Hillary, Trump & Seth, Rich beyond the grave A Catholic dad’s perspective

A friend, Mr. Jim Riley of Riley’s Farm fame, recently posted well about our Pharisaic tendencies when the truth is smack dab in front of us.  ‘Never say Never’ was probably a smart James Bond phrase, edited to never acknowledge death.  Yet, for 4 of the last 8 years, wimpy Republicans have strapped ourselves to the most corrupt Democrat machine since Democrat human property owner Andrew Jackson would rape his prettiest slaves just for the kicks in the 19th century.  Apparently, not satisfied with corruption all around us, we want to sign up for four more years.

HILliarYS AMERICA MEME WITH SANGERNeverTrump, no matter how far we stick our thin-skinned necks and confused heads in the sand, has a Thesaurus ref:  HelLIARy 4Ever.  Summary is simple: she’s Hell on wheels and psychopathic liar and probably blessed with Parkinson’s, though killing anyone around her that leaks the truth.  Our two branch government once was three; it  will become one branch quickly, if she survives Parkinson’s long enough as well as people around her stop dropping like flies: like 27 year old Seth Rich and three or four other DNCers.  Seth, at 27, made the mistake of playing Russian roulette with HelLiary’s emails, sending the loaded ones to WikiLeaks and was robbed with two gunshots to the back at 4:18am in DC.  Though nothing was taken save his life.  The Clinton Crime Syndicate just loves making examples of those who disagree with them in Arkansas and DC.

But, we Christians love the Pontius Pilate Pharisee role, washing our “NeverDirty”  hands over making a choice they might hurt our mondrian microagressed pacifier existence. I thought those college kiddie pacifiers and Linus blankets were reserved for student unions at Regressive Leftist academia.  Like CalState LA (they don’t deserve University status anymore) treatment of Ben Shapiro, who had the testicular chutzpah to tell, yet again, truth.   We Church goers love to pontificate, engage in heavy duty bible battles with ourselves, beating up the catholics and the protestants, instead of going “James” and saving others from evil and doing Christian service (not because Jesus needs us to) but because it is the right thing to do.  Always.  Corruption is rampant because we in the Church do not challenge its existence.  We’d rather not vote for a candidate that hurts our feelings for this or that irrelevant reason and usher in another four of kid killing, religious freedom destroying, family bankrupting evil.  You think Billary I was nuts?  Wait until the continuation of our Islamist radical admin #3 on Jan 20, 2017.

You’d think we were that pimply faced UofHouston SBPrez Shane Smith slapping the “All LIVEs matter” culprit with 50 day suspension for telling the truth in public.  I swear the guy looks like he’s not even ready for high school frosh PE but pretends to be a man of character.  What? Defending Marxist thugs at “black lives matter” as if they were five LA Lambs bobbleheads shouting “Hands up, don’t pass me the ball” in November 2014, just after we sainted a Ferguson thug (who should be playing college football today, save for getting killed in the line of duty: that of officer Wilson) who assaulted a cop and his crime buddy got off scott free to spread lies eyewitnesses refuted.

My lovely wife, Donna and I would be celebrating our 35th anniversary after 11 great kids on august 15th, 2016, honoring Mary’s assumption into heaven after a life lived long and well.  Unfortunately, Donna changed addresses five years ago.  We Christians just LOVE to buffet the eternal banquet here on earth.  For example:

God said multiply.  Not subtract nor divide.  My protestant friends bought into the Margaret Sanger artificial family concept quicker than we catholics, and taking potent steroids, ie unnatural contra-conception pills and thingees.  But, fear not protest friends, we caths have caught up though there is a groundswell of fertility awareness underway.

So, artificial families result.  1 or 2 kids per, just does not a healthy country make, and importing workers from the south and mideast does little to keep it healthy.  A country drained of its human resources, like Mexico has become, can never be the same: neither can a country that hides its unwillingness to follow God’s math mandate to multiply will long survive intact.

Yes, i am overblessed but no apologies.  11 kids can still result in our crazy society, that devolved from 1950s one income to dual income needed to today’s most popular DINK.  Dual income NO kids.  Yeah, kids cry, crap, clime curtains, consume time.  But, how’d we get to 9 billion without kids and sacrifice.  Oops, that’s 9 billion minus planned parenthood’s contribution of 2 billion kills.

Smaller families yield a propensity to me-centeredness depend on government teets to deliver everything from food checks, housing subsidies, energy radicals, and trimmed populations at both ends:  via abortion and assisted elder elimination (ie early inheritance harvest plans).

Hillary would kill the 1st, 2nd 4th and so many more, amendments. Frankly, it is undeniable, the Party of Slavery just morphed southern Greek Revival mansions into glass and steel on every inner city street corner, with proud signs like “planned parenthood…a woman’s healthy choice.”  Soylent Green anyone?

Or, instead of making blacks harvest southern gold, cotton, they have become the harvested.  Black hearts,livers and scalps are HelLIARy’s buddies fave product, coming from ready to be born blacks, whose black mamas are treated like de dumb slaves of old.  Come on in, we’ll take out your chile, slaughter, slice, sell and ship her in teeny bitty parts so yo can go & do what yo want to.  Sorry sista, sometimes like Cree or Tonya Reaves, we gotta kill you, too, accidentally of course.  But, deja vu, all over again, when we hear Butterfly’s famous “I no nuttin about birthin’ babies”  Planned parenthood certainly doesn’t, but sure knows how to get $715 per black head (not the skin complexion, the whole calvaria (love it how Latin is used to mask reality) at Yale Medical.

