella for their counseling needs.

No one knew!  PP uses blue and pink objects to surprise their customers following an ultrasound.  Yes, deductive reasoning leads us to this: only reason to steal blue AND pink is they ran out of both.  Maybe, PP is actually pushing adoption, not abortion.  Whodaknown!

Of course, we are glad to help with shower gifts for the expectant mothers when  their own pink/blue umbrella coffers went dry.  But, why the NO LITTER sign?  One suspects the NO LITTER sign was more a reaction to the police report by the owner of the  umbrella-napped sun shields,  than a new civic-minded sense of protecting the environment from biohazard waste, flying paper–or pink and blue.

Apparently, the million$perday tax habit doesn’t trickle down to PPHQ in the OC.  So, let’s all help pitch in: procure pink and blue umbrellas and donate them on a given Saturday.  Hmm, how about May 10th, Mother’s Day weekend?   We will have a box so labeled for donated umbrellas and other pink and blue objects.

The less jaded among us believe PP wants to present each mother with a surprise! pink or blue umbrella when they find out the sex of the baby on the ultrasound.

Pink for girl; blue for boy. Yes, we know, there are 54 different gender designations on Facebook; but when we come into the world, we come in pink or blue.

Obviously, sex is a surprise for the cash ‘n’ bury PP customers (other than the joyous act that got her pregnant in the first place) since the mom never sees the baby picture on the  ultrasound; only the seasoned PP medical professional ultrasonographic technician gets the cool chance to know what sex.

black sanger hitler abortion pictureWhat an awesome job: the first to tell mom it’s a girl or a boy!! Cool!!. Margaret would be proud.  Of course, quoting CEO Sanger, she would excitedly tell the black mothers to first go to hell.  Actual quote is“We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population,” she said, “if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.  They almost got clean away, both Sanger’s hyper racist sentiment that gives Sterling a run for his Clipper ownership and the two vulnerable umbrellas.   How dare the Donald (not Trump, please) not want his mistress pictured with blacks; how racist is that?  Sanger doesn’t want there to be any blacks to take pictures with, period!  As the black young lady demos in the picture adjoining…  apologies to Adolf for the comparison.

 So, my friends, when you are done pulverizing the Clipper’s billionaire who pays all those black roundballers millions who call each other the “N” word during practice and games, whatcha gonna do about the gynecologist in chief stumping for a corporation that wants us to get rid of  EVERY Negro out there.  And i didn’t even mention one JJ has contracted to kill the next black person that comes from his loins before he hits paydirt or he/she hits daylight.

Oops, sorry, millennials:  “negro” refers to people of color or black.  African Americans, like, you know, like JJ, the Clipper, JJ, Sr and Al “Sharp tongue” Sharpton the R&B specialists (race baiters, not rhythm and blues), Magic Johnson, Walter Williams, Dr. Ben Carson,  Charlize Theron, Gary Player, MLK’s niece, Star Parker.  We are soooo good at form over substance, throwing a hissy fit over words and not actions.

  I know, I know, Charlize is African-American but not black, and Gary is a non-black African-American Player playing golf.  This tizzy over surface stuff gets soooo confusing.  Except with Sanger’s soldiers: they just don’t like minorities coming out of mothers in minority neighborhoods: 80% of their facilities are within walking distance of minority areas.  Convenient for a steered choice.

rose petals are not litterAnyways, Curses!  Foiled again!  Planned parenhoodlum thief.   An alert life loving volunteer saw the in-plain-sight  first floor job of the PP staffer, kidnapping those twin umbrellas.  It is a crime in most states, apparently except Calif. where the solution is to claim they are litter, then post a “No Litter” sign.   However, being “man” or “woman” about it, instead of honestly saying the sign came because they were caught with their pants on, they blame the trashy rose petals.

NOT THE MISADVENTURE of the sticky fingered PLANNED PARENTHOODLUM who thought it cute to steal solar shields of different hues.  OPP: opportunity to steal Other People’s Property.  After all, they steal kids from wombs, don’t they? What’s a few plastic latex solar protectors stolen for the uncommon good.

Remember, how when growing up you blamed Billy or your sister for something you did? We call it misdirection or sometimes lying. In this case, the claim the PP staffer just happened on a piece of blue and pink ‘litter’ used to shield the sun for volunteers, about 100 yards away and next to the freeway underpass is a bit spurious.

One might think it is “covering tracks” or worse trying to be sneaky by stealing a defenseless family of umbrellas.  No, umbrella napping ransom notes yet.

OK, she was just on the way to the coffee machine and happened on the umbrella victims out the door, down the sidewalk and at the end of the property. “Oh, my, they MOVED the coffee machine; what’s this, orphan pink and blue gifts for our mothers coming in today to abort their pink and/or blue (twins are not unusual) children.”

