Priceless, Pinocchio and the Lost Boys

We now have a very odd price tag system for human life as never before in history.

Yet, I refuse to believe we have lost a whole generation.

Before 44 years ago, human life was priceless or at least, very valuable, except for brief bouts with insanity.   Like, with his Nuremberg Racist Laws of 1935, Hitler thought Jews and handicapped were chattel, ie property; 11 million died by 1945 in 10 countries over 12 years.  At least, as Monuments Men showed, their gold teeth and hair were harvested and the raw materials for vests and gold bars.  Novel idea: using recycled human parts for profit.

Less than three decades later, the price of humanity was clouded up.  We became a blob of cell or primordial tissue by SCOTUS fiat in 1973.  Even when computed ultrasonography improved the lens into the womb, political biological science just morphed to a woman’s right or some other Latinization, like embryo, foetus, calvaria.  Never person or baby.  To maximize welfare amounts over 4 decades, inner city fathers, especially blacks and other “minorities”,  are traded for government bling which today we call EBT to remove the stain and stigma of getting welfare.

The exception is the person who gets NOTHING back from the guvmints of different jurisdictions.

Today, price tags are out there. Who says “person” isn’t a measuring stick.  $715 per son’s…severed head. Or per Daughter.  Any color will do.

Actually, a severed black baby’s head fetches $715 each at that Ivy League school, Yale Med.  Proof on the net.

planned parenthood utmb 150 consent paymentHouston baby parts are variously priced from $25 to $150, disguised as “consent payments” in this Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast invoice. More proof from purchase orders and invoices between planned parenthoodlums Houston/Gulf Coast & UofTex Med are available, dragged from kicking and screaming PP’ers by Judicial Watch and other truthseekers under FOIA or candid camera.  I don’t know about you, but like every word uttered by HilLIARy, I’ve never bought 25 Consent Payments from planned parenthood as a UofTexas Med frankensteinian researcher.  Maybe you have off Hwy 45 on the way to Galveston.

Just recently unearthed, thanks to a new pricing scheme, Americans kidnapped by IslamoNazis (successor trustees and kindred of PP’s Margaret Sanger) fetch $100 million in unmarked, low denomination bills.  Of course, it is only Monopoly, maybe Funny Money, not ransom.

The cost of killing kids varies but the results is quantified: 58 million so far in the US; 1.875 billion or 1,875,000,000 so far worldwide in 182 countries since Blackmum played god and man became creator, jr. The cost of dead to me dads so the “man” won’t take away our guvmint checks by desperate moms is generational and too too high.

I believe Black Lives Matter.  To proof such, I have challenged the Marxist Soros sponsored anarchist ‘Black Lives Matter’ to join us at tustin ave just north of 22 fwy.  This planned parenthood kills 1000 black babies every day, along with their crony human capitalists; dismembers, slices up, packages.   The four “S”‘s:  slaughter like a pig (not a cop), slice up like ham, sever organs like Dr Frankenstein & sell in small body bags and ship to the winds.  Make that 5S.

I will bring the water, since Soros’ pet anarchist group thrives on entrepreneurially helping gas stations and stores reduce their inventory of capitalist goods for free.  A little fire here, a little looting there, during “National Brotherhood Week.”

This will give the “all talk, demonize the cops so hell can break loose” BLM a chance to redeem themselves after zero of their $130 million new dollars made it to Louisiana to actually help the lives that matter, blacks and yes, whites.

Forgive me, for pointing out the obvious, the recuperating Clinton crime syndicate matron complained.  The half black Islamist in Chief played 18 in Martha’s Vineyard while LA (the state not the Democrapian city in Calif) drowns under 7 trillion gallons of fresh water while supposedly in drought Moonbeam’s Calif. dumped 1.7 trillion gallons of fresh from the river crude to please a Delta bait fish.

