A Democrat Journalist calls for putting the political axes down

Fascinating article from a journalism professor at my alma mater, CalStateFullerton.

Marc Ballon.  Obviously a solid Democrat and not a fan of the president-elect, considering Trump an “existential threat”, he realizes the need to stop the anarchy and move forward.

The difficulty is, as a member of the Regressive Left, the blinders prevent him from seeing more than the “Rape Melania” signs.  We solid Americans haven’t gone anywhere; so Regressive Leftists, welcome back to earth! Your reign is temporarily halted.

We have two Americas: people who believe in and follow the rule of law.  And those who believe they are above, royalty, who can flaunt the law at will.  And I’m not just pleasantly mentioning the 30 million who ‘jumped the line’ in the last few decades.

For example, using four Ben Ghazi Americans to either cover up Libya on the label ambassadorial  ISIS gun running, campaign images or both, is not “following the rule of law”.

Exposing state secrets that killed Iranian Uranium expert Amiri shows flagrant ignorance or incompetence.  Everyone, even Ballon agrees, Hillary lied incessantly, spent time at Orgy Isle with her serial rapist husband and was not fit to serve at 1600 Penn Ave.  Just no one told the MSMedia, free range Ivory Towers nor America the truth: the adult won, despite the false or misleading dirt steam shoveled on the billionaire builder.

I am not Pollyanna and yes, the Access hidden camera “grabbing pussy” was problematic.

But, riddle me this, does Mr. Ballon consider young planned parenthoodzied women like Miley Cyrus inviting and flaunting her pussy to underage fans, who grope it repeatedly.  Then turns around to let them play proctologist not statutory rape? Yes, Miley, believe it or not, is an adult and her front line fans at the stage underage.  No diff than Heidi Klum sexily saying “I get to seduce a cute little boy for Hardon Jr.

Or is it just men, specifically Republican candidates, who are accused of rape or worse, groping the breasts is ok but don’t go below the first class seat belt or I’ll destroy your run when it’s convenient.  Miley Cyrus and Heidi Klum are statutory rapists, Miley by her seducing her fans and Heidi by her suggestive comments on the Hardon, Jr. after ad market.

Of course, there’s Hillary browbeating a 12 year old rape victim.  It seems the selective disgust the left is highly skilled at does not include anyone leaning 180 degrees D.

The problem with the regressive left is they have perfected the art of silencing political discourse and ignoring the ‘sins’ of their idols.  Been to the regressive left’s public sanctums with U before their name lately.  Like University of Pablum, Chicaco campus.

When Obama won in 2008 and 2012, and if Hillary had on Nov 8th last, there were and would be no riots in the street.  None.  (Disclaimer: there are nice Democrats, its the leaders who are the Democrat Utopians, or Democrapians for short).  Hellllloo, media, even this tiny 3rd grade level connection escapes you?  The rioters are paid Democrapian Sorosian Zombie Apocollapse thugs.

Anarchists are wholly owned by the Regressives and race baiting victocrats (Larry Elder hat tip) like Al “Brawley” SharpTongue and Jessie “abortion is black genocide” and “padon Hillary” Jackson.

Yes, Jesse did say ‘abortion is black genocide”.  He was absolutely right in 1977 and he is today, where 1/3 of blacks turn red as they are carefully sliced up at the  harvest on KKKByrd’s neo-plantations of slavery: inner city planned parenthood sanctums.

Ballon, though he has kids, doesn’t see what the 6 year olds see in a 4D Ultrasound pic: it’s not a “product of conception”.  It’s a productive baby.

Immediately after a delayed Ma Clinton concession, the soldiers of anarchy started marching.  Lockstep, not just brown shirted but certainly signed.

The Hollywood Fwy became a 10K “race for the pure” while students and Soros paid anarchists played road kill targets.  Left leaning High school teachers and uni professors, pumped their kids (yes, collegians are still kids) all season about how terrible it is that Trump is and that he won.

For example, two 10th graders did an “Assassinate Trump” skit and it was the parents,not the school administration that raised hell. Now resigned, CEO Matt Harrington, did the trump-zombie-sorosianssame and he’s gone.

