ObamaVilles: solutions and challenges

Invariably, when a Republican administration takes over, the Regressive Left MSMedia wastes no time in blaming all societal ills, especially homelessness, on them.

For eight years, Obama unarguably has drained the treasury for his cronies’ unreliable sun and wind projects, hundreds of billions we will never see again since they were more ‘money laundering to BK operations’ than wise investments.


Obamaville city of about 200 people

Thanks to his Regressive Leftist policies, there are numerous new Hoovervilles across America, a term that was coined by Charles Michelson, publicity chief of the Democratic National Committee.  With all due respect, they should be renamed “ObamaVilles”.  

Barack Hussein’s hate America policies, acting like Smoot-Hartley on steroids, include killing energy sources like coal, oil and natural gas and requisite jobs; industries like auto, banking, the health development and delivery system,  preaching imbecilic pseudoscientific lies about carbon dioxide to destroy more and more productivity, virtual Atmospheric Marxism demonizing air, and worse:  an incredibly massive increase of the FedRegistry, the tons of FEDMEDdling via EPA, etc. regulations that kill the industries on life support even more.

He promised to change America.  Boy, has he!  10 trillion dollars down Hillary’s server toilet in less than eight.  Maybe soon, he will be a dim nightmare though, like the Clintons no one knows when, nor IF, he will go away.

L.A., a Democrat bastion of imperfect welfare policies, has a long-standing Obamaville downtown, as has the Santa Ana civic center.

Newer is the Santa Ana Riverbed Obamaville that continues to grow north and south near Angels stadium.   This particular ObamaVille is a mixture of jobless, vets, families, mentally challenged and hobos, a term that used to refer to people who do not want to work but prefer a lifetime of mobile handouts riding the rails.  Invariably,  California IS the largest general welfare state, acting as a giant electric magnet drawing down and out, or opportunistic from other parts of the world to the most generous money spigots of assistance.

Per Wiki:  “Homelessness was present before the Great Depression, and was a common


A Hooverville shanty town

sight before 1929. Most large cities built municipal lodging houses for the homeless, but the Depression exponentially increased demand. The homeless clustered in shanty towns close to free soup kitchens. These settlements were often trespassing on private lands, but they were frequently tolerated or ignored out of necessity. The New Deal enacted special relief programs aimed at the homeless under the Federal Transient Service (FTS), which operated from 1933–35.”

Remarkable comparison to today? Not widely known, FDR prolonged the Magnus Recession but his party of enslavement coined other cute idioms that included putting the name Hoover before an object:

A “Hoover blanket” (old newspaper used as blanketing) and “Hoover flag” (an empty pocket turned inside out). “Hoover leather” was cardboard used to line a shoe when the sole wore through. A “Hoover wagon” was an automobile with horses hitched to it because the owner could not afford fuel.  In California, with our Sacramento ruling class making fossil fuel gasoline unnecessarily expensive (like the current 63.5% gas sales tax RATE and these imbecilic carbon tax schemes) and going higher, we might need to pull Priuses with dog sled dogs. ObamaWagons, with being “on the wagon” a synonym for almost 100 million welfare folks and 93 million healthy, young “labor non-participators”, the real unemp number hovering above 16%.

Our social urban planners love meddling with real peoples’ lives ad nauseum, just like the FEDMEDdlers.  Never, ever satisfied.

Historically, “Most of these unemployed residents of the Obama-Hoovervilles used public charities or begged for food from those who had housing during this era. They blamed President Hoover for this, and named the towns after him. Canada even had  Bennett buggies, named after the Prime Minister at the time.”

Appropriately, we must officially name them ObamaVilles.  An ObamaPhone is a free gift to inner city ‘needy’, much abused.  An ObamImmigrant, someone from terrorist nations looking for new opportunity.  An ObamAnarchist, an Obama clone or on Soros’ extensive poison payroll.  Make your own list.  Like ObamaNation, the loose confederation of ObamaVilles in these 57 states.  I know, 57 is the number of Arab/Muslim states, and as Hussein O continues to betray Israel and boobytrap America for Trump, his misappropristic mention of 57, not 50, tells you what world religion and peoples he associates with.   I am calling for an “end to the OB Dark Ages” and the Renaissance 2017.

Eight years and still blaming Bush for everything but slavery, honest people are hopeful the Renaissance of 2017 on will follow the past eight Dark Ages years of “leading with Obama’s behind”, torching America and inviting terrorists to come and stay a while.

