America in the Mirror of Truth: Live by the Rule of Law or be Ruled by the Lawless and die

At the Crossroads, a new and different day is dawning.  #45 should peacefully replace, should #44 uncharacteristically put down his pen and phone and just…leave.  A Renaissance has a chance to replace the Dark 8 year Age when the Trump Administration occupies the white house as “Occupy Inauguration” preps to thrown its Chaos Regressive left  tantrums.

Words of wisdom from an intergalactic alien.   An incredibly powerful benevolent international leader once said:  “They are a young species; they have much to learn… but I’ve seen goodness in them.”  I would like to echo Optimus Prime, numero uno of the Autobots who battled the Decepticons for world domination in the Transformer series.   We are a young country and there IS goodness in all of us.  But, we must be vigilant regarding our penchant for, and toleration of, evil.  Always.  It’s time to major in the majors again.

In the 18th century, 56 families, fortunes and lives were “Transformed” and lost through the signing of our founding documents.  Paragraph 2 of the Declaration:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…”

In this 21st century, year 16, 313 days in, we voted for new leaders throughout our land.  And the results were undeniably the one of the greatest political upheavals in our history.

What you may not know, ironically, Nov 9th is World Freedom Day, recognizing the fall of the Berlin Wall. Peoples of Eastern Europe had endured tyranny for decades, due in large part to the rise of Hitler, Stalin and Lenin, Marx and Trotsky, men who believe that men are NOT equal but subject to tyrants and despots. 100 million alone died under Josef; that wall signified freedom when it came down, reuniting a city and countries.  Showing to a forgetful world that communism is bankrupt and never works even when Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez destroys his country.  His daughter has billions and Venezuelans have legitimate unrest, called food riots, since anarchy inevitably  leaves empty store shelves.

In a real way, another new “government” for 2017 was instituted by the consent of the governed yet again.  Bloodlessly though with much shock.

Yet on Wed Nov 9th, World Freedom Day, thousands of protesters, mainly young and some even too young to vote, voted with their potty mouths and tennis shoed feet against the American people voting the way they want.

Yes, incredible as it seems, in a federated democratic republic spontaneously generated~with a lot of help by George Soros and other anarchists, Black Lives Matter,, etc.~and continued for days.  Flashback post election weds 2008 & 2012: empty streets.

Either we live by the rule of law or die, like so many empires, ruled by the lawless.

Follow the Georgy Soros money machine.  When thousands practice the Alinsky Arts, turned the Hollywood Freeway into a 5k march, a “Race to the Pure”, the protesters became rioters.  We have an incredible, unsung history of peaceful protests, but any time property or lives are injured or destroyed, the term is “rioters”. And rioters must be shut down immediately if not sooner.  Otherwise they become more barbaric and murder more people.  Edmund Burke said it best:  “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”  And alsoran Obama, even if you declare martial law under this ruse of spontaneously purchased mayhem, come Jan 20 you move across town.  The Churchill bust will return; hopefully the China, silverware and furniture will stay.
Stanley Steemer will be there to disinfect eight years of neglect.

How long will the tantrums last? How much death and property destruction?  Time will tell. The dilemma is what I call the Regressive Left is used to getting it’s way, stomping on laws, people, lives, students’ minds. Warning signs have been everywhere.   A few…

When last March CalStLA sociology prof Dr Wiede demanded his students violently disrupt Ben Shapiro before speaking on “di-versity” at a ‘uni’-versity, they marched on like PoliZombies, brainwashed Left robots to his call.  Note, ‘before’ is the operand.

This is an unfortunate cost of “untouchables” tenure and towers insulated with free range Ivory.  Where truth is not tolerated but must be demolished, like undesired results on election night.  But the truth leaked out…

When April 5, enforcer  Kamala Harris, part time AG and full-time Senate candidate, sent 11 armed goons to David Daleiden’s Irvine apartment to “legally” confiscate his personal citizen investigative journalist work, Cecile Richards and the abortion industry component of the Regressive Left smiled wide.  You might recall he is a project lead for the Center for Medical Progress, publishing 12+ videoes exposing 15 planned parenthood and NAF abortionists.

To this day, SenElect Harris still has his copies (only copies) of the Videos of the Century, showing planned parenthoodlums munching on salad, talking about harvesting baby blackheads that YaleMed pays $715 each; using ultrasound to position the hunted kid for the optimum kill and intact parts, but never showing the image to mom.  Truth is, Harris abused her power under color of authority and Daleiden has a civil rights case in the future, if he avails himself, for significant violations of his first amendment civil rights, her hiding incriminating evidence against Stem Express, a baby parts broker, and more.

