How do you Measure a Mom?

How do you measure a mom?

Recently, one of the most giving and generous women on the planet, Mrs. Cathy Lipsky,tim-and-cathy-anniversary joined the heavenlies at a incredibly young age.  She has a loving husband in Tim, who snagged her in front of his best friend years before. They have great kids, with names like Anthony, Joe, Mary, Jenee, Eric and Carissa.  Offspring of offspring too.  I had the privilege, as a real estate guy, to get them into their current Orange abode, and joyfully have my kids grow up alongside, and otherwise intertwined, in their varied lives.

At times, as families and friends who know the Lipskys know, sometimes you couldn’t tell who belonged to which fam.

Which is fine because their genetic markers helped us separate them at events’ end before heading home.  But…


Joe writes his mom a note…for the last time

How do you measure a mom?

Size of her heart?  The number of meals, loads of laundry, trips to store, sports, gym, dance, theater and school?  These stats are staggering.

Since the dawn of the human age, begun with one man and one woman, this has been a long-unanswered rarely asked question. Mom measure.


 Believe that God is a lab rat, needing billions of years to construct His universe if you want. I mean, we, even my Church, believe that a most critical trace gas necessary for survival, photosynthetic food production and breathing, is just “pollution” when it gets to 12 molecules out of a million 12/1,000,000; if we believe that about critical carbon dioxide, we’ll believe anything.

Imagine, even my Church buys into the idea we puny humans somehow  “make” a polluting type of CO2 and are upsetting the climate anti-change gods at every turn.  Causation & correlation are routinely misunderstood in this battle over truth, justice and life, and social justice warriors believe sooooo naively crises du jour just because they want to be relevant.  Not right.  Ask mom!

Some dwindling few, even still think that a godless universe belched out some primordial soup single cells, that banged together yielding lizards, apes and man.  If you MUST have evolution to soothe your savage breast, there IS Len’s time tested hyperevolutionary theory.  Put in laymen’s terms, in various organic labs on almost every continent, single cells are cultured into dividing up and over about 270-280 days, with adequate nutrient media, 75 trillion celled entities result.

Normally two lab partners have the naming rights for these scientifically distinct entities whichever continental organic lab they happen in. Characteristics include #1, #2, crying, squirming, rugratting, etc.


A 75 trillion celled lab experiment

We terribly unscientific types call them “babies” though to many, like certain medical doctors and planned parenthood, they are indistinguishable between a living breathing entity…and medical harvested waste available for sale at Yale and Texas U. This is ONE way we measure a mom: by her biological organic lab results:  kids.  She IS the key lab partner bearing the most weight in the process.

But scientifically, observationally and intuitively, I believe it went this way; take Him at His Word.

He started with the angels in his non-material Creation.  Then God made the simple stuff: trillions of insects, billions of planets, stars, galaxies, animals, plants; and the simplest of creatures, man.  Well, at least, marching ladies think men are uni~dimensional; to many in recent knitted headgear marches, useless.  Maybe, not so important?  Uhh, yes, sorry ladies, even straight white men are needed.

Anyways, God then took an infinitesimal short moment, and designed THE MOST COMPLEX entity in the known universe and the LAST act of His general creation:


Dr. Louis Leakey, anthropologist extraordinaire agrees, but he called Adam and Eve the evolution-and-transgenderfirst couple from Mesopotamia.  Naming rights, call ’em what you want, Gen Zero or ?, but EVERY HUMAN on this planet, save one, came from those first parents.  One human race, EVERYONE related. Tons of different cultures to celebrate, but one lineage.  Not a black first couple.  Or American, orange, Hispanic first couple.  Nope, just the Genesis project.

Scientific proof that woman design, fabrication and production was soooo intense, God took a whole day off after making her and said “It is good.”  She was no prototype or 3D printed object: she IS the human race, including her husband.  God did the design and fab; He then left the production to us fallible humans.

Everyone on spaceship earth resulted from them, though we have distinct cultures, territories and loves we call Home.  So, how do you measure a mom? 525,600 minutes may constitute a year, but to a mom, there is never enough time, yet time is all we have.

cathy-melanie-jHow do you measure a mom?  Cathy was an “always there” lady, whether helping Theresa justify legitimate cheating at a card game called Liverpool; teaching her domicilic educated (active n. homeschool) kids, other youth at Coops (not chicken coops but kidly education) of other similar family enterprises; helping at Saints Boniface, Norbert, Anthony, Callistus, etc., involved in Santiago Retreat VBCs, raising her daughters and sons to do great, opening her home to the world, she was first and foremost a loved mom and wife, friend to my Donna.  As Father Bruce put it during her final times in church, grounded in her faith and the “loudest memorial rosary he had ever heard.”

 EVERY homeschooling mom (and all moms) should be proud of their effort, their sacrifice to bring up well adjusted, educated and respectful young people.  This is not a zinger at compulsory traditional private and public schooling; just a lifestyle choice, something you are STILL able to do in the freest nation on God’s green, well evolved earth.  Be free to choose.  At least, for a while.

