No more pimping women for beefy payback; yeah?!? OK to come back?

Just maybe, long time pro-lifer and now Labor nonSequitary Puzder, Andrew realizes selling slices of pig using three resident alien lesbians isn’t the most family friendly way to get ahead in the fast food biz.

Fast women do NOT automatically sell fast food fast.  Finally!

Ok, the 3Way 3Ls of the LGBTqAxyz actress labor union may have just been the camelback heavy straw.

Once, you have Swedish, German and Aussie hotties doing bacon 3 way 4 play, while sweating in the kitchen on the way to the California King bedroom, where do you go next?  A long way from a skinny Paris car wash and you have your fave demographic, porn consuming 18-34 year old boys doing video games in mom’s basement demanding more, maybe a XXXXX pork snuff movie.   Look out, Miss Piggy!

Possibly, Andy and his Hamburger Harem Porn team growing up?  ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

This Dad of 11 tends to see each California day as Sunny and 72, give or take a degree, even though we pay wastrel Moonbeam and the CaLegislayers 65.3% gasoline sales tax when it hits $2 buck a gallon.  I picked up my MBA in marketing before marrying a lovely mom, Donna, eventually with the 11 kids, so i have tried.

Before I began practicing real estate in 1988, I did some marketing consulting (actually still do as part of my work)  and sent an carls letterunsolicited note to a great man with a vision, who had a dozen munchkins and one of the most successful family friendly and innovative American businesses.  In America, the land of opportunity.

His response is dated April 15, 1987, 30 years ago, that Mr. Karcher kindly thanked a dad of his first 3 for some ideas that may or may not have made sense. Maybe he was just being nice.  But this I know:

Carl and Margaret loved America and chased the Dream to success, worked hard and as inevitable as change at the front register before debit cards, endured loved leader, double cross, excellent philantrophy, intrigue, challenges, great successes, dashed hopes and everything in between; many of which still occur today.

sword-of-the-knights-templarMr. and Mrs. Karcher never lost their faith, which remained to their translation into heaven, adamantly pro-women and pro-choice for keeping babies alive from conception, being honorable, honest, fair dealing…. Even if employees, siblings, offspring, midwest knights in shining armor and others did not always carry the same banner.  Or treat women as equals, practicing chivalry as if it was an ancient art that still applied in the advertising realm.

Recently rediscovered after returning from cryosleep and a couple decade trip to Pluto, here comes Carl Hardee Sr. to find his prodigal namesake had turned his beloved business into the Mustang Ranch.

Instead of innovative marketing, CH Sr. found topless Ninas, breathless sausage sucking Sallys, Turkey Butt, 100% wardrobe miss-functioned natural melon mama Charlotte and

carls jr sausage2

No, not part of a planned parenthood sex ed class. The teen websites use 50 shades of grey and yellow bananas

most of Hollywood, the highest paid women in his company, enjoying Hamburger Harem access to a lot of the guys at the top of the CKE food chain.


Thank you Uncle Andy, Uncle Brad, Brandon “LeP”.  Thank you Mr. Leon Black of Apollo, or the mighty team at Roark, such as Stephen and Neal.

Thank you all for growing a couple and realizing being a part of the ‘human trafficking~abortion~women as property’ continuum is not what cinnaBuns, sausage, beef, chicken or turkey is all about.

Daddy’s back and boy is he, well, upset.


Granted, dumping the cesspool marketing by CKE will not erase the images from the Algore interweb, no matter how many trucks one blows up.  In the 80s or 90s, I was the token spokesman for “masturbation: the victimless event”, an ABC after school special Dennis Prager hosted, up against a couple and a planned parenthood sexpert.

I provided evidence boys getting off on Heidi or Paris, Nina or Charlotte helps turn other men’s wives or other parents’ daughters into, not people, but property.  Taking amazing three dimensional beautiful women, converting them into 2D shower objects of naked Farrah Fawcett hanging behind Home Alone II curtains.  You can imagine the crooked “knowing” smile on the twenty something planned parenthood sexologist, looking at this old-fashioned dad of multi-munchkins that can’t get any so wants no one else to.

Basement dwelling adult boys will still use the images for their master work baiting fishooks while waiting for a job’s call.   But, cutting out burger porn WILL cut into planned parenthoods’ fave demographic, adult statutory rapists insulated from authorities by the substandard doctors money laundering selling baby hearts for Lamborghini parts efforts.    Our culture…


…has a weird view on womanhood.  We champion 2Dimensional Hollywoodlanders doing anything and everything on the screen and every iPad, phone and platform.

Pornography, no one denies, is Pandemic.  Pumped into preteens on their phones, no longer hidden in under mattress HeffMags or adult bookstores.   The SanFran bathhouses are generally gone, but the level of dehumanizing ladies is best compared to the frat boys living in the tub downstairs from the outhouse: deep as the cesspool the users have no clue that is affecting their worldview on woman.

carls jr wall of progress

Carl’s Charlotte Comfy Corner dressing room

So, thank you Carl Hardee Senior for trying to clean up the mess your ‘son’ created.  But, like the pillow feathers on a windy day stories, you can’t put the feathers back in the case that easily.  But, i vote, families: give them a chance.

Yes, the internet, like the past administration, records everything…but give pieces of chicken a chance again, if they quit.

