Miss Ellie Embry marries Porky Pig

Boy, is Kermit ticked off.  He just found out his longtime love, Miss Ellie Embryo Piggy was betrothed to Hollywood animal actor Porky Pig, and they eloped.  No, this isn’t comedy; it’s real world.
The news of the ‘nee’ status was published in the Times and other places.  Welcome science fiction to earth; a whole race of aliens NOT from below the border or overseas has descended on America.  Scientists are now joining little human beings to pigs.
From the UK Daily Mail:

A human-pig hybrid embryo has been created in a world first: Breakthrough could open up


This entity is called the  a Chimera… part human, part pig.

the possibility for ‘designer’ animal organs to be used in people

  •  Part human, part pig embryos have been successfully created by scientists
  • The ‘chimera’ was created by injecting human stem cells into pig embryos
  • Embryos, grown inside a sow, contained a ‘low’ amount of human tissue 
  • This could be used to tackle the increasing shortage of organs for transplants

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4161022/Human-animal-hybrid-embryo-created-time.html#ixzz4XBhVhCwA
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Remember, Tom Cruise chasing the Chimera: here be it!
Phd in molecular biology Mary’s words, not mine:  “I gotta say this kinda creeps me out” about pig~human hybrids.   A glimmer of hope for my beloved sister.

One commentator Richard below is somewhat similar to the androgenic climatologists who put their training, student loans and conscience on hold for moral and humanity relativism. So, Richard might be a good scientist, in the poli sci vein.

Not a completely factual one.

With her “this creeps me out” response to Porky & Ellie’s marriage,  my sister Mary is


Pigpersonhood, the latest innovation

showing signs that maybe involuntary human sacrifice, like slavery promoted by Democrats more than Reps, or even abortion,  for other humans is a bit too much; her discomfort was posted regarding these pig~human female marriages.

OK, LGBTqIAxyzetc promoters, calm down.  Yes, possibly they are homosexual male pig~male embryo same sex, different species, Kingdom Animalia meets itself with porcine homo sapiens, but since they fully become one as a pig~human hybrid after the vows, it must be male animal to female human, for the better analogies…

Life, ranked above Domain in Taxonomy terms, may I say, is truly interesting. I believe humania should be the seventh kingdom, taken out of animalia, but now what are the taxonomists, from Linnaeus to Cavalier~Smith,  to do?

An eighth kingdom, below Domain, that melds animals and humans?  Call it Chimera.

Bio 100 in the seventh grade understands.  A human embryo, (anatomy, physiology) has everything but a place to sleep and food to eat to continue as a human; she just needs oh say nine months for her promotion to kindergarten from the rugrat status after prebirth.

But, now that we have crossed the Maginot Line of human to the out of space alien bizarre, there is no turning back folks.  Marana Tha!  ‘1984’ as a footnote to ‘Brave New World’.

Soon the excuse “live outside the mother” will fall prey to artificial wombs and other techno advances, so it can no longer be the prebirth child can’t survive out of the womb reason to kill her early.  Bizarre logic?  You betcha.

My heart transplant success sister Catherine knows this, my Dr. Molecule Mary knows this.  Just as most honest climatologists know in their heart of hearts, something is wrong with their picture that an infinitely powerful and creative Being would make a beneficial trace gas humans and animals desperately need to be fed (photosynthesis) that, while expanding to 400 PPM, remains “pollution” and killing the earth.  CO2 IS dirty air??!

Students:  There is NO magic potion that converts a non-human being into a human person (except RoevWade, which doubles as specifying revised anatomy, personhood as well as citizenship) lining the uterine wall or birth canal.

Gotta grab a tube of NeoVivo cream for the OB/gyn to smear on the canal banks of the mother’s reproductive areas, otherwise the blob of cellular product of conception remains a lifeless, featureless, mother kicking, thumb sucking anamoly.

New Life must be that thing that Dr. Louis Pasteur showed as primitive scientific ignorance: ‘spontaneous generation’.  What other hypotheses makes any sense?

Think about this: if the hospital dispensary is out of NeoVivo salve cream, the Caesarian zombie-sorosians-pacifier-soros-turkey-daySectioned children would be the undead, Zombies walking the halls of preschool and college.  But, no stories of Caesarian sectioned Zombies (other than collegian Zombies sporting designer binkies) have been reported (other then TV series) since RoevWade decided certain human babies should be separate but equally sectioned into reusable, harvested, brains, scalps, livers and hearts.

