Ending the worldwide use of chemical weapons on women & kids…starting domestically

Moral equivalency riddle time:

Riddle me this: what’s the difference between Syria’s Assad using chemical weapons on his country’s innocent children and our beloved street corner domestic terrorists?

Assad EJECTS Sarin, chlorine or mustard gas from fixed wing airplanes onto innocent children below; 20 kids died on 4/3/17 via this less efficient method.

mifepristone ru486 planned parenthoodPlanned parenthood INJECTS poisonous distilled Foxglove (Digoxin) direct using fixed length needles into an innocent child’s heart or brain inside her mother.  Much more focused and efficient than the Syrian way.  Or tries to ’86’ the kid another way, via mifepristone (RU-486), a progesterone intense baby killing chemical used internally…on a living child.  No fixed wing aircraft necessary.  It is called “emergency contraception” but too late: when ingested, it is emergency embryobaby-cide.  The babe has left the station.

Damn the nurse who gives a kid Advil without a parent permission form or insults the LGBTqXYZA lobby with private part specific toilets.  Yet, we pump 13 year olds full of steroids without mama’s permish and WHEN, not if, she gets impregnated by a stat rapist (who can smell enabled sperm receptor femteen prey a mile away), they get PlanB OneStep or better; a free trip to rapist’s fave lair: the inner city corner kill mill.   PPInc.

Back to injected chemical weapons.   Digoxin is a heart medicine/chemical that is used off label by planned parenthood and


Digoxin on a search and destroy mission

the National Abortion Federation to stop the heart of a fully formed baby.  Darn, how the FDA hates it when healthy supplements or medications are used beyond their union labels.  But Digoxin makes for heart-throbbing stopping faster than Justin Beiber at a teen concert hall.

Honest scientists believe if a human heart is pumping, then just maybe the human, baby or 100 year old adults, are ALIVE.  Except at Ivy League Med school, where OBGyn interns don’t take anatomy, physiology, fetology, endocrinology or any class that might expose the med studs and studettes to the truth:  babies ARE human while INSIDE their mothers.

As to weaponizing lethal chemicals and using them on innocent children.  This derivative of the Foxglove plant becomes weaponized when it is used in a large syringe, inserted through the vaginal opening, piercing the womb wall and into the mother’s baby’s heart.  Sometimes the substandard death doctor misses and hits the baby’s brain or even perforates other areas of the mother.

syrias assad chem weapon victim

Innocent Syrian child victim of weaponized chemicals

Sarin (C4H10FO2P or

IUPAC ID: (RS)-propan-2-yl methylphosphonofluoridate

is a nerve gas that works quickly on its victims’ nervous systems, whether in Syria, Iraq or America.

Digoxin works quickly on the baby victim’s heart, stopping it long before 80 years of use have elapsed.  The Boyd/ABQ method: Once the mother is injected, the full term baby is transported INSIDE the mom via van from Southwest Women’s Option’s ABQ facility to their recovery room, the Plaza Inn, to wait out one or two days of post-injection toilet duty.  If the child is born

sarin chem tree

Sarin or Digoxin?

alive or dead, the mom dials, not 911 but the employed executioner who disposes of the living or dead evidence, especially when too big to flush.  Sound gross?  Blame it on Assad who uses weaponized chemicals to kill his own.

Of course, shame on Bashar; but not our own death merchants?


I’d consult UCI Dean Chemerinsky, who opined “quick executions should be quickly nullified”; after all, he hates kids not being tried before a jury of their innocent peers,

dean chemerinsky

The Dean, who never met a leftist terrorist he didn’t like, teaches Moral Equivalency 101 at UCIrvine’s School of LeftLaw

before being killed by his buddies at NAF/PP.  The Dean suffers the same disease as most Regressive Leftists: no moral compass and eye blinders so tight he couldn’t see the forest for the trees or a child for the devastation his friends impose at the most evil empire in human history:  Sanger’s planned parenthoodlums.

Humanity is a mixed bag.  Hitler used cyanide gas on millions, his dog and his wife Eva Braun before he took his life. 

Yet, when Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane (DDT), a colorless, crystalline, tasteless, and almost odorless organochlorine known for its insecticidal properties, saves millions of lives, dysfunctional environmental radicals pull it from the world and the result? 40 million dead and 200 million new mosquito/vector borne cases annually when malaria, West Nile, Zika, dengue were on THEIR death bed.  No one remembers first EPA admin Ruckelshaus, but I do.