They are busy removing the walls of shame and doing a grand re-opening, trying to become a classy joint yet again, to bring the kids; they found out their fave demoboys ordered pizza in anyways that mom had to pay for upstairs.   They didn’t need the Carls Ads, but could oogle google catch the girls, totally naked doing affinity marketing, on the internet and didn’t need to visit the lesser paid ladies taking orders at the corner Carls restaurant.  Those videos, like death and taxes, inevitably will be there like a well worn Sports Illustrated rah rah girl spread. But….

Moms, you won’t have to watch an 11 year old middleschooler, practicing PParenthoodlum safe sex vaginal finger exercises on six foot cutouts of Nina while his 11 year old friend video iPhone clips it for posterity.  

Your identity is safe with me, mom. But, it doesn’t matter.  CKE management, like Roarks rowdies, don’t give a damn if boys practice safe sex without a license. 

But give Carls another chance; the prodigal children have repented their sordid, horny, evil ways.

carls jr brandon likes nina fb pg porn projCarl and Margaret, pray for your successor(s) and his/their team.  Even prodigal sons can come home to what being an adult is all about.

Brandon will do okay, chasing women the old fashioned way, talking to them above the neckline, asking Ninas out as a woman deserves, not just a pawn in a Ad Agency chess game.  It’s Nina’s choice if they let Brandon back into their private parts kitchen for an after burger snack and shared body fluids.  Honestly, I don’t care.  As long as they realize the soul doesn’t burn but is painful forever, should one’s domicile be absent A/C below. When Jesus asks that immortal question: “Did you follow Me?”

Mr. and Mrs. K, just don’t hold your breath…oh wait, you don’t need to where you are today, being eternally happy!   Here’s hoping ALL you cared about on earth will wake up before it’s too late and join you in paradise: your employees, families and friends when God calls THEM home at different times.  That they will see the light as to what is truly important, about life, business, faith, women…relationships.

Up there, I assume Charlotte doesn’t (wo)man the ginormous fruit salad bar, nor Nina practices the topless statue of liberty with her burger subbed in for the torch, on the beach.

Heidi doesn’t pretend to be a stat rapier with a “I get to seduce a cute little boy” twang; nor Texas babes work the BBQs.  Eternity is a verrrrrry loooooong time, not to enjoy it happily.  And believe you me, believing in Jesus as we celebrate this week the Quaduum of Love, IS the solution to all our dilemmas.  Carl and Margaret, you know this better today than anyone.  Say hi to Donna for me.

The food has always been good and the service excellent. And help was needed when the business roller coaster hit bottom.  However, pastures are not for putting good founding CEOs into, but better used for Angus beef and chicken coops, turkey runs and pig places.

One can help a company without humiliating the founder, if one has the maturity to do so.

In fact, I still have that Guest Card, signed by Mr. Karcher, unused because the product and service deserved my coin.  But, thank you CKE and Roark, for keeping it the “premiere fast service restaurant in the marketplace”.  To quote a giant founder.

Can you? Have you changed your colors, redeemed your soul and treat women better, not as Hitler’s Nuremberg Racial Law of 1935 converted them to property, but as the MOST complex and last creation in God’s excellent work?  As beautiful, as special, deserving doors opened and allowed in first; as respected entities.   Not doors closed as they are stripped for the cameras, affinity marketing for THE most evil corporation in human history founded by Margaret Sanger, led by Cecile Richards, modeled by ExprezzO and their minions.

Honestly, I don’t really care what you think, gentlemen; talk is cheap.

Let your actions speak louder than words.  And just maybe, as families return and you make money, you can see NOT being part of the baby parts for sale industry is much better.  Selling quality animal parts for human consumption using your innovative marketing skills, not your cesspool exploits in Hamburger Harem hot tubs, may be like a toddler taking first steps, but you have it in you.  Need ideas, give me a call; apparently, I can help out CKE every 30 years or so.

Families, what say ye?  Give Carls Jr and Roark Int’l a chance once again?  The 3 way burger and the resident alien lesbian actresses are both seasonally gone; maybe just maybe, 11 years olds can get back their adolescence again.  Maybe, we can eat not worrying about the morals of pandering a whole generation while enjoying the food.

Come back in: the water is chilled, the food is good, the service most often excellent.  They deserve a second chance; Jesus gave us one, when we DIDN’T deserve it.  Give it a shot.

As Joshua said it:  “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”  This remains most important, but maybe Carl Hardee, Sr. is serious, having shaken off the effects of a decade plus of cryo-sleep in space.   Tempus fugit but it will tell the ending CAN be changed like the french cut potatoes’ oil in the fryer.

No, Nothing lasts forever except our glorified bodies and souls.

Youthful looks on nubile models who trade screen sex for dollars, soon and eventually droop and disappear no matter how much Botox, plastic and Hollywood hopes differently;  low prices on gasoline, lower taxes, to name a few.  Nothing lasts, EXCEPT the Love of God, for us and His Son, Jesus the Christ.  You know it in heaven, Mr and Mrs. K and I know you pray continuously for all still on this mortal ball.

Women deserve better; so do we customers.  Carl’s Jr ex-patriots, welcome home.

Andy & Co, Aronson Brothers, you saw the “writing on the wall.”  Thank you for again treating women like they should be: on pedestals and waiting for a gentleman to open the door, even when they don’t deserve it.  As to your less well paid restaurant female workers, whom i have interviewed often, they will be happy to know the Harem d’ Hamburglar has been disbanded.

I know, I know, now you can blame prudes for destroying your successful sleaze marketing run and your stock taking a dump IF it does.  But, now you can come off a decade marketing vaca and roll up your talented sleeves.  Praying for you.  To YOUR succe$$.







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