So, which black showed up?  Not the first black prez, William Jefferson!  Nor the second, Hussein O, colored in name only; while planned parenthood spokesmodel Obama bogeyed 18, an 18 wheeler accompanied a Trump visit for direct and specific neighborly aid.   No, FEMA or complaining Demo governor could dampen the free enterprise spirit of the much maligned candidate who envisions a great America, not a Muslim Brotherhood Caliphate of BHusseinO’s Insane hate America first.

HilLIARy, who has more linear nose inches than a modern forest and Pinnocio could ever grow, lies only when her lips expel CO2 gas through her aural orifice.  BLM, better allegorized as Lost Boys, prefers to blame everyone but the race pimps they follow.  Lost boys will be lost boys: so, they ripped off grannie next door, or pumped lead into a 14 year old Chicago teen hanging with his 7 year old sister.  It’s the white man’s fault, the same tired diatribe the Democrat utopians have spun since the 50s-70s when most major cities were taken over by the party of slavery, KKKByrd and Alinsky adherents.  Democrat Utopians shortens to Democrapians.  And I once was a registered D!!

I want to help save black boys from being killed mercilessly. I am serious.  Big question: is BLM grown up enough to successfully stop black youth killings BEFORE they are dead.  They blew it but can still help, 60,000 homeless Louisianaians.  Unfortunately, Lost Boys often can’t help themselves. Look who leads them.  Jesse “Abortion is Black Genocide” Jackson.  Al TBrawley SharpTongue.  The race pimp, victocrat school of BWF: Blame Whites First.  OR andy and brad go 3way for hardon jr carls jrPIB-FELB.  All cops are evil, so Fry em like Bacon.

Though, not the 3 way kind of pig slaughter, advertised by three immigrant foreigners from Aussie down under, Sweden and South Africa.  These poor ladies are the sex slaves of Pimp Pudtz and Brad’s Bacon Babes division of the HardOn Jr. Hamburger Harem.

Kamala, talk about human trafficking. These ladies are forced to strip down, and eat non-Halal or Kosher pig parts, as temp employees of the HardOn Jr. Meat Market that sometimes adverts burgers and sausages.

I know sex sells but shouldn’t the fast food be seen more than Fast Times at RidgeMont or Anaheim, St. Louis or Carpinteria High?  Back to the Lost Boys, SlutsRUs is another day.

Why Lost Boys?  The majority have no fathers and mothers working two jobs to supplement their EBT money cards.  40% of blacks in the inner city are unemployed, thanks in large part to the second black president and his rulers.

Most never graduated from any $11K per head (intact) high school let alone college, making them perfect targets for George and his Lost Boys School of Anarchy.  The majority barely survive in democrat utopian or DEMOCRApian strongholds like Baltimore, LA, Chicago 100, Detroit, Milwaukee.

Speaking of Milwaukee, the idea white cops kill innocent black teens genetically was put to rest: a black cop decided he loved his black children and wife enough he killed a seasoned black criminal who committed suicide by cop.  This was BLM’s excuse to start a colorful race riot, targeting anything white, including women and children.  Cowards.  Despicable cowards.  Burned businesses and cop cars in their wake; they should sue Lynch&Hussein, racism agents.

Yet, i refuse to believe we have lost a whole generation.   1000 black babies are murdered every day, but not so much by black teens killing other black kids and grandmothers, the #2 killer.  Hope can be supplied, just not from the Islamist in chief and his merciless minions.

BLM held court in Baton Rouge a few months ago; today, during LA’s 1000 year rain event chasing Noah’s flood for top billing, no where to be seen.  Instead you see the one human race, blacks and whites helping each other, saving each other as Christian )(or __ in the blank) servants.  Like the Cajun Navy, who without the cajun navyDemo guv’s help has been rescuing thousands.  Look closely; it may mystify you.  But, note, many of those in the picture are similar, ie white, to those in the Milwaukee race riots of hot Aug2016.  And the blacks?  Not similar at all, to the BLMs loaded with torches and looter bags.  Or while our handicapped president plays 18 holes in white man’s Vineyard of Martha, Trump supplies 18 wheels of hope and supplies to Baton Rouge~~directly.