Wiki continues: “After 1940 the economy recovered, unemployment fell, and shanty eradication programs destroyed all the Hoovervilles”.  A current ObamaVille eradication program just happened in that Regressive leftist enclave, Colorado, where political leaders demanded the cops take warm ObamaBlankets, known as sleeping bags, away from the homeless.  Smart move.

And Hope&change, one hopes reinvigorating the economy, energy and other jobs (being careful not to Smoot via tariffs a fragile non-recovery) under Trump will help change a great country for the better.  Charity is always the best when it is most local and recipients are held to account; 97 million people on EBT FreeMoney cards is a band-aid “fish giveaway program” IF sans mentoring:  teaching one to aggressively seek employment, education to become more marketable, start businesses and wean ourselves off the multi-million teeted government Brown and Obama cows is critical to a healthy country.  Good charity relies on the needy progressing and improving; bleeding hearts usually bleed out and hurt more than help.  The truly incapable need to be helped, of course, because NO ONE is irredeemably deplorable.  We just ALL need help at times.

Some solutions:  Anaheim is opening a 200 bed overnight shelter on Kraemer to be run by Fr. Jerome Karcher (Carl Jr and Margaret’s son) founded Mercy House.  Hopefully, using also local groups that diagnose and treat the root causes of homelessness, in-roads to getting long-lasting opportunity for those in ObamaVilles will continue.  We have Bruno Serano feeding hundreds and hundreds of kids daily.  Charity groups descend on ObamaVilles with regularity to provide food and clothing.  A friend, David Wilmes, turned his home into a resource conduit for clothes and help this season.  But, there are 365 days in most years, except leap ones.  The benevolent feelings of good will to others wax and wane unless we stay focused on improving each poor’s lot in life, one indivy at a time.

Some people need to be reunited with family members in other states.  Like teens that Covenant House helps in Hollywood; 13 year olds chasing an acting career end up as prostitutes, male and female, all too often.  Some families are actually looking for lost relatives.

Others need PTSD care with a reinvigorated Veterans Admin Assistance including remote workers at ObamaVilles.  Structurally, Obamavilles today are mainly tarps and tents in warmer Calif. climes (the magnet) but little protection from disease, rats (including the political kind) and the 40 degree cold comes from blue shrouds on the river of St. Anne.

The Catholic Church and other non-profit institutions (like Cath Charities and the international CRS, etc.) are still the best at Charity.  They took care of the Irish, Italians and Polish “huddled masses” as they got to America early last century.  Giving someone a welfare card without oversight and smart help solves little but subsistence; yes, the poorest in America would be upper middle class in over a 150 countries, but a person’s self-image, identity is damaged by race, victim, blame others systemologies.

Jobs come to job seekers.  Some groups help train the chronically unemployed, provide clothes endemic to hire, mentor.  No, you don’t become a CEO off the street, even tho leftist professions demonize corporations while secure in their tenured castles.  I started as a paper boy, then $1.45 an hour at McDs before the kiosks cloned from $15 an hour BLM protest signs.  Jobs are GIFTS, not owed, to you and me.  Profit is NOT evil and stocks keep our elderly in income; yes, lust for money is a root of evil, but the devil has many job ops.

Take care of the medically challenged.  Mentor and mentor more those marginally skilled and work one on one to get families out of the riverbed, then their cars and into housing. American ingenuity without ObamaVille’s namesake in charge will resurge.

Adopt a homeless is another way, but don’t wait for the guvmint.  Bureacrats have their purpose, but charity is NOT one of them.

Talk to street people; learn their stories. Help ObamaVille residents directly.  I asked Marco near the Orangewood entrance, what they need as he was busy helping the 200 plus residents on the shores of the river; he said tents and tarps, clothes, food and job opportunities. Money is always welcome his co-worker John said. The last is aided by groups and the new Kraemer facility down wind.  The “experts” say money doesn’t help.  Hmm, I wonder what they use to live on; wishes?

The smartest words of Reagan “I’m from the government and i am here to help” tell the story.  People are not programs; they need to be challenged, helped by wise mentors and volunteers, held accountable, given opportunities and provided ongoing Christian, Jewish and Muslim selfless service without the governmental breasts attached where pacifiers proliferate.

POVERTY IS NOT NOBLE; it is a pain in the assets for families that want to be independent, thrive and then guess what, keep up the chain of hopefulness and giving that success breeds.  For once, we have a successful businessman, not a lifer DC hack on Potomac welfare, taking the reins this 2017. He has surrounded himself with successful people as well.  Turning back the boobytrapped lameduck IEDs of ObamaVille’s namesake will not be easy, though the first hours should reverse 75% of the Pen&Cell edicts of the worst president in history.