Point is, bodies have been dropping around bill and HelLIARy since the 1990s, and not just the 1000 a day black kids.  This latest round like DNC staffers who leak to wiki emails that Russia just ignored.

Killing humans is what the party of slaves, KKKbyrd, Jackson, LBJ (we’ll have those nxxgars votin’ for us for 200 years) does, in the womb and on the street.  Lying lying lying about cops, trying to nationalize police forces everywhere, take our guns and gains.  You know crime boss Sal Alinsky and his regulations for radicals like HelLIARy and her ilk.

Catholic friends: Pharisees loved being heard, being seen, telling others what to do in the name of religion. Level reg after religious reg.  Jesus boiled down the thousands and the ten EPA style regulations to two: Love God and love your neighbor.

Trump, despite his flaws and flubs, is prolife, profamily (seen his kids at the RNC and then Chelsea at the DNC?  Web Hubbell’s rumored daughter via Hillary is paid $450 thou per annum for what?), progun, pro Scotus, pro America, pro military. HelLIARy, as her name implies is pro anarchy and death.  Erupting all over her Bill’s bimbo parade, 2000 estimated so far.  How does that serial adultery weigh in at the southern baptist, or national catholic conference,where too many still vote DemoSlave party.  Does God, NeverTrumpers, have to do ALL the work and show by her health, she is an unhealthy choice.  Pharisees, brood of vipers and other names Jesus used for those who pretend to do the will of God and put ALL our families in further danger.  Recall, He said “Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s”?  Well, in a real way, we are Caesar because we ARE the government, even in our phylacteried long Pharisaic robes and holier-than-thou pious nose in the Christian heavensky attitude.

All our beloved pastors and Church leaders who say neverTrump think proabort, anti gun independent Johnson is a solution?  A vote for someone other than Trump is a 1/2 or full vote for HelLIARy.  And unless, she experiences the same rapid incursion of her early onset Parkinsons disease soon, like Pope St John Paul the Great did when Terri Sciavo was the death culture’s fist shake at God in 2005, we could have her Nov 9th as the most corrupt president, even more than the second black , first Islamist radical one, in history.  Finishing off the coal, oil, auto, energy, etc industries that Hussein O already has beaten down is what we Christian leaders look to?  If you don’t do it for the families’ welfare, at least do it so your congregants have a little left to put in your plate at service or Mass.

Continuing Iran’s as favored nation status, 20% of our uranium already in russia’s hands, Planned parenthood as a proud member of HHS killing more and more Americans.  Isn’t 58 million dead americans enough, which would match the populations of 30 of our 50 states?    Hitler was a boy scout compared to hell’s friends, who have killed 1.875 billion children in 182 countries since 1973.  This is the Demo Death March that continues unabated with the help of RNC rinsing, not prebush but post, Cruz (yes i wanted Cruz) Rubio etc who said they would help the Rep nominee.  Where the heaven are these men of character today?  Torpedoing our country’s future, for their power and robes in the Pharisee chambers of DC.

Catholics especially my fellow leaders, like Jim admonished the protestant pastors, use your God given brains:  do you want your clean phylacteries or are you open to renewing a great and the LAST covenant land where life liberty and happiness is pursued freely?   Trump is ready and willing.  In California, physician assisted suicide is now law; must we do it as a country, with abortionists and handwringers help.  God said “I will bless thee that bless thee and curse those who don’t” like Obama and the DemoLeft, the Jewish self-haters and the Netanyahu haters club.  God’s word is immutable and this I know: i want the Churchill bust back before our first Islamist Iranian crony prez leaves office.

It’s not God’s job to help Hillary along to retirement and prison; that’s what Christians in a Christian nation where the government IS the Christians are responsible for. Parkinson’s is serious but so is protecting America from within, already having the best military already hampered by Dems day in day out.    Open borders, Muslim extremists, anti-religious freedoms.   Decide now Catholics if you want to pretend to be holy and help hell on earth HelLIARy.  Or vote in Pence and some excellent SCOTUS equalizers.  which means Trump gets the ballot pull.

Does HelLIARy have to immitate our LA Lambs yet again and do another bobblehead impression to convince she’s not going to be on the ticket in November?  You want that wacky Catholic in name only VP she chose, the one that thinks killing kids is good for America.  A future blog post, i will look at the dramatic socio-economic and political results of Sanger’s Soldiers on the world. For this post, let it suffice:  it you want to flirt with hell, be NeverTrump and H

Consciences are interesting things: but so are the lives of my 11 and 8 grandkids.  Talk sometimes is very cheap; other times, it undermines a country for no good reason other than selfish self pride and unwillingness to forgive the better candidate for past transgressions or microaggressions we need our person pacifiers to calm down with.

Only one of my offspring will be protected a little better should HelLIARy win: that’s John; and only because he is in heaven and as far away from Hell’s fury as you can be.  the rest of us?  God help us if the most corrupt campaign machine, owned by the most diabolic killing machine in human history, continues the 1600 Penn Ave residency.

Len Beckman   comments N E 1?  If you haven’t seen Hillary’s America, it is worth seeing before you don your Pharisee robes November 8th.








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