Ivanka, don’t believe Algore and the Climate Worshippers… God never creates junk including Trump Air.


Ivanka, the new Climate Czarina

Ivanka, you are a beautiful First Daughter and a hardworking mom and entrepreneur. Your birthday in 1981 is one date later than the mother of my eleven kids including six beautiful daughters, Donna, came to earth through her mom.

Not to mention, you were born 10 weeks after she said “Yes” to this excessively positive conservational environmentalist and real estate broker at the altar.

 Congrats on your new commission, as Climate Czarina Ivanka!

Ivanka, as a part of the new First Family, focusing on making America better and greater, can i suggest something:

Don’t let that snake oil salesman, Algore, infect your view of the real world.  He’s the defrocked emperor of air wearing invisible regal wear.  And the inconvenient truth is he lies like a polar bear rug in front of a blazing fireplace.   Fake fur, of course.  No polar bear died in the making of this blog.

I wouldn’t let Algore near the White House or the Trump Tower more than necessary.  He’s already got his millions from snowing the world.  Don’t let his pseudoscience minions ruin a good administration.  I shudder at this quote of Al of Al Jezeera TV:

“I had a lengthy and very productive session with the president-elect,” Gore told reporters after the meeting, referring to their “extremely interesting conversation” as a “sincere search for areas of common ground,” the Daily Caller reported.            Your dad is smart Ivanka, but let’s hope you and he don’t get sucked in…

Look in the mirror, Mrs. Kuchner!   You may have heard this before:

God never creates junk, although we take issue with… why cockroaches?  Store clerks have seen them scurry out of previously owned, reused cloth bags in California at our local Stater Brothers market…these we could do without.  But carbon dioxide, a beautiful woman’s best friend?

No one says unintended consequences of environmental cost~benefit decisions are pretty, like rampaging cockroaches or fleas when unsanitary reused bags enter the food supply at supermarkets.  But, as the new Climate Czarina, Ivanka, it is important to seek the truth and question motives.  Why is CO2 a demon, lied about and the pariah kept from environmentalist’s beer bashes at Tom Steyer’s place?

Science is never settled, and understanding politicians lie and grant guzzling scientists can be bought to lie, as well, for the right price.  A trillion $ buys a lot of falsified or misinterpreted data. Fleas and cockroaches living in dark baggy California places used to ferry  food and groceries home happens when ‘dumb’ reigns supreme over solid science.   FDA and public health, phone home!  But, the climate worshippers storm the temple of temps to suck us dry over a gas we die without.  Yes, a gas we die without.

photosynthesis-and-aerobic-respirationCarbon dioxide was no accident;  it is just as important as oxygen; CO2 is a miracle gas created by God to make food and keep us alive.  Photosynthesis is a 14 letter word screaming “food” and life.  Without CO2 in the chlorophyll equation, we starve to death as a planet.  In layman’s terms, CO2 and water with chlorophyll catalyst equals sugar/food and oxygen.  Yet, the Supreme Scientists at SCOTUS central calls it “pollution”.  Anyone want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

A quick science test, Czarina Ivanka:   I took an air sample as Algore walked into the Trump Tower penthouse to help demonstrate the evil Supreme pollution CO2 is.  I count out 2500 air molecules.  My question, oh great Czarina:  How many are carbon dioxide?  take your time.  This ONE ANSWER could set the Climate Czarina agenda for years.

Remember, Algore Int’l Inc. claims CO2 is melting the world, killing helpless polar bears, burning up deserts,  fanning typhoons and other inconvenient Biologic Science: BS.

Think hard before you answer.  How many are carbon dioxide molecules?


Coming in 2017

Did you google ‘air’ for the answer?  The stuff we breathe.  The answer will astound you.   Nitrogen and oxygen make up 99.9+% of the atmosphere.

CO2, not so much.  In fact, from that 2500 air molecule bottle of Trump Air, only ONE molecule is carbon dioxide.  The other 2499 are other air molecules.

