Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the baddest of them all?

As Press Secretary Spicer discovered, apologizing at the DC Holocaust museum, no one can be compared to Hitler’s Holocaust without a flurry of criticism and cost…even Assad.  We know he meant Hitler did not Eject weaponized chemicals in battle, but then, the Regressive Leftists at ABCNNBCBS look for any excuse to destroy the Trump Admin.

Weaponized chemicals in gaseous, pelletized, liquid or solid form are just bad, bad boys.  The term  “weapons of mass destruction” conjure up horrific thoughts, but there is a plethora of means of administration and distribution.  It’s not always nuclear, million acre instantaneous destruction to qualify for the WMD distinction.

So, let’s ask the History Mirror, for an unbiased answer:

“Who are the baddest ones of all?”

How about an unambiguous listing of rough terror stats and i want YOU, not the wholly owned subsidiary of the Demo party of slavery (ABCNNBCBSxyz),  deciding history:
Good old Joe Stalin~~100 million.   Mighty Mao~~30 million.  Herr Hitler~~12 million (6 million Jews) over 12 years in 10 countries. 

Assad: 21 kids among 90 killed recently via Sarin gas, as part of 1100 gassed or poisoned during the 400,000 casualty Syrian civil war.

Others include the 100 day Hutu killing of 800,000 Tutsis in 1994 Rwanda. 8000 a day.

Genocide,the word coined in the 40s as the Jewish Holocaust became well known, is defined as:

auschwitz berkinau tracks

Former railroad station at Oswiecim, Poland.  More commonly known as Auschwitz~Birkenau

“the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation.”

Rarely known, Sarin was developed by the German chemical industry and though Adolf had a Sarin factory, he never deployed it.

He preferred rat poison, Zyklon-B as his fave gas before hair and gold teeth were extracted for export from involuntary Jewish donors.  Recall the barrel of gold in Monuments Men for clarification; or visit, as I did in 2005, the Auschwitz~Birkenau museum.

Yet, often, painfully ignored by ABCNNBCBSxyz, is the largest deliberate killing of an incredibly diverse and large group of people: babies near or before birth.

  Current stats are 1.89 BILLION worldwide since 1973, with 59 million already ended in the US.  At it’s height, Auschwitz-Berkinau gassed 6000 a day coming down the famous railroad tracks for “disposition”; today we kill 3000 per diem just in the US.  Planned Parenthood even unashamedly broadcasts they killed 300,000 kids last year, couched in cutsey phraseology.

If Assad’s Ejecting Sarin bombs from planes is evil, what about the common practice, in Albuquerque and elsewhere, of INjecting Digoxin directly into baby’s hearts or brains?  

Both are weaponized chemicals in the eyes of the victims, EXCEPT in the eyes of the main


Abortionista gives baby a shot in the heart.  Or brain. Kind of like a full body vaccination against life.  Digoxin.

stream media and the Left.  Like Spicer, investigative journalist David Daleiden tried to address this unsavory and wholesale slaughter of the innocents.  David’s reward is consistent with the one party of slavery in the Golden State:  He received, for his deep undercover work, 15 felony indictments by AG X “Little Cow” Becerra for sharing the depravity of systemic atrocities in the politically protected AbortInc. industry. 

The SCNG Register trusts and uses the NYTimes; the NY Times admitted failure in 2001 about the Holocaust (from the NYTImes:  “AND then there was failure: none greater than the staggering, staining failure of The New York Times to depict Hitler’s methodical extermination of the Jews of Europe as a horror beyond all other horrors in World War II”)
Will the media, academia and the regressive Left someday finally admit they are hiding the truth about pandemic genocide that fast approaches 2,000,000,000 (2 Billion) humans?

The Differences?  Hitler built a Sarin factory but never used it, preferring weaponized cyanide gas; he and Stalin are dead, Assad’s runways and planes are in shambles and planned parenthood continues to end life as we know it: conveniently targeted inside mothers across the world.

Ironically, the German successor company, Roussel Uclaf developed the chemical mifepristone ru486 planned parenthoodcomponents of RU-486, the same company that provided the humanopesticide, Zyklon-B. History does repeat itself.  Curious what RU-486 is?

