The Cry Room and the Devolving Sanctuary University. The Ben Dilemma

Time to show mercy, tempering justice with compassion, for our emotionally drained Hillary worshippers.  This is a real crisis from the crises du jour crowd.

Seasoned Catholics remember the place reserved for toddlers and infants, usually a safe room separate from the rest of the church: the cry room. It went by various names, like family room, kid’s room, but cry room was the most appropriate.

trump-waaaah-with-pacifier-after-electionNormally, the glass gave mom and dad a view of the priests and the audible proceedings were piped in.  Kids could be restless, cry, wail, cry some more, moms could nurse, throw tantrums (the 3 year old not the mom), demonstrating there is a difference between childish things and mature adults.  Paul talks of “putting aside childish things” in the new testament.  With 11 offspring, I should know a bit on this.  Sometimes there is NOTHING you can do to calm down or change the mind of the anarchy, chaos of a kid in full T-mode.

Just as evidenced by college kiddies election week.  I am blessed to have and know a lot of mature millennials and post-millennials but like, accidents and murder, tantrums for Ma Clinton make the news.

zombie-sorosians-pacifier-soros-turkey-dayYou might have noticed; in the news lately have been safety pins, play dough, coloring books,  pablum, uncontrollable sobbing and ‘safe zones’ for students to retreat to from the trials of modern life. On, of all places, free range raised ivory towers. The Sanctuary University where any

non-regressive leftist thought is held hostage with no ransom demands.

Personalized by campi pacifiers at the ready.  But, frankly, cry rooms were never intended for university campuses. One of the most unexpected and eye-opening effects of November 8th is the whole world viewed the tragic cesspools of insanity that most universities have become.  And like most naked emperors wearing invisible clothes, they are clueless as to how they appear.

It has been frogs in the non-global stovetop warming pot process, each finding something more bizarre that the other school to “enact”; but today the “patient” may be barely on life support.  There is no DNR because, apparently, there is no adult to go to, that can save the current state of affairs.   Is there, like the NCAA, is there a National Collegiate Childhood Association, that decides which pronouns, like ye, yow, yew apply today or what regressive leftist crises will be du jour as the locally global warming sun rises in the East.  What ladels of poison will be at breakfast after the kids have sex in the coed bathroom while debating which new transcivility bathrooms to foist on Target and America?  The NCCA.  Who is the AyeYaToldYou KnowMany, the religious leader supreme of the Regressive Left, who spews this stuff?

Adults, please apply!

The Economist reports another tragedy:  “…in June 2014 U.S. student loan debt exceeded $1.2 trillion, with over 7 million debtors in default. Public universities increased their fees by a total of 27% over the five years ending in 2012, or 20% adjusted for inflation.” This is on top of major and minor alumni donations.  We pay more, parents and students, for less and get more bizarre Regressive Leftist professors and their minions who are paid exorbitant salaries for underwater basketweaving and XX-studies degrees.  The more money you throw at them, the worst things get.

Functioning adults are what we are paying insane amounts for, not tall tantrum throwing rug rats and curtain climbers.  This should embarrass every dean, provost and uni-president out there.  Problem is, they may be hanging on to tied bedsheets trying to come down the ivory tower unnoticed to get to safety.  Bigger kids throw bigger tantrums and do more damage. Well not the provost at the largest Catholic university in America, poisoning 24,000 young Catholic minds in the name of the venerable St. Vincent de Paul.

In the Neo-Collegiate Cry Room, the nursing mother has been replaced by toddling semi-adults as well: tenured professors who act like wholly owned subsidiaries of Regressive left Hillary’s campaign machine, pumping their conditioned, brainwashed students full of half-truths and whole cloth lies.

My own alma mater, CSUFullerton had a day after mourning party for Hillary’s loss!  Behind the OC curtain?!   America votes, the media and students sulk.   

Thinking back to my days at the school leading to an MBA from 1970 to 1975, we never cancelled a class during the Nixon or Ford era because the election didn’t go someone’s way.   Trust me, today, CSUF would not have a mourning party for Trump if he lost, either.  The kegger party for Hillary would still be raging, though she already drank champagne and ordered fireworks prematurely.  The baby did not deliver intact, like her planned parenthoodlum views on children.

Problem with spoiled children in charge, is they don’t understand the world’s machinations, only their selfie view of what’s important:  normally me, myself and I.