Like argon, nitrogen, oxygen, neon and others.  Czarina Ivanka, if you are the new CC, you gotta know and do the real science…not the fake news.

Peer pressure will be immense, in fact, yuuuggh. But ‘for your children’, Ivanka, learn and please tell the truth.  It’s 3rd grade science.

Algore Inc. claims 3% of CO2 is man made, begging the question God only makes the other 97%?

But 3% of 400 CO2 per million or 1 per 2500 yields a measly amount:

12 man made CO2 molecules out of one million.

 12/1,000,000 androgenic molecules are blamed for melting planet earth. Is that incredible?  12 benign molecules blamed for nothing.  There is NO average global temp increase for 20 years.  Czarina Ivanka, recall your dad beat out Ted Cruz.

But Ted had to teach Sierra Club MEDdler president Aaron Mair a phrase his org invented to excuse the lack of new heat. The Pause.  Sounds ominous and yes, it was embarrassing to watch.  And Sierra Club MEDdlers are part of Algore Int’l Inc.

While polar bears continue to INCREASE, so does the amount of polar ice mass.

As Czarina Ivanka, learn the great things about our environment and the climate, how it was designed and what is real.  He gets little credit, but God started with the simple stuff.  Trillions of insects, billions of stars, planets, animals and plants.  Truth and relevance is in the numbers: while Algore blames man, God created the known universe.


Astronomers believe this is possibly the largest object in the universe

Beautiful Czarina, did you know the known universe has a diameter of 28.5 gigaparsecs.

That’s 93 billion light-years, 8.8×10 to the 26th power meters or in miles: 5,500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

5.5 septillion miles IS more stars than a Hollywood premiere at the Chinese T.

Ivanka: the Climate you want to reign over surrounds a 6 sextillion ton ball of joy we call your home; the prime energy source about 93 million miles away is one million times as big as Trump’s planet, converting 700 million tons of hydrogen per second into helium.  yuge numbers, definitely Big League.

You may have heard of it, though Algore doesn’t believe it matters: the sun.   The sun, O Czarina, is yuge.  Super Big League.  But God is infinitely greater than yes, the sun.  After all, there are BILLIONS of suns, just like there are trillions of insects, like those dreaded cockroaches.

Algore does not provide heat OR light: the sun does. In fact, as Rush pointed out, when Algore shows up, there is a massive unseasonable COLD wave.

Although he provides a lot of hot air, no matter what the sun sends to earth.

More science:  Solar and wind power are not primary energy sources but secondary: if the sun doesn’t shine and the wind is in doldrums, desert mirrors and hilltop fans that shred bald eagles for the solar BBQ are…useless.  Giant paperweights.  But a sound energy policy is “free” energy like they Freed Willie the whale.  Let science be science.

Ivanka, you are a beautiful creation.  Whether you believe some atheist evolutionist’s giant primordial Campbell soup cooked or some Galapagos turtle got us here, realize the amazing design work.  Ask the question: can such a ‘yuge’ God responsible for so much NOT control carbon dioxide AND sustain the earth?  

Forming man was simple compared to the last act of general creation: an incredible complex being, an Ivanka, made up of 75 trillion fully ordered, organized and incredibly fashioned cells.  In fact, this 75 trillion celled being can take a single cell and in 280 days yield another 75 trillion celled being that cries, poops and tinkles.

As a Czarina mom, you ARE that creature:  woman.  And as a mom, recall that single cell that came out of your womb that soon needed you more than ever. We just outlined infinitely complex and yuuuge.  Big League.  Don’t ignore the inner incredible space of life as well.

Ivanka, just as the sun gives life to earth, God gives life to man forever.  He IS Big League.  The work He has done is yuuuuge beyond imagination.