Because, EVERY parent home schools their children.  Every single one.

The difference is how much and when they farm out to others to help them bring up the child in the way he or she should go.  In our complex and crazy world, it is ok to ignore the crises du jour anarchists who are pummeling families with fake news, fake issues, fake crises day in day  out.  Families just want a reasonably sane world to raise their kids.  Live out their faith on the way to a joyful eternity.

Of course, as most thinking people know, since the giant governmental breast beast, with millions of teets was created by the ALL KNOWING regressive left on earth, who needs a father after the sometimes required sperm deposit? Guvmint has everything, from womb to tomb?  Who needs a dad.  Heck, soon with artificial wombs, mothers will no longer be required, batteries not included.

Real  Answer? EVERY child does need a mom AND dad, not just the inner city black kid whose single mom works three jobs to keep him out of the gangs; or the 20 million Mexican families’ first mother, second son and third daughter, deserted and vulnerable in Mexico because dad and oldest brother headed Norte for greener pastures.  Choices have their consequences; always have, always will.

Whatever country you call casa, the family IS the domestic Church; 100% God-designed, homogenized, pasteurized and tested over time.  When the family breaks down you have, well, Pussyhatters and anarchists beating diff drums.  Complaints about flower arrangers and cake sellers.  Etcetera, etcetera as Yul Brenner put it.

 Accepting the Bern socialism over the time tested free market free enterprise free opportunity for families to prosper in a free country.  Which includes the freedom to help others charitably;ie welfare before it became a governmental unaccountable institution. Charity is ALWAYS best when it happens local and accountably.

Many ladies, post inauguration, marched with the band Pussy Riot inspired headgear, showing that women are powerful but have needs, lots of needs; judge as you will all the isms of sexism, racism (tho there is ONLY ONE HUMAN RACE), homophobism, pluralism, anarchism, LBGTqIAxyz-ism; our culture needs to reacquaint itself with the value of a mom.

Well, most ladies; women who believed eating their young, killing their child was wrong were not allowed to march.  One group, college women students for life, used their youthful entity and took their banner in front of the front.  After all, ALL women are women.  Well, maybe not BruceKylie Jenner (who wants manhood yet again), but… If you believed on the eve of RoeVwade’s anniversary that abortion is inherently evil, you were not welcomed, even in the back of the bus or 3/5ths of the way to personhood after slavery was abolished everywhere but the Democrat party.



Tim & Cathy wed.

John Paul II, the sainted pope, said it best: “It is the responsibility of EVERY man to protect the dignity of EVERY woman.”  Husbands, protect your wives as the mothers they are or will be; love them as Christ loved the Church, sacrificially giving your life if required.

 It is, no matter how much flailing the hard core anarchistic femiNazi radical does, whether male or female, it is true.  It takes four guys to decide when a raped girl is raped in some cultures; yup, that’s stupid.  Every man, one man, should see a gang rape is not what sane people do.  This is why we men are chartered to stand up, open the doors, drop the Sir Raleigh raincoat on the puddle, draw the chivalric sword, defend the woman.  The best gift a husband can give their children is to love his wife.  Passionately, outwardly, with gusto grande.

Even, when a lady screams at you, you “male chauvinist pig”, just calmly explain she is THE most complex and precious creation in the known universe…  Like the cake baker monitors, PussyHatters and men haters, I defend your right to protest.  But like with Black Lives sword-of-the-knights-templarmatter,  and George Soros’ other pet anarchist groups, i draw the line when you abuse people and destroy property: for you, their is time out in jail. Ask a mom what timeout is.

In nature, the woman bird is drab and the male more colorful. Not so much in the human world.

Is this because God messed up?  No, He protected the beautiful, but less colorful, egg layers from the lazy predators.  Try, like Horton the Elephant, to sit on a nest and not be accosted by ne’er do well flying predators.   The takers vs the makers; the layers vs the predators; man and woman as family against the world.   As old as time since Adam and Eve.  Or when Meso met Potamia and became anthropological couple Uno in Mesopotamia.

Same with man and womankind.  God designed us each to attract the other.  And you don’t need Miley sticking her proverbial tongue (no thanks, Miley, we’ll stick to rolled paper) out at you or Madonna suggesting bombing the White House in a passing thought.  We need each other, world, STARTING with moms…like a Cathy Lipsky. Or Donna.  Sacrificial, compassionate, loving.  But stern, discipline dishing when the time is right.  Our culture needs a good spanking and time out too often today.

Hyperevolution is this means we have of going from 2 to 9 billion (less the 2 billion planned parenthood has killed and harvested Soylent Green style) resident in momhood; optimally, though lots of folks have their own ideas of sharing fluids and beds, you have one man and one woman, a lab partnership on the adventurous ship of life, who join together in marriage.

Having spent 40 years so far in youth and young adult leadership, I have heard ’em all.  “But, Len, what if we are not compatible?  If we live together, we will find out!”.

