A Chicago grandfather loses a grandson to the mob as I have. Working together to end the violence

Working together to make America a civil land once again.  We NEED each other.

Jovan Wilson, all of 15, black and dead, are three common linked words in the Windy City.  673 murders as of 2 months before the inauguration of an adult to the White House.  700 will be passed with no ceremony.  Rahm Emanuel, the transition chief from the current Occupy Penn Ave, rules the Sanctum City Chicago roost cluelessly who blames inanimate objects for the affairs of the heart…and mind.  Jovan died at the hands of the Mob.  For his shoes.  The price IS life.

Could he, can you name the 673?  Probably not.  Since black teens killed by black thugs is as common as tourists at the top of Sears Tower.  The difference is Jovan’s father’s father is Congressman of the 7th, former alderman Danny Davis.

I have 8 grandkids and like Rep Danny have lost a grandson, named John.  Yes, his name is carved on my mufasa hiking stick, because he is no less nor more human than my 11 kids or other 7 grandoffspring.


John’s little sister

John was a gift from God to my eldest, Joshua and his lovely wife, Maryann, but God chose to bring him home early at 15 weeks.  God cannot be blamed nor credited with a 15 year old day in day out dying in Chicago, Baltimore, Ferguson etc at the hands of thug murderers.  It just boils down to the price of life.  God gives His creations reasonable freedoms, to populate a country, take issue with each other, to live peacefully or kill, though He does step in at times.  This was not one of those.

The police said: “Young people are using guns to settle petty disputes over clothes”.  Pants and tennis shoes.  It’s the gun’s fault.  Without inanimate objects launching animate bullets, life would be rosy, love and beauty pageant “world peace” would reign, life in the air.  Believe this and I will send you a peaceful rioter paid by Soros.

My fellow grandfather, Danny, is grieving and the first thing he reached for is the excuse shelf.  Guns.  Guns. Guns.    If he is looking for the inanimates leading to the most black deaths, he should have grabbed off the knives shelf.  Actually, the sharp curved medical devices called currettes.  Not guns!

Tarik Harris, 16, and Di’Jae Banks, 17, were charged as adults with first-degree murder and home invasion.  Lady Di’Jae said “I did nothing” but supplied the gun to Tarik, the latest black thug killer.  This time it was over a fam member who swapped pants for shoes and the inanimate objects were being held for ransom.  Jovan’s life was kidnapped with a shot to the head and the ransom paid forever.  Another dead black but this one with a famous ancestor.

Rahm, not a stranger to violence, recently said Chicago would remain a sanctuary city forzombie-sorosian-mayors criminal and one-time alien lawbreakers, no matter their crime.  Illegal aliens would be “safe, secure and supported in Chicago”.  However, this protection does not apply to US Congressman’s grandkids and other legal residents of the city, it seems.  There is a giant sign at the city limits that says “We are a gun free city.  That shiny thing in the black thugs hand is not legal, so don’t worry”.  Believe it or not, murderers can read and LOVE this and flock to LakeShore for target practice on Chicagoans.

Violence can be ended at its root but Zombie Sorosian Mayors generally are ignorant or unwilling to take the steps.

And, though grandpa Danny continued the clarion call to blame guns, he is misguided. You must start with the heart and the brain and re-educate all of Chicago and America:  Life is precious and not to be arbitraged for parts or shoes.

Think about it. We turn black kids red 33% of the time at the new plantations, the planned parenthood chop shops; where black kids don’t harvest cotton for shoelaces: they ARE the harvest.  1/3 yet blacks are only 1/8th of the population and declining.  In NYC, over half of the blacks admitted to PP die, never able to be killed for shoes or pants.

In case, you still think Pulitzer candidate investigative reporter David Daleiden cheated when he recorded primarily female abortionists negotiating baby hearts and Lamborghinis, at least look at this invoice for human organs.

planned-parenthood-utmb-invoice-utmb  Look at the price list.  TexMed pays $150 for hearts or livers and PP supplies Cate Dyer, Stem Express, market orders for “50 livers a week”.  To accomplish this, 50 black girls must get knocked up by 50 non-transgendered males, yielding 2500 products of conception for dissection.  My anatomy book shows one liver per person; abortionist’s anatomy books were never opened.  TexMed hid the $25 for lesser baby piece parts by labelling them “consents obtained”.  Federal law prohibits charging for organs (see my piece on heart transplants) so they lied.  A lie is the basis of RoeVWade and spans 43 years.

YaleMed, being free range Ivory Towers in the ivy league, pays $715 for a black head.  No, they aren’t used for dermatologist practicums.  Savage head shrinkers never had it so good.  Point is, human beings have targets on ALL of us: Stephanie Packer, mother of four, was denied medical care and offered suicide pills.  Her cost?  Giving up her life for $1.20.