And when they are out of control with no adult supervision, those tantrums can turn deadly. Case in point: UCLA students, Marxist Black Lives Matter terrorists (BLM) and other Soros’ employees are un-indicted co-rioters becoming road kill turning the Hollywood fwy lanes…into the HollyWoodstock Freeway parking lot, shutting down thousands of drivers for hours.

Another riot, another time, un-indicted manslaughter for hundreds refusing to free an ambulance and the father died.

A 4 year old is fatherless, something a chronic inner city problem happens when pop leaves so mom can collect more Calif. EBT.  The problem on college campuses, now going “sanctuary”, is there are no adults to do the supervision, only peter pan survivalist profs shouting “I’ll never grow up, I’m a UCLA kid” on a toy store island enclave of childish.  The USC code, University of Spoiled Children, does not apply to the LA campus alone these days.

Zombie Sorosian sanctuary, mainly Demo,  city mayors build walls around their cities, protecting the illegal and citizen criminal element and making their legal residents and peaceful illegal aliens open targets.  Chicago will break 700 murders in 2016, fatalistically posted, and plenty are involved with criminal illegal aliens, though the most are black on black crime.

On the invisible walls hang signs that say “GunFree Zone: criminals, please don’t hurt us too much.  No law abiding person has a gun and most of us hate the cops too.  So, when you home invade or shoot one of us, please leave peacefully once you’ve done your damage. Here is your Chicago skeleton key to the city: it opens all the locks.”

“Please leave it on City Hall’s front counter as you slink away.”  Criminals salivate, the world thinks “what wackies Americans are.” since HAVING a gun without discharge saves 3 million people a year.  Except in CriminalFreeSanctuary cities like Al Capone’s stomping grounds.

Rahm talks sanctuary while his responsibility, the native Chicagoans gun each other down.  Insanely, Rahm Emanuel even declared “To all those who are, after Tuesday’s election, very nervous and filled with anxiety … you are safe in Chicago, you are secure in Chicago and you are supported in Chicago…”  What a fool!  His whole darn city is nervous, who will make the Chicago SunTimes “Chicago HomicideWatch list” next.

The words of Trump?   CRIMINAL aliens will be taken out.  How revolutionary is that?

So, Imanuel, whose name means “God with us” protects the criminals from prosecution and puts legitimate Chicagoans in more danger.   Zombie mayors, we don’t need.  This one should resign and go live with Obama in the last family’s new DC digs.

Speaking of zombie actions, now we have sanctuary campuses.  Say, Jose Francisco Lopez Sanchez happens to kill a 23 year old San Francisco coed at USF, back a fifth time as a revolving international doorman with revolver.  The sanctuary campus means no assistance to ICE, to FBI, to local police.   Look to Detroit, a Wayne State University officer was ambushed in the head by a black bike rider and another cop unnecessarily bites the dust.

.  Apparently, safe zones don’t extend to cops, whether cities or campi.   When Obama & Lynch LLC demonized cops, we get the demons shooting the last line of defense officers; the top law enforcement officers in DC decentralize their hate for cops, evidenced by their words.  The words that anarchist riots like Soros-fed BLM thrive on..  And the media/prostitician/victocracy still blame the cops for super thug Michael Brown, who should be doing 6 yard line stands for any U, instead of 6 feet under rotaways.

Meanwhile NFL means No Fans Left as KaePrick sits on his sorry $10 million assets.  One one of his heroes assumes room temps at age 90.  Fidel Castro is wherever unrepentant terrorists spend eternity.

America, wake up.  Your universities have already seceded from reality; now, they want to be less safe for our incoming 18 years olds.  Yes, the inmates are running the asylum.

george-soros-invites-the-world-to-his-place-for-turkeyAnd the man who believes he is a god, in one of those fake news stories has moved his HollyWoodstock 2016 celebration to his New York digs; all his paid and volunteer Zombie SoroSian Nation Apocollapsers are invited to stay the year..

It started at 6am EST Thanksgiving day, and included Lady Half-Godiva going Gaga defecating on the storehouse of stolen Trump signs, another sign of a civilized university culture.  The Regressive Leftist’s shit is best served warm on a multi-use plastic Trump platter.

If you think author Len’s just hyperbowling, notice the post November 9th riots, freeway blockages, Black Lives Matter, and other Soros funded anarchist chaos creators, based on this: a president was chosen by a free people.  Meanwhile, CSUF and so many other college wakes for Hillary.