The truth leaked out, in their own diabolic words, from the new plantations, where blacks don’t pick cotton at the harvest: they ARE the harvest.  D’souza is right; even though many Democrats are good Americans, the Democrat party leadership continues the party of slavery back to pre Civil War days.  It’s just the plantations have taken on new form.

The Miracle of Main Street 2016 is we elected a builder, not a flaccid, lukewarm, any price prostitician, beholden to the rarified air surrounding the Potomac and blessed Sacramento Rivers.  Trump said it his way, not the way the Regressives wanted it.

Like every good tyrant or anarchist, who at heart are spoiled 3 year old children, they did not act adult.  Demonstrations turn to protests turn to riots turn to destruction; if the rule of law holds, arrests will continue, even with the demonized cops whose every movement is electron microscoped by Obama, Lynch and the Regressive Left inner city observationists.  Their tool: selective iPhone videos.  Easy pickings when people wear chips the size of Giant Redwoods on their shoulders against cops KEEPING the rule of law.

But the truth often leaks through. Finally. Borrowing from the quickly shrinking Hollywood due to celeb refugees, the MSMedia ARE the Decepticons.

Soros and his ilk, like Buffet, Zuckerberg and others, want anarchy.  But Georgy IS the head of Chaos and his minions number in the millions.  Trump is our Maxwell Smart, fumbling here and there but he can help restore America.  Time will tell.

if you honestly believe your great…great grandmother is primordial goo, I can’t help you.  But, if you believe the covenants of this covenant country, there is hope.  God and Natural Law gives us unalienable rights: life, liberty and pursuit of happiness among them.

Something ISIS, some UCLA students and abortionists do not believe, each of us has the right to live.  It is the underpinning right to all others, whether moments to birth or living at home on Navient student loans taking underwater basketweaving classes for $1000 a unit.

America has a mixed record on this, especially since 1973. Whether pro-human or choice, the truth leaks out: 58 million kids have been killed at or pre-birth so far.  1.88 BILLION worldwide.  Simple, basic math and biology.  Without a guarantee of life, there is no liberty.  Freedom is NOT free; you know this.  If not, go to Riverside National Cemetery and look at all the racist white monuments to men and women who died to make you FREE.  Free to roam like wild animals and shut down thousands of legal car drivers on the 101.

And once life AND liberty is secure, the Mazlovian hierarchy continues: the right AND opportunity to Pursue your happiness.  To get an education, interrupted by professors playing psychologists and cancelling classes Nov 9th because voter angst had set in.

Undeniably, the Miracle of Rural Main Stree 2016 was close.

Hillary and her husband have had the freedom to amass a quick fortune peddling influence to foreigners, to violate 501c3 rules building the Clinton crime foundation as a RICO, Capone envying money laundering ops…to be associated with so many suspicious deaths, even the tinfoiled hat crowd feels embarrassed.

Recall, Al Capone, the second to last Chicago “Outfit” mob boss lost to tax evasion and mail fraud, not the 33 murders associated with him; heck, the St Valentine’s Day massacre was chump change, only 7 assuming room temps.  Time will tell, maybe the truth will leak out, if Chicago’s Ma Clinton and her interns sexpert hubby face the rule of law after decades of lawlessness.  The irony is (since Obama can’t pardon an unindicted SecState) the crime family could face tax evasion, RICO statutes and of all things: eMail Fraud.  Not to mention treason for the death of Iranian Amiri and four healthy Ben Ghazi campaign fodders. One oddity: Hillary brokered American Uranium to Russia, who is selling it to Iran, who is using our ransom billions to buy it, to put on nuclear tipped Iranian ICBMs that we will need Bibi and Israel to shoot down with their advanced missile systems.  Thank you Hillary, enjoy your private life, now that you made ours more dangerous.

Despite incredible work by the free “Press” Decepticons on ABC, CBS, NBC and the Clinton News Network, the CCN, the Clinton Crime Network has been shut down, temporarily.  Possibly forever, depending on what the Trump administration does.