Valuing an adult mother for a dollar F@#%^#%^ing 20 cents, people.  A beautiful mom wants to live, so her four kids can have a stable life and experience as much of their mom as possible.  And the Palin Death Panels are real.


Brian&Stephanie Packer&fam

“Sorry Stephanie, our top actuarial Soylent Green accountants estimated your value at X.  But we will supply you an easy, end your life option, to keep us in the black.  We just ask you pay the customary co-pay: $1.20”

“Sorry, Jovin, your life is only worth a pair of Nikes and stretch pants.  But we will supply you an easy out, to keep you dead though black. Lady Di’Jae  will give 16 year old  Tarik Harris a gun



and you must pay $1.20 for the bullet.  After all, today we must participate in the cost of our demise. Your grandfather will blame the gun though he will grieve for your family, your shooter, your shooter’s family.  Yes, you will be dead and no one will remember who you are in a week, when the next black teen dies on the South, E,N or W, of Lake Michigan.”

“Sorry, baby Rose, age 30 of Houston.  Your mom valued you more out of her life… than in it.  Don’t blame her, blame the planned parenthood abortionists who sliced you up and sold your $150 heart, $150 liver, $715 head to human parts brokers.  Mom was pressured by her male handler,


Baby Rose of Houston born August, 1987

sometimes called boyfriend or adulterer, husband or rapist.  No matter who the father is when it comes to you being real.

Baby Rose, you are dead but your image will remain with us for as long as Roe meets Wade and abortion owns the soul of America.  You turn 30 in 2017 and your picture, baby or otherwise, never changes.

Congressman Danny can do something.

Instead of blaming the steel, seek the truth.  God created; blacks did not come from primordial soup, all human beings.  The soul of America has been corrupted, thinking it’s ok to kill the young to please the old or more powerful.  This same cancer now endemic in abortionist domestic terrorists, plagues inner city neighborhoods and outer city burbs throughout the country.

Chicago Sun-Times even runs a Homicide Watch Chicago!  Counting murders~one after another.  Talk about a morbid fatalistic look at one of America’s great cities.  Yes it is under Tammany Hall-Emanuel control, so it shouldn’t be a surprise.

But, until America bans the killing of humans before birth, they will die like flies after birth. The logic is incontrovertible and connected.  Actions speak louder than bullets of words.

Knives in the hands of abortionists have killed 58 million American kids so far and 1.88 BILLION kids worldwide.  Divide that number by Chicago’s 673, and it would take Chicago 86,181 YEARS to catch up to the murder death toll of America’s domestic terrorizing abortionists.  So, as newsworthy as it might seem, we never hear about the real soul toll.

If my fellow grandfather, the 7th district Congressman Danny Davis wants advice, the best place is that incredible black leader, “Mumbles” Jesse Jackson.  At a more clear time in his life, the Reverend Jacson uttered this: “Abortion is black genocide”.  He was right then, his 1977 words are right now.

If Rep Davis wants to save someone else’s offspring or the rest of his family, start there.  Teach by our adult actions that life IS more precious than cotton pickin’ shoe laces by valuing the unwed mother’s,the abused mother’s, the overwhelmed mother’s child as gold.  Not to be sold for gold after an abortionist diabolically tells the older ‘patient’ her daughter will be better dead, red and harvested.  For medical science? No for a medical doctor’s bank account.

We grieve for your grandson, Jovan, Rep Davis.  But, now is the time for the Democrat party of slavery, to join the real world and stop the violence. Honestly, God did not create seven races; He created just one; the Human Race.

Stop disabling the psyche via government breasts of 95 million Americans.  Make welfare available through no nonsense accountability partners who mentor, not give it like Nike shoes to athletes.  Teach black kids in school not to go to planned parenthood’s sanctioned violence 50 shades of grey teen S&M website.  Tell boys not to call girls “Hos”, “Bitches”, treat them like boy toy sex objects and don’t grace your events with Beyonce and other kulture killers who poison kid’s minds.  This last is difficult since michelle and barack like the potty mouths to grace the halls of the People’s house on Penn Ave.

Otherwise, we know just how much blacks are worth.  Their blackheads: $715 at YaleMed.  A blackheart, $150 paid by Stem Express or DaVinci Bio, ie TexMed from PPGulfcoast.

A black 15 year old Congressman’s grandchild’s life for a pair of pants and sneakers.

The father of a 4 year old dies stuck in an ambulance blocked by Soros’ paid Zombie Apocollapse rioters who violently preach about Bill Clinton with the “Trump is not our F@%ing President”.  True for all of us, but irrelevant: Bill will always stick his Crooked Dic, in memory of another former president, into anything that moves, mouths or vaginas.