Think seriously before you answer the question below.  Although the wakes for Hillary are a bit premature; she does needs our prayers to beat subcorticol vascular dementia (BD), a terminal form of terminal Parkinson’s, something Janet Reno and Pope St. JohnPaul the great succumbed to.  Even deplorables can redeem themselves by being big-hearted.

The Question: Are our universities beyond hope, change and help?   I think not, but the current poisoned fountain of youth is not pretty.

A free Constitutional country needs formed and informed consciences IN adults.  Our students of all ages learn facts from teachers.  These facts should be true and free of diatribes and false imagery.   Frankly, knowing the truth and understanding actual, non-revised history is the foundation of a sound adult.  If the teachers parrot the regressive leftist lines of xenophobic, sexophobic, homolesbo-phobic, misogynist pap and society expects healthy adults at the ed tunnel’s end, we are all fools.

Having been involved with independent domicilic pedagogy [famous examples include Elisha Krauss of Morning 870Answer; this presidential year,  John Adams, John Quincy Adams, James Garfield, William, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, James Polk, FDR, Theodore Roosevelt, and George Washington (Wiki hat tip) ], the first question families seem to get is “socialization” from non-home schoolers parroting other adults, family members et al.

When asked, as this 27 year home educating dad has often, i first respond with “could you spell the word?” and “use it in context?”  This ferrets out the parrots and that usually ends the push; but then humbly i proceed.

The fallacy of this request, often blind repeats and misunderstood by the questioner, is that character does not occur by socializing with 40 other 7 year olds or 25 teen sophomores in high school;  it comes from interfacing and learning good social skills from adults.  That’s what true socialization is. Problem is when there are NO adults in the classrooms of life.

Look at the 101 Fwy riots and other terribly immature and inappropriate “reactions”, staged and real. 200 college agers acting like 40 1st graders, imitating 3 year olds.  What i don’t get, where are the uni administrators?  The parents and donors?  The adults presumably who spend $50K a year for their post-pubescent munchkins to live in coed dorms, share bodily fluids like sex and toothpaste expectorate, party hardy and maybe attend a class or two?

Adulthood is NOT college size pacifiers, linus blankets wrapped around microagressed spaghetti students moaning about an election most did not vote in.  KaePrick, $10 million 49erQB ass sitter, quotes the now dead Castro, shuns voting and gurgles a mishmash of senseless pap to justify his unAmerican No Fans Left NFL push.  Who created him, if not his college professors?

Therein lies the problem: there are few untainted balanced adults left in professorial roles and their administrators seem to kowtow to their tantrums.  The children own the home for 3 year olds, running around like uncivilized spoiled brats.

Exceptions don’t prove the rule, though we have them. Yes, engineering, math, science and tech are more scientific and truth based, but the humanities and leftist liberal arts areas are in meltdown since 11/8/16…and before.  Certainly, associative boolean algebra can prove 2+2=3, but this is no help when black-, women’s-, transgendered- studies are degreed majors and sociologists become chaos theorists outside of the department of mathematics.

Proof that too many profs have become lawless godless gods opposed to other viewpoints?  Look no farther than LA.


Look deep into the eyes of Dr. Chaos Campus-Weide…his alter ego, a bully prof of soch.

Early 2016,  SUNY grad and CalStateLA sociologist Dr Wiede demanded his students violently prevent Ben Shapiro from speaking on diversity, invited by a legit student group to speak to their club, Young Americans for Freedom. YAF isn’t on the list of preferred student groups like BLM, Community Agitators or Communisty Candystripers.

weide-ben-shapiro-macroaggressionDr. Demento Weerd actually posted a note calling for violence, code word “macroaggression” and is still tenured at CalStateLA.  Brainwashing young crania with mishmash.  Maybe, Dr. Chaos CampusWeide should be Soros’ poster child of diverse anarchy. The man is a menace (pick your #1 and #2) who needs to be disciplined.  Aged Soros only has a few years to continue his ghoulish ways, but Dr Chaos?  Who’s gonna fire him?

This November, the same 5 foot 9 inch 165 pound Shapiro was confronted by 30 Chicago security guards, backed by a dozen on-call sanctuary Chicago cops.  His crime?

Legitimately invited to speak on freedom of speech, three levels of permission by student groups, the DePaul chapter of Young Americans for Freedom.