Yes, that is Trump helping to unload the 18 wheeler he brought down.  No, he’s not complaining about the governor complaining he shouldn’t be there.  He is …THERE!  Meanwhile, our Equal Excellent Opportunity for Corruption corp, Hussein O’s EEOC, demands that Lousianans drowning underwater and homes GONE, not discriminate when they get his royal Indonesian Islamist’s money gifts, which is not HIS, but ours~ tax dollars.  The water hasn’t receded and our handicapped president is spewing his stupid to a community that doesn’t need HIM or BLM.  In that order.  The God sent a man on foot, in a boat and then helicopter to aide a desperate soul once in a story.  In this case, it is real and symbolized by a private citizen trucking tons down to help WITHOUT the holier-than-thou trump and supplies for LAgovernment overseers.  It’s bad enough the one American Navy not being dismantled by our Islamist lame duck,  had to put up with jaded response by deputies until they realized the Cajun Navy were serious about helping.  As Americans always do in a crisis.

Soap box: charity needs to be local and again severed from the Guvmint Behemoth OCFair size cow with 45 million teets.  Receivers of welfare/charity need to be held accountable for its use for their own protection.  Intergenerational welfare recips is a terrible embarrassment of the land of opportunity, life, lib and happiness pursuit~~except to the regressive Leftist Democrapians (I was one once).  They use it to buy inner city votes, while making money off dead abortees harvested but replaced with refugees from across the border and around the world.  Next time i hear someone say it is unChristian to discrimate who comes into America, i will throw up on them.  My grandkids deserve at least a 10% chance to survive a bioterrorist Isisian crossing the Great River in south Texas.  We already discriminate against scorced earth Yazidis and Syrian Christians while settling Syrian Muslims 99.4% of the time and quantity: 751 vs 35 so far in 2016.

Welfare is NOT free money; it is surgically removed from hard-working taxpayers or in our IIC (Islamist in Chief) printed toilet paper or binary blips.  It is a disincentive to helping young people thrive by replacing dad with a second mother, only this one has 45 million more teets less two then the natural human mom.

At least Moonbeam watches our tax dollars:  “People who do not follow the rules for the CalFresh Pebtrogram, formerly known as Food Stamps and federally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), may be disqualified from the program, fined, put in prison, or all three, and may be required to pay back any misused food benefits.  Nice card, colors, looks almost like a debit card. Uh, it is.  Debiting our money, too often for steak, lobster, beer and other necessities to go with Section 8 housing money and other perks of immigration by the Democrat machine.  Sometimes, citizens get help, too.

Good luck collecting, guvnor.  We have it in real time, human beings helping each other without the government breasts squirting EBT milk wantonly in Baton Rouge.  At least, LAGov tried to stop him, but Trump got through unlike the Tripoli military rescuers who were repeated told to stand down soas not to turn Ben Ghazi into a campaign black eye Sept 12, 2012.

News at 11:  Other than the lamestreeters media’s pot stirring and relentess race pimps like Hillary and Jesse blathering, blacks and whites get along fine.  We don’t need Obama, we need cops honored.

baby rose angel at her birth place planned parenthoodIn fact, Jan 20,2017 needs to come quickly.  The #1 killer of blacks are Kamala, HilLIARy, Cecile and Obama’s crony capitalists at the Abortion Cartel who have perfected the harvesting of human trafficked organics.  1000 blacks a day provide amble hearts, scalps and livers (Kate Dyer of Stem Express only needs 50 livers a week).  This severed head belongs to Houston’s baby Rose, who was harvested August 1987.  She turns 30 in 2017 and did not graduate from the University of Houston or UofTex Med Galveston.  Possibly since she died a cruel ‘all lives matter’ death?