To which I say, trust me, you can learn how to put the toilet seat in the horizontal position, or screw the toothpaste cap back on the Colgate if you take mechanical engineering in college. You don’t need to do target practice on a virginal lady.

Even in your childhood home, MechEng works!  Like patiently folding clothes or being Houston Command Central with the electronic igniters of the dishwasher.  But the Crest of your life is better weathered married; THEN, with children vs. the reverse order.  Mom knows best as does dad, usually.

It is the way God designed you; “Let Us make man in our image”.  The eternal family, three persons in one Godhead, saw fit to design a WHOLE UNIVERSE around nurturing us on earth to get ready for heaven. Did you ever realize this fact?

Did God need billions of nuclear night lights gathered in galactic LED shapes, in His perfect realm?  No.  A bunch of angels to worship Him?  No. did He really need to bother making Adam and Eve over billions, err nanoseconds, of earth time.   But His love is soooo great He wanted other thinking, breathing beings to spend forever and beyond in His Presence.  Cathy is there, my Donna as well.  Mrs. Condon.  Jack’s probably fixing heaven’s massive computers.

Hannah Montana may mock His way, by offering her private parts for touchy feely concert goers to test, but He is Resolution:

He gave us the earth to grow plants AND children, enjoy the benefits of carbon dioxide and


Loving daughter Larissa, loved mom Donna

ice cream, to serve each other and the Lord.  To live long and prosper, and face eternity when it is our time to go.

Man was made for woman and woman for man.  For better and worse, rich or poor…  OK, here’s where i get in trouble with the anthropomorphists who recreate mankind in THEIR image.

Yes, they can go at it differently, but man was not designed to marry man nor woman woman, unless you want to limit your limitless love.  Yes, all you investigative cake baker monitors out there, i defend your right to exercise your free will regarding your partner, but be an adult about it:  don’t childishly demand the whole world say you are making the best choice when that was designed in into your First Parents. Force free independent biz owners into BK.  Throw tantrums if those who chose different than you, don’t worship your idea of the Modern Family.

An adult is able to act older than age 3 and spoiled.  And certainly, don’t try to convince moms killing their kids is best for them.  Mom knows better.  Including this mom below.


Our hearts are the canvasses of life.  When you can’t access a heart, use Virgin Mary blue Sharpies to remind you how much you love a mom.

Cathy, like one of her many best buddies who put up with me for 30+ years, Donna, succumbed to cancer.  Too early.  She was bouyed by her love for Jesus, His mother, the great and gracious Godhead, the saints.  She hoped and still hopes ALL her kids make it to heaven forever….when it’s their time. Oddly, all mothers want the best for their offspring and their husbands.  It’s how they were designed.

Our world desperately needs to regain its moorings; Marx was wrong, true faith and religion is not the “opium of the masses”.

Even my beloved Church needs to stop playing footsies with Regressive Leftist social justice warriors and climate change ambassadors who suck at science, drain the family of scare financial resources but love the limelight of a primitive Luddite look at life.  How do you measure a mom?  Easy answer is: Mary.  Jesus’ mom.   And called blessed, 4ever


Miraculous picture by Swiss guard when JPII was shot by terrorist he forgave: Mr.Agca.

virginal (tell that to our hypersexualized world) mother of the God of the Universe, often uses her frequent flier miles to remind us: Follow her Son for eternal rewards, not just those on the credit card in your wallet.  After all, mom, especially this mom who said yes, knows Best.  How do you measure a mom?  With heartfelt thanks yous.  The list is imperfect, but:

TY moms with names like Cathy, Lisa, Donna, Gayle, Theresa, Tess, Becky, Rita, Peggy, Betty, Denise, Amanda, Maryann, Emily, Joan, Irene, Cecelia, ….I will add when yelled at “You missed my name, Len!”

Your best rewards will be those wet sloppy kisses given by your 3 year olds,  who love you selflessly and no matter how old they get, still, in their heart of hearts, know you love them eternally.  Speaking of wet, sloppy kisses, if you own one of those Neanderthal hairy wrist wielding husbands, give him a wet sloppy kiss in honor of Cathy.  Tim can’t give her one, point of fact.

Come to think of it, I can’t give Donna one either.  Go at it moms. After all, generally, you are wives before moms.  Yes, he will be bewildered and overcome by the perfume, candles and food at the ready to force his lust on you yet again, but no said dates are relegated to palm trees and BEFORE the I dos.  To teen men, i say, if you want a date, climb that tree.  If you want to spend quality singular time with a virginal daughter of a loving family, we call it “courtship” young man.  Have that Sir Walter coat and chivalric sword at the ready to dash the heads of dragons and protect the woman-child, for the moment, you are courting.  How male, chauvinistic and piggly of me to say this. But, some things are scientific laws, that young men actually can look at a blossoming future mother from the neck up.

Moms, you ARE loved.  With an everlasting, unconditional love into eternity.

love you cathy.jpg

“Cathy, you are LOVED!”

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