Domestic Cultural Terrorism

Terrorism has various meanings, but generally, it is the causing of unbridled fear and terror, especially death, to other human beings you simply don’t want to remain alive; domestic means home based, for us, in the great US of A.

The reasons, excuses and places of occurrence are numerous.  For example, the San Bernardino “party-place” violence (December 2, 2015, husband and wife Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik ), in which 14 revelers died thanks to the evil Bonnie and Clyde, but who were not Irish, Italian or other mobsters: just typical Islamic terrorists


Emanuel AME So. Carolina

Then, there’s the largest army base, Fort Hood’s “military workplace violence” (Nidal Hassan).

Recently, Dylann Roof killed nine of ten, I guess it’s called “the black bible study instant heaven scratch out” violence at the ancient Emanuel AME church in South Carolina.

According to WikiE, DOJustice was deciding whether it was a hate crime or domestic terrorist act by the 21 year old Hitler emulator.   Hmm.  Is there a “Love” crime designation when a race riot inciter kills less than 12?  Our modern society just loves playing with words and ignoring immutable scientific and societal laws.  

New one: the ZuckerB Live event involving an 18 year old  genetically white mentally challenged teen in Chicago, sums up domestic cultural terrorism at its worst.  Anyone hear from the civil rights division at DofJ or Obama on this?  For this discussion of American Devolution, I will call them the Chicago Torture Four.

Four BLM (black lives matter) padouin learners shouted black separatist anti-white poison  (FxxK Whites, Fxxk Trump) while torturing the teen in a devolving city on Lake Michigan known for record numbers of dead black by black residents.

The discussion as to whether this constitutes racism or a hate crime continues.  But, what idiots we are!  There is ONE human race, ONE kind of human species but many countries and cultures; Adam and Eve are the first parents or whatever name anthropologist Dr Louis Leakey wants to apply to the first Mesopotamian couple who got things rolling.  Yet, as the dialogue goes, since the teen target is less than mentally capable, the four miscreants are protected from “racism”, as if racism makes crime better or worse, rich or poorer, in hate or in love, to death they impart.  Obama, as he sloth style leaves office, called this “terrible”.

The Chicago Torture Four’s four day escapade was not Michelle or Hussein O social mediated as  black on white racism, sadistic torture of an innocent vulnerable fellow human, hate for 223,553,265 or 72% of the American population colored white, nor the inappropriateness of suggesting universal sexual intercourse of the president-elect.  Just Terrible.  For eight years, he demonized cops, furthered the grave digging of the inner city, but while prepping for yet another Hollywood party hardy after endless golf times, he came up with “terrible.”

Yet, as heinous as Mr Roof or the BLM Chicago Torture Four are, unquestionably, the largest target group of domestic terrorism, with a 99.999% fatality rate, remains planned parenthood customers.  And the terrorized 18 year old “Trump voter” facebooked live needed the whole night just to come off his catatonic induced by BLM state.  The disabled white male pummeled physically and audiowise by the two boy two girl tag team and video crew, possibly human terrorists, may not have been a hate or racist or Trump supporter victim crime.  

Methinks this a brand new category: Domestic Cultural Terrorism, an excuse that excuses black on white, able on disabled, criminality in that sovereign sanctuary Windy City.  BLM empire supporter Darth Vader Anarchist Soros must be smiling from his Starwarsian planetary abode.  And trust me, ObamaCNNHillaryWashPOSTEmanuelRahm will say nothing substantive about these poor victimized four torturers shouting Fxxx Trump Fxxx Whites at an autistic teen whose crime was trusting “man my brother”.  They will MISS the lesson completely.

The egregious part of the story is the disabled teen knew one of his tormentors. The nexus of Domestic Cultural Terrorism is in Chicago this week.  Forced toilet bowl drinking.  Total dehumanization of another brother from a diff mother.  Frankly, this is OUR problem, common sensical Americans as the theory of modern devolution plays out.

Some of this devolution is celebrated.  Scientifically, a mother walks in with an intact tonya-reavesliving human personhooded baby in her womb and usually the mother walks out after a couple hours.  Unless like Tonya Reaves, PP does a “twofer”, lowering the population count by two: mom and child.

Both tortures took place in Chicago.

The main differences between Tonya and the Chicago tortured teen is he’s white & 18, she WAS 24 and black, he was tortured by four conscienceless, possibly typically sociopathic young adults. she and her second child are stone cold dead, PP alive to kill again and the Tortured Teen traumatized.  Traumatized but alive.  Tonya Reaves’ torture was only 12 hours, abandoned by PP Michigan Ave and finally pronounced dead at a real Chicago hospital.

The Tortured Teen, on the other hand, is traumatized for life.

Current infant mortality by abortionist tally runs around 59 million dead kids and a few hundred mothers in the US since 1973, with worldwide numbers 1.89 Billion plus so far.