God gifts us with another miracle chemical critical for food production and life, and what do we do?  We demonize it, punish families that use it, build a golden human Algorian idol to worship and charge trillions: ever hear of it?  Carbon dioxide.
Syria has to burn the weaponized Sarin chemical victims or bury them deep.  Hitler burned the toxic Jewish bodies after removing gold and hair.
Today, there is no gold in their mouths or hair on their head but our domestic terrorists at least slice up, harvest and sell the spoils of laser focused chemical weapons and womb war: baby livers, scalps, hearts and brains.  Irony: baby scalps rarely contain hair, but the hair follicles, loaded with half a lifetime of protein, fetch big bucks so that old guys can look young chasing nubile hotties with a full rug on top.  This is our culture today.
The beginning of ending chemical weapons used in the US is to defund our wholly owned Assad pupils: planned parenthoodlums, their common international name.It can be accomplished without launching even one cruise missile; a simple act of the Republican controlled DC.

I know, the ABCNNBCBS marketing agency doesn’t want their Democrat Chemical Weapons LLC getting in the way of protecting innocent Americans.Apparently, grotesque pictures of nameless Syrian kids from abroad prompted Trump to take action; yet, for 44 years, grotesque disfigured pictures of innocent weaponized chemical victims get shouted down by the American Regressive Left’s “Women are Property” project, headed by Cecile Richards in the shadow of Satan’s servant Margaret Sanger.

It’s hard to figure who’s the parent and who’s the subsidiary (hat tip Rush): ABCNNBCBS or the party of slavery, the Democrat Donkeys on the plantation today.  Black kids are more valuable harvested, not expected to work the $15 an hour harvest of cotton, tobacco, corn et al.

You can see the naked economics:  when you price out baby parts (YaleMed $715 per blackhead; TexMed $150 per baby heart or head), apparently Abort Inc. makes a lot of money separating (with or without chemical weapons) mothers from their kids, and kids from their heads and hearts.

Domestically, our Time of her Life pic is of Baby Rose from Houston; she turns 30 this


Baby Rose was born in Houston August, 1997 using forceps not a nurse or real doctor’s hands

August, just one of 59 million dead Americans since ’73, our covenant land’s dark hall of shame that we can’t blame on the Russians, Hitlerian or Syrian influence.


Statewide, thanks to AG X “Little Cow” Becerra’s selective prosecutorial persecution of Daleiden while protecting chickens and ducks, California Democrats lead the Charge of the Lifeless Brigade.  Chief Little Cow should resign or repent.

The truly odd thing to this dad of 11, is how our moral outrage boils over, over immigration, California regressive leftist Demo politics and Syria, but NOT living babies desperately trying to emigrate out of their American moms.  We turn a blind eye to the depopulating of Mexico, to the detriment of its socio-economic welfare, by encouraging all comers to cross the Tex~Mex border.  Never mentioned, when you export 20-30 million Mexican dads and older brothers, the daughters and younger sons left behind with the single in fact mothers are preyed on by drug lords and gang recruiters. 

But, when a potential American is just minutes or days away from citizenship by coming

cecile richards planned parenthood assad syria

Many chemicals can be weaponized and delivered by varied means to accomplish nefarious goals

down the birth tunnel of her mom, we KILL the emigrating girl or boy. Then, hack it into usable, salable parts.  Harvested, then sold on the open baby slave parts market.

“No child of God should ever suffer the horror…” are words uttered by our president after the unfortunate Sarin spill from above. To which the Dean and all of us respond: Amen

little cow little colette planned parenthood daleiden david

Little Cow Becerra prefers protecting those using chemical weapons on the most defenseless among us Americans.


At least Little Colette gets it, even if Kamala Harri$’ replacement, Little Cow doesn’t have a clue what’s morally right and just.


Certainly, Dr Assad (or rebels if they did it) should not kill his innocent children by sarin abortions.  Or mustard gas.

But the 20 “slow and brutal Syrian child deaths” that was met with 59 cruise missiles, is just a morning’s work before lunch for most planned parenthood mega centers, like the famous “Tustin at the 22fwy” Orange County HQ.  As it is, efficient PP megakilling centers process 20 babies for shipment before the morning coffee break, picked up by Uterine Partsold Service trucks disguised as UPS.  Or typically, FedX for federated Xterminators.  Both deliver $150 TexMed hearts and livers, or $715 YaleMed blackheads coldly, cooly and efficiently.

So, if we are displeased when Assad uses chemical weapons to kill innocent kids over seas, shouldn’t we at least stop funding the use of weaponized, off label chemicals on our own citizens in the inner city neoPlantations that Sanger founded?  But then evil is a growth business for the Sacramento/DC Democrat party (yeah there’s a few Indys and Republicans in there)  and their weaponized chemical distribution centers throughout the lower 48.