Yes, we heard the woman director or lead litter management person was ‘mad’ because there was rose petals on the public sidewalk. Not their/PP property, but mad, nonetheless. In fact, they enlisted the hapless gardener to abuse a nice mom on the sidewalk, thereby extending her “madness” by complaining about donating beautiful blood red rose petals.

News to litter coordinator and gardener: you don’t own the sidewalk!

The color red you do; it is the same color as the blood that runs through the veins and arteries of the kids you kill and the mothers you set up for a lifetime of trauma and grief. I see your concern. Roses remind you of hmm motherhood, children, joy, life, love…things you destroy like a neutron bomb, pulverizing all signs of humanity but keeping the bldg intact.  Worse, it might dissuade one stupid, ignorant, uninformed mother from letting you play abortogod and killing her kid.

Across the driveway (still in the public property/access area)’ cars and people must traverse across and crush those defenseless rose petals.

rose petals   save life in chalkMad PP staffer, worry not! The rose petals, though organic, are NOT human! The humans, on the other hand, that you crush and knife with medical grade assault weapons called “currettes” come inside mom wombs. Not on the sidewalks of life.

These you place in oxymoronic BIO-HAZARD bags.  Truth be told, the only BIO Hazard is YOU.  Bio meaning life!  You are the danger to all life, starting with the next mother you lie to and the next mother’s child you destroy.

So fear not! If you are looking for litter, it is the previously alive children you evacuate in your cosmetic surgery center kill mill’s biohazard bags.  We understand, they have found a commercial (waste not, want not) use;  children burned in Oregon hospital incinerators to help heat the healers.  Weird!

Personally, sane people do not consider children litter, but living, fully human beings.

So, we life lovers will help to supply you with pink and blue parting gifts to present to your moms since by planned parenthoodlum policy,  the ultrasounds can’t be used for informed consent.  And medical information necessary for a living, thinking mother to use in her decision process is not allowed as well. . After all, you decide for them.

To you, adoption is just a misspelled abortion.  You just can’t get yourself to use the ‘d’ instead of a ‘b’ and the ‘p’ instead of the ‘r’.  A kind of kid killer’s lexicon of dyslexia, apparently.

Sure, you protect the sidewalk from litter. Thank you for your civic pride.

 But, you keep the mothers on the plantation of death (you’ve already cornered the black market), hiding the truth from them, convincing them the 34 week old squirming, kicking being within is just a blob and you are the smart medical professional with 12 years of training to be able to tell the difference from dead, moving tissue and real humans inside other motherly humans. “How could you stupid mothers have any idea what is alive in you?  That’s what you need experienced doctors, nurses and midwives, to tell your imbecilic, barefoot and pregnant throwbacks that huge ball of a belly is just a dead, though moving, tumor.”   Who’s stupid?

Keep the pink and blue you stole; just don’t insult our intelligence further. You know and we do too, that the twin umbrellas were not litter, just as the twins you kill often, are not waste. The “No Litter” sign is because you are embarrassed to be caught taking something that in kindergarten you knew was other people’s property. You did it because it reminds your customers that they have living children inside their bodies, that pink and blue have significance in the surreal world of reality. A reality you ignore, treating the women/mothers as stupid, pregnant, ignorant and unable to reason, think or be what they already are…mothers.

planned parenthood no litter responded to from aboveAll you want is their money.

In ABQ, they get $16,000 per brain drill; you get $300 or so blood money per kid kill. Such is life…and death.  Maybe you missed the other sign:  “No Killing”.  “No murdering”.

No citation of the California Penal Code for that one, just Exodus 20:13.  Or, οὐ φονεύσεις, translating Hebrew לֹא תִּרְצָח lo tirṣaḥ.  The authority for “YOU SHALL NOT MURDER” comes well above the one for NO LITTER.  God help your evil souls if you do not metanoia or change in time for eternity.  His call, not mine.  

Yes, believe it or not, there is an even higher authority than the gynecologist in chief.  And He is not happy, at all, at your actions. obama at pp Not, at all.  But, happy to receive your heart, if it turns back to flesh from the stony, cold and hard one it is now.

HOW CAN YOU IN GOOD CONSCIENCE STEAL THE CHILD AND HEART OF EVERY MOTHER THAT ENTERS YOUR BLOCK#10 BUILDING?  Block 10 was the Auschwitz building St. Max lived his last days in.  The one your building eerily mimics.

But, PP sales and marketing is happy, especially with the new marketing expert, the revered Dr. OB,AMA spokesmodel.  Whereas only 11 million died over 5 years in 10 countries in 40s NaziLand, 1720 MILLION kid kills in 187 countries over 40 years has far surpassed our most leftist err best sales targets.  OFFING kids for profit is OFF the charts.  God help us.  Like the GIC’s CEO says it:  “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population,”    Apparently, the word hasn’t.  But, we are protected from the private speech of a billionaire team owner broadcast on TMZ.  And if you get a moment, see how the gynecologist in chief’s “medical” org treats blacks who do NOT play basketball.

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