Zombie Sorosians have invaded America: invited back to Soros’ place

michelle-obamaAnarchy isn’t the easiest thing to explain but it is relatively easy to implement in a great country like America.  Michelle Obama lost her job to a legal immigrant citizen last November 8th and continues her work with the Zombie SOROSians.

They walk among us, in various disciplines, jobs and pursuits, and most of the time you can’t tell the difference between a sane, normal human and the UnDead Anarchists who follow das leader like robots entering from the void through a skyhole above Stark Industries.  Look at Michelle; no indications but the surly facials.

They walk, fly, bus, riot, stomp, kill seemingly without any critical thinking skills demonstrating an innate inability to be adult.  The signs of the times are out there; you can see it in their faces and ghibberish spewing forth, as well as the placards like “Trump’s not my F@@$%ing President”, “Rape Melania” and “No human is illegal”

The Big Question: why are soooo many, from president to pauper, following a dying, ghoulish, even silly, spiteful old man?  It defines sensible reason.

A blood test doesn’t distinguish normal human from possessed Zombie; you must wait for words and actions.

First, take the world of education.  Academia.  Free range ivory covered towers. In total Regressive Leftist disarray.

“The speech i was going to give was about free speech and DePaul University was tolerant enough not to allow me to give it”  Ben Shapiro experienced Zombie Sorosians trying to penetrate the open borders around DePaul U in the Windy City.

You might remember, the Cubbies won the WS for the first time since 1908, but the 1787 Constitution was suspended yet again in Ma Clinton digs, possibly because peace loving anarchists were going to throw tantrums and break things if Shapiro was allowed on campus.  The bullies, as usual, win when adults secede.   A world where Jeremiah Wright and local murderer Zombie Sorosian bomber Bill Ayers holds sway; not to mention 20 murders a day so far this year.  But, we worry about president-elect steak dinners.

Paraphrasing Ben “You have 4000 murders in this city and you deploy 30 cops to prevent zombie-sorosians-pacifier-soros-turkey-dayme, a legal citizen of America, from free and equal access to a public institution to give a 1st amendment talk on freedom of speech.”

Think about these words.  The microaggressed go macroaggressive, loaded down with personalized college level pacifiers, safety pinned diapers & Linus blankets, cowering in their safe Zombie zones on these archipelagoes of academia.

Waiting for the next instructions from Zombie HQ in Katonah, New York.  Bedford Hills’ famous economist who invests his funds in the Zombie Sorosian Nation.  His ROI, until he is arrested or sued for the death of a 4 year old’s father murdered by his wholly owned brainless, is pretty good.  A few million got him “black lives matter”.  A bit more, and he has deployed the Zombie SorosiaNation.  A pittance clipped off from his 1992 Black Wednesday money grab via cornering the British Pound Sterling.

Ben, to use the lovable conservative shamelessly, was the target on the Left Coast at that bastion of higher learning, CalState LA.  Months ago, tenured sociology PhD Dr. Wiede, the thug no longer in the anarchist closet, demanded his zombie minions violently prevent access to legal dues paying university students from hearing the man they had a permit to hear.  You can be a clueless idiot whose only brush with the Truth is getting hit by a dictionary, get tenure, poison young minds and still get a paycheck at CalState.

Recall Mizzouri’s 8 year spoiled econ student Jonathan Butler, who ran into a car with his body, and hunger fasted at Mizzou U; it’s the home of that famous work of art, Poop Swastika, that led to a wise college prez leaving the anarchist school of deception.  The roots are not the sheep, but the Regressive Leftist professors who poison young brains.   Notice high school minors vote only slightly less than the 50% vote rioters who are protesting their candidate’s loss and are taking to the streets for ‘civil disobedience’. One young zombie repeated said “we are NOT ditching school because it’s cool” but because American adults didn’t vote the way we wise 16 years believe they should have.

bernie-and-hillary-brown-pride-supporter-with-finger-in-the-airMeanwhile, they are sporting Mexican flags while protesting an American president in America; no soccer game in sight nor a Mexican-American holiday like May 5th to justify their wave.

During the Trump rallies, young philosophers demonstrated their ambi-dexterity with middle fingers, showing their ability to reason and impress their elders. IF any adults were in the same time zone.   A major IF where truth, justice and yes, the American way are not valued.  Sure, the little F@#$%@#$er can play ring toss if he wants, but where’s his mother OR father?  Flipping off someone else?

Second, the zombie media.  The Decepticons. Fascinating, is the telephone game most of today’s MSMedia engage in.  Example.  Soros HQ pays rioters $18 an hour plus benefits to sabotage American roads and institutions to its Zombie SorosiaNation.  So, locally, the Zombie Sorosians shut down the Hollywood Freeway, turn it into a 10K for an illegal “Race for the Pure” in lanes #2-#4.  Thousands of thingees called cars are stopped. At least one ambulance delayed led to the death of a 4 year old’s dad.  Honorable protest does not resemble rioting; and this rioting has already proven to be murder in the 2nd.