After the trillions of insects, He started the billions of homo sapiens with just one set of human parents, whether anthropologist Dr Leakey or Genesis names mom and dad as Adam and Eve. One man, one woman.  One human race.  Not a black first couple or Hispanic first couple.  No native american or chinese or mongoloid second “first couple.”  One human race. One great….grandpa and great…grandma.

Czarina, from Wiki, we learn that “it is estimated that there are between 10 to the 78th up to 10 to the 82nd atoms in the known, observable universe.”  Again the question, can the Prime Designer and Creator now build a sustainable earth?

In layman’s terms, that works out to between ten quadrillion vigintillion and one-hundred thousand quadrillion vigintillion atoms.”   10 followed by 82 zeroes.  Even more money than your yugely successful dad is worth.

Czarina Ivanka, ever receive a rose during a NYC winter?  It is globally warm somewhere rose-pink-against-blue-sky-jdelse like Ecuador, where the rose was grown then shipped to 5th avenue; yet it was locally frozen when your man or dad gave it to you.

This is climate changing.  It ALWAYS changes, with nothing from puny man…or incredible woman to start or stop it.

Hurricanes, tornadoes, drought…they come and go, change paths because climate has ALWAYS been unpredictable.  The only reason Czarina, you think of Irene, Matthew, Katrina and Sandy as super ‘canes is because: they hit populated areas.  Yet, climate worshippers use caveman science to blame a miracle molecule you breathe out every five seconds.

What about the other 22 alphabet letters, that have storms of same or greater intensities but don’t land in new New Orleans or old New Jersey?

It is ludicrous what Algore Int’l has done: trillions wasted on grant guzzling scientific East Anglians paper pushing and cashing checks that could HELP the poor in real scientific pursuits.  The Algorerhythmism is the BIGGEST and most expensive con job in history, beyond the idea kids are worth more harvested for their brains than their brains filled with life being allowed to exit birth canals intact and breathing out…carbon dioxide.

Paradox.  Imagine what those billions would do for water reclamation, agri-science research, cancer therapies.  Instead, hush money for a conspiracy of lousy science with Algore, the UN cabal, environmental departments at ScrewU and Sierra Club MEDdlers tripling down for more: MONEY. Control.  Waste.


The truth; not a Coke commercial, about Algore

Czarina, in fact, no global warming for decades is a verifiable scientific truth.  Recall, the Cruz missile that landed in Aaron Mair’s lap. Mair was CLUELESS.

Look up Algore Ad agency’s polar bear spreads from a few years ago.  Algore said the polar bears are drowning, though they live in and around water. Total fraud.

Yet, there is five times as many polar bears, so as usual, Algore lied in his ads showing a polar bear floating on ice floes.  As they have for centuries.  Although Algore’s propaganda only goes back decades.

Massive increases in polar ice.   NO rising seas; even those islands ‘experts’ worry about are going nowhere.  No increase in average global heat retention for decades. Rarely mentioned, WITHOUT heat retention there is no average warming worldwide.  CO2 molecules are not “heat batteries”; for one degree, you’d need EACH man made CO2 molecule to hold 800,000 degrees C.  Lot of heat and yes, scientifically impossible. But, hysteria not science reigns in the climate change worship temple.

Czarina Ivanka, if you want common ground with Algore, you are standing on it: the planet antarctic iceearth.

But, if you are looking for first causes or common causes, it has zero to do with mankind.  You were too young to know this and at Wharton college, but carbon dioxide was demonized as the cause of non existent global warming.  When the truth came out, Algore Int’l morphed the debate from man made CO2 to man made global warming and now: ‘man made climate change’.  Then they bully anyone who wants to practice solid science and examine the presuppositions and assumptions, hypotheses and theories of atmospheric physics.  East Anglia IS real,where climate data was faked, speaking of ‘fake news.’

 Climate Change is as inevitable as your dad saying Big League. Yuge.  Or that he is proud of his Ivanka and his family.