The irony is not missed, I hope.  He asked the security sergeant at arms if he would be arrested for coming on campus to speak freely.  The hapless man said yes.  The reasons are odd: so tantrum throwers don’t throw tantrums.  Most odd was there were ZERO protesters anywhere in sight.  Nada, nil, none.  So provost and admin where preventing no protestors from violence because a few anti-Trumper/Bern socialist anti-social students could suck pacifiers and calm down.  Yes, this IS America and we are discussing Universities, places of supposed higher learning and character development.  Not all colleges have hit the cesspool bottom, like Hillsdale, Thomas Aquinas and others.  Point is not all liberal arts schools have become Regressive leftist arts institutions.

Marten denBoer, Provost, DePaul University wrote this response letter to the Chicago Tribune.

“In response to your Friday editorial “DePaul blocks a speaker,” DePaul University agrees that bringing diverse voices to our students’ consideration is at the heart of a liberal arts education. Speakers, however, are not welcome to schedule themselves, nor are student groups permitted to schedule events without sufficient advance notice to the university offices that coordinate such events.

Ben Shapiro and the group that sponsored his talk last week were well aware that he was welcome to speak on campus at a future date, but his publicity stunt of announcing online that he was coming without having notified us in advance, and then simply showing up with cameras in tow proves nothing about DePaul’s commitment to free speech. It only proves that DePaul has no interest in supporting political theater. Mr. Shapiro remains welcome to speak at DePaul at a future date properly scheduled with university offices.”

 Copyright © 2016, Chicago Tribune.  After all, the letter is theirs above.

What pap, Provost Marten.  Maybe, truth in advertising should apply:  Leftist arts education is what we are about; choose between anarchy Bern socialism, Soros Chaos majors.  Only $50K a year plus sex pills.  Even at a Catholic liberal arts university.

And the tantrumy Regressive Leftists just hate people disagreeing with them.  They have worked hard to own the media, the range free raised ivory towers of academia, prostiticians, the radicalized “watermelon” environmental movement.  And more.

Political theater IS free speech, but Shapiro was simply there to speak, as invited, on the Constitutionally protected freedom of speech using his freedom to…speak.  No one was threatened, the fave tool of the Sorosian Left.  No violence ensued when the students were forced three blocks off campus.  And why a “future date”?   So the pacifier sucking potential tantrum throwers can be plugged into pablum trasport devices called baby bottles laden with polluting CO2 fizzing fluids, so adults can temporarily walk about?

Recall, Feminist studies professor at UCSBarbara.  “Feminist studies Professor Mireille Miller-Young is facing vandalism, battery, and robbery charges after an incident in the Arbor last Tuesday, March 4, in which she took and destroyed a poster depicting graphic images of aborted fetuses displayed by members of Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, a Riverside-based pro-life group. (nexus)”

Survivors does an incredible work to point out life’s little conundrums, like killing babies is nothing that people of character still do.  The Short sisters, Thrin and Joan, assaulted by the radical professor won in a civil judgment and the public university paid for the tantrums of their faculty.  As usual.   Odd thing: after 58 million dead Americans and 1.88 BILLION dead planet dwelling babies, we still don’t recognize life.

Soros pays blacks and whites to riot, so it can’t be a racist issue.  As i say often, there are not four first couples, one for whites, one for blacks, one for Asians, one for Hispanic (though Hispana is Spain not Mexico…hmm).  Scientifically, genetically, empirically and visually, there is only ONE first couple.  Adam and Eve.  Not Madam and Eve or Adam and Steve.

evolution-and-transgender One man, one woman, from which EVERY human on earth have descended.  If you don’t like those baby names, then give grief to Dr. Louis Leakey, noted anthropologist who says our first parents came from Mesopotamia.  And no, my great…grandmother was not Campbell’s primordial soup cooked into an ape who became a man then devolved into today’s regressive leftists on a campus near you.  Nor yours, because yours is mine.

Racist and racism, like believing 6 year olds ‘socialize’ rug rats into curtain climbers to teens into adults, is an idiotic term used to justify a range from blind ignorance to stupid; one must mature, grow up to see how silly it is to discriminate for color or culture.  We ALL belong to the one race and learning to disagree and accept (I hate the word “tolerance”) one another is maturation into adulthood.  It goes back to Cain and Abel, and most of us Christians and Jews know how that first leftist encounter panned out.