Where exactly IS the federal cultural ministry of the US?  Is it an HHS division or a loose confederation of universities and the Regressive Left’s HQ, maybe at Anarchist in Chief General Soros’ NY compound?  As if gravity can be refuted by jumping off the Empire State Building, we rewrite history, science, vocabularies at will.  Maybe the RegLeft’s Cultural Ministry HQ is in the tunnels under the Oval Office?  God only knows.  But, post Obamanation, will we learn from decades of societal mistakes?

Back in the Carolinas, Roof claims he has “no psychological problems”.  Apparently, he believes generous white-welcoming black Bible believers are better dead than read aloud to from Genesis or Acts. Are the BLM Chicago Torture Four mentally deficient or just the new Chicago inner city normal?  After all, they used a gender/race/sex neutral toilet.

Stone etched “thou shall not kill/murder” does not apply to master Roofie racists, it seems.   Reminder: my science text says there are only one first parents, one couple, a man and woman duly created, who have led to billions worldwide.  Less, of course, the two billion aborted already over five decades in the genocidal division of domestic cultural terrorism depop pogroms.

Take the site of Roof’s last bible study.  Maybe his first.  Historically, “in 1787, Richard Allen and others of African descent withdrew from St. George’s Methodist Church in Philadelphia because of unkind treatment and restrictions placed upon the worshipers of African descent. After Allen left St. George’s Methodist Church, he and his followers purchased a blacksmith shop for thirty-five dollars. From the blacksmith shop they worshiped and helped the sick and the poor. The blacksmith shop was converted into a church. They called the new church Bethel.”

This is the church that a reincarnated Adolf Hitler Roof walked into.  And killed the innocent like your everyday demon does at the corner kill mill or Florida airport.

“In 1816, Mr. Allen called together sixteen representatives from Bethel African Church in Philadelphia and African churches in Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey to meet in Philadelphia. The movement blossomed and the African Methodist Episcopal Church was organized. Richard Allen was the first bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.
The AME Church has never strayed from the course charted by Richard Allen. The church is wedded to the spiritual doctrine of “God our Father, Christ our Redeemer, Man our Brother”. ”   This church is a historical site for civil rights efforts over the years.
obama the king of poop 2.jpgOne question: when an abortionist kills a child using his varied tools of death and harvests brains, scalps, livers and hearts, does he or she have “psychological problems”?  How does  “God our Father, Christ our Redeemer, Man our Brother apply to him or her?  
Obama loves PP and Cecile Richards, their 50% reduction of black NYC newborns, while demanding the much more important toilet police department.   His preoccupation with the minor leagues while he anarchizes the world is legendary.   Yet…


Dr. Sally Salas, a Tel Aviv Jewish abortionist may acknowledge only the God/Yahweh/Adonai portion of the Allen AME quote, if she acknowledges a Creator at all while she slices up full term babies for parts in Albuquerque, NM, where the 25 and 40 hwys meet in the Land of Enchantment.

For the record, what does the Regressive leftist tantrum pacifier factories with “U of” preceding their school names consider “domestic terrorism” these days?  Duly elected businessman, microagressive behavior outside safe zones, gun free of course?

These GPS public re-education centers have had 40 years head start on devolution.  But take St. Louis’ John Ryan, not the Tom Clancy character, who was arrested for ‘domestic terrorism’ because he was giving employment counseling to an adult woman on the sidewalk.

Here’s the story “NewsBrief.  St. Louis MO – It was New Year’s Eve morning. A small group of pro-life activists gathered peacefully on the sidewalk outside the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in St. Louis, as they routinely do, to offer help to women.

john-ryan-op-rescue-planned-parenthood-arrestedBut today wouldn’t be routine.

Before the morning was over, John Ryan, an experienced activist who regularly offers help to pregnant women at Planned Parenthood, was under arrest and escorted to the back of a patrol car.  He would later be charged with domestic terrorism and pulling a fire alarm, which made no sense to those who were on the street with Ryan that morning. They say he never left the public sidewalk, nor did he ever break the law.

According to a Facebook posting, Ryan believes the arrest stemmed from false accusations made by a clinic worker with which he had a brief conversation that was witnessed by at least a half-dozen people. (Facebook Live posted torture for four Chicago days…wait until ISIS catches on or domestic terrorist PP broadcasts live a kill mill out the patient surgery)
Ryan said that he asked the abortion worker, “How would you like to bring in the New Year with a new job?”
“You didn’t dream of working at an abortion mill when you were a little girl,” he added. “No little girl dreams of that. What happened to that little girl?”  (Obviously, something you don’t do today, have adult to adult conversation on the sidewalk)

After Ryan’s arrest, police dispatched a K9 unit to Planned Parenthood, which (the dog) was inside the high-volume abortion facility for about an hour while Ryan remained cuffed in the back of a patrol car.
“Our lawyer came but the police would not let him talk to John,” said Mary Maschmeier, founder and president of Defenders of the Unborn, who took video of the arrest and posted it to Facebook. “Finally the police opened the window and we were able to speak to John for a few minutes. The police came out of the mill and said no more questions or talking to him.”   Maschmeier told Operation Rescue that the police never asked Ryan for his name nor did they respond to questions about why he was being put under arrest.
Ryan said that police spoke to none of the approximately six pro-life activists that had witnessed Ryan’s conduct all morning and could attest to the fact that he never broke the law.”