Climate changes happens all the time; it’s how the atmospheric physics was designed by the Chief Engineer.  In a NY winter, global warming starts at dawn, barely breaks the 30s than becomes local global NYC cooling overnight.

But the Marshall Islands chicken littlers get their once a year in the limelight complaining


Marshall Islands are increasing in size and decreasing in population due to poverty

about global warming when journalists make their annual trek to the Marshalls for follow up stories.

 Problem is: the islands are INCREASING.  You can almost hear God chuckling.

And the reason 1/3 the islanders relocated to the US is due to poverty and no jobs, not Algore’s dreaded polar bear syndrome.  No rising seas.  Nada.

Put simply, the ice melts one place, it ices up elsewhere.  Look at the Antarctic above, annually increasing in size despite the climate worshippers misdirection.

Meanwhile, at the end of your dad’s first term and yours as climate czarina, the Bray/Maunder Minimum may be underway. Google it.  We actually are in for a cold spell, but the hysteria is so high about massive warming you might not hear about it over the mumbling minions of well paid climate science lab managers.

Not only no global warming but worse: late onset global cooling with solar spot activity at a low point. maunder-minimum-sun


Who knows if Ehrlich’s Ice Age is just 50 years too late.  I don’t.  But, if you turn on all the lights in Trump Towers, you still aren’t creating heat.  Only the sun can.  This point is critical.  You can’t create new energy on earth unless it is transferred from the sun, but you can convert and use what we have.  Instead of trillion dollar warming bondoggle, we should be preparing 3rd world nations to use advanced agriculture methods to get more from their land with LESS warmth.  I got 200 pounds of tomatoes at the “Beckman ranch” because i had three seasons in SoCalifornia.  Other nations don’t have the luxury of more than one and we should be using USAid to ship usable ideas instead of condoms.

And what is ignored, there is no greenhouse glass to trap gas; has your dad’s jet ever encountered a glass panel at 30,000 feet while campaigning?   Think about it.  12 CO2 molecules aren’t heat sinks or heat batteries for the other one million non manmade CO2 air molecules.  

12 per 1,000,000 is a fool’s errand to blame for holding heat and the last thing i want is the beautiful Ivanka, the new Climate Czarina, to be thought a fool.  Your family’s victory is yuuge, big league and incredible.  Let’s see results not Regressive Leftists idiocies.

rose-double-delightMaybe that rose CAME FROM a GREENHOUSE in chilly New York or DC.  This is my favorite, a double delight bloom. Woman’s beauty is reflected in the rose.  And she is the most amazing, or your dad’s incredible, creation on earth.  The rose just highlights her beauty.

Ivanka, greenhouses are GOOD things unless Algore is slandering them regarding the atmospheric physics of earth.  They extend growing seasons, trap heat and proliferate growth in CO2 rich environments.  That is, until sneaky snaky Algore demonized even rose growing tranlucent buildings.

Why doesn’t the climate worshippers realize this?  i really don’t know.

In fact, a couple more degrees in average global temps will expand the growing seasons and increase arable (plantable) land worldwide by shrinking the growth to polar latitudinal lines top and bottom earth.

You didn’t hear it here, but heat is good!   Unfortunately, money talks loudly in the climate worship religion of half-truths.  And Trump Tower visitor Algore is the high priest of this bizarre religion pitting science against fiction.

Czarina, look up the Maunder Minimum and other solar energy depletion studies.  And when you sit near Algore, watch your purse.  He is the king of cons, made a lifetime of swindling American families, separating them from their luxuries like mortgage, food and gas dollars.

I know you want to help your dad and rule the climate.  But, Ivanka, you have been brainwashed by regressive leftist professors who believe in Atmospheric Marxism, shutting down family incomes and American manufacturing, energy independence and more by turning this great country into Luddite Central. Horse buggy whips are OK, as long as just riding though Grand Central.  We certainly don’t want Michael Moore of Algore.  Ivanka, you came two years before my oldest Joshua and this I know: your professors have filled you with scientific blather and you have internal dissonance trying to separate climate truth from carpetbagger grant money grabbing and peer pressure to comply.