As for the leftist professors, Democrats, pacified students and others suffering from PETS or post election tantrum syndrome, it is time to grow up. If you get a Sorosubsidy to demonize cops and do what thugs and thuggery do, you have time.  If you have time, get a job.  Become a part of the solution, not a part of the whining class.

The big four or five is the best start.  Obviously, stop killing kids before and at birth: 59 million dead Americans will not solve cancer, innovate, live 80 years to help a great country help others.

A simple key to success, echoed by many, includes

1) don’t have kids until you are married, which means sex belongs, not in black separatist dorms practiced in coed UCLA shower rooms, but post vows. News to College kiddies on mom and dad’s dime and pacifiers: I checked the biology books, young people: you won’t die without sex.  It won’t fall off, guys.  And ladies, you have the most power on earth using the word “NO!”

Real adults, not the brainwashed 50 shades of grey PP teen website followers, understand there is a time for everything.  And before marriage is no time to swap bodily fluids as if you’ve graduated, have a job, a career, a place to live and money to feed munchkins.

2)  Finish high school, and maybe college without the underwater basket-weaving, synchronized lesbian baking and other majors that minor in job opportunities beyond the Regressive Leftist Ivory Tower enclaves.

3) Work hard, get a job, stay true to your spouse; kids are equal opportunity motivators for success

4) work some more, smart and focused.

5) Overdeliver, underpromise, show initiative.  Become an asset to an employer and the company; no one is OWED a job.  This isn’t the Soviet Union or Cuba.

The unalienable rights to life, liberty and property, rewritten as “pursuit of happiness” comes with a healthy belief that work IS a good.  The Regressive Leftists believe government is the source of life; mature adults believe God is.  Big difference.

If you wanted the perfect candidate on Nov 8th, you should have voted for Jesus.  However, those on earth and not in heaven with that name, like ALL of us, are not perfect, especially Ma Clinton.  She assumed the tiara in her server throneroom was hers for the asking.

 Soros and Hillary are not long for this world; he’s 86 and she’s suffering a rare form of Parkinson’s, Subcorticol Vascular Dementia.  The Dark Ages of the last 8 are 86ed come Jan 20th, though the media and welfare king and queens of Sacramento and DC will continue to suck the treasury dry and grumble.

A true Renaissance takes work to reverse corrupt Dark Ages policies, including the brain-washed NexGen being manipulated by ‘ne-er do well pontificators of misery’.  The picture


The ObamaVille “tentytown” along the Santa Ana River near Angels Stadium

of hundreds of UCLA and other collegians, BLMers, & hate mongers on November 9th playing the real “Road Kill Tantrums” games on the HollyWoodstock 101 Freeway is worth thousands of words for years to come.  Leftist professors breed in their classes.  Look no farther than an OCCollege sex teacher calling Trump a terrorist and complaining when someone recorded her called Trump, of all things, a terrorist. Automatic Tenure succession MUST go and parents and taxpayers MUST get physically involved in the university process.

 The difference between zombie-sorosian-pacifier-wambulanceObamaVille residents and most college students is the students are still attached to the parental breast, suck dad and mom’s money to postpone adulthood and real life.  Obamavillagers are smack dab in the middle of dealing with life.

If you want to really help, first thing ‘get over yourself’.  You are not the center of the universe.  We need each other.

If you do help, do so quietly with the focus on the person you are trying to help, not your blog, or going viral with an expose of this or that.  People at the subsistence level are a lot smarter than you think, and many really do what out.  They just need compassionate guidance not talkers.  Talks, as always, is cheap and action reaps.

A new crop of DC Adults are trying to clean up the swamp of national dependency and trump inaug tina pic with the real news.jpgclass warfare, demonized cops vis a vi law and order and other spoiled 2 year old tantrum throwing policies of the Regressives, and others too numerous to mention.  

Helping the homeless helps America, but wisdom is important as in all things human.  Overhauling ObamaVilles is just the start.  Maybe in a few years, the economy will rebound and the need for ObamaVilles will subside.  Only time will tell.

Talk less and let actions speak; we all know, deep in our hearts, man made CO2/warm globe air is a fraud but the amount of expelled hot CO2 from petty, vindictive Obama and friends could create an atmosphere on Mars.   We gain soooo much more by our giving more than our complaining. BE THE SOLUTION!  Yes, we are tired of Obama’s BS Behind leading us, but excuses, complaints and blame gamers win nothing for the future.

They are, like anal orifices, something that everyone has one of.  Soon, the naked Emperor and his wife will move out of 1600 Penn Ave a few blocks.  Time for adults again to lead.





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