Example after example.  University “students”, like blue city UCLA and CalStateLA, crying crocodile tears, sucking on adult size pacifiers and safety pinning their “aroma therapy” appointments to their Linus blankets, are both embarrassing and eye-opening.  The incestuous leftist professors asexually creating and promoting only leftist professors to tenure status, has yielded zero tolerance for multiversity views and self-promoting Stalinesque university regressive leftist thoughts.  Conservativism is only taught as ancient history in 99% of our “higher learning” centers; where’s the ‘diversity’ of a university in that?.

Jaw-dropping, too!  When Ben Shapiro tried to speak on diversity to CalState LA last March, presumed adult “professor” of sociology Dr. Weide required his ‘anarchist’ students to block him and other students from his yet to occur talk!

He was neither fired nor reprimanded like the UCSBGoleta woman prof, who destroyed free speech prolife signs and assaulted Thrin and Joan Short, one only sixteen.  Professor Mireille Miller-Young claimed she had a moral right to censor and batter the teen only got 3 years probation; in fact, the COLLEGE settled the resulting civil suit, not the immature, power hungry professor of studying women, an actual major like engineering and math.

What DO you do with a women’s studies or lesbian dance major and diploma?

Ballon may have heard: the same Shapiro went to DePaul U, invited and registered three ways, to speak on, of all things “free speech”.

He was met, not with “protestors” (the difference between a protestor and rioter is usually Soros’ money), but 30 armed security guards, backed up by Chicago police.

This 30 year old is maybe 5′ 6″, 165 pounds dripping wet, an orthodox Jewish smart guy and the Windy City of 4000 murders diverted resources because Ballon’s leftist associates on campus either cried, lied or promised a riot.  Like the 3 years olds they are acting out.  The only fear is critical thinking and honest words itself?  I guess we don’t need police anymore: all a rapist has to do if promise to throw a tantrum if the girl doesn’t let him has his crooked dick at the ready, understudying a former president NOT returning next winter to the Oval Office.

The Main Stream Morons set him up then pulverized Trump for two years; now they want access and complain when he has steak with his fam.  Academia, has poisoned a whole generation, starting in middle school through grad students sobbing because, even though half or more didn’t vote, they didn’t get their girl Hillary. Evidence is embarrassingly everywhere.   But, middle America, the midwest Rust Belt, non Demo strongholds did vote.

American citizens outside of democrat population centers known as “major cities” voted Trump; and it was enough to beat out Hillary, even with significant numbers of illegal democrats-vote-early-often-and-deadalien votes. The Demo party of slavery no longer relies just on voting early, often, unidentified, dead and foreign non-active military.  They rely on anarchy, riots and tantrums.

Recall, those recent 100 ballots to one apartment address in Los Angeles was never publicized, like EVERYTHING contra Democrat, because the MSMedia is irrelevant as ‘truth and facts tellers.

They no longer are the “free press” but the Left’s wholly owned slaves and propaganda corps. Ballon’s a journalist; he must suspect that journalism no longer is untainted.

This is not a healthy sane culture, despite Ballon’s call to reconcile: violent Regressive Leftists ignore his plea, don’t give a damn about reconciliation.  Look at Soros’ nationwide sign bank, his funding of Moveon.org, “some black lives matter” and so many other community anarchy groups. Obama continues to be the Anarchist in Chief, continuing his community agitator job.   Meanwhile, private America works hard to pay Obamascam “keep your doctor” bills, insane and unnecessary CO2 blamed energy costs while trying to get luxuries like food, clothes and shelter.  Public welfare America is over 98 million EBT card carrying strong.

That sad, ghoulish old currency manipulator, like the Clinton “crime syndicate”, detests America and will throw tantrums and fuel the same, to get their way.   If Ballon wants reconciliation, ask his “side” to grow up.  Honestly, this father of 11 and fan of America believes the left may be too far into the Koolaid to come back to reality.  Keith Ellison for DNC chair?  That’s your bench, the same bench that non-voter KaePrick sits his sorry ass on every national anthem?  Your first string may be indicted, and your second is good ole Joe.  Tell me the party of slavery isn’t in serious trouble because it leans so far left that Moonbeam and the Lowbeam California Legi$layers long hair touched Hawaii.