Ivanka, as Czarina of Climate, you need to know:  America is sick and tired of the lies, the trillion$ pseudo-science, the lies upon lies the crises du jour crowd like Algore Int’l foist on us.  The Regressive Left NEVER pays a price for their incompetence.

God created 5.5 septillion miles of universe, 10 followed by 81 zeroes atoms and one woman.   The millions of interconnected biochemical and photovoltaic processes like photosynthesis, respiration, and more prove the Designer knew what he was doing.  He made carbon dioxide, the miracle gas, to keep us alive not burn us up.  What ignorant idiots we are.  To think we have any real impact on the climate.  Think of a gnat and the Trump jet.  Don’t you think Someone who Designed so much can keep His planet alive today?  The moon still revolves precisely never showing a two-face; Someone had to set it in motion.  Algore just deceives for profit.

Algore’s lies have as much truth as believing a gnat slows down the Trump jet when it hits the windshield at 600 mph.  Work for energy independence, not wacky fake news from falsehood dependent Algore Central.  Who create a crisis every chance they get to prove the Rahm Equation:  “never let a crisis go to waste.”  Paying out trillions for a crisis that does NOT exist is simply stupid.

You may know this already.  As a Czarina Ivanka mom living in the Big Apple, the same people think harvesting blackheads and selling to YaleMed for $715 is a human good; but the Civil War cost 600,000 lives to get blacks OFF the plantations.  Algore’s buddies want blacks AS the harvest at planned parenthood recycling and organ harvest centers.  If you want to change a climate that desperately needs altering, stop human trafficking in baby hearts, brains, scalps and livers.  Ma Clinton thinks half a billion is the perfect number for the earth’s ‘sustainability’.  If the Trump family believed there are upper limits on good things, they never would have built Trump Tower or any other amazing building around the world.


Which one of these, Ivanka, are expendable?  Over 50% of the blacks in NYC are killed before birth.

Ivanka, don’t waste four years.  Become the Life Czarina, the Viva Czarina Ivanka and save the 50% of black babies killed at birth at 31 abortion clinics in your fave city.

Reason? Someone discovered black children fetch more, sliced up like chopped liver, baby heads and heartichokes than sucking at their mothers’ breasts on the way to adulthood.

Ivanka, I like your dad.  As the father of 11, I take fatherhood seriously.  Your dad is the rare billionaire who believes keeping human baby alive is a common good, unlike Zuckerberg, the Buffets and Turner, who think kids are better dead and diced, sliced bagged and tagged, sold to TexMed for $150 a piece.  You have read invoices in your work.  planned-parenthood-utmb-150-consent-paymentRead this one; there are more that Pulitzer nominated  Mr. David Daleiden has unearthed.

Want proof billionaires bite the hands that feed them? Mark gave $996 million dollars to planned parenthood silicon valley; how many future Facebookers will that money kill?  Yeah, Max will live but only because he belongs to Priscilla and Mark and not in the NYC 50/50 lottery of life for ex-slaves.  If one really believes the slaves were freed, riddle me why they are harvested for their hair follicles so old guys can chase young nubile hotties with a full head of protein.

Viva Czarina Ivanka.  Has a nice ring to it.  Make America Great again by saving the most defenseless among us; don’t waste your time circling your arms like a windmill.

 CO2 is NOT poison or pollution.  But, killing the next 59 million Americans or 1.88 BILLION kids worldwide is.  As to Algore, he’s done enough damage.  Let him go live with Slick and Eppie on Orgy Isle.  There’s plenty of underage youth there for their dining pleasure.  But…

This dad of 11 votes “yeah” for Life, for Viva Czarina Ivanka.  All in favor, comment below.  Whattya think?












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