Regressive leftist professors who beget other leftist professors by shutting out conservatives and other truth tellers; and shut out free speech and alternative viewpoints such as truth, scientific truth, bio truth, social truth, and truth.

As long as these tenured misfits have the minds of our young in their talons, college students will embarrass themselves by crying, moping, rioting, throwing tantrums, sucking on giant pacifiers, safety pinned to Linus blankets.  This could take a generation to repair.  Even my alma mater, California State University @ Fullerton had a day of mourning that HilLIARy lost; DAY OF MOURNING!  What DO they do at these islands of free range ivory?  Hillary lied daily if not hourly; laughed at a 12 year old rape victim; bullied Bill’s bimbos whether assaulted or raped.  She gave terrorists free range to kill four Ben Ghazi Americans, for both hiding Stevens’ Arms4Isis work and to improve Obama’s re-election.  Her imbecilic publication of state secrets via her not so secret service served up Iranium Uranium scientist Amiri to a firing squad by her incompetence.  The list is endless.  No one mentions she IS dying, diagnosed with subcorticol vascular dementia, a terminal form of terminal Parkinson’s.

For this, my MBA issuing college had the pacified children mourn her passing from the scene.  Worry not, she will be back in the public consciousness when the indictments come down proving there are not two Americas: one for the peons and one for the rulers.  God help us if the FBI and Rep Marshburn do not proceed.

Duly elected Trump will bring change, but the aggressive Regressive Leftists will wear diapers for years, whether student or prof, because they must check their big people pants at the door.

We must stop glorifying evil and evil’s acts.  Kids will die, inside and outside the womb, unless we adults re-acquaint ourselves and teach them the 10 “Non-Suggestions” etched in rock; the 2 commands of Jesus and realize life continues after death in one of two places: one happy, the other hot.    Starting with the paraphrased proof of life of Mr. Jackson: abortion IS black, and white and any color, race, creed or size, location, age…genocide.  You can’t kill kids without consequence. Jovan is just the latest wakeup call that unfortunately will be ignored.

A culture that believes a 6 foot 5 inch Michael Brown, who bullied a clerk, robbed a Ferguson store, assaulted a cop and grabbed a gun, is a saint, is in trouble.  And when black&white witnesses state co-criminal Deroy Johnson’s “hands up don’t shoot” is a lie and still, from President to arsonist, proclaims and justifies killing cops because they are doing their jobs, the trouble is more than skin deep.  But there is always hope should we adults admit change is needed.  Now.

Guns, Rep Davis, don’t kill people. Search all you want: it’s the character of the souls that hold the weapons. It’s the poisoned minds and tattered hearts.  Those Windy City limits GunFree signs are ignored, just like our borders are ignored by who Mexico deports North and those carried by our perennial rioting Regressive Leftists plaguing our land because Ma Clinton lost.  The Sorosians, owned by Soros, Zombie Apocollapse.

Bullets and knives do the physical damage, but people pull the triggers, whether for a pair of Nikes, a baby’s severed heart for doctor Lamborghini$ or a mother’s life, priced by the demons at a F@$%ing dollar twenty cents.  The price is NOT right; it is never right when it is paid for a life.

This last bit, killing those that are older, physician asssisted homicide OR suicide, in pain or prebirth healthy,  is just as egregious as 15 year old Jovan dying for cotton pickin’ laces: because ALL lives matter, ALL lives are precious.  Soros can fund anarchist cop killing groups until he is indicted in 2017 or goes to prison; his money buys him that right.  But someone ALWAYS pays when another dies.   No matter how many fans the No Fans League loses and how long KaePrick doesn’t vote and sits his sorry assets on wood.

America, it’s time for a Renaissance, before our dying culture takes the Hitler remedy: cyanide by proxy pills.  We have a mob of thugs, people who value life for what you can get for one,  not for its eternal precious pricelessness.  This is the challenge for Congressmen and paupers, fathers and mothers, teens, college students alike.

For our survival and sanity:  to recognize what God told us years ago to Jeremiah:

The word of Yahweh came to me, saying: 5 ‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you came to birth I consecrated you; I appointed you as prophet to the nations.’

We ALL are of the One Race, the Human one.  No matter how much billionaire Georgy pumps his monied fist at God demanding different human races, we are one. Same parents from the Middle East.

Different cultures, same God, whether we believe Him or not at His word.  And Rep. Davis can use his grief to be a prophet to our culture.

NO life is worth a cotton pickin’ pair of shoelaces.  None.   People are probably tired of hearing about it from this dad of 11, but i will repeat the truth: “It IS a great day to be alive.”   Let’s act as if we believe it for each other, for ALLL are our neighbors, members of the same race of beings, chartered with stewarding this planet.  And, yet again, the people that make this country work could be in charge.









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