Vigilance started Nov 9th, a companion to the lawlessness of Chaos, Inc.  World and American Freedom Day #2.  Note we may have voted on the 8th day, a day of rebirth and renewal in Biblical analogies, but it wasn’t until the novena,the 9th, the truth was out there.   Middle America, non inner city enclaves, it really doesn’t matter although the incessantly “DIVISIVE” Decepticon media will analyze until death freezes up.  Racism is like “aardvark”, the first word in the dictionary of hate.  Students and adults: there is only ONE RACE, the human one.  Divide it all you like, we all have the same genetic parentage. And we look so silly, every time we pull out the racism or womanism card to blame and excuse, instead of rolling up our sleeves, opening our study book, driving to work.

Take ‘racism’.  If too many of one color is racist, then every football team is racist.  Though 12% of the general pop, 62% of the NFL is black.  RACIST!!  Where’s the EEOC, to level the field and get 51% female and 82% non-black on the field?  This is why Kaepernick’s bench sitting during the Anthem is soooo sad and misguided; not to mention, killing the NFL fan base.  He makes $10 million for potential talent, while demonizing the country that got him there.  Blacks today have the power of opportunity, though lots of pain makes you stronger or you fold.  Your choice.

Kaepernick and others believe the lie: Michael Brown did not shoot his hands up; he pulverized a clerk, robbed a store, assaulted a cop, grabbed a gun and died.  Video proves it, eyewitnesses verify.  But the chronically immature Obama and the “blame the cops game” ensued.  The Decepticons went ballistic, Chaos, Inc purchased thugs with “Black Lives Matter” and here we are.  For now;  soon Lynch will be gone; so will Baltimore’s apologist mayor.  The Ferguson lie followed by many others, but the Decepticon fix was in: America is RACIST, cops wake up early to plan which innocent blacks die today.

The Phobias.  Homophobia, sexaphobia, weddingcakemonopolyphobia.  Islamistterroristphobia.  All these manufactured crises du jour and concocted phobiaphobias.  They will be handled, as adults always do: as adults, not 3 year olds.  SCOTUS RBG will be gone soon but the memory of Scalia will grow brighter, though without a pillow over his face like the day he died.  Just maybe the Constitution will see another 50, 100 years as the miracle it is and remains.

You see, equal opportunity is not the same as equal results.  Socialism has always been cute, until you run out of other people’s money, as Thatcher told the Bern posthumourously.

Don’t worry about Zuckerberg’s $40 billion; in America, where everyone CAN win, that’s his and Priscilla’s problem, not yours.  Not mine.

Envy, jealousy, hate, unrighteous anger, theft, murder: these are evils that befall us all too often and go back to two stone tablets millennia ago.  Although ‘do not covet thy neighbor’s wife’ was excised during the roaring 90s under Clinton.  Just as “do not covet thy neighbor’s goods” was blue taped during the Obamas time of ill repute.

Don’t succumb to their temptations.  Sure there is mistakes and evil at times; but America is not run by them, though the Regressive Left is working hard to get that role.

Some advice:  Teary eyed leftists and pampered collegians, with your Linus blankets, pacifiers and safe zones, do not believe your Regressive leftist drivel. Look in the American Mirror of Truth, recently out of the closet and available to all 350 million of us.

We are NOT guaranteed a job, wealth, a chicken in every pot, Welfare EBN card in every wallet and your free Prius in every garage owned by your parents.  Two words: Grow UP!

Get a life.  Work Hard.  Don’t envy what the poisonous professors tell you to envy.  NO ONE OWES YOU A LIVING OR A LIFE.  Believe it or not, it is up to you.  And, learn this lesson: it isn’t ABOUT you.   A giant government cow with a million breasts would make a great year for McDonald’s but it is a politically protected anachronism that needs serious butchering.  Tech advance alone shows that $15 an hour makes for more inner city unemployed and great business reasons for more self-serve cashiers at Home Depot, McD’s, WalMart etc.   If you want socialism, try beyond our borders.  If you want opportunity, look for it.  Go after it.  Do something good for you that others benefit from and watch your success!

Don’t believe that ghoulish sad Anarchy hungry Hungarian Georgy, who didn’t learn from Hitler’s destruction.  Don’t believe your RegLeft teachers that preach, like Sarah Fluke you deserve free sex balloons and $8 a month sex pills from WalMart while going to Yale Law.  If you can’t afford eight bucks for sex, don’t have it.  Frankly, marriage between a man and a woman is the best birth control device out there.  But, i digress.

YOU ARE NOT ZOMBIES UNLESS YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE.  You are guaranteed the chance to grow up IF you know the freedom is to PURSUE happiness, not something served on a gold platter while you work 12 to 1pm and take an hour off for lunch.