Case in point is “all cops wake up thinking which black sambo I can string up today.”  Before my first donut break.  How idiotic this anti-law and order mindset pushed by BaltiMayors onto millionaires like dead drug dealing Freddy Grey’s paid off family.  Your ‘racist’ should disembark on Jan 19.  This went out when the party of slavery, the KKKDemocratic  party was dissolved.  Oh, it hasn’t?  Point taken.

People will always make decisions, discriminate between what to eat, think, the color of shirt or dress; continuing to discriminate for human color is foolish ignorance.  And “racism” is not a pandemic, except to the anarchists.  We are light years away from the slave party days EXCEPT in Democrat Utopian volunteer associations.  Democrapians for short.

Growing up and maturation occurs…unless interrupted by tenured prof pirates, who raid the minds of our young, poison them to nonsensical non sequitur viewpoints of reality.

But we will tend toward anarchy, UNLESS the adults take over the asylum yet again.

I don’t have all the answers, but a few i do.  University donors and parents need to recognize the serious issues and dysfunctional teachers their children are subjected to.

Runaway Tantrum Throwing Regressive Leftism is a pandemic virus affecting too many colleges.  You can’t call them universities since they are opposed to the truth and discussions about it.  Not every college is a Thomas Aquinas or Hillsdale.

A better system for draining the ivory swamp must be instituted.  Regressive leftist professors (RLPs)asexually reproduce other RLPs for years;  with no end in sight.  This was pointed out by Mr. Shapiro, but the truly unhidden incriminating evidence is on the nightly news. It could take generations to curb the “evil”, unless donors, parents and taxpayers wise and rise up.  Campuses already are end games, sanctuary islands of stunted adulthood, enclaves replacing society with their cocoons of 3 year old’s insanity.  They engage in divide and conquer politics by their syncophant prostiticians.  University, much like federal government roles, was supposed to be a temporary place leading to “life is not fair” life, hitting the bricks, self-discovery, initiative, entrepreneurialism, making a career, raising an intact family, growing old and enjoying grandkids.  I only have eight at this point, one of whom is in heaven.  But the very fabric of America is under the scope.

Evidence of stunted growth?  UCLA students throwing a keg and toga party on the Hollywood 101 Fwy, blocking the flow of commerce, ambulances and life for a bunch of spoiled Coastal Pacific pacifier suckers.

Protestors can legitimately protest, time honored and American as non-Alar apple pie: rioters interrupt life, steal lives and property, act as barbarians.  Or my coined term: Zombie Sorosian Anarchist Rioters.  Or Zombie Sorosian Mayors pushing sancities. Zombie Sorosian Domestic Terrorists like Black Lives Matter and abortion mills.  Fill in the blanks after “Zombie Soro$ian”.

Mr. Shapiro, like other conservative thinkers, is society’s gift against unfettered cataracts.

Joined by impressionist Brian the lovable liberal, ‘double dose’ home educated Elisha, the mighty Jennifer, they rule the morning commute here in the LA market.  But, their banter does not descend into diapered toddlers stomping in place for his/her way.

Ben is Jewish, outspoken and a post-millennial.   Not the Christian rapture type, but the latest age division being over 30 year old. The culture is soooo good at dividing lines.

Young people CAN think for themselves and see the truth, if given a chance.  And Anarchy, like Atlas, can’t be “shrugged” unless adults take action.  Colleges are supposed to be about higher learning, not sanctuary continents to law breakers and regressive leftist chaos, which has more false crises du jour and excuses for bad behavior than Dennis the Menace.

But, society’s concept of immutable truth needs repair as well, symptomatic of believe what I want cause i want.  Without both occurring, universal university reform and relearning 3rd grade facts, little progress will be made.

Just look at us: we believe some much drivel.   A scientifically trace gas critical to food production is “pollution.”  1 in 2500 air molecules are CO2; 12 in 1,000,000 or 12/1,000,000 are magically ‘man made’ CO2.  Is there a “man made CO2” labelling company that puts a Qscan or bar code on each androgenic carbon dioxide molecule?

Then the Regressive Zombie Environmists, under truth pressure, wave their magic tongue, squelch East Anglia eMessages and man made CO2 morphs to global warming (despite zero average temps up over two decades as we approach the Maunder Minimum) then it morphs to the classic climate change.

Ignorance meets scientific incredulity. The Climate has ALWAYS changed!!!

And we pay a trillion a year for paper shuffled pseudo scientific pap, while actual worldwide scientific innovation is stunted.  Water reclamation innovation, increased agri-Culture improvements and so much more up the Mavlovian curve of higher needs.  But trillions in real dollars pad grant grubber pseudoscientists’ labs.