The talking heads, print minions and online anarchist reporters repeat and repeat ad nauseum the rioters angst and reasoned issues.  When interviewed, the zombie sorosians have nary a clue why they are doing this, other than it’s good pay.  Bused in, flown out, on a perennial walkabout.  Ms. Stahl to LASlimes, New Pork Times, Washington Compost, etc. have zero conscience and less talent to report simple news.

Take this:  the Donald opens the door for Melania and pulls out her chair.  The first reporters hit the phones and iPads:  “Trump practices his white patrimonial anti-woman misogyny yet again”.   This is xeroxed over and over by every logged in MSMoron throughout America and we press consumers are served crap.  About as useful as that naked Clinton suppository woman defecating on trump signs to serve her faire warm.

A chivalric act for a beautiful woman is churned into the latest crises du jour, the art practiced incessantly by childish regressive leftists of all stripes.  The MSMorons are bullies, simply useless automatons owned by the Regressive Left hierarchy.  What they yet don’t realize, especially in the multiverse worlds of the blessed Sacramento and Potomac Rivers, is they are NOT relevant.  Talking heads are not essential for anything but mogul money making ops.  Nothing else.  Yes, there are some good journalists, but most are busy drowning out the truth.

The Decepticons, for the next four years, will be in hyperdrive here on earth, simply because the latest Chicago Mob boss did not have fireworks on a barge in New York.

Therein lies the moral.  Nothing new to see here.  Academia and media will try to undermine honorable, hardworking real Americans and poison as many minds as possible.  We are coming out of bankruptcy under Obama, with hope for the future, into a potential Renaissance of 2017.  Where fake crises can be replaced with a repaired world.

America is NOT about fake journalists disquised as advocates for the Regressive left.  It is a country ready for a reawakening of real hope, sensible change and a renewal of things great and awesome.

“No human is illegal” was carried by a zombie Sorosian; perfect truth: from conception through natural death, every human has a legal right to life and live a life of liberty and to pursue happiness.  Not be sliced to death in a mother’s birth canal nor sold as a harvested slave to Yale, a severed blackhead for 715 pieces of silver.

And I agree: “Trump is not my F@@^@^&ing president”.  He isn’t ANYONE’s F@#%&^@#%ing president.  That dubious honor goes to #40, Slick Willie Crooked Arrow of the Zombie Sorosian Pedophile Isle at Epstein’s Orgy Palace.  Thankfully, no more Lincoln Bedroom blue dressed interns.

And for all the faithful, brainless, Zombie Sorosians, there is another benefit.  Your fearless leader is hosting a convention called HollyWoodstock 2016.  You can google the address there in Bedford Hills, Katonah NY.  Or ask any cop; he’ll be happy to turn on the lights and siren and get you there, as payback for the most demonic ghoul naturalized immigrant in the world:  Georgy Soros.  He never learned the lessons experienced by his native Hungary in 1944 and wishes to visit mayhem and anarchy on this excellent country.


Get there when the gates open: at 6am. Here’s your invite:george-soros-invites-the-world-to-his-place-for-turkey Stay as long as you like. Yes, the lines to the transcivility bathrooms may be long, especially with that urban artist defecating on Trump signs for appetizers  After all, your fearless leader LOVES anarchy, rioters and pays dearly for the privilege to destroy the greatest country on God’s green earth…  and if ALL of the Zombie SorosiaNation end up at the latest woodstock on Georgy’s farm, that will leave the adults behind to do the adult thing.

Clean up the streets from the paid rioters’ mayhem; reduce taxes, end Obamascam, fix


A charter Zombie Sorosian

science, reform college admission standards for “professors”, make us energy independent. And…send back the criminals who kill Americans like Kathleen Steinle.  That’s just the first 100 days.

And, yes, we need to build a wall to keep out more foreign biotoxin laden ISISians from becoming domestic terrorists; you should know, we have plenty of them already, slicing and dicing kids at planned parenthood plantations on every inner city street corner.

58 million dead kids, 1.88 billion worldwide, is enough foolishness for a million lifetimes.  Actually, 1,880 million lifespans.  Let 2017 be a year of the grown up, a Renaissance of renewed life in this federated Constitutional Republic.

When the Electoral College meets, it will not have Regressive leftist underwaterbasketweaving professors, diapers held with Zombie safety pins, Linus blankets and custom pacifiers.  It will confirm what no leftist ivory tower will ever admit: Trump is the legitimate president #45 of these well formed United States.






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