Life IS hard work; opportunity remains OUT THERE and don’t get sucked in by race baiters, victocrats (hat tip Larry Elder) and other leeches who want to vacuum out your heart, soul, opportunity, life, mind and true self-image.

Border security, a high tech wall, is critical to start the Renaissance of 2017.  Contrary to leftist and corporatist preachings, we are a generous country that has taken in 30 million the last few decades, from Mexico and other of the 187 countries.  We are a net IMPORTER of humanity; but some humanity hates us, wants to send an IranianCBM to UCLA, Disneyland, USC, CSULA and other populated spots.  Today, the huddled masses sometimes smuggle in “death to America” biologics across wide open Rio Grands.

A wall is no different than locking the dorm or your parents’ home doors to keep out rapists; and when open, to have a balanced line of immigrants.  Should 99.99% of Syrian refugees be Muslim and .1% be Christians?  Should 83% of accepted immigrants be Castilian? If there is no respect for lining up, but mobocracy, how is that fair?

America is a land of CITIZENS that allows immigrants from around the world in.  We are not a social experiment, but a maturing nation that does not colonize other countries but steps in to help.  The Philippines is typhooned, our ships are there, even tho the current president hates America.  Tyrants rise in the Middle East, we help, shed blood, go home.   Honorable war is always undesirable, but sometimes not avoidable.  If you hate Bush, hate the trigger happy Obama who has destroyed private sector industries one after the other, and loves those drones and cruising missiles.  But as adults, we use critical thinking skills more than insane highway foot mileage to discern what’s next.

Trump is a builder not a DCrat; sometime you must demolish to create.  Americans, even some of the rioters voted, evaluated Hillary’s next in line royalty succession.  And said NO!  Actually the glass ceiling was broken: the first successful woman presidential campaign manager, Kelly Ann, shattered it.

The election is over; no recounts needed.  Hillary would have been my president, just like Obama has been, shudder, for the last 8 years.  Trump has four, if he survives.  Maybe eight.  Only time and maturity will tell.

But, contrary to the Regressives meaning, i believe their sign:  Trump is not my F@%@ing president either; that honor does to William Jefferson in the 1990s, reported to have enjoyed over 1000 women in his marriage of business convenience lifetime. Trump is our president-elect, already at work.  Obama, with a nearby replacement mansion, will never leave but now have to pay for his golf jetset vacas.  The Clintons kept the china; the Obamas don’t get the twin 747s.

With “consent of the governed”, they want to give Trump a chance. America was founded of, by and for the people; the need for the massive elected and unelected behemoth was never there.   Just like cancer, it grew and grows.  Maybe, just maybe, we can reverse the kingly edicts, $10 trillion in new useless debt and other foibles.  Time will tell as well.

Men and women were created equal; but we are imperfect.  The rule of law helps us keep the playing field level for opportunity, not results, IF we obey it.  Blacks, wives, Indian nations, college students, single moms working three jobs to keep two teens out of the gangs; all are part of the ONE RACE on this, the greatest country on God’s green earth.

Loving America does not mean you love everything about America; that’s where adults come in. Working together peacefully to right the wrongs.  At least Hillary and Putin won’t push us to WWIII, as reported; there’s lots to be repaired, though most of the Clinton’s Foundational foreign donors may never get much bang for their bucks.

Be the adult, stop whining and start working.  If you hate America soooo much, try Cuba or Venezuela, perfect non-free unconstitutional examples of oppressed peoples.  If you must riot, at least do it like those poor South Americans, who eat from garbage dumps.  Not in America, where our poorest who live like royalty in most countries outside these 50 states of opportunity.  LIFE IS NOT FAIR.  It never is nor should it be, because fair is like a baseball or political opinion, everyone has one and its different.

If you need to sell your Hollywood mansion, I know someone.  Excellent credentials and will handle all your real property affairs; your personal ones, that’s your problem to sort out.  Jan 20th can’t come soon enough; here’s hoping we survive the last lean lameduck years of the worst president in recorded history.









Ancient Gamaliel posited this:  “So in the present case I advise you: Leave these men alone. Let them go! For if their purpose or endeavor is of human origin, it will fail. 39But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop them. You may even find yourselves fighting against God.” 40At this, they yielded to Gamaliel. They called the apostles in and had them flogged. Then they ordered them not to speak in the name of Jesus, and released them.…



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