EVERY chemical can be used for good or evil.  For example, poisonous Botox makes that Catholic (INO) Nancy “Stretch” Pelosi look, well, I’ll take the fifth.  Hmm…

The dihydrogen monoxide scare of a few years ago is a better example; this chemical is dangerous in all three states of matter, with people burned, scalded and in sufficient quantities killed at different times.  Industrious terrorists (no not PP; they are just money grubbing medical thugs) take a dihydrogen monoxide solution, pour it into knife molds undetectable by metal detectors, freeze it and stab their victims: the evidence melts away faster than a sliced up kid is bagged and boxed to fill a purchase order.  Yet, all of us use dihydrogen monoxide daily to keep ourselves clean and alive.

Or, should we ban the substance, H2O, often called ‘water’,  because it can be dangerous?

Maybe, Little Cow Becerra and his other demon planned parenthood apologists should look in the mirror; he should look first at his three beautiful daughters and decide (to match the national Democrat results of 1/3 dead via milled kids) which one of them he’ll take to the corner kill mill for postuterine extermination.

The only difference between the woman’s choice unfortunate Ms Becerra is age, location and size, distinct from the millions Chief Little Cow’s donors kill with weaponized chemicals while still IN their mothers!

Killing kids for sport and parts is just as evil as Sarin dumped on them in war-ravaged Syria.  Worse, is when these mainly lady abortionistas tell the mothers they are doing a girl scout good deed by giving up their babies to be hacked for medical science.

After all, killing their children is “for the children”, as any prostitician can demonstrate, balancing a newbie infant on their slimy grubby hands.   This fake justification for child offing just heaps evil on top of hell’s worst.  Got cancer like Stephanie Packer?  Govmint solution is for Steph to co-pay $1.20 for the Hitler cyanide pill, vs chance to remain a living mom via medical treatment.  Don’t you just love compassion care via suicide?  Gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside?

If you don’t believe me any uses of chemicals as weapons are reprehensible, put the

stephanie and brian and kids

Brian and Stephanie Packer and kids.  I’ve known her for years and she’s worth more than 120 pennies.

victims side by side.

Trump sent Mr. Assad 59 219″ projectiles known as tomahawks for his use of weaponized chemicals; what do we reward planned parenthood with, for their drug dealing with mifepristone, RU486, steroids and Foxglove weapons of destruction?

$500 MILLION taxpayer dollars. Final solution to PP:  END IT!

After all, Herr Zuckerberg, vith ze Max alive and vorking on siblings with the beautiful and vivacious Priscilla, clipped off $996 million from his Facebookie fortune and gave it to guess who: Silicon Valley planned parenthood.

PP doctors don’t need Lamborghini down payments; they need retraining via Biology 101.  Not to mention, Mrs Susan Berkshire Hathaway Buffet prefers real estate to living children, paying to write fake Lone Star news ‘reports’ planned parenthood “success” was thwarted because women actually BORE CHILDREN when PP’s Texas loot was curtailed by common sense state leadership.

Billionaires, whether hocking Ethanol or FB ads, have waaay too much time on their hands to go along with their money, it seems.  All to often. they LOOOOVE euthanasia; and no, the word is not about Far East teens: it is about killing people simply because they exist, a major reason we have watermelon environmentalists.

Pictures tell a thousand words, refuting endless fake news. A victim is a victim.

And the truth remains out there.  Just ask Baby Rose, age 30, who is NOT raising children of her own, curing cancer or teaching other people’s munchkins.  She is a current resident I believe with Jesus, His mom, the saints, the Father, the Spirit and a bunch of angels.

People, it IS a great day to be alive.  Live the day as if it matters; because it DOES! As to Chief Little Cow Becerra, rescind the incredulous indictments of investigative journalist David Daleiden.  All he did was record, in their own hellish words, mainly abortionistas femalus discussing how to use ultrasound to maximize their ROI for their next yacht~~or Lamborghini.  David (And Ms. Merrill) do not deserve prison, but a Pulitzer.

Woodward & Burnstein had it easy; writing about Nixon covering up for a fourth rate burglary of the Demoncrats Party of Slavery; Daleiden uncovered what only hell knew well: the wholesale slaughter and sale to Yale of $715 blackheads, acquired without a dermatologist’s license, after lopping them off at the NeoPlantations Little Cow and his scalpers love to celebrate.  Not to mention, with the chief spokesmodel, OB, A.M.A apologist, ExprezzObama, giving the frontal rub of America’s most notorious corporate president, Cecile Richards, the Lyin’ Hearted Lady of Death.

len  (revision 4/11/17)

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