I love our police, but come on.  Do the demonic beings inside the kill mills have that much power still in America?  Like the Chicago Torture Foursome?  PP calls and claims a peaceful street talker who saves lives planted a bomb for a bomb sniffing dog to search over an hour?   Will there be ‘filing a false police report’ and a bill for city cop time forthcoming?

You had six eye witnesses and you didn’t interview even one, while believing an obviously biased kill mill employee at your typical inner city devolution central command post.  What does a dog do for an hour inside a kill mill but look for a “fake” bomb?  Certainly, not trained to sniff out living babies.

But, again, the missed lesson:  a man helping a woman with employment advice is called a domestic terrorist outside a domestic terrorist planned parenthoodlum business, where they torture and kill a lot longer than the four days of hell visited on the unidentified Torture Teen by the Chicago Torture Four.  Weird. Moral and scientific equivalency at its worst.

Relooking at the 18 year old tortured teen soul in Chicago, NBC reported:

“Four suspects accused of torturing a mentally disabled teen on Facebook Live video were charged with hate crimes Thursday after they held the boy hostage, threatened him with a knife and forced him to drink water from a toilet, police said.

The four suspects — Jordan Hall, Tesfaye Cooper, Brittany Covington and Tanishia Covington — were also charged with kidnapping, unlawful restraint and battery with a deadly weapon on top of the hate crimes, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said earlier Thursday that while the suspects, all of whom are black, made “terrible racist statements” against white people during the on-camera attack, it does not appear to be racially motivated.

In the footage, one of the four suspects screamed, “F–k white people!” and “F–k Donald Trump!” A second video, released Thursday, showed the attackers forcing the teen’s head


Toilet bowl meets innocent teen.

down inside a toilet bowl, making him drink the water inside.”  End quote.

Right up Obama’s alley: toilet issues.  So, the test for racism is now white on black, not the reverse. At least the innocent teen didn’t have to consume the more dangerous Flint Michigan faucet water!  Maybe Chicago high school science texts are different than mine, but I still believe if you can drink toilet water and are disabled, you ARE a member of the human race.  And there is NO evidence this is Hillary Clinton’s server throne room.  As of yet.  Maybe it’s just a “dislike” crime of passion.  Worse, a neutral ok crime of boredom.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich suggested that there was a double standard at play.

“If this had been done to an African-American by four whites, every liberal in the country would be outraged and there would be no question that it is a hate crime,” he said on “Fox & Friends” Thursday.

Therein lies the rub.  Methinks all these cute classifications of crime as hate, love, illegal alien, color white, black, green aren’t helping.  Right vs wrong really isn’t that difficult to define and recognize.  UNLESS the society has devolved soooo far into the Regressive Left’s lair of anarchy.  I still believe we can turn things around, despite Soros Inc.

michelle obama.jpg

Mrs. Hussein O has new digs.  Thankfully!

It’s time to reclassify the whole idea of human crime, starting with living beings swimming inside moms.

After all, abortion IS an equal hate opportunity crime; you get $715 for a severed kid’s head at YaleMed, whether blackhead, whitehead or other rainbow colors.

Just maybe Mr. Allen of African Methodist Episcopal fame has it right: every man AND woman is my brother, my sister.  No matter the color, age, size or location.  But of course, your neighborhood corner planned parenthood kill mill prefers parts sold separately to innocence preserved.

Take the test: the next time you look at a human sapiens sapiens, what do you see?  No

obama at pp

Obama, spokesmodel for PP

matter the outer coverings and piercings, he is a he and she is a she; the two sexes God created at the universe’s dawn, not the product of post-Modern devolutionary theory and transformative body parts manipulation.

By the time Sen Al Franken and Green Jill Stein run for the 2020 presidency, will we have improved or devolved further?  Or will Franken~Stein 2020 just be another letter on the LGBTqXYZ cultural ministry motto.  Maybe ‘M’ for Monster, what we feared we’d become.

America, we have a lot of work to do, starting with believing, not in ‘tolerance’ but the


Baby Rose of Houston, born 1987

fact every man and woman IS my brother or sister.  You don’t just “put up” with family, but love one another.

Even octoannum post community agitator/anarchist.

That black fathers matter, that color really doesn’t.  That cops are human too, and ambushing peace officers is not a Sorosian good.   People are NOT property, whether in a PP kill mill, like Baby Rose from Houston, born in 1987; or in Nuremberg back in 1935 when Jews were reclassified as collaterallized things; or face down in a toilet during a four day Windy City teen torture symposium.

But, as long as we sanction, with tax dollars and political equity, the wholesale killing of the MOST vulnerable among us, NO one is safe. Everyone is property to someone else.

As gruesome the picture is, Baby Rose IS us if we don’t retake the country: a specimen or speciwoman, for resale on the open human parts market.

 God my Father, Christ my Redeemer.  Man & Woman, my brother.  My sister.

Let’s start today or sooner.

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