Yet, SCOTUS dementia-ed Ruth thinks abortion is a good that gets rid of the undesirables, kind of like Dr Mengele, Hitler’s chief of medical staff, did mid last century.  NeverTrumpers, interested in another RuthBizarreGinz?  Or SCOTUS judge Obama, the first Shari’s Law proponent.  Or, Dean Erwin?  Oh, my goodness!

HilLIARy is Pinocchio.  Human life is still priceless though the Regressive Leftists, especially my first party of note, the Democrapians, still demember and resell human cargo for $715 here, $150 there.  And the NeverTrumpers are anxious to never believe Trump will be good for America.

Yet, I refuse to believe the Lost Boys are lost for a generation; they need dads, opportunity, education, etc, everything the Democrapians steal away from them IF they are not the 1/3 blacks killed before daylight.  But if you want to believe the Islamist in Chief’s follow through, not his golf swing but new admin being the clinton crime syndicate, vote Johnson or Mickey Mouse.

I guess I will vote Trump and invite the Lost Boys and BLM to stand shoulder to shoulder on Tuobama louisiana and bush IIstin Avenue in Orange, CA just north of the 22fwy or wherever lost boys are bought and sold…in parts. In America.

Modern, civilized America:  Killing kids shouldn’t even be on the radar, let alone a growth industry when mamas grow kids just long enough so the substandard doctors can sell severed heads like cannibals to the highest bidder.


Mr. Shane A Smith, president of UofHouston.  Will you grow up a little, and join the real world?  If not, happy to send you those college size pacifiers I pre-ordered for your microaggression-free student lounge.  You like eye-candy one guesses because you need to impress like this beautiful lady in red holding you up.

But, real men do not abuse women, especially their subordinates. You owe Rohini an apology, something a man of courage and character would have the testicles to do.  I can’t hold yours as you say the words.shane smith u of houston

It must have energized your hanging dingdongs to mete out the 55 lashes to Rohini Sethi, a wise female student body leader who thought maybe All LIVES DO!  I know it’s not easy realizing 5 assassinated Dallas cops deserved life not taken by your Soros BLM sympathizers.  And that there is ONE human race and all lives count, tho have variant pricetags.

Maybe, when September rolls around, you can have Sethi stripped to her sports bra and undergarments, put in a center quad stock and apply those 55 whippings with your limp, wet noodle. Maybe take a little Viagra first.  Next, have the bright red letter “A” emblazoned on her back meaning ALL lives don’t matter, though this is scientifically unsound describing who lives and dies.  I bet the Dallas cops love it when Mr. Smith comes to town.  What an Anthony Weiner.  There is hope for you.

Shane, here’s hoping you become a real statesman, not a Yes!man for the regressive Left;  we need a few good ones in LinusLand blanketed with the courage to counter “Restricted: Freedom of Speech to Lefties only”.  No Ben Shapiro or any common sense speaker need apply.   After all, we don’t even allow our students any rights: freedom of speech and expression.  How dare she mock BLM, just because Hussein O’s venom, Lynch’s follow-through acceptance, Soros’ money and totally anarchist, undisciplined punks killed five cops because BLM, and Shane’s elected seat, lied and lied about all and every cop in the nation, painting Target red on each back.  The usual spot for cowards to attack.

Texas deserves a university, where free ideas peacefully can be exchanged and Sethi doesn’t deserve the Houston High treatment.  In case you missed it, your local affiliate of BLM stated cops and white lives don’t matter while five of Houston’s best’s blood was still warm.  Last I checked, Shane, you are one of these, but could never a police officer.

Yes, you were in a no win solution.  You have students who believe they are entitled to the world and are ignorant as sheep, and get caught up in “movements.”  Shane, you need to realize you were had.  Soros’ BLM is a domestic terrorist organization; they take in millions and mete out venom.   Zero to help black teens get a foothold on life, help black flood cajun victims, never apologize to the police families who lost a dad, mom, sister, brother from their demonic actions.

