Sex & pandemic STIs can be prevented if adults step up to the plate

Kudos to the OCRegister and SCNewsGroup for your opinion article about one of the finest women’s health organizations in America; Obria.    Part of the rest of the story is it was founded by an abortion survivor, Kathleen Eaton Bravo, whose life was changed by a flat tire, became part of the Birthchoice network, and morphed over time into a chain of medical clinics geared to help men and women.  PP claims this exclusive status, but since it does not do mammograms, less than a couple prenatal attempts and lies about its cash business, abortion,  it will soon be defunded.  Good riddance.

The amazing thing is how rare covering the real challenged/at risk women’s health networks, the 99%ers; it’s always Planned parenthood this, PP that.  The 1%ers.  They ain’t the only act in town; they are

human-embyo-pig-weddingFrankly, it’s time for real news orgs to do stories, both success and failure, of the 99%ers: those NOT planned parenthood or National abortion Federation affiliates, where at least half the patients walking in don’t walk out: the preborn children.  And unfortunately, too many of the mothers leave on a gurney on the way to the morgue.  Or as in Tonya Reaves case, die on the way to the ER of a real hospital; she was abandoned by PP Chicago July 20, 2012, in the city that excels in dead black people.

I am the oldest of 11 and have 11 children, so yes I am biased toward LIFE. I volunteered for years with the sainted Ruth Rozak at the oldest crisis pregnancy center in Orange County, the Life Centers.  The Santa Ana and La Habra centers STILL operate, helping minority at risk women in the main, in a world where it seems when you mention woman and health, the first letters come out: PP.

Why isn’t everyone FOR life today?  My answer to the “back alley abortion” is a simple one: they have been “front door abortions” since 1973 AND the coat hangers are used exclusively for, of all things,clothes.  The difference is technology advances.  Acuson, a power supply customer of mine in the 80s, helped revolutionize the imagery from sound inside the womb: computed ultrasonography and now “4D” imagery sheds laser light on the PP lie: there’s nothing human to see here. In fact, at PP, there’s nothing to see because the mom is never shown the picture of her moving baby for an obvious reason: it hurts their bottom line.  These guys are sooo evil, they convince that sacrificing their babies so their female abortionists can buy expensive fast cars will help cure other babies; sociopathic bordering on psychotic behavior the MSMedia, Hillary and Pelosi don’t see.

A mother’s instinct is to protect her child and once shown the picture of her baby, she doesn’t shout “Yeah, let’s kill the little bugger so I can eat without throwing up again!”  And free STI testing does not buy Dr Mary Gatter’s Lamborghini like a $300-$5000 surgical abortion does.  Do the auto parts acquisition math: you need to sell lots of baby parts as well.

Women AND mothers deserved better.  They are incredible beings, what I call THE most complex creation in the known universe.  God or the atheistic institute of evolutionary science, whichever you put your trust in, created trillions of insects, billions of animals, plants, planets, galaxies and the simplest of creatures: a man.  So, our rad feminists believe.

Next, God, for His last act of general creation, created WOMAN, so precious, infinitely complex and awesome, that she can take one simple cell and over say 280 days convert it into the occupant of a car seat holder as you leave the hospital.  Think about it: one cell to 75 trillion in over 10 months.

God’s immutable design is not PPs.  PP’s success is society’s failure: all STIs (sexually transmitted infections) are at epidemic levels, including behind the Orange County Cal Curtain.  They are not STDs, with the “D” for disease, because they are self-inflicted and preventable, if public health really was the goal of: public health.

Are we having a race to see how much gonorrhea, syphilis, crabs, HPV and what did I miss, oh yeah, chlamydia, can debilitate the culture?  Like i wrote, PP is winning; but they are zero about parenthood and all about planning disaster.  You don’t need to hire a Ben Carson to trace the epidemiology of disaster when it comes to shared body parts and fluids.  The ins and outs of sex organs is not rocket science, folks.

Want to avoid STIs?  Optimally, don’t have sex until you are married to a fella or fellow virgin of the opposite sex; seems easy, doesn’t it?  At least, if you aren’t of the virginal nature endemic to the Virgin Mary, at least stop until you meet your designated survivor to have a lifelong happy marriage.  Infertility is a byproduct of pandemic STIs.


Wonder why it’s bisexual and homosexual homo sapien males with the majority of issues, as pointed out in another article about runaway infections: because sex was designed for sanitary, intensely intimate behavior between a man and a woman.

Yes, the LGBTqIA (revision #7 on the LGBT inclusion scale) happily disagree, but ask the question: what’s the thrill in shoving one’s fist up another guy’s rectum (rectal infection is epidemic) when they are not a licensed proctologist?  Or sticking his sperm dispenser into a guy or lady’s anal orifice?  This is why this seasoned dad (yes, I admit, i have had sex 11 times) preaches, like he did on a Dennis Prager cable segment decades ago, that sharing body fluids is NOT sex: it’s “sharing body fluids”, something any 2 year old is equipped to do from his or her diaper with mixed results.  You parents out there, know exactly what I mean, whether you use cloth, plastic or paper to wrap your rugrat’s bottom.