And Moonbeam and his Lowbeam Calegislayers don’t stop there:  they charge us carbon credits for using God’s amazing biochemical molecule in a gaseous state.  The crazier is businesses must pay it so the naked Emperor MoonB won’t throw HIS tantrum and screw them and us for more.  Even though we hit 2020 targets (TY fracked NatGas) in 2016 with the inevitable result: more onerous regs and taxes.  Without skipping a beat, the Lowbeamers and NRDC/Sierra Clubbers legislated a 2030 double down.  So, in a state where our gasoline sales tax rate is 65.3%, we pay for beneficial air particles necessary for life.

Good news, using ancient math, by 2050, Californians will be banned from expelling CO2 to reach zero emissions.  AND we fools still believe that Tesla S license plate hole sign:  Zero Emissions.   California Electricity comes from perpetual generation machines.

 It is a HOAX, folks.  This real estate guy and volunteer managing director of the DBMemorial Enviro-Research labs points out even the Sierra Club Med’s Aaron Mair was clueless in front of Ted Cruz’s simple questions about the Sierra Clubber manufactured “Pause”.    Of course, Mair was just the president of the fundraising org faking it as environmentally intelligent.  If you have 9:48 minutes to watch the take down, here it is.  It is worth it to see how a wise man takes down the ignorant but to no avail in Calif.

Second Look:  look again at university medicine foolishness:  an American citizen, David Daleiden, records baby killers over salad and wine discussing Lamborgini parts for baby parts, using ultrasound to position the human target for optimum organ/parts recycling for profit and other egregious human trafficking options.  Immediately, AbortInc. stomps and screams fake fake fake.   David must have been playing Charlie McCarthy.

Third Look: the state of objective and scientific truth.   In the naked misuse of police power, Senator Harri$ raids his 700 square foot apartment with 11 armed goons and NEVER returns his private, investigative journalist wares.  Look out TMZ!!! Someone secure Candid Camera Alan Funt’s grave before Cap’n BlackFear’d heads south not east.

Harri$’ payback to NAF/planned parenthood goes unanswered.  Yet, the frivolous Houston DA Devon Anderson’s felony II for a fake Calif ID to buy Lone Star beer turns into her electoral demise following David’s vindication on all counts~except in leftist California. Anderson is Gone!

But back on the University Islands:   University med schools STILL teach kicking, breathing, thumb sucking kids are not persons, though fully formed, because they are churning out scientific ignoramuses after 12 years of MedSchool:  a 33 year old abortionist cannot recognize life in an Acuson computed ultrasonographic photo that any 3-6 year old instinctively calls “baby”. Without hesitation.

We are KILLING America with quiet and barren home nurseries;   and all good orthodox Musims are happy to fill the birth void. This Catholic boy missed an even dozen by one, all thanks to an amazing woman named Donna.

As it is, 75 countries are one generation away from extinction, thanks to no or low birth replacement rates. Few discuss the incredible socio-economic geopolitical ramifications of killing kids.  We relate to the insanity better in the interstellar future.  Khan, whether Cumberbach, Ben or Ricardo Montalban was the leader of superhumans; Cumberbach was willing to take out the human species for his more advanced subgroup; then go after the other federation planets.   Leaving only his “master race” in typical Hitlerian fashion. Cumberbach, just like Hitler, failed to eliminate the perceived imperfect specimen and speciwomen, what PP Maggie Sanger called “useless eaters”.

Krall in StarTrek Beyond, despised humanity and tried to unleaseh a doomsday weapon on the superstation Yorktown, killing millions from every alien Federation ‘race’ before going after his former enemies.  Kirk tried to reason, that peace had followed his warrior efforts, but to no avail.  Krall flew into space, being consumed by the hyperabortion device eating his being into nothingness.  Something the genocidal division of AbortInc is only 2/7s of the way to.  1.88 Billion and counting human being from the world’s federation of 196 countries, only 182 of which kill their young for sport, convenience and parts.

Krall would not “break bread with his enemies.”  In surrealistic modern abortion replays, Krall would continuously draw/transfer life from the vulnerable, picking at random which beings he would suck the very life out of to maintain his life…and his lifestyle.  The


Jaylah, the heroine, battles the interstellar abortionist, Krall

heroine Jaylah, who lost her sibs to the monster, would talk of hearing incredible screams just before they were murdered; similar to a baby’s silent scream for each of the 1.88 billion “life transfers” to abortionists’ bank accounts.  So far.