If you can’t see it in your position of power, you will be like reed in the leftist wind AG Kamala Harris, who starts something else while leaving her commitments undone. And if you can’t see it the night after 5 innocent officers were ambushed and assassinated next door, I can’t help you.  I realize college kids, used to the pacifiers, take hard sciences like feminist or black studies, instead of the easy stuff like calculus, aeronautical engineering and the like.

Shane, if you took biology, specifically anatomy, you would notice Rohini was physiologically truthful, but it takes transgender  biological sex explainedfaith, religion and philosophy to understand it.  There is ONE human race, only two endemic sexes, male and female.  Choosing ideologically transgender and other variants is choice, not science.  Black, Chinese, German, white, old, young, preborn, in the world.  Age, size and location are the only things that separate us as humans.  You can bully and be bullied, but God (I know a foreign collegiate concept) dictated, after creating us, all men are created equal.  No matter the shade or intelligence.  After the simple created stuff, like billions of stars, planets, galaxies, plants and animals, He made the next “sapiens” or wise being: Man. The end of the animal and start of the Human Kingdom; we are not animals, though we have morphological and engineering similarities.  Then He designed and created the most complex, beautiful, intricate, infinitely incomprehensible (smart husbands know this) woman.  Then, He took the day off.

Believe what you will, but you nor I cannot do what Rohini and your lady in red can do: take a single cell and in 280 days yield a 75 trillion celled entity that poops, tinkles, cries, loves UNLESS she went to UofTexas Med during those nine months for a tooth bud extraction (attached to the preborn human), along with harvestable and salable heart, liver and scalp.   UofHouston continues the slave trade facade the party of slavery the Democrapians founded.

Instead of a Texas or Mississippi plantation, you have brick and mortar, glass and electric neo-plantations on every inner city street corner and college med campus~~well, except the Catholic ones that believes ALL HUMAN LIVES MATTER.  See your dilemma, Shane. Rohini defended the 13th amendment, recognizing that black OR white slavery is illegal.  You also, violated her rights to freedom of speech and expression, and worse, she recognizes all human lives are God gifts, so you violated her right to practice her religion as well.

For Shane, though your July 9 note may impress your colleagues, it just proves you are as much a Lost Boy as the three time loser inner city gangbanger who never had a chance.  I doubt you can read through your darkened rose colored glasses, but it you do read this, I hope it sinks in.  We have enough anarchists in America and have since the HaightAshbury years, especially since the leftist Age of Aquarians teach your fellow students today that there’s no freedom of speech, except what I tell you to say or hear.

If you want to help solve real problems, be the solution, not the virus to continue the narrative of hate.  Rohini is a gift you don’t deserve, just as America doesn’t deserve 8 more years of the Clinton Crime Syndicate. All lives ARE priceless, except when we put $715 per severed head, $150 per baby heart, $600 a month per banished sperm donor inner city dad and $100 million per Iranian hostage we pay ransom for.  Speaking of American targets abroad…

Instead of, Shane, publicly stripping a beautiful Rohini like she’s some HardOn Jr. 3 way bacon burger slut, a word rohini sethithat rarely applies to women,  call a student assembly and be the man you might just have inside you: apologize for her treatment and call BLM on the carpet, like the Palestinian Hamas org they are, not in Bethlehem Israel, but Bethlehem PA.   Our country is the rarest land in the world, where ALL lives matter and can be defended. Where speech can be free, as long as it’s not fire in a theater.  Where blacks and whites work together, as the Cajun Navy proved after the 7 trillion gallon deluge.  That is, as long as “Law and Order” is not relegated to Netfilx instead of society.  Holding my carbon dioxide laden breath that you, Shane A Smith, look in the mirror and realize you are no more, nor less, human than any other one on earth.   I refuse to give up on your generation, Shane.  And, you.   Len

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