Garfield high students were allowed to leave campus!  College kiddies skip classes.  This isn’t the world Ballon discusses where we did come together during world crises.  Crises are invented du jour, as it is, like climate change, fossil fuels as evil, LBGTxyz pronouns, etc.  They have no trouble with the half-naked Queen of Poop defecating on Trump signs to best serve her asspiring excrement warm.

Most of those signs frankly were kindly picked up by Soros’ paid Zombie SorosiaNation ApoCollapsers BEFORE the election.

Mr. Ballon, welcome back! Trump already proved he is willing to listen, that he is a man of law and order; not anarchy like his opponent and the current lame duck DC executive.

While your DemoLeft Media friends throw a tizzy about disorganized transitionals, there is already new blood at the CIA with Orange Countian first in his West Point class Mike Pompeo; General Flynn for national security advisor and he’s a Ballon, a Democrat.  Lynch to be decertified as a legal hack, replaced by Jeff Sessions as AG.  Trump is not from the ruling Leftist class; he is a builder.  And, ask Hillary’s FactChecker: Trump’s forming cabinet has already met more than Obama has in four years, except for Christmas card photoshoots.

Another leftist democrat often featured in SoCal Newsgroup’s (no longer the OCRegister) orange county tree-killing offering, the Dean Chemerinsky, like Ballon, goes on and on about RoevWade, as if science and technology does not advance.

In 1973, we had a murky sound-based image of what was inside the womb; first gen ultrasounds.

43 years later, no one, whether a 12 year medical school doctor, CSUFullerton journalism professor or ANY politician can deny what every preKindergarten kid sees: a human, moving sentient child.  Call it a person, a blob, a product doesn’t change WHAT it is: and what you do to the baby changes you.  Your conscience hardens, your intelligence insulted, YOUR humanity diminished when it is killed.

I don’t own slaves; you don’t pick cotton; we are not at the tobacco harvest.  But, today, blackheads are severed and sold to Yalemed for $715, WITHOUT a dermatologist license. White, brown, black kids ARE the harvest on PPPlantations.  Hearts are cut out with a precision the Aztec priests are envious of, and quick shipped free, only charging $150 a heart to TexMed for the parts they say they never charge for.  Mouthful.  Mr. David david-briscoe-dismissal-veni-vidi-videoed-it-dixitDaleiden may be the detective of the century, even though he had to endure a felony II charge for Lone Star Beer fake ID.  Odd thing, the republican widow Devon Anderson DA is GONE, voted out because she loves dead kids more than live law practiced.  Going one better than Woodward & Bernstein, Daleiden’s work has changed the face of AbortInc forever.  He came, He saw, He videoed, THEY, the demonic human sacrifice ritual priestesses, said it over salad, wine and arrogance.  Since Christmas is in the Costco and the air, it’s time to release Dr Mary Gatter’s wish list for Santa.  Here it be and please forgive this rough version:

Ballon just doesn’t get it: until America grows up, the politically protected surgery known as abortion will ALWAYS disunite us.

He talks of communist tyranny, excuses community anarchists but pacifying domestic terrorists who make money off the death of kids is a non-starter.

isis-mr-and-mrs-hayes-podesta-hillaryHitler harvested teeth implanted gold and human hair, but he is gone, the gold melted down and the hair bins remain as a remnant in Auschwitz and other museums: AbortInc. is the successor trustee of Hitler’s master racism.  As an industry, though dying, planned parenthood and NAF’s corrupt side was shown more brilliantly by future Pulitzer prize candidate David Daleiden in recording evil in its own words. The most famous newlywed couple of San Bernardino hoped to emulate their hero, Messer Hitler, for a Christmas party, with some success.

I believe America is great but could be greater (Cruz was my hope); however killing the ambulanced dad of a 4 year old by blocking freeways is not the answer.