Any better discription of diabolic abortion on this world?

star-trek-krallWonder why abortion must end before violence has an iota of a chance to be contained?  Zombie Sorosian Anarchist violence did not start in a vacuum.  Look back to Sanger in the 30s, who influenced the Nuremberg Racial Laws of 1935, Dr Mengele of the 40s and America post RoeVWade. Stardate 2400whatever.

  All involve wanton taking of human life, pleasing hell’s demons not heaven’s saints.

ALL based on diabolic lies and fraud, bankrupt -ologies and -isms.

It started on a stainless steel table where doctors of death shoved currettes up defenseless mothers’ vaginas, hacked away at the squirming baby like any good serial chainsaw murderer, yet preserving the profitable portions for reshipment.


Invoice for parts shipped at $150 each from planned parenthood gulf coast to TexMed Branch in Galveston

Like this graphic shows.

$715 for YaleMed for a blackhead.  $150 for a baby’s heart (disguised as ‘consent payment) shipped free to TexMed.  Krall, Hitler, Mao, Stalin AND Khan don’t hold a candle to the demonic destruction of Cecile Richards, Mark Zuckerberg, the Buffetts and other genocidal rich people.

Finally, look at the eight year leader who championed destroying America, undermining the private sector, one industry at a time:  Obama is right: there is more that unites us then that divides us.

But, would someone please tell the Regressive Left enclaves across America to grow up? Don’t they realize how idiotic they appear?   The election is over,and you will have to wait until 2020 for rust belt voter fraud elected comic Al Franken to be joined by the Green Julie “Recount”  Stein on the perfect hindsight 2020 ticket:

Al Franken~Stein Julie 2020. franken-stein-2020 If Trump passes on admin#2, which i doubt unless his rebuilding is complete, Pence~Cruz should win, but the 2016 Election is done as should be the tantrums calling for hand counts.  When you ask the rioters, why they riot, they have no clue what. At least that Professor Lady Godiva defecates on her stolen Trump signs demonstrating just how much crap the RegLeft is willing to dish out.

Let’s be thankful for the blessings; you need not look far for what to be thankful for! Even with our insanities, we are a lucky country.  Domestic terrorists focus on slicing up the defenseless; they haven’t figured out torching Israel style is Alinsky Anarchy 201 in America yet.  But give Soros’ nasty minions time; hate breeds much easier than truth.

The agressive Regressive Left crowd believe, because they own the media, the journalism and the other schools, many of the prostiticians, the watermelon environmental movement and most of the cities, and occasionally the freeways and byways of this blessed country, that they own America.

They just found out: they don’t.  And thus, the tantrums.  There actually are wise people outside the Charles Dicken’s London Bridge pop centers.   America is full of commonsense, non brainwashed, citizens.

And, America is a Federated Republic of 50 states plus territories, not a mobocracy or even a Democratic nation.  The two main political parties are the Democrat, not Democratic as often misspelled.  And the Republican.  Both go back to the 19th century but only one is not “Regressing” as much as the other.

When your party loses an election, and then hires a Jew hating radical to lead your DNC, are you sure it is still the party of the people?  The Reps have their issues, yes, but the party of Lincoln, on purpose or by accident, hired someone not cut from the same “gigante government” cloth, though he still has those leanings.

It will take time.  The MSMediaMorons are children as well, telling half or no truths while thinking they too own America; their almost blanket shock on Election night tells to the ignorant they were in bed with Hillary, a bed that never sees Bill.

Ratings don’t tell the whole story, and may prove that the advocates, no longer news reporters, are becoming more irrelevant than leftist professors and their fave party of choice and slavery.  But, we have tons of repairing to do, and let’s hope we don’t authorize a trillion for roads and replay Smoot-Hartley trade insanity along the way.

America, we can win this.  And then return Cry Rooms to places for screaming, pooping, tinkling babies who haven’t yet learned how to grow up.  But will have a much better chance than those the devils suck the life out of at NAF/PP Hell Central.

But, I plead with all of us to temper mercy with the justice we attempt to mete out next year.  Many of these freeway Zombies have no idea what the real world is and have been groomed by a cabal of tenure-protected welfare cheats, who spout their drivel, creating new pronouns with every methane flatulence in the safe zone rooms of American Ivory.

I just hope there are enough determined adults ready for the work ahead.








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