The environmental case tyrants: plastic bags theft payback time

I still haven’t paid 10 cents for a Stater’s excessive plastic bag, though my kids succumbed.  This morning after 6:30am Christ the King Mass at St. Anthony Claret I stopped in at my fave Staters.  Oops.  Forgot my nonexistent multipurposed oil-used plastic, just recently made from natural gas waste into thin multi-usable plastic called single.  Confusing, thank you enviro-econ terrorists.plastic-bag-alternative-2500-marbles-ten-cents-environment

What’s a dad of 11 to do?  Early enough to snag a box and with the new reusable non-plastic, nope-cloth or tree terrorizing paper, leather belt, I was able to transport three gallons, bread and bread espanol, the tortillas safely.  No Nutella for the record.

No norovirus or eColi, cockroaches or fleas common to cloth bags. No waste, like in ancient times when single use plastic bags were the rage and we reused them incessantly, plus carried 8 or 10 at a time conserving…time.

bed-bug-queenThis bug started in a cloth bag two years ago, and due to continuous reuse, it grew up.  No, it’s not the bed bug queen, a problem that is now in SoCal, once relegated to the 1000 people per square foot Northeast.  Like their cloth living cousins, prostiticians and Aaron Mair’s enviro-terrorists, bed bugs love to suck our blood until eradicated.

I know i will soon succumb as well.  Actually, as an American and free enterprise fan, the grocers should charge a fee and lower the cost of other products when possible, since any collegian who passed over lesbian dance 400and took econ theory 200 knows supermarkets have low markup, high inventory turn even in these zero excess inventory JIT Just in Time times.  Like socialist media Venezuela, unfortunately, practices, the zero inventory part.  Hopefully, until a non-socialist gets in and takes back Hugo’s billions from the daughter, as Vinny the Mouth Scully pointed out.  The Swiss will comply.

Many of you who read this, err both of you, know i practice real estate and the privilege of helping people make good decisions is my cause.  Another cause is sound scientific truth.  We renamed the Beckman ranch the Donna Beckman Memorial Environmental Research labs.  “Home” is the short version.  As the managing director, or the person the kids say “Come on, dad, not another cause”, I believe in honesty in science, sound scientific law and someday, honest prostiticians converted to human beings.  Even in Moonbeam land.

Truth be told, Tom Steyer from the state of Northern California and his enviro-terrorists 2500marbles-plastic-bagslike the Sierra Club no growth,  stole my single use plastic bags (SUPBs), costing maybe 2 cents.  Now, we get more cockroaches and fleas, norovirus in our society, thanks to the multi-abused cloth and superplastic ten centers.

I’m a 1%er or maybe 99%er: bring back our SUPBs.  Now.  Take the poll at rant’s end.

Len’s wacked as usual?  Ask, quietly, a store clerk at Albertsons, Ralph’s etc so they don’t lose their job.  One told me she saw cockroaches come out of a unwashed cloth bag.  Another, put her arm into a cloth bag and was bitten by fleas.  Do your own quiet polling so they can continue to find mystery noroviri in cloth and reused plastic bags.

We live in a world where sensible people can’t speak out for fear of some Zombie Apocollapsing Sorosian Tree Hugger torching our full paper grocery bags or pooping on the Trump signs they stole last October.  Tantrum types not properly toilet trained used to be 2 year olds; now they have sex in college dorms on our dime and exhorbitant student loans.

Both still suck on binkies, but the college level pacifiers must fill their mouths.  And both have Linus blankets to absorb the tears.

It’s not easy being commonsensical anymore.  When  a cute boyboygirl triuple soon to be married threesome demanding Stater’s bakery do a HHL (homo-homo-lesbian) pastry or lose the store to rioting protesters or protesting rioters, whichever way Soros pays em for.

In our devolving childish at all costs world, we already have LLL 3 way lesbian Carls burgers and 3 way lesbian weddings.  Imagine the dilemma of topping a cake for a football team marrying OC animal shelter inhabitants.  But there IS hope.  The NFL, renamed the No Fans Left former association, may not be around to marry all those pouches and pussies.

Enviro-terrorists, science: SUPBs are manufactured from high temp coefficient natural gas waste products.  Not the dinosaur oil you fear in your Clubber nightmares, where you ignore the 6000 products that come from fossil fracked fuel anyways.   SUPBs are recycled natural gas!  From the ground, not the bovine flatulence you mock.

They are sanitary, and as sanctuary cities like San Fran will see soon, that Seattle girl’s soccer team’s norovirus from a cloth bag, was not anecdotal but a warning.  Plastic bags were not meant to unsanitarily re-enter the food supermarket chain.  Germs are naughty often; cockroaches don’t wash their multi-legs and fleas are a pain in the assets.

All of these have been noted ON checkout counters and i will report the increasing list as my research continues.  It’s only been a couple weeks since a versatile, safe consumer product was stolen by the wacademia~Sierra~prostitician cabal.  Yes, in America and in Kalifornia.  I wish the fleas of a thousand reused bags on those 120 (except the nice Republicans and Independents, all three of you) in blessed Sacramento.

You deserve the spoils of your eColi idiocies, you dastardly family unfriendly, CO2 hating ruling class.  As noted above, my King is Christ the Lord.  Not that scientific fraud Moonbeam and his science-ignoring Lowlife Lowbeam Legi$layers who rule us like slaves.   They may be the friend of homeless cockroaches living in Bag Cities, but not me.

I like science.  Health.  Good Food.  Bring back my SUPBs.  Or must we wait until Trump ousts that airbag EPA Ruckelshaus successor and disbands CARB and CalEPA?  This DMERA managing director will continue to research and right the wrongs.  EPA Ruckelshaus tab is only 40 millon dead and 200 million new cases of vecto/mosquito borne diseases annually, and he doesn’t even work for planned parenthood.

And I didn’t even mention that life saving food critical gas that the former Supremes and most of grant-grubbing ivory tower “scientists”, prostiticians and enviro groups hate.  Hate, like tobacco, all the way to the bank.  Yes, it’s carbon dioxide.  Another time.

BRING BACK OUR (MULTI)SINGLE USE PLASTIC BAGS.  For the life of me, why are we such idiots to let the brainless decide which consumer products are best for us?

L Paul Beckman

Managing Director, Donna Beckman Memorial Environmental Research Lab

Saving America, one senseless false crises du jour at a time.

PS there’s room for you in church!  i saved you a seat.  That seat might just save your forever.   As noted above, my King is Christ the Lord.  Not that scientific fraud Moonbeam and his science-ignoring Lowlife Lowbeam Legi$layers who rule us like slaves.





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