Another of life’s oddities: we teach our little ones not to play in the toilet after defecating, but we are cowards about telling our young adults that playing in the toilet’s defecation source, another person’s bowels, is well, STUPID.  Unless you like a loveless shortened life and a cornucopia of diseases to discuss with your General Practictioner and therapist.

What’s the eternal bene of getting an epidemic level throat STI from guess what: mixing body fluids from both ends and both heads like the boys singing the bath house blues in that sanctuary city, San Francisco?  Zero.

Homosexuality was popular in Lot’s time, until the angels blinded the door knockers to the truth; look it up.  But its not just gayLand at issue.   Homosexuality as well as adultery and premarital sex is not “Making Love”, it’s “Making Sick”, spreading infections of the Star Wars kind:  alien to human design.

Sanctimonious San Francisco harbors both criminals and pandemic levels of STIs, simply because it doesn’t take this epidemic seriously: throwing rubber balloons at the problem is worthless, because gay guys hate what it does to their “thrills”.  Say what you want, but they take the risk over missing out on the “fun”.  Just how fun is watching a HIV positive deteriorate to full blown AIDS then death.  Not much.

Adults are able to peacefully engage in healthy discourse about public health; zombie anarchists, not.  As seen recently on university campi, the Regressive Left wants nothing about being adult, hearing both sides of the argument, allowing free speech, diversity in a university building .  I hope the insurance investigators get all those scumbag Berkeley bully rioters arrested, forced to pay for the 16 buildings they destroyed; the police, since the idiotic Berkeley mayor told them to stand down, certainly didn’t:  zero arrests.  Ronaldus Magnus Reagan rotated horizontally multiple times when this happened.  If you condone aberrant, violent behavior, you get more of it.  Simple fact.  The perennial search for the Fountain of Youth is here now: we have a whole world of 3 year old tantrum throwers, starting with Leftist tenured professors down to the high school kids storming off campus for something they have zero clue about.  My seminal moment, mentioned before elsewhere, was the Road Kill Target 500, stomping on Hollywood’s 101 Freeway, trying to stop 60 MPH 18 wheelers with their puny, brainwashed organic selves.  The date? November 9th, a date that will live in infamy.

But, adults, this is why we can’t turn our American life over to the 3 year old tantrumming spoiled brats: they need discipline.  Unless of course, you believe passing the latest designer infection to all 50 united states is helpful to these brats assuming responsibility and growing into adulthood at 30, 35 or 40.  Adults can handle the truth: why ripping blood vessels in the excrementary canal joins feces to blood and begins the STIs amazing journey toward an Infection Oscar; while infecting Oscar’s male partner as well.
Freedom is NOT free.  Free sex is also costly, in debilitating the nextGen of our young people.  PP is an anachronistic throwback to the days of Hitler’s depopulation propositions morphed to Heffnerism, with its teen 50 Shades grooming websites and baby parts profiteering.  There are 20:1 real women’s clinics to the PP’s fake storefront doctor’s slushevolution-and-transgender fund harvesting mills.  20:1; hmm, i guess that makes PP part of the 5%ers.  Although with 59 million clean kills in the US and 1.89 billion so far worldwide since 1973, you might actually call them the truth:
The #1 public health menace bar none is PP.

By the way, that cute little thing you saw above is a pig mated to a significant part of a former human being:  Porky meets Ellie Embryo.  It is NOT a product of conception, but a product of bacon and a lady.

Lila Rose and David Daleiden, two magnificent millennials who have irreversibly shown the truth about hell’s workshop this side of heaven, gave us and Rep Blackburn’s House Select Committee on Infant Lives, undeniable evidence of barbaric, inhumane evil work.  With or without the MesSedupMedia’s help.
And when you ‘help’ millions normalize bizarre aberrant behavior, like grooming 13 year olds into accepting sado-masochism and multiple sex partners of all shades of gender, you really don’t deserve $500 million dollars…or non-profit status, let alone exist as the darling of Hollywood and the Democrapians (Democrat Utopians).  These last entities are pervertedly preoccupied, all the time it seems, with what’s between a person’s thighs more than what is happening between his or her ears.
Especially when you chain women on the modern plantations of despair, extract their babies and where their kids are not AT the harvest: they BECOME the harvest.  We invested 600,000 lives to end agricultural slavery in the 19th century; isn’t it time to end infanticidal slavery, after 59 million American lives dead and gone, in the 21st?  And oh yes, that religious thing: how many are on the road to hell beyond the physical hell here on earth by violating God’s commands and accepting Jesus’ call to the better life?

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