Signs like “Trump is not my F@$%@$%ing president”, though truthful, don’t help Ballon’s cause, though it reminds us the real F@@$%ing president won’t be back:  Hillary’s husband Slick Willie won’t ever have Lincoln Bedroom access again.  By 2020, who knows, his Crooked Dick (not Nixon) will be unemployed.

Even JFK with Marilyn, and the other presidents and their mistresses, don’t hold a candle to the blue dress king of Pedophile Isle.

Despite the incessant and continuing deceit of the well-named Clinton News Network Machine, Trump is ahead of the transition curve: every transition, like Reagan to Bush or Bush to Obama are crazy, joyful, disheartening events.

But a lying media, if it EVER wants to get better than 22% trust, needs to stop its fraudulent myopic belief it is truth tellers and facts disseminators…until it reforms its ways.

Academia, more left leaning than an Ivory Tower of Piza, will take generations if ever, to clean up and come to an adult, balanced understanding of wisdom and teach critical thinking skills yet again.  yes, legends in their own mind professors need to start teaching truth again; their role is not as childish friends to their students, but mentors, holding them accountable not with giant pacifiers, but demanding they study, read, read some more and evaluate.  Rioting under the Hollywood sign is not comp class time.  And leaving these brainwashed minions 100K in debt with a underwater basketweaving degree.

The most-eye opening thing to me, and most of America, this week is just how sick most colleges are and the incredible waste of money; i still have the parent student loan from Thomas Aquinas to repay but don’t rue one penny of it.  That son came out of college, not as a drone for the left, but recruited for a PhD Math program on the right coast.

The 18 year olds when America came together in WWII did not need safe zones from microaggression so their feelings weren’t hurt; they were climbing Hacksaw Ridge, like the current movie, to save America and died by the thousands for a real cause. Today’s 19 year old issues include a bathroom for someone who wants to change his, her or it’s birth sex.  Sorry, it’s not a cause compared to such.  Nor is bullying a cake baker or flower arranger: this is part of a culture that doesn’t understand it’s not about me.  It’s about us.

Freedom to be individuals, the freedom to live guaranteed before Norma McCorvey was the hapless Roe of Wade fame.  Use liberty, if life is protected, to pursue not demand guaranteed, happiness.  But, if leftist professors continue to silence the truth and bully pulpit the false, little hope that adults will EVER emerge from Yale, Harvard et al.

We elected an adult, a successful private sector builder not a flim flam politician.  IF he survives the left’s character and physical assassination, he may seek re-election against the Demo ticket of fraudulently elected Al Franken and 3rd party Julie Stein.  Franken~Stein 2020 memes are already out there.

I am hopeful like our Democrat journalist prof Ballon.  However, as early returns post election show, the media will be apoplectic for four to eight years, throwing more tantrums than misinformed, brainwashed  UCLA rioters.

Ballon is naive to believe his buddies will put down their political bows and will continue to sling poisonous, false arrows while that adult tries to lead this great covenant country.

george-soros-and-hellSoros can enjoy his HollyWoodstock 2016 at his Kata/Bedford Hills NY compound on thanksgiving all he wants.  Hopefully, as the lawsuits and a new AG takes office, just maybe the Chief Anarchist will meet justice before he meets God.

But we adults are already at work, to help rebuild this land in the Renaissance of 2017.  Like the song says, with a paraphrase: “Growing up is sooo hard to do!”  But critical to reforming and curing what ails us.  Give Pence a chance.  And the Donald as well.  And believe little of what the MSMorons spew and less what the leftist professors proclaim.  I pray for Soros to get right with God before he meets the devil.  And that Hillary’s battle with BD, subcorticol vascular dementia parkinson’s goes well.  It may be merciful she won’t die in office as the disease does what it did to Janet Reno, Pope St. John Paul and is doing to Michael J Fox.

My America is smiling again; i hope so is yours.  Because after all it is supposed to be government of, by and for the people, not the people worshipping the REgressive left palace of spoiled rulers on the Potomac.  And the blessed Sacramento river.

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