Which is happening today at Yale and Texas, and other university med labs. Are they really ‘undead’? So, how can we say a fully formed preborn child is undead or dead, and moments later, live or alive, without regressive leftist magic?  Only scientific idiots in white lab coats believe this, who yearn for maximized sold baby parts so that Lamborghini is under the tree by next Christmas.  “Dr. Mary Gatter, phone your luxury car dealer!!!”

Recently, the Orange County district attorney took a local spare baby parts distributor to task, filing a lawsuit take back the excess profits of “head and shoulders” selling (not the shampoo):

“From 2009 to 2015, the defendants (DV Biologics, DaVinci Biosciences and its owners) obtained aborted fetus donations from Planned Parenthood and turned those donations into a profit-driven business. They did so by selling tissues and cells from the heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, intestines, skeletal muscle and bones of the aborted fetus donations. The companies advertised and sold these, what they called “prenatal products” from 2009-2015 to companies all around the world, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. 

Here are some profits per fetal part: 

*Heart – up to $674 in profit.

*Liver – up to $233 in profit. 

*Stomach – up to $221 in profit. 

*Small Intestine – up to $664 in profit.” 

Now, of course, you know the owners, the Isias brothers, supported Hillary at her own money laundering ops and she got them privileged access to America.


Apparently, there’s more money to be made by harvesting black (and other color) kids on the neoPlantations of the master Margaret Sanger; instead of making the kids harvest crops.  They ARE the crops.

 Catherine and others, might be comfortable with creating Mrs. Porky Pigs in the lab. God is not; but then who the hell cares what God thinks today.  Not enough non pig~human hybrids who drive their Prius hybrids, arrogantly nose raised high so freely, apparently.

Catherine is the quinte-existential 25 year beneficiary of a tragic event where the human grown heart of a 12 year old Seattle boy was voluntarily given to her to save her life.  Now, her response to the Porky Pig~human Ellie Embry marriage post is long but interesting:

“What creeps u out (Mary)?   I can tell you the sheer failing of your native heart at breakneck speed puts you into a headspace that embraces all kinds of twilight zone possibilities unthinkable in your normal thinking.I remember the first LVAD (Left ventricular assist device) machines that would take over the functioning of the heart in a way that the heart was all but destroyed in order to put in the machine hoses.   Three patients in my support group all tethered to these huge stainless steel machines on wheels the size of an ATM machine or a small four burner stove.

That was “them” until they either got a heart or died, – there was no going back.

One man survived his transplant. A second person died during her procedure. And the third person when they remove the lvad machine from her heart they realized that her heart had enough of a rest that it had recovered on its own so she kept her own heart. That was a surprise.  People have pig valves in the hearts. Why not just the whole luau?”

Catherine was facing death squarely 25 + years ago.  Her question about people with pig part heart valves and the “whole luau” is a lot different than you and I giving up a kidney or left arm.  She faced death head on and won a multi-decade reprieve because of a voluntary organ donor/transplant system

Today, we are asking Embryo Ellie to live just a few days and not the full 280, through which the Len Beckman Law of Hyperevolution takes the embryo into daylight.  Of course, hyperevolution is just God’s chuckle at man trying to be Him.   Oops!

Ellie then is involuntarily forced to succumb to an arranged marriage with a male chauvinist or Hollywood Porky pig; ok maybe just your anonymous typical farm bacon, then sacrificed to make a heart for a hopeful different Catherine.

The reason the pig-human marriage is performed, is to ease the malformed consciences of a society not yet ready to have tall glass tubes filled with developing healthy babies and children, hooked up to the same thing they get inside a mom: nutrition, oxygen, fluids and warmth.  Just like those non-terra firma aliens encased in biosuits in the movie “Independence Day”.  One and two.

Interesting comment by Richard: “Sci Fi stories predicted that the rich will prolong their lives with harvested organs.” This is not sci fi today.


Planned Parenthood invoice for 25 $150 livers or hearts sold to TexMedBranch.  Shipping was free on board (FOB Destination) for the Mengele Memorial Lab

YaleMed already pays (we have exculpatory and irrefutable evidence of this) $715 for a harvested, severed blackhead that was removed by an early human terminologist (eg abortionist), not a dermatologist. TexUmed pays (FOIA requested proof is in)  $150 for each human liver or heart they harvest; evidence already FOIAed into the light.  Homo sapiens is just a bag of parts.