It is available, off the shelf in every city, in its cutting edge pink and blue container.

Meanwhile my Church joins those demonizing God’s miracle gas, carbon dioxide, further insulting the infinite power of the Creator.  How about a Renaissance of Truth?  Precious water, combined with the miracle gas, CO2 becomes the prime source of food worldwide, via photosynthesis and farmers.  God’s Plan A is for humans to multiply, not subtract, to have kids not harvest them.  Roussel Uclaf uses Levonorgestrel for Mankind’s Plan B: kill the kid before delivery.

RU 4 86ing babies for parts?  If you are, why?  For, after all, before you could read this, you were one of them.

xavier becerra peace love happiness family

Which one of his three daughters will Little Cow sacrifice to Moloch, the god of his fave evil empire, PP?

An amazing young woman, also asks “Why does Cal AG Chief Little Cow indict 15 times an honest hardworking investigative journalist other than to payback the Chief’s evil demon donors?”  My question as well.   If you agree, as the unedited, in their own words videos depict, it’s okay for mainly female doctors of death to position the prey via ultrasound, then go in for the kill erasing 1/3 of the next generation, then don’t waste your signature.  You probably have no kids, one Prius and two Shitzoos.

As it is, my 11 will be paying your social security long after your Prius battery and your little cow xavier vs savior Jesustwo canine offspring die.

But if you value life and dragging Sacramento out of the hell the one party of slavery has created, sign it.  AG Chief Little Cow should resign as attorney general for his naked abuse of political power under the color of authority, and taking a bribe from NAFPP.

OK, quid pro quo, like with Cap’n Harri$$ $81,000 retainer from planned parenthood only led to her using 11 armed goons on Mr Daleiden’s place before she skipped town.

Maybe Little Cow should match the greater donation America makes to planned little cow little colette planned parenthood daleiden davidparenthood:  1/3 of its children, by donating one of his three girls to the organization for reasons of choice, to be drawn and quartered, her heart, brain and liver sold to the fine folks at YaleMed and TexMed.  Or DaVinci Bio and Stem Express.


Here’s the Change.org petition regarding our Xavier, Little Cow and his diabolic actions.

But, of course, no comparison since Sanger’s soldiers of misfortune have taken out 200:1 vs Dr. Mengele’s boss, der Fuhrer.
After the hair and gold teeth were harvested, Hitler’s incinerators burned up perfectly good hearts, livers and brains. How anti-recycling and environmentally insensitive can you be?!?

 Planned parenthood, on the other hand, sells off every organ they can slice off a kid (you’d think they need a dermatologist’s license before hacking off blackheads) and waste nothing that can be auctioned at the slave posts.  The National Holocaust museums are right:  Hitler is a boy scout compared to the modern human parts factories we invest $500 million tax dollars in, every year.  Hopefully, society will wake up while we HAVE a soul.

Will Little Cow do what Little Colette requires?  Only time will tell…but…
Breath on hold.  Millstones were valuable and critical to the ancients for sustaining life; modern millstones at kill mills are the currettes, scalpels and syringes used to separate children from their mothers and baby hearts, heads and livers fromt their children.
And the children in Luke and Matthew are not just the kids; they are those forced into sin by our leaders, like Xavier Little Cow and planned parenthoodlums who force mothers into human sacrificing their offspring for Lamborghinis and doctor’s pensions.
America donates, remember, more than $500 million to the most evil empire in recorded history: it donates 1/3 of its future, its children, for hell’s harvest on earth.  Pray for the soul of Xavier “little cow” Becerra.  An attorney general should protect the kids, not set them up for slaughter, let alone indict a Godly and innocent man, David Daleiden.
 Don’t forget to sign the ‘evil indictment’ petition.  Little Cow is NOT the Savior of the children, Jesus is.  But he is the Xavier of the devil’s kill mill workers who reek hell on earth on God’s most precious resource: children
Oh, and if you have a moment, send a reasonable facsimile of a millstone to the AG.  It might remind him of his priorities.

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