The rich ARE prolonging their lives at other enslaved humans expense.

Dr. Mengele, Hitler’s organ transplant specialist, sewed these living twins together

Richard continues; “Better to grow them from pigs than get them from “criminals” executed for jaywalking.”

Odd comment, criminals AND babies both deserve life; physiologically, when an embryo, baby, teen or criminal dies, a human life has been lost. Forever.

What he misses is the Kermit ‘frog in the slowly warming water’ systemology that proves science has ZERO conscience or moral virtues at its core.  Science is an area of study; it’s the humans who are the problem, when they don’t see twin killing or pigpersonhood as morally and humanly reprehensible.

 Someone will ALWAYS want what Dr. Mengele did:  humans to use, harvest, experiment on, abuse.  And kill for the “god err good of science.”  Dr. Frankenstein was the monster, not his creation, recall.

We now have regressed (progress?) to the point where a fully human Embryo Ellie, can now legally be called Mrs. Piggy, and may soon have a prenuptial divorce from Porky.

Whereas, Richard uses ‘reductio ad absurdum”, erroneously attempting to make a reasonable argument into an absurd one, by taking the argument to the extremes with his sacrificed criminalized jaywalker organ donor, Ellie E. is just like any other human: desirous of life.  Though treated such, Ellie is NOT property, but like today’s virtual slave blacks (and whites), her human entity is involuntarily sacrificed for another.  In New York City, 51% of the black children are aborted, so the odds of a black child making it to birth is below 50%.  Think about this:  They might as well grow them as organ harvest children, without the Miss Piggy or Porky parts.   Let the pigs become bacon and ham; no waste, all glory. Truth be told, it is already happening…

…Ultimate slavery is practiced at every tax$supported,  inner city corner planned parenthood that sells baby body parts and dumps the remaining human waste.

 Planned Parenthood has perfected the human trafficking slavery act by, instead of forcing black kids to harvest corn, tobacco and cotton; on their plantations, black kids ARE the harvest, disassembled into scalps (John Wayne style) for old guy hair follicles; brains, hearts and 2500 dead kids per year, so CEO Cate Dyer (who just dropped her frivolous lawsuit against CMP) of Stem Express can fill her market order for “50 livers a week.”

Of course the rest of the story is at:
 After seeing just how callous and demonic planned parenthood’s mainly female abortionists are, maybe you can better understand the Kermit frog water is almost boiling and he still is swimming in the pan.

Thus, the pig-person hybrid step could be eliminated, because we are being desensitized to using humans as living organ sources. After all, as the sociopathic conscienceless tina-wishingwill argue: might as well just raise Ellies past birth, then pick the optimum time to kill her, for the good of the whole, remove her organs as an infant, pre~adolescent 10 year old, like Faustina pictured here…or a teen.  Save the innocent animals

If a 10 year old Faustina sees the evil in kid killing, one would hope so would we adults.  But with human organ farms, with row after row of induced coma kids growing to the perfect size, then the rich get what they want: eternal life on earth.

The abort doctors more money for their Lamborghinis and 401Ks, more Acuson machines.  As it is, planned parenthood does NOT do mammography, does NOT have patient viewable ultrasounds (the machines are used to position the human sacrificial victim for optimum organ harvesting); maybe, 5 or 6 do pre-natal (most interviewed PP staffers don’t even know what “pre natal” means) but they do abortion right.


The PETA people will be happy.   For, in growing organ children on a human organ farm, they will throw a party because:

NO animal was sacrificed in making this movie of modern life; these organ harvest children are 100%, USDA choice human beings.  Grown to the peak of perfection, picked apart at the optimum time for organ freshness and durability.  

Mark these words:  When God makes His next planetary response to our trying to become the Creator, it will be a lot different than the Tower of Babel days.  A whole lot different.  Be prepared.  Today.  Dr. Mengele has been reincarnated, not as a doctor of death, but as a pigperson, the spiritual adviser of Mr.and Mrs. Porky and Ellie Embry Pig.

I wonder what this new Kingdom or Genus offspring will look like; maybe, embryonic recapitulation leading to a curling pigtail, not on the flowing hair, but emanating from the rear.

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